England v India, first Test, day one as it happened

India reach 259-4 on day one of the first Test against England, thanks to Murali Vijay's unbeaten century.

9 July 2014 Last updated at 09:22 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 18:40: 

    And that is where we shall leave it. On a flat deck, India have shaded first-day honours, but England have clung on and could yet get in the driving seat tomorrow.

    Until then, then's some football to watch. 7-1? That's a cricket score. Goodnight.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "We want a pitch where it gives the bowlers something - this is too difficult. They reverse swung it and we thought they had a chance, but if India carry on and get 450 odd we know what scoreboard pressure can do. The English public is not sure yet that we have a team consistent enough to put big totals on the board."

  3. 18:34: 

    Tomorrow? Well, for a start, the forecast isn't the best. In fact, there's rain about for the rest of this Test match. It's a simple equation for the morning - England need wickets, India will be looking to bat the hosts out of the game.

    If England can knock India over for anything less than 400, it will be some effort. Should England make a big score of there own? Indeed, but scoreboard pressure does funny things.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "There were some good things by captain Alastair Cook because by lunchtime they were going at four an over - far too quickly. At lunchtime somebody said something and they came out with a better plan and the more important thing for me was there was more intensity in the bowling to bowl to that plan. That was the only time in the day we had the crowd on the edge of their seat. There was half an hour when England had a chance of grabbing the game. That passed and we went back to striving but getting nowhere because the pitch defeated the seamers and we didn't have a spinner good enough."

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    Jonathan Lewis: Boycott - still going on about 3rd Man. We get it. He's wrong. Don't set fields for bad balls.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "England have played all day without a third man. There were 60, maybe 70 runs to third man. Sorry, that's far too many. A thick edge through the slips should not get four runs."

  7. 18:28: 

    Murali Vijay: "I've worked a lot with videos of James Anderson. The first 15 minutes are the toughest thing as an opener. I wanted to play straight and late.

    "It's a good batting wicket. After lunch, there was period when it was doing a bit, so that was a good experience for me.

    "Duncan Fletcher has helped a lot because he knows how things work in these conditions. We were working for two weeks before we came out here."

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "We all know Moeen Ali is not good enough to bowl like Swann, he can't do that sort of job. He bowled 10 overs which is half of what is required in a day by a spinner."

  9. 18:24: 

    Through it all, Murali Vijay has stood tall. On the charge this morning, he has been circumspect in the afternoon and evening, looking rarely troubled. A fourth Test hundred, his first outside of India, a 294-ball vigil that will continue tomorrow. If he keeps plodding and Mahendra Dhoni gets going, England could chase some leather.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "India must have thought they were at home, a flat dry pitch with no pace in it, just looked good for batting. No great movement, a little swing and seam but bowlers had to get it in the perfect place to create problems. Many a time when Plunkett dropped it short it only got to waist height."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "The next two or three days will be very good batting days. There are a few cracks, a few balls might go through the top, but no real spin."

  12. 18:19: 
    Ind 259-4

    What to say about that? It's not been riveting, apart from the times when England did manage to pressure the India batsmen. The first session was a flat as you could see, bar the brilliance from James Anderson and Matt Prior that had Shikhar Dhawan caught behind. When the ball reversed after lunch, England were dangerous and took two quick wickets, while the dismissal of Ajinkya Rahane, caught at silly point off the toe end, was bizarre.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "The Nottingham crowd were quite subdued, they have not had a day full of excitement, edge of the seat stuff. But, it has been good tough Test cricket. England have battled gamely."

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "I reckon the last India opener to bat through a day outside of Asia was Ravi Shastri at The Oval in 1990."

  15. 18:12: 
    CLOSE OF PLAY- Ind 259-4

    And that's yer lot. Murali Vijay, the man who has dominated this day, defends the final ball to sleep on 122 not out. With Dhoni on 50, India close 259-4. The England fielders shake hands with Vijay, who has cashed in on a friendly deck. India have made the most of winning the toss, but England have stuck to their task, particularly in the final two sessions. A pretty even day, just shaded by India.

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    Darren in Macclesfield: England need a spinner who can bat a bit not the other way around. Adil Rashid anyone?

  17. 18:11: 
    50 for MS Dhoni- Ind 259-4

    Last over of the day, Lima Plunkett asked to bowl it, MS Dhoni angling the ball to third man to go to 50 from 64 balls. The skip has barely played a stroke - the sign of a good player when he score ticks along without you noticing. 30th Test half-century for Dhoni, who may well dip in to the box of tricks tomorrow.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I always used to like the last over because if you get a wicket you can just follow the batsmen off and sit down and put your feet up."

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  19. 18:10: 
    Ind 258-4 (Vijay 122, Dhoni 49)

    Interesting move this. Ben Stokes, who may have had a slight side injury earlier on, is asked to bowl just one over before the end of the day. Why ask a man with a potential injury bowl a one-over spell at the end of the day? Having said that, Stuart Broad's dodgy knee has to be managed to. See, that's another pressure of being England captain. You need some basic physiotherapy skills. Stokes looks in decent order, one from it. His work is done.

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    Tim in Marlow: Back in the day I always used to view 250-4 as about par for an even contest on the first day of a Test. Nowadays, 300-4 is probably nearer the mark - so to restrict India to less than that after being invited to bowl is surely a good outcome so far for England.

  21. 18:06: 
    Ind 257-4 (2 overs remain)

    There's a few spectators leaving Trent Bridge, climbing the steps to the back of the stands, through the concourse and out in to the Nottingham sunshine. Train home? Pint? Home in time to watch the football? Little to say about that Anderson over. Hint of swing, Vijay leaving like a man intent on coming back tomorrow.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "England, having taken the ball, I know would have hoped for four wickets before lunch a couple more by tea and maybe have a cheeky bat themselves before stumps but it hasn't worked out like that."

  23. 18:00: 
    Ind 254-4 (Vijay 122, Dhoni 45)

    Stuart Broad has a seat on the turf, inspecting the bottom of his right boot. In the stands, the one chap left awake gives a "come on Broaddddyyyy..." that lingers for about a minute. Good pipes, that man. Broad, who has been miserly all day, again camps on length on and outside off stump. One from it. Broad has conceded only 26 runs in 19 overs.

    Rahul Dravid, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    "I think India will be happy with this, providing they don't lose any more wickets. The first day of the series, overseas, young batting line-up. I think they'll be very pleased."

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  25. 17:56: 
    Ind 253-4 (4 overs remain)

    Dhoni, short-sleeved shirt and sleeveless fleece, is back and across, all rubber wrists as he pokes at Anderson. One scampered, then Anderson produces an end-of-day rozzer to defeat the defensive prod of Vijay. That's the first delivery of the new ball that we've seen zip about. India not accelerating towards the close - 76 runs have come in 27 overs since tea.

  26. 17:52: 
    Pitch not perfect

    Nottinghamshire head groundsman Steve Birks admits he expected more life from his Trent Bridge pitch.

    "We wanted to produce a pitch with pace, bounce and carry, which hasn't happened unfortunately," he tells the Nottinghamshire CCC website. "There's quite a lot of moisture underneath but it's a hard surface on top, which is why it's lacking pace.

    "Our only instruction is to produce a good cricket wicket and, with hindsight, we may have left a bit more grass on it. But this is the first day of a five-day Test and, while I don't expect spin to come into it, we hope it might quicken up a bit."

  27. 17:51: 
    Ind 252-4 (Broad 18-8-25-1)

    Not much happening out there, are we just going through motions to the end of the day? Broad dangles the carrot to Vijay, who is nearing the completion of a full day's batting. Outside off stump, hint of swing away, batsman not interested. A maiden. Five overs to go. I can't remember the last time a full day's Test cricket was completed before 18:30. I'm not sure what I'll do with myself. Keep commentating on an empty ground?

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    Subash Krishnawarria: Calculated risks being taken by MSD; that's the punch; what will be the counterpunch from Cookie?

  29. 17:47: 
    Ind 252-4 (Vijay 122, Dhoni 43)

    Change of ends, so the shadows are now cast from off side to leg, rather than the other way around. Ooohhh, uppish from Dhoni, wristily lofting over the leap of point. The TB crowd, barely noticeable for the majority of the day, offers an apology of a song to Anderson. The new ball hasn't done much. Yet.

    Rahul Dravid, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    "It has been a magnificent innings by Vijay. Even after scoring a hundred there would have been the temptation to play a few shots and get the scoreboard moving, but he recognises he has an important role to play. He needed to be there when the new ball came along and he was willing to be patient. He can bat for a long time and India will be hoping he is still there tomorrow morning."

    India's Murali Vijay
  31. 17:43: 
    Ind 250-4 (partnership 72)

    Dhoni is having a walk at Broad, causing the Notts man to ask for a fine leg, with Moeen Ali the man sent to the shadows beneath the scoreboard. Sure enough, Dhoni finds Moeen, taking one, leaving Vijay to dutifully plod forwards in defence. The shadows are lengthening, even though spectators in the top tiers are still enjoying warm sunshine. It's been a great day to watch cricket, but the forecast for the rest of the Test ain't great.

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    Colin H: Given the way the balance of power lies in world cricket, we're lucky the Indian Cricket Board let us use DRS at all, never mind when India are playing.

  33. 17:39: 
    Ind 249-4 (Vijay 122, Dhoni 40)

    Swing for Anderson away from right-hander Vijay, who leaves then gets squared up by the final delivery. Vijay, the opener, will be used to the threat of the new nut, but it will be a different proposition for middle-order man Dhoni. The skipper must fend off Stuart Broad, who has bowled better than his figures of 1-24 suggest.

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    Stuart in Portsmouth: No DRS in series involving India is wrong for me. If they don't want to use it in India, fine, but when you are on tour in a country where is has always been used it's tough. They shouldn't be able to dictate the rules.

  35. 17:33: 
    NEW BALL- Ind 249-4

    Ah, the big men are ready. James Anderson recalled, the new ball shown to all corners of the ground. In come the slips, two of them. He'll likely bowl five overs, Broad four. New-ball game. Literally.

    Rahul Dravid, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    "England don't have a spinner who is able to control the game. Their spinners have bowled 10 overs and gone for 56 - that's a lot of runs. You can't afford to let the game drift away from you and their best opportunity is to try and take a couple of wickets with the new ball."

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  37. 17:32: 
    Ind 249-4 (Vijay 121, Dhoni 40)

    Alastair Cook is in conversation with James Anderson and Stuart Broad, then men who will have the new nut. "Can you bowl five overs each tonight, lads?" The answer is no. In that case, the cherry must wait, meaning Joe Root is asked to whizz down a fill-in over or two of his off-breaks. Around the wicket, low arm, Dhoni going downtown for four. The only purpose of this is to kill time before Broad and Anderson are good to go.

    India captain Mahendra Dhoni
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    Colin H: I still can't believe the ICC allow Test matches with India not to use DRS. What if Roger Federer said he didn't want technology used at Wimbledon? They need to get strong with the Indian Cricket Board and tell them to change with the times.

  39. 17:28: 
    Ind 243-4 (new ball available)

    Hmmm, Geoffrey comparing Dhoni to a club player? Ordinarily, that would lead me to the story of how my club signed the India skipper before he made it, only for him to never play a game. It's a long series, though, and I don't want to be giving away my gold on day one. Liam Plunkett with what is probably the last over of the old rag, pinning Vijay with a bumper, then getting the batsman in a tangle with a chip on the leg side. Ah, that's more like it. Cover drive on the up for four. New balls, please.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I like Dhoni. I like his captaincy - it's unflappable - and the Indian team know who is in charge. If ever you have seen a club player, someone who is effective but not aesthetic, he is the perfect example."

    India captain Mahendra Dhoni
  41. 17:25: 
    Ind 237-4 (79 overs)

    Ooofff, ugly from Murali Vijay, a bottom-hand hoik through the leg side to take Moeen for four. Having a bash before the old cherry is available? Speaking of the new ball, there's only one more before it's brought out of the wrapper. I suspect that's the last we'll see of Moeen for today.

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    Jonny Brook: If Indian wickets were like medals at my daughter's sports day, they'd be 10 down already in these days of rewards for trying hard.

  43. 17:22: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 230-4

    "Oowwwzzzatttt!" is the Liam Plunkett scream for leg before against Murali Vijay. Nothing from Bruce Oxenford. Surely they'll review? Ah, no DRS in series involving India. The replay? An umpire's call on the impact with leg stump. The first strains of a Barmy Army song are heard as Ben Stokes returns. Bit of a phoney war before the new ball.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Moeen is a batsman who bowls. The bowler himself doesn't have a lot of confidence and the captain of England doesn't have confidence in him."

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  45. 17:18: 
    Ind 228-4 (partnership 50)

    Matt Prior is well turned out. Pristine whites, collar upturned, pads and gloves shiny. His England cap, though, is getting pretty disgraceful. The keeper never washes it, for luck, but the various bodily fluids it now houses mean white lines have developed, as if a seagull has had an accident overhead. Hello, what's this? Murali Vijay dancing, lofting Moeen Ali high and long for a straight maximum, the first of the series.

    India's Murali Vijay
    Text 81111

    Alex in Leicester: (re 17:04) Can't beat a pint at the Cricketers after watching another Leicestershire loss at Grace Road!

  47. 17:14: 
    Ind 219-4 (4 overs before new ball)

    Anderson pulled from the attack for a pre-new ball rest, meaning Liam Plunkett has got to so some donkey work. Around the wicket, short leg, leg gully and shortish square leg, Vijay ducking and weaving bouncers that pass him in slow motion, Matrix-style.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "He's very difficult to bowl at, Dhoni. He doesn't look pretty and he hasn't played too many shots yet but he just picks up runs. We know he can pick up boundaries but he is very clever."

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  49. 17:09: 
    Ind 217-4 (Vijay 102, Dhoni 29)

    In the four overs up to drinks, we had only seven runs scored. Turgid stuff. We wondered about the fitness of Ben Stokes and he has indeed gone of the field during the break. That's worrying for England, not least for the other seamers who might have to do his work. An hour remaining, or 16 overs, whichever comes last. Moeen Ali on, appealing for a stumping when Dhoni misses a sweep. Third umpire called, no idea why. Back foot anchored. Six off, three twos.

    India captain Mahendra Dhoni
    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Andrew Fry: Now I understand why we get called whinging poms. Blimey. We lose the toss on a batting wicket. India are batting. Not only have we taken 4 wickets, but we have applied pressure and kept them to under 3 runs an over. Not amazing, but we haven't capitulated like Brazil and are still in the game.

  51. 17:04: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Ind 211-4

    Hmmm, interesting that James Anderson is bowling with the new ball so close. Lovely evening at Trent Bridge, blue sky, the odd cloud, perfect for a trip to the beer garden after the close. I suspect the Trent Bridge Inn will be doing good business later on. Got me thinking about the best places to enjoy a post-cricket pint/soft drink. Speaking of drinks, here comes the cart.


    Trent Bridge
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    VillanUK: Cook is not the best captain but losing a lot of key players takes time to rebuild. Clarke was slaughtered but now a genius?

  53. 16:58: 
    Ind 211-4 (73 overs)

    Stokes, over that fitness scare for the time being at least, breathes hard as Dhoni shuffles to clip a single to mid on. Now the ball has stopped reversing, it's starting to look a little flat out there. The new ball is due in seven. I wonder if we'll see some spin to rush through a couple between now and then.

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    Timothy Last: Pitch flat, flat and flatter. Credit again to England bowlers, striving hard and running in all day.

  55. 16:54: 
    Close!- Ind 205-4

    The sun continues to do the hokey-cokey with the clouds as 12th men from both sides run on with drinks. There's a drinks breaks in 10 minutes, folks. Simon Kerrigan, he of the nightmare debut last summer, is on as a sub fielder. Good to see him still part of the set-up. The Test-match hum I spend a lot of time banging on about is barely audible, with half a cheer raised when Vijay edges Anderson just short of the tumbling Cook at first slip. Close.

    England substitute fielder Simon Kerrigan
    Phil Tufnell, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "We could be set for a cracking five-Test series. It's going to be interesting to see how the India seamers bowl."

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  57. 16:49: 
    Ind 205-4 (Vijay 102, Dhoni 18)

    If Stokes is struggling, he's not down on pace. The gun still clocks 87mph as the Durham seamer skids towards Dhoni. On the fine leg boundary, the huge video scoreboard looms, a screen on two poles that poke up at the top, like horns. It looks like the Batman symbol.

  58. 16:47: 

    India 204-4 (70 overs) after winning toss

    Vijay 101*, Dhoni 18*

    Fall of wickets: 33-1 (Dhawan 12), 106-2 (Pujara 38), 107-3 (Kohli 1) 178-4 (Rahane 32)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 15-3-64-2, Broad 16-7-24-1, Stokes 16-4-40-0, Plunkett 17-4-46-1, Moeen 6-0-28-0


    Trent Bridge
  59. 16:45: 
    Ind 204-4 (20 overs remain)

    Now then, trouble for England. Ben Stokes is feeling his side, deep in conversation with Alastair Cook. Losing a bowler on this deck would not be good news. A question on Stokes's inclusion. In Australia, he batted at six and was seen as the fifth bowler. In this Test, he's batting at eight. Does that mean he's in more for his bowling? Is he one of the best four seamers in England? I'm not questioning his inclusion, more his role in the side. Wonderful from Dhoni, a flick of the wrists dispatches Anderson through the covers.

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge

    "There's a healthy contingent of India fans in the Fox Road stand, kitted out in the blue shirts of the one-day team and waving their country's flag. When Vijay reaches three figures, they are the first to their feet to applaud an excellent effort, which has held together this India innings."

    India's Murali Vijay
  61. 16:41: 
    Ind 196-4 (Vijay 101, Dhoni 10)

    India players were on the balcony applauding Vijay - Virat Kohli wearing only a sleeveless fleece that reveals a tattoo on his upper arm. Not a good look. As the evening sunshine starts to cast shadows that creep across the ground, Dhoni is walking towards the bowlers, eager to feel bat on ball. What would be a good day for each of these sides? England have done well to keep the scoring in check and would be delighted to have six wickets at the close.

    Phil Tufnell, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Great knock, Got off to a nice start with those early fours but then played very well, very watchful outside the off stump and picked the England bowlers off when they strayed."

  63. 16:36: 
    100 for Murali Vijay- Ind 194-4

    There it is, a century for Murali Vijay. After an age on 99, he pushes James Anderson to the left of square leg and sets off. The throw comes in, but Dhoni his home. Well played, sir. Vijay took off like a train this morning and has absorbed the pressure after lunch. 214 balls, with 18 fours. That's the fourth Test ton of his career and a first outside India.

    India's Murali Vijay
    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    John in London: What is the most balls someone has faced whilst on 99?

  65. 16:34: 
    Ind 189-4 (Vijay 99, Dhoni 4)

    Still Murali Vijay is made to wait. MS Dhoni very cleverly tips and runs to give Vijay the strike, but Ben Stokes's accuracy means there's no gimme for the opener. Twice he sets off, twice Dhoni sends him back. He's had 11 balls on 99 now.

    Text 81111

    Ollie Fowler: Re: Gavin Jones (16.21) Looks like the whinging brigade never left.

  67. 16:30: 
    Ind 187-4

    Dhoni finally off the mark with a cut into the off-side space off Plunkett. Three taken, Vijay facing on 99. England chirp, Plunkett cranks it up. Three times he fizzes it past the gloves, meaning Vijay remains one away. Looking at his wagon wheel, Vijay has scored all of his runs either square on the off side, or in front of square in the leg side. There's nothing through the covers or to fine leg. Suggests a strong bottom hand.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a real good lesson from Vijay. I have never understood players that change in the 90s, you trust your method to get to 90, don't suddenly change. The way he is playing is the way I like to see."

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  69. 16:25: 
    Ind 184-4 (Vijay 99, Dhoni 0)

    Broad to Vijay as Trent Bridge struggles to break the near-silence that has existed for most of the day. As we look on, the sun casts shadows from leg side to off from all of the 15 men on the field. When Broad goes full, Vijay straight-bats it down the ground for four. The opener is on 99, one away from the 100th Test century at Trent Bridge.

    Text 81111

    Gavin Jones: Re: Vaughan saying Cook is having a good day as captain. No. Wickets have fallen just as England take to the field. Suggests Peter Moores rather than Cook is making decisions.

  71. 16:21: 
    Ind 180-4 (Punkett 16-4-43-0)

    It's windy, so windy that the bits of shirt not tight to Liam Plunkett's hulking torso are rippling as he runs in. Plunkett, stubble and sweaty forehead, is being asked to rough up both Vijay and Dhoni. Is that his sole role in this side? He can't only bowl bumpers for Yorkshire? Alastair Cook has now donned a helmet at silly point. Sensible stuff. I'd want a suit of armour before going in there.

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    Andrew Reyes: Cook is actually being a pro-active captain and helped to get Rahane and Pujara! Perhaps reflecting on Warne's criticism?

  73. 16:17: 
    Ind 179-4 (Vijay 94, Dhoni 0)

    A shadow sweeps across Trent Bridge in the same direction in which Stuart Broad is galloping towards Murali Vijay. Just one slip, two men catching on the off side, the right-hander moving to 94 with a push that dissects those waiting grabbers. He's nearing a fourth Test ton.

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    Dave on Fleet Street: Moving to India at the weekend for 3 years which will be nice. Even nicer if we are 1-0 up by the time I land on Monday morning - I hear they don't care too much for the game over there.

  75. 16:14: 
    Ind 178-4 (Vijay 93, Dhoni 0)

    Thanks, JL. Slightly belated return for me post-tea, missing that remarkable wicket of Rahane. I've never before seen a batsman caught off the toe of the bat at silly point. Full marks to skipper Cook for both putting a man there and being brave enough to make that man himself. Chin music right away for Dhoni, catchers on the leg side. The India skipper looks to get on the pull, leaves, and lets one hit him. Not convincing.

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    Bryanski: Maybe that wicket will shut the moaning brigade up for a bit.

  77. 16:09: 
    Ind 178-4 (Plunkett 1-42 from 14)

    India spearhead MS Dhoni strides out to join Vijay, who comfortably keeps out the mercurial Broad. Strap-bearded Broad - does he shave the moustache area? does it matter? - tends to take his wickets in clusters but at present is looking fairly innocuous in the low 80's mph. James Anderson has returned to the field after a brief sojurn and so has Stephan Shemilt to the commentary hotseat, and he will guide you through the rest of the day's events.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's come right off the toe of the bat and it's looped to Cook. It's a brilliant catch. Rahane might have a target for the rest of the series, they'll go after him with the short. Cook is having a really good day as captain."

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  79. 16:04: 
    WICKET- Rahane c Cook b Plunkett 32 (Ind 178-4)

    The brigade can desist for now Chris. Rahane is on his way in bizarre fashion. He had fended one just short of Cook at silly point earlier in the over but this one came off the toe end of the bat as he tried to pull and nestled comfortably in the midriff of England's under-fire captain. A change in his fortunes perhaps.


    England captain Alastair Cook catches Ajinkya Rahane
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    Chris Grant: The requisite 8 overs without England taking a wicket have passed so it's back over to the whinge brigade.

  81. 16:01: 

    Alastair Cook looks full of vigour as he lead his team out in the sunshine for the evening session. Vijay, still sporting his zip up singlet, collects his helmet and gloves which have been airing beside the boundary rope during the interval, and makes his way the to the middle where it will be Plunkett to resume from round the wicket.

  82. 15:59: 

    What was your favourite ground?

    "I love Lord's. I made my Test debut there. There is something about the ground that makes you feel special as a cricketer. Anyone connected with cricket cannot help but feel special."

    Former England batsman Rahul Dravid
  83. 15:57: 

    What's the best spell of bowling you've ever faced?

    "Shoaib Akhtar in Rawalpindi. We batted first and Shoaib didn't bowl very quick. There was lots in the newspapers and Imran Khan may have had a go at him. Sure enough, next morning, he bowled the quickest six or seven overs I've ever played."

  84. 15:55: 

    Did you ever bowl?

    "I have one Test wicket - Ridley Jacobs, caught at deep square-leg after West Indies were about 600-5. I got Alec Stewart and Ali Brown out in a county game and I have got Saeed Anwar and Gary Kirsten out in one-day cricket. So I quit when I was ahead."

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    Rowland Marx: It's not just the strange terms - my wife once asked me how the players knew which team was which.

  86. 15:54: 

    How do you react when you're out? Are you a bat-thrower?

    "I was a glove-thrower. I didn't want to sacrifice my bat. I'd sit with my pads on for a long time. I'd still have them on an hour later. I wish I like Virender Sehwag. Five minutes later he'd be whistling, changing his kit. I'd brood too much."

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    BBC TMS: Here is the Katy Perry cake for Geoffrey Boycott from Jo Hudson.

    Geoffrey Boycott
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    Andrew Milner: Re. Nathan 1525. You can't go inside out to cow, got to get the front dog outside the off dolly in order to get the bottom hand in.

    Tea scorecard

    India 177-3 (59 overs) after winning toss

    Vijay 92*, Rahane 32*

    Fall of wickets: 33-1 (Dhawan 12), 106-2 (Pujara 38), 107-3 (Kohli 1)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 13-3-50-2, Broad 13-6-19-1, Stokes 14-4-37-0, Plunkett 13-3-41-0, Moeen 6-0-28-0


    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge

    "A session that began with a quick bang-bang of wickets ends with the sight of the stumps being shattered. Unfortunately for England, Murali Vijay was comfortably home before Stokes's throw rattled the timbers and he will take tea just eight runs short of a fourth Test hundred. The middle part of the session was slow-going, with India rebuilding from the loss of Pujara and Kohli and England keeping things admirably tight on a lifeless pitch. The day is in the balance as we prepare for its final chapter."

  91. 15:41: 
    Tea- Ind 177-3 (Vijay 92, Rahane 32)

    England's commitment in the field is impressive, Joe Root sliding across the cover boundary to prevent a four and Stokes throwing down the stumps from close range. But the fourth-wicket partnership extends to 70 at the tea break, in a session that has seen 29 overs and 2-71. TMS will have questions for Rahul Dravid.

    India's Murali Vijay
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ian Ross: Growing up playing cricket in our 'too small for cricket' garden, my Dad had me believing that LBW meant 'Lost Ball Wanted'.

    Steve Tredup: Why is it called 'backing up' when the non-striking batter is trying to get further down the pitch?

    Stephen Clarke: 'Silly point' does exactly what is says.

  93. 15:38: 
    Ind 171-3 (Vijay 90, Rahane 28)

    Any curt observations off mic in this match would probably be about the groundsman - and the England bowlers would no doubt have their twopenneth to add. No slip for Plunkett this time, instead we have a short cover and a short leg. Some short ones merely lead to demonstrations of the textbook backward defensive stroke from Vijay, who is content to wait until after the interval for his century. One more over in the session.

  94. 15:35: 
    Ind 171-3 (Vijay 90, Rahane 28)

    Two slips for Ali. Or is the second one a gully? It is hard to differentiate when he is barely two yards from the bat. They are not in the action in any case, no sharp turn here. Rahane collects three when Moeen drops short, impressive endeavour from Stokes hauling it in off the rope prevents the boundary.

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge

    "How do you keep your energy levels up in the field on a slow old afternoon like this? Well, England are making a good fist of it, with lots of clapping for the bowlers and hopping around. Shots that looked certain fours have been chased down with relish, especially by Ben Stokes and Stuart Broad, whose recent sprint to the rope earned a very appreciative cheer from his home crowd. 'Broady would have given that up at any other ground but here,' quips his former Nottinghamshire team-mate Graeme Swann."

  96. 15:32: 
    Ind 167-3 (Vijay 89, Rahane 25)

    Round the wicket and with a slip, leg slip and short-leg, Plunkett is charged with rattling through the India middle order. He doesn't - but only concedes a single.

    England's Liam Plunkett
  97. 15:28: 
    Ind 166-3 (Partnership 59)

    An imperious forcing stroke off the back foot from Rahane brings him three off Moeen, who is far from wayward but also some way from bewildering the batsmen.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Without a third man and with only one slip, Ben Stokes has to bowl at middle stump, which is a very tough ask."

  99. 15:25: 
    Ind 163-3 (Vijay 89, Rahane 21)

    Stokes strays a little with his line and Vijay helps himself to two more boundaries. There is a short cover and a short mid-wicket but they are no good for deliveries like those Benjamin. The discarded Chris Jordan will be wondering what this international cricket is all about.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Nathan Murtagh: Caught for a duck at silly point trying to slog inside out to cow corner off a googly that turned. Explain that to non fans!

    Becky Lea: We invented our own cricket terminology for family garden matches including 'silly mid-see-saw' and 'deep square fir tree'

  101. 15:21: 
    Ind 155-3 (Ali 0-15 from 3)

    Rahane welcomes the return of Moeen. He had made only 14 from 55 balls - and 12 of those were from three strokes - but he cuts the first ball for three and then sweeps the final ball to the fence. Cue the debate to rumble on about the absence of a 'frontline' spinner.

    India's Ajinkya Rahane
    Text 81111

    John in Gloucestershire: Is anyone else bored of listening to suddenly retired off-spinner Graeme Swann tell us England need a spinner?

    Darren: Harmony maybe better in the dressing room but are England really a better team without Pietersen? I would rather have a bit of needle and a winning team personally. Too many of the same type of player.

  103. 15:17: 
    Ind 147-3 (Stokes 0-29 from 13)

    A little bit of inward drift for Stokes as he tries a slower ball at 70mph but Vijay is right behind it. A change is needed here and the man to provide it is Moeen Ali - at the Radcliffe Road End with his off-spin, not at the keyboard.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Stuart Mitchell: (Re 14:26) No-ball - the bowler must bowl an imaginary ball and the batsmen must play an extravagant imaginary forward defensive.

  105. 15:14: 
    Ind 146-3 (Vijay 80, Rahane 14)

    Two slips for Plunkett and, innovatively, two men in close proximity close to the bat on the off side. It makes little difference to Vijay, who drives through the covers for four and stylishly cuts the final ball of the over behind square for his 15th boundary to move within 20 of his hundred.

    India's Murali Vijay
    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Kevin from Lechlade: I think if an onlooker heard a captain tell the "third man to move up to fly slip", and install a "backward short leg", he'd be suitably baffled!

  107. 15:10: 
    Ind 138-3

    The end of the 50th over. Stokes is driven through the covers for three by Vijay, who is in his 23rd Test and has three centuries to his name, with a top score of 167. These listless periods are when Cook tends to be criticised. Time for a ground-breaking field placement Alastair.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "India are going nowhere. It might be that the new ball is the easiest time to score. The pitch won't get any quicker."

  109. 15:06: 
    Ind 135-3 (Plunkett 0-32 from 10)

    Simon Kerrigan was seen at the ground earlier, looking rather nervously at the action from behind a pillar and we understand he is on 12th man duties. After that awkward 0-53 from 48 balls against the Australians last summer I would imagine the left-arm spinner is relieved he is not making his Test comeback in this game. He has taken 28 wickets at 34.25 for Lancashire this season though. Still it is Plunkett but nothing happening for these seamers and both batsmen collect comfortable singles.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Sion Arrowsmith: (Re 14:26) During a WI Test in the 90s, a friend was bemused by commentary referring to "The Nightwatchman Bishop"

  111. 15:01: 
    Ind 133-3 (Vijay 68, Rahane 14)

    Stokes back in the attack with just the one slip, the man on the edge of the cut strip and a short mid-wicket. With the sun glinting off his sandy coloured hair he is up at 84mph but the ball is not doing much now. Disciplined line from the returning all-rounder though.

    Scorecard update

    India 126-3 (46 overs) after winning toss

    Vijay 62*, Rahane 12*

    Fall of wickets: 33-1 (Dhawan 12), 106-2 (Pujara 38), 107-3 (Kohli 1)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 13-3-50-2, Broad 13-6-19-1, Stokes 10-3-25-0, Plunkett 8-2-24-0, Moeen 2-0-7-0


  113. 14:58: 
    Ind 132-3 (Vijay 68, Rahane 12)

    Delightful square drive from Vijay brings him four runs off Plunkett. He's a classical batsman but he is sporting a sleeveless polyester singlet with a zip at the top over his shirt which I am not overly keen on. It looks the kind of thing Peter Andre would wear - except his would be without a shirt. In fact, Andre would almost certainly be completely bare-chested in this weather. Let's move on.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Andy Hoyland: Re the empty stands - it's not only cricket. A few empty side roads for TdF on Sunday too (though that was 200km long) .

  115. 14:54: 
    Ind 126-3 (Broad 1-19 from 13)

    Only one slip for Broad now. Still that man almost standing on the edge of the cut strip at short mid-on. Broad tries a bouncer that loops rather harmlessly over the batsman and is collected almost apologetically by Prior down by his boots.

    India's Ajinkya Rahane
    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Dan in London: (Re: 14.01) In a team of Ian Bells - who would bowl?

  117. 14:49: 
    India 125-3 (Vijay 61, Rahane 12)

    Thanks Stephan. Have I got to restore it then? Glorious conditions at Trent Bridge this afternoon. Tomorrow's forecast looked a bit bleak at one stage but it seems the rain may stay to the east. In the meantime let's see how this much-fabled reverse swing changes things. The bearded Plunkett replaces Stokes from the Radcliffe Road End. He's up around the 83mph mark but nothing to alarm the batsmen yet.

  118. 14:47: 

    Want to ask one of the legends of the game a question? Rahul Dravid will be answering the best of them on Test Match Special during the tea interval. Email tms@bbc.co.uk or tweet using #AskDravid.

    Former India batsman Rahul Dravid
  119. 14:45: 
    Ind 124-3

    Halfway through the day then, a day that is looking much more of a contest than it did at lunch. I'm losing my mojo slightly, so here comes Jamie Lillywhite.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Kieron Holmshaw: Re Nightwatchman (14:26) being out there all night.... A player at our club once told the missus that he was late home from cricket one night because it went to extra time and we had to play under floodlights. One of the best excuses for a post match bevvy or five, I have ever heard.

    Barry in Cleveland, Ohio: Where or what is "cow corner"? Do they really keep cows on a cricket pitch?

  121. 14:43: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Ind 124-3

    Anderson finally withdrawn, replaced the end-switching Stuart Broad. Ball tailing in to the pads, second slip removed in favour another man catching in front of the bat on the leg side. Broad, though, drifts a little too straight, allowing Rahane to clip for a lesser-spotted afternoon boundary. Time for drink, I believe.

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge

    "England's vastly improved performance since lunch has slightly enlivened the crowd but it's still relatively subdued by Trent Bridge standards. Might have something to do with the Wednesday start. With lots of binoculars, portable radios and straw hats in evidence, it feels like more of a day for connoisseurs than fair-weather fans. As we get nearer the weekend I suspect we'll see more fun and frolics."

    England fan
  123. 14:38: 
    Ind 120-3 (Vijay 60, Rahane 8)

    Sun still playing hide-and-seek at Trent Bridge, Ben Stokes getting noticeable shape away from the newly tentative Murali Vijay. Have England bowled better to find reverse swing since lunch, or have they improved because of it? Certainly it's better to bowl when you're offered some encouragement. Yet another maiden, the warm applause reminding us that the crowd is still there.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Roland Benham: I remember being a nipper when I asked my Dad what deep fine leg meant. My Dad said he was the best paid player and could afford the most exacting tailor: "Just look at the cut of his trousers."

  125. 14:34: 
    Ind 120-3 (42 overs)

    Despite the wobble, England are getting funky again with the field placings. Only one slip, Ian Bell lurking once again at silly mid-on. James Anderson, who has bowled unchanged since lunch, is mixing his length to Rahane, forcing the batsman into the odd duck and weave. Another maiden.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Benedict Sharrock: (Re 14:26) 'Chinaman' has to be one of cricket's more idiosyncratic terms.

  127. 14:31: 
    Ind 120-3 (Stokes 9-2-25-0)

    England still keeping the shackles on, Stokes spidering down a maiden to Murali Vijay, who has managed only five runs since lunch. With Jadeja, Dhoni and debutant Binny to come, you could say India have depth. Alternatively, England will see this partnership as the last of the specialists.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Harry Manoharan: After Rahane the Indian batting line up looks weak. Jadeja isn't a number 6 and they could be rolled out for a below par score.

  129. 14:26: 
    Ind 120-3 (Vijay 60, Rahane 8)

    Is reverse swing the most baffling of cricketing terminology to those who have no interest in the game? It sounds like a dangerous dance move. What about short leg? Or silly mid off? Or nightwatchman? I know of someone, who likes their cricket, who used to think the nightwatchman really had to stay out there all night. Alternative cricket definitions? Your cricketing misunderstandings? Anderson, still wobbling, draws an edge from Rahane that runs for four. Jimmy has a quiet word to offer his advice to the batsman.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Keep them tied down. It can easily suck you in when you get a couple of quick wickets but don't give them 'four' balls."

  131. 14:21: 
    Ind 115-3 (39 overs)

    Stokes's summoning to the attack may well have something to do with his ability to reverse the red leather. Straight away he has Rahane prodding and missing to ooohs and aaahs from behind the sticks. A maiden. India have managed only 11 runs in the last 13 overs.


    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Big Cartel: Reverse swing, more commonly known by those that play the game as Reversey Persey.

  133. 14:18: 
    Ind 115-3 (Vijay 59, Rahane 4)

    Slightly dark inside TB now as the clouds cover the sun. Windy too. Captain Cook, seemingly on the top of his game, takes a little advice from Ben Stokes as Anderson wobbles down a maiden to Vijay. Stokes's advice might have been "get me on skip" (delivered in a Kiwi/north-east accent) as the Durham man is on.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Broad has just got a fraction full. We want him to be up there but because of the slowness, the dryness, there is no margin for error. It's not really there to expose the batsmen so you've got to be very disciplined on your length."

  135. 14:13: 
    Ind 115-3 (Broad 11-6-14-1)

    Slightly gloomy inside Trent Bridge and Broad, looking for a full length, is driven straight by Rahane for the right-hander to get off the mark. The Notts crowd was well into that two-wicket burst after lunch, but we've regressed back to a subdued hum.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Chris Gilbert: I reckon if we can just slightly up the frequency of comments like "Anderson's leaking runs, switch him" (BANG - Dhawan c Prior b Anderson 12), and "..most seamers would have a job getting wickets on here" (BANG - Pujara c Bell b Anderson 38), we might have them 7-down by tea. Over to you, Mr Swann.

  137. 14:11: 
    Ind 111-3 (Vijay 59, Rahane 0)

    Reverse swing? No idea what we're talking about? Let me try. When you see cricketers shining the ball, they are generally hoping for conventional swing. The shiny side travels quicker through the air than the rough side and so the ball will generally move away from the polished half. If the shiny side is pointing towards the batsman, you would expect the ball to move away from him. Reverse swing is when the opposite happens. It's hard to say exactly why it happens, but one theory is that the shiny side is now so heavy, it will pull the ball in the opposite direction. Dry, abrasive conditions aid reverse swing, so you'll often see cricketers looking to keep the ball free of as much moisture as possible.

  138. 14:07: 
    Scorecard update

    India 107-3 (35 overs) after winning toss

    Vijay 55*, Rahane 0*

    Fall of wickets: 33-1 (Dhawan 12), 106-2 (Pujara 38), 107-3 (Kohli 1)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 9-1-41-2, Broad 10-6-10-1, Stokes 7-0-25-0, Plunkett 7-2-23-0, Moeen 2-0-7-0


    India's Virat Kohli
    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think that's reversing already. The shine is on the left and it went out - that's reversing."

  140. 14:06: 
    Close!- Ind 107-3

    Three slips now as Broad bounds in under the sun. Ooohhh, that's close. Rahane drives, gets a thick edge but survives when the ball falls just short of the grabbers. Ball wobbling all over the place, batsmen under the pump. Hard to explain how much this contest has transformed since lunch.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Shane Bradford: Point proven? 2 quick wickets after lunch as Captain Cook had time and help to ponder and plan!

  142. 14:01: 
    Ind 107-3 (Vijay 55, Rahane 0)

    The challenge for England is to be thoughtful and energetic throughout the session, not just at the start when they've been chatting in the dressing room. Lots of reverse wobble for Anderson, towards and away from Vijay, who is transformed from the free-wheeler of before lunch. Anderson is persuaded to post a second slip in the shape of ball-shiner and ball-grabber Ian Bell. A maiden. Is this the same game as this morning?

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Joseph Mccarthy: All together now! We all dream of a team of Ian Bells! A team of Ian Bells! A team of Ian Bells! aaand number 1 is Ian Bell....

  144. 13:58: 
    Ind 107-3

    That ball just left Kohli and, watching it again, you can see there was no need for him to play. Wild celebrations from England, who know how hard wickets are to come by. Ajinkya Rahane the new man, leaving his first ball as Alastair Cook grins wider than the turn of a Shane Warne leg-break.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Kohli has been nibbling - a tentative little nibble but beautifully bowled. It did just leave him a fraction and it got him feeling for it. Neat catch and that's what they have to do. Bowling India out on here will be hellishly tough."

  146. 13:54: 
    WICKET- Kohli c Bell b Broad 1 (Ind 107-3)

    What was in the England lunch? They've got another, the huge wicket of Virat Kohli. This time it's Stuart Broad, who has bowled well without reward. Outside off stump, the should I, shouldn't I play area for the batsman. Kohli prods, getting a thick edge to that man Ian Bell again, with the catch being pouched low at second slip. Brilliant stuff.


    England's Stuart Broad and Sam Robson
    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge

    "A fair number of spectators hadn't returned from lunch in time to see that wicket, but those who saw it responded with full-blooded roars of delight. Over in the William Clarke Stand, St George's flags that had been gathering dust during that moribund morning for England, were thrust aloft above beaming faces."

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "That sort of tactic coming out after lunch will get the captain out of pressure. showing imagination. Maybe it's the players or the coach but showing initiative - that's the sort of thing ex players and the media are looking for from the captain, that was good."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  149. 13:52: 
    Ind 107-2 (Anderson 2-41)

    Lots of credit to be shared around the England team for that Pujara wicket, not least to skipper Alastair Cook for the plan that had Bell posted at silly mid on. Replays show what a wonderful catch it was, Bell hanging in the air, suspended in time. Also, the reverse swing is significant. With no help from the pitch, England need movement in the air. Virat Kohli the new man.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Anderson bowled it beautifully. He bowled him an off-spinner and he was into the drive too early and spooned it to the drive man."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  151. 13:47: 
    WICKET- Pujara c Bell b Anderson 38 (Ind 106-2)

    What a catch! We talked about the brilliance required for England to take wickets and Ian Bell has pulled off off magic moment. James Anderson the bowler, finding some reverse swing back in to Cheteshwar Pujara. No fully forward, Pujara pokes the ball towards silly mid on, where Bell takes off, goalkeeper-style, to his right, plucking a wonderful one-hander out of the air. Great stuff.


    England's Ian Bell and Joe Root
    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is not a great pitch for Test cricket. No pace. No movement. You're supposed to have a contest between bat and ball - and most seamers would have a job getting wickets on here."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  153. 13:46: 
    Ind 106-1 (Vijay 55, Pujara 38)

    Stuart Broad, blond hair and stumble nicely groomed, begins the second session as England get a little funky. One slip, two matching catching on the off side, one on the leg. Murali Vijay, half century before lunch, shuffles across his stumps and is beaten. We begin with a maiden.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Andy Chaytor: So now we have wrong groundsmen to add to wrong players, coach, captain.

  155. 13:41: 
    Ind 106-1

    Here come the umpires, followed by a sprightly looking England. Alastair Cook marches out, pointing his arms to marshal his men. I wonder what they talked about at lunch? A good moan about the pitch? Yes. Planning? Probably. Waiting outside the groundsman's shed armed with bats and stumps? Definitely.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Being allowed to make mistakes but then learning from those mistakes is very important. Mike Atherton didn't captain much before he got the job. Nasser Hussain didn't. I didn't. I wrote things down. You have got to be yourself but if you can take little bits from each one it will serve you well."

  157. 13:39: 

    Are you feeling refreshed? Forty minutes doesn't seem very long for the bowlers to recover after a session like that, does it? Forty days probably wouldn't be enough.

    Alec Stewart, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "If the choice comes down to captaincy or opening the batting, Cook should give up the captaincy. It's vital that he is contributing and his main contribution is scoring runs at the top of the innings. He has to go back to scoring hundreds. He needs to analyse what is best for him and therefore what is best for the team."

    Alec Stewart, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "You want, at times, the coach to take over. If you keep hearing the same voice all the time, as players you will switch off."

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Alastair Cook with his captaincy has made the same mistake on a few occasions - spreading the field. I got honest feedback which helped me - it wasn't from inside the ECB."

    England captain Alastair Cook
    Alec Stewart, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Alastair Cook doesn't really live outside what is a very straight way of life and that reflects how he captains. His tactical nous hasn't improved. People should have looked at his character. Nasser Hussain wasn't everyone's cup of tea but he was different and he captained in a different way."

    Listen to Michael Vaughan, Graeme Swann and Alec Stewart debate the pressures of the England captaincy

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Cookie has to captain the way he knows. If England decide that's not for them, that's a different matter. Admittedly, he is a defensive, safety-first captain and that worked for a while. Whether it is the right method now with a young team that's a big question. In Australia I don't think he captained that badly; we batted like morons."

    Michael Vaughan, Alec Stewart and Graeme Swann
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Alan Compton: If Cook wasn't under pressure he'd have won the toss and made 50 by lunch. Cruel game, this.

    Alec Stewart, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "You have to be thick-skinned when you play at the highest level as a captain and a player."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    On being England captain: "It's the greatest job. There are times when it feels like the hardest, but you assess your time as England captain once you've finished. Realistically the majority of people don't know who you are when you are walking down the street, but you feel everyone is having a dig at you.

    "Would I do it again? Absolutely. Walking down the steps knowing you're England captain is a huge honour."

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge

    "So much for home comforts. On a pitch that might as well have been air-lifted from Mumbai, India's batsmen have booked in for bed, breakfast and beyond. There seems to be a real breakdown in communication between the England selectors and groundsmen at the Test venues. If England are going to pick four seamers, and only a part-time spinner, it seems absurd to play on wickets as lifeless as this."

    England's Liam Plunkett
    Lunch scorecard

    India 106-1 (30 overs) after winning toss

    Vijay 55*, Pujara 38*

    Fall of wickets: 33-1 (Dhawan 12)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 7-0-40-1, Broad 7-3-10-0, Stokes 7-0-25-0, Plunkett 7-2-23-0, Moeen 2-0-7-0


  168. 13:09:  
    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    I'm not sure what else we can say about that. The pitch is offering less assistance than a hormonal teenager and batting will never be easier on the first morning of a Trent Bridge Test. On Test Match Special, the pressure of being an England captain is being examined. On a day like this, your biggest pressure is winning the toss.

    England captain Alastair Cook
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    NLP: May be a lifeless wicket but just wait until the ball swings around corners tomorrow as the grey clouds forecast appear.

    Kashif Khan: 700+ for India in this innings.

    Rahul Dravid, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    "Great toss to win for India but you still have to bat well and they definitely have. It's always important to start a Test series well. In the past India haven't done that, especially overseas, but the India dressing room will be a lot more relaxed than the English one in this lunch break."

  171. 13:03: 
    Lunch- Ind 106-1

    And so ends one of the flattest opening sessions to a Test series In England I've ever seen. The home side will be cursing their luck at having lost the toss because, bar one bit of James Anderson-Matt Prior brilliance, it's been all bat. The pitch is flat, sluggish, and the batting has been in shape to cash in. Murali Vijay has 55, Che Pujara 38. It looks like being a very long day for England.


    Rahul Dravid, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    "You need your senior bowlers, Anderson and Broad, to stand up. It's going to be a tough day. All the talk in India was about how England were going to prepare green, seaming tracks."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  173. 12:59: 
    Ind 105-1

    On the first morning of a Test match at Trent Bridge, which in recent years has done more swinging than Austin Powers, England have only one slip. Broad bounds in, again miserly, with only one from it. The good news? We'll get 30 overs in the session. Here's Plunkett before lunch.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Joe Hillyard: (Re 12:29) There is simultaneously genius and insanity in creating a game which takes five days to play and still may not provide a result.

  175. 12:56: 
    Ind 104-1 (Vijay 53, Pujara 38)

    Plunkett still around the wicket, peppering Pujara. However, so much life is sucked from his bumpers by the pitch that the right-hander is happy to wear them on the arm. Painful blow from leather delivered at 90mph? More like as painful as a ping pong ball hurled by your gran.

    India's Cheteshwar Pujara
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Calz McGlynn: Anybody else bored of this new era for English Cricket already?

    Ed Palmer: This wicket seems like it's made of Victoria sponge cake.

  177. 12:52: 
    Ind 104-1 (27 overs)

    Moeen Ali is pulled after only two overs, with Stuart Broad now asked to get something out of the lifeless wicket. Broad was good in his first spell, consistent of line and length, and he is back in the groove with a maiden. In the stands, Nottinghamshire captain Chris Read watches on. Floppy hair, stubble, purple sunglasses. He looks like Ringo Starr.

    Rahul Dravid, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    "I've never seen Trent Bridge so slow on a first morning. Things seem so easy from the commentary box, though. But it's frustrating for England. They have played on two flat wickets against Sri Lanka."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  179. 12:48: 
    Ind 104-1 (Plunkett 0-22)

    Plunkett switches ends and is late cut for four by Pujara. Late cut! This is a bloke bowling at speeds of up to 90mph. Disheartened, Plunkett reverts to bumpers with leg-side catchers, seeing one delivery barely climb above Pujara's duck on the way to bouncing twice through to Prior. Che Pujara, chilled enough to still need the sweater, follows up with a boundary punched through the covers. I feel for England's bowlers. Score predictions? This could be a whopper.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Danny Bushell: Ali bowling on the first day before lunch at Trent Bridge. Another sign England need a specialist spinner.

    Mattie Bagnall: Moeen Ali is a good choice as a second spinner, specialist batsman. We need Riley or Kerrigan in this side.

  181. 12:43: 
    Ind 94-1 (Vijay 53, Pujara 28)

    Moeen around the wicket, looking for drift across and turn back in to the right-handers. The former would get slip interested, the latter would have short leg in business. Nice from Moeen, even a hint of one straightening. Another cry of "come on England". That might be the only chap in the ground.

  182. 12:41: 
    Scorecard update

    India 91-1 (24 overs) after winning toss

    Vijay 51*, Pujara 27*

    Fall of wickets: 33-1 (Dhawan 12)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 7-0-40-1, Broad 5-2-9-0, Stokes 7-0-25-0, Plunkett 4-1-12-0, Moeen 1-0-4-0


  183. 12:37: 
    50 for Murali Vijay- Ind 92-1

    Murali Vijay will seldom get an easier ride to a half-century on the first morning of a Test match. That's not to decry the bowling, but this deck is an opening batsman's Christmas present. A back-foot drive, followed by a cover drive bring boundaries off Ben Stokes and take the right-hander to 50. 69 balls, with eight of his 11 fours coming square or behind square on the off side.

    India's Murali Vijay
    Rahul Dravid, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    "It's a beautiful wicket, it could be anywhere in India. It's a fast outfield as well, a great opportunity for India to put a big score on the board and put some pressure on England."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  185. 12:35: 
    Ind 83-1 (50 partnership)

    England turn to spin in the first session. No unusual when Graeme Swann was in the side, but given the underuse of Moeen Ali against Sri Lanka, his early appearance is a sign of England's struggles. Moeen instantly around the wickets with a slip and a short leg. Tidy, then an absolutely horrible full toss. Pujara doesn't know whether to hit it to Leicester or Derby, instead settling on a pull to cow corner for four.

    India's Cheteshwar Pujara
    Text 81111

    Mark in Cheshire: Groundsmen and administrators need to realise that getting 5 days of dull cricket on slow batting wickets turns people off the game. Much better to have games with no innings higher than 350. If you can guarantee that then grounds would be packed for exciting cricket.

  187. 12:32: 
    Ind 79-1 (22 overs)

    Success for an India-shirt wearing man in the crowd, who gets his bat autographed by a tourist wandering from the nets, then waves the precious souvenir to his buddies in the crowd. Stokes, breathing hard and with sweat shining on his forehead, already looks like the sort of man who is going to have to run through brick walls today. Back of a length, angled in, a couple of singles taken.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I really feel for the England bowlers here. Jimmy would have been driving to Trent Bridge thinking he always does well here - and there is nothing. Since these drainage systems have been put in it has completely gone against the way England want to play their cricket, with fast bowlers zipping it around. It is even more important that England find a spinner."

    England's James Anderson

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  189. 12:29: 
    Ind 77-1 (Vijay 42, Pujara 22)

    A mischievous voice to my right, part of the team covering a two-wheeled race around France, asks "what is the point of cricket?" I shoot him down, but it's a hard one to answer. How would you explain cricket and it's purpose to someone that has never seen it? The beauty of a cover drive would be one theory. Che Pujara plays the shot of the day so far to take Plunkett through the off side.

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge

    "Watching Stokes bowl from side-on, I'm struck by his resemblance to Freddie Flintoff. The same strut to his mark, the same heavy, menacing stride, the same high arm and back-bending effort to send the ball down at pace. And judging by one or two incidents in his short career, the same penchant for off-field misdemeanours."

    England's Ben Stokes
  191. 12:26: 
    Ind 72-1 (run-rate 3.54)

    I'm struggling to remember a flatter opening session to a Test series. Already, the toss looks crucial. Already, India look in for bed and breakfast. Already, England look short of a spinner or three. Hello, Ben Stokes almost making something happen. Yorker jammed down on by Vijay, almost squeezing through as the batsman loses the ball. Closest thing we've had since Dhawan departed.

    India's Murali Vijay
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Sean Wilson: Just don't think that Moores is the guy to take us to the next level like Flower did. Moores failed last time. So why pick him?

    Alan Martindale: If Cook can't get runs on this wicket he should retire and focus on farming.

  193. 12:20: 
    Ind 66-1 (Vijay 41, Pujara 12)

    Plunkett continues to test both Vijay and Pujara with leg theory from around the wicket as MCC president Mike Gatting watches on with a pint of dark ale from Dublin. A sign of the lifelessness of the pitch is the age which Vijay is afforded to go back and across to defend a bumper. A "come on England" is audible from the crowd.

    Rahul Dravid, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    "Cook is a key batsman for England and when you know a couple of their players are out of form it gives you a little bit of confidence. But India have to do their own thing. They have their own issues to worry about and questions to answer: whether their young seamers can be counted on; whether the young batsman can be the next great players for India."

  195. 12:17: 
    Ind 65-1 (Vijay 41, Pujara 11)

    Plenty of opinions as to why TB isn't full - stick with the live text, I say. Also, Graeme Swann has been discussing his hay fever on TMS. So many have suggested local honey as a cure. Is that right? Never heard that one before. Stokes, spidery action, whips in as sunshine, the shadow, sweeps across the green. A very early hint of reverse? Not sure. Either way, the batsmen have the slippers and dressing gowns on.

    Text 81111

    Chris Kay: Can't understand why everyone surprised at empty seats. There is the extortionate costs. The hassle getting into the grounds where every bag is searched for illicit beer. And the fact that you are forced to pay over the odds for warm, insipid sponsors' beers in huge queues. That may have something to do with it!

  197. 12:13: 
    Ind 63-1 (Vijay 40 from 47 balls)

    Bar that moment of Anderson-Prior brilliance, it's been India's morning, beginning when MS Dhoni called correctly at the toss. England have been decent enough, with having a great deal to encourage them. The designer-bearded Plunkett bangs the ball in, sees it barely carry to Prior then watches as a full-bunger is bunted back past him for four by Vijay. England already to Plan B - leg gully, short leg, man on the hook. Chin music.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Rob Shiers: The empty seats are because a poor England side are playing an average India side and the tickets are still £50+.

    Fearny: Is the reason for the flat atmosphere at Trent Bridge because it's a Wednesday and England have got off to an average start?

  199. 12:09: 
    Ind 58-1 (Vijay 35, Pujara 10)

    Stokes after drinks, drawing applause from all three slips as he asks Vijay to defend on off stump. Now lubricated, the Trent Bridge is turning up the volume, warmly applauding as Vijay clips an over-pitched delivery through mid-on for four. My attention is drawn to the fact Geoffrey Boycott was in attendance at the Tour de France Grand Depart in Yorkshire. He'd be suited to le Tour, Geoffrey. A long slog, durability, a tad dull. Cricketing crossovers?

    India's Murali Vijay
    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Brian Turner: I'm not surprised there are so many empty seats. Ticket prices are too high and starting midweek when folk are at work is also an issue. I can't afford to go to Test matches anymore. A full day, with transport, food etc can set you back best part £200. Just plain daft.

    Lucy Smith: What do the ECB expect with starting a Test on a Wednesday when most people are at work and the cost that they/the grounds charge for the seats?

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mark Pirie: England's biggest problem is not the team, but the poor quality of the pitches being provided for Test cricket in England.

    Michael Douglas: It's not a full house because it's a Wednesday.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "If you asked MS Dhoni now he has seen the pitch, whether he would rather have Ashwin instead of Binny, spinner over seamer, I think he would probably say, 'yes please'."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  203. 12:04: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Ind 53-1

    Plunkett, who can become Lima Plunkett if you're not careful what you're typing, was asked to explore the middle of the pitch in the Sri Lanka series. That might not be wise on this placid deck. The Yorkshire man starts well, channelling an off-stump line. Pujara, just easing in to his task of marathon crease-occupation, is circumspect up to drinks.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Pete in Lutterworth: (Re 11:48) Best ever? A certain FS Trueman (below) took 307 Test wickets in 67 Tests. Jimmy is good but not in the same class as Fred - ask Geoffrey……

    Sunil Nagi in Warrington: He is good but nowhere near the level of other England bowlers; Barnes, Trueman, Laker, Bedser, etc…

    Alec in Kettering: Yes, well bowled Jimmy. But England's best ever bowler? I would imagine Harold Larwood and Sydney Barnes may have something to say about that.

    Former England bowler Fred Trueman
  205. 11:59: 
    Ind 53-1

    Slightly odd morning weather-wise. It's pleasant, but every so often the sun is hidden by clouds. Stokes, all flame hair and tattoos, scurries in, angling the ball in with the arm and finding no noticeable movement. Trent Bridge is so quiet every cry of the England fielders can be heard. One thing to note is that England are going to get 15 overs bowled in the first hour - it's amazing what the threat of a ban to the skipper can do to over-rates. Liam Plunkett on for the final over before drinks.

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge

    "Ah, yes, Che Pujara. This is the man who scored 372 runs before England managed to get him out during the 2012 series in India. Seeing him in the flesh for the first time, I'm struck by how still he is at the crease, his head position perfect, his movement unhurried and economical. With a Test average of 58.92 from 19 matches, he's doing a great job of rebuilding India's 'Wall' at number three."

  207. 11:56: 
    Ind 51-1 (13 overs)

    England used Anderson for eight- and nine-over long first spells in the Sri Lanka series and the Burnley Express is already in to a seventh here. Off stump and outside, the corridor, with Pujara suspicious. When he's concluded his investigation, Pujara slashes hard, earning four over the slips. Anderson has gone for 40 runs in those seven overs.

  208. 11:53: 
    Scorecard update

    India 47-1 (12 overs) after winning toss

    Vijay 29*, Pujara 5*

    Fall of wickets: 33-1 (Dhawan 12)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 6-0-36-1, Broad 5-2-9-0, Stokes 1-0-1-0


    India's Shikhar Dhawan
  209. 11:52: 
    Ind 47-1 (Vijay 29, Pujara 5)

    Now then, the first bowling change and our first look at Ben Stokes in a Test match in England. The Durham all-rounder, the only highlight of the winter, is back after a tango with a locker broke his hand. There's protection on the leg side as Stoke hurries in with that omnipresent bandage on his right arm. Whippy, straight, there's just a single from it.

    England's Ben Stokes and Stuart Broad
    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm amazed the ground is not full for the first day of the first Test of the big series of the summer. I don't remember seeing so many empty seats."

  211. 11:48: 
    Ind 46-1 (Anderson 1-36)

    At 36, Murali Vijay's batting average is the lowest of all the specialist batsmen in this India side. He looks a player, though, leaning in to a Tendulkar-style backfoot drive to take Anderson through the covers just as a blast of sunshine sweeps across Nottingham.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Ben in Windsor: Jimmy showing his class. A poor start but you can't keep the best down for too long and an absolute peach to come back with. There's isn't a batman in the world that wouldn't have struggled with that one. England's best bowler ever?

  213. 11:44: 
    Ind 42-1 (Vijay 24, Pujara 4)

    I mentioned Vijay's sweater, because the Indian choice of jumper is an interesting one. Chunky, fleecey, with a zip at the top. The sort of thing your mum might wear to take the dog for a walk. Pujara, crouching behind his armguard, has a short leg for company, whipping a rare Broad bad ball through midwicket for four. That's the first boundary Broad has conceded, 0-9 from five.

    England's Stuart Broad
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    John Selfridge: The issue with English cricket is Peter Moores, wasn't good enough the first and isn't good enough the second.

    Glenn Roberts: Stokes could go round the park but I don't think Jordan did quite enough in his Tests. We need cricketers with aggression.

    Henry Lewis: It's harsh on Jordan but with Stokes both the batting line up and bowling attack just seems better, he's more of an all rounder.

  215. 11:40: 
    Ind 38-1 (Vijay 25, Pujara 0)

    Anderson is rejuvenated, but Murali Vijay still finds a way to get the ball behind square on the off side. Even with four slips, a gully and a point, the right-hander plods his fleece-sweater forward to push for four. Anderson looks at Cook. Cook looks at Anderson. No answers, but I think Vijay would still find a gap if England had all nine men there.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ben Samson: And that's why I want Prior instead of Buttler. For these situations you need the best keeper and Prior is that.

  217. 11:34: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 34-1

    Replays of the Dhawan wicket show just how much skill that took from Anderson. The seam was in the perfect position, not moving from an angle just pointing towards first slip. Dhawan had to play, poking to Prior, who dived to his left and immediately acknowledged wicketkeeping guru Bruce French on taking the catch. French, suited and in the stands, applauded back. Cheteshwar Pujara, the fence to Rahul Dravid's wall, is the new man, on strike after Broad unsuccessfully appeals for leg before against Vijay.

    Stuart Broad appeals for lbw against Murali Vijay
    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Double milestone for Jimmy Anderson. That was his 356th wicket which puts him above Dennis Lillee and Chaminda Vaas at 19th on the all-time list. He is also the first bowler to take 50 Test wickets at Trent Bridge."

    England's James Andersom and Sam Robson
    Phil Tufnell, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Great delivery by James Anderson, coming round the wicket. The ball shaped away from him, a decent edge and great catch by Prior. You could see a great yell from Anderson. Reminded me of those ones Flintoff used to bowl to Gilchrist."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  220. 11:28: 
    WICKET- Dhawan c Prior b Anderson 12 (Ind 33-1)

    Now then, if you're going to take wickets on this deck, it will require this sort of brilliance. James Anderson, pretty listless so far, changes the angle to Shikhar Dhawan and produces a beauty from around the wicket. Nibble away, drawing the left-hander in to the shot, with a thick edge brilliantly taken one-handed by a diving Matt Prior. From nowhere, England have a breakthrough and Anderson's figures are now a more respectable 1-28 off four overs.


    England's James Anderson
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Salman Ansari: Cook's unimaginative captaincy once again on display. Sticking to conventional fields. Anderson leaking runs - switch him.

    Arnand Danihandekar: This is higher than any opening partnership from 2011!

    Sahil Oberoi: England can't complain about the pitch, ECB policy forces counties to prepare 5 day pitches. Use rotation policy & problem solved.

  222. 11:25: 
    Ind 30-0 (Vijay 21, Dhawan 10)

    If I was an Indian tailender, I'd be congratulating MS Dhoni on his excellent work at the toss. "Thank you skipper for keeping us from bowling on this." The likes of Ishant Sharma and Mohammed Shami can have a nap, play chess, even pop in to town and go to the shops. Broad to Dhawan, the lanky England pacer still there or thereabouts, but without more encouragement.

    Phil Tufnell, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "He doesn't look at the races, Jimmy. I don't know if he has a niggle or didn't have a good night's kip but you can tell with Jimmy, he looks out of sorts. And you can't afford to be against India, they have some fabulous batsmen."

  224. 11:21: 
    Ind 26-0

    Anderson continues to take some tap, with Vijay guiding behind square on the off side for four. That's better from the Lancastrian, a nip-backer doing Vijay on the inside edge. Is that the first time the ball has beaten the bat this morning? Oh dear, this will not improve his mood. Thick edge, four more through third man. That's at least four boundaries through that region this morning. Angry Anderson.

    India's Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay
    Get involved on Facebook

    Jason Clarkson: I predict India will dominate, with Cook going after the third Test. Sorry but England are on the slide.

    Albin Mathews: Both teams need a good result.....expecting a thrilling series.

    Puneet Kumar: India need to show some guts, because after 2011 Dhoni's men have only won 1 match out of 8. Not good enough for this kind of talent.

  226. 11:17: 
    Ind 18-0 (Vijay 12, Dhawan 6)

    Good from Stuart Broad, who took at hat-trick against India on this ground in 2011. Full of length, shape back in to the pads of Dhawan. There is movement in the air, but you worry for the bowlers when the ball stops wobbling. The deck looks as friendly as Winnie the Pooh after a couple of pints.

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge

    "I would estimate that about seven tenths of the seats at Trent Bridge are so far in use on this first morning of the Test, but the ground is filling up quickly. Before yesterday, more than 2,000 tickets were still on sale for today, but by last night only a handful remained unsold."

    Trent Bridge
  228. 11:12: 
    Ind 18-0 (Anderson 2-0-17-0)

    I won't bang on about this too much, but I can barely remember a ground so lifeless on the first morning of a Test series. As I said, TB isn't full, but there's still plenty of folk inside. The Test-match hum is there, but it's almost on mute. Anderson to leftie Dhawan, three slips and a fine gully. Swing both ways, better from Jimmy, but Dhawan still takes two, then three, through the leg side.


    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jonathan Hornby: Jimmy has fallen from grace a little over last year. Needs to take wickets this morning in favourable conditions on fave ground

    VillanUK: I can't see Broad doing anything else other than short pitching. I would have looked at Steven Finn today.

  230. 11:08: 
    Ind 13-0 (Vijay 12, Dhawan 1)

    Stuart Broad to share the new ball at his home ground, a Trent Bridge that is becalmed under warm sunshine. The left-handed Dhawan, dashing both with bat and moustache, is immediately away with a poke and scamper on the off side. Good from Broad, though, off stump and outside to Vijay.

    Phil Tufnell, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "They say the first over sets a tone for a Test series. It's not often you see Jimmy Anderson going for three fours. He'll know that he can get back to his line and length in his next over."

  232. 11:03: 
    Ind 12-0 (Vijay 12, Dhawan 0)

    There's a hint of grass on the wicket, so, though the sun is shining, you feel this first morning is the best time for pace bowling. After that, it could be flatter than the A50. Swing for Anderson, twice Vijay edges with soft hands past third slip for four. Already looking hacked off, Anderson goes wide of the crease and is bulleted through mid-wicket for four more. Trent Bridge, not full, doesn't know what to make of it.

    Trent Bridge pitch
    Phil Tufnell, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "England will need to get some early wickets against this very good India batting line-up."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  234. 11:00: 

    James Anderson has the ball, Murali Vijay is one strike with Shikhar Dhawan at the other end. Three slips and a gully. Let's play.

  235. 10:59: 

    So here we go. The players skip down the steps, through a tunnel of flag-waving children. The sky is mainly blue smattered by a few apologetic white clouds. Jerusalem plays, green and pleasant land, chariots of fire etc. You know the drill.

    India's Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay
  236. 10:56: 

    England: Alastair Cook (capt), Sam Robson, Gary Ballance, Ian Bell, Joe Root, Moeen Ali, Matt Prior (wk), Ben Stokes, Stuart Broad, Liam Plunkett, James Anderson.

    India: Murali Vijay, Shikhar Dhawan, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Ravindra Jadeja, Mahendra Dhoni (capt, wk), Stuart Binny, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Shami.

    England captain Alastair Cook and India skipper Mahendra Dhoni
    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Everyone in the England dressing room will have been hoping to bat first. Jimmy Anderson won't be talking to anyone now, he'll have his grumpy face on. Alastair Cook will be talking to the players, saying 'let's have them three down by lunch', but everyone will be hoping it's seven down."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  238. 10:55:  
    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    And, while you're secretly reading in the office/classroom, you may also have the opportunity to tune in (perhaps if you want the sack/detention, that is).

    If you're feeling daring, Test Match Special is on the air and can be heard on 5 live sports extra, Radio 4 Longwave, digital TVs and here online.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Matt Arnerich: Not sure what else Jordan could've done but see why Stokes is in. If Jordan sharpens his bowling they'll play together in time.

    Nick Strong: Totally unfair on Jordan. He has worked hard for England in place of Stokes, whose behaviour caused his injury.

    Ben: Woah...hugely unfair on Jordan. Admittedly I don't have an alternative solution but unfair all the same...

  240. 10:52: 
    Get involved

    Right then, are we up to speed. All a bit of a blur, no? Let me belatedly remind you of how to get involved. Three ways, as ever. Text 81111, tweet using the hashtag #bbccricket, or email tms@bbc.co.uk. We'll start with some looseners - predictions, thoughts on selection? Later on we'll move on to the big stuff. For example, how do they get the sticky labels on non-stick frying pans?

  241. 10:49: 

    England coach Peter Moores on lifting England after the agonising series defeat by Sri Lanka at Headingley: "You pick some battle scars up from a game like that. Hopefully they'll help you prepare."

    What about under-fire captain Alastair Cook? "He's OK. He's had a chance to do some work on his own game. He seems very focused, very driven."

    England captain Alastair Cook and coach Peter Moores
    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think if Cook scores runs and the Indians come out and play better than England and win I don't think that will have an effect. It's if he doesn't score runs that it will affect him and the captaincy might come into question."

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge

    "In 2011, India rocked up to England with an illustrious but ageing batting line-up and were thrashed 4-0. India's new-look top six is packed with talent but none of them has played a Test in England. How they fare in the swingers' paradise at Trent Bridge could hold the key to this match."

  244. 10:45: 

    And what about the tourists?

    The last time India were in England, some chaps named Tendulkar and Dravid were in their line-up. No more. The legends are gone, replaced by the likes of Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara.

    MS Dhoni, almost a father-figure these days, remains, the only batsman in the India side with serious experience of playing in England.

    Recently, India have not travelled well. They've not won away since 2011 and their last two series have been defeats in South Africa and New Zealand.

    India's Ravindra Jadeja, Mahendra Dhoni and Virat Kohli
  245. 10:43: 

    BBC Weather's Simon King: "Today the sunshine will last all day, it's tomorrow that will cause the headache. With the latest information we have it looks like the rain could stay to the east of Nottingham so we could get away with a dry day. Certainly it will be overcast and much cooler. For Friday and into the weekend there could be showers around."

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "These are the kind of decks you get overseas so it's actually better for England in the longer term to play on them, but when you have had a bad run as they have you want a bit of help with the pitch."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  247. 10:42: 

    And that lost toss means that Alastair Cook has a little while to think about his next knock. The skipper, remember, has gone 24 innings without a Test ton.

    If the pressure of that and successive series defeats wasn't enough, since the loss to Sri Lanka, Cook has had to put up with more criticism from Shane Warne.

    'I'm not quitting,' says the captain. Throw in Warne's broken hand at Lord's on Saturday, the spectre of Kevin Pietersen, plus Andrew Strauss's, erm, views on KP and this is a story that continues to rumble on.

    It will go away when Cook gets runs and England start winning.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Joshua Edwards: If we lose to Indian Sharma-less, with Jadeja as their front line spinner, and a debutant called Stuart Binny, I'm emigrating.

    Fenners: Mmm, lost toss, could be a long day in the field.....

  249. 10:37: 

    On that India team, Ravi Jadeja is going to bat at five, with seam-bowling all-rounder Stuart Binny at eight, followed by three front-line seamers.

    With England having Moeen Ali as their spin option, with Stokes and three pacemen, neither of these sides has picked a specialist spinner.

  250. 10:35: 

    England captain Alastair Cook: "It looks like it is swinging after a bit of overnight rain but it looks a very good wicket . The groundsman has done a great job to try and get some pace in the wicket.

    "It's a tough call on Chris Jordan but Ben Stokes has something very different and deserves his chance back in the team.

    ""It's going to be very much on a match-by-match basis, we'll see what happens after each match but the most important thing is winning each match we play."

  251. 10:34: 

    India captain MS Dhoni: "I think there is something for the faster bowlers but what we have seen in England is that it is more about the weather than the wicket. What will be important is to take one Test match at a time."

  252. 10:33: 
    India bat first

    "We'd have had a bat," says Alastair Cook, who takes comfort from the fact some overnight rain might make it a little spicy first up. England make one change from the Sri Lanka series, with Ben Stokes returning in place of Chris Jordan.

  253. 10:31: 
    India win the toss and bat

    "It's a good wicket," says the statesman MS Dhoni, who has called correctly. India give a Test debut to all-rounder Stuart Binny, with Ravi Jadeja getting the spinning nod over Ravi Ashwin.

    India captain Mahendra Dhoni wins the toss
    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It looks a real good surface, there might be a little bit of movement but nothing like what we are used to at Trent Bridge. It feels like the kind of day when there is a really big score out there."

  255. 10:30: 

    Lots to talk about in the build-up, not least the plight of Alastair Cook and an unfamiliar India side. First, though, we'll have a flick...

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge

    "Bright and breezy here at Trent Bridge and the pitch looks a belter. Forgive me for hitting you with some early stattage, but it's a good'un. If Ben Stokes gets the nod ahead of Chris Jordan today, it will be the first time England have fielded a team featuring nine Test centurions, with Liam Plunkett and James Anderson the odd men out.

    "It has only been done five times previously in Tests, by New Zealand against Australia in 2004-05, a World XI against Australia in 2005-06, South Africa against New Zealand in 2005-06 and India twice, versus Australia in 2007-08 and England in 2012-13. No team have ever fielded 10 centurions."

    England's Ben Stokes
  257. 10:29: 

    So what next? Well, next is today, and the beginning of a five-Test series against India.

    Three years ago, India's last visit, England had come off the back on the historic Ashes win down under and whitewashed the tourists to take their place at the top of the world rankings.

    Now, if India dish out a whitewash of revenge, England will slip to number seven in the world. Seven!

    England captain Alastair Cook and India skipper Mahendra Dhoni
  258. 10:27: 

    Yep, England's fall from 2013 Ashes winners to being unable to buy a win in a one-pound shop has been quite some slide down the mountain.

    After the fourth Test against the Aussies last summer, England were 3-0 up and three-time back-to-back Ashes victors.

    Since then, they have played eight Tests, losing six and drawing two.

    6-2. Only slightly better than 7-1.

  259. 10:25: 

    A fall from grace. A shocking capitulation. An embarrassment. No, more than that. Humiliation?

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Live Scores - England v India


  • England drew with India
  • England: 496 (144.5 overs)
  • India: 457 & 391-9 (123.0 overs)
  • Venue: Nottingham

India 2nd Innings

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Vijay c Prior b Moeen 52
Dhawan c and b Moeen 29
Pujara c Stokes b Plunkett 55
Kohli lbw b Broad 8
Rahane c Prior b Broad 24
Dhoni b Plunkett 11
Jadeja c Prior b Anderson 31
Binny lbw b Moeen 78
B Kumar not out 63
I Sharma c Prior b Cook 13
Shami not out 4
Extras 7nb 9b 7lb 23
Total for 9 391

India in England

India celebrate after winning the one-day series

Reports and scorecards from India's 2014 tour of England, which includes five Tests, five ODIs and a Twenty20 international.