"По новостям": BlackBerry announces iPad rival

  • 30 сентября 2010

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В рубрике "По новостям" представлены радиорепортажи корреспондентов Би-би-си о серьезных и курьезных мировых событиях.

The company that makes BlackBerry mobile phones has announced plans for a new, touchscreen, tablet-style computer to rival the Apple iPad.

The PlayBook goes on sale next year.

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BlackBerry's equivalent to the iPad has a smaller screen and is lighter than Apple's device. That's meant to make it appealing to business people on the move, the kind of people who already buy BlackBerry phones.

Image caption В магазинах Playbook появится в начале 2011 года

Nearly six million iPads were sold in the first six months, so it's easy to see why Research in Motion, the Canadian firm behind the BlackBerry, wants a bite of Apple's market. One key selling point for RIM's product is, unlike the iPad, it runs Flash video, the most popular software for showing moving images online.

Apple devices don't run Flash, thanks to a well-publicised feud between the company and Adobe, the firm behind the video technology.

Analysts say the BlackBerry tablet device is better placed than many rivals to mount an effective challenge to Apple. But it's seen as more likely to find a niche in the market than to be an outright iPad-killer.


  • equivalent - аналог
  • appealing - привлекательным
  • on the move - зд. регулярно путешествующих
  • selling point - свойство продукта
  • software - программу
  • feud - длительной вражды
  • tablet device - планшетник
  • rivals - конкуренты
  • a niche in the market - нишу на рынке
  • outright - явным

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