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About Horizons


The third series continues our journey across the globe looking at the cutting edge science and technology that will shake up our lives, our economies, our businesses and the world as we know it.

Horizons strives to showcase answers to the big questions that mankind faces now and in the future. We’re urbanising, ageing and becoming more connected; the global issues are evolving.

We go in search of the ideas, the research and the developments that are striving to tackle the planet’s biggest challenges. How mankind is going to cope as our population grows from seven to a predicted nine billion by 2050 is an underlying theme. Feeding, powering and nurturing billions more is a daunting task, and how we achieve this is the big unknown.

This series therefore calls upon some of world’s great minds to capture their thoughts on the pressing issues, with Nobel Laureates, industry leaders, top economists and leading scientists all offering up their ideas in this latest voyage of discovery.

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Adam Shaw


Adam Shaw is now one of the most recognisable faces of business journalism on television following two years of presenting Horizons on BBC World News. He was already a well known face – and voice – in the UK, presenting the award winning Working Lunch on BBC 2, as well as being lead business presenter on Radio 4’s Today programme,  one of the most significant news and current affairs programmes in the UK. He also often reports for BBC1’s Panorama - the longest running current affairs programme in the world.

Adam is the author of a number of books on politics and finance and has won the accolade of Broadcaster of the Year from both The Plain English Campaign and the ABI, which represents major investors and insurers, amongst other awards. He is an avid Tweeter and blogger.

In addition to his passion for demystifying the complicated world of finances and business, Adam has a keen interest in the theatre and, as a young actor, even spent a season at the Royal Shakespeare Company!

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