World Twenty20 2014: West Indies v India as it happened

India thrash West Indies by seven wickets after Pakistan beat Australia in a thrilling World Twenty20 group match.

23 March 2014 Last updated at 08:58 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 17:09: 

    So that's your lot for today. Two hugely contrasting matches. The first was a thrilling, high-scoring rollercoaster that ended in a 16-run win for Pakistan over Australia. The second was a very one-sided victory for India over West Indies, despite Yuvraj Singh's best efforts to make it interesting towards the end. See you tomorrow at 09:00 GMT.

  2. 17:03:  
    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    The Test Match Special team in Bangladesh are back on air at 09.15 GMT on Monday for New Zealand v South Africa and then Sri Lanka v the Netherlands, plus news of England's women first match against the West Indies.

    In the meantime, there's live commentary on Durham's match against the MCC in Abu Dhabi, with Mike Gatting among the 5 live sports extra team.

  3. 16:58: 
    India celebrate victory

    India captain MS Dhoni: "Our bowling has been tested, our batting not so far. Hopefully in our coming matches, the batsmen can get more of a workout. we don't really have a banker death bowler. We have to see who is having a good day and proceed accordingly.

    "It was important for Rohit to bat through. We all know the kind of batsman he is. This kind of innings on a slow wicket will give him lots of confidence."


    West Indies captain Darren Sammy: "We just didn't respond well enough, credit to them but it was good to see our bowlers making a game out of it and taking it to the last over because in this tournament net run-rate could come into play. Not enough runs to play with but I'm happy with the bowlers. We've got three games to go, we're still confident."

  5. 16:56: 

    With two wins out of two India are running away with Group Two, but they are not safe yet. Indeed, could they live to regret their slow run rate?

    Group 2 table
  6. 16:51: 

    One other India bowler who deserves a mention is Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who swung the new ball both ways to tie down Dwayne Smith and Chris Gayle and only conceded three runs off his three overs.

  7. 16:49: 

    "I'm enjoying my performance and performing well. I look at every team's strengths and weaknesses and adjust my bowling. I've done lots of work in the nets on all my variations."

  8. 16:48: 
    Rohit Sharma celebrates

    Rohit Sharma finishes unbeaten on 62 not out from 55 balls. A classy knock from him. But let's not forget the contributions of the Indian bowlers, with the brilliant Amit Mishra taking 2-18 of four overs.

    Jonty Rhodes, Ex-South Africa batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "We were disappointed with West Indies but India did not allow them to play the way they wanted to. West Indies need to come up with a plan B."

  10. 19.4 overs: 

    After that brief frisson of excitement, it's all a bit of an anti-climax as Marlon Samuels drops too short and Suresh Raina cuts his first ball through the infield for four. Game over. India on the brink of the semi-finals.

  11. 19.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Yuvraj c Gayle b Samuels 10 (Ind 129-3)

    Hang on!!! Yuvraj can't beat the infield with the first two balls, then flicks the third straight to Chris Gayle at slip. Suddenly, with a new batsman coming out, India still need one run to get over the line.

  12. 19 overs: 
    Ind 129-2

    This is a very slow death for the Windies, who manage to restrict India to five runs to take it into the last over. Just one runs is needed, however, for India to complete the win.

  13. 18 overs: 
    Ind 125-2 (Target 130)

    Yuvraj and Sharma are in no hurry, taking six off Samuels to live just five runs needed.

  14. 17 overs: 
    Ind 119-2 (Target 130)

    Yuvraj is scratching around out there, making this much harder work than it really needs to be, then finally chipping Russell's fifth ball down the ground for a single. Russell blots his copybook with a wide then serves up a half-volley which Rohit flicks crisply away for four. India need 11 off the last three overs.

  15. 16 overs: 
    Ind 113-2

    Yuvraj is struggling to pick Sunil Narine and is well beaten by one that spins across him. Just two runs off the over to leave 17 runs needed from 24 balls.

    Jonty Rhodes, Ex-South Africa batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is the kind of performance you might expect from Pakistan, not the West Indies, because the West Indies have been so good in this format of the game in recent years."

  17. 15 overs: 
    Ind 111-2 (Rohit 51, Yuvraj 4)

    Can the Windies make this interesting? Yuvraj Singh almost edges his first ball, but sees the line and length of his second one early and pulls it to the fence.

    Jonty Rhodes, Ex-South Africa batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "The good thing for me is that Kohli is angry. That's why his conversion rate is so good because he's hungry. He hates getting out, wants to get the game done and is a great finisher. He played so well."

  19. 14.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Kohli b Russell 54 (Ind 107-2)

    Well I didn't see that coming. Andre Russell gets a bit of movement off the seam and Kohli drags a huge heave onto his stumps.

    Charles Dagnall, BBC Test Match Special

    "What a disappointment. I was so looking forward to these two sides going head-to-head but it just hasn't happened. It's not even a contest and that's such a shame after the day's first match."

  21. 14 overs: 
    ROHIT FIFTY- Ind 104-1
    Batsmen Virat Kohli, left, and Rohit Sharma run

    Kohli has been so brilliant that we've hardly noticed Rohit Sharma, but he's been equally effortless. He completes his fifty off 44 balls with a push into space.

  22. 13 overs: 
    KOHLI FIFTY- Ind 101-1

    Kohli uses Santokie's pace to guide the ball for another boundary. Then a single to bring up his fifth T20 half-century. What an absolute superstar of a batsman this fella is. He's still only 25 and he has 25 international hundreds - Sachin's record's may one day be in his sights you know.

  23. 12 overs: 
    Ind 91-1 (Target 130)

    Rohit finds a gap on the leg side, Narine sprints to prevent the boundary and they run three. Then Samuels drops a bit short and Rohit frees his arms to hammer it for six over cow corner. The partnership of 91 is a new record for the Indian second wicket in T20 internationals.

  24. 11 overs: 
    Ind 80-1 (Kohli 42, Sharma 37)
    Virat Kohli

    Samuel Badree's last over is another tight affair, but the Windies are going to need to take a few wickets very soon if they are to have a chance of pulling off a remarkable turnaround.

  25. 10 overs: 
    Ind 76-1 (Target 130)

    Sammy turns to his sixth different bowler and Marlon Samuels ties the Indian pair down impressively, following a two and a single for Kohli with four dot balls to Sharma.

  26. 9 overs: 
    Ind 73-1

    Sammy is milked for ones and twos. This game could not be more different to the thriller we witnessed this morning between Australia and Pakistan. It has been a foregone conclusion from the moment Chris Gayle was run out.

  27. 8 overs: 
    Ind 64-1 (Kohli 35, Sharma 28)

    A quiet over from Sunil Narine, but India don't need to be shouting all the time. At the momet, they are walking this with their eyes closed.

    Ian Bishop, Ex-West Indies bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "I wonder if the West Indies may need to keep another fielder in the circle otherwise India will just keep ticking over with singles."

    Ebony Rainford-Brent, Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think England are going to go with three spinners against West Indies on Monday - Danielle Hazell, with Jodie Dibble and Rebecca Grundy. England have a solid batting line-up from one to six. The only thing to be careful of is that West Indies beat Australia in the warm-ups pretty convincingly."

  30. 7 overs: 
    Ind 60-1 (Target 130)

    This is only getting worse for the Windies. Kohli dispatches Bravo's first ball through midwicket for four, then Santoki overruns the ball at third man and gives away another four.

  31. 6 overs: 
    Ind 48-1
    Rohit Sharma

    What was I saying about stemming the flow of boundaries? Sunil Narine's first delivery is a front-foot no ball. The resulting free hit is a waist-high full toss and Rohit takes full advantage to swat it away over long-off for six. A big one too - 87m. No great turn for Narine but a pea-shooter keeps Rohit on his toes and he does well to keep it from squirting under his bat.

  32. 5 overs: 
    Ind 38-1

    Darren Sammy is steadfastly sticking to the same two bowlers and it's backfiring badly. Rohit Sharma is reading Badree now and lashing him away for successive fours. The Windies don't have many runs to play with, so they need to stop this steady flow of boundaries.

    Athar Ali Khan, Ex-Bangladesh all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "If Virat Kohli stays in this could be over very quickly, he's looked in good touch and played good cricketing shots."

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Gilad: As a qualified umpire I'm outraged that Broad has been fined. I take player safety seriously. Umpires need to protect players more.

  35. 4 overs: 
    Ind 28-1

    Kohli looks like he wants to finish this all on his own. Two balls on leg stump are tucked away for successive boundaries behind square.

  36. 3 overs: 
    Ind 17-1

    Kohli has got his eye in now, smacking Badree for a four and a six off the first two balls of the over to take the handbrake off the India innings.

    Broad fined- Join the debate at #bbccricket

    England captain Stuart Broad on Twitter: Shame to be fined. Back to bland and unopinionated press conferences I'm afraid. Draw a line onto the next game!

  38. 2 overs: 
    Ind 5-1

    Krishmar Santokie is the new bowler, and he draws an edge from Kohli that falls just short of Denesh Ramdin.

  39. 1 over: 
    Ind 2-1

    Kohli off the mark with a single. We're now hearing that the match referee has overruled the official scorers over the extra run, and India's target remains 130. You couldn't make this up!

    Athar Ali Khan, Ex-Bangladesh all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "You little beauty to take the wicket in the first over. What a start for the West Indies."

  41. 0.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Dhawan lbw b Badree (Ind 1-1)
    West Indies bowler Samuel Badree strikes

    It's the perfect start for the Windies as Samuel Badree skids one through and traps Dhawan right in front of the stumps.

  42. 15:27: 

    Test Match Special producer Tim Peach has been to visit the scorers: "The official scorers are definite that 131 is the target. The discrepancy is the Jadeja no-ball where Simmons was given out and the batsmen crossed but there was a no-ball and in the confusion the TV missed the run."

  43. 15:24: 

    This is absurd. The batsmen are waiting, the fielders are waiting and the umpires aren't doing a huge amount either. Nobody seems to want this match to restart.

  44. 15:21: 

    We're hearing that there has been a scoreboard error and the Windies score has actually been rounded up to 130. But now, there's a delay in the middle while the players and umpires discuss what the accurate India target actually is.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match SpecialJoin the debate at #bbccricket

    On Twitter: I'm all for protecting integrity of umpires, but they are not beyond reproach. For Broad to be fined for his comments regarding player safety yesterday is outrageous. (No over rate penalties, of course). Those who were not there and did not witness the lightning that made McCullum back off should not be commenting on this case.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Yograj: India sure has stopped WI from hitting 6s, I wonder what Darren Sammy has to say about that...

    Ollie Kemp: Probably harsh to criticise Dhoni today but still, how has Kumar bowled 3 overs for 3 runs and not been given the last over?

    Sujan Gautam: WI need to get Kohli and Raina early. The two openers haven't found form so no probs there, Dhoni can always do it by himself.

  47. 15:16: 

    You'd think 130 would be a very easy target for the India boys, but how will they approach it? A charge from the off, or a steady accumulation with wickets kept in hand?

  48. 15:15: 

    Breaking news from the England camp. Stuart Broad has been fined 15% of his match fee for his comments regarding the match officials after the New Zealand game.

  49. 15:10: 

    India spinner Amit Mishra: "With the kind of batting line-up we have we can easily get that score."

    And here are the bowling figures: Kumar 3-0-3-0, Shami 3-0-27-0, Ashwin 4-0-24-1, Mishra 4-0-18-2, Raina 2-0-8-0, Jadeja 4-0-48-3.

    Amit Mishra
    Charles Dagnall, BBC Test Match Special

    "The West Indies never got started in that innings and unfortunately for them India's target is exactly the same as the one they chased successfully against Pakistan the other night."

  51. 20 overs: 
    WI 129-7

    Sunil Narine lashes the third maximum of the final over to complete a profitable little spell for the Windies but as the innings comes to a close, it really feels like too little, too late.

    Ian Bishop, Ex-West Indies bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "You wouldn't think it is going to be enough but he had to swing from the hip at the end. It was that first half where they got 46 off 10, and the run out of Chris Gayle was so critical. You can't get those dot balls back."

  53. 19.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Simmons c Dhawan b Jadeja 27 (WI 121-7)

    Simmons can't make it three in a row, and Dhawan is the man to pluck the latest catch out of the night sky.

  54. 19.3 overs: 
    WI 121-7

    Superb from Simmons as he gives the Windies score late impetus with back to back sixes.

  55. 19.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Russell c Kohli b Jadeja 7 (WI 108-6)

    Russell has the expected slog, but the shot doesn't have the legs and Kohli takes a comfortable catch at deep midwicket.

  56. 19 overs: 
    WI 108-5

    India's bowling attack is so wonderfully varied and for me Amit Mishra is the pick of the bunch. His final over is a brilliant effort, conceding only two runs to finish with figures of 4-0-18-2.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jamie Telkman: What's the point in even having an umpire if they check the cameras for no-balls every time? Absolutely ridiculous.

    Ian Bishop, Ex-West Indies bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "Russell's batting is still a work in progress but from ball one he has a go."

  59. 18 overs: 
    WI 100-5
    Lendl Simmons

    Simmons is caught on the boundary, but then reprieved as replays show that Jadeja overstepped. Simmons was almost back in the hutch, but happily walks back to the middle. That means a free hit and Andre Russell makes the most of it by lashing it over long-on for six.

    Ian Bishop, Ex-West Indies bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "All this is a culmination of all that pressure early in the innings."

  61. 17.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Sammy c Rohit Sharma b Jadeja 11 (WI 97-5)

    Sammy picks out long-on and this shambles of an innings is almost complete.

    Ian Bishop, Ex-West Indies bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think they'll say let's try and scrape to 130 and at least we can give ourselves a fighting chance."

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ollie Kemp: If I were Darren Sammy I'd have come in at four, Windies desperately needed his impetus. Too late now.

  64. 17 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- WI 96-4 (Sammy 11, Simmons 11)

    India drop another catch as Simmons is put down by a diving Rohit Sharma. Sammy then manages to get bat on a wide yorker and send it for four past third man. Sammy tees off again and locates the boundary once more after a single bounce.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Rt Rev Liam Reilly: Just think how rubbish England must be to have lost to this dross.

    Shohidur Rahman: West Indies have had no clue how to play the spin of India.

  66. 16 overs: 
    WI 83-4

    Lendl Simmons carves Jadeja past mid-off for four. The Windies need plenty more of those to get anywhere near a competitive total. Then more astute spin bowling from Jadeja keeps the dangerous Sammy at bay.

  67. 15 overs: 
    WI 76-4

    There is a slip and a gully in place for the hat-trick ball, but it's met by the full face of Sammy's bat and pushed down the ground for a single.


    Former West Indies paceman Ian Bishop on TMS: "Beautiful bowling, slower through the air and it just spun away. It's something we've talked about for years, lots of boundaries, but when the boundaries don't come they struggle to rotate the strike, it's a kink in their game.

    "The second one was great bowling again, I love the way Mishra has bowled tonight, they are certainly not picking up and he has been excellent."

  69. 14.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Dwayne Bravo lbw b Mishra 0 (WI 74-4)

    Bravo doesn't read the googly and is plumb lbw to Mishra, who is now on a hat-trick...

  70. 14.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Samuels st Dhoni b Mishra 18 (WI 74-3)
    Marlon Samuels is run out

    Clever from Mishra, dropping one wide that then spins wider and has Samuels flapping off balance. Dhoni whips off the bails and he's stumped by a distance.

  71. 14 overs: 
    WI 72-2

    Samuels takes on Ravindra Jadeja and lands a much-needed boundary past long-on. A leg stump ball is then worked very fine for four more.

    Athar Ali Khan, Ex-Bangladesh all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "Big mix-up, never a run there because it had gone so quickly to the fielder."

  73. 13 overs: 
    WICKET- Gayle run out 34 (WI 62-2)
    Chris Gayle is out

    The pressure tells as Samuels calls for a crazy single to backward point, where a sharp piece of fielding from Shami ensures Gayle is run out by a distance.

  74. 12 overs: 
    WI 59-1

    Ashwin is keeping Chris Gayle guessing and the big left-hander looks really frustrated. Samuels does manage to find a gap on the off side, and a misfield from Shami earns the Windies their first boundary in 28 balls.

  75. 11 overs: 
    WI 51-1

    India appear to be taking pity on the Windies here - Raina bowling back-to-back wides down the leg side. Samuels nudges down the ground, but Raina manages a sprawling stop to prevent a run. The Windies are going nowhere at the moment.

  76. 10 overs: 
    WI 46-1

    Ashwin's tight spell continues, with only five runs coming from his third over, which ends with an appeal for lbw that is turned down by the umpire.

    Athar Ali Khan, Ex-Bangladesh all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "They need to step on the accelerator, 4.61 an over is not good enough, one of these needs to fire in a big way."

  78. 9 overs: 
    WI 41-1

    It is interesting to see how similar India's team is to their Test team. Unlike England of course, who still seem to see players as specialists, with one or two obvious exceptions. Marlon Samuels gets his eye in by patting back most of a Suresh Raina over. Windies really are going to have to go some in the second half of their innings.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jay: You just don't drop Gayle. And most certainly not twice!

    Alex Haworth: If you drop Gayle once, it could cost you the game. To drop two easy catches to get him out is criminal.

    Athar Ali Khan, Ex-Bangladesh all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been a struggle for the batsmen. It's quite strange because we saw the Australians and Pakistanis scoring big runs, but it seems the wicket is holding up. They need to make sure they have 140-150."

  81. 7.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Smith c & b Ashwin 11 (WI 38-1)
    Ashwin catches Devon Smith

    Smith helps an Ashwin delivery over his shoulder with the help of a bit of glove and the ball kicks off the turf and runs away for four. Then he mis-reads the Carrom ball, popping up a leading edge that Ashwin does well to catch at full stretch off his own bowling.

    Athar Ali Khan, Ex-Bangladesh all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "Chris Gayle has had two opportunities and has got to make it count here."

  83. 7 overs: 
    GAYLE DROPPED ON 19- WI 33-0
    Yuvraj Singh

    Leg-spinner Amit Mishra drops his first ball right in the slot for Gayle to clatter it over the top for six. Then Gayle is dropped again! This time Yuvraj Singh is the culprit, letting the ball slip through his hands at deep midwicket. Captain Dhoni looks like a dad whose son has just reversed the family car into a lamp-post.

  84. 6 overs: 
    WI 24-0

    Gayle rolls his wrists over the ball and picks up a single. Then Smith's first boundary finally arrives off his 20th ball as he sweeps Ashwin away behind square for a four. We've had 28 dot balls in the first six overs. Extraordinary!

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Bibhash Dash: Can't see why Varun Aaron isn't getting a look-in for India today. Genuine paceman, carrying drinks.

  86. 5 overs: 
    WI 18-0

    Dwayne Smith's struggles continue. He simply cannot get Smith off the square - and at the moment he has a distinctly ordinary 10 off 19 balls.

    Jonty Rhodes, Ex-South Africa batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Gayle is so strong, that was almost a bottom hand punch over mid-wicket, very difficult to bowl to."

  88. 4 overs: 
    WI 16-0
    Chris Gayle

    Shami bowls another wide - he has now contributed half of the Windies' six runs. Then finally the explosion from Gayle - more of a banger than a full firework, but with his power even a short-arm jab has enough power to go for six. Gayle then moves to double-figures with a low drive through mid-on for four.

  89. 3 overs: 
    WI 5-0

    Kumar is getting the ball to swing both ways and Smith hasn't got a clue where it's going. One darts in late and just misses the top of Smith's middle stump, then the batsman is twice beaten outside off. Can you imagine how Smith would fare on a cloudy day at Trent Bridge?

    Jonty Rhodes, Ex-South Africa batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a full blooded drive but when it's Chris Gayle you have to hang on to those, especially when he's on zero. The ball was above Ashwin's head but he got both hands to it, but could only push it up."

  91. 2 overs: 

    Mohammed Shami strays down the leg side twice in a row to gift a pair of wides to the Windies total. Smith gets a single to fine leg, then Gayle swings the willow, gets a thick edge and Ashwin somehow drops a catch right in front of his eyes. A howler from the first slip.

    Jonty Rhodes, Ex-South Africa batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Both these openers like to have a look before they launch: three balls at least. But that was a very good first over."

  93. 1 over: 
    WI 1-0

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar finds some early swing and induces a couple of play and misses from Dwayne Smith outside off stump. Smith gets off the mark from his fifth ball and there's a huge cheer from the crowd as Christopher Henry Gayle takes strike.

    His first ball, however, is an anti-climax as he lets it pass through outside off stump.

  94. 13:39: 

    Chris Gayle is putting on his helmet, although when he's batting it is the members of the crowd who need head protection. Dwayne Smith is Gayle's partner in crime, striding out to the middle. Can this game provide as much entertainment as the first one?

    By the way, my partner in crime is Mark Mitchener, who has expertly steered you through the gap between the matches.

  95. 13:35: 

    As a region representing several countries rather than a nation, the West Indies' tune on such occasions is the cricketing anthem "Rally Round The West Indies" by David Rudder.

  96. 13:34: 

    The teams emerge - stand by for the anthems. India's national anthem first up.

  97. 13:29: 
    England players and coaches visit the Acid Survivors Foundation

    If you're just tuning into TMS, Charles Dagnall has been speaking to England batter Heather Knight - she and the squad have visited the Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) in Dhaka which supports people - mainly women - who have been disfigured in acid attacks.

  98. 13:27: 
    Team line-ups

    West Indies: Dwayne Smith, Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels, Lendl Simmons, Dwayne Bravo, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Darren Sammy (capt), Andre Russell, Sunil Narine, Samuell Badree, Krishmar Santokie.

    India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, Virat Kohli, Mahendra Dhoni (capt & wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Amit Mishra, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami.

    No word yet on when the match will start. Safe to say it won't be on time (13:30 GMT) as we've not started the rigmarole of anthems yet.

  99. 13:23: 
    West Indies team news

    Captain Darren Sammy wasn't 100% sure of his team when interviewed at the toss, but I can tell you that West Indies have left paceman Ravi Rampaul out of their final XI, as well as Andre Fletcher and Johnson Charles (both top-order batsmen who are also able to keep wicket).

    More disappointingly for the neutral, they've left out left-arm seamer and Jamaican Defence Force soldier Sheldon Cottrell, who proudly salutes after every wicket he takes.

  100. 13:20: 
    Sport Relief

    In a brief interlude before West Indies begin their innings, TMS are hearing from Jonathan Agnew, who joined the England team on running the Sport Relief Mile earlier today.

    "You seem to be the underdog here, you've not adapted to subcontinent conditions," teases England skipper Stuart Broad as Aggers falls towards the back of the group and is lapped by coach Ashley Giles. "One of the low points of my life," concedes Aggers.

  101. 13:14: 

    India have won the toss and will field first. They're unchanged.

  102. 13:13: 
    Champion County match

    Over in Abu Dhabi, Durham have made their way to 83-1 against MCC in the Champion County match, having lost captain Mark Stoneman in the second over of the day.

    You can listen to full commentary from BBC Newcastle - while BBC Radio 5 live sports extra will join in following the conclusion of West Indies-India.

    Athar Ali Khan, Ex-Bangladesh all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "The crowd need to get their helmets on for when Chris Gayle bats, as he's a superb hitter. They have a really good spin attack with Sunil Narine, but they're going to miss the injured Kieron Pollard."

  104. 13:09: 
    Women's World T20

    It's a double defeat for the Aussies as the news from the opening game of the Women's World Twenty20 is that New Zealand have caused a shock of sorts by beating defending champions Australia by seven runs. Next up, also in Sylhet, is Pakistan v South Africa.

    Read our tournament guide for the Women's World Twenty20


    Pakistan captain Mohammad Hafeez: "The boys bowled very well, Maxwell was batting brilliantly but our spinners were exceptional. We've got a lot of match-winners, any one of them can express themselves and Umar Akmal was unbelievable. Thanks to the crowd for supporting us all the way."


    Australia captain George Bailey: "I'd do it again [put them in]. That's a silly question. You just try to play your best bowlers, Pakistan's spinners bowled very well, but we set a high standard in the field and that wasn't good enough."

  107. 13:03: 

    Bowling figures: Babar 4-0-26-2, Hafeez 2-0-18-0, Gul 4-0-29-2, Ajmal 4-0-33-1, Afridi 4-0-30-2, Bhatti 2-0-36-2.

    Athar Ali Khan, Ex-Bangladesh all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "A terrific match, high scoring from both teams and some brutal hitting, especially from Glenn Maxwell, but Pakistan managed to break the partnerships, they were a very strong bowling unit. Bilawal Bhatti went for 30 in an over but came back and knocked two over in the last over."

  109. 13:01: 

    Umar Akmal is man of the match... he's been interviewed on the podium, but not in English. Apologies.

  110. 12:59: 

    To me, that match summed up why cricket no longer needs 50 over cricket. It had every twist and turn that you could possibly wish for in a one-day game, without the 30-over snooze-fest in the middle. Thrilling stuff. Well done Pakistan.

    Jonty Rhodes, Ex-South Africa batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "What an amazing game of cricket. The two sides put on a great spectacle, there was good batting and bowling, although the fielding wasn't great, but it was a very enjoyable performance.

    "Umar Akmal's innings was very impressive. He can be quite impetuous playing ridiculous shots but he showed great maturity to get Pakistan to a big score."

  112. 12:56: 
    Pakistan celebrate
  113. 20 overs: 
    WICKET- Hogg b Bhatti 3 (Aus 175 all out)

    Bhatti sends Brad Hogg's leg stump cart-wheeling and Pakistan win by 16 runs. And if that scoreline sounds comfortable, it simply does not get close to telling the story of an extraordinary game.

  114. 19.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Haddin c S Mailk b Bhatti 8 (Aus 173-9)

    Haddin picks out Shoaib Malik in the deep and it's all over!

  115. 19.3 overs: 
    Aus 173-8

    Just a single down the ground for Brad Hogg. Australia need 19 off three or three sixes to force a super over.

  116. 19.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Starc run out 3 (Aus 172-8)

    Haddin hacks to Afridi, who drops the catch, but scurries to field the ball. The batters cannot decide whether to take one or two and Starc is left stranded is mid-pitch as Afridi throws to the keeper, who runs out Starc by a mile.

  117. 19.1 overs: 
    Aus 171-7

    Haddin smacks Bhatti back over his head, but the fielder scampers round and they take two.

  118. 12:49: 

    Now then, who is bowling the last over? It's Bilawal Bhatti - who conceded 30 runs in his only over so far! A chink of light for Australia?

  119. 19 overs: 
    Aus 169-7

    Brad Haddin just can't get the leverage to find the boundary. And neither can Mitchell Starc. Two singles and a brace or twos leave Australia needing 23 off the last over.

    There are plenty of Pakistan fans in the Mirpur stands and they are delighting in this turnaround. Not so long ago, Australia were 125-2 in the 12th over!

  120. 18.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Coulter-Nile b Gul 0 (Aus 163-7)
    Pakistan bowlwer Umar Gul strikes

    Umar Gul does the business for Pakistan with a full, straight ball that spears into middle and leg as Coulter-Nile once again swings and misses.

  121. 18 overs: 
    Aus 162-6 (Target 192)

    New man Nathan Coulter-Nile is totally bamboozled by Ajmal as the last two balls are dots. What an over from Ajmal - only one run from it. Australia need 30 off 12 balls with two new men at the crease.

    Jonty Rhodes, Ex-South Africa batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "That was really clever bowling. Australia's batsmen are comfortable hitting across the line but Ajmal gave Finch no room to get underneath it and he played across the line and paid the price."

  123. 17.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Finch b Ajmal 65 (Aus 162-6)

    Finch swings, Ajmal strikes. Leg stump flattened. What a game!

    Jonty Rhodes, Ex-South Africa batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Finch needed to bat through the innings and Maxwell go hard. It was almost as if they were in two minds about reaching the target and changed the way they were playing when they were on top."

  125. 17 overs: 
    Aus 161-5

    Saeed Ajmal is 36 years old but he made that running catch look easy. If he'd have missed it, the ball would have carried for a flat six.

    Boundaries needed for Australia and Finch obliges with a ugly swipe on the leg side. But the wily Gul gets his own back with a wide yorker outside off that Finch can't lay a bat on.

  126. 16.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Hodge c Ajmal b Gul 2 (Aus 155-5)
    Umar Gul

    This match is really starting to swing back Packistan's way. Hodge slams the ball out toward the cover fence, but Ajmal atones for earlier drop by clinging on to a brilliant catch on the run.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Francis Dwan: Afridi is a boss! But I feel like the whole Pakistan team are afraid of the ball.

  128. 16 overs: 
    Aus 153-4 (Finch 58, Hodge 1)

    Finch is joined by Brad Hodge at the crease. Hodge takes a single, then Finch finds the boundary with a powerful swipe to leg. Afridi rounds off a very handy spell with figures of 4-0-30-2, including 11 dot balls. Things are in the balance in Mirpur.

    Jonty Rhodes, Ex-South Africa batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Afridi bowls pretty much wicket to wicket, you can't get underneath it, George Bailey swings across the line and if you miss he usually hits."

  130. 15.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Bailey b Afridi 4 (Aus 146-4)

    Bailey looks to whack Afridi through the off side, but the ball goes straight on through a very wide gate and flattens his off timber.

  131. 15 overs: 
    Aus 146-3

    Saeed Ajmal keeps the pressure up with a canny little over. There are four runs from the first five balls before Finch gets the thinnest of edges off the toe of his bat to collect four and reach fifty off 44 balls.

  132. 14 overs: 
    Aus 138-3

    This is getting very interesting indeed as the required rate pushes past nine per over and Finch swings at thin air. Then the opener enjoys a stroke of luck as a huge slice just eludes Umar Gul at short third man. Only six runs from the over leaves 54 runs needed off the last 36 balls.

  133. 13 overs: 
    Aus 132-3 (Target 192)
    Aaron Finch

    Finch eases the growing unease in the Aussie camp by sweeping Babar for the first boundary in 17 balls. Bailey gets off the mark with a single.

  134. 12 overs: 
    Aus 126-3

    Bailey plays and misses at his first ball from Afridi, then dabs the second to short third man. Two dots - Australia are big favourites, but Pakistan sense a little chance here after just eight runs from the last two overs.

    Athar Ali Khan, Ex-Bangladesh all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a brutal innings, it certainly raises the Australian hopes. What is in the favour of Pakistan is they have a new batsman at the crease and if they can get another wicket they will feel a lot more comfortable."

  136. 11.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Maxwell c Shehzad b Afridi 74 (Aus 126-3)
    Pakistan celebrate

    Maxwell's brilliant innings comes to an end as he picks out Shehzad on the midwicket boundary and this time the fielder holds on to the catch.

  137. 11 overs: 
    Aus 122-2 (Maxwell 73, Finch 36)

    Australia know they don't need to go hell for leather to win this now and they happily take singles for the rest of Gul's second over.

    Aussie coach Darren Lehmann leaves his dugout and touches the outfield to check the level of dew. His team need 70 from 54 balls.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Khurrum Veer: Just remember it takes one good over from the bowlers to turn this game around.

    Felix Keith: CARNAGE! That's what T20 is about. Maxwell is fun.

    Shrewwwd: Boom, Explosive stuff from Maxwell. Just shows how much firepower there is in this Aussie batting line-up.

  139. 10.2 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Aus 120-2

    Oh no! Jiggly, juggly, very very ugly from Ajmal. Maxwell on 70, slices the ball to deep cover where Ajmal seems to have it in his hands but lets it slip through his fingers and even puts down a one-handed chance at the second attempt.

  140. 12:03: 
    How's stat?

    No less than 80 runs in that 100 partnership were in boundaries. Eight fours and eight sixes.

  141. 10 overs: 
    HUNDRED PARTNERSHIP- Aus 117-2 (Target 192)

    If Pakistan are to have any chance, surely Ajmal has to produce some magic. Instead, the onslaught goes on, with Maxwell lashing another leg side six to bring up the 100 partnership followed by a one-bounce four.

    Finally, Ajmal gets his line right as he beats Maxwell with a ball tossed up outside off stump, then spins another beauty past the outside edge.

  142. 9 overs: 
    Aus 105-2

    Maxwell's fifty is the joint fastest by an Australian in T20 internationals, equalling David Warner's 18-ball effort against West Indies in 2010.

    Babar reins things in a bit for Pakistan with a very tidy set of six for just three runs. Deep breaths all round, but this is very much Australia's match to lose.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Dogochizi: Aus are like Liverpool, they concede but know they can out-score the opponent.

    Robin Gelder: This is why people love T20 cricket.

    Dr Jamie Lewis: Is there any other sport where the crowd celebrate routinely with a dance?

  144. 8 overs: 
    Aus 102-2

    What can Bhatti do now? A head-high beamer, which Maxwell does well to avoid, runs away for five no balls. Then a low full toss is driven through cover for four, making it 30 runs from the over. At this rate, Australia are going to win at a canter.

  145. 7.5 overs: 
    MAXWELL FIFTY- Aus 98-2
    Glenn Maxwell

    Astonishing stuff from Maxwell as he reaches his fifty off 18 balls!

    Right-arm seamer Bilawal Bhatti is the latest lamb to be put to the slaughter, carved for fours by Finch and Maxwell, who then hammers his fourth and fifth sixes to reach his half-century...

    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    Australian journalist Gav Joshi: "That's the mentality of Maxwell, seven or eight in the over. Most batsmen would be content to nudge for a single but not Maxwell, that's not the way he thinks."

  147. 7 overs: 
    Aus 72-2

    The leg side boundary is taking a real shelling at the moment and Australia are on the charge. This time Afridi's leggies are given short shrift. Finch slaps a flat six into the advertising hoardings, then Maxwell lifts an 86m blast into the crowd to reach 38 off 15 balls!

  148. 6 overs: 
    Aus 57-2 (Maxwell 31, Finch 18)
    Aaron Finch

    Saeed Ajmal, the spinner supreme, is pressed into duty. But after a couple of sighters, Aaron Finch takes the aerial route to cannon him over midwicket for six and cuts the next ball through a gap for four. Australia are going along at a decent lick and this is shaping up to be a cracking finish.

  149. 5 overs: 
    Aus 44-2 (Target 192)

    It feels like Umar Gul has been around for ever, but he's only 29. It's just not happening for Aaron Finch at the moment - there's nothing wrong with his timing or power but he keeps picking out the fielder. In fact, the fourth ball slams into Gul's shin on the full, and that my friends has got to hurt. Maxwell is having no such problems, cutting late past short third man, then helping a full toss over point for a pair of boundaries.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Suresh: All over for the Aussies after one over. No chance of chasing this down without Warner.

    NavDitta: The Pakistanis are like a box of chocolates, you really do NOT know what you're going to get next.

  151. 4 overs: 
    Aus 35-2 (Maxwell 22, Finch 5)
    Glenn Maxwell

    Maxwell's big show is certainly grabbing the attention. With tremendous power, he leans back and carts Hafeez into the crowd on the leg side. Hafeez tries to fool the batsman by stopping midway through his delivery stride, but Maxwell reads him and latches on to a leg stump half-volley to smack another sixer.

  152. 3 overs: 
    Aus 20-2

    A nice battle is developing out there. Maxwell takes the attack to Babar with back-to-back boundaries. But the bowler responds with a pair of fine deliveries, locating the pads and having two lbw appeals turned down.

  153. 2 overs: 
    Aus 11-2 (Target 192)

    Captain Hafeez selects himself to keep up the trial by spin. Glenn "the Big Show" Maxwell pulls out the reverse sweep, misses the ball completely and is very nearly bowled. Australia are in all sorts of trouble here.

    Athar Ali Khan, Ex-Bangladesh all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "I was quite surprised the way he tried to play that shot, there was extra bounce. They need to play a few deliveries and get used to the conditions you can't get a boundary off every delivery, you've got to get the right balance."

  155. 1 over: 
    WICKET- Watson c K Akmal b Babar 4 (Aus 8-2)
    Shane Watson is dismissed

    Shane Watson, one of the players of the tournament in the 2012 World T20, slaps one down the ground for four, but perishes from the next ball as a thin edge is taken by Kamran Akmal behind the stumps.

  156. 0.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Warner b Babar 4 (Aus 4-1)

    There's no surprise at all as Pakistan choose to open up with spin in the form of Zulfiqar Babar. And after hitting the first ball of the innings for four, David Warner misses the second and is bowled leg stump. What a start for Pakistan.

    David Warner
  157. 11:18: 

    Pakistan wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal, who put on 96 for the third wicket with his brother Umar, said: "It was a very good partnership, I think it's a match-winning partnership. Credit to Umar it was an excellent knock, he was playing his natural game, very aggressive."

    Umar's innings of 94 is the ninth highest in the history of the World Twenty20 tournament and the best score by a Pakistan batsman.

  158. 11:15: 
    Women's Twenty20 update

    New Zealand make 128-8 from their 20 overs against Australia in the opening game of the women's tournament.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Dennis Ethan: This shows how much Mitchell Johnson is being missed by the Aussies. Get well soon, MITCH!

    Athar Ali Khan, Ex-Bangladesh all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "Australia need to come back with all guns blazing but with David Warner and Aaron Finch they can score some quick runs and give some jitters to the Pakistan attack, but spin is what would concern me."

  161. 20 overs: 
    Pkn 191-5

    Afridi shows a deft touch to ease a full toss through the vacant slip area for four. Then Shoaib Malik picks up four via an under edge. Shoaib clubs the last ball of the innings over long-off's head and they wriggle through for two runs. It's a great effort from Pakistan - they have scored 60 more runs than they managed against India on Friday night and this will be a very tough task for Australia.

    Match scorecard

    And here are the bowling figures: Starc 4-0-35-1 (economy 8.75). Bollinger 4-0-28-1 (7.00), Watson 4-0-38-1 (9.50), Coulter-Nile 4-0-36-2 (9.00), Hogg 3-0-29-0 (9.66), Finch 1-0-18-0 (18).

    Athar Ali Khan, Ex-Bangladesh all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "What an outstanding innings. Umar will be a touch disappointed, though, because it was a low full toss and he got it off the bottom of the bat. But he has scored runs and scored them quickly to give Pakistan a big total."

  163. 19.1 overs: 
    WICKET- U Akmal c Maxwell b Starc 94 (Pkn 180-5)

    It is not to be for Umar as he heaves the ball right down Glenn Maxwell's throat at long-on. Umar looks devastated but Afridi gives him a pat on the bat to acknowledge a great innings.

  164. 19 overs: 
    Pkn 180-4 (Umar 94, Afridi 15)

    Umar takes a big risk in the nineties as he heaves a Bollinger full toss in the air towards deep midwicket. The ball lands safely. It's a great over from Bolly in fact, with only five coming through it.

    No Pakistan player has ever made a T20 international century. Umar has 94 going into the last over.

    Athar Ali Khan, Ex-Bangladesh all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "They have no clue where to bowl to Umar. He makes room and hits through the line."

    Umar Akmal
  166. 18 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Pkn 175-4

    Attemped yorker from Starc, but Umar turns it into a low full toss and smashes it over the infield on the off side for a one-bounce four. Afridi is dropped at point by Brad Hodge and they scamper a single. Then six more to Umar! Hoisted over midwicket to take him to 89 not out.

    Only four men have scored a century at the World T20 - Brendon McCullum, Chris Gayle, Suresh Raina and Mahela Jayawardene. Umar is closing in on that illustrious group.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Former Australia leg-spinner Shane Warne: Not a good display so far by the Aussies. Need a good finish to keep Pakistan to under 200. Akmal awesome! Good game this one.....

  168. 17 overs: 
    Pkn 162-4 (Umar 77, Afridi 14)

    Watson puts one right in the slot for Afridi and the Pakistan all-rounder frees his arms to catapult the ball into the stands. With mid-off inside the circle, Afridi neatly scoops the ball over the fielder's head for a four to round off another great over for Pakistan.

    Athar Ali Khan, Ex-Bangladesh all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "Superb delivery to dismiss Maqsood. It was in the blockhole and crashing into the stumps, an outstanding effort from Coulter-Nile. You need to make sure you get your length right in the death overs."

  170. 16 overs: 
    Pkn 148-4

    It's Boom Boom Afridi time. His first ball is a yorker, which he works to long-on for a single. Coulter-Nile finishes with decent figures of 4-0-36-2. Four overs to go - this could be a lot of fun.

  171. 15.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Maqsood b Coulter-Nile 5 (Pkn 147-4)
    Sohaib Maqsood

    Umar's splendid knock continues with a four over cow corner off Coulter-Nile. But the bowler conjures a perfect yorker to castle Maqsood.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    John Breckon: Cricket is much more enjoyable when England are not involved. Aus vs Pakistan today is good game.

    Drosophila: U Akmal deserves a century here, he has played really well when Pakistan needed.

  173. 15 overs: 
    Pkn 140-3 (Umar 70, Maqsood 4)

    Dougie Bollinger bustles in for his third over, but a leg stumper is easily swung away for four by Umar. Four singles follow. You sense Pakistan are stealing themselves for a final assault here, with Shahid Afridi waiting in the wings. A score of 200 or more could be on the cards.

  174. 10:40: 
    County season under way

    The 2014 English cricket season is under way with county champions Durham, minus England coach Paul Collingwood, taking on an MCC team in Abu Dhabi.

    It is live on BBC Newcastle now and will also be on Radio 5 live sports extra once these Twenty20 matches are over.

  175. 14 overs: 
    Pkn 131-3

    New man Sohaib Maqsood is very nearly bowled by his first ball from Hogg, but the ball just misses the off stump, and runs away off Brad Haddin's leg for four byes. That aside, it's a much better over from Brad Hogg, running through his variations and keeping the Pakistan pair to singles.


    Australian journalist Gav Joshi on TMS: "It was the right time to go, he's done his job and there is plenty of batting to come. Coulter-Nile is one of the those versatile cricketers who can deliver."

  177. 12.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Kamran c Warner b Coulter-Nile 31 (Pkn 121-3)

    That was only Finch's second over in T20 internationals - I bet you Bailey is regretting that little punt. Coulter-Nile is cut away for four by Kamran, but finally the breakthrough comes as David Warner sprints around the point boundary to take an excellent catch.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Craig Rothnie: The two Akmals have found their timing... this could be closer than the stats suggest!

    Scott Lennon: Australia's batsmen could match any in the tournament but their bowlers would let them down. I would use Maxwell more.

  179. 12 overs: 
    UMAR AKMAL FIFTY- Pkn 114-2
    Umar Akmal and his brother Kamran

    It's Finchy time - Aaron not Chris - to deliver some occasional left-arm spin. Umar's eyes light up as an absolute dolly drop lands under his face and begs to be clubbed over midwicket for six. Another horrible ball, too short this time, is given the same treatment to help Umar to his fifty off 28 balls. Why Finch is bowling ahead of Glenn Maxwell I will never know. Pakistan are absolutely motoring.

  180. 11 overs: 
    Pkn 96-2 (Umar 36, Kamran 29)

    Umar Akmal takes a single to put his brother on strike and then we have four leg-side wides as Brad Hogg's nightmare time in the middle continues. Kamran lashes out and just avoids the fielder to bash another boundary. Captain George Bailey looks deep in thought - thinking about his slow bowling options no doubt - as Pakistan take a couple of singles.

  181. 10 overs: 
    Pkn 83-2

    A comedy of errors from the ragged Aussies as Umar Akmal is dropped by Dougie Bollinger at leg gully off a Shane Watson no-ball. That means a free hit and Umar dispatches a full toss over square leg into the stands.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    George Craven: Re Bollinger at 09.47 surely that's a champagne moment?

  183. 9 overs: 
    Pkn 69-2 (Umar 25, Kamran 20)
    Kamran Akmal

    Hogg's punishment for that drop is to bowl to the increasingly confident Akmal brothers. Bowling with a white towel protruding from the back of his trousers, Hogg's misery continues as Kamran unleashes successive fours, the second aided by a David Warner misfield on the rope. 13 runs from the over.

    Jonty Rhodes, Ex-South Africa batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Hogg wasn't ready for it - it was two or three yards to his right, it wasn't even a difficult chance. He's still pretty fit and Coulter-Nile looks rightly disappointed."

  185. 8 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Pkn 56-2

    Time for Pakistan to step on the accelerator? Umar seems to think so as he hoiks Coulter-Nile through the leg side and drives him down the ground for two boundaries. Then a heave to deep midwicket. Brad Hogg is right in position to take the catch, but he grasses a chance right in front of his nose.


    Mohammed, Oldham: Nervous start from Pakistan. At this stage 160 looks like a tall order. Of all the super 10 matches completing so far, the team batting first has won.

    Jonty Rhodes, Ex-South Africa batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "The sub-continent guys like to play on the off-side and free the arms, the Australians, South Africans and probably the Kiwis too tend to favour the legside."

  188. 7 overs: 
    Pkn 42-2 (Umar 13, Kamran 8)

    Shane Watson's impressive figures are slightly blemished by a lovely slash through the covers by Umar, dancing down the track to turn a yorker into a low full toss.


    Mohamad from Leicester: Looking forward to some David Warner sixes as well as some boom boom Afridi.

  190. 6 overs: 
    Pkn 36-2

    Umar Akmal smashes Nathan Coulter-Nile to the long-on boundary for four before Kamran pulls for a single. The powerplay is over and Pakistan have only 36 runs on the board.

    Meanwhile, former South Africa batsman Jonty Rhodes has slotted in to join Charlie Dagnall in the Test Match Special commentary box. With his fielding skill, he would have been an awesome T20 player.

    Jonty Rhodes
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Sujan Gautam: Ahmed Shehzad really hasn't justified his place in the side. Getting out playing rash shot, running out partners. He's a no go."

  192. 5 overs: 
    Pkn 29-2 (Kamran 6, Umar 4)

    The new man Umar Akmal, a veteran of 51 Twenty20 internationals, joins his brother Kamran in the middle. Pakistan need a cool head, but Umar comes out swinging at everything, sending his first two balls skywards and earning some luck as the ball lands safely on both occasions for a pair of twos.

  193. 4.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Hafeez b Watson 13 (Pkn 25-2)
    Mohammad Hafeez is clean-bowled

    Hafeez tries to slog Shane Watson's second ball, but drags it onto his stumps.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Simon Hester: Duckworth-Lewis simply doesn't work for T20 - it is in effect a lottery and makes a mockery of the sport.

  195. 4 overs: 
    Pkn 25-1

    Brad Haddin goes up for a leg side catch, but it just brushed the thigh pad of Hafeez so there's nothing doing. After three dot balls, the Pakistan captain scampers down the track and swings successive balls away through midwicket for four to give the innings the kick-start it needed.


    Geoff Palmer: I have to doubt if England will even win a game at the T20 Championship. I doubt Broad's ability as a captain, and he and Dernbach cannot really be described as reliable in their bowling. They will put too much pressure on the batsmen to score a lot of runs.

    In fact I fear for England in all aspects of the game while Giles is involved. The good days have gone.

  197. 09:47: 
    How's stat?
    Doug Bollinger celebrates

    Doug Bollinger's wicket was his first in international cricket for exactly 29 months - his last was on 23 October 2011 in an ODI against South Africa in Port Elizabeth.

  198. 3 overs: 
    Pkn 14-1

    Akmal laps up an over-pitched delivery from Starc, cracking it through the covers for four. Starc's last ball is a tempter, at shoulder height outside off stump, but Akmal decides against playing a shot.

  199. 09:44: 
    Women's Twenty20 tournament

    The women's tournament is under way in Sylhet with defending champions Australia, led by Meg Lanning, taking on New Zealand in Group A.

    England, runners-up in 2012, start their Group B campaign against West Indies at 09:30 on Monday. India, Sri Lanka and hosts Bangladesh are also in their group.

    Will England's back-to-back Ashes-winning captain Charlotte Edwards be lifting another trophy come 6 April? Here's our guide to the tournament and the players to watch.

    Charlotte Edwards
  200. 2 overs: 
    Pkn 9-1

    Captain Mohammad Hafeez gets of the mark was a pull for two. His hand comes off the bat as he plays the shot, suggesting he was rushed a bit but Bolly's pace. Just three runs and a wicket in his first over.

    Athar Ali Khan, Ex-Bangladesh all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "There was extra pace and bounce, and Shehzad just couldn't handle it. It was just too quick on him. He's got tons of experience, Dougie Bollinger, and straightaway he gets a caught and bowled, and an easy one."

  202. 1.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Shehzad c & b Bollinger 5 (Pkn 7-1)
    Doug Bollinger celebrates

    Dougie Bollinger strikes in his first over as Shehzad top-edges a pull shot straight up into the air, serving up the easiest of return catches to the big paceman.

  203. 1 over: 
    Pkn 6-0

    Starc is clocking in just shy of 90mph. And after his close shave Kamran Akmal is content just to see out the rest of the over.

  204. 0.2 overs: 

    Replays show a bottom edge into the ground. Not out. On we go.

  205. 0.2 overs: 

    Lovely start from Shehzad as he cuts the first ball of the innings for four. Then Kamran Akmal has a lazy swing and seems to edge the ball to Brad Haddin. Australia think they've got their man, but is this a bump ball?

  206. 09:30: 

    Australia are out in the field in a kit so dark green it almost looks black. Ahmed Shehzad, Pakistan's 22-year-old opener, is taking guard to face left-arm quick Mitchell Starc in bright sunshine. Let's get this show on the road.

    Athar Ali Khan, Ex-Bangladesh all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't think the first game will be affected by the weather but there is more concern about the second game, India against West Indies. We really don't want Duckworth-Lewis because Twenty20 is such a short game anyway."

    Listen to live Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  208. 09:26: 

    While the teams are lining up for the national anthems, it's an ideal opportunity for me to give you a little nudge to get involved in the action this Sunday morning. What did you make of England's defeat? Was Broad right to be furious, or was it just a case of sour grapes from the England skipper? Who are you looking forward to watching today? Which team has impressed you most so far? Get in touch via #bbccricket, text via 81111, or email on

  209. 09:23: 

    No Mitchell Johnson for Australia today. He is out of the tournament with an infected toe that has spread to his leg. All-rounder James Faulkner is also out with a knee injury. In their places, Australia include Doug "the Rug" Bollinger and Nathan Coulter-Nile.

  210. 09:19:  
    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialBBC COVERAGE

    Test Match Special commentary from Mirpur has just started on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra and via the link on this page.

    Here's the view from their commentary box (taken earlier, before the sun came out):

    The view from the commentary box
  211. 09:15: 

    Australia: DA Warner, AJ Finch, SR Watson, GJ Maxwell, GJ Bailey*, BJ Hodge, BJ Haddin†, MA Starc, NM Coulter-Nile, GB Hogg, DE Bollinger

    Pakistan: Ahmed Shehzad, Kamran Akmal†, Mohammad Hafeez*, Umar Akmal, Shoaib Malik, Sohaib Maqsood, Shahid Afridi, Bilawal Bhatti, Umar Gul, Zulfiqar Babar, Saeed Ajmal

    * captain; † wicketkeeper

  212. 09:14: 
    Age is just a number

    Not surprisingly, we're expecting spin to be the key today and Australia are placing their trust in the 43-year-old twirler Brad Hogg.

    Pakistan have one change, with slow left-armer Zulfiqar Babar, no spring chicken himself at 35, coming in for seamer Junaid Khan. Babar made his Pakistan debut in July 2013 and has been involved in two Tests and four T20 internationals.

  213. 09:10: 
    Agnew does the Sport Relief mile
    Aggers with Stuart Broad

    Roles were reversed for BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew this morning when he joined the England team for a one mile run in aid of the Sport Relief charity. It was England captain Stuart Broad who posed the questions to Aggers, who said: "Very gently ushered round by Stuart Broad but lapped by Ashley Giles = a low point. Donations please."

  214. 09:08: 
    Stuart Broad on England's defeat

    The circumstances of England's defeat left captain Stuart Broad fuming. He claimed that the umpires put the players' safety in danger by keeping them out on the field.

    Having had a chance to sleep on it, he's still fuming, but perhaps with a little less steam coming out of his ears.

    "It was hugely disappointing," he told the BBC. "Last night going to bed we were down in the dumps because we lost the game and it didn't feel like we should have lost the game.

    "We played some really good cricket certainly with the bat and were coming into a period with the ball when it was going to be harder to score.

    "We feel like it was whipped away from us but it doesn't really change anything we have to win our next 3 group games, if we don't do that we pretty much go home. If we do do that we are in the semi-finals."

  215. 09:07: 

    Australia captain George Bailey: "You need a little bit of luck in this tournament we've played some good cricket in it, just not at the pointy end."

    Pakistan captain Mohammad Hafeez: "It doesn't make any difference the toss, we have to post a good total and then our spinners will do the rest."

  216. 09:03: 

    Australia captain George Bailey calls correctly and opts to bowl first against Pakistan in Mirpur. It's Australia's first match of the tournament, while Pakistan are looking to bounce back from their seven-wicket defeat by India on Friday. The action starts at 09:30 GMT.

  217. 0902: 

    Crippled by injuries, and on a shocking run of form coming into the World Twenty20, England had an electrical storm to blame for their defeat by New Zealand in their first game of the tournament on Saturday. Stuart Broad's team were beaten by nine runs on the Duckworth/Lewis method as play was abandoned moments after Brendon McCullum had smashed a six to edge the Kiwis ahead of the required rate.

  218. 0900: 
    Stuart Broad complains

    Just when England thought their winter couldn't get any worse ...

    it got worse.

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Live Scores - India v West Indies


  • India beat West Indies by 7 wickets
  • India: 130-3 (19.4 overs)
  • West Indies: 129-7 (20.0 overs)
  • Venue: Mirpur

India Innings

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Ro Sharma not out 62
Dhawan lbw b Badree 0
Kohli b Russell 54
Yuvraj Singh c Gayle b Samuels 10
Raina not out 1
Extras 1nb 2w 3
Total for 3 130

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