India v England, second Test, Mumbai, day three as it happened

Monty Panesar hastens India's collapse to 117-7 on day three of the second Test - a lead of just 31 over a rampant England.

25 November 2012 Last updated at 12:22 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1136: 

    Ok Geoffrey, that's quite enough gloating. It's been a fabulous day for England and a pretty dreadful one for India, almost reminiscent of the series over here in 2011. But England have work to do tomorrow to get this one in the bag and I'm sure you'll be joining us from 0330 to see it through. Until then, have a sizzling Sunday.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Tendulkar has got to work out whether it's time up or find a way to play better. A number of their players are not in great form - you fancy you can bowl them out with our spinners."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Cook plays the way I like to see an opening batsman play: he seals one end, sees the bowlers off and makes a platform for the middle order. Then Pietersen comes in and is the perfect number four; he plays sensibly until he gets in then he takes you apart."

  4. 1131: 

    Pietersen and Panesar, an odd couple in many ways, but a pair of heroes for England today. I'm going to stick my neck out and nominate KP for man of the match though. Spinners were always going to thrive on this pitch but to score 186 on it was quite something. Mind you Monty could always take three more tomorrow to sway my thinking, or KP could always throw his wicket away in the midst of a horrible England collapse. Sam, go to bed.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Cook doesn't have the range of shot of Pietersen but he's very difficult to bowl at. He has a way of playing and is very, very good at it."

    Vikas Pandey, BBC Monitoring

    "The Indian media seems to have accepted defeat even before the final day of the match. Popular cricket website says "Pietersen, spinners put India on the brink"; The Hindustan Times says "Panesar, Swann wreck havoc"; The Times of India says "India crumble against English spinners". More from BBC Monitoring tomorrow as India contemplates defeat."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I had a wonderful day because I'm an England supporter. It was one of the best days you could ever think of watching. Cook played beautifully and never made one mistake until he finally got out. Pietersen made a composed, technically correct start to his innings yesterday and thrilled us today, took them apart and played a marvellous innings."

    Nitin Srivastava, BBC Hindi on Twitter

    "And people said Test cricket is dead! Take my word, this series will put it at the top of charts once again."


    Alexandra Bonnet on Twitter: "Monty you are the high commissioner of left arm spinners."

  10. 1119: 

    Just to mark you cards. We've had 352 runs today and 15 wickets. Give me Test cricket over one-dayers and T20 any day of the week, month or year.


    Kyle in Bognor Regis, TMS inbox: "A sporting pitch, a thrilling Test match... now awaiting the chorus of calls for Dhoni's head and the preparation of two roads for the next two matches."


    Mike White, TMS inbox: "Choruses of 'Oh Monty Monty' in the office. The Indians have got their heads down doing some work and doing their best to ignore us."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "There is a scenario, I don't want to dampen English optimism, where the last three wickets get India a three figure lead and then it's sweaty palm time but England on the brink of a famous victory and one that would absolutely ignite this series."

  14. 1114: 

    The Indian card does not make pretty reading, unless you are an England fan of course. Numbers two to seven all failed to get out of single figures and number eight Ashwin made just 11. Without Gambhir's pluck unbeaten 53 they'd be toast already. Monty ends the day with figures of 5-61 and Swann 2-39. What a start to another sleepy Sunday.

  15. 1111: 
    CLOSE OF PLAY- Ind 117-7 (lead by 31)

    Somewhere in all the madness, there is man called Gautam Gambhir who is making a decent fist of playing himself back into form. He cuts Swann for four to reach his 20th Test fifty. Two runs follow then another big appeal as he's rapped on the pads. Tony Hill says no. Last ball of the day now, Gambhir pushes to point and thus concludes one of the most extraordinary days of Test cricket you could ever wish to see.

  16. 1108: 

    So, one over to go and Harbhajan is in. Would it be greedy for England fans to ask for one last wicket?

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Monty has got Hedley Verity in his sights. He'd like to carry this wicket around with him but you've still got to get them and he's bowled enough lethal deliveries."


    Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to inform you that Monty Panesar now has 10 wickets in this match. Salutes all round.

    WICKET- Ashwin c Patel b Panesar 11 (Ind 110-6)

    Monty's got five!!!! Ashwin tries another big hit but slices it out to cover point, where Samit Patel shuffles to his left and claims the catch above his head.


    Mark Harby on Twitter: "I am in soooo much trouble, missus and kids have now gone out without me, can't leave the cricket, too good."

    Henry Blofeld, BBC Test Match Special

    "If England could get another one this evening it would be the double icing, the marzipan on the cake."

  22. 1101: 
    Ind 107-6 (lead by 21)

    Boom in the room. Ashwin leads a one man counter-attack by opening his shoulders as creaming Swann over his head into the stands for six. Two overs to go today.


    Timothy Revell on Twitter: "Dhoni blame it on the Sachin. Dhoni blame it on the Kohli. Dhoni blame it on Gambhir. Blame it on the Monty!"

  24. 1058: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 101-6

    Panesar is one wicket away from becoming the first England spinner to take 10 wickets in India since Hedley Verity in 1933-34. Hang on, is this it?? No, once again Aleem Dar says turns down a huge appeal as Gambhir pads away outside off stump.

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "You could hear a pin drop in the stadium at the moment. The looks on the locals' faces are a mixture of depression and disbelief, those that haven't already made their way to the exits."

  26. 1055: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 94-6

    "Can they enforce the extra half hour?" shouts someone from across the office. India only lead by eight so another wicket or two and that may be a possibility. Gambhir is still there but Swann is down on one knee appealing for lbw as the leftie plays no shot. I think it would have spun well past off but once again England were celebrating like as if they'd won the Euromillions.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "England may have been slightly exasperated when they lost their last four wickets for seven runs, but now they'll be cock-a-hoop. There's still work to be done. It's still turning quick enough for Panesar. At the moment the Indians might feel an element of inevitabliity about what's going to happen."


    Nick on Twitter: "India are currently giving a first-class demonstration of an English batting collapse..."

    WICKET- Dhoni c Trott b Panesar 6 (Eng 92-6)

    Crispin mate, keep your clothes off, they've only gone and got another one. Monty induces an edge from Dhoni and Trott takes a sharp slip catch. Monty stands and applauds - they should be applauding you big man - you've got nine of them.


    From Crispin in Bath, TMS inbox: "Being picked up to go and see friends at close of play. Haven't even showered and dressed yet, it's all just far too exciting. Do you think they'll understand?"

  31. 1047: 
    Ind 89-5

    Indian TV is doing their best to cheer people up by recalling a match in Mumbai when Australia faltered when chasing just 106 to win. There's a long way to go for India to set England a target like that though. Dhoni looks pretty assured as he blocks some probers from Swann.

    Vikas Pandey, BBC Monitoring

    "Most Indian TV channels and websites are becoming increasingly alarmed as England's bowlers dominate in the second innings, and their previously victorious tune has changed into one of caution. The Times of India is currently leading their match coverage with the headline "India in trouble, Sachin falls".

  33. 1044: 
    Ind 87-5 (lead by one)

    And India are in the lead. They've lost five wickets getting there but still. Dhoni works Panesar to leg, Gambhir forces through cover point off the back foot to level the scores and Dhoni pinches a single to Anderson.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "This game is moving apace and England are dominating it. What is amazing is that this pitch is turning and bouncing so much more for the English bowlers than the Indian bowlers."

  35. 1040: 
    Ind 82-5

    That was one for HotSpot, it really was, but to me it looks like there was a little nick from Gambhir's bat onto his thigh. Three singles off Swann and we still have eight overs to play.


    From Alan Orpin, TMS inbox: "No doubt they'll be preparing non-spinning wickets from here on in..In India? Who'd have thought it...?"


    Andy Hill on Twitter: "One-dayers and T20 are exciting but for me this is where its at, spinning pitch, close scores etc. Test matches like this fab."

  38. 1038: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 79-5

    Monty is only two wickets away from a 10-wicket match haul now. I love Andy Flower but he really is starting to look a bit foolish over that selection for the first Test. Captain Dhoni is out there now and he gets off the mark with a single.

    Now then, more drama as Bairstow takes another close catch. England's fielders are cock-a-hoop but Aleem Dar is unmoved. There may have been a bit of glove in that but Dar is not happy with England's premature celebrations, which Vic Marks is likening to Brookline 99!


    Ian Fursland on Twitter: "At Centre Parcs! Badminton or watch the Test? Test wins hands down."

    WICKET- Yuvraj c Bairstow b Panesar 8 (Ind 78-5)

    Another one! Yuvraj takes a couple of strides forward to Monty but is undone by the bounce as the ball catches his glove, brushes off the pad and offers up a straightforward catch to Bairstow at short leg.

  41. 1031: 
    Ind 78-4

    Too short from Swann and Gambhir has time to lean back and cut for four. Then he turns the next two sideways past the outside edge. The match in a nutshell.


    From Peter Wilson, TMS inbox: "Having been airlifted out of Goma in the DR Congo by the UN on Tuesday and unable to watch the game as my hotel in Kampala, Uganda, is showing the New Zealand game, I am following your every written word."

  43. 1028: 
    Ind 72-4

    Cook takes out mid-off and brings in another bat-pad catcher on the off side. Yuvraj promptly drives through mid-off for a couple then sweeps round the corner for four. Well played Yuvi.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "If you really bat badly and give the opposition a lead on a turning pitch, you've had it. You can't get out of jail."


    Peter Donelan on Twitter: "Drop Panesar and bring back Bresnan for the next Test."

  46. 1025: 
    Ind 66-4 (trail by 20)

    Another snorter from Swann rips past Gambhir's outside edge. Yuvraj is out there too now getting off the mark with a single wide of short leg. That gets him off a pair but can he survive until the close?

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "He's not in great nick, Kohli. He's played three bad shots in this series - really, really poor shots. A number of their batsmen are doing exactly what we did in Ahmedabad - playing sloppy shots. You get yourself into trouble."

    WICKET- Kohli c sub (Root) b Swann 7 (Ind 65-4)

    As soft a dismissal as you could ever wish to see as Kohli slaps a Swann full toss straight to mid-off where sub fielder Joe Root takes the simplest of catches. Boycott is laughing his head off. Harsh, but entirely reflective of a giddy day for England.


    Ben Perkins on Twitter: "Is it too soon to ask if Sachin has a problem with left-arm spin?"


    From Peter Myers, TMS inbox: "Stop me please. I feel optimism breaking out and that is so dangerous."

  51. 1019: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 65-3

    A low full toss from Monty is expertly dealt with by Kohli, who swats it through midwicket for four. Then a huge appeal from players and commentators as Kohli is trapped right in front of his stumps. Aleem Dar spotted an inside edge and he's absolutely spot on.

    Ind 56-3 (trail by 30)

    Swann appeals for an lbw against Gambhir but I think there was some bat involved and so does the umpire. The last two balls are a bit short but Gambhir doesn't cash in and it's a maiden.


    From Andrew in London, via text on 81111: "The problem is, these Indian batsmen just don't know how to play spin on subcontinental pitches..."

  54. 1013: 
    Ind 56-3

    Gambhir pushes Monty for a single and Kohli smothers the last ball of the over. I'm pretty sure these two will bowl for the rest of the day. Anyone care to predict when Stuart Broad will next bowl a Test over?


    Michael Stewart on Twitter: "Don't mention Abu Dhabi. I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it."

  56. 1009: 
    Ind 55-3 (trail by 31)

    Swann tosses one up a bit full and Kohli manages to pierce the infield to collect a couple of runs down the ground.


    Paul Dixon on Twitter: "Sachin is Monty's bunny."


    A sunburnt Ash Burman, TMS inbox: "Following the over by over commentary whilst sitting by the pool in the Maldives - contemplating watching the last hour from my hammock...."

    No need to rub it in, Ash

  59. 1007: 
    Ind 52-3

    Panesar to Kohli, big spin again, but just missing the edge of his bat. We still have 54 minutes of cricket tonight, England can't just smell blood, they can taste it.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm so pleased for Monty, but it's pitched on middle and Tendulkar is trying to play to square leg. It's a good delivery, but the batsman makes it look even better. It's hard enough to play with the middle of the bat, never mind just showing the edge."

    WICKET- Tendulkar lbw b Panesar 8 (Ind 52-3)

    The Little Master is out. The Little Master is out. He's on the back foot to Monty, playing across the line and is caught plumb in front of the stumps. Sympathetic applause for Tendulkar after what could be his last Test knock in Mumbai. England are right on top.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "It is turning and bouncing and it is a contest here. You're going to need a bit of luck to survive here. But England need wickets; they have to restrict India to a low score."

  63. 1002: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 52-2 (trail by 34 runs)

    Four to Gambhir as Swann drifts down the leg side and the left-hander simply helps it on its way. Now he's on the back foot, rapped on the pad and I can almost hear the appeal in Manchester. Ump Hill remains unmoved. Dravid thinks it was missing leg stump. The next ball explodes out of the foot holes, beats Prior's gloves and runs away for a couple of byes. Electric stuff.


    Patrick Grimmer on Twitter: "Momentous last hour for England - if Sachin survives the stage could be set for him here."

    JustHerLuck on Twitter: "Tendulkar looking confident after the first boundary. Watch out England."

  65. 0959: 

    Forgot to say it's a drinks break. Hence the pause. Here comes Swanny to resume to assault.


    Russell Massey on Twitter: "I don't think England will want to chase more than 150-200 on this pitch!"


    Danoftheavenue on Twitter: "Just got a huge funny look whilst celebrating the Pujara wicket in work. Would love that look for Sachin in the next half hour."

  68. 0955: 
    Ind 46-2

    Monty continues to Sachin with the vultures perched to pounce. It's another maiden. Hashtag Tense.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "Don't go anywhere - it's going to be a most exciting hour and 10 minutes. India have a battle on their hands and England have their tails up. They have bowled at the right pace, on the right length and they've made the India batsmen go forward."

  70. 0952: 
    Ind 46-2 (trail by 40)

    This is genuinely one of the best days of Test cricket I can remember for many a year and I'm told the Wankhede is getting very close to filling up for the denouement. We have an hour and 10 minutes to go. Gambhir sees out a maiden from Swann, waiting for the spin, rocking back and blocking.

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "The Barmy Army has found its voice for the first time in the match (yesterday was a 'dry day' in Mumbai). A man holding a giant inflatable swan leads a raucous chorus of 'Swann will tear you apart'."

  72. 0948: 
    Ind 46-2

    And now Sachin goes on the attack, punching Monty down the ground for four, then whipping another boundary past square leg. India need the wee man to produce a biggie here.


    Adam David Phillips on Twitter: "One of the most interesting Tests England have been involved in for many, many years. There's still a few ebbs and flows to come."

  74. 0945: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 38-2 (Trail by 44)

    This is Test cricket. I repeat This is Test cricket. Every ball is an event - the crowd are involved, the England fielders poised and pumped and Rahul Dravid is bouncing nervously in his chair in the TMS commentary box. Swann spins one past Gambhir's outside edge. Then a big appeal from Prior for a catch down the leg side. Umpire Tony Hill shakes his noggin and we move on.


    Chris Harris on Twitter: "Am I the only one who hit a child in the face celebrating Sehwag's wicket?"

  76. 0945: 

    The excitement is getting a little too much for me, so I'll hand you back to Sam. Stay with him for the rest of what is a thrilling session.

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "Tendulkar's entrance is met by an absolutely almighty din. The Little Master paused halfway towards the middle to look around the ground - could that be a sign he thinks this will be his final series?"

  78. 0943: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 38-2

    England are bordering on rampant here. Tendulkar, who was bowled by a beauty from Panesar in the first innings remember, makes an uncharacteristically nervous start. Beaten on the outside edge, he then misses with a ill-advised paddle sweep to a ball that was too wide of off stump, and survives a stumping appeal as he lifts his back foot momentarily. The video replay reprieves him but that was close.


    Steven Humbles on Twitter: "Great catch by Bairstow. England spinners on fire. If we can get Tendulkar out early the Test is there for the taking."

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "That dismissal has ruined Pujara's series average. It's down to 194."

  81. 0938: 
    Ind 37-2 (trail by 49)

    The crowd goes wild for the batsman, a chap who goes by the name of Tendulkar. Enjoying this?

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "That is a big wicket. Pujara came hard at the ball and Bairstow took a good catch to his left. Now, for what is almost certainly the last time in a Test on this ground, Sachin Tendulkar appears. Can the little master deliver when it really matters? "

  83. 0935: 
    WICKET- Pujara c Bairstow b Swann 6 (Ind 37-2)

    Swann strikes in his first over. Again. After having a horrid leg-stump full toss whipped for four, he draws Pujara forward. A hint of turn, the inside edge, on to pad, and Bairstow this time dives to his left to hold on to a wonderful catch.

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "The whole crowd rises to greet India's new hero with a deafening rendition of Pu-ja-ra, Pu-ja-ra. England will be praying that he's due a failure."

  85. 0934: 

    Cook has seen enough of Anderson (in a nice way, Jimmy - I'm sure he loves you) and we have spin from both ends as Swann gets his chance. And action already. Bairstow unable to get a hand to a sharp chance high to his right at short-leg via Gambhir's bat and pad.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "You've got to have a gully, because that's where the ball is going. It's turned and bounced, sliding off the edge. Swann has plucked it from three inches off the ground."

  87. 0927: 
    WICKET- Sehwag c Swann by Panesar 9 (Ind 30-1)

    Gambhir adroitly opens the face and steers Panesar to third man, where Trott and Broad combine to keep him to three, but no fielder can prevent Sehwag cutting the next ball through backward point. But what a response from the Mont-ster! He lures Sehwag forward, he edges, and Swann makes easy work of a low catch at gully. England have their breakthrough.


    Craig in Blackpool, TMS inbox: "Re: Chris Hunter 0900. I'm with you on the Broad front to a certain extent but if you're not playing well and not performing you can't remain in a team on what you've done in the past. As Beefy said it would appear to be harder to get out of the team than into it at the minute and Broad is a fine example. Drop him, give someone else a chance. It's nothing personal, just cricket."

  89. 0923: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 23-0 (trail by 63)

    That is best described as a hopeful appeal from Anderson, who strikes Sehwag high on the pad as he plays back to one angled in towards leg stump. Gambhir ends the over with a cover-driven three, denied a boundary only by Compton's diving stop.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "England have bowled OK in this little patch. But you want to get someone marooned at your end for a while."


    Anand Dahihandekar on Twitter: "How far Monty has come from being out of the 11 to opening the bowling, India does strange things to visiting side!"

  92. 0918: 
    Ouch!- Ind 19-0

    Panesar drops short once again, Gambhir rocks back and strikes Bairstow at short-leg. He didn't connect fully but that must have hurt, even for a tough Yorkie. Sehwag then watches a leading edge land just short of Compton running in at extra-cover. Play straight, Viru, play straight.


    Duncan Campbell on Twitter: "Take Cook and KP out of that 1st innings and our score was horrendous. Monty and Swann very important now."

  94. 0915: 
    Ind 15-0 (trail by 71)

    In the absence of any movement back into the left-handed Gambhir, Anderson tried his luck round the wicket. The upshot: he drifts towards the pads and Gambhir collects two of the archetypal leftie's single on the leg side. For how long will Cook persist with Anderson?

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Pietersen is getting very animated saying he wants Panesar to have a leg slip."

  96. 0910: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Ind 12-0

    Ooooh. That was technically a chance, albeit a fiendishly tough one. Gambhir inside-edges on to his pad as he attempts to work to leg, and the ball shoots low to Prior's left behind the stumps. That barely got above ankle height, so if you can show me a wicketkeeper who could catch that, then I'll have him in my team.


    From Jim in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, TMS inbox: "Never mind Broad at least he has scored runs in all three innings. Trott has two ducks and a 17."

  98. 0906: 
    Ind 8-0 (trail by 78)

    Not much in the way of consistency in that Anderson over. Gambhir connects only with thin air as he attempts a hook, but succeeds with his second attempt after defending a couple of deliveries.


    From Chris Hunter, TMS inbox: "Frustrated by Broad's detractors. He's been one of our best players for a number of years, and with Swann and Anderson he's been an indispensible bowler. Struggling this series but still a great member of the team that reached number one."

  100. 0900: 
    Ind 4-0

    Sehwag gets India moving with a dropped single into the covers and Gambhir opens his account by forcing for two through the off side as Panesar drops marginally short.

  101. 0857: 

    And Panesar gets the second over - an imaginative move by Cook but not wholly unsurprising given the left-arm spinner's five-wicket haul in the first innings.

  102. 0856: 
    Ind 0-0 (trail by 86)

    Anderson opens up for England, but finds little in the way of swing in an over comfortably negotiated by Gambhir, who is allowed to leave a little often for my liking.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Seamers have had no real impact on the game but they could give the batsmen a flier. If I was England captain, I'd be saying to my quicks, 'I'd like a wicket, but more than anything I don't want to give them easy runs'."

  104. 0853: 

    Cheers, Sam. And if you're just waking on this Sunday morning, welcome to what promises to be an intriguing evening session. India's first task will be to overturn a first-innings deficit of 86, but, with Sehwag at the crease, who knows where their ambitions lie?

  105. 0847: 

    Now then, time for me to give my typing digits a quick rest. Over to Justin Goulding to kick off the India response. Go get 'em Just.


    Tom Spencer on Twitter: "Broad to go. Simple as."

  107. 0844: 

    Sample question from Sir G: "Although known as Aggers, which former US vice-president is Jonathan Agnew also sometimes named after?"

    Aggers: "Spiro Agnew. Only two people call me that. Ian Botham and Ian Chappell and they hate each other."


    Martin Jones on Twitter: "Looks like Kevin Pietersen reintegrated with the Indian bowling - fabulous innings."


    From Mike in Brighton, TMS inbox: "I've been waiting to hear news on Ian from Winchester's baby from yesterday? Or did he pack her off to hospital alone because he couldn't bear to miss the centuries from Cook and KP?"

  110. 0839: 

    Fun and games on TMS right now. Geoffrey Boycott has turned the tables on Jonathan Agnew and is now asking him Mastermind questions about himself.


    The clatter of England wickets has prompted the umpires to call an early tea. England collapsed from 382-5 to 413 all out there, but I think the overall mood will be upbeat. After all, they lost the toss and now have a lead of 86 runs to play with.

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "That Harbajhan wicket of Broad lifts his overall tally to 23 at the Wankhede, overtaking Ian Botham, who took a remarkable 22 wickets in two Tests here. That's a stat Beefy could tweet young Stuart."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "One of the sides could still cock up their batting here and lose the Test match. I hope the Indians play a bit carelessly. If they do, funny things can happen. There's a great opportunity for England here."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a shame he played that shot having hit the four the ball before. Nevertheless, it is a superb achievement for England to have got such a lead."

    WICKET- Panesar c Yuvraj b Ashwin 4 (Eng 413 all out)

    England have now lost three wickets for two runs and have Monty Panesar walking out into the middle. Swann squirts a single out on the off side, then Monty - wonder of wonders - swats the ball over short leg for four. He walks over to Swann with a wide-eyed grin, then tries to repeat the shot and is caught in the deep.

    WICKET- Anderson lbw b Harbhajan 0 (Eng 408-9)

    "I'm loving this," says Aggers. I'm not sure if Jimmy Anderson is loving it as he walks out to bat on this. And he doesn't last long, trapped on the back foot in front of his stumps.

    WICKET- Broad c Pujara b Harbhajan 6 (Eng 406-8)

    Another one... Broad nudges forward, the ball bounces, catches him high on the bat and loops to Pujara who takes a diving catch at silly point. Stuart, I thought I told you not to push and prod.


    Jeff Stacey on Twitter: "Stuart Broad should not be playing, usually when he's not bowling he's good with the bat, he's been doing neither of late."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Because he saw nobody on the off side nearby, he just ran, he never thought of Dhoni coming from behind the stumps. I'm not blaming Broad, Prior made a big error. It was a poor call, a shame because he was batting well."

    WICKET- Prior run out (Dhoni) 21 (Eng 406-7)

    What a mess. Prior pushes forward, there's an appeal for lbw but Prior wants a run. Dhoni is quick to the ball and hurls it back to Kohli, who whips the bails off before Prior can make his ground. Suicide from the England stumper.

    Henry Blofeld, BBC Test Match Special

    "The crowd has swelled quite appreciably. Test cricket is not as popular as it used to be in India. There aren't quite as many as the 20,000 that were in yesterday, but it's not a bad crowd."

  122. 0816: 
    Eng 406-6

    The trial by spin continues in the Wankhede courtroom with defendants Prior and Broad in the dock. Prior makes a bit of a meal of this Harbhajan over, top-edging a sweep that hits Dhoni in the Adam's Apple, much to Sehwag's mirth at slip. Maybe the rumours about those two not getting on are true?


    From Gavin Robbie, tired and awake on a Sunday morning because of the gales in Norfolk, TMS inbox: "Re David Kershaw on Bairstow's dismissal (0720). I can't see how your reading of the law and that catch is correct. It's basically saying that anything can happen between it hitting a player, and it ending up in the control of the player. So in that case can it bounce up off someone's body, you catch it in your helmet, you pick ball out of helmet, therefore it's a legal catch following your logic...?"

  124. 0813: 
    Eng 405-6

    England milk Ashwin for five more very useful runs. Cut to KP on the England balcony. Face of thunder. Underwhelmed by his greeting on arrival back or did he just want a double?


    England women's captain Charlotte Edwards on Twitter: "What an innings!! #reintegrated."

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "Who would have thought at the start of the innings that they would be 400-6 - there have been two great innings. Matt Prior wants the strike as much as possible. He can score quickly - India will want to keep him off strike."


    From Dick, TMS inbox: "I once had a girlfriend like KP, when she was good she was great, but when she was bad she drove me nuts. We separated and I 'reintegrated' her several times, but it was doomed to fail; she never grew up. Let's hope KP has."

  128. 0808: 
    Eng 400-6

    Dhoni send for the wicketless Harbahajan to give Ojha a break. Prior anticipates a shorter ball and sweeps it powerfully away to the boundary. A back-footed push into the off side takes England to 400.


    Adam Davies on Twitter: "Amazing really. Lose a couple of wickets and the pitch looks like an absolute minefield. A lead of over 50 looks imposing."

  130. 0805: 
    Eng 395-6

    Broad is not playing the way I predicted. He's being very circumspect and is almost out as an edge drops just short of Sehwag at slip.

  131. 0802: 
    Eng 395-6

    Prior rocks on to the back foot and late-cuts Ojha for four. The shot of a man in form. Couple of singles follow.


    Jules on Twitter: "A quickish 50 from Prior supported by 30 odds from Broad (unlikely) and Swann and India will be on the ropes here."

  133. 0758: 
    Eng 388-6

    Now then, with the way the ball is turning I would suggest Broad may as well play a few shots here. No point pushing and prodding with men around the bat. Calculated risks Stu.

    He gets very lucky in his first over as Ashwin spins one through his defences and sees the ball sail about an inch over middle stump.


    In all the excitement, it's worth reporting that the tireless Ojha now has five wickets - his fifth five-wicket haul in Tests.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "What an exceptional innings it's been. The Indians will be mighty pleased to see the back of Pietersen. A lot of questions were asked after Ahmedabad but he's answered them to put England ahead in the game."

    WICKET- Pietersen c Dhoni b Ojha 186 (Eng 382-6)

    Big swipe, nick, pouched by Dhoni and Pietersen has to go. There's a standing ovation all round the ground and from his coach and team-mates in the dressing-room. The big man is back. And how.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    On Bairstow's dismissal on Twitter: "Andy Flower went to see match ref and umpires re Bairstow. They said as time has been called and batsman had left field. Umpires said they couldn't reverse decision unless India agreed. MS Dhoni was asked but chose not to."

  138. 0748: 
    Eng 381-5

    Pietersen swipes Ashwin away for two then reverse-sweeps in the air, but the ball lands safely. Prior gets in on the act with a brilliant straight drive that almost takes out non-striker KP on its route to the rope.


    Kev in Wellington, TMS inbox: "Re Paul in Delhi 07.29 - could your boss's gut-whack have been caused by Korma rather than Karma?"

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "KP has passed Graeme Hick's England record of 178 on this ground during an innings defeat on the horror tour of 92/93. Vinod Kambli scored 224 in that match, India's top scorer here. Still some way to go to catch Clive Lloyd's high mark of 242* in 1975."

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "Pietersen has been fantastic. You'd think he was playing on a flat wicket, but there's been so much turn and bounce."

  142. 0742: 
    Eng 369-5

    The fun and games continue. Ojha continues to KP from round the wicket, the ball is too short and Pietersen smashes it over midwicket for another six. Then he gets a top edge that loops over Dhoni for four.

  143. 0739: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 358-5

    Ashwin strikes Prior's pads with a ball turning across him and shouts a very hopeful appeal with the ball going past leg stump.

  144. 0735: 
    Eng 357-5

    Matt Prior's first ball is another ripper past the outside edge. Monty and Swann will be licking their lips.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Patel has not done too much wrong. The ball turned quite quickly. In some ways it's quite good news for England that the ball is turning so sharply. If they get a lead of around 130 then India have some batting to do."

    WICKET- Patel c Kohli b Ojha 26 (Eng 357-5)

    A slip, a gully and short leg and a silly mid-off and Patel, on the back foot, is beaten by a rip-snorter. The next ball spins and bounces and Patel, on the front foot this time, gets a thick edge to gully. "I'd defy anyone to play that," says Aggers.


    From Paul in Delhi, TMS inbox: "On a business trip to India with heathen manager who refused my request to fly to Mumbai to watch cricket during a rest day today. He's now stuck in bed with Delhi belly. I reckon that's karma."

  148. 0729: 
    Eng 356-4

    Big over for England. Patel waits, watches and works the ball off the back foot behind square on the leg side for a single. Then KP sweeps for a single to bring up the fifty partnership from 77 balls. Four more to Patel, driven beautifully past extra cover's left hand, then another one nudged off his waist and round past leg slip. England lead by 29 runs.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "It was like someone swatting a mosquito. You don't forget shots like that. Pietersen is playing with him. It wasn't a great ball, but to play a shot like that, so nonchalantly..."

  150. 0726: 
    Eng 346-4

    Ridicu-shot from KP. There's no footwork at all as he simply lobs a ball from well outside off stump over extra cover for six.

    Moments later, there's a warning of the dangers they are playing under as a thick edge only just avoids the slips and runs away for two. The next ball is a beauty that beats KP all ends up.

  151. 0724: 
    Eng 338-4

    Two more to Patel off Ashwin's bowling. I won't say he's starting to look comfortable out there for fear of mocker-related accusations.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Pietersen is playing a few shots that suggest, 'I could have hit that for four, but I'm going to hit it for one'. Occasionally he unleashes an amazing shot, then it's back to picking up the ones. Save the fireworks for when he's batting with the tail."

  153. 0720: 
    Eng 335-4

    Ojha's 35th over is a maiden. Ashwin has bowled 34 and taken just the one wicket while the recalled Harbhajan is wicketless from 18.


    From David Kershaw, TMS inbox: "On the question of Bairstow's dismissal, my reading of law 32(3) suggests that the catch was legitimate. The relevant section reads: 'The act of making the catch shall start from the time when the ball in flight comes into contact with some part of a fielder's person other than a protective helmet, and shall end when a fielder obtains complete control both over the ball and over his own movement'. I stress the word 'start'. The catch started when it hit the catcher's chest and finished when the catcher secured the ball in his hand. The intermediate involvement of the helmet does not invalidate the catch."

  155. 0718: 
    Eng 335-4

    Patel wants a single, KP doesn't, Patel scampers back and beats the throw. Patel then nurdles a single to backward square leg to reach 15.


    Rachel T on Twitter: "KP is now officially reintegrated - in India, against spin bowling. Respect!"

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    Australia need six South Africa wickets on the final day to win the second Test in Adelaide. The tourists, chasing a notional 430 to win, recovered somewhat from 45-4 to close on 77-4, but defeat beckons tomorrow, surely.

  158. 0714: 
    Eng 333-4

    Pietersen tries to reverse sweep Ojha, misses and angrily swishes his bat through the air. Then a gentle push for a single.

    Patel follows up with a lovely shot, flicking a wayward ball through the leg side off his hips for four. Trouble follows though as Patel plays and misses twice in a row, groping at two balls that spin sharply past the outside edge.

  159. 0711: 
    Eng 328-4

    The scores are now level. Scrap that, as KP drives to mid-off's left to push England into the lead. Can Samit hold on to KP's coat-tails here and make a little fifty of his own?

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Pietersen takes the game away from the opposition - he has such a wide range of shots, you can't keep him quiet. He scores quickly without trying to - he just butchers the bowling."

  161. 0705: 
    Pietersen 150- Eng 327-4

    Wham Bam, thanking you Madam. KP cuts for four then gets down on one knee and hoists Ojha high into the stands to bring up his 150. Talk about a rehabilitation, this is more like a coronation for King KP...

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    New Zealand are 96-2 at lunch on day one of the second Test against Sri Lanka, who are 1-0 up in the two-match series. Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor have led the recovery from 14-2 in Colombo after they won the toss.

  163. 0703: 
    Eng 316-4

    Zaheer rattles through another over at a pretty decent pace, with just the one run to Pietersen added to the score. Meanwhile, Boycott on TMS is arguing that Bob Appleyard would have been a better bowler than Shane Warne on Indian pitches...

  164. 0657: 
    Eng 315-4

    More mumblings from Mumbai about the Bairstow dismissal. TV are saying that Dhoni was asked by umpires to reconsider the decision. Tough situation to put the man in really. It wasn't as if there was an appeal to withdraw. Gambhir caught it, Bairstow walked off, the umpires called lunch, end of story.

    Ojha to KP - just a single from the over.

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "Six for Samit to get off the mark! The Wankhede has a famous relationship with maximums. This is the ground where Ravi Shastri became the second man to hit six sixes in an over for Bombay v Baroda in 1985."


    From Nick in Sydney, TMS inbox: "After a day in the surf on Manley beach, now having tapas and a cold beer for my 'lunch'. Been cheering Capt Cook and KP along via TMS updates."

  167. 0654: 
    Eng 314-4

    Zaheer is peppering Patel with the short stuff now. Samit ducks the first one then top-edges a pull and gets off the mark with a six! A fuller ball, Patel dangles the bat and uses the pace to steer it square for four.

  168. 0650: 
    Eng 304-4

    I'm not sure if Andy Flower had that chat. Pietersen plays the riskiest of cross-batted swipes to snatch a ball from outside off stump and cart it over midwicket. Then tries to cut and totally misses the ball. Deep breaths.


    JustHerLuck on Twitter: "Law 32.3 (e). However, it is not a fair catch if the ball has previously touched a protective helmet worn by a fielder."


    Alistair Nicholls on Twitter: "Up early on final day of holiday in Amman, Jordan, to follow text. Let's hope Patel & Prior can stick some decent runs on the board!"

  171. 0647: 
    Eng 300-4

    Zaheer gets called for a wide for a second bouncer, then Pietersen chops into the off side for a single to take England to 300.

  172. 0641: 
    Eng 298-4

    Ojha rounds off his pre-lunch over with three dot balls to Patel. TMS scorer Andrew Samson confirms that the laws of the game state that you cannot be caught off the helmet. Mind you, Bairstow walked before the finger went up anyway. Echoes of the Ian Bell Spirit of Cricket from Trent Bridge 2011.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's quite simple: that's a poor decision. He was not out. The umpires can use common sense. He's not faced a ball and they should look at it and say, 'come back'."

  174. 0638: 

    Now then, interesting development out in Mumbai. Replays of that Bairstow dismissal have shown that the ball slipped out of Gambhir's hands, struck the grille of his helmet and dropped back into his hands. So technically, because the ball struck his helmet, it should not have been given out.

    The umpires come out deep in discussion but Patel is striding out to the middle so it doesn't look they are going to overturn the decision.

  175. 0638: 

    Morning all. Afternoon session to come. If I was Andy Flower I would have taken KP aside during the lunch interval and instructed him to do everything he can to make this a big one. He's batted brilliantly so far but England cannot afford a silly dismissal soon after lunch. Make it a daddy and the match could be in the bag. no pressure then Kevin.


    Gareth Hole on Twitter: "Time to see what Patel is made of, need someone to stick with KP for a good long while. Double for KP if he can get support."


    Dylan, TMS inbox: "Dylan here from Meekatharra, Western Australian desert (very sunny clime) - it's not easy being half English half South African out here. Hoping to see some wicketkeepers stand tall - big scores from Prior in Mumbai and De Villiers in Adelaide please!"

  178. 0607: 

    Right folks, quick breakfast stop here. Those of you in sunnier climes, crack open another cold one or pour yourself another glass of Chablis. We'll be back in 25.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Bairstow will be furious. He got a beautiful ball the ball before and was just trying to turn it on the leg side and closed the face. It went quickly and Gambhir was as sharp as a button at silly point. That's just the fillip India need before lunch. They've conceded a lot of runs in this session but have got that second wicket. We talk about momentum shifts in cricket and it seems to be emphasised in India but, critically, Pietersen is still there. While he remains, a substantial lead is possible."

  180. 0602: 
    LUNCH INTERVAL- Eng 298-4

    Lunch it is then after a session in which England scored 120 runs and lost two wickets. India will munch all the merrier after that late wicket though and will be hoping to make further inroads this afternoon. KP is the key for England - if he can stay there for another hour or two a big healthy lead will be theirs.

    WICKET- Bairstow c Gambhir b Ojha 9 (Eng 298-4)

    Nicely flighted ball from Ojha. Bairstow pushes forward and gets a leading edge straight to Gambhir at silly point. A wicket on the stroke of lunch, just to take the gloss of a fine morning's work from England.

  182. 0557: 
    Eng 298-3

    Pietersen middles a square cut and hammers Yuvraj to the fence then blocks out the rest of the over.

  183. 0552: 
    Eng 294-3

    Ashwin's back and he's being stuck for four by Jonny B. There's not a lot of footwork, but he times it perfectly through the covers.

  184. 0549: 
    Eng 289-3

    Another push, another tight single, but Tendulkar is not the quickest these days and they are home and dry before the throw misses the timbers. Then Zaheer bowls and bouncer to Bairstow, who top-edges a pull shot. One bounce and the ball pierces a hole in the advertising hoarding!

  185. 0545: 
    Eng 284-3

    Just seen Warne and Collingwood side by side in the commentary box working for Indian TV. "So Paul, talk me through that MBE?" Bairstow gets off the mark with a drive to mid-on and a scampered single.


    Winston Barker on Twitter: "KP has to be the greatest English batsman. Thousands of runs coupled with fantastic entertainment value."


    Tom Coleman on Twitter: "England's finest batsman? I'd go for Grace, Fry and Ranjitsinjhi. Not exactly huge Test runs but look what they did for the game!"

  188. 0542: 
    Eng 281-3

    Just a single off Zaheer's latest. You can almost sense England taking a little breather here after the mayhem of that first hour. KP must take the senior role with Sloop John B so new to all this.


    From Gill, TMS inbox: "My three-week-old baby was clearly overexcited by the potential for Cook and KP centuries this morning as he woke up just in time for the start of TMS and fell asleep the moment KP got his century! A keen cricket fan already!"

  190. 0537: 
    Eng 280-3

    Hello, there's Goochie on the team balcony, listening to something or other. One Direction perhaps? West Ham aren't playing anyway - that's usually his excuse. A single to KP gives Ashwin three balls at Bairstow. It's the carrom ball first up but Jonny gets in line and plays it back. The next two turn down leg.

    Great stat btw, Cook has now made more runs before the age of 28 than any other Test player.

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    Australia are charging towards victory in the second Test in Adelaide, where South Africa have slumped to 45-4 in pursuit of a notional 430 to win. Smith, Amla, Rudolph and Pietersen gone. Off-spinner Nathan Lyon has two wickets and Australia are rampant.


    Jack Spearing on Twitter: "Well done Cook! Time for the lower middle order to deliver some good runs."

  193. 0532: 
    NEW BALL- Eng 279-3

    India use the wicket as their cue to take the new ball. Zaheer Khan is the man to bowl it and his first ball is flicked to fine leg by Pietersen for four. A single gives Bairstow the strike and he's very context to see his first two balls whistle past off stump. A bit of a bonus not to have to face spin from the off, but it won't be long...

  194. 0529: 
    Eng 274-3

    KP followed Cook down the wicket there to give his skipper a pat on the back. Kohli and Gambhir shook his hand too. Nice to see. Jonny Bairstow is the new man sporting one of the finest Movember moustaches you could possibly wish to see, but it was the last ball of the over so KP will take the strike.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "He played marvellously well. It just turned, the only ball he's really looked like nicking. He's played exceptionally well and put England into a great position."

    WICKET- Cook c Dhoni b Ashwin 122 (Eng 274-3)

    Cook tries a paddle shot, but like a man trying on the wrong size of coat, it doesn't suit him at all. That's much more like it, and authentic drive, bludgeoned past mid-off for four. Then, horror of horrors, he pushes forward, gets a faint nick and is snaffled behind the stumps. Ashwin is thrilled, roaring with delight, then breathing a huge sigh of relief.


    From Peter, in awe, in London: "You have to love KP. Supremely talented, what a waste it would have been had he not returned to the fold. There's little you can say about Cook, the ultimate pro to Pietersen's maverick genius. When was the last time England have had two batsmen dominating an Indian attack in India on pitches designed to help the home side?"

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    Well, there were four Tests taking place at the same time. Now there are only three after West Indies wrapped up a 10-wicket win over Bangladesh in Khulna. The hosts, who conceded a first-innings deficit of 261, at least forced West Indies bat again by making 287 in their second innings - thanks to 97 from Shakib Al Hasan and Nasir Hossain's 94. Tino Best took 6-40 for West Indies, who raced to a target of 27 in five overs. They win the two-match series 2-0.

  199. 0521: 
    Eng 269-2

    There are five men on the boundary as India try to tempt KP into a moment of madness. Yuvraj dangles the carrot with a low full toss but KP makes a mess of his shot and the ball goes nowhere. A better shot now, two through the off side, brings up the 200 partnership off 310 balls. The celebration is understated, a quick punch of the gloves and back to work.


    From Jon, TMS inbox: "You're doing very well Sam, shepherding these two to their centuries, but your pre-drinks comment smacks of big-time mockers - don't blow it now!"

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "This is the first time in history that four Test matches have been in play simultaneously. Three times before four Tests have taken place on the same day, but this is the first time they have all been happening at once."

  202. 0517: 
    Eng 264-2

    Gotta love Yuvraj - looks a real character with his red wraparound shades. This is a poor ball though, short and wide but 12th man Rahane dives brilliantly at cover to deny KP another boundary. Both batters on 117 now and the partnership is now the highest for the third wicket on this ground. The previous best was by Sachin T and Vinod Kambli against England - whatever happened to Vinod Kambli by the way?


    Simon Aindow on Twitter: "England's finest batsman of all time? Sir Len Hutton."


    From Chris S, TMS inbox: "Following along from 'sunnier climes', try Whitehorse, Yukon, depths of winter, -20c, dark - but KP and Cookie warming up the night!"

  205. 0512: 
    Eng 262-2

    Tough life Rob? Some people.

    Four more singles off Ashwin's latest. India are really struggling to stem the flow of runs here and captain Dhoni is sending for Yuvraj...


    From Rob Thorpe, TMS inbox: "Following the text feed on the verandah at Hekerua Lodge on Waiheke Island, New Zealand, sipping an ice cold beer with a great bunch of people and watching the sun go down. Fantastic stuff from Captain Cook, and few batsmen can be as dangerous as a KP with a point to prove. Two record-equalling innings in a crucial situation. Let's hope they can push on and turn these hundreds into 'Daddies'.

  207. 0508: 
    Eng 258-2

    Stifled appeal as Harbers spins one into Cook's pads but the ball pitched well outside leg stump. One run to each England batsman - KP will soon be overtaking Cookie methinks.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "This hundred has been the most controlled of Pietersen's three this year. It's been as effective an innings against slow bowling I've seen him play. He looked a different player yesterday and he's carried on today."


    From Neil, TMS inbox: "I'm Wing Commander Neil Jones of the Royal Air Force, living in India on the Indian Advanced Staff Course at Wellington, Tamil Nadu. I emailed during the first Test as the Indian Military Officers on the course with me were giving me a load of stick......and rubbed it in after our defeat.......they're not so vocal now.....Ha!!

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "Play momentarily held up by a flock of what I'm told are ghar birds invading the pitch. Big birds of prey, look rather like kites to me."

  211. 0500: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 247-2

    I don't think India are heeding Dravid's call to take the new ball. Not yet anyways. Just trying to work out why KP blew on his bat after bringing up his hundred and we reckon it was an air kiss. He probably wanted to give it a good old smooch but was hampered by the grill of his helmet. Any other theories?

    Oh my, what a shot, KP slaughters Ashwin over mid-off for six of the best. "Sensational shot" purrs Dravid. And that will be drinks to end an hour in which England scored 78 off 16 overs.


    And now your tweets are lauding Kevin Pietersen:

    Si Lomas: "Like him or loathe him, KP surely has to be one of best England batsman to have lived?

    Freddie Mickshik: "Almost muted celebration from KP- relieved, determined, even an air of contrition? He's not done out there yet."

    Zeshaan Mahmood: "Reverse sweep to get to your century. Phwoar."

  213. 0455: 
    Eng 247-2

    Cook has all the time in the world to lean back and work Harbhajan to mid-on for a single. The new ball is due after this over and Rahul Dravid is adamant that they must take it.


    From Stuart Berry, TMS inbox: "Seems that captaincy agrees with Alastair Cook and Michael Clarke. Arguably the best two batsmen in the world right now."

  215. 0450: 
    Eng 244-2

    A single each, then Ojha overpitches to Cook and pays the price as the England captain laces a drive through cover for four.

  216. 0448: 
    Eng 238-2

    So, just to recap. A quarter of an hour ago, only three men had ever scored 22 centuries for England in almost a century and a half of Test cricket. Now there are five. England are cooking on gas out there and now they are only 89 runs behind.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "What remarkable skill to play that shot to bring up a century. I certainly wouldn't have tried it. He's played really well, to get a hundred in 129 balls on this wicket is an exceptional effort. There was much talk after Ahmedabad about his weaknesses and mindset, but he's answered all those questions here."


    And there it is. Two England batsmen making history in the space of 10 minutes! Incredible. And guess how KP gets there? A reverse sweep - perfectly executed for four. A hug from Cook, a salute to the dressing-room and a quick (and slightly odd) blow on the end of his smoking bat...


    Some of you have been getting in touch on Twitter to congratulate Alastair Cook:

    JustHerLuck: "One of the best batting displays by an overseas player. Captain Cook take a bow."

    Josh Jones: "Can I just say Alastair Cook is an utter genius. Ultimate professional!"

    Gareth Hole: "Amazing from Cook - well done skip. Bring on the double century. Same for KP."

  220. 0443: 
    Eng 232-2

    So Cook joins Boycott, Hammond and Cowdrey as the only England batsmen to make 22 Test hundreds. He is also the first player in history to score centuries in each of his first four Tests as captain. KP is on 97 now by the way so he could soon be joining Cook in the 22 club.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "What a lovely hundred it has been from Alastair Cook, in some ways it has been a better innings than the one he played in Ahmedabad. Kevin Pietersen has complemented him really well at the other end and they have set England on the way to a big first-innings total."

  222. 0441: 
    Eng 228-2

    Harbhajan to KP, who sweeps for four. It's like a party out there at the moment, with Cook and KP the confident jocks showing off the moves and the Indian fielders watching on awkwardly from the edge of the dancefloor.

  223. 0436: 
    CHAMPAGNE MOMENT- Cook equals England century record

    Cook drives down the ground for four to bring up his 22nd Test hundred. The England skipper removes his helmet and pumps his fists at the England dressing-room. Every one of his team-mates is on his feet clapping his hands above their heads. Big hugs from KP. What a moment for England's skipper supreme.

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "Stinking hot day here in Mumbai! Appreciably warmer than day two. With the thermometer due to touch 38 degrees later today, England need to keep India in the field as long as possible."

  225. 0433: 
    Eng 219-2

    It's all going off out there. KP unfurls his version of the paddle sweep to scoop a single over his shoulder then drives powerfully through the covers for four. In the air, but it has the meat to make it to the boundary. Two more to bring up the 150 partnership. Now for Cookie to take strike on 99 big ones...


    Canada is hooked on the cricket, it seems...

    From Robin Penfold, TMS inbox: "Following today's play from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, keeping a close eye on BBC website. 100 more partnership from Cook and Pietersen would put us in great shape. Hopefully a lot warmer for you in Mumbai than Calgary."

    From Madeleine Coffen-Smout in Canada, TMS inbox: "On my way to being tucked up under the duvet in rainy Nova Scotia. Would be nice to see the skipper's century first... or is it tempting providence to write that?"

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been great compulsive viewing. There has been some good spin bowling and some excellent batting. India need a breakthrough because these two look like they could bat forever."

  228. 0429: 
    Eng 210-2

    Pietersen is not hanging around this morning, rocking back and slashing a short ball from Ojha in front of square on the off side. Then Cook pulls away for two to pass 1,000 Test runs for the year. One more moves him to 98 - champagne moment on the way?


    From Paul, TMS inbox: "Just got home from seeing Graham Parker & The Rumour's first reunion concert after 32 years in Tarrytown NY (it was very good) and now hoping and praying fellow Essex boy Mr Cook can make another hundred..."

  230. 0426: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 202-2

    Now then, a big appeal as Cook is trapped on the back foot but umpire Aleem Dar thinks it's sliding down the leg side. A single apiece.


    James Green on Twitter: "Watching from the moon. Rio has got nothing on the sea of tranquility."

    Really, James?

  232. 0422: 
    Eng 200-2

    TV are taunting us with replays of past KP dismissals. Keep thinking he's out, but I can assure you that he's still there for the moment. And he's flying - dancing down the track and launching Ojha over the top for four.

  233. 0420: 
    Eng 196-2

    This is Test cricket. England's two best batsmen at the crease, England's two finest spinners on the twirl. Cook tucks into another of his favourite cut shots to pick up two more. "That's his staple diet," says Vic Marks on TMS. Cook smothers the rest of the over. England are now 131 behind.


    From Matthew, TMS inbox: "Am in hospital in Ipswich hoping my operation won't be cancelled again today. Would love to see us post a big score today, Come on England!"

    From Matthew Budd, TMS inbox: "Staying up in Buenos Aires to follow the Test despite having a fever and a chronic stomach infection. England, you better make it worthwhile. I may miss my family and friends, but I miss cricket more."

    From Craig, TMS inbox: "Soaking up the sun in Melbourne, the Aussies seem to have South Africa beat. Now for captain Cook to take care of the Indians."


    From Carioca Cricket Club on Twitter: "Sun, bikinis and cricket, Rio - best place for sound of leather on willow. Come on England-sambalike footwork against spin."

    An early contender for the best cricket-watching venue today

  236. 0413: 
    Eng 193-2

    Plenty of spin from Ashwin but his lines and lengths are inconsistent, lacking the discipline shown by Swann and Monty. Cook pushes off his pads for a single to move to 91.

  237. 0411: 
    Eng 192-2

    England are dicing with death out there. First Pietersen gets a thick outside edge which just beats the slips, then they take on a suicidal single and Cook is only saved by a wayward shy at the stumps.


    Jake, student studying physics in Cardiff: "Tucked up in bed in a cold Cardiff, looking forward to falling asleep to the sound of TMS and the twist and turns of quality Test match cricket."

  239. 0407: 
    Eng 188-2

    Ashwin to Cook, short and feeding his favourite cut shot. The England skipper picks up two runs then a single over point. A rank old ball to Pietersen is helped round the corner for four more. A bit of pressure on these spinners today you know.

  240. 0404: 
    Eng 178-2

    Ojha gets us going with a neat and tidy over to Kevin Pietersen. Not a shot in anger from the England batsman as he pushes the first five back to the bowler. The last ball is a little wider and beats Pietersen's flashing blade.

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    I bring you news from Adelaide, where Australia have set South Africa (a surely impossible?) 430 to win the second Test. Resuming day four on 111-5 after a late wobble yesterday, Australia declared on 267-8 in the afternoon session largely to Mike Hussey's 54. The Proteas' slim hopes of completing what would be the highest successful chase in Test history suffered an immediate blow when captain Graeme Smith fell for a duck. South Africa are currently 16-1.


    Saurabh Advant on Twitter: "India need wickets in the first session today. 4-5. If cook and KP play out the session, its England's game for the taking."

    James Japhet on Twitter: "Massive morning session for England. If Cook and KP can stick together for the first hour or more England will be in good shape."

  243. 0359: 

    I'm keen to hear where everyone is this morning, whether you are tucked up under the duvet in rainy Blighty or sparking up the broadband from sunnier climes. Send us a tweet via #bbccricket, text us on 81111 or email with For Sam Sheringham as the subject.

    And with Cook and Pietersen on the verge of record tonnage, who was the greatest English batsmen of them all?

  244. 0352: 

    Just hearing that Monty Panesar is out in the nets going through his batting routines. A clear sign that England know that every last contribution could be vital today. Given that England have to bat last on this pitch, they will be targeting a healthy first innings lead and that was certainly the message from Graeme Swann when he spoke to BBC Sport last night.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's so important that Cook and Pietersen get in because you never quite know what will happen with the rest of them. Bairstow is an unknown quantity, you don't quite know what will happen with Patel. Cook and Pietersen made a lot of Englishmen happy yesterday."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "Morning all. More of the same weather-wise in Mumbai. Andy Flower addressing his troops.....good day yesterday, but still 149 runs behind."

  247. 0346: 

    Cook and Pietersen have history in their sights this fine morning. If either or both of them can make centuries, they will equal the England record of 22 in Test matches, held by Geoffrey Boycott, Wally Hammond and Colin Cowdrey.


    Alastair Cook and company will have at least have one supporter following their progress.

    England women's batter Sarah Taylor on Twitter a couple of hours ago: "Goodnight everyone! Gonna have a quick nap and be up for cricket and TMS in a bit!!

  249. 0340: 

    Good morning cricket fans, wherever you may be. Things are bubbling up nicely in Mumbai where England will resume on 178-2 on the third morning of the second Test, 149 runs behind India. Captain Courageous Alastair Cook is within 13 runs of another ton, with Kevin Pietersen not far behind on 62. The plan will be to bat long, be strong and not get too much wrong.

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Live Scores - India v England


  • England beat India by 10 wickets
  • India: 327 & 142 (44.1 overs)
  • England: 413 & 58-0 (9.4 overs)
  • Venue: Mumbai

England 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 0 58
Cook not out 18
Compton not out 30
Extras 8b 2lb 10

England in India 2012-13

India's Mahendra Dhoni and England's Alastair Cook

Reports and scorecards from England's one-day tour of India, which includes five ODIs.