India v England, second Test, Mumbai, day one as it happened

Cheteshwar Pujara makes an unbeaten 114 as India close the opening day of the second Test against England on 266-6.

23 November 2012 Last updated at 12:27 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1119: 

    I'll think we'll give Lord Geoffrey the last word on a riveting day of Test Match Cricket. Plenty of ebb, a little bit of flow and a clear swing in India's favour in the final session.

    Tomorrow is a bright new day and England will be targeting early wickets. Have a read of Stephan Shemilt's match report and look out for the Aggers column later on. We'll see you at 0330 GMT. Bye bye.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It is slightly India's day. England won the first and second sessions but India got away in the end. I am not sure how England will bat but Ashwin played unbelievably.

    "I am so pleased for Monty, who got selected in the end. It is tragic though, we have to lose then we decide to go to him and he bowls well. It is demoralising for him and I feel for him.

    "It will be a low scoring game. England's two spinners bowling well are as good as they have. Test matches are not won with just spinners, the batsman have to do well, if you do not bat well in the first innings, you are climbing a mountain.

    "Can our batmen tell themselves, trust your technique, hope you play well and above all, don't give it away with bat shots."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "There have been positives for England. most notably Monty Panesar coming back into the team and bowling well. They had a golden opportunity at 119/5 and then just looked ragged and tired. You don't often see that from and England side in the final session, they almost ran out of steam."

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    "Cheteshwar Pujara is in something of a rich vein of form. After failing to reach 20 in four of his first five Test innings, his last six innings read: 159, 9, 48, 206*, 41* and 114*."


    Sankalp on Twitter: "India need to add just 50 to 70 more tomorrow and the match will be over in three days with an innings to spare!"

    Liam Cutler on Twitter: "Again England making bowlers look like the best batsman in the world. If we are to be the best again we need to finish teams off."

    James Ash on Twitter: "From 119-5 to 266-6 shows how great Test cricket is. India have had time to rebuild and compete again. They now look on top."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Pujara just bides his time, waits for the bad one and whips it away. The partnership with Ashwin has put the game India's way."

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "It has been Pujara's day. He has been calm, stubborn, classy and unruffled. It has been a brilliant innings from him, a potentially match-winning innings."

  8. 1106: 
    CLOSE OF PLAY- Ind 266-6

    Pujara pads Swann away and there's another desperate appeal from the bowler. Six dot balls and the day is done.

    Matt Prior is the first man to shake Pujara's hand. He came in after the first ball of the day, kept his head while those around him were losing theirs and really stuck the knife in with Ashwin in the final session. India's day? I think you have to say it was.

  9. 1101: 
    Ind 266-6

    A snorter from Monty rips past Ashwin's outside edge. Then the camera cuts to the Indian dressing-room window to reveal a smiling MS Dhoni, no doubt contemplating the prospect of unleashing his three spinners on England's fragile batting line-up tomorrow.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Broad has bowled not with great pace and without control. It has not swung and has drifted onto the middle of the bat. He has been very expensive too, but he is a strong-minded man, he can turn it around. Playing cricket in India seems a bit of a trial at the moment though."

  11. 1053: 
    Ind 263-6

    Broad's figures thus far today are 11-1-55-0 and they are not getting any prettier. A hint of width and Ashwin leans into an elegant drive which races away though the covers for four. Beads of sweat are forming across his forehead as he charges in to Ashwin, who easily works another single into a gap on the off side.


    Ray Allger on Twitter: "Yet again England bowlers seem incapable of removing the tail."

  13. 1048: 
    Ind 258-6

    Monty to Pujara: Short - Slash - Four. This really is becoming a deeply damaging partnership from England's point of view. At 119-5, India were on the ropes. Now they're throwing punches like Ali in his prime.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Ashwin has been immensely impressive in his timing and his outlook; he was aggressive right from the start. He's having a whale of a time."

  15. 1045: 
    ASHWIN FIFTY- Ind 252-6

    Broad, currently boasting an economy rate of 4.5 and without a wicket to his name in the series, returns to the attack. He promptly gets pulled for four as Ashwin goes to 50, off just 67 balls. A stony-faced Broad stomps back to his mark - all that's missing is the steam coming from his ears. This partnership is approaching dangerous proportions from England's point of view (or have we passed that point?).

  16. 1039: 
    Ind 246-6

    There are hopeful appeals and there are absurd appeals and this one from Monty is the latter as the ball strikes Pujara about a yard outside off stump. It's a maiden and Broad is coming on to replace Anderson.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "This score is starting to look a bit ominous for me. If India get 300, my word England have got some batting to do."


    Oliver Jones on Twitter: "Kirsten, Dravid, Pujara, Chanderpaul - a batting line up that would just be impossible to beat."

  19. 1037: 
    Ind 246-6

    Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. It's a glimpse of the old wayward Anderson as three bad balls are dispatched to the rope by Ashwin. The first is a square cut, the next two are crashed off his hips. Great over for India and Ashwin now has 48 off 66 balls.


    Benjamin Edmonds on Twitter: "Sick of the sight of Pujara, seems like the Wall has been rebuilt!"

  21. 1032: 
    Ind 234-6

    Monty is given the fresh cherry in a move the red tops would probably describe as a massive snub to Stuart Broad. Monty has been the man today though so why not give him a chance to land the five-for. No joy in his first over back, just two singles as India's recovery continues.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "He's got a good technique, good footwork. Just keep it simple. Somebody on the England side has got to get a hundred, just the same."

  23. 1027: 
    PUJARA 100- Ind 230-6

    Anderson drops short and Pujara pulls round the corner for four to bring up another fine Test hundred. It's the third of his fledgling career and it comes off 248 balls with nine fours. He now has 351 runs in the series without being dismissed.


    From Joel, TMS inbox: "Ravi Ashwin is actually from Yorkshire and it's not R Ashwin, but Our Ashwin!"

  25. 1024: 

    England have chosen to take the new ball at the first opportunity. Anderson will deliver it but will he be partnered by the faltering Broad?

  26. 1022: 
    Ind 224-6

    A single apiece gives Pujara the strike for the last ball of Swann's over on 99. There are men round the bat and Pujara simply pushes it back to the bowler. Rash, he ain't.

  27. 1018: 
    Ind 222-6

    Patel sends down a maiden to Ashwin, meaning Pujara will be on strike on 98.


    Prancer on Twitter: "Pujara showing that it is possible to make big runs on this pitch. Just hope the England batsmen apply themselves as much as him."

  29. 1017: 
    Ind 222-6

    Blowers is excited, he thinks this is the hundred before realising that it is Ashwin who has struck the ball away for two. Oh dear, now Boycott is comparing Ashwin to David Gower. He does have a Test average of 40 I suppose.


    Michael Shaw on Twitter: "A shorter, faster skiddy bowler, like Meaker, would have been a better pick than Broad."

  31. 1013: 
    Ind 217-6

    TV cameras pick out a great scene of a clutch of local fans dancing delightedly in the stands. They have a new hero and he answers to the name of Che. Three away from a century, he's happy to bide his time as Patel keeps it tight.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's possible that 280 could be a good score; 300 will definitely be a good score. This pitch has bite - it has jumped a little bit."

  33. 1010: 
    Ind 216-6

    Souveer on Twitter has just come up with a great nickname for our soon-to-be centurion (mockers??) - Che Pujara.

    The partnership creeps up to 215-6 with some more milking of Swann. Dare I suggest England's premier spinner should be making a bit more of this extremely helpful pitch?


    From Nigel in Holland, TMS inbox: "Regarding Andrew in Cardiff (0957), I would consider that cricket on the radio and Kylie on my computer would make for an even better morning…."

  35. 1007: 
    Ind 214-6

    It's a very defensive field for Patel as he bowls to Pujara, who nudges into the leg side. Ashwin wants a second run but Pujara slips at the non-striker's end and Ashwin has to dive full length to make up his ground and beat the throw.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "212-6 is really good - I'm really pleased for the England players. But I'd like to see us bat first because we haven't convinced ourselves that we can play on a turning pitch - that's the key."

  37. 1001: 
    Ind 212-6

    More bounce, more dismay for Swann as the ball catches the bat but lands short of the diving Cook. When England finally see the back of Pujara we could well witness the mother of all celebrations... A Flintoffesque shirtless sprint perhaps?

  38. 0958: 

    Hard lines England. TV shows the ball bounced before striking Cook's foot and looping to Compton. Swann will be livid but it actually would have been a pretty fortunate wicket.

  39. 0957: 

    Now then, drama. England think they've got Pujara. A lazy flick hits Cook at short leg and balloons to midwicket. Pujara stands his ground. This one is going upstairs...


    From Andrew in Cardiff, via text on 81111: "Kylie on Radio 2 and cricket on computer. Great Friday morning."

  41. 0953: 
    Ind 211-6

    I like it Adam, there's always one who goes against the grain but I must say Broad has looked extremely tame today. Samit Patel is called upon for the first time today as England strive for the breakthrough but he looks pretty unthreatening as India pick off another couple.


    From Adam in Stockport, via text on 81111: "It's amusing how everyone is saying that Broad needs to be dropped. Before the last Test he was England's best bowler on average and wickets taken in 2012."

  43. 0949: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 209-6

    Monty to Ashwin, sharp turn and a big appeal for lbw. Might have been bat first but Monty sniffed a five-for there. Looking again, that could easily have been given. Two singles nurdled then a lovely drive for four from Ashwin. India's total continues to creep up towards one that could be extremely competitive on this pitch.


    Simon Newport on Twitter: "We need to get them all out for less than 250 to have a chance of posting a 1st innings lead. Pujara immovable again."

  45. 0945: 
    Ind 202-6

    Thanks Justin. Well played, although you could have got rid of Pujara couldn't you? He is the new Shivnarine Chanderpaul in my book, in fact I believe his middle names may be "not out." Here he is flicking Swann away in his favourite area square on the leg side for another single to reach 92. He's now unbeaten in 14 hours of cricket this series.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "England have rung the changes after tea, but it's been Panesar that has looked most likely to take wickets. It's been an absorbing day's cricket, with a good crowd watching."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "200 is a real milestone. If India somehow got to 300, England would be in trouble."

  48. 0942: 
    Ind 201-6

    And so it continues. Panesar bowls, metronomic as ever. Pujara defends, as solid as ever. A forcing short to deep point follows a couple on the leg side. Untroubled - that's the word I'm looking for. And with that I'll hand you back to Mr Sheringham. Be nice.


    pnearn on Twitter: "What's happened to Broad? Pace is down, batting is poor. Needs a break, go back to county cricket for a while and freshen up."

  50. 0939: 
    Ind 198-6

    Swann and Panesar are rattling through their overs now, at the sort of rate that will help captain Cook avoid a fine for a slow over-rate at the very least. The skipper is still under the lid at short-leg, incidentally.

  51. 0936: 
    Ind 198-6

    Pujara moving unerringly towards a second century in successive Tests, it seems. He plays out the remainder of an over from Panesar, who shows no sign of tiring despite his workload.


    Ed Mehen on Twitter: "Broad having a shocker. Captain Cook must be honest about his vice-captain's abilities at present, and drop him."


    With Monty-mania once again sweeping the nation, why not download your own Monty mask? One way to catch the boss's eye anyway...

  54. 0933: 
    Ind 197-6

    Cook must checking Patrick's Twitter feed because Swann is indeed on in place of the worryingly ineffective Broad. The offie finds turn and bounce but Pujara gets his gloves and bat out of harm's way as he uses his pads as the first line of defence. Hang on, what's that? Pujara unleashes a powerful sweep, crunching Swann flat over square-leg. Just a reminder that he won't let the spinners tie him down.


    Patrick McIntyre on Twitter: "Poor captaincy, why isn't Swann on? Giving away crucial runs here Cooky."

  56. 0930: 
    Ind 190-6

    Panesar in the groove now - round the wicket to Pujara, who repeatedly defends as he takes a takes a healthy stride forward. There's precious little light between bat and pad there. Boycott would be proud.


    Tyler in Birmingham, via text on 81111: "In Boycott parlance, which piece of your gran's attire would one use to catch a dolly?"

  58. 0926: 
    Ind 190-6

    Clearly I have less faith in Broad than Cook. The seamer is back for another over, but he is pushed comfortably between cover and point for a couple before being driven back past his right boot for four and then square on the off side for another. 78mph. "There's not much venom there," says Vic Marks as my mind wanders to Mark Ealham. Now what was I saying about Cook's faith...?


    David Wilson on Twitter: "Trying to explain cricket to my Chinese colleague, while he compares it to the only bat and ball sport he knows. Ping pong."

  60. 0922: 
    Ind 180-6

    That may be that for Broad, who hasn't had the best of tours, it's fair to say. But I'm sure Cook hasn't even entertained the idea of withdrawing Panesar from the attack. Monty sends down his 26th over, which contains a four off the first ball as Ashwin uses his feet to clip a full toss through the leg side.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Cook will be thinking 'is Broad the right partner for Panesar now Dhoni is out?' I suspect the answer might be 'no'.


    Jarleth Eaton on Twitter: "Glad to see Dhoni gone, but why can't a cricketer take the fielder's word and walk? It's the gentlemen's game after all."

  63. 0917: 
    Ind 175-6

    So England have an end open, although any thoughts that they are into the tail might be ruined somewhat by the fact Ravichandran Ashwin has a Test century to his name. Broad can't get at him, though, Pujara taking that over for himself, including a whipped four off his pads that fizzed through midwicket.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Panesar's pace is helping him here. He bowls quite quickly, which is more tricky to face than a ball that grips slowly."

    Henry Blofeld, BBC Test Match Special

    "That was the breakthrough that England needed. Now they have it, it is imperative they finish the innings off as quickly as possible. If they can bowl India out for 200-220 then they really have done the job."

  66. 0907: 
    WICKET- Dhoni c Swann b Panesar 29 (Ind 169-6)

    Dhoni gets India moving again with a couple off the back foot through cover point off Panesar, before edging a lifter from Panesar to second slip. Did that carry to Swann? Is that out? You bet it is. After a lengthy delay Aleem Dar raises his finger, Dhoni departs and England - and Panesar - are jubilant again. As always, the replay suggests there is more doubt over the catch than there probably is, so I'm going to be as bold as to say that was the right decision.


    From Rob at the Ministry of Cake in Taunton, TMS inbox: "What is Boycott's favourite variety of rhubarb? And how many runs did he score with it?"

    More importantly, what is the Ministry of Cake and how do I get there?

  68. 0907: 
    Ind 167-5

    "It's hot, it's humid," says Blowers on TMS, hardly the sort of conditions to cheer a fast bowler, especially one who has been in bed with a fever over the last couple of days. So hats off to Broad, whose reward for maintaining a tight line on off stump is a maiden.

  69. 0903: 

    Thanks Sam. Welcome to those of you just joining us, with India resuming on 167-5 and the sixth-wicket partnership between Pujara and Dhoni currently worth 48. And it's Broad to get us under way after tea, for what will be only his eighth over of the day.

  70. 0848: 

    I've just been told that Monty is trending on Twitter, and I think that tells you all you need to know if you are just joining us on this crisp November morning.

    I'm off for a quick refuel and I'm going to leave you in the redoubtable presence of Justin Goulding.


    Metal Face Groom on Twitter: "I have the answer sheet for Mastermind. The answers are Yorkshire, my gran, and stick of rhubarb."


    From Ian Bett, TMS inbox: "Can Geoffrey cook? Surely once his mother has finished batting with her sticks of rhubarb, he will have plenty of food for a special uncovered crumble."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "You can't see how this pitch is going to get better; the margin for error is much bigger than in Ahmedabad. You couldn't believe when you lost the toss this morning that you'd be in this position."

  74. 0843: 
    TEA INTERVAL- Ind 167-5

    Monty's back, replacing Swann with tea fast approaching. Pujara waits, watches and works one through square leg for a single. One to Dhoni too, making it 80-2 from the session. One more session to go and I'm going to stick my neck out and say it could be crucial to the course of this here match.


    Richard in Sheffield, via text on 81111: "Mastermind Question: 'In what year and in what Test did Boycott once concede that Aggers' point was a fair and correct one?' - it's a trick question, the answer of course being 'never'."

  76. 0838: 
    Ind 165-5

    "How many sixes did Boycs score in Test cricket?" There's an Aggers suggestion for the Mastermind question, to which Sir G only reveals that it was more than Don Bradman. Brilliant skill that to turn an area of weakness into a strength.

    Anderson sends one down short and wide and Pujara cuts India's first boundary for an hour and a half.


    From Marc in Aberdeen, via text on 81111: "Sir Boycs is the vegetable extract spread of cricket commentators, and I love vegetable extract spread. I also think he would make a great foil for Len Goodman. 'The key to a good foxtrot Len is to bend the knee and a nice high elbow, get the weight forward'. Uncovered dancefloors, marvellous."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "They aren't getting away. 160-5 is not a great position - they could be all out for 200-220; that's no good. England have kept a real grip on the game."

  79. 0834: 
    Ind 160-5

    England are doing really well to keep control of the game here, frustrating Dhoni's evident desire to get a move on. The India skipper can only work a single off Swann's latest over and Boycs is purring...


    Jordan Harris on Twitter: "Gotta have KP and Strauss on Come Dine With Me. Imagine the tension around the table."

  81. 0831: 
    Ind 158-5

    Hint of reverse swing for Anderson as he sends down a probing maiden to Dhoni. One ball is left alone but whistles an inch over the timbers.

  82. 0826: 
    Ind 158-5

    The ball is still dancing to Swann's tune out there. Some sharp bounce and it deflects off the open face of Pujara's bat high over short leg, to the bowlers immense frustration.

    Vintage banter on TMS as Aggers reveals that a contestant on tonight's Mastermind has chosen "Geoffrey Boycott" as their specialist subject. Any thoughts on questions?


    From Andrew, TMS inbox: "Hoping that dropping of Pujara doesn't cost England another 200 runs, but given how everyone says the pitch is playing another 50 could be critical."


    From Simon in Tanzania, TMS inbox: "For a cricket special 'Come dine with me', I reckon Jack Russell, Dickie Bird, Geoff Boycott and Graeme Swann would be a good start. Can Geoffrey cook?"

  85. 0823: 
    Ind 156-5

    Anderson continues and Pujara cuts him late to third man. Dhoni gets in line and sees out the remainder of the over. Now, here's an entry from left-field from Simon in Tanzania...

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "This is a really crucial partnership - both like to play their shots. England really need to break this partnership. It sounds obvious but every run counts."

  87. 0818: 
    Ind 155-5

    More Swann, more singles. Apologies over my description of the Swann appeal earlier, I did of course mean that the crucial factor was the ball STRIKING him outside the line, rather than PITCHING outside the line. Now corrected.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "This is fantastic for England because what we endured last week was a pathetic batting performance by some. I said after the first Test that I think our spinners are better than theirs."

  89. 0813: 
    Ind 152-5

    After 23 overs in succession, Monty is finally getting a bit of a rest as Cook turns to Anderson. Pujara, who has now faced 100 overs without getting out in this series, easily nudges a single into the leg side, before Dhoni picks up one to mid-off. One more to Pujara, Swann to continue.


    JustHerLuck on Twitter: "Think England might bat few overs tonight. If they lose Cook today, will make it very interesting 1st innings."

  91. 0808: 
    Ind 149-5

    Dhoni comes down the pitch to Swann and the ball strikes his pad a rolls away to Trott at slip. Run out chance? No, Dhoni's too quick to get back. Big sweep shot, big appeal, not out. Pretty ridiculous appeal actually with the ball striking him well outside the line of off stump.

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    West Indies are starting to take a firm grip on the second Test against Bangladesh in Khulna. The tourists are 446-3 in the afternoon session - a lead of 59 - and the bad news for Bangladesh is that Marlon Samuels is still in situ on 217. Shivnarine Chanderpaul, needless to say, is there too, with 44 to his name.

  93. 0804: 
    Ind 148-5

    Dhoni is such a big, imposing man that the bat looks like a matchstick in his hands. And those hands are pretty useful as he displays with a whipped cut for four off a short one from Panesar.


    From Kimble Singh in Nottingham, via text on 81111: "Dhoni needs to keep his cool here and support Pujara, not much batting to come after this."

  95. 0800: 
    Ind 143-5

    Panesar to Pujara - maiden over. Swann gets one to turn and cramp up Pujara but he does well to get his bat out of the way. Then a thick inside edge squirts narrowly wide of short leg. You really do feel like a wicket could fall at any moment.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "This pitch is spinning more quickly and it's bouncing more than it did in Ahmedabad, so 250 might be a good score. I'm beginning to think India picked the right balance of side."

  97. 0753: 
    Ind 141-5

    Jimmy won't thank me for reminding you this but he was the man who let off Pujara in the first Test when the batsman went on to score 206 not out. Dhoni tries to sweep Swann, gets a bottom edge which loops past the wicketkeeper's gloves and away for four. Looking again, that was a very, very difficult chance for Prior, but a chance all the same.

    DROPPED CATCH- Ind 137-5

    Drinks imbibed, back to battle and there's no rest for Monty as he gets set to deliver his 21st over of the day. Oh, what a chance - thick edge from Pujara and Anderson dives across from second slip but puts down a one-handed chance. Trott at first slip might have been a better option then and captain Cook looks a picture of disapproval. How costly will that be?


    Ollie Bennett on Twitter: "I won't be satisfied with any supposed dominance from our bowlers until our batsmen show they can build a lead against spin."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Dhoni has hit two very crisp boundaries through the covers and he's got 12 from 12 balls. It looks like he's going to take the attack to the England spinners. This should be fascinating."

  101. 0743: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Ind 134-5

    Swann drops too short to Dhoni, who drives powerfully between point and cover to pick up another four. Time for a drinks break in this riveting encounter.

  102. 0740: 
    Ind 128-5

    Two slips and a short leg as Panesar drops a tad short and Pujara is able to cut for a single. More length from Panesar and Dhoni whacks him past mid-off for his first boundary. Monty has bowled 20 overs unbroken now and Dravid think it might be time for a rest.


    Chadders on Twitter: "With the Indian batsmen crumbling on this turning wicket, I hate to think what fate awaits the England order."

  104. 0737: 
    Ind 122-5

    Dhoni squeezes one past midwicket for a single then makes way for Pujara to block the rest of Swann's latest over. Intriguing stuff with England on the attack.


    From Tattz in Oldbury, via text on 81111: "Loving Cook's captaincy so far. Not only has he got his bowling changes spot on, but he is fielding at short leg! I thought that position was for the new boy (Compton)?"

  106. 0733: 
    Ind 121-5

    Oh my word, this pitch is up to all sorts. Monty gets a ball to spit off a length, catch the top of Pujara's bat and loop just short of gully. Any England fans getting too excited, just remember they have to bat last on this.


    Joey on Twitter: "Has Yuvraj Singh ever played a fighting innings under tough batting conditions? Can't think of one. Flat track bully."

  108. 0731: 
    Ind 121-5

    Swann is on 199 Test wickets as he bowls to Dhoni, who gets off the mark with a flick down the ground. Pujara tucks one away past short leg to hog the strike.

  109. 0727: 
    Ind 119-5

    This Test match is three hours old and the ball is ripping, bouncing and turning everywhere. Panesar rips, bounces and turns one past Pujara's outside edge in a tidy maiden over. Swann to Dhoni next. Game on.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "There was a nasty puff of dust as Kohli played that shot. 300 looks a good score. I was talking to Andy Flower about the pitch and he said he'd much rather have a pitch that produces a result because England need to win."

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a lovely bowling change from Cook to get Swann bowling to the left-hander."

    WICKET- Yuvraj b Swann 0 (Ind 119-5)

    Aggers reckons 300 would be a good score on this pitch, with Dravid concurring that it will continue to deteriorate. After just one over from Anderson, Cook brings back Swann, with the left-handed Yuvraj in his sights. Pujara has the strike though and the ball spits off his outside edge for a single, giving Swann one ball at Yuvraj. And that's all he needs as the ball straightens past the bat and strikes off stump. India are five down!


    Simon Newport on Twitter: "Come on Monty you beauty! Where were you in the first Test? Ridiculous non-selection."

  114. 0718: 
    Ind 118-4

    Just seen a replay of Monty's celebration, which included a brilliant arm-wiggling dance. He's been an absolute star today.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "Some good pressure created by England on Kohli after lunch and he paid the price for trying to break the shackles. England needed that."

    WICKET- Kohli c Compton b Panesar 19 (Ind 118-4)

    Wow - I didn't see that coming! Kohli slaps Panesar straight to Compton who takes a good low catch at extra cover. Monty's got three wickets.

  117. 0712: 
    Ind 116-3

    The flurry of runs has prompted a rethink from Cook, who sends for James Anderson. Jimmy, in case you are just tuning in, took the wicket of Gautam Gambhir with the second ball of the day after being smacked for four off the first. A Pujara square drive beats the infield but is reeled in by Bairstow as they take one.

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    Graeme Smith, as he tends to do, leading from the front for South Africa against Australia. Replying to the hosts' imposing 550, South Africa are 21 with the redoubtable Smith unbeaten on 111. Just the 767 runs over the first two days then - even my dad would agree that's value for money.

    Ind 114-3

    Kohli cracks Swann through the off side for four to keep up the India momentum. Pujara brings up the fifty partnership with a nudge through leg, then Kohli punches classily for four more.


    Prayag S Dube on Twitter: "With Pujara still not out in his 3rd innings, which cricketer holds record for longest unbeaten run and what was his aggregate score?"


    Athang Patwardhan on Twitter: "Where have all 'captain fast bowlers' disappeared? Nobody to follow Kapil, Imran,Wasim, Walsh? Has their role changed?"

  122. 0701: 
    PUJARA FIFTY- Ind 103-3

    Bounce for Panesar and Pujara picks up three runs via a thick outside edge. We have three men round the bat now and another ball gets steep bounce before landing off the bat just short of Cook at short leg. Monty relieves the tension with a rank full toss which Pujara thrashes through the leg side to bring up his fifty off 110 balls. He now has 298 runs in the series without getting out.

  123. 0657: 
    Ind 95-3

    Swann to Kohli - another maiden - and the batsman looks a bit cross with himself as he picks out cover with a firm drive off the last ball.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's just turning a fraction, with a nice bounce that you can trust. If England can't beat the bat and get wickets, they just have to keep it tight and dry up the runs."

  125. 0656: 
    Ind 95-3

    Kohli breaks the run of dots with a cut for one, but Pujara is happy to defend the next five. Noone is over-exerting themselves out there as lunch is being digested. What are we going to chat about then? Sachin's struggles? Clarke's conquests? Come Dine With Me? Get in touch...


    From Maureen Lancaster, TMS inbox: "Just switched on and three down. Brilliant. Well done Monty. Why is Broad playing? He's not bowled well or batted well. And why is he vice-captain? I guess he's the chosen one so won't be dropped. But he should be."

  127. 0652: 
    Ind 94-3

    Good Test cricket this. Two young batsmen looking to make their names and two experienced spinners plucking away. Two maidens for good measure.


    From Anthony in Wembley, TMS inbox: "Good thing the selectors don't live in the real world. They would have been sacked for leaving Panesar out of the first Test."

  129. 0647: 
    Ind 94-3

    Bright blue skies overhead as Pujara pushes into the covers and is denied runs by the athletic Bairstow. Pujara opens the face to steer the last ball of the over to third man for two.

  130. 0645: 
    Ind 90-3

    India kick things off with three singles off the first three balls after the interval before Monty hits back with a trio of dots. Swann is going to bowl from the other end and I think we could see these two in tandem for quite a while.

  131. 0640: 

    Thank you very much Rahul. I hope you enjoyed his insights as much as I did. No rest for the wicked, or for the wicket in fact, as Monty Panesar prepares to resume proceedings. Can England make further inroads or will India build a partnership and get themselves in command?

  132. 0638: 

    From Anon: Who is the fastest bowler you've faced?

    "Three of them come to mind: Allan Donald when I was starting my career in 1995; Brett Lee when he first came on the scene in 2000; and Shoaib Akhtar bowled me a spell in Rawalpindi in 2003-4 which was one of the quickest I've ever faced."

  133. 0635: 

    From Vipin Nair: "I wanted to ask Dravid his honest take on the DRS, which is not being used in the ongoing India v England Test series."

    "The India players and board are not convinced that DRS is foolproof. It's not like a line decision where you can get the right one all the time. I think DRS has some advantages, especially in terms of managing the game. With DRS you find players don't appeal too much. If we're going to use DRS, it has to be uniform across the world. With my limited knowledge it seems that some cameras are better than others, which aren't available to everyone. Until you can get that technology for everyone, maybe letting individual countries decide is the way to go."

  134. 0632: 

    From Anyil: Has Pujara got the technique and temperament to be the next Rahul Dravid?

    He is a good player and England are struggling to get him out. He was not out in both innings in the first Test and he's not out here. His Test will come when he tours England and Australia. It's been a good start.

  135. 0631: 

    From Geoffrey Boycott, Yorkshire: For a player with such a great record, how come he couldn't open?

    "It's not that I didn't enjoy it, I just grew up being a middle-order player. I did open a few times for India, but didn't have much success. My routines and rhythms were more suited to being in the middle order. Geoffrey will say I wasn't good enough to be an opener, and he might be right."

  136. 0629: 

    From Mad Hussadan: Hi Jammy, why did you quit domestic cricket? We need you to play for Karnataka.

    "I'm going to play the next IPL. I've thought about playing domestic cricket but Karnataka have got a pretty strong side and I don't want to deny a young player. There are some good, young players not getting a chance; I've moved on."

  137. 0624: 

    From Ollie Norwell: Could you sleep well during Test matches?

    "I wasn't a very good sleeper, especially the night before a Test. I was always tossing and turning. As the Test went on, I relaxed a little bit more. But, if I knew you were facing Muttiah Muralitharan on a turner or Glenn McGrath with the new ball, I might spend a long time staring at the ceiling. As my career progressed, I learned how to switch off and manage my time off the field. I sometimes liked a glass of wine, but never during a Test."

  138. 0622: 

    From James in Perth, Australia: I'm an umpire looking to improve my craft. What attributes make better umpires?

    "The good umpires I worked with had a really good temperament and personality. No matter how good you are, you will make mistakes. But umpires like Dickie Bird were able to connect with players. Players accept mistakes from umpires like that. Everybody knows the rules; the theory of umpiring is easy. It's one of the toughest jobs in cricket. Just stay relaxed."

  139. 0618: 

    From Chris Jones: In your long career, which Test ground does the best lunches and teas?

    "For me, it's Lord's. It's just fantastic. In the old days they had a chocolate mud pie, which they don't make any more. For the five days you were at Lord's, all the diets went out of the window. It was my favourite ground to play at too. When I grew up, my father told me about the history of the game, so I always had the fascination to play at Lord's. When I was 15 or 16, I was on a tour of the UK and took a day off to stand in front of the Grace Gates to dream about playing there. To make my Test debut there was a dream come true."

  140. 0616: 

    From Joanne in Hereford: You are called 'The Wall' but I hear your nickname is 'Jammy'. Why is that?

    "My father used to work at company in Bangalore that manufactured juice and jam and ketchup - he was a food scientist. As kids we loved it because we used to pinch the jam. When I got into the team at Karnataka, the former India fast bowler Javagal Srinath started calling me 'Jammy'. Intitially they called me 'Juice and Jam' but that was too long. People who know me well still call me 'Jammy'."

  141. 0612: 

    From John in Ealing: With it being his 100th Test, what was Virender Sehwag like to play with?

    "He's great fun to play with. He's different, unique. Right from the time he made his debut you could see he was relaxed, always with a smile on his face. Cricketers can worry a lot, but that's not for Viru. He walks to to the middle whistling a tune and he's great fun to bat with just because of the way he plays. He's so tough to play against but he can also be frustrating to play with because you sometimes wonder why he plays a certain shot, but with him, you have to take the good and the bad."

  142. 0605: 

    OK folks, time now for the TMS "Ask Dravid" feature with your questions being posed to 'The Wall' himself. Listen in if you can or stay with us and we'll let you know what he says.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "England had a little bit of luck in dismissing Sehwag. Then Monty bowled the best ball of his Test career - it was the perfect ball turning quickly from middle and leg and clipping the top of off stump. That was a magic moment for any sort of bowler. The match is beautifully poised. Pujara has looked utterly composed and is proving a bit of a problem for England."

    LUNCH- Ind 87-3

    Swann's the coolest cat in town as he bowls in what looks like a brand new pair of oversized shades. Pujara gets a couple through the offside and a single past mid-on. And thus concludes a fascinating morning of Test cricket.

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    It's lunch in the second and final Test in Khulna and West Indies are 369-3, within sight of Bangladesh's first-innings 387. Darren Bravo may have perished for 127 but Marlon Samuels is 191 not out.

  146. 0557: 
    Ind 84-3

    England are getting through their overs rapidly now with their two titans of turn in operation. Swann sends down a maiden then Pujara picks off Panesar for a single. India playing for lunch here. There's probably time for one more.

  147. 0553: 
    Ind 83-3

    Cook brings in a silly point for Panesar as England seek a fourth wicket before lunch but he's not required as India pick up two more singles on the leg side.

    Great stat - there are 10 slow bowlers in this match who have taken wickets.


    Paul Holford on Twitter: "Mr Boycott mentioned sending someone else out to take the toss as Cook has not won one yet. Is this allowed or captain only?"

  149. 0550: 
    Ind 81-3

    Swann gives the ball plenty of air but it's a bit full and wide, inviting Kohli to drive it handsomely through cover for four.


    Steve Cohen on Twitter: "That delivery would have got Tendulkar out 15 years ago. It would have got Michael Clarke out yesterday."

  151. 0547: 
    Ind 77-3

    Kohli gets forward to smother Monty's spin, then gets off the mark with a single wide of mid-off. And Cook heeds my call for a bit of Swann.


    Ilyas Najib on Twitter: "I think it's time for Tendulkar to gracefully retire from the game, it's sad to see a great struggle and not look his usual self."

  153. 0543: 
    Ind 76-3

    Cracking shot from Pujara as he improvises an upper cut to help a Broad bouncer over the slips. Then a leg stump half-volley gets what it deserves. Ten from the over, how long before Swann replaces a struggling Stuart Broad?


    From Josh in New York, TMS inbox: "Following my wife around the shopping malls for midnight sales! The only thing keeping me going are these falling wickets! C'mon England!"

  155. 0540: 
    Ind 68-3

    Two slips and a short leg for Monty as he looks to put new man Kohli under pressure. Four dots and he's still not off the mark.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "In Tendulkar's last 12 innings against England, he has scored 310 runs at an average of 25.80."


    Lots of Monty love on Twitter:

    Gareth Hole: "Selectors get it right with Monty. About time too."

    Jed Gore: "Sooo, Monty proves how wrong the selectors were last week."

    Peter Crosbie: "Monty is on fire here, 2 very big wickets."

  158. 0535: 
    Ind 65-3

    Broad to Pujara, who clatters a leg stump half volley straight down the ground for four. Single off the last ball means Pujara keeps the strike.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Panesar hadn't turned anything to Tendulkar before that, so I don't think he was on red alert."

  160. 0532: 
    Ind 60-3

    Virat Kohli is the new batsman with India truly up against it and Monty on heat. He pushes his first ball to mid-off to round off Monty's seventh over.


    Ed Mehen on Twitter: "3 wickets already? Am I dreaming? Go on Monty! How could they have left him out before?"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "That was an absolute corker. That pitched on middle and hit the top of off. You can't get much better than that. Come on Monty - I kept saying he should have been playing the first Test."

    WICKET- Tendulkar b Panesar 8 (Ind 60-3)

    A full toss from Monty is a gift for Tendulkar as he flicks it through midwicket for his first boundary. Four balls later, dynamite. A good length, sharp turn past the edge and off stump flattened. Brilliant from Monty, absolutely brilliant.

  164. 0525: 
    Ind 56-2

    Sachin's every single is being greeted as if it were a six out of the ground. Could this be his last Test in his home town? His latest single is fielded by Jonny Bairstow, whose Movember moustache is a supreme effort, looping over lip and under chin in a perfect ginger circle. Almost a ring of fire in itself.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport

    "Panesar made his Test debut against India in 2006. His first victim? SR Tendulkar, lbw for 16. With Tendulkar having been his childhood hero, Monty asked the great man to sign the ball. Sachin duly obliged, writing in jest "that will never happen again".


    Wayne Andrews on Twitter: "Too many pitches made to favour home teams. Scrap the toss - away team always gets choice."

  167. 0519: 
    Ind 55-2

    The cheers commence even before there is any sign of him. Then the cheers become a roar as Mumbai's favourite son Sachin Tendulkar walks out into the middle. The Little Master gets off the mark third ball with a trademark drive through mid-on. Then a single through the leg side.

    WICKET- Sehwag b Panesar 30 (Ind 52-2)

    Monty strikes!. Sehwag tries to flick a full ball through the leg side, it brushes off his pad and clatters into the stumps. Unbridled joy for Monty as he leaps around high-fiving team-mates. That was the breakthrough England needed.

  169. 0513: 
    Ind 52-1

    Ooooh - almost. Pujara cuts Anderson and the ball bounces an inch in front of Nick Compton's hands at point.


    From prudhvi_t2 on Twitter: "Potential problem with one toss theory. Home side will have a say in the nature of the pitch every alternate match."

  171. 0510: 
    Ind 52-1

    The consensus here is that Monty is bowling a bit too quickly. Maybe a reaction to the fact that Sehwag smashed his first ball for four. Two singles, no dramas, and still no sign of Swann.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'd send somebody else out to toss up, not Cook. Tie him up in the dressing room if he's no good at it."


    Saurabh Advant on Twitter: "I never heard of one toss per series when England won the Ashes or beat India 4-0."

  174. 0504: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Ind 50-1

    England continue to test out Pujara's method against the short ball but the 24-year-old has no trouble ducking and weaving. He looks very at home out there as he stakes his claim to be worthy of filling Rahul Dravid's shoes. Talking of the Wall, don't forget our 'Ask Dravid' feature at lunchtime. Send in your questions for the great man to, #bbccricket or 81111.

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    "West Indies are making healthy progress on day three of the second and final Test in Khulna, where they have moved to 337-2 in reply to Bangladesh's 387. Marlon Samuels has raced past 150 and Darren Bravo 100. West Indies are 1-0 up, so Bangladesh need to win to draw the two-Test series."

  176. 0500: 
    Ind 50-1

    A flick and a flourish from Pujara as he works a single off the last ball of the over to bring up the India 50.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "Some swing. Some bounce. Reckon England need to take 4 wickets by lunch. Would settle for 3."


    Dion Wing on Twitter: "How does Broad get picked after being sick with a fever? He'll be lethargic in this heat today, England team has a clique, no?"

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport

    "Tea in Adelaide, with South Africa 117-0. The fact that Australia have bowled only 35 overs but already needed Michael Clarke and Mike Hussey to bowl says plenty."

  180. 0454: 
    Ind 47-1

    Anderson is back and almost takes a wicket with his first ball of the spell as an inside edge from Sehwag trickles past the stumps and way to the boundary. Then a thick outside edge flies past the outstretched hand of Swann at second slip for four more. England could really do with another scalp here.


    From Sachin in California, TMS inbox: "The Mumbai pitch traditionally favours batsmen for first three days and starts to spin from day three. This is where Pietersen has a chance to bat well and he should take it. It could be tricky again for England to bat last against three spinners. I hope Monty does well and England fare better here than the last Test."

  182. 0452: 
    Ind 39-1

    That's an interesting one Alan and worthy of a debate I would say. I'm actually inclined to agree that if you really want to decide who is the best team you should alternate the toss, but I know many of you will opine otherwise. More probing from Monty - three from the over.


    Alan Peevers on Twitter: "I believe there should be only one toss, at the start of the series. After that the choice to bat or bowl would alternate."

  184. 0448: 
    Ind 38-1

    Now then a chance for Broad to test out Pujara with some short stuff on this unexpectedly bouncy track. The young Indian number three copes well, hooking to deep square leg for a single. Simon Mann receives a warm welcome to the TMS box and immediately sets about teasing Rahul Dravid over his decision to field first in the Ring of Fire Test six years ago. Brazen Simon, I like it...

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "I know it's early days yet but England would have hoped to get a bit of grip and turn for Monty. There hasn't been a lot of turn."


    From Keith Flett, TMS inbox: "Beard Liberation Front welcomes return of Monty Panesar. Beard Power can help England win. "

  187. 0442: 
    Ind 30-1

    Better from Monty, a probing length, a hint of turn and a maiden over as Sehwag can't pierce the infield.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "Sehwag would like to put Monty Panesar under pressure straightaway; he didn't play in the first Test. It will be interesting to see how he plays it."


    David Wilson on Twitter: "My rugby team had our own inspiring variation of the Haka before games. Didn't go down so great in Texas."

  190. 0439: 

    Broad slams one into Sehwag's pads and appeals for lbw but that will be a no from umpire Aleem Dar. Three more singles and little sign of discomfort for this bang-in-form pair.

  191. 0433: 
    Ind 27-1

    Six overs of pace and Captain Cook is sending for Field Marshall Monty. But Sergeant Sehwag has very little respect for this young buck as he swipes a low full toss over midwicket for four. Monty over-pitches a fraction and Pujara slashes him through the covers for four more. A difficult start for Panesar.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport

    "On a pitch resembling the M6, South Africa have hit back at Australia on day two of the second Test in Adelaide. Australia racked up a massive 482-5 on day one, Michael Clarke continuing his frankly ridiculous form with another double century. However, the Aussie skipper fell to Morne Morkel early today, the giraffe-like pacer taking 5-146 as the home side slipped to 550 all out. South Africa have moved to 100-0 in reply, Proteas captain Graeme Smith just enjoying a slice of luck when Matthew Wade fluffed a stumping chance off opposite number Clarke."

  193. 6 overs: 
    Ind 18-1

    Broad brings in a short leg and immediately has Pujara fending off on the leg side. Then a push into the covers for a single.

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    Stay with us during the lunch interval for an 'Ask Dravid' special on TMS. Do you have a question for India legend and TMS new boy Rahul Dravid? Then email, tweet us using #bbccricket, or text us on 81111. Don't forget to put 'Ask Dravid' as the subject of your message - and INCLUDE YOUR NAME. Listen in or stay on this page from 06:00 GMT.

  195. 0424: 
    Ind 16-1

    Sehwag looks ominously relaxed out there as he pushes Anderson off the back foot square on the off side for a single. Two singles to Pujara in the over too. Good cricket.


    Matt in Peterborough, via text on 81111: "The ball is swinging. Should have gone with three seamers. When will our selectors ever learn...."

  197. 0419: 
    Ind 13-1

    Broad's bowling at a decent lick here, late eighties. His fifth ball strays off the straight and is tickled through the leg side for a single.


    Mikey from Nottingham (although presumably in Mumbai?), via text on 81111: "Been stood waiting to collect tickets for 2 hours - now they have closed the box office?! No wonder the ground is sparsely populated - we can't get in!"

  199. 0417: 
    Ind 12-1

    More bounce for Jimmy as Pujara sways out of the way of a bumper. Then he tucks away a single off his hips.

    You may have missed the plea earlier, but in memory of England's Ring of Fire-inspired victory in Mumbai six years ago and Alan Partiridge's book title (see 0320) I'm keen to hear your sources of sporting inspiration...


    Phil Smith on Twitter: "20.5m people in Mumbai and yet only a few hundred pitch up to the Test - have they gorged on the IPL?"


    Matt Western on Twitter: "Great delivery Jimmy!!! Keep this up England make this early get up worthwhile!"

  202. 0411: 
    Ind 11-1

    Pujara nudges Broad for a single and there's a big cheer in anticipation of Sehwag's first ball. Broad slams in a bouncer, Sehwag wafts and Broad and Prior claim a catch. The ball brushes his shirt under his arm but nowt else. Sehwag's takes three balls to get his eye in then caresses Broad through the covers for four.

    Sehwag is the ninth Indian to reach 100 Tests, and the 55th player overall.

  203. 0405: 
    Ind 5-1

    Wow - this pitch is alive! Anderson bends his back and sends one through at a lightning rate past Pujara's nose. Prior takes the ball above his head and tries to conceal a grin. Pujara gets off the mark with a single to fine leg.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Well, that's a start and a half. It's almost as if Anderson fed him a juicy half-volley first ball; he bowled a very similar second - just a fraction shorter and there's just a flicker of swing. A fantastic start for England."

  205. 0403: 

    Definitely a hint of swing there for Jimmy A. What a start for England, but here comes first Test double centurion Cheteshwar Pujara.

    WICKET- Gambhir lbw b Anderson 4 (Ind 4-1)

    The first ball is very straight and flicked dismissively through midwicket for four by Gambhir. The second ball swings in and thunders into Gambhir's pads. Umpire Tony Hill raises the finger. He's out second ball!

  207. 0400: 

    Sehwag and Gambhir stride out into the middle at a very sparsely populated Wankhede Stadium. Cameras pick out a banner saying "Sehwag 100 not out." Jimmy Anderson to get things going for England...


    From Dick in Kuala Lumpur, TMS inbox: "Please tell me it's not true... Broad continues to play?? I'm starting to think he has something on one if not all the selectors..."


    From Charlie and George in a very cold Durham, TMS inbox: "Two very depressed students still working hard on essays for tomorrow's deadlines... at least that was the case before a couple of minutes ago. A few wickets from Monty will make it all worth it though!!"

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm looking forward to it and the pitch actually looks green. If you saw this pitch in England you would think this will seam around a bit. There is also a bit of humidity so England will be hoping it swings a bit. England will be desperate to spoil Sehwag's 100th Test birthday party. England never had the initiative down in Ahmedabad - they will be desperate for some early wickets."

  211. 0349: 

    It's Sehwag's 100th Test and England will know only too well that if they don't get him out early they could be in all sorts of trouble. It's also Harbhajan Singh's 99th Test by the way, and his first since Trent Bridge in July 2011. There are always fun and games when Harbhajan is playing.


    Srivatsa_B on Twitter: "3 spinners! Boycs and Blowers will be having nightmares of Bedi, Chandra, Prasanna and Venkat I think."


    Wisden editor Lawrence Booth on Twitter: "When England won here in 2006, the innings totals went: 400, 279, 191, 100. Basically, you want to bat first..."

  214. 0342: 

    India: V Sehwag, G Gambhir, CA Pujara, SR Tendulkar, V Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni*†, Harbhajan Singh, R Ashwin, Z Khan, PP Ojha

    England: AN Cook*, NRD Compton, IJL Trott, KP Pietersen, JM Bairstow, SR Patel, MJ Prior†, SCJ Broad, GP Swann, MS Panesar, JM Anderson

  215. 0341: 

    Plenty for you to digest there then and as ever we'd like to hear from you here at Text Match Special HQ. Send us an email to, tweet us via the hashtag #bbccricket or send a text to 81111 (UK).

    And on the subject of Partridge and Cash, would anyone care to throw any other sources of inspiration, bizarre or otherwise, into the mix?


    MS Dhoni: "The first hour will be very crucial. This wicket will be fresh so it will do something for the fast bowlers. The surface looks good.

    Dhoni on Virender Sehwag's 100th Test: "He's fantastic. He's incomparable. He's someone who backs himself to the core - that's one of the main reasons he's so special. Most of the bowlers are scared of him."


    England captain Alastair Cook: "We would have batted. Historically it has more bounce here - hopefully we can make use of that and put India under some pressure."

  218. 0336: 

    England make two changes to the team beaten in Ahmedabad with Jonny Bairstow and Monty Panesar coming in for Ian Bell and Tim Bresnan.

    India pick three frontline spinners with Harbhajan Singh coming in for the injured Umesh Yadav.

  219. 0332: 

    MS Dhoni spins the coin, Cookie gets the call wrong and the Indian skipper has no hesitation in choosing to have a bat. We could be in for a long day...

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "From here, looks like Bres left out. Monty and Broad both play. Bairstow looks busy...complete with Village People mo."

  221. 0328: 

    It wasn't Partridge who provided England's inspiration last time the played a Test in Mumbai, it was country singer Johnny Cash. After a rousing blast of "Ring of Fire", Andrew Flintoff's England skittled Rahul Dravid's India to claim a famous series-levelling victory.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "Up you all get! Steamy morning in Mumbai. Just bumped into S Broad - he's had a fever…feels better…and optimistic he will be fit."

  223. 0322: 

    A warm welcome to our coverage of the second Test wherever you are. England took a bit of a pounding in Ahmedabad after losing the toss and conceding a first innings deficit of 330 runs. So the first thing on captain Alastair Cook's mind will be predicting the trajectory of that all important coin.

  224. 0320: 

    He's hardly an obvious source of sporting inspiration but Alan Partridge's first autobiography title - "Bouncing Back" - has been an oft-repeated mantra among England cricketers this week as they look to right the wrongs of Ahmedabad in the second Test in Mumbai.

    Sadly, despite getting described as "lovely stuff" by none other than Shakin' Stevens, Alan's book didn't exactly bounce off the shelves. In fact thousands of copies actually had to pulped due to poor sales.

    I think we can safely say that if the battle cry backfires on England's cricketers as badly as it did on Norwich's finest broadcaster they can effectively kiss goodbye to the Test series.

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Live Scores - India v England


  • England beat India by 10 wickets
  • India: 327 & 142 (44.1 overs)
  • England: 413 & 58-0 (9.4 overs)
  • Venue: Mumbai

England 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 0 58
Cook not out 18
Compton not out 30
Extras 8b 2lb 10

England in India 2012-13

India's Mahendra Dhoni and England's Alastair Cook

Reports and scorecards from England's one-day tour of India, which includes five ODIs.