"По новостям": Naples pizza protected by EU

  • 9 февраля 2010

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Pizza makers in Naples are celebrating after gaining official European Union recognition. It's the end of a battle that began 25 years ago and is aimed at protecting Neapolitan pizzas from imitations.

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For 25 years pizza makers in Naples have been trying to get their product protected, and now it is, being granted a TSG, or Traditional Speciality Guaranteed label by the EU.

The headof the pizza makers' association said the trademark was a great honour.The EU's agriculture commissioner said Neapolitan pizza was now part of Europe's food heritage.

Image caption Решение ЕC положило конец многолетней борьбе по защите неаполитанской пиццы от подделок

It means that all pizzerias aspiring to supply the real thing are, in future, supposed to be vetted by a special commission that will check standards. They include using only San Marzano tomatoes and fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese.

The Italian farmers' association says that half of Italy's 25,000 pizzerias currently use the wrong ingredients, like East European cheese or Ukrainian flour.

Italy now tops the EU chart for products that are protected. It has 180, more than Spain or France. Protected status enables producers to not only boast about their exclusivity but also charge a premium. And now pizza makers from Naples will get their slice of the action.


  • to get protected - обеспечить защиту (от подделок)
  • it is being granted - ему предоставляется
  • trademark - торговая марка или знак
  • food heritage - кулинарного наследия
  • pizzerias - пиццерии
  • the real thing - что-то настоящее, неподдельное, подлинное; зд. настоящую неополитанскую пиццу
  • to be vetted - проверяться/пройти контроль
  • boast about their exclusivity - гордиться эксклюзивностью своего продукта
  • charge a premium - устанавливать более высокие цены на свою продукцию (в связи с ее эксклюзивностью)

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