England v India, second Test, Lord's, day five as it happened

England collapse to a 95-run defeat in the second Test at Lord's as India take a 1-0 lead in the series.

21 July 2014 Last updated at 09:39 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 15:40: 

    And speaking of a dismantling, that is what is happening to this live text commentary.

    We lurch on to Southampton, where England will look for redemption by the sea. Join us on Sunday if you can stomach it. Goodbye.

  2. 15:38: 

    There's a term in broadcasting known as the "de-rig", when all the equipment is dismantled after an outside broadcast. That is what is happening at Lord's right now. Presentation stage being taken apart, bats and pads stuffed into bags, plugs being pulled from sockets.

    As for England, the selectors will soon meet to decide how much of a de-rig this England team requires.

  3. 15:32: 
    India win by 95 runs - taking a 1-0 lead in the series

    England 223 all out (88.2 overs)

    Batsmen: Plunkett 7*

    Fall of wickets: 12-1 (Robson 7), 70-2 (Ballance 27), 71-3 (Bell 1), 72-4 (Cook 22), 173-5 (Moeen 39), 198-6 (Prior 12), 201-7 (Stokes 0), 201-8 (Root 66), 216-9 (Broad 8), 223-10 (Anderson 2)

    Bowling figures: Kumar 16-7-21-0, Shami 11-3-33-1, Ishant 23-6-74-7, Jadeja 32.2-7-53-1, Vijay 4-1-11-0, Dhawan 2-0-2-0

    Totals: India 295 & 342, England 319


    England's James Anderson
    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been a wonderful performance by India. That wicket before lunch was a real pick-me-up for India. If there was one period of the game which I will remember, it was when Ravindra Jadeja came out in a tricky position and attacked the England bowling. He whacked James Anderson and Stuart Broad and took the initiative away from them. He turned it all around."

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    Lee Abrahams: Cook effectively saying that England players can decide when to quit? Even if they're in woeful form? What an appalling policy.

  6. 15:27: 

    More from Moores: "Cookie isn't hiding, he knows he's under pressure. He wants to carry on and is up for the challenge. I think he's the right man for the job.

    "It's a new team. We are getting match-winning moments and we're not taking them.

    "Matt Prior had a tough first innings with the gloves and came back stronger in the second innings. He's had his issues physically, we need to check to see if he can still do the job.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Only Alastair Cook, his wife and family want him to remain as captain - nobody else. He's being stubborn and it's going to take six wild stallions to drag him out of that job. It's not about Alastair's feelings, it's about the England cricket team. He sees it as a sign of weakness to give it up. It's not - it's a sign of strength. He thinks it's all going to come right when he scores some runs. It's not."

  8. 15:25: 

    More from Peter Moores: "In this Test, the ball cost us more than the bat. Once we got them to bowl short, if we got them to do that for 30 or 40 minutes, the pressure would have been back on India. That didn't happen.

    "International cricket is about tough decisions. We'll talk in selection tomorrow. It's meant to be a tough environment.

    "We have to look at it, decide if what we're doing now is going to build. We are at the end of a cycle and we're trying to move to the future."

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was bad cricket by England after lunch. Before then, Joe Root and Moeen Ali played superbly - careful, sensible cricket and they nearly got to lunch by playing super. For some extraordinary reason, Dhoni pulled a rabbit out of the hat and got Ishant to bowl short and it worked for them. After lunch, they bounced England with the old ball and we played stupid cricket. Matt Prior is not in the best of form and he's hooking to three men on the boundary. Where are their brains?"

  10. 15:23: 

    England coach Peter Moores: "It was a tough Test for us because we got a pitch that was good for bowling and we didn't bowl well enough. Par was 220 in the first innings and they got more than that.

    "We have to look hard at the performance. We have areas where we can get better and we can't hide from that. In that first session, we didn't bowl well enough."

  11. 15:21: 

    India's Ishant Sharma, who took 7-74 in the England second innings: "We are going to enjoy this, then we go to Southampton where we will aim to play the same cricket that we played at Lord's and Nottingham."

    Ishant Sharma
    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Jez: I don't get it. There's no leadership left in the England side. So replace the leader. Even with 5 days to go. Otherwise the next test will be lost. Because India have purpose and they're strategically sound and tactically alert.

    Alastair: I have no axe to grind but exactly what do you have to do wrong not be the England captain? Anyone with any guts would make way and stop living in some egotistical dreamworld.

  13. 15:17: 

    More from England captain Cook: "It is a tough defeat at Lords, the home of cricket, and we have to give India a lot of credit. They outbowled and outbatted us and that's why they deserved to win.

    "In our last innings the pitch was tuning and bouncing, that evened it up a little. But it was a good toss to win and we didn't put ball in right areas enough first day, though India left very well, so they have to take a bit of credit for that."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Alastair Cook has spoken brilliantly. He's standing tall and refusing to buckle. It's brilliant from him. He has an inner steel, stronger than anyone else I've ever known. He's going to fight like hellfire to change it round. If Matt Prior was in the form he was in 18 months ago, he would be an obvious candidate to take over but he's in form as bad as Alastair."

  15. 15:14: 

    More from Alastair Cook, speaking to TMS: "We just can't seem to smash down the door and take our winning positions. The first thing we'll look at is the team but I'm not a selector. They are meeting tomorrow morning to decide."

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Edward Farrar: However great Ishant Sharma was, Bhuvi Kumar was by far the best player in both Tests so far. England's answer is to bring in the closest thing to him: Chris Woakes.

  17. 15:13: 

    More from Cook: "It is all up to Matt Prior. If Matt is up for carrying on playing for England - a fabulous player for England - then he has a place because I think he is best wicketkeeper-batter in the country. He has to earn the right to play for England like everyone else. He'll be hurting. But he is a fighter and you want people like that in your team."

  18. 15:11: 

    Cook has also just told Jonathan Agnew that he reads the BBC cricket correspondent's online column. I wonder if he ever has a read of the live text. Skipper, if you need someone to keep wicket in Southampton, I'm available.

  19. 15:10: 

    More from Alastair Cook, speaking to TMS: "I'm not trying to prove anyone wrong. When I was made England captain, I told my wife I would give it my all. If it's not to be, so be it but I believe the team needs me to lead them through this tough time. If it gets to the stage where my position becomes untenable, I will be honest to myself. To quit now, in the middle of the series, would be wrong. I'm desperate to try and turn this around."

    Alastair Cook
  20. 15:09: 
    Alastair Cook not resigning

    There was applause inside Lord's when Cook told the ground he would not be standing down. He also had support for Matt Prior, calling him the best keeper-batsman in the country. More applause. He's talking a lot about the end of the series, a sign he'll carry on until the end of the summer?

  21. 15:08: 

    Alastair Cook, speaking to TMS: "It's tough, it's been tough for a while now. We've had some fantastic times but now we're in the middle of the darkest times I've experienced. We've just got to front up: there are no excuses. It will need iron-will and skill to turn this around."

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    Stuart Foster: Defiant speech by Cook. I did predict it. He's make a good politician. Not that I'd vote for him.

    Jim Clack: Far too many excuses from Cook in post-match speech. Doesn't look great...

  23. 15:06: 
    Alastair Cook not resigning

    So, there you have it. Alastair Cook says he's not quitting and that the only way he'll stop being England captain is if the job is taken away from him. If the ECB want a new man, they have got to make the decision.

  24. 15:05: 

    More from Cook: "It gets harder and harder the more we don't win. It heaps it on me. Until I'm tapped on the shoulder, I'm desperate to turn it around. I'm here until the end of the summer.

    "I've got an inner steel, which I have to keep drawing on. I have to score some runs. A 10 and a 20 didn't seem a lot, but I hit the ball better."

  25. 15:03: 

    England captain Alastair Cook: "It's an issue with confidence, getting over that line. We are desperate to win for England. The longer that builds up, it is going to take a serious performance.

    "A lot of the standout performances have been from the younger players. The older guys aren't playing as well as their record suggests. I've got to start scoring runs as well."

  26. 15:01: 

    The presentation has begun. Match officials first. Referee David Boon gets a crate of lager. Alastair Cook, some boos from the India supporters...

    Alastair Cook
    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Paul Thornton: Embarrassing garbage, no backbone, no fight, no idea, absolutely clueless and rudderless- what can be done before the next Test?

    Tom: To everyone out there baying for blood, if we've learned one thing at all this year, it's that chopping and changing doesn't necessarily help.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Alastair Cook's mood seems good. I don't think he's going to do anything stupid. He is a very tough man and I think he'll carry on."

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    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Andrew Brookes: Let's go with this 'rejects XI' for the next Test and see how we do... Compton, Carberry, Taylor, Patel, Pietersen, Morgan, Buttler, Jordan, Sidebottom, Finn, Panesar.

  30. 14:57: 

    Remember how rosy it looked for England when the coin came down in their favour on Thursday morning? Green deck, four seamers, bowling day. Problem was, the pacers simply didn't get it right. The India total of 295 looked about 100 runs above par. From there, England were chasing the game.

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    Paddy Murphy: Every good captain has a 'go-to' guy, Cook hasn't had that, no one has stuck their hand up. The issue runs deeper than Cook.

    Geoff Naylor: Phil Tufnell says he's astounded by England's tactics, but this isn't tactics, it's chaos! No team, no plan and no captain!

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I hope Ajinkya Rahane gets the man-of-the-match award for the way he stood up, in really difficult circumstances, and got a century on the first day on the greenest-looking pitch I have ever seen."

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  33. 14:54: 

    India, by the way, have not won at Lord's since 1986. They have been carried to this win by Ishant Sharma, who has rampaged his way to 7-74, an inspired spell. But, for as brilliant as he was, England have been doubly horrendous.

    Rahul Dravid, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    "India played well, that's the most heartening thing. They had the most difficult periods of play to counter - it was not easy to bat on the first day. As for Ishant Sharma, it was one of the best fast-bowling displays from an Indian I have ever seen. It was the type of spell which wins Test matches."

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    India's Ishant Sharma
    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "India were the better team over the five days - they were better led and batted and bowled better. What was said in the England dressing room at lunch? To come out and play all those shots, it's absolutely ridiculous. It's as though Matt Prior came out thinking he was in the last-chance saloon and was going to hook every single ball. You can't do that in a Test match. Ben Stokes played a hook shot on a pair. It was pure panic - but why are they panicking?"

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  36. 14:53: 
    India lead series 1-0

    But congratulations must go to India. For as poor as England have been, India have adapted to conditions entirely alien to them and have won away for the first time in 16 Tests. They lead this series 1-0. On current form, how many of the England team would get in to India's?

  37. 14:51: 
    India win by 95 runs

    England lost their last six wickets for 50 runs. Five of those were to bouncers, the sixth an embarrassing run out. The next Test starts on Sunday in Southampton - what on Earth can be done between then and now?

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been absolutely pathetic from England. We've seen some collapses in the last year - against Australia, Sri Lanka and now India - but this is the worst of the lot. Something has got to change."

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  39. 14:48: 
    India win by 95 runs

    England lurch from one shambles to another. Is this worse than the winter? Does it matter? They won the toss on a green top but have been comprehensively outplayed. The India fans inside HQ chant with delight, Ishant Sharma, the destroyer, leads the victors off the pitch. England wait to shake hands in the shadows of the Long Room. For 10 Tests, they have been in the dark.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "How fitting, from India's perspective, that it's Ravindra Jadeja with a direct throw and hit to run out James Anderson. It's been a shambles from England."

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  41. 14:46: 
    WICKET - India win by 95 runs- Anderson run out 2 (Eng 223 all out)

    A fitting end to a lamentable collapse. James Anderson looks for a single that is never there. Sent back by Liam Plunkett, bowler Ravi Jadeja pins with a direct hit. India, after losing the toss in conditions so far from home they could have been on the moon, win by 95 runs.


    England's James Anderson
    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I can't believe what I've seen. The legacy of Mitchell Johnson lives on - we've seen five England batsmen bounced out by Indian bowlers. It's astonishing."

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  43. 14:42: 
    Eng 222-9 (target 319)

    Jimmy, a word of advice. This is going to be short. Slip, leg slip, short leg and silly point. I tell you what, some of the lads up the order could take notice of Anderson here. In behind it, defend. What's most baffling about the way England have perished to this bumper barrage is that it's a very crude tactic. Children are coached, that, if you don't try to hit it, it can't get you out. Anyway, one more over survived.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Ishant Sharma is the first Indian bowler to take a seven-wicket haul in England."

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  45. 14:37: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 219-9

    Ishant has taken all five wickets to fall today for figures of 7-71. Not one wicket has come from a length ball, everything has been short. James Anderson is England's last line of defence, cheered by the home fans but booed by the Indians. He watches on as Ravi Jadeja befuddles Liam Plunkett. "Oooowwwzzzaaattt!?!" Must be close...not given. Ooofff.

    Phil Tufnell, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's not as if Ishant has been pitching the odd one up - everything has been short and Stuart Broad ends up gloving it behind."

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  47. 14:31: 
    WICKET- Broad c Dhoni b Ishant 8 (Eng 216-9)

    Start the car. Stuart Broad has had no clue how to deal with the short ball and it was inevitable that he would perish to the rampaging Ishant Sharma. Round the wicket, leg side, glove through to Mahendra Dhoni. Only one wicket between England and a seventh defeat in 10 Tests.


    England's Stuart Broad
  48. 14:26: 
    Eng 212-8 (need 107 runs to win)

    Still Ravi Jadeja, still no sign of the new ball. Left-arm spin over the wicket to Plunkett, who has a dangerous dance in defence. One taken, MS Dhoni stands back to the left-handed Broad. That keeping technique might look village, but he's masterminding England's downfall here.

  49. 14:24: 

    England 209-8 (84 overs) - target 319

    Batsmen: Plunkett 2*, Broad 2*

    Fall of wickets: 12-1 (Robson 7), 70-2 (Ballance 27), 71-3 (Bell 1), 72-4 (Cook 22), 173-5 (Moeen 39), 198-6 (Prior 12), 201-7 (Stokes 0), 201-8 (Root 66)

    Bowling figures: Kumar 16-7-21-0, Shami 11-3-33-1, Ishant 21-6-67-6, Jadeja 30-7-47-1, Vijay 4-1-11-0, Dhawan 2-0-2-0

    Totals: India 295 & 342, England 319


  50. 14:22: 
    Eng 209-8 (Ishant 21-6-67-6)

    Ishant Sharma has the mane of a lion and he is roaring in here, looking to rip Stuart Broad limb from limb. Vicious short stuff has the left-hander hopping about, grateful to see one fly over his shoulder for four byes, then in behind it to sprint a single. Glum faces on the England balcony, partying India fans inside Lord's.

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    Peter Crompton: England have nil batting discipline. Absolutely thrown this away when they actually had a chance of victory. Appalling.

    Stewart Weir: Root, 66 - on the road to nowhere...

    England's Joe Root
  52. 14:16: 
    Eng 202-8 (Ind need 2 wkts)

    It's been like catching practice, the England batsmen obliging to pick out the fielders exactly. On playing his shot, Root dropped his bat in frustration. Maybe chuck it on the bonfire? A ceremonial kit burning in the dressing room? Liam Plunkett, a first-innings half century, joins Stuart Broad. England are two wickets from defeat.

    Phil Tufnell, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "England have come out after lunch with a hooking disease. India were worried so they came up with the very basic plan to bowl short and England have fallen into the trap. I'm actually astounded by England's tactics after lunch."

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  54. 14:12: 
    WICKET- Root 66 c Binny b Ishant 66 (Eng 201-8)

    This is unbelievable. Joe Root becomes the third England batsman since lunch to hole out trying to attack the short ball. The same plan from Ishant Sharma, the same result. Bouncer, hook, straight to Stuart Binny at long leg. Do these guys not watch what has been happening? They are like lemmings off the cliff. This Test match is done. Absolutely bewildering.


    England's Joe Root
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    Jordan Richards: Ben Stokes you are a first-class idiot!

    Felix Keith: Moronic batting... awful stuff from Prior and Stokes. Hook, line and sinker stuff from Sharma.

    Steve Mottershead: Why do England cricketers want to smash the cover off every ball, when they have four more hours to get 100 runs? Amateur.

  56. 14:11: 
    Five wickets for Ishant- Eng 201-7

    To remind you how well England were doing this morning, the bookies had actually made them favourites to win. Since the final ball before lunch, they have lost three wickets for 28 runs, all to the short ball, all to Ishant. Looking again, the length wasn't all of Stokes's problem, but the line too. It was way outside off stump. Stuart Broad the new man.

    India's Ishant Sharma
    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "That completes a pair for Ben Stokes. You could sense he was desperately waiting for that shot so he could smash it to the boundary and he just mis-hit straight into the air."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  58. 14:07: 
    WICKET- Stokes c Pujara b Ishant 0 (Eng 201-7)

    Words fail me. This is absolutely horrendous. Ben Stokes, on nought, on a pair, has just seen the way in which Matt Prior fell and copies it. It's short from Ishant Sharma, but not short enough. A pull, a top edge, high in the air to Cheteshwar Pujara. It's five wickets for Ishant, but quite brainless from Stokes. This Test looks done.


    England's Ben Stokes
    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Exactly as I predicted in the last over. When a man is continually taking it on, taking it on, he's going to mishit one. He hit it straight to deep midwicket. You have to doff your cap to MS Dhoni for holding his nerve. Matt Prior was definitely second best in that battle of minds."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    England's Matt Prior
  60. 14:04: 
    Eng 199-6 (target 319)

    I'm in no way calling for Prior to go, but you can very easily imagine a scenario where Jos Buttler makes his Test debut in Southampton. In the context of the game, it's doubly poor in the sense that Prior was going well just before the new ball is due. In fact, it is due, but not taken. Ben Stokes, unable to buy a run, is the new man, being spun a web by Ravi Jadeja. Either side of lunch, this match has turned once more.

  61. 13:58: 
    WICKET- Prior c Vijay b Ishant 12 (Eng 198-6)

    If that is the last act of Matt Prior's Test career, then it is a great shame. When shots like this come off, you look good, but when they don't, you look very, very silly. The trap is set, Ishant Sharma may as well shout to Prior that this will be short. For a time, it's fine, hooks and pulls for singles. Then round the wicket, hook in the air, straight to Murali Vijay, one of three men on the leg-side fence. Prior is distraught. That might, just might, be the last time he bats in Test cricket.


    England's Matt Prior
    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Joe Root is like a puppy sometimes: very excitable and he hasn't quite managed to curb his exuberance."

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  63. 13:53: 
    Eng 193-5 (Root 62, Prior 10)

    MS Dhoni has had enough of the short-bowling nonsense, asking Ravi Jadeja to apply the brakes before the new ball. Round the wicket, loopy, looking for turn down the slope. Root defends a maiden. Lord's, not full but a reasonable crowd, is a little rowdy.

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    Jim Kavanagh: If Cook needs to be dropped or to take a break, then who is the best captain in county cricket?

  65. 13:51: 
    Eng 193-5

    I'm trying to think of every name I've heard mentioned as a potential replacement for Cook. In no particular order...Ian Bell, Kevin Pietersen, Joe Root, Stuart Broad, James Anderson, Matt Prior, Chris Read, James Foster, Ravi Bopara (honestly), Eoin Morgan, Chris Woakes (seriously), Varun Chopra, James Vince, Andrew Gale, Daryl Mitchell. There's more I've forgotten too. Does the lack of a standout candidate show the mess that English cricket is in right now?

  66. 13:50: 
    Eng 193-5 (need 126 runs to win)

    Just as Ravi Jadeja did yesterday, England are counter-punching. Prior biffs Ishant Sharma through the covers for four, with a little yes-no almost getting the England pair in trouble from a Root hook. Steady on. Prior again, hooking in front of square, four more. Twenty added since lunch, two overs until the new cherry.

    England's Matt Prior
    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Joe Root rolled his wrists, Douglas Jardine-style, to pick up that first boundary behind square."

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  68. 13:44: 
    Eng 183-5 (target 319)

    Mohammed Shami in the afternoon sunshine. Bit of leg theory, testing Joe Root with the short ball. Joseph not sure, flinching, then looking better with a hook for a single. Now, Matt Prior, do you need runs to save your Test career? Steady, flappy hook, then a single. Yet more short stuff, Root swivelling on a pull for four. Not once, but twice. "Roooooottt."

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    James Cumberland: Surely the example of Graeme Smith becoming South Africa captain aged 22 shows that Joe Root is not necessarily too young or too inexperienced for the job?

  70. 13:38: 

    But, decisions over the captain must wait for a little while yet. There is still a Test to be won/lost/drawn/tied. England suffered that hammer blow of losing Moeen Ali just before lunch. Joe Root, batting like a prince, is 52 not out, now joined by Matt Prior. There are four overs until the new ball is due.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Alan Woods: Just hurry up and knock 'em off, I've got an under-15s match tonight.

  72. 13:35: 

    Thanks, Higgy. Great debate on TMS on England and their captain. Just one point from me. After this series, England do not have another Test match until next April. If they somehow get through the summer with Cook in charge, could he then leave the one-day job to a Morgan or Broad and come back firing next spring? I'm just throwing it out there.

    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    Mike Selvey: "All I hear about Joe Root leads me to believe he can do the job, but not yet. There's an argument to say Ian Bell, Matt Prior and Stuart Broad shouldn't be captain, so, by default, Cook might stay."

    England's Joe Root
    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    John Etheridge: "There are three parts. He's not an instinctive captain. His form and confidence with the bat has crumbled. Results, they aren't winning. I don't think he'll be sacked, but it's conceivable he might fall on his sword."

    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    Stephen Brenkley: "I'm a great advocate of Cook. He won a series in India, albeit with the help of Pietersen. However, England have not won for nine matches. Winning today would cloud the issue. England are not winning matches, he is not getting runs. If you don't so something about the captain, you can't do anything about the rest of the team."

  76. 13:27: 

    The maths are simple now: England need another 146 runs to win from a minimum of 60 overs. India? They need just five wickets. Who is on top? It's anyone's game now - and here's Stephan Shemilt to take you through it all.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Andy Sykes: So what should the batting order be from here? My vote is Plunkett, Anderson, Prior, Stokes and Broad.

    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    The Sun's John Etheridge: "I'd be quite surprised if Jos Buttler doesn't play in Southampton."

    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    The Independent's Stephen Brenkley: "I have a theory that, if you can't do anything with the captain, how can you do anything with anyone else? I think Matt Prior isn't as fit as he should be. I'm worried about his wicketkeeping as much as his batting."

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Adam Runnalls: 80 for Jimmy leaves the others to scrape 60 odd runs together. Simples. It's in the bag.

    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    Mike Selvey: "They picked this spine of Cook, Bell, Prior, Broad and Anderson to hold it together. Cook is an issue, but it's masking the fact that these players haven't performed for him. Not one has stood up for him."

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    Kevin Nir: Isn't that the second time Moeen has been bounced out not looking at the ball this series?

    England's Moeen Ali
    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "For all the problems with the batting, it's a bigger worry that the seamers of Sri Lanka and India have outbowled England."

    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    The Guardian's Mike Selvey: "Here we are, at lunchtime on the fifth day, with the match still in the balance. I don't think there's anyone who could say this has been a bad pitch."

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Martin Hurst: With the new ball due, why not reverse the rest of the batting order? Surely if a couple of wickets with the new ball are inevitable anyway, we are better off with our weaker batsmen being the ones to get out to leave our more skilful batsmen to survive when the ball is a bit older?

    With that theory in mind, some might suggest England keep the same batting order to protect the Burnley Lara!

  86. 13:15: 
    Cook out, Morgan in?

    In case you missed it earlier, former England captain Michael Vaughan has called for Alastair Cook to be removed as skipper of the national team and replaced by Eoin Morgan. Read the full story here.

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    Alex Hardy: This team will crumble after lunch. No back bone.

    Paul B: Well that's put me off me lunch.

    Daniel Gravestock: Surely I'm not the only person who saw that wicket coming? Classic England!

    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    There's an interesting debate starting up on Test Match Special, with Jonathan Agnew joined on the Press Panel by Stephen Brenkley, Mike Selvey and John Etheridge. Listen in on Radio 5 live Sports Extra, Radio 4 longwave, online, or via the BBC Sport and BBC Radio apps. Overseas? Follow this link.

    Mike Selvey, John Etheridge and Stephen Brenkley
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jon Dunn: The 4 D's: Dodge, Duck, Dip or Dive! Anything but take your eyes off it.

    Joe Garside: Make or break now for Matt Prior. Could be a career-defining innings. If he doesn't get a score could be his last game.

    Mattie Bagnall: New ball coming up for India. They have to be favourites after that wicket now.

  90. 13:07: 

    What a huge blow that is to England's chances of winning this Test. They still have batting to come, although the recent form of Matt Prior and Ben Stokes doesn't excite. Maybe it will be left to Jimmy Anderson to win the game for England?

  91. 13:05: 
    Lunch scorecard

    England 173-5 (76 overs) - target 319

    Batsmen: Root 52*

    Fall of wickets: 12-1 (Robson 7), 70-2 (Ballance 27), 71-3 (Bell 1), 72-4 (Cook 22), 173-5 (Moeen 39)

    Bowling figures: Kumar 16-7-21-0, Shami 10-3-23-1, Ishant 17-6-47-3, Jadeja 27-6-45-1, Vijay 4-1-11-0, Dhawan 2-0-2-0

    Totals: India 295 & 342, England 319


    England's Joe Root and Moeen Ali
    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "England have to be positive. If you'd have told them at the start of the day that they'd only lose one wicket in the morning, they'd have ripped your hand off. But, it will still take an almighty effort. If England are to win, Joe Root has to get a hundred."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special

    "The balance has switched to India at the very last moment. Moeen will be feeling miserable as he heads through the Long Room."

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Brilliant from MS Dhoni to come up with his theory just before lunch. It's been a brilliant session for England until then. It's a huge moment. It's brutal bowling."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  95. 13:01: 
    WICKET- Moeen c Pujara b Ishant 39 (Eng 173-5)

    Moeen, Moeen, Moeen! Keep your eyes on the ball!

    Ishant Sharma, who troubled Joe Root with a couple of sharp bouncers in the final over before lunch, directs one at the throat of Moeen Ali who turns his head, trying to duck out of the way, and the ball hits his glove to present a simple catch to Che Pujara at short leg.


    England's Moeen Ali
    Email tms@bbc.co.uk- Cricketing superstitions

    Sam: My current club captain insists on buying and wearing a brand new pair of socks before every game...odd chap.

    Matthew: All of the players at Uffington CC have the superstition that we must play on a Sunday with hangovers.

  97. 12:54: 
    Eng 172-4 (target 319)

    Moeen Ali is joining in the fun now, bringing up the hundred partnership, from 262 balls, with a lofted chip shot over midwicket for two. There are some worried expressions on the faces of the Indians now.

    Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special

    "What a splendid over and a terrific performance. It's been siege warfare this morning, but Root has broken it. That was three body blows to India, convincing strokes."

  99. 12:52: 
    FIFTY FOR JOE ROOT- Eng 170-4

    Lord's is alive to the sound of 'Roooooooot'.

    England's bright young thing reaches the fifth half-century of his Test career with three absolutely exquisite drives thought the off side - one down the ground, one through extra cover and one through point. Ishant Sharma doesn't know where to bowl to him and is frustrated as Root trades singles with Moeen Ali to complete the over. Game on!

    England's Joe Root
    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Jadeja, round the wicket to Root, hasn't looked that effective. There's been nothing that's gone past the outside edge."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  101. 12:46: 
    Eng 156-4 (target 319)

    Ravindra Jadeja is getting through some work today as he comes round the wicket to Joe Root, who plays back to take a single to backward square. Whether on the back foot or the front foot, Root has looked in total control today.

  102. 12:43: 
    OUCH!- Eng 155-4 (Root 37, Moeen 36)

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar extracts enough lift from the surface to pin Joe Root on the finger. It's a stinger too - the batsman calling for the physio to come on between overs with some tape and magic spray. Or maybe he just needs a plaster? It's not affecting his batting though as he again gets forward and pushes a single into the covers.

    Text 81111

    Martin C in Leeds: Firstly you pick the best XI and from that you pick your captain. As England are not picking their best line-up they're already up against it. Talk of Bell, Morgan, Read et al is nonsense. The ECB have made their decision to go for a so called vibrant, youthful team so they should stick with it. Personally, if they can bring back Moores, bring back Kevin Pietersen as well, captaincy didn't affect his performance. Quite the reverse.

  104. 12:37: 
    Eng 154-4 (target 319)

    Just when it looked like England were in more serene waters, Moeen Ali twice comes close to flicking up catches to the two close fielders on the leg side. The right-handed Joe Root is much more confident against the left-arm spin of Ravindra Jadeja as he punches a couple of singles into the off side.

    England's Joe Root
    Rahul Dravid, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    On giving up the India captaincy: "I just felt I wasn't enjoying it as much as I felt I should. If you want to be captain of your country, you deserve to get up every morning wanting to do it."

    Listen overseas to Test Match Special commentary

  106. 12:34: 
    Eng 151-4 (Root 35, Moeen 35)

    Moeen Ali will become an overnight hero if he follows up his Headingley heroics with a match-winning knock here at Lord's. Is he future captaincy material? He's certainly a batsman of rare class as he pounces on a fraction of width from Bhuvneshwar Kumar and caresses four through backward square.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk- Cricketing superstitions

    Richard: In one of our memorable years in the Sheffield Cricket league our opening bowler insisted on playing a compilation of Harry Secombe songs to fire himself up on the way to the game. Hasten to add he was travelling alone by early June.

  108. 12:31: 
    Eng 147-4 (target 319)

    Joe Root is certainly having time to perfect his forward defensive. Maiden over from Ravi Jadeja.

    Text 81111

    Jack in London: If Cook were to resign the captaincy the only realistic option would be to give it to Bell. He has experience if captaining Warwickshire but it's not like his form has been good either and he has always been regarded as not quite the right kind of character to captain England. With him as the only viable alternative the ECB will stick with Cook for as long as they can.

  110. 12:29: 
    Eng 147-4 (Root 35, Moeen 31)

    Jonathan Agnew might be right there - India will begin to worry if England get to within 120 runs of victory with six wickets still intact. Bhuvneshwar Kumar sends down another maiden as Moeen Ali continually picks out the fielder with drives both sides of the wicket.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "What's the point at which the pressure starts to move on to the Indians? Another 50 runs?"

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  112. 12:26: 
    Eng 147-4 (target 319)

    The Trent Bridge pitch for the first Test might have received plenty of criticism - but this Lord's deck has been a cracker. It started off helping the seamers, has always been good to bat on if the batsmen showed the right application and now it's taking a bit of spin. Ravindra Jadeja is still working away at the rough outside Moeen Ali's off stump, and the left-hander responds by getting to the pitch of the ball and pushing a single to mid-off.

  113. 12:22: 
    Scorecard update

    England 146-4 (66 overs) - target 319

    Batsmen: Root 35*, Moeen 30*

    Fall of wickets: 12-1 (Robson 7), 70-2 (Ballance 27), 71-3 (Bell 1), 72-4 (Cook 22)

    Bowling figures: Kumar 13-6-16-0, Shami 10-3-23-1, Ishant 15-5-33-2, Jadeja 22-5-38-1, Vijay 4-1-11-0, Dhawan 2-0-2-0

    Totals: India 295 & 342, England 319


    England's Joe Root
  114. 12:22: 
    Eng 146-4 (Root 35, Moeen 30)

    How often in the last few years have we heard commentators imploring England's batsmen to get on the front foot? Well Joe Root shows some nifty footwork as he dances down the wicket to Bhuvneshwar Kumar and caresses the ball through extra cover for four.

  115. 12:19: 
    Eng 142-4 (target 319)

    MS Dhoni is keeping us all on our toes. He's standing up to opening bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar and standing back to Ravindra Jadeja. Work that one out! Meanwhile, he has positioned two or three slips - defending on the bowler - and pushes the rest of his field back to protect the boundaries. One more run to Joe Root.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk- Cricketing superstitions

    Liam Hicks: We were talking about this during a match last weekend; one player always has a bacon sandwich the morning before a league game, our keeper has to put his left glove on first and I always tie my shoelaces again before coming on to bowl!

  117. 12:16: 
    Eng 141-4 (Root 30, Moeen 30)

    It's lunchtime for some spectators at Lord's and the cameraman picks out a sun-visor-wearing gentleman who has a paper serviette tucked down his shirt while eating a platter of sandwiches off a tray on his knee. All eventualities covered there.

    This match is just bobbing along at the moment - neither side willing to truly take a risk. As a result, we're restricted to just another Joe Root single.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jordan: As great as Eoin Morgan seems, I'm not sure he's fared well (this year) standing in as limited-overs England captain?

    TheApe: Cook is on the edge of the plank, Root is still learning his trade, give Prior the captaincy in the meantime? Bell seems lost?

    Tom Ritchie: Suggestions of promoting players not currently in setup to captain are simply unrealistic. Root if any change at all.

  119. 12:10: 
    Eng 140-4 (target 319)

    A lengthy drinks break, lots of standing around. The stubbled Shami to the bearded Moeen, off-stump line, quiet stuff. Moeen leaving, then not quite timing the ball when he leans forward to drive. An alarm-free maiden.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Except for an odd low ball and the occasional play and miss, mainly by Moeen, England have scored runs. Everyone has settled down. The dressing room will feel good. They will be thinking they can bat on this. They won't be thinking they can win, they won't think that until tea time."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  121. 12:03: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 140-4 (Root 29, Moeen 30)

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar is giving little away as he sends down another maiden over. His figures are pretty impressive: 11-6-11-0. Miserly. Time for drinks.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    John Slevin: Totally agree with Michael Vaughan. Morgan is scoring runs again for Middlesex, has captaincy experience at one-day and T20 level and would bring some va va voom to the team with his batting . Vaughan is right - it cannot get any worse.

    Eoin Morgan
  123. 11:59: 
    Eng 140-4 (target 319)

    It's one of those days if you're an England fan, isn't it? You daren't move from your seat in case it induces a wicket and you daren't suggest that this is going OK for fear of tempting fate.

    Let's have some of your cricketing superstitions. When I was playing junior cricket on a Sunday morning, I somehow got it into my head that we lost if I didn't have Honey Nut Loops before the game. By the end of the season, the whole dressing room was eating them and we almost won the league. That bowl of corn flakes earlier in the campaign cost us the title.

    Anyway, back to more pressing matters, and Joe Root continues to look impressive as he pushes three move through the covers. Textbook. I wonder what he had for breakfast?

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think England have a chance, but India have a better chance. A big factor will be the new ball, which will come just after lunch. If they can get a couple with the new ball, it makes it a lot easier. There's nothing to worry you in the bowling."

    Listen overseas to Test Match Special commentary

  125. 11:53: 
    Eng 137-4 (Root 26, Moeen 30)

    Adam Lyth (below) is a decent shout for a call-up, Reggie. But so is Alex Lees. Maybe we should just select Yorkshire players? How are David Byas and Richard Blakey playing these days?

    The run-rate has almost ground to a halt now, save Joe Root's single to backward square leg. England won't mind though. They are still in there and battling.

    Yorkshire's Adam Lyth
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Gordon Derricourt: The focus on Cook's batting & captaincy has allowed other persistent no-shows (such as Bell) to blunder along under the radar.

    Reggie Thomas: Still no talk of Adam Lyth getting a go in the Test side? Another ton last week & 1000 runs already.

    The Angry Dog: Cook is on a hiding to nothing. If England win it will be despite him, lose it will be because of him. Gotta feel for the guy.

  127. 11:49: 
    Eng 136-4 (target 319)

    Why has it taken MS Dhoni 45 minutes to get Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohammed Shami into the bowling attack this morning?Shami, who is the tourists' quickest bowler, hustles to the crease and is given maximum respect by the two England batsmen. One leg bye from the over.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "The more I see these occasional off-spinners bowling, the more daft it seems to have left Ashwin out. Dhawan bowls absolute rubbish, as badly as he has batted in this series."

  129. 11:44: 
    Eng 135-4 (Root 25, Moeen 30)

    Finally, India chuck the cherry to their best bowler, Bhuvneshwar Kumar. He instantly slips into his 78mph, land-the-ball-on-a-sixpence groove. Moeen Ali is watchful - giving very little away with his facial expressions as he calmly plays the ball back and then stands waiting patiently for the next delivery. Six dots.

    Text 81111

    Herbie in Leeds: Send Cook back to county cricket. Wonder if the ECB can push for him to get loaned out to a Division One side to score some runs?

  131. 11:40: 
    Eng 135-4 (target 319)

    Up on the England balcony, Alastair Cook has a smile on his face as he sits alongside assistant coach Paul Farbrace. There are four of them in total, all huddled on one bench, while adjacent to them Peter Moores sits alone. The only player I've seen sitting next to the boss is Joe Root. Teacher's pet.

    Part-time offie Shikhar Dhawan is given a chuck and is a little frustrated when MS Dhoni misses one and the ball runs away for four byes. Why haven't we seen Bhuvneshwar Kumar or Mohammed Shami yet?

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "This pair are doing well. Ishant has bowled OK, but Jadeja has trundled up, not spinning it. If India get complacent, they won't win. These two England batsmen are getting in."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  133. 11:36: 
    Eng 130-4 (Root 25, Moeen 29)

    Three slips stand in position, waiting to gobble up anything that pops up from Joe Root's outside edge. However, the right-hander is middling them nicely at the moment as he eases three through midwicket before Moeen Ali returns him the strike with a single. Batting looks much easier against the seamers.

    England's Joe Root
  134. 11:32: 
    Eng 126-4 (target 319)

    Ravindra Jadeja is rattling through his overs this morning - there's no chance India will close the day with three or four not bowled like England have done in previous days. Just two from it.

    India's Ravindra Jadeja
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Christian Stewart: Chris Read ought to be given the gloves and captaincy. Leadership is a separate skill that needs experience. Root Vice-Capt.

    Mark Spencer: James Foster to captain and keep for England...simple solution to two problems.

    Sir David Carter: Shows lack of strategic leadership thinking within the ECB with no obvious succession for a captain, spinner or wicket keeper.

  136. 11:30: 
    Eng 124-4 (Root 22, Moeen 28)

    Those who have followed this match closely will know we've been slightly concerned about a rather large, vintage chap who has been caught dozing on four consecutive days by the television cameras. Well, good news... he's fine - and awake! He's just asking the fella sat next to him what's been happening. India were 10-0 in the first innings when he dropped off.

    Out in the middle, it's another probing over from Ishant Sharma who is taken for four runs - three of them via another beautiful cover drive from Moeen Ali.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Dan Miles: I'd give the captaincy to Jimmy. He's a legend of English cricket, he's the most respected man in the dressing room. He has the fire in his belly. And this might be the thing that can get another 10% out of him.

  138. 11:25: 
    Eng 120-4 (target 319)

    Joe Root, dare I say it, looks in fairly decent nick today and he takes another easy single to square leg. India don't mind that though because it gives Ravindra Jadeja five balls to bowl at Moeen Ali, who survives despite the all-rounder firing the ball into the rough with dart-like accuracy.

    Text 81111

    Alan in London: This is a young side that has to be given a chance to develop. We need a captain and a spinner. Captain has to come from the existing team if Cook continues to fail and we have to come up with something to develop a spinner. Other than that we're in good shape.

  140. 11:20: 
    Eng 119-4 (Ishant 13-5-25-2)

    Ishant Sharma has rediscovered his mojo on this track as he bowls a tight line and length and twice almost snaffles Joe Root. First there's a play and miss from the right-hander, before the young Yorkie edges to Shikhar Dhawan at first slip but the ball drops just short of the close catcher who appears to be standing further back than second and third slip. A reprieve for Root, who ends the over by opening the face and guiding three down to third man.

    India's Shikhar Dhawan
    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Iain: To what extent is the lamentable form of Messrs Bell and Prior adding to the pressure on Alastair Cook? Bell, for example, has scored only 397 runs at 28 since last year's home Ashes series. This seems to have been overlooked in the clamour for the captain's resignation.

  142. 11:16: 
    Eng 116-4 (Root 17, Moeen 23)

    We're not quite in one man and his dog territory at Lord's today, but there are plenty of open spaces in the stands. Why not let the kids in for free? Such is the lack of numbers in the stands, the stump microphones are picking up every little thing that is going on in the middle, which is very little for now. Joe Root, sitting back in his crease, shaves one more run from the target with a gentle push into the leg side.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mayur Rao: Think Eoin Morgan should be in the starting XI along with Bopara and Buttler/Read to replace Prior.

    Peter: Chris Read as keeper & captain; 2 birds, 1 stone.

    Chris Wilson: Vaughan is talking nonsense, Morgan is no Test cricketer and Ali is no opener. Root could captain, but Cook stays as opener.

  144. 11:12: 
    Eng 115-4 (target 319)

    Excellent, pro-active running between the wickets by Joe Root and Moeen Ali brings the former a quick single before the latter edges Ishant Sharma through the slips for four. The ball died before it reached second slip, but it is a little reminder of Ishant's danger.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    George Painter: If Morgan is the man they turn to, will he politely ask what KP's availability is?

    Benjamin Edmonds: I'd give it to Root, could be the next Graeme Smith. Would also rather see us lose chasing than block all day.

    Stuart Foster: I predict a defiant speech from Cook when England lose today and no changes for the third Test.

  146. 11:09: 
    Eng 110-4 (target 319)

    Joe Root's name has popped up once or twice in discussions about the next England captain, but surely it's better to let him develop his game first? The young Yorkshireman guides a single to point before Moeen uses his feet to negate the spin which Ravindra Jadeja is getting outside the left-hander's off stump.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I went out for dinner with Stuart Broad last night and returned in a taxi. The driver was saying '30 quid to go to watch at Lord's tomorrow, they're rubbish!' All of this time, Stuart was sitting in the front seat. The driver then asked if he was my son. 'No,' I said. 'That's Stuart Broad.'

  148. 11:06: 
    Eng 109-4 (Root 14, Moeen 19)

    Moeen Ali enjoyed a fair bit of luck late last night, having survived three strong lbw appeals, and he's being attacked from round the wicket by Ishant Sharma who gets the wicketkeeper and slips excited with one which rips past the outside edge. I suspect there are going to be lots of theatrical appeals today - especially if England show any sign at all of digging in. After all, if they do somehow manage to bat out the day - they will most probably win.

    Moeen scores the first runs of the morning with a beautiful cover drive - the type of which is graceful enough to adorn the front cover of any high-brow cricket book.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Peter Moores has been given a bad pass. Andy Flower went. So did Graeme Swann, Jonathan Trott and Kevin Pietersen. Flower has left the cricket team in a horrible position and the likes of Alastair Cook, Peter Moores and Paul Downton are having to pick up the pieces."

    Alastair Cook and Peter Moores
  150. 11:01: 
    Eng 105-4 (target 319)

    Slow left-armer Ravindra Jadeja gets us under way, having admitted last night that he's not purposefully trying to spin the ball - he claims he is just trying to land the cherry in the rough as fast as he can and then he's banking on the pitch to do the rest. It's working for him so far as Joe Root plays back a maiden.

  151. 10:59: 

    Former India captain Sourav Ganguly, looking rather distinguished in his blue blazer, rings the bell at Lord's and the players enter their arena. Let's play.

    Sourav Ganguly
  152. 10:55: 
    Aggers' view

    If India do complete victory today, BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew believes it will be one of their greatest victories considering they were asked to bat first on a green seamer which, incidentally, is more of a Bunsen burner now.

    "India have answered every question England have asked of them," writes Agnew in his BBC Sport column. "They have played the perfect match for the conditions.

    "The most galling thing for England is that they have been outplayed by India on a pitch that was made to order. That is a damning indictment of this team."

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I know the mind of a captain when he's going through what Cook is. When it becomes desperate, it's gone too far. For him, he would be better out of this pressure zone. If we take him away, he might have six or seven years opening the batting for England, 13,000 Test runs."

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    So there you have it... Michael Vaughan reckons Eoin Morgan should be brought into the England team as captain. Do you agree, or have you got other names to throw into the hat? What must be done to get this England team winning again?

    I'm sure you've all got some strong views, so share them with us. Usual drill: send us a tweet via #bbccricket, a text to 81111 or email tms@bbc.co.uk.

    Alec Stewart, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "For the good of Alastair Cook and for the good of English cricket, something has to be done. To be honest, we won't miss his captaincy but we will miss his runs at the top of the order. I still want Alastair Cook to play for another six, eight, 10 years, and we have to find a way of him getting runs again. However he believes he will regain the form as a captain, that has to be the priority."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Alastair Cook moving aside is the medicine English cricket needs to take. I'm going to go radical, bring Eoin Morgan in to bat at six and captain. Push everyone up and give Cook a break. It can't be any worse. I'd let Moeen Ali open the batting."

    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    Test Match Special is on the air from Lord's and can be heard on Radio 5 live Sports Extra, Radio 4 longwave, online, or via the BBC Sport and BBC Radio apps. Overseas? Follow this link.

    The team are currently discussing the England captaincy, and have some pretty radical ideas...

  158. 10:48: 
    In Moeen England trust
    Moeen Ali

    England do retain some hope of winning today and are drawing parallels to the final day of the second Test against Sri Lanka when they came within two balls of saving the match after beginning on 57-5. The hero that day? Moeen Ali, who scored a superb maiden Test century.

    And it's Moeen and Joe Root who England will be banking on to score the majority of their runs today.

    "We've got two people at the crease who are fighters, want to get stuck in and value their wickets," said assistant coach Paul Farbrace. "We've also got people to come in who can strike the ball, so we've got to believe.

    "After all, when we turned up at Headingley on that fifth day not many people would have given us a chance of still batting at 7pm. We've done it once and there's no reason why we can't do it again."

  159. 10:46: 

    Here is the state of play heading into this fifth day...

    England 105-4 (46 overs) - target 319

    Batsmen: Root 14*, Moeen 15*

    Fall of wickets: 12-1 (Robson 7), 70-2 (Ballance 27), 71-3 (Bell 1), 72-4 (Cook 22)

    Bowling figures: Kumar 8-4-10-0, Shami 7-1-20-1, Ishant 10-5-13-2, Jadeja 16-4-32-1, Vijay 4-1-11-0, Dhawan 1-0-1-0

    Totals: India 295 & 342, England 319


    India's Ravindra Jadeja
    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Lord's

    "So who's got a funny feeling about today then? Any optimists out there reckon England can pull off a miraculous comeback reminiscent of Liverpool in Istanbul or Europe's Ryder Cup team in Medinah? If so, I'm not sure the England coaching staff share your faith. My first sight on entering the ground this morning was Peter Moores and Paul Farbrace taking it in turns to give throwdowns to Ian Bell, one of the four England batsmen already back in the hutch. A sign they are already thinking ahead to the next Test and the urgent need to get one of their star batsmen back into form?"

  161. 10:45: 

    The stats make for some pretty damning reading. If England, as expected, lose today they will extend their winless run to 10 Tests - and all this against an India team who have not won a single Test overseas since 2011. Yep, that was the year when England completed an Ashes victory in Australia. Those were the days...

  162. 10:41: 

    Yep, it's hard to sugar-coat this one. After winning the toss on the opening morning on a pitch which looked as green and mean to Indian batsmen as the Incredible Hulk, England have somehow managed to wake up on day five on 105-4 in pursuit of an unlikely 319 for victory.

  163. 10:40: 
    England staring at defeat
    Alastair Cook

    It can't get any worse for the England cricket team, can it? Well, I'm afraid it most probably can.

    All of a sudden, former head coach Andy Flower's parting words are beginning to resonate: "Things will get worse before they get better".

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Live Scores - England v India


  • India beat England by 95 runs
  • England: 319 & 223 (88.2 overs)
  • India: 295 & 342 (103.1 overs)
  • Venue: Lord's

England 2nd Innings

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Robson lbw b Jadeja 7
Cook c Dhoni b I Sharma 22
Ballance c Dhoni b Shami 27
Bell b I Sharma 1
Root c Binny b I Sharma 66
Moeen c Pujara b I Sharma 39
Prior c Vijay b I Sharma 12
Stokes c Pujara b I Sharma 0
Broad c Dhoni b I Sharma 8
Plunkett not out 7
Anderson run out (Jadeja) 2
Extras 2nb 1w 13b 16lb 32
Total all out 223

India in England

India celebrate after winning the one-day series

Reports and scorecards from India's 2014 tour of England, which includes five Tests, five ODIs and a Twenty20 international.