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Last updated: 02 December, 2009 - Published 17:10 GMT
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College of Journalism - English Language Training


To ensure consistency, quality and accuracy in journalism, language plays a central role. These new modules will support journalists around the world in developing the English language skills demanded in their fields of work.

English language training at the BBC caters to the needs of a wide audience/range of staff, working in all areas of journalism, production and business support. It supports their language development, nationally and internationally, and across a range of platforms.

These latest modules, designed by Mark Shea [international centre, CoJo], are the first of their kind to be launched on the College of Journalism’s (language) sites. This is an exciting development that allows our team of English language specialists and trainers to share the benefit of their experience in training BBC journalists globally with learners of English everywhere.

We hope you enjoy learning with us!

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