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BBC Radio 5 live special with Ian Thorpe, plus international football build-up and Frankie Dettori faces inquiry.

13 November 2012 Last updated at 21:42 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 2140: 

    That is it for another Sportsday. Thanks, as always, for your company and remember that England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are all in international football action on Wednesday. We will see you back here at 0800 GMT.

  2. 2135: 

    Very little doubt that we will have a second-round tie in the FA Cup between AFC Wimbledon and MK Dons. The latter are winning 6-1 against Cambridge City in the first round. League One high-flyers Tranmere are 2-0 up at Braintree, while Lincoln and Morecambe are also winning on a busy night of Cup action. Slough Town equalise against Mansfield.

  3. 2131:  

    Ian Thorpe ends tonight's 5 live special by confirming he is still swimming... but the 30-year-old is not planning another comeback.

  4. 2130: 

    "Michael Phelps took swimming to new levels and the world is now catching up," says Thorpe. "People believe you cannot swim faster, but once you achieve a certain time everyone knows how to train to achieve the same time. Then they can try and beat it."

  5. 2127: 

    charlie D on Twitter: "My 7-year-old son shows real potential in the pool. Any tips on bringing on a young swimmer?"

    charlotte coster on Twitter: "Now that Michael Phelps has retired, who is going to be the dominant swimmer?"

    Stephen Mills on Twitter: "Quality radio tonight! Coming over as a great guy, true swimming legend!"

  6. 2124: 

    Ian Thorpe retired from swimming in 2006. He attempted a comeback for the 2012 London Olympic Games but failed to make the grade in the Australian trials, working as a BBC TV pundit during the event instead.

  7. 2123:  

    Thorpe tells Mark Pugatch on Radio 5 live that he considered suicide and, of his depression, the 30-year-old adds: "I didn't tell anyone because I was embarrassed.

    "I don't feel there is a significant stigma around depression like there was years ago, but a certain part of you doesn't want to let your parents down. You don't want to affect your relationship with your friends."

  8. 2121: 

    "I experienced it through most of a very successful swimming career. I still struggle but this is the first time I've felt comfortable talking about it because I have an element of control over it.

    "You're born this way, you have a genetic disposition to something like this. In competition is when I deal with it best. I had depression through all of my best swims.

    "You have the ability to control it in sport that is very different in the rest of life. In terms of mental strength around performance, I'm one of the best. But that but doesn't transfer to normal life.

    "If you do have depression you can achieve everything. It's an extra hurdle but you can achieve whatever you want."

  9. 2116: 

    "Everyone sees the success and thinks: 'incredible, what a great life it is to be leading'. I had depression much earlier, I had treatment for when I was a teenager.

    "Leading up to the Athens Olympics I was actually drinking in the night to try not to be depressed. Everyone knows that doesn't work, it's a stupid thing. You wake up with a hangover and more depressed than before.

    "I'm fortunate I woke up to this, it wasn't working. I needed more treatment than I was having. There's no way of getting over it - it's about having more control than before."

  10. 2110: 

    Daniel Day on Twitter: "Other than swimming, what is your favourite sport to watch?"

    Anthos Aristou on Twitter: "What where the best Olympics he has competed in or watched?"

  11. 2108: 

    Thorpe busts one of swimming's biggest myths... his feet are not size 17. They never were. They are size 14. Or so he says...

  12. 2105: 

    England Under 21s take a 2-0 lead against Northern Ireland in the 76th minute. Benik Afobe scores from the penalty spot after being fouled by keeper Conor Devlin.

  13. 2103: 

    Ian Thorpe became Australia's youngest ever male swimming representative at the age of 14, and his triumph at the 1998 Perth World Championships in the 400m freestyle made him the youngest ever individual male World Champion.

  14. 2101: 

    The Radio 5 live special with swimming legend Ian Thorpe is now on to the thorny issue of drugs. Well worth a listen and you can have your say on Twitter via #bbcsportsday or pose a question using the hastag #askthorpe.

  15. 2058: 

    Kieran Holdbrook on Twitter: "Do you like music and what's your favourite song?"

    Helen on Twitter: "What a truly eloquent man Ian Thorpe is, a joy to listen to."

  16. 2056: 

    MK Dons have taken a 3-0 lead against Cambridge City in their FA Cup first-round replay with goals from Shaun Williams, James O'Shea and Dean Bowditch. A meeting with AFC Wimbledon in the next round is on the cards.

    Bradford are being held at home by Northampton, while Tranmere, Luton, Morecambe and Mansfield all lead.

  17. 2055: 

    Aside from his successful Olympic career, Thorpe also enjoyed a gold medal laden time at World Championships. He won 11 gold medals, a haul that puts him in third place in the all-time list behind Michael Phelps (26) and Ryan Lochte (12).

  18. 2052: 

    "In concentrating on my sport I missed out on a lot of things," says Thorpe on Radio 5 live. "But I don't regret any of that."

    The five-time Olympic gold medallist is then asked by a caller for advice he would pass on to young swimmers.

    "Listen to your coach 95% of the time. The other 5% is more important. A child needs freedom in the pool to explore. They will learn technique, but give them enough freedom to play around with their technique and learn in the pool.

    "Secondly, set targets. Give your children a period of 6-12 months. It could go either way - they could continue swimming or go wherever their heart desires. I think that's best for sport."

  19. 2046: 

    "I didn't set limitations that others would around my career and performances," says Thorpe. "There were even times when I came out of retirement that I felt the best in the world."

    Thorpe and Mark Pougatch have been joined in the BBC studio by Britain's five-time Olympic swimmer Mark Foster.

  20. 2042: 

    Ian Thorpe has won five Olympic gold medals, the most ever by any Australian. Three of these came at the 2000 Games in Sydney - in the 400m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle and 4x200m freestyle.

    Two of the golds came during the 2004 Athens Games - in the 200m freestyle and 400m freestyle. He has also won three Olympic silver medals and a bronze.

  21. 2040:  

    "I was a nerd," says Ian Thorpe. "As a child I always wanted to be a Lego engineer. When I was older, it was a neurologist. Swimming took over. As a child, I always felt like I was the black sheep, I never felt normal. I never had an issue with that, but I never felt I was like everyone else."

  22. 2036: 

    Jack Perryman on Twitter: "Would you have preferred not to retire when you did and give Phelps and Lochte some good races in '07 and '08?

    H L Lam on Twitter: "Hi Ian Is there anything missing in your life now? Anything that you'd give up what you have for it?"

    Ed Smith on Twitter: "When was the greatest moment in your career?"

    Post your questions via the Twitter hashtag #askthorpe

  23. 2030:  

    Ian 'Thorpedo' Thorpe is live on Radio 5 live right now. Why not listen and have your say? Let's hear from you via #bbcsportsday on Twitter. The 30-year-old tells presenter Mark Pougatch that "I fell into swimming". He actually played more cricket as a boy. He's also talking about parental pressure and being allergic to chlorine. Yes, a swimmer who is allergic to chlorine.

  24. 2026: 

    Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli will stay at the club despite interest from Italy, according to his agent.

    Speculation is growing that the 22-year-old will be offloaded by City boss Roberto Mancini but Mino Raiola told Radio CRC: "His relationship with Mancini is like that between a husband and his wife. They argue but they love and respect each other so much.

    "Everyone has their own ideas, but Mario will remain at Manchester City. He won't go to AC Milan."

    "He will be a City player for at least another two-and-a-half years because Mario is not thinking about other clubs."

  25. 2022: 

    Ready for the 5 live special with swimming legend Ian Thorpe? The five-time Olympic gold medallist will be answering questions from 2030 GMT. You can tweet questions using the hashtag #askthorpe or get involved via #bbcsportsday.

  26. 2013:  
    Live now on Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL

    England Under-21s take the lead in their friendly against Northern Ireland on the stroke of half-time through Sunderland striker Connor Wickham.

  27. 2001: 

    Shaun Williams has given MK Dons a 1-0 lead in their FA Cup first round replay at home to Cambridge City. It was a fine goal as well coming from the half-way line. The winners take on AFC Wimbledon at home in the second round.

  28. 1948: 

    Connor Wickham has just missed a good chance to give England Under 21s an early lead against Northern Ireland, with the Sunderland striker hitting a shot against the crossbar.

  29. 1929: 

    England under 21s are about to kick off against Northern Ireland at Bloomfield Road. It's also an evening for the FA Cup with Barrow v Guiseley, Bradford v Northampton, Braintree v Tranmere, MK Dons v Cambridge City, Nuneaton v Luton, Rochdale v Morecambe, Slough v Mansfield and Walsall v Lincoln City all at 1945. You can Tweet us your upset predictions at #bbcsportsday.


    Dan Vaughan on Twitter: "I don't think England have had any 'legends' over the last few years. For Liverpool, absolutely. Istanbul, anyone?"

    Teddy Clamp on Twitter: "Duncan Edwards must be up there. Stunning before the tragedy. Forget Gerrard, he never ranks with Edwards, Moore or Charlton."

    Jay Redmond on Twitter: "Lampard better than gerrard. Look how Gerrard filled in for the captaincy at the World Cup 2010, Euros 12!"


  31. 1920:  
    BBC Radio 5 live5 LIVE SPORT

    A reminder that swimming legend Ian Thorpe will be answering questions on 5 Live at 2000. You can tweet questions using the hashtag #askthorpe.

  32. 1912: 

    Scotland captain Darren Fletcher wants his country's new manager to be a long-term appointment.

    "A new manager taking over as soon as possible is always ideal," says the Manchester United midfielder. "But if it means taking a bit more time to get the right choice looking at it long term, then take as much time as they need.

    "Maybe there are a lot of candidates and for whatever reason it takes time, the most important thing is getting the right man who can provide a bit of continuity and take Scotland forward not just for the next couple of years but hopefully five or six years and really stamp his authority and take the country places where we want to go."

  33. 1906: 

    England players may not get much sleep just three nights before their first Test with India in Ahmedabad. The Diwali festival is in full swing. Wicketkeeper Matt Prior tweets: "Gone midnight and still Ahmedabad is rocking! Fireworks are getting louder I reckon?!"

  34. 1903: 

    Tottenham are close to ending Arsenal's 18-year domination of north London, according to their former player Steffen Freund. Andre Villas-Boas' side travel to the Emirates Stadium on Saturday just one place and one point behind their rivals.

    "Spurs are really close to Arsenal," said Freund. "We are definitely in a better position. In my time they used to be involved in the title race every year and we finished ninth or 10th.

    "That has changed now. We are really close to our biggest rival."

  35. 1901: 

    McLaren F1 driver Jenson Button on Twitter: "Only a couple of days away from the Inaugural Circuit of Americas GP In Austin! Who's excited?! Me! ;)"

  36. 1845: 

    Hartlepool have made Livingston manager John Hughes their new head coach. BBC Sport understands they were in advanced talks with Phil Brown to succeed Neale Cooper but these broke down at the 11th hour.

  37. 1832: 

    England Under 21s are playing Northern Ireland in a friendly at Blackpool's Bloomfield Road at 7.30pm and Stuart Pearce has named his side: Amos, A Smith, Robinson, McEachran, Wisdom, Lees, Ince, Henderson, Wickham, Powell, Townsend.

  38. 1826: 

    Hearts say they have reached agreement with HMRC to delay the payment of a bill that had threatened to force the club out of business. The Tynecastle club released a statement last week asking fans to help the club finance a bill for around £450,000. That was due to be settled by Friday but the tax authorities have agreed to a payment plan that will see the bill settled by the 3rd of December.

  39. 1824: 

    The FA confirm their own investigation into Clattenburg's alleged comments continues.

  40. 1822: 

    The Metropolitan Police confirm they are no longer investigating Mark Clattenburg over alleged comments made during Manchester United's 3-2 win at Chelsea last month.

    "An investigation was launched into alleged comments made during a football match between Chelsea FC and Manchester United FC at Stamford Bridge on 28 October 2012," says a statement. "This follows on from a complaint received by the Metropolitan Police Service on 29 October. Enquires were made and no victims have come forward.

    "The matter will remain as a recorded incident. Without a victim and/or any evidence that any offence has been committed, the matter cannot currently be investigated.

    "If the situation changes and a victim and/or evidence to support an allegation of a crime comes to police attention then further enquiries will if appropriate be made."

  41. 1817: 

    More than 2,400 police officers could face investigation over the Hillsborough disaster, the police watchdog confirm. Up to 1,000 additional officers may be added to the 1,444 members of South Yorkshire Police already being investigated, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) say.

  42. 1807: 

    Pele underwent a successful hip operation in Sao Paulo, according to AFP.

    "Everything went well, it was a very simple operation. He will probably leave tomorrow (Wednesday)," said his spokesman, Jose Fornos.

  43. 1804: 

    Valentino Rossi makes a low-key return to Yamaha colours on the first day of MotoGP testing at Valencia. Just two days after the 2012 season ended, Rossi is only sixth fastest on his return after two years with Ducati.

  44. 1758: 

    Giovanni Trapattoni insists he has no worries as the Republic of Ireland return to the scene of their 6-1 defeat by Germany in October to take on Greece on Wednesday.

    Asked if defeat increases the pressure on him, Trappatoni says: "I don't think so. People forget the victories. In my life, what I have done until now, and now also with this team, is improve teams. That is the life of the manager."

  45. 1749: 

    Wolves midfielder Tongo Doumbia completes a permanent switch from Rennes for a fee of around £3 million. He signs a deal at Molineux until the summer of 2016.

  46. 1747: 

    The Scottish Football Association confirm they are involved in a legal wrangle with Craig Levein's representatives over his removal as Scotland manager.

    Levein announced last week he was seeking legal advice after being "relieved of his duties" by the SFA, who have said they will continue to honour his contract, which still has 20 months to run.

    "Craig is entitled to his opinion," says SFA chief executive Stewart Regan. "We made it very clear that Craig's contract had not been terminated, that his terms and conditions would be honoured up to the end of the contract in June 2014.

    "It's a legally binding contract and that was our position that we set out very clearly last Monday night.

    "Craig has taken legal advice which he is entitled to do and the matter is now being dealt with between Craig's lawyers and the Scottish FA's lawyers."

  47. 1738: 

    England release 13 players including Harlequins wing Ugo Monye, Jonathan Joseph and Alex Corbisiero from their squad for Saturday's international against Australia. Saracens winger Chris Ashton returns from suspension and his inclusion ahead of Monye is the only change from Saturday's victory over Fiji. England head coach Stuart Lancaster will name his starting fifteen on Thursday morning.


    Tom on Twitter: "Find it remarkable how people can question Gerrard's ability? You have to be incredible to get 100 caps for your country."

    Robert Shenkman on Twitter: "Michael Owen would have been england's best player of the decade without injury. His goals were priceless."

    Thomas Wright on Twitter: "Gerrard has been Mediocre for England at best and second to Lampard at club level. Stats prove it."


  49. 1730: 

    Legendary Brazilian footballer Pele is in hospital, according to a spokesman at a Sao Paulo-based medical centre, who did not give any further information.

    "Pele is in hospital here, but we are not able to provide any more details, as per the request of the family," said a press officer for the Albert Einstein hospital.

  50. 1727: 

    More from Roy Hodgson who confirms Wilfried Zaha wants to play for England and not Ivory Coast:

    "I spoke to him, of course, before he joined-up. I made it clear to him that we were interested in him, but only if he was interested us and he assured me that. He's played for England at all levels so, it seems to me fairly obvious that if you decide you want to play for England Under-19s and you want to play for England Under-21s you're very happy to accept a call-up to the first national team. It seems pretty obvious to me that's where you want to play, but then, perhaps I'm too simple. He's told me that's what he wants to do."

  51. 1724: 

    Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli's agent believes he will stay at the club despite interest from his homeland, Italy.

    "His relationship with Mancini is like that between a husband and his wife," Mino Raiola tells Radio CRC. "They argue but they love and respect each other so much.

    "Everyone has their own ideas, but Mario will remain at Manchester City. He won't go to AC Milan. He will be a City player for at least another two-and-a-half years because Mario is not thinking about other clubs."

  52. 1721: 

    Republic of Ireland skipper John O'Shea tips young winger Robbie Brady to make the grade at Manchester United. Brady, currently on a second loan spell at Hull, will start for his country against Greece on Wednesday and O'Shea believes he has what it takes.

    "He definitely does, but he also needs to get the run of games into him to show when he goes to Hull that he is more than capable of playing at that level and showing his talent, as he did last season," he says.

  53. 1718: 

    Castleford's Hall of Fame member John Sheridan dies at the age of 78, the club confirm. Sheridan made over 300 appearances for the club between 1955 and 1966 and returned to coach them in the 1970s.

    "I had the privilege of working with John, sharing in his enthusiasm and experiencing his fantastic ability to spot young talent in the game," Castleford chief executive Steve Ferres says.

  54. 1713: 

    The consortium trying to take control of Hearts have an initial bid for the club knocked back. The Hearts Foundation made a formal offer to the owner Vladimir Romanov earlier on Wednesday but it was rejected. The club released a statement last week saying they would go out of business unless fans helped pay a tax bill of around half a million pounds. The group, made up of local businessmen and fans groups, say they remain positive about their prospects of taking over.

  55. 1711: 

    Steven Gerrard reflects on his England career ahead of his 100th cap in Sweden on Wednesday but says beating David Beckham's 115 caps record is not in his thoughts:

    "I'm slightly nervous, very excited and can't wait for the game to start. I try to be the driving force, get assists and goals and lead by example. My England journey has been full of ups and downs and I feel there are a few chapters to write. I don't feel my England career is coming to an end. David's a hero of mine and it is not important if I beat his record, it is just qualifying for the next major tournament."

  56. 1708: 

    Roy Hodgson on Wilfried Zaha who opted to play for England ahead of Ivory Coast:

    "I've watched him over a couple of years, he was a transfer target at West Brom and I know what kind of player he was. For me when an opportunity arose it was the obvious thing to do.

    "If any player prefers to play for another team other than England they are welcome to do so. If our national team is not motivation, we do not want them in there. I automatically assumed that when I give an England Under 19 player a chance, I expect him to cycle there if necessary."

  57. 1701: 

    Ipswich sign former Charlton defender Kelly Youga, 27, on a short-term contract until January.

  58. 1659: 

    Stoke are to apply for planning permission to increase the capacity of the Britannia Stadium to 30,000. The club currently have a capacity of 27,743 and want to fill in the south-east corner, the area currently occupied by a giant video screen.

  59. 1656: 

    Cycling's governing body the International Cycling Union considers opening a hotline for riders wishing to discuss doping-related issues. President Pat McQuaid says in an open letter to cyclists on the UCI website: "At the end of the day it is you the riders who have the ultimate say about whether our sport is clean."

  60. 1650: 

    More from England boss Roy Hodgson, who praises skipper Steven Gerrard on the eve of the Liverpool midfielder's 100th international cap: "I've been exceptionally pleased with his leadership qualities, giving younger lads a wise, calming, comforting word."

  61. 1648: 

    England manager Roy Hodgson at his press conference ahead of tomorrow's friendly in Sweden says the team have been assured Arsenal defender Carl Jenkinson's international clearance will arrive in the next 24 hours.

  62. 1645: 

    Arsenal and England midfielder Jack Wilshere is satisfied with his progress following his long lay-off through injury: "Mentally it has been tough because you question yourself all the time. You go to the Emirates, you watch games and you think 'Has it got quicker? I don't remember it being this quick. Can I get back to this level that I was at before?'

    "But I feel good now and hopefully, with a few more games, I can get back to my best."

  63. 1640: 

    AJ Morley on Twitter: "Gerrard got England to the QF of Euro 2012 on his own. Best player in a mediocre squad."

    Adam Choi on Twitter: "Re 16.13: Zidane said similar about Gerrard too. Henry's, Kaka's, and Pele's opinions can't be ignored either."

  64. 1636: 

    Alex McLeish salutes Walter Smith's appointment to the board of Rangers as a non-executive director and says: "It just seems a perfect fit for him to be part of Rangers. Not only his business acumen, but his football brain is a great asset to the football club."

  65. 1630: 

    More atmosphere in India from England wicketkeeper Matt Prior on Twitter: "This place is kicking off! Happy Diwali! I'm sure I've just seen someone trying to catch a rocket?!"

  66. 1613: 

    laurence nutt on Twitter: "Re 14:58 sorry, has Mr T ever seen Paul Scholes play? I would rank Zidane and Xavi's opinions higher than the A Team."

  67. 1611: 

    Scotland's major clubs are to meet to discuss plans for a new 16-team top tier, BBC Scotland reports.

  68. 1608: 

    England batsman Nick Compton in India preparing for the first Test on Thursday: "Could be an interesting night sleep... Diwali in India, fireworks on steroids."

  69. 1600: 

    A consortium of Hearts fans report "constructive dialogue" in plans to buy Vladimir Romanov's shares in the Tynecastle club.

  70. 1557: 

    Dean Faccini on Twitter: "Gerrard may be a Liverpool legend but he's not an England legend. Never ever really reproduced club form for country."

    Andy Blagrove on Twitter: "People saying SG is most influential EPL midfielder of the last 10 yrs. Try Scholes, Lamps, Giggs, players who've won it."

  71. 1552: 

    Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck has dismissed criticism of the club for supporting skipper John Terry and at the same time lodging a complaint against referee Mark Clattenburg He tells the London Evening Standard: "The press seem to juxtapose 'our support' of John Terry and what's going on here and looking at us as being a bit hypocritical.

    "We have to divorce the John Terry situation from this. From our perspective, the latest situation was pretty straightforward. We have an obligation to report what may be misconduct. We did that, in good faith and not maliciously."

  72. 1545: 

    Britain's Carl Froch says American Yusuf Mack's barb about him being a second-rate Joe Calzaghe will motivate him ahead of their IBF super middleweight bout on Saturday night: "Those comments were something I had to listen to. He had an opportunity to say it to my face, not go 200 miles down the road and say it behind my back.

    "Come Saturday night he's going to be in a whole world of trouble. He's in my territory and he's going to feel some serious wrath."

  73. 1539:  
    BBC Radio 5 live5 LIVE SPORT

    BBC Sport's racing correspondent Cornelius Lysaght will no doubt discuss the breaking news surrounding the inquiry into Frankie Dettori when he is part of tonight's 5 live Sport with Mark Pougatch from 19:00 GMT. He also previews the National Hunt season and from 20:00 GMT there will be a phone-in with swimming legend Ian Thorpe.

    We will be sending a batch of questions to the great man Thorpe so please send them into us via Twitter using the hashtag #askthorpe.

  74. 1530: 

    Ryan Gardiner on Twitter: "Re 15:02 & Dave Whelan. Does he ever run the club or does he just do interviews to praise Roberto Martinez?"

  75. 1524: 

    Frankie Dettori is set to face an inquiry by the Medical Committee of France Galop next week after a 'positive test' at Longchamp in September.

  76. 1522: 

    The Daily Telegraph's Henry Winter is in Stockholm assessing the playing surface ahead of tomorrow's friendly between Sweden and England: "Friends Arena pitch laid only 5 days ago...looks good but will it cut up?"

  77. 1515: 

    Wales and Perpignan lock Luke Charteris admits France-based players run a considerable risk of dropping down the international selection pecking order and says: "You know when you move to France that you will put yourself behind players who are in Wales, and I would not expect it to be any other way.

    "You are taking yourself out of the shop window and it puts the onus on you to play to a higher standard."

  78. 1509: 

    Sweden captain Zlatan Ibrahimovic hails England counterpart Steven Gerrard ahead of tomorrow night's friendly in Stockholm: "He is a very good person to have as a team-mate in your team. He always gives 200%, is a good fighter and has good skills and a good touch with the ball also.

    "He feels more like an international player rather than a normal English player. English players have big hearts always fighting, very aggressive but for me Gerrard for me feels more international. He has more skills than the normal player."

  79. 1502: 

    Wigan chairman Dave Whelan believes manager Roberto Martinez will reach the highest echelons of European football and says: "Roberto will be the manager of one of the top three clubs in Europe, I don't think there's any doubt about that."

  80. 1458: 

    Adam on Twitter: "Just seen a tweet claiming Gerrard more influential than Beckham?!? Get a grip people! He is good, no better than that!"

    Mr T on Twitter: "Gerrard never played in his correct position! In his prime the most COMPLETE player! No English central midfielder is on par!"

    Asim Munshi on Twitter: "I don't know if many of you have noticed or not but Stevie G only performs when he wears an armband."

  81. 1455: 

    Former Chelsea playmaker Arjen Robben believes the rivalry between the Netherlands and Germany is no longer as fierce as it was. The teams meet in a friendly on Wednesday in Amsterdam and Robben says: "It's still an important and very special game but the hatred and aggressiveness from previous years is no longer there."

  82. 1446: 

    Argentina's team to play France in Saturday's international in Lille: Lucas Gonzalez Amorosino; Horacio Agulla, Gonzalo Tiesi, Marcelo Bosch, Juan Imhoff; Nicolas Sanchez, Martin Landajo; Leonardo Senatore, Juan Manuel Leguizamon, Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe (capt); Julio Farias Cabello, Manuel Carizza; Juan Figallo, Eusebio Guinazu, Marcos Ayerza.

  83. 1440: 

    Former Scotland coach Bertie Vogts sympathises with Craig Levein, who was sacked earlier this month: "When you take over Scotland you have to live with certain things, with the Scottish media and a lot of poor players. I understand, yes.

    "Expectations are too high, always. They do not invest many pounds in youth and you have to do that."

  84. 1435: 

    England wicketkeeper Matt Prior says Kevin Pietersen does not need to change as he prepares to make his Test return in the opening match of the series against India on Thursday. "It is how is that makes him so special as a player. If he became a shy, introverted character I'd be more worried."

  85. 1422: 

    England trio Josh Charnley, Sean O'Loughlin and Michael McIlorum sign new contracts with Wigan Warriors.

  86. 1418: 

    England attacking coach Mike Catt plays it cautiously ahead of Saturday's international with Australia: "The guys are on top of their games and to be honest it's about making sure what is the best team for us to beat Australia this weekend. If that means changing it, we will, if it doesn't, we won't."

  87. 1412: 

    We're asking for your thoughts of Steven Gerrard as the England captain prepares to win his 100th international cap. Keep them coming in please, using the Twitter hashtag #bbcsportsday.

    Ewart Bryan on Twitter: "Stevie has been incomparable, by far the best midfielder in the Premier League over the last decade."

    sk rayamajhi on Twitter: "Stevie G : most influential English player I have ever seen better than Lampard, Rooney, Cole, Terry and Beckham on any day."

  88. 1400: 

    BBC Sport's Alistair Bruce-Ball ahead of tonight's FA Cup replay between MK Dons and Cambridge City:

    "If MK Dons beat Cambridge City, who are four divisions below them, then it sets up the first ever game between MK Dons and AFC Wimbledon, the club formed by the supporters 10 years ago in protest at their club being taken to Milton Keynes," he said.

    "AFC fans don't want the tie and plenty of them say they won't go. MK Dons boss Karl Robinson said he danced around in delight when he heard the draw.

    "It's a great story but first MK Dons have got to get past Cambridge City. We've got full commentary on 5 live sports extra tonight with Steve Claridge summarising and updates on 5 live."

  89. 1355: 

    Hull defender Paul McShane has withdrawn from the Republic of Ireland squad for Wednesday night's friendly against Greece through injury.

    A spokesman for the Football Association of Ireland said: "Paul will return to his club later today for treatment. No replacement has been called up."

  90. 1351: 

    Fulham captain Brede Hangeland, 24, has confirmed Fulham's interest in Norway international team-mate Vegard Forren, revealing manager Martin Jol has asked him about the defender's suitability for the Premier League.

    "His name has come up," Hangeland told TV2. "They asked me about him after the last international break, so of course I had to be honest and tell them he's a very good footballer."

  91. 1347: 

    Oldham Athletic chairman Simon Corney says he still has faith in manager Paul Dickov, but is worried by the club's current position in League One.

    The Latics are 19th in the table and lie a point above the relegation zone.

    Corney "We are being dragged into a relegation battle. It is a concern to me and I don't want to get into a situation where it's too late."

  92. 1342: 

    World number two Roger Federer says next year could be even better than this season if court surfaces were made faster. Long baseline exchanges have become commonplace meaning matches begin to stretch longer and longer.

    "Just make quicker courts, then it's hard to defend. Then attacking style is more important," said Federer.

    "I think sometimes quicker courts do help the cause. I think it would help from time to time to move to something faster.

    "That would help players learn different styles, to realise that coming to the net is a good thing, not a bad thing."

  93. 1336: 

    Ahead of the start of the first Test between England and India on Thursday, BBC Sport asks a panel of experts why touring India is so difficult, what it takes to win there - and whether England can do it.

    Former England vice captain Mike Gatting said: "You know you're going to be playing on some turning wickets, so you need to have a really good gameplan when you're batting.

    "I used to watch the ball closely, so you know which way it's going to turn - that makes a huge difference."

  94. 1330: 

    Stoke midfielder Glenn Whelan wants Republic of Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni to continue with his experiment of employing a central midfield trio.

    Trapattoni moved away from his usual rigid 4-4-2 formation for last month's World Cup qualifier against Germany but his team were humiliated 6-1.

    However, Whelan believes the Irish boss should persevere with the tactic. "I don't think I have played against another national team which has played 4-4-2," he said.

  95. 1325: 

    Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony has backed boss Darren Ferguson's decision to transfer-list and fine four players.

    Gabby Zakuani, Emile Sinclair, Tyrone Barnett and Nathaniel Mendez-Laing were sanctioned for a breach of club discipline following a night out.

  96. 1319: 

    BBC Sport columnist Jaime Alguersuari says it seems wrong to have Formula 1 without a grand prix in America.

    The Pirelli test driver said: "F1 is a world championship, it is moving increasingly away from its historic European base to a truly global series, so how can you not have a race in the country with the biggest economy in the world?"

  97. 1313: 

    India have called up uncapped Ashok Dinda to their squad as possible cover for paceman Ishant Sharma, who is down with viral fever.

  98. 1308: 

    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand says he is in no rush to sign a new contract.

    United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has spoken optimistically about the 33-year-old continuing for another season.

    Ferdinand, whose current deal expires at the end of the season, told Inside United: "It's always good to hear the manager say things like that but you just take every week and every month as it comes.

    "The best thing to do is look at it at Christmas, then again in the summer to see how I am feeling and go again from there."

  99. 1303: 

    Wales forwards Alun-Wyn Jones and Josh Turnbull have both been ruled out of the remaining Autumn Internationals against Samoa, New Zealand and Australia due to injuries, the Welsh Rugby Union has announced.

  100. 1258: 

    Wigan chairman Dave Whelan believes the club are capable of finishing in the top half of the Premier League this season.

    The Latics, who have never finished above 10th position in the top flight, are 14th in the table after 11 games.

    Whelan told BBC Radio Manchester: "We've played very well in all of the matches. We've played better than our results show but we're doing all right. We're on 11 points and we were nowhere near that last year. We want to finish in the top half and I think we will."


    PJ Lopez on Twitter: "For me I don't get how he can be compared the the real GREATS. Nobby Stiles, Geoff Hurst, Bobby Charlton now they're greats."

    Mark Willis on Twitter: "It's a shame 100 caps will be his highest international achievement. If only we had 10 more like him, we may have won a cup."

    Samuel Adams on Twitter: "Not sure Gerrard can be classed as an England Great. What has Gerrard and England achieved in the last 12 years he has played?"

    Do you agree with Graeme Souness that Steven Gerrard has been England's best player of the last decade? Tweet us using the #bbcsportsday hashtag.

  102. 1252: 

    Former Liverpool captain Graeme Souness believes Steven Gerrard, who is set to become only the sixth England player to reach 100 caps, has been England's best player of the last decade.

    "Frank Lampard is a great midfield player and scorer of goals but I think Steven has the edge on him," said Souness.

    "I'd say that Steven Gerrard has had the biggest influence on the England team in the last 10 years."

  103. 1248: 

    McLaren are to provide the engine, transmission and electronics for the cars that will compete in a new 'Formula E' electric series due to start in 2014 while Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore is understood to be high on a list of potential candidates to succeed Bernie Ecclestone as the boss of Formula 1.

    Those stories and much more in today's F1 gossip column.

  104. 1244: 

    The Rugby Football Union have reported a planned loss of £6.3m for the last financial year as a result of fewer England matches at Twickenham.

    The RFU loses money in every Rugby World Cup season because there are no autumn internationals and England only have two home matches in the Six Nations - but the reported losses are covered by reserves set aside in the previous three profitable years of the World Cup cycle.

  105. 1239: 

    India great Rahul Dravid says England should pick spinner Monty Panesar ahead of Samit Patel to boost their chances winning the four-match Test series.

    England look set to field part-time spinner Patel at number six to balance the side and support Graeme Swann.

    But Dravid told BBC Sport: "Bits and pieces cricketers haven't had much of an impact in India. Monty has bowled well in India in the past and can keep one end tight so I would like him to play."

  106. 1234: 

    Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck says the club are not hypocrites for supporting skipper John Terry and at the same time lodging a complaint against referee Mark Clattenburg.

    Buck says Chelsea have a "duty of care" for Terry even if he has done something wrong - he was banned for four matches for racially abusing QPR's Anton Ferdinand.

    Buck told London's Evening Standard: "Suppose we had tried to sweep this under the rug and said to the various players, 'Look, it's not a big deal and the press are going to be all over us, maybe you want to reconsider'.

    "If that had leaked out, we would've really been crucified."


    GBD on Twitter: "Gerrard and Giggs - you don't get many one-club players. Both legends, both woefully under-rewarded internationally!"

    Charlie MacFarlane on Twitter: "Being England's best player at the last two tournaments doesn't make Gerrard an England great."

    Sam Barker on Twitter: "Gerrard has a genuine passion to play for England, unlike many other first team regulars although his age is showing nowadays."

    Have your say on how Steven Gerrard compares to England's greatest players as he looks set to win his 100th international cap. Tweet #bbcsportsday.

  108. 1228: 

    BBC MotoGP pit-lane reporter Azi Farni on the Valencia test: "It's a bit of a washout so far with the wet conditions keeping most riders in their boxes.

    "Valentino Rossi has had his long awaited first laps out on the Yamaha M1 but there's nothing to be read into the lap times just yet.

    "Moto2 world champion Marc Marquez and Briton Bradley Smith have not been out yet, though as Loris Capirossi did a shakedown on Smith's bike this morning."

  109. 1225: 

    Rain has kept running to a minimum at the MotoGP test at Valencia. The session offers riders an opportunity to test their 2013 bikes for the first time.

    Seven-time MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi is back on a Yamaha, having quit the team for Ducati at the end of 2010, while Britain's Bradley Smith is hoping to get his first run on the Tech 3 Yamaha.

  110. 1219: 

    Sponsorship deals and record revenues from the sale of almost 11m tickets helped London 2012 organisers to hit their target of raising £2.4bn to stage the Olympics and Paralympics, according to Paul Deighton, the former Goldman Sachs banker who served as chief executive of the London Organising Committee (LOCOG) for the Games.

  111. 1213: 

    Liverpool defender Daniel Agger has admitted he should have rested a groin problem against Chelsea at the weekend but played because of illness to Martin Skrtel.

    The 27-year-old has withdrawn from Denmark's friendly in Turkey on Wednesday in order not to aggravate the injury.

    "I have a pulled groin," he said. "It was something that should have kept me out on Sunday but it did not. It takes hopefully only a few days (to recover).

    "The reason why I have cancelled for Wednesday is that it is a bit early to play three days after I played 90 minutes with a groin problem."

  112. 1207: 

    Five-time world champion Juan Manuel Fangio, who won 24 of the 51 races in which he competed, has been voted number two on the BBC Sport Formula 1's greatest drivers list.

    "Fangio was so good that he rarely needed to push to the limit. So on the days he did give his ability free reign, it was somehow all the more shocking and impressive," said chief F1 writer Andrew Benson.

  113. 1202: 

    In the first of his new regular BBC Sport columns, England fast bowler Graham Onions talks about preparations for the first Test on Thursday, his own hopes of playing, and life on tour in India.

    "It's never easy to spend a number of weeks away from home but we could not have been made to feel more welcome here in India," he said. "The hotels are beautiful, the food is very good and we are being treated like kings."

  114. 1155: 

    Scotland's major clubs are pursuing plans for a new 16-team top tier but will not be swallowed up by the Scottish Football League. All 12 SPL clubs will meet to discuss the issue with a new league of 16 top of the agenda.

    The SFL propose a set up that would involve SPL clubs giving up their power and merging with the lower leagues. But SPL sources have told BBC Scotland that there is no chance of their clubs agreeing to the plans.

  115. 1149: 

    England's Matt Prior says Steven Finn is "on the mend" after the 23-year-old did not bowl in today's training session ahead of England's first Test against India which starts on Thursday.

    Prior said: "All I know is that he's on the mend, he's feeling good in himself and fingers crossed he's coming good. You would assume if he's going to be available (for Thursday) he would have had a good bowl today but funnier things have happened."

  116. 1142: 

    A report commissioned by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport claims the money spent on London 2012's venues and infrastructure has delivered £800,000 of "added value" for local businesses.

    DCMS also says the government's legacy ambitions are on track to be met thanks to initiatives to increase participation in sport such as Sportivate, Premier League 4 Sport and the School Games.


    Callum Honeybun on Twitter: "Steven Gerrard, The Ian Botham of English football. Not great at anything, just a very good all rounder."

    Farrell Monk on Twitter: "In a faltering England squad, Gerrard is the only player to consistently stand out in every game. Fully deserving of 100 caps."

    Steven Bryant on Twitter: "100 caps, Steven Gerrard probably had a bad game in 5. Performed well even in last 2 tournaments. Can you say that about anyone else?"

    Have your say on how Steven Gerrard compares to England's greatest players on Twitter using the #bbcsportsday hashtag

  118. 1136: 

    Striker Didier Drogba will need his current club Shanghai Shenhua's approval for returning to Chelsea for training sessions to be ready for African Nation Cup, reports Chinese news agency Sina (in Chinese). The former Chelsea star said: "I need my club's approval first, then Chelsea's approval. If both are fine, I will go back for training."

  119. 1130: 

    West Brom midfielder James Morrison believes his side deserve their lofty position in the Premier League.

    "It's up to us to keep it going, everyone thinks its a fluke us being up there but it's not," he told BBC WM. "The lads work extremely hard in training and the gaffer sets us up each week to counter the opposition."

  120. 1124: 

    Britain's new Moto2 rider Danny Kent says the class is more physically demanding than Moto3 after testing a Moto2 bike for the first time. The 18-year-old, who recently signed with Tech 3 Racing Team, says he is looking forward to "getting some more time on the bike."

  121. 1116: 

    Roberto Mancini's Manchester City are well-placed to retain their Premier League title, according to former City and Arsenal midfielder Patrick Vieira. The Frenchman, who is football development officer at the Etihad Stadium, adds that Mancini is committed to the club and that speculation about his position is purely as a result of the club's success.

  122. 1109: 

    Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross says he was always confident he had what it took to get into the England squad, but now he hopes to prove he has what it takes to stay there.

    "If I'm doing okay and being consistent, then I always felt that I had enough to hopefully break into the England squad and luckily enough I have done, so I want to stay in it," he said.

    "There's a lot of experienced players ahead of me and it's up to me to perform well in training. Hopefully I can play well when I get a chance."


    BBC Sport's Nick Hope on Twitter: "Aaron Cook unlikely to compete in December's Taekwondo French Open, but promises to be back "in full force" for 2013."

  124. 1102: 

    Championship leader Sebastian Vettel says he and rival Fernando Alonso have had an equal number of misfortunes this season and whoever goes on to win the title will deserve it, reports


    Simon Aindow on Twitter: "Gerrard to become the most capped outfield player? Beckham has 115, though about 25 of them were cameos in his twilight."

    Mark on Twitter: "Paul Scholes has been the best English player since Sir Bobby Charlton.. Pity Sven messed him around in favour of SG and Lamps."

    Denby on Twitter: "I will always remember Steven Gerrard as the less than inspirational captain in the wally-with-the-brolly match."

    How does Gerrard compare with England's greats? Let us know at #bbcsportsday.

  126. 1056: 

    Bolton Wanderers recorded a loss of £22.1m in the last financial year, taking their total debt to £136.5m.

    However, £125m of the debt is owed to owner Eddie Davies, which has been refinanced into a long-term loan.

    "It is a huge vote of confidence and underlines the on-going support and commitment he has for our club," said chairman Phil Gartside.

  127. 1051: 

    Cardiff have confirmed former Wales fly-half Mark Ring has been appointed as backs coach.

    Ring played for both Cardiff and Pontypool while also making 32 appearances for Wales between 1983-91.

  128. 1047: 

    Leeds have confirmed that midfielder Rodolph Austin suffered a cracked ankle bone in Saturday's match against Watford.

    The 27-year-old Jamaica international went off with a suspected double leg break early in the second half of their 6-1 defeat by the Hornets.

    Manager Neil Warnock told the club's website: "It's better news than we first thought. Hopefully he will be back sooner rather than later."

  129. 1046: 

    Paul Marshall looks set to feature in Ireland's clash against Fiji on Saturday after being one of four Ulster players added to Declan Kidney's squad.

    Marshall's Ulster team-mates Craig Gilroy, Tom Court and Roger Wilson have also been called up to the squad along with Stephen Archer and Devin Toner.

  130. 1044: 

    Emmanuel Frimpong has quashed speculation he will leave Arsenal in January but has indicated that he would like to go out on loan.

    He tweeted: "Am not leaving AFC. I am positive of going on loan this week which am really excited about and I am fully committed to AFC.

    "And am not in my last year or looking to be sold just to clear matters thank you and going on loan to get games and come back to Arsenal."


    Asim Siddiq on Twitter: "Jake B, if you think Lampard is poor for England you need to change your sport and watch something else."

    Gary Pearson on Twitter: "Gerrard simply one of best central midfielders - played out of position too often combined passing, tackling & drive awesome."

    Rob on Twitter: "No one gets 100 caps if they don't deserve it. More worrying are stats like Milner will end up with more caps than Hoddle."

    Let us know your view at #bbcsportsday.

  132. 1038: 

    Kell Brook's promoter Eddie Hearn says a possible fight with Amir Khan would have to be on Brook's terms. Brook, 26, is expected to face Devon Alexander for the IBF welterweight title in America on 19 January.

    Hearn told BBC Radio Sheffield: "He's coming off back-to-back losses, he has no belt and he doesn't really bring that much to the table. If Amir Khan wants to fight for the title when we've won it then that'll be on our terms."

  133. 1035: 

    Wilfried Zaha on Twitter: "My words were absolutely twisted and taken the wrong way in my last interview but I will learn from this and explain in further detail what I mean when I make certain statements. Thanks for all the supportive messages and those who understood my interview wasn't me trying to arrogant."

    Zaha was quoted as saying: "Unless I'm looking at Ronaldo or Messi, I'd never look at someone else and think he's better than me."

  134. 1030: 

    Panama's best hope of ending Spain's year-long unbeaten run would be to field 22 men in their friendly soccer match on Wednesday, coach Julio Cesar Dely Valdes said.

    "The best thing to take on Spain would be to allow us to play with 22 players instead of 11," Valdes joked in Tuesday's Spanish sports daily Marca. "Against Spain it is absurd to think of it as just another day and just another team.

    "You can't take them head on. Everything we try to do in games will have to doubled. Twice the attention, the concentration, the effort, helping each other out and so on."

  135. 1026: 

    Wolves are looking at another loan move for Arsenal's Emmanuel Frimpong to cover for suspended midfielder Karl Henry, the Wolverhampton Express and Star are reporting.


    John Brierly on Twitter: "Gerrard needs to step aside now and give younger players the opportunity to gain experience for the next World Cup."

    Matt Judge on Twitter: "Gerrard deserves this 100th cap. People said he hasn't performed for England but he has been our best player two tournaments in a row."

    Scott Johnson on Twitter: "SG never seemed to play at the same level for country as his club. Commitment unquestionable, potential unfulfilled."

    Give us your opinion at #bbcsportsday.

  137. 1019: 

    Arsenal have watched Burnley's former Manchester City right-back Kieran Trippier, 22, according to the Lancashire Telegraph.

  138. 1015: 

    Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck has defended the club's conduct over their allegation that referee Mark Clattenburg racially abused John Obi Mikel.

    He told the London Evening Standard: "Suppose we had tried to sweep this under the rug and said to the various players, 'Look, it's not a big deal and the press are going to be all over us, maybe you want to reconsider." If that had leaked out, we would've really been crucified."

  139. 1012: 

    Matt Kuchar insists he has moved on from the United States' devastating Ryder Cup defeat, as he strives to banish the painful memories of Medinah with victory in Hong Kong.

    Kuchar, 34, said: "The Ryder Cup was six weeks ago or thereabouts, and I've played a number of events since and I've been able to move on."


    Dale Wright on Twitter: "Gerrard's ability is never in question when playing with players that suit his style. It's a shame there aren't another 10 like him!"

    Robin Thomas on Twitter: "Stevie G may not be a 'great', but he is and has been one of the best that we have. It says more about the youth system than him."

    Tom Birtles on Twitter: "Never been Gerrard's biggest fan but 100 caps is a massive achievement and goes to show he's one of England's biggest stars!"

  141. 1008: 

    Mario Balotelli's agent has dismissed suggestions that the Manchester City striker could return to Italy in January after being left out of the squad for the 2-1 win over Tottenham.

    "There is no [transfer to] Italy and no plans to go there," agent Mino Raiola told the Guardian. "He'll work until the end of his contract. It [Sunday] doesn't mean he wants to leave Manchester."


    Mark McElvaney on Twitter: "Gerrard's drive is unquestionable, mainly due to the fact his first touch is so poor that he has to chase the ball constantly."

    Gary Doyle on Twitter: "Gerrard is a great player, but won't be looked on as an England legend in years to come. Simply because we've won nothing."

    Crip Cooke on Twitter: "People can't say Steven Gerrard has been anything less than a fantastic servant for England. In his prime, one of the greatest."

    Do you agree? Who is England's greatest and how does Gerrard compare? Give us your view at #bbcsportsday.

  143. 1004: 

    Kenny Miller aims to prolong his Scotland career despite the disappointment of being dropped.

    "I will always come as long as I'm selected," 32-year-old Miller said. "If they still want to select me and I still feel I'm able to offer something, I won't retire."

  144. 0959: 

    Skipper Michael Clarke said the big positive for Australia in Tuesday's drawn Gabba Test was his team's bowling performance against South Africa's heavyweight top order.

    "There are a lot of positives to come of this Test," Clarke said. "Unfortunately, we didn't get a win, but we can certainly use the momentum that we take from this game to Adelaide. It is a positive the get the South African top order out twice in the Test."


    Edward Wainwright on Twitter: "There is such club bias here. Accept SG for the player he is and respect him for this outstanding achievement!!"

    Mak on Twitter: "Re: Phillip Doyle, major footballing nation"? As someone said already, average player in average generation, nothing more."

    Todd Baker on Twitter: "Gerrard has desperately plodded his way to 100 caps without any one of them being defining. Not even a Becks v Greece moment."

    Let us know what you think at #bbcsportsday.

  146. 0954: 

    UEFA is going ahead with a proposal for a Euro 2020 tournament hosted by half a dozen countries and not the usual one or two, Germany's UEFA executive committee member Theo Zwanziger has claimed.

    "Michel Platini has told me his plan in a personal discussion," Zwanziger told Bild newspaper. "But it still needs to be ratified by the executive committee."

  147. 0950: 

    Patrick Vieira believes questions over Roberto Mancini's position as manager at Manchester City are an inevitable consequence of the club's success.

    "That is a part of the game," City football development executive Vieira said. "People are like that and you people, journalists, try to find the little things that will sell more papers and will get more people listening to the news but this is a part of our game and we accept it, no problem at all."

  148. 0947: 

    BBC commentator John Motson believes Everton are on course to finish in the Premier League's top four.

    David Moyes' team have only lost one of their 11 league games so far this season, and currently occupy one of the Champions League qualification slots, with Arsenal and Tottenham below the Toffees.


    Lee Nicholson on Twitter: "Gerrard has been the best England player in the last two major tournaments. One hundred caps is nothing short of what he deserves."

    Jack Stacy on Twitter: "You cannot seriously believe Gerrard is one of our greats? As soon as he came up against class opposition, it was game over."

    Alastair Temple on Twitter: "Gerrard spent too much time being played out on the wing or with Lampard for us ever to know what he could have given England."

    How does Steven Gerrard rank with England's greats? Let us know at #bbcsportsday.

  150. 0941: 

    Check out European football expert Andy Brassell's views on the excitement surrounding the Belgium team on our football page.


    Andy Lambert on Twitter: "Such rubbish about Gerrard being poor for England. He is a GREAT England players and deserves the 100 caps, and many more!"

    Jack Davies on Twitter: "The last World Cup? Top class. Stood up when those around him struggled. Deserves to be up there with the very best."

    Matt Quinlan on Twitter: "Genuinely puzzled at how people can consistently knock Stevie Gerrard. He's still the best passer in the league."

    Let us know your view at #bbcsportsday.

  152. 0930: 

    Rory McIlroy has been named the PGA of America's Player of the Year and winner of its Vardon Trophy for the lowest scoring average of the season.

    Northern Ireland's world number one won four times in the States during a 2012 in which he emulated Ryder Cup team-mate Luke Donald's feat last year of topping the money lists on both sides of the Atlantic.


    Sam Ince on Twitter: "Gerrard is the epitome of the English spirit! Constantly gives 110% for his country even if he's having an off day! Leader!"

    Phillip Doyle on Twitter: "Gerrard is undoubtedly an England great. No-one reaches 100 caps for a major footballing nation and doesn't deserve it!"

    Daniel Murry on Twitter: "Gerrard's form has been up and down the last few years, injuries have started to kick-in. But no doubt he deserves 100th cap."

    What do you think? Let us know at #bbcsportsday.

  154. 0923: 

    Truro City administrator Kate Breese says the club are right to employ goalkeeper Luke McCormick. The 29-year-old, who was jailed in 2008 for killing two children in a car crash, played his first match for more than four years on Saturday after being released from prison earlier this year.

    "Certain people may have concerns over Luke's past but his past is precisely that," Breese said in a statement. "Luke has served the time deemed appropriate by the judicial system and that chapter is now closed."


    Darren Cook on Twitter: "Lineker, Moore, Charlton would be hard to pick from. They all performed at England level. Modern era, Gerrard needs to be included."

    G McKenzie on Twitter: "Has to be Sir Bobby Charlton. Ran all day, could tackle, pass and shoot off either foot and not bad in the air either."

    Jake B on Twitter: "Don't forget others have been poor for England. Ferdinand, A.Cole, Lampard and more have. Only Terry and Rooney haven't."

    Get involved at #bbcsportsday.

  156. 0916: 

    Graeme Souness has paid tribute to Ally McCoist for the "great job" he has done as Rangers manager during one of the most turbulent periods in the club's history.

    He said: "They are starting from a very difficult place and, right now, Ally is doing a great job and he has done in his time as manager under very difficult circumstances.

    "It's poles apart from the job I had when I was there, the job Walter (Smith) had when he was there and Dick Advocaat, to what Ally is faced with now."

  157. 0912: 

    Australia flanker David Pocock has been ruled out of Saturday's Cook Cup clash with England due to a calf strain.


    Sheerio on Twitter: "Gerrard was our best player in the Euros. He has never had a 'bad' tournament and always performed well in qualifying!"

    Ashley Barnett on Twitter: "Gascoigne in my football watching lifetime, but probably Sir Bobby Charlton overall, he won the lot."

    MWR on Twitter: "Look at the players who have reached a 100 caps. David Beckham and SG stick out like sore thumbs - average players in average generation."

    Do you agree? Get involved at #bbcsportsday.

  159. 0908: 

    Former Liverpool and Germany midfielder Dietmar Hamann on Twitter: "I don't like all the hype that's already circling round the kid Zaha. Yes he is exceptionally talented but that's all it is so far. Lessons seem not to have been learnt from Walcott a few years ago."

  160. 0905: 

    Perpignan lock Luke Charteris believes France-based players can revive Wales after their 26-12 defeat by Argentina.

    Charteris, fly-half club-mate James Hook, Bayonne scrum-half Mike Phillips and Toulon prop Gethin Jenkins are in contention to face Samoa on Friday.

    Charteris said: "If you ask all the boys or you're watching the Top 14 - all the Welsh boys are standing out and they're all playing really well. I think that can only be a good thing for Wales."

  161. 0901: 

    Former Hull manager Phil Brown is set to be appointed as the new boss at Hartlepool, according to the Hartlepool Mail.


    Si Hawkes on Twitter: "Gerrard for me will always be a case of 'what if?'. What if any Eng manager had been brave enough to play him without Lampard?"

    Hiderinho on Twitter: "Regarding Kyle's tweet, Steven Gerrard single-handedly prolonged Steve McClaren's job with a number of outstanding performances."

    Daniel Morgan on Twitter: "It's not Gerrard's fault he was one of the only players to perform at previous two tournaments. Absolute legend who deserves it."

    Where do you rank Gerrard in your list of England greats and why? Get involved at #bbcsportsday.

  163. 0855: 

    Northern Ireland full-back Ryan McGivern believes coming up against Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani in the 1-1 draw in Portugal last month helped him make a breakthrough as an international player.

    He said: "It's given me a bit of confidence. Marking two of the top wingers in the game, Nani and (especially) Ronaldo, who's one of the best players in the world along with Lionel Messi."


    Andy Griffiths on Twitter: "Gerrard has been awful for England and it is no coincidence that England's poorest period has been when he has been selected."

    Steve Sant on Twitter: "Gerrard has rarely found his true form for England but his commitment to club and country is undeniable. Congratulations to him."

    Stephen Clancey on Twitter: "Name a memorable Gerard England moment. See? There aren't any (other than that inexplicable backpass - against France in 2004). Not an England great."

    What do you think of Gerrard's contribution to the national team as the England skipper prepares to win his 100th international cap? Let us know what you think at #bbcsportsday.

  165. 0847: 

    Rio Ferdinand, whose current Manchester United contract expires next summer, has dismissed speculation that he may not sign an extension. He tweeted: "Papers twisting words again."

  166. 0845: 

    David Meyler is ready to help spearhead a new generation of Republic of Ireland stars as he attempts to force his way into Giovanni Trapattoni's plans against Greece.

    Sunderland midfielder Meyler, 23, who is currently on loan at Hull, said: "It's the pinnacle of any footballer's career and it's a great honour. You look at players like Robbie Keane and John O'Shea, Damien Duff, fellas who have done it for years, and that's what a few of us young lads are trying to emulate."

  167. 0842: 

    According to, Chelsea will activate Atletico Madrid's £48.1m release clause for Falcao and the Columbian striker, 26, wants to move to the Premier League in January.


    Kyle Lynch on Twitter: "Gerrard doesn't deserve to be in the same class as Charlton or Moore. Only ever performed for Liverpool, never for England."

    Do you agree? Let us know at #bbcsportsday.

  169. 0835: 

    Wales assistant manager Kit Symons says the team's 6-1 defeat against Serbia in September will prove to be a blessing in terms of their development.

    "In some ways that [Serbia match] was almost a turning point," he said. That was the stage when Chris [Coleman] decided, 'right I'm just going to do things exactly how I want to do them now'.

    "So longer term that might not have been the worst thing that could have happened in some ways."

  170. 0831: 

    Steven Finn did not bowl in Tuesday's training session and looks set to miss England's first Test against India.

    Finn is struggling with a thigh strain but Stuart Broad, who recently sustained a bruised heel, was able to bowl at full speed.

  171. 0827: 

    Kieran Powell made only his second Test century as West Indies took control on day one of the first Test against Bangladesh in Dhaka.

    Powell was 115 not out with Shivnarine Chanderpaul on 46 as the West Indies recovered well from losing three wickets in the morning session to reach 228 for three by tea.


    Enrico Snell on Twitter: "This coming from a Liverpool supporter in South Africa, Stevie G ranks among the BEST no doubt."

    Tell us where you think Gerrard sits alongside England's best ever players and why at #bbcsportsday.

  173. 0824: 

    Australia hooker Tatafu Polota-Nau claims the Wallabies will "dominate" England's scrum at Twickenham on Saturday.

    "We are confident we can dominate the English scrum. We have got it right in previous games, we just have to revisit where we were strong and concentrate on that," he said.

  174. 0819: 

    England head coach Stuart Lancaster will confirm his 23-man squad to play Australia today and he has some key selection decisions to make.

    Lancaster is considering changes in all three rows of the scrum, with prop Alex Corbisiero, lock Joe Launchbury, flanker Tom Wood and number eight Ben Morgan among those pushing for a start.

  175. 0815: 

    Mark Clattenburg should hear by the end of the week whether he is to face any action following Chelsea's allegation that he used inappropriate language to midfielder John Obi Mikel, according to Press Association Sport.

  176. 0811: 

    World number one Novak Djokovic dedicated his victory over Roger Federer at the ATP World Tour Finals to his ill father.

    The Serb beat Federer 7-6 (8-6) 7-5 to win the season-ending title at London's O2 Arena. He later described how he had been motivated by his father Srdjan, who is said to be suffering from an acute respiratory illness.

    "This was a title for him," said the 25-year-old from Belgrade. "He's much better now. At a certain stage it was very critical. We didn't know what tomorrow brings, but now he's much better and he's recovering."


    Steven Gerrard is set to become the sixth England player to reach 100 international caps, following in the foot steps of Peter Shilton, David Beckham, Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton and Billy Wright.

    We want to know where you think the Liverpool skipper ranks alongside England's greatest players? Let us know at #bbcsportsday.

  178. 0807: 

    England new-boy Wilfried Zaha admits "it's 50-50" as to whether he will represent his adopted country long-term.

    Zaha, 20, told the Daily Mail: "I was born in the Ivory Coast but all I know is England. It's 50-50 at the moment.

    "Didier Drogba called me and I was shocked, to be honest. He's a humble guy. I've been with England Under-21s and now I will have to make a decision."

  179. 0804: 

    South Africa's batsmen dug in to earn a draw in the first Test against Australia after Michael Clarke followed a record-breaking score with an aggressive declaration.

    Clarke took his overnight score of 218 to 259 this morning and then declared with a lead of 115 an hour before lunch. South Africa suffered some early wobbles in their reply, but reached tea on 114 for three and pressed on to 166 for five in a quiet evening session before stumps were drawn.

  180. 0801: 

    We start things off with three stories from today's football gossip column:

    Real Madrid are keeping tabs on Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha, 20, who has been called up to the England squad. (Daily Mirror)

    Mario Balotelli is on his way out of Manchester City after partying 12 hours before last Sunday's home game against Tottenham. However, the 22-year-old Italian striker, who had been dropped from the squad and was not due to play, has not broken any club rules. (The Sun)

    Fulham are interested in Molde defender Vegard Forren, 24, who has been linked with Manchester United and Everton. (Daily Mail)

  181. 0800: 

    Good morning and welcome to Sportsday Live.

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