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Last updated: 15 April, 2012 - Published 18:50 GMT
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Indian Tamil parties boycott SL tour
DMK Leader Karunanidhi
With the DMK leader announcing that his party will not join Indian parliamentarians scheduled to be in Sri Lanka on Monday, there will be no Tamil party representation in the Indian delegation.

M Karunanidhi speaking to journalists in Chennai on Sunday, told that his party never planned to go with the Indian parliament delegation which chaired by the leader of opposition in Lok Sabha, MS Sushma Swaraj .

“DMK never planned to be part of the delegation .There are past experiences to show that there is no use of such visits,” the veteran DMK leader informed.

Tamilnadu chief minister Jayalalitha Jayaram had declared already that the AIADMK led by her will not participate to the Indian parliament delegation to Sri Lanka.

Although both the major Tamil parties in India has boycott the Sri Lankan tour other political parties will follow the planned schedule said Congress MP of the Rajya Sabha Sudharsana Nachchiappan.

When asked by the BBC Tamil service whether a delegation without representatives from the DMK and AIMDMK, will have desired affect the MP said going and meeting Tamils in Sri Lanka will give great confidence to them.

“We focus only on rehabilitation of Tamil people and the condition of Tamils who live in the north and east of Sri Lanka and we will try to see the living condition of the central province Tamil workers of Indian origin” MP Nachchiappan said.

“We are looking at meeting all the Tamil groups, members of the parliament, members of provincial councils and the civil society,” he added.

The visiting Indian delegation plans to be in Sri Lanka until 21 April.

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