New Zealand v England, first Test, day five as it happened

England salvage a draw from the first Test in New Zealand after half-centuries from Steven Finn and Jonathan Trott.

10 March 2013 Last updated at 07:08 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 0417: 

    We'll leave the last word to Sir Geoffrey. That's the way he would want it. It only remains for me to thank you enormously for keeping us company through the cold winter nights and entertaining us with your witty texts, tweets and emails. Give yourselves three days off then join us on Wednesday night for the second Test in Wellington. Looking forward to it.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "England will have to look at the plusses rather than the minuses. And the plusses are the two or three batsmen who haven't played much cricket since Christmas did well. Compton got a 100, forget about the nought, and Prior got a few runs, so that's looking bright. Cook, Trott, Root and Bell are all in good nick too.

    "The only minus is Kevin Pietersen. Kevin looks rusty but Kevin is Kevin and he will just have to get into the nets. He didn't make runs and looked to have a sore knee. But I'll tell you what - he won't have a sore knee if he gets to 50 when he is plonking them around the ground."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "If you keeping pitches like this then it won't be good for Test match cricket. It's not good for the game - we want results and pitches where bowlers get into the game. It is up to the administrators to tell groundsmen they want something different."

  4. 0411: 

    Finn, by the way, batted for a shade under five hours - and 203 balls - to make 56. What a hero. If he'd gone early, it really could have been a different story today.


    Steven Finn: "I don't think I ever expected to be stood here talking about my batting. The most I had ever batted for in my life before this was 45 minutes. My job was to take up time and grind away as long as I could. It looks like I might have the job for a while now.

    "It was far more enjoyable to bat on that pitch than bowl on it but I thought their bowlers did well and we did well to hold on for a draw."


    More from England captain Alastair Cook: "It was great for Compton to get his first hundred and I'm not sure we knew that Steven Finn had that in him. I think a few of us have been bribing him with crates of wine and a few of us will be in debt. Kevin Pietersen is fully fit and can play. I don't think it's too much of an issue but he should be fine for Wellington."


    New Zealand skipper Brendon McCullum: "From the moment we stepped on to the pitch to the moment we stepped off, we showed the heart and character we want to be known for. We never gave up belief, we tried to get the job done but we couldn't finish it off.

    "Another day of Test cricket would have been phenomenal but after the opening-day was rained off we had to work out how we could condense a great game into four days. Overall it was a great start to the Test series."


    England captain Alastair Cook: "We showed some good fighting spirit. That's twice we've had to bat to save a game recently, in Nagpur and then here, and we can take a lot from the way we went about it.

    "I'm not quite sure we know the reason why we keep starting series badly. You can talk about doing the right things and getting off to a good start in any series. But it is a concern. You give any side a start like we did and you are clawing it back. I thought we did well to claw it back but in the bigger picture we need to start better than that."

  9. 0357: 

    A reminder that the next Test starts at the Basin Reserve in Wellington on Wednesday night. Here come the captains...

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "Kevin Pietersen just looked like a guy who hasn't been playing, but you know with Kevin that he could get 10 quickly and be away. He will still be the player who New Zealand talk about more than anyone else in their pre-match preparations."

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "New Zealand have dominated the match as a result of England's self-inflicted capitulation on the first day. That said New Zealand batted comfortably to put themselves in command. But in the end the pitch has defeated all of the bowlers because it was so docile and placid. New Zealand will take a lot from this game but whether that is going to be enough to keep up with England in the subsequent matches, I'm not sure."

  12. 0350: 

    Andy Flower is the first man out of the England dressing-room to shake hands with the New Zealanders. England have been given a serious working over out there, perhaps more than they had anticipated, but they have escaped with a draw.

  13. 0347: 

    A wry smile from McCullum, then handshakes for Prior and Bell. It's all over. For England job done. For New Zealand a case of so near, and yet, so far.

  14. 0346: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 421-6

    The ever-willing Wagner is bowling his 43rd over but he still manages to dig one in a surprise Bell with a short one. time for a drinks break with 15 overs to go. All eyes are on McCullum as he shows us rather too much of the piece of gum in his chops. What will he do here.

  15. 0341: 
    Eng 420-6

    We have 17 overs left. When will McCullum offer the draw? He doesn't want to flog his bowlers into the ground here with only three days between the Tests. Just the one run off Martin's over, nurdled into the leg side by Matty P.


    Chris, Brum, via text on 81111: "Re 0324. KP out, Bairstow in."

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm not sure what the noise was. There certainly was one and all the New Zealand fielders were adamant there was an outside edge."

  18. 0336: 

    Umpire Rauf looks pretty pleased with himself as he confirms that the third umpire is upholding his initial not out decision.

  19. 0335: 

    Prior edges, but once again the ball doesn't carry. Then a big appeal for caught behind as Prior throws his hands through the ball. Not out but NZ are sending this upstairs.


    Josh Tennant: "Changes for the next Test? Have Finn come in at three for both innings..."

  21. 0332: 
    Eng 418-6 (Lead by 125)

    Drift, drift, drift. Draw, draw, draw. Southee maiden. Vaughan reckons AB is the best keeper-batsman around. Personally I'm not sure he's totally convinced as a Test stumper yet, but his batting is unsurpassed.


    Reverend Liam Reilly: "Changes to the England team? Get Broad out, put Onions in."

  23. 0328: 
    Eng 418-6

    Nice flick from Prior to fine leg for four, then Prior digs out a full ball at the end of the over. Good question on TMS from Smith to Vaughan - Who is the best keeper-batsman in the world? Prior, De Villiers or Dhoni?

    Ed Smith, BBC Test Match Special

    "It is a real shame the first day was lost to a complete washout because it has deprived the match of a result. The rain was against the generally sunny weather which we have seen in Dunedin on the South Island."


    Gary, Hitchen, via text on 81111: "My 15-month-old daughter welcomes Mother's Day by staging an early-hours wide-awakethon. She can't have fallen for the tension of Test match cricket at this age?"

  26. 0324: 
    Eng 414-6

    A single apiece off the first two balls of Southee's over then solid defence from Bell. There are a maximum of 20 overs left. I don't think it will be long before McCullum calls time on it. Here's a talking point, does anyone want England to make any changes for the next Test?

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been an interesting day, but I don't think either captain will be happy to see a pitch like this next week. They will want a bit more carry and movement through the air which you can get up there in Wellington."

  28. 0319: 
    Eng 413-6

    England are batting out time now, with even the powerful and positive Prior content to block out Boult's 11th maiden of the innings.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Although New Zealand have stepped up with the new ball in the last couple of overs, the batsmen have looked pretty comfortable if I'm honest. Prior, who I said earlier can't resist hitting out, has reined himself in and if he continues to play like that then they will be very happy in the dressing room."

  30. 0316: 
    Eng 412-6

    Southee still looks pretty tame as he delivers another maiden to Bell. Tempting to feel that England have taken the sting out of this one now.


    Matthew Lumby: "I'm tempting fate and declaring this match a draw now. Well done England for fighting back after that shocking start."

  32. 0310: 
    Eng 412-6

    There's a bit of shape for Boult as well, who has incredibly economical figures of 32-11-43-1. Prior deflects the last ball of the over past square leg and picks up a couple of runs.


    England batsman Joe Root's run-out gives New Zealand renewed optimism of snatching victory in Dunedin.

    New Zealand v England
  34. 0307: 
    NEW BALL- Eng 410-6

    New Zealand take the new ball at the first opportunity and entrust it to the hands of Southee. Not sure why because he hasn't taken a wicket since his second over of the match. He's getting plenty of away-swing here but hasn't quite got the line right and Bell is able to leave well alone.

  35. 0301: 
    Eng 410-6

    Prior's hand comes off his bat as he blasts Wagner through cover for three in between two singles from Bell. More width for Prior and he middles this one for four. Big over for England.


    Sean Opie: "New ball coming up will decide the match. Negotiate it and England are safe. Collapse and momentum could see NZ home."

  37. 0257: 
    Eng 401-6

    Four men round the bat for Martin as he bowls to Bell. A fumble at midwicket earns him a single. Prior keeps out the last two balls. This really does feel like proper Test cricket at the moment, with every ball an event in itself.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Wagner has got to throw one out wide to Prior and give him a teaser. He can't resist trying to hit them."

  39. 0253: 
    Eng 400-6 (Lead by 107)

    Wagner surprises Prior with a well-directed bouncer. Another short ball doesn't get up as high and Prior pulls it away for a welcome boundary. Then he dabs one into the leg side for two to take England past 400.

  40. 0251: 
    Eng 394-6

    Bell survives another over from Martin. Three overs until the new ball with New Zealand scenting blood.

  41. 0247: 
    Eng 394-6

    Anyone following us in bed, I can assure you this isn't a bad dream, it's really happening. We have 30 overs left in the day and England only lead by 101. However, in Bell and Prior they have two genuine batsmen at the crease. Prior shows Wagner plenty of respect and gets his eye in playing out a maiden.


    Jon Evans: "All I can say is that this is typical England. Hopefully Prior can hang around."

    Andy Horrill: "Starting to get a little nervous. Hoping England can hold out. No collapse please."

  43. 0244: 
    Eng 394-6 (Lead by 101)

    England have Broad, Anderson and Panesar still to come. Bell eases a bit of the pressure by latching on to a long hop from Martin and cutting for four.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Every time New Zealand get a wicket it just keeps their hopes up. They were feeling alright and now they are feeling even better. It's still tight for them to win, but if one of these, Bell or Prior, go out then you are into the definite tail."

    WICKET- Root run out (Southee) 0 (Eng 390-6)

    Game on! Bell pushes into the covers and calls a single. Root is a bit slow setting off and is beaten by a direct hit from Southee, running round from point and throwing down the stumps with only one to aim at.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a fine effort from Finn. I just think he will be knackered, it's like batsmen, like me, bowling 15 overs. For you lot used to bowling it's just warming up, but for us...

    "I think Finn got sucked into being a bit over defensive and that's not a criticism, just a statement. It was a tired shot that got him out. He probably thought 'I've had a break and tea and I'll play a little different and try some shots'."

  47. 0238: 
    NZ 386-5

    A chink of light for New Zealand? Only if they snaffle another couple very qucikly. Joe Root gets forward to smother his first two balls.

    WICKET- Finn lbw b Martin 56 (Eng 386-5)

    Finn's vigil is over. He swipes across the line at Martin and is trapped in front. Put your feet up Steven, you've done a great job.

  49. 0234: 
    Eng 386-3

    Very pleasant start for England after tea as Bell elegantly thrashes Williamson straight down the ground on the on side for a boundary. He has 14 and looks in great touch.

  50. 0231: 

    I'm not sure Finn knows the meaning of the phrase "get a move on". He spent 58 balls stuck on 53 before tea remember, not that he'll be bothered about that. Williamson to bowl the first over after the interval.

  51. 0228: 

    My understanding, my friends, is that the earliest this could possibly be called off as a draw is 03:30 GMT, after one hour of play. Will England bat until then, then shake hands on a draw or will they get a move on, declare and have a few overs at the Kiwis? Stick with me to find out.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    "Spectators on the grassy bank at the University Oval enjoying the Dunedin Test."

    New Zealand v England
  53. 0224: 

    Right then folks. Let's bring this baby home.

  54. 0214: 

    Right, it's my round in the office, so I'll hand you back to Sam Sheringham. Enjoy the last session, peeps.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "Steven Finn has got a cheesy grin on his face as he walks off - and why not? He has played lovely. I guarantee he will be having a word in the ear of Kevin Pietersen later, asking him he wants a few technical pointers."

  56. 0210: 
    TEA INTERVAL- Eng 382-4 (Lead by 89)

    Martin hurries through another over - his 39th of the innings - but not quickly enough to squeeze another in before tea. The players depart, Finn with 56 to his name and Bell 10.


    Stuart, Swindon, via text on 81111: "KP looks as rusty as an old tin can at the moment. No idea what effect the knee may be playing either but he is just a guy that needs time in the middle."

  58. 0207: 
    Eng 380-4 (Lead by 87)

    Hallelujah! Finn finally scores a run. The crowd is on its feet (that might or might not be a lie) when he pushes Boult to a vacant mid-off - and there's a cheeky grin on Finn's face as he trots to the other end. He spent 50 balls and 74 minutes without scoring.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "You would think by the time Steven Finn has got back to his room later he will have plenty of emails from manufacturers wanting to sponsor his bat."

  60. 0202: 
    Eng 379-4

    England are inching towards a three-figure lead. Bell, for his part, reaches double figures courtesy of two beyond midwicket.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    "Shout from the bank when Neil Wagner dismissed Kevin Pietersen: 'Our South African is better than your South African.'"

  62. 0159: 
    Eng 377-4 (lead by 84)

    Boult is back into the attack, and adopting Wagner's round-the-wicket approach. This over follows a similar pattern to the previous one: Bell gets off strike and Finn sees out the remainder of the over. The camera cuts to an England fan having an afternoon snooze. They say a picture paints a thousand words...

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "It is a nice day for batting because there has been no extreme movement. For a tailender and a nightwatchman like Finn to still be there is fantastic.

    "There has been talk of him getting three figures, but I reckon it would take him until Wednesday to do that."

  64. 0154: 
    Eng 376-4

    Bell takes a single, almost as if he prefers to watch this defensive masterclass from Finn. Wagner beats the nightwatchman with a beauty that was angled in and then left him off the pitch.


    Kevin Pietersen trudges back to the pavilion - to the delight of Neil Wagner.

    New Zealand v England
  66. 0150: 
    Eng 375-4

    Steven Finn is the new Peter Such. Discuss. With that maiden, he hasn't scored for an hour.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "If New Zealand can sneak a couple more wickets before tea then that would keep it tantalisingly poised. They still might not bowl out England, but it would keep everybody on their toes for a little bit longer."

  68. 0147: 
    Eng 375-4 (Lead by 82)

    Wagner, perspiration glistening on his brow, charges in gamely. Bell blocks. Ross Taylor yawns. Bell cuts behind point for four.


    Jack Mendel: "Here we go...some KP bashing because he got out. People have such short memories it's unreal."

  70. 0143: 
    Eng 371-4

    Another sign that Martin now considers himself a Test cricketer is that he is bowling in pair of shades. He'll have his cap on backwards before long... Finn remains on 53 but at least there are two leg byes in that over.


    Keith Flett: "So for those agitating for Finn to depart so Pietersen could get in, digging in has its virtues."

    Jon Evans: "Finn is being let down by the top order...useless."

    David Carr: "It's so hard to defend KP sometimes. The man should have a record beyond compare but he just stops concentrating. Frustrating."

  72. 0140: 
    Eng 369-4

    Finn is doing a sterling job, but England's lead is hardly racing along - one run in the last five overs before Bell guides the admirable Wagner past gully for a couple.


    Derek Coke-Kerr: "Not a KP fan and that's why. Waste of a place in the line-up. Needs to perform or sit down."

    RightJudgeIam: "Replay shows KP playing away from body, inside edge to a ball he didn't need to play. Fundamentals."

  74. 0137: 
    Eng 367-4 (Lead by 74)

    Finn, with a slip, short-leg and silly point for company, keeps out Martin courtesy of his trusty forward-defensive. Captain McCullum, who showed plenty of inventiveness in the field in England's first innings, then tries two slips, but Finn will not be moved.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Full credit to Wagner. He has bowled with his heart and everything he has got, so he deserves it."

  76. 0131: 
    WICKET- Pietersen c Watling b Wagner 12 (Eng 367-4)

    The New Zealand brains trust comes together at the start of Wagner's run as McCullum and Fulton offer their thoughts. The upshot is that Wagner bowls very wide on the crease from round the wicket, a tactic he employed in the first innings. He reverts to back over the wicket for the fifth delivery - and duly locates the inside edge as Pietersen follows one that might just have nipped back.


    Clive Greenwood, France, via TMS inbox: "Has anyone noticed how many England cricketers have one-syllable names? There are seven in today's team, eight with Swann, compared, say, with Sri Lanka."

  78. 0128: 
    Eng 367-3

    I might start using the copy and paste function at this rate. Finn blocks out another over, bowled by Martin. He has not scored off the last 21 balls he has faced.


    AJC, Edinburgh, via text on 81111: "Re 0037. Derek Pringle might have."

  80. 0125: 
    Eng 367-3

    Pietersen is watchful during that Wagner over, showing the straightest of blades and a nice bent knee as he pushes forward. Maybe he was reading his coaching manual in the lunch interval.


    Daniel Hunter: "Re 0034. Surely the cream of the crop should be - cheese and Onions?"

    Jon C: "My favourite would be Vaughan cocktail."

  82. 0120: 
    Eng 367-3 (Lead by 74)

    As you wish, Geoffrey. Ding ding. Round one of Pietersen v left-arm spinner. No telling blows, but Bruce Martin will claim a moral victory as he beats Pietersen in the flight once or twice, while KP is happy to get off strike with his trademark single to the right of mid-on.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "New Zealand have got to get the left-arm spinner on. Kevin Pietersen says they don't bother him, but Michael Vaughan told me Kev has been got out 87 times by them."

  84. 0116: 
    Eng 366-3

    There we go - the first full follow-through of the day as Pietersen drills Wagner through point. The next ball finds its way to cover point, but via a big leading edge as Pietersen attempts to whip one through the leg side from outside off stump. His juices might just be flowing here.


    Jase Whitley: "Re 0034. I like Salt and Finnegar."

  86. 0111: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 361-3 (Lead by 68)

    Finn for a century, anyone? Next question: is there enough time left in the day? Pietersen collects a streaky two off the edge and a single, then Finn does what Finn does for the remainder of the over. Finn has 53 and Pietersen 6.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Finn is the 10th English nightwatchman to make a half-century. The highest is 99 not out by Alex Tudor against New Zealand in 1999."

  88. 0105: 
    Eng 358-3

    KP avoids a king pair by clipping his first ball off his toes. The Kiwis aren't alone in targeting Pietersen's stumps early on, but there's to be no repeat of the first innings.


    Leon Nixon: "I'm partial to a bag of Root Pastilles."

    Dan Burrows: "Oval Fruits. Starburst to the youngster."

  90. 0100: 
    Eng 355-3 (Lead by 62)

    Southee is back on as the hosts sense their opportunity. It's worth noting that England's lead is far from sizeable; there remains much work to be done. Finn does his bit by repelling that over.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a decent double from Trott down here in Dunedin after his 45 in the first innings. He was looking relatively untroubled throughout this innings. But it was an athletic caught and bowled by Wagner."

  92. 0057: 
    WICKET- Trott c & b Wagner 52 (Eng 355-3)

    A change of bowling does the trick. Trott plays back but, attempting to turn it the last delivery of the over to leg, loops a return catch to the bowler. Wagner, leaping to his left, does well to cling on one-handed.


    Liam Sayers: "Well batted Finn but needs to be hit and run now to give Pietersen and the others some much needed time at the crease."

  94. 0054: 

    It's official: Steven Finn is now an all-rounder. Or at least that's what he'll be telling the rest of the dressing room. He goes to 50 with a thick edge for four, and gets a firm handshake from Trott and a standing ovation from his team-mates.

  95. 0051: 
    Eng 350-2 (Lead by 57)

    Bruce Martin gets another whirl as Southee is kindly told to take a blow by his skipper. Trott and Finn trade singles on opposite sides of the wicket, the second one carrying England to the 350 mark.


    Joe Garside: "Best sweets ever are penny sweets when fielding at third man."

    Beth Jakubowski: "They just starting selling rhubarb and custards in Costcutter again. My flatmates and I rejoiced. It'll get us through."

    Mikey Sneijder: "Whack out a candy necklace! Always keeps my team awake in the field. Would love to hear some Geoff Boycott sugar rush commentary."

  97. 0047: 
    Eng 348-2

    Boult attacks Finn from round the wicket, but England's new number three sees out a maiden, Boult's 11th of the innings. His figures now: 30-11-41-1. Tidy indeed.


    Liam McShane: "Personally more a fan of Jelly Trotts."

  99. 0042: 
    Eng 348-2 (Lead by 55)

    A moment of excitement in the TMS box as Finn drives Southee powerfully to Rutherford at short extra-cover. The only problem is Finn hit the ball into the ground first. And Rutherford could only parry it.


    England nightwatchman Steven Finn, with his highest Test score under his belt, avoids a bouncer.

    New Zealand v England

    Freddie Mickshik: "The feeling NZ have with Finn still there must be similar to still having bits of fruit gums stuck to your teeth for hours."

  102. 0037: 
    Eng 345-2

    Boult gets one to climb on Trott, who takes his bottom hand off the bat as he defends off the back foot. Is that a sign of the pitch starting to break up? I suspect not.


    Harry Baxendale: "Never mind sweets, got any Adam Gilcrisps?"

    Harry, you don't realise how close I came to not publishing that. Terrible.

  104. 0034: 
    TROTT FIFTY- Eng 344-2

    Southee wanders back to his mark with all the urgency of a chap meandering around the supermarket on his day off. Trott, a man whose patience has never been questioned, responds by whipping him wide of mid-on for four. And that's fifty - off a brisk 78 balls. Batted, Trotty.


    Ned, Reigate, via text on 81111: "Skittles for me. Hopefully an indicator that the NZ team will be skittled out once these two have both got their centuries and declared..."

  106. 0028: 
    Eng 340-2 (Lead by 47)

    I once went out with a girl who covered her wall with empty Smartie tubes. We're no longer in touch.


    John, Suffolk, via text on 81111: "Definitely Smarties, especially the blue ones, used to send me hyper as a child so should keep me awake!"

  108. 0025: 
    Eng 339-2

    There's a sense of deja vu as Southee feeds Trott's leg-side clip once again - the outcome: four more runs - to take him ahead of Finn's score. Trott has 46 and Finn 43. The partnership is now worth 74.


    Robert George: "Re 0013. Well we know for certain that Zaheer Khan's favourite sweets are not jellybeans."

  110. 0021: 
    Eng 334-2

    Trott has not quite caught up with Finn, who comfortably keeps out that over from Trent Boult, with the exception of a play-and-miss outside off stump.


    Neil Wagner celebrates the dismissal of Nick Compton for 117, the only wicket to fall in the morning session.

    New Zealand v England
  112. 0016: 
    Eng 334-2 (Lead by 41)

    Southee starts off after lunch, drifting one into Trott's pads and, well, surely you know the rest...? The ball is collected from the midwicket boundary.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "This surely has to be New Zealand's last throw of the dice. They have dominated this Test match, but they really have to get among the wickets in this session."

  114. 0013: 

    The wine gums have been cracked open here (we're treating ourselves on the last day), and got us discussing our favourite sweets. Let's have your suggestions please. And which would be best to help keep us awake through the early hours?

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "When we get to Wellington for the second Test, I think the pitch will be quicker. I played there a few years ago and it zips nicely there."

  116. 2337: 

    Ok folks, time for the usual breather here. Have a listen to the journalists' panel on TMS if you can. Justin Goulding will be our man on the keyboard after lunch.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It has been an easy, solid morning by England - no alarms at all. Really Steven Finn is the story of the morning, he has played with aplomb. He is a big man and takes a big stride forward He has played straight and has had no trouble at all."

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    "During the lunch interval on TMS we're assembling a journalist panel with The Independent's Stephen Brenkley, John Etheridge of the Sun and the Telegraph's Derek Pringle."

    You can listen to Test Match Special on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra.

  119. 2331: 
    LUNCH INTERVAL- Eng 329-2

    Boycs is imploring Williamson to toss one up to Finn to try to tempt him into extravagance, but to no avail. Finn works a wider one through cover point, then Trott guides one through a gap for four. Nice way to sign off for lunch. England's morning, categorically.

  120. 2328: 
    Eng 324-2

    Trott could well be playing for the imminent lunch interval now too, blocking and leaving a maiden over from Southee.


    The final day's play has been one for the cricket purists as England's batsmen slowly build up a lead for the tourists. But not all of the spectators in Dunedin are enthused by their doggedness...

    New Zealand v England
  122. 2324: 
    Eng 324-2

    Finn clearly has one eye on his fifty now, but will he get there before lunch? Not if he plays like that - maiden to Williamson.


    Thomas Knights: "Steve Finn had scored 51 runs in his first 17 Tests, scored 60 so far in this Test."

    Freddie Mickshik: "Finn in the forties... come on lad keep going and you'll keep the number three spot for the Ashes!"

    Alex Munro: "Come on Finny boy. Ten more."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "On a pitch like this you cannot blame the captain for anything. I always say the quality of cricket, to a great degree, depends on the 22 yards they play on. Snooker players are lucky - their surface is perfect every time they play."

  125. 2321: 
    Eng 324-2 (Lead by 31)

    Trott gets inside a straight ball from Southee and whips it off his hips for four. Trott's turn to get an edge now but the ball doesn't carry to keeper BJ Watling. That sums up this pitch. Time to shake hands on it lads?


    Adam Davies: "Finn is in payback mode. He's had to bowl for two days on this road so now he is showing the batsmen what they should have done."

  127. 2316: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 319-2

    For the second time today Finn offers a fiendishly difficult chance which McCullum can't cling on to with one hand to his left at second slip. Three runs ensue.

  128. 2313: 
    Eng 316-2

    Welcome back Tim Southee, just when his biggest fan Geoffrey Boycott is commentating again. Oooh that was mighty close. Finn shoulders arms to an inswinger and the ball passes within about quarter of an inch of his off timber. Lucky boy.

  129. 2308: 
    Eng 314-2 (Lead by 21)

    Trott dabs a single to give Finn the strike to Williamson again. Still no sign of Finn having a tail-end slog. He really is eyeing up a Gillespie...

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "Jonathan Trott has always got runs, even when he was a young boy he was heavy on the runs. He is quality. He has the temperament, the determination and a different technique but it works."


    Tom, Bristol, via text on 81111: "It would be interesting to know how many batsmen have beaten their highest Test score in the first innings, only to beat it again in the second, as Finn has done."

  132. 2305: 
    Eng 313-2

    What was I saying about Trott's patience? Finally Wagner gives him one in the slot and he drives it square through the off side for four. A single moved him to 27 off 34 balls.

  133. 2301: 
    Eng 308-2

    Kane Williamson is bowling to Finn, who looks like he'd really love to smash him into the stands. Lots of half-darts down the track but he keeps himself in check and it's a maiden.


    Neil Wagner shows his delight after trapping England centurion Nick Compton lbw.

    New Zealand v England
  135. 2259: 
    Eng 308-2

    Wagner is trying to bore Trott into submission here by pitching miles outside off stump. One of them is actually called for a wide. Trott won't mind this. He has the patience of a saint.


    Bruce Harmsworth: "I'm proposing the 'Finn test'. Any wicket that allows Steven Finn to cruise to 30 should be reported to the ICC."

    Jonathan Ashworth: "Just tuned in to hear Finn batting. Didn't realise he'd been nightwatchman. Scared the life out of me."

  137. 2253: 
    Eng 307-2

    Trott's not listening to you Andrew. He's flicking another three through midwicket now.


    Andrew, Co Durham, TMS inbox: "Someone tell Trott the one-dayers were last week, before he does something rash!"

    Ed Smith, BBC Test Match Special

    "You feel Jonathan Trott is setting himself for a big innings, he's another who likes to bat for long periods. He would love to frustrate New Zealand all day."

  140. 2249: 
    Eng 304-2

    Finn is swinging (and occasionally missing) at almost everything now. A thick outside edge takes his score to a first-class best 36.


    Will Collins: "On the flattest of pitches against a mediocre attack Compton simply had to take his chance, fortunately for him he did."

    Alex Williams: "You know the pitch must be good when Trott is scoring more than one a ball and Finn has hit a 30!"

  142. 2245: 
    Eng 300-2

    Finn looks as comfy and contented as a man in his dressing gown and slippers tucking into a cup of cocoa in his centrally-heated Surrey home. Here's the sweep shot again, earning him and single before Trott flicks for two through midwicket to reach 19 off 21 balls.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    "View from the boundary edge at University Oval Dunedin."

    New Zealand v England
  144. 2242: 
    Eng 297-2 (Lead by four)

    Finn is opening up now, slashing Wagner away for another two to take England into the lead and punching gloves with batting partner Trott. Then another big swing sends the ball past extra cover for three.


    Ed, Wrexham, via text on 81111: "This is a simple scoreboard. Cook 116, Compton 117, Finn 118, etc, etc."

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Bruce Martin has bowled a little bit too slow, because the slower you bowl, the more pinpoint you have got to land on the surface. If you are short, because of the docile nature of the pitch, then batsman can adjust his position and play his strokes."

  147. 2238: 
    Eng 292-2

    Bryan Waddle belches into his microphone then bemoans the fact that New Zealand can't produce batsmen like Trott, who are difficult to get out. What about batsmen like Finn, Bryan? Here he is down on one knee and sweeping Martin for another three.

  148. 2234: 
    Eng 289-2

    Finn ducks out of the way of a chest-high bumper from Wagner. A half-volley is slashed square on the offside for three to take Finn to his outright highest Test score. Trott then smashes a ball on leg stump through mid-on for four to take England within four of parity. Very positive approach from the Warwickshire man.


    SRA: "Compo gone but Clegg and Foggy still to come..."

  150. 2229: 
    Eng 281-2 (Trail by 12)

    Trott's reckless run-a-ball assault continues as he tucks a single wide of midwicket of the first ball of Martin's over. Finn blocks the other five.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "This is actually a poor pitch for Test cricket. If we get pitches like this throughout the series then it won't be great."

  152. 2226: 
    Eng 280-2

    Finn pushes through the covers and catches "Two Metre" Peter Fulton on his heels. Two runs are the result. The next ball is worked away for two more in the same area to take Finn level with his highest Test score of 20, made in the first innings of this match.

  153. 2222: 

    Ashes fans will enjoy this little Twitter exchange from Mssrs Vaughan and Warne...

    Former England skipper Michael Vaughan: "Tell you what if Finn was an Aussie he would be batting in the top six..."

    Ex-Australia spinner Shane Warne: "Careful mate, how would an all-England team go if you were not allowed to play South Africans..."

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "The two pitches that are left in this series are gong to suit the England bowlers a lot more. It will move around in Wellington and there will be plenty of bounce in Auckland. This was New Zealand's pitch, but they just haven't bowled well enough."

  155. 2219: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 275-2

    Three men around the bat for Trott as he faces Martin. And the England's number three's positive start continues as he drives past mid-on for four. A single off the last ball before drinks takes Trott to 10 off 11 balls.


    Timothy Revell: "Bravo Compo bravo."

    Phil Robins: "Ahh not Compo! Can't Finn just sacrifice his wicket for Compton?"

    Insignificant Human: "Finally a wicket. Another couple now and it may be interesting."

  157. 2214: 
    Eng 269-2

    Trott spends an age raking out his patch with bat and spikes, almost like a dog marking out his territory. Wagner is targeting the pads again but Trott reads it well and clips off his pads for a pair of twos.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "It is the impact this innings will have on Nick Compton's career which is most memorable. He seized his opportunity."

    WICKET- Compton lbw b Wagner 117 (Eng 265-2)

    A bit of inswing from Wagner and Compton is trapped, playing across the line. This looks out. Asad Rauf certainly thinks so and Compton consults with Finn before deciding not to review.

  160. 2209: 
    Eng 265-1

    Never fear, Bruce Martin is here, trying to catch Compton napping with a bit of gentle tweak. A dabbed single to third man keeps him on strike.


    Aaron, London, via text on 81111: "Good anecdote for Boycott bingo there, both 'uncovered pitches' and 'corridor of uncertainty' in the same sentence! Cheers Sir Geoff!"

    Ed Smith, BBC Test Match Special

    "I played with Steven Finn at Middlesex and he is a bowler who takes his batting very seriously. He is not someone who just straps the pads up."

  163. 2204: 
    Eng 264-1 (Trail by 29)

    I stand corrected over the men in Hawaiians. Apparently they are from Gore in New Zealand, so unlikely to be England fans. A rare shot in anger from Compton, crashing Wagner down the ground for three. Finn gets a thick edge on the last ball of the over and collects four past third slip. Compton and Finn have survived the first hour of the day, adding 30 runs to England's overnight score.


    England nightwatchman Steven Finn finds the Dunedin boundary with a four.

    England's Steven Finn
  165. 2200: 
    Eng 257-1

    Wagner bowls a maiden to Finn, who has now batted for more balls - 53 - than he has ever batted before in first-class cricket. He has 12 runs, someway off his best score of 32. Comp, meanwhile, has faced 300 balls for his 113.

  166. 2152: 
    Eng 256-1

    Nice group of England fans pictured in team formation wearing Hawaiian shirts and beige blazers that remind of the type of garments Europe's golfers habitually sport at the Ryder Cup. Finn clips Boult for one to long leg.


    Toby, London, via text on 81111: "I wonder about the wisdom of sending in a nightwatchman. Surely it would be better now to have Trott in with Compo. With Finn there, it gives something for the Kiwis to aim at."

  168. 2149: 
    Eng 255-1

    Right on cue, Southee is pulled from centre stage and Neil Wagner steps up to act out the next scene. He settles on a nice off stump line to Compton, who seems happy to continue at exactly the same tempo as yesterday, waiting for the bad ball.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Last season against South Africa, Southee bowled 0-40 and 0-100 on this ground and then he was dropped after that."

  170. 2144: 
    Eng 255-1

    Boult slides another ball past Finn's outside edge. Not as much swing as there was early on.

    To continue the movie theme (see 2045) I think Compton might soon be rivalling Hamish Rutherford for best actor. And if Geoffrey has anything to do with it Tim Southee will be getting the Golden Raspberry Award.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's definitely not the pace Southee is bowling which has damaged Compton's bat - that's for sure. It must be a fault with the bat. Southee wouldn't bowl my mum or my grandma out. I've seen him bowl before and he was much better than this."

  172. 2139: 
    Eng 255-1

    Slight delay while Compton sends for a new bat and promptly deploys it to hammer a leg stump full toss from Southee away for four. Here's a close up of his old bat, complete with a crack right down the middle. Think he'll want to keep it, mind you.


    The Barmies stretch their vocal chords as play begins on the fifth day of the first Test in Dunedin.

    New Zealand v England
  174. 2134: 
    Eng 249-1

    Finally New Zealand get rid of the man out at deep square leg for Steve Finn. It's taken them a while to realise that he's not exactly what you'd call a regular hooker. No pun intended. Another maiden, the third in a row.

  175. 2131: 
    Eng 249-1

    A bit more zip from Southee today, but nothing to trouble Compton in another maiden over.


    Grant Dommen: "Is Finn finally laying to rest the night watchman debate? Taking shine off and using up time. Win win. For a draw."

  177. 2128: 
    Eng 249-1

    Finn might have his eye on a Jason Gillespie special today - the Aussie paceman famously scored a double hundred as nightwatchman against Bangladesh in 2006. He has weathered the early storm and looks like he's bedding in for a big one as he sees out a Boult maiden.


    David Carr: "Too much to dream of but would love 30 overs at NZ with 175+ on the board. Guess I'll just be grateful for the draw!"

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "Nick Compton looks more relaxed out there - that's what happens when you play like he did. He was so relieved when he came into the press conference last night. You tick off little things as a player and as a batsman the first thing is your first century, it doesn't matter who it is against, then you strive for consistency."

  180. 2122: 
    Eng 249-1

    One of the features of Compton's innings yesterday was his driving and he unfurls another absolute gem here to ease another Southee away-swinger to the fence. Compton, by the way, described his hundred yesterday as "the biggest relief" of his life.

  181. 2116: 
    Eng 245-1 (Trail by 48)

    Finn throws the bat and collects four more via a thick edge in the air to the vacant third man boundary. Boult then slots an inswinger in between bat and pad.

    It all looks very still in Dunedin, with a pale blue sky and wispy cloud.


    CJ, Loughborough, via text on 81111: "How about England to reach a lead of 150, then an attacking New Zealand to be bowled out in a thrilling final session? Ludicrous?"

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "New Zealand will be desperate to get the nightwatchman out. You're wasting energy, you're wasting shine on the ball, you just want to get him out."

  184. 2113: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 240-1

    Southee to Finn, thick edge, four. The ball is swinging all over the place as Southee shapes one past Finn's edge again. Finn then shoulders arms to an inswinger and survives a very lusty appeal for lbw. No review from New Zealand and replays prove it's a good decision from umpire Rauf with the ball just missing the off bail.

  185. 2109: 
    Eng 236-1

    Replays show that ball did carry to Brownlie, but it would have been a wonderful catch about an inch above the turf. An early let-off for England all the same.

    Trent Boult starts brightly, whipping one into Compton's pads and swerving a beauty past his outside edge. Plenty of movement for the left-armer as he opens with a maiden.


    Ralph Brooker: "Re film genres. It'll be a western. KP in Bob Mitchum-type role (nasty). Kiwi attack as sheep farmers fearing for their lives. Mitch wins. THE END."

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "That drive before will give Finn a bit of confidence. As a nightwatchman you get an opportunity to do something with the bat. He's not bad with the bat but he will hold in there and will fancy a few minutes."

  188. 2104: 
    Eng 236-1

    Steve Finn is on strike to Southee and he leaves the first three balls outside off stump before easing a couple into the off side. A nice ball catches the edge and scoots low to third slip where Dean Brownlie parries it with his left hand. I don't think that carried.

  189. 2059: 

    England's ideal scenario would be to bat until well after tea, make the game safe and then snaffle a few New Zealand wickets, just to dent the confidence of the likes of Rutherford and snatch the momentum for the second Test. New Zealand will be hoping that they can bowl England out and still have time to chase down their target. And with Brendon McCullum in their ranks they can score very quickly indeed.


    Matt Western: "Come on England let's bat the day out and get the draw!! Hope Compton goes big!"

  191. 2054: 

    Scores on the board, Miss Ford. England will resume their second innings this morning on 234-1, 59 runs behind New Zealand. Nick Compton is 102 not out and nightwatchman Steven Finn is on nought. The smart money is on a draw but I don't think anyone can assume England are out of the woods yet. If New Zealand can get a couple of early wickets today, they could just sow a few seeds of panic in English minds.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    "Cloudy morning but dry at University Oval. Forecast is for things to brighten up later. TMS on air 21:00 GMT on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra."

    New Zealand v England
  193. 2045: 

    Like all good Test matches, New Zealand v England in Dunedin has had a strong story arc, an unpredictable and at times compelling narrative that has so far mixed a number of Hollywood genres. It started off as a horror show for England as their batsmen found increasingly gruesome ways of sacrificing their wickets. Then it became a fairytale as young debutant Hamish Rutherford plundered 171 - the seventh highest debut score in Test history - to give New Zealand total control. Yesterday it morphed into a bromance as England's pin-up openers Alastair Cook and Nick Compton cosied up over centuries to revive their side's chances of saving the game.

    So what about today's denouement? Are we in for a thriller? A touch of comedy, perhaps? I think England would settle for something far more predictable and prosaic.

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Live Scores - N Zealand v England


  • New Zealand drew with England
  • N Zealand: 460-9 (116.4 overs)
  • England: 167 & 421-6 (170.0 overs)
  • Venue: Dunedin

England 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 6 421
Cook c Watling b Boult 116
Compton lbw b Wagner 117
Finn lbw b B Martin 56
Trott c and b Wagner 52
Pietersen c Watling b Wagner 12
Bell not out 26
Root run out (Southee) 0
Prior not out 23
Extras 1nb 1w 6b 11lb 19