09 November, 2008 - Published 17:28 GMT

Ceasefire will bring 'disaster'

There is a widespread belief that India is forcing a ceasefire in Sri Lanka, the chief minister of the eastern province said.

Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan, widely known as Pillayan, told a gathering in Kalmunai that such a scenario would create a 'disastrous' situation in the east.

"The details of the development in the eastern province are not being brought to the notice of the Indian politicians and the lack of complete understanding by politicians in India, the changes that are taking place in the East are not being projected properly. In this back ground there is a big expectation that a cease fire has to be announced due to the pressures from Indian people or other outside forces," he said.

The chief minister was addressing the a cultural festival organised by the province's education ministry.

Politicians in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu earlier called upon the Indian government to broker a truce between the LTTE and Sri Lankan government.

However, Tamil Nadu politicians did not implement the threat to resign from parliament in the event of the central government failing to broker a deal.

India's concerns

After meetings held with President Rajapaksa's special envoy Basil Rajapaksa in Delhi, India announced sending 800 tonnes of essential supplies for civilians caught in the conflict in Vanni.

While emphasising the need to deal against terrorism 'with resolve' a bilateral statement also re-iterated the need for a 'political solution' for Sri Lanka's ethnic conflict.

Sri Lanka's main opposition, United National Party (UNP), along with the local media say that India has forced Sri Lanka to enter into a truce with the LTTE.

"If such a situation arises, changes taking place in the east will be brought to and end and the situation will be disastrous again," chief minister Pillayan has said.

TMVP 'factions'

He is the deputy leader of the paramilitary turned political party, Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Puligal (TMVP).

Meanwhile, TMVP leader Vinayagamurthy Muralitharan (Karuna), MP, told BBC Sandeshaya that they have sought aid from the military in order to "stop the LTTE infiltrating the TMVP".

At least 11 TMVP members were shot dead during the last month, he added.

Mr. Muralitharan rejected suggestions that these killings were a result of factional fighting between his loyalists and members loyal to the chief minister.

In an earlier interview with the BBC Sandeshaya, MP Muralitharan said that disciplinary action will be taken against members of the TMVP loyal to him who have been accused of carrying out an attack on an office manned by the chief minister.