India v England, first Test, day three, Ahmedabad, as it happened

England, forced to follow on by India, close the third day of the first Test in Ahmedabad on 111-0 - trailing by 219.

17 November 2012 Last updated at 11:38 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1123: 

    That's it for a rather enigmatic day of cricket, in which England's batsmen showed some of their worst - and best - characteristics. Perhaps the sleepless nights Ian Bell will have after his shot selection today will prepare him for the sleepless nights he'll have when his baby is born.

    Anyway, that's it from us - cast your eyes over Stephan Shemilt's match report, while Jonathan Agnew's column will be up on the website soon as well. Enjoy the smorgasbord of live sport we've got for you this afternoon (live text on football, Formula 1 and rugby for starters) and make sure you join us at 0330 GMT tomorrow morning for day four. Because if England evoke the spirit of Brisbane 2010 and rack up 517-1, you won't want to miss it! TTFN.


    Chris Brown on Twitter: "Old Shep will be looking down on the score at stumps (111) with a rather worried face. He'll be shifting his feet all night."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "The India spinners are decent bowlers, but they're not Bedi, Chandrasekar and Prasanna. If Monty Panesar plays with Swann, their spinners are no better than ours. But their batsmen made the difference."


    Mike Green on Twitter: "Why didn't England bat properly the first time round?"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It finished on a better note, but there were some poor shots played by England today. People were saying it was going to be a minefield, but a guy got 200 on it yesterday so it can't be that bad. It's a pitch which is difficult to start on when there's four men around the bat, but once you get in, you find your confidence raises and you can play on it. Cook played in an exemplary manner in the first innings, it was a surprise when he got out. After Pietersen had a fraught 15 minutes, then left a gap a mile wide and was bowled. Bell, it was the shot of the match - he came down the pitch first ball and tried to hit the left-arm spinner out of the park, and I thought 'did that really happen'? Even if he'd got away with it, it was an awful shot. All those failures in the UAE are bound to have played a part."

  6. 1105: 

    Time for the close-of-play review with Aggers and Geoffrey, which will be available as the TMS podcast later on...


    Marc Sepetowski on Twitter: "England looked to have done away with their nervous 'hard press' this innings. Look to be playing a bit softer."

  8. 1104: 

    So, who'd have predicted that - England having a calamity first hour, but ending it with an assured final session?

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "That may be the only session in the match which England have won, but they won it handsomely. Compton has done what he was picked for, as he bats time. Cook was Cook, adroitly picking up the singles and waiting for the bad balls. England are still in a huge hole and the odds against them saving this match are very long, but they'll be a bit more cheerful tonight. They've shown it's possible to score runs out there if you keep your head. Earlier today, we thought it might finish on the third day - now we're not sure if it will finish on the fourth."

    CLOSE OF PLAY- Eng 111-0 (TRAIL BY 219)

    Last over, Ashwin spins it down to Compton, who adds a single off the last ball of the day. He has 34, Cook has 74, and England get a big ovation from their small band of supporters.


    From Toby Rowland, TMS inbox: "Do you think the difference between England's performance against spin and seam bowling are equivalent to the difference between Michael Vaughan's performance in latin and ballroom respectively?"

    I wouldn't dare critique anyone's dancing on Strictly - it's as much I can do to give a vague approximation of someone who knows about cricket!

  12. 1058: 
    Eng 110-0

    Ojha returns for what's likely to be the penultimate over of the day, which yields just a single to Compton, who moves to 33.

    And we've an addition to the list of grandfathers and grandson Test cricketers - as well as Victor Richardson and the Chappell brothers, the Headleys, Maurice and Chris Tremlett, and Denis and Nick Compton, we must add M Jahangir Khan of India was the grandfather of Bazid Khan of Pakistan.


    Hester Ormerod on Twitter: "Cook must have given a good speech before this innings.... Perhaps he sang a stirring renedition of Jerusalem?"

  14. 1055: 
    Eng 109-0 (TRAIL BY 221)

    Just the one-over spell for off-spinner/leg-spinner/long-hopper Sachin Tendulkar then, as Ravichandran Ashwin returns, and Cook drives him for four through extra cover as he gets down on one knee - lovely shot. Probably time for two more overs, I'd think.


    Mark Dunn-Wilson on Twitter: "Re. Ed Greening [1037]: 'English cricket also has same problems as English politics' - SPIN!"

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think the low point of the day was the Bell dismissal, but I think England did pretty well to get to 191 all out from 69-5, and then they've already scored 105 second time out. In the dressing-room, they'll be enjoying Compton's innings even more as they know Cook can do it."

  17. 1050: 
    Eng 105-0

    Compton guides Yadav for two to move to 31, while there's the rare sight of a pigeon crossing the pitch - no Blowers on commentary duty at the moment. Two singles mean Compton moves to 32 and Cap'n Cook to 70.

    And Aggers informs TMS listeners that there's no highlights programme on BBC 5 live sports extra because there's so much other live sport on this afternoon, but you can of course listen back to the entire day's play (should you wish) on the BBC iPlayer.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't think I'll use this in my piece, but this is a Jekyll and Hyde performance from England today. Readers of the Observer can wait to see if it gets used!"

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport in India

    "Massive cheer in the ground when Tendulkar does anything, especially bowling. His enduring appeal is still very, well, enduring..."

  20. 1046: 
    Eng 101-0 (TRAIL BY 229)

    We're into "bonus overs" after completing the required 90 - and there are some big cheers from the India crowd as Sachin Tendulkar's going to have a trundle - he can bowl off-spin, leg-spin, little seamers, and all sorts. Looks like he's going to start off with off-spin against Cook, then the second ball is a leg break which Cook grins at. But the fifth ball is an ugly long-hop which Cook has to reach for but swipes through the covers for four, and the last is another long-hop down the leg side which Cook helps on its way for four to bring up the century stand. So that's off-spin, leg-spin and long-hops from the "Little Master".


    Jack Furlong on Twitter: "What an effort from Cook and Compton. Another two days of that please!"

  22. 1042: 
    Eng 93-0

    While Vic Marks on TMS wonders if this afternoon's England v Australia rugby will be shown on Indian TV (as Aggers doesn't think he can take another Bond film with a squiggly line across the middle of the screen), Cook adds a single to the score.


    Mark Teal on Twitter: "It's a clear message our boys need more experience in these conditions. If only India hosted a spinner-drenched yearly tourno..."

  24. 1037: 
    Eng 92-0 (TRAIL BY 238)

    Compton and Cook push a couple of singles before Ojha spins one down the leg side and Dhoni misses the ball as it goes through his legs - it's signalled as three leg byes. A single takes Cook to 60.


    Ed Greening on Twitter: "English cricket has same problems as English football at grassroots. Brawn>brains and power>technique in most's mindset."

  26. 1033: 
    Eng 86-0

    Dhoni ends the spin-bowling hegemony as right-arm seamer Yadav replaces off-spinner Ashwin, and Compton steers the first ball of the new spell for a single. Cook helps himself to another four through backward point - his fourth boundary in that region.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "England have just got to take this through to the close and not spoil it by doing anything silly. It's clear thinking, unlike Bell's dismissal which was silly thinking."


    Adam Green on Twitter: "Desperately not trying to say anything too positive about it! #mockers."

  29. 1028: 
    COOK FIFTY- Eng 81-0 (TRAIL BY 249)

    Cook tucks in to a long-hop from Ojha and guides it for four through mid-wicket to bring up his fifty from 94 balls. It's warmly applauded by the visiting fans, and it gets a "hands above the head" clap from his mentor, England batting coach Graham Gooch, watching from the boundary. It's the 50th time he's passed 50 in Test cricket, he has 20 centuries and 30 fifties from 84 Tests. A quick single to extra cover brings Compton on strike, he steers one to backward point and they run another quick single - he has 27.


    Jubair Shamsi on Twitter: "When will Ashwin bowl his 'mystery delivery'? It's high time to demolish any English hopes left."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Dhoni needs to swap it round a bit here, as the batsmen look increasingly comfortable, especially Cook. You watch him bat, and you know the areas he's going to score in."

  32. 1024: 
    Eng 75-0

    Cook unleashes his sweep shot against Ashwin, that's four more, and it's eagerly signalled by some England fans in the crowd. An easy single to square leg takes him to 49.

    And we're going to get plenty of overs in today, folks - that's 86 bowled today already, but play will keep going until 1100 GMT.


    Anand Dahihandekar on Twitter:‏ "India should have DRS at home, you don't want a hard fought victory to be marred by some dubious decisions!"

  34. 1022: 
    Eng 70-0 (TRAIL BY 260)

    Compton advances down the track and pushes Ojha for a sharp single to Tendulkar, who's not as rapid as he used to be, at mid-off. Cook adds a single of his own, and Blowers on TMS points out we've not had any extras in this innings.


    Sam Pardey on Twitter: "Woke up hungover, felt bad. Looked at the cricket score, felt even worse."

  36. 1017: 
    Eng 68-0

    Cook, who scored 173, 39, 21 and 109 not out when he first led England in Test cricket (in Bangladesh in 2010), is inching towards a half century here, exchanging singles with Compton. He has 43, the Somerset man has 25. But make no mistake, there's a long, long, long way to go.


    From Martin Dixon, TMS inbox: "I think England decided in October to make this a series of 'themed' Tests. This one is titled The Audacious Comeback. Next Test: The Nailbiting Draw."

  38. 1014: 
    Eng 66-0 (TRAIL BY 264)

    Cook is back on the defensive against Ojha, batting calmly and waiting for the bad ball to despatch. He swats a single to the cover sweeper to move to 42, overtaking his first-innings 41.


    Chris Moss on Twitter: "That's what's commonly known as 'karma', India!! DRS would have sent Cook on his way, you can only blame yourselves!"

  40. 1012: 
    Eng 65-0

    Compton plays out a maiden from Ashwin, who has 0-37 from 10 wicketless overs.


    From Rob Patterson, via text on 81111: "Gone from a high of a long night of Children in Need volunteering to waking up to that cricket score. Bye bye 1st test. Depressed."

  42. 1009: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 65-0 (TRAIL BY 265)

    Test debutant Compton continues his steady progress with a single, Cook fluently sweeps for four through square leg, past the diving Yuvraj Singh running round from fine leg. Another sweep shot, this time it hits the Chef on the pad but umpire Dar shakes his head at Ojha's excited appeal. Boycs on TMS thinks it would have been out if DRS was in use... and he may be right.


    Nick H on Twitter:‏ "I'm glad Test cricket isn't as predictable as an England fan overreaction."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "Glad you are all enjoying Rahul Dravid. Real pleasure to work with."

  45. 1006: 
    Eng 60-0

    Cook square-cuts at Ashwin, one of his favourite shots, and that's four from the moment it left his bat. Tidy over otherwise.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Young Compton is making a really big effort to get forward here. If you can't defend on slow turners, you've got no chance of scoring runs."

  47. 1003: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 56-0 (TRAIL BY 274)

    Compton gets an edge to Ojha, Virat Kohli gets a hand to it diving to his left at second slip but he can't hold on. Harsh, but a chance. Another maiden over.

  48. 1000: 
    Eng 56-0

    Ashwin begins his eighth over, while Geoff Boycott thinks he can read Ashwin's carrom ball "which is much easier to read than the doosra from that Pakistan off-spinner Saeed Ajmal". Cook gets an edge but the ball scoots along the ground to backward point. Maiden, and we have an hour left of play, as India will easily bowl more than the 12 overs remaining.


    Ashish Lakhotia on Twitter: "England cricket fans: stop moaning about the turning pitch! As if your lot don't prepare pitches that support your bowlers!!"

  50. 0958: 
    Eng 56-0 (TRAIL BY 274)

    Ojha's remarkable recovery is complete as he's ready to rejoin the bowling attack. Cook drills a single to move to 33, Compton adds a two off his legs to progress to 23.


    From Steve Jones, TMS inbox: "England should try and schedule the one-dayers first in these subcontinent series. It forces them to play the spinners with intent and learn how to rotate the strike. In the UAE suddenly they were able to play Ajmal et al a lot better."

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "England have made a much better start, there's a lot of thinking for Dhoni to do as England didn't threaten much during the first innings. He will tell his bowlers to be patient - if they pick up one wicket, they may get another couple before the end of the day - and make England work for their runs."

  53. 0950: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 53-0

    Ojha is back on the field - the India physio's clearly worked wonders with the magic sponge as he looked in agony a couple of overs ago - and Compton steers Ashwin for a single before Captain Cook brings up the fifty partnership with a four off his legs. He then pushes a single to mid-wicket, and umpire Tony Hill calls for drinks as the over concludes.


    Alex Webster on Twitter: "Let's not just criticise England for their team selection. Why didn't India play four frontline spinners against our inept batting?"

  55. 0947: 
    Eng 47-0 (TRAIL BY 283)

    Zaheer Khan is into the attack for his first bowl of the innings - I wouldn't imagine there are many occasions where's been the fifth bowler to be used in an innings - and his introduction puts the brakes on a little before Compton works the last ball for a single - 47 equals England's highest partnership of the match so far, matching the 47 added by Prior and Bresnan for the eighth wicket in the first innings.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "Our 1st game in the Big Bash on BBC 5 live sports extra will be Perth Scorchers v Melbourne Stars. Dec 12th 10am. Shane Warne + Usain Bolt playing?"


    ZJ on Twitter: "Andy Flower must have given the players the hairdryer treatment during the tea break."

  58. 0942: 
    Eng 46-0

    Harbhajan Singh comes on to field as substitute for Ojha, he's probably gutted that he's not allowed to bowl on a pitch like this. And England won't be shedding too many tears at Ojha, the man who took five wickets in the first innings, walking off the field. When play resumes, Cook and Compton add another single apiece.

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    "Bangladesh's hopes of claiming their first victory over a major Test nation (unless you count Zimbabwe and a second-string West Indies side during the players' strike in 2009) are over. Chasing 245 to beat the Windies in Mirpur, the hosts have been bowled out for 167 to lose by 77 runs. Tino Best claimed 5-24 and debutant left-arm spinner Veerasammy Permaul 3-32."

  60. 0937: 
    Ouch!- Eng 44-0 (TRAIL BY 286)

    Compton drives at Ashwin, it takes a bit of a thick edge but it disappears for four. He then whips a single to mid-wicket, Ojha makes a tumbling stop but is then clutching his right arm and looks to be in a lot of pain, even though it's his non-bowling arm, and the Indian physio comes on to treat him. It was a pretty regulation bit of fielding, but as we watch the replays, he may have injured himself as he gets up. And he leaves the field...


    Colin Tonkin ‏on Twitter: "Gonna start a County Championship team. Only spinners allowed. Make the home pitch a turning paradise and guaranteed to win it."

  62. 0935: 
    Eng 39-0

    India are rattling through their overs here, but it's steady progress from England as Cook square-drives Ojha for the fourth boundary of his innings.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "As rumours circulate that Usain Bolt is about to sign for Melbourne Stars, I am delighted to announce that we are joining together with ABC in Australia to broadcast Big Bash games on BBC 5 live sports extra."

    For those of you unacquainted with the Big Bash, it's Australia's domestic Twenty20 competition.

  64. 0932: 
    Eng 35-0 (TRAIL BY 295)

    The Sehwag experiment lasts only one over as Ashwin has changed ends, and sends down a maiden over to the watchful Compton.


    Ashish Bhoja on Twitter: "Should Dhoni have enforced the follow-on? Not sure if I'd want to bat last on this wicket chasing any total to win the game!"

  66. 0930: 
    Eng 35-0

    Compton dabs Ojha for a single, he has 0-9 from five overs.


    From Richard Clayton, TMS inbox: "Can somebody please tell Ian Bell to drop the macho man act? He doesn't need to 'impose himself' like a demented cage-fighter when he gets to the crease. He needs to bat like Hashim Amla."

  68. 0926: 
    Eng 34-0 (TRAIL BY 296)

    It's off-spin from both ends as India turn to Virender Sehwag, who has 40 wickets from his first 98 Tests but is more of a partnership-breaker these days, but Compton helps himself to a single to short fine leg, then Cook dabs at a slower delivery and the edge falls agonisingly short of the man at first slip. Not a bad first over.


    From Rupert in Cambridge, via text on 81111: "If England were Bangladesh, everyone would now be questioning their Test status. Inept!!"

  70. 0923: 
    Eng 33-0

    Ashwin, who's bowling in his sunglasses and looks to be chewing something, has three close fielders for Cook who unleashes a powerful cut shot for four. Another four, this time from a cover drive, takes the England skipper to 22.


    From Neil Bayley in Brisbane, TMS inbox: "Most other Test nations adopt an opening partnership with one aggressive batsman eg. Sehwag, Tamin, Warner, Gayle. We draft in '2 from 20' Compton. Hardly the most positive approach now, is it?"

  72. 0919: 
    Eng 25-0 (TRAIL BY 305)

    Slow left-armer Ojha bowls over the wicket to the left-handed Cook, who clips a single off his legs. We have a minimum of 22 overs left today.


    Stephen Spender on Twitter: "Andrew Strauss last seen picking himself up an Indian take away with a very smug look on his face. #noregrets"

  74. 0917: 
    Eng 24-0

    Cook guides Ashwin for a single, and it's wonderful what a bit of positive batting can do to England's mindset.


    From Alex, looking forward to an afternoon watching England humiliate the Aussies at Twickenham, TMS inbox: "Dear Mark, you asked two very simple questions this morning. I can now reveal the answers. At 0330, 'Can England play spin?' and then exactly five hours later 'Can they make it that far? (the 33 overs left in the day)'. Your two answers are a resounding 'no' and 'it hardly matters, refer to answer 1'."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "England have realised you can't be utterly passive for hours on end. They've been more pro-active and are picking up runs as a consequence."

  77. 0913: 
    Eng 23-0 (TRAIL BY 307)

    Ojha replaces Yadav so we have two spinners bowling in tandem for the first time in a while. Cap'n Cook comes down the wicket and launches him over the man at mid-wicket for four, prompting Dhoni to send a fielder back to that boundary. a single takes him to 11, and Compton matches him with a scampered quick single to mid-on. Cook turns a single to that mid-wicket boundary field to round off England's best over for a while.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Quite a little moment that from Compton - it's a brave shot to play as if it doesn't come off, there will be a few people in the press box who would have a word! It's his first boundary in Test cricket, from a reverse sweep."


    From Tom in Hitchin, via text on 81111: "Just catching up on the live text while my car gets new tyres. Web page shifts, I scroll back up - phew, no wicket icon."

  80. 0909: 
    Eng 16-0

    Compton is assured in defence against Ashwin, who switches to bowling round the wicket - still with four close fielders, but the Somerset man tickles a two off his legs down to Zaheer Khan who's grazing down at fine leg, before reverse-sweeping the last ball of the over for four. "That's the shot of his Test career!" jokes Vic Marks, who of course is also Somerset's chairman of cricket.


    Jona Andrew James on Twitter: "Instead of meaningless tours to the subcontinent every four years, we should send our batsmen to spin clinics, maybe hire Dravid."

  82. 0906: 
    Eng 10-0 (TRAIL BY 320)

    If you're just joining us after a heavy Friday night, Alastair Cook has not been batting all day... I'm afraid England are following on, having conceded a first-innings deficit of 330. Compton keeps plugging away with a single off Yadav, who has an economical 0-5 from four overs and despite only taking 1-14 from seven in the first innings, has arguably been the most impressive seam bowler in this match.


    Paul Tynan on Twitter: "I was trying to get tickets for the Mumbai Test next week. Now delighted I didn't manage it."

  84. 0901: 
    Eng 9-0

    An early change of bowling as Ravichandran Ashwin replaces Ojha, but Compton and Cook are trying to play positively - Compton doubles his score with a single, and Cook turns a two and a single round the corner to fine leg. Compton nicks the strike with a single off the last ball, and there are more words exchanged between Dhoni and umpire Dar between overs. The plot thickens...

  85. 0857: 
    Eng 4-0 (TRAIL BY 326)

    Cook guides Yadav for a single, and his partner Compton is off the mark with a single to leg.


    From Simon Lomax, via text on 81111: "You have to applaud captain Cook's innovative plan. Make sure you bat badly enough to follow on. Score big and quick second innings, thus avoiding batting last on a dry dusty wicket. Assuming of course you have a couple of quality spinners in the side. Doh!"

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Compton is a good defensive player, and uses the crease in the approved manner - he may think he's got a name to make in this situation."

  88. 0852: 
    Eng 2-0

    After 'Sawdust Man' concludes his business, Ojha sends down a maiden over to Compton.

  89. 0849: 

    Zaheer Khan, again fielding with a sleeveless sweater (more like a body-warmer than a traditional sweater) is limbering up in the deep, but the start of Yadav's over is delayed as once again there's concern over the bowler's footmarks at Dar's end. One of the ground staff runs on with a green bucket of sawdust.


    Damian on Twitter: "Now I understand why Strauss stepped down... He surely saw this coming."

  91. 0848: 
    Eng 2-0

    India captain Mahendra Dhoni has a word with umpire Dar between overs, the replay shows some quite animated talks - and Dar then calls him back for another word. Doesn't look particularly amicable. Yuvraj Singh is having a much better time of it, dancing along with the drummers in the crowd behind him at fine leg. Cook gets England under way with a two off his legs down to the aforementioned Yuvraj, reducing the deficit from 330 to a mere 328 that England need to score to make India bat again.


    From Peter Myers in Guinea, West Africa, TMS inbox: "Horrible to say but the only spin England can understand will be the spin they try to put on the press releases regarding their defeat."

  93. 0843: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 0-0

    It's not often that four different bowlers take the new ball for one team in a Test, but it's happening here as left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha is handed the second over, and his second ball beats Compton's defences and has all the close fielders appealing for lbw... but it's going down the leg side. The Somerset man then tries to sweep, changes his mind at the last minute and has to play a cross-batted defensive shot to kill the ball at his feet.


    Sam King on Twitter: "One day I hope I'll wake up and not be hideously depressed by the cricket score. One day."

  95. 0840: 
    Eng 0-0 (TRAIL BY 330)

    Alastair Cook and Nick Compton open up for England again, and Captain Cook sees off the first over from Yadav. Now, will they give the second over to spin or seam?


    Tom Arron on Twitter: "Time for change. I think we need send out a Boycott Family XI in the next Test armed only with a selection of fruit."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't think India are unbeatable - I don's think their spinners are better than Swann and Monty - but their batsmen have made the difference. I've said I don't think England are going to beat India in India, but the important thing is to restore some pride."

  98. 0836: 

    Time flies - especially during a tea interval - and England are ready to begin their second innings. Umesh Yadav will take the new ball for India.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport

    "In his last six Tests, including this one, new England vice-captain Stuart Broad has taken 14 wickets at an average of 48.07 (eight of those wickets came in one match) and scored 120 runs at 17.14."


    JustHerLuck on Twitter: "Swann should have been England's night-watchman .. waste of his batting talents."

  101. 0830: 

    England will have 33 overs to bat out the final session. Can they make it that far? Of course, if India take enough wickets, they could claim the extra half-hour if they think they have a realistic chance of achieving a result.


    Jonathan Emm on Twitter: "Surely it's time that before anyone can bat for England they have to play 1st class in India for a year."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "This is not a minefield. The occasional ball has bounced a bit, but it's not been jumping up at people's throats, and not been turning miles."


    Paul Roberts on Twitter: "The English cricket team's speed of descent from world number one Test team must surely rival Felix Baumgartner's fall from space."

  105. 0823: 

    England have been asked to follow on. And tea is being taken.

  106. 0823: 

    And in the other simultaneous Test in Galle, New Zealand are 133-4 after 46 overs after winning the toss against Sri Lanka.


    From Paul Delaney in Sale, TMS inbox: "England should open with Prior when we inevitably follow on. Of course they won't."

  108. 0821: 

    It's definitely tea being taken in Mirpur - Bangladesh have slumped to 129-7 chasing 245 to beat West Indies. Bangladesh commentator Shamim Chowdhury on TMS blames "a mixture of nerves and some irresponsible strokes" for the collapse. Our old friend Tino Best has taken 4-15.


    From Rachel Tyrell in Lincoln, via text on 81111: "My daughter wants to play Angry Birds on my phone - I explained that I needed it to keep up to date with the cricket score. She replied, 'Why?' Cue tumbleweed moment and me handing the phone over."

  110. 0819: 

    So, England trail by 330 on first innings - we're waiting for confirmed news of whether the follow-on is being enforced, while we're also hearing that tea may be being taken...

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm surprised at that shot from Prior, he could have got a few more runs there as Swann's a decent player. History shows India will probably enforce the follow-on here, as England still have a lot of runs to make."


    Former England spinner Shaun Udal, who bowled England to their last Test victory in India in 2006, on Twitter: "Don't know why people are shocked at England Test score, we've been poor players of spin for over 20 years, looks like 4-0 I'm afraid to say."

  113. 0816: 
    WICKET- Prior b Ojha 48 (Eng 191 all out)

    Swann pushes Ojha for three, then Prior's long defiance is ended when he gives himself room for an expansive drive and the slow left-armer knocks his off stump back.


    Max Nancarrow on Twitter: "I don't understand why England persist with Patel and Bresnan, pick specialists, not average all-rounders."

  115. 0813: 
    Eng 188-9

    Graeme Swann is England's last man - demoted to number 11 because of England's use of a night-watchman. How many other Test number 11s have a highest first-class score of 183? Swann, having been given that big build-up by Vic on TMS, is hit on the pad first ball but Mr Dar shakes his head and they run a leg bye.


    From Katie in Archway, TMS inbox: "Up early to bake my beloved Grandma Doris Gray's cake for her 96th birthday today. Loving the commentary and some true grit from the boys. Keep up the good work."


    From Ian in Barcelona, TMS inbox: "Darren Gough said some while ago that there are too many sacred cows in the English set-up. Look at the bowling: Anderson had to be picked as did Broad but they wanted Bresnan in as he had done well in the tour to date. What about Monty then? The logic would be to drop Broad (short of practice too) to accommodate Monty but you can't do that as he is a sacred cow which Monty most definitely is not. Bell is the most sacred of all cows. Despite his total and universally acknowledged failure in UAE and even if he got a duck in the second innings here, he would still have been the first name on the team sheet for the second Test, if he hadn't been going back to England."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "There's a bit of reverse swing, that ball snaked into the left-handed Broad and we don't have DRS so we don't have the ball-tracker, so like Samit Patel's just before lunch it may have been going down the leg side, it may have hit the leg stump... though it could have been 'umpire's call' if we did have DRS."

  119. 0810: 
    WICKET- Broad lbw b Zaheer 25 (Eng 187-9)

    Zaheer floats one down the leg side to Broad and it disappears for four leg byes, before the tall left-hander straight-drives past the bowler for three. Prior, two short of his half century, is hit on the pad and India appeal... but umpire Aleem Dar shakes his head as England scurry through for a leg bye. "That's not missing the leg stump by much," notes Vic on TMS. Next ball, Broad's hit on the pad and this time Mr Dar sends him on his way!

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "An extraordinary field for Prior - five men on the boundary, three around the bat and the other one hovering at short-ish mid-wicket."


    Rob Jones on Twitter: "Yet again we see the myth that we bat all the way down the order get blown away. Apart from Matty Prior that is!"

  122. 0806: 
    Eng 179-8

    Prior sweeps Ashwin for a single to sneak up to 48, then Broad nicks the strike with a single off the last delivery. 73 overs gone, so there will be a new ball available before tea if India choose to take it.


    Arun Prakash on Twitter: "Haryana's last few scores in completed first-class innings: 97, 120, 55, 183, 334, 66. The 334 came against England."

  124. 0802: 
    Eng 177-8

    There's a sense of frustration from the India fans in the crowd as the home side struggle to break this partnership. Broad's not happy with movement behind the bowler's arm but defends well against Zaheer, playing out a maiden.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Ashwin has taken 3-14 from 13 overs at the other end, and 0-64 from 13 overs at the end he's bowling at now."


    Simon Clarke on Twitter: "It's always Matt Prior that comes in and does a job for us, no matter what the situation. Top order need to learn from him."

  127. 0758: 
    Eng 177-8

    Prior sweeps Ashwin for two as the bowler vainly appeals for lbw, while another sweep beats the stooping Zaheer Khan at fine leg who can't get down to stop the ball crossing the rope for four. Prakash Wakankar on TMS thinks Zaheer is worried about aggravating a previous groin injury. Prior then attempts a reverse sweep, the ball balloons into the air and India appeal for a catch but the ball appeared to have come off his pad. Prior's now the top scorer in the innings on 47.


    Julian Croker on Twitter: "Someone needs to remind Dhoni about the 'Spirit of Cricket'. It's just not fair to bowl spinners against England's batsmen."

  129. 0753: 
    Eng 171-8

    A single takes Prior to 38 from 84 balls, he's positively sedate compared to Broad who has clubbed 20 from 11. An inside edge brings the Notts man a single, Prior moves into the forties with a two and a single. England showing a bit of fight here, but to put it in context, they're still 151 short of the follow-on target.


    From Mark Ford, TMS inbox: "Just taken taxi ride in Dubai - the Indian taxi driver wouldn't take money for the fare - how about that for pity!"

  131. 0748: 
    Eng 166-8

    Broad is clearly going to take an aggressive approach, cover-driving the recalled Ashwin for four, but then missing the ball completely when he attempts a similarly expansive drive to the next ball. A single off his legs takes the tall left-hander's score to 12 from eight balls. Prior adds a single, Broad paddle-sweeps a two and then gets down on one knee and mows Ashwin over his head for six! It is Mow-vember, I suppose...

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport in India

    On Twitter: "150 up for England, barely a ripple from the crowd!"

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "When you see how well Bresnan defended for a while, it makes the Ian Bell shot all the more inexplicable. It was a preposterous shot - as Bresnan proved that unless you get an amazing delivery, it is possible to stay in and defend. And there's also something preposterous about the night-watchman thing meaning Swann, one of England's best players of spin and a natural aggressor, will bat at 11."

  134. 0745: 
    Eng 152-8

    Prior drives Zaheer for a single to the cover sweeper, as the TV pictures show a vulture or two circling above the stadium (as opposed to circling about any specific England batsmen...). Broad pushes a quick single to substitute fielder Ajinkya Rahane. We're not sure who he's on as sub for, but one's first thought when one sees an Indian substitute fielder on is often... now, where's Sehwag?


    Richard McIntosh on Twitter: "Team for 2nd Test... Cook, Compton, Trott, KP, Bairstow, Morgan, Prior, Swann, Finn, Anderson, Monty."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "No disgrace in Bresnan's dismissal, that was a handy delivery. There aren't as many demons in the wicket as some have thought. I think he's not bowling the two spinners in tandem so he can enforce the follow-on and share the load a little."

  137. 0740: 
    Eng 150-8

    Broad whacks his first ball through mid-wicket for four, then pushes a scampered two wide of the two short-leg fielders. They need 172 more to avoid the follow-on, though.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Stuart Broad's coming out to bat, and he'll be confused as he normally likes to review any dismissal, and he won't be able to do that. But there's no shame for Bresnan, at least he didn't get himself out - he was got out."

  139. 0738: 

    A drinks break is taken as we're a couple of minutes away from when we would have one anyway.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "Not much you can do as a batsman about one that turns like that in these conditions, but Bresnan will be disappointed as he'd played well."

  141. 0736: 
    WICKET- Bresnan c Kohli b Ojha 19 (Eng 144-8)

    India shuffle their bowlers but it's still spin from one end, seam from the other as slow left-armer Ojha replaces off-spinner Ashwin - and it does the trick for the hosts as Bresnan prods at one which turns, bounces and he's caught at gully.


    From Duncan Lamb, TMS inbox: "The charm of Test cricket is about successes and reverses - that's what makes it interesting. The fascination in this series will be if England can develop and prove to be better opponents than they are at present. This is cricket; people love it because it's like life - you tend to take two steps forward and one step back quite a lot of the time."

  143. 0733: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 143-7

    Zaheer continues against Bresnan and has another lbw appeal turned down, it's been spin/seam from India since lunch and I can't help but ask whether the India fans would rather the two spinners were bowling together? What do you think, India fans? Tweet, text or email us. Zaheer switches to bowling round the wicket, the stump-cam shows how from the batsman's point of view, he will appear from behind the umpire. Maiden over.


    From Jon Barton in Sheffield, via text on 81111: "Clearly India too cautious in declaration. They'll need to improve there if they want to win the series."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I found out yesterday from speaking to Ramiz Raja that Hindi and Urdu are fairly similar as spoken languages - but are completely different written down, as Urdu is written from right to left. Ramiz is an Urdu speaker and he was telling me how he can speak Hindi fluently, but can't read a word of it."

  146. 0729: 
    Eng 143-7

    There's still not much penetration from India as the increasingly confident Bresnan and Prior help themselves to three singles against Ashwin. I'm trying to choose my words carefully for fear of being accused of jinxing them...

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I was a bit disappointed with 'Dr No' last night. I've still got this problem with a horizontal line across the middle of the TV screen in my hotel room. Ursula Andress looked like Jordan when she came out of the sea - she was way out of line if you see what I mean - and James Bond looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I think it's 'Moonraker' on tonight."

  148. 0725: 
    Eng 140-7

    With 184 more still needed to avoid the follow-on, Prior pushes Zaheer for a single and Bresnan gets an inside edge down to fine leg to rotate the strike.


    From Jonathan Hornby, TMS inbox: "I still think that with a bit of application we have the batting to avoid the follow-on here. In the spirit of full disclosure I should point out that I may still be working off last night's brandy."

  150. 0721: 
    Eng 138-7

    India will have a new ball available in 18 overs, but they'll hope to snaffle a wicket or two before then. Bresnan and Prior add a pair of singles to the score, and Rahul Dravid on TMS thinks this has been "a good fightback" by England.


    Sam Corbitt on Twitter: "I'm a level one cricket coach and I reckon I can teach the England cricket team how to play spin bowling better!"

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport in India

    "The Diwali lights are being taken down around Ahmedabad, cricket providing the excitement instead. There is the usual mad throng outside the main gates at lunch: policemen in shades and khaki uniforms waving lathi sticks meaningfully. Not using them on anyone, though..."

  153. 0718: 
    Eng 136-7

    Zaheer Khan back into the attack to replace Yadav - Prior gets an edge and it bounces a yard or two in front of Cheteshwar Pujara, who's the solitary slip, while Rahul Dravid explains to TMS listeners that Dhoni has had a few issues with injured fingers, and has to strap them very carefully. Prior opens the face to steer Zaheer for four through backward point.


    From Andrew in Holyhead, via text on 81111: "With England rubbish at cricket and Wales rubbish at rugby I am waiting for an anouncement that climate change has stopped, then I will know the world is back to normal."

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't think Dhoni wants to tire out his spinners too much, and manage his resources carefully so he can put England back in to bat again."

  156. 0713: 
    Eng 132-7

    The crowd are still pretty lively as Ashwin steers Bresnan for two, and one can't help but think that India have taken their foot off the gas (or if you prefer, their foot off England's jugular) since lunch. Another two takes Bres to 15 - this stand is now worth 35.


    Ashishshah on Twitter: "Yadav is much better in these conditions than England seamers, who were all predictable."

  158. 0710: 
    Eng 128-7

    India want the ball changed, and one of the other Indian fielders takes the aforementioned second pair of shades from Virender "Two Sunglasses" Sehwag. Yadav stays on with the replacement ball, Prior moves to 27 with a single, then there's a half-hearted leg-before appeal against Bresnan, but there was plenty of bat on that and he runs a single.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Bell is missing the next Test as his baby's due, there won't be too many tears at him leaving after that shot he played today!"

  160. 0703: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 126-7

    Ashwin's back into the attack, but in place of Ojha, the off-spinner has four close catchers and a fairly short mid-wicket. Never mind that, Sehwag at slip has a pair of sunglasses over his eyes and ANOTHER pair of sunglasses on his cap. As bowler and wicketkeeper are both wearing sunglasses, perhaps he's looking after the pair for another close fielder? And Virender "Two Sunglasses" Sehwag is into the game as a carrom ball from Ashwin is edged by Bresnan and dropped by Sehwag at slip! Reprieved, Bresnan drives the last ball of the over for four wide of mid-off. Perhaps Sehwag should try the other pair of glasses?


    Paul Baldwin on Twitter: "India giving us a lesson in selection and captaincy (and batting and bowling!)."

  162. 0700: 
    Eng 121-7

    TMS scorer Andrew mentions that West Indies fast bowler Tino Best has taken 3-12 in that game with Bangladesh. He'd pick up a few votes for "most entertaining Test innings of 2012" after he nearly took a century off England at number 11 at Edgbaston, as would KP's astonishing century at Headingley. Prior plays out another over from Yadav, just a single off the last ball - and with no slips in, aren't India letting England off the hook a little? Time for another Ashwin spell?

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    "I'm afraid not, Dirk, but I can report that Bangladesh - chasing 245 against West Indies for only their fourth Test victory - have slipped to 72-4.


    From Dirk in Kuala Lumpur, TMS inbox: "Any chance you can switch live text to the WI-Bangladesh game? Looks like it's far more fun than this is, unless you support India (or Australia...)."

  165. 0656: 
    Eng 120-7

    Bresnan sees off a maiden from Ojha, who has 3-35 from 21 overs.


    Ali Malek on Twitter: "Painful watching this from Australia. They're not just laughing over here, they're actually pitying us."

  167. 0654: 
    Eng 120-7

    Bresnan drops the ball at his feet and calls Prior for a quick single, which doesn't please Yadav. Prior cover-drives the last ball of the over for four to move to 24 - he's easily the second highest scorer in this innings.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Bresnan got his biggest Test score against Bangladesh, but you shouldn't really count them and Zimbabwe. It's like playing Cambridge and Oxford."

  169. 0649: 
    Eng 115-7

    Bresnan is off the mark from the 18th ball he receives, off-driving Ojha for four, before working a single off his legs.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport

    "Lunch in Galle, where New Zealand are 80-3 against Sri Lanka after winning the toss. Brendon McCullum is 38 not out."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Test match cricket's not supposed to be easy. It's supposed to be tension, pressure, ebbs and flows. That's why it's called 'Test' cricket - it's a test of your patience and concentration. That's why some of these Twenty20 players are no good in Test cricket."

  172. 0647: 
    Eng 110-7

    Umesh Yadav will take the second over after the interval, again there's no slip in for the right-arm seamer. Prior, who swung at a few in the last over before lunch, examines the toe-end of his bat after playing out a maiden.


    Jonathan Kendall on Twitter: "England need to see Graham Thorpe padding up next to save us from the inevitable end to the innings."

  174. 0642: 
    Eng 110-7

    Tim Bresnan (I nearly typed "Tum Bresnan" there, a Freudian slip waiting to happen) is hit on the pad by the first ball after lunch, but it looked to have pitched outside the line of leg stump. Big Tim plays out a maiden.

  175. 0639: 

    England and India ready to resume. Left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha's back into the attack.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "The lad I feel for is Samit Patel. He batted quite nicely and just when he was playing himself in, he got a shocking lbw decision against Yadav. Every ex-player I've spoken to thinks that was a shocker from Aleem Dar."


    Charlie Miller on Twitter: "England have a big problem now. Do they book golf for Sunday or Monday?"


    Stuart Holden on Twitter: "Now this is the England I remember from my youth, glad all of that Ashes-winning, number one Test team nonsense is out the way..."

  179. 0633: 

    This will be pleasing listening for India fans - TMS are playing the highlights of the morning's play.

    TMS fans, meanwhile, may be interested in the new BBC iPlayer Radio app for mobile devices which should make your TMS listening even easier when you're out and about (as I'm sure many of you will be today). Do take a look.


    Jonny Elworthy on Twitter: "Baffles me how Umesh Yadav transfers the ball last minute, runs in with the ball in his left hand, then across to his right!"

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I haven't seen the pictures of Alastair Cook when he was a school chorister. But neither have I seen England singing from the appropriate hymn sheet in this game!"


    India fan Bibhash Dash on Twitter: "Just tuned in. didn't know we could replace opponents midway? We seem to be playing an associate nation by the looks of it!"


    From Jez in Somerset, via text on 81111: "Thanks England. I'm lying in bed with a freshly resurfaced hip, unable to move and originally looking forward to a guilt free Test cricket-watching session and this happens!"

  184. 0608: 

    After checking out the other scores from the other Tests in Mirpur (where Bangladesh commentator Shamim Chowdhury points out that all four results are still possible!) and Galle, TMS are going to take a look at England's new Test captain Alastair Cook and find out a bit more about him. We're going to take a short break but keep listening to TMS while England lick their wounds.


    Colin Davison on Twitter: "Looking on the bright side, at least England are going to have the opportunity to show they can bat better very soon."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "We said that everything had gone to plan for India afer two days - make that two days and one session. There's no prospect of rain so we're not wondering whether England can save this match - we're wondering whether there will even be much play on the fourth day. India will be cock-a-hoop, the English dressing-room will be very quiet."


    From Robert Grimwood, TMS inbox: "When KP was dropped I recognized that this England team are a bunch of losers. Stuart Broad is a petulant, immature joke. Alastair Cook is not a worthy captain. Andy Flower is a busted flush."

    You're not Australian by any chance are you, Robert?

  188. 0601: 
    LUNCH INTERVAL- Eng 110-7

    Yadav to bowl probably the last over before lunch, but Dhoni may rue not having a slip in as Prior slashes a four through the vacant cordon, before missing with another big heave. The last ball is pulled by Prior but he can't time it and it dribbles to mid-off. So, a pretty rotten session for England has seen them score 69 runs at the cost of four wickets.

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport in India

    "The Times of India, Ahmedabad edition, relegates Test coverage - instead back page sports lead is Gujurat's Ranji trophy match in Kolkata. 'Time for Parthiv and co to fire'. Quite."


    England women's captain Charlotte Edwards on Twitter: "Just got up to watch the Cricket.. oh dear!!"

  191. 0556: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 106-7

    Ashwin (3-44) takes a rest as Ojha (3-44) returns. Prior prods a single, there's an appeal for lbw against Bresnan but there looked to be a bit of bat on that one.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport

    "Lunch in Mirpur, with Bangladesh 45-2 chasing 245 to beat West Indies. The equation is pretty simple for the home side; 200 in two sessions will give them only their fourth Test win."

  193. 0554: 
    Eng 105-7

    Bresnan plays and misses at Yadav. The man from Pontefract may be playing for his place here - he'd be many people's candidate to drop out of the side if England opt for a second specialist spinner in Monty Panesar. But he sees off a maiden over from Yadav. Time for two more overs before lunch?


    Sankalp on Twitter: "I will be surprised if any Test match will last more than four days in this series!"

    Four? Some people think this game could be over today...

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Because of England's decision to use Anderson as a night-watchman last night, they now have Graeme Swann at number 11 - and he'd probably play India's spinners as well as a lot of the top order."

  196. 0550: 
    Eng 105-7

    Tim Bresnan is the new batsman, he looks on as Prior decides to fight fire with fire, and clubs Ashwin for three fours which at least push England beyond 100.


    David Kent on Twitter: "Still makes no sense why James Taylor is not on tour, did nothing wrong in two Tests and uses his feet well against spin."

  198. 0548: 

    To be fair to Samit, although we have no ball-tracker on the TV pictures, DRS might have reprieved him there. To be unfair to Samit, if DRS were in use in this series, he may well have been given out lbw to Ashwin on review when he only had four.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Had we got the full DRS technology in operation, we may have seen that clipping leg stump - it might have been umpire's call - but England's nightmare session continues."

  200. 0545: 
    WICKET- Patel lbw b Yadav 10 (Eng 97-7)

    Here's a turn-up for the books - second seamer Umesh Yadav is going to get a bowl for the first time. Never mind it's the 48th over... While he won't be too familiar to England fans, I can tell you he's a right-arm seamer from Nagpur who has 28 wickets from his first eight Tests. And with seam having replaced spin, it's like the pressure is off England as Patel helps himself with a two off his legs to take his score to 10. But the last ball of the over hits Patel on the pad, and the umpire raises his finger pretty quickly. Now, Samit isn't happy, was that going down the leg side? No DRS of course...


    Paul Dixon on Twitter: "England making ordinary spinners look world class since 2012."

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport in India

    On Twitter: "Wonder how many overs Yadav is going to get...?"

  203. 0540: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 95-6

    Patel and Prior add three singles before Prior lofts a knee-high full toss Ashwin towards the mid-wicket boundary where he is dropped by Zaheer Khan! Pretty bad cricket all round - and Prior gets four for it. Zaheer must be a little chilly (how?) - he's fielding in a sweater...

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I have to say Bell's dismissal is one of the worst I've ever seen, to do that from your first ball on a turning pitch like this. The risk-reward is abominable. The only way I can imagine he did that is that he has absolutely no confidence he can defend half-a-dozen deliveries before starting to score. And for an England number five to think that is very worrying."

  205. 0537: 
    Eng 88-6

    Yuvraj stays in the attack after facilitating that change of ends, Prior and Patel help themselves to a couple of singles. To his credit, Patel has taken 41 balls to score six - the third longest occupation of the crease in this innings after Cook and Compton.

  206. 0534: 
    Eng 86-6

    It looks like Prakash and Rahul were right - Ashwin has changed ends and has two helmeted short legs for Patel, who plays out another maiden. We've had plenty of them today.

    Alison Mitchell, BBC Radio 5 live

    On Twitter: "Will England get past the 1st innings 141 they made v Pakistan in 3rd Test in Jan?"

  208. 0530: 
    Eng 86-6

    It's left-arm spin from both ends as India turn back to Yuvraj Singh. Prakash Wakankar and Rahul Dravid on TMS wonder whether Yuvraj is bowling so Ashwin and Ojha can change ends "as it's not even Pietersen batting". Patel steers England's first run off the bat for three overs with a single through the covers.

  209. 0527: 
    Eng 85-6

    Rapid maiden over from Ojha to Prior, keeping the symmetry with his spin twin Ashwin's figures - both have 3-29 from 17 overs. Can England survive until lunch without losing any more wickets?


    Wisden editor Lawrence Booth on Twitter: "This is shaping up to be England's worst humiliation against spin in 2012 yet. And there have been a few. So much for learning lessons..."

  211. 0525: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 85-6

    Big appeal for lbw by Ashwin against Patel, the spinner may again rue India's decision not to use the DRS in this series - that looked really close so it's a big let-off for the big man from Notts. Ashwin then spins one down the leg side which Dhoni misses and the ball scoots away for four byes. Dhoni's not had the best of games behind the stumps. But with only byes conceded, that's another maiden.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "Hindsight's a beautiful thing, but you have to play to the conditions - it was a poor decision for England not to play Monty Panesar."

    To his credit, Rahul did advocate the selection of Monty when we spoke to him before the Test...

  213. 0522: 
    Eng 81-6

    Prior gets his first look at Ojha's left-arm spin, he doesn't quite look settled yet as he can't time the ball and is then nearly bowled by one that whips past his edge. Maiden over - Ojha and Ashwin both have 3-29 from 16 overs, the only difference being Ashwin's seven maidens to Ojha's five.


    Michael Barton on Twitter: "Regretting getting up at 4 for the cricket... Same old England, same old problems."

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "However early England come out and prepare, it's hard to replicate the situation when they're facing quality spinners in these conditions with men around the bat."

  216. 0519: 
    Eng 81-6

    Wicketkeeper Matt Prior comes to the wicket with a mammoth 242 more runs needed for England to avoid the follow-on. He's off the mark as he attempts an off-drive and it squirms off an inside edge to mid-wicket for a single.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "You feel that England will be following on at some stage today, unless something remarkable happens."

  218. 0515: 
    WICKET- Cook c Sehwag b Ashwin 41 (Eng 80-6)

    Aggers thinks Ashwin's run-up is more like a wrist-spinner than an off-spinner - a bit jerky, although his arm's perfectly straight when he bowls. Cook turns a two towards the mid-wicket boundary, then tries an expansive drive and nicks a regulation catch to slip.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "Henry Blofeld told me in the restaurant last night he likes the curries - the spicier the better."

  220. 0513: 
    Eng 78-5

    Cook guides Ojha for a single to move to 39, Patel doubles his score from two to four with a wristy flick through square leg for a double.

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport in India

    "Last night Samit Patel put on a good show of defiance... in the media conference. In his words, there was no reason why England couldn't bat as long as India and today England would show us what they were made of. Well..."

  222. 0511: 
    Eng 75-5

    Patel, determined to prove his batting credentials, confidently plays out a maiden from Ashwin. England still trail by 446, and need 247 more to avoid the follow-on.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "There are a few England supporters in our hotel and they had long faces last night, so goodness knows what they'll be like this evening. This feels like torture, with the batsmen on the rack and the screws being tightened."


    Bell's dismissal is creating plenty of comments on Twitter:

    Wayne Andrews: "Boycott giving Bell some gentle, supportive, sympathetic encouragement."

    David Keats: "Spinners and penalty shoot outs. Same old problems."

    Harry Manoharan: "I'm going back to bed. This is not worth it. I only hope to wake up and see Captain Cook there at the end."

  225. 0508: 
    Eng 75-5

    Ojha, who has 3-21 from his first 13 overs, bowls to Patel with two slips, a short cover and a short leg looking for that bat-pad catch. Ojha spins one past the Notts man's outside edge before he smears a single through mid-wicket to double his score. Cook scores England's first boundary for 40 minutes with a fluent swept four.


    From William Beeby in Dover, TMS inbox: "An hour to go before lunch and I stick with my pre-start prediction; England will follow on in the 1st hour after lunch today.."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm no batsman, but surely you just need to get your head down for half-an-hour and get yourself in?"

  228. 0505: 
    Eng 70-5

    If you're just joining us, you've missed an engrossing hour of play, but not one that will cheer many England fans. India turn back to their all-spin attack as Ravichandran Ashwin replaces Zaheer Khan and Cook - who some of you think may be on to carry his bat here - plays out a maiden. Ashwin has figures of 14-6-26-2.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been thrill-a-minute and fun to watch in some ways - brings back all these demons for the English batsmen."


    Wisden editor Lawrence Booth on Twitter: "If the DRS were being used here, England would be in even more trouble - if that's possible..."

  231. 0459: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 70-5

    Blowers wonders whether Matt Prior should be batting at six ahead of Patel, but the big man - who looked good against spin in the World Twenty20 - confidently plays out a maiden, earning himself a drink.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "Samit forecast in his interview that he wouldn't be needed to bat until after's 1010."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "If I were Andy Flower or the batting coach Graham Gooch, I'd be thinking my reputation's in danger here. What's going on?"

  234. 0457: 
    Eng 70-5

    Dhoni shuffles his field, with a slip, a gully, a Reasonably Short Extra Cover and a fairly short cover point for Samit Patel, who negotiates his first over well, pushing the last ball for a single to mid-off.


    Philip Sparrow on Twitter: "How are India allowed to take all the grass off the pitch? Regulations say matches must be played on TURF."

  236. 0452: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 69-5

    Samit Patel is the new batsman but they crossed on the catch so it's Captain Cook to face the hat-trick ball. A slip, two leg slips and two short legs in. Cook survives the hat-trick ball, there's an lbw appeal on the last ball of the over as one turns back... it's not out and with no DRS, Cook survives. We've not had a single lbw decision given out all game.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "What in heaven's name was that? He played so badly against Pakistan in the UAE, and that's scrambled brains there, trying to lob his first ball over the top. That's the most brainless thing I've seen for months. I love the guy, he's exceptionally talented, but his brain went out of the window."

  238. 0449: 
    WICKET- Bell c Tendulkar b Ojha 0 (Eng 69-5)

    Ian Bell is the new man in, he goes after his first ball from Ojha... and is caught by Sachin Tendulkar at deep mid-off! Astonishing shot selection to his very first ball!

    Henry Blofeld, BBC Test Match Special

    (On Pietersen against left-arm spin) "If you don't admit you have a problem, you're not going to improve it, are you?"

  240. 0446: 
    WICKET- Pietersen b Ojha 17 (Eng 69-4)

    The Ojha-Pietersen duel is resumed, there's a big appeal from the Indian fielders (and the crowd) as Pietersen prods forward... the replay shows a big inside edge onto the pad. But the next ball knocks back his middle stump as he plays all around it!

    Yes folks, that's Kevin Pietersen dismissed by left-arm spin. Again. Not that he has a problem with it, as he'd tell you.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "I remember writing that India should relax their DRS stance for this series based on the way England batted in UAE. They might regret it now."

  242. 0445: 
    Eng 69-3

    Cook plays out another maiden as Zaheer improves his figures to 7-5-6-0.

    And we now have no fewer than three simultaneous Tests taking place in the subcontinent - India-England and Bangladesh-West Indies are joined by Sri Lanka v New Zealand, where the Kiwis have won the toss in the first Test at Galle and are batting. Left-handed batsman Dimuth Karunaratne makes his Test debut for Sri Lanka.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Once you get in now, it's better for batting. Now Cook's got in, he needs to make it count."


    Will Turner on Twitter: "Clearly KP's 'reintegration' didn't involve any lessons of team cricket. Looks like a typical selfish innings, hope it's a good one."

  245. 0440: 
    Eng 69-3

    It's still left-arm spin from Ojha, Pietersen's not quite as assured as Cook but it's another maiden over.


    Jonathan Kendall on Twitter: "Oh my, KP looks like he's been reading "How to Play Spin" by D Cullinan! And come on Bangladesh, hold your nerve!"

  247. 0437: 
    Eng 69-3

    India make their first bowling change of the day as Ashwin is replaced by left-arm seamer Zaheer Khan, who sent down an economical five overs for six runs last evening. Cook is careful in defence, seeing off a maiden over in an unruffled manner perfectly suited to the captain of England.


    Reverend Liam Reilly on Twitter: "I'm amazed a cricketing nation that whinges about umpires as much as India has not accepted the DRS system."

  249. 0433: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 69-3

    Geoff Boycott replaces Vic in the TMS summariser's chair, calling Pietersen "a cat on a hot tin roof" as he dabs a single past second slip. There's an appeal for a catch at the wicket against Cook, but again the umpire shakes his head and Cook pushes the score along with a single - he has 34, double Pietersen's 17. England trail by 452, but the target of 322 to avoid the follow-on still looks light years away.


    Paul Beale on Twitter: "Hate to be a pedant but if Belly has his eye pads on [see 0406], how will he see his iPad?"

    Presumably he could listen to music on it?

  251. 0430: 
    Eng 67-3

    Pietersen faces Ashwin for the first time this morning, sweeping a single to end a run of five maidens from the off-spinner (one last night and four this morning). Seamer Umesh Yadav, who's yet to either bat or bowl in this match (and may not be required to do much of either), is at mid-off. Ashwin bowls a full toss and Cook blasts it through wide mid-wicket for four. An open window shutter just above the sightscreen holds play up for a while, but is eventually shut.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "What a wonderful over-rate - we've had nine overs in 25 minutes! It could be 1954!"

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    "A thrilling finish in store in Mirpur, where Bangladesh need 245 in two-and-a-half sessions to beat West Indies. The Windies were bowled out for 273 (after being 209-1 yesterday), with debutant Sohag Gazi taking 6-74. Bangladesh, it is worth remembering, have won only three of their 73 Tests - and two of those victories were against a second-string West Indies side in 2009."

  254. 0426: 
    Eng 62-3

    Pietersen smears Ojha for a single, then Cook moves to 29 with a well-struck cut shot for four.


    Michael Nunns on Twitter: "Kids, these are two methods of playing spin on display here. Attempt neither."

  256. 0423: 
    Eng 57-3

    Lengthy chat between Dhoni and umpire Hill after that over, he clearly wasn't happy with that decision. (One might not unreasonably ask, "then why didn't India want DRS in this series"?) Ashwin has started the day with three maiden overs to Cook, and makes it four from four as the Chef is unable to pierce the infield.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's debatable whether Pietersen was playing a shot there, although he got a long way down the pitch."

  258. 0420: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 57-3

    Pietersen cuts Ojha for a three through the covers, Cook shovels a single backward of square leg, not quite where he tried to hit it. KP is down the pitch, hit on the pad but umpire Tony Hill shakes his head - and with no DRS, not much India can do about it.


    Tom Mills on Twitter: "KP looks like a walking wicket in the first three overs."

    PD31 on Twitter: "KP will make less than 20 or more than 100."

    As ever, he's attracting plenty of comments!

  260. 0417: 
    Eng 53-3

    While KP reflects on how he could have been run out, stumped and caught already today, Cook defends against Ashwin who bowls a rapid maiden over. Cook sweeps and misses at one point but is otherwise untroubled. Considering the vast number of overs are likely to be bowled by spinners, we may get plenty of cricket in today.


    Chris Gunn on Twitter: "For a supposedly cricket-mad nation the grounds are empty!"

  262. 0414: 
    Eng 53-3

    After a couple of scares, Pietersen comes down the pitch and flicks Ojha past mid-on for four, then he tries a similar shot and gets a leading edge which could go anywhere... but it lands safely in front of backward point. "Ian Bell must be halfway out of the door here," says Aggers on TMS.


    Wisden editor Lawrence Booth on Twitter: "If KP survives all day playing like this, I'll doff my cap to him..."

  264. 0411: 
    Eng 49-3

    Ashwin bowls over the wicket to the left-handed Cook, again with two slips and two short legs. A maiden means we should get more entertainment with Pietersen v Ojha...


    Dan Smith on Twitter: "A lot rests on KP digging in for a big score. This is why he's back, pressure and expectation all on him."

  266. 0409: 

    Pietersen hides his bad behind his pad, the ball spins down the leg side and it sails down the leg side for four leg byes - it was also a stumping chance for Dhoni, who's rather lucky that they were signalled as leg byes rather than byes, as it's debatable whether KP was actually playing a shot. The right-hander works a single off his pads, the slightly more composed Cook nicks the strike by guiding a single through square leg. He has 24. KP has seven.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's going to be a real struggle for England to get established, but if you can stay in for half an hour or so, things can click into place."

  268. 0406: 
    Eng 43-3

    Off-spinner Ravichandran takes the second over of the day, spinning down a maiden over to the watchful Captain Cook.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "If I were Ian Bell, next man in, I might have my iPad on and one of those eye-shades you get on planes. He won't want to watch Pietersen playing like that."

  270. 0402: 
    Eng 43-3

    Pragyan Ojha gets some turn right from the off as he spins one past KP's outside edge, it doesn't miss the off stump by much but a fumble by captain Mahendra Dhoni behind the timbers allows England to run a bye. With the left-handed Captain Cook on strike, there's a slip, a leg slip and two helmeted short legs waiting for a bat-pad catch. Cook moves to 23 with a careful single through mid-wicket, then Pietersen comes down the track and is nearly run out by the man at silly point as he has to dive full-length! His close fielders are two slips, silly point and short leg.

  271. 0400: 

    Alastair Cook and Kevin Pietersen emerge from the main stand, whose roof might have been designed by someone with a fondness for giant Toblerones. KP's going to face the first over, and wouldn't you know, it'll be a left-arm spinner to bowl it...

  272. 0357: 

    India have just had a team photograph, but the chairs are now being removed from the outfield as the umpires are on their way.

  273. 0354: 

    The England media corps has been suffering a bit, as they sometimes do in India - Alison Mitchell's back in the TMS box (for her regular updates on BBC Radio 5 live) after being a bit under the weather yesterday, while Vic Marks reveals that he got a text from the Guardian's Mike Selvey revealing he wouldn't be able to make it to the ground today.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I listened to Samit when he was taken over to the written press after that interview - and he was very 'on message'. Part of me is longing for someone not to take the positives when the opposition are 521-8, and possibly admit they've not played the wrong team! But I think he's confident he's a good player of spin and can get runs here. He's a batsman who should be competing for one of the top six places in the side - who bowls a bit of spin - he's not an all-rounder. That's how he could progress as a Test cricketer."


    England all-rounder Samit Patel on TMS: "It was a toiling day, but I thought we stuck at it nicely. It wasn't the best ball [I'd ever bowled] to get Yuvi, but it's a wicket and I'd take that. I don't think the result of the game will depend on whether Monty [Panesar] played or not, we've just got to get on with it. We've got two world-class batsmen at the crease so hopefully I won't be in until after tea or late in the evening."


    Tom Shaw on Twitter: "Quiet day ahead for Zaheer - Ashwin and Ojha will be stiff tomorrow but not a big price to pay for sharing 17 free Test wickets!"

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "The killer blow was losing three wickets to the spinners last night. Everything has gone perfectly for India in this game so far, but England have two big men at the crease now - they have a lot on their shoulders. If they don't play well, England will be following on, I fear."

  278. 0345: 

    Aggers welcomes TMS listeners to the airwaves with a reminder that England's first target of the day will be to reach 322 and avoid the follow-on.


    Joe Harris on Twitter: "Still haven't seen a wicket fall in morning session of this Test match. Would be amazed (& delighted) if that continues today."

  280. 0340: 

    While we wait for TMS, whether you're as pessimistic as Stamford Raffles (below) about England's likelihood of losing their remaining 17 wickets today, we want to hear from you about how you think the day's play will pan out. You can email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 if you're in the UK (please put "CRICKET" as the first word), or if you're a Twitterer, do tweet us via #bbccricket - thanks in advance.


    Stamford Raffles on Twitter: "Test match finishes today."

    I love the smell of optimism in the morning...

  282. 0337: 

    Elsewhere in the world of Test cricket, a late flurry of wickets in Mirpur yesterday evening left the first West Indies-Bangladesh Test interestingly poised. The Windies are 244-6 in their second innings, 218 ahead of the Tigers, going into the final day. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka begin a two-Test series against New Zealand in Galle today - play starts at 0430 GMT.

  283. 0333: 

    Test Match Special will be on air from Ahmedabad from 0345 GMT - before then, you can take a look at BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew's column in which he described the loss of those three England wickets as "calamitous". Meanwhile, summariser Geoff Boycott claims "big question marks" remain over some of England's top order - and you can listen to Aggers and Boycs go at it on the TMS podcast reviewing yesterday's play. You may wish to have your Boycott Bingo cards ready for that one - uncovered pitches and sticks of rhubarb certainly feature.


    Ben Pathe on Twitter: "ironic [Duncan] Fletcher who taught England how to forward press against spin & win on subcontinent is plotting Indian spinvenge!"

  285. 0330: 

    Morning, everyone. Whether you've set your alarm to wake up for the cricket or whether you've been up all night (watching Children in Need or enjoying a night on the tiles), I applaud your foresight - because this looks like a crucial day's play which could set the tone for the entire India v England series.

    The elephant in the room for much of this year in Test cricket has been: can England play spin? Stay tuned and find out - the tourists will begin day three on 41-3 in reply to India's 521-8 declared.

Live Scores - India v England


  • India beat England by 9 wickets
  • India: 521-8 & 80-1 (15.3 overs)
  • England: 191 & 406 (154.3 overs)
  • Venue: Ahmedabad

India 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 1 80
Sehwag c Pietersen b Swann 25
Pujara not out 41
Kohli not out 14
Extras 0

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India's Mahendra Dhoni and England's Alastair Cook

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