Amir Khan v Carlos Molina as it happened

Britain's Amir Khan bounces back from two straight defeats with a stoppage of Carlos Molina in Los Angeles.

16 December 2012 Last updated at 07:08 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 0611: 

    I'm not going to lie to you, I'm going to get out of here. Who's next for Khan? Rematch with Garcia? Rematch with Peterson? Step up a weight? Surely a Peterson match would make the most sense, then go after the more dangerous Garcia. Kell Brook can wait...


    Alpha Male: "Boxed well, still some old habits, but you can't change over night! Who's next? Rematch against Garcia? Or another low profile fight?"


    Andrew Moffatt: "Respect to Molina but he's quite frankly not world class level. #Khan beat a nobody in a weight class lower than him. Bad matchmaking."


    More from Amir Khan: "I know I make mistakes, I'm my biggest critic. I criticised myself after watching the fights against Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson. If I was fighting Garcia today I would have knocked him out. I'm ready for Danny Garcia anytime, anywhere, any place."


    More from Amir Khan: "Carlos is a tough, tough fighter. I got him with some clean shots but he still came forward. I composed myself and said to myself that I'm going to stick to the game.

    "I'm getting better as a fighter. He's teaching me how to understand boxing. I'm picking the right shot at the right time. If I use my speed at the right time, there is no-one who can touch me."


    Amir Khan: "You could see by the way I was fighting that I was more patient. At times he did catch me, but I never lost my concentration. He did catch me but I composed myself."

  7. 0557: 

    As good as that performance was by Khan, we should take into account how limited his opponent was - short, light-punching, coming forward in straight lines, not as quick as billed. In other words, tailor-made for Khan's redemption fight. Danny Garcia, who knocked Khan out last time out, is ringside, and that looks like it might be Khan's next fight.

  8. 0552: 

    That was just what the doctor ordered for Khan on the comeback trail - a chance to show his skills, show he's still got it, show he's still a player on the world stage. Signs, also, of Virgil Hunter's influence - not so wild this time, more composed, sticking to the plan.


    Referee Jack Reiss advises Molina's corner to pull their man out but they demure. Don't understand that at all and I think Jack Reiss will step in and save him in this round... Molina giving it one last go in this round and you have to salute his bravery. But Khan's still not missing, letting his combinations go before skipping out of range. And that's that, baby, his corner pull him out at the end of the round.

    Round 9

    For a moment it looks like Molina's corner might withdraw him but he's patched up and sent back out for more of the same. Molina has run out of gas now, a sitting target for Khan to aim at, and the Bolton man is not missing. Khan just too quick, too slick and too controlled. Molina sent staggering backwards by another blistering combination and it's time for his corner to have mercy...

    BBC Sport: Khan 90-81 Molina

    Round 8

    Khan gets peppered with a left-right combination but otherwise it's another round that the Briton controls comfortably behind that ramrod jab of his. The American's face a mask of blood now as that cut over the left eye continues to gush and Khan is starting to warm to his task now, really letting the hands go and making Molina look ordinary, not to mention extremely forlorn.

    BBC score: Khan 80-72 Molina

    Round 7

    Every round Khan so far and not a difficult fight to score. Khan keeping Molina at bay with that long jab of Khan's but Molina does snap the head back with a right. Khan comes back with a right that backs Molina up and Khan is cruising at the moment...

    BBC score: Khan 70-63 Molina


    Dan Young on Twitter: "Khan still letting a few shots through, it's obviously going to take time for Hunter to make a big impact."

    Round 6

    Molina lands with a left hook but Khan wears that well, despite the oohs and aahs from the crowd. Molina comes trundling forward again and has a bit more success but Khan comes back with another terrific flurry. And another, right on the bell, but Molina is granite to Khan's chisel...

    BBC score: Khan 60-54 Molina

    Round 5

    Khan leaving himself open and Molina lands with a couple of his own. Sneaky uppercut from Molina as he manages to get inside but Khan comes back with an uppercut-left hook combination... Khan slowed the pace but he was in charge of the centre of the ring and it was easily his round again...

    BBC score: Khan 50-45 Molina

    Round 4

    Molina just can't get close and Khan rattles him from range with a left-right combination. Here comes Khan with a juddering uppercut and Molina shakes his head, which usually means a boxer is hurt... but Molina is going nowhere, this kid is tough as bovver boots... the Molina cut getting worse, good round for Khan, constantly changing the angles and really busting Molina up with his superior speed...

    BBC score: Khan 40-36 Molina

    Round 3

    Khan gets a talking to for pushing down - he was deducted two points for just that in his defeat by Lamont Peterson - before shipping some more punches as he leaves his chin hanging. No great mystery about Molina's work, he's a rugged, come forward fighter who likes to get his chest in your face... piercing jab backs Molina up, better round from Khan...

    BBC score: Khan 30-27 Molina

    Round 2

    That wild start aside, that was a more controlled attacking display by Khan and Molina had no answer. Molina just can't cope with this speed and he can't get close enough get his shots away... Khan with a left to the body, followed by a right... Khan wobbled! Or maybe just stiffened, by a right hook, that will give Molina a lift... Molina showing plenty of grit, Khan losing his shape...

    BBC score: Khan 20-18 Molina

    Round 1

    Ding-a-ling and we're off... Khan a couple of inches taller than Molina, Molina the stockier build. Khan backs up Molina with a nippy flurry before missing with a wild right hand. There was me thinking he'd calmed down a bit... Molina cut over the left eye as Khan pierces Molina's tight guard with another blistering flurry... Khan too quick, Molina looks like he's gone 15 rounds with Joe Frazier...

    BBC score: Khan 10-9 Molina


    Jake Waring on Twitter: "Come on Amir! Not feeling tired anymore. Khan in 6!"

  21. 0505: 

    Molina has brought half of Rosemead into the ring with him while Khan's entourage has been trimmed back considerably. Here's Jimmy Lennon Jr on the mic - Scotland's Victor Loughlin is one of the three judges, Jack Reiss is the third man in the ring - and now it's Showtime...

  22. 0500: 

    ... Molina being serenaded all the way to the ring, ducks through the ropes and that's not a great reception for a home fighter... mind you, Khan's being roundly booed as well, not much love to go round at the Los Angeles Sport Arena..

  23. 0458: 

    Khan's got the gloves on and he's being put through his paces on the pads by new trainer Virgil Hunter. Announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr - the Kenny Lynch to Michael Buffer's Sammy Davis Jr - is already in place and here comes Carlos Molina...

  24. 0449: 

    You'd have to say both David Price and Tyson Fury are superior talents to Deontay Wilder, although you do have to respect that power. The heavyweight division is a strange place at the moment - no-one wants to fight each other in case they lose and miss out on a money-match with a Klitschko. Khan v Molina up in about 10 minutes I'd say...

  25. 0445: 

    Deary me, Deontay Wilder finally explodes a right hand and Price goes down like a granny on rollerskates. Right on the button, although you could see that coming from Washington State. He's won a belt for his efforts, but everybody does nowadays.

  26. 0442: 

    Deontay Wilder might have sparked 25 straight but he's not exactly an arch technician - leans right back as he lunges in with his jab and leaves his chin out to dry. Price having a bit of success in the second, I'm not sure namesake David, the British champion, has much to worry about...


    British super-bantamweight champion Scott Quigg on Twitter: "Khan by late stoppage. Expecting a good disciplined performance."


    Seth Bennett on Twitter: "I suspect Amir will have too much for Molina, hand speed will be key to victory for the Bolton man for me."

    Usman Hussain, via text: "Khan really needs to look impressive to get a shot with a big name fighter tonight. Here's hoping for a 3rd round KO for Khan."

    Sean Kritian Fenwick on Twitter: "Stayed up for the fight, fell asleep, woke up still not on, after this wait I won't enjoy an early KO! Money on underdog - Molina!"

  29. 0434: 

    FORGET THAT! I thought Deontay Wilder was on after Khan, but he's not. In fact he's in the ring now and ready to take on fellow unbeaten American Kelvin Price, which means Khan might not be on until gone 5... then again, Wilder has 25 straight KOs to his name, so it might be all over in a minute...

  30. 0428: 

    The usual unpleasant torrent of outpourings about Khan on Twitter proving that there are people out there bilious enough to stay up until 0600 just to see someone get knocked out. Weird. Looks like they'll be in the ring in 10, stand by...

  31. 0425: 

    That's all you need after you've been 10 hard rounds, some bloke climbing into the ring dressed as the Grim Reaper. With a cigar in his mouth. Angulo takes the unanimous decision but I think we can safely say we haven't got another Roberto Duran on our hands. Khan-Molina next up...

  32. 0424: 

    You'll not see a braver effort this morning than Jorge Silva's against Alfredo Angulo - he looked like he was going to cave in the first few rounds but was still chucking leather at the final bell. You've got to question Angulo's fabled punching power, however - Silva is no more than a welterweight and has been stopped twice and down a fair few times.


    Ollie Gaughran on Twitter: "If Khan had a chin he could be up there with the best, hopefully Hunter has sorted his defence, still too good for Molina."

    Jason on Twitter: "For still a relatively young boxer, the statements Khan has come out with, he must be supremely confident of victory."

    Perry McNulty on Twitter: "In a strange sort of way, this could be argued as Amir's most important fight ever. It's make or break for him! Khan on points."

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  34. 0414: 

    The words of super-middleweight king Andre Ward on his trainer's link-up with Khan: "I've seen an improvement. He's listening and willing to learn and that has been his first step. I think he's going to pull through in a big way. He only knows one way to fight, he's very eager and very zealous but [under Hunter] a little more patient and you're going to see a better Amir Khan."

  35. 0408: 

    Angulo having not managed to get shot of Jorge Silva as quick as we might have expected, Khan and Molina might not arrive on your screens until 0445ish...

  36. 0403: 

    I said Alfredo Angulo was hard as nails, which makes Jorge Silva double-hard as nails - Silva shipping some serious punishment at the LA Sports Arena but refusing to cave and firing back. He has the heart and stomach of a concrete elephant.


    Meran Hussain on Twitter: "Khan too good a fighter for Molina, 5th round knockout!"

    Aris Raza on Twitter: "Molina hasn't knocked down many boxers in his career, Khan has a real chance to re-announce himself tonight."

    Daniel Keys on Twitter: "Thankfully I can't get sleep! Wouldn't have got to watch Amir Khan get back to winning ways! (hopefully)."

  38. 0356: 

    About 40 minutes until the first bell now. Even Khan's detractors have to admit one thing: win or lose he provides great entertainment, which is what sport is supposed to be about. And a large part of that excitement stems from that suspect chin of his: you just never know if he's gonna go. But former trainer Freddie Roach reckons his problem isn't his chin but his right wrist: "He suffered some damage to the right wrist a while back and once any fighter gets hand trouble it's with him for the rest of his life."

  39. 0350: 

    Over in Houston, Texas, Nonito Donaire has just bashed up Jorge Arce to retain his WBO super-bantamweight title - devastating third-round knockout by the Philippine sensation.


    As ever, we want to hear what you have to say of Amir Khan's chances this morning - so why not tweet us with your thoughts and predictions using the #bbcboxing hashtag or texting 81111 (UK only). Make sure you put your name on those messages, mind.

  41. 0345: 

    Here's Khan's promoter Oscar de la Hoya on the Briton's link-up with Hunter: "Having Virgil Hunter in his corner now, a trainer teaching him the fundamentals of defence and how to move his head and block punches, will really change his style and turn his career around. But Molina absolutely has a chance of causing the upset. He's no pushover. I know him personally and he's actually a good fighter who is hungry, coming in with everything and training like there's no tomorrow."

  42. 0343: 

    We've got Mexican bull Alfredo Angulo in the ring now, still rebuilding after his loss to James Kirkland last year. Angulo looks hard as nails and he is hard as nails - Jorge Silva look out...

  43. 0336: 

    What know you of Carlos Molina? He's a Mexican-American out of Rosemead, California with 17 wins and one draw from 18 fights. But the most attractive part of his record as far as Camp Khan are concerned is the bit where it says he has only seven knockouts. "We know Amir doesn't like pressure fighters and whatever way we can make him uncomfortable, that's what we'll do," says Molina. "So expect an all-out war. We're going to fight in my city, in LA, in the 'hood. So I'm going to make this a street fight. He can't come to my 'hood and beat me."

  44. 0332: 

    "If I lose," says Khan, "I might as well pack my bags and call it a day". But he's sounding confident that it won't come to that. There's a new main man in his corner this morning, Virgil Hunter - trainer of the year and mentor of perhaps the finest pound-for-pound fighter currently operating, super-middleweight king Andre Ward. Khan says he's been refreshed, but he said that when he hooked up with previous trainer Freddie Roach.

  45. 0330: 

    Good morning and welcome to our live coverage of Amir Khan v Carlos Molina - the fight kicks off at the Los Angeles Sports Arena at approximately 0430 GMT, while these updates are winging their way to you via bleak and brooding Salford, England. Call it make or break for Khan, call it Last Chance Saloon, call it what you like, Khan can't afford to lose this one...

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