Champions Trophy: England v New Zealand as it happened

England reach the semi-finals of the Champions Trophy with a 10-run win over New Zealand in Cardiff.

16 June 2013 Last updated at 19:26 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 2024: 

    But before all that, on the menu tomorrow is Australia v Sri Lanka at The Oval, which will determine who goes through to the semi-finals with England from Group A. It's a day-nighter starting at 1300 BST, but make sure you join Test Match Special from 1245. Until then, hope you've enjoyed an England win on Father's Day, that's it from us in Cardiff, thank you and good night.


    LenM4: England won't win the title with the last 3 performances. Unconvincing batting + vulnerable bowling = Poor ODI mentality.

    You can continue the debate on Twitter via #bbccricket

  3. 2019: 

    A couple of special programmes from BBC Radio 5 live this week to flag to your attention - tomorrow evening at 1930 BST, "The Anatomy of a Fast Bowler" profiles James Anderson, then at the same time on Tuesday is the next instalment of "Flintoff's Ashes Legends".

  4. 2012: 

    And Alastair Cook has been named as man of the match for his 64 from 47 balls at the top of the England order. (Apologies to Cookie - I originally typed this as 82, that was the "minutes" column).


    England captain Alastair Cook: "It was quite a stressful day. I always felt we were just above the rate but you can get as many as you want but you always want more. It was a very fine bowling performance. We were very good in the field today and good with the bat. We were 10 runs short but 170 is still a very good score."


    New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum: "England bowled outstandingly well at the start of our innings and set us back. Kane and Corey gave us a real opportunity but we fell short in the end. We did drop some catches but Nathan is usually a good catcher so it is one of those things. We'll be supporting Australia now, which is not something that we normally like to do."

  7. 2008: 

    In all the confusion at the end there, it turns out Nathan McCullum was actually given out caught behind by Jos Buttler off James Anderson, off the last ball of the match.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "England played with more freedom than they have done in the past - they were freed from the shackles by the reduced overs. But they still put too much pressure on their top three batsmen. If they fall quickly at the top of the order, their innings falls flat. That is a worry for England."

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "It was a close game but you never felt that New Zealand would really threaten the score. Only when Kane Williamson took 19 off Tim Bresnan did you think they might do it."

  10. 2002: 

    So, about an hour after the supposed close of play, we have a result - and England are in the semis. It's probable - but not definite - that they will top the group and will play South Africa in the first semi-final at The Oval on Wednesday. New Zealand's fate depends on Sri Lanka's game with Australia tomorrow - if Sri Lanka win, they qualify at New Zealand's expense, A no-result or an Aussie win tomorrow, and it goes to net run-rate.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "Alastair Cook got the major runs for his side but he was dropped three times and you can't allow that to happen if you are New Zealand. It was an excellent effort by Kane Williamson to pull it back but throughout the game, England were always in control really."

  12. 2000: 


    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "So England go through but there will be a lot of reviewing of that Kane Williamson dismissal and the no-ball."

  14. 24 overs: 
    Commentary- N McCullum c Buttler b Anderson 13 (NZ 159-8)

    James Anderson to bowl the last over. Nathan McCullum on strike, swipes and misses at the first ball.... which is called a wide. 22 needed from six. The first legitimate ball is yorker-length outside off stump and McCullum can't connect. 22 from five. A low full toss is heaved for four through square leg - 18 from four. Next ball, swing and a miss, 18 from three. 666 required (number of the beast?). Three men out on the legside boundary, another swing and a miss (borderline wide)- 18 from two. Next ball is a bouncer, now that is a wide - 17 from two. Another full toss - quite high, could have been a no-ball, is swiped for a six over the bowler's head. But that leaves 11 from the last ball, McCullum swings and nicks behind, and England are in the semis.

  15. 23 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 147-7

    Kyle Mills is the new batsman, he's the non-striker, McCullum hooks but is hit on the helmet and it disappears to third man for a leg bye. Mills to face, with 29 needed from nine. His first ball is pulled well between the men at deep square leg and fine leg for four, his second is drilled to Trott on the edge of the circle at extra cover for one. McCullum slices a single to point, he'll be facing the last over in which New Zealand need an unlikely 23 from six balls to win.


    Ben Dunbar: As an Englishman that was a very lucky decision in England's favour. It was a no ball for me.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "Corey Anderson went for glory and has holed out. England celebrate and I think they believe they have done enough now."

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  18. 22.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Anderson c Anderson b Bresnan 30 (NZ 140-7)

    Bresnan to bowl the penultimate over - and from a New Zealand perspective, this may be the over which has to "go", as they say. McCullum manages a single, Corey Anderson goes for a big shot and is caught by his namesake Jimmy at long-on!

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "New Zealand still have the batting and have the power. It only takes a few meaty blows and it will be England feeling the pressure and panic."

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  20. 22 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 139-6

    Corey Anderson (having added 73 with Williamson) clubs a single, new batsman Nathan McCullum takes guard, and swings and misses at his first ball before guiding a single to mid-wicket. Anderson tries another big heave to mid-wicket, Bopara parries it on the bounce and they run two - so, New Zealand need 31 from 12 balls to send England out of the tournament.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "What a relief that is for England - Kane Williamson batted superbly. But that was as close as it gets for Stuart Broad. If you are a staunch New Zealand fan you will be muttering about that. Williamson gave it a real go."

  22. 21.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Williamson c Anderson b Broad 67 (NZ 135-6)

    Broad to bowl his last over. Single from Anderson, then Williamson heaves Broad into the sky and is held by Jimmy Anderson at deep extra cover... or is he? Umpires check to see if it's a no-ball... it's very, very close but only just a legitimate delivery. Only a whisker in it.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "Kane Williamson has realised we have enough overs to constitute a game now, New Zealand are losing and he might as well have a go at this."

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    Andrew Bowan, TMS inbox: How many yorkers have Englandland bowled today? Broad should try it rather than his usual buffet bowling, short and wide.

  25. 21 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 134-5 (target 170)

    I'm not sure if WIlliamson knows the D-L situation, or whether he just feels he has nothing to lose - as he launches an enormous heave at the recalled Bresnan, lifting him over mid-wicket for six, that's the longest boundary. A two wide of mid-on, and then is the pressure getting to England? Bresnan sends down a legside wide, Williamson flicks a four off his legs and whacks a single to mid-off. Anderson steps away and edges a low full toss past the keeper for four, before smearing a single off the last ball. 19 from Bresnan's over - now, with 36 needed from 18 balls, New Zealand are now only eight runs behind on D-L... this ain't over yet.


    Sahil Oberoi: What was the difference between what Ramdin did and what Buttler did?

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "Corey Anderson's calf has been strapped up but perhaps it was just cramp after all. Perhaps, in his first ODI, the tense situation has got to him."

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  28. 20 overs: 
    HALF CENTURY- NZ 115-5

    We're way past the cut-off time by which time we should have finished the match - "this could be a two-day one-day international." warns Aggers on TMS. Corey Anderson is having his calf taped by the physio, and he's going to carry on, even though he may risk further injury. So the Anderson v Anderson duel continues, Corey on-drives and runs, not fluently, but two runs are taken. Another heave to leg, he slips slightly as he completes the first run and there was never a second there. A somewhat half-hearted Mexican wave goes around the ground and Williamson guides a four through mid-wicket, that's his fifty from 48 balls, and already the fifty partnership with Corey Anderson. A single means we have 20 overs, so we have a match - and at this stage, if the rain were to return at this exact moment, New Zealand would lose by 20 runs.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "I'm boring on the subject of runners. The man is clearly injured...what is he supposed to do?"

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  30. 19.1 overs: 
    OUCH!- NZ 107-5

    New Zealand reserve Colin Munro comes sprinting out between overs, seemingly to pass on a message... an the Kiwis take the batting powerplay. We have Anderson v Anderson as Jimmy bowls to Corey, who slaps it to point and sets off for a run, his partner hasn't moved, if the throw hits he'll be run out... but it's just wide. But it looks like Corey has injured himself diving for the crease. And with no runners permitted in international cricket, he'll have to retire hurt or carry on... The crowd are getting restless, what will his decision be?

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "The Prime Minister, David Cameron, once told me he has played Boycott Bingo. He rather enjoys it."

  32. 19 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 107-5

    Broad replaces Tredwell, and after a single from Anderson, Williamson steps back to flay Broad over cover for four. A single takes him to 49. Anderson manages a leg bye, Williamson swings and misses at a lifter. Then does it again, he's still stuck on 49.

    Now then - one more over and we have a match. And if New Zealand do not lose any more wickets, their D-L par score after 20 overs will be 135.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "It's such a pressured situation now, you cannot let it affect your performance."

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  34. 18 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 100-5

    I don't think I've written this before - Ravi Bopara will be England's first bowler to complete his allocation of overs. Anderson, whose style veers on the agricultural, heaves a single, then Williamson tries to pull him to leg, and England appeal - but for what for? A bail has been dislodged - how? In fact, the ball has bounced out of Buttler's gloves and removed a bail, but Williamson had never left his crease and it certainly didn't bowl him. So what England were appealing for, I'm not entirely sure. Williamson moves to 44 with a single, then Anderson swipe sa four past the diving Broad who punches the ground at mid-on as the ball just flew under him. A single takes the debutant to 17.


    Will Relf: England have managed to develop scoreboard pressure with a score of 169... Takes some doing!

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "Corey Anderson has come to the party now. The big lad is playing the big shots."

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  37. 17 overs: 
    SIX- NZ 93-5

    Tredwell bowls round the wicket to the effervescent Williamson, who is denied a boundary by a brilliant stop at long-on by Joe Root, who's fielded superbly today. A two and a single take him to 43 from 39 balls, while the tall Corey Anderson eyes up the short straight boundary and hoists a six over long-on. Anderson steps back to smack a slower ball, but the balding Tredwell dives superbly to his right to field off his own bowling. A single takes Anderson to 11.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "Kane Williamson looks the most organised player New Zealand have got. He has got a range of strokes which can access all parts of the field and he puts it all together well."

  39. 16 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 83-5

    I wonder if England pondered giving Bopara a fith over... but he's off after four and Bresnan takes over at the Cathedral Road End. All the Kiwi sixth-wicket pair can do at this stage is scramble three singles from the first three balls before Williamson cuts loose, hoisting a lofted on-drive which bounces just short of the rope and squirms over it for four. Another single and a wide advance the score - but New Zealand are still firmly behind the eight-ball here.

  40. 15 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 74-5

    Tredwell wheels away for his third over from the far end, Williamson and Anderson plunder four singles before WIlliamson blasts a four through extra cover. And we're five overs away from the 20 which England need to bowl to achieve a result. Assuming they don't bowl the Kiwis out before then...

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at CardiffContributor

    “Rav Bop, having shone with the bat in England’s first two games, has certainly done his bit with the ball today. His four overs of Dermot Reeve-style medium pace have cost just 19 runs and, most importantly, contained the wickets of Brendon McCullum and James Franklin. He deserves every single one of those pats on the bum.”

  42. 14 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 66-5 (Target 170)

    Corey Anderson is the new batsman, what an occasion for the debutant (who is a left-hander) - his first ball disappears down the leg side for four leg byes which keeper Buttler can't quite get to. Bopara has 2-19 from his four overs.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "I don't feel New Zealand can come back from this position. There are question marks whether Brendon McCullum should have used spinners so much because it's the seamers who have done all the damage."

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  44. 13.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Franklin c Morgan b Bopara 6 (NZ 62-5)

    Bopara in for his fourth over, that's the fifth bowler's allocation used up already (the reduction to 24 overs mean four bowlers bowl five, and one bowls four). Single from Williamson, Franklin hooks, gets a top edge and that's over fine leg for four - nearly went for six. Then Franklin drives, gets an outside edge and it's straight to Eoin Morgan at point!


    Gaz Lyons: Not going to get 20 overs in, so tactic is to bowl them out in 15. Like it.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "New Zealand have dug themselves into a big hole. They have not been able to put any pressure on England with the bat. Anderson was very good with the new ball, he got it to swing and seam a little bit and took New Zealand from attack to defence."

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  47. 13 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 57-4

    A sense of expectancy around Cardiff Wales Stadium now as Kent skipper Tredwell begins his second over, Franklin bunts a single to short third man, Wililamson launches a first-bounce four to the short boundary over the bowler's head. A single takes him to 28 from 29 balls, a lot rests on him now.

    BBC Test Match Special's Alec StewartContributor

    "England have been outstanding in the field, very energetic and looking like a team while New Zealand dropped three catches. The next four overs will decide the game now. They can't allow James Tredwell and Ravi Bopara to dictate to them."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at CardiffContributor

    “Rarely have I seen players descend on a catcher quite like the England team did on Joe Root then. As he dived forward to claim a skimmer, so the crowd behind him rose as one to acclaim a man who can do no wrong in an England shirt.”

  50. 12 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 50-4 (target 170)

    Tall left-hander James Franklin is the new batsman, he opens his account with a single off his legs, Williamson drills a single past a diving Bell at short extra cover and we're halfway through the NZ innings already.


    Harriet in Cardiff, via text on 81111: At the game now and it is certainly not raining, nope, not even a little bit... No idea what those droplets on my phone screen are...

    BBC Test Match Special's Alec StewartContributor

    "That is a match-winning moment. Joe Root dived full length forward, which is always hard. He enjoyed that one - and rightly so."

  53. 11.4 overs: 
    WICKET- B McCullum c Root b Bopara 8 (NZ 48-4)

    So, will McCullum look to take on Bopara this over? The Essex man adds a wide to the score, McCullum pulls a single to deep mid-wicket. Williamson rotates the strike and McCullum slaps a two to deep cover... before being brilliantly caught by the diving Joe Root when he tries to hoick Bopara through deep square leg!

    Remember - we need 20 overs to achieve a result, so even though they're in the driving seat from a run-rate point of view, England need to rattle through another 8.2 overs before any rain arrives.

  54. 11 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 43-3

    James Tredwell on at the River Taff End - as an off-spinner, he won't mind that it's an absolutely enormous boundary at mid-wicket/cow corner, but it's a very short boundary over his head. The canny Tredwell is quickly through his over, just two singles from it. The normally free-scoring McCullum has an uncharacteristic five from 14 balls, Williamson has 20 from 22.

  55. 10 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 41-3 (target 170)

    I don't know what happened to all that rain in Barnstaple, Exeter or the Bristol Channel but it seems to have steered clear of this part of south Wales so far as Bopara begins a new over, although Alec Stewart on TMS doesn't think the England fans will raise their umbrellas for fear of giving the umpires an idea to take them off... Bopara keeps the Kiwis under control, two from it. If you're just joining us, remember this is a rain-reduced 24-overs game in which England were bowled out for 169.

    BBC Test Match Special's Charles DagnallContributor

    "It's getting desperate for New Zealand and Brendon McCullum has to do something if his team are to get out of this pickle. He has plenty of one-day experience and has played in the Indian Premier League so he will know what it requires."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  57. 9 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 39-3

    The ground is pretty full now, aside from perhaps the odd fan like Ben & Ben (who emailed earlier) who gave up on this game during the rain delay. Broad replaces Bresnan at the River Taff End, and that aforementioned stretch of water is briefly endangered as McCullum takes aim with a couple of haymakers but can't connect on either occasion. Broad digs in a bouncer which is called as an aerial wide, and the Kiwi skip finally connects with a single to Trott in front of us at third man. A shorter delivery is pulled by Williamson for four to the long boundary at cow corner.

    BBC Test Match Special's Alec StewartContributor

    "I like the way Cook is shuffling his bowlers around today, he is being pro-active and thoughtful in his captaincy. The crucial time will be when Tredwell is bowling."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra


    Ben in the William Harvey Hospital, via text on 81111: Sat updating my phone every minute in the hospital as my wife gave birth to our baby daughter this morning! Hospitals are ever so boring! Tredwell to take 3 wickets!

  60. 8 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 32-3 (target 170)

    Captain Brendon McCullum is the new batsman, wearing shirt number 42 - and in a rare moment of symmetry, England turn to their number 42, Ravi Bopara, to bowl his right-arm medium pace from the Cathedral Road End. Remember, England only have four front-line bowlers so need to smuggle through four overs from either Bopara or Joe Root if this game goes the distance. Williamson adds a single, McCullum taps his first ball for one past cover. Two more singles, Williamson is beaten by the fifth ball and Bopara bowls the sixth off a much shorter run, only three or four paces, and Williamson moves to 13 with another single. For comparison purposes, the D-L par score with three down after eight overs is 60.

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at CardiffContributor

    “Brendon McCullum has earned rave reviews for his captaincy in recent months, but it’s with the bat where his country needs him now. What looked like a fairly straightforward chase has become an extremely testing one.”

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "For my money, two yellow flags should mean not out. The impact and height were both umpire's call and England have taken a huge wicket."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra


    Michael Wilson in Basra, Iraq, TMS inbox: Delighted that Tredwell has taken Swann's place for the ODI. Reckon he should be in that position for the rest of the tournament.

  64. 6 overs: 
    WICKET- Taylor lbw b Bresnan 3 (NZ 27-3)

    It's umpire's call for impact in line, and umpire's call for height - so it stays with the on-field umpire and Taylor has to go.

    BBC Test Match Special's Alec StewartContributor

    "I think height is an issue but it's straight enough."


    After two singles apiece, Taylor is hit on the pad, England appeal and he's given out lbw, but Taylor calls for a review...


    Peter Piper in Pickled Pepper, TMS inbox: England's bowlers seem to be getting the better of New Zealand so what is the one thing that might prevent them going through? The weather. So why are England not running to their positions after every over in an attempt to get through their overs quickly? If the rain comes before 20 overs are bowled the England captain and management will have a lot to answer for.

  68. 6 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 23-2

    Anderson deceives Williamson with a brute of an inswinger that rips back between bat and batsman, the "Burnley Express" is moving like a smooth locomotive gaining speed as all Williamson can do is chop a single to third man. Taylor aims an expansive drive and gets an inside edge onto his pad, running a single as the ball dribbles to mid-wicket. But Williamson hits back, drilling the last ball for four through long-on.


    Sebastian Eaton: Jimmy, you are finishing off my Father's Day very well here!

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "This is a really good start, they have got New Zealand on the back foot. It will be interesting to see where Brendon McCullum has put himself in the batting order today."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  71. 5 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 17-2 (target 170)

    Ross Taylor is the new batsman, but it's Williamson facing the (still) expectant father-to-be Tim Bresnan, who's replaced Broad at the River Taff End. He's off the mark with a two past mid-wicket, a single brings Taylor on strike with the two compulsory catchers at slip and short cover. But the former skipper can't get his first two deliveries away. That's it for the compulsory powerplay fielding restrictions.


    Michael Bairstow: Given Ronchi's strike rate, was there any merit in dropping that catch?

    BBC Test Match Special's Iain O'BrienContributor

    "A full ball and he played back. It nibbled and stayed low but Guptill would normally look to push the ball back down the ground. There was still a hangover from the Ronchi non-innings."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  74. 4 overs: 
    WICKET- Guptill b Anderson 9 (NZ 14-2)

    Kane Williamson is the new batsman, but he's non-striker as they crossed on the catch, and Guptill is bowled by the last ball of the over, edged it on! And having lost those two wickets, NZ are suddenly 20 behind the D/L par score.

    BBC Test Match Special's Iain O'BrienContributor

    "That could be a blessing in disguise for Martin Guptill. Guptill has been changing his technique, trying to give himself room. Luke Ronchi only scoring 2 off 12 has put a lot of pressure on Guptill and he had to change his game."

  76. 3.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Ronchi c Trott b Anderson 2 (NZ 14-1)

    Anderson keeps it tight against Guptill, who nudges a single off his legs, then a rather ugly innings from Ronchi ends as he slogs and is comfortably caught by Jonathan Trott on the rope at third man.

  77. 3 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 13-0

    Never mind end-of-over Duckworth-Lewis par scores, I've now been handed a ball-by-ball sheet. so should be able to keep you posted if the rain threatens. Guptill steers Broad for four through backward point, but Ronchi is struggling to put bat on ball as Broad pings in a couple of bouncers.


    Charles: Why not bury a couple of Puppy overs now before the Kiwis get their eye in?

    Puppy? Who? Wasn't Michael Clarke nicknamed "Pup"?

    BBC Test Match Special's Iain O'BrienContributor

    "I don't want to dwell on it but there is a little band of rain due. However, we might not get it and that means New Zealand have to work really hard on this run-chase."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  80. 2 overs: 
    Commentary- NZ 7-0

    James Anderson to bowl from this, the Cathedral Road End, and he has two slips in for Guptill - who edges it just wide of James Tredwell at second grabber. Ronchi is off the mark with a single, Anderson strays with a wide and Guptill adds a two. NZ are 3 behind on DL.

    BBC Test Match Special's Iain O'BrienContributor

    "Kyle Mills got the ball to genuinely swing off the seam here and I expect James Anderson to do likewise."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra


    Even better news - if any storms arrive from the Bristol Channel, we have been handed the Duckworth-Lewis par score sheet. Remember, both sides need to face 20 overs for it to constitute a match, but as if it means anything, NZ are behind the 1-over D-L par score of 5-0.

  83. 1 over: 
    Commentary- NZ 2-0 (target 170)

    Guptill gets New Zelaand going with a risky single, a direct hit at the striker's end threatens Ronchi but he's home in time. Broad bangs in a legside wide, Ronchi swings and misses aiming a big hit.

    BBC Test Match Special's Iain O'BrienContributor

    "New Zealand made hard work of chasing down 139 here against Sri Lanka but this wicket isn't taking as much turn and has more pace and nibble."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  85. 1752: 

    So, what kind of a bowling performance can we expect from England today - Cringer or Battle Cat? Martin Guptill and Luke Ronchi are opening for New Zealand as they attempt to become masters of the universe (well, of Group A anyway), and Stuart Broad will open the bowling from the Castle Grayskull End (better known as the River Taff End).

    BBC Test Match Special's Iain O'BrienContributor

    "New Zealand applied the pressure well and kept trying to take wickets rather than just close down runs."

  87. 1749: 

    Given that bowlers always claim they never get the recognition batsmen do, let's raise our hats to Kyle Mills, who finished with a very respectable 4-30 from his five overs. And the ground staff are going to have to get a shift on if we're going to start at 1751...


    Harry Cunningham: Wasted. England at least 20 short. Reckon NZ will romp this.

  89. 1746: 

    The NZ innings, which was originally scheduled to start at 1736 if the overs had been bowled promptly, will start at 1751, we're told.

    And if any of you have been following this live text through the full day, (a) we're very grateful to you, and (b) the press-box picture quiz was won by Dean Wilson of the Mirror. We were three points behind him, although we did get a bonus point for recognising  Battle Cat (see 1200 entry).


    New Zealand bowler Mitchell McClenaghan, who took three wickets: "I have the backing of Brendon to run in hard and take wickets. Hopefully our guys can get in and get set and then maximise the short boundaries."

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "It's extraordinary how the end of the England innings came about. To not finish the overs when you are three down with six overs's the batsmen's fault, not good bowling."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at CardiffContributor

    "A somewhat frantic and unfulfilled innings from England, who started scratchily, gathered pace in the middle and capitulated at the death. A required run-rate of 7.1 is no gimme for New Zealand, by you sense it’s well within the reach of Brendon McCullum, Martin Guptill and Ross Taylor."

  93. 1745: 

    So, although we're going to have a short, 10-minute interval, there's still time for four fans to take part in one of these "hamster-wheel" races in large plastic wheels (emblazoned, of course, with ICC-approved sponsors).

    Meanwhile, England don't have long to reflect on how they collapsed from 141-3 to 169 all out in 5.5 overs. Remember if England lose, they're eliminated. Win, and they're in the sem-finals.

  94. 23.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Tredwell c McClenaghan b Mills 0 (Eng 169 all out)

    I wouldn't have thought James Anderson has often been asked to bat in the 24th over of an (admittedly truncated) ODI before... he's the non-striker as Tredwell takes guard with four balls remaining. He uppercuts his first ball and is caught at third man for a golden duck - England are bowled out with three balls to spare.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "That was even higher than the last one and Nathan McCullum has redeemed himself now. England are now 36-6 since losing Alastair Cook."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  96. 23.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Broad c N McCullum b Mills 0 (Eng 169-9)

    Mills to bowl the last over - Broad has been joined by fellow leftie James Tredwell, neither has faced a ball yet. First ball is short, Broad steps across to pull it but can't connect and it's through to the keeper. Next ball is short, Broad skies it high into the Cardiff air and it's Nathan McCullum's fourth catch!


    Richard, TMS inbox: England in danger of ending up about 20 runs short!

  98. 23 overs: 
    WICKET- Bresnan run out (Franklin direct hit) 3 (Eng 169-8)

    Stuart Broad is the new batsman - the last of England's B-men (Buttler, Bopara, Bresnan and Broad). Bresnan powers a two which is stopped just inside the extra cover boundary, then they take a risky two off the last ball of the over... not even a big dive can help Big Tim as Franklin's direct hit runs him out. Last over coming up.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "England would love another 20 runs. They are going at the same rate as South Africa did a few days ago. They should be quite happy with that, they are in with a chance."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra


    Chippi: The much hyped Morgan and Buttler fail to fire as expected yet again.

  101. 22.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Bopara c Williamson b McClenaghan 9 (Eng 166-7)

    A curious review precedes a curious dismissal - Bopara skies one over square leg and is caught.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "That was strange, nobody heard anything - I didn't pick anything up on my headphones. That made contact with nothing - Ravi is bemused."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra


    "Nothing on it, Bruce," third ump Steve Davis tells his Aussie compadre Bruce Oxenford.


    Penultimate over, McClenaghan comes round the wicket to Bopara, who guides a single to extra cover. Can Big Tim go big here? He gets an edge but Mills dives to restrict them to a single, then thereis a curious moment when it looks like Bopara swings and misses but McClenaghan appeals for a catch behind and they review it!

  105. 22 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 164-6

    Tim Bresnan is the new batsman, we've still not heard any news from the expectant Mrs Bresnan, who is now nearly two weeks overdue with their first child. Bopara steps back and lashes MIlls for four through the covers. A single ensures he keeps the strike - Big Tim hasn't faced yet.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "The ball has followed Nathan McCullum around all afternoon and he had a long time to think about that catch. But he held on to it and Kyle Mills is off the naughty step after that no ball earlier in the over."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  107. 21.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Buttler c N McCullum b Mills 14 (Eng 159-6)

    England call for the batting powerplay - so three men outside the circle for overs 22 & 23, and then a big thrash no doubt in 24. The boundary riders are at deep mid-wicket, long-off and long-on, but Mills does himself no favours with a slow long-hop which Buttler dismissively guides for four to long leg. A no-ball is chipped to extra cover for one, that means a free hit for Bopara. Mid-wicket is up, deep point is in, Bopara swings at the free-hit ball and is "caught" by that deep-point man but they run one. Buttler goes for the big one and is pouched at long-off - it's that man Nathan McCullum who has now caught three and dropped three.


    David Tomlinson: Catches win matches, along with the odd slice of luck and some bold batting helps too. England are looking good!

  109. 21 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 152-5

    Mitchell McClenaghan back at the River Taff End, will Buttler try to launch him into the river? Not immediately - punching a four through extra cover. Buttler and Bopara help themselves to four singles and a leg bye.

    BBC Test Match Special's Alec StewartContributor

    "Daniel Vettori has missed a lot of cricket because of injury and he knew Eoin Morgan was going to come hard at him so he changed his pace and deceived the batsman."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at CardiffContributor

    "So Morgan’s miserable run continues. His three innings in this competition have brought him just 36 runs, and he has failed to reach 50 in the last 15 attempts in ODI cricket."

  112. 20 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 143-5

    Ravi Bopara is the new batsman, fresh from that 28-run last-over cameo at The Oval against Sri Lanka. Vettori finishes with 1-27 from his five overs, England have four left.

  113. 19.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Morgan lbw b Vettori 15 (Eng 143-5)

    Vettori will become the first Kiwi bowler to complete his five-over spell. Buttler guides a single, Morgan is hit on the pad reverse-sweeping but Vettori's appeal is in vain. Then he's trapped in front attempting an orthodox sweep and is given out.


    Freddie Felton, via text on 81111: Just threw an orange at my Kiwi grandmother. And she caught it! PS. She was born in England.

  115. 19 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 142-4

    A sight to strike fear into any New Zealander after his astonishing innings at Trent Bridge - the new batsman is Jos Buttler, who punches his first ball to long-on for one. Five overs left, Morgan and Buttler in, time to get Cardiff rocking.

    BBC Test Match Special's Charles DagnallContributor

    "Alastair Cook drilled one straight back at Nathan McCullum...and he finally holds on to one. He would from his own bowling, wouldn't he?"

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  117. 18.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Cook c and b N McCullum 64 (Eng 141-4)

    I'll say one thing for the players, with a reduced 24-over game we've not had any poxy drinks breaks today. And now after a single from Cook, it's Morgan's turn to entertain, he lifts McCullum over the stand and most likely into the River Taff for six! But Captain Cook perishes as McCullum finally holds on to a catch - off his own bowling. Looks like he's hurt his hand taking the catch, I know how he feels, having virtually broken mine the last time I held on to one.

    BBC Test Match Special's Alec StewartContributor

    "It's been a fine innings by the captain, he has played well. It nipped about early on but he saw it through and is now cashing in. He has developed his game so much over the last three or four years. He is staking a claim to play in the Twenty20 side."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  119. 18 overs: 
    SIX- Eng 133-3

    The new, improved Alastair Cook takes aim at long-off and that's another huge six - it's the first time he's ever hit two sixes in the same ODI innings. And after the strike is rotated, Cook v2.0 takes aim at the same boundary - but although the ball plugs inside the rope, it trickles over for four.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "Hovercraft man @mwmonk reports it's raining hard on him in the Bristol Channel. Coming this way."

  121. 17 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 119-3

    After those three dropped catches, can Nathan McCullum redeem himself with the ball? He restricts England to six from the over, made up of ones and twos, while Cook passes fifty from 39 balls. But as Alec Stewart reminds TMS listeners, there's still a two-over batting powerplay to be taken (at any time).

    BBC Test Match Special's Alec StewartContributor

    "They say there is no such thing as an easy catch, but I think there was some spin on the ball. Maybe that was the reason. I dropped the Somerset run machine Jimmy Cook once off Martin Bicknell, who still reminds me about it and put it in his book."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  123. 16 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 113-3

    Kane Williamson is NZ's seventh bowler - can the part-time off-spinner dislodge England's two lefties? Morgan knocks a single, then Cook is dropped again... by Nathan McCullum again, this time at point - it almost went straight into his belly but he can't hold on. England plunder some ones and twos - eight overs left.


    Jack Carter: Nathan McCullum - a bit of a gollum lookalike.

  125. 15 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 106-3

    Eoin Morgan is the new batsman so we have two lefties in together - Cook uppercuts and Franklin cuts it off at third man for two. A single takes him to 45, Morgan's first two balls are both signalled as wides, his first legitimate delivery is guided past mid-on for a single. And Morgan changes his bat between overs, being offered a choice of six by 12th man Jonny Bairstow.

    BBC Test Match Special's Alec StewartContributor

    "It's not a bad thing. Joe Root played very well but it brings in the powerhouses now. Cook still has a part to play, allowing Morgan to settle in. England don't need two new batsmen out there."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  127. 14.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Root c Ronchi b McClenaghan 38 (Eng 100-3)

    McClenaghan replaces the expensive Franklin, but it's all over for Root as he skies one over backward square leg and keeper Ronchi makes no mistake.

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at CardiffContributor

    “Maybe the halfway mark was the sign for England to up the tempo. You don’t see many shots down the ground from Cook, never mind whopping great sixes – the seventh maximum of his ODI career. That might even have done some damage to the sightscreen. And as for the ramp..."

    BBC Test Match Special's Alec StewartContributor

    "This is very good from England so far. Both of these players have put their foot on the gas and if one of them gets out, so what? They have Morgan and Buttler to come in behind them."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  130. 14 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 99-2

    Root sweeps Vettori for four, England are moving up through the gears here as they plunder more singles - Cook has 41 from 31 balls, Root has 38 from 39.

  131. 13 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 91-2

    Hello, massive... Captain Cook launches a rare ODI six over the recalled Franklin's head, and only the tarpaulin supporting the camera gantry adjacent to the sightscreen prevents it from sailing all the way into the River Taff. And then there's even more of a collector's item - Cook ramp-scoops Franklin for four more, and then is dropped at mid-on by the juggling Nathan McCullum at the second or third attempt! Well, they say fortune favours the bold...

  132. 12 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 77-2

    The fifty partnership comes up as we reach the halfway point with more ones and twos. "Hotspot has had a fantastic 12 months," notes Aggers on TMS, referring to Root's DRS review.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "I don't blame Rod Tucker for not hearing it. I don't think Root knew he had edged it because he spent so long wondering whether to review it. He thought it might have been going down leg."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra


    It's not out, there was a tiny bottom edge on it. Root survives.


    Root sweeps, Vettori confidently appeals and it's given out belatedly... but Root reviews it.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "I'm hearing there is a band of rain coming up from Devon which could reach us by 5pm. However, it is only a narrow band. If you are sailing in the Bristol Channel, let us know if it's raining."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  137. 11 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 73-2

    Root clubs McCullum for three, then Cook hoicks him over mid-on, that was close to being six but the England skipper picks up four. Cook pushes a quick single to mid-on and collides with the bowler as he scampers to make his ground. Root is hit on the pad... not out, and no review.


    Ben and Ben, TMS inbox: Very depressed in solid traffic on the M4 back to London... Up at 7 to drive to Cardiff on massive hangovers, gave up around 2.30pm and started to drive back to London to hear the game had actually started!

  139. 10 overs: 
    SIX- Eng 64-2

    Vettori has switched to the Cathedral Road End, a couple of singles before Root takes advantage of a long-hop and launches it for six over mid-wicket towards the bananas.

    BBC Test Match Special's Charles DagnallContributor

    "It doesn't matter where the fielders are when Jos Buttler is batting because he tries to hit every ball out of the park anyway."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  141. 9 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 55-2

    The Kiwis are operating in one-over spells at the moment, off-spinner Nathan McCullum is the first right-arm bowler to operate from the River Taff End today. Root and Cook plunder some ones and twos.

    And Aggers has noticed rain on the radar - his Twitter followers have reported rain in Barnstaple...

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at CardiffContributor

    “England have shown no little intent in the early stages of this innings, but they have relied on their fair share of luck. Edges and miscues have been the order of the day so far."

    BBC Test Match Special's Iain O'BrienContributor

    "We have seen a couple of good catches already, but that is one of the easiest catches you will ever see and he dropped it."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  144. 8 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 48-2

    James Franklin is the third left-arm seamer introduced by NZ today but his first ball is pulled by Cook and dropped by Nathan McCullum who can't quite hold on at short mid-wicket. After a couple of singles, Root chips a two over mid-on but it doesn't have the legs to reach the boundary. The young Tyke nicks the srike with a single to third man. We've not had a boundary for four overs.


    Bent in Denmark, TMS inbox: It is a well known fact that men only know very few colours. Where men will have a problem with any type of red looking similar to any totally different other type of red, women can easily distinquish between to highly similar shades of off-white, ie. long-off-white or mid-off-white.

    Oh, for the days when players wore white, umpires wore white, and Richie Benaud wore cream, bone, white, off-white, ivory or beige...

  146. 7 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 42-2

    Time for some spin as left-arm seamer Anderson is replaced after one over by wily left-arm spinner Daniel Vettori. Cook knocks a single, Root inside-edges one past the keeper, and the crowd - which includes a troupe of two or three dozen pepole dressed as bananas in the stand to our right - are getting a little restless as three more singles are added.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "I've been impressed by Brendon McCullum's demeanour in the field. He likes to gamble, but they all seem calculated risk-taking moves. If I picked a team of the tournament, I'd struggle not to pick him as my captain."

  148. 6 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 37-2

    Field restrictions are over for the time being but McCullum initially keeps six in the circle, with a gully and an oddly-positioned short point in for Root. After an exchange of singles, short point moves to second gully - while the "Spidercam", suspended on  very thin wires and increasingly resembling an Imperial Probe Droid from "The Empire Strikes Back", hovers menacingly above Mills's head as England add two more singles.

    BBC Test Match Special's Charles DagnallContributor

    "The runs we have seen already have been from authentic cricket shots - like Trott's straight drive and Alastair Cook's push through the overs."


    Matty H in Bristol: Hmmm... 6 wickets down by 15 overs and scrape to 150? My pessimistic side pre-2005 Ashes is edging back in of late.

  151. 5 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 33-2

    New bowler, same action as McClenaghan is replaced by fellow left-arm seamer Corey Anderson at the River Taff End. Cook smashes the debutant's first ball for three through extra cover, but he does well for the rest of the over, only giving up one single off the last five balls.

    Anderson was a late replacement added to the squad when Grant Elliott was ruled out by injury - that may be why he doesn't have a number on his shirt. Either that, or he's as superstitious as Virender Sehwag.


    Johnny in London, via text on 81111: I can see what's going to happen today. England will get 168 (7 an over), which they will be happy about. But then NZ will ease to victory with 4-5 overs to spare!

  153. 4 overs: 
    NEW RECORD- Eng 29-2

    New batsman Joe Root edges a four past the solitary slip. And we have a record - Kyle Mills is now the leading wicket-taker in the history of the Champions Trophy with 25, one ahead of Muttiah Muralitharan's 24.

    And while there was some criticism of the umpires for wearing red shirts in the England-NZ ODI series, making them easily mistakeable for England fielders... today they're wearing all black, making the square-leg umpire in particular largely indistinguishable from New Zealand's fielders.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "Trott was looking to walk across the stumps and flicked it away in an area of strength. He will walk off knowing a yard either side and it would have been a four. Some days they go for you, some days they don't."

  155. 3.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Trott c N McCullum b Mills 8 (Eng 25-2)

    Cook cuts Mills hard but third man cuts it off and they can only run one. Trott tries to force through the leg side and picks out short mid-wicket. Once again, Brendon McCullum's field placing is inch-perfect - this time, his brother Nathan takes the catch.


    Neil in Sheffield, via text on 81111: If Trott comes in at three then I am convinced England don't want qualify for the semis.

    BBC Test Match Special's Ed SmithContributor

    "Trott has started well. He's an intelligent man and he will know people will be watching him but he will also know he has a chance to prove a point."

  158. 3 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 24-1

    Jonathan Trott is the new batsman, raking his crease as ever, but he cracks his first ball through point for two. A firm straight drive past the tumbling bowler brings him four more, and the Warwickshire man rounds off a profitable over by dabbing a two to third man.

    And, fingers crossed, the rain is staying away for now, although there's still a few dark clouds overhead.


    Michael Bell: England should open with Jack Bauer. Never fails to deliver over 24.

  160. 2.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Bell c B McCullum b McClenaghan 10 (Eng 16-1)

    Bell smacks the ball straight to Brendon McCullum at short cover, it went as fast as a tracer bullet but McCullum takes a blinding catch.

  161. 2 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 16-0

    Kyle Mills is straight into the action at the Cathedral Road End - while his doppelganger Andy Murray is playing in the final at Queen's Club. Ian Bell lofts a two over mid-wicket, then bludgeons his first four to the extra cover boundary - but he dices with dismissal when he attempts another lofted drive, James Franklin runs back from mid-off but it slips through his fingers as the batsmen run two. A single means Bell has 10 from seven balls.


    Simon Aindow: Reckon England will make one, very reluctant change. Just to keep everybody off their backs. Wonder how NZ will alter their XI?

  163. 1 over: 
    Commentary- Eng 7-0

    Heart-in-mouth moment as Cook spoons the second ball of the day into the covers but it's just short of a couple of onrushing fielders. McClenaghan gets England under way with a wide, before Cook guides a slower ball through mid-wicket for two. Ian Bell... plays and misses, and decides to retie his shoelace between deliveries. He pushes a quick single, Cook safely makes his ground at the striker's end. But when McClenaghan strays onto leg stump, Cook helps it on its way for four.

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at CardiffContributor

    “Jonathan Trott gets shunted down the order in several of your revised batting line-ups. I wonder if any of you have seen Trott’s domestic Twenty20 record: he averages 37 in 77 games, with a strike-rate of, wait for it... 115.”

  165. 1545: 

    England's openers are their regular 50-over pair Alastair Cook and Ian Bell, with left-arm seamer Mitchell McClenaghan opening up from the River Taff End. Ready to rumble.

    BBC Test Match Special's Ed SmithContributor

    "We used to go on holiday to Brecon when I was younger, and it would always start raining as soon as we crossed the border into Wales. I drove from London this morning and the automatic windscreen wipers came on as soon as I crossed the Severn Bridge. And I think there's an argument for a new toss, new teams and a new match."


    NickBruzon: My batsmen for 24 overs 1.Root 2.Bell 3.Bopara 4.Morgan 5.Buttler 6.Cook 7.Bresnan 8.Broad 9.Tredwell 10.Anderson 11 sub 12 Trott

  168. 1538: 
    Commentary- GET INVOLVED

    So, as the main hover-cover finally disappears, what should England's tactics be? Remember - win and they go through, lose today and they're eliminated. Email us at (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 if you're in the UK, or tweet us via #bbccricket if you're a Twitterer.

  169. 1532: 

    After a long day waiting for play, spectators here at Cardiff haven't had much to cheer about - so there's a big cheer every time a steward has to jump over the rope which is being driven around the outfield by two little tractors.

    The cut-off point for the first innings, by the way, is 1726 BST - the interval will last 10 minutes, and the second innings should run from 1736 to 1916. Really.


    hughdexists: 1.Root 2.Bell 3.Bopara 4.Morgan 5.Buttler 6.Cook 7.Trott 8.Bresnan 9.Broad 10.Tredwell 11.Anderson.

    Bearing in mind England can't change their team, what would your preferred batting line-up be? Tweet us via #bbccricket to get involved

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at CardiffContributor

    “The players have been warming up on the outfield for the best part of half an hour now – England’s batsmen had some thrown-downs and the Kiwis are currently bowling at one stump – which begs the question: why wait until 1545 BST to start? If it's dry enough to practise, surely it's dry enough to play?”

  172. 1525: 

    The two teams will be unchanged - because they had already tossed up by the time the rain came - but four bowlers will be able to bowl a maximum of five overs apiece, with the fifth bowler bowling a maximum of four. The compulsory opening powerplay will be five overs, with the batting powerplay two overs in duration.

  173. 1522: 

    Welcome back to Cardiff - the umpires have inspected and decreed that we will have a 24-over match to start at 1545 BST - the big proviso being, IF THERE IS NO MORE RAIN.

  174. 1200: 

    There's no sign of the rain abating - so we're going to "park" the live text for now, but rest assured we'll be back if there's any prospect of play. Not looking too clever so far. I suggest you treat your Dad to a slap-up Father's Day Sunday roast lunch, and check back in with us later.

    PS We've also had to hand the picture quiz in. I don't think we've done well.


    Paul Drury in Ipswich, via text on 8111: He-Man was riding Battle Cat, if green. Battle Cat had an alter ego - Cringer who was meek and mild. Bit like David Warner I suppose.

    Thanks to Rob in Eastbourne, AndyK in Sheffield and Steve in Banstead who also correctly identified Battle Cat, and Peter in Hitchin (or possibly just Peter Hitchin), who reminded me that Cringer turned into Battle Cat when He-Man held aloft his mighty sword.

  176. 1152: 

    If you're just joining us, I'm afraid we've had no play so far today - it started drizzling just before the national anthems and has been persistent since then. The crowd has thinned out a bit, I suspect the food outlets are doing a roaring trade, although some fans are grimly huddling under their brollies as the rain continues to fall. The big screen here is showing highlights from the last Champions Trophy in 2009, when Shane Watson was biffing seven bells out of... just about everyone.


    Matt Smith in Leicester, via text on 81111: I echo Ian from Cambridge's comments [1107]. Cardiff had an average annual rainfall of over 1000mm compared to London at 580. It is ridiculous that the ECB insist on playing at grounds with a better than average chance of rainfall. A bit of common sense is needed.

    With a name like Matt Smith, couldn't you have used your Tardis to pop into the future and obtain a more accurate weather forecast for the ECB?


    TomHolmes19: Sri Lanka to beat Oz unless their game also gets rained off, so England need to win today. Weather has ruined this tournament.


    John in Wenvoe, Cardiff, via text on 81111: Am at home, within walking distance of the ground, and have just put the central heating on. So much for the direct debits over the summer reducing the impact of the heating bill from the winter.

  180. 1142: 

    If you didn't read it or hear about it earlier, England's Kevin Pietersen has been named in Surrey's squad for Friday's County Championship game with Yorkshire after three months out injured.


    From Pete in Hove, via text on 81111: Take a photo of the photos, then put the photos online. Or I could use telepathy - Ronnie Corbett, Bernard Bresslaw, Derek Underwood and Eva Braun are the first four.

    They're a pretty eclectic bunch. So far, I have The Don, a very young Alex Ferguson, Bonnie Tyler, Sunil Gavaskar, He-Man (astride that green cat thing he used to ride - anyone remember the name?), and Gargamel, enemy of the Smurfs.

    BBC Test Match Special's Adam MountfordContributor

    On Twitter: "To get a game here at Cardiff we need to be playing by 4.17. That would be a 20 overs a side game. Still drizzling."

  183. 1135: 

    So, we're past 1130 so we've lost the hour's "grace" and we are now losing an over for every three or four minutes of rain. Tick tock, goes the clock...

  184. 1126: 

    On Test Match Special now, there's another chance to listen to a programme on BBC Radio 5 last week - "Flintoff's Ashes Heroes", with the spotlight this week falling on TMS's very own Geoffrey Boycott. (Sadly, there's no chance of the pitch here being uncovered any time soon).

  185. 1124: 

    Here's some good news - those enterprising folk at Glamorgan CCC are handing a picture quiz around the press box to help pass the time. Now, I like a quiz as much as the next man (in fact more so) - if only I had a scanner, I could post the pictures on here and enlist your help... sadly technology is an insurmountable barrier.

    BBC Test Match Special's Alec StewartContributor

    "It's more difficult to contain teams from scoring with these new ODI fielding restrictions, so the best way to stop teams scoring is taking wickets. I hope they stick with these rules for a while, I like the two white balls and the two bouncers per over."

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at CardiffContributor

    "It’s never a promising sign when the groundstaff abandon their machinery in the rain. There’s a lonely tractor and buggy in front of the Grandstand, which isn't unlike a scene from Thomas the Tank Engine. But without trains. Safe to say there’s no imminent threat of play."


    Ian Harrison, Cambridge, via text on 81111: It's about time there was a suitable first-class international cricket venue east of the Greenwich meridian. The sun is out weather's excellent, why are so many ODI matches programmed for the wettest parts of the country?

    That's a good question - which is the most easterly international venue in the UK? At a guess, Canterbury, which staged four ODIs between 1999 and 2005?

    BBC Test Match Special's Alec StewartContributor

    "If you compare Tredwell's ODI stats with Swann's ODI stats over the last 18 months to two years, Tredwell has outbowled Swann, so Swann\'s calf problem is not as much of a blow to England in this competition. He's happy to throw the ball up, whereas Swann is a bit more about containment in one-day cricket."

  190. 1107: 

    It's still raining, by the way. The four stewards keeping a lonely vigil around the square (which is still completely covered) have, at least, been issued with umbrellas. We'll soon be approaching the time when we start knocking off overs - if we're not playing by 1130, that will happen.

    And a reminder that it's Father's Day today - Dad, I'm sure you're reading this, hope you're having a good day.


    Ben in London, via text on 81111: Any sign of the phantom marriage proposer; Michael Bamforth at Cardiff? I remember the Rose Bowl two years running and up at Lord's last year where he proposed. Has the rain dampened his spirits?

    I've not heard of this chap. Marriage proposals seem to be in the air, there were a few hen parties out in Cardiff last night when we arrived.

  192. 1104: 

    As ever, talk of the Ashes is never far away, and former Australia coach Tim Nielsen has played down suggestions that former captain Ricky Ponting could feature this summer. Ponting retired late last year as Australia’s leading run-scorer in Test cricket, but there have been suggestions that he could return in light of Michael Clarke’s back injury and David Warner’s ban.

    “I spent a lot of time working with Ricky,” Nielsen told BBC Radio 5 live’s Sportsweek. “It was he who made the decision to retire - that it was mentally and physically tough. The challenge now is for Australia to find replacement players who can cover the hole they’ve left. It would need Ricky to be 100% committed to it and I think he made a decision a while ago to get out of international cricket.”

    BBC Test Match Special's Matthew HoggardContributor

    "If Compton doesn't open, you open with Root, who's scored a lot of runs for Yorkshire opening the batting. Root won't care whether he's batting at number one or number 10, he'll just go out there and score runs."

    BBC Test Match Special's Charles DagnallContributor

    "There's a steel under Joe Root's Milky Bar Kid-style exterior which belies how young he is."

    BBC Test Match Special's Alec StewartContributor

    "At this stage, it's too early (for Joe Root to open in Tests). There are still three first-class games before the Ashes. If Compton doesn't start the Ashes, I'd say his international career is over. I'm not sure about pushing Joe Root up just yet - as if he misses out in the first 2-3 games, England won't want to leave him out as he should be in the side for the next 10-15 years. England just need to protect him and not rush him up the order too quickly."

  196. 1059: 

    It may have happened a week ago, but the debate continues over the rights and wrongs of England’s players should have been in a bar in the early hours of last Sunday morning – when Joe Root was punched by Australia’s David Warner.

    Former England bowler and TMS summariser Matthew Hoggard told BBC Radio 5 live’s Sportsweek earlier today: “If you have a couple of free days you’re more than in your rights to go out and enjoy yourself. But it depends how you enjoy yourself. Sport is played by young people who like to go out and enjoy themselves.

    “They have the responsibility of playing international sport and representing their country. They have to conduct themselves with a certain amount of decorum. If they step out of line, they have to take it on the chin, so to speak.”

    BBC Test Match Special's Alec StewartContributor

    On Kevin Pietersen's return to the Surrey squad this week ahead of the Ashes: "He's a game-changing player. He just needs to make sure his knee's right - can he bat for a day and a half? Can he spend two days in the field?"


    Simon Harkins: Everyone wants to chase when they believe it will rain. Surely D/L needs to be adapted to model modern, faster scoring cricket.

  199. 1055: 
    Commentary- GET INVOLVED

    If you're just joining us, I'm afraid it's still raining here in Cardiff - the square and run-ups are completely covered, the drizzle is light but persistent, and there's nothing much the ground staff can do until it stops.

    But with a plethora of permutations for the last two games in this tournament - such as if today and tomorrow are both washed out, England will pip Sri Lanka on net run-rate - we'd like to hear your thoughts on the tournament so far. You can email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 or tweet us via the hashtag #bbccricket - thanks in advance.


    Sean Pocock: Spent the last few days working in South Wales... be surprised if both sides manage 20 overs. Barely stopped raining.

    BBC Test Match Special's Iain O'BrienContributor

    "There was one player at the World Twenty20 in 2009 - who I won't name - who was absolutely brilliant at shining the ball. It was like watching a close-up magician."

    BBC Test Match Special's Matthew HoggardContributor

    "Reverse swing was a big factor in the 2005 Ashes - but on dry pitches, it swung, then didn't swing and then started reversing. If you throw the ball in cross-seam on the bounce from the outfield so it lands on the rough side, look after the other side and keep it smooth. But it's not like we had a bottle top in our pockets or anything. You're allowed to use bodily fluids like saliva to rub the ball, so sugary sweets are OK as long as you're not rubbing the sweets onto the ball. A lot of the umpires are fine about sweets if you give them one - sometimes they ask 'who's your ball-shiner, I want a sweet!'"

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at CardiffContributor

    “If familiarity does breed contempt, England and New Zealand could be excused for hating each other because this is the 15th meeting between these sides in all forms of cricket in 2013. England enjoyed the better of their tour of New Zealand early this year, winning both the one-day and Twenty20 series 2-1 after the three-Test series was drawn 0-0. They followed that up with a 2-0 Test triumph on home soil but went down 2-1 in the ODIs which preceded the Champions Trophy.”

  204. 1043: 

    This ground looks completely different to how it was when I last visited - back in my days studying at Cardiff University, I used to get along to the odd game here at Sophia Gardens (as it was then), but it was comprehensively redeveloped in time for the 2009 Ashes Test. But the main issue today for the majority of the spectators is that there ain't a lot of cover around many of the stands - hence, why many fans are huddled under brollies or have sought shelter in the concourses under the stands.

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at CardiffContributor

    "I’d say the ground is only half full at the moment – a few enjoying a Sunday morning lie-in perhaps, or maybe they’ve got less confidence in the weather than us? On the plus side, at least Mark Mitchener’s umbrella will get some use today."

  206. 1041: 

    TMS are playing yesterday's interview with England limited-overs coach Ashley Giles in which he denied allegations made by ex-skipper Bob Willis of Sky TV that England had tampered with the ball in their game against Sri Lanka, when the ball was changed as umpire Aleem Dar had ruled that the ball had gone out of shape.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "For an umpire to ask to change the ball because of its condition, if they think it's been tampered, is very difficult, as in effect you're calling the fielding team cheats. Much better if they just say it's gone out of shape and change it."

    Matthew Hoggard adds: "I played in that game against Pakistan in 2006 and it was a massive issue."

    BBC Test Match Special's Matthew HoggardContributor

    "If the match is shortened, it may not suit England as in a shorter game, you need big hitters, and their top four are all about sorting a platform."

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "The umpires, we're told, can do nothing until it stops raining - they can't decide how shortened it will be, although they can lose an hour before they start losing overs."


    George Tidbury: Had 2 Uni games in Wales this season, both were rained off. Need I say more?

  211. 1031: 

    The ground staff unfurl the "full monty" of covers - the square (more of a rectangle, it extends outside the 30-yard fielding circle) is now completely covered, and one gets a sense of the hatches being battened down.

  212. 1027: 

    "God Save The Queen" is sung with gusto by most of the England players, even some of those born outside the UK. I wondered if we were going to get three anthems for the price of two - but anyone expecting the Welsh anthem Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau is left disappointed, although I think they played it before the inaugural Test here in 2009.

    And the square and run-ups are still covered, with the hoses being stretched out across the square. Safe to say we have a delayed start here, folks.


    David Dewberry: Hammering down in Taffs Well some 7 miles from the stadium.

  214. 1026: 

    The Black Caps' players link arms as "God Defend New Zealand" blares out around the stadium, and in a rather nice touch,  the NZ flag circles the grround on the electonic advertising boards while the anthem plays.

  215. 1024: 

    Still steady drizzle now - but the stirring Vangelis music from the film "1492: Conquest of Paradise" precedes the arrival of the two teams for the national anthems. Very much a red and black day in Cardiff - England in all red, NZ in all black.


    New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum: “Hopefully if we play as well as we have in the recent past, we’ll give ourselves a decent chance. Corey Anderson comes in for his debut. He is an exciting player and hopefully he can start with a win."


    England captain Alastair Cook: “We would have bowled first as well, but hopefully we can post a score on the board. Trott is fine (after a thigh problem). Unfortunately, Graeme Swann has pulled up a bit stiff with a calf injury.”

    BBC Test Match Special's Iain O'BrienContributor

    "Corey Anderson is more of a batting all-rounder than a bowling all-rounder. Tim Southee has an ankle problem, while Grant Elliott has a calf injury."

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "England have to win today to get through, if they lose they will go out. If it's a washout, it will depend on tomorrow's Australia-Sri Lanka game. New Zealand would be happy with a washout as they would go through."


    BBC Weather’s Ben Rich: “It’s looking like we’re on the edge of things in Cardiff. We’ve got some outbreaks of rain sitting across south-west England; there is a bit of a question mark about how much rain will get into the Cardiff area. It’s looking like a dry start, but the increasing threat of patchy rain in the afternoon.”

  221. 1017: 

    Test Match Special have taken to the airwaves... and here come the rest of the covers for the bowlers' run-ups, although a troupe of those faux Grenadier Guards are, both literally and metaphoricall, trying to drum up some support.

  222. 1015: 

    "It's raining in Bristol," ex-England all-rounder Derek Pringle (now of the Daily Telegraph) calls across the press box - and indeed, it's looking dark here - the wicket is covered, and one or two umbrellas are going up around the stadium. Raining - but only just.

  223. 1012: 
    Commentary- TEAM LINE-UPS

    England: Cook (capt), Bell, Trott, Root, Morgan, Bopara, Buttler (wk), Bresnan, Broad, Tredwell, J Anderson.

    New Zealand: Ronchi (wk), Guptill, Williamson, Taylor, Franklin, B McCullum (capt), Vettori, N McCullum, C Anderson, Mills, McClenaghan.

    Keeping an eye on the double-Anderson scenario will be Aussie umpires Bruce Oxenford and Rod Tucker, with fellow Aussie Steve Davis on TV replays, and fourth umpire Kumar Dharmasena of Sri Lanka supplying replacement balls if any happen to go out of shape. Match referee is ex-Zimbabwe player Andy Pycroft.

  224. 1008: 

    So, what can I tell you about Corey Anderson? He's a 22-year-old left-arm seamer and left-handed batsman from Christchurch, who has appeared in three Twenty20 internationals for the Black Caps but is yet to take his first international wicket.

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at CardiffContributor

    "The morning after the night before in Cardiff city centre and the Saturday night revellers have been replaced by a handful of early-rising, camera-wielding tourists. A hearty Welsh breakfast and a stroll along the River Taff to the ground for Mark Mitchener and I - what better way to start the day?"

  226. 1002: 

    New Zealand have won the toss and will field first. England recall James Tredwell in place of Graeme Swann, who is not fit. New Zealand hand an ODI debut to Corey Anderson in place of Tim Southee.

  227. 1000: 

    Morning, everyone, and croeso i Caerdydd - it's overcast but dry here in the Welsh capital, and it's all eyes on England v New Zealand. An England win and they're through to the semi-finals. Fail to win... and get your calculator ready.

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Live Scores - England v N Zealand


  • England beat New Zealand by 10 runs
  • England: 169 (23.3 overs)
  • N Zealand: 159-8 (24.0 overs)
  • Venue: Cardiff

N Zealand Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 8 159
Guptill b Anderson 9
Ronchi c Trott b Anderson 2
Williamson c Anderson b Broad 67
Taylor lbw b Bresnan 3
B McCullum c Root b Bopara 8
Franklin c Morgan b Bopara 6
Anderson c Anderson b Bresnan 30
N McCullum c Buttler b Anderson 13
Mills not out 5
Extras 8w 8lb 16

ICC Champions Trophy

Shikhar Dhawan

Reports and results for the ICC Champions Trophy, to be held in England and Wales in June 2013.