India v England, Fourth Test, day three as it happened

India finish day three on 297-8, 33 runs behind England, after Mahendra Dhoni is run out for 99 and Virat Kohli makes 103.

15 December 2012 Last updated at 11:34 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1125: 

    That's it from us for the day - a day of Test cricket that looked to be all India until England managed to knock over four wickets in the last hour. Nothing is ever a foregone conclusion.

    Thanks again for your messages - enjoy the rest of your Saturday but set your alarm for tomorrow morning - we'll be back at 0330 GMT with TMS following at 0345. You won't want to miss day four.


    Benjamin Pelc on Twitter: "What a finish to the day, Test cricket once again proves it just can't be beat. Poor Dhoni but well played England."

    Robert Wickham on Twitter: "Run out on 99 and the series now certainly gone, painful moment for Dhoni and Indian cricket alike."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Kohli had made five awful shots in five awful innings before today, but today he played superbly - a beautifully crafted innings as he adapted to the situation. I didn't think they'd get to 300, but they had to get in the game. Now, they're near parity, They have to go after England tomorrow and have as good a day bowling tomorrow, as they've had batting today. And when you're chasing small totals, funny things happen."

  4. 1117: 

    It's time for Aggers and Geoffrey's review of the day - which will be available worldwide later as the TMS podcast. Today's highlights programme on BBC 5 live sports extra, by the way, starts at 2000 GMT.


    From Pete in Sana'a, Yemen, TMS inbox: "In my opinion, India should declare now to try to force a result. There is no point in trying to have tail-enders eek out a few more runs to get level with England. They should try to skittle England and then give Sehwag and Tendulkar one last chance to shine on the final day."


    Amit Dutta on Twitter: "The great Indian tumble starts - so typical from a very strong position."

    Philip Pugh on Twitter: "Still India's day despite the late wickets. I'd now say England win/ India win/draw all about equally likely!"

    Benjamin Edmonds on Twitter: "Is it time to get the Bakerloo and Picadilly line into Boycott Bingo?"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Even if India bat well tomorrow, England should get a small lead here. India need to bowl out of their skins - and if they can bowl England out by lunch on the last day, they might have a sniff. England have shown that they can fold under pressure - it's no good bowling 12 or 13 overs an hour, but Dhoni has to get the tempo up as every over will be priceless."


    Jack Finnamore on Twitter: "Fantastic bit of fielding by Cook. Has swung this game and series right back in England's direction."

    Si Lomas on Twitter: "Lack of a dive cost Dhoni a ton there, it's the little things like that England do that India don't, but they matter a lot!"

    George Davis on Twitter: "Great innings from Dhoni but who seriously runs themselves out on 99! Such a shame but poor cricket from MS."

  9. 1111: 

    And as we're over time, if a wicket falls in the last over, that's the close of play. India still trail by 33 and in the last hour, from 269-4, India have somehow collapsed to 297-8. Advantage England?

  10. 1110: 
    WICKET- Chawla b Swann 1 (Ind 297-8)

    Chawla, batting bare-headed, pushes forward at the first ball of the last over of the day and is comprehensively bowled by Swann.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Dhoni batted for over two hours longer than he'd ever batted before in a Test. He's the first captain to be run out for 99 in a Test, and only the second Indian."

  12. 1108: 
    Ind 297-7

    With the crowd having waited to see if the skipper made his hundred, they're now filing out as Piyush Chawla comes out to bat at number nine. Ashwin dabs a single to Panesar at third man, Chawla's off the mark with a single and India trail by 33. One over left.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm sad for him, as he's played absolutely marvellously as they were really in dire straits but he's curbed his natural instincts and played sound, sensible cricket. He should have turned down those singles from Ashwin and stayed on strike. There's no need when you're in the 90s to take a risk like that. No blame on Ashwin as it was Dhoni's call."

  14. 1103: 
    WICKET- Dhoni run out 99 (Ind 295-7)

    So, two overs left, Dhoni on 99 to face Anderson's last over of day three, he pushes a quick single to mid-off and Cook's throw hits the stumps, is he run out? Finally a close one for he third umpire... it's very close - looks like his bat is on the line when the stumps are broken, but the line belongs to the fielding side. Does the third umpire dare give the Indian captain run out for 99? Decision is... OUT!


    From Paul Atkinson in Taunton, TMS inbox: "Has the good Dr Inksbreak done enough to earn an incremental contract yet? I think we should reserve judgement until we see him batting..."

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Dhoni's been in the 90s for 71 minutes now."

    Geoff Boycott mischievously suggests England should bowl as wide as they dare to leave him on 99 overnight...

  17. 1059: 
    Ind 295-6

    Dhoni's had numerous changes of headgear today, he's back in his cap while the spinner Swann is bowling round the wicket to Ashwin. The tall man from Chennai, who has three first-class centuries to his name (including one Test ton), patiently blocks out a maiden from Swann.

  18. 1057: 
    Ind 295-6

    Dhoni guides Swann for a single off his legs to reach 99, he looks for two but Ashwin sends him back. Do you think either of them remember Mike Atherton being run out for 99 at Lord's in 1993? Anderson goes round the wicket to the right-handed Ashwin, who pinches the strike off the last ball again... Three overs left, and India trail by 35.


    One Cricket Fan on Twitter: "Re: 1035. Thanks Santa."

    Le Renard Argente on Twitter: "Can we request a few more drinks breaks?"

  20. 1051: 
    Ind 293-6

    Ashwin seems happy to take a lot of the strike here, pushing Swann into the off side and making sure he comes back for a second run. The crowd cheer as he blocks the last ball, giving Dhoni the strike for the first time in three overs.


    Ben Lovett on Twitter: "For all the doom and gloom, England have a lead and the tail exposed, it wouldn't be called Test cricket if it was easy."

  22. 1048: 
    Ind 291-6

    Six overs left today, then - India 39 behind. Ashwin - who made an unbeaten 91 in Kolkata, let's not forget - takes guard against Anderson as the shadows start to lengthen. He's off the mark with a fluent push for two through the covers, and nicks the strike with a single off the last ball.


    Ed Porter on Twitter: "A good prospect this Drinksbreak [see 1007]. He is a talent, but let's not get too excited, he does seem to be bowling from both ends."

  24. 1043: 
    Ind 288-6

    As the old saying goes, "one brings two," as the tall Ravichandran Ashwin walks out to bat at number eight. But for now it's Swann bowling to Dhoni who has 98, Swann goes round the wicket and Dhoni plays and misses outside off stump, suddenly there's a bit of turn out there as Dhoni survives a maiden over.


    From Mark in Chipping Sodbury, via text on 81111: "Is it really Jadeja's debut? I'm sure I've seen him play before? Must be Jadeja Vu."

  26. 1040: 
    WICKET- Jadeja lbw b Anderson 12 (Ind 288-6)

    Anderson bowls outside the off stump, he prods the ball to deep point and only takes a single, despite the fact it's Monty P patrolling the boundary there. Then Jadeja is hit on the pad by the last ball of the over, and umpire Dharmasena has his finger up quicker than a quick-on-the-draw gunslinger from the old West. Mind you, it really did look out.


    Zoya Siddiqi on Twitter: "A Pakistan fan rooting for India! England series win worrisome because the wounded animal will then bite back us at come Dec 25."

  28. 1035: 
    Ind 287-5

    Dhoni clubs Bresnan for a single to long-off to take his score to 97. Aggers and Geoffrey both agree he deserves a century.


    One Cricket Fan on Twitter: "Off to see Santa with kids today. Might ask him for a few Indian wickets."

  30. 1033: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 286-5

    England turn back to James Anderson, can they grab another wicket before the close? Dhoni pushes a single, Jimmy switches to bowling round the wicket to the left-handed Jadeja, he's slightly lucky when he edges a four between keeper and slip, and then even luckier when he's rapped on the pad with what looks a good shout and umpire Dharmasena shakes his head. Rather like Trott in the first innings, that looked out, but with no DRS, there's no comeback... although it may have hit him a fraction outside the line.

  31. 1027: 
    Ind 281-5

    Swann spins down a maiden to Jadeja. India trail by 49, and there are a minimum of 10 overs left to be bowled today. There's a bit of doubt about the light, but time can be made up tomorrow if need be.

  32. 1024: 
    Ind 281-5

    Bresnan bangs one in outside off stump and Jadeja is happy to slice it wide of Swann, the solitary slip, for four. As well as his first-class stats Marc mentioned just now, this man has five ODI fifties and averages 28.66 in that format. The floodlights are on as the sun disappears behind some clouds, Jadeja rotates the strike with a single and there's a half-hearted appeal from a fielder (though not the bowler) as Dhoni is hit on the pad by one that jags back. One can't doubt the Pontefract man's effort, but that's 0-69 from 26 overs for Bres. India trail by 49.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I've just had an exasperating phone call. How is one supposed to control the Christmas shopping from this distance?"


    Liz Gough on Twitter: "Typical, I go to make some toast and we get a wicket!"

    Tom Stansfeld on Twitter: "I'm glad Chris from Leeds [0729] can finally get out of bed and go to his exam. shame he is an hour and 15 minutes late."

  35. 1019: 
    Ind 276-5

    Dhoni smears a three through the covers to move to 95, and Jadeja is off the mark in Test cricket with a gentle dab to fine leg for three.


    BBC Sport's Marc Higginson: "Ravindra Jadeja is possibly not the person you want to see striding to the crease after you break a partnership like Dhoni and Kohli's. The 24-year-old might be making his Test debut, but he has hit two triple-hundreds in his last five matches. He has scored 3,166 first-class runs at an average of 53.66."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Swann has bowled 24 overs, he's conceded the same number of runs [67] as Monty has in 46 overs, but he has got two wickets."

  38. 1015: 
    Ind 270-5

    Bresnan to continue, Dhoni is a little more watchful after losing his partner, and only helps himself to a single off the last ball of the over. India trail by 60.


    David Carr on Twitter: "I've only just got up and switched on, Kohli out first ball I see. Sorry team I feel this 198 partnership is somehow my fault!"

    Prakash Wakankar, BBC Test Match Special

    "England will feel the door has opened a little for them - can they push it open wider?"

  41. 1010: 
    Ind 269-5

    So, while everyone files away all their stats about the last time England failed to take a wicket in a full day's Test cricket, left-hander Ravindra Jadeja begins his maiden Test innings, playing out a wicket maiden from Swann. The spinner has 2-67 from 24 overs.


    BBC Sport's Marc Higginson: "Now seems a good time to remind you of a feature BBC Sport did on Virat Kohli, comparing him to Sachin Tendulkar. He's got a fair bit to go to reach that level yet, but in the feature former Australia bowler Dirk Nannes reckons the passion the batsman has can help him reach the top. 'He is someone that if you fire at him, he'll fire at you back,' said Nannes. He's not afraid to get in a fight on a cricket pitch - and I think this helps him perform. He relishes the challenge - it gets him in the game more - and it makes him a better player.'"

  43. 1007: 
    WICKET- Kohli lbw b Swann 103 (Ind 269-5)

    Back under way, Kohli prods forward to the first ball after the drinks break and is trapped lbw by the delighted Swann! So, that's Kohli lbw b Swann - or if you prefer, Kohli lbw b Drinks Break, which has now taken three wickets in this match (having also nabbed Trott and Prior).


    Grimsby Blade on Twitter: "Getting up at 4am and not seen any wickets really does suck! Bad start to my weekend."

    Tom Fishley ‏on Twitter: "Break this partnership and the Indian tail look vulnerable to collapse when Anderson gets fired up. England still on top."

    Chris Wright on Twitter: "OK Mr Kohli, now you have your ton can we have your wicket, please?"

  45. 1005: 

    A couple of local press snippets from our colleagues at BBC Monitoring: The Hindu newspaper today carries an article on Sachin Tendulkar's "wretched form" this year, saying the yesterday's play "included a now familiar sight of a despondent audience witnessing a Tendulkar failure, his decline so rapid, so defining, everything else paling in significance."

    Meanwhile, Pakistan one-day captain Misbah ul-Haq and T20 skipper Mohammed Hafeez have watched India's performance in this series and the Times of India quotes them as saying that their pace bowlers could hold the key to victory in the upcoming tour of India.


    From Alan in Chelmsford, via text on 81111: "I'm 41 and my dad, a Yorkshireman himself, used to sit down with me for long days of watching Sir Geoffrey. Long, long days. We try not to speak of it anymore."

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been a slow day of cricket, but a riveting one. Dhoni and Kohli are playing what could be very important innings in their careers."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "Can't imagine Kohli has celebrated a 100 quite like that before. Magnificent innings. 289 balls. Like Dhoni, massive concentration."

  49. 1001: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Ind 269-4

    So, with Kohli safely into three figures, attention now turns to his captain who has 90. He won't be entirely displeased to see Panesar replaced in the bowling attack by Tim Bresnan, there's been a fair bit of Bresnan-bashing from you on the tweets in the last day or so, after Ian Bell took the brunt of criticism on day one. Dhoni and Kohli add some ones and twos - Dhoni moves to 81, Kohli has 103, and the arrival of the sponsor-emblazoned car means it's time for an official drinks break (as opposed to the increasing number of unofficial ones).


    Dion Wing on Twitter: "Bat until tea tomorrow? They are four down - let's not forget Geoffrey's old saying about adding two wickets to the score."

    Sankalp ‏on Twitter: "Dhoni once again proved his big-match temperament, which is lacking in many top Indian cricketers."

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "Kohli has played some poor shots in this series, by his own admission, but he seized the opportunity to quicken his scoring rate when the second new ball came on. He's sacrificed his own attacking instincts to play an innings for the team, but if India want to have a chance of winning this Test match, he's going to have to keep going."

  52. 0954: 
    KOHLI 100- Ind 265-4

    There's an air of expectation around the VCA Stadium with Kohli on 96 - and he picks the right ball from Swann to drill for four through extra cover. Kohli punches the air, removes his cap and raises his bat to celebrate - and is somewhat taken aback when a fan runs all the way to the middle to congratulate him. Wonder what all the police, military and stewards that patrol India's grounds were doing letting him get that far...


    From Ben in Birmingham, via text on 81111: "This is when a fit and confident Broad could make something happen - I remember his hat-trick at Trent Bridge when India were looking to get away. He also did it against Australia in 2009 when he took six wickets."

  54. 0951: 
    Ind 261-4

    Kohli creeps to within a boundary of hitting three figures as he guides Panesar for a single, and Dhoni sees off the rest of the over.

  55. 0948: 
    Ind 260-4

    Dhoni flicks Swann for three down to third man so he's up to 90, leaving Kohli (on 94) on strike. A single means he's creeping ever closer to a third Test ton.


    From Karl in Raynes Park, TMS inbox: "Call me old fashioned - I am 47 years of age - but I used to love watching Boycott's interminable defensive masterclasses. Watching Chris Tavare however - with all due respect to the crease occupying hero - was somewhat harder work."

  57. 0944: 
    Ind 256-4

    Dhoni prods Panesar into the covers for a single to move to 87. We have a minimum of 19 overs to get through today.

    And for those of you who've just joined us and have asked when England last failed to take a wicket in a full day of Test cricket - it was 1989. Full details were in scorer Andrew Samson's entry at 0845 if you scroll down.

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "Bat until tea tomorrow. Lead of 170. Four sessions to bowl England out."

  59. 0942: 
    Ind 255-4

    Swann, who's only bowled 20 overs in this innings compared to Panesar's 44, bowls a maiden to Kohli. Meanwhile, it's all too much for one England supporter who's pictured on the TV (seemingly) fast asleep with a floppy sunhat over his face.


    Paul Beale ‏on Twitter: "It looks like India are cruising, but you wouldn't be surprised to see them all out by stumps either."

    Sam Johnson ‏on Twitter: "Having a lifeless, dull, dead track doesn't really favour any team. A draw seems the only plausible result."

  61. 0938: 
    Ind 255-4

    Fresh from his fielding exploits in the last over, Panesar begins a new over, which yields a single to Kohli. And if you're an England fan just waking up after a heavy night, I'm afraid the score isn't a misprint - they've not taken a wicket all day.


    From Rob in Birmingham, via text on 81111: "Kohli is batting brilliantly and justifying the hype. With a bit of confidence he looks a different proposition. Pitch aside, both he and Dhoni have picked themselves off the floor."

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "I used to enjoy batting with VVS Laxman, I was very surprised he never scored a Test century in England. And I think if Geoffrey and I had batted together on this pitch, we would have put people to sleep!"

  64. 0935: 
    Ind 254-4

    With Anderson unable to force the breakthrough, England turn back to Graeme Swann's off-spin, but Dhoni continues his relentless accumulation, adding a two and a single to his score. Kohli flicks Swann off his legs, Monty gives chase and executes a near-perfect head-first diving stop, but can't stop the ball rolling against him while he's still touching the rope, and umpire Tucker signals four. A single takes him to 93.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "This may be difficult for Dhoni and Kohli to decide how to play, neither of them has batted for this long in a Test before."


    Leigh Tullett on Twitter: "Surely India have to declare when they are level. Otherwise, they are eating into their own time."

    Anand Dahihandekar ‏on Twitter: "India's resurgence is too little, too slow and too late?"

  67. 0930: 
    Ind 246-4

    "Now you know what it was like for Johnners and John Arlott commentating on you for all those years," Aggers tells Geoffrey as India's merciless occupation of the crease continues. Panesar wheels away for another over, and when he bowls one a little short, Kohli whacks him through mid-wicket for four, to move to 88. Dhoni has 83.


    From Steve in Leeds, via text on 81111: "As much as I don't like to admit it, if your looking for attacking captains, you've got to look at Michael Clarke. How many captains nowadays declare on 450 like he has just done? He also declared on 300 odd not out against India last winter to push the game forward."

  69. 0928: 

    And for those of you who remember Chris Lovell's email from yesterday's live text at 1009, asking whether it's true that Geoffrey eats his Christmas pudding before the turkey, he says it's a load of rubbish. "I have the breast, my wife has the leg," he explains.

  70. 0927: 
    Ind 242-4

    Geoff Boycott wonders if India should send Ashwin in ahead of Jadeja if a wicket falls, "as he's been striking the ball very sweetly" - but they've not looked like losing a wicket today, as Kohli helps himself to a well-run three after prodding Anderson past mid-on. He has 84. Meanwhile, Boycs reveals to Aggers that he once had a rabbit called Peter, but as Dhoni flays another four to the point boundary, England have got less out of this pitch than they would have done out of Mr MacGregor's garden.


    James Bamford on Twitter: "Good to see India fighting back. There's no satisfaction in victory if the challenge isn't there."

    Deepti Narayan ‏on Twitter: "Cricket pitches can be strange. Don't be surprised if this one yields lots of wickets tomorrow after seeming like a road today."

  72. 0922: 
    Ind 235-4

    Dhoni and Kohli exchange singles against Panesar, who at least still has a smile on his face midway through his 42nd wicketless over.


    From Alex, making homemade Gluhwein in sunny Cologne, TMS inbox: "There seems to be a slow rumbling of discontent regarding this Test match. It's nearing the end of day three, they're still 100 behind us, and I'll settle for two and a bit days of the same and a draw come Monday morning. At the start of November, I'd have snapped your arm off for a 2-1 series win on the sub-continent. Following the 'Annihilation at Ahmedabad' I'd have considered selling my granny for a 2-1 win. So please, open that packet of minced pies, sip some sherry, sit back and enjoy this Test for what it is. History in the making!"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Part of being a selector is judgement of players. Who do you think is going to make the move up to Test cricket, and when should you pick them? I think we've done well with our selectors - Geoff Miller, James Whitaker and Ashley Giles."

  75. 0919: 
    Ind 233-4

    The non-sweating Captain Cook shines the ball on his trousers, before shuffling Anderson's field for Kohli. A maiden results, and India still trail by 97.


    The ICC on Twitter: "MS Dhoni has now played his longest innings in his Test career in terms of balls faced [202 at this stage], beating his previous 187 balls."

    Opta Jim on Twitter: "Virat Kohli has now faced more balls in his current innings [242] than he did in his six previous innings in this series combined."

  77. 0914: 
    Ind 233-4

    Panesar begins his 41st over of the innings, he's able to put the brakes on as Dhoni defends a maiden over.


    From Ade, via text on 81111: "Re Will [0845]: I agree with your point about the negative approach to this Test, but to try and portray Strauss as an attacking captain is completely wrong. He was exactly the same as Cook."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Waqar Younis asked me once when I was on commentary with him, how would I have played him? I said I'd get a single and play him from the other end."

  80. 0911: 
    Ind 233-4

    Dhoni guides Anderson for a single to draw level with Kohli on 77. Geoffrey on TMS urges the Lancashire paceman to pitch the ball up a bit more if he wants it to reverse swing, but his next ball is a little short and wide, and Kohli drills it through cover point for three, where it's stopped just in front of the boundary by the fresh-faced Joe Root. Dhoni plays and misses to leave hearts in Indian mouths briefly, but he nicks the strike by dabbing the last ball to third man for a single.


    Ian Jones on Twitter: "They'll be out by close tonight, fear not all. One will bring three quick wickets, and then they won't look so clever!"

    James Caine on Twitter: "Kohli and Dhoni's partnership would be reminiscent of a partnership between Sir Geoffrey & Rahul Dravid."

  82. 0907: 
    Ind 228-4

    Panesar begins a new over to Dhoni, while Prakash Wakankar on TMS has noticed the Indian captain wincing slightly whenever he stretches forward - there were hints towards the end of the last session that he might be nursing a slightly tight hamstring. A single takes him to 76, one behind Kohli who has 77.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't think India have to speed up yet, until they're level with England. If they try to start playing shots, they're more likely to get out."

  84. 0904: 
    Ind 227-4

    Anderson begins the evening session with a maiden to the watchful Kohli.

  85. 0900: 

    A couple of goodies for you on the TMS podcast page - you can listen to the full Aggers/Harsha Bhogle chat about India, and Kevin Howells' report on the changes in county cricket, as well as the regular Aggers and Boycott review of each day.

    And if you're setting off to a football or rugby match now, the BBC iPlayer Radio app will keep you in touch with TMS for the final session of today's play, which is just about to begin.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Indian fans are struggling to come to terms with the fact that Tendulkar's career is coming to an end, as he's been such a part of their life."


    Some news for Indian fans from the BCCI on Twitter:

    "The 2nd Twenty20 international between India and Pakistan, to be played in Ahmedabad on Dec 27, has been rescheduled to Dec 28 at the same venue."


    From Will in Chatham, via text on 81111: "I am disappointed with the way England have approached this Test - right from the moment the team was announced I never got the impression they wanted to win. Under Strauss we would have been hunting the win."

  89. 0845: 

    "Bresnan's bowled every end, the only thing he's not done is run in sideways," ponders Aggers on TMS - they've noticed that Ravindra Jadeja, who's been padded up since before the close of play yesterday, has walked onto the outfield to practise his batting. While the players take tea, TMS listeners have another chance to hear from Indian broadcaster Harsha Bhogle about Sachin Tendulkar's international future.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "England have failed to take a wicket in a whole day's Test cricket three times. First in 1960 in Bridgetown when Sir Garfield Sobers and Frank Worrell were batting for the West Indies, then against India in Madras in 1982 - Gundappa Viswanath and Yashpal Sharma at the crease. The last time it happened was in 1989, when Mark Taylor and Geoff Marsh batted through at Trent Bridge."


    Chops ‏on Twitter: "To grow interest in Test cricket, we need to stop banging on endlessly about the Ashes. Plus they missed a massive open goal by not using London 2012 to get T20 into the Olympics. Could have really grown the sport."

    Shravan Bhat ‏on Twitter: "Great response from India. Sensible cricket. Wear the bowlers down then cash in. Back to the basics, finally!"

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "87 runs in the session, that's probably the busiest session in terms of runs in the match. England can't find a wicket, Monty's been given the biggest burden because he's been the most economical bowler, but they're really going to have to gird themselves for that third innings as it doesn't look like they'll have much of a lead."

  93. 0840: 
    TEA INTERVAL- Ind 227-4

    More delays while the batsmen are swapping helmets for caps between each over. There are 32 overs remaining today, they'll only have time for one more here, so they'll need to bowl 31 in the evening session. "We'll have had three overs in 20 minutes, this doesn't do the game any favours," mutters Aggers on TMS. Panesar sends down his 39th over of the innings, Dhoni does enough fiddling around between deliveries to ensure it's the last over before tea.


    Robert Wickham on Twitter: "I know there's still a lot of work to go yet but what a brilliant, stubborn partnership from Dhoni and Kohli."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "This could be the least number of balls I've ever described in a 20-minute commentary stint..."

  96. 0836: 
    Ind 227-4

    No KP for the time being, Anderson's going to have another go before tea, though with the way England are dawdling between overs, he may only get one over before the interval. It's only his eighth over of the day, he's been somewhat under-used... Kohli plays out five dot balls before hanging his bat out to lash another four through point.


    From Marian, TMS inbox: "Listening with interest and general agreement to Geoffrey talking about poor crowds for Test cricket. Could part of the problem also be the way fans are treated at the grounds, and the lack of good facilities? Because if, as Geoffrey said, people follow it online, on TV and in newspapers, the interest is there, but perhaps there are other reasons why people stay away from the grounds."

  98. 0831: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 223-4

    While Dhoni needs to adjust his underpants between overs (with trousers at half-mast), England take the chance to have an impromptu unofficial drinks break, which doesn't please the umpires. When the Indian skipper's flannels are restored to their normal position, Panesar begins the 98th over, and he gets one to turn sharply past Kohli's forward prod which misses the off stump by millimetres. Next ball, there's an appeal for lbw, mainly from the bowler, and even umpire Dharmasena has a grin on his face as he says "not out". A Kohli single brings up the 150 partnership, and two more singles round off the over. It looks like KP's warming up for a pre-tea trundle...


    Former England batsman Paul Collingwood, who suggested before the match that this would be a three-day Test, on Twitter: "Slight misread of the pitch! In fact if this was a timeless Test I wouldn't get home until next Christmas - never mind this one."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "He's willing, Bresnan, but he just can't find a wicket. I think the second new ball brought a tempo change, but Dhoni has played well and been busier than Kohli."

  101. 0824: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Ind 220-4

    Kohli clips a single off his legs, Dhoni hammers it low back towards the bowler, Bresnan just gets a hand to it but can't hold on. Very, very tough chance but nevertheless a chance. If Ishant Sharma's caught-and-bowled chance in Kolkata (which he dropped) was 1 out of 10 for difficulty, this was a 9. After surviving another lbw appeal, Dhoni guides a two through backward point.


    Fenners on Twitter: "I knew England's policy of playing one rubbish bowler to give them runs would backfire eventually. Luckily we only need a draw."

    Mike Huckett ‏on Twitter: "Jimmy and Swann have bowled only 34 of the 92 overs so far compared to Monty and Bresnan's 56. Is this why there have been no wickets today?"

  103. 0819: 
    Ind 217-4

    Looking at the replays of that ball, there's no ball-tracker (as India don't like DRS) but even if it had been fractionally clipping leg stump, it may well have been "umpire's call". Panesar briefly restores some control for England with a maiden to Dhoni.


    Craig on Twitter: "The way to make more people come to Test matches is cheaper tickets. Make it more accessible by making it more affordable."

    Peter Gillett on Twitter: "If I ruled the world I would stop Geoffrey from saying 'I've been saying that for the last 20 years'."

  105. 0817: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 217-4

    "Make it count, don't give it away," Geoff Boycott urges the Indian batsmen as Bresnan returns in place of Swann. Dhoni works a couple of twos off his legs while a "Nagpur wave" encircles the stadium. Finally, there's a glimmer of light when Bresnan hits the Indian captain on the pad with one that nips back... but it may have been going down the leg side and umpire Rod Tucker is unmoved while India run a leg bye.


    From Toby in London, via text on 81111: "If I ruled the world, I would request all cricket ground seating be made into 'pub garden'-style table and chairs. That way you could enjoy a proper lunch while watching Captain Cook take apart an attack."

  107. 0811: 
    Ind 212-4

    England need some control, so Bresnan is off and they turn back to Panesar, who's easily been their most economical bowler. He has a slip and a short mid-off for Kohli, who gives himself room to powerfully cut for four.


    Lloyd Griffiths on Twitter: "Where's Chris Tremlett? Surely he can bowl faster on one knee than Bresnan?"

    Ralph Brooker on Twitter: "When Monty's head baubles [see 0743] fall from the tree they bounce and turn sharply, knocking over Gran's glass of sherry. Howzat! And tiny Stuart Broad Santas who help themselves to Xmas fancies without asking the host first, then wheeling away in celebration!"

  109. 0806: 
    Ind 208-4

    Kohli guides Swann for three down to Bresnan at third man, to bring up 200 for India, and the crowd are still on their feet when Dhoni hoists Swann for a straight six. The runs are starting to flow at both ends now, two more singles mean it's 11 off Swann's over - he has 1-51 from 19. India trail by 122.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Bresnan has just bowled too short. You can tell I'm not a fan, I think something's happened to him since he had that injury."


    From Masimba in London, via text on 81111: "If I ruled the world, wickets that produced a score of 146-4 after 100 overs would be illegal."

  112. 0800: 
    Ind 197-4

    Dhoni steers Bresnan for two, to move to 61. His partner Kohli has 62, and England's desperation for a wicket is such that office colleagues are starting to recall Hashim Amla's marathon innings against England at The Oval this summer.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "If we don't get people watching Test cricket, the game is going to die in 30 years except in England and Australia. It's taken the ICC 20 years to approve day-night cricket."


    Joshua Meynell on Twitter: "Starting to get bored watching the cricket. We need a wicket and there are too many boundaries."

    Imy Bharucha on Twitter: "Kohli's innings makes Trott's batting seem like Chris Gayle."

    Mark Cross ‏on Twitter: "England really missing Finn at the moment."

  115. 0757: 
    Ind 195-4

    Captain Cook switches his spinners around again as Swann replaces Panesar. Kohli pushes forward at a delivery which keeps low, zips through Prior's legs and disappears for four byes. That's the only blemish on the over as Kohli plays out a maiden.


    BBC Sport's Alistair Watkins: "Sri Lanka finish day two of the first Test in Hobart on 87-4 in reply to Australia's 450-5 declared. Hilfenhaus, Siddle, Watson and Lyon have one wicket apiece while Tillakaratne Dilshan is the only batsman to show any resistance with an unbeaten fifty. Earlier, Mike Hussey completed his 17th Test century and Matthew Wade made an unbeaten 68 after Michael Clarke added only four to his overnight 70."


    From James in Exeter, via text on 81111: "If I ruled the world I would recreate the golden era of Test cricket by requiring at least one member of any team to have an epic moustache."

    Perhaps our regular correspondents at the Beard Liberation Front would have to open up a second front promoting moustaches in that case?

  118. 0754: 
    Ind 191-4

    After a very long drinks break - a good seven minutes, although England are ahead of the over-rate and won't be too keen on bowling many more than their allocation of 90 overs in the day - we resume with Bresnan. Perhaps wary of the two wickets England lost in the first over after drinks breaks in their innings, Dhoni is on the defensive and that's a maiden over. Monty has another drink at fine leg - this time from a clear plastic water bottle rather than the energy drink he was guzzling earlier.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "India will want this game to move on quickly, but I've played in Tests where you think the game is heading for a draw after three days and suddenly it all changes."

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "This is India's third biggest partnership in the series, the two biggest were Gambhir and Sehwag, then Pujara and Yuvraj, both in the first Test."


    Never say Never ‏on Twitter: "A Christmas bauble idea - Monty Panesar's head."

    I'd definitely buy one of those. Join in the fun via #bbccricket - whether or not your Twitter handle is close to being the title of a Bond film

  122. 0743: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Ind 191-4

    The newly-energised Panesar begins a new over, but he becomes the latest victim of Kohli's cover drive, that's his sixth four. Captain Cook shines the ball on his thighs while he speaks to Monty between deliveries, then non-striker Dhoni sets off for a run, Kohli sends him back and Anderson's fierce throw from mid-wicket would have had the Indian captain in trouble if it had hit. Drinks mean we're halfway through the Test.


    Kushal Malde on Twitter: "Said it before and will say it again, Bresnan isn't even good enough to get into the Indian side as a bowler. He's useless."

    Ben Poole ‏on Twitter: "Bresnan doing his best to keep the series interesting."

  124. 0738: 
    Ind 187-4

    Bresnan has switched ends to replace Anderson, Dhoni is chipping away at England's lead here as a single takes him to 59, while Kohli unleashes another textbook cover drive for four, while a single lifts his score to 58. Monty, meanwhile, is supping on what looks like a can of a well-known energy drink down at fine leg. "Monty with wings could be quite a sight," warns Aggers on TMS.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm sure India will really put pressure on England when they bat again - we've seen teams choke in the third innings of matches like this."


    From Paul in Oxford, via text on 81111: "If I ruled the world, I would make Monty's wicket celebration obligatory for all bowlers."

    Keep your "if I ruled the world" suggestions coming on email, texts and tweets

  127. 0733: 
    Ind 181-4

    Bresnan is taken off after that expensive last over and Panesar - who doesn't mind bowling with the new ball, unlike Swann who isn't as keen - returns to the England attack. Dhoni helps himself to a two and a single, prompting a mid-over conference between captain, bowler and keeper. Monty then doesn't look happy with Prior when his Sussex team-mate tries to move the field just before he's about to bowl. India trail by 149.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "There is a crowd gathering outside the Test Match Special commentary box as Rahul Dravid joins us on air."

    Adam's also tweeted a picture of those fans holding up a sign saying "Miss You Dravid".


    John Kirriemuir on Twitter: "Time for something a little different. A few overs each of Trott, KP, Compton and Bell, perhaps?"

  130. 0729: 
    Ind 178-4

    How England could do with another devastating Anderson spell like they had yesterday evening. Dhoni helps himself to a single to fine leg, at the moment the "Burnley Express" isn't quite the slick TGV we know he can be.


    From Chris, desperately revising in Leeds, via text on 81111: "After getting home from work at 4am, despite a 9am exam, I will not leave my bed until England take a wicket."

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "Dhoni and Kohli have played very well, they've showed a lot of patience and if they can get close to England's score, the game can move very quickly on days four and five. And as soon as the new ball's come, we've seen the ball go to the boundary a couple of times - there are runs on offer as there are two set batsmen at the crease, and so far it's been India's day."

  133. 0725: 
    DHONI FIFTY- Ind 177-4

    Vic thinks England are starting to worry about where the next wicket's coming from. Cook and Anderson both have a word with Bresnan before the big Yorkshireman begins a new over, and a Dhoni single brings up the century stand, in which both batsmen have contributed 49 (plus a couple of leg byes), the crowd are starting to liven up as Kohli adds another single and they rise to their feet as Dhoni drills a four through backward point to reach his 28th Test fifty (to go with his five hundreds). A single leaves Bresnan with 0-44 from 18 overs.


    BBC Sport's Marc Higginson: "Virat Kohli began this year with his maiden Test century against Australia in Adelaide. He scored another against New Zealand in August, but it was the one down under which might be giving him confidence as he begins to think about three figures today. He told the Cricketer magazine: 'My first Test century was hugely important for my career. A lot of people were telling me I wasn't good enough to play Test cricket but I kept telling myself I'd scored eight one-day international hundreds so they couldn't be flukes'."

  135. 0719: 
    Ind 170-4

    Dhoni square-drives at Anderson, Trott scampers round from the third man boundary to field it at deep point and they run two. A quick single just wide of Nick Compton at backward point takes the India skipper to 48, he was well behind Kohli for a while but he's now catching Kohli up.


    Fred Green ‏on Twitter: "This Test is very, very slow yet all the more fascinating. About time Kohli had some runs, time for him to depart now though."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'd be surprised if Bresnan doesn't go to New Zealand as the conditions should suit him better. They took five seamers to India, so they'll take at least five to New Zealand. He won't remember this tour with much relish, but he could play a part in this game not being lost."

  138. 0715: 
    Ind 167-4

    Monty, who's sent down 33 overs for 43 runs in this innings, is given a rest as Tim Bresnan will share the new ball with Anderson, and he sends down a maiden to Kohli.


    From Nick W in Derby, via text on 81111: "With his performances this series, it is difficult to understand why Monty wasn't picked for the first Test. He would improve the bowling attack of any Test side in the world."

    Prakash Wakankar, BBC Test Match Special

    "I still think England are in the dominant position in this match."

  141. 0710: 
    NEW BALL- Ind 167-4

    India are nearly halfway towards England's total - having scored 163, they're 167 behind. And the second new ball is taken, and handed to James Anderson - there's even a slip in. His first delivery is short and Dhoni rocks back to hammer it through cover for four. Then there's a moral victory for Anderson as Dhoni plays and misses twice at deliveries outside off stump in Geoffrey's beloved "corridor". So, Vic's had his say - if you ruled the (cricket) world, what changes would you make?

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Obviously Anderson could take wickets with the new ball, but a harder ball should also go for more runs."


    Sam Brookes on Twitter: "Anyone else notice that Virat Kohli has a perfect Alec Stewart bat twiddle/spin between deliveries?"

    Hugo on Twitter: "If I ruled the world I would make India implement the DRS."

  144. 0705: 
    Ind 163-4

    ...but the new cherry's not taken yet, Panesar's going to have another go with the old ball but he moves to bowl over the wicket in the manner of his predecessor as England's left-arm spinner, Ashley Giles (now England's ODI and T20 coach of course). Kohli nudges a single to short fine leg, in fact it's signalled as a leg bye. Dhoni rotates the strike with a single, and Monty's back to bowling round the wicket.


    BBC Sport's Marc Higginson: "Tim Bresnan has taken just two wickets in his last four Test matches. Graeme Smith was the man he dismissed on both occasions, with the Yorkshireman conceding 388 runs in that time - meaning his wickets come at an average of almost 200 apiece since South Africa racked up 637-2 at The Oval in July."

  146. 0702: 
    Ind 161-4

    Dhoni glances a quick single to Monty at short fine leg as Swann spins down the last over before the second new ball is available. The runs are starting to flow a little easier for India as Kohli prods a single past the solitary slip, then Dhoni frees his arms to launch a big heave over mid-wicket for four. "It wasn't pretty but it was mighty effective," notes Vic, as Dhoni moves to 40. Fourth umpire CK Nandan, a former first-class wicketkeeper runs on with the new ball...

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "If I ruled the world, I'd penalise grounds where they prepare pitches not conducive to Test cricket, so this one would get marked very low and wouldn't get a Test for a couple of years."

  148. 0658: 
    Ind 155-4

    Dhoni whips Panesar for a single to Cook at mid-on, while Vic Marks on TMS muses that if Cook were to leave the field, who from Prior, Swann or Anderson would be left directing the troops, given that official vice-captain Stuart Broad isn't playing. "And don't forget KP, who's done it before," he adds.


    Dan Gee on Twitter: "You mean I wake up hungover, having to go work, and we haven't taken a wicket?"

  150. 0655: 
    Ind 154-4

    Dhoni gets forward to Swann, he's not batted quite as fluently as Kohli but he's now on 34. England are fairly ripping through these overs post-lunch as the new ball approaches.

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport in India

    "Stadium looks the fullest it has been all Test match and we shouldn't overlook the issues of travelling to and from the ground. Luckily we are staying close to the stadium, but some England fans have been hitching lifts in cars and on motorbikes to get back to lodgings in the centre of Nagpur at close of play. Mind you there are some compensations; ticket for the entire Test in plush seat costs about £8."


    From Nigel Evans, TMS inbox: "Could we have a small round of applause for Monty please. When was the last time a Test match bowler sent down 30 overs and only conceded two boundaries?"

    Unfortunately, to ruin your stat, he just conceded another in his 31st...

  153. 0653: 
    KOHLI FIFTY- Ind 153-4

    Dhoni helps himself to another single against Panesar, before Kohli, who's batted in a very restrained manner, reaches his sixth Test fifty with an off-driven four. New ball is available in three overs' time.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "If you tossed Monty into a club game on a Saturday afternoon, you'd be surprised at how fast he bowls."

  155. 0649: 
    Ind 148-4

    Dhoni gets his afternoon session under way, pushing Swann for a single.

    If you're just waking up and are off on your travels to other sporting events, don't forget the BBC iPlayer Radio app which will allow you to take TMS with you wherever you go.

  156. 0646: 
    Ind 147-4

    You can't keep Monty out of this game for long, he's switched ends again to bowl in partnership with Swann. And as I've heard Goochie comment about Phil Tufnell, at least when he's bowling, you don't have to work out where to put him in the field... India's batsmen are in caps again, although they're more baseball-like than England's more traditional cricket caps. And Monty serves up his 12th maiden over of the innings.

  157. 0643: 
    Ind 147-4

    Captain Cook switches his epinners around as Graeme Swann is going to have a go from the Pavilion End, from where Monty Panesar had been operating before lunch. Swann has a slip, short leg and a fairly short mid-wicket in for Kohli, who begins the session by patting away five balls before taking a single off the last.

  158. 0638: 

    The crowd noise tells us that the players are walking out again, after an interesting chat with Aggers and Harsha on TMS.


    OptaJim on Twitter: "The lowest match run-rate of a team to win a Test in the last 10 years was Pakistan's 2.35 RPO (v England, Abu Dhabi 2012)."


    Indian broadcaster Harsha Bhogle on TMS: "I think there's been a gulf in standards between the England spinners and the Indian spinners, but I don't think Australia have that quality of spinners."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I wonder whether Duncan Fletcher's relationship with the young Indian players is like Ray Illingworth's when he was England coach. I think you can have too much of an age gap there."


    Paul Mokler on Twitter: "Perhaps a modern day Graham Gooch can come on and attempt bowling impressions to wake up the crowd?"


    Indian broadcaster Harsha Bhogle on TMS: "The Indian fans' love for cricket will never go. If they show anger and emotion, it's because they care. But in about five or six years, we'll see whether there's still a love for Test cricket because the 15 and 16-year-olds who have been brought up on the IPL will be approaching the age Virat Kohli is now [24]. There's a lot of money in the IPL for the top players, but you can make a decent living as a Ranji Trophy player."

  164. 0605: 

    As promised, TMS are going to check on the Test in Hobart, before looking at the work of charity Cricket Without Boundaries in Africa, and discussing Indian cricket with broadcaster Harsha Bhogle. Have a listen while we take a short break to grab some grub.


    From Richard Wilson in Hollywood, TMS inbox: "Rather looking forward to Jimmy Anderson and the new ball."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "That's a good session for India - unspectacular progress, but still progress. The pitch is still sleeping, but Dhoni and Kohli have fended off a disaster. They've had to be patient, England have bowled tightly and only the occasional ball has turned. India have to play the long game, and then try to prey on England's nerves and put pressure on their batsmen, but that's a long way off."

  167. 0601: 
    LUNCH INTERVAL- Ind 146-4

    To the delight of Hugo on Twitter (see below), Joe Root is going to get a bowl before lunch. The young Yorkshireman bowls off-spin and is used more in one-day cricket than the County Championship. Wearing sunglasses and frantically chewing gum, his first ball is driven to deep mid-on by Kohli for a single. "Is he a better bowler than Pietersen?" muses Vic on TMS. Dhoni turns a two off his pads down to fine leg, then blocks a couple before swatting a two to deep cover off the last ball of the session.

    That's lunch, and for the first time since the first Test in Ahmedabad, India have got through a session without losing a wicket.


    Lallchand Anilal ‏on Twitter: "Indian cricket is a lot like English football. Full of big names and money, crassly overhyped and, in the end, mediocre."

    Steve Aldous ‏on Twitter: "The Indians here in Dubai are frustrated by Dhoni's batting. 'Does he want to win or just avoid a defeat?' they ask."

  169. 0557: 
    Ind 141-4

    England are ahead of the over-rate as they've completed 30 overs in this session, but they should get a couple more in here - a slip, a silly point and still those two short covers in as Panesar bowls to Dhoni. Monty even dives to field well off his own bowling as he completes another maiden over. Time for one more?

    And a quick reminder - please put your name on your texts when you send them, I can't use them otherwise.


    Hugo on Twitter: "Any chance we could see a bit of Joe Root or KP bowling for the last couple of overs before lunch?"

  171. 0552: 
    Ind 141-4

    There's a bit of a delay before Bresnan begins a new over, with Captain Cook posting a fielder at short mid-on in a position where he could easily trip up the non-striker if they attempt a quick single. (Not that he would, of course). A couple of singles are added to the score.


    Jeff Stacey on Twitter: "Bresnan is a lot like Emile Heskey - he threatens to make an impact but very rarely does."

    Paul Mokler on Twitter: "England's seamers in this Test series, with the notable exception of Jimmy and Steve, seem as menacing as Private Godfrey."

  173. 0547: 
    Ind 139-4

    Panesar begins his 28th over (and India's 70th), having taken 0-35 (with three maidens) from the first 27. Kohli adds a gentle single to his score.


    Nick Bruzon on Twitter: "Woken up early expecting to see Cook in double figures. Disappointingly, India have remembered how to bat."

    Tom Lambert on Twitter: "I reckon Malinga would be the most destructive bowler on this pitch, with that demon skid and swing."

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "During lunch we have the latest from Hobart, hear about the work of Cricket Without Boundaries in Africa and talk all things India cricket with Harsha Bhogle."

  176. 0542: 
    Ind 138-4

    Dhoni pushes Bresnan for a single to extra cover to take his score to 26, Bresnan tries a bouncer which Kohli hooks just in front of his face and they run another single. We've got about 17 minutes to lunch, can India survive the morning session unscathed?

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "As quiet mornings go they do not come much quieter than this."

  178. 0538: 
    Ind 136-4

    Another rapid Monty Panesar maiden to Kohli. It's not a glamorous job, just bowling maiden after maiden, but the Montster's doing England proud this morning.


    Cricket Record ‏on Twitter: "This is the 14th occasion that Australia have declared at 450 or below in first innings of match, first since against SA at MCG in 1993/94."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "India are playing this exactly right. The ball's not doing anything, but other than it doing anything inexplicable, or the batsman playing a bad shot, they're pretty comfortable. There are a lot more difficult pitches to bat on than this one."

  181. 0534: 
    Ind 136-4

    India's more positive batting has forced a bowling change - Swann's off after an uncharacteristically expensive spell of 0-22 from six overs and Bresnan returns, as do the batsmen's helmets. Presumably England are saving Anderson for a quick pre-lunch burst? Kohli tucks into Bresnan, knocking a two and a single to move to 42.


    From Tony in Shropshire, via text on 81111: "I'm getting married shortly, so kindly hurry this along England - I don't think taking a portable radio to church is etiquette."

    Perhaps you could ask the verger to put the latest score up on the little board which displays the hymn numbers?

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "India are playing the long game here. It's the absolute antithesis to IPL cricket, but you really wouldn't want every Test match to be like this. We've got 14 overs until the second new ball, so we may get it about 40 minutes into the afternoon session."

  184. 0530: 
    Ind 133-4

    It's still safety first from the Indian fifth-wicket pair, but they're looking increasingly assured at the crease as Kohli drills a single through the covers against Panesar.


    BBC Sport's Alistair Watkins: "Australia have declared their first innings in Hobart on 450-5. Mike Hussey completed his fourth Test century this year - his third in four matches - and was 116 not out, while Matthew Wade was unbeaten on 68 in a stand of 146. Sri Lanka 6-0 in reply."

  186. 0527: 
    Ind 132-4

    While Simon Mann's chess-based musings remind me of how chess was the only "sport" I ever captained my school at, Swann bowls five dot balls to Dhoni, wiping sweat from his brow between deliveries, before the India skipper lashes the last ball of the over for four through square cover which takes them past the follow-on target of 131.

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "Playing chess with clocks is like a one-day international - you need to have your plans from the start, so you can make five or six quick moves."

  188. 0524: 
    Ind 128-4

    Panesar is "playing the part of the bowling machine" here according to Vic on TMS, and he does his job again by bowling a maiden to Kohli.


    Philip on Twitter: "Loving this Test match. It feels like absolutely anything could happen. I'll quickly add that the only thing I want to happen is England wrapping up the series and Monty doing a special dance."

  190. 0521: 
    Ind 128-4

    Dhoni knocks Swann for a single to move to 21, Kohli nicks the strike again with another, this stand is now worth 57, and India now trail by 202.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "We've seen flickers of spin in the last 20 minutes - it would make it a better pitch if this continued."

  192. 0517: 
    Ind 126-4

    Kohli cuts at Panesar and is lucky not to chop the ball onto his stumps as he overbalances, before the bowler gets down well to stop a straight drive. Kohli eventually pierces the field when he swats a shorter delivery for four through point.

    Alistair Bruce-Ball, BBC Radio 5 live in Nagpur

    On Twitter: "A helpful chap has just got a bit over-excited with the air freshener in the commentary box. Could make next update bit croaky."

  194. 0514: 
    Ind 122-4

    Swann, a smattering of stubble decorating his chin, begins a new over to Kohli, while Aggers remembers how ex-India spinner Bishan Bedi would wear a different coloured turban on each day of a Test match in his playing days. Kohli flicks a single to Panesar at backward square leg, and then Swann gets an off break to spin as Dhoni prods forward and is hit on the pad, there's a stifled appeal as he was well down the track and it hit him on the knee-roll.


    Keedi Ranney ‏on Twitter: "Virat Kohli has a bit of Ricky Ponting in him. Flair and flamboyance."

    Get involved today via #bbccricket

  196. 0511: 
    Ind 121-4

    Now, that one turned - Monty spins one past Kohli's outside edge and Prior removes the bails, almost as a reflex action. The right-hander dabs the last ball of the over to third man for a single, he has 32 and that's the fifty stand.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I can't help thinking that Rahul Dravid's mother-in-law might have sent us off on the wrong direction to the restaurant last night, deliberately. I know mine would have done."


    From Jon Knowles, TMS inbox: "I wonder if, when he gets home, Alastair Cook be on the phone to the Lord's groundstaff, asking them to prepare a slow, low turner for us. The Aussies are visiting and have a spinner who doesn't turn the ball and an inexperienced top four with no pedigree against spin."

  199. 0508: 
    Ind 120-4

    With the players refreshed, Kohli leg-glances Swann for four, prompting England to insert a man at leg slip, and the India number five then gets a leading edge past the (orthodox) slip as they run two. A single means it's seven from the over, expensive by this match's standards.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "This isn't too bad for England, as if they can bat for 100-plus overs in their second innings, time will be ticking by."


    Cricinfo ‏on Twitter: "Michael Hussey's Test scores against Sri Lanka: 133, 132, 34 not out, 95, 15, 142, 118, 93 and now 100 not out."

    Cricket Record on Twitter: "Hashim Amla, Clarke, Cook, Kallis and now Michael Hussey are the only batsmen to have scored four centuries in Tests in 2012."

  202. 0504: 

    Aggers has received a few tweets replying to his plea to identify the "mystery plant" on the way to the ground, including Chris Broad who's serving as match referee for the current Test in Hobart. Another correspondent thinks it's a Triffid, and suggests sending Geoffrey in to face it...


    From Tom in Maldives, TMS inbox: "If the Indians bat anything like my stunning 37 not out (which is ironically the temperature here) on a turning Maldivian beach there could be trouble."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "If this was the worst Test pitch I'd batted on, I'd be queuing up to bat on it."

  205. 0500: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Ind 113-4

    Dhoni moves to 20 with a single that bisects the two short cover fielders, and Kohli nicks the strike again with a quick tip-and-run to mid-wicket. Two runs from the over, making it Monty's most expensive over of the day, and the players have earned a drinks break.


    BBC Sport's Alistair Watkins: "Meanwhile in Hobart, Mike Hussey has made his 19th Test century for Australia in the first Test against Sri Lanka. His hundred came in slightly fortuitous circumstances - he was dropped on the boundary by Angelo Mathews and the ball went for four to bring up the three figures. Captain Michael Clarke was out earlier on day two for 74 but wicketkeeper Matthew Wade has a half century. Australia 423-5."

  207. 0457: 
    Ind 111-4

    Swann offers Kohli a bit of width outside off stump, he back-foot-punches it square of the wicket and the slow outfield means it won't go for four but they have time to run three. A Dhoni single moves India to "Nelson".


    Vivek K Singh on Twitter: ‏"Kohli and Dhoni using negative tactics - they are trying to bore England to defeat."

  209. 0454: 
    Ind 107-4

    Monty's changed ends to replace Bresnan, so we have England's two spinners bowling in tandem - while Dhoni and Kohli, as Prior and Root did yesterday, have discarded their helmets in favour of caps. Kohli is back on the defensive, and my eyes may be deceiving me but there's a bit more of a hint of turn from this end for the bearded twirler. Monty's run of maidens is ended as a fumble by Swann - a man who's never slow to chide fielding lapses when he's bowling - at cover allows Kohli a single. He has 20, Dhoni has 18.


    From David in Sydney, TMS inbox: "Wondering what might be on the itinerary for the Tour of Yorkshire. Headingley is an obvious place to start, before going past the shop where Sir Geoffrey bought his first bat, swinging right past Grandpa Boycott's old rhubarb patch, and down to Barnsley for afternoon scones with Dickie Bird."

    On uncovered roads, with a "chicane of uncertainty" leading up to the finish line?

  211. 0451: 
    Ind 106-4

    A change of spinners for England as Graeme Swann replaces Monty Panesar (who had admirable figures of 6-4-2-0 in that spell - that's 34 dot balls out of 36, well done Monty). Kohli rotates the strike with a leg bye, then Dhoni breaks the shackles with his first runs for 28 balls, slashing a four through the covers.


    Tim Smith on Twitter: "Bresnan looking as unthreatening as ever. I really don't understand the selectors' consistent choice of him in the attack."

  213. 0446: 
    Ind 101-4

    You get the feeling listening to Geoffrey on TMS, he'd have loved the challenge of batting for a couple of days on a track like this, while he pursues an extended metaphor about how difficult it is to get through a golf tournament without making a bogey. Bresnan keeps it admirably tight against Dhoni, who plays out a maiden over.


    From Andrew in Consett, County Durham, TMS inbox: "As we enter the last few days of this Test tour, I would like to express solidarity to all the 4am dads out there who are wondering what we are going to do next week once our partners expect us to be as keen to get up so early for no reason. Until New Zealand guys, take care."

  215. 0442: 
    Ind 101-4

    Some mesmerising bowling from Panesar as he finds Kohli's inside edge but the ball squirms safely away from the stumps. Still not much turn for the left-arm spinner, though he did manage to rip a couple past Tendulkar last night. That's the fourth Monty maiden today, he's doing a great job keeping the squeeze on India. Hundred up on the scoreboard.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "You've got to have patience and a good defence to bat on this. You've got to think 'I can bat on this'. Kohli's made a bit of a name for himself in one-day cricket, but he's got to play the innings of his Test career here."

  217. 0439: 
    Ind 101-4

    More defiance from Kohli against Bresnan, I hope you've not woken up expecting a run-fest today, because you ain't gonna get one, Kohli wristily withdrawing his bat at the last minute before finally cutting loose as he off-drives Big Tim for four, that's 100 up for India and gives their flag-waving fans a rare chance to leap up and celebrate. A thick inside edge past the stumps brings him a single - the first time the strike's been rotated for five overs.


    Reverend Liam Reilly ‏on Twitter: "If spin won't settle this, and both sides are going to rely on seam, I back Jimmy Anderson over Ishant Sharma any day of the week."

    Si Lomas ‏on Twitter: "Bresnan is adequate as a 3rd/4th seamer in a 3-4 man pace attack, but not good enough to be one of two seamers in an attack."

  219. 0435: 
    Ind 96-4

    Dhoni continues to resist hitting out against Panesar, he keeps hitting the ball to the short mid-off and short extra cover who are in catching positions on the square. Boycs on TMS estimates that if India can bat all day, they may get close to England's total, but that's another Monty maiden - his third of the morning.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Vic was commentating like he used to bowl - he didn't get anyone else! Mind you, he got me stumped once at Weston-super-Mare, I couldn't believe he turned one. At least the Indian batsmen are playing sensible today, no Flash Harry shots."

  221. 0432: 
    Ind 96-4

    The Nagpur ground authorities have allowed plenty of schoolchildren into the stadium during this Test, and the TMS crew have noticed another fresh batch making their way into the stands. England make their first bowling change as Anderson takes a rest and is replaced by Tim Bresnan - can he make a breakthrough to celebrate the "Tour of Yorkshire" news from yesterday? Kohli turns Bresnan off his legs and looks for a single but Dhoni hadn't even moved, so Kohli has to scuttle back. Maiden over - that's 50 overs in this innings, and India's scoring rate has crept under two an over.


    From Jonathan, TMS inbox: "Following the cricket from Astana in Kazakhstan where it's currently -41 degrees! Am I your coldest listener today? Perfect way to spend my birthday, wrapped up nice and warm in bed with TMS!"

  223. 0427: 
    Ind 96-4

    Three members of the Nagpur ground staff run on between overs to sprinkle some sawdust on Jimmy's footmarks, before Dhoni carefully plays out another Monty maiden. Looks like another day of attrition here.


    Tom Lambert on Twitter: "It seems Anderson has a definite plan against Dhoni, bowling further outside off than yesterday. Trying to lure him to flash?"

    Biyi Omoekun ‏on Twitter: "It's never going to be easy for Tendulkar to just retire like that. We are talking about the greatest batsman in the world!"

    Join the debate via #bbccricket

  225. 0424: 
    Ind 96-4

    "This may be the day for Bresnan to step up," notes Simon Mann on TMS as Kohli nudges Anderson for a two down to the patrolling Panesar at fine leg. Kohli, who twirls his bat between deliveries, is now on 14, as is his captain.


    From Dan in Manchester, via text on 81111: "Why is it always student and Test match commentators up at this ungodly hour? Just putting the finishing touches to a PhD application, which should keep me busy through the next nocturnal Ashes at least. My money's on a smashed 60 from Kohli with Monty and Jimmy wrapping them up before tea."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "An interesting start, the pitch is so slow that Monty's bowling straight and allowing no liberties but barely getting the ball to turn. Anderson's the jewel for Cook but he'll know he can't bowl him for too long."

  228. 0420: 
    Ind 94-4

    Panesar has removed the silly point fielder but has a slip in for Kohli, and two catchers in the covers. Kohli finally scores his first run of the day when an edge doesn't quite carry to Jonathan Trott at slip, he dives to half-stop it but the Indians run a single.


    From Rob, TMS inbox: "When leaving the ground yesterday. I was pretty much mobbed by Indian fans, wanting their picture taken with me. As well as pictures I was being at fired at in all directions with plenty of questions such as who's the best cricketer, have I ever been to Lord's, where am I from. The reply of Coventry was met with confused looks, but when I mentioned it was about 40km from Edgbaston, then there was apparent understanding.

    "One group of Indian fans informed me that they had travelled 180km to see the day's play having got on a train at 4am to get there. They were only going to one day of the match though so it would be a very long day for them. I felt like I had achieved a kind of fraudulent celebrity status. It was quite surreal."

  230. 0418: 
    Ind 93-4

    Anderson completes a second successive maiden, Dhoni is having to be watchful here, and England are making them work for every run.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I've got a very friendly herd of cows outside my hotel room window. They obviously get let out at dawn by a bloke with a long stick, there's a lot of moo-ing each morning."


    Daniel Hunter on Twitter: "After losing my fingers last week (nervous biting). In bed wanting India out in the next two hours before I travel to Saudi Arabia."

    Hatch Company on Twitter: "Hoping for more wickets to send us off on our school ski trip."

    I presume you're not on the same flight, unless Saudi Arabia has acquired some ski slopes?

  233. 0414: 
    Ind 93-4

    Ian Bell is under the helmet at silly point - having regained the bat-pad role from Joe Root yesterday in time to take a superb catch - as Kohli plays out a maiden from Panesar, his fifth in 16 overs.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Dhoni is a formidable cricketer and likes a challenge, so this is a big day for him, but he would be a prize wicket for England."


    From Howard Bates, TMS inbox: "Sir Viv Richards thinks that only Sachin can decide when he should retire - rubbish! Team selection is done by the selectors, not by any player or players. By all accounts the Little Master is a humble man, so let's hope he doesn't force the selectors' hand, and is mindful of what Shakespeare wrote 'Nothing in his life became him like the leaving it'."

  236. 0411: 
    Ind 93-4

    Dhoni tries to run Anderson down to third man but edges it for four through the vacant slip cordon, though once again, it's unlikely that the edge would have carried to a slip on this pitch.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "There's an enormous queue behind the stand here waiting to get their tickets from a small booth that looks like a nesting box. You wonder why they don't just open another one?"

  238. 0406: 
    Ind 89-4

    Left-arm spinner Monty Panesar takes the second over of the day, Dhoni defends his first ball before patting a single to Root at mid-off. Kohli ensures India survive the rest of the over unscathed. A big task for them today.


    Biyi Omoekun ‏on Twitter: "It's never going to be easy for Tendulkar to just retire like that. We are talking about the greatest batsman in the world! This is a man who holds nearly every batting record. He knows when to go and we will wish him well."

  240. 0403: 
    Ind 88-4

    Captain Alastair Cook gives the ball a good shine before handing it to James Anderson, once again there are no slips in. Dhoni is hit on the pad by the first ball of the day, but there was a bit of an inside edge onto the pad there and they run a single. Vic wonders whether they might risk one slip as Kohli plays and misses.

  241. 0358: 

    Players emerging to huge acclaim, with a lot of pressure on the shoulders of Dhoni and Kohli.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Eoin Morgan and possibly Samit Patel may struggle to get on the tour of New Zealand now because of Root's success, as they've at least one more batsman than they need here, though I think Bairstow's safe as he's also the reserve wicketkeeper."

  243. 0352: 

    While Aggers teases Vic about how the fans were out in force for him at the restaurant again last night (with some chap called Rahul Dravid), you can listen to and read about Joe Root's verdict on his maiden Test innings.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Despite the storms around Indian cricket, Dhoni has remained remarkably calm. This is almost the worst pitch India would have wanted for this Test, as it's so hard to get people out on. He would have been disappointed with Kolkata, and I think he's been candid - watching four or five Tests in India on pitches like this would drive you absolutely scatty."


    Benjamin Pelc on Twitter: "Oh dear, calypso playing on BBC 5 live sports extra, about 60,000 words of thesis to write but this to me is bigger than the Ashes."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think it'll be a thriller late on the fifth day. India will be bowled out with a deficit of, say, 87, England will bat again, India will be set a monumental task but will hang on until the final session when anything can happen. Jimmy Anderson will have disappointed the local cricket authorities as by dismissing Sehwag and Tendulkar, he's taken a few people off the gate. Kohli, Dhoni, Jadeja and Ashwin could battle India out of a hole, but they're in a hole at the moment."

    You can debate Vic's predictions via #bbccricket

  247. 0346: 

    Meanwhile, over in the first Test in Hobart, I can tell you that rain has stopped play after lunch on day two, with Australia 364-5 against Sri Lanka.

  248. 0344: 

    Don't forget, if you want to share your views on The Tendulkar Debate or anything else to do with this Test, you can email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 (if you're in the UK, with "CRICKET" as the first word) or tweet us via #bbccricket - while if you're out and about (or haven't returned from a Friday night out), the BBC iPlayer Radio app will allow you to take TMS with you wherever you may be.

  249. 0342: 

    The Test Match Special team are limbering up in Nagpur, they're on air from 0345 GMT - in the meantime, you can hear the thoughts of Aggers, Geoff Boycott and Joe Root on yesterday's play via the TMS podcast - while cricketing cycling enthusiasts may be amused to listen to a clip of Geoffrey's confusion at yesterday's news that the Tour de France will be starting in Yorkshire in 2014.


    Philip Smith on Twitter: "Just cashed in a bet on Eng to have the highest opening partnership in this Test placed before the start of the game!"

  251. 0335: 

    Plenty to talk about, then, after Anderson's heroics reduced India to 87-4, still 243 runs behind the tourists. Even the great Sir Viv Richards has joined the Tendulkar debate - telling the BBC that only the man himself can decide when his career ends. And Jonathan Agnew's column contains some high praise for Anderson, saying "I cannot think of a better England bowler in my time."

  252. 0330: 

    Morning, everyone. It was said that in Stanley Matthews' final season as a professional footballer, no-one dared tackle him for fear of becoming known as the man who ended Sir Stan's career. But a devastating display of reverse swing bowling yesterday by James Anderson may, some are suggesting, be helping to bring down the curtain on Sachin Tendulkar's illustrious run in international cricket.

Live Scores - India v England


  • India drew with England
  • India: 326-9 (143.0 overs)
  • England: 330 & 352-4 (154.0 overs)
  • Venue: Nagpur

England 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 4 352
Cook c Dhoni b Ashwin 13
Compton lbw b Ojha 34
Trott c Kohli b Ashwin 143
Pietersen b Jadeja 6
Bell not out 116
Root not out 20
Extras 6nb 8b 6lb 20

England in India 2012-13

India's Mahendra Dhoni and England's Alastair Cook

Reports and scorecards from England's one-day tour of India, which includes five ODIs.