India v England, first Test, Ahmedabad, day five as it happened

India chase 77 with ease to seal a comprehensive nine-wicket win over England and take a 1-0 lead in the four-Test series.

19 November 2012 Last updated at 09:04 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 0750: 

    We're going to wrap things up here, a little earlier than most England fans had hoped. If you're just waking up, I'm afraid "Ahmedabad 2012" won't be mentioned in the same breath as "Headingley 1981", and the tourists will have plenty of questions to answer when the second Test begins in Mumbai on Friday morning. If you're heading out to Mumbai to watch it, don't forget to pack your Monty Panesar mask.

    Thanks for your company, texts, tweets and emails on these early mornings - we do appreciate them and we're sorry we don't have room to print them all. We'll be back before the toss on Friday morning - Sam Sheringham will be on live text duty and I hope you'll join him then. Enjoy the rest of your day.


    Ross McDonald ‏ "England will be thrilled to see Pujara again on Friday. 247 runs without being dismissed. Maybe Monty'll know how to get him..."


    Saurabh Advant ‏ "Monty is as useless as Patel without runs on the board. England must match India's batting to get back in the series."


    Man of the match Cheteshwar Pujara: "Initially the pitch was quite slow, there was a bit of turn but it was quite slow and I congratulate our bowlers for getting them out twice. We knew we had to put up 500+ in order to get them out twice, I had to play my role and in the second innings I had a lot of confidence after scoring a double hundred."


    India captain Mahendra Dhoni: "The spinners bowled really well in the first innings, there was not much turn as the game went on so it was hard work for them. Even if you edge one, if it didn't go to the keeper it didn't carry to the slips. Cheteshwar Pujara has the potential to score big runs and he used all his experience in this game, it was fantastic batting by him. Pragyan Ojha looks to bowl quite tight, it was good to see him bowl in the right areas and he was supported well by the other bowlers."


    England captain Alastair Cook: "There are a number of reasons we didn't win the game - 500 was a good score on that wicket, but our second innings showed there were runs out there. There was almost a glimmer of hope with five wickets down, Matty and I knew what we had to do, but it wasn't meant to be and we have to start better in Mumbai. We fought hard, but we just weren't good enough in anything. The pitch got slower if anything. We know how crucial first-innings runs are in the subcontinent, we need to play as close to our potential as possible."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "We now lose an experienced player in Bell who's going home for the birth of his baby - so we have to bring in Bairstow, who's probably never seen the ball turning like this, or Morgan who struggled in the UAE. Whoever plays won't have played for two weeks. We can't just win a Test match on Cook and Prior batting well, and Swann bowling well. We're not going to get 11 top performances, but we need more than three."


    Prashant Kunnath "Playing Monty & Finn for Patel & Bresnan means England are an all-rounder and a bowler who can bat down! Not the best of ideas!"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I always felt turning up this morning that once the Indian bowlers had had a rest, their chances would improve. And once one end was open, the likes of Bresnan and Broad can get you a good 20 but I didn't expect them to be able to bat for three or four hours. India play well on their own surfaces and played beautifully."

  10. 0730:  
    BBC 5 live sports extra

    Aggers and Geoffrey have begun their regular review of the day - you'll be able to download it as the TMS Podcast later on. And once again, there will be match highlights on BBC 5 live sports extra later today.


    Terry Mahoney on Twitter: "Panesar has probably justified his place in a team by not playing in a Test match, more emphatically than any player in history."


    Prashant Kunnath on Twitter: "Assuming Finn is fit & Monty plays, who do you leave out? Patel is an average batsman and both Broad & Bresnan can bat!"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "England have some hard work to do here, some sides like Australia have come here on a good run and struggled to beat India in India. I really think England choosing three seamers sent the wrong message."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think I've just seen Ojha apologising to Broad after that little incident this morning. They've shaken hands, which is a good sign. We can debate England's bowling and suggest changes like Panesar, but really they lost this game because of their batting in the first innings."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "The best team won, its batsmen applied themselves better and they've had two spinners who have bowled well - while their seamers have also bowled better than ours. History shows they're a tough nut to crack in their own conditions."



  17. 0724: 
    Ind 77-1

    With one needed, Kohli defends the first two balls of Swann's new over, but a firm drive past the bowler wraps up a nine-wicket victory.

  18. 0722: 
    Ind 76-1

    Can Kohli apply the coup de grace against Patel? He drives him just out of the reach of the diving Nick Compton at short extra cover, nearly a catch, but then he whacks Patel back past the non-striker to bring India within two runs of victory. A sharp single to backward point draws the scores level and Kohli has to dive full-length into a cloud of dust to make his ground. Between overs, he calls on Ishant Sharma with a towel to dust down his beloved bat.


    Ian Parker on Twitter: "Can't Ian Bell take KP, Broad and Patel with him?"

  20. 0719: 
    Ind 71-1 (TARGET 77)

    Pujara whacks Swann for four through mid-wicket to bring India to within one hit of victory.


    From Matthew in York, TMS inbox: "What I don't want to see is complete knee-jerk reaction for the next Test. Patel would be hard done by to lose his place as he suffered two absolutely shocking lbw decisions and was relied upon to bowl far more than is fair. Panesar and one of Onions or Finn need to come in next Test for Bell and Bresnan I think."

  22. 0717: 
    Ind 67-1

    Pujara turns Patel off his legs for a single, but the partying continues in the stands.

  23. 0714: 
    Ind 66-1 (TARGET 77)

    Kohli defends well against Swann, playing out a maiden over as the inevitable is delayed a little longer.


    Seth Holmes on Twitter: "Being a game down i suspect England will gamble at the Casino Royale by playing Panesar for Bresnan next game."

  25. 0712: 
    Ind 66-1

    Virat Kohli joins in the fun against Patel, drilling a four through the covers and pushing a quick single as India continue to coast towards victory. They need 11 more to take a 1-0 lead in the series.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Ian Bell's not on the field, apparently he starts his journey home this afternoon [to be at the birth of his first child]."


    Michael Nunns on Twitter: "Any pride restored by Cook and Prior has been rapidly undone. Quick reminder here that we are miles away from worrying India."

  28. 0708: 
    Ind 61-1 (TARGET 77)

    The batsmen crossed on the catch, so it's Pujara facing the last ball of the over and he hammers a long-hop for four.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "It won't be Sachin Tendulkar now as he bats four, come what may, even though Gambhir's not here - it's going to be Virat Kohli at three."

  30. 0707: 
    WICKET- Sehwag c Pietersen b Swann 25 (Ind 57-1)

    Time for some Titanic deckchair-shuffling as Swann switches to bowling round the wicket to Pujara, who moves to 32 (from 38 balls) with a single. Sehwag, with 23 from his first 17 balls, whacks a two to long-on, then attempts another big blast into the sky, Kevin Pietersen runs back at long-on and just stops himself from touching the rope with his big toe... just.


    Ongar Cricket Club on Twitter: "Not so bad for a 7 man team I suppose. For all the debate Monty could bat anywhere from 3-6 with no difference to Eng scores. If only KP had reintegrated himself with his brain or any brain."

  32. 0703: 
    Ind 54-0

    Pujara pads away a couple from Patel, the slow left-armer keeps it tight until the last ball of the over when Pujara cracks a single to the cover sweeper.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "These two are in princely form after the first innings, there's not much turn but we've only had eight overs and India are nearly there."

  34. 0701: 
    Ind 53-0 (TARGET 77)

    Sehwag drills Swann for a single to long-off to bring up the fifty stand, Pujara cracks one against Captain Cook's ankles at silly point and the ball rebounds for a single. Sehwag looks to be on course for another four when he guides Swann through the covers but the grassy outfield slows the ball down and Patel retrieves it in time for the batsmen to run two.

  35. 0658: 
    Ind 49-0

    Samit's going to have another over here, India need 29 more to win - a bit of a tall order to do it this over, perhaps. Sehwag knocks a single to deep point, Pujara sees out the rest of the over without scoring.


    Andy Donaldson on Twitter: "England have a lot of issues at 4, 5 and 6 to sort out ahead of the second Test. Time for Andy Flower to earn his money."

  37. 0655: 
    Ind 48-0 (TARGET 77)

    Sehwag and Pujara help themselves to three singles against Swann, before the youngster blasts a another off-drive for four, then taking two to the same area as Patel lumbers round from deep mid-off.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's one of those matches where Monty Panesar's reputation has rocketed in the last four days. When the side's not doing well, you become a better player by not being in it. Samit might be able to bowl himself out of the Test team in the next half-hour here, as he's bowled a big full toss and a long-hop."

  39. 0653: 
    Ind 39-0

    England don't have many options here with only 49 more needed for victory, as they turn to Samit Patel's left-arm spin. As in the first innings, the burly Notts man's first ball is a juicy pie of a full toss, which Sehwag bludgeons for six over long-on. A single allows Pujara to have a go, and when Patel's last ball is far too short, Pujara dismissively hammers him through mid-wicket for four.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Alastair Cook's under the helmet at silly mid-off, you'd think now he's captain he can get himself out of there!"

  41. 0648: 
    Ind 28-0

    It's "Sehwag being Sehwag" as Swann, who's not used to bowling with the new ball, overpitches and Sehwag flays him thrrough the covers for four. A single brings young Pujara on strike, he blasts another cover-driven four and the party is beginning for the Indian fans in the stand.


    Jubair Shamsi on Twitter: "Yesterday it looked like England have lived to fight another day. But now I think they have just lived to 'Die Another Day'!"

    Their hopes of winning have taken a Skyfall...

  43. 0645: 
    Ind 19-0 (TARGET 77)

    Sebwag guides a single past gully, then Pujara - dubbed the "Junior Wall" by Geoff Boycott in the first innings - can do no wrong at the moment, leaning into an exquisite cover drive. And Vic on TMS thinks Anderson has just been warned for running on the pitch.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't think it's going to be India winning by tea - it's going to be by drinks at this rate! If I were Gambhir, I may just stay at the airport..."


    Staffan Vowles on Twitter: "He may have been blowing his own trumpet, but I think the guy on Sakhalin Island (5am) wins the exotic locations prize."

    This is the BBC! No competitions, no prizes! All since the Blue Peter "fake cat name" scandals I'm afraid!

  46. 0640: 
    Ind 14-0

    Graeme Swann, England's sole front-line spinner, will share the new ball with his mate Anderson. Sehwag steers a single past mid-on and Pujara must have an early dinner date this evening as he crashes Swann for a couple of boundaries, punching one through mid-wicket and drilling another to long-on. Only 63 more needed.


    Mitul Patel on Twitter: "India should win this with 10 wickets to prove a point from the demolition last time out in England."

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport in India

    "Gambhir is at the airport in Ahmedabad, having returned from Delhi. He travelled there at the weekend following a family bereavement. He can get to the ground and bat, if required today!"

  49. 0637: 
    Ind 5-0 (TARGET 77)

    There's only one slip in for Sehwag, with a short third man/deep gully, and a man on the point boundary looking to plug Sehwag's favoured third man area. The right-hander gets India under way with a single, while Pujara - the double centurion in the first innings - guides a single to Jonathan Trott who's down at fine leg. Sehwag pushes a singel to the cover sweeper, Pujara guides one to point, and Sehwag plunders another single, so it's a busy start by the hosts.

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport in India

    "Samit and Bresnan were bowling out in the middle during lunch, on a pitch adjacent to the match strip. Optimistic they'll be needed in the next hour?"

  51. 0632: 

    It's going to be regulat opener Virender Sehwag with number three Cheteshwar Pujara pushed up to open in Gambhir's absence. James Anderson will take the new ball.


    Prashant Kunnath on Twitter: "All that talk about England needing Pietersen for this series! And he has got himself out in a really dumb way both times!"

  53. 0624: 

    So, India chasing 77 to win, but if you're not aware, they may be a batsman short as Gautam Gambhir was off the field all day yesterday and today, having returned to Delhi following the death of his grandmother.

    We're not even sure whether he's travelled back yet, but he's been off the field for so long that he won't be able to bat above number seven, so India will have to give their order a little shuffle.


    Some more exotic locations from our readers in the TMS inbox:

    From Neil Maloney on Cheung Chau Island, eight miles south of Hong Kong on the China border: "Come on Swanny, make my day."

    From Christian: "Working nights/weekends means my social calendar is more empty than the shelves of an Australian library. But it does make following my beloved cricket easier. Watching a live feed and following the commentary from Washington DC. Glad to see so many fellow Americans here!"

    From Tom in Saudi Arabia: "Giving an English lecture in Riyadh with the live feed on my iPad."


    From Nick in London, via text on 81111: "I went to Houston this summer and caught an Astros game. They reminded me of the England cricket team of much of the nineties... Awful. Stlil my favoured MLB side though!"

  56. 0618: 

    Elsewhere in the world of cricket, wickets continue to tumble on day three in Galle, where New Zealand are 79-5 in their second innings, only 53 ahead of Sri Lanka.


    The Sun's John Etheridge on Twitter: "A bunch of soft dismissals this morning. Poor after the hard work yesterday. At least make the bowlers get you out. But, of course, most the damage was done in the first innings. Trott, Pietersen, Bell and Patel contributed virtually nothing all match."


    From Geoff Woods, TMS inbox: "One can't help but feel that Swann's switch-hit slogging, at this stage of the game, was reckless and irresponsible after all that Cook (in particular) and Prior had done to try and save this Test."

  59. 0601: 

    TMS listeners can enjoy Kevin Howells speaking to Mark Ramprakash about his new role as a batting coach at the England academy in Loughborough, we're taking a short break but stay tuned...


    From Andrew Greenfield in Canada, TMS inbox: "Keeping abreast of the situation from Quebec City. Gone midnight here, but worth staying awake for. I'm my own boss and have awarded myself the day off tomorrow. Come on England."

  61. 0600: 

    I can tell you that India have been bowled out for less than 77 on seven occasions in Test cricket - most recently 76 by South Africa on this very ground in Ahmedabad in April 2008 (although that was in the first innings of the match). They've perished in the fourth innings for 66 against South Africa in 1996, for 81 against West Indies in 1997, and for 83 against England in Chennai (then known as Madras) in 1977.


    From Kevin Carden in Thailand: "Reading the text from my hospital bed in Bangkok. Had surgery on my knee at the weekend, hope the boys can ease my pain."

    From Paul in Canada: "Watching on a live feed here in Ontario as a pack of coyotes feast on their hunt outside."

    From Robert Burns in Azerbaijan: "Following the cricket from Baku and now the wickets are starting to fall it is not looking good."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "When you make such a mess of your first innings, there's too much time left in the match and even though you get 400 in the second innings, you get winkled out eventually. England were playing catch-up - when you make 200 compared to [the opposition's] 500, you rarely get out of jail."

  64. 0554: 

    And with India having taken that last wicket within 10 minutes of lunch, lunch will now be taken.


    Adam Vanner on Twitter: "Re: Joey Smith [0545]. Ask Ricky Ponting and Australia that question. 517-1 ring any bells?"

  66. 0553: 
    WICKET- Bresnan c Kohli b Zaheer 20 (Eng 406 all out)

    Zaheer goes round the wicket to Bresnan, who's lost several batting partners today while remaining defiant in defence. Dhoni is up to the stumps to keep Bresnan in his crease, he tries an expansive drive and is caught low at short extra cover - India will need 77 to win.


    SportsXplayer on Twitter: "Stuart Broad an all rounder? He's having a larf!!"

  68. 0550: 
    Eng 406-9 (LEAD BY 76)

    James Anderson walks to the crease and sees off the last ball of Ashwin's over. Can England stay in until lunch? 10 minutes to go.


    The TMS inbox continues to be bombarded from around the world...

    From Nigel, the only living Englishman in Shangrao, 800km west of Shanghai: "Whichever way it goes we've grabbed honour from ignominy over the last two days."

    From Dawn in Indonesia: "Catching up on the action during school lunch break in Jakarta. Not sure if the match will last till the end of school..."

    From Andrew Robinson in South Africa: "Following the action, having dropped my car off for a service in Umhlanga, 20 miles north of Durban. Early wickets a big blow, was hoping for a miracle."

  70. 0548: 
    WICKET- Swann b Ashwin 17 (Eng 406-9)

    Swann gets his reverse sweep out again against Ashwin, which brings him four more, but when he attempts a switch-hit-slog again he's bowled by his fellow off-spinner.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think a lead of 170 would be quite handy with Gautam Gambhir not here, but we've only got one spinner so we're only attacking from one end."

  72. 0545: 
    Eng 402-8

    Boycs is particularly chippy on TMS today, pouring scorn on scorer Andrew Samson's "squiggle" handwriting while there's also a bit of chat between umpire Aleem Dar and batsman Bresnan between deliveries. Like Swann, he's batting well outside his crease, is there an issue about where he's tapping his bat down? Is he not entitled to take guard anywhere he chooses? Maiden over.


    Gudagudi on Twitter: "Harbhajan would never go wicketless in 40 overs in conditions like these."


    Joey Smith on Twitter: "Re: Prakash Wakankar. Where can I find this psychological points scorecard?"

  75. 0541: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 402-8 (LEAD BY 72)

    It's our first sight this morning of Ravichandran Ashwin, the off-spinner has bowled 41 wicketless overs in this innings but England reach the minor milestone of 400 with a Bresnan single. "Someone should point out to them that if they'd made 400 in the first innings, they wouldn't lose the Test!" harrumphs Geoff Boycott on TMS. Swann reverse-sweeps Ashwin for two, then moves over to attempt a Kevin Pietersen-style switch-hit, crossing his hands over but can't connect. There's a bit of entertainment as Ashwin has an lbw appeal turned down, then throws the ball back at the stumps when Swann comes out of his crease to play defensively. He has 13, Bresnan has 20.


    From Rob in London, via text on 81111: "On the bus, going to work. Only thing tropical about my situation is the fruit juice I bought this morning!"


    The Sun's John Etheridge on Twitter: "Even though he is vice-captain and valued by the management, Broad's place for 2nd Test will come under scrutiny. Esp if Eng play Finn/Monty. Trouble is, Finn, Anderson, Monty is a horrible bottom three."

  78. 0537: 
    Eng 399-8

    Zaheer back in the attack in place of Yadav as India look to wrap up the innings before lunch. Swann, who's batting way outside his crease, guides him off his legs for four.


    Jon Nish on Twitter: "Only reason this match is in Day 5 - no DRS."

  80. 0532: 
    Eng 395-8 (LEAD BY 65)

    Swann tries a village heave to leg against Ojha but gets the ball caught between his knees - when he does connect with a slog-sweep, he's off the mark by launching a six over mid-wicket! A single pushes England's lead to 65.

    Prakash Wakankar, BBC Test Match Special

    "One imagines that Monty Panesar will play in Mumbai, unless it's a completely different type of pitch."


    From Dick in Malaysia, TMS inbox: "Have watched every ball at home here in Kuala Lumpur (GMT +8, the best time zone for Test cricket). It's been raining since play began, and I'm doing my best to will the storm to disappear and reappear in Ahmedabad, before lunch if possible!"

  83. 0529: 
    Eng 388-8

    Dhoni is, at least, helping England's score along by letting plenty of byes through - four more make it 14 for the innings. Captain Cook has his (bare) feet up in the dressing-room, as he might well do after nine hours and 17 minutes at the crease. Bresnan sees off the rest of Yadav's over, a maiden as it only contained byes and dot balls.

    Prakash Wakankar, BBC Test Match Special

    "Even if all Bresnan and Swann can do here is delay the inevitable, at least some psychological points will be scored."


    The Eggbound on Twitter: "Full of (early) Thanksgiving dinner in Houston, trying to stay awake, hoping for a miracle from Bresnan and Swann. Hmmm."

    Can't imagine optimism is too prevalent among Houston sports fans after the lousy couple of years my beloved Astros have had...

  86. 0525: 
    Eng 384-8 (LEAD BY 54)

    "I embrace new technology," insists Aggers on TMS, to which Vic Marks hits back "you don't embrace DRS!" Bresnan pushes Ojha for a single while Swann, who's yet to score, plays out three dot balls - he's now faced 11.


    The TMS inbox is overflowing today...

    From Hugo in China: "Following the live text while sitting in the English teachers' staff room at Mingdao primary school, Chengdu, China. Can't get the children to get interested in the sport I'm afraid!"

    Isaac Fields in Malaysia: "Currently keeping up-to-date in the middle of the Borneo rainforest. After being feasted on by mosquitoes all morning I'm not sure what will come first; the inevitable uncomfortable itching or the inevitable England loss."

    Nick Gooch in South Africa: "Back to work for me in Cape Town, where it is a glorious sunny morning. Unfortunately those 2 early wickets have rather spoiled the optimism. Although, being a Norwich City fan I'm quite happy regardless."

  88. 0521: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 383-8

    Yadav appeals for lbw as Bresnan tries to force him across the line, that was close, certainly closer than the one for which Samit Patel was given out yesterday... and may have been even closer with DRS, which I repeat, I'm sure would have helped India more than hindered them in this Test. Yadav sends down the first wide of the match, Bresnan does manage to force a single to leg, then Swann's hit on the pad and the appeal comes more from the wicketkeeper than the bowler - missing leg stump? England are "net" 53-8.


    teessider on Twitter: "Will you tell tell Sir Geoff to stop telling India what to do!! They read his tweet and now they will win!!"

  90. 0517: 
    Eng 381-8 (LEAD BY 51)

    Bresnan forces Ojha for three, leaving Swann to face the spinner for the first time, and he has to defend one that keeps low.


    From Salim in Toronto, TMS inbox: "One wonders about Dhoni's decisions. In the first innings with England at 97-7, he stopped using the spinners. England score almost 100 more. Today, the first two wickets were taken by a spinner, but we don't see spinners from both ends."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "After he ws dismissed, Broad made out for a moment like he was going to give the wicket a little tap with his bat, but he doesn't do anything - and Ojha complained to umpire Dar. I know Broad does wind people up on occasions, but here he was completely innocent."

  93. 0514: 
    Eng 378-8

    Graeme Swann is the new batsman, there was a bit of discussion between the umpires after that wicket, what was going on there?


    From Rohit Gupta, TMS inbox: "Following your coverage while waiting in the queue at Space Mountain, here in Disneyland."

    Make sure you watch the Electric Light Parade, one of the best things at Disney. (My top three would also include Big Thunder Mountain and Mr Toad's Wild Ride, which is not unlike watching England play spin!)

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "The end is, you think nigh, unless Graeme Swann and Bresnan can do something quite extraordinary."

  96. 0511: 
    WICKET- Broad c and b Yadav (Eng 378-8)

    Broad pushes Yadav for two through backward point, then the next ball beats his forward prod but also beats Dhoni and disappears for four byes. But Broad perishes when he tries to push into the leg side and offers Yadav a return catch.


    The Mighty Mojo on Twitter: "Anyone else think Broad is batting for his place in the next Test?"

  98. 0508: 
    Eng 372-7 (LEAD BY 42)

    Broad's defsnce doesn't look as assured as Bresnan's as Ojha, who's bowled all morning and is now in his 52nd over of the innings, tosses it up and Broad's off the mark as he pushes a single into the vacant point region. England are "net" 42-8.


    Andy Ewart on Twitter: "Do I stay glued to #bbccricket or do I pop along the road here in Rangoon and watch Obama meet Aung San Suu Kyi? Tough one!"

    Take your phone and do both?

  100. 0505: 
    Eng 371-7

    A big weight on the big shoulders of big Tim Bresnan now, as the right-arm seam of Umesh Yadav replaces the left-arm seam of Zaheer Khan. Bresnan pokes a two through the covers and confidently leg-glances a four, but it's more about batting out the overs than making runs for England.

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport in India

    "The ECB say it is not currently aware of any plans to switch the venue for the second Test. There have been suggestions that Mumbai wouldn't be comfortable staging the match while the city deals with the implications of political leader Bal Thackeray's death. But the ECB is happy with security there and, at present at least, not making any alternative plans."


    And some more exotic messages in the TMS inbox:

    James M in Egypt: "Following the live feed whilst sitting on the banks of the Nile. Keep it going lads."

    Andrew Nickerson in Canada: "Tough getting the kids to go to sleep when I am glued to the laptop instead of reading their bedtime story. Was a beautiful day here in Canmore in the Canadian Rockies!"

    Ben Perry, Thailand: "On Patong beach in Phuket. Come on England, I still believe."

  103. 0500: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 365-7 (LEAD BY 35)

    Stuart Broad is the new batsman - and there are already two men on the boundary at long-on and deep mid-wicket, is Dhoni expecting him to go down in a blaze of glory? He offers no shot to Ojha, there's a big appeal as it hits his pad, but the appeal falls on deaf ears.


    From Gordon Inkson, TMS inbox: "Regarding obscure locations from which people are following the cricket, I am situated in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, on Sakhalin Island off the north east coast of Russia. Do I win?"

    No competitions and no prizes I'm afraid, comrade!

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "That was a good ball, nicely pitched up, turned a bit on Cook and didn't bounce as high as he thought."

  106. 0458: 
    WICKET- Cook b Ojha 176 (Eng 365-7)

    Cook plays back at Ojha and his nine-hour 17-minute marathon is ended as Ojha finally breaks through his defences and he's bowled off his pad. A remarkable innings ends, and the death knell of England's chance of saving the match may have just sounded.


    Harry John White on Twitter: "Following the coverage from exotic Guildford. It's not just international fans listening, you know. Looking for a Bres match special now."

    Almost as bad as one of my jokes...

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport in India

    "From where I'm watching it almost looks like Cook's front foot has worn a hole in the pitch with that forward defensive. The crowd is sparse, but Ahmedabad has a 'back to work' feel today after the weekend and an extended Diwali holiday."

  109. 0453: 
    Eng 365-6

    Zaheer switches to bowling round the wicket, but Bresnan is looking the part here in these early stages as he clips a two off his legs, before digging out a yorker.


    The TMS inbox is still receiving messages from around the world:

    Mike Drukker: "Obscure place for following the cricket: it's 8.30pm in San Francisco and I'm following the text updates whilst getting dim sum in Chinatown!"

    Simon Warren (usually in Hitchin): "I have been following via intermittent text updates here at Mirembe Psychiatric hospital in Dodoma, Tanzania. On a research trip for three weeks.

    Chris P, Tokyo: "Following live text in my office in Japan. Tried explaining the intricacies of test cricket to my baseball-mad Japanese co-workers. This was greeted with lots of polite nodding of heads and even a bow, but (I'm fairly sure) almost minimal comprehension."

  111. 0449: 
    Eng 363-6 (LEAD BY 33)

    Four close catchers in as Ojha bowls to Bresnan, who guides a jogged two past short leg and then moves to six with a single.. Big Tim scored his highest Test score of 91 in Bangladesh a couple of years ago, he averages 35 in Test cricket but 30 excluding Tests against Bangladesh.


    Tim Footman on Twitter: "Magazine office in Bangkok where, oddly enough, I've just edited an interview with a former captain of the Thai cricket team."

    Oliver Wessely on Twitter:‏ "In Shanghai, explaining to local the true sporting tension that comes with Test cricket. He's not buying."

    Alastair Harborne ‏on Twitter: "2.30pm on a beautiful day here on Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef. Delaying going back into the water to check my experiment..."

  113. 0446: 
    Eng 360-6

    Boycs on TMS thinks India should turn to Ashwin and get men round the bat for Bresnan (and subsequently Broad, Swann and Anderson), but for now it's Bresnan to face Zaheer with two slips. The big Yorkshireman steers a single to third man. Cook - who now has the highest score by an England batsman following on in a Test - is the measure of watchfulness, poking a single to third man to move to 176. Bresnan keeps up his strike rate of 100 by nicking the strike off the last ball - he has three from three.


    From Peter Jenner in New Zealand, TMS inbox: "I've have had to put up with abuse from Kiwis and Aussies for the last four days on how the Poms are now rubbish. Come on Captain Cook, let's steer the ship into safe waters, get over the first innings mess."

  115. 0440: 
    Eng 357-6 (LEAD BY 27)

    Tim Bresnan is the new batsman, he gets a thick edge off his first ball but Zaheer's a little slow at backward point and Bresnan's off the mark immediately.


    Sam Oakley on Twitter: "Made the awful mistake of leaving Ahmedabad after day 3 (booked to leave after day 2). Back at work in Udaipur filled with regret."

    After the first couple of days, we don't think you were alone in thinking this match wouldn't go the distance!

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "We can't be too critical as he's played well but he was just caught out there."

  118. 0438: 
    WICKET- Prior c and b Ojha 91 (Eng 356-6)

    Geoff Boycott on TMS urges the England pair to "just concentrate on batting until drinks" - just under 25 minutes away - as Ojha begins the 49th over of this innings - but India make the breakthrough when Prior spoons a return catch to the bowler who takes it above his head.


    News of three more cricket fans from exotic locations reaches the TMS inbox:

    From Sean Pyman: "I'm reading the BBC cricket text over in the middle of the desert in Saudi Arabia. Just come off a night shift, and aiming to stay up as long as I can. Not sure i'll make it to the end of the day, unlike Cook and Prior. Hopefully."

    From Ginge: "Following the coverage at my desk in an oil field in Kazakhstan. Captain Cook's latest discovery... how to play spin bowling!"

    From Vinny (another exiled Geordie): "Just about to start teaching in Busan, South Korea. Got BBC sport to keep me updated during lessons! Howay the lads!"

  120. 0434: 
    Eng 356-5 (LEAD BY 26)

    India hold their heads in agony as Cook plays and misses... or does he? He could have just withdrawn the bat inside the line like a big tease. Another Dhoni fumble behind the stumps (we've seen a few of those this match) allows the ball to shoot between his legs and England scamper a couple of byes. And when Zaheer strays down the leg side, the Chef flicks him down to fine leg for four.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's simple for India to me - who is the most dangerous bowler on this surface? Bowl him, before the batsmen get their footwork sorted out."


    Some more England fans pop up in Australia...

    From Dave F, TMS inbox: "Following the live text at the overseas office in Sydney. With a lot of concentration, discipline and a hint of attack from Prior later in the day, I feel this is a day meant for Swann. What a time to have the world's best spinner at your disposal! Remember Headingley '81? Come on England!"

    From Ashley Westwood on Twitter: "Watching from Melbourne with an office full of Aussies, time to put some fear into them for next year and save this match."

  123. 0430: 
    Eng 350-5

    Cook sedately moves to 171 (and his side to 350) with a single, Ojha keeps Prior under wraps for the rest of the over.

    Prakash Wakankar, BBC Test Match Special

    "That's the thing about Test cricket, you always have the chance to come back into the game, unlike the shorter formats where one session can take the game away from you."


    From John Pears in Ahmedabad, TMS inbox: "Day 5 and I know I am not the only England fan in Ahmedabad who doubted we would get this far but credit to England for digging in to avoid the innings defeat. What a fantastic advert for Test cricket this game has been. No other format (or sport for that matter) can deliver such twists, turns, disappointments, failures, successes and above all tension. Those who say Test cricket is boring just don't know enough to know any better."

  126. 0427: 
    Eng 349-5 (LEAD BY 19)

    Zaheer furiously polishes one side of the ball, looking for reverse swing as Vic mentioned, but Captain Cook remains watchful against the wily left-armer. A single brings up the 150 partnership. And even better news, we've just discovered our colleagues who were in to cover last night's F1 Grand Prix have left some choccy biccies behind...


    More Twitter missives from around the world:

    Phil Longwell: "Listening to TMS waiting to get signed off from work in Thu Dau Mot in Vietnam and will be gripped by every ball I'm sure."

    Chris Buck: "In Peru, TMS on the go in the hostel, trying to explain the game to a group of French. England have a better chance of success."

    Neil Egerton: "Following the 5th day of the cricket from Orlando, Florida. Tried to explain cricket to an American earlier, failed."

  128. 0423: 
    Eng 348-5

    Prior drives at Ojha, Sachin Tendulkar makes a good stop at mid-off to deny them a run. Ojha, skipping in between the umpire and the stumps to bowl left-arm round, sends down another maiden.


    From Paul (exiled Geordie), TMS inbox: "Obscure places to follow the cricket? It is currently 8.15am and I am sat at my classroom desk in south Moscow, where it is hovering around the freezing mark, and won't be light for another hour. Oh, and I didn't sleep one wink overnight, and thus feel like a zombie."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "The Indian seamers are aiming for lbws with a little reverse swing, as tey've taken five wickets in this match - all lbw."

  131. 0420: 
    Eng 348-5 (LEAD BY 18)

    Cook takes a fresh guard against Zaheer, Aggers doesn't think the Indians are particularly rushing here. The skipper pushes a single past point's left hand, he's up to 169 with his first run of the day. Prior moves to 91 with a single to third man. Remember, England are "net" 18-5.


    Thomas Gibbs on Twitter: "The live text is on 90% of computer screens in our Kuala Lumpur suburb office... optimistic thoughts are plentiful."

  133. 0415: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 346-5

    There's a half-hearted appeal from the bowler as Ojha spins one down to Prior which hits him on the pad, but pitched outside leg stump. Prior then prods forward at one which spins wickedly and just misses his outside edge - a bit like the ball which dismissed Trott yesterday. Maiden over.


    A couple of England fans in Sydney, Australia, in the TMS inbox...

    From Daniel: "Going to the Captain Cook pub in 5 mins, next to the SCG, to watch our skipper reach his double ton.

    From Tim Healy: "Thoroughly looking forward to another rollercoaster day of Test cricket hoping that the boys can snatch a draw from the brink of defeat so I can show my newly tattooed 3 lions right arm off with pride to the rather cocky Aussie nation!"

    Maybe you should meet up to sing the national anthem together...?

  135. 0413: 
    Eng 346-5 (LEAD BY 16)

    "I'm not sure that either team will be desperate to get more than 90 overs in today," comments Aggers on TMS as Prior square-drives Zaheer for four. When he repeats the shot, he picks out the sweeper on that cover boundary and they run a single - while Vic and Aggers wonder what a Geoff Boycott sat-nav would be like. "What sort of a left turn was that! Look out, there's an uncovered bridge coming up!"

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Dhoni sets some incredibly defensive fields - England are effectively 11-5 and there are four men on the boundary."

  137. 0408: 
    Eng 341-5

    India are going to mix and match spin and seam again today - with left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha on from the "GMDC End" (not sure what that stands for). The right-handed Matt Prior has a couple of slips and a helmeted silly point waiting to snaffle a catch, but he gets England under way again with a single off the last ball, through the covers.


    David Wilson on Twitter: "Does an architecture office in Hong Kong count as obscure?"

    Adam Cogan on Twitter: "Streaming the cricket onto a projector at my cafe down a hutong in central Beijing."

    Hannah Cacchioli on Twitter: "Hoping I don't see any wickets but do see a century and a double century before California bed time. You have about 3 hours boys."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "England won't be going out to score flamboyantly, but the quicker they score, the more time they will buy themselves."

  140. 0404: 
    Eng 340-5 (LEAD BY 10)

    Zaheer has no slips in, but there are a few hearts in mouths as Cook plays and misses at the first ball of the day. "A small crowd, but they're very noisy and very enthusiastic," notes Aggers on TMS - he watched another James Bond film on TV last night, which is good to hear. Captain Cook sees off a maiden unscathed.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's all about a return to yesterday's composure and discipline, with a healthy slice of luck."


    Ben Gardner on Twitter: "Surely Cook and Prior to get a double century, England declare and then we bowl them out in time for breakfast?"

  143. 0359: 

    Warm applause from the pocket of England fans as captain Alastair Cook and chief petty officer Matt Prior (I've always thought of him as a senior NCO of the England team) walk to the middle, while the Ahmedabad drummer is back for his fifth successive day. Left-arm seamer Zaheer Khan to take the first over of the day.


    beiluobreadbar on Twitter:‏ "If England get a result here we'll be serving an Alastair Cook based pasta for the rest of the week. Hopefully with less runs."

    I always thought the old gag was that if you ate a Geoff Boycott curry, the runs came slower?

  145. 0357: 

    Umpires Tony Hill and Aleem Dar emerge - unencumbered by the Decision Review System, if you remember, although it's fair to say that the application of DRS may have helped India more than hindered them in this Test.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a myth that spinners don't get tired and can bowl all day like a machine."


    Charlie Walker on Twitter: "Following BBC live text from outback Tasmania. Predicting Swann and Patel to get 5 wickets apiece & England to win by 10 runs!"

    So, what's the most obscure place from which any of you are following the game? Let us know via #bbccricket


    David Potter on Twitter: "I have not been up this early for sport since the Cassius Clay fights of the 60s could be a special cricket day today."

  149. 0351: 

    Batting coach Graham Gooch was predictably full of praise for his Essex protege Alastair Cook when he was put up for interview after play yesterday - "there's a lot of work to do, but there's a chink of light if they play well," is the verdict of Goochie (Gucci?).

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "England will take something from this match, even if they lose, but if they could get a draw and went to Mumbai at 0-0, they'd be cock-a-hoop. Realistically, if England can bat to tea, they'd almost certainly be safe - but that's a long time..."


    Colin Blunden on Twitter: "Hoping to wake up with ENGLAND WIN on the BBC sports page."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "All four results are possible today: India win is the favourite, then the draw, then an England win, then a tie, with match abandoned due to rain fifth favourite.

    "Cook has been immense - Prior has been pretty immense - so this is England's diamond pair. Can they get re-established again? If they can England have got a chance of scraping to safety. But It could be over by lunchtime and today could be a dampish squib when we've all got excited by an epic recovery."


    Chris Gallop on Twitter: "Learning to pronounce 'Ahmedabad' will be harder than staying awake to be able to say 'I was up for Ahmedabad 2012'."


    Neal Collins on TMS: "There are people Cooking at this hour all around the world! Come on Alastair, stick with it!"

    Join us via the hashtag #bbccricket

  155. 0345: 

    TMS are up and running - Aggers and Vic Marks looking ahead to day five.


    David Wilson on Twitter:‏ "Left work on Friday thinking the match would be over soon. Instead I'm in the office on Monday, loading up BBC live text. Sweet."

  157. 0336: 

    As ever, we need your contribution today - is this wild sense of optimism I've developed misplaced? Whether you're a similarly optimistic England fan, or an India follower looking to wrap up victory by noon, you can get in touch by emailing (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), texting 81111 (with "CRICKET" in the subject line) or Twittering away with our hashtag #bbccricket - as you've already started to do...

  158. 0333: 

    So, I hope you're following Charlotte's example and getting up for day five. While we wait for Test Match Special at 0345 GMT, you can take a look at BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew's column reflecting on yesterday's play - he's "running out of superlatives with which to describe Alastair Cook".

    Aggers also writes: "In a funny sort of way, a drawn game could actually be something of a long shot. Of course India are favourites to win, but if England can score another 150 runs or so, which is not impossible, then we really will have a game on."


    England women's captain Charlotte Edwards on Twitter (last night): "Do I get up at 4am or wake up naturally at 7am and hope we're still five down and 100 in front?? Come on Cook and Prior."

    (A little later) "From all the responses it looks like it's a 4am wake up... get behind the boys!"

  160. 0330: 

    Morning, everyone. I hope as many of you of possible are with us from the start of the final day of this first Test - for if England do pull off an astonishing result today, you'll want to be able to tell people "I was up for Ahmedabad 2012".

    The match situation is this, folks - England batted throughout day four after following on, and are 340-5, a lead of 10 runs over India. So in effect, they're 10-5 in a one-innings match, with one day to play, and all four results very much possible.

Live Scores - India v England


  • India beat England by 9 wickets
  • India: 521-8 & 80-1 (15.3 overs)
  • England: 191 & 406 (154.3 overs)
  • Venue: Ahmedabad

India 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 1 80
Sehwag c Pietersen b Swann 25
Pujara not out 41
Kohli not out 14
Extras 0

England in India 2012-13

India's Mahendra Dhoni and England's Alastair Cook

Reports and scorecards from England's one-day tour of India, which includes five ODIs.