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Aden Nuh Dule interviews: Mohamed Farah and Abdi Farah, 2nd World War Veterans
The BBC Somali Service broadcasts news and current affairs programmes in Somali twice each day. These broadcasts can be received on a variety of frequencies in Khz,Metre Bands, FM, Satelayt and through Internet..

News-gathering from within Somalia is an extremely challenging task for the Somali Service. To establish the facts is very difficult, in particular during times of political tension or fighting. Every group or faction will try to put its own version across.

Over the last three years the Somali Section has - for the first time ever - developed a network of local reporters on the ground in Mogadishu, Hargeisa,Bossassoand Kismayo. They have enabled the Service to be closely in touch with political and social developments in the country .These reporters make every effort, and at times even risk their lives, to find out the truth about events and to verify incoming reports.

In addition, Somali Section Producers have visited Somalia and other countries in the Horn of Africa regularly since early 1994 on programme collection tours. The Service is also in touch with international aid organisations operating in Somalia. It is therefore up-to-date with events happening in the country. On several occasions the Somali Service has enabled the World Service to scoop news events, such as the death of former Somali President, Siad Barre and the death of General Mohamed Farah Aideed.

Country Name of Reporter City
Canada Mohamed A H Mohamed Toronto
Djibouti Mohamed Daher Hassan Djibouti
Ethiopia Adam Osman Addis Abeba
Italy Aden Mohamed Sabrie Rome
Kenya Ahmed Mohamed Nairobi
Kenya Mohammed Adow Nairobi
Netherlands Shukri Mohamed Afrah Rotterdam
Russia Abdullahi Hassan Jama Moscow
Somalia Nur Shire Osman Bossaso
Somalia Ahmed Abdi Nur Mogadishu
Somalia Ahmed Said Egeh
Uganda Cabdirizaaq Catoosh Kampala
Sudan Xasan Xundubeey Khartoum

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Warar BBC-da ee 24ka saac
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Sawirada masiibada doonta Lampedusa

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Muran siyaasadeed oo ka jira dalka Kenya

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Sanadgurada tobanaad ee dagaalkii Muqdisho oo 18 askari Maraykanka looga dilay.

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Dacwad argagixiso oo laga wado maxkamadaha Kenya

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Nigerian troops cross into Cameroon
South Africa economy avoids recession

Nigeria expects Aghahowa return
Gadaffi reconsiders Caf bid
Moroccans on the move

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