New Zealand v England, third Twenty20 as it happened

England win the Twenty20 series after Alex Hales and Michael Lumb's record stand steers the tourists to a 10-wicket victory over New Zealand.

15 February 2013 Last updated at 09:05 GMT

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As it happened


    England captain Stuart Broad: "Delighted to put on a performance like that, our bowlers set things up and our openers have come out and really entertained."

  2. 0843: 

    ... sorry, me again, just to say Mark Mitchener is still hammering away behind me, which is to say he's providing live text commentary on the England v New Zealand women's game in India, the result of which will decide who takes third place in the World Cup. It's also on the wireless...


    Chris Harvey: "Remind me again, how exactly did we get tonked in the last game?"


    Jordan King: "Considering how bad England were in the 2nd T20, this has been an absolute annihilation."


    New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum: "Stuart and his team blew us off the park tonight but we'll bounce back."

  6. 0840: 

    Righto, it's the first of three one-dayers in Hamilton on Sunday - join whoever it is who might be in this seat. All I know is, it isn't me. Morning...

    Derek Pringle, BBC Test Match Special

    "The bowlers set it up, to restrict New Zealand to 139 was fantastic. Hales came out swinging and got the job done in double quick time. None of the matches have been close have they?!"

  8. 0832: 

    That's only the 11th time in international Twenty20s that a side have won by 10 wickets, that was a drubbing of the highest order. Some seriously ordinary bowling by the Kiwis, particularly Ian Butler, who finished with 0-41 from 2.4 overs, but some ding-dong batting from Lumb and Hales, they can hit it a mile.

    Michael Lumb and Alex Hales
  9. 12.4 overs: 
    England (143-0) beat NZ (139-8) by 10 wickets

    Butler back on and he's not learning, short and Hales flogs him away for four. Leg-side from Butler and there are four more - Butler might need a shrink after this, he's taking a hideous psychological beating. Lumb hoists one out of the ground! And it's not even a ground, it's a bona fide stadium! That is an absolute smashing by England, who win the series 2-1.

  10. 12th over: 
    Eng 128-0 (NZ 139-8)

    Lumb gets two for a hoist to leg before picking out some space in the off-side and running two more... Lumb with a six courtesy of a magnificent lofted cover-drive and, insult to injury, Lumb should have been run out from the final ball of the over, only for Nathan McCullum to miss the stumps at the non-striker's end. This is horrible from a Kiwi point of view, really traumatic stuff.

  11. 11th over: 
    Eng 116-0 (NZ 139-8)

    Lumb chipping into the leg-side for a single before Hales gives it the swivel, bringing up his fifty and England's ton with a six over square-leg. Even the crowd struggling to take their catches, another one goes down. Four more for Hales, clearing the left leg and slapping through mid-off for four, and what a shot this is, Hales advancing down the track and playing a Bothamesque hook for six more. This is carnage. Six more over mid-off, 23 off the over, start running the bath...

    Derek Pringle, BBC Test Match Special

    "England seemingly cantering but a few wickets can change the complexion. You'd think if these two spend three more overs at the crease it's all over."

  13. 10th over: 
    Eng 93-0 (NZ 139-8)

    Nothing going right for the Kiwis at the moment - Lumb with an edge, McCullum, standing up, unable to take a very difficult chance. Hales clubs Nathan McCullum down the ground for four, this Kiwi attack looking like Ilford second XI at the moment, without Richard Hadlee...

    Brendon McCullum and Grant Elliott collide
  14. 9th over: 
    Eng 85-0 (NZ 139-8)

    James Franklin, taker of four wickets in the last match, into the attack... Lumb very nearly holes out to the man at long-off but checks himself and the ball drops short. Hales smears into the cover for a couple, England ticking over veeeeery nicely at the moment...

  15. 8th over: 
    Eng 78-0 (NZ 139-8)

    Nathan McCullum getting plenty of turn out there, that one spun about a foot. But that's a beauty from Lumb, dropping to one knee and depositing McCullum into the stands...

  16. 7th over: 
    Eng 69-0 (NZ 139-8)

    That. Has. Gone. Miles. Short of a length from Boult and Hales pings it over mid-wicket for a six that finishes halfway to Rotorua. Lumb gives it the charge and is beaten by a shorter, lifting delivery by Boult...

  17. 6th over: 
    Eng 60-0 (NZ 139-8)

    Nathan McCullum into the attack with some spin. Good idea to take the pace off, the only problem being it might have happened too late in the piece, England can just nurdle this about. Better over from McCullum, the hosts needed that.

    Iain O'Brien, BBC Test Match Special

    "If you're not going to catch them it's very hard to win, and New Zealand are staring down the barrel of a very topsy-turvey series."

  19. 5th over: 
    Eng 57-0

    New Zealand have let England slip the leash, they might take some rounding up from here. Butler gets his line wrong and it's four leg-byes off the thigh of Hales. Too straight again by Butler and Hales clips it through mid-wicket for four more... Butler having an absolute nightmare out there, leg-side again and Hales helps it on its way for a third boundary of the over... four leg-side wides chucked in now, this over could pretty much settle the game... oh dear, another half-tracker from Butler and Hales stuffs his face again... and to think, Butler was giving it some chirp after the first delivery...

    Alex Hales
  20. 4th over: 
    Eng 34-0

    That's an absolute peach, a lofted drive over long-off for six by Lumb... AND ANOTHER! This time a hoist over mid-wicket by the Notts man, but that's a good comeback by McClenaghan, almost getting one through. Mix-up for New Zealand, Hales popping one up, Brendon McCullum calling "mine!" when he could have left it for Taylor, the Kiwi skipper shelling it. The Kiwis could have done with that.

  21. 3rd over: 
    Eng 19-0

    Ian Butler, who took 2-9 in Hamilton, into the attack. This should be a catch, although it was tough - too much hang-time from Taylor at slip and he's only able to parry the ball behind him, Hales survives. Hales struggling to get the ball off the square... scratch that, here's a four slapped straight down the paddock...

  22. 2nd over: 
    Eng 12-0

    Big lbw appeal from Mitchell McClenaghan against Lumb but Gary Baxter's having none it. That's a ripper from McClenaghan, the ball nipping back and just missing the top of middle, and Hales nearly plays on next ball. Hales misses with an attempted drive before very nearly holing out in the covers. Great over from McClenaghan, just one from it...


    Chris Jones: "This total is so low I almost wish we had Cook and Trott opening to nurdle the new ball around a bit and rotate the strike."

  24. 1 over: 
    Eng 11-0

    Players are out and about and it's Trent Boult with the ball for the Kiwis, Lumb and Hales gripping willow for England. McCullum thinks Lumb has tickled the first ball but it actually hit his pad and Lumb follows up with a clip off his pads for four. Authentic straight drive by Lumb for one and Hales is off the mark with a carve down to third-man for a couple. Four more, top-edged cut, fine first over for England.


    Sebastian Eaton: "Great use of the short ball by England today, fast, accurate and not too frequent."

    Derek Pringle, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think England will be happy with their work at the halfway mark."

  27. 0727: 

    You would think England's bowlers have done enough there to make this a straight-forward chase but life is never that easy...

  28. 20 overs: 
    WICKET- Franklin c Tredwell b Dernbach 15 (NZ 139-8)

    Franklin slaps Dernbach over the top for four precious runs and here's four more off the outside edge, Buttler with the despairing dive... last ball of the innings, Franklin steers to Tredwell in the covers...


    Chris Gordon: "Dernbach - never doubted him. Now that talent Wright to hit a match-winning unbeaten 50."

    Derek Pringle, BBC Test Match Special

    "Lo and behold he bowled one short and straight at the batsman and he got a wicket, that's what Finn and Broad have been doing all night to good effect. It is going through a bit and it's hard to slog at the end."

  31. 19.2 overs: 
    WICKET- N McCullum c Buttler b Dernbach 0 (NZ 130-7)

    Broad finishes with excellent figures of 3-15 from his four overs, which is miracle stuff in this form of the game. Dernbach to bowl the final over... tennis ball bouncer to start, out of the back of the hand, and Franklin is unable to get it away... Nathan McCullum is gone, backing away and edging to Buttler behind the stumps...

  32. 19th over: 
    WICKET- Guptill c&b Broad 59 (NZ 128-6)

    Finn, diving forward, very nearly scoops up a half-chance at mid-off but is unable to cling onto it, Franklin survives. Finn is off the pitch, looks OK though, probably just a black fingernail or some such. Guptill is the latest Kiwi batsman beaten by pace, chipping back to bowler Broad...

  33. 18th over: 
    NZ 124-5

    Dernbach to continue and Guptill is straight into him, clearing the left leg and smearing through the covers for only his second four. Two more for Guptill to deep mid-wicket before the Auckland man brings up his fifty with a single. If Dernbach is a cricketing box of tricks, then this was that one where you pull a coin from behind somebody's ear and everybody smiles politely - Guptill spies the slower-ball full-toss and hammers it over mid-wicket for six.

  34. 17 overs: 
    NZ 109-5

    New Zealand at least pass the ton and here's Franklin freeing his arms, flailing Finn through the covers for four. Guptill with a top-edged pull for one, missed out on the second, slipping on the turn.


    England's women will need to score 221 from their 50 overs to finish third in this World Cup after New Zealand finish on 220-8 in Mumbai. Amy Satterthwaite hit 85 for the Kiwis while England's slow left-armer Holly Colvin took two wickets in two balls in her 3-31. You can follow England's run-chase with our ball-by-ball live text commentary.

  36. 16 overs: 
    WICKET- Munro c Root b Broad 1 (NZ 99-5)

    ... too slippery for Munro, the let-hander looking to pull Broad and only succeeding in squirting to Root at backward-point... Lumb with a misfield, right through his legs, a couple of gimmes for England, but that's a fine over from England's captain...

  37. 15 overs: 
    WICKET- Elliott c Finn b Dernbach 15 (NZ 95-4)

    ... Dernbach picks up a wicket, deliberately short and wide and Grant Elliott ramps it down to Finn running round to third-man. Colin Munro is the new batsman, plenty of pressure on the Durban-born left-hander.

    Jade Dernbach
    Derek Pringle, BBC Test Match Special

    "Neither spinner is trying to turn the ball very much it's just trying to get the angle and they've done it very well, they've kept a lid on things."

  39. 14 overs: 
    NZ 95-3

    Another good over from Tredwell, the Kiwis struggling to break the shackles. Here's Dernbach with his 'tricks'...

  40. 13 overs: 
    NZ 89-3

    The youthful Root, who looks like the lead in a First World War movie about the slaughter of young innocents in the trenches, keeping things tight, just five from that over, and New Zealand need bigger overs than that...

  41. 12 overs: 
    NZ 84-3

    Grant Elliott is the new batsman and he's off the mark with a paddle for two. But here's some much-needed humpty-dumpty from Elliott, a slog-sweep into the stands for six. Apparently you can pick up 200 bucks for a catch, which is a nice little touch...


    Rachel T: "As a family watching the cricket, we always seem to comment more on Dernbach's hair & tattoos than his bowling. Not a good sign."

  43. 11 overs: 
    WICKET- Taylor c Bairstow b Root 6 (NZ 70-3)

    Joe Root into the attack with some of this off-spin of his. A choppy old bowling action, looks pretty harmless, but he's difficult to get away... six for Taylor, slog-sweep over mid-wicket... tries a repeat dose, sticks it straight down Bairstow's neck at deep mid-wicket... Guptill with a neat dab down to third-man for a couple, but the Kiwis desperately need a bit of biffda...

    Ross Taylor hits out
    Iain O'Brien, BBC Test Match Special

    "Just that mini-surge from New Zealand. They need as many double-figure overs as possible."

  45. 10 overs: 
    WICKET- McCullum c Bairstow b Tredwell 26 (NZ 62-2)

    I do apologise for my earlier comments, the Westpac is actually quite full now. McCullum goes for some heave-ho over mid-wicket, skies it, and that's a fine catch by Jonny Bairstow down on the boundary. The bogeyman dead, here comes Ross Taylor, another bogeyman on his day. Three singles and a wicket from that over, England on top.

    Brendon McCullum

    Chris Gordon: "Not just Dernbach, Alex, but Wright too. So average."

  47. 9 overs: 
    NZ 59-1

    Not a great delivery by Wright, some leg-side filth, and McCullum is all over it, pulling for four. Wright hits back with a decent yorker but McCullum manages to dig it out for a couple. Bit of a punch-up, that over, honours even...

  48. 8 overs: 
    NZ 50-1

    Bit of spin now as Tredwell joins the attack. Guptill down the pitch and whipping through extra-cover for four and he follows up with little chip over the bowler's head for one. Eleven off that over, the Kiwis moving up a gear...

    Derek Pringle, BBC Test Match Special

    "Dernbach seems to have taken a different tactic to the others, he has pitched the ball up, which I think is a bit of a mistake."


    Alexander Ward: "Remind me again how Dernbach makes it into the team?"

  51. 7th over: 
    NZ 39-1

    Luke Wright into the attack now.... his second delivery is too short and McCullum, the quickest hands in cricket, pulls him away for four. Short again from Wright but this time McCullum finds the fielder on the boundary. Fuller this time and Guptill is only able to squeeze it out for one...


    Ian Smith (providing further clarification) "Thanks for the post Ben. I'm not Harold Bishop off Neighbours or the ex. president of Rhodesia either. Just so you know."

  53. 6th over: 
    NZ 30-1

    Dernbach into the attack and you can almost see McCullum licking his chops, four first ball through the covers. Guptill very nearly pierces the off-side but has to make do with a single before McCullum flicks through backward-point for a couple - good fielding by Joe Root down on the boundary. Dernbach very nearly gets through with a ball that nips back, that's the end of the batting powerplay.


    Marc, Aberdeen: "Third over, second ball. That's my guess in the Finn-does-the-usual sweepstake, and I'm sticking to it."

    Derek Pringle, BBC Test Match Special

    "McCullum is biding his time, I think he scored one run in seven balls to start his innings in Hamilton and then cut loose."

  56. 5th over: 
    NZ 20-1

    Finn to continue, and why not? Big lbw appeal from all over the field but that was going over, says umpire Chris Gaffaney, uncle of former EastEnders star Dean (the New Zealand branch retained the Old World spelling). McCullum eager to get off the mark but England not letting him, the Kiwis being choked...

  57. 4th over: 
    WICKET- Rutherford c Dernbach b Broad 11 (NZ 18-1)

    Rather a sedate start, at least by Twenty20 standards... Rutherford gone! Straight and fast by Broad, Rutherford looks to pull and gloves to Dernbach at short fine-leg... here's the big man, probably the best batsman in Twenty20 cricket at the moment, Brendon McCullum... Broad gets away with a full-toss, England on top...

    Ken Rutherford
    Derek Pringle, BBC Test Match Special

    "New Zealand are struggling to get it away at the moment, there was a little bit of width from Stuart Broad that Guptill hit to the boundary but other than it has been commendably straight."


    Ian Smith: (Not the former New Zealand wicketkeeper) "Lumb was amazing during the Champions League T20 but has never been able to recreate that form for England. This morning maybe?!"

  60. 3rd over: 
    NZ 16-0

    Guptill goes for some humpy and misses before being beaten outside the off-stump. Two through point before Rutherford is almost run out by Morgan from backward-point. But that's a nice little top on the over for the hosts, Rutherford moving to 11 with an upper-cut for four.

  61. 2nd over: 
    NZ 9-0

    It's Broad to continue and here's the first boundary, a four scuttled through cover-point by Rutherford. Two more singles from the over, the Westpac filling out now, should be a big walk-up on the night...

    BBC COVERAGE- Women's World Cup updates

    Meanwhile, in the battle for third place at the Women's World Cup, New Zealand were 146-4 after 40 overs with Amy Satterthwaite in the runs again. Mark Mitchener will keep you up to speed with events there in his live text commentary, while Test Match Special will return to cover the finish once this match in Wellington is over.

    Derek Pringle, BBC Test Match Special

    "Finn's normal run is 25.7m and he said he was going to shorten it but he didn't say by how much, and he is starting outside the 30m circle so he has extended it!"

  64. 1st over: 
    NZ 3-0

    It's Steve Finn to bowl first, the left-handed Hamish Rutherford on strike... looks to upper-cut the first delivery but misses. Rutherford off the mark with a nudge into the leg side for one. Just two more from the over, decent start by Finn. You can 'get involved', as we like to say in the world of new media, via text (81111), Twitter (#bbccricket), email at (with "For Ben Dirs" in the subject line), or a hand-delivered letter to me at Salford Quays. Or maybe you can chat about the game amongst yourselves?

  65. 0558: 

    Of course, we should all just be happy we're still here, having very nearly been wiped out by an asteroid the size of a swimming pool. Only 28,000km from armageddon, there's a sobering thought. On the bright side, players are out and we're all set for the off...

    Iain O'Brien, BBC Test Match Special

    "Lumb looks a little bit at sea, he hasn't failed, failed, I just thought Joe Root would get a crack at the top or they'd maybe move Luke Wright up."

  67. 0547: 

    This match hasn't exactly caught the imagination of Wellington folk, there are approximately eight people in the ground at the moment with 13 minutes until the start of play. Just one more game of cricket...

  68. 0541: 

    Smallish boundaries at the Westpac Stadium, should be in for another shower of sixes. New Zealand batting maestro Brendon McCullum is about to do a masterclass on the telly, which will presumably consist of him telling you to smack everything that moves.


    New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Hamish Rutherford, Brendon McCullum (capt & wk), Ross Taylor, Colin Munro, Grant Elliott, James Franklin, Nathan McCullum, Ian Butler, Trent Boult, Mitchell McClenaghan

    England: Michael Lumb, Alex Hales, Luke Wright, Jonny Bairstow, Eoin Morgan, Jos Buttler (wk), Joe Root, Stuart Broad (capt), James Tredwell, Steven Finn, Jade Dernbach

  70. 0534: 

    Morning. It would seem I'm doing ball-by-ball cricket again and today we've got the series rubber between New Zealand and England in Wellington... here's the toss, England skipper Stuart Broad wins it, puts the Kiwis into bat. Joe Root is in for Samit Patel for the visitors, no changes for the Black Caps...

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Live Scores - N Zealand v England


  • England beat New Zealand by 10 wickets
  • N Zealand: 139-8 (20.0 overs)
  • England: 143-0 (12.4 overs)
  • Venue: Wellington

England Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 0 143
Lumb not out 53
Hales not out 80
Extras 5w 5lb 10

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