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If you’re outside the UK, you will see the international version of the BBC website, which features advertising. A certain amount of this advertising is tailored to the individual user. We use cookies to work out what advertising might be most relevant to you based on your browsing behaviour and your IP address geo-location. You can learn more about our online behavioural advertising in the international users section. The table below provides links to the individual ad serving partners’ opt-out mechanisms but you can also manage these through the cookie settings page.

Examples of online behavioural advertising cookies set for non-UK users

Cookie typePurpose
Ad Serving (non-targeted)

The advertisements seen by international users of the site are served by a number of third party ad serving providers (full list provided below). The cookies accompanying the ads allow them and their advertisers to monitor the effectiveness of the ads (e.g. by using statistical analysis cookies) and make the ads more relevant to you (e.g. if you use our sites from outside of the UK, you may get ads from your local country).

You can choose whether or not to allow these cookies to be set in cookie settings. If you would like to opt-out of an individual organisation’s cookies, please use the links below.

Google DoubleClick

AOL Advertising

Specific Media

Yahoo! Network Plus

24/7 Real Media

Media Mind

Atlas Solutions (Microsoft Advertising)

Mediaplex (ValueClick)

Ad Serving (targeted) by AudienceScience

This company uses cookies to discover general information about the pages on "" that you visit and it also processes IP addresses to collect other non-personally identifiable information in order to place you in a "market segment". This includes data about the country, city or region where you are located and your domain name (e.g. what ISP you use). It then places advertisements onto "" which it believes people in your market segment will find relevant.

Information (IP addresses and information in other cookies on our sites) that AudienceScience collects is transferred to them in the US, and BBCW confirm that AudienceScience satisfies the EU's data protection requirements through its registration with the US Department of Commerce's "safe harbor" framework. Data is sometimes shared with AudienceScience's sub-contractors in India who also contractually satisfy the EU's data protection requirements.

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