England v New Zealand, second Test, Headingley, day three as it happened

Skipper Alastair Cook hits an unbeaten 88 as England close day three of the second Test 296 ahead of New Zealand at 116-1.

26 May 2013 Last updated at 18:43 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1918: 

    That's about it from day three - Sam Sheringham's match report is already available for you to read, Jonathan Agnew's column will be up soon, and Tom & Sam will be back with you from Headingley tomorrow morning to bring you day four. Til then, TTFN.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "Once they decided to bat with such a big lead, Cook batted properly but Trott was trying to save the game. It's inexplicable. I still think we've got a good chance of winning, but there's likely to be rain on Tuesday. Play sensibly tomorrow and we'll have a lot of overs, though."

    Listen to more from Geoffrey and Aggers on the TMS Podcast


    England spinner Graeme Swann oni TMS: “I didn’t get much of a bowl at Lord’s, I felt I missed out there and I was very keen to get on early here. Getting wickets is important for any bowler, and to get a few bowled through the gate pleased me greatly. You only get three or four of those in a calendar year and I got two in two overs. I thought Finn bowled magnificently today. There is an awful lot of cricket to be played in this game and there are no demons in this pitch. We scored at three an over, we’re not in the business of giving people a day off for the sake of it.”


    mike2592_wolves: Trott is one of the most boring players to watch but he is the perfect player to slow an innings down and wear the bowlers down.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "I was very surprised they didn't enforce the follow-on - they bowled them out in 44 overs this afternoon, while New Zealand were bowled out cheaply at Lord's and look like they don't know where their next run's coming from - any bowler worth his salt would have been queueing up to have a bowl at them."


    New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor on TMS: "We started off well, finishing them off, but the middle order struggled again. Finn got three wickets up front and then Swann bowled well. I think they've been batting postitively, our bowlers are pretty tired and losing Boulty meant we lost a lot of momentum. Test cricket suggests it's pretty tough to win from here, but we need to show more fight over the next couple of days. Today was disappointing, but tomorrow's a different day."


    Ben from Faversham, via text on 81111: It's depressing watching Compton and Trott bat. Be attacking! When you're nearly 300 in the lead, go for it. How Compton scored nearly 1,000 before June last year, goodness only knows.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "We've moaned a bit about the last hour as Cook has scored his runs and nothing much has happened at the other end, but England will be cock-a-hoop - they're absolutely in control of this game and should win the series 2-0 if the weather holds."

  9. 1902: 
    CLOSE OF PLAY- Eng 116-1 (lead by 296)

    Williamson to have one last twirl before the close. Captain Cook is excused from any responsibility on the go-slow, a square-driven four takes him to 87 from 131 balls. Trouble is, Compton and Trott have scored a combined 16 from 110. A single brings Trott on strike for the last four balls of the day, and the Warwickshire man finally breaks the shackles with a two driven through the covers. And that's yer lot for day three - Cook 88 from 132, Trott 11 from 69.

    BBC Test Match Special's statistician Malcolm AshtonContributor

    "We had 72 runs in the first 20 overs of this innings, and 37 in the last 20."

  11. 1858: 
    Commentary- Eng 109-1

    A rather turgid period of play is drawing towards a close as Trott (nine from 59 balls and counting) continues his one-man stonewalling operation against Southee. Talking of which, Geoffrey Boycott has arrived in the TMS box ready for his post-match summary with Aggers, which will be available as the TMS podcast. Despite Southee's slow walk back to his mark after each ball, Trott's mid-pitch gardening and one of the dullest maiden overs you'll ever see... there's time for one more over.


    Matt, London, via text on 81111: What is the record for the lowest team score at the point when the first batsman reaches 100? Cook must be close if he gets there.

  13. 1853: 
    Commentary- Eng 109-1 (lead by 289)

    Can England survive the last 10 minutes or so, and spare us the sight of a night-watchman coming out with a lead approaching 300? Cook pushes Wagner for two wide of mid-on to move to 83... he'll have to get a shift on to get a ton tonight.


    Craig Butler: Cook trying to run Trott out then to aid the run rate?

  15. 1849: 
    Commentary- Eng 107-1

    Southee has changed ends, replacing Williamson, and Cook helps himself to a four off his legs before he's beaten by an absolutely unplayable jaffa that changes direction at the last minute and whistles past his forward prod. A single to the cover sweeper takes Cook to 81.

    BBC Sport's Jamie LillywhiteContributor

    "In the IPL final Mahendra Dhoni is at the crease at number seven but it's not going well for his Chennai Super Kings, they are 59-8 after 12 overs chasing 149 to beat Mumbai Indians."

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "Jonathan Trott's making Nick Compton's seven look explosive at the moment. This is a situation where they could be more aggressive and really grind New Zealand into the dirt. New Zealand will love England batting like this."

  18. 1843: 
    Commentary- Eng 102-1

    Southee's off after a brief three-over spell, a Cook single brings Trott on strike with a predominantly off-side field. When Trott glances off his hip, there's a real yes-wait-no-sorry-after-you-Claude mix-up between the batsmen as both of them halt a third of the way down the pitch and have to dash back into their ground. Had the throw hit, Trott would have been a goner.

    BBC Sport's Jamie LillywhiteContributor

    "Pakistan have beaten Ireland by two wickets with eight balls remaining to win the two-match ODI series 1-0. Kamran Akmal made 81 from 85 balls with 11 fours and two sixes and Wahab Riaz, who took 24 from the 47th over, was unbeaten on 47 from 35 balls with four sixes and four fours."

  20. 1839: 
    Commentary- Eng 101-1

    Williamson bowls a dull maiden over to Trott, nothing worth reporting. More interesting is some news from Hampshire - as the game meandered to a draw earlier, the once (and future?) England Test opener Michael Carberry turned his arm over, doing impressions of other bowlers (Alex Tudor, Hamza Riazuddin and Makhaya Ntini). Shades of Goochie impersonating Bob Willis at the end of a Test? And will it improve Carbs' chances of an England recall, after knocking seven bells out of Lancashire in the YB40 the other day?


    David Mitchell, Suffolk via text on 81111: Can't believe everyone ignoring elephant in the room over follow on. It's a purely commercial decision. If NZ bowled out today no dosh from bumper BH crowd. It's 2013 and money rules OK? 

  22. 1836: 
    Commentary- Eng 101-1

    Southee goes round the wicket to the left-handed Cook, who bides his time before drilling a four through cover to bring up three figures for England - the skipper has a dominant 75 out of 101.

  23. 1832: 
    Commentary- Eng 97-1

    Trott, stuck on eight for a long time, pushes Williamson for a single to extra cover, taking his score to a Comptonesque nine from 47 balls. For a side leading by 276, England don't seem in much of a hurry to push the game on - I hope that if the heavens open on Tuesday, they're not left regretting the current go-slow.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "Just think if a wicket falls, and England send Steven Finn out as night-watchman, i fear there would be a riot. I wouldn't mind an attacking night-watchman like Swann."

    BBC Sport's Jamie LillywhiteContributor

    "Some extraordinary scenes in Dublin, Wahab Riaz has just hit three sixes and a four in one over from Tim Murtagh and Pakistan need only eight from 18 balls against Ireland in the second ODI."

  26. 1828: 
    Commentary- Eng 95-1

    Cook on the defensive against Southee, but eventually pushes a two through the covers - he has 70, a full 73% of England's 95 runs in this innings.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "England are treating Williamson like he's Saeed Ajmal. The sweep should be a free shot here, when you're playing against someone who will always pitch the ball outside off stump - get your bat and pad outside the line, and sweep."

  28. 1824: 
    Commentary- Eng 93-1

    Trott is on the defensive against Williamson, much to the frustration of MP Vaughan on TMS. "That was a half-volley, give it a whack!" implores the former England skipper, who had retired by the time Trott made his England debut in 2009.


    Howard Horner: I feel sorry for Compton. But surely he cannot cannot CANNOT play in the Ashes this summer?

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "We're going to be eight or nine overs short again today."

  31. 1821: 
    Commentary- Eng 93-1

    Bracewell's off as Tim Southee, who was off the field for a while earlier on, is abck into the attack, having only bowled four previous overs in this innings. Meanwhile, a police helicopter hovers over the ground... is "slow batting" a criminal offence in Yorkshire? It can't have been while Geoffrey was still playing. Southee bowls a maiden over to Cook.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "Cook is full of confidence, but I'd have liked to have seen Compton play some more aggressive shots as it was a bit of a slow death for him. England should win anyway unless it rains, btu I think the batsmen need to be more pro-active, particularly against Williamson who's a part-time off-spinner."

  33. 1816: 
    Commentary- Eng 93-1

    Off-spinner Williamson to wheel away for his 11th over, Cook cracks a single through the covers to move to 68, the game is drifting a little but as Aggers points out on TMS, there are still two days of the game left. (If the weather holds - the forecast isn't brilliant for Tuesday).


    Paul Baldwin: So all this is proving is that Cook is in form, Compton is out of his depth and Trott is dull. Should have enforced the follow on.

  35. 1813: 
    Commentary- Eng 92-1

    Post-drinks, Cook pushes Bracewell for a single before the right-arm seamer sends down an aerial wide to the gum-chewing Trott.

    BBC Sport's Jamie LillywhiteContributor

    "In the IPL final the Chennai Super Kings are 35-4 after six overs chasing 149 to beat the Mumbai Indians. Skipper Mahendra Dhoni is holding himself back though, and hasn't come to the crease yet. Playing it cool obviously."


    Mark: Big issue for selectors now, should they risk exposing Root to new ball & quicker attack or leave him to settle and pick Carberry?

  38. 1806: 

    While the players take drinks, here's the answer to today's #QSTeaser from @QofS_Official - when they last played New Zealand at Headingley in 2004, which England bowler played the second of his three career Tests?

    He's now a first-class umpire - the answer is Martin Saggers.

  39. 1805: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 90-1

    Cook pushes Wililamson for a two and a single before an errant pitch invader holds up play, which does nothing for the over-rate in the time it takes him to be removed from the field of play and collared by a few hefty stewards. Time for drinks for the players, and possible incarceration for the invader.

  40. 1800: 
    Commentary- Eng 87-1 (lead by 267)

    Cook shows the full face of the bat to Bracewell, pushing a single to mid-on, and as R4 LW listeners return from the Shipping Forecast, right on cue Trott thumps a four past Latham at mid-on as the diving fielder's trousers slip down somewhat.

    BBC Sport's Jamie LillywhiteContributor

    "Nine overs left in the second one-day international in Dublin and Pakistan, with Kamran Akmal and Wahab Riaz at the crease, and only three wickets intact, need a further 81 to beat Ireland."


    BBC Sport's Jon Barbuti: The good news for Nick Compton is that if he learns to bowl he has the makings of a great nightwatchman.


    Tim, Southampton via text: Regardless of the situation of the match, does the less than impressive performance from the umpires in the middle not worry anyone else? Thank goodness for DRS. And the ability most of us have to count to six. 

  44. 1755: 
    Commentary- Eng 82-1

    Cook cuts at Wlilliamson, there's a great stop by Wagner at short third man as Cook takes a single to move to 62. And with another 21 overs possible tonight, safe to say that we'll be going until 1900 BST if the light holds - which it should, by the look of the bright sun above Leeds.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "England could be 300 ahead by the end of play today - New Zealand just have to find some way of slowing this game down so they don't have to bat so long. It will be difficult without two of their bowlers, but McCullum is trying hard to react to the situation."

  46. 1752: 
    Commentary- Eng 81-1

    Trott defends against Bracewell before holding his bat like a periscope and using the handle to scratch an itch between his shoulder-blades. A maiden for Bracewell, who has figures of 4-3-6-0.


    Diccon Thornely: Just want to clarify, is a hard fought seven sufficient to keep his place and stop the critics? A lot of Kiwi batsmen think it's ok.

    BBC Sport's Jamie LillywhiteContributor

    "A seventh wicket for Ireland in Dublin as Abdur Rehman falls to Alex Cusack and Pakistan need 97 from 13 overs in the second one-day international, the first one having finished in a tie."

  49. 1748: 
    Commentary- Eng 81-1

    With Boult and Southee both off the field, New Zealand's bowling options are very limited indeed, but Williamson is doing a decent job for them here, Trott is struck on the arm as he bends down to attempt an over-the-shoulder "frying-pan"-style shot. And down on the south coast, Hampshire have drawn with Lancashire while Trott nicks the strike with a single off the last ball.

  50. 1745: 
    Commentary- Eng 80-1 (lead by 260)

    A ripple of applause as Cook lashes Bracewell for four with a forceful cover drive, then guides a single down to another sub fielder, Mark Gillespie who has sneaked onto the field at third man. Bracewell appeals for a catch behind, keeper McCullum goes up as well, but Trott stands his ground and the Kiwis decide against a review - watching the replay, the "noise" seems to have been the bat flicking the pad. Trott pushes a quick single.


    Chris via text on 81111: The summer's looking a promising one when you realise that Compton would still walk into the Aussie top order.

    BBC Sport's Jamie LillywhiteContributor

    "Not the best of starts by the Chennai Super Kings chasing 149 to win the IPL final against Mumbai Indians.

    "The fearsome Lasith Malinga has taken two wickets in two balls in the first over of their reply, Mike Hussey and Suresh Raina the men to depart. Skipper Mahendra Dhoni is due in at number five."

  53. 1740: 
    Commentary- Eng 74-1

    Trott is off the mark with a careful two off his legs against Williamson, who had bowled him via the footmarks in the first Test at Lord's.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "It isn't an easy game at times and Compton's faced a bit of that hasn't he? It's been a battle for him."


    Chris Harvey: I've stuck by Compton more than most but how can a side carry a rookie with no confidence?

  56. 1737: 
    Commentary- Eng 72-1

    Cook drives Bracewell to mid-off, where substitute fielder Tom Latham - on for the injured Trent Boult - makes a good diving stop, while Simon Mann and Jeremy Coney on TMS sympathise with Boult - with a side strain one of the least comfortable injuries for a fast bowler to suffer. That's three maidens on the trot (including Williamson's wicket maiden).

  57. 1733: 
    Commentary- Eng 72-1

    Jonathan Trott is the new man in, survives the last ball of Williamson's over.


    Charlie Blanchard: A very nervy slow Compton start. He knows his Test place is on the line and doesn't want to give his wicket away.

    NB This was sent to us before the Compton dismissal...

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "I think umpire Davis will be a little sheepish for not spotting that edge, and Compton will be a little sheepish for not walking. I wonder whether if England are one down at the close, they could issue a press release promising to send Root and Bairstow out to bat tomorrow, to get the Yorkshire public along?"

  60. 1731: 
    WICKET- Compton c Rutherford b Williamson 7 (Eng 72-1)

    Big nick, spoons up for a simple catch at short leg, and that's the end of Compton.


    Williamson hops, skips and bounces in to Compton, there's an appeal for a bat-pad catch, Umpire Davis shakes his head, and NZ call for a review...

  62. 1728: 
    Commentary- Eng 72-0 (lead by 252)

    A change of bowling as right-arm seamer Doug Bracewell replaces left-arm seamer Wagner and sends down a maiden to Cook, while the TMS crew are reminiscing about wrestling greats such as Kendo Nagasaki, and the moment when he once had his mask removed by Big Daddy. "We need a wrestling 'View from the Boundary', insists Aggers.

    BBC Sport's Jamie LillywhiteContributor

    "A shock is in store in the second one-day international in Dublin. Shoaib Malik is the sixth Pakistan wicket to fall and with 16.4 overs remaining they need a further 117 to beat Ireland."

  64. 1723: 
    Commentary- Eng 72-0

    While Aggers on TMS makes the shocking (to me, anyway) revelation that famous wrestler Mick McManus, who died this week, was an MCC member - it's business as usual for the Chef as Cook pushes Wiliamson for three. He has 57 from 68 balls, Compton has 7 from 40.

    BBC Sport's Jamie LillywhiteContributor

    "In the IPL final the Mumbai Indians have made 148-9 from their 20 overs after choosing to bat first against Chennai Super Kings.

    "West Indian Kieron Pollard hit the final two balls of the innings for six to finish on 60 from 32 balls."

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "I watched the Mumbai Indians' semi-final, and it was very odd to see Sachin Tendulkar and RIcky Ponting on the Mumbai bench, not selected."

  67. 1720: 

    Cook faces some Wagnerian left-arm seam, and rides to his half century (his 30th in Tests) with a slashing four through the vacant gully region. A single brings Compton back on strike, the Somerset man sees off the over.


    Simon in Brighton via text on 81111: Why is everyone so upset about the follow on? We would have only bowled them out in a session. I want to watch more cricket. Good decision Cooky.

  69. 1715: 
    Commentary- Eng 64-0 (lead by 244)

    Williamson bowls, Cook misses, McCullum misses one between his legs, four byes are signalled and Taylor has to run from slip to retrieve the ball. Williamson finds a bit of turn which will have Swann licking his lips in the pavilion, but Cook then fluently sweeps him for four. A single takes the skipper to 49 and ensures he continues to hog the strike. Strangely, Umpire Erasmus seems to be the last man in the stadium to realise that six balls have been bowled, and that's over.


    Peter Donelan: Compton just doesn't look Test class. Carberry in and Root left to develop in middle order.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "Among the other handicaps, the main handicap for the Kiwis is that the man who took 5-57 in the first innings isn't on the field. There's also some spin, which is why Wililamson's on so early."

  72. 1712: 
    Commentary- Eng 55-0

    With Boult off the field, there will be e heavier burden on the other bowlers, so it's Neil Wagner to continue from the Football Stand End. Before this over, Compton had faced 28 balls - exactly half of his skipper's total of 56. The Somerset man defends as though his Test place depends on it - which it well might, according to some commentators (some of whom may hail from Yorkshire and want their man Bairstow to stay in the side when Kevin Pietersen returns). Maiden.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "If New Zealand were able to bowl England out for under 200, anything's possible, though it doesn't look likely. But it wasn't long ago that New Zealand were 55-0 - which is the score England find themselves at now."

    BBC Test Match Special's Bryan WaddleContributor

    "Trent Boult has a right side injury, and won't bowl again today."

  75. 1705: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 55-0 (lead by 235)

    Thanks, Tom - this is Mark Mitchener with you from deepest Salford for today's final leg - we have (technically) 33 more overs to get in and we can go until 1900 BST if the light holds. To get anywhere near that, New Zealand will need to bowl some spin - and Kane Williamson does his bit for the over-rate with a rapid maiden over to Captain Cook. Time for drinks.


    Oliver Reid-Smith: I don't want a 'positive' England. I want a ruthless England. Why give them a sniff when you can grind them into the dirt? 

  77. 1705: 
    Commentary- Eng 55-0

    Wagner going for more than five an over in this spell. Up he comes, past Umpire Erasmus, angled away by Cook off the back foot to Rutherford sweeping on the point boundary for a single. Compton with a slashing drive, the ball coming off his bat as if it were made of balsa. Mark Mitchener to take you through to the close.

    BBC Sport's Mark MitchenerContributor

    "Pakistan are nearly halfway through their run chase against Ireland in Dublin - they're 73-5 in the 25th over, chasing a target of 230. Meanwhile, in the IPL final, Mumbai Indians are 107-5 in the 17th over against Chennai Super Kings."

  79. 1700: 
    Commentary- Eng 54-0 (lead 234)

    Runs for Compton! Williamson gives him juice on his hips, and he can steer that away for two. Short, pulled away to deep square leg for two more. He's doubled his score.


    From Tom at Headingley via text on 81111: We don't want to watch batting practice for the Ashes. We want to see a result. England need to think about the punters, most of whom won't see any more live Test cricket this year.

  81. 1655: 
    Commentary- Eng 50-0

    Cook dismisses Wagner away off his pads for four more to bring up the 50 partnership. Compton has 6% of them. A plane roars overhead en route to Leeds-Bradfod airport.


    James from Hereford via text on 81111: England need the batting practice looking at their recent scores, the bowlers look good so no need to worry there but if we are to beat the Aussies we need more runs.

  83. 1652: 
    Commentary- Eng 46-0

    We'll have some off-spin from Kane Williamson. Cook will cut for one as the man at backward point goes to ground making the save.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "I'd have batted again. What England have done is nullify the chance of New Zealand winning, making sure they win the series 1-0. If it rains on Tuesday, it rains on Tuesday, but I think they'll still try to win the game by tomorrow evening. I think it's the right approach for England to win this series, you don't want to give New Zealand any opportunity."

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "If it were the Australians, and the score were 0-0, I think England would have bowled again. 43 overs isn't a lot of bowling."

  86. 1646: 
    Commentary- Eng 43-0

    After that flurry of runs, Compton finally gets on strike and prompty defends and leaves a maiden. Something horribly Ramps or Owais Shah about the right-hander at the moment, an auto-asphyxiation induced by tension and desire to succeed. 


    Anthony, Kingston, via text on 81111: It's nonsense that England losing #1 spot is due to lack of aggression. More due to inability to deal with Ajmal, Steyn et al.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "It always happens when you're struggling for runs like Compton - all the full tosses go to the other batsman."

  89. 1642: 
    Commentary- Eng 43-0

    Cook on a solo mission to prove his decision to bat again justified. Southee full, slashed away through cover. Quite wide, that, but he watched it onto the middle. Not quite to the pitch of that - edged, at catching height, through where a fourth slip would have been stationed. Which he would be very unlikely to have been. A run for Compton! Three now, Cook a speck on the horizon with 36.  


    From Alan in Chelmsford via text on 81111: Root to open - how long did he last against new ball yesterday? 

  91. 1636: 
    Commentary- Eng 31-0

    Wagner straying like a panicked sheep - full and wide, creamed through cover with glorious elan by Cook. Short and wide, slapped away past point for four more. Wobble down leg, too much for either batsman or stumper, and that's four byes. Cook on 25, the constrained Compton just two.


    Alex in Cheltenham via text on 81111: Re: 1619 I don't think it's the end sum that matters so much but the way in which Compton gets there. Needs to look like a man we can trust to open. 

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "Don't forget on Thursday at 2000 BST, the night before the Lord's one-day international, there's a special programme on BBC Radio 5 live called 'Voices of Summer' which celebrates great cricket commentators such as John Arlott, Brian Johnston and CMJ. Victor and I will be in the studio."

  94. 1632: 
    Commentary- Eng 18-0

    Cook nudges Southee back down the ground for an easy two. Full, outside off, pushed away again with control, this time through cover, for two more.


    From Neil in Sheffield, via text on 81111: Anyone wondering why England couldn't maintain their ranking as world number one has their answer with that decision to bat again, typical conservative English thinking, South Africa and Australia would have enforced the follow on in an instant.

  96. 1629: 
    Commentary- Eng 13-0

    Neil Wagner to bustle in from the Rugby Stand End. Short, swatted away by Cook through the vacant cover slot for his first four. Wagner over-corrects, straying onto the batsman's pads and being pushed away easily for four more, this time through midwicket.


    Jeremy Evans: Should have enforced the follow-on. Compton batting well now is irrelevant. He needs to go. Root to open in The Ashes.

  98. 1624: 
    Commentary- NZ 4-0

    Southee, trudging back to his mark at the speed of a man going to his execution. Compton well forward, deflecting the ball away to gully along the ground.


    While fans wrestle with England's decision to bat again, here's a #QSTeaser for you from @QofS_Official - when they last played New Zealand at Headingley in 2004, which England bowler played the second of his three career Tests?

  100. 1619: 
    Commentary- Eng 4-0

    Maiden from Boult to Cook, one nipping back in and smacking into his thigh pad. How many does Compton need to make to end the whispers about his place? 50? 70?

  101. 1615: 
    Commentary- Eng 4-0

    And of course this could work either way for Nick Compton. If he now has the chance to make Test runs and break apart his bad run of form, he also has the opportunity to fail again. Unduly negative thinking? Not on the basis of that shot - awful foot-anchored fish outside off, inside edge back past his timbers. Ghastly business.


    Aaron Clarke: I don't think the decision is negative, it gives the bowlers time to rest. As long as England declare in good time.

  103. 1610: 
    Commentary- Eng 2-0

    Fordyce back with you. I'll be honest: I'd have enforced the follow-on. Choosing to bat again certainly makes them less likely to lose the match, but New Zealand have scored only fractionally over 200 runs for their last 20 wickets - they hardly represent the most frightening threat. Cook's men have now surely reduced their chances of winning, if nothing else because the forecast for Tuesday's final day is so sketchy. Ach well. Two off the pads from Cook, and so we go on.


    Richard Wilson doesn't believe it in the TMS inbox: "No follow on. Madness. Monday weather forecast - OK. Tuesday a washout."

    BBC Sport's Mark MitchenerContributor

    "Wickets are falling in Dublin almost as quickly as they are at Headingley - Pakistan are 10-2 in the seventh over chasing 230 to beat Ireland. Imran Farhat and Nasir Jamshed are already back in the, erm, shed."


    Ben Thapa: Danger of batting again: Compton out early, purpose of batting again lost, focus lost, rolled for 150, letting NZ into the game.

  107. 1556: 

    The cynics might suggest that England are being ultra-conservative here, but I reckon they are thinking of the Ashes (even though officially they are not allowed to). The top order have not been functioning well and this is their last chance of a Test innings before the Aussie ding-dong. Here's a cheeky one? What if Root is sent out to open with Cook?


    Matthew Lowson: Makes no sense England batting again. You should never turn down a shot at winning a cricket match.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "The chances of England losing have been reduced by not enforcing the follow-on, but the chances of England winning have also been reduced."


    Ade via text on 81111: Sad to say, but Cook's classically English negativeness as captain summed up in that decision to bat again. 

  111. 1550: 

    Confirmed: England are not enforcing the follow-on. Controversial decision that.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "I think I've just seen Alastair Cook signal to the groundsman which type of roller he wants - so to the disappoinment of some, I think England are going to bat again. I presume he was aware he could enforce the follow-on, but decided against it."

  113. 1547: 

    New Zealand were bowled out in three hours, 31 minutes. What news of the follow-on then? Vic Marks thinks England are going to bat again... I will confirm as soon as I know. In the meantime, they are taking tea.

    WICKET- Wagner b Anderson 27 (NZ 174 all out)

    Anderson in for Broad now but there's no let-up in the NZ onslaught. Wagner this time, driving over the infield for four to bring up the 50 partnership. Another swing, but this time he misses and his stumps are rearranged. The fun is over. New Zealand are 174 all out, 180 runs behind.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "The batting order's wrong, clearly! What a wonderful shot from Boult, a skimming drive over long-off for six."

  116. 1542: 
    SIX- NZ 168-9

    The runs doth flow. Four byes as Boult completely misses one then an agricultural heave over the bowler's head for another six. Swann tosses up another one and the result is the same as Boult fizzes a straight drive over the TV cameras. New Zealand are flying.


    Ed Ford: If I was captain I'd bat again. Batsmen need runs / time at wicket before Ashes. This series is already won.


    From Olivia Lace-Evans via text on 81111: At least NZ have doubled their effort from the last innings! 

  119. 1538: 
    Commentary- NZ 152-9

    What a horrible over from Stuart Broad - 19 runs from it. Wagner edges and once again gets four through the (bizarrely vacant) third slip area. Then an edge through gully prompts a rethink, but instead of another attacking fielder Broad demands a third man! Wagner's response is a lusty pull for four followed by a meaty drive down the ground. 


    Matthew Orchard: Will the tail Wag-ner or has the horse already Boult-ed?

  121. 1533: 
    SIX- NZ 133-9

    Alastair Cook has left the field. Is he fretting about the follow-on? Does he need to consult Andy Flower before making a decision? Does Compton's need for a knock override England's desire to win?

    Out in the middle, Boult smashes Swann over the top and it sails all the way for six. Umpire Erasmus wants to double check this one, even though Swann is trying to tell him that it definitely went for six. A pointless delay ensues.


    Ben Laycock: The only man in Eng team hoping NZ don't follow on must be Compton. Needs runs to play in the Ashes.

  123. 1529: 
    Commentary- NZ 127-9

    So, New Zealand are nine down and Jimmy Anderson hasn't even taken a wicket. Last man Trent Boult faces up to Broad and deflects his first ball narrowly wide of Joe Root's paws at short leg. Wagner edges through the slips for four then completely misses an attempted hook. The fat lady is warbling...

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "That was a serviceable ball on a goodish line and length, Broad has found McCullum's outside edge and with Boult coming out, you would think that would be New Zealand's last resistance. To be bowled out in little more than a session... well, that's why they're eighth in the world."

    WICKET- McCullum c Prior b Broad 20 (NZ 122-9)

    McCullum can't resist dangling his bat at a tempter from Stuart Broad, Prior does the rest, and the rout is almost complete.

  126. 1523: 
    Commentary- NZ 122-8

    There are five me round the bat hovering like flies around new batter Neil Wagner. But the cricketer-cum-composer survives the last three balls of the over.

    WICKET- Bracewell c Bell b Swann 1 (NZ 122-8)

    Another one... Bracewell is pouched by Bell at silly point off bat and pad to give Swann his fourth wicket.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "The way New Zealand have folded to different types of bowling, surely the best thing for England would be to enforce the follow-on. If it's a four-day game, bat once and give yourselves the maximum time to get the wickets. It's not like they've spent a lot of time bowling."


    Sahil Oberoi: I thought DRS was there to eliminate howlers, or are we saying that 'not out' decision was a howler? 

  130. 1518: 
    Commentary- NZ 122-7

    Lots of you are asking why the follow-on mark is 150, not 200. As I understand it the adjustment has been made because of Friday's washout, turning this into a four-day Test. The sun has briefly disappeared behind the clouds here as Broad runs through another over. McCullum gets one to reach 20, then Bracewell blocks two, ducks one and gets off the market with a single to fine leg.

    BBC Sport's Mark MitchenerContributor

    "As well as the Ireland-Pakistan ODI, there's another game of note taking place today - the Indian Premier League final at Kolkata's Eden Gardens, although it's been a little overshadowed by the arrest of three Rajasthan Royals players for suspected spot-fixing. Mumbai Indians have won the toss and will bat first against Mahendra Dhoni's Chennai Super Kings, who are in their fourth successive final."

  132. 1513: 
    Commentary- NZ 120-7

    Swann, in wraparound shades, resumes from the Kirkstall Lane End with figures of 3-19. McCullum takes an easy single down the ground. New man Bracewell unfurls a solid-looking forward defensive. His Test best? 43.

    BBC Test Match Special's Simon MannContributor

    "Third umpire Aleem Dar clearly decided the ball hit the pad first, though it must have been very close."

    WICKET- Southee lbw b Broad 19 (NZ 119-7)

    The review looks inconclusive to me, but the third umpire is clearly convinced the ball struck pad before the bat propelled it to mid-on. Southee is a goner.

  135. 1507: 

    A lovely clean swing of the willow from Southee gets him four down the ground. A scuffed pull earns him two more. Whisper it quietly, New Zealand have a nice little counter-attacking partnership developing here. Hang on is this a case of instant mockers? Broad hits Southee's pad, or was it his bat? And Broad, not for the first time, persuades his skipper to review.


    Andrew, Nuneaton via text on 81111: Re: Matt's text at 1413 - Bristol is too small for a Test Match while Cardiff and Hampshire had woeful attendances in the past. Headingley is one of the best Test grounds in England! 

  137. 1502: 
    Commentary- NZ 113-6

    McCullum gets forward a laces Swann through a gap in the covers for four runs then picks up two more from a reverse sweep. Runs for Southee too, guided past the slips for two and a single down the ground.


    Grant Dommen: One more wicket and Swann will have more [in this innings] than Warne got at Headingley in his whole Test career!

    Warne took three wickets in three Tests at Headingley at a cost of 89.33 apiece

  139. 1459: 
    Commentary- NZ 103-7

    A change in the commentary box with Sam Sheringham replacing Tom Fordyce and a bowling change too as Broad comes on to replace Finn, who slipped off unnoticed during the drinks break. McCullum is slapped on the pad and  Broad appeals. Umpire Davis rejects, no review.

  140. 1453: 
    Commentary- NZ 100-6

    McCullum cuts Swann away for a single and there is polite applause for the New Zealand 100.Now Southee on strike. Can he resist a whack at Swann? Yes he can, for now.


    Phil McCarthy, TMS inbox: "When was the last time just two England bowlers took all 10 wickets in consecutive innings ... with the two pairs of bowlers being different?"

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham at HeadingleyContributor

    "On a lap of the ground, I came across two men - one in a short black dress and knight's hat and the other in grey wig, flowery shirt and pink trousers - transfixed by the specatacle of a cricket bat being sculpted from a hunk of willow. The bat makers promise to create a wooden blade in 90 minutes, tailored to your requirements as a player, at a cost of 220 notes. Alas, my request for a bat with retractable edges was given short shrift."


    Terry, Co. Durham via text on 81111: What sort of farmyards does Mr Sheringham frequent with tigers, beavers and unicorns? 

  144. 1447: 

    Joe Root in under the lid at short leg as Southee waits for Finn. Clattering cut away past gully for four; nasty lip-tickler that the batsman dives under. Southee late on that one, but he'll pick up a streaky two into the leg side. Crash off the back foot, once bounce just in front of gully. Drinks.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "Ireland have made 229-9 from their 50 overs in the second one-day international against Pakistan in Dublin, with Ed Joyce unbeaten on 116."


    From Anthony, looking through Yorkshire white-rose tinted glasses via text on 81111: Re: that text from Matt (1413), wasn't Cardiff woefully undersold for the Test match there against Sri Lanka and ended up having to give the Test back to Lord's? 

  147. 1443: 
    Commentary- NZ 93-6

    Mcullum won't hang about here - he slaps away a shortish one from Swann for four, pads up to a tempter outside off to a screamed but rebuffed appeal and then leaves one alone that nearly cleans him up. 


    Dom in Leeds via text on 81111: If you want to fill Headingley for a Test match, have a student price ticket - me and some mates at uni in Leeds were going to go, but prices put us off. It's a shame because you would get much more interest on a day like today. 

  149. 1439: 
    Commentary- NZ 89-6

    Three wickets for Swann in seven balls at the cost of one run, and he's barely got started. New Zealand, to remind you, need 205 to avoid the follow-on. Ominous. very ominous.New man Southee almost chops on to the first ball he faces from Finn but instead picks up four down to fine leg.

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham at HeadingleyContributor

    "In between his wicket-taking exploits Steven Finn has been fielding at fine leg in front of an increasingly boozy Western Terrace where he is being cheered on by a veritable farmyard of animals, including a frog, a tiger, a beaver and a unicorn."

    WICKET- Williamson lbw Swann 13 (NZ 82-6)

    Hitting the top of leg - super review, six wickets gone for 27 runs...


    Swann wants another here - Williamson for an lbw...

    WICKET- Guptill b Swann 1 (NZ 81-5)

    And another! Big, big turn out of the foot-holes left by the Kiwi left-armers, and Guptill was in no sort of shape to deal with it - a gap there again between bat and pad, and Swann is cavorting and leaping.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "Finn is very difficult to play when he gets the ball nipping back into the right-hander. He's been terrific today, he clearly enjoys it more off his full run when he can come in, hit the deck and bowl as fast as he can. I think the fact that the ball's not swung has helped him."

  155. 1426: 
    Commentary- NZ 81-4

    Finn, with his high knees - I mean his knees get high in his approach, not that they're located halfway up his thighs - and Williamson will squirt one down to long leg for a single. New Zealand in some trouble here, after a straightforward start.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    Wonderful ball. I think Dean Brownlie will be a little bit disappointed with the gap between bat and pad that's been created but a great start from Graeme Swann, if England can get him into a decent rhythm it will be the perfect preparation for the Ashes in a few weeks.

    WICKET- Brownlie b Swann 2 (NZ 79-4)

    26 overs in, it's time for some Graeme Swann. Williamson hoicks a short one away for three. Brownlie prods forward - straight through the gap between bat and pad. Swann strikes...


    Benjamin Pelc: It is only NZ, with high ticket prices people will want to see the top teams (Oz, SA). Cut the price for mediocre sides.

  159. 1417: 
    Commentary- NZ 76-3

    Brownlie looking unsure of himself against the pace and bounce of Finn. A nervous shovel to leg for a single, before Williamson does the same.

  160. 1413: 
    Commentary- NZ 74-3

    Brownlie finally off the mark with a dashed single from the 10th ball he has faced. Dreadful mow from Williamson, and he's fortunate not to edge that behind the timbers.


    From Matt via text on 81111: ECB really need to drop Headingley if they can't fill a ground for a Test match. Bristol or Cardiff or Hampshire it would have been a full house.

  162. 1408: 
    Commentary- NZ 72-3

    Finn charging in, sending down a nasty nose-clipper at 88mph. Dean Brownlie tugs his teeth from the ball's path and jogs away towards square leg. Brownlie will flash at this one outside off and Jonny Bairstow is there at point to stop it racing away to the boundary.


    Mike O'Sullivan: Only 1/3 full, wouldn't it make sense to slash the ticket prices, get a full stadium with a good atmosphere?

  164. 1405: 
    Commentary- 72-3

    Maiden from Broad to Williamson, bang on the top of off stump. First boozy cheers of the day from the Western Terrace/West Stand.

  165. 1401: 
    Commentary- NZ 71-3

    Taylor was just a little late on it, and the bounce allied to a sniff of movement in was enough to cannon ball from blade onto stumps. Three wickets for eight runs from 27 balls for Finn today, and his team-mates back-slap and bum-tap as he strolls back into the field.


    From Jonny in Leeds via text on 81111: Re: attendance, I'm sure Headingley have done their sums and worked out its more profitable to extort the hardcore fans than to lower prices and open it up to the masses. Sad, but everything is a business these days. 

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "That's a bit of a bonus wicket, as it came back off the bottom edge. One minute, Finn's cracked through the covers for four, the next minute Taylor's gone. All three wickets to Finn, and it's his bounce and movement causing the trouble, rather than what we expected - the swing of Anderson and Broad."

    WICKET- Taylor b Finn 6 (NZ 71-3)

    Flashing cut from Ross Taylor as Finn drops short - the ball ends up hitting the boundary rope well in front of square, and that lack of pace in the pitch will concern the England attack. The batsman drives a fuller one off the toe end to Broad at mid-off. Short, chopped onto his timbers!

  169. 1355: 
    Commentary- 68-2

    Broad maintaining a line outside off to Williamson, who is happy to offer no stroke to successive deliveries. Solid forward defensive, a slight post-lunch torpor hanging over the ground.

  170. Eng 1350: 
    Commentary- NZ 67-2

    Steven Finn to resume from the Rugby Stand End, England's most menacing bowler in the innings thus far. Ross Taylor will jump tall to drop a short one into the off side to get off the mark, and Williamson is troubled by another spitter which catches him on the right arm as he rears away.

  171. 1345: 
    Commentary- NZ 64-2

    Welcome back after lunch, or breakfast if you went hard on Saturday late doors. Stuart Broad will take the first over, once again from the Kirkstall Lane End, just two slips in but with a cover in to augment the point and mid-off. Still only a third full at Headingley, which is disappointing considering the match scenario and weather. Williamson pulls a short one down to deep square leg for two.


    Former Test umpire John Holder on TMS: "I was in Sharjah in 1993 for a one-day international series between Sri Lanka, West Indies and Pakistan. I was introduced to a man and I was offered £10,000 to make sure Sri Lanka batsmen put on a partnership of 85 as West Indies were playing well. I said 'you've got the wrong person'. You'd lose your self-respect, the players and commentators would know, I couldn't live my life looking over my shoulder, and I'd always be remembered as a cheat, so I had to say no. He told me his syndicate were involved in making money as the game fluctuates."

    Keep listening to TMS for John Holder's "Ask the Umpire" feature

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "Perfect start for Finn, who wasn't at his best at Lord's and didn't bowl in the second innings there."

  174. 1301: 
    INTERVAL- NZ 62-2

    Two wickets for one run in 16 balls for Finn, the second wicket maiden of this excellent spell. Just time for one more over before lunch - nope, they've changed their minds. Nicely poised, this game, after a lively session. 

    WICKET- Rutherford c Bell b Finn 27 (NZ 62-2)

    Finn up to 85.1 mph with that one, and Rutherford is beaten outside off. And again. But he's got him this time - panicking slash outside off, taken low down by gully. Splendid bowling.

  176. 1254: 
    Commentary- NZ 62-1

    Kane Williamson clangs Broad away between umpire and mid-off for a splendid four to get off the mark from the 12th ball he has faced. Time for at least one more before lunch, two if they get a wriggle on.

  177. 1249: 
    Commentary- NZ 57-1

    Finn starting to get up to licks now - proper pace, genuine bounce. Rutherford glad to get off strike with a single nudged into the covers as he backs away to leg.


    Renee Twist via text on 81111: Re: crowd size - 10,000 Leeds sports fans at Etihad Stadium for RL Magic weekend, three matches including Leeds v Wigan. Love cricket but RL more exciting. 


    Jordan King: Even in a rough run of form, Finn can still do that and get that bounce. You just don't get that from Bresnan.

  180. 1246: 
    Commentary- 56-1

    Stuart Broad to have a pre-lunch joust from the Kirkstall Lane End. The ball, in whatever incarnation, still doing very little for England's bowlers, and this could yet be New Zealand's best day of the series - pitch increasingly easy to bat on, weather set fair...

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "Great start by Finn, at 6ft 7ins he gets steep bounce and is the quickest bowler in the team. That wicket should give him confidence, but Peter Fulton did all the work for him there with a poor shot - when you've got in, you've got to make it count."

    WICKET- Fulton c and b Finn 28 (NZ 55-1)

    Finn gets some steep bounce which surprises Fulton. Leading edge and an easy return catch for the bowler. A much-needed breakthrough.

    BBC Sport's Mark MitchenerContributor

    "Over in Dublin, Ireland have reached the halfway point of their innings against Pakistan in the second ODI. They've recovered from 4-2 to 84-4 after 25 overs, with Ed Joyce unbeaten on 35, but have just lost Gary Wilson cheaply."

  184. 1234: 
    Commentary- NZ 55-0

    Jimmy is into his seventh over on the bounce now and Rutherford picks him off for a single to bring up the 50 partnership off 74 balls. Now a loose shot from Fulton as he gets a thick inside edge past off stump for four. If I was in the England team, I wouldn't be sitting next to Jimmy at lunch.

  185. 1229: 
    Commentary- NZ 49-0

    Fulton whips Finn off his pads through midwicket for four. Super shot. Still a sober air around Headingley this Sunday morn, perhaps a reflection of New Zealand's dominance of this morning's session thus far.

  186. 1224: 
    Commentary- NZ 43-0

    England might just have their way with this refusnik ball. A new batch is being brought out, and Umpire Davis will select a new one.

    New ball, same result as Hamish Rutherford dispatches it through the covers at a rate of knots. Then a dab to leg for two, the partnership developing nicely. Jimmy finishes with two short balls, which are easily left alone.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "It must be disconcerting for England, as they saw Southee and Boult swing the ball - while Anderson, who's meant to be the artiste, has not got the ball off the straight."

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "It looks like Steven Finn has gone back to his full run, he's all the way back to the sponsor's logo. It's a bit of a shame as he bowled quite well off a shorter run in New Zealand."

  189. 1218: 
    Commentary- NZ 34-0

    Skipper Cook, seeking the breakthrough, will give Steve Finn his first rumble in place of Broad at the Rugby Stand End. Not at his best at Lord's, the Watford Whirler, and Fulton is into him straight away here - four, driven away pleasingly through cover; three more, clipped to deep square leg. Still searching for his sweetest groove here, Finn.

  190. 1213: 
    Commentary- NZ 27-0

    England in something of a grump about the state of this new ball. There's a gathering to spit, polish and discuss, and Rutherford rubs a little salt in the wound by crunching a splendid on-drive away for four and standing tall to biff through point fo four more. Anderson tosses the ball away in disgust and then, a ball later, shows it to Umpire Erasmus; the response - "It's fine lad, crack on" - is not what he was after.


    Chris Young: Re: James Southerton- Probably not many other Test cricketers born in the reign of George IV. 

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "If we lose the first day of a Test match, as we did here, and the game is reduced from five days to four, the follow-on score is reduced from 200 to 150 - so New Zealand need 205 to avoid the follow-on."

  193. 1208: 
    Commentary- NZ 19-0

    Lumpy muscle from Fulton, punting Broad back down the ground for his second four, the ball in the air but entirely safe unless Umpire Erasmus had stuck out a mitt. Good riposte from Broad, bringing a brace back in and finding an inside edge onto Fulton's pads as the close fielders bellow.


    Anonymous via text on 81111: Re: Richard in Sheffield's text (1139). Crown Green bowling is a far more a young man's game than you may think. County bowlers lots in their 20's and 30's so don't wait too long! Here's hoping for some good bowling from England this afternoon!

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "A steady start by both the openers, not without the odd alarm, although you expect that."

  196. 1204: 
    Commentary- NZ 15-0

    No great movement for either bowler so far, and so Anderson is leaning instead on the misery virtues of line and length. Rutherford, he of flashing blade in the series that preceded this one, stays appropriately watchful.


    Daniel Glasswell, TMS inbox: Re: Pete Gorham (1115), It is never too late to get a call up, it just might not be for the team you imagined. I had a Kiwi mate, Al, who could barely get a club game in Auckland, but he moved to the cricketing hotbed of Scandinavia and within months was representing Sweden in an indoor cricket tournament. It’s one more cap than I ever got.


    (James Southerton, in addition to being the oldest Test debutant, also has the distinction of being the first Test cricketer to die, which sadly was barely three years after the first Test).

  199. 1200: 
    Commentary- NZ 15-0

    Rutherford up onto his toes to angle Broad away down to gully after stealing a solitary single from Anderson's nagger of a previous over. He'll nick another here from a careful push to cover's right hand. Fulton planting front leg and just getting bat down in time to  deflect the incoming cherry away, and he'll do the same again off the final ball of the over. Steady start.


    Dominic Ellis, TMS inbox: Further to Vic's nun comment, it's hard for vicars too. My brother turned up at the India Test at Trent Bridge two years back having come straight from church. It was hilarious telling everyone he wasn't in fancy dress.

  201. 1153: 
    Commentary- NZ 14-0

    Fulton clumps Broad away through midwicket with long-armed simplicity. He'll take two more here with a drive through cover. Perfect cricketing conditions out there, a dream of blue skies, warm breeze and rich green turf.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "If the New Zealanders can stay at the crease, they all like to play shots, except possibly Peter Fulton, so they should score at a decent clip. And they have an extra batsman in the side for this Test, with Martin Guptill. So if they can withstand the initial 10-15 overs here, there might just be an opportunity for them."

  203. 1148: 
    Commentary- NZ 7-0

    A butterfly flutters by, and Anderson charges in again. Whooosh - anxious late jab from leftie Rutherford, the ball snicking off the inside edge and just past his leg stump on its way down to fine leg for four. Streakage.


    (The oldest man to make his debut was James Southerton, who was a sprightly 49 years and 119 days in the very first Test match, between Australia and England at Melbourne in March 1877. Read more in our Ashes countdown which marked 50 days to go until the series begins.)


    Glen Tregoiing in Oxford, TMS inbox: Re: Pete Gorham (1115) I reluctantly hung up my boots on a non-competing international rugby career when I turned 35. Having not ever played a game at any level, I can confidently claim an undefeated non-career. I think Jonah Lomu did for me, much like he did for Mike Catt.

  206. 1143: 
    Commentary- NZ 2-0

    Stuart Broad from the Rugby Stand End. Identical field to his fellow new-ball bowler, and Rutherford will get a thick outside edge past gully for one. Not a chance, but a glimmer for Broad. Pleasant flick off the pads from Fulton down to Root running round from long leg.

  207. 1139: 
    THE SUN IS OUT- NZ 0-0

    So here we go - Peter Fulton to face James Anderson from the Kirkstall Lane End, three slips and a gully, point, mid off, mid on, midwicket, deep backward square leg. Solid defence, the sun still warming cockles and muscles.


    Iain Maciver: Re: Pete Gorham's email (1115) What is the age of the oldest person to get a Test debut in international cricket history? 

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham at HeadingleyContributor

    All eyes on Jimmy Anderson as he looks to usurp local hero Fred Trueman's haul of 307 Test wickets and go third on England's all-time chart behind Ian Botham (383) and Bob Willis (325). The king of the swingers is currently 305 not out.


    Alex, Cheltenham via text 81111: I know bowlers aren't there for their batting skills but if England's lower order just managed to make it into double figures at least then that would be an extra 50 or so runs. Come the Ashes that could be worth its weight in gold.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "If we're being blunt, England have been held together in this series by a 22-year-old - Joe Root."


    Sean Opie: This feels like last Sunday.... 


    From Richard in Sheffield via text on 81111: Re: Pete Gorham's email (1115): I haven't even started preparing for my international career as a crown green bowler I was thinking of giving it another 10 or 15 years before picking up the woods. It's actually quite comforting to know such an OAP friendly sport exists.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "Boult bowled well with the second new ball, you don't get too many quick left-arm swingers, and he tends to get wickets in batches - all five were with the new ball. He's a great prospect, while Southee only got the two wickets but he could have got more. It's been good cricket - positive batting and disciplined swing bowling."

  215. 1130: 

    Boult did all the damage with the second new ball - five wickets in seven overs for just 24 runs. Well played sir.

  216. 1127: 

    Boutl finishes with 5-57, and he will lead his team off the field. England added just 17 more runs to their overnight total, but they remain in a strong position, even as the match moves on at a decent lick. Swann left high and dry on 26, the day ahead beautifully set up,


    StanchionLove: "I am constantly disappointed by the inability of England's lower order to come out in a morning and carry on where they left off.

    WICKET- Anderson c and b Boult 0 (Eng 354 all out)

    Slapped back at the bowler off the leading edge - oh, super catch, and that's Boult's five wickets..

    WICKET- Finn b Boult 6 (Eng 354-9)

    Boom! Finn clatters Boult back down the ground for a dismissive four. Entirely predictably, he then tries the same again to the next ball and is comprehensively cleaned up.


    Benjamin Pelc: "Could have done with Prior not getting out this morning, 400 going to be a struggle now. Time for the Burnley Lara to step up."


    Z in Uxbridge via text on 81111: I'm sure someone will know this as it's looking possible... When was the last time in a Test innings that all 10 English wickets were caught? 

  222. 1121: 
    Commentary- Eng 348-8

    Southee bangs one in short and Swann aims to hoick him into Yeadon - misses by a mile. High up in those pristine blue skies,a  jet plane smears a long vapour trail in a long diagonal from south to north. Huge appeal for lbw against Swann - just missing down leg? 

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "A reminder that John Holder will be here at lunchtime for one of our favourite slots, 'Ask the Umpire'. He's a Test umpire who also bowled for Hampshire a long time ago. We like to tease and challenge him, as well as solve long-running disputes - send your questions in to tms@bbc.co.uk."

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "I feel sorry for the modern, genuine cricket-loving nun. If they turn up at the cricket, everyone thinks they're in fancy dress!"

  225. 1115: 
    Commentary- Eng 346-8

    A relatively modest crowd at Headingley this morning - Yorkshire had only sold around 6,000 of the 16,000 tickets on offer in advance, but you'd expect a decent walk-up number in these blistering conditions. Swann throws his blade wildly at a Boult tempter and misses, but then picks up a single as he chops into the off side.


    Pete Gorham in Dubai, TMS inbox: There comes a day in every man’s life when it becomes apparent that they are not going to represent their country at their chosen sport.  I think yesterday was mine. To see England’s latest centurion and think; “my word, you look about the same age as my son” is about as clear an indication as possible that it is finally time to call it a day and stop dreaming.  I hereby reluctantly retire from international sport. I wonder when other people finally gave in? 

    BBC Sport's Mark MitchenerContributor

    "Over in Dublin, Ireland have made a shaky start to their second one-day international against Pakistan. Captain William Porterfield and his opening partner Paul Stirling have already fallen, and the Irish are 4-2 after four overs. The first game on Thursday finished as a thrilling tie."

  228. 1111: 
    Commentary- Eng 345-8

    That last partnership worth 59 runs off just 70 balls - useful little contribution in the context of the innings when they came together. Steven Finn the new man, and he leaves with a flourish, rather surprised to find the ball cracking into his bat regardless.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "That was a bit of a tail-ender's dismissal, and Matt Prior's a bit better than that, although he got a pair at Lord's. We note, though, that the ball is swinging."

    WICKET- Prior c Taylor b Southee 39 (Eng 345-8)

    Tim Southee to canter in from the Kirkstall End Lane, three slips in for Swann. Wide outside off as he loosens those weary shoulders, and Swann can chop away the bext out to the man sweeping on the deep point boundary. Prior - ambitious waft - edged - bagged at slip. Oh.


    Jon Bell: Was the most ginger fifth wicket partnership Eoin Morgan/Paul Collingwood?

    BBC Test Match Special's Bryan WaddleContributor

    "New Zealand have got a lot of hard work ahead of them. They can't concede too much of an advantage on first innings, then they've got to knock England over again. It won't be easy. Prior was able to capitalise on the tiredness factor last night, but the bowlers should be fresh this morning."

  233. 1104: 
    Commentary- Eng 343-7

    Here we go - timber-heavy umpires rolling out to the crease with their sea-faring gait, Boult to take the first over from the Rugby Stand End. Four byes down leg as Swann hoicks without contact, a single popped down to fine leg. 

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "Joe Root is completely dedicated and focused. I spoke to him this morning and he didn't want to talk about yesterday. All he was talking about was today, England's hopes getting past 400 and then seeing if they can get the ball swinging."


    Thomas Jackson: Hope England get a good score today, Prior to get a 100 and Swann to get 50.


    BBC Weather's Matt Taylor on TMS: "It'll be clear blue skies today, a bit of patchy cloud but mostly bright sunshine. I'm still optimistic for tomorrow - after a sunny start, cloud will build, but we should get a full day's play in tomorrow, although there's a slight chance of patchy rain or bad light in the late afternoon."


    From Barney Gilbert via text on 81111: A shout out to my grandad, Douglas Waddington, a stalwart supporter of English cricket over the decades, and perhaps the only TMS listener to claim not to have missed a delivery in the past 10 years (regardless of where England are playing), would be dearly appreciated this glorious Sunday. 

  238. 1050: 

    Pile in with your thoughts and whimsy as ever, of course - via email at tms@bbc.co.uk, text on 81111 and Twitter at #bbccricket. As you were.

  239. 1041: 

    A brief round-up of those made-up Joe Root stats: he is the youngest-looking batsman to score a Test century at Headingley; his partnership with Jonny Bairstow was the second most ginger fifth-wicket partnership in Test history; and the late cut that brought up his hundred was cheered by more drunk men dressed as Where's Wally than any other ton ever scored in this country.

  240. 1035: 

    A reminder of our match scenario, going into this first session of the third day: England will resume on 337-7, with Matt Prior on 38 and Graeme Swann 21. The fresh-cheeked hero of Saturday's engrossing ding-dong, debut Test centurion Joe Root, declared last night that he hopes his ton is set within the context of an England win. With the weather uncertain on the two remaining days, his side will hope to both kick on from their overnight total and take chunky lumps out of the Kiwi batting order.

  241. 1030: 

    I've just calculated that the odds of two successive mornings of cloudless blue skies and sunshine over Leeds are 1,400-1. Incredibly, that very miracle has come to pass.

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Live Scores - England v N Zealand


  • England beat New Zealand by 247 runs
  • England: 354 & 287-5 (76.0 overs)
  • N Zealand: 174 & 220 (76.3 overs)
  • Venue: Headingley

N Zealand 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 220
Fulton c Bell b Broad 5
Rutherford c Root b Swann 42
Williamson lbw b Swann 3
Taylor b Swann 70
Brownlie c Bell b Finn 25
Guptill c Trott b Swann 3
B McCullum c and b Broad 1
Southee c Trott b Swann 38
Bracewell c Bell b Swann 19
Wagner not out 0
Boult c Prior b Anderson 0
Extras 1w 2b 11lb 14

England v New Zealand

England with the Test series trophy

Results and reports from New Zealand's tour of England, after England win the Tests 2-0 and the Kiwis claim the ODIs 2-1 and T20s 1-0.