Английский язык по новостям: Heavy armour might have defeated 'knights'

  • 1 августа 2011
Мужчины в рыцарских доспехах Правообладатель иллюстрации BBC World Service
Image caption Вес рыцарских доспехов мог достигать 50 кг

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Тема этого репортажа:<br>Рыцарские доспехи: помеха или защита в бою?

Medieval armour was so heavy that it could have seriously impacted on a soldier's performance, a study from the University of Leeds suggests. According to the research, the protective suits may have influenced the outcome of battles.


As weapons became more and more sophisticated in medieval Europe armour also evolved, and by the 15th century soldiers would have been clad top-to-toe in up to 50kg of bulky steel.

Researchers have always suspected that this would have been tough to move around in. But now with the help of volunteers wearing replica medieval armour - and a treadmill - they've been able to confirm this.

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They found that walking or running in it used up huge amounts of energy, restricted breathing and bore intense pressure on the legs.

The effect was so great the team suspects it could have played a part in France's defeat in the battle of Agincourt.

In this famous conflict of 1415 - despite heavily outnumbering the English - the French were beaten.

The scientists say the fact that the French knights had to trek through a muddy field while wearing their heavy armour - to meet a stationary English line - would have left them so exhausted, it probably led to their downfall.


  • clad top-to-toe - экипированы с головы до пят
  • bulky - громоздкой
  • tough - трудно
  • treadmill - бегущей дорожки
  • restricted - зд.ограничивает
  • could have played a part in - зд. могло быть одной из причин
  • outnumbering - численное превосходство
  • to trek - тащиться / с трудом передвигаться
  • exhausted - измученными
  • downfall - поражению

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