Английский язык по новостям: 'Thief' hides inside luggage in Spain

  • 21 июня 2011
Пассажиры с багажом в аэропорту Правообладатель иллюстрации BBC World Service
Image caption Вора задержали при проверке подозрительно большого чемодана

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Police in Spain have arrested a man who stole valuables from people's luggage while they were on a bus heading for Barcelona. The police found the thief inside a suitcase in the luggage compartment.


For weeks police were puzzled by repeated thefts from suitcases firmly locked inside the luggage compartment of a coach travelling between Girona Airport and Barcelona.

After one journey when bags had again been broken into, one of the passengers pointed out a large, suspicious suitcase.

Police opened it and to their amazement found a man curled up inside. With the help of an accomplice, who was also arrested, the six-foot contortionist had crammed himself inside.

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His friend bought a bus ticket and put the case into the luggage hold. Once the bus set off the man in the case clambered out, opened other suitcases in the hold looking for valuables.

Before the bus pulled into the stop in Barcelona he had zipped himself back into his hiding place. Police are reported to have described the crime as an 'open and shut case'.


  • were puzzled by - пребывала в недоумении в связи с
  • firmly locked - надежно закрытых на замок
  • had been broken into - были вскрыты путем взлома замков
  • pointed out - указал на
  • curled up - свернувшегося
  • accomplice - сообщника
  • contortionist - зд. очень гибкий и пластичный человек, "гуттаперчевый"
  • had crammed - втиснулся
  • clambered out - вылезал
  • open and shut case - простым делом (для раскрытия)

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