New Zealand v England, first one-day international as it happened

New Zealand beat England by three wickets with seven balls to spare in the first one-day international in Hamilton.

17 February 2013 Last updated at 11:57 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 0910: 

    It's time for me to sign off and head for some sleep. There's plenty more cricket to keep you entertained, with Mark Mitchener now up and running with live text commentary of the Women's World Cup final between Australia and West Indies. You can also listen to coverage from Mumbai on Test Match Special. I'll be back on Wednesday morning (0030 GMT) for the second one-day international in Napier. Until then, goodbye.


    Andrew B on Twitter: "Short ball constantly dispatched but never learnt. Someone needs to take responsibility. There was lots of experience out there."

    Shahban Aziz ‏on Twitter: "England - the second-best one-day team in the world - are made to look ordinary by the eight-best! It didn't even go to the last over!"

  3. 0902: 

    Personally, I think England looked a batsman short and left their tail-enders with too much responsibility in the final 10 overs of their innings. Maybe Joe Root will look at his dismissal and learn from the shot he played - that was the only blemish in another wonderful knock.

  4. 0900: 

    There are two matches left in this ODI series - in Napier on Wednesday and Auckland on Saturday - before we head into the three-match Test series. What do England need to do to recover from this loss?

    Stuart Broad
    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "That was a very impressive win, England's bowling plans were odd, they haven't bowled much in these conditions, they've been used to the sub-continent, but there was a lot of short stuff flying around. It is difficult with these new field restrictions but New Zealand played really well."


    Selly ‏on Twitter: "Always beware of the crocked batsman - Gordon Greenidge used to play better when he was injured and Guptill has done the same."

    Howard Horner on Twitter: "Stuart Broad once again demonstrating why he is the most overrated player in world cricket. Why do we still persist with him?"

  7. 0854: 

    What did you make of all that then? As we suspected, England were 20-30 runs short and the match was taken away from them at the end. If we are taking positives from that fielding display, we have to give credit to Chris Woakes for some intelligent bowling.

  8. 0851: 

    That was an impressive run-chase by New Zealand. It appeared they were down and out until Brendon McCullum (69 not out from 61 balls) and Martin Guptill (27 not out) took control at the end.

  9. 48.5 overs: 

    Poor stuff from Stuart Broad who drops short and is hammered into the stands for six by Brendon McCullum before the bowler sends down a bouncer which is called a wide. A single down to long-on puts the injured Martin Guptill on strike. The scores are level after Guptill creams four into the off side. He then takes a single to win the match and put his side 1-0 up in the three-match series.

  10. 48 overs: 
    NZ 246-7 (Target 259)

    Brendon McCullum looks like he is in a hurry now as he pulls four down past backward square leg off Chris Woakes. He then adds a single into the off side. Over to you, Martin Guptill. The injured opener fails to score from his first two deliveries faced but cuts four to ease the pressure before finishing the over with a boundary down the ground. Just 13 from 12 needed now.

  11. 47 overs: 
    NZ 233-7 (Target 259)

    Martin Guptill is not going to be running many quick singles but he can certainly biff it a long way and he manages to dig out a yorker and crash four through the covers. He then lifts six over third man to send the crowd wild. He'd be a national hero if he won this game for his country on one leg. NZ in control now, needing 26 from 18 balls.


    Adam Davies: "This is a good test for England. Generally used to them losing from positions like this. Let's see if we have learnt our lessons."

  13. 46 overs: 
    WICKET- Ellis c Finn b Broad 13 (NZ 219-7)

    Another wicket for England, but it's not the one they want. Andrew Ellis hooks Stuart Broad to fine leg and Steven Finn somehow holds on to the catch with his forearms tucked into his chest. There's a huge roar from the crowd as the hobbling Martin Guptill defies a hamstring strain to march to the crease and take guard alongside his skipper. NZ now need 40 from 24 balls.

    Iain O'Brien, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think it's swung back to New Zealand with those last couple of overs, which saw just a couple more than England wanted to concede."

  15. 45 overs: 
    NZ 213-6 (Target 259)

    Andrew Ellis does the right thing, taking a single to give Brendon McCullum the strike against Steven Finn. A short ball is pulled skywards towards the boundary by the Kiwi skipper but Jonathan Trott can't get to the ball in time. The shot brings just one and Ellis ends the over with a single down to third man. NZ now need 46 from 30 balls.


    Chris Jones: "Glad I woke up early to watch what could be an exciting 10 overs."

  17. 44 overs: 

    Stuart Broad returns to the attack and his intentions are clear straight away as he bowls as wide of off stump as possible and Brendon McCullum plays and misses. However, he strays on to leg and the Kiwi skipper brings up his fifty with two runs off his pads. A single puts Andrew Ellis on strike and the all-rounder gets a top edge for four after a Stuart Broad bouncer. He takes a single to reduce the target to 49 from 36 balls. England looking a bit worried now.

    Iain O'Brien, BBC Test Match Special

    "My New Zealand dollar will stay in my pocket...I think I'll put it over the bar tonight! If it was six down at the end I think I'd stick with New Zealand but at the moment it's 50-50."

  19. 43 overs: 
    NZ 202-6 (Target 259)

    If NZ fall just short, surely they will regret not sending in their skipper a bit earlier? McCullum and Ellis milk singles from Graeme Swann, taking six from the over. England won't mind that. NZ now need 57 from 42.

  20. 42 overs: 
    NZ 196-6 (Target 259)

    I'd hate to upset one of the McCullum brothers - and Brendon is not a happy chappy now after seeing his brother sent packing. He takes it out on Chris Woakes by pulling the young bowler for four. He and new batsman Andrew Ellis take a single apiece before a low full toss is dispatched to the boundary by BM, despite a great diving effort by Joe Root on the boundary. NZ need 63 from 48 now.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "England made 60 from their last 10 overs and lost six wickets. New Zealand are going to have to play well to win it so it's a good ODI."

    Follow the finish with the Test Match Special commentary team.

  22. 41 overs: 
    WICKET- N McCullum lbw b Swann 14 (NZ 186-6)

    After several replays on the TV Nathan McCullum is finally given out, but the batsman is not happy, suggesting the ball hit his bat before pad. A close call but the umpire's original decision is upheld.

  23. 40.5 overs: 

    Nathan and Brendon run singles before Nathan comes down the wicket and launches Swann for a straight six with a powerful thump. Swann then fires in a quicker ball and thinks he has Nathan trapped leg before.

  24. 40 overs: 
    NZ 178-5

    This game isn't over yet as Brendon puts his brother on strike and Nathan guides Steven Finn for four down to third man. NZ now need 81 from 60 balls.

  25. 39 overs: 
    NZ 172-5

    Brendon McCullum is not going to go down without a fight - hammering James Anderson for a six before swiping consecutive fours. He then takes a single into the leg side to give his brother a hit. Nathan obliges with two down to third man. 17 runs from the over.

    Brendon McCullum
    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "Beaten by pace, Finn was on to Franklin too quickly for him to control the stroke. We're getting down to a critical time for New Zealand, another wicket will almost be game time."

  27. 38 overs: 
    WICKET- Franklin c Buttler b Finn 3 (NZ 155-5)

    James Franklin has not looked comfortable against the England Test bowlers in this powerplay and he goes after a short one from Steven Finn and edges behind. England are well on top now as Nathan McCullum's arrival at the crease to join his big bro is greeted with the strains of 'He ain't heavy, he's my brother.'

  28. 37 overs: 
    NZ 153-4 (Target 259)

    James Anderson builds more pressure with four dot balls to James Franklin, who eventually takes a single to mid-on. That's it for the over, NZ now need 106 from 78.


    Thomas Knights: "Only way Williamson was going to get out. Very good knock from a good young player."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "They're not rotating the strike so they're dependent on a boundary and if it doesn't come they get stuck."

    Follow the finish with the Test Match Special commentary team.

  31. 36 overs: 
    POWERPLAY- NZ 152-4

    England sense blood now and Steven Finn is recalled to the attack. Brendon McCullum greets the beginning of the powerplay with two down to the fine leg boundary, only being denied a four by some superb fielding on the ropes by Joe Root. It's not the first time today the young Yorkshireman has looked impressive in the field. Finn drops in short to the Kiwi skipper, who plays an air shot. The batsman recovers his poise for the final delivery of the over - pulling for a flat six.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "You get to the stage in one-day cricket where either side can win, it's who holds their nerve."

  33. 35 overs: 
    NZ 144-4 (Target 259)

    The required rate is well above seven an over for New Zealand now and scoreboard pressure is beginning to show on the Kiwi batsmen as James Franklin joins his skipper at the crease. Graeme Swann continues to turn the screw and there is almost another run out courtesy of more poor calling. Panic is beginning to set in. NZ need 115 runs from 90 balls now.

  34. 34 overs: 
    WICKET- Williamson run out Bell 74 (NZ 142-4)

    Chris Woakes continues to keep it tight with Brendon McCullum and Kane Williamson both looking to up the run-rate but being limited to singles. From the final delivery of the over, McCullum drives to mid-on and Williamson sets off for a quick single. The young batsman is turned back and Ian Bell's superb throw is deflected on to the stumps by Woakes. A massive wicket for England.

    Kane Williamson is run out
  35. 33 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- NZ 140-3 (Target 259)

    James Anderson looks glum in the field after dropping Kiwi dangerman Kane Williamson on 73. The ball is pulled to Anderson at midwicket, who is beaten by the pace of the ball and grasses the chance. Was that England's chance of victory?

  36. 32 overs: 
    NZ 137-3 (Target 259)

    Amazing stuff over on Test Match Special, as Geoffrey Boycott informs Aggers that he loves ballet. Chris Woakes has been England's best bowler today and he almost gets his third wicket when he induces an edge behind from Kane Williamson but the catch does not carry to Jos Buttler. Six from the over.


    Steve Cohen: "Stuart Broad deserves a credit for that wicket for roughing up Elliott with previous delivery."

  38. 31 overs: 
    NZ 131-3 (Target 259)

    If England get Brendon McCullum cheaply, they will really fancy their chances - and they almost get their man when he is late on a shot and almost chips the ball back to Stuart Broad. The Kiwi skipper recovers to clips four off his pads and eat into that target a little more.

  39. 30 overs: 
    NZ 126-3 (Target 259)

    Brendon McCullum is the new batsman at the crease and he is sure to try and get this run-rate going in the right direction. Chris Woakes shows he is no slouch by bowling a bouncer which whistles through to the keeper. NZ require 133 from 120 balls.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's quite obvious they are trying to play carefully but for me they are just getting a little bit too careful and they could leave the late order batsmen with too much to do. I don't understand McCullum batting at five, you've got to get your best players in."

  41. 29.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Elliott c Morgan b Woakes 22 (NZ 124-3)

    Chris Woakes strikes again, inducing a flashing drive from Grant Elliott and Eoin Morgan takes a good catch at backward point. How England needed that wicket.

  42. 29 overs: 
    Ouch!- NZ 123-2 (Target 259)

    England need a bit of inspiration now as Kane Williamson hits Stuart Broad for a back-foot four. The bowler is not too happy and finishes his over with a bouncer which hits Grant Elliott on the helmet.

  43. 28 overs: 
    NZ 116-2 (Target 259)

    Kane Williamson and Grant Elliott are laying the foundations for Brendon McCullum here. James Anderson strays down the leg side and Williamson helps the ball on for four leg-byes. The bowler does manage to get one to stick in the pitch and finds Grant Elliott's outside edge but it runs away for a single and the Burnley Express looks on ruefully. And offers the batsman a choice word or two.


    Terry, TMS inbox: "No secret to staying awake at all, just live in the right country where it's not yet midnight. Regards for the good job you're doing."

  45. 27 overs: 
    NZ 108-2 (Target 259)

    Those picnic areas which bring the Seddon Park ground to life are not looking as pristine now. The sandwiches have been eaten, the champers guzzled and now the home supporters are anticipating a New Zealand victory. Stuart Broad is keeping things tight, knowing that scoreboard pressure could bring a couple of wickets.


    Rachel T: "Anderson has done it against the Aussies, India and South Africa. Plus he makes my kids start yelling, 'OH JIMMY! JIMMY!'"

  47. 26 overs: 
    NZ 104-2

    Alastair Cook realises he needs to blow a hole in this New Zealand middle order, so he has called for his heavy artillery. James Anderson runs into bowl and Kane Williamson brings up the 100 with a single down to third man. Five from the over.

  48. 25 overs: 
    NZ 99-2

    On TMS, Simon Mann says he now makes New Zealand favourites to win the match. Do you agree? Graeme Swann is getting a bit of turn but Grant Elliott is beginning to read him and lofts four over extra cover. Seven from the over.

  49. 24 overs: 
    FIFTY FOR KANE WILLIAMSON- NZ 92-2 (Target 259)

    How many of you were with us at the start of the match and are still going strong? What's your secret to staying awake during the night? Stuart Broad continues to wheel away and the over ends with Kane Williamson reaching his half-century via a single down to third man. If he stays in, the Kiwis have a real chance here.

  50. 23 overs: 
    NZ 88-2 (Target 259)

    We're into those middle overs of an innings where the field drops back and the batsman deal solely in singles. Six more of them from Graeme Swann's over.

  51. 22 overs: 
    NZ 82-2 (Target 259)

    Kane Williamson is batting in a similar manner to Joe Root - always able to work the ball into gaps and keep the scoreboard ticking along. He takes a single to mid-off to move to 46 not out from 64 balls.


    Andy Turner: "I think Murali & Warne should be downgraded when you think how many times they played Bangladesh. Beefy still tops Anderson too."

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "No real risks, particularly from Williamson's bat, don't want that run-rate getting too much higher."

  54. 21 overs: 
    NZ 81-2

    Unlucky, Graeme Swann. He beats Grant Elliott in the flight and the batsman is off the mark with an inside edge for four. The England man is causing the new batsman a few problems and turns one into the Kiwi's pads, only for his appeal to be turned down on grounds of height. England sense an opening now.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "Very good from Woakes. I think he surprised Taylor, he isn't of superior pace but it was on to him a little quicker and that's a big wicket for the young man."

    Follow the latest in Hamilton with the Test Match Special commentary team.

  56. 20 overs: 
    WICKET- Taylor c Finn b Woakes 22 (NZ 75-2)

    Just what England needed. Chris Woakes surprises Ross Taylor with some extra pace and the pull shot is skied to Steven Finn on the boundary. Grant Elliott is the new man to the crease.

    Chris Woakes
  57. 19 overs: 
    NZ 72-1 (Target 259)

    If anybody can break this partnership it's Graeme Swann, but the off-spinner is not having much luck yet as Ross Taylor sweeps past fine leg for four. He fancies a big score today.


    Gary Gold Hopkins: "Well done Mr Anderson, has done it differently to Beefy, got on with job no media spotlight etc etc unlike Beefy in his heyday."

  59. 18 overs: 
    NZ 63-1 (Target 259)

    The New Zealand reply is mirroring England's innings, suggesting we could be in for a close contest as the match progresses. Chris Woakes is not looking too threatening at the moment - Ross Taylor and Kane Williamson happy to work him into the gaps. Stuart Broad comes across to offer the bowler some advice and a couple of dot balls close the over.


    Nick Hutton in Dubai: "Botham 383 Test wickets vs Anderson's 288? No comparison. When comparing wickets taken more weight should be assigned to Test wickets and, frankly, T20 ignored altogether. Taking the wicket of someone just swishing the bat around just doesn't compare to weeding someone out in a Test. Anyway, that's my view!"

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "New Zealand are just ticking over, putting together a partnership."

  62. 17 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- NZ 60-1 (Target 259)

    Ross Taylor is clearly growing in confidence now as he rocks back and cuts Graeme Swann for four down to third man. He then takes one into the leg side before Kane Williamson also helps himself to a single. England will want to break this dangerous partnership pretty soon.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "You just get a glimpse of the quality of Taylor, the quick hands, he hit that one right out of the middle."

    Follow the latest in Hamilton with the Test Match Special commentary team.

  64. 16 overs: 
    NZ 53-1 (Target 259)

    The Kiwis keep the score ticking over slowly with Ross Taylor doing his best to get himself in and settled before the batsman makes the most of a bit of width from Chris Woakes to cut a flashing four to the boundary. Broad offers some wisdom to Woakes but there's a two for Taylor and nine come off the over.


    Stu in Dubai: "Reckon Jimmy is definitely one of England's greatest but I think he needs to get another 18 wickets to surpass Beefy as T20 doesn't really count to be fair!"

  66. 15 overs: 
    NZ 44-1 (Target 259)

    Jos Buttler enjoys the start of Graeme Swann's first over, the wicketkeeper is clearly audible over the stump mic giving the spinner some advice. Wouldn't have thought Swann would need much encouragement - and only one run comes off a tidy over from the off-spinner. He marches off to his fielding position with a definite purpose.

  67. 14 overs: 
    NZ 43-1 (Target 259)

    Chris Woakes is chucked the ball by Alastair Cook and he will know that a few wickets will really impress the England selectors who seem keen to include the all-rounder in the one-day set-up. It's a tidy first over, with just two runs coming from it.


    Singhdude: "Anderson is not in the same league as Dale Steyn...... blinded loyalty to suggest otherwise."

  69. 13 overs: 
    NZ 41-1 (Target 259)

    Steven Finn is working on a shorter run-up to try and eradicate his persistent problem of knocking off the bails at the non-striker's end during his follow-through, but there is no sign of any change to his action today. The big paceman beats Kane Williamson with a beautiful delivery which leaves the outside edge before being clipped for four down to fine leg.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    (Re the change in rules banning the use of runners) "When you have committees, I've learned as I've got older, they get together sometimes and they just think they had better do something new."

  71. 12 overs: 
    NZ 36-1 (Target 259)

    Stuart Broad is bowling a nice line and length today - how England could do with him returning to his very best form in this Ashes year. Ross Taylor takes a single backward of square before Kane Williamson, who is timing the ball beautifully, adds one more to his total.


    Benji Taylor: "Botham's 383 Test wickets is still the record to beat for Anderson. I'm backing him."

    Anderson bowls BJ Watling
  73. 11 overs: 
    NZ 34-1 (Target 259)

    Test Match Special's Simon Mann informs us that both Martin Guptill and Mitchell McClenaghan will bat later in the innings if needed by New Zealand. Whether they will be able to play in the other two matches in the series remains to be seen. Steven Finn replaces James Anderson and bowls another tight over - just two from it.

  74. 10 overs: 
    NZ 32-1 (Target 259)

    I think Geoffrey Boycott (below) is a tad harsh on New Zealand - players like Ross Taylor and Brendon McCullum can take apart any attack in the world. Stuart Broad concedes a single to Kane Williamson before Ross Taylor eases two in the leg side. Taylor is desperate to play himself into form and hammers the ball through the off side but picks out Eoin Morgan at point. An inch or two either side of the fielder and that was four.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "A good batting side on this pitch, five an over in the current game you'd say it was there for the taking, but they're not such a good side, New Zealand, and England have got a good bowling unit."

  76. 9 overs: 
    NZ 29-1 (Target 259)

    James Anderson continues and is worked for a quick single by Kane Williamson. A rare occurrence then strikes Seddon Park as the Burnley Express gets his line wrong and his leg-side delivery is called wide by the umpire. It's not often that happens.


    Mikey Sneijder: "Anderson is unbelievable, the manner in which he controls swing is an art. For that reason he must be considered an England great."

  78. 8 overs: 
    NZ 27-1 (Target 259)

    Stuart Broad comes on for his first over and the first four balls are all dots but the fifth is top-edged by Williamson over wicketkeeper Buttler and flies for four. Broad throws his hands to his head in frustration and another single makes it 27-1.


    Here's the breakdown of James Anderson's 529 international wickets, which puts him one ahead of Sir Ian Botham in England's all-time list:

    BBC Test Match Special commentator Simon Mann: "Anderson 288 Test + 223 ODI + 18 T20 wickets = 529. Botham 383 Test + 145 ODI wickets = 528."

    Independent cricket correspondent Stephen Brenkley: "Anderson's 529th international wicket puts him top of England list- Botham 528, Gough 467 - but 24th overall. Murali top 1347, Warne 1001."

  80. 7 overs: 
    NZ 22-1 (Target 259)

    The great thing about James Anderson is the way he has always had the ability to swing the ball. When he broke through, he could move it both ways at 90mph without having full control. He's not as quick these days, but he seemingly has the ball on a string. Ross Taylor is off the mark with a push into the covers before Kane Williamson clips two through midwicket and then adds a single.


    hahahoho: "Are they deliberately playing the theme from M*A*S*H as the physio comes on for Guptill?"

  82. 6 overs: 
    NZ 18-1 (Target 259)- Guptill retires hurt

    Martin Guptill's match appears to be over as he limps off the pitch, to be replaced by Ross Taylor. It's always a shame to see somebody's game ended by injury. Kane Williamson brings some relief for New Zealand with two boundaries off Steven Finn.

    Martin Guptill

    Anirban Mukherjee, TMS inbox: "A perfect Sunday for cricket in a cloudy Kolkata - the intriguing tussle between these two teams, the women's final in the afternoon. Thank you for keeping me up to speed with all such developments."

  84. 5 overs: 
    Ouch!- NZ 9-1 (Target 259)

    The shadows are lengthening over the Seddon Park outfield as the sun sets on a glorious day. James Anderson continues to have such control over the ball and, with the pressure building, Martin Guptill goes for a quick single and his hamstring appears to go as he strains to get into his crease. That's not good for the opener, who is not allowed a runner under the new regulations. We'll wait and see how that one develops.


    hahahoho: "Ooh Jimmy! wish I could do my job that well on the first morning back following two months off. Wish I could have two months off."

  86. 4 overs: 
    NZ 8-1 (Target 259)

    Kane Williamson is a man with a big reputation and he scores New Zealand's first boundary when he gets over the top of a short one from Steven Finn and steers it out of the middle of the bat to the boundary. With Ross Taylor and Brendon McCullum also to come, there is plenty of batting for England to try and get through here.

  87. 3 overs: 
    NZ 3-1 (Target 259)

    James Anderson is spot on straight away, bowling at a brisk pace and moving it both ways. Martin Guptill realises he will have to ride this particular storm and is happy to play out a maiden over.

  88. 2 overs: 
    NZ 3-1 (Target 259)

    Steven Finn shares the new ball and is spot on from the start - Martin Guptill playing out five dot balls before turning a single into the leg side.

    Iain O'Brien, BBC Test Match Special

    "Anderson is the most skilful fast bowler in the world, he can swing it at will."

  90. 0521: 

    James Anderson's scalp means he is now England's leading wicket-taker across all formats with 529 victims - one more than Sir Ian Botham. Can the Burnley Express now be considered an England great? Discuss.


    Gäel, London: "While friends sleep on the sofas I silently make tea and toast to settle in for the next few hours. Feels a bit weird but I wouldn't miss it for the world."

  92. 1 over: 
    WICKET- Watling b Anderson 2 (NZ 2-1)

    So do England have enough runs on the board? They certainly have a strong-looking bowling attack with James Anderson, Stuart Broad and Graeme Swann back in the team. Anderson opens up to BJ Watling and the Kiwi opener takes two into the leg side to get his team's run-chase under way. However, Watling perishes from the final ball of the over when he plays all around a full delivery and is bowled. Great start for England.

  93. 0514: 

    Hello again, how are you? New Zealand need 259 to win and James Anderson has the ball in hand. Let's go...

  94. 0439: 

    On that note, it's time for me to take a quick break and feed my rumbling tummy. Have England got enough? Let me know ahead of New Zealand's reply in around 30 minutes' time. Stay tuned to Test Match Special for a preview of the Women's World Cup final later today - there will be live commentary of Australia v West Indies online and on TMS from 0845 GMT.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It can be enough if England bowl well, New Zealand are an average side in bowling, batting, everything really. It's a bit below what is expected on a pitch with good pace and bounce but England have got some good bowlers and you can get home with that. They're good enough to win but I wouldn't put my house on it."

  96. 49.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Swann c Taylor b Franklin 16 (Eng all out for 258)

    James Franklin to bowl the final over and his first ball is carved for four through the off side by Graeme Swann. Swann is motoring now as he cheekily chips four over short fine leg in the circle. The fun ends three balls in when he is cramped for room and spoons the ball into the air for Ross Taylor to take a simple catch.

    Ross Taylor

    Steve Tong: "If England start well with the ball or New Zealand go off like a gun, I stay up. If NZ start like England, bed is calling."

  98. 49 overs: 
    Eng 250-9

    Mitchell McClenaghan has now taken four wickets today, but he leaves the field with two balls of his spell left. It's not quite clear why he can't continue and it's up to Kane Williamson to complete the over. We're down to the last over.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "The short ball has served them quite well."

  100. 48.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Finn c Guptill b McClenaghan 0 (Eng 248-9)

    Fast bowlers always think they can play the hook shot, don't they? Steven Finn thinks so as he goes after Mitchell McClenaghan and is caught by Martin Guptill.

  101. 48 overs: 
    WICKET- Woakes c McCullum b Ellis 17 (Eng 247-8)

    It does look like England may find themselves 20 or 30 run short, but New Zealand will be wary of James Anderson swinging it around corners under lights. Three singles from the first three balls of the over before Andrew Ellis serves up a full toss and is spanked for four by Chris Woakes. The England batsman adds another boundary when he swipes at one outside off stump and the top edge runs away for four. Ellis gets his revenge when Woakes tries to steer the ball down to third man and is wonderfully caught one-handed by the diving Brendon McCullum.

    Chris Woakes
    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "On this pitch you're expecting to get more than this."


    Thomas Knights: "England are going to have to bowl very well, below par score on the cards on a fairly small ground with a fast outfield."

  104. 47 overs: 
    Eng 234-7

    Graeme Swann, who perhaps should have come in before Stuart Broad, is the new batsman at the crease and he smears four over mid-off to get off the mark. He's an under-rated batsman at times. Three overs left.


    13: "Got runs on the board and wkts left but I can't help feeling disappointed that we're wasting balls and wkts."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "This is a moderate New Zealand team, sometimes in the past they've had some great players, this is a workmanlike side, 270 is the minimum."

  107. 46.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Broad c B McCullum b McClenaghan 1 (Eng 228-7)

    Stuart Broad tries to pull Mitchell McClenaghan but gets a top edge and is caught by Brendon McCullum. Broad troops off to the strains of the Coronation Street theme tune. Surreal.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "England have scored 222 which is the average score here, which doesn't seem much, but 11 matches have been won here by the team batting second and only six by the team batting first."

  109. 46 overs: 
    Eng 228-6

    I wonder if England have found themselves a batsman short at the end? Chris Woakes drives down the ground to take a single off Andrew Ellis and Stuart Broad plays a lovely shot through the covers which deserves more than one run. Woakes is looking fairly confident out there as he lofts four over extra cover.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "A very good 56 from Root but he'll be disappointed, I feel he had to recognise his role, they've worked hard to get into this position, it's been easy enough to stay in but New Zealand have made it hard to score, Root needed to bat this innings out."

  111. 45 overs: 
    WICKET- Root b Franklin 56 (Eng 222-6)

    A fantastic innings comes to an end when Joe Root goes for the big shot and has his stumps rearranged by James Franklin. Are the wheels coming off for England now? Stuart Broad marches to the crease for the final five overs.

    Joe Root is bowled

    The Void: "ODIs so much better than T20s. Time to get into the game, watch it ebb & flow. Logical extension: Bring back the timeless Tests!"

  113. 44 overs: 
    Eng 220-5

    Chris Woakes replaces Buttler at the crease and he too is capable of scoring quickly. It's also a great chance for the Warwickshire all-rounder to stake his claim for a more regular place in the absence of Tim Bresnan.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "If England can still go sort of seven runs an over they're into that 260 plus which won't be easy."

  115. 43.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Buttler c Elliott b McClenaghan 21 (Eng 220-5)

    Mitchell McClenaghan is bowling around the wicket to the right-handers and Root takes a single into the leg side before Buttler swats an amazing six over wide long-on. That was a serious shot. However, he perishes next up when he toe-ends a full toss to Grant Elliott at extra cover.

  116. 43 overs: 
    Eng 213-4

    Root and Buttler could really complement each other in these late overs, with the Yorkshireman capable of knocking it around so his big-hitting partner can work his magic. They take four singles from four balls before Root premeditates a scoop shot and Kyle Mills pulls out in his delivery stride. It's a battle of wits now. Three more from the rest of the over, meaning Mills finishes with 2-32 from his 10 overs.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "Root and Buttler haven't played many matches but they are looking at home already and it's testament to the way England are producing players these days. The way they've been able to use central contracts and make this extra side in effect, is very effective."

  118. 42 overs: 
    FIFTY FOR JOE ROOT- Eng 206-4

    Yet another fifty for England's new batting star, with Joe Root working two behind square to bring up his half-century from just 57 balls. He has manoeuvred the ball about in the style of great one-day players Michael Bevan and Neil Fairbrother. He then takes a single to bring up England's 200 before Jos Buttler hammers a six over extra cover to cap a quality over.

  119. 41 overs: 
    Eng 193-4

    Morgan's demise brings Jos Buttler to the crease. Time for some fireworks? The Somerset stumper has a couple of sighters before angling two down to third man. At the other end, Root is closing in on his fifty with the minimum of fuss.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "Eoin Morgan, we know he can score quickly so it's an important wicket."

  121. 40.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Morgan c Guptill b Mills 1 (Eng 190-4)

    This is a blow for England and a reward for New Zealand bowling to obvious plans. Kyle Mills hangs the ball outside off stump, Morgan slashes hard and Martin Guptill takes a wonderful diving catch at backward point.


    Steve Tong: "Boring, don't England realise how many of us are staying up watching, lets have some excitement to keep us keen."

  123. 40 overs: 
    Eng 190-3

    Andrew Ellis back into the attack and is worked for a single by Joe Root. The bowler is hanging it outside off stump to Eoin Morgan, which is not a bad ploy. The Irishman swats a single into the off side to get off the mark. Root continues to impress, swivelling on a short ball and pulling for four. England have unearthed a real gem in the shape of the young Yorkshireman...

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "Trott has done exactly the sort of thing he does well. Unless something unusual occurs we're into 270-plus sort of territory."

  125. 39 overs: 
    WICKET- Trott b Mills 68 (Eng 184-3)

    A decent battle is developing between Kyle Mills and Joe Root, with the Kiwi bowler being given little respect by the Yorkshireman - who charges the paceman and plays an air-shot. Root plays and misses again before clipping a slower ball into the leg side for two. He then takes a single to Kane Williamson in the deep. That puts Jonathan Trott on strike, who takes the lead of his younger partner and tries to slog Mills but has his stumps splattered. Eoin Morgan marches to the crease.

    Jonathan Trott

    Bryan Waddle, BBC Test Match Special commentator: "You can tell Aggers we have hot and cold running water here now too."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Look what Bryan Waddle's got, they have ipads in New Zealand!"

  128. 38 overs: 
    Eng 181-2

    Mitchell McClenaghan bounces Joe Root and the ball thuds into the batsman's helmet. The Yorkshireman responds by scooping a slower ball over the stumps and to the boundary for four. A single to backward point puts Jonathan Trott on strike. The Warwickshire batsman can't score from his first two balls but manages to flick four over the short fine-leg fieldsman to relieve some pressure.


    Johnny Butler: "Bell and Trott; who looked fancy but gave away his wicket?"

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Super slo-mo now, it certainly hit the forearm but I thought I saw a little mark on the bat as well. It's a big mark on the bat! Mills looks cross, I wouldn't like to get into a boxing ring with Kyle at the moment."

  131. 37 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 172-2

    Kyle Mills is furious that Joe Root got away with that one - further replays suggesting there might have been an edge at the top of the bat. Root is not bothered though because he is free to continue his innings. He needs to raise the tempo now and make that reprieve count.

  132. 36.3 overs: 

    Good stuff from Joe Root, who obviously knew he was not out - replays showing the ball hit the forearm and not the glove. The home crowd boo, but another victory for DRS.

  133. 36.3 overs: 

    Joe Root appears to glove a Kyle Mills delivery behind but immediately calls for a review.


    James Green: "I'm not a archaeology student but even I can see that this team isn't dead or buried yet."

    Iain O'Brien, BBC Test Match Special

    "England need a minimum of 100 from here."

  136. 36 overs: 
    POWERPLAY- Eng 167-2

    The umpire is swirling his hands around his head, which can only mean one thing - it's powerplay time. What have you got Jonathan Trott? Mitchell McClenaghan, who seems to have grown a beard during the course of these 36 overs, throws in a bouncer which Trott leaves. The number three tries to give himself room next up but can only hit the ball back to the bowler. The Warwickshire man manages to get one away when he pulls a short one and take a single. Four in total from the over.


    Reverend Liam Reilly: "People always write-off Trotty in one-dayers, because he starts slow, clearly forgetting his tendency to speed up later on."

  138. 35 overs: 
    Eng 163-2

    I am impressed with how Joe Root is able to score from virtually every delivery, milking Nathan McCullum on both sides of the wicket. Trott is also more proactive now as England begin to think about stepping on the gas. What do you think is a good score today? I think England will want at least 280.

  139. 34 overs: 
    Eng 157-2

    There seems to be quite a few archaeology students joining us tonight. Maybe they are enjoying Jonathan Trott digging in? I'll get my coat. Out in the middle, Mitchell McClenaghan has been brought back into the attack, perhaps to try and delay any possible England onslaught. He bustles in, but concedes seven from the over.

    Nathan McCullum and Jonathan Trott collide

    James in Exeter: "As an archaeology student, I can confirm cricket is more fun. And alcohol. Also I have work in the morning. Oops."

  141. 33 overs: 
    Eng 150-2

    Off-spinner Nathan McCullum has bowled tidily today, without ever threatening to take a wicket, and he concedes just three runs from another economical over.


    James McInnes: "Have to disagree with Mr Boycott. Pietersen is over-rated. Would rather a Hollioake or a Flintoff any day."

  143. 32 overs: 

    Jonathan Trott looks like he has never been away from the crease, bringing up his 19th ODI fifty with a boundary off Grant Elliott. His half-century comes off 74 balls and is the glue which is holding England's innings together.

  144. 31 overs: 
    Eng 140-2

    Joe Root eases four through the covers and his boundary is greeted with strains of 'Smooth Operator' over the PA. He and Trott then add four more singles to complete a satisfactory over.


    Michael Nunns: "Is it time for a tactical run out yet?"

  146. 30 overs: 
    Eng 132-2

    James Franklin is another bowler who England should now think about giving the charge. Three singles to begin with before Trott advances down the wicket and cuts a short one for four. Next up, Trott helps one down leg for another four. These boundaries are like buses for JT.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "When Kevin Pietersen is available you can't put him behind Cook and Trott, you'd be wrong in the head, you need the best players. If he gets in he'll make a hundred and he'll make it fairly quickly. Would you bat Viv Richards down at four or five in his pomp? In the modern game how many players are better than Kevin?"

    Listen to more from Geoffrey on Test Match Special.

  148. 29 overs: 
    Eng 121-2

    Kane Williamson, who I suspect will be a batting star in the Test series, is given a twirl and his gentle off-spinners are milked by Root and Trott for four singles. Surely these part-time bowlers are the ones which should be targeted?


    Robert Paul, TMS inbox: "Message to Daniel in Oxford (see 5 overs) - this is your Dad here. Try and concentrate on your archaeology essay and not the cricket. Your education is more important than a game of cricket!"

  150. 28 overs: 
    Eng 117-2

    Joe Root is busy at the crease, easily finding the gaps and keeping the scoreboard ticking over. Jonathan Trott scores only his second boundary of the innings when he pounces on a short and wide James Franklin delivery and pushes it to the fence before taking a single into the leg side.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "You've either got to manipulate the ball with a wide range of shots or you've got to have power, neither of those are Trott's forte. He's perfect for Test cricket, in some situations that's ok for one-day cricket but in others it's not."

  152. 27 overs: 
    Eng 111-2

    Jonathan Trott is now 30 not out from 60 balls. He is certainly anchoring this innings but some will always knock his slow run-rate. He is ranked as the fifth best one-day batsman in the world behind Hashim Amla, AB de Villiers, Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni. Four singles from the over.

    Jonathan Trott

    Simon Clarke (feeling guilty): "Thanks for using my tweet just before his wicket fell. Now I look like the bad guy."

    PD31: "Sadly that rather sums up Ian Bell; looks good and gets out."

  154. 26 overs: 
    Eng 107-2

    I'm sure some of you know already, but TMS commentator Jonathan Agnew is on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs at 1115 GMT. Let's have some of your predictions for his picks. Joe Root takes an easy single off James Franklin before the bowler digs one in and it hits Jonathan Trott's helmet and runs away for four. Six in total from the over.


    Richard, Liverpool: "How do the players know the score without a scoreboard?"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think it was perfectly set for someone like Morgan to come in with his range of shots and inventiveness."

  157. 25 overs: 
    Eng 101-2

    Joe Root's arrival to the crease is met with incredibly high praise by Geoffrey Boycott on TMS. Boycott says his fellow Yorkshireman will play more Test matches and score more runs in his England career than himself. Root is off the mark with a fine cut down to third man which runs away for four.


    Matty Lewis: "At this rate Eng are on for a score of about 188. Not good enough with these short boundaries! NZ will make Mutton Soup of that!

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "As Bell has throughout his innings he's gone at the bowling, but a terrific innings, he's shown he's in good form."

  160. 24 overs: 
    WICKET- Bell c B McCullum b Franklin 64 (Eng 95-2)

    Ian Bell will be disappointed with this. After looking in complete control, he chases a wide delivery from James Franklin and gets a nick behind to wicketkeeper Brendon McCullum. Joe Root is the new man to the crease.


    Simon Clarke: "Ian Bell has his critics, but when he's playing well there's few better batsmen to watch."

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "There's a mid-off but he's up inside the circle and that allows someone who's good enough, like Bell, to go over the top and take advantage."

  163. 23 overs: 
    Eng 92-1

    It's great for England that Ian Bell looks in such control out there. He and Trott continue to take singles before Bell lifts Nathan McCullum over his head for four. A lovely, effortless shot.


    Jamie Haigh: "Lying in bed, wife snoring. Bell & Trott batting, in no way boring."

  165. 22 overs: 
    Eng 85-1

    James Franklin, who seems to be more of a batsman than a bowler these days, is given a bowl by New Zealand and Bell clips him for a single down to fine leg. That sets the pattern for the over, with each ball being milked for an easy single. Interesting that there is no scoreboard at the Seddon Park ground. I find that incredibly poor.


    Independent cricket correspondent Stephen Brenkley: "Bell's seventh score above 50 in 17 innings since returning to ODI team as opener last year."

  167. 21 overs: 
    Eng 79-1

    Jonathan Trott is furiously chewing gum between deliveries and he again gets a top edge on a sweep to Nathan McCullum and the ball loops over the despairing clutches of Kyle Mills just inside the circle. That was a real fast bowler's effort. Trott gets one for his troubles and Bell also adds a single later in the over. The guy in charge of the Seddon Park PA has gone from Tony Christie to heavy metal in the space of six balls. A musical rollercoaster of sorts.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "Really good innings from Bell he was the one to say 'we're going to take command'".


    Hugh in Oxford: "Classic England having a slow run rate once Trott is back. He is still awesome - back him for a ton."

  170. 20 overs: 
    FIFTY FOR IAN BELL- Eng 77-1

    Ian Bell is not going to be dictated to by Andrew Ellis any longer. First he dispatches a short one for four before lofting a lovely six down the ground to bring up his fifty. Once again, Ellis responds with one which nips back and hits the batsman in an area where no man wants to be hit by a cricket ball. Ouch.


    Kenny MacKenzie: "Mutton soup and pickles. Really!?"

  172. 19 overs: 
    Eng 65-1

    Jonathan Trott gets away with one when he gets a top edge on a sweep to Nathan McCullum and is relieved that the ball drops in front of short fine leg. Just two runs from another sedate over.

  173. 18 overs: 
    Eng 63-1

    Andrew Ellis continues to trundle in and Jonathan Trott brings up the fifty partnership by slicing a single down to third man. Ellis is not the quickest bowler around, but he gets one to nip back into the advancing Bell which hits the batsman in an unfortunate place and takes the wind from his sails. The physio is grateful that he is not needed, however, and Bell gleefully takes a single to get down to the other end.

  174. 17 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 58-1

    It's pretty steady stuff at the moment, with Trott and Bell happy to milk Nathan McCullum for singles. Bell, in particular, is ticking along nicely - reaching 39 not out from 58 balls. Time for some liquid refreshment.


    Thomas Watts: "Sat eating mutton soup and pickles in a Turkish place in Dalston, catching up with the cricket. Drunk people around me talking inconsequential stuff like marriage and kids. Grow up!"

  176. 16 overs: 
    Eng 54-1

    What do you make of these changes to ODI cricket, with the two new balls? It seems to me that teams are reverting to how they used to play in the early nineties - batting steadily until a late burst towards the end. I suppose it suits England, who can pack the top order with their best Test batsmen. Trott takes a single down to third man before Bell helps himself to one through midwicket. Two from the over.

  177. 15 overs: 
    Eng 52-1

    Ian Bell and Jonathan Trott have not got their running between the wickets right so far today, with Bell needing a big dive to avoid being sold short by his Warwickshire team-mate. The pair exchange a few words following the near-miss. I don't think they were asking how the other's family was. Three runs from Nathan McCullum's over.

  178. 14 overs: 
    Eng 49-1

    I think New Zealand should make their boundary ball boy their 12th man - he's certainly a safe pair of hands. Ian Bell pulls Andrew Ellis over the head of Mitchell McClenaghan for six and the ball boy takes a spectacular catch behind the ropes. And he did it all sitting down. Cool dude. That boundary is useful for England, with seven coming from the over.

    Ian Bell
    Iain O'Brien, BBC Test Match Special

    "The standard of New Zealand fielding has gone backwards so quickly from where we were. That was a relatively simple catch in international terms."

    Listen to live commentary with the Test Match Special team on Radio 5 live sports extra, R4LW, digital radio and online.

  180. 13 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 42-1

    Off-spinner Nathan McCullum is into the attack and he almost brings about the end of Ian Bell. The England opener top-edges a sweep and BJ Watling, running in from the boundary, drops a fairly straight-forward catch. That's a massive let-off - especially considering Watling is New Zealand's Test match wicketkeeper. Four from the over.

    BJ Watling drops Bell

    Michael Nunns: "Harder to stay awake for cricket when Trott is batting!"

  182. 12 overs: 
    Eng 37-1

    It looks like Jonathan Trott is getting acclimatised to New Zealand conditions ahead of the Test series. He's got eight from 22 balls now, after clipping two into the leg side from another tidy Andrew Ellis over.


    Man of the Hatch: "Nothing better than lying in bed watching Ian Bell play some textbook shots after a late finish."

  184. 11 overs: 
    Eng 35-1

    Kyle Mills has managed to apply the brakes on England, with just two runs coming from his latest over. How is everyone holding up? We - the live text team - have already managed to eat all of our snacks for the evening.

    Iain O'Brien, BBC Test Match Special

    "The ball just bobbled on one of the used ends, disappointing because you've got to take wickets at the top, but it's been a good start for New Zealand."

  186. 10 overs: 
    Eng 33-1

    As Matthew Clark tweets below, it's pretty idyllic at Seddon Park today. Spectators are sat at lovely round tables with white tablecloths and being treated to soothing tunes over the PA system. There is a brief moment of panic, however, when Jonathan Trott calls through Ian Bell for a quick single and the England opener is lucky not to be run out. Ross Taylor, rushing in from mid-on, fumbles the ball and the chances goes begging. Just one from Andrew Ellis's first over.


    Matthew Clark: "Usually we get dance music played between overs. NZ? A selection of nice relaxing soft rock and acoustic ballads. Obviously."

    Kenny MacKenzie: "Someone buy me a ticket to NZ! It looks stunning! We return to indoor training tomorrow as Scotland still has horizontal rain."

  188. 9 overs: 
    Eng 32-1

    Jonathan Trott is not as fluent as Ian Bell just yet and, after failing to score from the first three balls of a Kyle Mills over, he shows a rare rush of blood and tries to charge the bowler. He misses completely and learns his lesson - seeing out the rest of the over for a maiden.

  189. 8 overs: 
    Eng 32-1

    With Alex Hales and Kevin Pietersen breathing down his neck, Ian Bell could do with a good series here in New Zealand and he is off to a good start today - chipping a four into the leg side off Mitchell McClenaghan. The bowler then tries to stop Bell coming down the pitch with a short one, but it sits nicely and the England batsman pulls it for another boundary. A good over for England.


    Robert Smith: "It's a sane hour here in Canada and live text has sorted my entertainment for the evening."

  191. 7 overs: 
    Eng 24-1

    Ian Bell has seen enough of Kyle Mills to know the length he bowls and the England opener comes dancing down the pitch and plants the bowler for four down to long on. The batsman is not shy about using his feet, again advancing down the wicket and easing a single into the leg side. Five from the over.

  192. 6 overs: 
    Eng 19-1

    Muscular left-arm seamer Mitchell McClenaghan, who I am told is a part-time model, is getting some shape into the right-handers and he almost catches out Ian Bell with one that raps into the batsman's pads. Bell manages a single before Trott digs out a yorker from the final ball of the over.

    Mitchell McClenaghan

    Ian Smith: "Whoops."


    Hary Manoharan: "Ian, you jinxed it."

    Jamie Baker: "Don't bet too much with that crystal ball Ian."

  195. 5 overs: 
    Eng 18-1

    Jonathan Trott might come in for a bit of stick for his slow run-rate in ODI cricket, but I think England missed his solid presence in the middle order during their series defeat in India. If he can drop anchor and bat through, it gives players like Morgan and Buttler a chance to launch some fireworks later on. Discuss. Out in the middle, Trott and Bell take three singles from another decent Kyle Mills over.


    From Daniel in Oxford: "2,500 word archaeology essay made infinitely more palatable by remembering that I have international cricket to guide me through the night!"

    From Adnan in Banbury: "Can anything be better than coming back home to watch the cricket! I don't like cricket, I love it!"

  197. 4 overs: 
    Eng 15-1

    Ian Bell already looks in decent nick, twice easing the ball into the leg side off the bowling of Mitchell McClenaghan. No such luck for Cook though as he departs, to be replaced by the reassuring presence of Jonathan Trott. The number three is off the mark from the first delivery he faces as McClenaghan strays on to leg and is whipped for a boundary. Strains of 'Wild Thing' greet the end of the over.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Groping for it wasn't he, like a man who has had a bit of a lay-off, you need a few runs in the middle, just a little bit of rust that's all, it didn't do a lot."

    Listen to live commentary with the Test Match Special team on Radio 5 live sports extra, R4LW, digital radio and online.

  199. 3.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Cook b McClenaghan 4 (Eng 11-1)

    Is this a bit of rustiness from Captain Cook in his first innings since before Christmas? He plays down the wrong line and Mitchell McClenaghan manages to nip it through and bowl the skipper.

    Alastair Cook

    Ian Smith (not the former NZ wicketkeeper, Harold Bishop from Neighbours or former Prime Minister of Rhodesia): "Marc, I tweeted Ben on Friday and said this could be Lumb's day and he hit 50, tonight my crystal ball says a big score for Cook."

  201. 3 overs: 
    NOT OUT- Eng 8-0

    Hamilton is a lovely-looking ground with Geoffrey Boycott telling TMS listeners that he is a particular fan of the picnic areas and brollies. Perhaps he will eat his corned beef sandwiches over there later on. Captain Cook is off the mark with a lovely four through the covers. Kyle Mills manages to beat the England skipper later in the over and goes up for a massive appeal - the umpire rightly turning down the loud shouts, with the ball looking likely to have gone over the stumps.


    Nick Hall: "Sitting in my Disney hotel, close to the end of the hols and exhausted. Come on Cookie, keep me awake."

    Tim: "Isn't it about time Hales got promoted to the ODI side? He's better than Ian "only scores runs when it doesn't matter" Bell."

  203. 2 overs: 
    Eng 4-0

    Don't be alarmed if England appear to be starting quite slowly today. I reckon the new regulations, which include two new balls at either end, will see a new trend in one-day cricket where a solid opener is more preferential than the 1990s pinch-hitter. England's top four, with Jonathan Trott and Joe Root backing up the openers, has a solid look to it with the big guns - Eoin Morgan and Joss Buttler - ready to be let loose later in the innings. Mitchell McClenaghan almost bowls another maiden but England get off the mark from the final delivery of the second over when Ian Bell slaps four through the offside.


    Ben from Banbury: "Picking the fiancé up from a night out and she's late, keep me going live txt! A bro in need!"

  205. 1 over: 
    Eng 0-0

    Kyle Mills, who when not opening the bowling for New Zealand is an Andy Murray lookalike, is getting a bit of early movement but Captain Cook is happy to see the ball go through to the keeper while he takes an early look. A maiden over to begin with.

  206. 0100: 

    Alastair Cook and Ian Bell at the crease and Kyle Mills has the ball in hand. Play.

  207. 0059: 

    New Zealand: Guptill, BJ Watling, Williamson, Taylor, B McCullum, Elliott, Franklin, Ellis, N McCullum, Mills, McClenaghan.

    England: Cook (captain), Bell, Trott, Root, Morgan, Buttler, Woakes, Broad, Swann, Anderson, Finn.

    Umpires: Gary Baxter (NZL), S Ravi (IND)

    TV umpire: Rod Tucker (AUS)

    Match Referee: Roshan Mahanama (SRI)

    Iain O'Brien, BBC Test Match Special

    "The one change for New Zealand that stands out is Trent Boult missing out, I find that a little bit strange here, his home ground where the ball swings. I think this pitch will grip a bit more than the Twenty20 one, I still would have played Boult."


    Jake Waring: "Looking forward to a long night. Snacks at the ready. Beers in the fridge."

    Sounds the perfect evening, Jake.


    Ben in Manchester: "England to win by 30 runs."

  211. 0056: 

    I have to agree with Daniel (see tweet below). James Tredwell took 11 wickets in the one-day series in India and, like Monty Panesar in the Test side, is probably a victim of circumstance. I suppose Graeme Swann is too good to be left out when available, so is there a case to be made for playing two spinners? It's great that England have so much competition in the spin department.


    Will Oglesby: "Will be an interesting game, early runs for Cook and Bell will be key!"

    Daniel Stone: "Harsh to leave out Tredwell. Top wicket-taker in India and has a better bowling average than all five of today's attack."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's much more laid back here, a gorgeous country to be in. Quite frankly England should win the one-dayers and the Test matches, man for man they are a better team."

  214. 0052: 

    It's a big day for James Anderson. He needs just one wicket to become the most successful England bowler of all time across all formats. He is currently on 528 wickets alongside Sir Ian Botham. Is it now time to acknowledge Anderson as one of England's greatest bowlers?


    Cricinfo: "England and New Zealand have met 70 times in ODIs - New Zealand 35, England won 29, tied 2, NR 4."

  216. 0047: 

    Test Match Special is now live. You can listen online, via the app, or on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra. Aggers and Co are looking forward to your company.

  217. 0044: 

    Are you staying up to watch the match tonight? How do you intend to fight off the tiredness? What are your predictions? Stay in touch with us throughout the night via the usual channels. Send us a tweet, using #bbccricket, text us on 81111 or send an email to (putting 'For Marc Higginson') in the subject line.

  218. 0038: 

    England captain Alastair Cook, speaking at the toss: "We'd have had a bowl first but it looks a good wicket. The stats say chasing gives you a better chance of winning here but we saw in the T20 game that the ball can swing under lights so it's not the end of the world."

  219. 0036: 

    England make five changes to their Twenty20 team with Alastair Cook, Jonathan Trott, James Anderson, Graeme Swann and Chris Woakes all coming into the side.

  220. 0033: 

    New Zealand win the toss and bowl first.

  221. 0032: 

    It might not have the glamour and glitz of Twenty20, but 50-over cricket still ranks highly in the England planning. They have brought back the big guns for this series in New Zealand - Jonathan Trott, James Anderson and Graeme Swann nice and rested after missing the ODI series in India. Only Kevin Pietersen is missing from an otherwise fully-strength squad.

  222. 0030: 

    Not too long ago England supporters would head into a one-day international series with about as much expectation as when Devon Malcolm walked out to bat. Not any more. Just decimal points separate second-placed England and world champions India in the ICC's one-day rankings. And with the Champions Trophy being held on these shores in the summer, Alastair Cook and Co want to continue their impressive recent progress in the 50-over format.

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Live Scores - N Zealand v England


  • New Zealand beat England by 3 wickets
  • N Zealand: 259-7 (48.5 overs)
  • England: 258 (49.3 overs)
  • Venue: Hamilton

N Zealand Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 7 259
Watling b Anderson 2
Guptill not out 27
Williamson run out (Bell) 74
Taylor c Finn b Woakes 22
Elliott c Morgan b Woakes 22
B McCullum not out 69
Franklin c Buttler b Finn 3
N McCullum lbw b Swann 14
Ellis c Finn b Broad 13
Extras 6w 7lb 13

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