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Last updated: 31 March, 2005 - Published 18:35 GMT
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Govt. defies UNP accusations
UNP spokesman Prof.G.L.Pieris
UNP spokesman Prof.G.L.Pieris
United National Party accuses president of attempting to illegally extending her term of office by an year.

In a press conference spokesman for the opposition United National Party, Prof GL Peiris challenged statements made by the president
and said government's inefficiency has led the country nowhere.

“The president's only concern is about one thing. That is, holding a referendum to establish her future in politics. She is ready to spend at least one thousand million rupees to further this ambition,” said Peiris.

"Statements made by ministers Jeyaraj Fernandopulle and Amarasiri Dodangoda illustrate the government’s inability to co-ordinate the tsunami relief distribution effort", he said

“We have never heard of a head of state taking oath secretively. This is not in line with the democratic process. But the president wants us to believe that she took this oath,” said Peiris, pointing out that such action is unethical.

UNP wants to topple the Govt. by hook or crook

Minister of Tade,Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Jayeraj Fernandopulle reacting says that the prime motive of the UNP has always been to topple the government. For this, they use anything and everything which pass their way.

“These are not constructive criticism; only attempts of slinging mud on the government”, he said.

Answering a to a question, the minister said UNP wanted to betray the country to LTTE but it was avoided as a result of decisions taken by the president.

“It is true that there are differences but JVP is not trying to sabotage the peace process”, he said.

Referring to privatisation, the minister said government will not privatise areas such as education, health and transport. Nobody, whether it is PA or JVP will agree to privatisation of those public sector institutions.

“However there is a need to privatise the institutions which are running at a loss.”, he added.

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