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Last updated: 01 October, 2005 - Published 16:46 GMT
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Divisions in the left emerge
Joint left and trde unions in May Day Rally in Colombo
Joint left and trde unions in May Day Rally in Colombo
Batty Weerakoon of the Lanka Sama Samaja Party(LSSP) says that SLFP and UNP should come into a undetstanding on the county's ethnic problem before the presidential elections.

"No promise can be fulfilled without finding a solution to the national question", he told Sandesaya.

LSSP stand is that we should take forward the proposals President Kumaratnge has introduced and try to achieve peace in the country.

Weerakoon said that their party supported the SLFP and not an individual.

Whatever the agreements entered into individually can not be accepted. Also, he said, that they could not climbe onto a nationalistic platform.

LSSP leader said that he could not imagine how Presidential candidate Mahinda Rajapake would go forward with such agreements he had signed with the JVP and Hela Urumaya.

Old left hangs on to Mahinda's shawl

The leader of the Socialist Equility Party, Wijeya Dias said the capitalist parties are not in a position to find a solution to the national question.

"Only a government consisting of downtrodden people from all communities, Sinhala, Tamil, and Muslims will be able to do that task", he said.

Wijeya Dias said that he is contesting the presidential elections becuase there is no alternative political vision or a programme of others that can be accepted by the country's working class and downtrodden people.

Wijeya Dias was asked why he did not join the other leftist parties which have pldeged to support presidential candidate, Mahinda Rajapakse in the forthcoming presidential elections?

He said those are the parties which were in the coaltion of SLFP in 1964 and betryed the working class.

"In 1994, they got hold of Chandrika's saree and now they are holding onto Mahinda's shawl", Wijeya Dias added.

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