Champions Trophy: Pakistan v West Indies - as it happened

West Indies beat Pakistan by two wickets in the Champions Trophy at The Oval.

7 June 2013 Last updated at 17:54 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1845: 

    Before that, however, we have the small matter of England against Australia at Edgbaston on Saturday. Who will strike the first blow in Ashes summer? You can find out by following our live text commentary and listening to Test Match Special. Thanks for your contributions today and let's reconvene tomorrow. Good night.

  2. 1843: 

    Pakistan are back in action on Monday when they take on South Africa in a must-win match for both sides. As for West Indies, they face India on Tuesday.

  3. 1842: 

    Man of the match Kemar Roach: "I let the ball do the work and got the early wickets for the team. It is great to win the first match and we are very relieved. Pakistan are a very good side and now we go on from here and hope to give another good performance."

  4. 1841: 

    West Indies captain Dwayne Bravo: "I have to give credit to my boys, they did very well. Kemar Roach set the tone getting the wicket in the first over. It was a close game and good to get it out of the way. Hopefully, we can build from this tough situation. We wanted to get the best out of the bowlers and then backed our batters to chase the target. Pakistan bowl in the right areas and it was difficult to play against. I am very happy with the win."

  5. 1840: 

    Pakistan captain Misbah-Ul-Haq: "I think the plan was to see off the new ball but we did the opposite and lost too many wickets at the top. Credit goes to them because they bowled well. We kept on losing wickets, if you make mistakes your team has to suffer. It only matters if you score runs and your team wins, otherwise it does not matter. I am happy the way the bowlers bowled. They bowled their heart out and it was worthwhile seeing. We just need to rectify the small mistakes. A little bit more effort could have taken us home."

  6. 1836: 

    West Indies bowler Kemar Roach, who took 3-28 and hit the winning runs, is named as man of the match.

  7. 1831: 

    It's time for the presentation, where Trevor McDonald is waiting to hand out the man of the match prize.

  8. 1829: 

    Who was your man of the match then? I reckon Kemar Roach deserves it for that devastating three-wicket spell with the new ball. Pakistan never recovered.

  9. 1826: 

    Well, what a superb game of cricket that was. It had more twists and turns than a rollercoaster - both sides could have won it. Pakistan fought back tremendously well.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "Enthralling, gripping cricket I was really impressed by the quick bowling we saw."

  11. 40.4 overs: 

    Junaid Khan steams in and Denesh Ramdin gives himself room to run a single down to third man. A fumble by Shoaib Malik then allows Kemar Roach to rotate the strike again. Poor bowling by Junaid, who bowls another short delivery and Ramdin manages to get over the ball and take a quick single. Roach finishes the job by driving four past square on the off side and WEST INDIES WIN BY TWO WICKETS.

  12. 40 overs: 
    WI 165-8 (Target 171)

    The West Indies are one Chris Gayle hit away from winning this match - the only problem being Christopher Henry is sat in the pavilion and Kemar Roach is the man on strike. The fast bowler manages to dig out a Mohammad Irfan yorker before pulling his bat out of the way of a seaming delivery. He wants Denesh Ramdin to finish this... and quickly.

  13. 39.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Narine c Akmal b Irfan 11 (WI 165-8)

    After helping himself to two with a skied pull shot, Sunil Narine is sent packing when he chases one outside off stump and edges behind. Another catch for Kamran Akmal.

  14. 39 overs: 
    WI 162-7 (Target 171)

    Cracking stuff from Dinesh Ramdin, who runs through for two leg byes before leaning back into his crease and cutting Saeed Ajmal for four down to third man. What pressure? Two more leg byes bring the target down to single figures. A good over for the Windies.

  15. 38 overs: 
    WI 154-7 (Target 171)

    Wahab Riaz steams in for his final over and Sunil Narine almost fends a bouncer to short leg. However, the spinner replies with a boundary through the off side which alleviates a bit of pressure. He adds a single by fending another short delivery down to third man. Dinesh Ramdin also scores a single to make it seven from the over. 17 needed from 72 balls now.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "It is really even now, it really is pressure cricket."

  17. 37 overs: 
    WI 147-7 (Target 171)

    The pressure is not getting to new batsman Sunil Narine, who creams the final delivery of Saeed Ajmal's over through the covers for four.

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "Pakistan are right back in this game now, you would not like to call this game."

  19. 36.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Dwayne Bravo lbw b Ajmal 19 (WI 143-7)

    Dwayne Bravo is made to pay for missing out on a sweep shot as the umpire's decision is upheld. Are Pakistan now favourites to win this match?

  20. 36.5 overs: 

    Saeed Ajmal is brought back into the attack and pins Dwayne Bravo in front. The umpire gives it out, but the Windies skipper reviews...

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "Dinesh Ramdin can bat, he enjoys the pressure and the fight but can Pakistan get them seven down before West Indies reach 150 - that's got to be the target."

  22. 36 overs: 
    WICKET- Pollard c Akmal b Wahab 30 (WI 137-6)

    As so often happens, the start of a new powerplay brings a wicket. Kieron Pollard, who had just smashed a four through the covers, goes for one shot too many and edges another rising delivery behind. The careless shot means his side are now in trouble again as Dinesh Ramdin arrives at the crease.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "When he first arrived he was just a hitter but Pollard has taken on the mantle of seeing his team through."

  24. 35 overs: 
    WI 133-5 (Target 171)

    Test Match Special's Tony Cozier reckons the West Indies can still lose this. I'm not so sure, as they begin to chip away at their target. Junaid Khan continues to drop it in short to Kieron Pollard and the big man resists the temptation before going after a straighter one and getting enough contact on the ball to score four precious runs over the keeper's head. At the end of the over, he calls for a towel to wipe away his sweat. #tinobest obliges.

  25. 34 overs: 
    WI 127-5 (Target 171)

    As the shadows begin to lengthen on The Oval outfield, Dwayne Bravo punches a single to deep cover before Kieron Pollard scampers a single of his own. Bravo, who has looked relatively untroubled since coming to the crease, adds two into the leg side before driving one through the covers.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "Once they get a wicket then you can bring Ajmal back and take two or three wickets in a short space of time, but at the moment it's easy and they don't have to take risks."

  27. 33 overs: 
    WI 122-5 (Target 171)

    Junaid Khan returns to the attack and Dwayne Bravo manages to ease a short delivery past the despairing dive of point to knock another couple from the target. He then turns one past square leg for a single - excellent rotation of the strike. The bowler tests Kieron Pollard with a short ball, which the big man sways away from.


    Fenners: Looks like the Ramdin drop earlier could be the decisive moment of this game.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "This game has still got a few twists and turns I think, so Pakistan should keep believing."

  30. 32 overs: 
    WI 119-5 (Target 171)

    Tuffers gets his wish as Wahab Riaz returns to the attack. I'd get Junaid Khan on at the other end too. Dwayne Bravo aims a wild slog at one before getting a single which takes him to the sanctuary of the non-striker's end. Kieron Pollard is equally as unconvincing as he edges past first slip for a couple down to third man. He adds two more with a firm strike down the ground which is stopped by Misbah.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "I know who I'd rather be facing, Hafeez, fine bowler though he is, rather than someone running it across you at 90 odd mph."

  32. 31 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- WI 113-5 (Target 171)

    Just when you think West Indies are reasserting some sort of control, Mohammad Irfan spears a yorker in which almost does for Dwayne Bravo. The Windies skipper is right behind the next couple - determined to see his team over the line. Just one from the over and it's time for drinks.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "Effortless six from Pollard."

  34. 30 overs: 
    WI 112-5 (Target 171)

    Kieron Pollard has decided he's not going to be dictated to by Mohammad Hafeez and carves the part-time off-spinner over long-off for a maximum. When he hits it, it stays hit.


    Rijul Shah: Keiron Pollard is putting forward his application to the West Indies Cricket Board to play Test Cricket.

  36. 29 overs: 
    WI 104-5 (Target 171)

    If Kieron Pollard can see this one through, it will boost his chances of playing some Test cricket one day. He and Dwayne Bravo have silenced the Pakistan-supporting crowd by shutting up shop - taking a single apiece off Mohammad Irfan.

  37. 28 overs: 
    WI 102-5 (Target 171)

    Interesting stat for you: Pakistan have won eight of their last 10 ODIs against West Indies. They continue to pile on the pressure by limiting Pollard and Bravo to singles. Three of them to be precise.

  38. 27 overs: 
    WI 99-5 (Target 171)

    I think we need to give plenty of credit to Pakistan captain Misbah for this fightback. He kept the pressure on by keeping his star men bowling and it has paid dividends. Mohammad Irfan is now back into the attack, which is probably not what Kieron Pollard and Dwayne Bravo needed. Pollard decides to go hard and slashes one down to third man and Shoaib Malik saves a certain boundary with some athletic work on the ropes. Three from the over.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "West Indies would have been thinking bat nicely with their big guns but Pakistan have really come in hard."

  40. 26 overs: 
    WI 96-5 (Target 171)

    There's plenty of noise inside The Oval now as the Pakistan supporters begin to believe. That target of 171 looks a long way away for West Indies. A superb bowling performance.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "Might have been a bit of top spin or even the hint of a doosra and Pakistan, what a bowling performance."

    Tony Cozier, BBC Test Match Special

    "Pakistan with the edge, the balance is in their favour."

  43. 25.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Samuels st Akmal b Hafeez 30 (WI 94-5)

    Here we go. This is turning into an absolute cracker - Marlon Samuels dancing down the track and being deceived by Mohammad Hafeez and being stumped by Kamran Akmal. Over to you, Dwayne Bravo.

    Russel Arnold, BBC Test Match Special

    "It looked as though Ajmal wanted to concede the single to Samuels, he knows it's his last few overs and he wants the wicket of Pollard."

  45. 25 overs: 
    WI 94-4 (Target 171)

    This is a good little test of West Indies' credentials - and so far they are passing with flying colours. Marlon Samuels and Kieron Pollard have buckled down and the latter hammers a four back down the ground to break the shackles.

    Russel Arnold, BBC Test Match Special

    "As long as Samuels and Pollard stay out there, Pakistan will start feeling the pressure."

  47. 24 overs: 
    WI 89-4 (Target 171)

    Mohammad Hafeez comes into the attack and, after being pushed down to long-on for a single, is given plenty of respect by Kieron Pollard. Good discipline from the big man.

  48. 23 overs: 
    WI 88-4 (Target 171)

    It might be a limited-overs game, but Saeed Ajmal is still able to go through his repertoire - trying everything to split these two up. Just three from the over as the Windies try and weather this storm.

    Russel Arnold, BBC Test Match Special

    "Misbah has decisions to make, does he go to his fifth bowler or his main men? He's better off taking a chance and using his fast bowlers and Ajmal."


    Wisden editor Lawrence Booth on Twitter: The atmosphere alone makes you wonder why they're ditching the Champions Trophy. Imagine this vibe at the second match of a 45-day World Cup.

  51. 22 overs: 
    WI 85-4 (Target 171)

    Kieron Pollard has made his name in the Indian Premier League, so this little passage of play might not be too familiar to him. The bowlers are on top and he looks short on ideas. He's still not scored in 16 deliveries. Fascinating stuff.

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "Another wicket now and the game is right in the balance."

  53. 21 overs: 
    WI 83-4 (Target 171)

    Kieron Pollard is like a cat on a hot tin roof at the moment - looking very uncomfortable against the pace of Wahab Riaz and now the spin of Saeed Ajmal. He gets a couple of outside edges to turning deliveries but the ball drops short of first slip. Pressure.

    Russel Arnold, BBC Test Match Special

    "They've picked it up again, they've changed gear the Pakistanis. There's a bit of a tense atmosphere around here."

  55. 20 overs: 
    WI 81-4 (Target 171)

    Wahab Riaz is absolutely flying now, clocking 93mph with a bouncer to Kieron Pollard which is followed by some choice words in the direction of the batsman. I think Pollard looked a little rattled too - not that I blame him. The West Indian chases a wide one later in the over but fails to get any bat on it. Game on.

  56. 19 overs: 
    WI 81-4 (Target 171)

    The momentum of the match has now changed, and you sense the West Indies are now heavily relying on Marlon Samuels. The all-rounder senses that too and plays out a sensible maiden to Saeed Ajmal.

    Russel Arnold, BBC Test Match Special

    "That was brilliant from Wahab Riaz, we know he bowls a heavy ball but this was well directed, this is a big one because they are chipping away. West Indies still have a lot of work to do."

  58. 18 overs: 
    WICKET- Sarwan c Akmal b Wahab 1 (WI 81-4)

    Is the fightback on? Wahab Riaz certainly thinks so as he comes steaming in and bowls a crackerjack of a rising delivery to Ramnaresh Sarwan which the West Indian nicks behind.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "That's a big wicket, you just have to listen to the crowd they will keep believing, it's very difficult for a new player to start against Saaed Ajmal's mystery spin so the game has just opened up a little bit."

  60. 17 overs: 
    WICKET- Gayle b Ajmal 39 (WI 78-3)

    Just what Pakistan needed. Saeed Ajmal rips one though Chris Gayle's defences and the West Indies opener is castled. Can one bring two for Pakistan?

  61. 16 overs: 
    NOT OUT- WI 72-2

    Probably in sheer desperation, Pakistan review a leg-before shout against Chris Gayle but the ball is clearly going down the leg side and the umpire's original not out decision is upheld. Two from the over and the target is now into double figures as the players head for drinks.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "They need a wicket, Pakistan, which is stating the obvious but if you get one, as we saw with West Indies, you can get two or three."

  63. 16 overs: 
    WI 70-2 (Target 171)

    It seems only a matter of time before Chris Gayle and Marlon Samuels step on the gas and put Pakistan out of their misery. With the format of this competition, net run-rate could prove crucial. Samuels cuts over point for four as the runs continue to flow.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "How would Irfan compare to the Big Bird, Joel Garner, in the field? They've broken the shackles now, West Indies."

  65. 15 overs: 
    WI 65-2 (Target 171)

    That tremor you just felt in the capital was Mohammad Irfan crashing down on The Oval outfield to deny Chris Gayle a single. However, the opener does manage to advance his score with a drive to long-off. West Indies are coasting now.

  66. 14 overs: 
    WI 64-2 (Target 171)

    There's an eerie silence inside The Oval as the Pakistan supporters which make up the majority of the crowd sense the match slipping away from their side. Wahab Riaz sends down a front foot no-ball to Chris Gayle, resulting in a free hit. As south London battens down the hatches in preparation for some Gayle-force hitting, the big man fails to connect - to huge relief inside the ground. Five in total from the over though.

  67. 13 overs: 
    WI 59-2 (Target 171)

    In the Test Match Special commentary box, Alec Stewart has compared Marlon Samuels with Carl Hooper. What a player he was - up there with Aravinda de Silva as one of the most stylish batsmen to have played the game. Out in the middle, Chris Gayle manages to get an inside edge for three to one that doesn't turn from Saeed Ajmal as West Indies knock another six runs from their target.


    James Gallagher: RE Jon Davis: All 11 batsmen and extras being even is likely to happen every 2^12 = 4096 matches - so how many ODIs have there ever been?

  69. 12 overs: 
    WI 53-2 (Target 171)

    Wahab Riaz, who famously had a bust-up with Jonathan Trott in 2010, replaces fellow left-armer Junaid Khan and concedes a single to Chris Gayle - the big West Indian now toying with the Pakistan bowlers like a cat with a mouse. Marlon Samuels returns the strike to his mate and Gayle is tempted by a bouncer but decides to sway away from the quick delivery. Three from the over.

  70. 11 overs: 
    WI 50-2 (Target 171)

    Perhaps Pakistan do have hope, in the shape of Saeed Ajmal. The world's number two ranked ODI bowler - behind Sunil Narine - comes into the attack but is worked for an easy single by Chris Gayle. Marlon Samuels plays out the rest of the over, trying to get to the pitch of the ball in a bid to negate any spin.


    Mark Hall: Pakistan have given back all the extras they got over their entire innings inside 7 overs.

  72. 10 overs: 
    WI 49-2 (Target 171)
    Chris Gayle

    As if having to deal with Chris Gayle wasn't hard enough, Pakistan are also having to contend with Marlon Samuels - the all-rounder playing a sumptuous straight drive for four off a bemused Junaid Khan. The sun is now breaking through The Oval clouds, adding to Pakistan's problems.


    Jon Davis: Pakistan's innings contained only even scores, including extras. Is this the first such example in an ODI completed innings?

    Russel Arnold, BBC Test Match Special

    "Nothing wrong with the deliveries, it's only Chris Gayle who can play these shots."

  75. 9 overs: 
    WI 44-2 (Target 171)

    I often wonder if the umpires ever fancy wearing a helmet when Christopher Henry Gayle is batting. The big man almost takes out Steve Davis with a slap back down the ground before nonchalantly flicking four more off his hips. A single follows before Marlon Samuels edges a rising Mohammad Irfan delivery but watches the ball run away to safety. That was a wicked delivery.

  76. 8 overs: 
    WI 34-2 (Target 171)

    Marlon Samuels would make a good poker player when he retires - he gives nothing away with his facial expressions. There isn't even the flicker of a smile when he carves Junaid Khan through the covers for four. He's almost as cool as #tinobest [13 overs].


    Ciaran Tragheim: Re: Bravo not getting as much stick as Trott, because he doesn't have the sniping, unsatisfied British media to deal with...

    Russel Arnold, BBC Test Match Special

    "The ball for six was on a good line and length - it was just quality batting."

  79. 7 overs: 
    WI 30-2 (Target 171)

    Mohammad Irfan beats Chris Gayle's outside edge with a couple of beauties before the big West Indian decides enough is enough and plants a straight six into the stands. The bowler responds with a fuller delivery which follows Gayle but runs away for four leg byes.

    Russel Arnold, BBC Test Match Special

    "We haven't seen any foot movement from Chris Gayle, it's been stand and deliver. But there is plenty of batting and the run-rate is never going to be an issue."

  81. 6 overs: 
    WI 20-2 (Target 171)

    Chris Gayle, by the way, is the highest run-scorer in Champions Trophy history. He's being made to work hard for every run today though - Junaid Khan bustling in and bowling a good line and length. The opener is happy to wait for the storm to pass as he takes two leg-byes down to fine leg before punching a single down the ground.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "They're hanging back the West Indies, looking for that steep bounce, the big man Irfan is creating some problems here."

  83. 5 overs: 
    WI 17-2 (Target 171)
    Mohammad Irfan

    Mohammad Irfan is very much in the mould of Chris Tremlett - a strapping fast bowler with a short, nimble run-up. He's causing all sorts of problems at the moment, regularly beating the outside edge. Marlon Samuels is the new man at the crease and he is off the mark straight away with a single.


    Ben Pett: Darren Bravo at 3 has a strike rate of only 71 and an average much lower than Trott. How come he doesn't get as much criticism?

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "We've been going on about Irfan's height but Pakistan are on top here."

  86. 4.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Darren Bravo c Akmal b Irfan 0 (WI 15-2)

    Superb bowling from Mohammad Irfan as he gets one to rise on Darren Bravo and the left-hander nicks off to a delighted Kamran Akmal. Game on.

    Tony Cozier, BBC Test Match Special

    "A little bit of nervousness from the West Indies and excitement for the Pakistan crowd."

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "Fantastic shot from Chris Gayle, just a hip flick."

  89. 4 overs: 
    WI 15-1 (Target 171)

    Plenty of excitement in the Pakistan-strong crowd as the athletic Junaid Khan steams in and Chris Gayle tries to cut one which was angling into him and almost edges behind. The paceman then crashes one into the big man's pads but the appeal is turned down because of an inside edge. Gayle responds with a typically cool shot where he swivels on the ball and flicks it for four off his hips.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "Just a touch too quick for him a little shovel hook and didn't get all of it, comfortably taken and just what Pakistan needed if they're going to get anywhere near this."

  91. 3 overs: 
    WICKET- Charles c Wahab b Irfan 9 (WI 11-1)

    Johnson Charles takes the cover off the new ball with a dismissive, lofted cover drive for four when Mohammad Irfan hangs one outside off stump. However, the young opener perishes soon after when he goes for a pull and gets a top edge to Wahab Riaz at fine leg. Darren Bravo is the new man to the crease.


    Fergus McKiddie, TMS inbox: "In response to Arun and others who've been querying Philander's omission. I reckon it's purely down to his fitness level - he tends to break on a regular basis and has hamstrings like spaghetti so they try and keep him solely for Tests. Personally, I think the SA board should be commended for prioritising the highest form of the game."

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "There are two ways the West Indies can play this, completely blow the game out of the water which could lose a few wickets and cause a bit of tension - or take it a bit careful."

  94. 2 overs: 
    WI 7-0 (Target 171)

    Another left-arm seamer Junaid Khan, who has experience of English conditions from his time with Lancashire, comes into the attack and again Chris Gayle works a single off the back foot. Junaid, with his short run-up and slingy action, reminds me of the legendary Wasim Akram. He's certainly troubling Johnson Charles with movement both ways before the batsman finally gets off the mark with a baseball-style swipe down the ground for four. Interesting.

  95. 1 over: 
    WI 1-0 (Target 171)

    It's not often somebody towers over Chris Gayle, but 7ft 1ins fast bowler Mohammad Irfan certainly does and he takes the new ball for Pakistan intent on causing some early damage. Gayle-force takes an easy single before Johnson Charles throws the kitchen sink at one outside off stump but fails to connect. This lad makes Gayle look cautious.


    Fred Green: Little revision break to watch the start of WI innings. Hoping to see Gayle go enormous! One of the finest sights in cricket!


    Arun in Guildford, via text on 81111: RE: 1454 Why wouldn't you call up Vernon Philander who will get lots of movement in English conditions. Bizarre!

  98. 1503: 

    Anyway, the teams are back out at The Oval where West Indies require 171 runs to beat Pakistan. That's just 29 big hits if you are Chris Gayle...

  99. 1502: 

    With no Michael Clarke, it's a worrying time for Australian cricket supporters - but his opposite number Alastair Cook reckons the Aussies have enough in their squad to replace him.

    "Obviously, when you lose a player of that stature and that quality, it would be a loss to them," he said.

    "But they've got a good squad and some fine replacements. I don't think it's not all doom and gloom for them, but losing your captain is tough."

  100. 1458: 

    It's also unclear if Australia captain Michael Clarke, who has been ruled out of Saturday's opener against England, will play any part in the tournament. His back injury will be assessed before Wednesday's match against New Zealand.

    "He is making steady progress but is yet to return to training," said Australia physio Alex Kountouris. "How he responds to the ongoing treatment will determine his availability for the match against New Zealand."

  101. 1454: 

    The covers are coming off at The Oval and we can expect play to resume in about 10 minutes - but one man who won't be playing any further part in the Champions Trophy is injured South Africa bowler Morne Morkel. He has been replaced in the Proteas squad by all-rounder Chris Morris.

  102. 1447: 

    Welcome back, everyone. Just to let you know that the covers are on at The Oval because we've had a few showers. It doesn't seem too serious, so hopefully we won't be delayed too long. In the meantime, let's have a look at some of the top cricket stories making the news today...

  103. 1421: 

    You do wonder if Misbah, at 39 years of age, will ever get a better chance to score his maiden ODI century. I'm off for lunch now, but stay tuned to Test Match Special for plenty of reaction. It's also worth checking out the BBC cricket online pages, where you will see a story about Yorkshire potentially selecting a 15-year-old seamer. See you shortly.


    John, London, via text on 81111: Run away from Misbah now, Irfan. Run as fast as your very long legs will carry you.

  105. 1416: 

    West Indies bowler Kemar Roach, who took 3-28 in 10 overs: "The ball moves around in England so it's all about getting your line and length right. I did a good job and so did Ravi [Rampaul], we try to back ourselves in every way - [Dwayne] Bravo been a good captain so far and we hope we can take West Indies cricket on to bigger and better things."

  106. 1415: 

    It looks bad for Pakistan, but imagine how much worse it could have been if Misbah had not been dropped on nought by Dinesh Ramdin. Only early wickets can stop West Indies powering to an easy victory now though.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "If Chris Gayle gets going then the game will be over very quickly, Pakistan will be thinking 'how are we going to get the West Indies on the back foot?'"

  108. 48 overs: 
    WICKET- Irfan c Dwayne Bravo b Rampaul 2 (Pak 170 all out)

    Oh dear. Poor Misbah is left stranded on 96 not out as number eleven Mohammad Irfan's resistance is finally broken - the big man gloving an easy catch to Dwayne Bravo at short leg.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "This has been a wonderful innings from the captain and that was clever cricket from number 11 Mohammad Irfan, all he has to do is get a single and give the strike to the skipper."

  110. 47 overs: 
    Pak 169-9

    Excellent stuff from Mohammad Irfan, who reads Dwayne Bravo's slower ball and manages to scamper through for a single which puts his skipper back on strike. Misbah obviously has new-found confidence in his number eleven as he also takes a single. Dwayne Bravo tests Irfan out with a bouncer which hits the 7ft 1ins giant on the gloves. That would have sailed over most people's head. Irfan survives.


    Ralph Brooker: Allan Donald was pretty frightening. Especially to batsmen who don't walk.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "Great use of the feet, got to the pitch of the ball and eased it over long-on."

  113. 46 overs: 
    Pak 167-9

    Misbah certainly has a decent middle on his bat, dancing down the wicket to plant Sunil Narine into the pavilion for another six. The skipper then makes room for himself and works two into the leg side. The field moves in for the final delivery of the over, and the bowler fields for a dot ball. Back to you, Mr Irfan.


    SiB: Pretty meaningless in the context of the game, but Misbah's performance deserves a century.

  115. 45 overs: 
    Pak 159-9

    The big fella, Mohammad Irfan, manages to get a single from the first ball of Ravi Rampaul's over to put Misbah back on strike. It proves a good move as the skipper takes two into the leg side before hitting the bowler back over his head for a maximum. A single gives the number eleven one ball to survive... which he does with a defiant backward defensive to huge cheers from the Pakistan supporters.


    Tom, via text on 81111: RE Favourite fast bowlers: Devon Malcolm was fast. 9-57 against SA when they hit him on the head was brilliant to watch.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "The clouds are high, I think Pakistan will be looking for a bit of rain because they've had a absolute nightmare, you want to get momentum as we always talk about but it's been an absolute nightmare for them."

  118. 44 overs: 
    Pak 148-9

    Misbah deserves a ton today, for his ability to dig in while the rest of his team-mates left him high and dry. He moves four closer to three figures with a sweep through midwicket. Sunil Narine manages to keep the skipper away from the strike for the next over...


    Anand: They should not take lunch for this game, Chris Gayle will still finish it before lunch time!

  120. 43 overs: 
    Pak 144-9

    There's some strange, but understandable, tactics from Misbah now as he turns down a couple of singles - preferring to bide his time for a full toss which he dispatches for four. When he does decide to take one to mid-off, Mohammad Irfan is deceived by a Dwayne Bravo slower ball before digging out a yorker. He wants one but is sent back by his beleaguered skipper.


    Bob Hawkins: Extras on 5, currently the fourth highest 'scorer'.

  122. 42 overs: 
    Pak 139-9

    Misbah looks shellshocked out in the middle - and it's not because he's just been joined at the crease by the biggest cricketer I've ever seen. He is all about crease occupation now as he plays out five dot balls before taking a single to retain the strike.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "They've still got nine overs to go Pakistan and what is the worst thing in one-day cricket? Getting bowled out before you've used them up, 130 is just start the car."


    Harvey Satterthwaite: Jamshed was an example of something you see in club cricket every weekend - players batting for themselves rather than the team.

  125. 41 overs: 
    Pak 138-9

    Number eleven Mohammad Irfan is the new man at the crease - and he's absolutely huge. Standing at 7ft 1ins, he towers above everyone. A massive bloke.


    Rakesh Pradhan: Does Misbah have any hair left? He has the most thankless job in cricket since England's openers v Windies quicks in the 80s.

    Umar Majid: Is this the best a nation who loves cricket can come up with? this batting is poor to say the very least.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "If anyone's going to play the big shot give it to the captain, not a number 10 to a slower ball, what are the chances that is going to come off. Silly thinking."

  128. 40.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Khan c Gayle b Dwayne Bravo 0 (Pak 138-9)

    A catch right out of the top drawer from Chris Gayle, who uses all of his 6ft 4ins frame to cling on one-handed at first slip after Junaid Khan slashes hard at a superb slower delivery from Dwayne Bravo. Gayle actually hung in the air like a basketball player to take that one.


    Gareth Pritchard: Brett Lee was absolutely terrifying when he was angry!

  130. 40 overs: 
    Pak 137-8

    Misbah is beginning to look agricultural as he tries to take matters into his own hands - playing and missing with expansive shots before finally managing a single off Ravi Rampaul. Junaid Khan is left one ball to survive the over... which he does comfortably.


    Carl at work, via text on 81111: (Re: fearsome bowlers) It's got to Merv Hughes, just for his handlebar moustache and the polite welcome he always gave to a new batsman coming to meet his doom at the crease!

    Russel Arnold, BBC Test Match Special

    "West Indies were very disciplined, there were no easy runs at all and that's exactly what you have to do to give yourselves a chance."

  133. 39 overs: 
    Pak 136-8

    Frustration is etched all over Junaid Khan's face as he plays out a maiden over to Sunil Narine. He has to hope his skipper can put a few sixes into the stands now. I wonder how Nasir Jamshed is feeling in the dressing room at this moment in time? Pakistan were ticking along fairly nicely until he got himself out after reaching 50.


    Ronan Donnelly, TMS inbox: Favourite fast bowler has to be Curtly Ambrose and Freddie Flintoff. Curtly's smile when taking a wicket could light up a stadium and Freddie was, well, just Freddie.

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "Despair for the captain, he held his hands out as if to say 'who will support me?'"

  136. 38 overs: 
    WICKET- Ajmal run out 2 (Pak 136-8)

    Nothing is going right for Pakistan now. Saeed Ajmal tries to call through his skipper Misbah for a single but perishes when Kieron Pollard returns the ball quickly to Ravi Rampaul, who takes off the bails with the tail-ender stranded.


    Paul in Scotland, via text on 81111: Favourite bowler has to be Joel Garner - I once stood behind the nets as the Big Bird bowled - scary.

  138. 37 overs: 
    Pak 131-7

    West Indies are really into the Pakistan tail now as Saeed Ajmal makes his way to the crease. At what point does Misbah begin to wield the willow? He scampers two from a slower ball before clubbing a single down the ground to long-on. Three from the over.


    Tom, via text on on 81111: West Indies showing again they are force to be reckoned with on the world stage.

    Russel Arnold, BBC Test Match Special

    "Very unfortunate, that was a good shot from Misbah, he got a lot of power behind it. Wahab Riaz was put off by the fact it was hit into the ground and flew up."

  141. 36.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Riaz run out 6 (Pak 128-7)

    It's definitely not Pakistan's day judging by this dismissal. Misbah hammers Dwayne Bravo back down the ground but the bowler gets a hand to it and the ball ricochets into Wahab Riaz's stumps with the batsman out of his ground.


    Ilyas Najib: Off to work I go, fair to say Pakistan have made a great mess out of their opening game! We will bounce back.

  143. 36 overs: 
    POWERPLAY- Pak 128-6

    A comical moment out in the middle as umpire Nigel Llong signals the beginning of a powerplay - only to hit Ravi Rampaul on the side of the head as the Windies bowler comes steaming in to start a new spell. Misbah and Wahab help themselves to five singles in the over.


    All Terrain Telford: Pakistan doing a very good imitation of a traditional English middle order collapse.

  145. 35 overs: 
    Pak 123-6

    I've enjoyed watching Kemar Roach today. Who are your favourite fast bowlers of all time? I used to love watching Allan Donald steaming in - especially when he was angry. Misbah manages to punch a couple past deep point before a single puts Wahab Riaz on strike. So far, the tail-ender is showing the application his top-order colleagues couldn't as he takes two into the off side.


    Rocky, via text on 81111: Getting ready to leave Helsinki for London. This game will be over before I arrive.

  147. 34 overs: 
    Pak 118-6

    Those wickets have really slowed down Pakistan, who should now be looking to accelerate their innings. Instead, Misbah can take the only run from Marlon Samuels' latest over.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "Misbah has now got to be there in the 50th over or else Pakistan won't get 180. 200 should be the target and anything over that will be a bonus."


    Sam Earnshaw: If England struggled against Williamson's spin bowling, I hate to think what will happen if we have to bat against Narine.

  150. 33 overs: 
    FIFTY FOR MISBAH- Pak 117-6

    At least the skipper, at 39 years of age, is digging in for Pakistan - Misbah bringing up his half-century with a cute cut for four. Kemar Roach has been brought back into the attack to try and finish off Pakistan, but Wahab Riaz is standing firm so far - even managing to clip two off his legs. Seven from the over.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "They're in all kinds of strife, everything depends on Misbah to hold it together."

  152. 32 overs: 
    WICKET- K Akmal c Ramdin b Narine 2 (Pak 110-6)

    It never fails to amaze me that Kamran Akmal remains the best wicketkeeping option Pakistan have. Surely there are better alternatives? Akmal adds to his team's troubles by trying to cut Sunil Narine and getting a little tickle behind.

    Sir Trevor McDonald arrives at The Oval

    BBC Sport's Jamie Lillywhite: "The West Indies may have lost some of their legions of fans down the years but it's great to see one of their most famous remains. Here Sir Trevor McDonald makes his way into The Oval - not sure due deference is being shown by the steward judging from this picture - although the great man will presumably be encouraged by what he has seen on the field of play so far."


    Mason: Pakistan are completely unpredictable when it comes to tournaments, it even changes during tournaments!

  155. 31 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Pak 108-5

    Kamran Akmal strides to the crease - hardly the man you want standing between the opposition and your terribly long tail. After Misbah works Marlon Samuels for a single, Kamran attempts a sweep shot and is rapped on the pads. It's not out, but a warning for the Pakistan keeper. Time for drinks.


    Rakesh Pradhan: Pakistan can be brilliant or a complete shambles, usually during the same game...

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "It was Jamshed who created these two wickets in this over. One minute they're 105-3 the next it's 106-5."

  158. 30 overs: 
    WICKET- Malik c Dwayne Bravo b Narine 0 (Pak 106-5)

    This is terrible cricket from Pakistan. From the first delivery he faces, Shoaib Malik clips Sunil Narine straight to Dwayne Bravo at midwicket. An awful shot.


    FinlayJones: Jamshed strike rate only 50. So Windies might be sad to see him leave the crease!

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "That was just ridiculous cricket, we just praised him for getting them back into the game and all of a sudden he's picked out long-off. Without being too unkind it was dozy, dopey cricket, now West Indies can squeeze them and 200 might be difficult."

  161. 29.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Jamshed c Rampaul b Narine 50 (Pak 105-4)

    Oh dear. Just as we start lavishing praise on Nasir Jamshed, he tries to smash Sunil Narine out of the ground but succeeds only in picking out Ravi Rampaul at long-off. Bad news for Pakistan.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "He's had 59 dot balls as well so almost 10 overs not been scored off. He's got to see it through now."

  163. 29 overs: 

    Nasir Jamshed brings up a superb fifty from 91 deliveries with a cut to point. Pakistan have found a real gem in this lad - they would be in a right pickle without him today.


    David Gunner: In response to Chris Harvey: Alf Stewart would carry H&A to victory.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "The last 10 overs can really kill the bowling side. If they enter that stage with a maximum of four wickets down 260 is still on."

  166. 28 overs: 
    Pak 100-3

    What will be a good score today? The ball is not playing many tricks now - the only thing holding Pakistan back now is their wickets lost column. Misbah brings up Pakistan's 100 with a reverse sweep for four off Sunil Narine. A good, innovative shot.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'd have gambled one more over of Kemar Roach just to see if they could have got that fourth wicket but now the West Indies have allowed Pakistan to recover and they are in a strong position in the latter half of the innings."


    Anil Chana: Not sure about the comparison between Inzamam and Jamshed. Inzie carried way more timber.

  169. 27 overs: 
    Pak 94-3

    Windies slow bowler Marlon Samuels is probably quicker than many club bowlers when he starts spearing in his darts off two paces. He's certainly hard to take runs from as five more are added to the score. Jamshed is now 46 not out and Misbah is unbeaten on 38.


    Chris Harvey: Who would win a cricket match between a Neighbours XI and a Home and Away XI?

    Don't start throwing more Aussie soaps into the mixer, Chris...


    Tim in Nuneaton, via text on 81111: Would Stonefish and Toadfish be the new Waugh brothers in the middle order? And I am sure Shane Watson is Brad anyway with all that blond hair and chiselled looks!

  172. 26 overs: 
    Pak 89-3

    Kieron Pollard is a muscular bowler, trying to use the crease and work the angles but he is not getting much movement so far as Misbah and Jamshed look to work him into the gaps, milking him for five singles in the over. Time for drinks.


    Rich in Newcastle, via text on 81111: I recall a classic Neighbours episode from years gone by where Erinsborough were playing fierce rivals Eden Hills. Lou Carpenter had big money riding on the match which he couldn't afford to lose. Toadie opened with Steph Scully(!) chasing over 200.

    Dr Karl comes to the crease at number 11 requiring 6 of the last ball to win...he manages a scrambled 2...then a series of comical fielding errors results in 4 overthrows and Our Heroes leave the field victorious! I'd much sooner face this seasons Ashes squad than the Erinsborough vintage!

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "It was looking a bit rocky but they've done a good bit of patch-up work these two."

  175. 25 overs: 
    Pak 84-3

    Nasir Jamshed scores another four with a slash outside off stump - I'm beginning to think he might be targeting that area with the slip cordon decreasing and the short boundary looking appealing. Two more singles off Kemar Roach and these two look like they are beginning to take the attack to the Windies.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "Pakistan are getting back into the game, you can do a lot of catch-up work, especially at The Oval, a quickscoring ground."

  177. 24 overs: 
    Pak 77-3

    Fetch that. Pakistan nail their first maximum of the tournament as Misbah launches Kieron Pollard back over his head and into the stands. The Pakistan skipper is obviously ready to go through the gears, with three more singles being added to the score. A good over for the batting side.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'd have been tempted to keep Roach going in his first spell, the guys have got in now and are seeing it better, but they could have had them six down and it could have been all over. Having never been captain of course I might be completely wrong!"

  179. 23 overs: 
    Pak 68-3

    Kemar Roach is finally brought back into the attack as the Windies try and blow a hole in the Pakistan middle order. Will Dwayne Bravo regret pulling his star man out of the attack earlier? Misbah was certainly relieved to see the back of him. The speedster is given plenty of respect as the Pakistan batsmen look to see him off, taking two from the over.

  180. 22 overs: 
    Pak 66-3

    In the Test Match Special commentary box, Alison Mitchell is giving Phil Tufnell some stick for his tie. I thought it was strange he was looking so smart, until he reveals he's off to a function with Gary Barlow tonight. Maybe Tuffers can ask the X Factor judge what he thinks about his singing? Kieron Pollard continues to amble in as Jamshed and Misbah bring up their 50 partnership. Two more added to the score.


    Ross in Edinburgh, via text on 81111: Helen Daniels as skipper, always good at taking in the young upstarts and getting the best out of them. Will also keep a calm dressing room with some pre-match tai chi.

  182. 21 overs: 
    Pak 64-3
    Misbah-ul-Haq cuts

    Is it worth the Windies giving another chuck to Kemar Roach to try and split these two up? Dwayne Bravo is keeping things tight, with Nasir Jamshed and Misbah mainly dealing in singles. Three from the over.


    James Ellis: Re: Mike in Colchester - best not mention KP, Greig and Lambie playing for England despite being born in South Africa, then.

    Guy Johnstone: Surely you'd slot Mrs Mangle in there somewhere. I'd say probably left-arm orthodox spin.

  184. 20 overs: 
    Pak 61-3

    I'm with Tuffers on that one [see below]. I reckon Nasir Jamshed could be on for a big score today. Misbah is ticking along nicely now too. Kieron Pollard takes up bowling duties and concedes a four to Misbah down to fine leg. Six in total from the over.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "West Indies may rue those chances, that last one didn't quite carry but they'll certainly rue the dropping of Misbah."


    Sam Conway: Re Andy (18th over) Dr Karl Kennedy has to be the team physio surely.

    Rik Andrews: Lou Carpenter being born in Hampshire is unlikely to stop him playing for Australia. Assume he satisfies the residency rules?

    Russel Arnold, BBC Test Match Special

    "If you say there's a weakness for Pakistan it's their batting. They need to try and get up to 240 for their bowlers because they have plenty of variety and they will make life tough for West Indies."

  188. 19 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Pak 55-3

    Pakistan are showing a bit more intent now, but you have to worry for them if they lose another wicket because of their long tail. Saeed Ajmal, with a batting average of 8.7, is hardly the best number eight in the world. Dwayne Bravo continues and concedes a couple of singles. Nasir Jamshed gets a thick outside edge to the final ball of the over but Dinesh Ramdin, diving in front of Chris Gayle at slip, can't quite get his mits on it.


    Amit, via TMS inbox: "Pakistan lack match practice which is quite evident in their poor start. Kamran Akmal could be the man to save the day for them."


    Kev on train to Norwich, via text on 81111: Joe Mangel delivers an innocuous leggy but his sledging is devastating.

    Andy in London, via text on 81111: Surely Dr Karl Kennedy as the keeper? He must have a safe pair of hands.

  191. 18 overs: 
    Pak 52-3

    A welcome boundary for Pakistan as Nasir Jamshed smashes one through the covers for four. The bowler, Sunil Narine, responds by ripping one past the left-hander's outside edge. Jamshed brings up the Pakistan 50 with a single before Misbah adds a couple himself. Much better.


    Mike in Colchester, via text on 81111: Lou Carpenter can't play for Australia, he was born in Hampshire!!! #littleknownfact.

    Russel Arnold, BBC Test Match Special

    "The singles are important because you keep the scoreboard ticking and it keeps pressure on the bowler because of the left-hand/right-hand combination so he has to keep adjusting his line all the time."

  194. 17 overs: 
    Pak 45-3

    Every run counts for Pakistan now as Nasir Jamshed calls Misbah through for a quick single. A tap of the bat at the other end tells me the skipper was pleased with that. Three in total from the over as Jamshed moves on to 24 and Misbah 11.


    James in Warminster, via text on 81111: Surely Toadfish as an opener. He knows how to stay in for a long time.

    Russel Arnold, BBC Test Match Special

    "It should get easier for the batsmen as the innings goes on, with the ball getting older. I think a score of 240 to 250 is what Pakistan should be looking for. They have a strong bowling attack with three left-armers. The primary target for Pakistan at the moment is to stay competitive."

  197. 16 overs: 
    Pak 42-3

    It's amazing how players like Kevon Cooper (see tweet below), Sunil Narine and Kieron Pollard have become more known for their performances in the Indian Premier League than by what they do for their country. Pakistan players, on the other hands, do not play in the IPL. Following a drinks break, Narine continues to twirl and concedes just two singles.

    Russel Arnold, BBC Test Match Special

    "We haven't seen the ball swing around a lot. There's been some extra bounce, which the bowlers have made the most of. West Indies had a bit of luck in winning the toss. Pakistan need a bit of luck to survive this period."


    Harvinder Uppal: West Indies are a force to reckon with, it's going to be interesting who qualifies from this group.


    Jud in Manchester, via text on 81111: Surely Ramdin has had enough chances. Devon Smith in with Charles keeping. And where is Kevon Cooper? He was awesome in the IPL.

    Russel Arnold, BBC Test Match Special

    "This is what you normally see with Misbah-ul-Haq. He is a fighter, and he does take his time."

  202. 15 overs: 
    Pak 40-3

    It appears Marlon Samuels was brought on so Dwayne Bravo could change ends. The perks of being the skipper. Bravo is bowling to his opposite number Misbah and goes up for a leg-before appeal but the Pakistan captain was on the front foot and survives yet again. Misbah has not looked fluent yet but he manages to pick up two into the off side before getting a lucky single into the leg side after getting an inside edge to an expansive cover drive.

    Tony Cozier, BBC Test Match Special

    "Narine has good control and also turns the ball. He has these mystery deliveries that come with a flick of the fingers. He's had 28 ODIs before this and an economy rate of 3.87."

  204. 14 overs: 
    Pak 37-3

    Sunil Narine, who is one of the most prized bowlers in the Indian Premier League, is brought into the Windies attack. No respite for Pakistan. Just three singles from the off-spinner's tidy first over.


    Ilyas Najib: Pakistani keeper R Latif got banned for 5 ODIs in 2003 for taking a "catch" that wasn't a catch, I hope same happens for Ramdin.

    Flemming Jensen: Uncool, Ramdin. Uncool.

    Tony Cozier, BBC Test Match Special

    "I just wonder here why Roach has been taken off. He's in a good spell, and Frank Worrell, one of the great West Indies captains, always had a saying: 'Leave well enough alone.'"

  207. 13 overs: 
    Pak 34-3

    I've just seen a clip of Tino Best on the sidelines. I'm gutted he's not playing today, such a character. I love the way he ends all his Tweets #tinobest. Anyway, Pakistan will be relieved to see Kemar Roach has been pulled out of the attack as Marlon Samuels is chucked the ball. It's a tidy first over, just four runs coming from it, but the wicket-taking threat has disappeared.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "I've been impressed with the way the West Indies have played so far, and the way Dwayne Bravo has captained them.

    "They've done their homework, set up specific fielding positions for certain batsmen and it's paid off."


    Jonny from Sheffield, via text on 81111: Toadfish Rebecci, a devastating wicketkeeper-batsman. Just unfortunate to have been kept in Gilchrist's shadow during his best years.

    Chris Wagner, via text on 81111: Shane Warne appeared in an episode of Neighbours once so definitely counts.... I imagine he could probably do a job.

    JP Horsham, via text on 81111: Surely, Dr Clive Gibbons to inject the antidote the Aussie batting needs by opening. (Gorilla suit optional) One for the the older listeners there JP.

  210. 12 overs: 
    Pak 30-3

    Misbah has certainly worked hard for his first run today, which comes from his 14th delivery faced. Dwayne Bravo has replaced Ravi Rampaul in the bowling attack and Nasir Jamshed clips four off his pads to give the Pakistan supporters something to cheer. Six in total from the over. Standby for some more Neighbours/Australian cricket team texts...

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "The West Indies are using the new ball well, and they've still got Narine to come. He made his name on the sub-continent in Twenty20, but he could well pose questions on this pitch. He'll certainly be a handful for Pakistan if they haven't seen too much of him."


    Josh, Biddestone, via text on 81111: West Indies are geared for one day cricket. Most of the squad have just come from IPL. They know how to bowl tightly and chase totals.

  213. 11 overs: 
    Pak 24-3

    Kemar Roach is ticking after that dropped catch and charges in at Misbah, who is relieved to get to the other end courtesy of a leg bye (which he got bat on!). Just one from the over as the Pakistan batsman struggle to pierce the Windies field.

    Alison Mitchell, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'll tell you who I would like to see bowling for the West Indies at some point during this tournament - a guy called Jason Holder, who played in the IPL for Chennai.

    "He's 6ft 8in, and Dwayne Bravo said they are trying to mould him into the new Curtly Ambrose."


    Daryl King: Poor form from the Windies keeper. He clearly knew he dropped that.

    Junaed Razaq: Can't believe Ramdin claimed a catch on that. No room for that in the game.

  216. 10 overs: 
    Pak 23-3

    It appears Pakistan are still going to throw the bat outside off stump as Nasir Jamshed slashes hard and a four runs away past the despairing dive of second slip. Another close call for Pakistan. The opener then takes two into the leg side to take six off another decent Ravi Rampaul over.

    Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special

    "Denesh Ramdin has got to take a good look at himself there. That's excellent umpiring to spot it, but for Ramdin not to say he's dropped that ball is wrong. It's obvious he's dropped it, and that's poor sportsmanship.

    "You know when you've caught it. In my whole career, there were probably only two occasions when I wasn't sure. Then you ask your team-mates or the umpire. I wonder if the match referee will get involved in that."

  218. 9 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Pak 17-3

    Unbelievably good fortune for Misbah. He gets an under edge to a rising delivery from Kemar Roach and appears to have been caught behind by Dinesh Ramdin. However, the umpire decides to check the replays and they show that the keeper spilled the catch.

  219. 8.4 overs: 
    UMPIRE REVIEW- Pak 17-3

    It's great to see a genuine fast bowler having success in limited-overs cricket - Kemar Roach is all over the Pakistan batsmen and goes for a review after pinning Misbah in front and getting a 'no' from the umpire. It's a decent shout but the impact was just outside off stump and the skipper is given a reprieve.


    Stuart Smith: So maybe Gayle won't be getting a high score in this match - because he won't have a chance to the way Pakistan are going.

    Alison Mitchell, BBC Test Match Special

    "This is an innings that has started at an absolute snail's pace."

  222. 8 overs: 
    Pak 17-3

    Nasir Jamshed has to be Pakistan's anchor now and the opening batsman manages to punch two into the off side. Ravi Rampaul is bowling a tight line now though and that's Jamshed's lot for the over.


    Craig Hunter: West Indies the team to beat in the Champions Trophy?

    Alison Mitchell, BBC Test Match Special

    "The West Indies' decision to bowl first, aided by the cloud cover and the early-morning rain, has paid off.

    "They're looking lively in the field, aren't they? They're good to watch when they're on their game."

  225. 7 overs: 
    Pak 15-3

    Pakistan captain Misbah-Ul-Haq strides to the crease, no doubt angered by his side's terrible start to the match. Kemar Roach is really steaming in now. A few more wickets and Chris Gayle will have this wrapped up by lunchtime. A wicket-maiden for Kemar.


    Tom Agass: Kemar Roach is something of a return to the hustle and bustle approach to bowling that the Windies have missed for so long.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "Big trouble for Pakistan now. The West Indies clearly had a game plan, putting two men on the leg side. It was short delivery, outside off stump, and it's been caught at third man - regulation third man too, so Shafiq has got a good bat on it."

  228. 6.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Shafiq c Rampaul b Roach 0 (Pak 15-3)
    Kemar Roach celebrates

    When your side are in trouble on 15-2, why would you possibly try an upper cut and steer the ball straight down third man's throat? That's what Asad Shafiq does and Pakistan's troubles worsen. Kemar Roach now has figures of 3-7.

  229. 6 overs: 
    Pak 15-2

    I didn't realise we had so much Neighbours knowledge in the ranks today. Out in the middle, Nasir Jamshed has a little nibble at a wobbler from Ravi Rampaul but, fortunately for Pakistan, fails to nick it. Only a wide prevents a maiden over as Pakistan look to recover from this poor start.

    Alison Mitchell, BBC Test Match Special

    "It was interesting listening to Dwayne Bravo, the West Indies captain, speaking yesterday. He was quite bullish about the style of play they were going to adopt.

    "He said that we would see some strange fielding positions, and that if it came off, he would look like a genius. This is good stuff from them."


    More Neighbours options as alternatives for the Australia squad:

    Paul Hatfield: It's big Jim Robinson for me, opening the batting with a destructive yet agricultural style...

    Freddie Collier: I'd have the Blakeney twins in the middle order.

    Dan Jones: Surely the Aussies would want to call upon the old mutt Bouncer to inject a little menace into their attack?

  232. 5 overs: 
    Pak 14-2

    Mohammad Hafeez, who had hit a glorious four through the covers before his dismissal, still has a part to play with his bowling - but he's now relying on Nasir Jamshed and new batsman Asad Shafiq to settle the wobbling Pakistan batting line-up.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "Fantastic start for the West Indies. Pakistan have got to do a bit of patch-up work now. You don't want to be losing wickets early.

    "I thought it was a yorker from Roach, but it just nipped back. There was a bit of seam movement. Hafeez perhaps should have played it back to the bowler, but just played across it."


    ICC: In his five previous ODIs against Pakistan, Kemar Roach had taken 2 wickets at an average of 121.50.

  235. 4.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Hafeez b Roach 4 (Pak 14-2)

    Superb fast bowling from Kemar Roach, who gets one to nip back in and splatter Mohammad Hafeez's stumps. A dream start for the Windies.


    Ilyas Najib: If Nasir Jamshed stays at the crease for 20 overs I can see Pakistan posting 280+, Jamshed reminds me of Gilchrist.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a good batting pitch, this. I'm sure there'll be some runs scored today."

  238. 4 overs: 
    Pak 9-1

    Ravi Rampaul is spraying it about a bit early on, Nasir Jamshed latching on to another wide one outside off stump to flay four past point. As the Windies opening bowler tries to straighten his line, he strays on to Jamshed's pads and is easily worked around the corner for a single. Much better from the final ball of the over as Rampaul beats Mohammad Hafeez's groping outside edge.


    Sam Bigland: Well you cursed that, Liam...(1 over)

    Tom Agass: If Pakistan can recover and post a half decent total, maybe 280, their bowlers can do a job for them today.

    Kevin Richards: Can't believe you'd have Harold Bishop in ahead of Larrikin Lou for the Aussies. Bishop no better than a number 9 and part time spin.

    Tony Cozier, BBC Test Match Special

    "Good tight stuff here from Roach. He had a good year last year - 32 wickets in Tests, but he was troubled by injury. He's bowled a maiden and he's bowled it pretty well."

  241. 3 overs: 
    Pak 4-1

    Kemar Roach, by the way, has more bling than Mr T today. He's got plenty of gold hanging from his neck as he charges to the crease. Imagine how quick he would be if he wasn't lugging all that precious metal about. He hangs one wide of off stump to Mohammad Hafeez, who smashes it straight to Kieron Pollard at point. That's the highlight of the over as Kemar sends down a maiden.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "A couple of wides there from Rampaul. He's looking to bowl outside off stump, thinking he might encourage the batsman to have a dab. It's an interesting field out there to start with."


    Anonymous, via text on 81111 (don't forget to include your names and locations please, we don't have secrets): Darren Sammy put in multiple matches winning performances for the Sunrisers in the IPL, shame we won't get to see him or his dummy celebration.

  244. 2 overs: 
    Pak 4-1

    Imran Farhat's dismissal brings Mohammad Hafeez to the crease but he has to wait to face because Nasir Jamshed is on strike for Ravi Rampaul's opening salvo. Ravi is not as quick as Kemar but, when conditions are in his favour, he can swing it around corners. However, he's not quite got his radar switched on just yet as he sends down a couple of wides outside off stump.

    Phil Tufnell, BBC Test Match Special

    "We bigged up Farhat, saying how comfortable he was looking. He just went after a wide one and got a thickish edge to second slip. It's a good breakthrough for the West Indies."


    Chris Jones: Re: (10:10) Good old Jelly Belly (Harold) is the 2nd choice off spinner slightly in front of Michael Beer in the Australian pecking order.

    Tony Cozier, BBC Test Match Special

    "The place is on fire - literally! There are flames coming from the far side to celebrate the wicket."

  248. 1 over: 
    WICKET- Farhat c Dwayne Bravo b Roach 2 (Pak 2-1)

    Kemar Roach, who is pretty quick when he cranks it up, takes the new ball for the Windies. Imran Farhat is happy to take an early look at the speedster and plays out four dot balls before getting off the mark with a nice, clipped two off his legs. However, the opener perishes from the final ball of the over when he gets a thick outside edge and the catch is snaffled one-handed by a diving Dwayne Bravo.


    Liam Holmes: My prediction yesterday failed but today's won't. Two 300 plus innings in this game today too.

  250. 1029: 

    Right then, we're all set. Pakistan opening batsmen Imran Farhat and Nasir Jamshed make their way to the middle. Game on.

  251. 1025: 

    The two teams are lining up for the national anthems on a sunny day at The Oval. Both teams look well supported in the stands, but there are still a few empty seats on view.

  252. 1022: 

    Interesting teams there - the West Indies have not included World T20-winning skipper Darren Sammy in their line-up.

  253. 1021: 

    Pakistan: I Farhat, N Jamshed, M Hafeez, A Shafiq, Misbah, S Malik, K Akmal, W Riaz, S Ajmal, J Khan, M Irfan.

    West Indies: C Gayle, J Charles, D Bravo, M Samuels, R Sarwan, D Bravo, K Pollard, D Ramdin, S Narine, R Rampaul, K Roach.

  254. 1019: 
    Live now

    Just to let you know that Test Match Special are on the air now. You can listen on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra or online. I forgot to mention before that you can also email us via the TMS inbox if you want to get involved today. That address is - but please put 'For Marc Higginson' in the subject line. Lovely stuff.


    Daniel Patridge: With all the talk of Chris Gayle posting a massive score, he's obviously going to go for a duck today!

  256. 1015: 

    Pakistan's bowlers will have to be at their best to keep players like Gayle and Pollard in check. However, I reckon they have one of the best attacks in the tournament. Junaid Khan and Wahab Riaz are useful seamers while Saeed Ajmal is the best spinner in the world. Sorry, Monty!

    "Everybody knows that he's one of the best spinners in the world," said Pakistan skipper Misbah-ul-Haq."These kind of bowlers, these kind of players always love these sort of occasions, big events."

  257. 1010: 

    West Indies, following that World Twenty20 victory, are more than capable of winning the tournament again - and captain Dwayne Bravo is full of confidence. But, when Chris Gayle has got your back, who isn't?

    "This format is more challenging, obviously, with the longer play," said Bravo. "It's a longer form than T20, but like I said, we have players such as Chris Gayle, Kieron Pollard; Ramneresh Sarwan is back also Marlon Samuels is back, so you can't forget those players."


    Chris Jones: WI v Pakistan should be a cracker. Clarke out of tomorrow's game as well so that's Lou Carpenter to bat at 4?

    Is Harold Bishop not in the squad, Chris?

  259. 1006: 

    West Indies, the defending World Twenty20 champions, actually won the Champions Trophy when it was last held in England in 2004.

    "We can still take a lot from it (winning the 2004 Champions Trophy), regardless of the fact that nine years is a long time ago," said Chris Gayle.

  260. 1003: 
    TOSS- Pakistan will bat first

    West Indies win the toss and will field first. It looks like Chris Gayle will be keeping his powder dry for now.


    With big-hitting batsmen and speedy bowlers around every corner, it's enough to make the mouth water. Whether you want to predict how many sixes Chris Gayle might score today, or how many wickets Junaid Khan will take for Pakistan you can join in the debate by tweeting us, #bbccricket, or by sending a text to 81111. Lovely stuff.

  262. 1000: 

    Yep, the Champions Trophy might be regarded by some as the starter in a summer of rich cricketing action leading up to the main course of The Ashes.

    But it's likely to be one heck of a tasty starter if yesterday's opening match is anything to go by. India (331-7) beat South Africa (305 all out) by 26 runs. On a flat track at The Oval, I reckon we can expect more of the same today.

  263. 0955: 

    It's time to take cover - and not because the sun is shining.

    Nope, Christopher Henry Gayle is about to strap on the pads and launch some fireworks/sixes into The Oval stands. Standing in his way is a formidable Pakistan side intent on winning some silverware. It should be a cracker.

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Live Scores - Pakistan v West Indies


  • West Indies beat Pakistan by 2 wickets
  • Pakistan: 170 (48.0 overs)
  • West Indies: 172-8 (40.4 overs)
  • Venue: The Oval

West Indies Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 8 172
Gayle b Ajmal 39
Charles c Riaz b Irfan 9
Darren Bravo c K Akmal b Irfan 0
Samuels st K Akmal b Hafeez 30
Sarwan c K Akmal b Riaz 1
Pollard c K Akmal b Riaz 30
Dwayne Bravo lbw b Ajmal 19
Ramdin not out 11
Narine c K Akmal b Irfan 11
Roach not out 5
Extras 2nb 5w 10lb 17

ICC Champions Trophy

Shikhar Dhawan

Reports and results for the ICC Champions Trophy, to be held in England and Wales in June 2013.