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The Somali Service produces a range of educational programmes tackling important subjects, including some issues which are sometimes sensitive and controversial.
Aids/HIV: How can we fight against it?
(in Somali) (Programme 1 - first broadcast 4.10.99)
Aids has become a global disaster, it has no boundaries. On a more positive note campaigns against the spread of the HIV virus are gaining momentum in many regions of the world. These campaigns include awareness-raising radio programmes.

The BBC Somali Service has co-produced, with Health Unlimited, a five part radio series which was recorded in Somalia. The series, in Somali, cover the following subjects:

- how the HIV virus is contracted
- ways to protect yourself against the virus
- ensuring that people with AIDS/HIV are treated with compassion

To obtain a cassette of these programmes please contact us at the BBC Somali Service.
  english language
Link to further information about HIV/AIDS (in English)
(The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites).
Female Genital Mutilation: How can it be stopped?
In rural areas of Somalia up to 90% of women are still circumcised. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a sensitive topic and one that has long been kept secret from outsiders. Only recently have communities involved in FGM started to talk more openly.

For his 10 part series BBC Somali Service Producer Mohamoud Dualeh, travelled throughout Somalia collecting material. The aim of his series was to discuss all the issues openly and to investigate whether any changes are taking place.

Mohamoud Dualeh introduces this recording, the third part of his series. A lady circumciser Ambaro, then talks about the methods she uses, followed by a doctor describing how circumcision can effect womens' health.
  english language
Disability: What's being done?
Eeg qoraalka macalimiinta
In Somaliland people injured by landmines have just one place to go where they can get false limbs made and fitted - the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled in Hargeisa.

In his series about the experiences of Somalia's disabled community, BBC Somali Service producer Aden Nuh Dule met the Manager of the Centre, Ali Sheik Jirdeh.

Mr Jirdeh outlined his plans to expand the work of the Centre by sending out mobile teams into the community in order to reach even more of the Somalis who have been disabled as a result of the civil war.

(Programme 3 of a ten part series about disability) (Tx 14.5.98)
  english language
Copies of the each series are available from the Somali service on request. Details of our address can be found at contact us

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