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Last updated: 27 January, 2006 - Published 16:46 GMT
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Talks on CFA
Solheim with President Rajapaksa
The government of Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers have agreed to start negotiations in Geneva, Switzerland.

The LTTE said the talks will only focus on stabilising the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA), which was under threat due to increased violence.

The breakthough came after the Norwegian International Development Minister, Erik Solheim, held talks with President Rajapaksa and LTTE leader Prabhakaran.

Here is what you said:

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I personaly think that we dont need any country to settle our problems we are all sri lankans we had lived very happy to getther and all this problems are becouse of polititions.they play dirty and poor people suffer in my country. they are doing politics to make money its a game and poor peoples kids pay the price.they dont wont to stop the war as all polititions make money. i am very happy that mahinda became the head of the country i fully suporrt him.
Tryane de Silva, NY, USA

The motives behind the Govt & the LTTE are not genuine. Govt.wants foreign aids to fool the poor people and buy out opposition MPs to their survival and the LTTE wants to show the world their pretended desire to commit peace. In conclusion this round of peace talks will limit only to a round or two and back to the square one.
Hector Perera, Brampton, Canada

The worsing of the situation in the New Year (2006), I believe, was essentially a military gamble by the LTTE to; 1. Reinforce their political agenda and to strengthen their bargaining positioning 2. To undermine the Karuna camp 3. Attempt to counter growing US influence in the Sri Lankan situation. The US has been providing military credits and training. The signs are that this US support would increase under the new governement.
Pol O Morain, London, UK

Talks must focus not only on stabilising the CFA. Unlawful killings are committed by either side .Paramount importance should be given to get the assurance from both parties not to harm the innocents of Lanka irrespective of their communities.
Hussein Mohamed Rasshid, Doha, Qatar

The LTTE has openly demanded that they want autonomous rule, which means a seperate state. If so, what's the point in negotiating, to mark the borders? As in all ceasfires, LTTE has made bold violations, such as killing of Kadirgamar and Security Forces personnel. Do they have any kind of credibility? What do Sri Lankans do? Just as always, giving breathing space for tigers to re-arm and replenish.
Sudesh Katugampola, Canada

CFA is very important and both side(SL Govt. & LTTE) have to work together very hard with pure heart and stop all sorts of violences to negotiate the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. Peace cannot be acheived by words. Mutal understanding and pure heart must need to acheive it. We all will pray the God for long lasting Peace in the island.
James, UK

No matter who comes and goes. The Sinhala government will never ever give any Federal or any sort of self rights to Tamil people. The hatred has gone so far into the roots of both people's mind. See, all these new talks in Geneva and other places will drag and Sri Lanka governmanet will never implement the CFA in full.
Gavin, UK

Now, the talks will stop the violence, for the moment. But when will Tamil people feel like equals and co-owners of a multi-ethnic Sri Lanka? Will the current belated attempts to ensure the public service is bilingual succeed? If it does, it will be more significant for peace than talks in Geneva.
Nishan de Mel, Oxford, UK

It is very good that both parties have agreed to resume peace talks. But it should NOT be "on stabilising the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA), which was under threat due to increased violence", but on putting an end to this 20 year old problem. Threats to the CFA were caused by the LTTE! Therefore focus should be made on stopping the violence done by the LTTE and make them understand that they are trying to obtain something that they have no authority of. They are simply migrants from South India!
Nuwan Gamage, Colombo, Sri Lanka

I have always had respect for LTTE. Now I salute them they still want to talk and find the solutions through peaceful means. I dont like LTTE goes back to war because the Tamil people will be in trouble again in the hands of the Government. Rather LTTE has to utilize their office to convince the global community to support us and to win our rights. If Government and LTTE become successful on the coming CFA negotiation, that will be a good step to move forward to find the permanent solution for the ethnic problem. Srilankan Government has to find the ways to employ Srilankan Army youths in different missions.
Logesh Yogarajah, Sacramento, USA

There is no doubt that it is relieving to hear there is resumption of peace talks. What I like to point out, though, is the disgusting double standards of the west. While refusing to negotiate with the democratically elected Hamas they exert enormous pressure on the Sri Lankan government to kneel down in front of a self proclaimed terrorist movement.
Indu, Essex, UK

This is another game of the LTTE. They know very well that they cannot win this war. They just want to get rid of the Karuna faction through this peace deal so that they can start their cowardly killing again.
Asanka Diyadawa, Dekalb, USA

This is only rewarding terrorism. Why can't the international community ask the legitimate government to talk with democratic Tamil representatives to find solutions for minority grievances? I hate to say it but these talks will never work and the whole world will see that bitter truth again and again and again.
Vijitha Pasqual, Swindon, UK

The Sri Lankan Army stops its shadow war against the LTTE by disaarming the paramillitaries like "Karuna" group and the EPDP. The LTTE stops its shadow war by reigning in on the "roaring peoples force". That's what they have agreed. But the paramillitaries have already killed a a top tiger called Major Kabilan in Batticaloa. If this is anything to go by the chances of peace are very dim indeed.
Shanmugapiriya, London, UK

LTTE's key demand will be the disarming of the paramilitaries as per the stipulations of the original CFA signed in Feb 2002. Judging from the killing of the LTTE leader, Kapilan, on the following day by the paramilitaries, I don't think Sri Lankan government is serious about dismantling the paramilitaries.
Punji Banda

When cease fire agreement was signed by Ranil Wickremasinghe, he mentioned that all paramilitary groups should be disarmed, but it is a big surprise that he forgot to mention LTTE also should be disarmed before peace talks. Ranil did not want to do that because he was a good friend of Prabhakaran. instead of disarming LTTE he gave all informations about army intelligence unit in Miilenium city. In favour of that Ranil was kicked on his face by LTTE during the presidettial election in 2005. Now LTTEs best friend Eric Solheim is trying to white paint himself by participating in opening cerimonies of Budhist meditation centers in Sri Lanka. We Sri Lankans should keep close eyes with this kind of peace facilitatos.
Dayaratne Bandara, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I support the full implementation of the 2002 CFA. Stabilising the CFA means is the normalcy in the north and east of the country. Normalcy means that people shoul allowed to do their dat to day work without any fear or intimedation by any party. It is simple that Majority of the North and east controlled by SLG forces. Therefore SLG must wishtdraw the Army from civilian areas and public properties. All paramilitary groups should be dis arm. I don't think this will happen. LTTE has given a space to the SLG in which LTTE can organise a push for the final attack to Jaffna and other tamil areas. That is the time SLG really comeup with areal solution. Until that both LTTE and SLG strenthening their position to take advantagein the battle field.
Anthony Sathiyaseelan, Victoria, Australia

World powers should ensure this won't be just any round of talks. Tere should not be appeasement for terrorists. Both parties should show commitment for peace. Terrorists should not be allowed to assassinate its opponents and destablise the south as allowed in the past. There should be zero tollarance towards the CFA violations. If these were done there will be a break through.
Ranjan Weerasinghe, Perth, Australia

If the government of srilanka can not fullfill the CFA which they agreed, how can we believe that they will fullfil any solution which will be found. First they have to show their ability and willingness by implementing CFA which can atleast stop killigs and allow people to enjoy theirs normal life without ant fear, then in the peacefull situation the negotiation can be carried out for finding a solution.
Sella Kamal, New Malden, UK

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