India v England: First Test, day two, Ahmedabad, as it happened

England close day two of the first Test on 41-3 in reply to India's daunting 521-8 declared in Ahmedabad.

16 November 2012 Last updated at 11:38 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1130: 

    That's about it from us, too. I wondered at 0330 this morning whether it would be "England in Need" today, and they're certainly in dire straits at 41-3. Look out for Stephan Shemilt's match report and Jonathan Agnew's column which will be up on the website in the very near future.

    Please give generously to Children in Need tonight - and make sure you join us again at 0330 GMT tomorrow for what's sure to be a crucial third day of this Test. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel - see you in the morning.


    From Alex in Frome, TMS inbox: "Re. Trevor Hopkinson [1039]: 'Can't see anything but a draw here. Our batting line-up is too good to be bowled out twice on this pitch.' Oh Trevor..."


    Ryan Wood on Twitter: "During my cricket career at school the only bowling I could face effectively was spin! How did the selectors overlook me?"

    You can continue debating today's play via #bbccricket

  4. 1121: 

    TMS has finished for the day - as Aggers mentioned, you'll be able to hear his daily review with Geoffrey as the TMS Podcast in a little while, and you can hear highlights of today's play on BBC 5 live sports extra from 1800 GMT.


    From Tom in Three Oaks, TMS inbox: "To lose one batsman, Mr Mitchener, may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose two looks like carelessness. And as to losing three, well..."

    Text commentary often makes one a scapegoat for England's failings, I guess!


    From Steve Miller in Darlington, TMS inbox: "Well, me and my bandmates [see 1003 and 1037] are now shellshocked, even though I foresaw this happening!!"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "The best spell for England today was when Anderson bowled really tightly at the young lad Pujara - fortunately for India, he had the right temperament to stay in. Tomorrow, it will come down to Pietersen, who has a great range of shots, and could play one of his wonder innings like he did in Colombo to win us that Test match. Cook is a grafter - but it's going to be tough as I'm not sure how Bell or Patel are going to play."


    Joey Guy on Twitter: "Surely it's time England stopped using the night-watchmen policy on the subcontinent, it rarely works and Jimmy can't play spin"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "We've had 18 overs and already we're talking about the follow-on, which tells us everything. At the moment, it's not looking good. When you bat first on slow pitches, you know it's going to turn - and you can practice as much as you want, but when you're out in the middle with four men around the bat chirping away, it's a completely different game. I look at our batting - KP? Super player. Trott and Cook are mature, experienced players who'll get some runs. But there are three other places in the team with big question marks over them. Bell was all at sea against Pakistan in the UAE, and he misses the second Test anyway, and with new players like Compton and Patel, and the two Yorkshire lads [Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow] who have never played a Test over here, there are big question marks."


    Felix Mulderrig on Twitter: "I turned on TMS just before Compton was bowled and I hold myself to blame for all 3 wickets. So, so sorry."

  11. 1104: 

    Well, how do you pick the bones out of that one? England sadly reverting to type when it comes to facing spin, and they need another 281 to avoid the follow-on. Stand by for some fireworks from Geoffrey on the podcast with Aggers...

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "This has been a copybook Test for India so far. Win the toss, bat long, declare sometime after tea on the second day and put the tourists in under pressure with men round the bat. Anderson came in too early. All the impetus is with India - Cook will play his own, hawklike game tomorrow but we'll wait and see with Pietersen. I think he'll be fairly aggressive and be worth watching. England need a significant innings from at least two batsmen."


    Trevor Hopkinson on Twitter: "Next two wickets are crucial. KP and Bell are our best players of spin so need to score well."

  14. 1101: 
    Eng 41-3

    Ashwin to bowl possibly the last over of the day - Pietersen prods forward and they run a leg bye. Let's see if Ashwin can rattle through the over before the clock ticks round to 1100 GMT. Pietersen tries to come down the wicket for a word with Cook before the last ball of the over... and umpire Dar tells him to get back and not try any of those time-wasting tactics on his watch. But Cook sees off the over safely and stalks off with England still trailing by 480.


    Simon Doust on Twitter: "All my life England have been woeful against spin bowling. No change today either. Need to sort it at grass roots."

  16. 1056: 
    Eng 40-3

    Dhoni clearly has a sense of humour, bringing Pietersen's old rival Yuvraj on to bowl left-arm spin - but the first ball is pure filth, a half-track grubber which KP shovels through mid-wicket for four. Having famously described Yuvraj as "a pie-chucker", that was as much a "pie" as anything else that he'll face. A single brings Cook on strike, the last ball of the over is another slow long-hop which Cook despatches for four through the covers - and Aggers and Vic on TMS think Ojha will be rather miffed to have been taken off just after he'd taken a wicket!

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "England have a mountain to climb here just to avoid the follow-on at 322. And Yuvraj Singh is going to come on to bowl, just because Pietersen's facing!"

  18. 1053: 
    Eng 31-3

    Kevin Pietersen is England's new batsman, they've already got a left-arm spinner on at the other end... KP comes down the pitch to his first ball and whacks it to mid-on for a quick single. Cook blocks out the over and Ashwin has 2-21 from seven overs.

  19. 1051: 
    WICKET- Trott c Pujara b Ashwin 0 (Eng 30-3)

    A single from Cook brings Trott on strike against Ashwin, India all appeal for a leg-before shout against Trott, but there's nothing doing. Net ball, Trott pops a regulation bat-pad catch to short leg and Aggers on TMS says "this is now looking calamitous." Three wickets have fallen in 13 balls.


    From Aiden Bartlett, TMS inbox: "Am I the only person thinking that this series hinges on this session and tomorrow morning?! Tense doesn't describe it."

  21. 1048: 
    Eng 29-2

    So, England's regular number three Jonathan Trott belatedly strides to the crease at number four. He sees off the over, and althoug there are only three left to bowl, with the spinners on we'll definitely get more than that in. Unless we keep losing time for wickets...


    James Barr on Twitter: "That line sounds much better at the end of the poem [see 1034]! Discussing iambic pentameter on day 2 of the series doesn't bode well!"

  23. 1046: 
    WICKET- Anderson c Gambhir b Ojha 2 (Eng 29-2)

    Anderson prods forward, the short-leg gets a hand to it but can't hold on. But it doesn't cost India anything as next ball, after a fielder is moved in front of square on the leg side, Anderson edges the ball onto his pad and that new fielder, Gambhir, takes a great one-handed diving catch.


    From Will Collins, TMS inbox: "I assume England will be using some austerity tactics to reduce this massive deficit, through sensible cuts, sweeping measures, without going over the top too often, before accelerating their rate of production once they reach equality. That would raise interest rates."

  25. 1043: 
    Eng 29-1

    Night-watchman James Anderson guides a two off his pads. We have four overs left to bowl today, but with spinners on, we may get one or two more in.


    Zac on Twitter: "I'd be suprised if anyone wins one of these Tests - the wickets are flat. It's not Test cricket; it's batting practice."

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Ashwin's 50th Test wicket has come in only his ninth Test, which is the quickest anyone's done it for India - beating Anil Kumble's record."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "From the naked eye, you can barely see a gap for the ball to get through there - but it did. We've now got the sight of Jimmy Anderson coming in as night-watchman with 20 minutes still to play tonight. It means Swann will be down at number 11, which is a bit of a waste."

  29. 1039: 
    WICKET- Compton b Ashwin 9 (Eng 26-1)

    Ashwin spins one viciously past Compton's forward prod, and he may not forgive Somerset's chairman of cricket for a "commentator's curse" as the ball spins through the gate and hits his leg stump. That's Ashwin's 50th Test wicket.


    Trevor Hopkinson on Twitter: "Can't see anything but a draw here. Our batting line-up is too good to be bowled out twice on this pitch."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Compton doesn't set targets to score runs - he tries to 'bat time' and let the runs take care of themselves, and it worked very well for him at Somerset last summer."

  32. 1037: 
    Eng 26-0

    Ooh, that one turned... Ojha spins one past Compton's outside edge, there are no fewer than three slips, as well as a silly point, in for the left-arm spinner. The Somerset man jabs a single off the last ball as it trickles towards the square-leg umpire.


    From Dublin Dave, TMS inbox: "That Steve Miller Band gag (1003) was terrible. You're definitely not the Joker."

    Neither am I at liberty to reveal whether I'm a picker, a grinner, a lover, or a sinner, or whether I play my music in the sun.

  34. 1034: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 25-0

    Some dlightly nervous faces in the England dressing-room as Zaheer takes a rest after an economical spell of 5-3-6-0 and Ashwin has changed ends. Cook guides a single off his legs, there's a fairly strong lbw appeal against Compton but we're yet to have a single lbw dismissal in this match. The watchful Compton moves to eight - from 44 balls - with a single. Cap'n Cook has 17 from 28.


    Oliver Jones on Twitter: "There once was a batsman, Pujara, who wanted to bat in pyjamas, wasn't out to Swann, went on and on, and batted like Brian Lara."

    It would be rather churlish of me to point out that the last line would scan a little better if it were changed to "and batted like old Sangakkara"...

  36. 1030: 
    Eng 23-0

    Cook takes his score to 16 with a single, Compton sees off the rest of Ojha's over.


    Dave Horner on Twitter: "Sitting in a bar in deepest darkest Victoria, Australia, and the locals have switched from monster trucks. They smell pommie blood."

  38. 1026: 
    Eng 22-0

    Left-arm seamer Zaheer switches to bowling round the wicket to Compton, with a short extra cover and a short mid-wicket catching at about 45 degrees from the bat either side of the wicket. But the Somerset man is coping admirably so far. Eight more overs of play today.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "Cook and Compton haven't looked troubled so far, although Ashwin's got a few deliveries to turn."

  40. 1022: 
    Eng 22-0

    Ashwin takes a rest and India turn to slow left-armer Pragyan Ojha - with Yuvraj Singh also in the side, India could very easily bowl left-arm spin from both ends as soon as Kevin Pietersen comes in... Ojha has 75 wickets from 16 Tests before this one, but Compton safely negotiates the over despite the presence of four close catchers.


    From Anon, via text on 81111: "Writing web copy for a client and accidentally wrote 'come on nick' on the 'about us' page. Thank god for the 'Preview' function!"

    Please remember to put your names on your texts...

  42. 1019: 
    Eng 21-0

    Zaheer, still bowling over the wicket, will hope to last longer in this series than he did in last year's Test series in England, when he limped off on the first day of the first Test at Lord's and failed to take the field again all summer. He sends down a maiden to the watchful Cook.


    Simon Harkins on Twitter: "Cook rose to the challenge and scored big when he became our ODI captain - more of the same please skip."

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport in India

    "As the shadows lengthen and the horns resume their evening chorus, my mind turns to the camel tethered about half a mile from the ground who never seems to move. This Test hasn't made much more progress."

  45. 1015: 
    Eng 21-0

    Ashwin, who has a rather idiosyncratic bowling action with plenty of arm-twirling, bowls to Compton who guides the last ball of his over for a two to third man.


    From Will in Sevenoaks, via text on 81111: "One can almost hear the sound of hundreds of statisticians around the world scurrying to find facts on spinners to open the bowling in Test matches like eager spectacled field mice."

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "India will be happy that Ashwin has already got a few to turn with the hard new ball. It's a strategy India have used of late, keeping the fast bowlers fresh for the reverse swing later on. Pragyan Ojha opened the bowling in the last Test they played against New Zealand."

  48. 1011: 
    Eng 19-0

    Compton clips Zaheer for a single off his legs, Dhoni (who is keeping wicket bare-headed but with sunglasses on) shuffles his field for the left-handed Cook.


    Jimmy Cowgill on Twitter: "Can everyone get over the non-selection of Panesar. Hindsight is lovely. Slate the selectors if they make the mistake twice."

    But didn't they make the same mistake in the first Test against Pakistan in the UAE? Leaving Monty out and playing three seamers?


    From Harry Button, via text on 81111: "Sat in my science class following you on the computer."

    Pay attention in class! Or at the very least, ask your science teacher to explain how a cricket ball swings...

  51. 1007: 
    Eng 18-0

    Cook dabs Ashwin for a two and a single, I wonder how long India will persist with spin with the new ball? Or will it be spin from one end and seam from the other? Compton, who's not looking out of place here so far, nicks the strike with a single.


    Imogen on Twitter: "I should be writing a thesis, but it's a bit difficult whilst keeping my fingers crossed for England!"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I like the look of Compton's foot movement, he gets bat and pad together and plays straight."

  54. 1003: 
    Eng 14-0

    Just under an hour of play left today, and 15 overs for England to negotiate. Compton, who we think facially resembles ex-England batsman (and recent TMS summariser) Ed Smith - with a little of TV presenter Ben Fogle thrown in - sees off a maiden from Zaheer.


    From a nervous Steve Miller in Darlington, TMS inbox: "Surely the big question is not whether India can get our batsmen out, but whether our batsmen cannot get themselves out as we have seen so often in the past?"

    Don't be nervous, Steve. I think your band's had an excellent musical career, after all.

  56. 1000: 
    Eng 14-0

    Compton guides Ashwin for a single, the off-spinner tosses it up to Cook and there's a bit of turn there, but it's safety first from the England skipper.


    From Andy in St Albans, via text on 81111: "That Pujara innings reminded me of Hashim Amla's 311* for South Africa in the first Test this summer - setting his side up for a 1-0 series lead while destroying English hearts and minds in the process."

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "There aren't many grandfathers and sons to have played Test cricket - there's Australia's Victor Richardson and the three Chappell brothers, Maurice and Chris Tremlett, and the Headleys - George, Ron and Dean."

  59. 0956: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 13-0

    The right-handed Nick Compton isn't a regular opener for Somerset, but opened in his Middlesex days - he's going to face the wily left-arm seam of Zaheer Khan. It looks like he's going to get off the mark with a clip through mid-wicket but is denied by a great stop by - of all people - Virender Sehwag, who's normally pretty immobile in the field. There's a big appeal for lbw, but umpire Dar shakes his head and Compton scurries through for a run - he's off the mark in Test cricket. Cook guides the last ball for four off his legs.


    From Sabiti Joshua, TMS inbox: "In Uganda, following up via BBC website live updates. Indian community here in jovial mood."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "He hates comparison with his grandfather, but Nick Compton is not a dashing Denis, although he's a very upright batsman, standing tall with his bat raised."

  62. 0951: 
    Eng 8-0

    Hold your horses - India are going to open the bowling with a spinner! Off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin bowls round the wicket to the left-handed Alastair Cook with several men round the bat, his first ball is wide and Cook cracks it away for four past silly point. The last ball of the over is also short and wide, Cook cuts and gets a bottom edge through keeper Dhoni's legs for another four.


    Chris Moss on Twitter: "Over to you batsmen!"

  64. 0948: 

    So, Nick Compton is preparing for his first Test innings - his full name is Nicholas Richard Denis Compton, named after his father Richard (seven first-class games for Natal) and illustrious grandfather Denis.


    Luke Irelan-Hill on Twitter: "70-10-245-1. Bowling figures that England seamers finished with. Spinners 90-12-245-7. Remind me again why Monty isn't playing?"

  66. 0945: 

    Aggers hands R4 LW listeners over to the Act of Worship with the news that England are likely to have 18 overs to face this evening.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "India's spinners are decent, but they're not like India's spinners were in the era of Bishan Bedi. Trott and the captain, Cook, are grafters, and it's a big innings for them."

  68. 0943: 

    The bowling honours go to Graeme Swann with 5-144 from 51 overs. The other wickets went to Anderson (1-75 from 27), Patel (1-96 from 31) and Pietersen (1-25 from eight). Not a memorable inings for Broad (0-97 from 24) or Bresnan (0-73 from 19).

  69. 0941: 

    Let us raise a metaphorical bat, after the confusion of that declaration, to young Cheteshwar Pujara, who finishes with 206 not out from 389 balls, with 21 fours. A superlative inings. So, England's first target must be 322 to avoid the follow-on.


    Kevin Hudson on Twitter: "I don't think we have five spinners!"

    Probably because we've got eight batsmen in the tour squad...

  71. 0939: 
    DECLARATION- Ind 521-8

    India's batsmen seem unsure whether they're supposed to carry on or not... and eventually, they get the single that India have declared.

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    "There's another high-scoring game going on in Mirpur, where West Indies are 193-1 against Bangladesh in the final session of day four fn the first Test. Windies opener Kieran Powell is nine runs away from scoring a second century of the match and West Indies have converted a first-innings deficit of 29 into a lead of 164 but, with little more than a day left, a draw seems the most likely result."

  73. 0937: 
    Ind 521-8

    While Geoff Boycott on TMS salivates about the prospect of batting for several days on a pitch like this (yes, you guessed it, uncovered pitches get a mention), Pujara - who I'm told has scored roughly twice as many runs on the leg side as he has on the off side - plays out five dot balls from Anderson before forcing a single off his legs.


    Brighty on Twitter: "You say KP has a golden arm [0911]?! If that is the case we need to be careful he doesn't cash it in."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "India won't want to waste any time, so if Ojha's going to block, England can probably give Pujara a single."

  76. 0933: 
    Ind 520-8

    Swann returns to the attack - can he work the magic and take another wicket? A single from Pujara brings Ojha on strike, with three close catchers, but he blocks out the over assuredly.


    Richard Earney on Twitter: "Just wondering if we should have picked five spinners?"

  78. 0929: 
    Ind 519-8

    Left-hander Pragyan Ojha is the new batsman - he has a Test average of 14.80, slightly inflated by the fact that he has 12 not-outs from 17 innings - while he also has the claim to fame of being Muttiah Muralitharan's 800th - and last - Test wicket. He plays out a wicket maiden from Anderson.

  79. 0924: 
    WICKET- Zaheer Khan c Trott b Anderson 7 (Ind 519-8)

    Zaheer to face Anderson, he slashes at a wide delivery and is well caught by the diving Jonathan Trott at gully! Hold the front page, after 157.1 overs, a seamer has taken a wicket!


    Oliver Jones on Twitter: "People forget that Pietersen started life as a spinner. He'll rip through in 2nd innings as we win by 80 runs."

  81. 0922: 
    Ind 519-7

    Kevin Pietersen is on a bit of a hot streak with the ball, let's not forget - having taken 3-52 in the second innings of his last Test, against South Africa at Headingley - when England controversially left out a front-line spinner. Sound familiar? Zaheer doesn't look like he's going to hang around for too long, cutting Pietersen for four before the batsmen help themselves to three more singles.


    From Tom Pugh, TMS inbox: "If Dravid was The Wall would this mean the oft mentioned junior wall Pujara is The Fence? The Stile? Buttress?"

  83. 0917: 
    Ind 512-7

    Pujara's been pretty competent at flicking singles off his legs, he picks up another one against Anderson. Fellow right-hander Zaheer is off the mark with a single of his own.


    Ismail Mulla on Twitter: "Since the Test match is being played in India can we refer to the tea interval as the chai interval?"

  85. 0913: 
    Ind 510-7

    Zaheer Khan is the new batsman, seeing off the last ball of Pietersen's over.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "They'll be getting very alarmed in the English camp as they have to put a player up for interview each day after play, who's done quite well that day. It was Swann yesterday, and it might be KP today... or it could be Samit. Self-interest here - if it's KP, we hacks know we'll have to cover every word, if it's Samit we may not do!"

  87. 0911: 
    WICKET- Ashwin c Prior b Pietersen 23 (Ind 510-7)

    Pujara and Ashwin add three singles off Pietersen before KP's golden arm strikes as Ashwin tries a cut shot and feathers an edge to the keeper! So that's seven wickets down - and all to spin!


    From Jonnyhotpants, via text on 81111: "Nigel Cowley of Hants was nicknamed Dougal. He looked just like him too."

    Correct! His shaggy haircut earned him the nickname "Dougal", even to the extent that his benefit year committee had to seek the approval of the owners of the rights to the Magic Roundabout for him to use the Dougal dog image on his benefit brochure!

  89. 0908: 
    Ind 507-6

    Ashwin is hit on the pad by Anderson, bit of an appeal but was there an inside edge on that? It's not out, umpire Aleem Dar decides as an eventful over ends.

    Henry Blofeld, BBC Test Match Special

    "That's his first Test double-hundred, and I'd wager it won't be his last."

  91. 0907: 
    PUJARA 200- Ind 507-6

    The crowd are on their feet as Pujara, on 199, faces Anderson who has a short mid-off just off the wicket, and a Reasonably Short Extra Cover also in a catching position. A man comes in at gully, leaving mid-on as the only leg-side fielder in an 8-1 field. Pujara guides the ball wide of gully, and that's his 200 - he celebrates with a flourish and removes his helmet to celebrate.


    Michael Renny on Twitter: "Dougal is named after Douglas Jardine legendary bodyline captain.. Correct..?!?!?"

    Dougal is the nickname of the cricketer I'm thnking of, but it wasn't Jardine...

  93. 0903: 
    Ind 506-6

    A single from Ashwin brings Pujara on strike on 196... but that slow outfield hampers him again, and they can only run two. Pujara guides a single off his legs to move to 199 off the last ball of the over.


    Harvey Griffith on Twitter: "Would love to know at what point during England's pre-match planning did the phrase 'must have 3 seamers' made sense."

  95. 0859: 

    Aggers is rather concerned that the Indian batsmen are out in the middle ready to play, but England are a little sluggish in retaking the field. Just as in the afternoon session, Kevin Pietersen will bowl the first over of the evening session.


    Saurabh Advant on Twitter: "Someone check the next flight out of A'bad to London Heathrow! Eng players would be happy to board it anytime this evening."

  97. 0856: 

    So, what does everyone think will happen in this final session? Should India declare and get England in for a nervy final hour or so? Or would batting on mean they'd definitely not have to bat again and leave England facing a big task to avoid the follow-on? Text, tweet and email us your thoughts.


    Gordon Howells on Twitter: (in answer to the question "which 1970s/80s county cricketer was nicknamed after a Magic Roundabout character") "Bob Willis... Dylan. Although I think this had more to with he fact that he was - and maybe still is! a Bob Dylan fan."

    Born Robert George Willis, he did change his name by deed poll to Robert George Dylan Willis because of his love of Bob Dylan. But he's not the answer I'm looking for...


    Junaid Mati on Twitter: "The people calling for Flower to go would probably change the captain too after this innings, he did call wrong after all!"

  100. 0842: 

    As we mentioned, during tea on TMS there's another chance to listen to (a shortened version of) Aggers' interview with Ed Hawkins, who's just written a book about corruption and match-fixing in cricket.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "The game will really begin tonight when we bat. If England bat really well tomorrow, they've got a chance of drawing the game, but if they don't, it opens the door for India."

  102. 0841: 

    And that is tea - 92 runs scored in the session for the cost of two wickets, and Pujara four short of his double century.

  103. 0840: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Ind 502-6

    Time for one more over before tea? Samit Patel is back on for Broad, whose last spell was a bit woolly. Pujara cracks him through the leg side, again the slow outfield restricts him to three when it would be four on most other grounds - that's 500 up for India, cue more flag-waving. Ashwin hits it hard through the covers, Captain Cook gets his fingers to it but can't hold on and they run one. Ouch. Have to put that down as a chance I'm afraid, skipper.


    From Mark C, via text on 81111: "Ermintrude Illingworth?"

    No. I'm sure you can try harder!

  105. 0837: 
    Ind 498-6

    Swann takes a rest after his 50th over and is replaced by fellow off-spinner Kevin Pietersen as we approach tea, as Pujara brings up the fifty partnership with a single. Ashwin drives a single back past the bowler, singles and twos are easy to come by against KP - Pujara has moved to 193, Ashwin has 20.


    Suraj on Twitter: "Well, will know if this is a flat pitch when Eng bat. Reminds me of 93 series. Indians scored 200s on alleged dustbowls."

  107. 0833: 
    Ind 493-6

    There's just over 10 minutes until tea as Broad begins a new over to Ashwin, who rotates the strike with a leg bye. Broad switches to bowling round the wicket, and I'm not exactly sure what he's trying to do here as Pujara and Ashwin both help themselves to singles off their legs, while Pujara moves into the (nervous?) 190s with a three, also through the leg side. That's 150 overs England have bowled.


    Chetan on Twitter: "OK there's a bit of turn but it's slow turn. Never mind Boycs' mum, I'd back mine to bag herself a half century."

  109. 0828: 
    Ind 487-6

    Even Swann, now sending down his 50th over, is getting hit around a bit here as Pujara and Ashwin add a couple of singles before Pujara crashes an aggressive pull shot through mid-wicket for four. Swann has 5-143.


    From Butters, via text on 81111: "India rack up 500 on a flat pitch at home and there are calls for Flower to go? Honestly, half the people who write to you make Chicken Little look like Dylan from the Magic Roundabout."

    I remember Dylan, but who's Chicken Little? And a trivia question... which 1970s/80s county cricketer was nicknamed after a Magic Roundabout character?

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport in India

    "From my position in the press box, the main stand at the opposite end of the ground looks full. People are perhaps drawn in by Pujara's achievements - a Gujurati boy of course. There's always a crowd outside too. As soon as you set up a TV camera, you have approximately six seconds before being surrounded. 'We are BBC not BCCI,' I quickly pointed out to one chap who misread the sticker on the camera."

  112. 0824: 
    Ind 481-6

    Pujara steers Broad for a scampered three, Ashwin bashes a four through backward point before pushing a quick single into the covers and England's new vice-captain is rather leaking runs quite heavily here. Pujara steals the strike with a single to deep mid-wicket.


    Craig Brussels on Twitter: "Just put a wig on Swanny between overs and have him bowl both ends! THEN we might skittle them!"

    Maybe it's a gap in the market for those hair-hat manufacturers that seem to get so much work out of balding cricketers (Shane Warne, Virender Sehwag, Doug Bollinger etc)...

  114. 0819: 
    Ind 472-6

    Swann cannot beat the bat of Pujara, who's been dubbed "Dravid junior" by Geoff Boycott on TMS, before the Indian seventh-wicket pair plunder three singles off the last three balls of the over.


    Jack Woodward on Twitter: "Patel's lengths have been terrible."

  116. 0816: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 469-6

    Blowers on TMS recalls the time he and some colleagues drove all the way to India for a tour - taking 46 days from London to Bombay, he describes it as the greatest journey of his life. Patel (1-92 from 30 overs) is taken out of the attack and England turn back to Stuart Broad. He spreads his arms again in an lbw appeal more in hope than expectation, but he gets nothing out of umpire Dar - it looked to be going down the leg side. And here's a collector's item - Prior is going to stand up to the stumps to Broad. Ashwin guides the last ball for two.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "For those who were not with us at 6am, shortened version of Ed Hawkins interview on gambling in cricket to come at tea at 0840."


    Anand Dahihandekar on Twitter:‏ "I am betting that Ashwin has a fifty on his mind."

  119. 0809: 
    Ind 467-6

    Pujara unleashes a great cut shot against Swann, waiting for the ball and then swatting it towards the cover boundary but the slow outfield means the ball is picked up before it hits the rope and they run two. Swann has 5-134 from 48 overs, having shouldered a massive burden for England.


    From SP in Birmingham, via text on 81111: "Surely questioning Flower's position now shows just how far England have come under his tenure. Everyone is now gunning for us!"

  121. 0806: 
    Ind 465-6

    Another gift of a poor delivery from Patel, firing it in too short again and Pujara pulls it for four, that's his 20th four and it was close to going for six. A single takes the 24-year-old Pujara - with whom I've just discovered I share a birthday - to 174.


    Peter Donelan on Twitter: "Swann's wickets show that Monty should have played. Bresnan is just a county trundler, Flower plays too safe."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "He's read the field there, seen Swann hasn't got a fielder on the boundary behind square on the leg side, plunked his leg down and swept it well."

  124. 0802: 
    Ind 460-6

    Swann begins the 143rd over of India's innings and the 47th over he's personally sent down. Pujara flicks a single to deep mid-wicket, and Patel is sent back to the legside boundary for Ashwin, who fluently sweeps a four from outside off stump.


    From Ade, via text on 81111: "How badly does this tour have to go to bring Flower's position into question? England's 2012 results have not been acceptable."

  126. 0800: 
    Ind 455-6

    Ashwin tries to dab Patel to third man, Pujara is halfway down the track looking for a single but Ashwin hasn't moved and the number three has to dash back to the bowler's end. Two singles mean Ashwin moves to three and Pujara to 168. And an interesting comparison is flashed up on the TV: Swann has more wickets in his first 47 Tests than Derek Underwood (the only England spinner with more Test wickets than him).

    Prakash Wakankar, BBC Test Match Special

    "Dhoni will be unhappy with the way he got out, bowled off the gloves, but that's the only lucky break England have really had, and he'll be fairly pleased with the way the day has gone."

  128. 0757: 
    Ind 453-6

    Pujara and Ashwin push a couple of singles against Swann, who rubs his hand in the bowling crease between deliveries as is his habit.


    Scott McGinn on Twitter: "Graeme Swann vs India, live from Ahmedabad."

  130. 0754: 
    Ind 451-6

    Pujara dabs Patel for a single and India are rather becalmed - only four runs from the last three overs.


    Thomas Lawlor on Twitter: "Cook missing a trick here. Just let Swanny bowl one-over spells."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Swann doesn't set much store by containment, he wants to take wickets, and sometimes that means he bowls a little wider, which brings both the outside edge and the inside edge into play."

  133. 0752: 
    Ind 450-6

    Swann wheels away for his 45th over, Pujara pushes a single to deep mid-on to bring up the 450 for India and Swann's not happy, but Kevin Pietersen (the deep mid-on in question) tries to convey the idea that he can't save a single if he's made to field that deep. Swann hits Ashwin on the pad off the last ball of the over, but he was a long way down the track.


    Niall Sandwith on Twitter: "I hate to pose the pessimistic question but... realistically, do England have 400+ in them?"

  135. 0748: 
    Ind 449-6

    England switch back to spin from both ends as Patel replaces Bresnan to bowl at the tall right-hander Ashwin, who's off the mark when he pokes a single to the cover sweeper. Pujara has been a master of accumulation today, he moves on to 164 with a single.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I've just looked up Ashwin's record, and he averages more in Test cricket than Yuvraj Singh... England need a flurry of wickets, but in a sense the damage has already been done. Swann's got five, he could still get nine."

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "The teams are taking an extended drinks break, that's understandable as it's extremely hot. England are in a huddle, and their over-rate's been pretty good today."


    Blonde Bear on Twitter: "I assume Swann will now be opening the batting too?"

    As he's had a part in all six wickets (five scalps and a catch), why not?!

  139. 0740: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Ind 447-6

    Prior wants Bell a little closer at short leg, and holds Swann up in mid-delivery-stride. Sympathies are with Bell, who's been hit several times already in this innings. Pujara pushes a two through the covers, the outfield's pretty slow and Rahul Dravid on TMS reassures Aggers that the surface will be much quicker in Mumbai.

    And while the players take drinks, I'm interested to see what you think of the "five-wicket haul" graphic as it's quite new and I don't think we've had the chance to use it before...


    David Carr on Twitter: "Stupid work means I can't follow #bbccricket all day. Currently playing "get ready chicken" as need to sort breakfast and shower still..."

  141. 0737: 
    Ind 445-6

    Pujara guides Bresnan for a single to move India off quadruple Nelson, Ashwin is yet to score.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I was watching the James Bond film 'The Spy Who Loved Me' on TV last night. Barbara Bach was rather nice, but there was a line across the middle of the TV which wasn't quite in synch. 'Dr No' is on tonight."


    Oliver Jones on Twitter: "So if Patel got a wicket bowling the worst ball of the game, surely Cook and Compton should be bowling now?"

    Possibly - but please don't call me Shirley...

  144. 0732: 
    FIVE-WICKET HAUL- Ind 444-6

    And that's five wickets for Swann, four of them bowled. It's his 14th five-wicket haul in Tests, and his first in India. New batsman is Ravichandran Ashwin, who averages 39 in Test cricket - not a bad stat for a number eight. He also has a Test century.

  145. 0730: 
    WICKET- Dhoni b Swann 5 (Ind 444-6)

    Swann replaces Patel, but he opens up with a full toss which Pujara whacks against Bell at short leg and the ball ricochets away as they run two. Bell, the expectant father-to-be, has taken a bit of punishment there. A single takes him to 160 - his highest Test score - then Swann once more gets a wicket in the first over of a spell when Dhoni sweeps and gloves the ball onto his stumps! Quadruple Nelson strikes!


    Marc Harris on Twitter: "Indian batting line-up extraordinary when names like Sachin, Kohli and Gambhir have only contributed 77 to the total."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "England have finally discovered how to get Indian wickets - bowl a waist-high full-bunger and get them caught at long-on!"

  148. 0727: 
    Ind 441-5

    If you're just joining us while you grab a slice of toast and head out for school or work, I can tell you it's been a morning of struggle for England so far - only one wicket has fallen, and that to arguably the worst ball of the innings, as India are gradually batting the tourists out of the game. Dhoni refastens his gloves a lot between deliveries as he plays out a maiden from Bresnan.


    Chris Moss on Twitter: "Can't help but feel England don't trust their top order. Monty was made for this track, poor Bresnan isn't getting much out of it!"

  150. 0723: 
    Ind 441-5

    Pujara has a drink literally poured down his throat by India's 12th man who's sneaked on between overs. England persist with Patel, there's a half-hearted appeal for lbw against Pujara before he realises he was bowling over the wicket so can't get the batsman leg before if it pitches outside leg stump. As the bowler switches back to over the wicket, Pujara and Dhoni add a couple of singles to the score. Patel has 1-82 from 26 overs.


    Stephen Spender on Twitter: "Impressed with England's idea of just a two-man bowling attack - Swann and Patel and nine batsmen for this Test."

  152. 0719: 
    Ind 439-5

    Pujara is cutting a little looser now, straight-driving Bresnan for four and pulling a shorter delivery from Big Tim for a single to Broad at fine leg. Bresnan and Broad both have a thick covering of facial stubble at the moment, as if they've aged several years trying to get something out of this pitch.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "Yuvraj Singh must be cursing the fact he's missed a golden opportunity to go on and get another Test hundred today. The bowlers are tired, and Pujara is setting himself for a big score here."

  154. 0715: 
    Ind 434-5

    Pujara prods Patel and pushes for a quick single (OK, I gave up on the alliteration there), then Dhoni takes on the slow left-armer and hoists the ball high over deep mid-off as they run two. Blowers on TMS, ever the master of the euphemism, describes Patel as "thickish-set". The Indian fans who continue to cheer their retired heroes even when they're in the commentary box, cheer the reappearance of Rahul Dravid on TMS.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "That's his second hundred in Test cricket and the second time he's gone on past 150 - his highest score is 159."

  156. 0712: 
    PUJARA 150- Ind 431-5

    Pujara brings up his 150 from 299 balls with a careful single to fine leg, removing his helmet and raising his bat in a modest manner before shaking hands with his skipper, who sees off the rest of Bresnan's over.


    From Moh from Manchester, via text on 81111: "If DRS was around back in the day and was being used, would Tendulkar, Ponting or Dravid make the amount of career runs that they did?"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "This Pujara lad looks to have a good temperament - Rahul Dravid was 'The Wall' but it looks like we may have a 'junior wall' now. He has a nice range of shots, but we won't really know how good until we see how he's played in Australia, South Africa and England."

  159. 0708: 
    Ind 430-5

    Pujara unleashes his 18th four, mercilessly steering Patel through mid-wicket, a quick single to short third man takes him to within a single of his 150 - credit there to non-striker Dhoni for calling that run, and setting off very quickly.


    Jack Nolan on Twitter: "Refusing to accept anybody's belief that Samit Patel is an all-rounder. He is a batsman who can bowl a bit."

  161. 0705: 
    Ind 425-5

    Dhoni is watchful against Bresnan, eventually pushing a single to mid-off. Pujara presses his score on to 144 with a single.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I like watching Dhoni bat - his technique's not perfect but he's just always on the move, trying to do something. Nothing seems to bother him, if it does he doesn't let on. When you speak to him, you wouldn't know if he'd got nought or a hundred - he's unruffled."

  163. 0701: 
    Ind 423-5

    Lightning doesn't strike twice for Patel in terms of taking wickets with bad balls, as he sends down an awful half-tracker to Pujara which the young right-hander bludgeons for four through mid-wicket. A two through the covers moves him up to 143, Patel switches to bowling over the wicket in the manner of England selector Ashley Giles - allowing Pujara to pad away anything that pitches outside leg stump, without any fear of lbw.


    The Independent's Stephen Brenkley on Twitter: "Relief for England as Patel strikes. Swann now leading off spinner but Samit moves to 30th= in slow left-arm list, joining Ted Tyler on 4."

  165. 0658: 
    Ind 417-5

    An interesting bowling change as Pietersen's off and he's replaced by the fast-medium seamer Tim Bresnan, who's taken 0-61 from his first 13 overs but bowled a little better today than yesterday. Pujara is progressing in singles at the moment, Dhoni (now helmeted with England turning back to pace) is off the mark with a single, and Pujara whips one down to fine leg for another single.


    Rachel T on Twitter: "Forget a second spinner. England's secret weapon is surely the dibby dabby dobblers of Jonathan Trott."

  167. 0653: 
    Ind 414-5

    England can't quite seem to believe they've made the breakthrough in that manner. I can't criticise it as a tactic, I've picked up a few wickets bowling slow full tosses... Captain Mahendra Dhoni is the new batsman, wearing a cap rather than a helmet with the spinners on. Pujara's on strike as they crossed on the catch, he moves to 135 with a single and Dhoni sees off the rest of the over.

  168. 0649: 
    WICKET- Yuvraj c Swann b Patel 74 (Ind 413-5)

    Patel lobs up a rank, waist-high full toss, Yuvraj goes for a big hit and holes out as Swann comes in from long-on! Even Samit has a wry smile on his face as Yuvraj perishes to what was probably the worst ball of the innings!

  169. 0648: 
    Ind 413-4

    England persist with their second and third spinners as Pujara and Yuvraj help themselves to a single apiece against Pietersen.

    Prakash Wakankar, BBC Test Match Special

    "I've just heard that the Indian board are trying to arrange some kind of a one-day tri-series after the IPL and before the Champions Trophy - I didn't know there were enough days left!"


    Ashish Bhoja on Twitter: "All this talk about neutral wickets, firstly what is a neutral wicket and secondly how do you create a neutral wicket?"

  172. 0646: 
    Ind 411-4

    Graeme Swann had been bowling before lunch, but it's Samit Patel taking up the attack - England have a brief glimmer as they appeal for a stumping and it's referred to the third umpire... but the screen quickly flashes up "not out". Chastened, Yuvaj plays out a maiden.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "The one thing that kept me sane fielding in hot, sweaty conditions like these was 'at some point, I will have a bat on this'!"

  174. 0643: 
    Ind 411-4

    Former Natal off-spinner Kevin Pietersen will resume proceedings after lunch, and his old friend Yuvraj Singh gets the scoreboard ticking along with a single.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "The seamers don't look as though they're going to get wickets. A second spinner might at least look as though he might."

  176. 0638: 

    More chat on TMS about how the newspapers are using everything from archive pictures to cartoons to represent this match because of the dispute between the Indian board and some photo agencies over access to the stadiums.

    I should point out that the pictures we've been using on this Test are archive pictures, for the same reasons - the dead giveaway is that one shows James Anderson at slip!


    Richard Paton on Twitter: "Predicting that England will be 2 down around 535 runs behind by end of play tonight."

  178. 0635: 

    We're about five minutes away from the resumption. Assuming they continue to progress at a reasonable rate, does anyone think India have it in mind to declare during the evening session and put the frighteners on England for an hour or so before the close of day two?


    Ross McDonald on Twitter:‏ "Swann in desperate need of DRS but India know very well how dangerous he is when it's in use. Wise decision to keep it locked up."

    Join the debate via #bbccricket


    Author Ed Hawkins on TMS: "The ACSU [Anti-Corruption and Security Unit of the International Cricket Council] are not betting experts or ex-cricketers, they're policemen, and they need more help from the players to stamp out corruption."


    Tim Smith on Twitter: "England getting a right smashing in the cricket. Not a good time to be in Australia."

  182. 0604: 

    "Very much India's session," notes Aggers - keep listening on TMS while we take a break as they're going to speak to author Ed Hawkins, who's just had a book published this week about match-fixing - especially on the subcontinent.


    From Kully Matharu, TMS inbox: "I miss Hawk-Eye, even as an India fan. I would like to know if any of these hilariously desperate England appeals would even hit a second set of stumps."


    Callum Mulvihill on Twitter: "Might begin an assignment to look at how England can take a wicket."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "England's seamers have been much more economical than yesterday, but Pujara and Yuvraj know how to bat in these conditions and they've enjoyed themselves, albeit in a restrained manner. And this pitch continues to be a bit of a graveyard for seam bowlers. India will bat for at least another session to get to 500, then it could be a big mental test for the likes of Compton when England eventually get to respond to what will be a mammoth total."

  186. 0601: 
    LUNCH INTERVAL- Ind 410-4

    Graeme Swann to send down the last over before lunch - Yuvraj has the crowd on their feet with a pull through mid-wicket for four, a single takes him to 72 and Pujara blocks the last ball of the session to remain on 133. That's lunch - 87 runs and no wickets in the session.


    Lee Riding on Twitter: "Desperately trying to get my final piece of coursework done before the weekend but #bbccricket is keeping me distracted. Need wickets soon!"

    Please accept our apologies, Lee

  188. 0558: 
    Ind 405-4

    Yuvraj draws first blood in his duel with KP as he steers a single off his legs, Pujara moves to 133 with a single of his own, and Yuvraj nicks the strike. Pietersen has 0-3 from two overs, will he be back on after lunch?


    Duncan Bradshaw on Twitter: "What is affecting Bresnan's pace? A man like him should be quicker. I'm worried..."

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport in India

    "Interesting listening to Hindi commentary; English phrases turn up quite often. For example, when Tim Bresnan came on to bowl he was greeted by 'middleweight boxer'."

  191. 0554: 
    Ind 402-4

    Patel takes a rest but we still have spin from both ends as Swann is back on for his 41st over of the innings. Two singles from it - Pujara moves to 132, Yuvraj has 65.


    Stamford Raffles on Twitter: "DRS was allowed in the recent Indian Grand Prix. Why not allow it in a Test match?"

    Ah, when you're talking about Formula 1 you mean "their" DRS (drag reduction system) rather than "our" DRS (decision review system)...

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport

    "Lunch on day four in Mirpur, with West Indies 8-0, trailing Bangladesh by 21. The home side were eventually bowled out for 556, their highest Test score."

  194. 0550: 
    Ind 400-4

    So, we have Yuvraj the "pie-chucker" facing the off-spin of Kevin Pietersen, who has finally been "reintegrated" into the bowling attack after getting all those wickets against South Africa at Headingley in the last Test he played... and he gets a bit of turn, right from the off. Yuvraj gets an inside edge when he tries to hit out against a short ball... but chops it safely past his stumps, Prior fields and the duel ends in a maiden over.


    Tommy Smurthwaite on Twitter:‏ "Following online in Addis Ababa. Think connection a bit slow, though - the wicket column doesn't appear to be updating..."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think KP should have a bowl at Yuvraj, just to turn the tables. I think he might do that just before lunch. It'll be a good piece of theatre and it'll be amazing if it works... oh, it's happening now!"

  197. 0547: 
    Ind 400-4

    Pujara steps back and cuts Patel through the off side for a couple, which brings up India's 400.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "What Sunil Gavaskar loved about playing for Somerset when he came over was not the cricket, but the fact that he could walk down Taunton high street with his wife and not get mobbed."


    From Lee in Yeovil, TMS inbox: "Do you think it is about time that the ICC did the same for groundsmen as they do for umpires and made a group of international groundsmen that would go to the international matches and prepare the pitches to a standard that doesn't favour the home side? it seems to me that most countries tell their groundsmen to prepare wickets to suit their team and this is making the game very one-sided and taking the entertainment out of cricket."

  200. 0544: 
    Ind 398-4

    A fan in the crowd, wearing a pair of sunglasses which would not have looked out of place on Elton John in the late 70s, drapes an Indian flag around a young child as Bresnan begins a new over to Yuvraj, even trying a bouncer as he sends down his first maiden over of this Test.


    Ben Carson on Twitter: "Exams time for young doctors in India. Pledged yesterday to stop following Premier League. Today caught up with Test cricket."

  202. 0541: 
    Ind 398-4

    Patel is kept in the attack for the time being, Pujara steers a single to the cover sweeper before Yuvraj lofts a single over the inner ring of fielders down to the man patrolling the cow corner boundary. Patel finds a rare bit of turn to beat Pujara's outside edge, the big man's not turned it much in this game but that was a good delivery. Pujara tries a full-blooded cover drive and it strikes Ian Bell a nasty blow on the back of the leg as he tries to get out of the way. We're just under 20 minutes from lunch.


    James Butler on Twitter:‏ "Lessons done for the day here in Shanghai. Now for a nice afternoon following the cricket."

  204. 0537: 
    Ind 396-4

    Is that Kevin Pietersen swinging his arms to warm up for a little twirl against his old nemesis Yuvraj? It's still Bresnan for the time being, Pujara and Yuvraj exchange singles to push their stand to 112, Pujara pushes a quick one to mid-on as his score moves on to 128. (His highest Test score, in case you wonder, is 159).

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "There are no alarms here - there's only the pressure of the situation. India should easily be looking at 500, and the bowlers' footmarks are starting to make quite an impact on the wicket."


    Rabin Acharya on Twitter: "I cannot watch cricket here in Alaska. Thank you #bbccricket for live reporting with wise words from our very own Geoffrey Boycott."

  207. 0532: 
    Ind 393-4

    Yuvraj helps himself to a two and then goes after Patel again, advancing down the track to whack him over his head for a straight six. I wish I could bring England fans, as you awaken from your slumbers, some better news... but the facts rather prevent me from doing so.


    From Nick in London, trying not to wake up my girlfriend with my phone light, TMS inbox: "Talking to a couple of Indian guys about the DRS, the other day, there was something of a resemblance to talking with creationists about evolution. Piles and piles of evidence in its favour, but they simply won't have it."

  209. 0530: 
    Ind 385-4

    England may have noticed those last comments from Stephan and Jack, as Tim Bresnan returns to the attack - his last over was the 43rd, he's now back on to bowl the 112th. There's still a short mid-on and short mid-wicket in place for Pujara, but he drills a drive through the diving man at extra cover and they run two.


    Jack Williams on Twitter: "Bresnan is purely a passenger on a pitch that needs two spinners. 10 overs is embarrassing."

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport

    "The last over that Tim Bresnan bowled ended at around 0740 GMT yesterday, so it's coming up on 22 hours since he last turned his arm over. Between him, Anderson and Broad, England's three seamers have bowled 54 overs for 208 runs, whereas one and a half spinners have got through 57 overs for 165 runs."

  212. 0525: 
    Ind 383-4

    Patel begins his 17th over, Pujara dabs a single to backward point and that's the century stand from 204 balls.


    Reverend Liam Reilly on Twitter: "Allow me to reassure Aggers that you CAN get turmeric in British supermarkets."

  214. 0522: 
    Ind 382-4

    England are toiling here, make no mistake, Yuvraj and Pujara add a couple of singles, then there's another arms-splayed lbw appeal from Anderson but the umpires remain unmoved. "There have been a lot of appeals today," Rahul Dravid notes on TMS. "Some have been close, some have just been from frustration."

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "When I've played against England in England, they've looked a lot more positive side than they are here. Teams who come here tend to worry about their batting against spin and pick an extra batsman, but then end up conceding 400, 500 or 600 runs each time."


    Sam Biggs on Twitter: "I have an assignment due in tomorrow - #bbccricket helping me get through it."

  217. 0517: 
    Ind 380-4

    Yuvraj adds another single, then it's another poor delivery from Patel which Pujara hammers through wide mid-wicket for four. You can't bowl like that to him...


    Simon West on Twitter: "Just in from a night out, I've told myself I'll go to bed when England get the next wicket..."

  219. 0514: 
    Ind 375-4

    Plenty of arm-waving from Captain Cook to shuffle his field but it's still Anderson in the attack - while Aggers, who's been suffering with a bit of a cold, extols the virtues of turmeric as a cold remedy. Anderson, who's valiantly trying to cut off the runs, sends down a maiden to Pujara.

  220. 0509: 
    YUVRAJ FIFTY- Ind 375-4

    Samit Patel into the attack with his left-arm spin, Yuvraj looks at a couple and then helps himself to a boundary when Samit serves up a low full toss and Yuvraj clubs it for four through cow corner. That's his fifty. A single brings Pujara on strike, the youngster works a three off his legs to nick the strike.


    Clemmie Hill on Twitter: "#bbccricket getting me through revision here in Sydney. Quite nice not to have to get up at an obscene time to follow it too!"

    Owen Holton on Twitter: "Been in the library at Hertfordshire Uni for 12 hours, 12 hours til our aerospace design project is due in. #bbccricket keeping me going!"

    There seems to be a lot of revising going on... tweet us via #bbccricket to let us know where you all are!

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "That was a very good session for India - it's not easy to play with a hard, new ball but they've set a good platform to push on from. Pujara has looked composed, and you're not going to get a better examination of spin bowling than the one he's received, as Graeme Swann is one of the best in the business."

  223. 0502: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Ind 367-4

    England have put the brakes on pretty well here, Pujara and Yuvraj take a single apiece to move to 115 and 47 respectively, and umpire Dar calls the drinks on. We've had 44 runs in the first hour, but more importantly, no wickets.


    From John Coles in Sydney, TMS inbox: "It's all very well saying Swann will get all 10 wickets but India might declare with just 4 down!"

  225. 0458: 
    Ind 365-4

    Yuvraj dabs a single off his legs, Swann continues to bowl round the wicket to the right-handed Pujara, again tucking him up for room, though he manages a single off the last ball. Meanwhile, Boycs and Henry Blofeld on TMS express their shock at how many people seem to be crammed on the average Indian motorbike...


    Nicholas Hartley on Twitter: "Sitting in a laser lab in California - turns out that night shifts on Pacific time are just about perfect for live #bbccricket from India."

  227. 0455: 
    Ind 363-4

    Anderson has Kevin Pietersen in at short mid-on for Pujara, with another catcher at short mid-wicket. He can't get the ball past Nick Compton who's quickly in at point, and Anderson completes a maiden as they keep Pujara from scoring for the time being.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    (On a frustrating morning) "I couldn't get the chef in the hotel this morning to get my eggs, then no-one had seen my car to get to the ground, there was no mobile phone signal, and when I got here, the police and the army stopped us as everything had to stop for the team buses, which then didn't come. When I eventually got here, the lift wouldn't work as someone two floors above hadn't closed the lift doors properly. You need the patience of Job - and I don't have that!"

  229. 0450: 
    Ind 363-4

    Yuvraj blocks out three deliveries from Swann before an attempted sweep - the ball flies off the top edge but lands safely in the short fine leg area and they run two.


    From Mayank Agarwal, TMS inbox: "Exam in less than 48 hours - should be revising surgery and pathology but can't keep myself from refreshing BBC Sport page."

  231. 0448: 
    Ind 361-4

    Yuvraj moves to 43 with a single against Anderson - England's three seamers, combined, have now reached a double century, having conceded 204 from 50 wicketless overs, while Boycott Bingo fans should have their cards out as the Yorkshire legend is already setting about Yuvraj's Test record outside the subcontinent with his favoured stick of rhubarb.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Yuvraj's best score outside the subcontinent is 62 against England in Nottingham last year. He has three Test centuries - one in Bangalore and two in Pakistan, in Lahore and Karachi."

  233. 0443: 
    Ind 360-4

    Swann begins his 38th over - I wonder how his elbow problem, which has forced him to sit out the occasional ODI in the last year or so, will cope if he's going to have to bowl sides out virtually single-handedly in this series. But he can't find a way past Pujara's defences, that's another maiden.


    Hary Manoharan on Twitter: "The only useful thing Broad has done so far is create foot holes for Swann to land them in."

  235. 0440: 
    Ind 360-4

    Anderson replaces Broad, while Boycs on TMS is getting stuck into "bent-arm" spinners, sympathising with bowlers like ex-India slow left-armer Bishan Bedi, who had a wonderful classical action and is rather critical of the action of some modern spinners. Yuvraj is watchful agains Anderson, playing out a maiden - the 100th over of India's innings.


    Kim Holman on Twitter: "I'm working on the bar at a nightclub until the early hours, counting on some early England wickets to see me through until 6am."

    Michael Grunwell on Twitter: "Decided to pull an all-nighter, I've made it through the long boring hours now I have #bbccricket to keep me company!"

  237. 0436: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 360-4

    Pujara swipes at Swann and it flies off the edge, wide of the diving Swann at slip, and that's four. "Mind you, if that went to first slip, I'm not sure Trott would have caught it," quips Geoff Boycott. Pujara then pads up, offering no stroke as he's beaten in the flight... there's a loud shout, but this time it's Kiwi umpire Tony Hill shaking his head. Can't imagine Swann is too happy at the lack of DRS in this series, although with no ball-tracking system in use, we can't definitively say whether DRS would have helped him.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "The way England are going, Swann could get all 10. I don't see our seamers getting any."


    Jacob Rawcliffe on Twitter: "Got a feeling the phrase 'Century for Pujara' will be one we'll be hearing a lot of in the future..."

  240. 0432: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 356-4

    Yuvraj is nothing if not an entertainer, and the crowd are whooping with joy as Broad tries to bang it in short - which didn't really work yesterday either when Bresnan tried - and Yuvraj pulls him for four. Two more singles, and this is starting to feel like another long old session for England, even though it's only half-an-hour old. Broad yells another loud appeal off the last ball as Yuvraj prods forward, spreading his arms wide like a man signalling how big the fish that "got away" was... but umpire Aleem Dar is unmoved, and it looks like it hit him outside the line (although with no DRS, there's no ball-tracker on the BCCI-approved TV replays).


    From Ranjith Suresh, TMS inbox: "Any idea why Pietersen hasn't bowled? During the reintegration period is he only contracted as a batsman?"

  242. 0428: 
    Ind 350-4

    Pujara and Yuvraj plunder four singles against Swann to bring the hosts' score to 350, while Vic and Prakash Wakankar on TMS are both purring over Pujara's emergence as a Test player, while Somerset's chairman of cricket expresses the hope that Nick Compton can similarly establish himself in the five-day format.


    From Mark Phelps, TMS inbox: "On the train home after a night out in Chicago. Just been asked if the 'net minder' stands in front or behind the wood."

    Without wanting to sound like a trainspotter, I was very impressed with Chicago's train network when I visited last year. Particularly good when visiting the Cubs or White Sox. But sounds like the locals may need some cricketing education!

  244. 0425: 
    Ind 346-4

    Pujara moves to 106 wih a single, and Broad won't want to be reminded that every time he bowls to Yuvraj, someone somewhere will remember Yuvraj hitting him for six sixes in one over in the inaugural World Twenty20 in 2007. This stand is now worth 63, and Yuvraj has 35.


    Mister Deejay on Twitter: "Watch the cricket or go for a run? *It starts raining* Thank you God!"

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Contrasting fortunes for Swann - he bowled two maidens and then went for 15. The boundaries were from three terrific shots, but if Swann starts to become expensive and has to be taken out of the attack, Alastair Cook really does have problems."

  247. 0420: 
    Ind 341-4

    Having reached the magic three figures, Pujara blasts an overpitched delivery from Swann back past the bowler for four, a single brings Yuvraj on strike and that's the cue for Yuvi to open his shoulders and hoist Swann for a straight six over his head! "That's more like the one-day Yuvraj we know and love," notes Aggers, and Yuvraj goes after Swann again with a flat-batted slog-sweep over mid-wicket for a first-bounce four that lands just in front of the rope.


    Nick James on Twitter: "All the talk about Monty playing, what happens when Finn is fit again? Then what happens? Tough choices."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Pujara's batted in quite an understated way - not too many flourishes - and he didn't celebrate much, showing he means to go on."

  250. 0416: 
    PUJARA 100- Ind 330-4

    Single from Yuvraj, then there's a huge cheer from teh crowd as Pujara guides Broad for a single to fine leg to bring up his second Test century from a measured 190 balls. Well done, young man.


    Hary Manoharan ‏ "Sleeping pattered gone awry. The sweet smooth sound of TMS to keep me going through the night."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Swann's on the money, he's bowled two maidens, while Yuvraj has looked pretty composed in defence, coming back into Test cricket after beating cancer has been an amazing story."

  253. 0412: 
    Ind 328-4

    Swann to Pujara, on 99, everyone's up saving the single or catching but the youngster is watchful against Swann and can't penetrate the field as Swann completes his seventh maiden of the innings.

  254. 0409: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 328-4

    So, Swann will operate from one end for much of the day, that's a given, but who to bowl the other end? It's vice-captain Stuart Broad, who still clearly hasn't located his razor in the last 24 hours. He'll be bowling to the right-handed Cheteshwar Pujara, who's on 98 after hitting the last ball of day one for four. There's a delay while a member of the ground staff runs on with some sawdust for the bowler's footmarks - while Kevin Pietersen at short mid-wicket is already chirping at his old rival Yuvraj, the non-striker. (The word "pie-chucker" may or may not have been uttered). Pujara guides a single to move to 99, then there's a big, big lbw appeal from Broad as Yuvraj flicks a four off his legs (signalled as leg byes) - but the ball pitched well outside leg stump so it's a rather moot point.


    Ellie Setford on Twitter: "Awake at 04:00 on my birthday. Can't sleep for whatever reason, but I have #bbccricket to keep me company #bestbirthdayever"

    Happy birthday, Ellie, and thanks for joining us!

  256. 0402: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 323-4

    "England need wickets" says Aggers as off-spinner Swann does indeed open the bowling for England. He gets a bit of early turn against Yuvraj Singh and hits him on the pad as the left-hander sweeps and misses at the second ball of the day, but umpire Tony Hill shakes his head and with no DRS, there's no appeal to a higher authority. Maiden over.

  257. 0358: 

    Aggers and Vic seem agreed that Swann has another long bowling stint ahead of him. To compare England's bowling figures from yesterday, Swann had 32-5-85-4 while the three seamers, combined, sent down 44-4-193-0. Ouch. Meanwhile, Samit Patel had figures of 14-2-39-0. Players are almost ready to resume.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'd open the bowling with Swann today. A bit of shine will have come off the new ball, and he loves bowling at left-handers like Yuvraj. I wonder when you compare Swann with Laker, you'd have traded 'uncovered pitches' for DRS?"


    Ben Willoughby on Twitter: "Let the ball wear if it doesn't swing this morning. Then get Swann back into the attack and hope to restrict them to 450."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "There's this slightly dubious stat that Swann and Monty Panesar have never won a Test match in which they've played together, bu on the evidence of yesterday - and to be fair, Geoffrey [Boycott] was saying it at half-past nine - this doesn't look the right attack. They'll be hoping this second new ball can swing, as they need to get Yuvraj Singh out and get into the tail."

  261. 0348: 

    The make-up of England's bowling attack is already getting an airing from Jonathan Agnew and Vic Marks as TMS begins.

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport in India

    "Breakfast TV in India are not going with the subtle approach, reminding viewers in bold graphic that this is the 'grudge series'. There's considerable enthusiasm for a reversal of the 4-0 from 2011. Sehwag 'roaring back to form' gets predictable attention."


    Jack Furlong on Twitter: "Must restrict India to at worst 500 if we are to have any hope at all of getting something, come on lads!"

    Graeme Swann said after yesterday's play that England needed to keep them to under 450, but what do you think? Let us know via #bbccricket

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "Good morning from Ahmedabad! Rahul Dravid has just popped in the Test Match Special box offering to make us all some tea!"

    You can hear Rahul's thoughts on TMS throughout the series

  265. 0340: 

    Graeme Swann took all four Indian wickets to fall yesterday, and in doing so passed Jim Laker as England's highest wicket-taking off-spinner in Tests. While it's difficult to directly compare players from such different eras, we've sought the views of three other spinners - TMS summarisers Vic Marks and Phil Tufnell, and Windies legend Lance Gibbs - on Messrs Swann and Laker. (Though Vic was keen to point out that even he's not quite old enough to have watched Laker play!)

    Meanwhile, Wisden India editor Suresh Menon has written a piece for our colleagues at BBC News about whether this is seen as a "revenge" series for India after England's 4-0 win last summer.


    Chris Moss on Twitter: "Few early wickets for England in the morning and we are right in this Test!"

  267. 0334: 

    And as Saurabh Advant has commendably done below, you can get in touch with us throughout the day by one of the usual methods. Email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 if you're in the UK (with "CRICKET" as the first word), tweet us via #bbccricket - and while you're welcome to send carrier pigeons, the first three methods are usually more reliable.


    Saurabh Advant ‏ "Morning all. If India bat till tea today, a 1-0 lead in the series will be more than guaranteed. Pujara is the key."

    Alison Mitchell, BBC Radio 5 live

    On Twitter: "Bigger throng of people at the gates today than yesterday, good to see."

  270. 0330: 

    Morning, everyone - it's the early hours of Children in Need day here in the UK, but I'm sure more than a few visiting fans thought it would have to be "England in Need" after the first session of the first day of the first Test in Ahmedabad yesterday. India won the toss and reached 120-0 by lunch, although the tourists improved as the day went on, and the hosts ended the day on 323-4.

    We're half-an-hour away from the start of play, while Test Match Special will be on air from 0345 GMT - plenty of time for you to cast your eyes over Jonathan Agnew's column reflecting on yesterday's play. He discusses England's omission of Monty Panesar, Alastair Cook's first day as a fully-fledged Test captain, and praises young Cheteshwar Pujara who will begin today's play on 98 not out.

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Live Scores - India v England


  • India beat England by 9 wickets
  • India: 521-8 & 80-1 (15.3 overs)
  • England: 191 & 406 (154.3 overs)
  • Venue: Ahmedabad

India 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 1 80
Sehwag c Pietersen b Swann 25
Pujara not out 41
Kohli not out 14
Extras 0

England in India 2012-13

India's Mahendra Dhoni and England's Alastair Cook

Reports and scorecards from England's one-day tour of India, which includes five ODIs.