England v New Zealand: Women's Cricket World Cup as it happened

Captain Charlotte Edwards makes a century as England beat New Zealand by four wickets to finish third in the Women's World Cup.

15 February 2013 Last updated at 11:12 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1050: 

    So, that's it for England at the 2013 Women's World Cup - as Charles and Ebony have pointed out, they've only lost two games by very narrow margins - but in tournament cricket, that was enough to deny them a place in the final.

    Attention now turns to Sunday's final between Australia and West Indies - play starts at 0900 GMT, the whole game is live on Test Match Special on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra, and I'm honoured to have been chosen to be in the live text chair. Make sure you join us then, and thanks for your company.

  2. 1045: 

    In case you thought we'd forgotten, Sri Lanka have clinched fifth place in the tournament after bowling South Africa out for 156, and completing an 88-run victory in the other play-off game.

    Charles Dagnall, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "The bowling was good, but there was something that let England down in particular performances - whether it was the catching one game, or the ground fielding the next. But if you look at the two games they lost, one was off the final ball and the other was by two wickets - and those small margins have meant they're going home and won't be here in the final on Sunday."

    Ebony Rainford-Brent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "I genuinely think that as a cricketer, it's worse when you lose by one run compared to when you get trounced, as you relive all those tiny moments when you might have done something different."

    Charles Dagnall, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "I was outside when Edwards was on 99 for that caught-behind chance - there were one or two raised eyebrows over whether she nicked it or not. But it was fairly set in stone that England were going to go on and win. They'll be flying home tomorrow."


    England all-rounder Arran Brindle: "Losing three quick wickets wasn't ideal but Charlotte batted superbly, I should have finished the game off with her but we needed to get over the line. We played with a lot of pride out there today. Charlotte's getting better and I can't see her stopping any time soon. We wanted to win today to finish third and that's what we've done, but we've got to look back on what could have been."

  7. 1036: 

    Celebrations are rather muted as Edwards and Marsh, soon joined by the other players and coaching staff, shake hands with the New Zealanders while they await the presentation.

    Ebony Rainford-Brent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Everyone knows England wanted to reach the final, but it was important to leave this tournament with a win so they can come back with some momentum. By going home and working on things, hopefully they can get back to their best against Australia later in the summer."

  9. 46.5 overs: 
    Eng 222-6 - England win by four wickets

    Edwards sweeps Doolan for a single, three to win, and Marsh sweeps it for four to seal the victory. So, England finish third in this World Cup, and New Zealand finish fourth.

    Ebony Rainford-Brent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "If I were in the England squad, I wouldn't mind watching the final at home on TV, but I couldn't sit in the stadium and watch it, I think it would be too much."

  11. 46 overs: 
    Eng 217-6

    Marsh plays and misses at Tahuhu, but then cuts past point for four to bring England to within one shot of victory. A wide further reduces the deficit, four needed from 24 balls - can the captain finish it in style?

  12. 45 overs: 
    Eng 212-6

    Doolan, with 3-35 from her first eight overs, is pushed for a single by Edwards and the field is shuffled for Marsh, who helps the ball down to fine leg where a perfectly-timed dive by Sian Ruck turns four into two... or does it? Replays show her hand was in contact with the rope when she stopped the ball from hitting it... so it's four. A single brings the skipper back on strike, and a slog-swept four by Edwards ensures the target is now down to nine from 30 balls.

  13. 44 overs: 
    Eng 202-6

    Laura Marsh is the new batter, after those three quick wickets - England need 19 from 36 balls, surely they can't lose from here?

  14. 43.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Gunn run out 1 (Eng 202-6)

    Is this a wobble by England? Gunn is off the mark with a single, then is caught ball-watching on the next delivery and is thrown out by a direct hit as Edwards runs through for a single.

  15. 43.3 overs: 
    EDWARDS 100- Eng 201-5

    Having lost two batting partners in the last over, England captain Charlotte Edwards is finally on strike, on 99, with New Zealand turning back to seamer Lea Tahuhu... and there are hearts in mouths as she fences outside off stump, Rachel Priest takes the ball low and the umpire lifts his arm... to signal a wide! Reprieved, Edwards guides a single through mid-wicket for her eighth ODI hundred and second of the tournament. Well batted, skip.


    Graham H: "New Zealand trying to make a game of this. Can always rely on England to take things to the wire. Why do things the easy way?"

    Ebony Rainford-Brent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Charlotte gets quite relaxes at the crease but she gets in the zone, she'll be thinking about where to score rather than the run itself."

  18. 43 overs: 
    Eng 199-5

    Vice-captain Jenny Gunn is the new batter, defending her first couple of deliveries as Doolan completes a double-wicket maiden.

    Ebony Rainford-Brent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "I think we've seen a shift in the way Heather Knight's played in this World Cup. She used to be quite a technical player, but she's been able to come in and score quickly in the last couple of games, although she'll be disappointed to be out without scoring today."

  20. 42.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Knight c Satterthwaite b Doolan 0 (Eng 199-5)

    Heather Knight is the new batter, but she only last three balls as she survives an lbw appeal off her first, and holes out at mid-off from her third! Gone for a duck...

    Ebony Rainford-Brent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Arran Brindle has been brilliant, she's been one of England's most consistent players at this World Cup."

  22. 42.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Brindle c Bates b Doolan 27 (Eng 199-4)

    Captain Bates takes another good catch as Brindle drives low to short extra cover after an entertaining innings. But it may be too little, too late for New Zealand, who don't even celebrate the wicket that much.

  23. 42 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 199-3 (TARGET 221)

    Edwards inches towards her century, moving to 99 with a single, while Brindle takes Mackay on with a first-bounce four over mid-off to bring up the fifty stand from 57 balls. Brindle then smashes one straight back at the bowler, it's low and Mackay can't hold on as she's struck on the kneecap. Harsh, but we have to put it down as a chance. Brindle then mirrors her first-bounce four from earlier in the over, this time over mid-on. The beleagured Mackay sends down a wide, Brindle hoicks a single to cow corner and nicks the strike - rather ungallant to do so when your captain's on 99...

  24. 41 overs: 
    Eng 188-3

    It's off-spin from both ends as Lucy Doolan returns for her seventh over. Edwards and Brindle milk her for three singles, and Edwards guzzles a quick drink (bright red, as it happens) brought on between overs.

  25. 40 overs: 
    Eng 185-3

    After a single from Brindle, Edwards pulls Mackay for a four past short fine leg, the New Zealand bowlers are leaking runs like a colander here. Edwards moves to 96 with a single, as England move towards completing a male/female "double" over New Zealand after the win in Wellington earlier today. 36 needed from 60 balls, and the "batting powerplay of doom" has failed to trouble England.

  26. 39 overs: 
    Eng 179-3 (TARGET 221)

    Edwards continues to come out on top in the duel of the skippers, helping herself to a four and a single against Bates before Brindle crashes another boundary through mid-wicket. Brindle moves to 16 with a single, and Edwards finishes a profitable over by helping a loose delivery down the leg side for four to move to 91. Bates is giving it everything for the White Ferns, but at this stage it looks like it's not going to be enough, with England's target now to 42 from 66 balls.

  27. 38 overs: 
    Eng 165-3

    Edwards and Brindle plunder some singles against Mackay, while the TV pictures show that clip of TMS commentator Alison Mitchell dancing with local fans in the stands from a few games ago...

    Ebony Rainford-Brent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "You might be knocking the ball around in the middle when you're forced to change your mindset by the batting powerplay - it would be nice to see them used more effectively."

  29. 37 overs: 
    Eng 160-3 (TARGET 221)

    After 16 overs without scoring a boundary, Edwards breaks the shackles by hoisting Bates through mid-wicket for a first-bounce four. A single takes the skipper to 79, England need 61 from 78 balls.

  30. 36 overs: 
    POWERPLAY- Eng 155-3

    As the umpire signals the batting powerplay, Sian Ruck begins her 10th and final over - she's been the most economical bowler in this game, although Charles Dagnall on TMS thinks she's been luck to avoid having more wides signalled after bowling about as wide as she thinks she can get away with... Edwards guides a single to fine leg, and Ruck finishes with impressive figures of 10-3-20-2.

  31. 35 overs: 
    Eng 154-3

    The two skippers exchange a joke or two as Captain Edwards guides Captain Bates for a single to take England's score to 150. Brindle helps herself to another boundary, square-driving Bates for four. 67 needed from 90.

    And a mild worry on the horizon for England - if "ye olde drinks break of doom" doesn't get you, "ye olde batting powerplay of doom" might...

  32. 34 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 149-3 (TARGET 221)

    Edwards hasn't hit a four since the 21st over, but she continues her steady progress with a single to move to 72, while Brindle finds the gap with a four through the packed ring of cover fielders. The Cricket Club of India golf buggy chugs on to indicate a drinks break has been reached, with England needing 72 from 96 balls.


    From Nicholas Rowe, TMS inbox: "Re: stadium noise. Listening on the net, it sounds as if the game is being held in an indoor swimming pool!"

    That would be all the schoolchildren at the ground...

  34. 33 overs: 
    Eng 144-3

    Having taken that catch, Bates brings herself back on to bowl. Edwards cuts a single to third man to move to 70 and bring new batter Arran Brindle on strike. She opens the face to guide a single to third man, Edwards whips a single to the mid-wicket sweeper and England need 77 from 102 balls.

    Clare Connor, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "I think the format will probably be looked at for next time, but we looked at it after 2009 where it worked brilliantly, so we went with it again this time. In general I think it's a good format, but there have been one or two issues with it this time, so we'll have another look."

  36. 32 overs: 
    WICKET- Greenway c Bates b Ruck 31 (Eng 141-3)

    Greenway tries another expansive shot against Ruck and is very well caught by the diving captain Bates at short extra cover. Wicket maiden for Ruck, her second of the innings - she has 2-14 from eight overs.

    Clare Connor, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Lydia loves batting with Charlotte, they're Kent team-mates and she's enjoying her last game of the tournament."

  38. 31 overs: 
    Eng 141-2 (TARGET 221)

    Edwards keeps chipping away with a single against Mackay, then Greenway launches a second-bounce four over the bowler's head (that's the fifty stand), before a single takes the left-hander to 31.

  39. 30 overs: 
    Eng 135-2

    Browne's off as New Zealand turn back to the left-arm seam of Sian Ruck, Edwards late-cuts to third man and jogs through for a single. She has 68, Greenway drives a four to move to 26.

    Clare Connor, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "With Anya Shrubsole, I think she had a heavy workload as she bowled eight overs on the bounce against Australia, then 10 overs on the bounce against South Africa, with only one day and a flight to Cuttack in between. I think she'll be all right for the summer."

  41. 29 overs: 
    Eng 130-2

    Mackay skips in for her fourth over, three singles from it. England need 91 more from 21 overs.

    Clare Connor, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "The tournament has been slightly unpredictable - Suzie Bates, Meg Lanning and Stafanie Taylor have been the big guns at the top of the order, it's disappointing that Sarah Taylor hasn't made big scores until late in the tournament."

  43. 28 overs: 
    Eng 127-2

    Single from Edwards, then there's a disappointing misfield at extra cover and Greenway profits to the tune of four runs. Browne flings down a legside wide, which keeper Priest does well to take, and this stand is already worth 38.

  44. 27 overs: 
    Eng 121-2 (TARGET 221)

    Mackay wheels away for her third over, Greenway and Edwards add a couple of singles before the left-handed Greenway hoists a four over the bowler's head. England need 100 from 138 balls.

    Clare Connor, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "The games have probably benefited from a cricket perspective, being at the Brabourne Stadium. The decision [to move games away from the Wankhede because of a fixture clash with the Ranji Trophy] probably sent a message about how the BCCI regards women's cricket, but this has been a great venue. If you had 5,000-6,000 at the Wankhede, it would feel like a vacuum."

    Charles Dagnall, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "I think not having games at the Wankhede Stadium has been a blessing in disguise as this is a lovely ground - the noise stays in and reverberates around."

  47. 26 overs: 
    Eng 115-2

    Browne replaces Doolan, she was expensive in her first couple of overs but her bowling is a bit tighter here, the Kent pair add a couple of singles before Edwards steers a two to deep fine leg.

    Clare Connor, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "From an ICC women's committee perspective, we'll need to get a diverse range of feedback about the tournament from the teams and the media - there's been good coverage in the written media here, but not much sense of profile. The lack of advertising, banners, flags, flyers or even a tournament programme is disappointing, we'll have to see whether that's an ICC or BCCI responsibility, and make sure we get it right in future."

  49. 25 overs: 
    Eng 111-2

    It's the same at both ends at the moment - steady accumulation by England against New Zealand's off-spinners - two singles from the over, and old David Shepherd would be hopping around as England reach "Nelson".

    Clare Connor, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "The global game can't rely on a powerhouse of three teams any more - teams like South Africa, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are all improving, so it's been a good tournament in that respect."

  51. 24 overs: 
    Eng 109-2 (TARGET 221)

    Having been kept busy in the field, Doolan has some bowling to do now, as Edwards gets down on one knee and sweeps a single to mid-wicket. A steady over yields four singles in all - Edwards has 59, Doolan has 10, and England are almost at the halfway mark in both respects as having scored 109 from 24 overs, they need 112 more from 26 overs

    Clare Connor, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "With my ICC hat on, not my ECB hat, it's brilliant for the women's game globally that West Indies are in the final. There's a new brand of women's cricket being played, the conditions have been brilliant here for some high-scoring games, and some new players have come to the party like Sri Lanka's Kaushalya."

  53. 23 overs: 
    Eng 105-2

    Off-spinner Frances Mackay into the attack, she's quickly through her over before Greenway slices another four, while Doolan puts in another unsuccessful dive as the ball crosses the boundary.

    Clare Connor, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Over the next month, we'll have a full debrief of the women's programme over the last 18 months, take stock and look at the next four-year cycle. The England women's academy squad are off to Sri Lanka in March, and the Under-19s are heading to Dubai tomorrow."

  55. 22 overs: 
    Eng 101-2

    Doolan begins a new over, Greenway and Edwards help themselves to ones and twos as England cruise past the 100 mark. Greenway, who can sweep with the best of them, sweeps the last ball for a single.

  56. 21 overs: 
    EDWARDS FIFTY- Eng 96-2

    Edwards moves to 49 with a single, Greenway is off the mark with a clip off her legs, then Edwards swats Tahuhu for a single to deep square leg to bring up her 39th ODI fifty. A high full toss is clubbed to mid-wicket for a single by Greenway - it was close to being a beamer - and Edwards turns a four off her legs, past the diving Doolan at fine leg who loses her cap as she tries in vain to prevent the boundary.

  57. 20 overs: 
    Eng 88-2

    Left-handed Lydia Greenway is the new batter, and sees off the over, as former England captain - now the ECB's head of women's cricket and chair of the ICC women's cricket committee - Clare Connor enters the TMS box.

  58. 19.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Taylor c Perkins b Doolan 28 (Eng 88-2)

    Edwards savagely pulls Doolan for four through mid-wicket, a single brings Taylor on strike but the England wicketkeeper perishes to a waist-high full toss and pulls it straight into the hands of Katie Perkins at short mid-wicket.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "The schoolgirls seem to be blasting out a chorus of 'We Will Rock You'. Are Queen big in India?"

  60. 19 overs: 
    Eng 83-1

    New Zealand need a wicket here, they know that England have two of the best batters in the world at the crease, and Bates is off after four overs as the Kiwis turn back to Tahuhu, who's lucky not to be charged with a wide for a couple of deliveries. Edwards moves to 43 with a single.

  61. 18 overs: 
    Eng 82-1 (TARGET 221)

    As the players return to action after drinks, Test Match Special switches back to commentary of this game as England's men have wrapped up a 10-wicket win over their New Zealand counterparts in Wellington. Taylor and Edwards plunder two singles apiece against Doolan's off-spin.

    Mark Butcher, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "There's a bit of an end-of-term feel about this game at this moment - the two sets of players were having a bit of a chat at the drinks break, which doesn't often happen. Two games in three days, plus the disappointment of not reaching the final, may have taken a bit of the competitive edge off it. But that's easy for me to say."

  63. 17 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 78-1

    Single from Taylor against Bates, then Edwards is starting to move up through the gears, adding a four and a two to move to 40 from 49 balls. Drinks.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "Something had to give. Doolan started that over with seven fielders saving one as well as a slip. Edwards made sure the off-spinner could not settle in."

  65. 16 overs: 
    Eng 71-1

    That's too wide from Doolan, Edwards steps in and scythes a four wide of extra cover, before she reaches to hoist another four through mid-wicket and that takes the England captain past 5,000 ODI runs. A single moves her to 34 in this innings, Taylor moves to 25 with a single.

    And some news just in from the ECB... James Tredwell and Jade Dernbach have been awarded England incremental contracts for 2012-13 by virtue of their ODI and T20 appearances this winter. It's done on a points-based system I won't bore you with now...

  66. 15 overs: 
    Eng 61-1

    Edwards forces Bates through mid-wicket, Amy Satterthwaite can't field cleanly and England steal a single. Taylor leg-glances, very fine, for a four to bring up the fifty partnership. People like to talk of "platforms" being constructed at this stage in the innings... that's certainly what's happening here for England.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "New Zealand are trying to put the squeeze on England here, with as many as seven fielders inside the ring. It's working, too. Some good bowling from Bates and Doolan is being backed up by tidy fielding."

  68. 14 overs: 
    Eng 56-1 (TARGET 221)

    Time for some spin for the first time in this innings, it's Lucy Doolan into the attack - now she can turn the ball, and immediately does so against Edwards, who late-dabs a single to third man. Taylor pokes a single through the covers. Another single and a wide round off the over.

  69. 13 overs: 
    Eng 52-1

    Bates, who was grazing on the cover boundary during Ruck's over - not the usual fielding position for a captain, who's usually in the circle in one-day cricket - finds a bit of late inswing against Taylor, and Bates completes a maiden, the former NZ Olympic basketball player (Beijing 2008, in case you asked) is doing her side proud here.

  70. 12 overs: 
    Eng 52-1 (TARGET 221)

    Ruck, who's bowled well so far, keeps it tight in her sixth over - only a single and a wide from it. She has 1-9 from six.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "Bright, brilliant afternoon sunshine in Mumbai, it has turned into the sweltering day we thought it would be. England are going along nicely, the New Zealand attack holds no demons."

  72. 11 overs: 
    Eng 50-1

    After two expensive overs, Browne is taken out of the firing line and Kiwi skipper Suzie Bates turns to her own right-arm medium pace. As well as being the tournament's leading run-scorer, she's also chipped in with four wickets. A Taylor single means both batters have 18 briefly, before Edwards cuts between backward point and third man for four to bring up the fifty for England.

  73. 10 overs: 
    Eng 45-1 (TARGET 221)

    Ruck serves up a full toss but Edwards hits it straight to the fielder at cover, before the England captain moves to 18 with a single. A misfield allows Taylor a single off the last ball to move to 17. New Zealand were 35-0 at this stage.

  74. 9 overs: 
    Eng 43-1

    Browne begins her second over with another ropey wide, then Taylor goes fishing, gets an edge but it bounces in front of where second slip would have been standing, and away for four. Frances Mackay, the solitary slip, puts in the dive but can't get to it. Taylor drives another four, Browne is leaking runs here.

  75. 8 overs: 
    Eng 34-1

    Taylor is happy to progress in singles at this stage, left-armer Ruck keeps it tight against Edwards and has 1-5 from four overs.

  76. 7 overs: 
    Eng 33-1 (TARGET 221)

    New Zealand's first bowling change as Tahuhu is replaced by the tall Nicola Browne, who gave the White Ferns a bit of impetus at the end of their innings. She opens with a wide, Taylor adds a single and Edwards lashes a four through the covers, before effortlessly pulling another shorter delivery through mid-wicket for four. That takes her past 200 runs for the tournament.

    By the way, confirmation that it's Rachel Priest keeping wicket for NZ today, not Sara McGlashan, though they've both kept in the past.

  77. 6 overs: 
    Eng 23-1

    I apologise to Sian Ruck for neglecting to credit her with a wicket maiden from her last over - in fact, she's yet to concede a run off the bat, until Edwards unleashes a lovely cover drive for four when the blond-haired Ruck serves up a juicy half-volley, which is the only blemish on the over.

  78. 5 overs: 
    Eng 19-1

    Tahuhu starts the over with a wide, Edwards knocks the ball to point, Taylor is already way down the pitch wanting a single and a misfield means the ball trickles to third man and allows Edwards to jog through for one. In contrast to Ruck's last over, there are now two slips in for Taylor, who finds the gap with a two through the covers as no fewer than three fielders give chase. Taylor works the ball off her legs, there's what looks like a good sliding stop on the rope... but the fielder sportingly signals that she was in contact with the rope when she stopped the ball, so it's four.

    And TMS are back with commentary of the England men's game as they begin their run chase against New Zealand in Wellington - but they'll be back with updates on this game.

  79. 4 overs: 
    Eng 10-1 (TARGET 221)

    Sarah Taylor is in at three - her World Cup scores so far have been 35, 0, 0, 0 and 88. New Zealand show her a little respect by removing both slip fielders, with one of them in a catching position at short mid-wicket.

    Mel Jones, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "I certainly wouldn't have thought at the start of this tournament that it would be an Australia-West Indies final, as West Indies are one of the most inconsistent teams around. But when they're on, they're really on, and anything can happen. There's concerns about the Australian batting so if West Indies put, say, 220 on the board, it could be interesting."

  81. 3.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Wyatt c Priest b Ruck 5 (Eng 10-1)

    Wyatt plays and misses at Ruck, and then perishes as Ruck sends one down which takes the outside edge and is taken by Rachel Priest behind the stumps.

    Charles Dagnall, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Both of these sides wanted to make the World Cup final, but this has still been an intense game of cricket, and it hasn't been a deflating experience with anyone just going through the motions."

  83. 3 overs: 
    Eng 10-0

    Danni Wyatt opens her account with a fierce square cut past the diving backward point fielder, and guides Tahuhu for a single to mid-wicket.

    Mel Jones, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "New Zealand don't have a bowler of the pace of Katherine Brunt, so they're going to have to watch their lines and lengths, bowl in good areas and put England under pressure."

  85. 2 overs: 
    Eng 5-0

    A welcome return for TMS commentary during the interval between innings in the men's game, as left-arm seamer Sian Ruck takes the second over, and Wyatt helps her first ball away for a leg bye, while Edwards defends the rest of the over. A maiden.

    Mel Jones, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "I think if New Zealand knew they were going to bat first, they'd have been looking for about 240. It was a steady start by Bates and Mackay and Satterthwaite batted well, but nobody really got after the England bowlers until Nicola Browne came in late on. There were two caught-and-bowleds off spinners today, so the pitch is holding up pretty well."

  87. 1 over: 
    Eng 4-0 (TARGET 221)

    Tahuhu hits Edwards on the pad first ball, there's a loud appeal for lbw but there appeared to be an inside edge on that. When Tahuhu strays down the leg side, Edwards turns it off her toes for four through square leg.

  88. 0723: 

    Charlotte Edwards and Danielle Wyatt walk out to begin the innings, while right-arm seamer Lea Tahuhu will take the new ball for the Kiwis.


    From Nick in Walthamstow, TMS inbox: "Any thoughts on my WWC format change suggestion? In Super Six stage, four teams qualify for semi-finals seeded by Net Run Rate (NRR). 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd BUT to make Super Sixes interesting, top seeds in each match (1st and 2nd) have automatically 'won' the toss in their respective semi-finals by virtue of NRR to incentivise matches as many Super Six matches as possible. Not that it has been a very interesting tournament but 3rd v 4th and 5th v 6th place playoffs are a bit listless."

    In the 5th/6th play-offs, Sri Lanka have made 243-7 from their 50 overs against South Africa. Chamari Atapattu top scored with 52, while the powerfully-built Eshani Kaushalya weighed in with 43 from 31 balls.

  90. 0715: 

    So, England need 221 to win - can they do it and nail down third place? Despite the fact we've got two England-NZ games (men's and women's) happening simultaneously, we want to hear from you about their performance over the whole of the tournament. You can text 81111, email tms@bbc.co.uk or tweet us via #bbccricket.


    Richie Rajamani: "Morning Mark and all. Do wish that England had made the final, however just goes to show that you need some luck also to win a World Cup."

    Join the debate by tweeting us via #bbccricket

  92. 0650: 

    Time for the interval between innings - I'm going to take a short break and raid the BBC canteen for a bit of breakfast, but you can keep listening to TMS for commentary on the men's T20 international between New Zealand and England in Wellington, as well as our live text commentary. Just make sure you're back for England's reply...


    New Zealand's Katie Perkins: "Nicola Browne has always been our workhorse, she can come in and change a game for us at the end. I knew my role was to help Amy Satterthwaite out. We defended a similar total to this against England in our warm-up game, so there's no reason we can't do so again."

  94. 0643: 

    So, England will need to score 221 from their 50 overs to finish third in this World Cup.

  95. 50 overs: 
    WICKET- Doolan c Knight b Brindle 8 (NZ 220-8)

    It's Arran Bindle to whom England turn for the last over, with the big-hitting Browne on strike. She slog-sweeps the first ball through mid-wicket where it just beats the boundary fielder's dive, then lofts a six over the same fielder's head for six. Brindle switches to bowling round the wicket, the third ball is down the leg side and Browne gloves it over short fine leg's head for four - 14 from the first three balls. She can't connect with the fourth, aiming another bloodthirsty slog-sweep. All four boundary riders are on the leg side as Browne smears the fifth ball to deep backward square leg for one, taking her score to 27 from 12 balls. Doolan will face the last ball, she swings it into the air... and is caught by Heather Knight at long-on.

  96. 49 overs: 

    Danielle Wyatt will bowl the penultimate over, and Browne helps herself to two fours through the leg side to push the NZ score past 200. Wyatt strays with a wide, while three more singles are added while Sarah Taylor misses a stumping chance as the ball trickles down to short fine leg. So, who to bowl the last over?


    From Mike, Squamish, BC, Canada, TMS inbox: "Have read many articles in the last few day by informed and respected writers regarding England's performance at this World Cup. Little has been said about 'sport' and its variables. We speak of 'underdogs', aren't the West Indies girls a great example, but we seldom allude to 'overdogs', did we expect too much from England? If we wanted everything in life predetermined, we wouldn't watch sport. It's still Valentine's Day in Western Canada, let's tell them we still love them and thanks for a great tournament. And you too, TMS!"

  98. 48 overs: 
    NZ 193-7

    Brunt will also bowl out here - meaning the last two overs will probably be bowled by a combination of Gunn, Brindle or Wyatt. Right-handers Doolan and Browne open their accounts with singles, Brunt digs in a bouncer which Doolan whacks high into the air and wide of the mid-wicket boundary rider for four. Doolan, who long-term fans may remember from her heroic performance with bat and ball for the White Ferns against England in the 2009 World Cup final, whips a single off her legs, and Browne nudges the last ball for a single.

  99. 47 overs: 
    NZ 185-7

    Lucy Doolan, who opened for New Zealand in their last game but is now batting at nine, works the hat-trick ball off her legs for a leg bye, and Colvin takes her cap with figures of 3-31 from 10 overs.

  100. 46.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Satterthwaite b Colvin 85 (NZ 184-7)

    The experienced Nicola Browne, playing her 119th ODI, comes in, she's the non-striker as Satterthwaite swings, misses and is bowled. Colvin on a hat-trick!

  101. 46.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Priest c Brunt b Colvin 15 (NZ 184-6)

    Holly Colvin will complete her spell, Satterthwaite takes aim with a lofted off-drive and is dropped by captain Charlotte Edwards running round at mid-off, she gets a hand (or two) to it but can't hold on. But Priest isn't so lucky, aiming a big hit towards cow corner and she's pouched by Katherine Brunt on the boundary.

  102. 46 overs: 
    NZ 181-5

    Katherine Brunt returns with two overs left in her spell as England look to break this burgeoning partnership. Priest and Satterthwaite exchange singles, Brunt fires in a bouncer and Priest has to play with an almost vertical bat to club it to the mid-wicket boundary for a single. In fact, the Kiwis manage six singles off Brunt's over. Satterthwaite has 83 from 92, Priest has 14 from 14, and this pair have now added 23.

  103. 45 overs: 
    NZ 175-5

    Priest goes aerial, hoisting Hazell for the first six of the match as the ball thuds into the foot of the sightscreen. Bosh. Three more singles mean Hazell completes her spell and finishes with 1-42 from her 10 overs. Satterthwaite has 80, Priest has 11, can the left-hander reach her century with five overs left?

  104. 44 overs: 
    NZ 166-5

    Wyatt spins the ball from hand to hand before tossing it up to Priest, who lofts a single to Knight, who runs round well at long-on to field the ball on the bounce. Satterthwaite moves to 79 with a four and a single, Priest adds another. Seven from the over.

  105. 43 overs: 
    NZ 159-5

    Rachel Priest - batting in one of those cycling-style helmets favoured by Kumar Sangakkara and James Taylor, among others - is the new batter. The third umpire is called into action when Priest pushes the ball to mid-off, Satterthwaite is sent back and the throw by Heather Knight hits the stumps at the bowler's end - is Satterthwaite back in time? It looks like she's possibly out from one angle, in from another as the third ump has a long look. A really long look. (Can umpires be fined for slow over-rates? This one might be). And at length, the batter gets the benefit of the doubt. Priest is off the mark with a single, that's the only run from a good over by Hazell.

  106. 42.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Perkins st Taylor b Hazell 20 (NZ 158-5)

    Hazell returns after that one-over Colvin burst, so we have the two Danielles bowling off-spin in tandem - and the bowling change pays dividends when Perkins, who had never really got going, aims a big slog-sweep, misses and is smartly stumped.

  107. 42 overs: 
    NZ 158-4

    A double change as off-spinner Danielle Wyatt, who - somewhat surprisingly - hasn't been asked to bowl yet today, replaces Brunt at the Churchgate End. Satterthwaite clubs another four through her favoured wide mid-on area, before moving to 74 with a single. Perkins adds a single, she has 20 from 36 balls. Wyatt is bowling in sunglasses, Taylor is keeping wicket in sunglasses and it certainly looks "scorchio" in Mumbai at the moment.

  108. 41 overs: 
    NZ 152-4

    England switch their spinners as Hazell, with 0-32 from eight, is replaced by slow left-armer Holly Colvin. Perkins goes for a big hit down the ground, but perversely prospers as she doesn't time the ball well, and it only reaches Jenny Gunn at long-on, on the bounce - when a clean hit may have seen her caught on the boundary. More ones and twos are added, Colvin has 1-27 from nine.

    Charles Dagnall, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Katherine Brunt will feel aggrieved as she forced a false shot there which took the edge and just beat Sarah Taylor."

  110. 40 overs: 
    NZ 146-4

    Brunt strays with a wide, Perkins and Satterthwaite continue to push the singles, before Satterthwaite gets an edge and with no slips in, it sails past the diving Sarah Taylor for four to end the boundary drought. That's 26 added during the powerplay, without losing a wicket. But with the White Ferns only trotting along at four or five an over, with 10 left, can they make 200?

  111. 39 overs: 
    NZ 138-4

    Satterthwaite moves to 61 with a single, while Hazell - who's not among the tallest players in the England team - does well to jump up, field off her own bowling and save a run. Three more singles from the over, Hazell has 0-32 from eight and we've not had any boundaries since Satterthwaite hit a couple in the 34th over.


    From Jeremy, via text on 81111: "Being Valentine's Day yesterday, it seems only apt to say I think Brunt is my new fast bowler crush after Jimmy Anderson! A joy to watch her bowl with such consistently high skill levels all tournament."

  113. 38 overs: 
    NZ 134-4

    New Zealand haven't really found third gear much in this game, let alone fourth, but it's a slightly better over for the White Ferns as they plunder six singles from Brunt's seventh over.

  114. 0545: 

    If you've been following this game on Test Match Special, they've now switched to commentary on the men's Twenty20 international between the same teams (New Zealand and England) from Wellington, although there will still be regular updates from the women's game.

    However, rest assured I'll keep going with the live text commentary on the women's game here - while Ben Dirs is on duty for the men's game - and TMS will resume commentary on the women's game after the men's game is concluded. OK?

  115. 37 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- NZ 128-4

    It's a thankless task for a spinner to bowl in powerplays, Graeme Swann certainly doesn't like doing so, but Danielle Hazell manages to concede only four singles from her over, before the players take drinkies.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "For all the other games here at the Brabourne, ball boys and girls have been on the boundary, returning the ball and hunting for autographs. Today, they are nowhere to be seen, leaving England to do their own retrieving."

  117. 36 overs: 
    POWERPLAY- NZ 124-4

    ...it's Batting Powerplay O'Clock! As usual, the batting side have opted to take their powerplay at the last possible moment (for overs 36-40), and England turn back to their strike bowler Katherine Brunt at the Churchgate End. Her first ball hits Perkins on the pad, Brunt appeals for lbw but it looks high and the umpire is unmoved. Leg bye is signalled. Satterthwaite pushes a single to wide mid-on, Perkins moves to six with a single, and Satterthwaite takes on Lydia Greenway's arm with a quick single to backward point but makes her ground despite the ball hitting the stumps at the bowler's end.

  118. 35 overs: 
    NZ 120-4

    Satterthwaite is taking singles at will, Perkins isn't middling the ball quite as well at this stage. And with 35 overs gone, it can mean only one thing...

    Mark Butcher, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "I'd love to see Satterthwaite's 'wagon wheel' here. Nearly all of her runs have come in two areas - between mid-on and mid-wicket, and between extra cover and mid-off."

  120. 34 overs: 

    Brindle takes a rest after taking 1-23 from seven overs, and Hazell returns for her sixth. Satterthwaite pushes a single, Perkins cover-drives but gets an inside edge past the keeper and they scamper a quick run. Satterthwaite steps forward, it beats two diving England fielders at extra cover and mid-off and races away for four. "That's a pet hate of mine, extra cover's not tight enough there," growls Mark Butcher on TMS. The Christchurch-born left-hander brings up her 8th ODI half century (from 57 balls) with a lofted drive over mid-on for a first-bounce four.

  121. 33 overs: 
    NZ 107-4

    Colvin finds a bit of turn, spinning down a maiden over to Perkins.

    Mark Butcher, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "In a knock-out tournament, I don't like it when there's a 'game within a game' and a team is able to put another team out on run-rate. The only thing you should be thinking about when you go out on the park is winning the game. And the two games on Wednesday should have started at the same time."

  123. 32 overs: 
    NZ 107-4

    Satterthwaite hasn't had much of the strike lately, often taking a single early in the over, but she belatedly brings up three figures for New Zealand with a single, Three more singles ensue before Satterthwaite clubs the last ball of Brindle's over for four through mid-wicket - she has 43 from 53 balls, Perkins has two from six.

    Mark Butcher, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "You look back over a tournament at the crucial moments, and two dropped catches - Jenny Gunn dropping Eshani Kaushalya in the Sri Lanka game, and Lydia Greenway dropping Australia's Lisa Sthalekar - have probably sent off. I don't think there's much wrong with the tournament format, although some people would have liked to have seen semi-finals."

  125. 31 overs: 
    NZ 99-4

    The right-handed Katie Perkins is the new batter, seeing off the rest of the over from Colvin.

  126. 30.2 overs: 
    WICKET- McGlashan c and b Colvin 1 (NZ 99-4)

    After a Satterthwaite single, McGlashan, with only one run from her first eight balls, tries to force the pace and straight-drives an easy catch straight back to the impressive Colvin.

  127. 30 overs: 
    NZ 98-3

    Brindle, who's had a pretty good tournament (112 runs at 28.00 and 10 wickets at 15.30), keeps it tight again, three runs from the over.

    Mark Butcher, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "New Zealand have not really got going here, there's not been a high level of difficulty for the team batting first, and England have kept a lid on things."

  129. 29 overs: 
    NZ 95-3

    McGlashan is watchful early on, playing out a maiden from the miserly Colvin, who has 1-12 from five overs.

  130. 28 overs: 
    NZ 95-3

    Sara McGlashan is the new batter - now she's from a cricketing family, as her brother Peter played four ODIs and 11 T20 internationals for New Zealand, while her grandfather Robin Schofield also played first-class cricket. Like Devine, she's also batting in a cap rather than a helmet.

  131. 27.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Devine run out 8 (NZ 95-3)

    Satterthwaite and Devine exchange singles, then another firm Satterthwaite straight drive is edged onto the stumps at the bowler's end by the diving Brindle, Devine is out of her ground and has to go! Very rare that a dismissed batter leaves the field with a broad grin, but Devine does so - nothing she could have done about that.


    From Jeremy, via text on 81111: "All tournament I've felt Edwards's captaincy has been average at best. Choosing to bowl first with only one frontline seamer seems yet another bizarre decision."

  133. 27 overs: 
    NZ 93-2

    A member of the ground staff at the Brabourne Stadium looks a little on the weary side, perhaps he's had a busy World Cup, as Satterthwaite comes down the wicket and drives Colvin for the first of three singles from successive deliveries. A fierce square cut by Devine is stopped well by Hazell at backward point.

  134. 26 overs: 
    NZ 90-2

    New Zealand's progress continues to resemble a string of binary numbers - just ones and zeroes for the last couple of overs - and Brindle has 1-10 from four overs.

    Mel Jones, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "To be a fast bowler, you need to be an athlete. Perhaps we're losing girls to other sports as in Australia, for example, girls grow up playing basketball, netball and hockey - and they're Olympic sports, after all. With all the millions coming into sport, do you put it into the Australian Institute of Sport at the top end, or into grass roots?"

  136. 25 overs: 
    NZ 88-2

    More careful accumulation from Devine and Satterthwaite, three singles from the over as New Zealand reach the halfway point of their innings.

    Charles Dagnall, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "What England - and other teams - need with their pace bowling is depth. Katherine Brunt and Anya Shrubsole have been excellent but when one of them is missing, like Shrubsole today, they've not got anyone comparable to bring in."

    Read more from Daggers on the rise of the female quick bowler on the BBC Sport website

  138. 24 overs: 
    NZ 85-2

    Satterthwaite and Devine exchange singles, before Satterthwaite helps herself to her fifth boundary, the left-hander is motoring along nicely with 29 from 34 balls.

    Mel Jones, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "New Zealand have lost the two wickets but if they get six an over from here, they'll get 245 on the board, so it's fine being cautious but they need to read the game. For Frances Mackay, there was so much pressure on someone staying in with Suzie Bates, which no-one had done until Satterthwaite did the other day."

  140. 23 overs: 
    NZ 79-2

    Colvin, whose run-up is almost at a 45-degree angle as she runs in between the umpire and the stumps, begins a new over - two singles from it. Charles Dagnall on TMS notes that although pace bowling has been a key factor at this World Cup, he reckons the best two spinners have been Australia's Lisa Sthalekar and Sussex's Colvin.

  141. 22 overs: 
    NZ 77-2

    Sophie Devine - eschewing a helmet in favour of a black New Zealand cap - is the new batter for the White Ferns, and is off the mark with a single to the cover sweeper.

    Ebony Rainford-Brent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Mackay had made 30 from 62 balls, but she has probably missed out on a cheeky half century there, so she'll be disappointed."

  143. 21.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Mackay b Brindle 30 (NZ 76-2)

    While Ebony on TMS confesses to "using the little cradle-thingy" the last time she went tenpin bowling, it's a 'strike' for Arran Brindle as Mackay tries to force the medium-pacer into the leg side, gets a bottom edge and drags the ball onto her leg stump!

    Ebony Rainford-Brent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Satterthwaite's playing quite smartly there, as there's not much turn for Holly Colvin, so coming down the track is bringing her runs."

  145. 21 overs: 
    NZ 76-1

    A double change in the bowling as Hazell (who has 0-14 from five overs) is replaced by left-arm spinner Holly Colvin. As ever, she has a thick stripe of zinc cream across her nose and cheeks, which reminds Charles Dagnall on TMS of legendary South Africa quick bowler Allan Donald. Mackay adds a single, Satterthwaite comes down the track and blasts a four past the diving Edwards at mid-off, and another straight-driven four takes the left-hander to 23 from 27 balls, she's not hanging around here.

    Ebony Rainford-Brent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Arran Brindle's four-year-old son Harry is like the team's mascot, he loves playing corridor cricket with the girls."

  147. 20 overs: 
    NZ 67-1

    With the players refreshed, Marsh has been taken off after that one over as England turn to Arran Brindle's right-arm medium pace. Mackay moves to 29 with a single, but it's a tight first over by the Lincolnshire all-rounder.


    From Robert in Billericay, TMS inbox: "Trying to stay awake for you, want you to know how great the coverage has been, but not as easy when the girls are going for 3rd place and not the title. Sort of like a barbecue on a rainy day, isn't it... Go on, tell us how you keep going at 4 in the morning, I'm struggling!"

    I'm just happy to watch cricket any time of the day or night. Glad you're enjoying it, Robert.

  149. 0436: 

    And while the players take drinks, I can point you to a couple of pieces on the BBC Sport website - there's the Mark Lane interview I mentioned earlier, while TMS pundits Mark Butcher and Ebony Rainford-Brent analyse where it went wrong for England.

    But what do you think? As ever, you can email tms@bbc.co.uk (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 if you're in the UK, or tweet us via #bbccricket - we want your tournament verdict on England.

  150. 19 overs: 

    It's off-spin from both ends as Hazell skips in for her fifth over, Mackay and Satterthwaite take three singles from it, and the players have earned some drinks.

  151. 18 overs: 
    NZ 63-1

    Gunn takes a rest with 1-20 from eight overs and is replaced by off-spinner Laura Marsh, who was the leading wicket-taker at the 2009 World Cup but has struggled a little by comparison this time round, taking only one wicket for 164 runs in her first 34 overs before today. Satterthwaite clubs her first delivery through square leg for four, a single brings Mackay on strike and a loose delivery to is lifted just wide of Heather Knight at short fine leg. More ones and twos mean it's eight from the over.

  152. 17 overs: 
    NZ 55-1

    Hazell keeps it tight against Mackay for five deliveries, but then the Kiwi opener helps herself to a four off the last ball to move to 25 from 49 balls.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "Those girls that arrived after the match started are now up on their feet, dancing, clapping and chanting. You know the hum created by a full crowd at an English ground? They are miles louder than that."

  154. 16 overs: 
    NZ 51-1

    Satterthwaite and Mackay plunder singles against Gunn, who reties her hair mid-over, as the Kiwis reach fifty.

    Ebony Rainford-Brent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "New Zealand have done well not to be troubled by the early morning conditions, but Jenny Gunn has bowled brilliantly."

  156. 15 overs: 
    NZ 49-1

    Charlotte Edwards does a lot of tinkering with Hazell's field for the left-handed Satterthwaite, who rotates the strike with a single. Mackay reverse-sweeps but can't connect cleanly and it's a tight over, only one run from it.

    Charles Dagnall, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "With it being free entry would love to have seen more children come and enjoy the cricket at the CCI. They are having a great time!"

  158. 14 overs: 
    NZ 48-1

    Satterthwaite, who scored a century against England on Wednesday, picks up where she left off by hammering Gunn for four, while a single and a wide means Gunn has 1-18 from her seven overs.

    Mark Butcher, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Someone in a high-visibility vest just ran across the sightscreen just behind the bowler's arm as Hazell was about to bowl, and Mackay didn't even flinch. My old Surrey opening partner Ian Ward, by contrast, used to see things that weren't even there, like a newspaper flapping in the wind, miles away at the Vauxhall End at The Oval."

  160. 13 overs: 
    NZ 42-1

    Left-hander Amy Satterthwaite is the new batter, she's the non-striker as Hazell sends down a maiden over to Mackay.

    Mark Butcher, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Bates got a bit bogged down there, 21 from 41 balls, and she was forced into a false shot."

  162. 12 overs: 
    WICKET- Bates c Greenway b Gunn 21 (NZ 42-1)

    Mackay knocks Gunn for a single, then has to wear a nasty blow on the elbow when Bates hits strongly down the ground again, and it hits Mackay as non-striker! But the first wicket falls when Bates aims another big shot and it's a pretty straightforward catch for Greenway at backward point.

  163. 11 overs: 
    NZ 41-0

    With the powerplay restrictions over, England can put the field back a little, and make their first bowling change with off-spinner Danielle Hazell - playing her first game since the opening match against Sri Lanka - coming into the attack, but her first ball is down the leg side and Bates helps it on its way for four. Bates then comes down the track, Hazell gets down well to field off her own bowling - and batter and bowler exchange wry grins. Two more singles added.

    Mark Butcher, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "You have to field quite straight at mid-on and mid-off for Bates, as she hits quite hard down the ground, but she and Mackay aren't the fastest between the wickets so you can be back on the edge of the circle."

  165. 10 overs: 
    NZ 35-0

    Gunn's been economical this morning, but is out of luck as an inside edge from Bates scoots past the stumps and away for a single. That's the luck you get when you've passed 400 for the World Cup, I guess.

    Mark Butcher, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "It wasn't a wrong decision to field first, but it's much easier to bat now on these pitches that are about three weeks now."

  167. 9 overs: 
    NZ 34-0

    Brunt begins her fifth over, no bowling changes yet from England, while Bates blasts another four to pass 400 runs for the tournament. Such is her dominance, she's nearly 100 ahead of second-placed Stafanie Taylor of West Indies (309), and the best past of 200 ahead of third-placed Rachael Haynes of Australia (221). A single takes Bates to 15.

  168. 8 overs: 
    NZ 29-0

    Bates steers Gunn for a single, while Mackay firmly on-drives her third boundary to the right of the diving bowler.

  169. 7 overs: 
    NZ 24-0

    Bates hesitantly prods Brunt for a single, Lydia Greenway's throw misses the stumps when Mackay would have been out by a couple of yards if the throw had hit. Brunt looks to the heavens in despair, as a fast bowler might.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "With Arran Brindle England's designated fine leg to fine leg fielder, Katherine Brunt is standing at extra cover when Gunn bowls. You don't often see an opening bowler patrolling the ring in the early stages of an ODI."

  171. 6 overs: 
    NZ 23-0

    With wicketkeeper Sarah Taylor standing up to the stumps, Gunn hits Mackay on the pad as she plays forward, although there's an appeal from the wicketkeeper but not the bowler. Considering one of the only disappointing aspects of the tournament has been some odd decisions from the (male) umpires, surely it might have been worth a shout there? But the ball-tracker indicates the ball was heading down the leg side on this occasion. Maiden over from Gunn.

    Ebony Rainford-Brent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "This is a good start, we've seen some quality bowling from Brunt and some boundaries from New Zealand. The standard has been great throughout the tournament - we've had big runs scored, many more hundreds than the last World Cup, and the bowling has been good too. The game has grown significantly."

  173. 5 overs: 
    NZ 23-0

    Mackay moves to 14 with a single, Brunt tries a bouncer which Bates pulls for four, but Brunt responds with a fuller delivery which swings away from the right-hander and is a whisker away from finding the edge.

  174. 4 overs: 
    NZ 18-0

    Some tight fielding allows Gunn to keep it tight from the Churchgate End, Mackay adds a single to the score.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "As Jenny Gunn runs towards me from the Churchgate End, a huge group of schoolgirls file into the stand behind her. Dressed in white, they join an already full part of the ground. The tournament has been free entry throughout, but this is the first time I've seen whole groups of children inside the Brabourne."

  176. 3 overs: 
    NZ 17-0

    Brunt finds her length, making Mackay play and miss just outside off stump in Geoff Boycott's beloved "corridor of uncertainty", but the Kiwi right-hander responds with a firm off-driven four, and another flashing drive flies off the edge past Gunn at gully and down to third man for a single.

    Ebony Rainford-Brent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Bates is a seriously good player, it'll be interesting to see how she handles these conditions, as it looks like she's still up for it. There's not much time to exploit these conditions before it turns into a good batting wicket, or 'the M25' as Katherine Brunt called it the other day."

  178. 2 overs: 
    NZ 12-0

    With Anya Shrubsole missing because of illness, the medium-fast Jenny Gunn shares the new ball with Brunt, her first ball hits Mackay on the pad and there's a stifled lbw appeal, while the second ball is swinging down the leg side and Mackay nudges it away for a leg bye. Captain Bates, the leading run-scorer in the tournament (having scored 73, 65 not out, 102, 37, 30 and 79 from the first six games), will punish any loose deliveries - and whips a four through mid-wicket.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "I think we're in for a very hot day in Mumbai, it's only just turned nine o'clock and the press box is baking."

  180. 1 over: 
    NZ 7-0

    Mackay justifies her recall, opening the face of the bat to steer Brunt for four wide of third man, and adding a two and a single in a good first over for the Kiwis.

  181. 0329: 

    Opening for New Zealand are Frances Mackay (one of two changes for the White Ferns, she and Lea Tahuhu replace Morna Nielsen and Rachel Candy) and skipper Suzie Bates. Katherine Brunt to take the new ball. Here we go.

  182. 0325: 

    Some interesting words from England coach Mark Lane, who's been chatting to TMS's Charles Dagnall. He said captain Charlotte Edwards has no plans to retire any time soon, and that they'd love to play more Test cricket than the occasional game against Australia which they do now, but doesn't think it will happen at the moment. You can read more from Lane on the BBC Sport website.

  183. 0320: 

    England have won the toss and - unsurprisingly considering the early morning conditions during the tournament - have elected to field. They make one team change, with spinner Danielle Hazell replacing seamer Anya Shrubsole, who had been a doubt after she failed to take the field in Wednesday's game because of illness.

  184. 0315: 

    Morning, everyone. It's England's farewell to the Women's World Cup today - having beaten New Zealand in their final group game while narrowly failing to qualify for the final, they face the White Ferns again with third place - and a fair amount of pride, prize money and ranking points - at stake.

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