Sportsday - Friday 1 November as it happened

Dan Walker was joined by Everton manager Roberto Martinez and Danny Murphy to preview the weekend's football.

1 November 2013 Last updated at 21:07 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 2104: 

    That, as they say is that. Thanks for joining and BBC Sport will be back with Sportsday Live at 0800 GMT sharp on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. 2102: 
    FOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE- Friday teaser

    Right, we end with the answers to the Friday teaser Dan Walker posed earlier on the show. The question was - can you name the eight managers whose surnames begin with the letter M who have won the Premier League manager of the month award?

    The answers are: Roberto Martinez; Roberto Mancini; David Moyes; Jose Mourinho, Alex McLeish; Gary Megson; Brian McDermott; Dave Merrington.

  3. 2058:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Dan Walker and co are spending the last few minutes of the show taking a quick glance at each of the Premier League games at the weekend in a feature called 'Pint Size Premier League'.

    In it, Danny Murphy gives his thoughts on West Bromwich Albion v Crystal Palace on Saturday, saying: "I fancy West Brom to bounce back because I have watched Palace recently and they are struggling, they look fragile."

  4. 2051:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Sergio Torres of Crawley Town is on the show now, recalling how he spent years saving up money in his native Argentina to be able to pursue his dream of playing football for a living.

    "I worked in a brick factory and I wanted to be a professional footballer," he says. "I didn't want to work at a brick factory all my life so I saved for years to come to England. I am very happy with what I have achieved."

  5. 2048:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    The Football League Show reporter Mark Clemmit will be in Bristol on Saturday to take a closer look at Bristol City. The Robins are bottom of League One but the club has so far kept faith with manager Sean O'Driscoll.

    "The sack race has slowed I think," says Clemmit. "I wonder if it is the increasing power of the League Managers' Association. Clubs are having to be more prudent. The LMA are ensuring that clubs pay their way if managers are sacked. Clubs are having to think long and hard and the LMA are taking a real grip on this area of the market."

  6. 2045:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    The Football League comes into focus now as we enter the last 15 minutes of tonight's fascinating BBC Radio 5 live football preview show.


    Tunde Akere: Juan Mata is a man of few words, he never ask the manager why he's out of the team. He believe in his ability as a player.

  8. 2036:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Roberto Martinez suggests that too much focus is on Juan Mata being out of the Chelsea team, and not on why Oscar has been in the side in his place.

    The Everton boss says: "We all focus on why Juan Mata is not playing but sometimes as a team you have to get the specific players who can work in a system. Juan Mata is not playing because he is like-for-like with Oscar. We are not speaking with Oscar about him being in the team, the focus is on the player not in the team. Do you fit players into a system? Or do you get a winning team and then get the system to fit them? That is the debate.

    "Juan Mata has said the right things, he is a winner, but nobody seems to be interested in highlighting why Oscar is ahead of him, that should be the story."

  9. 2032:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Juan Mata on his World Cup aspirations: "I will fight to be at the World Cup. That will be amazing for me. Brazil is a country that loves football and I have confidence I will be there. It is what I will fight for."

  10. 2030:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Chelsea midfielder Juan Mata on not being in the team on a regular basis: "I see it as a moment where I can improve as a player, where I can know myself better than I have known myself before and really focus on my duty - which is to be ready for every game.

    "I just train the best I can, put everything I can in to what I do on the pitch and that is my aim. I think when I enjoy my football I play better."

    Mata also revealed he has not been spoken to personally by manager Jose Mourinho about why he had been out of the team.

  11. 2029:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE- Juan Mata
    Juan Mata

    Joined Chelsea: August 2011

    Premier League appearances: 74

    Premier League goals: 18

    2012-13 Premier League appearances: Five

    2012-13 Premier League goals: None

    Listen to an interview with Chelsea's Juan Mata on BBC Radio 5 live, which is on air now...


    Jake via text: Fascinating insight from Roberto. Cool calm and collected football philosopher- and they wonder why there aren't more English managers!

  13. 2024:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    A very modest Rickie Lambert says he has already fulfilled his dream of playing for England, and anything else from here on in will be a bonus.

    Asked about the possibility of being in the squad for the 2014 World Cup, Lambert - a former beetroot factory worker remember - says: "Just to be in the situation where I have the chance is more than I have ever wished for. It is something I am treasuring.

    "If I don't play for England again I will be happy because four months ago I didn't have a cap. Don't get me wrong, I am trying my best to make it there but I think about how I do for Southampton first and foremost and that begins again with Stoke on Saturday."

  14. 2019:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Rickie Lambert is full of praise for the impact Mauricio Pochettino has had on himself and the team since he became manager.

    He says: "The philosophy of what he wants you to do could be seen from day one and then it was just about trying to implement it as a team, that took a little while but it is happening now. Teams are finding it hard against us at the moment.

    "It is important that we kept the spine of the team from League One because any player who has joined us has known what we are about and it has helped them to settle in."

    As for Pochettino's grasp of English, Lambert adds: "He speaks English to the lads but with the media he is sticking with the interpreter. He is getting better so maybe he will start to speak it to the media soon."

  15. 2014: 
    FOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE- Rickie Lambert factfile
    Rickie Lambert

    Nationality: English

    Age: 31

    2013-14 Premier League appearances: Nine

    2013-14 Premier League goals: Three

    2012-13 Premier League appearances: 38

    2012-13 Premier League goals: 15

    An interview with Rickie Lambert is about to come on BBC Radio 5 live. Stay tuned to hear what the England striker has to say...

  16. 2013: 

    Roberto Martinez says he sympathises with Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay, who was known to be upset at club owner Vincent Tan's decision to axe head of recruitment Iain Moody.

    "The most important relationship in a football club is between the manager and the chairman," says Martinez. "The manager should be able to concentrate on football matters but when you cannot do that it becomes very difficult."

  17. 2008: 

    BBC Radio 5 live have just taken a brief break from football chat for the news, so that makes this as good a time as any to highlight our European football live text commentary is up and running - Barcelona v Espanyol, Dortmund v Stuttgart and PSG v Lorient. Fill your boots.

  18. 2002:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Michael Laudrup says he has never dreamed about managing one of Europe's biggest clubs.

    He says: "The question I have been asked is if I have had the dream of managing a really big club. No I have not. I think there is more patience here [in British football], I know a lot of people won't agree with me but I want to give an example - Roberto Martinez. Relegated with Wigan and goes to Everton. That would be impossible in Spain, Italy etc but he has deserved his chance for the way his teams' play. That is the difference in mentality here."

    You can watch the full interview on Football Focus on Saturday at 1200 GMT.

  19. 1958:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Swansea manager Michael Laudrup on being involved in a big derby game:

    "I have heard a lot from supporters about this game. I know a lot about derbies. I played Lazio-Roma in Italy, I played Real Madrid-Barcelona, many others. We can always discuss which one is bigger than the other but they are all a little different.

    "What is important is how the fans feel. They feel that their derby is the special one. They can't all be the most important but they are the most important for their fans. That is what really matters."

  20. 1956:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE- Cardiff v Swansea
    Michael Laudrup

    In the Premier League on Saturday, South Wales is all set for a historic occasion as the rival cities of Cardiff and Swansea clash for the first time in the top division.

    The last two meetings - in the 2010-11 Championship campaign - ended in 1-0 away victories.

    Having played for Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Ajax, Swansea boss Michael Laudrup has played in some of the biggest derby matches in Europe. He is coming up on 5 live imminently...

  21. 1953: 

    Luis Suarez has scored six goals in four league games for Liverpool since returning from suspension.

  22. 1950:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE
    Luis Suarez

    Both former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy and The Times reporter Rory Smith are in agreement that Luis Suarez will stay at the Reds until the end of the season at least.

    "I don't think he will go in January," says Smith. "If Liverpool are still in touch with the top four it makes sense for him to stay. I don't think he needs the upheaval of a move."

    Murphy adds: "I think Suarez will stay for this season because for the first time in years they are in a position to push for the top four. Liverpool with Suarez are a better team than they are without him. If Daniel Sturridge and Suarez stay fit then certainly come January they will be around the top four."

  23. 1945:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE- Arsenal v Liverpool

    Saturday's game between Premier League league leaders Arsenal against Liverpool is now the focus of the discussion in the studio. This is the 215th meeting between the clubs in all competitions. Liverpool lead by 82 wins to Arsenal's 76.

    Liverpool's only win in their last 12 league games against Arsenal came at the Emirates Stadium in August 2011. An Aaron Ramsey own goal and Luis Suarez strike gave Liverpool their only win at Arsenal in the last 13 years.

    Arsenal have taken the lead in eight of their nine league fixtures, the best record in the division. Liverpool have conceded in each of their last six league games, but their tally of 20 points after nine games represents their best Premier League start since 2008.

    GET INVOLVED- #bbcsportsday

    Kaka Robinho: If Everton keep Barry, Lukaku, Baines, Barkley fit then fourth spot is very realistic (above Man Utd, Spurs, Liverpool)

  25. 1942:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE
    Romelu Lukaku

    Everton boss Roberto Martinez is asked about Romelu Lukaku, who has scored five goals in five games since joining the Toffees on loan from Chelsea.

    "As a player, his attitude and hunger to be successful is quite remarkable," says Martinez.

    "I always knew the type of player he was but what has probably surprised everybody is how he has adapted to the new environment. He could develop into one the best strikers in the world, he needs a little time, but he is already one of the best in Europe at the moment."

  26. 1938:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Still to come on BBC Radio 5 live this evening, interviews with Chelsea's Juan Mata, Southampton's Rickie Lambert and Swansea boss Michael Laudrup. Torres is on too, Sergio Torres that is, of Crawley Town.

    Plenty of good discussion going on so tune in to BBC Radio 5 live if you are not already listening.

    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE- Friday teaser

    Right, here is a little Friday puzzler to get you thinking while you listen to the rest of the show.

    Can you name eight managers whose surname begins with the letter M who have won the Premier League manager of the month award? A clue, one is sat in the studio right now.

    Send in your answers to #bbcsportsday

  28. 1930:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Roberto Martinez is singing the praises of midfielder Ross Barkley, who has shone for Everton this season.

    "Ross Barkley has everything," he says. "There are not many players who are outstanding at so many things. Physically, because he has been brought up in the British way, he is very strong and technically he is as gifted a footballer as you will ever see. He also has the perfect, perfect attitude. He is such a special talent."

    Perhaps somewhat frightening for the other Premier League sides, Martinez suggests there are more Barkleys coming through the system at Everton: "We have a real exciting group of players coming through. There are certain players who have a real opportunity to be in the first team very soon."

  29. 1925:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Roberto Martinez's Everton are sixth in the table with 18 points from nine games. They have won five of their last six Premier League fixtures.

    Do you think Everton have improved under Martinez? Do they miss Marouane Fellaini? Let us know, #bbcsportsday

  30. 1924:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Dan Walker asks Roberto Martinez if he feels Everton miss Marouane Fellaini, who joined Manchester United in September.

    "Now it is not about certain individuals," says Martinez. "You want as many players as possible who can have an influence on the game. It is not about one player, you need competition for places and I always felt the Everton squad was strong in that regard.

    "You need to have the balance. You need flair, you need the thinkers and the players who can cope with the physicality of the game."

  31. 1920:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Everton manager Roberto Martinez: "It was the right moment to move into a new challenge and it has been a real joy to be working [at Everton] with such passionate people.

    "The club was run in a very successful manner before I came in. When you are a manager and you arrive at a new club you take on all the things and I have been fortunate to take the club in the state that it was. It had an incredible mentality and a very good, competitive edge. There were big shoes to fill but as a new manager you would take that situation over going into club that has been left in a bad condition."

  32. 1918:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Chat is now switching to Everton, who host Tottenham on Sunday.

  33. 1917: 
    FOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE- Hart dropped
    Joe Hart

    In Manchester City's title winning 2011-12 season, Joe Hart played all 38 games, keeping 17 clean sheets and conceding just 29 goals. He made 97 saves with a save to shot ratio of 77 per cent.

    So far this season, Hart has played nine games for City, keeping three clean sheets and conceding 11 goals. He has made 19 saves with a save to shot ratio of 63.3%.


    James Baron: Hart being dropped could be a good wake up call both for him and for England.

    Andrew Priestley: Anyone seriously considering the Arsenal vs Liverpool game as a potential title decider needs their head checked. Also-rans.

    Jawad Kayani: Personally it's fair decision. Pantilimon played good enough for his inclusion & Hart played badly enough for his exclusion.

    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    As a manager, Roberto Martinez has had to make tough decisions when selecting or dropping players.

    "You take into consideration that being a goalkeeper is quite different to an outfield player," says the Everton boss. "When you are a player on the bench you know you have a big chance to come on and impress, but I think as a sub goalkeeper the percentage of being involved is quite different. There is not a general rule on that and knowing Manuel Pellegrini he would do exactly what Joe Hart needs in this situation. I think as a goalkeeper he will need for him to explain his decision and I think that will happen."


    Barely 12 months ago Joe Hart was named as one of the top five goalkeepers in the World when he was nominated on the short-list for the FIFA FIFPro World XI of 2012 after helping Manchester City to the 2011-12 Premier League title.

    Can Hart recapture the form that once saw him gain such recognition? Let us know, #bbcsportsday on Twitter and have your say on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  37. 1910:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy on Joe Hart: "I got player of the year at Liverpool in 2002 or 2003 I think it was and then I started the next season with a couple of dodgy performances and Gerard Houllier dropped me to the bench. When you are used to playing all the time and then you are not you become a tad more conscious than unconscious. I think Joe Hart's best performances at Man City was when Shay Given was breathing down his neck."

  38. 1907:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Kicking things off on 5 live is the news that Joe Hart is to be dropped for Manchester City's game against Norwich.

    Everton manager Robert Martinez: "Joe Hart, we all know is a fantastic keeper but every player in the world goes through bad moments in form and it is important that the manager protects the player. The healthy competition can allow Joe hart to get back to his best."

    GET INVOLVED- #bbcsportsday

    Dan Walker and company are discussing the big talking points in football ahead of this weekend's games on BBC Radio 5 live right now, so why not get involved and send your thoughts into Sportsday.

    Should Joe Hart be dropped for Manchester City's game against Norwich? Can he rediscover his previous form? Who do you expect will be top of the Premier League table come Monday morning? Manchester United are chasing their fourth successive win in all competitions, can they continue their momentum at Fulham?

    Have your say on Twitter via #bbcsportsday or get involved in the discussion on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  40. 1900:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    Tune in to BBC Radio 5 live now for the weekend football preview as BBC Sport's Dan Walker is joined by Everton manager Roberto Martinez, Danny Murphy and The Times reporter Rory Smith. Those of you joining us on a desktop computer, you can also watch them chat away at the top of this very page.

    Coming up there will be interviews with Chelsea's Juan Mata, Swansea boss Michael Laudrup and former England midfielder David Beckham and we will also be hearing from Southampton's Rickie Lambert and Sergio Torres of Crawley Town.

  41. 1849: 
    AP McCoy

    AP McCoy says his main ambition for the season is to win a 19th champion jockey title despite closing on 4,000 winners.

    The 39-year-old Northern Irishman moved to eight victories away from the milestone after highly rated hurdler Jezki won at Down Royal on Friday.

    "I'll hopefully be lucky enough to ride eight winners, then we can carry on and see what else we can achieve," he tells BBC Northern Ireland. "Hopefully I can end the season as champion jockey - that's the most important thing."

  42. 1839:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    BBC Sport's Dan Walker is joined by Everton manager Roberto Martinez in the studio for 5 live Sport from 1900 GMT. Danny Murphy and The Times reporter Rory Smith are also in attendance to discuss all things football.

    There will also be interviews with Chelsea's Juan Mata, Swansea boss Michael Laudrup and former England midfielder David Beckham and we will also be hearing from Southampton's Rickie Lambert and Sergio Torres of Crawley Town.

    You can listen to it live on BBC Radio 5 live and online, and also follow the updates right here on Sportsday.

  43. 1833: 

    Pakistan win the second day-night international against South Africa by 66 runs in Dubai on Friday, to level the five-match series at 1-1.

    Pakistan were bowled out for 209 in 49.4 overs with Ahmed Shehzad top-scoring with 58 while Ryan McLaren (4-34) and Mornke Morkel (3-38) shared the bowling honours.

    South Africa could not cope against Pakistan's slow bowlers as they were dismissed for 143 in 40.4 overs. McLaren top-scored with 29 not out.

  44. 1827: 

    Former Manchester City goalkeeper Andy Dibble believes a short spell on the sidelines could see Joe Hart rediscover his best form.

    The England shotstopper is to be dropped for City's game against Norwich on Saturday and Dibble tells BBC Radio 5 live: "It is a big call. Obviously the decision has been made and I know Joe will be very, very disappointed. He is still a very young man and a talented goalkeeper and he will be England's goalkeeper for a long time to come.

    "I was thinking about something that happened to Peter Schmeichel at Manchester United before. He had a little difficult spell at one point and came out of the team for a couple of games. A break for one or two games would be helpful I would think."

  45. 1818: 

    Former director Dave King admits he has been unable to prevent the likelihood of an acrimonious annual general meeting at Rangers.

    King has been talking with both factions in the power struggle for boardroom control at Ibrox, but he revealed no "consensus agreement" had been reached because "certain influential shareholders are unwilling to compromise".

    However, he did say all discussions had been held in a "constructive manner".

  46. 1810: 

    Spartak Moscow and Shinnik Yaroslavl are fined and ordered to play matches behind closed doors following the crowd violence at their Russian Cup tie on Wednesday.

    The Russian Football Association fined visiting Spartak £11,000 and told them to play two home matches behind closed doors for their part in the scenes of disorder.

  47. 1806: 

    Super League champions Wigan Warriors sign Bradford back-row forward John Bateman on a three-year deal.

    The 20-year-old, who had two years left on his deal with the Bulls, is a former England Academy captain.

  48. 1800: 
    Roger Federer

    Former world number one Roger Federer shows some of his old class by beating Argentine Juan Martin Del Potro 6-3 4-6 6-3 at the Paris Masters to set up a semi-final clash with Novak Djokovic.

    The Swiss, who had lost his prior three encounters with the towering Del Potro including the Basel Open final on Sunday, will play a Masters Series semi-final for only the second time this year.

    He will face Djokovic, who hammered Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka 6-1 6-4, for the first time since last year's ATP World Tour finals.

  49. 1751: 

    Brazil playmaker Kaka will start for AC Milan against Fiorentina at the San Siro on Saturday (1945 GMT) and goalkeeper Christian Abbiati is back in the 21-man squad.

    Milan, though, will be without defender Mattia de Sciglio due to a knee injury.

    Follow all the action from Europe's big leagues via European live text commentary on the BBC Sport website.

  50. 1741: 

    Manchester United defender Tyler Blackett agrees a loan move to Championship promotion-chasers Blackpool.

    The versatile full-back will link up with the fourth-placed Seasiders, initially until 2 December, in his first temporary switch away from Old Trafford.

  51. 1738: 

    Are big hits bringing big headaches? A new approach to dealing with concussed players has led some to accuse rugby union of risking a mental-health time bomb.

    BBC Sport looks at the issue of concussion in the sport.

  52. 1731: 

    Kimi Raikkonen claims he nearly skipped the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as he is yet to be paid by Lotus this year.

    The 34-year-old was conspicuous by his absence during Thursday's media activities at the Yas Marina circuit but he arrived in time to take part in both of Friday's practice sessions.

    "I came here only because hopefully we found an understanding on the certain issues we have been having," Raikkonen says.

  53. 1726: 

    Joe Perry fell agonisingly short of reaching the second major final of his long career as the Briton lost 9-8 to Marco Fu at the International Championship in China.

    In a semi-final which he led 5-3 at the interval, Perry was pegged back and overtaken by Fu before forcing a deciding frame.

    With £30,000 going to losing semi-finalists, but £65,000 on offer to the runner-up and £125,000 to the champion, the near inevitability of a nail-biter unfolded, with Fu just edging it as midnight approached after cutting in a tough brown to leave Perry requiring snookers.

  54. 1716: 
    Sergio Aguero

    Match of the Day Kickabout meets Manchester City's Sergio Aguero, who talks about City's title chances and which England player he'd love to play for Argentina. Watch the interview on the CBBC website.

  55. 1710:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL ON 5 LIVE

    BBC Sport's Dan Walker is joined by Everton manager Roberto Martinez in the studio for 5 live Sport from 1900 GMT. Danny Murphy and The Times reporter Rory Smith are also in attendance to discuss all things football.

    You can listen to it live on BBC Radio 5 live and online, and also follow the updates right here on Sportsday.

  56. 1704: 

    Derby County plan to discuss Kalifa Cisse's future at the club in the coming days.

    Free agent Cisse has been on trial with the Rams for three weeks and has played in two development squad matches against Hull and Middlesbrough. The 29-year-old former Reading and Bristol City midfielder, a Mali international, will find out soon whether he has done enough to earn a contract at Pride Park.

    "We will have a chat," Derby head coach Steve McClaren says. "Kalifa has come in, the boys have been great with him and he has done very well."


    Sim: Far too much negativity from media and fans towards players! Joe Hart still No.1 for club and country.

    Sam Cox: Hart is living off his great form in 2011/12 but he's been below standard for 18 months.

    Glenn Rose: Problem is if a goalkeeper gets dropped it could mean the end of their time at the club.

  58. 1650:  
    Ben Smith, BBC SportFOOTBALL

    England No 1 Joe Hart has been under pressure following a string of high-profile mistakes this season, the last of which cost Manchester City two points in their 2-1 defeat by Chelsea last Sunday.

    Manuel Pellegrini has now decided the time has come to leave Hart out, in favour of his understudy Costel Pantilimon, who impressed during City's Capital One Cup win at Newcastle on Wednesday.

    City manager Pellegrini refused to be drawn on the issue at his weekly press conference, saying only: "Tomorrow you will know the XI that starts. It's a decision I have to take every week."

  59. 1647: 

    Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini drops goalkeeper Joe Hart for Saturday's Premier League clash against Norwich City.

  60. 1640: 

    More from Pat Fenlon, who has left Hibernian: "I've been privileged to manage this fantastic football club and I really hopes it does kick on now. Jimmy (Nicholl) will take the team on Sunday."

  61. 1631: 

    Daily Mirror Manchester football correspondent David McDonnell: Tough on Hart but Pellegrini said he'd pick players on form, not status/reputation. On that basis Pantilimon deserves chance.

  62. 1627: 

    Conference Premier club Kidderminster Harriers say they have given manager Steve Burr permission to speak to rivals Forest Green Rovers about their managerial vacancy.


    Should Manchester City drop England goalkeeper Joe Hart? Tweet #bbcsportsday or post a message on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

    Tim Dimas: He needs some mental time off. Too sloppy to keep in.

    Euan McGregor: Definitely. Will make him aware that he has competition and needs to get his act together.

    Craig Barrass: England manager Roy Hodgson will be worried if Hart is dropped, needs him playing in World Cup year.

  64. 1615: 

    Former England goalkeeper Ray Clemence fears Manchester City will destroy Joe Hart if they punish him for his recent mistakes by dropping him against Norwich City on Saturday.

    Clemence tells talkSPORT: "Joe Hart is the best goalkeeper England have got at this moment, but he is going through a difficult time. And I'm pretty sure he would be the first to admit that. We all go through bad times and you need people to stand by you and have confidence in you.

    "What we have to be careful of, and we're terrible for it in this country, is getting on somebody's back and destroying their confidence. I've seen it happen to Paul Robinson when that ball bounced over his foot in Croatia, and Scott Carson was never forgiven for the Croatia game at Wembley. It just affects them and some don't recover from it. I don't want to see that happen to Joe."

  65. 1610: 
    Crowd trouble at a football match in Russia

    Spartak Moscow are ordered to play their next two games behind closed doors as punishment for the latest outbreak of hooliganism at a midweek Russian Cup tie.

    Wednesday's game between Spartak and Shinnik of Yaroslavl was suspended for 20 minutes after the Moscow side's fans clashed with security forces and lit flares.

  66. 1603: 

    Inverness boss Terry Butcher has an unchanged squad for the Scottish Premiership home clash with Kilmarnock on Saturday.

    Butcher claims his players are looking "bright" and "fresh" after Tuesday's League Cup quarter-final against Dundee United, which Inverness won after extra time. However, midfielder James Vincent remains out with a leg fracture.

    Provisional squad: Brill, Raven, Meekings, Warren, Shinnie, Foran, Doran, Draper, Ross, Greenhalgh, McKay, Williams, Tremarco, Devine, Polworth, Agdestein, Watkins, Esson.

  67. 1601: 

    Hibernian FC: Fenlon: "It is a difficult decision for me, but it is the right decision."


    Should Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini drop goalkeeper Joe Hart from the side to face Norwich on Saturday? Tweet #bbcsportsday or post a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

    Sparky: Dropping Joe Hart will benefit the player and the club, but more importantly England. Too comfortable for too long.

    James Addis: No Englishman in Man City first XI, shocking.

    Ashley Rajub: Hart isn't giving any confidence to his defenders. Bring in Pantilimon to rise the team spirit!

  69. 1553: 

    Hibernian announce that manager Pat Fenlon has left the club.

    The 44-year-old had been at the club since 2011, but has chosen to step down, stating he believes he has taken them as far as he can.

    Hibs are seventh in the Scottish Premiership, with four wins from their 11 games.

  70. 1552: 

    Christiaan Roets is set to win his 14th cap on his home ground in Wales' must-win World Cup group D clash with the United States in Wrexham on Sunday.

    The 33-year-old North Wales Crusaders centre replaces Wigan's Rhodri Lloyd in the only change to the side that lost 32-16 to Italy in Cardiff, although Ross Divorty and Anthony Walker are hoping to force their way in after being omitted from coach Iestyn Harris's 19-man squad last weekend.

    "We've had a good week and preparations have been going well," says Harris. "We've a couple of things we need to work on but the boys are really gelling after a couple of weeks together."

  71. 1549: 

    Striker Fabio Quagliarella returns for Italian champions Juventus for the trip to Parma on Saturday (1700 GMT) after recovering from a thigh injury.

    However, defender Leonardo Bonucci has been left out of the 21-man squad as manager Antonio Conte rests players ahead of Tuesday's Champions League home clash with Real Madrid.

    Follow the action from all of Europe's major leagues this weekend via BBC Sport's European live text commentary.

  72. 1544: 

    Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas ahead of Sunday's game at Everton: "It's an important fixture for teams competing for a top four spot. We hope to go there and make it as difficult as possible.

    "'It's been a good week for us, our team is very driven. We look good and solid and hope this will be a good game. Everton's results have been excellent and the team have really bonded to Roberto's ideas. They are playing excellent football."

  73. 1543: 

    Hearts keeper Jamie MacDonald has played himself into contention for a Scotland call-up, according to his Tynecastle boss Gary Locke.

    The Jambos shotstopper produced a number of brave stops to deny Hibernian in Wednesday night's 1-0 Scottish League Cup quarter-final victory at Easter Road.

    Locke says: "I hope he gets the recognition he deserves shortly because he is a fantastic goalkeeper and has really improved over the last two years."


    Should Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini drop Joe Hart from the side to face Norwich on Saturday? Reports suggest that is exactly what Pellegrini will do. Tweet #bbcsportsday or post a message on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

    Daniel Osunbor: Pellegrini should ask Mourinho how he did it at Real Madrid, dropping Casillas wasn't easy.

    Humza: Joe Hart needs the type of treatment Mourinho is giving Mata, a few games on the bench will make him perform.

    Anywayrantover: Dropping Hart damaging? Look at Szczesny's response to being dropped!

  75. 1531:  
    Ollie Williams, BBC SportCYCLING
    Track cycling

    "Great Britain's women's pursuit team set a new world record as they qualified fastest for Friday's final at the Track World Cup in Manchester.

    "Laura Trott, Dani King, Joanna Rowsell and Elinor Barker clocked four minutes 23.910 seconds to beat their own previous record of 4:26.556 in the new-look, four-woman event. Trott, King and Rowsell won Olympic gold when the event featured just three riders at London 2012. Britain are also the reigning world champions.

    "Britain's men's team pursuiters, also the fastest in qualifying, will race against Australia for gold later on Friday. The GB women will be up against Canada - who finished four seconds slower in qualifying - in their final."

    For behind-the-scenes photos at the Track World Cup, head to the BBC Sport Instagram page.

  76. 1528: 

    Kevin Sinfield insists the England team will not be burdened by the weight of expectation when they take on Ireland in their second group match of the World Cup in front of a capacity 25,000 crowd at Huddersfield on Saturday.

    England managed to put the humiliation of their pre-tournament defeat by Italy behind them in pushing favourites Australia all the way in Cardiff last Saturday, but that opening 28-20 defeat has increased the pressure on them to open their account ahead of their final pool game against the dangerous Fijians.

    "The group is fully concentrated on what's going on between our four walls," says Sinfield. "Our expectation is greater than anything that anybody externally can put on us. We just want to get out there tomorrow and perform and hopefully get the competition moving for us."

  77. 1526: 

    Daily Telegraph's chief sports writer Paul Hayward: Could tell Joe Hart was going to be dropped from Pellegrini's anger at Chelsea. He wasn't frustrated, he was furious.

  78. 1519: 

    West Ham manager Sam Allardyce has told the Premier League's top managers to stop moaning when teams go to their grounds and shut up shop.

    Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas criticised the White Hart Lane fans last weekend for not being patient enough as his side tried to break down a Hull side with a massed defence looking to break on the counter.

    But Allardyce, whose West Ham side were drawn against Spurs in the Capital One Cup quarter-finals, says: "They all know that they play that way themselves so they can't really criticise the team that comes to them and sits behind the ball because they do the same in the bigger games, especially in the Champions League."

    Premier League table

    Here is the top eight in the Premier League ahead of this weekend's games. Can Arsenal retain first place or will Liverpool - the Gunners's opponents on Saturday - leapfrog them? Reports suggest Joe Hart is set to be dropped for Manchester City's game against Norwich. Would that be the correct decision?

    Let us know your thoughts on all things football ahead of this weekend's games on Twitter via #bbcsportsday or on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  80. 1502:  
    Former England captain Gary Lineker on Twitter, BBC SportFOOTBALL

    A few words on Joe Hart's predicament. All footballers have periods in their career when their form evaporates and confidence diminishes. The great players, including goalkeepers, use these moments as opportunities to show what they are made of, they thrive on the pressure.

    It's what defines you. The difference between being good and great. Challenges to be relished. I hope Pellegrini gives Hart his lifeline.

    Lineker's comments come after reports Hart will be dropped from the City side to face Norwich on Saturday.

  81. 1459: 
    STOKE CITY- Team news

    Full-back Andy Wilkinson is a definite absentee for Stoke's Premier League clash with Southampton at the Britannia Stadium on Saturday.

    Wilkinson, who has played only two games for the Potters this season, is struggling with a knee problem. Key defender Robert Huth had been a doubt for Stoke's Capital One Cup tie against Birmingham in midweek but recovered from an ankle injury to play the full 120 minutes.

    Provisional squad: Begovic, Sorensen, Shawcross, Pieters, Cameron, Muniesa, Walters, Ireland, Adam, Palacios, Whelan, Arnautovic, Wilson, Nzonzi, Pennant, Etherington, Crouch, Jones, Assaidi.

  82. 1455: 

    BBC Scotland's Jim Spence: Airdrie will play Tony Bullock in goal tonight at Ibrox after agreeing a loan deal with Arbroath.

    Airdrie visit Rangers in the third round of the Scottish Cup [1945 GMT].

  83. 1455:  
    Cornelius Lysaght, BBC horse racing correspondentHORSE RACING

    "The gap between AP McCoy and his milestone 4000th success is now down to eight after the win of odds-on favourite Jezki at Down Royal in Northern Ireland on Friday.

    "Next, the McCoy bandwagon moves to the feature Saturday card at Wetherby, though before that the 18-times champion jump jockey continues his now weekly slot on BBC Radio 5 Live sport this evening 2100 GMT."

  84. 1450: 
    Novak Djokovic

    Novak Djokovic wins his 15th straight match to advance to the semi-finals of the Paris Masters by beating Stanislas Wawrinka of Switzerland 6-1 6-4.

    The second-seeded Serb saved all six break points he faced while Wawrinka dropped serve three times. He clinched the victory when Wawrinka's backhand sailed wide. Wawrinka lost five-setters against Djokovic at the Australian Open and the US Open this year.

    Djokovic next plays either Roger Federer or Juan Martin del Potro.

  85. 1446: 

    Crystal Palace caretaker manager Keith Millen says the Premier League's bottom club are far from a lost cause. Palace visit West Bromwich Albion on Saturday looking to avoid a ninth defeat in 10 top-flight games.

    Millen says: "We are not adrift yet. There is still belief there. I think we've got enough talent in the squad to compete with, if you like, five or six other teams in this division.

    "You only have to be better than three others to survive and I feel where we are at the moment we can do that."

    GET INVOLVED- Sport's fathers and sons
    Basil Doliveira

    Tom Crook: Keke & Nico Rosberg, Senior a F1 world champion and Junior a multiple race winner.

    Spaghetti Hans: Lee Petty won three Nascar drivers titles from 1954-59. Richard Petty surpassed his father with a record 200 race wins and seven titles.

    Paul Kemp: Can any beat Worcestershire three generations of D' Oliveira cricketers - Basil, son Damian (both pictured) and grandson Brett?

  87. 1434: 

    England goalkeeper Joe Hart has been dropped from the Manchester City team to face Norwich City on Saturday, the Daily Telegraph is reporting.

    The report adds: "Hart has been agonising over his place in Manuel Pellegrini's starting team since conceding Chelsea's winning goal at Stamford Bridge last week after a mix-up with defender Matija Nastasic.

    "Telegraph Sport understands Hart has today been told he will be left out of the team to face Norwich in favour of Costel Pantilimon." Earlier, City manager Manuel Pellegrini, when asked if Hart would play against Norwich, said: "Tomorrow you will know the answer."

  88. 1433: 

    World champion Sebastian Vettel is fastest in second practice for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with Lewis Hamilton third. Vettel is bidding for his 11th win of the season.

  89. 1429: 
    Track World Cup

    Great Britain's men qualified fastest in the team pursuit in the opening event of the Manchester Track World Cup to set up a final with old adversaries Australia.

    The British quartet of Ed Clancy, Steven Burke - both London 2012 champions in the event - Andy Tennant and Owain Doull were the only squad to clock beneath four minutes in the four-man, four-kilometre event. Their time of three minutes 59.692 seconds set up a ride for gold with Australia's Luke Davison, Alex Edmondson, Mitchell Mulhern and Miles Scotson, who finished in 4mins 01.491secs. A youthful Australian line-up included just one world champion in Edmondson.The ride-off for third/fourth place will be between Denmark and Holland. Denmark qualified in third in 4:02.413, with Holland fourth in 4:03.033.

  90. 1425: 

    England make three changes to their squad for Saturday's Rugby League World Cup match against Ireland in Huddersfield.

    Wigan pair Josh Charnley and Lee Mossop are left out while South Sydney Rabbitohs' Sam Burgess is banned. Canterbury Bulldogs forward James Graham, Wigan's Sean O'Loughlin and Leeds winger Tom Briscoe all come in.

    Steve McNamara's side will be hoping to bounce back from last weekend's 28-20 loss against Australia.

  91. 1423: 

    Norwich City's 27-year-old midfielder Alex Tettey is facing two months out because of injury, according to manager Chris Hughton.

    Tettey has started five Premier League games this season, but Hughton says: "He has had an operation on an area just above his ankle which will keep him out for perhaps a couple of months."

  92. 1419: 

    Wigan are to take the place of London Broncos in the annual Capital Challenge in January as talks continue to save the embattled Super League club.

    The Broncos have yet to announce their plans for 2014 following their exit from the Twickenham Stoop at the end of the 2013 season and have not made any signings to plug a host of player departures.

    Because they were unable to commit to the annual pre-season friendly with London Skolars, Wigan have stepped into the breach and will take on the Championship One club in the grounds of the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC), in the heart of the City of London on Friday, 24 January.

  93. 1416: 
    FULHAM- Team news

    Brede Hangeland and Hugo Rodallega will miss Fulham's clash with Manchester United on Saturday.

    Whites captain Hangeland is out with a nerve injury in his leg, while Rodallega will be out for at least a couple of weeks, and potentially more, after tearing an adductor. Aaron Hughes is pushing for a start after making his first appearance since 31 August against Southampton, but full-back Matthew Briggs (hernia) is still out.

    Provisional squad: Stekelenberg, Stockdale, Riether, Hughes, Senderos, Amorebieta, Hughes, Zverotic, Richardson, Riise, Sidwell, Boateng, Karagounis, Parker, Kacaniklic, Ruiz, Dejagah, David, Kasami, Bent, Taarabt, Berbatov.

  94. 1410: 

    Manchester United are monitoring the progress of David Beckham's son, Brooklyn, but have not yet offered him a place at the club's academy.

    United manager David Moyes says: "We don't talk about young players. You don't ask me about any other young players so you wouldn't expect me to answer that would you?"

  95. 1407: 

    Earlier we asked the following Question of Sport Teaser: There are five teams in the NFL whose franchise name begins with a C, Dallas Cowboys are one, can you name the other four?

    The answers are: Arizona Cardinals, San Diego Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs & Indianapolis Colts.

  96. 1403: 

    Bayern Munich could be without midfielders Arjen Robben and Toni Kroos when they take on Hoffenheim on Saturday aiming to match a Bundesliga record of 36 successive games without defeat, coach Pep Guardiola says.

    Both players picked up groin injuries in the 3-2 win over Hertha Berlin which stretched their unbeaten league run to 35 matches and were initially confident of recovering in time for the match.

    "They are not yet fit but that is not a problem," Guardiola, who said Kroos was in better condition than Robben, says.

  97. 1400: 
    SOUTHAMPTON- Team news

    Dani Osvaldo and Steven Davis will be assessed before Southampton's trip to Stoke.

    Club record signing Osvaldo missed last weekend's 2-0 defeat of Fulham with a nerve issue down his side, while Davis was unavailable because of a knock. Guly do Prado is unlikely to make the trip to the Britannia Stadium because of a knee injury.

    Provisional squad: Boruc, K Davis, Clyne, Chambers, Shaw, Fox, Lovren, Fonte, Yoshida, Hooiveld, Cork, Ward-Prowse, Scheniderlin, Wanyama, S Davis, Lallana, Ramirez, Lee, Lambert, Rodriguez, Osvaldo.

  98. 1358: 

    Stoke City manager Mark Hughes ahead of Southampton's visit on Saturday: "Southampton are gaining confidence with each and every week that comes along because what they're doing now is really working for them.

    "Andy Wilkinson will definitely miss out with a knee injury, but that aside we are pretty much OK.

    "In terms of the football that we have played I think the supporters are encouraged. Long term this will benefit us. Obviously they want to see us winning more games than we have done, and I agree with that - it is what we all want."

  99. 1355: 

    How much do you know about the physics behind the performance of a Formula 1 car? Do you know your downforce from your slipstreaming?

    Downforce pushes the car into the road harder to allow drivers to take corners quicker, and BBC Sport's Gary Anderson explains that there is so much downforce on an F1 car it could drive on the ceiling. Watch more on the BBC Sport website.

  100. 1349: 

    Richmond's Abigail Chamberlain and Worcester's Lydia Thompson are called up to the England Women squad to compete in this month's Autumn International Series against France and Canada.

    Chamberlain replaces Emily Scarratt and Thompson replaces Katherine Merchant who have both been ruled out of England's game against France on 9 November at Twickenham and against Canada on 13 November at Twickenham Stoop because of injuries.

    Centre Chamberlain made her England debut in this year's Six Nations and has since gone on to earn eight international caps. Thompson, meanwhile, has nine caps and made her debut in the 2012 European Cup.

  101. 1346: 
    CRYSTAL PALACE- Team news

    Crystal Palace caretaker manager Keith Millen has no fresh injury concerns for Saturday's trip to West Bromwich Albion.

    The Eagles picked up a few knocks in last weekend's 2-0 defeat to Arsenal but they have now cleared up, while defender Damien Delaney is having to manage an ankle issue. Midfielder Jonny Williams (ankle) has returned to training and may be back before December, while defender Paddy McCarthy, who has returned to training after a prolonged spell on the sidelines with a groin injury, and striker Glenn Murray (knee) also remain sidelined.

    Provisional squad: Speroni, Price, Ward, Gabbidon, Moxey, Delaney, Mariappa, Dikgacoi, Thomas, Jedinak, Campana, Guedioura, Bannan, Bolasie, O'Keefe, Puncheon, Kebe, Gayle, Jerome, Phillips, Chamakh.

  102. 1343: 

    Fulham manager Martin Jol, under pressure after five defeats in eight Premier League games, ahead of Manchester United's visit on Saturday: "Tomorrow is a big game for us and if we can get a good result then the world will look different."

  103. 1341: 

    Manchester United manager David Moyes has been speaking in his pre-Fulham news conference. Here is what he has had to say:

    "We've started to string together one or two half-decent results and hopefully that will build a bit of momentum. We've been a bit up and down, winning one then losing one, so we'll hopefully try and get into a bit more consistency.

    "It's a gap [at the top] and we have to work to try and close it. We'll take one game at a time and get closer to the top. That's the plan but there's a long way to go."

    GET INVOLVED- Sport's fathers and sons
    Frank Lampard

    Nick Benson: Frank Lampard Sr and, of course, Frank Lampard, have to be at the top of this elite list.

    Pieter Troffaes: Eidur Gudjohnson got subbed in for his dad Arnor during an international game

    Henry Sunga: Tom Ince son of Paul Ince.

  105. 1327: 

    Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini warns against complacency ahead of his team's home match with Norwich City on Saturday: "Norwich are a very good team. If we think we are playing at home, so we will win easily, I think that is a very big mistake."

  106. 1323: 

    Dundee United's Nadir Ciftci could be banned for 16 matches after being accused of grabbing an assistant referee by the throat.

    The striker, 21, was sent off for his part in a 20-man brawl in Tuesday's League Cup defeat by Inverness. He has now been accused of excessive misconduct for allegedly "seizing" assistant referee Gavin Harris.

    Ciftci also faces a count of violent conduct for the claim he grabbed an Inverness player's face.

  107. 1320: 

    Torquay captain Lee Mansell says "mindless idiots" are damaging the League Two club's prospects by abusing the club's players on Twitter. Mansell says he receives "lots of abuse" on the website, ranging from criticism of his form to personal insults against family members.

    The 31-year-old tells BBC Radio Devon: "Supporters have their opinions and that's fine. But there's been times when people have overstepped the mark. It's hard to bite your tongue and it doesn't help."

  108. 1319: 
    Dickie Bird

    A statue of former Test cricket umpire Dickie Bird is to be elevated to stop people hanging items on his outstretched finger.

    The sculpture will be raised to make it harder to reach the statue's finger. Bird said he did not mind people having fun hanging items from the statue in Barnsley but worried about people falling off the plinth.

    "I think it's respect they have for you that the only thing they have not done is damage it," he says. "I do not mind doing it at all. They can take as many photographs as they like but they're climbing on to it and they might fall off."

  109. 1312: 

    Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti welcomes Sepp Blatter's apology for comments he made about Cristiano Ronaldo, but says the Fifa president ought to think more before he speaks.

    Blatter enraged Madrid and Ronaldo himself by describing him as a "commander on the field", whilst also saying he preferred four-time World Player of the Year Lionel Messi to the Portuguese when speaking to a group of students at Oxford University last week. After complaints to Fifa by Madrid and the Portuguese Football Federation, Blatter apologised for any offence caused and described Ronaldo as an "exceptional" player.

    "The damage is done. All the answers are good, but the damage is done. Sometimes before speaking it is better to think and count to 10. I do that many times," says Ancelotti.

  110. 1314: 

    Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini on whether goalkeeper Joe Hart will start against Norwich: "Tomorrow you will know the 11 that starts. It's a decision I have to take every week."

    Pellegrini, quoted in the Guardian, on whether Hart would have been disappointed to be dropped for the midweek 2-0 Capital Cup win against Newcastle adds: "You must ask Joe, I can't answer for him how disappointed. All of you saw what happened [against Chelsea]."

  111. 1307: 
    Joe Hart

    Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini refused to disclose whether he would keep faith with goalkeeper Joe Hart for Saturday's game against Norwich.

    The England number one did not feature in the Capital One Cup fourth-round tie at Newcastle in midweek but it remains to be seen whether his costly error against Chelsea last weekend will lead to him losing his place in the Blues' Premier League line-up as well.

    Asked if Hart would play against Norwich, the Chilean says: "Tomorrow you will know the answer."

  112. 1302: 

    James O'Connor will make his London Irish debut against Aviva Premiership rivals Northampton at the Aviva Stadium on Sunday.

    Irish, who announced Australian star O'Connor's arrival earlier this week, have handed him the number 15 shirt for his first Premiership start. He will be joined in the back-three by Topsy Ojo and Sailosi Tagicakibau in a team captained by scrum-half Tomas O'Leary.

    O'Connor's contract with the Australian Rugby Union was torn up after his alleged drunken behaviour at Perth Airport earlier this year. He has joined Irish until the end of this season.

  113. 1258: 

    Celtic captain Scott Brown fails in his appeal against an extended Champions League ban. Uefa imposed an additional two matches on top of an automatic one-game suspension following Brown's red card for a foul on Barcelona's Neymar.

    He sat out the 2-1 win over Ajax and is set to miss the return in Amsterdam and AC Milan's visit to Glasgow.

    Celtic manager Neil Lennon says: "It's been turned down, he didn't win the appeal. Disappointing, I felt we had a good case. I felt the ban was excessive."

  114. 1255: 

    Live text and audio commentary of second practice for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina is under way on the BBC Sport website. Can Lotus's Romain Grosjean top the timesheet again after going quickest in first practice?

  115. 1254: 
    Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini

    Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini has started his news conference ahead of Saturday's home game with Norwich City.

    Pellegrini: "Vincent [Kompany] is progressing, I think after the international break he will be back, but not before. Garcia and Jovetic have a problem from the last match. All the other players are okay."

  116. 1250: 
    EVERTON- Team news

    Striker Arouna Kone is ruled out of Sunday's visit of Tottenham with a knee injury which is giving Everton manager Roberto Martinez some cause for concern.

    Defender John Heitinga returns to the squad after sitting out the last two matches with a muscle problem. Fellow centre-back Antolin Alcaraz is recovering well from a hernia injury and is expected to make his debut later this month while midfielder Darron Gibson (knee) is the only other absentee.

    Provisional squad: Howard, Coleman, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Mirallas, McCarthy, Barry, Pienaar, Barkley, Lukaku, Robles, Heitinga, Oviedo, Stones, Naismith, Osman, Jelavic, Deulofeu.

    Graham and Damon Hill Formula 1 legends Graham and Damon Hill

    Andrew Priestley: Graham and Damon Hill are one of the great Father/Son sporting stories. Both deserving F1 World Champions and two great men.

    Ste Oliver: More pressure on Paolo Maldini's sons to follow in his footsteps! Retiring his number & only reusing if one goes on to play for AC Milan.

    Chris Barnes: Andy and Owen Farrell actually played together. That's more than most Father/Son combos manage.

    With David Beckham's son Brooklyn having reportedly trained at Manchester United, we want to know if it's unrealistic to expect the children of famous sporting men or women to be as successful as their parents? How many sportsmen and women can you name who have followed in their parents' footsteps? Tweet #bbcsportsday or post a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  118. 1242: 

    Middlesex opening batsman Sam Robson signs a new two-year contract with the club. The 24-year-old scored 1,180 runs in the County Championship at an average of 47.20 last season.

    Middlesex managing director of cricket Angus Fraser says: "Sam's cricket has developed considerably in the last three years."

  119. 1239: 
    LIVERPOOL- Team news

    Liverpool forward Philippe Coutinho returns from a shoulder injury to join the squad to face Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium after more than six weeks out.

    The Brazilian had an operation after sustaining the problem at Swansea on 16 September and is likely to start on the bench. Left-back Jose Enrique is still troubled by a knee injury and will not be included.

    Provisional squad: Mignolet, Toure, Skrtel, Sakho, Johnson, Gerrard, Lucas, Cissokho, Henderson, Suarez, Sturridge, Jones, Kelly, Agger, Allen, Alberto, Coutinho, Moses, Sterling, Ibe.

  120. 1238: 

    Southampton striker Rickie Lambert says midfielder Adam Lallana is playing the best football of his career. The Saints are currently fifth in the Premier League and Lallana, 25, has started all nine league games so far this season, scoring twice.

    England international Lambert, 31, tells BBC Radio Solent: "He did well last year but the way he has started this season is the best I've seen him. It's awesome to watch. I've been saying for years I look up to Adam, even though I'm older."

  121. 1231: 

    Peterborough United striker Lee Tomlin is facing an FA misconduct charge for his reaction to being sent off against Colchester United last Saturday.

    Tomlin, 24, kicked water bottles as he left the field, having been red carded on the advice of the assistant referee. He is accused of a breach of FA Rule E3, relating to improper conduct and bringing the game into disrepute.

  122. 1229: 
    Mark Hughes

    Mark Hughes is 50 today but the Stoke City manager will be putting his celebrations on hold as he prepares his side for tomorrow's home game with Southampton.

    'Sparky' has certainly packed an awful lot into his first 50 years. His playing career saw him feature for Manchester United (two different spells), Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Southampton, Everton and Blackburn.

    And his managerial career has been just as eventful, with spells in charge of Wales, Blackburn, Manchester City, Fulham and QPR. Happy birthday 'Sparky'.

  123. 1226: 

    BBC Sport's Frank Keogh: "After drawing a blank two days running, AP McCoy travels to Down Royal in Northern Ireland for two rides on Friday afternoon as he closes in on the 4,000 winners milestone. The 18-time champion jockey is nine away from the unprecedented landmark and will look to add to his tally with Dear Boss (13:35 GMT) and exciting hurdler Jezki (14:35)

    "McCoy, 39, grew up 40 miles away from the track in Moneyglass, County Antrim, and is expected to be supported by families and friends today.

    "He is the only jump jockey to have ridden more than 3,000 winners, with perennial title runner-up Richard Johnson the next closest, on more than 2,500 victories."

  124. 1222: 

    World Cup winner Lewis Moody does not believe that picking Lee Dickson to play scrum half for England against Australia is the correct choice.

    Dickson, who started both of England's test wins over Argentina in June, retains the number nine jersey on Saturday after a scintillating start to the season for Northampton, forcing British and Irish Lions scrumhalf Ben Youngs on to the bench.

    Asked by 5 live if Dickson is the right choice, Moody says: "No, I don't. I think Ben Youngs has the ability to cause chaos in defences and individual defenders. He runs hard at the line, he is quick, he is elusive. Dickson is a very good grafter, he is an intelligent rugby player, he brings a great attitude that Stuart Lancaster obviously likes, but for me Ben is slightly more dangerous as a ball player."

  125. 1217: 

    Tickets have sold out for the star-studded 60th BBC Sports Personality of the Year show, in Leeds on 15 December.

    The evening will feature more than two hours looking back at the past 12 months, with a range of celebrities and several awards, culminating in the coveted Sports Personality prize.

    Thousands of tickets put on sale on Friday were sold within three hours. A limited number of tickets will be available towards the end of November, once stage plans have been finalised.

  126. 1213: 
    CHELSEA- Team news

    Jose Mourinho is poised to recall a host of first-team players for Chelsea's Premier League trip to Newcastle.

    The Blues boss made 10 changes for the midweek Capital One Cup win at Arsenal so the likes of Petr Cech, John Terry, Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, Eden Hazard, Oscar and Fernando Torres are set to return. Mourinho reported no new injury concerns so Marco van Ginkel remains the only absentee as he continues to recover from knee surgery.

    Provisional squad: Cech, Ivanovic, Cole, Luiz, Essien, Ramires, Lampard, Torres, Mata, Oscar, Mikel, Schurrle, De Bruyne, Hazard, Ba, Willian, Schwarzer, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta, Eto'o, Bertrand.

  127. 1210: 

    Sunderland striker Connor Wickham returns to Sheffield Wednesday for a second loan spell.

    The 20-year-old striker spent time with the Championship side last season, making six appearances and scoring once. Wickham will remain with Wednesday until 1 January and could make his second debut for the Owls against Reading this weekend.

  128. 1205: 

    Hull City manager Steve Bruce says he made a mistake taking the Sunderland job, BBC Radio Humberside reports.

    Bruce became manager of the Black Cats in 2009 and was sacked two years later after a poor run of form.

    Speaking ahead of Hull facing his former side on Saturday, Bruce says: "Maybe looking back on it in hindsight going there was arguably a mistake, being where I'm from, being a Newcastle fan as a boy. Some would never forgive that. Thankfully Hull gave me the opportunity to get back to work again and when you get sacked you want to come back out fighting and show people what you're about."

  129. 1158: 

    All three Tomkins brothers could play for England - but if they do it will be in rugby league, says Wigan coach Shaun Wane.

    Joel, 26, makes his England rugby union debut against Australia on Saturday at the same time as Sam, 24, faces Ireland in rugby league. And Logan, 21, has been involved with the second-string England Knights.

    "There's a chance of all three doing it and it would be league," Wane, who has coached the trio, told Radio 5 live. "Joel's still learning his game in rugby union and I played rugby union myself so I know how difficult that is. For him to do what he's done in that short period is outstanding. Sam's a league man and so's young Logan so if there's any game [they will play together for England in] it's going to be rugby league."

  130. 1155: 

    Sir Alex Ferguson will help conduct the fourth-round draw of the William Hill Scottish Cup.

    The Scottish Football Association have announced that the former Scotland and Manchester United manager will make the draw in Aberdeen on Tuesday at noon.

    The third round kicks off on Friday night when Rangers host Airdrie.

  131. 1149:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveBBC coverage

    On BBC Radio 5 live from 1900 GMT, Dan Walker is joined by Danny Mills and Everton manager Roberto Martinez to preview the weekend's football.

    Then, from 2100 GMT, a look at the rest of the weekend's sport including rugby union's autumn internationals and the Rugby League World Cup.

  132. 1147: 
    ON THIS DAY - 1997
    Graeme Souness

    Former Rangers and Liverpool boss Graeme Souness was appointed manager of Portuguese giants Benfica. He stayed at the club less than two years.

  133. 1141: 

    Middlesex agree a new two-year deal with their Australia-born, England-qualified batsman Sam Robson.

    Robson, 24, shot to prominence in the summer when he enjoyed his best-ever season - scoring 1180 first-class runs at 47.20 - and was the subject of interest from both Ashes rivals.

    He played for Australia Under-19 but never made a first-class appearance in his homeland and moved to England as an 18-year-old.

  134. 1133: 

    Colchester United sign former West Ham Dominic Vose.

    The 19-year-old, who signed for Barnet in February after leaving the Hammers, joins the U's on a monthly contract.

    Vose scored the winner in Colchester's reserve team win over Charlton Athletic last month and is available to face Rotherham on Saturday.

  135. 1128: 

    Monaco vice-president Vadim Vasilyev denies claims that Radamel Falcao could leave the club for Real Madrid in January, saying such a move would make "no sense".

    In an interview with Madrid-based sports daily Marca, Vasilyev said the principality club had no intention of allowing the Colombian to leave just six months after signing him for a reported £50.7m from Atletico Madrid. Vasilyev was speaking after Real Madrid president Florentino Perez said on Spanish television in October that Falcao - currently Ligue 1's leading scorer with eight goals - "was keen to come to Madrid".

    "Falcao signed a five-year contract and, if I have to say it a hundred times I will, there is no clause allowing him to leave," says Vasilyev.

  136. 1123: 

    England will go into the final day of the three-day match against a Western Australia XI trailing the hosts by 181 runs with eight wickets remaining.

    Batsman Michael Carberry says: "There's obviously things to work on and we can put that right in the next game, but I'm mainly just looking forward to the batting and putting in some graft to make sure we're in good shape."

  137. 1121: 
    ARSENAL- Team news

    Arsenal will have midfielder Mikel Arteta back from a one-match suspension for Saturday's Premier League game against Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium.

    Mathieu Flamini remains sidelined with his groin problem, and an ankle injury rules out Serge Gnabry, while Theo Walcott is still recovering from minor abdominal surgery. Yaya Sanogo (back), Lukas Podolski (hamstring), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Abou Diaby (both knee) all also continue their rehabilitation.

    Provisional Squad: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Giroud, Fabianski, Vermaelen, Rosicky, Bendtner, Monreal, Jenkinson, Miyaichi.

  138. 1119: 

    BBC Radio Sheffield sports editor Paul Walker: "I'm told [Sunderland striker] Connor Wickham has been signing his paperwork this morning at Sheffield Wednesday. Expect club to announce it officially very shortly."

  139. 1117: 

    Cambridge United manager Richard Money tells BBC Radio Cambridgeshire that neither he, nor the club have had any contact with Notts County over their vacant managers job.

  140. 1114: 
    Tranmere Rovers midfielder Joe Thompson

    Tranmere Rovers statement on midfielder Joe Thompson: "Tranmere Rovers has been informed that Joe Thompson has been diagnosed with cancer. Joe underwent medical tests after feeling ill which confirmed he had contracted nodular sclerosing Hodgkin's disease.

    "The club will learn more about Joe's illness in due course and will fully support him and his family in this difficult time. He will shortly begin a six-month course of chemotherapy."

    Joe, 24, started his career at Rochdale. He has made six league starts for Rovers this season, scoring two goals.

  141. 1113: 

    If it is raining where you are then why not spend your lunch hour mulling over Friday's Question of Sport Teaser? There are five teams in the NFL whose franchise name begins with a C, Dallas Cowboys are one, can you name the other four?

    Have a think and send your answers to #QSTeaser. We will reveal the four at around 1400 GMT.

  142. 1111: 

    League One Tranmere Rovers announce that 24-year-old midfielder Joe Thompson has been diagnosed with cancer.

  143. 1105: 
    Michael Carberry

    Michael Carberry hopes his knock of 78 against Western Australia gives the England selectors a nudge ahead of the upcoming Ashes Test series.

    The Hampshire player was among a clutch of batsmen making half-centuries as England reached 270-2 at the close of the second day in Perth. Western Australia made 451-5 declared in their first innings.

    Carberry tells Sky Sports News: "I think there's still a long way to go. I was pretty upset to get out at 78 but obviously I'll try and put that right in the next innings. All you can do really is take your chances when they come and hopefully you'll keep nudging the selectors a little bit."

  144. 1102: 

    Romain Grosjean continues his recent upturn in form as the Lotus driver sets the pace in the first practice session for this weekend's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

    The Frenchman has finished fourth in the last three races as he looks to prove to the team he can lead them in to the 2014 season and his time of one minute 44.241secs left him clear of the field at the Yas Marina circuit.

    Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton ends the 90 minutes in second while newly-crowned world champion Sebastian Vettel is third with Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber taking fourth ahead of the second Mercedes of Nico Rosberg.

    Read the report from first practice on the BBC Sport website.

  145. 1055: 
    Sports Personality of the Year

    Tickets for this year's BBC Sports Personality of the Year went on sale this morning.

    Hosted by Gary Lineker, Clare Balding and Gabby Logan live from Leeds on 15 December, the evening will feature more than two hours looking back at the last 12 months, with a range of celebrities and several awards, culminating in the coveted Sports Personality prize.

    Last year's main award went to cyclist Bradley Wiggins, and this year's victor will join an illustrious list of previous winners, which includes Bobby Moore (1966), Daley Thompson (1982) and Sir Steve Redgrave (2000).

  146. 1045: 

    Chelsea FC: Mourinho thinks it is not important to be top at this stage of the season, but rather keep going in the right direction.

  147. 1044: 

    More of Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho's thoughts ahead of Newcastle: "'We have one of the most difficult matches of the whole season, but we want to try and keep winning."

    On the news that 18-year-old midfielder Bertrand Traore has signed a deal with the club: "Bertrand is a great talent with a bright future."

  148. 1039: 

    Chelsea FC: Mourinho confirms there are no fresh injury doubts, and everyone bar Marco van Ginkel is fit to play tomorrow. Jose says he has done nothing special to help Fernando Torres recently and that the most important thing is that he keeps working hard.

  149. 1037: 

    Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is holding his pre-match news conference ahead of his side's game at Newcastle on Saturday.

    Mourinho says: "'It's not easy for me to leave players at home and on the bench because everybody deserves to play. I'm unfair with the players I am not selecting because they are doing everything to play. It's a difficult feeling for me. All of my players have a collective soul at the moment. That's the most important thing."


    James Norton: Broad, Ealham and Cowdrey all followed in fathers footsteps.

    Mike: Chris and Stuart Broad are a pretty impressive father/son combination!

    Tunde Akere: The status of the parents, his/her own talent, intelligence and confidence and hard work can make a child greater than his parents

    With David Beckham's son Brooklyn having reportedly trained at Manchester United, we want to know if it's unrealistic to expect the children of famous sporting men or women to be as successful as their parents? Tweet #bbcsportsday or post a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  151. 1023: 
    Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay

    Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay is addressing the media ahead of Sunday's Welsh derby with Swansea.

    Mackay says: "Sunday is such an important day for myself, my players and everyone involved with the football club. I'm sure this is the one all fans have waited for since promotion.

    "I want that little edge a derby game brings with the players. It's something you have to embrace and enjoy. We're playing a team in their third season here. Derby aside, we're facing a mid-ranking side which brings it's own challenges."

  152. 1015: 

    Former Aston Villa boss Martin O'Neill is reported to be on the brink of being appointed the new Republic of Ireland manager.

    A number of bookmakers in Dublin have suspended betting on the odds of O'Neill agreeing terms to succeed former boss Giovanni Trapattoni. Newspaper reports on Friday morning say O'Neill could be unveiled as manager as early as the middle of next week.

  153. 1008: 

    England close day two in Perth on 270-2 against Western Australia, 181 runs behind the home team's first innings total. Ian Bell is unbeaten on 77 while Jonathan Trott is 64 not out.


    With David Beckham's son Brooklyn having reportedly trained at Manchester United, we want to know if it's unrealistic to expect the children of famous sporting men or women to be as successful as their parents?

    How many sportsmen and women can you name who have followed in their parents' footsteps? Tweet #bbcsportsday or post a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  155. 1001: 

    Several top European-trained horses will be among the contenders as the $25m Breeders' Cup meeting starts at Santa Anita in California later. Outstrip, for Godolphin's Newmarket trainer Charlie Appleby, runs in the Juvenile Turf (21:25 GMT) along with Aidan O'Brien's Giovanni Boldini.

    The two-day meeting climaxes with the Breeders' Cup Classic (00:35 Sunday). Irish trainer O'Brien's Declaration Of War takes on favourite Game On Dude and 2012 winner Fort Larned.

  156. 0956: 

    England XI progress to 262-2, Jonathan Trott is unbeaten on 63 while Ian Bell is 71 not out. Not long to go before the end of the second day's play against Western Australia in Perth.

  157. 0954: 

    Independent's chief football correspondent Sam Wallace at Arsenal news conference: Wenger on Arsenal/Suarez saga: 'The details may come out one day. Maybe not in my book, someone else's book'.

  158. 0952: 

    More from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger: "We had a difficult period at the Emirates last season, it's up to us to get the crowd on our side. We have a good away record in recent years and we suffered at home, Liverpool is an example of that."

  159. 0945: 
    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger

    Arsene Wenger is holding his news conference ahead of Arsenal's home game with Liverpool on Saturday.

    Wenger on his summer pursuit of Liverpool forward Luis Suarez: "What's important to me are the players who play for Arsenal, not the players who could play for Arsenal. [Olivier] Giroud has been exceptional since the start of the season and has a different style to Suarez.

    "Suarez and [Daniel] Sturridge are among the top strikers in the league. I have complete confidence that we will deal well with this period, the players will be up for it"

  160. 0936: 
    England batsman Ian Bell

    Ian Bell moves to 71 not out as an England XI progress to 251-2, Jonathan Trott not out 53. Bell's innings has included two sixes, including this one. England trail Western Australia's total of 451-5 declared by 200 runs.

  161. 0930: 

    Queens Park Rangers announce Wally Downes has joined Harry Redknapp's backroom team at Loftus Road. Downes, 52, was most recently part of Sam Allardyce's staff at West Ham. He has agreed a short-term deal at QPR.

  162. 0923: 

    Roma, who have not won the Italian title since 2000-01, become the first team to win the opening 10 matches of a Serie A season as they beat Chievo 1-0. Striker Marco Borriello's first goal of the campaign gave the Italian league leaders a slender home victory over the bottom-of-the-table team on Thursday.

    Roma, who have scored 24 goals and conceded just one this campaign, lead second-placed Napoli by five points. "It's a nice satisfaction, we've made history, but now we have to look ahead to our trip to Torino," said Borriello.

  163. 0917: 

    Ian Bell and Jonathan Trott complete their half-centuries for England, who are 246-2 in reply to Western Australia's 451-5 declared.

    Bell is unbeaten on 68 while Trott is 51 not out.

  164. 0912: 

    More from Roberto Martinez's Everton news conference: "We've been able to show different dimensions to our play to get results but we haven't fulfilled our potential yet. We have a squad that can compete with anyone but when you're trying to learn new things, you need to practice them, master them.

    "Tottenham have a squad that is as strong as anything you'll see in this league. It's not about Gareth Bale. In modern football, it's what you do in the next step. Tottenham haven't felt sorry for themselves."

    Martinez on reports Leighton Baines could leave in January: "Leighton is enjoying his football. It is a time to trust the club to do the things we do."

  165. 0907: 

    Everton manager Roberto Martinez is holding a news conference ahead of his team's home game against Tottenham on Sunday.

    Martinez says striker Arouna Kone has suffered a setback in his recovery from a knee injury, and adds: "It's more serious than we first thought, so he won't be available for the squad. I am a little worried about the injury. Niggles don't usually stop him. We need to get to the root of the problem."

    Kone has not played since suffering the injury in the 2-1 home win over Hull City on 19 October.

  166. 0859: 
    Rory McIlroy

    Dustin Johnson equals the course record with a 63 to move five shots ahead after the second round of the World Golf Championships in Shanghai. The American shoots 10 birdies to surge clear of the field in China.

    After shooting seven under par on the opening day, Northern Irishman Rory McIlroy's progress stalled with an even-par round of 72. McIlroy has a share of second place with Americans Bubba Watson and Boo Weekley heading into the weekend.

  167. 0853: 

    Ian Bell moves to within two runs of his half century as England reach 214-2 against Western Australia. This is a three-day game and England are scoring at a rate of 4.36 runs per over.


    So as we build-up to another exciting weekend of Premier League action, we want to know your thoughts on the latest topics dominating the domestic programme.

    Should Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini drop goalkeeper Joe Hart for the home game with Norwich following a poor run of form or should he stick with the England international? Are Liverpool good enough to secure a Champions League spot? Will Arsenal stay at the top of the table? And will Manchester United increase the pressure on Fulham manager Martin Jol?

    Tweet #bbcsportsday or post a message on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  169. 0838: 
    England batsman Michael Carberry

    England move to 206-2 against Western Australia, Ian Bell not out 44 and Jonathan Trott unbeaten on 35.

    Earlier in Perth, batsman Michael Carberry hit a solid 78 from 100 deliveries in an innings that featured 12 boundaries. Carberry is playing as captain Alastair Cook is nursing a sore back.

  170. 0828: 

    Liverpool chairman Tom Werner says the club is "heading in the right direction" as manager Brendan Rodgers looks to bring Champions League football back to Anfield.

    The Reds last played in Europe's elite knockout competition in 2009 but sit third in the Premier League after nine matches ahead of Saturday's game at leaders Arsenal.

    Werner says: "We know how much it means to our fans to get to the top of the Premier League and get back in the Champions League. I just want to keep going in the right direction. Our performance on the pitch has improved this year. Things are all looking good."

  171. 0822: 

    Ian Bell is 40 not out as England move to 193-2, 258 runs behind Western Australia's 451-5 declared total.

  172. 0815: 
    Davuid Beckham with son Brooklyn

    David Beckham's eldest son Brooklyn has been training at Manchester United as he looks to follows in his father's footsteps, reports the Daily Telegraph.

    The 14-year-old was at LA Galaxy's academy when his father was playing in Major League Soccer and had also attended training at Chelsea before linking up with Queens Park Rangers' youth programme.

    "Although there was no confirmation that yesterday constituted an official trial for Brooklyn, it is understood he will be invited back for further training sessions at United, where his father made almost 400 appearances and was one of the most successful products of the 1992 FA Youth Cup-winning team," states the report.

  173. 0807: 

    BBC Sport's Jonathan Agnew in Perth: The 'bowl out' between Finn, Tremlett and Rankin: 64-6-303-2.

  174. 0804: 

    And we start in Perth where England have been getting some much needed batting practice against Western Australia on the second day of their Ashes warm-up.

    The hosts, resuming on 369-4, finally declared on 451-5, Ashton Turner unbeaten on 62. England's bowling figures made ugly reading, Steven Finn finishing with 1-123 off 23 overs.

    In reply, they have reached 177-2. Stay here for all the latest as England look to push on in the final session of the day.

  175. 0800: 
    Western Australia v England XI

    Welcome to Friday's Sportsday Live, a busy day of news conferences ahead of an exciting weekend of Premier League action.

    We will be hearing from Arsene Wenger ahead of Arsenal's home game with Liverpool on Saturday, Manuel Pellegrini will be asked whether he sticks with Joe Hart or opts for Costel Pantilimon against Norwich when the Manchester City manager holds his news conference at 1230 GMT, while we'll bring you the thoughts of Manchester United boss David Moyes ahead of his team's trip to Fulham.

    Sportsday Live will also bring you updates from the second day of England's Ashes warm-up game against Western Australia in Perth - as well as all the breaking news from the world of sport.

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