India v England, third Test, Kolkata, day one as it happened

James Anderson takes three wickets, including Sachin Tendulkar for 76, as England dominate day one of the third Test against India.

5 December 2012 Last updated at 11:11 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1101: 

    Geoffrey's off for an early dinner and that will be my cue to wrap up this live text commentary. Look out for the TMS podcast and the Aggers column on the site later on. We'll be back at 0330 GMT tomorrow for mockers and more. Catch you then.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "India are not as good as they think they are but we won't know what the position is until we've had a knock. Our bowlers have had a great day but can our batsmen deliver? We can't just leave it to Cook and Pietersen, others need to step up to the plate."


    Luke in Lincoln via text: "Think I'll claim the Ashwin wicket after telling a lad at work we wouldn't get another today with a knowing grin on my face."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "In the last five matches here India have won four of them and have made at least 400 in their first innings every time. Everyone has been telling me what a good pitch it is but India didn't make use of winning the toss. They weren't allowed to by the England bowlers who formed an excellent unit. Anderson and Panesar in particular were excellent, but several of the Indian batsmen are not in good form."

  5. 1051: 

    England's day, that's for sure. It followed a very similar pattern to Mumbai when England reduced India to 266-6 on day one after losing the toss. This time they have an extra wicket and they don't have a not out centurion to deal with in the morning.


    Emma in Nottingham via text: "Inspired mockers idea from Andy in London. Denying its existence. Brilliant."

  7. 1045: 
    CLOSE OF PLAY- Ind 273-7

    Two slips, a short leg and a silly point as Dhoni's single puts Zaheer on strike for the last five balls of the day. But Monty is struggling to grip the new ball and Zaheer gets an easy four down the leg side. Zaheer then smothers the last ball to take us to stumps on 273-7.

  8. 1041: 
    Ind 268-7

    Zaheer Khan has a swipe at a ball outside off stump. That's Jimmy done for the day with figures of 21-5-68-3. He took a wicket in each of his last three spells. Well played that man.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Ashwin plays on the up and there's gap between bat and pad. He averages around 40 for a number eight so that's a big wicket for England because he bats well and it means England have had a super day."

    WICKET- Ashwin b Anderson 21 (Ind 268-7)

    Anderson gets a ball to nip back off the seam, spear between Ashwin's bat and pad and knock over his middle stump. What a day for Jimmy, what a day for England...


    Peter Scott on Twitter: "Of course there are rules for mockers, but to even mention them puts the mockers on them (the rules)."


    Andy in London via text: "Surely the first rule of Mockers is that there is no Mockers."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Sometimes you get a hunch and if you get that you should go with it. Alastair Cook has been around for a while, even if he is only 27, but he has a hunch about Monty and the new ball."

  14. 1034: 
    NEW BALL- Ind 264-6

    England take the new ball and entrust Monty Panesar with its first over. There's a bit of bounce and a bit of bat-pad jingle-jangle from Dhoni but the Indian skipper survives a maiden. He's on 21, Ashwin has 17 and there are two overs of the day to play.

  15. 1031: 
    Ind 264-6

    Samit Patel dives full length at fine leg to keep the ball away from the rope, but did he succeed? Umpteen replays follow before it's decided to stick with the original decision of two runs.

  16. 1027: 
    Ind 259-6

    Ashwin punches Swann through the covers for two. Simon Mann suggests the Indian spinner is the best number eight in Test cricket but throws out the name of Darren Sammy as a potential rival. Stuart Broad might have laid claim to that title until recently.


    Plenty of mockers' musings on Twitter. I'm not sure I have the answers.

    William Raspin: "If a mocker is attempted and there's no one around to hear it does it have any power?"

    Martin Turner: "Is it even mockers if the mock is beneficial to England? Does it works both ways? Are there mockers rules?"

  18. 1022: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 256-6

    Dhoni tries to pull Finn, who emits a stifled appeal for a catch down the leg side. There was no appeal from Prior, although replays suggest there may well have been a hint of glove in that. Ashwin plays and misses to round off another good over from Finn.


    Graham Beer on Twitter: "Like Mr Chadney I'm also in Tokyo and sure his colleagues are as bewildered as mine and that the explanation is still ongoing."

  20. 1017: 
    Ind 255-6

    Another over for Finn with the new ball but Ashwin is handling him well, playing off the back foot and not taking any risks. Dhoni is a man becalmed as well after almost getting himself out with a wild slog at his first ball. He takes a single off the last ball of the over to keep the strike with six overs to go in the day.

  21. 1010: 
    Ind 251-6

    Ashwin flicks Panesar away for a couple past square leg. One more wicket today and England won't just be in the driving seat, they'll be eyeing up the chequered flag.


    From Michael Chadney on Twitter: "Just had to explain to my Japanese colleagues here in my office in Tokyo why I just shouted "GOT HIM!"

  23. 1007: 
    Ind 249-6

    Steve Finn to Dhoni with the old ball and there's some reverse for him too as he fires one past the India captain's dangling bat. If the light continues to fade, Finn could be very threatening here.


    Nik in Cambridge, TMS inbox: "Since the introduction of online Live Text Reporting on England Test Matches, Vic Marks is indeed the most successful Mocker, with an average of 0.75 wickets per match. For Home series, where live reporting reaches a wider audience, SMS and Twitter Mockers are more successful with an average of 3 per match. For all tests against India, Sam Sheringham is the most successful Mocker."

  25. 1001: 
    Ind 238-6

    Dhoni eases back and cuts Panesar away for two. The new ball is due now, but England aren't taking it immediately.

  26. 0958: 
    Ind 238-6

    As if to prove the point, Anderson gets one to move away from Ashwin and beats the edge. Then a big appeal, but umpire Rod Tucker is shaking his head almost before Anderson has time to turn round. The next ball is a bit fuller and runs away for four off a thick outside edge.


    Cricket United on Twitter: "This is some spell from Anderson. I wouldn't take the new ball yet and back him to get a few more with the reverse swing."

  28. 0954: 
    Ind 238-6

    Here's Panesar for his 31st over of the day as the stadiums giant floodlights are pressed into action. A single each and back to you Jimmy.

  29. 0951: 
    Ind 236-6

    Anderson, who is enjoying his best day of the series by far, slams a yorker into Ashwin's pads and shouts a hopeful appeal. The new ball is due in three overs. Will England take it at the first time of asking?


    Aaron Nathaniel on Twitter: "Vic Marks with the single greatest mockers in history! That will never be beaten."

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    "Jimmy Anderson has now dismissed Sachin Tendulkar eight times in Tests. Equals Murali as most successive bowler against him."

  32. 0945: 
    Ind 236-6

    To any England fans getting over-excited I give you one stat: MS Dhoni's average on this ground is 185. The India captain serves notice of his intent by whipping Panesar away for four.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Steven Finn will agonise about that bit of fielding if this partnership becomes significant. He just had to get his hand round the ball, and had plenty of time to pick it up and lob it back. That was a huge escape for India. The reaction of England's players was interesting. You don't have to be a lip-reader to know what Graeme Swann thinks but captain Cook kept his mouth shut because you don't hurl abuse when you're captain."

  34. 0944: 
    Ind 232-6

    What a let-off for India.... Dhoni clips to Finn but Ashwin doesn't respond to the call. Finn has all the time in the world to lob the ball to the keeper but somehow fails to gather it, and Ashwin escapes.

  35. 0942: 

    Replays reveal Prior almost made a mess of that catch, taking it very low in the right glove before using his left arm to ensure it stayed there. And the home fans are leaving in droves.

    WICKET- Tendulkar c Prior b Anderson 76 (Ind 230-6)

    Stop the press, stop the press, Sachin is out! Jimmy gets one to swing away a fraction, takes the edge and Prior takes a low diving catch.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Tendulkar is enjoying it now. I'm not sure he did in the first hour or so but that was a lovely cover drive. The timing was in stark contrast to what we saw at the start of his innings. India are very grateful to him - as they have been so many times of course."

  38. 0931: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Ind 230-5

    Patel scampers to his right to stop a Sachin cut in its tracks and keep them to two runs. Monty offers up some width and Sachin gives this one the full treatment through the covers. Time for a drink with Tendulkar only 24 shy of a ton.

  39. 0928: 
    Ind 223-5

    Runs now for Dhoni, steered to third man off the bowling of Jimmy Anderson for two. Quick consultation between Anderson and Cook but the result is four runs as Dhoni serves up a healthy dollop of bottom hand to chop one through a gap in the off side.

  40. 0923: 
    Ind 217-5

    Tendulkar pokes the last ball of Swann's over to mid-on for one to reach 69 then respectfully blocks out a Panesar maiden. I think Sachin is aware of the importance of turning this one into a biggie, with his out-of-form skipper at the other end and only the tail to follow.


    Joel Fentem on Twitter: "For the first time this year England look like they could be the best team in the world again."


    From Rachel in London, via text on 81111: "Perhaps Mr Dastigir [0641] should be commended for being in school at such an early hour. I've sent my Year 9 son to LNS to check up on him and commiserate!"

  43. 0917: 
    Ind 216-5

    What happened to all the old traditional bat manufacturers. These two have got Adidas and Reebok emblazoned on their willow! Dhoni's rush of blood is a thing of the past and he blocks out a Panesar over.


    From Rafi in Manchester, via text on 81111: "Gotta admire Jonathan Brook (0908) for his terrific double-bluff mockers!"

  45. 0913: 
    Ind 215-5

    It's all gone a bit crazy out there! Dhoni, favouring cap over helmet as per, has a wild slog at his first ball and almost picks out Samit Patel at midwicket. Suicidal from the Indian skip. This is putting years on Dravid in the TMS box.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "India were building a crucial partnership and Yuvraj got a start but he just pushed at the ball. For someone trying to make his way back into the Test team, this was a great opportunity for him. He looked solid but couldn't go on."

    WICKET- Yuvraj c Cook b Swann 32 (Ind 215-5)

    Jonathan, your luck is in. Yuvraj inexplicably pushes Swann straight to Cook at short extra cover. Cheap, cheap dismissal.


    Jonathan Brook on Twitter: "Been on a broken train for 90 minutes now, could the BBC please request that some wickets be taken so that my misery is reduced."

  49. 0908: 
    Ind 215-4

    Most of you seem keen for a Sachin ton in an England win. Shows how much good feeling there is towards the Lil' Master. One to Yuvi from another rapid set of six from Monty.

  50. 0904: 
    Ind 214-4

    The ever-growing crowd are on their feet to celebrate a meaty pull from Yuvraj for four. Then a cheer from the Barmy Army as Monty is wrong-footed by the bounce of the ball but still manages to grab it with his left-hand to prevent a boundary. Sachin rounds off an expensive over with a delicate tickle through the vacant fine leg area for four more. He's scored most of his runs in that area and Cook's decision to put in a leg slip feels very "after the horse has bolted."

  51. 0902: 
    Ind 205-4

    Everything about Tendulkar's game looks more purposeful now, even his solid forward defence which he deploys to five balls in a row from Monty.

  52. 0858: 

    Yuvi deflects Swann off his pads for a single and then Tendulkar gets a bit surprised by some rare bounce for the off-colour off-spinner.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "The longer you stay in your confidence goes up, negative thoughts start to disappear and the fluency comes back to your batting because you've had time in the middle. Tendulkar has played safe, sensible cricket. That period of greatness has gone, you might see glimpses of it but he has to play differently and use his experience and knowledge. It has top be risk-free batting from now on. He can't play like he used to."

  54. 0855: 
    Ind 203-4

    More evidence that Tendulkar is finding his touch as he times a leg glance off Panesar so well that is rolls all the way to the boundary to bring up the India 200. The Little Master has 63 not, Yuvraj is on 24.

  55. 0852: 
    Ind 195-4

    Sachin closed his eyes and took a deep breath after reaching his fifty - a sure sign of relief, but he knows that only a ton will keep the naysayers at bay. He takes two more steps towards that mark in Finn's latest over. Two to Yuvraj too. India coasting at the moment.

  56. 0847: 
    Ind 191-4

    A Monty maiden passes in the blink on an eye. This partnership is now worth 55 and is developing into a bit of a nuisance for England.

  57. 0844: 
    Ind 191-4

    Thanks Stephan. Sterling work. In fact, my enjoyment of said fry-up was significantly reduced by the canteen chef's constant cheery singing. A sure fire way to make a man grumpy.

    Anyway, quite a statement from Sachin, biffing the first two balls after tea for four. With Yuvraj's six to follow, India have made it clear they want to get on with it now. Tendulkar continues the theme with an uppercut over the slips, which is actually well fielded by Monty at third man after an awkward bounce.

  58. 0839: 
    Ind 189-4

    It's Monty replacing Swann after the interval, bowling over the wicket to Yuvraj. Have India come out with attacking intent after the break? Yuvi dances down, lifting straight down the ground for the first maximum of the match. Speaking of attacking intent, Sam Sheringham has demolished his full English breakfast and is back to see you to the close.


    Prayag S Dube on Twitter: "Tendulkar is supposed to debating in Indian parliament about foreign investment in retail sector in India ... right now."

  60. 0835: 
    50 FOR SACHIN TENDULKAR- Ind 182-4

    First ball after tea, Tendulkar works Finn off his hips to bring up his 66th Test half-century. 66th! He raises his bat towards the India dressing room, where Harbhajan Singh dances a little jig, then celebrates further by lifting the ball over point for four more.

  61. 0831: 

    Almost as soon as they left, the players are back on the field. Steve Finn has the ball, bowling to Sachin Tendulkar, who asks someone to sit down beside the sightscreen. Play.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "For any cricket lover, the best thing is to be able to watch Tendulkar bat. He's worked jolly hard. I like the fact he's been prepared to graft."


    From Justin in Cambridge, via text on 81111: "Dancing cricketers? How about Nasser Hussain partnered by his sister, Benazir, former ballerina at the Royal Ballet and Western Australia Ballet?"

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport in Kolkata

    "Eden Gardens has been slowly filling up as Sachin nears his half century, it's about two thirds full now and will almost certainly be close to capacity if he nears a ton in the final session."


    Anand Dahihandekar "Tendulkar looking like Tondulkar again? Have I jinxed it?"


    Former England batsman Mark Ramprakash on TMS: "Tendulkar has to face up the same questions that Ponting has. He's got a decision to make. He's at the time of his career where he should be enjoying his cricket, not worrying about his place in the side."


    From Gary in Hitchin, via text on 81111: "Was very hard to leave warm glow of TMS as snow fluttered down. Alas, paddled to work and got snow-splashed by a bus. Sachin's wicket will do in return."


  68. 0819: 

    Would Aggers do Strictly? "Absolutely no chance," says the man himself.

    Michael Vaughan, Test Match Special

    "I was watching Freddie Flintoff box on Friday and I was thinking 'Freddie is boxing, I'm dancing and David Haye is leaving the jungle. What is going on with sports stars here?'"

  70. 0816: 

    Michael Vaughan has joined the TMS crew to talk Strictly...

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "There are a lot of shots Tendulkar is not playing in front of the wicket, but he's still there and gaining confidence, which is ominous. Overall, it's been an excellent bowling effort on a flat wicket, there's not that much spin and the bowlers have made the batsmen play and miss."


    Iain in Reading via text: "On a four hour train journey with TMS for company. What more do you need than Monty giving them hell? Though a more regular at-seat service wouldn't go amiss..."

  73. 0814: 

    Fascinating session, that. A good contest between bat and ball. England will be pleased to have taken four wickets after losing the toss, but India will be delighted that Tendulkar has got through the tricky early stages and is still there. Has he got a big knock in him? Who'd bet against that?

  74. 0812: 
    TEA- Ind 172-4

    Yuvraj wants to have a brew with his pads on, dealing with a Swann skidder then threading through the covers for four to take tea on 14. Tendulkar, bat under his arm, is 46.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    "Coming shortly on Test Match Special two dance superstars - Mark Ramprakash and Michael Vaughan."


    Rob in Wembley via text: "Google maps show Briggsy (0711) near 61 Stamford Street, Blackfriars, London, wearing a detectives' jacket... strange, I used to go to school really close to there...??"

  77. 0806: 
    Ind 168-4

    There seems to be a lot of chat about snow out there. Is the UK getting some of the white stuff? No sign out of my window. Finn, getting some swing away from the right-handed Tendulkar, kicks over the non-striker's stumps for the first time today. Will the next time be a dead ball? Rod Tucker asks if it's time for tea, but I think we're having one more over.


    Neil Chamberlain on Twitter: "Which numpty said Sachin was past his best and should have retired? Reckon he will make England suffer now."

  79. 0805: 
    Ind 167-4

    Sachin is ticking now, pulling out another delicate sweep off Swann. Panesar chases but, like a man whose braces are caught on the sightscreen, can't prevent the boundary. It's one to the bowler as Swann gets a genuine edge, but it still brings Tendulkar four more.


    Kev in snowy Watford, Herts, TMS inbox: "Despite Sir G's comments in previous Test, Cookie is our best caller for the coin spin. Losing the toss in the last two Tests is working in our favour."

  81. 0801: 
    Ind 159-4

    As my man MonteGibber points out, Anderson has been impressive, but he's been pulled out of the attack to be replaced by Steven Finn. Yuvraj, his Beaverbrooks gold chain poking out of his shirt, wafts outside the off stump, lucky not to get an edge. He has 9, Tendulkar 38.


    MonteGibber on Twitter: "Jimmy Anderson's got the Indian batsmen on a piece of string now, his Uncle Gerry would be proud."

  83. 0755: 
    Ind 158-4

    Tendulkar had to work very hard to get through the early stages of his innings, but he's now starting to look much better. A delicate paddle off Swann brings the great man a couple.


    Mark James Kinlan on Twitter: "Tendulkar's form may be scratchy but class is permanent; always a danger when he is still at the crease. Really need his wicket."

  85. 0752: 
    Ind 155-4

    Anderson still finding some swing away from Tendulkar, who manages to angle the bat for two boundaries behind square on the off side. As the second runs to backward point, Anderson can be seen asking "why's that gone for four?" Well, Jimmy, when the ball reaches the rope with bouncing, the batting side gets four. Understand?


    From Berkoboy, via text on 81111: "Re 0718: Google search reveals: 'Briggsy is planning on wearing a black mini and heels to get free cocktails at a Jakarta rugby club event'."

  87. 0747: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 147-4

    Again England howl for lbw against Yuvraj, this time it's Swann around the wicket. Umpire Dharmasena, wearing a UFO-like wide-brimmed sunhat, shakes his head. Did the ball hit pad first? I think it did. Two slices of luck for Yuvi in two overs. He celebrates by cracking boundaries through point and straight mid-off.

  88. 0743: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 139-4

    Anderson screams for lbw, both arms outstretched as he back peddles away from umpire Rod Tucker. Anderson is around the wicket to Yuvraj - has it hit him in line with the off stump? Replays suggest so, but Rod only gets one look at it and says no. That rhymes. Nice.


    From Richard, TMS inbox: "Clearly Briggsy in Jakarta [0711] has failed to take into account one minor point in his gleeful trapping of a headmaster playing truant: it was 0642 local time when he texted TMS. London Nautical School is, unsurprisingly, in London, and unless slavery has been introduced there, I think he was OK."

  90. 0738: 
    Ind 138-4

    New man Yuvraj Singh = left-hander = Swann. The offie doesn't get a look at Yuvraj just yet, though, with Tendulkar taking all the bowling and slapping a couple through the off side.

  91. 0736: 
    Ind 136-4

    England's attack has been a real unit today, with pressure from both ends. Anderson has been superb and Finn has bowled a lot better than his figures of 11-2-41-0 suggest. England are sending for Swann and we're looking to keep the pressure on here with a quick bowling change of our own. The redoubtable Stephan Shemilt will see things through to tea.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Beautiful bowling from Jimmy. Anderson has really deserved that wicket. England have been good today. They have bowled good areas. Anderson has looked like he could get one or two more, he's kept them playing and missing, while Monty has bowled with good pace and has teased them with his flight."

    WICKET- Kohli c Swann b Anderson 6 (Ind 136-4)

    Good shot from Kohli as he drives Anderson down the ground for a much-needed boundary. Then Anderson pushes one a bit fuller and wider and a tentative prod carries to second slip. This is turning into a great day for England.

  94. 0729: 
    Ind 132-3

    Monty tosses one up again and Tendulkar - with almost no footwork - gropes horribly outside off stump. Prior is clearly taken by surprise as the ball slips through his legs for four byes.

    Prakash Wakankar, BBC Test Match Special

    "Take a bow Jimmy Anderson. The statistics will show that over went for seven runs but it was a magnificent one."

  96. 0725: 
    Ind 128-3

    Jimmy is all over Tendulkar here, curling one past the edge, digging one into the ribs, and then drawing an edge that drops inches short of Swann at second slip. My word that was almost the first slip catch to a seamer in the whole series. Great over.


    David Carr on Twitter: "Great quote this morning from my girlfriend upon seeing the replay of Panesar's wickets. 'Monty? Is that short for Montgomery?'"

  98. 0722: 
    Ind 121-3

    Brilliant bowling from the tireless Monty as he continues to subject Sachin to a severe examination. Still no Swann to keep him company. The England offie has been off the field quite a few times today - a touch of Delhi belly peut-etre?

  99. 0718: 
    Ind 121-3

    These are two fantastic players, but they are bang out of form at the moment. Jimmy Anderson almost capitalises on Kohli's uncertainty as an inside edge deflects onto his back leg.

    Fascinating observation from Briggsy in Jakarta (0711) but which is more worrying - a headmaster following the live text or Briggsy hunting down the identity of one of our cherished contributors? Anyone googled Briggsy in Jakarta yet?

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been a struggle for Sachin Tendulkar. It's fascinating to see how such a legend is willing to fight it out and England are really making him earn his runs. Kohli has also been struggling so this is a critical partnership on such a good batting wicket. India will not want to be out for a low score in the first innings."


    From Jonny in Leigh, TMS inbox: "Monty has now bowled 18 overs to Swann's 3. Is Monty now our number 1 spinner??"


    From Briggsy in Jakarta, TMS inbox: "Re Hyder Dastagir, London Nautical School [0641]: A cursory glimpse at the London Nautical School wiki reveals the Headmaster to be none other than one Mr H. Dastagir (BSc Hons)! Is this the first case of a Headmaster being caught playing truant on TMS live text? Or is the Headmaster following in class?"

  103. 0711: 
    Ind 120-3

    Monty's giving it some air here to Sachin, with plenty of vultures waiting to pounce on any nicks. Suddenly there's bounce too for the England spinner and Tendulkar is very fortunate to avoid an edge as the ball spins sharply away, prompting much excitement behind the stumps.


    Philip Sparrow on Twitter: "Trott wouldn't have been my choice for first slip, but he took that very well."

  105. 0707: 
    Ouch!- Ind 118-3

    Big wicket for England and this time it was Trott who led the celebrations with a jubilant sprint. Finn continues to pepper Sachin with short stuff, catching him on the left forearm as he tries to take evasive action. They run a leg bye, which gives Finn a chance to have a look at new man Virat Kohli. He's been struggling this series too, with just 56 in four innings.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "That wicket is just reward for Monty Panesar. He's troubled both batsmen, and this one went on a little bit quicker, with a little bit more bounce. Gambhir will be disappointed not to have converted another score into a century. I think the wicket was partly caused by the pressure created, from both ends."

    WICKET- Gambhir c Trott b Panesar 60 (Ind 117-3)

    More joy for Monty! Gambhir cuts but gets a thick edge and Trott takes a sharp catch at slip. The ball was coming at him very quickly there and he did very well to cling on.

  108. 0658: 
    Ind 117-2

    Right then, plenty to talk about at last.

    First, Monty lives up to his reputation as a suspect fielder as he puts in a woefully uncoordinated effort to stop a Tendulkar shot reaching the fence. Finn responds with a pearler past the edge before Tendulkar punches down the ground for four. Finn signs off with another beauty past the edge. Good cricket.

  109. 0653: 
    Ind 109-2

    Panesar to Tendulkar. Painstaking stuff before a single off the last ball of the over takes him to 10 off 43 balls.

  110. 0649: 
    Ind 108-2

    Fine work from Gautam Gambhir as he gratefully accepts a bit of width from Finn and cuts late to the boundary to reach 60 not out.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been a fantastic comeback for England after the openers got off to a pretty good start at about four an over. Monty Panesar has been a revelation in this innings bowling on a flat wicket. He's varied his pace and his ball to defeat Pujara was an excellent one - he set him up really well."

  112. 0645: 
    Ind 103-2

    How can someone so brilliant make batting look so painful? Sachin's struggles continue as he takes five balls to find a gap for a single. Run rate this session: 1.44. Here's the Dravid verdict...


    Jonathan Brook on Twitter: "My pursuit of a matching sock to the one I have on is being halted by a need to see England turn the pressure up on Tendulkar."

  114. 0641: 
    Ind 102-2

    A Gambhir single finally gives England what they want in the shape of Tendulkar on strike to pace. Finn strains every sinew to greet him with a bouncer but it's easily ducked by the Little Master. Sachin tips and runs another short one for a single, before Finn spears one past Gambhir's outside edge.


    From Hyder Dastagir, London Nautical School, via text on 81111: "Re John, 0615: My aunt allegedly had a proposal from Hanif Mohamed but turned him down for a dashing army officer many years ago. I'm not sure I've forgiven her yet!"

  116. 0636: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 100-2

    England are inviting the single here to try to get Sachin on strike to the seamer. The last ball of the over raps the pads and draws an appeal from behind the stumps. Nothing from Monty, who could clearly see the ball was drifting past leg.

  117. 0634: 
    Ind 100-2

    A collection of blocks and leaves from Gambhir earn Anderson another notch in the maiden column. It's pretty slow-going post-lunch as often seems the way. Must be something to do with the digestive systems doing their thing.


    From Stephen, TMS inbox: "Re John Holmes, 0615: My Mum's half-sister (I think) briefly captained the England women's cricket team, but any sporting genes certainly seem to have passed me by -- the highlight of my sporting career was a victory for my College's 3rd Team in a table-tennis match in 1987."

  119. 0627: 
    Ind 100-2

    A streaky boundary from Tendulkar as he edges Panesar past the slips. He's looking nervous out there, there's no other way of putting it. "All over him here lads," chirps Prior from behind the stumps. Risky tactic? Only time will tell.

    Prakash Wakankar, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think cricket sends you signals in your career. When Sachin was carried on his team-mates' shoulders after the World Cup, surely that was the time to retire from limited-overs cricket at least."

  121. 0624: 
    Ind 96-2

    Here's a slightly more worrying stat for Sachin lovers - in his last 10 Test innings he has made only 153 runs and has failed to pass 30 once. He hasn't scored a century for 28 Test innings either.

    Anderson over-pitches to Gambhir who opens the face of his blade and drives him handsomely for four. England still can't get Tendulkar at Anderson's end to test out his reactions to the quick stuff.

  122. 0621: 
    Ind 92-2

    Another milestone for the Tendulkar machine as a single off Panesar takes him to 34,000 international runs.


    Philip Sparrow on Twitter: "If Samit doesn't bowl in this innings, how can he justify selection ahead of Bairstow?"

  124. 0619: 
    Ind 90-2

    England heed Vic Marks's call for pace to complement Monty's spin, but it's Anderson rather than Finn who is entrusted with the ball. Still the bounce is irregular but Anderson is pitching it a bit too far wide of off stump to really capitalise.


    John Holmes, Hong Kong, TMS inbox: "My mother was apparently engaged to a young John Edrich until my non-cricketing father turned her head. Anyone else had potential cricket greatness snatched from their unborn hands?"

  126. 0613: 
    Ind 90-2

    Monty opens up with a probing maiden to Tendulkar. The Indian legend looks like he's taking Geoffrey's advice to slowly play himself in out there as he gets on the front foot and smothers any hint of spin. He has one run from 15 balls.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "There aren't many voices saying Tendulkar should go; most are saying he will come good. He will certainly finish this series and then Australia are here next year so we'll have to see. Watching Ricky Ponting recently I am almost relieved he has retired. It isn't good watching one of the greats struggle and looking extremely mortal, having said that Tendulkar might knock up a hundred here."


    Si Lomas on Twitter: "After the Panesar pogo dance, lets hope for a few Anderson Allemande's, Swann shuffles and Finn Fandango's... honours even so far."

  129. 0609: 

    Seconds out, round two. Things are delicately poised in Kolkata with Che Pujara and the desperate-for-runs Sachin at the crease. Monty bowled beautifully before lunch on a far less receptive pitch than Mumbai, but he needs a bit more support from his fellow bowlers.

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport at Eden Gardens

    "A rather bizarre sight during the interval. Former England captain and swashbuckling batsman Ted Dexter is being driven round the boundary edge in a golf buggy waving to hordes of local fans who have surged up against the perimeter fence."

  131. 0536: 

    OK, time for a quick pause on proceedings here while I head off for breakfast with Brian Kilcline. Have a listen to TMS if you can for a look-back at the glittering career of Richard Thomas Ponting. Ian Chappell and Mark Taylor will provide the insights.


    From Tom Elliott, TMS inbox: "Broad has too much quality not to bounce back, I still think he will play a vital part in defending the Ashes in both England and Australia next year."


    Geoff Woods, TMS inbox: "As a loyal Englishman, I know I shouldn't say this, but I hope Tendulkar has a brilliant innings and scores a ton. After all, with Instant Karma back in the team, this might be his best chance."


    Madhukara Putty on Twitter: "End of the match report: England won. Monty 12 wickets. Men of the Match: MS Dhoni and the groundsman."

  135. 0533: 

    Excitement on the boundary as TV cameras pick out Graham Gooch having a chat on the boundary with none other than Teddington Dexter. Those two would have dined out on this track.

    Out in the middle, Gambhir sees out an Anderson maiden to take us through to luncheon. England's morning? On that pitch, I think you'd have to say so.

  136. 0525: 
    Ind 90-2

    Lovely flight from Monty induces a loose drive from Sachin and an inside edge that squirts between his legs.

    So what do we reckon about Broad then? A brief blip or terminable decline? Will he be straight back in the side for the New Zealand series?


    Matt Western on Twitter: "Get in Monty!! Celebrations just get better!!"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Cricket is not an office job. If this series goes by, this one and the next one, and Tendulkar doesn't get runs I reckon someone will have to have a word in his ear. He is an iconic figure and they think he's super-human, but he isn't."

  139. 0522: 
    NOT OUT- Ind 90-2

    Replays reveal the ball clearly hit the ground before rebounding off Bell's shin and into Prior's gloves. Captain Cook was cock-a-hoop, but Gambhir rightly survives.

  140. 0521: 

    A push into the off side brings up Gambhir's 21st Test fifty. Then an ear-splitting scream greets a single to get Sachin off the mark. Gambhir clips Swann to Bell at short leg? Is this a catch? England are claiming it but without any real gusto. It's going upstairs though...

  141. 0518: 
    Ind 88-2

    The customary roar of expectancy greets Sachin Tendulkar as he strides out to the crease. It feels like ideal conditions for a critic-silencing ton, but is the Little Master up to it these days? He defends his first two balls.

    WICKET- Pujara b Panesar 16 (Ind 88-2)

    Wow, I didn't see that coming. Pujara plays around a straight ball and is bowled through the gate by Panesar. Monty is hysterical, unveiling a brilliant new celebration dance that is part Gangnam, part New York rap scene, but mainly Luton.

  143. 0513: 
    Ind 88-1

    Gambhir tickles Swann round the corner and the ball carries all the way to the fence.


    From James in West London, via text on 81111: "Got woken up all shivering from flu at 3:30 but immediately tuned to the test commentary. 1st wicket made me feel so much better. Can I order 9 more and get them paid for by the NHS?"

  145. 0510: 
    Ind 84-1

    Gambhir and Pujara are happy to pick up the singles now, milking three of Monty's latest over.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "For a guy who has 43 not out, Gambhir's footwork is shocking. The ball is coming off the pitch slower than out of Finn's hand and is coming up nicely, but he's like a jack-rabbit up and down. How would he cope in Australia on their hard pitches?"

  147. 0507: 
    Ind 82-1

    It's lookalikes time here as Brian Kilcline's doppelganger strolls through the revolving door. Appropriate enough after Tottenham drew Coventry in the FA Cup.

    Meanwhile in Kolkata, Swann's first over yields a single run as Boycs continues to bemoan the lifeless pitch.


    Alan Peevers on Twitter: "Cook may be an inspirational leader, a great batsman and a superb tactician but his form at the toss is terrible. He has to go."

  149. 0503: 
    Ind 80-1

    Gambhir is looking better and better out there, strong as an ox through the off side as he laces Panesar through the covers. Time for some Swann...

  150. 0459: 
    Ind 74-1

    The bounce out there is seriously uneven. Surely that should encourage the bowlers if nothing else does. Finn's first ball of the over is crashed through cover for four by Gambhir. Five dots follow, the last of which is left alone despite a serious flirtation with off stump.

  151. 0453: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 70-1

    Panesar thinks he's got Pujara as he thuds one into the front pad. There's a big appeal from all the England close fielders but Dharmasena thinks it's missing leg and he's probably right you know.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "England haven't got anyone out in terms of bowling but they have taken the invaluable wicket of Sehwag via a run-out. If England were offered a choice of Sehwag or Gambhir, they would have taken Sehwag."

  153. 0451: 
    Ind 64-1

    Good pace from Finn, but little threat. A single each to Che and Gautam.

    I'm a big fan of superstitions, the little rituals us cricket fans go through to try to influence the action. Anyone out there slipping into their lucky pants or some such oddity to try to bring England a wicket?


    From Andrew, Quebec City, TMS inbox: "Re Mark [0424]: Would some soon to retire and ex-players form an unsanctioned paper, scissors, stone league if not bought in the obligatory auction."

  155. 0448: 

    Good signs for Monty, who has settled into a lovely rhythm already. A hint of turn as the ball straightens past Gambhir's outside edge.

  156. 0444: 
    Ind 58-1

    A snorter from Finn rips past Gambhir's outside edge. Then a wider ball tempts Gambhir, who slices at catchable height wide of gully for four. Finn has his head in his hands, he knows that was a false shot from the leftie.

  157. 0440: 
    Ind 54-1

    More Monty, more solid defence from Pujara. England look a bit down out there, can't help feeling this toss was a bit moer important than the one in Mumbai.

  158. 0437: 
    Ind 54-1

    Drinks glugged, live texter's mid-session stretches complete, so it's back to business. Finn returns to give Anderson a break but the pitch remains as placid as ever and very unreceptive to the England paceman's charms. Maiden over.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I've seen posters of you all over town Geoffrey. You're like some big film star here. I couldn't believe it."

  160. 0430: 

    A maiden from Panesar rounds off the first hour of play and provides the cue for a drinks break. "Run-outs happen, it's part of the game" declares Sir G.


    Arthur Guinness on Twitter: "Flat-mate wakes me up at 4 coming home without keys. Anger alleviated as I realise I get to listen to the cricket now."

  162. 0428: 
    Ind 54-1

    Pujara, lest you forget, made scores of 206 not out and 135 in the first innings of the first two Tests and he looks determined to bed in for another long one here. He pushes a single before Gambhir lashes Anderson for four between gully and point. The averages for the series are available on the BBC Sport website, by the way.


    Mark Aston on Twitter: "Can't Cooky ask for best of 3 on the toss or perhaps go for paper, scissors stone? Maybe the BCCI could start a league.

  164. 0424: 
    Ind 49-1

    Another run to Pujara off Panesar, worked round the corner. Boycott is giggling now as he reveals that when he showed up to open a school in India yesterday all the pupils had cut-out masks of him. Can anyone think of a more terrifying image?


    Si Lomas on Twitter: "Bowling for run outs, tie Gambhir up at one end so he can run the rest out as well. Massive wicket, Sehwag may have taken game away."

  166. 0420: 
    Ind 48-1

    Che Pujara is the new batter, charged with bringing some sense back to the India batting. He gets off the mark with a single past midwicket before another ball from Anderson keeps horribly low. This pitch looks an absolute mess.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "How do you get run out on pitch like this? That's a nightmare! If Gambhir had run hard enough there was three there but he didn't seem to want to. He coasted and one of them paid the price. That was a mistake by both but mainly Gambhir for not looking while Sehwag didn't really take note of what was happening. I am an expert on run-outs!"

    WICKET- Sehwag run out 23 (Ind 47-1)

    Madness from India, breakthrough for England! Sehwag flicks to deep midwicket and wants three runs. Gambhir has no interest whatsoever in a third run and Sehwag has to turn round. The throw from Finn (after a good stop by Patel) is fast and sharp and Prior has plenty of time to whip off the bails.

  169. 0414: 
    Ind 45-0

    Gambhir dances down the pitch and lofts Panesar over mid-on for four. But there's a great response from Monty as a ball holds its line and slides past the outside edge.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport

    "So what's all the fuss about Eden Gardens? Think of it at the Lord's of India, only bigger, more raucous and fiercely partisan. It's first Test was in 1934, when Douglas Jardine's England earned a four-day victory. Since then, though, it's been a happy hunting ground for India, with the home side losing only two matches since 1983. That run includes the grandaddy of come-from-behind wins, when, in 2001, VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid took India from following-on to beating an Australia side that had won its previous 16 Tests."

  171. 0412: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 38-0

    Four more runs to Sehwag, as a drive flies through gully. Anderson bends his back from round the wicket and there's a big shout for lbw against Gambhir. This looks pretty close but umpire Rod Tucker isn't having any of it. Sliding down perhaps. Thank goodness Geoffrey B doesn't do motivational speaking. I reckon his eggs might have been overcooked this morning.

  172. 0407: 

    Empty seats galore at Eden Gardens I'm afraid, but it is a big old ground. Panesar is on for the eighth over of the day. Great shot from Gambhir, rocking back and slamming through cover for four. Blimey, Boycs sounds utterly miserable. I'm not sure why - he would have absolutely loved batting on this.


    Andrew in Quebec, TMS inbox: "Tuning in from a very snowy Quebec City. Is it wrong to follow the cricket while liberally tucking in to the kids' advent chocolates?"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "The pitch is going to get lower and slower. It looks ugly because of the cracks but this a good batting pitch. I am not sure it's a fair pitch for the bowlers and I am not sure it's good for Test cricket. It may turn later but for two days, perhaps three, you have got to fill your boots as a batsman."

  175. 0402: 
    Ind 28-0

    Sehwag slashes at Anderson with very little footwork and gets himself a four past Pietersen in the gully. Anderson settles on a tighter line to Sehwag but little in the way of danger for the left-hander. How long before we see England's twins of spin?

  176. 0400: 

    News from the cricketing world. Shane Warne has moved to cool talk of a return to the Australia Test side ahead of the Ashes. A mischievous tweet was taken by the Australian press as a 'come- and-get-me' plea to captain Michael Clarke but Warne has since tweeted: "Clarification guys & thank you for the kind words, but... I was asked 'could' I play not 'would' I play..yes, I could..didn't say I would! It was a hypothetical question re if Michael Clarke asked me...Read my quotes 'I'm not asking Michael to ask me' Hope I didn't disappoint ! Sorry @MClarke23 if you woke up to calls! See you soon buddy...."

  177. 0357: 
    Ind 21-0

    Thanks Sue. Is there any way I can keep an eye on the Victoria Secret fashion show while watching the cricket? Two to Sehwag, punches past cover, then a single. Finn is getting close to the 90mph mark but he's not getting much help from a docile pitch.


    From Sue in Plano, Texas: "Keeping an eye on the cricket while watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show."

  179. 0353: 
    Ind 18-0

    A ball from Jimmy hits the pitch and completely dies, trickling through to Prior at ankle height. Then a wider one draws a loose shot from Gambhir and he's fortunate not to get a nick. It's a maiden.


    Dick in KL, TMS inbox: "Need I remind you that Monty's first ball in the last Test was also dispatched for four... Finn on track for ten wickets!!"


    David Wilson on Twitter: "All this talk about the wicket being prepared to aid the home side, what about this trick coin India keep using at the toss?"

  182. 0349: 
    Ind 18-0

    Matt Prior is the England vice-captain in the absence of Stuart Broad so well done to him. Steve Finn puts one right in the slot for Sehwag who smashes him right through the off side for four.

  183. 0343: 
    Ind 14-0

    Hello Swinging Jim. A real banana ball snakes past Gambhir's edge, but the batsman hits back by creaming a half-volley through the covers.

  184. 0339: 
    Ind 10-0

    "Drop him" comes the cry from the recently arrived Stephan Shemilt to my right as Finn's first ball is tickled round the corner by Gambhir for four. The next ball is better, but the result is the same as a thick outside edge dissects third slip and gully.

    Now then, a beauty from Finn beats Sehwag for pace. Finn appeals for a catch behind and gets some belated support from Prior but umpire Dharmasena says no.

  185. 0332: 
    Ind 1-0

    A quick camera pan across the pitch reveals cracks galore and even some foot marks by the crease. It's a fairly innocuous opener from Jimmy with Gambhir awakening the scorers with a nurdle to long leg.

  186. 0330: 

    England stride out purposefully into the sunshine before gathering in the obligatory huddle. Jimmy Anderson will get things going with the ball, Cook is clapping his hands in encouragement from first slip.


    Adam Davies on Twitter: "It's a risk for a risk then. Broad's struggling with something. Replaced with Finn who has only played a 3-day game since injury."

    Russell on Twitter: "Giving text updates to an Indian in my casino here in NZ! Come on England!"

  188. 0326: 

    England fans. This is probably the time to look away as I reveal that in their last three Tests at Eden Gardens, India have declared their first innings at scores of 631-7, 643-6 and 616-5. Still, this match is being played on a used wicket so there should be something in it for the bowlers from the start and according to England fast bowler Graham Onions the tourists believe conditions could play into their hands.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "The pitch won't have the pace or bounce we saw in Mumbai. It has been used quite recently and has caused a lot of controversy with the groundsman and his relationship with Dhoni, but it will probably be quite placid with turn at some point. I think it's quite an advantage to win the toss here. It's not the perfect pitch for Finn, he will hope for some dew and for the ball to skid on. It's a big day for him. England's seamers have taken two wickets so far and they all belong to Jimmy Anderson. Alastair Cook will want their seamers to take wickets to take the pressure off the seamers."


    Alec Stogdon via text: "Is Cook allowed to win a toss? - 5 calls wrong in a row as captain. On my way to the ground, it is very very humid!"

  191. 0317: 

    I'm hearing that the pitch is a bit harder than the one that turned from ball one in Mumbai. Dhoni said there'll be a bit in it for the pacemen early doors. Test Match Special is crackling onto the airwaves. I wonder what the boys out there make of things.


    Gordon Pal on Twitter: "Another shocker for Captain Cook. A lot of respect for him sticking with heads though. Get very, very loose chaps."

  193. 0311: 

    Whether you are tuning in from under the duvet in rainy Blighty or sipping a cold one on the Gold Coast, I want to hear your thoughts on all things cricketing or otherwise. The ways and means never change. Send me an email to with For Sam Sheringham as the subject, text 81111 (UK) or tweet us via the hashtag #bbccricket. Thanking you.

  194. 0309: 

    It's the ninth time England and India have played each other at Eden Gardens, with England's only victory coming in 1977. The tourists made a right Horlicks of it last time round in 1993 when Graham Gooch's team made the left-field decision to play four seamers and rookie Ian Salisbury as their only spinner. India chose three spinners on a turning track and promptly handed out an eight-wicket spanking.


    For the third time in a row, captain Alastair Cook gets the call wrong an MS Dhoni chooses to bat first. India pick seamer Ishant Sharma ahead of Harbhajan Singh while England make the predictable changes of returning father Ian Bell for Jonny Bairstow and Steven Finn for Stuart Broad. Cook describes Eden Gardens as "one of the world's great venues." Let's get it on.

  196. 0301: 

    Toss and teams on their way in an instant folks. Word has it that Finn plays for England.

  197. 0255: 

    And so to the iconic Eden Gardens in Kolkata for the third round of what is turning into quite a ding-dong of a Test series. India landed the first blow in Ahmedabad but England dragged themselves off the ropes to floor their hosts in Mumbai. The teams have had eight days to dust themselves down before this one. Who's going to throw the sucker punch?

Live Scores - India v England


  • England beat India by 7 wickets
  • India: 316 & 247 (84.4 overs)
  • England: 523 & 41-3 (12.1 overs)
  • Venue: Kolkata

England 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 3 41
Cook st Dhoni b Ashwin 1
Compton not out 9
Trott lbw b Ojha 3
Pietersen c Dhoni b Ashwin 0
Bell not out 28
Extras 0

England in India 2012-13

India's Mahendra Dhoni and England's Alastair Cook

Reports and scorecards from England's one-day tour of India, which includes five ODIs.