Champions Trophy results


June 23: England v India, Edgbaston

India won by five runs

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June 19: England v South Africa, The Oval

England won by seven wickets

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June 20: India v Sri Lanka, Cardiff

India won by eight wickets

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Group A: Australia, England, New Zealand, Sri Lanka

Group B: India, Pakistan, South Africa, West Indies

Champions Trophy tables

June 6: India v South Africa, Cardiff

India won by 26 runs

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7: West Indies v Pakistan, The Oval

West Indies won by two wickets

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8: England v Australia, Edgbaston

England won by 48 runs

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9: Sri Lanka v New Zealand, Cardiff

New Zealand won by one wicket

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10: Pakistan v South Africa, Edgbaston (d/n)

South Africa won by 67 runs

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11: India v West Indies, The Oval

India won by eight wickets

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12: Australia v New Zealand, Edgbaston

Match abandoned because of rain

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13: England v Sri Lanka, The Oval (d/n)

Sri Lanka won by seven wickets

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14: West Indies v South Africa, Cardiff

Match tied (Duckworth-Lewis method)

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15: India v Pakistan, Edgbaston

India won by eight wickets (Duckworth-Lewis method)

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16: England v New Zealand, Cardiff

England won by 10 runs

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17: Sri Lanka v Australia, The Oval

Sri Lanka won by 20 runs

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30: Pakistan v Sri Lanka, Edgbaston (d/n) - Match abandoned due to rain/bad weather


1: India beat Sri Lanka by five wickets, Edgbaston - scorecard (external site) 

1: Australia beat West Indies by four wickets, Cardiff - scorecard (external site) 

3: Pakistan beat South Africa by six wickets, The Oval - scorecard (external site) 

4: West Indies beat Sri Lanka by 17 runs, Edgbaston - scorecard (external site) 

4: India beat Australia by 243 runs, Cardiff - match report - scorecard (external site)