England v India: Fourth Test, Old Trafford, day one as it happened

Live text and Test Match Special commentary as England reach 113-3 at the close after bowling India out for 152 on day one at Old Trafford.

7 August 2014 Last updated at 09:26 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 19:20: 

    And that's where we'll leave it. In a Test series of subplots, England have taken advantage of the script written by Dhoni to take charge of this fourth Test.

    Can they ram home the advantage tomorrow? Join us to find out. Goodbye.

  2. 19:18: 

    England's day? You betcha. Alastair Cook said he wanted to bat this morning, but, in all honesty, it was a good toss to lose. He'll be going to sleep thanking Mahendra Dhoni for the chance to bowl this morning.

  3. 19:17: 

    More from England paceman Stuart Broad: "I wanted to challenge the front foot without giving away easy drives, that's how the partnership with Jimmy works as we can bowl different lengths. A bit like Gough and Caddick used to do with different heights, different trajectories. I've never been a perfect swing bowler, I won't swing it like Jimmy will. The knee's fine, though it's a bit easier when you have four or five days between the Test match and only have to bowl 12 overs. It was disappointing losing Gary Ballance late on but you'd take being 39 short with seven wickets in hand."

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Because there is some rain around in a couple of days, the best thing for England is that they get runs but also get bowled out. That means they get a chance to bowl tomorrow night and then on Saturday. I'd bury India before any rain comes."

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  5. 19:16: 

    But the home side remain in a strong position at the close, 113-2, only 39 behind. Set for a 2-1 lead in this series? Maybe the weather will have a say in that.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Sam Robson's problem is off stump. Opening batsmen at international level... their most important area is that area outside off stump on a good length. You have to make decisions whether you are going to play at the ball or not, play forward or back - you have to be on top of your judgement. He's been getting out caught at slip and now he's got out leaving it. He's got a problem and the selectors will be watching him. Is he going to get better? There are better bowlers to come when England play Australia and then South Africa next year. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't play in the final Test at The Oval."

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  7. 19:14: 

    India needed wickets and, when Sam Robson shouldered arms to Kumar and Alastair Cook hooked Varun Aaron to fine leg, England were wobbling on 36-2. A twist? Snuffed out by Gary Ballance and Ian Bell, a stand of 77. Only the late loss of Ballance, lbw to Aaron, took some gloss off England's day.

  8. 19:13: 

    England paceman Stuart Broad on Sky Sports: "A brilliant day, we're in an extremely strong position. I was a bit disappointed when we lost the toss, but we got lucky with the overheads which made a big difference in the first hour- every ball was nickable. Then when the sun came out it got less difficult for batting. A danger on bouncy wickets like Perth is that you bowl too short, but we wanted to get them on the front foot and credit has to go to the catchers behind the wicket."

  9. 19:12: 

    Broad, though, would return to mop up the tail. Dhoni and Ashwin hole out, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Pankaj Singh clean bowled. Broad finishes with 6-25, Anderson 3-46, Chris Jordan 1-27. India fall in a heap to 152.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Chris Woakes and Chris Jordan were not as good as James Anderson and Stuart Broad. The pressure went off. They didn't have the pace, discipline, knowledge or experience. I'm not convinced Chris Woakes is a Test-match bowler, he's a good county player. Jordan can bowl but he bowled too many wide balls today."

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  11. 19:10: 

    There was bound to be some resistance and it came from the man who put India in that position, captain Dhoni. Aided by the lifting clouds and the appearance of back-up bowlers Chris Woakes and Chris Jordan, Dhoni at least dragged his team to respectability. His 71 was supported by Ajinkya Rahane's 24 and 40 from R Ashwin.

  12. 19:08: 

    With a new ball under grey skies and on a damp pitch, England were rampant. James Anderson and Stuart Broad irrepressible, the scorecard unbelievable. Full, swing, edge, out. One, two, three, four. Gautam Gambhir, Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli. India 8-4. Surreal.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "England turned the corner with some splendid cricket and some good luck at Southampton. Again, things went England's way here today. MS Dhoni, daft as a brush, batted first when he won the toss under dark skies. He gave all the initiative to England and they thought Christmas had come early. Some of James Anderson's deliveries were unplayable."

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  14. 19:06: 

    A long day, no? Doesn't it seem an age ago that the rain delayed the start and MS Dhoni opted to bat on winning the toss? I wonder if he'll be listening to Cher tonight? "If I could turn back time..."

  15. 19:04: 
    Close of play scorecard

    England 113-3 (35 overs)

    Batsmen: Bell 45*, Jordan 0*

    Fall of wickets: 21-1 (Robson 6), 36-2 (Cook 17), 3-113 (Ballance 37)

    Bowling figures: Kumar 9-4-17-1, Pankaj 11-1-50-0, Aaron 8-2-26-2, Ashwin 7-0-16-0.

    India first innings: 152 (Dhoni 71, Broad 6-25)


    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Ian Bell has timed the ball beautifully, played positively and enjoyed himself. It's disappointing that England lost Gary Ballance, but all they want now is plenty of sunshine. Stuart Broad's 6-25 is slightly flattering - James Anderson bowled the best deliveries of the day. England hold most of the cards now."

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  17. 19:00: 
    Close of play- Eng 113-3

    One more left alone by Chris Jordan, with Marais Erasmus removing the bails to tell us that is all for the day. After the late loss of Gary Ballance, England close on 113-3, but that isn't the story. A wonderful display with the ball saw India bundled out for 152. England are only 39 behind.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Chris Jordan is a gifted nightwatchman - the type who, if he stays in, makes you want to get to the ground on time the next day."

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  19. 19:00: 
    Eng 113-3 (Aaron 7.5-1-26-2)

    Chris Jordan is sent in as nightwatchman, probably only to face the rest of this over - this might be the last one. The field converges - three slips, leg slip, short leg. Two balls left alone by Jordan, perhaps only one more to come...

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's hit him on the knee roll from around the wicket - there was an umpire's call element on impact, but that's good enough. As a cricketer, you look at it and think 'that's out. And an interesting choice of night-watchman - Chris Jordan. If he's still in overnight, you'll want to get in on time tomorrow."

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  21. 18:56: 
    WICKET- Ballance lbw Aaron 37 (Ind 113-3)

    India strike before the close! Varun Aaron angles one it to the pads of Gary Ballance and, on first look, it's absolutely stone dead. Round the wicket, hitting on the line of off stump, knocking over middle. What a time for India to snaffle Ballance, right on the close.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "They're not convinced - Gary Ballance's instincts were correct. It's interesting we could see the mark on the pitch from the ball on Hot Spot. I think it was an innocent, optimistic appeal from Ashwin."

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  23. 18:52: 
    NOT OUT- Eng 112-2

    It doesn't take long to see that this has bounced. No blame to Ashwin for appealing, diving in the dirt, there's no way he could tell if that was grounded or not. That's what the umpires are there for.

  24. 18:51: 
    Third umpire- Eng 112-2

    Now, from nowhere, R Ashwin thinks he's got Gary Ballance. Straight drive, the diving Ashwin taking the ball and claiming the catch. Ashwin appeals, but no one else does. We'll have another look...

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    Ed Reynolds: As a student, the '05 series ignited my passion for Test Cricket but ironically since it has been too expensive to go. Shame.

  26. 18:49: 
    Eng 112-2 (Ballance 36, Bell 45)

    A drop of sweat falls from Ian Bell's helmet as he waits for Varun Aaron, who shines the ball on the back of his left thigh before slinging it down outside the off stump. Bell, playing for the close, watches it go past and into the gloves of MS Dhoni.

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    Angry Man: Why isn't anyone mentioning Jason Roy? Brilliant in all three forms this year.

    Jon Dunn: Imagine Ballance's average if he didn't keep being unjustly given out.

  28. 18:44: 
    Eng 112-2 (trail by 40)

    Ian Bell is looking to play R Ashwin with the spin, working the ball into the gap at mid on and taking a single. Ashwin is a slightly trickier proposition for leftie Ballance, what with the ball spinning away from him. Gloom overhead, touch of turn for Ashwin, Ballance unsuccessful in working the ball to leg.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Ian Bell and Gary Ballance are getting to know each other as the summer goes on - learning how to bat together. It's coming together for them."

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  30. 18:41: 
    Eng 111-2 (partnership 74)

    What larks are to be had here? In the stands, Elvis is having his picture taken with Bananaman. Have those two ever been in the same place at the same time before? Varun Aaron recalled to the attack in place of the luckless (and wicketless) Pankaj Singh, throwing his hands in the air when Ballance is beaten. That shadow from the Point is creeping ever closer and could be on the wicket by the close.

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    Phill Nicholls: Ian Bell comes in steadies the ship and scores runs, for me he is the best England batsman of the last decade.

  32. 18:35: 
    Eng 105-2 (Ballance 33, Bell 43)

    Still Ashwin, looking for some joy from Ballance, who seems to revel in silently working bowlers into the ground. Round the wicket, forward to defend, repeat. Who blinks first? The bowler, single worked to leg.

    Alison Mitchell, BBC Test Match Special
    India's Pankaj Singh

    "Pankaj Singh would give some of the weightlifters I've just seen at the Commonwealth Games a run for their money."

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  34. 18:31: 
    Eng 103-2 (trail by 48)

    We're heading in to overtime. Once the clock strikes 18:30, we'll be past where we should have been knocking off before that morning rain. Old Trafford is glorious, bathed in evening sunshine. England, having been given the advantage of perfect conditions for bowling, are now cashing in before bedtime. Pankaj wide, Ian Bell playing a trademark late cut for four.

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    Face: At risk of putting the mockers on him, Gary Ballance is absolute mustard.

    Ben Samson: Unfortunately, Carbs just didn't cut it. Even when given extra chances he fluffed his lines. Compo!

  36. 18:27: 
    Eng 98-2 (Ballance 32, Bell 38)

    Ashwin to Ballance, the ball landing in the squat shadow cast by short leg, or the long, thin line cast by one of the floodlights. Not much in the way of spin, just a single taken. From looking wobbly at 36-2, England are sprinting away again to win this day by miles.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It seems that England are scoring a high percentage of their runs in boundaries - 66 out of 96. There's been some beautiful timing from Gary Ballance, and we all know what Ian Bell can do."

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  38. 18:24: 
    Eng 96-2 (trail by 56)

    It was Adrian Mole who wrote a poem about his "wait, wait, wait for the giro". Pankaj Singh continue to wait, wait, wait for a wicket. He's begging Marias Erasmus for a positive decision when Ian Bell is pinned on the pads, arms out, pleading for mercy. Caesar Erasmus gives it the thumbs down. To add insult, Bell then drives for four. There's a big part of me that would like to see him get a wicket, if only to see how he'll celebrate.

  39. 18:20: 
    Scorecard update
    India celebrate a wicket

    England 90-2 (26 overs)

    Batsmen: Ballance 31*, Bell 31*

    Fall of wickets: 21-1 (Robson 6), 36-2 (Cook 17)

    Bowling figures: Kumar 9-4-17-1, Pankaj 9-1-39-0, Aaron 5-0-20-1, Ashwin 3-0-11-0.

    India first innings: 152 (Dhoni 71, Broad 6-25)


  40. 18:19: 
    Eng 90-2 (partnership 54)

    Shadows are long now, lying right across the wicket as Ashwin attempts to dislocate his elbows in twirling his off-breaks down. Single to Bell, with ballance taking up the rest of the over. Where might England be at the close? Twenty or so behind?

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    Si Lomas: Don't know why Old Trafford doesn't get more Tests, we historically perform well here and it's the most 'sporting' Test pitch.

  42. 18:17: 
    Eng 89-2 (trail by 63)

    Pankaj still stomping in to Ballance, who has half his face in sunshine and the other in the shade of his helmet. When Pankaj angles the ball in, Ballance gets across to wristily whip through midwicket for four. Adjusting his line, Pankaj is too wide, allowing Ballance to play the shot of the day, a liquid chocolate cover drive. Right now, Gary Ballance's Test average is up to 65.90.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Bernard Townson: Re: strange days of Test cricket. Sir Geoffrey is still the only player ever to bat on all five days of a Test in which there was a result.

    Actually, four of the eight men to bat on all five days of a Test have done in in a "result" match - Geoffrey Boycott, Allan Lamb, Adrian Griffith and Andrew Flintoff. It's been done in drawn games by Motganhalli Jaisimha, Kim Hughes, Ravi Shastri and Alviro Petersen.

  44. 18:11: 
    Eng 81-2 (partnership 45)

    In-out field for Ashwin, who is over the wicket to Bell and round to Ballance. Singles on offer. OT as loud as at any point in the day, some lager-induced singing. Has anyone ever done any research into the direct correlation between crowd noise and lager drunk during a day's cricket?

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    Andy Harris: Robson is clearly not good enough technically. All this talk about Compton, Hales et al, what did Carberry do wrong?

  46. 18:09: 
    Eng 79-2 (trail by 73)

    Pankaj, all whirring arms and legs, is round the wicket to leftie Ballance, hoping to feed two grabbers in the slips. Too wide, Ballance not interested in playing. Under blue sky and in evening sunshine, it's starting to look very good for batting.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Colin: Every armchair expert wants to drop a player. They all have a favourite who should replace the wanting individual. If only transitioning from county cricket was so straightforward. Doing well at county level might get a player selected, but will he be able to step up?

  48. 18:04: 
    Eng 79-2 (Ballance 22, Bell 29)
    England's Ian Bell hits a six

    With England building some momentum, we see spin for the first time in the match and Ravi Ashwin for the first time in the series. Ashwin, the action of a man trying to escape a pair of handcuffs, has not played a Test match since December as is greeted by the dancing feet of Ian Bell. Pendulum-swing of the bat, six of the best back over the bowler's head.

    Sunil Gavaskar, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    "India need to think about repositioning their slip catchers because they are conceding too many boundaries. They need men in catching positions, but they don't want England to get close to their score before the close of play."

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  50. 18:00: 
    Eng 71-2 (partnership 35)

    England are just riding the storm here, soaking up the good balls, scoring from the bad. When Pankaj overpitches, Gary Ballance leans forward to drive straight. When Pankaj drops short, Ballance leans back to cut. Front foot, back foot, boundaries. In all that has been going on around the England team, Ballance has established himself as a prolific number three. It's hard to remember a more impressive run at the start of an England batsman's career.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Will: I agree that one of the reasons for low crowds is the high ticket prices - £58 for the basic seats at Southampton, for example. I bought tickets in advance for the first day, and I would quite likely have gone on other days (and paid on entrance) if the prices had been £25 or so. The crazy scheduling hasn't helped - matches seem to start on all kinds of odd days. Grounds need to operate supply and demand.

  52. 17:56: 
    Eng 63-2 (trail by 89)
    England's Ian Bell

    The shadow cast by the Point is starting to creep across the ground, encroaching on where third man would be standing. Aaron, pacy but inconsistent, twice drops short to find out that Ian Bell is decent on the hook and pull. Back-to-back boundaries. There's little more than an hour left in the day, but 23 overs to go. We'll be losing some of them.

  53. 17:51: 
    Eng 54-2 (Ballance 13, Bell 13)

    The hulking Pankaj Singh, chest the size of a truck on legs made of cocktail sticks, replaces Bhuvneshwar Kumar and continues his search for a first Test wicket. Wicket or not, his bowling is is in keeping with what has been a good spell for India. Good length, mixed in with the occasional hostile short ball. Ah, that's spoiled it, too wide and cut for four by Ian Bell.

  54. 17:44: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 50-2
    Gary Ballance

    Varun Aaron has played only 19 first-class matches before this one. He's just 24 too, but his facial hair gives him an older look. The pace is consistently in the high-80s now, with the ball being pushed across left-hander Gary Ballance. Ballance knows a thing or two about pace - he was clonked on the head by Mitchell Johnson is Sydney - and plays an outrageous bottom-hand flick through mid-on for four. Think about that over a drink, Varun.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    John Jenkins: It may be of interest to you that Moeen Ali is the first player to receive an England Test cap who has more vowels than consonants in both his surname and his first name. Many have come close (Joe Root, Adam Hollioake, Ronnie Irani) but Moeen is the first and only to achieve this feat.

  56. 17:39: 
    Eng 46-2 (Ballance 9, Bell 9)

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the sorcerer, slips in with his untucked shirt flapping up his back. Three slips, gully, man on the drive for Bell, who watches the away-swingers and jams down on the in-swinger. When Kumar dishes up that rarest of delicacies - a bad ball - Bell is quickly swivelling to pull for four.

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    Adam Lyth

    Tyler: Surely if they drop Sam Robson, Adam Lyth should take his place? Alex Hales hasn't excelled in first-class cricket yet, Lyth is consistent.

    Peter Crompton: Robson not ready for Test cricket. Ballance, however, looks like he's been playing Test cricket all his life.

  58. 17:35: 
    Eng 42-2 (trail by 110)

    I know I'm hardly sticking my neck out when he's bowling late outswingers at 88mph, but Varun Aaron looks like he's got something. As well as the movement, his bumper is vicious. The Barmys are getting more vocal as the sun disappears once more, with Bell just about getting his bat around his pad on time to take one on the leg side. On the England balcony, Joe Root waits under a cap. Why the need for a cap? Surely it's one more thing to deal with before you head for the middle?

  59. 17:31: 
    Scorecard update

    England 40-2 (15 overs)

    Batsmen: Ballance 9*, Bell 4*

    Fall of wickets: 21-1 (Robson 6), 36-2 (Cook 17)

    Bowling figures: Kumar 8-4-13-1, Pankaj 5-0-19-0, Aaron 2-0-5-1.

    India first innings: 152 (Dhoni 71, Broad 6-25)


  60. 17:30: 
    Eng 40-2 (Ballance 9, Bell 4)

    This is a tricky little spell for England. There's a possible hour and half left in the day, so India will feel there's time for two or three more wickets to drag them right back in to this game. Having said that, England could also be 100-2 by the close and well on top. Already we've had 12 wickets in the day. We've spoken about strange scorelines, but what about strange days of Test cricket? Didn't England v West Indies at Lord's in 2000 have a part of all four innings on one day?

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Ben Sutton: So Robson fails again and it's Nick Compton all over again. Do we stick or twist? Let him try and find his feet or get rid and start again with someone like Hales? I'd stick with him, never liked all this chopping and changing the opening partnership after a new guy has a couple of low scores. Give him until the end of the series at least and then maybe think of making a change.

  62. 17:25: 
    Eng 40-2 (Aaron 2-0-5-1)

    The question is, can you criticise a batsman for falling to a shot that earns him so many runs? As Geoffrey rightly points out, Alastair Cook is a good puller and hooker - he did so at Southampton last week. If he put those shots in the locker, you'd be taking away from his game. However, that was the first bumper Aaron had bowled to him. We know he's quick. Maybe wait and have a look? Bizarrely, new man Ian Bell is hooking, and missing, at his first ball. England getting excited by the pace? Bell off the mark with a clip off his toes for four.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "When he's in good nick, Alastair Cook is a good puller - but that ball got a little higher than that. It's difficult to get over it and keep it down."

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  64. 17:19: 
    WICKET- Cook c Pankaj b Aaron 17 (Eng 36-1)
    Alastair Cook

    Oh, captain, what have you done? Whichever way you look at it, this looks poor from Alastair Cook. We said Varun Aaron had the pace to make things happen and he's persuaded Cook to play a loose hook shot, top edging straight to Pankaj Singh at long leg. And I mean, straight to him. If Cook hadn't got those runs at Southampton last week, he'd be heading straight to the gallows.


  65. 17:19: 
    Eng 36-1 (Kumar 7-3-13-1)

    Slightly gloomy again, the slippery Kumar causing trouble outside Ballance's off stump. To play, or not to play, that is the question. A spot of Hamlet in the live text, sort of. Ballance is crabby, shuffling across to play Kumar off the back foot. Now, Gary Ballance has more Test runs than I'll ever have, so I'm sure he has the upper hand when it comes to batting knowledge, but, I'd like to see him on the front foot.

  66. 17:16:  
    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    The "Ask the Umpire" session with John Holder from lunchtime is now available on the TMS podcast page - while you can read more from John, including his view of the James Anderson/Ravindra Jadeja clash, on the BBC Sport website.

  67. 17:14: 
    Eng 34-1 (Cook 17, Ballance 9)

    Now then, Varun Aaron, a man we're told bowls with good gas, is in to the attack for the first time. As the Barmy Army makes itself heard, the strapping Aaron is already bowling with wheels - 87mph. Aaron, stubbled, charges towards the old pavilion and beats Alastair Cook for pace, a full ball screaming past the stumps. Nearly 89mph. Occasionally wayward - one ball is called wide - Aaron does look like he could make things happen.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Andy Kirk: If Jonathan Trott is able to get himself healthy and motivated to reignite his Test career I would love to see Ballance move up to open with Cook. They seem to really enjoy batting together - and Trott, Bell, Root in the middle order is a very strong line-up!

  69. 17:09: 
    Eng 33-1 (trail by 119)

    Warm sunshine - bright enough to cast lengthy shadows - as Gary Ballance, never without a sleeveless sweater - drives Bhuvneshwar Kumar iron-straight for four. Kumar, all double-jointed wrists - is still getting the ball to wobble, despite the disappearance of the clouds that made batting so treacherous this morning.

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    Ben Samson: I've heard Vaughny banging on that Robson's got something about him.. Shame it's not his off stump.

    Stuart Paterson: Surely Alex Hales deserves a chance. I thought he should have been given the opening slot ahead of Compton.

  71. 17:05: 
    Eng 26-1 (Cook 16, Ballance 3)

    Looking at the replays, Bhuvneshwar Kumar did get that one to swing back in sharply but Sam Robson will be devastated to be dismissed in such fashion. Gary Ballance replaces him at the crease, and the left-hander gets off the mark with three through mid-wicket. The skipper, Alastair Cook, is then rapped on the pads by Pankaj Singh but the appeal, while exuberant, was never really going to be upheld.

    Anyway, that's enough from me. Here's Stephan Shemilt - never one to leave alone outside off stump - to take you through to the close.

  72. 17:01: 
    Scorecard update

    England 21-1 (9 overs)

    Batsmen: Cook 15*, Ballance 0*

    Fall of wickets: 21-1 (Robson 6)

    Bowling figures: Kumar 5-2-6-1, Pankaj 4-0-15-0.

    India first innings: 152 (Dhoni 71, Broad 6-25)


    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "When the bowlers are fresh, the best bowlers are on, you have to be so good at judgement around outside off stump. Play or leave? Practise and practise. That's where Robson has a problem. I wouldn't change his technique, but his judgement is at fault."

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  74. 16:58: 
    WICKET- Robson b Kumar 6 (Eng 21-1)
    Bhuvneshwar Kumar celebrates dismissing Sam Robson

    Sam Robson's cluttered mind is clear for all to see as he shoulders arms to one which nips back in and has his timbers rearranged. With three slips, a gully and a man on the drive, Robson's determination not to hit through the off side costs him his wicket as he leaves a straight one.


  75. 16:55: 
    Eng 21-0 (trail by 131)

    Nice from Sam Robson as he rides a shortish ball and takes a single into the off side before Alastair Cook repels Pankaj Singh's new line of attack from round the wicket. One from the over.

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "It looks like the party is officially over in the party stand as one of the beach ball offenders is led away by stewards, much to the dismay of Kermit the Frog and his fellow fancy-dressed brigade."

  77. 16:51: 
    Eng 20-0 (Cook 15, Robson 5)

    The afternoon alcohol is beginning to take effect as the Old Trafford crowd finds its voice. The England fans certainly have plenty to sing about, but there is a brief moment of silence as Alastair Cook chases a wide one from Bhuvneshwar Kumar and is lucky not to get an edge. Maiden over.

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    David Wilson: Strangely, of the 4 times there has been 6 ducks in one innings, this is the first time it has happened to the touring side.

  79. 16:47: 
    Eng 20-0 (trail by 132)

    Pankaj Singh can't afford to pitch the ball up with Alastair Cook stood so far out of his crease - the England skipper's bat coming down as straight as a die and dispatching the ball back past the bowler for four.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Dhoni could have gone across with that right hand. He left it for first slip. When you've got the gloves on, you have to go for everything. I would have been terrible, a kamikaze keeper, diving across third slip."

  81. 16:42: 
    Eng 15-0 (Cook 10, Robson 5)
    Sam Robson

    Sam Robson's off-stump deficiencies rear their ugly head once again as he twice edges Bhuvneshwar Kumar towards the slips - the first one running away for four, the second dropping short of first slip with MS Dhoni stood leaden-footed next to him.

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    Joe Church: Another 'pressure-off' situation for some Jos Buttler fireworks? I think we'll see tomorrow!

    Jimbo: Watching Robson open the batting makes me realise I was far to quick to judge Nick Compton surplus to requirements.

  83. 16:38: 
    Eng 11-0 (trail by 141)

    Tall, almost top-heavy, Pankaj Singh muscles to the delivery crease and is again dropped for a single by Alastair Cook. Sam Robson is finally off the mark with one into the leg side as the bowler's line strays. The skipper makes it four from the over with a couple into the leg side.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Paul Hannaford: Robson seems to work 90% of his shots through square leg and as a result gets into great difficulties outside off stump particularly to the moving or swinging ball. Not good for a Test opener. Against better seam attacks than this we will be found out.

  85. 16:33: 
    Eng 7-0 (Cook 7, Robson 0)

    Alastair Cook keeps the fielders on their toes by helping himself to another leg-side single. It's looking a little more forced for Sam Robson, who is battling against himself as the Indian bowlers dangle the carrot outside off stump. Do. not. nibble.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Dhoni has got so few runs on the board, but he has to attack. He needs wickets."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    If you're looking to listen to TMS overseas, follow this link - it's not available in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh.

  87. 16:29: 
    Eng 6-0 (trail by 146)

    Pankaj Singh, who endured some rotten luck in his wicketless debut in the last Test, shares the new nut and Alastair Cook welcomes him to Manchester with a firm punch down the ground for four. The bowler gets one to angle past the outside edge before Cook retains the strike by tipping a single into the leg side.

  88. 16:25: 
    Eng 1-0 (Cook 1, Robson 0)

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar will relish these swinging conditions, but he's got very little to play with. It's like going into the boxing ring with one arm tied behind your back. He instantly begins to hoop the ball around, but Alastair Cook gets to the pitch and squeezes a single into the leg side.

    Sam Robson is beaten all ends up by a jaffa with the first ball he faces. Realising he needs to negate the swinging delivery, he tentatively pushes forward to the next couple of deliveries. Tentative being the key word.

  89. 16:20: 
    Alastair Cook walks out

    It's time for England to try and ram home their advantage. The pitch is good, the skies are blue, India are deflated.

    Alastair Cook and Sam Robson... the stage is yours.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    John Andrews: An embarrassing capitulation by the Indian batsmen. Dhoni and Ashwin stood up, but the rest should be ashamed.

  91. 16:12: 

    Just joining us? Wondering what you've missed? The entire India first innings...

    After the start was delayed by 30 minutes because of rain, MS Dhoni won the toss and elected to bat first. He then padded up half an hour later as James Anderson and Stuart Broad took two wickets each to reduce India to 8-4. Despite the skipper digging in for 71, his team had no chance from that position and India were eventually skittled for 152 just before tea.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Matt: Crowd doesn't look that bad to me. Must be 15,000 plus in today, and near sell-out for next 2 days. It's hardly the same as England playing in front of empty stands at Headingley and the Rose Bowl this summer.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "England know if they have a good final session here, they should be able to boss this game."

  94. 16:06: 

    What a superb bowling performance by England. They dismissed six Indian batsmen for ducks - the joint-most in Test history. It has happened three times before - Pakistan against West Indies at Karachi in 1980, South Africa versus India at Ahmedabad in 1996 and Bangladesh against West Indies in 2002.

    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialJoin the debate at #bbccricket

    On Twitter: During the tea interval we'll be talking to England bowler Kate Cross & Commonwealth hockey silver medalists Giselle Ansley & Sarah Haycroft.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special
    Stuart Broad celebrates his six wickets

    "Stuart Broad has bowled well, but sometimes the figures don't always reflect who has been the danger man. The last three came quite easily. Anderson has probably looked the most dangerous of the lot. England are in a terrific position. There's nothing wrong with the pitch."

  97. 16:02: 

    India 152 all out (43 overs)

    Batsman: Aaron 1*

    Fall of wickets: 8-1 (Gambhir 4), 8-2 (Vijay 0), 8-3 (Kohli 0), 8-4 (Pujara 0), 62-5 (Rahane 24), 63-6 (Jadeja 0), 129-7 (Ashwin 40), 137-8 (Kumar 0), 152-9 (Dhoni 71), 152-10 (Pankaj 0)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 14-3-49-3, Broad 13.4-6-25-6, Woakes 10-1-43-0, Jordan 9-4-27-1.


  98. 16:02: 

    Job done, England head off for tea. India are bowled out for 152 in just 46.4 overs, after electing to bat first under the leaden Old Trafford skies.

  99. 16:01: 
    WICKET- Pankaj b Broad 0 (Ind 152 all out)
    Stuart Broad celebrates bowling Pankaj Singh

    Full, fast, straight... out! Pankaj Singh, batting like a true number 11, backs away and is bowled by Stuart Broad. Six wickets for the big man.


    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "That could have gone anywhere, there was only one man on that leg-side boundary. Dhoni premeditated, but skimmed a catch straight to Jordan. It's a terrific innings from Dhoni. Without him, India would be entirely out of this match."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    If you're looking to listen to TMS overseas, follow this link - it's not available in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh

  101. 15:58: 
    WICKET- Dhoni c Jordan b Broad 71 (Ind 152-9)
    Mahendra Dhoni

    High fives for Stuart Broad as he gets himself up on the Old Trafford honours board. MS Dhoni tries to heave the tall fast bowler over mid-wicket, but drags it to Chris Jordan at deep square leg.


    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Dhoni is starting to farm the strike, maybe taking a boundary off an early ball in the over. England are looking a little predictable. Dhoni is picking up runs and not letting the bowlers have a go at Aaron."

    Ind 152-8 (Dhoni 71, Aaron 1)

    Go hard or go home. MS Dhoni chooses the former as he slashes hard - very hard - outside off stump and benefits from four over the slip cordon. There's a bit more finesse about his next boundary though, as he leans on a wayward Chris Jordan delivery and helps himself to four through mid-wicket. Trying to hook a bumper out of the ground, MS Dhoni gloves one onto his helmet and the ball drops just short of the slip cordon. Jordan was too quick there. Nine from the over.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    James Terry: This seems to be a pond of a batting display by India… it's full of ducks!

  105. 15:51: 
    Ind 143-8 (45 overs)
    Varun Aaron

    India's number 10 Varun Aaron averages 16 in first-class cricket and, by hook or by crook, he gets a single to put MS Dhoni onto strike and the skipper carves Stuart Broad over point for four more, before a short ball is guided round the corner for a single which allows Dhoni to retain the strike.

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "Some humourless stewards have confiscated the beach ball in the party stand, but an inflatable banana that has so far gone unnoticed is thrust aloft to celebrate Broad's latest wicket."

  107. 15:46: 
    Ind 137-8 (Dhoni 57, Aaron 0)

    Will this pitch look as flat as a pancake when England get their turn on it? Chris Jordan is bending his back now - tempting MS Dhoni with some short stuff which sails through to the wicketkeeper. Maiden over.

  108. 15:41: 
    Scorecard update

    India 137-8 (43 overs)

    Batsmen: Dhoni 57*, Aaron 0*

    Fall of wickets: 8-1 (Gambhir 4), 8-2 (Vijay 0), 8-3 (Kohli 0), 8-4 (Pujara 0), 62-5 (Rahane 24), 63-6 (Jadeja 0), 129-7 (Ashwin 40), 137-8 (Kumar 0)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 14-3-49-3, Broad 12-6-19-4, Woakes 10-1-43-0, Jordan 7-3-18-1.


  109. 15:41: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 137-8

    Stuart Broad is desperate to get on that Old Trafford honours board, almost pleading for his fifth wicket when he gets one to rap Varun Aaron on the back pad. Not out, says the umpire. Incidentally, the record for the most ducks in an innings is six (on three separate occasions). India currently have five.

    Sunil Gavaskar, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    "This has come back in. Kumar was only half forward and did not realise until very late that it was coming back. He went to leave it and could only watch it bowl him."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  111. 15:36: 
    WICKET- Kumar b Broad 0 (Ind 137-8)

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar is left a little red-faced as he shoulders arms and Stuart Broad gets one to nip back in and take the top of off and middle stump.


    Sunil Gavaskar, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    "It's a captain's innings. It was his call to bat first an he came in after the top order fell to some superb bowling. It was up to him to put his hand up and it's been a very fine half century."

    If you're looking to listen to TMS overseas, follow this link - it's not available in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh.

    FIFTY FOR MS DHONI- Ind 137-7 (Dhoni 53, Kumar 0)
    Mahendra Dhoni

    The skipper is standing tall for India here - creaming Chris Woakes for four through the covers to bring up his 32nd Test fifty in his 87th Test. Four more follow through gully, but he's fighting a one-man battle at the moment. Not even Rambo, who I'm sure would relish playing a Dhoni-like helicopter shot, could win this one.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket- Boycott's chat show

    Rob Wilson: Why stop at a chat show? He should have his own channel with news, chat, sitcoms, soaps (EastRidingers anyone?)

    Mike Bell: Geoffrey Boycott chat show? Would have to be "Knowing Me Knowing Me".

  115. 15:31: 
    Ind 129-7 (Broad 11-4-19-3)

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who scored three half centuries in his first four innings of the series, is sent out to try and repair the damage and he can only watch as the ball whistles past his outside edge. Stuart Broad has his tail up again.

    Sunil Gavaskar, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    "It cramped him for room, trying to half-pull, half-hook. Ashwin didn't look like he was trying to hit it on the ground, but there was two fielders there so he has fallen in to the trap. He has done his job, because India were in danger of being dismissed for under 100."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  117. 15:27: 
    WICKET- Ashwin c Robson b Broad 40 (Ind 129-7)
    Sam Robson takes a catch

    Got him! Stuart Broad cramps the batsman for room and Ravichandran Ashwin pulls a ball which is too short for such shots and Sam Robson takes a good catch running in from deep square leg.


  118. 15:26: 
    Ind 129-6 (Woakes 9-1-35-0)

    Tall, thick-set and dismissive of anything short, Ravichandran Ashwin clatters Chris Woakes through the off side for four and continues his run-a-ball assault with three more lofted runs into the covers.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Ed N: Having regularly paid £90 for 80 minutes for an England international at Twickenham, £90 to see England v Australia last summer at Lords seemed surprisingly good value.

    Simon, Hove: I was expecting huge crowds for all the Tests because of the Indian diaspora. But they're clearly not that interested by Test cricket. And if India aren't interested, it's in serious trouble.

  120. 15:22: 
    Ind 122-6 (39 overs)

    After Ravichandran Ashwin helps himself to a single through square, MS Dhoni continues with his strategy of being very watchful against Stuart Broad - his wait for a half-century continues. Just a single and five dots in the over.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk- Boycott's chat show

    Nick Dawson: Expect to see a lot of celebrity flesh as Geoffrey examines the topic of uncovered pictures.

    Chris Martin: Rather than the green room, would Boycs guests wait in the corridor of uncertainty?

  122. 15:14: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Ind 121-6 (Dhoni 49, Ashwin 32)

    Ravichandran Ashwin is really catching the eye with his batting, which should not come as a surprise when you take into account he has two Test centuries to his name, both against West Indies. Standing back in his crease, he pushes Chris Woakes for two into the off side. Time for drinks.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Michael in Newcastle: Ah the MCG 2010 (14:36)! I worked at the base of the Barmy Army for that test match, PJ O'Brien's on Melbourne's South Bank. You could hear the chorus of "Swan Will Tear You Apart" to the tune of Joy Division's classic floating over the Yarra and throughout the city and every Aussie looked shell-shocked! Bliss!

  124. 15:10: 
    Ind 118-6 (Broad 9-4-18-2)

    Stuart Broad, who has enjoyed plenty of success against MS Dhoni down the years, keeps the India skipper in check - but only because he's bowling quite a few deliveries far too wide down the off side. Dhoni, in trying to stop the ball swinging, is using his feet to try and get to the pitch of the ball.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Tony Godson: Boycott chat show has been blocked by the insurance industry - due to the risk of increased claims for smashed TVs.

    David Teasdale: The only problem with a Geoffrey Boycott chat show is that the guests wouldn't get a word in edgeways.

  126. 15:05: 
    Ind 117-6 (Woakes 7-1-26-0)

    On his chat show (15:01), would Geoffrey Boycott interview guests with a stick of rhubarb rather than a microphone? Chris Woakes is back into the England bowling attack, but he looks a little predictable as each and every delivery is pitched up and swinging away. MS Dhoni realises this and confidently drives four through the off side. The skipper follows up with two through point.

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Old Trafford
    Old Trafford

    "This is the view from the back of the party stand where the mix of sunshine, lager, ice cream and middle-aged men in shorts is creating something of a Benidorm vibe. And just as I'm poised to send this missive, an inflatable beach ball appears to complete the picture."

  128. 15:02: 
    Scorecard update

    India 111-6 (35 overs)

    Batsmen: Dhoni 43*, Ashwin 29*

    Fall of wickets: 8-1 (Gambhir 4), 8-2 (Vijay 0), 8-3 (Kohli 0), 8-4 (Pujara 0), 62-5 (Rahane 24), 63-6 (Jadeja 0)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 14-3-49-3, Broad 8-4-17-2, Woakes 6-1-17-0, Jordan 7-3-18-1.


    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "He should have caught it. Buttler had such a good week in Southampton, but a drop was always going to come. He was moving the wrong way, thinking the ball was going down the leg side and he was late moving to his right."

  130. 15:01: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Ind 111-6 (Dhoni 43, Ashwin 26)

    The Geoffrey Boycott chat show? Now what would that involve? Are we talking Jeremy Kyle or Parky?

    MS Dhoni, looking a little more relieved since his impromptu toilet break, continues to ride his luck a little with an edge through third man which runs away for four. You earn your luck, I suppose. But don't say that within ear-shot of the bowler, James Anderson.

    Especially after wicketkeeper Jos Buttler drops Ravichandran Ashwin. A regulation outside edge to the right of the keeper, at a decent height, and it goes down. Oh dear!

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Blue Is The New Gold: Why doesn't Geoffrey Boycott have his own chat show? He'd be great.

  132. 14:55: 
    Ind 101-6 (Dhoni 38, Ashwin 24)
    Ravichandran Ashwin hits out

    It's not been pretty from MS Dhoni, but he's certainly digging in for his team as he pulls a Stuart Broad short ball for four and then rotates the strike with a single. Ravichandran Ashwin is also playing a nice little cameo as he clips three through mid-wicket. Hundred up.

    At the end of the over, MS Dhoni chats with the umpire and then races to the dressing room. He shouldn't have had that extra bottle of water at lunch...

    Text 81111

    BP: Re: poor crowds. Short answer is cost. It would have been £138 for me plus 17-year-old, including transport and food a £200 day! I've watched England all over the world but this is too much.

    DJ Wakefield: I've been saying it all summer and I'll say it again. The ticket prices are too high. England has always had the best attended Test matches but ECB policy is forcing the counties to charge over the odds and people cant afford it.

  134. 14:49: 
    Ind 93-6 (Dhoni 33, Ashwin 21)

    I've seen smaller wardrobes than Ravichandran Ashwin, who hammers his bat into the ground before facing each delivery. If he bats for any length of time, there'll be a crater there by the end of the day. So far, however, he's dealing pretty well with James Anderson's line of attack - getting back into his crease to give himself enough room to play the in-duckers. When Anderson gets one to go the other way, he finds Ashwin's outside edge and the ball flies away for a very fortunate four.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket
    Ravindra Jadeja

    Jimbo: Jadeja lbw b Anderson 0. How do you like them apples, MS?

    Jack Mendel: Ashwin is a better bowler and batsman than Jadeja. With the exception of Dhoni being his mate, why is Jadeja actually there?

  136. 14:45: 
    Ind 89-6 (32 overs)

    Stuart Broad is recalled to the bowling attack and Ravichandran Ashwin tips a single straight away, leaving MS Dhoni to play out the rest of the over without score. The India skipper looks a little mithered as he swats away a fly from his face between deliveries. Pesky thing.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "You'd think it was a matter of time before Ashwin is out lbw, but he's at least looking to score."

  138. 14:41: 
    Ind 88-6 (Dhoni 33, Ashwin 16)

    James Anderson, with a cherry stain down the side of his trousers, hoops one into Ravichandran Ashwin which the muscular batsman keeps out, before the right-hander swivels on a bumper and pulls it for six over the head of the wicketkeeper. Anderson responds with one which ducks into the batsman's pads, but the ball was doing too much and the appeal is correctly turned down.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "One of the problems these days is that bowlers get picked because they've done well in county cricket - but once they're picked for England, they never play county cricket again. Take Ben Stokes, who has raw talent - and now he's going to play international cricket while he's still learning the game. Years ago, you played five Tests but went back and played a lot of county cricket. Now it's rest and nets and another international, so you never get the chance to learn the game - you have to learn on the hoof."

  140. 14:36: 
    Ind 81-6 (30 overs)

    England still have to go some to beat, what I consider, to be their perfect day's Test cricket. In front of the best part of 100,000 fans at the MCG in 2010, they bowled out Australia on the first day of the Boxing Day Test for 98 and then reached 157-0 by the close of play. It's still possible today, though.

    Chris Jordan bowls a tidy over - conceding just one run, with the highlight a jaffa which rips past MS Dhoni's outside edge.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "India should have picked Ashwin as a spinner at Southampton when the pitch would have suited him - this pitch suits the seamers but he's been picked. It's crazy thinking, he should have played the full series - he averages 40 with the bat and is a better player for Test cricket than Jadeja."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  142. 14:31: 
    Ind 80-6 (Dhoni 33, Ashwin 9)

    Peter Reid is in the crowd at Old Trafford today, taking in play from behind his shades. A good celeb spot, but we can do better I'm sure. Ravichandran Ashwin is not hanging around as he tickles a leggy delivery from James Anderson for four, then helps himself to a single. MS Dhoni is getting forward as much as possible, even in defence. Five from the over.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I know it rained this morning, but this is a poor crowd. Crowds are down this year. It was all right at Lord's and it will be at The Oval, but London has a big catchment area."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    If you're looking to listen to TMS overseas, follow this link - it's not available in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh.

  144. 14:27: 
    Ind 75-6 (Dhoni 33, Ashwin 4)

    Three slips and a short leg are stationed for MS Dhoni, who walks at Chris Jordan and squeezes a boundary through to third man. Realising he needs to cash in on anything short, the skipper then smashes a short, wide ball through point for another four.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a beautiful ball to get Jadeja, it swung in, and he was trying to work it to leg. There's no doubt, it just looked out. You have to keep pitching the ball up. If they'd done that before lunch, India would have been in even bigger trouble. I'd be disappointed if England aren't batting by tea."

  146. 14:23: 
    Ind 66-6 (Anderson 10-3-24-3)

    India's tail looks a little longer in this match, with Rohit Sharma replaced by a fifth bowler. R Ashwin is the new man to the crease, and although he can certainly bat there is little beyond him and Bhuvneshwar Kumar to worry England. Ashwin gets off the mark with two through point, then adds a single to made the scoreline a little devilish. 66-6.

  147. 14:17: 
    WICKET- Jadeja lbw b Anderson 0 (Ind 63-6)
    James Anderson dismisses Ravindra Jadeja

    Sheer delight for James Anderson as he gets rid of his nemesis, Ravindra Jadeja, for a duck in front of his adoring public. Setting the left-hander up with a couple which swing away, he gets his man when the thrid delivery of the over swings back into the batsman and the ball thuds into the batsman's pads. Owwwwzattt? Out!


  148. 14:15: 

    Jimmy's coming back into the bowling attack...

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "If you bowl enough balls in that corridor of uncertainty outside off stump, something will happen. Don't give them any respite. You're not going to get a nick ever time you bowl a good ball, but keep going. Dhoni's an extraordinary cricketer and a fine person."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  150. 14:15: 
    Ind 63-5 (Dhoni 25, Jadeja 0)

    MS Dhoni is best advised to leave the nibbling inside the lunch-time buffet room. He starts with a little bite at a gentle Chris Jordan outswinger, but is quickly back to leaving anything wide of off stump. Jordan's challenge is to get the batsman pushing forward at the ball, and he almost tempts the India skipper with one which fizzes past the outside edge. Maiden over. Have you got your Boycott Bingo cards at the ready?...

  151. 14:11: 

    Chris Jordan will continue with the ball after lunch. Remember, MS Dhoni is unbeaten on 25 while Ravindra Jadeja is yet to score. Let's play!

  152. 14:09: 

    Afternoon, everyone. Marc Higginson here, checking in for the second session of the day. We'll have to go some to beat the drama of the first though...

    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialAsk the Umpire

    If the batsman comes down the track, the ball is bowled very wide and collected by gully who throws the wicket down. Is it out?

    Former Test umpire John Holder: "Not out. You can be stumped off a wide but not run out off a wide."

    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialAsk the Umpire

    I played in a game once where the outfield was about 18 inches high. I was fielding at long leg and had to stoop to catch the ball. It disappeared below the grass before I caught it, but it did not touch the floor. Where does the ground start and end?

    Former Test umpire John Holder: "The ground is the grass, whether the grass is long or short. If it touches the grass, it's not a catch."

    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialAsk the Umpire

    If the ball hits the helmet behind the wicketkeeper and goes for four byes, do you get nine?

    Former Test umpire John Holder: "As soon as the ball hits the helmet, it's five penalty runs and the ball is dead."

    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialAsk the Umpire

    If the batsman feigns uncertainty to get the fielding side to ask for a review by guiltily looking at the edge of his bat after being not given out caught behind, can he be given out obstructing the field?

    Former Test umpire John Holder: "The fielding captain has made a decision to ask for a review. How do you prove the batsman has conned him?"

    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialAsk the Umpire

    Our off-spinner released a long-hop on his first-team debut and swore loudly before the ball had landed. He hit it for six, but if he had been caught, could he have claimed he was distracted?

    Former Test umpire John Holder: "The umpire would have to rule on whether the audible obscenity had distracted the batsman."

    Vic Marks adds: "I occasionally would shout 'watch it' to silly point and short leg if I dragged one down, so I suppose that could count as a distraction."

    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialAsk the Umpire

    Given a batsman cannot be out bowled if the bails come up and land back in their grooves on the stumps, can he be run out in the same circumstances?

    Former Test umpire John Holder: "It's usually the case that the wicket has been broken by the keeper or a fielder. If it's been broken by a direct hit and the bails have lifted before he makes his ground but subsequently fall back into the groove, he can't be given out."

    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialAsk the Umpire

    There have been some poor umpiring decisions in this series. If an umpire makes a complete howler, should he apologise?

    Former Test umpire John Holder: "I've apologised a couple of times, and called a batsman back once in a Yorkshire-Derbyshire match at Headingley when I'd given him lbw to Tim Bresnan. I'd made the decision too quickly, mentally replayed it and realised he'd got an edge onto his pad. The batsman, Botha of Derbyshire, was 40 yards to the pavilion but I revoked my signal and called him back. The umpire needs the respect of the players - there's nothing wrong with saying you're wrong, the players will accept that. I gave Graham Thorpe lbw to Brett Lee in my last Test. On reflection, I realised it had pitched outside leg stump so I apologised to Thorpie."

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Alastair Cook is playing in his 106th consecutive game for England today. He's third on the all-time list, level with Sunil Gavaskar. Mark Waugh is second with 107 and Allan Border leads with 153."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialAsk the Umpire

    If the ball splits in two, one half is caught by mid-on, the other half is dropped by mid-off, is the batsman out?

    Former Test umpire John Holder: "As soon as the ball breaks in half, the umpire should call dead ball."

    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialAsk the Umpire

    The ball was hit, the bowler said "Coming to you, Billy" as it appeared to go past. We set off for a run, only for the bowler to produce the ball from his sleeve and run me out. Is this legal?

    Former Test umpire John Holder: "Hard luck. A prime example of gamesmanship, but the batsman has a duty to know where the ball is."

    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialAsk the Umpire

    We had no number 11 batsman as he had left the ground injured. Can we claim a draw if a wicket falls on the last ball of the match?

    Former Test umpire John Holder: "If it's the last ball of the match, the match is over. You can't have lost, it's a draw. If it's two balls left, you've lost."

    Join the debate at #bbccricket- Strangest scorelines

    Sam Rogers: Steve Harmison taking 7-12 to skittle the Windies for 47 has to be up there!

    Chris Parker: Didn't Pakistan go from 90-2 to 119 all out on here a few years back?

    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialAsk the Umpire

    While standing at square leg, I was asked by a batsman after almost every delivery whether it was safe to do some "gardening" because of some bad blood between the teams. When is it safe to do so?

    Former Test umpire John Holder: "Once the ball has been played to a fielder, and there's no attempt to run the batsman out, if something happens then, the batsman can leave his ground safely as the ball is presumed to be dead and the umpires would signal dead ball."

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Matt in Nottingham: Possibly the strangest scoreline and most dramatic turnaround in the history of first-class cricket was Warwickshire vs Hampshire in 1922. Warwickshire won the toss and batted on a flat deck and were disappointed to have only made 223 from their first innings… until they bowled Hampshire out for 15! Following on, Hampshire amassed 521 before blowing away Warwickshire in the second innings to eventually win by 155 runs. Hard to top that for a topsy-turvy match.

    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialAsk the Umpire

    Should yellow and red cards be introduced in cricket?

    Former Test umpire John Holder: "I think if the people who run the game are strong enough, and adopt zero tolerance, that will send a message. The authorities are far too weak. For the last four seasons since I retired, I've umpired in the Central Lancashire League, and the standard of behaviour there is appalling. The use of the f-word is prevalent, and they think it's acceptable. The league authorities aren't strong enough. In all my years umpiring county cricket, I had to intervene half-a-dozen times but things have changed now."

    Join the debate at #bbccricket- Strangest scorelines

    Andy Law: I was at TB as Notts reduced to 9-7 and 19-9 against Essex. Finished 59 all out.

    Alex Reilly: Crompton Cricket Club were bowled out for 8 runs in 8 legitimate balls, with run-outs off no balls when I was at U15 level!

    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialAsk the Umpire

    Former Test umpire John Holder: "There's no place on the field of cricket for abuse, or bad behaviour. It's against the laws and spirit of cricket, but it's up to the umpires on the field to decide what's acceptable and what's not. Why should there be physical contact? I think Jimmy has gone over the top with the verbals - I'm told he sledged Yorkshire opening batsman Adam Lyth during the Roses game. There's got to be zero tolerance for abuse - at this level, fines don't work, you've got to suspend players if necessary."

    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialAsk the Umpire

    Former Test umpire John Holder: "There's a lot more aggression in the game now - far more emphasis on winning, at times winning at any price. There's a lot of that in the game, which causes friction."

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Because India have selected two spinners, MS Dhoni got suckered into thinking he needed to bowl last. This is not the pitch to bat first on - anybody batting in these conditions would have a problem."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  173. 13:37:  
    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialAsk the Umpire

    During the lunch break, Test Match Special will be hosting the ever-popular "Ask the Umpire" feature with former Test umpire John Holder.

    You can get your questions in by emailing tms@bbc.co.uk (with "Ask the Umpire" in the subject line), by tweeting @bbctms with the hashtag #askumpire or via the TMS Facebook page.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Excellent morning for England, they will be delighted. They are ahead of the game already and MS Dhoni will know he has had to work for every one of his runs. He'll be telling his team they somehow need to get 200. England will want to bowl out India for 110 or 120."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  175. 13:36: 
    Lunch- Ind 63-5

    No, it's not a mistake. India really have lurched to 63-5 in the first session of this Test match, all after winning the toss and electing to bat. James Anderson and Stuart Broad were irrepressible, while India couldn't help but provide edge after edge. Mahendra Dhoni and Ajinkya Rahane at least resisted, but Rahane surrendered to Chris Jordan. At the toss, Alastair Cook said he would have batted. The luck that changed for him at Southampton continues.

  176. 13:33: 
    Lunch scorecard

    India 63-5 (25 overs)

    Batsmen: Dhoni 25*, Jadeja 0*

    Fall of wickets: 8-1 (Gambhir 4), 8-2 (Vijay 0), 8-3 (Kohli 0), 8-4 (Pujara 0), 62-5 (Rahane 24)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 9-3-21-2, Broad 6-4-8-2, Woakes 6-1-17-0, Jordan 4-2-8-1.


  177. 13:32: 
    Lunch- Ind 63-5

    Chris Woakes to bowl the final over before the break, with Mahendra Dhoni continuing his shuffles to disrupt the Warwickshire seamer's length. Dhoni doing all he can to avoid playing the ball, taking a blow on the thigh pad, watching one ball fly over his shoulder, then taking one to take us to lunch. The end of a quite remarkable session.

  178. 13:29: 
    Ind 62 -5 (Jordan 4-2-8-1)

    Ravindra Jadeja the new man, greeted by a Manchester welcome of boos and a chorus of "Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy." My first impression of the Rahane wicket was that the delivery was wide, but I was doing Jordan a disservice. Still, Rahane probably shouldn't have been playing. Leggy from Jordan to leftie Jadeja, with a final-delivery appeal for leg before turned down. One over to go before lunch.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Late swing and just a lack of concentration from Ajinkya Rahane. It was a sharp catch, but Ian Bell made it look so simple. He should have left the ball or defended the ball."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  180. 13:24: 
    WICKET- Rahane c Bell b Jordan 24 (Ind 62-5)
    Chris JOrdan celebrates

    India will not get to lunch without further losses, as Chris Jordan gets it right to induce a poor shot from Ajinkya Rahane. Full of length, outside of off stump, some swing away, with a loose waft taking the edge and finding Ian Bell at second slip. Relief for Jordan, who has struggled, and, even at the end of a 54-run partnership, India are still 62-5.


    Join the debate at #bbccricket- Strangest scorelines

    Nicholas Sheppard: Seaford Town U14s bowled the opposition out for 3 runs. We reversed the batting order and our 'opener' edged first ball for 4.

    Moin Ahmed: Pakistan v India, Calcutta 1999, Asian Test Championship. Pakistan 26-6. Recovered to 185. Won the Test by 46 runs.

  182. 13:24: 
    Ind 62-4

    Under 10 minutes to go to lunch, which will be the end of what seems like a monster session. It will certainly feel timeless to India, who would see getting to the break without further casualties as a major triumph. Still Woakes, a wayward bumper flying high down the leg side and out of the reach of Jos Buttler to run for four byes.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk- Strangest scorelines

    James Baker: Worlingworth CC 3rd XI were once 5 runs for 5 wickets off 5 overs!

    Strangest scorelines
  184. 13:19: 
    Ind 57-4 (Rahane 24, Dhoni 24)

    Slowly becoming a lovely day at OT, the grey clouds a bad dream for Indian batsmen who are gradually finding batting a less impossible task. Chris Jordan, sun glinting off the sweat on his forehead, is growing in stature, a straighter line which Rahane flashes behind square for four. India having the better of this passage, but it's all relative - 57-4 is still deep trouble.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "The problem with Chris Woakes and Chris Jordan is that the ball is swinging from the hand. It's the late swing which troubles batsmen."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  186. 13:14: 
    Ind 53-4 (21 overs)

    The ball is still swinging, a little. If in the first hour it was a naughty child, all tantrums and drawing on the walls, now it's been given the Ritalin, subdued but still in need of close attention. Woakes striding in, arcing the ball away from Dhoni, who watches it go past the off stump. Danger levels minimal.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Richard Offord: Regarding strange scorelines, Australia being 21-9 against South Africa a few years back takes some beating.

  188. 13:10: 
    Ind 52-4 (Rahane 20, Dhoni 24)

    Jordan chugging in, a mixed length, but intentional. Full and full, with a well-directed bumper in between. Line an issue though, sometimes too wide of off stump, one angled down the leg side. A maiden. Compared to the first hour, you'd think we're watching a different sport.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "If India can survive until lunch, they have done incredibly well to have only lost four wickets. Ajinkya Rahane is playing well, he's a good player with minimal trigger movements meaning there is little which can go wrong."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  190. 13:06: 
    Ind 52-4 (partnership 44)

    Chris Woakes switches ends, replacing Anderson underneath a sky that is largely blue. The floodlights remain on, though. Woakes is running towards the old pavilion, which is beside the Point, a huge, red building, shaped like the port for a scart lead. Lots of hospitality types in there. Length still an issue, Woakes overpitching to be driven for four.

  191. 13:01: 
    Scorecard update
    Chris Woakes

    India 47-4 (18 overs)

    Batsmen: Rahane 16*, Dhoni 23*

    Fall of wickets: 8-1 (Gambhir 4), 8-2 (Vijay 0), 8-3 (Kohli 0), 8-4 (Pujara 0)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 9-3-21-2, Broad 6-4-8-2, Woakes 2-0-10-0, Jordan 1-0-4-0


    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "The conditions are changing. The blue sky is emerging, the cloud is breaking up and it feels much fresher."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  193. 13:00: 
    Ind 47-4 (Rahane 16, Dhoni 23)

    Chris Jordan, disappointing in Southampton, gets his first bowl of the match as the sun begins to beat down. Three slips and a gully wait for Jordan and his slow, staccato run, with Rahane driving for three when the ball is overpitched. After the madness of the first hour, we are seeing that this is a good deck to bat on, while the bowling has certainly come down a notch or three.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Stuart Broad has been England's best line and length bowler on this. James Anderson has made the ball do a lot, but he's bowled a lot where the batsman hasn't had to play at the ball."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  195. 12:55: 
    Ind 43-4 (Anderson 9-3-21-2)

    Anderson for what could well be his final over, going back to a full length and seeing Rahane squeeze an edge through the slips. As the sun shines bright for the first time today, Dhoni gets a similar edge, with the ball running all the way to the third-man boundary. After the frenzy of the first hour, Old Trafford has regressed to a quiet snooze.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Adam Russell: Played a game a few years ago where the opposition were 28-0 then 28-8 and then 30 all out.

    Sean Pocock: I remember watching Gough, Caddick & Cork rampage through a WI line up to skittle them for 54 and set up a great winning chase

  197. 12:51: 
    Ind 36-4 (partnership 28)

    Chris Woakes is putting the ball in reasonable areas, but it looks such a different game compared to when Broad and Anderson have the nut in hand. The ball is still swinging, but Dhoni is watchful is leaving outside off stump. When Woakes over-pitches, Dhoni leans forward to take four through the covers. England's lengths going awry.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jonathan Hornby: A cautionary tale... Lancs were 33-3 batting first at OT in Championship game this year and got 650-6, won by an inns and 200 runs.

  199. 12:46: 
    Ind 32-4 (Rahane 10, Dhoni 14)

    Still Anderson (we may need some sort of heavy machinery to get the ball out of his hand), bowling to Ajinkya Rahane with the remarkable sight of five slips and a gully. Ball still swinging, beating the bat, with Rahane then taking a couple through the vacant covers. Shortish and wide from Anderson. It might be time for that machine to be summoned.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "The pitch is not to blame - it's playing well, it's the swing which is undermining the batsmen. Because swing is the key, now might be the time for Chris Woakes to launch his Test career."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  201. 12:41: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Ind 30-4
    Mahendra Dhoni lifts the ball over Chris Jordan

    Almost another! Should have been, too. The resumption after the drinks brings the first bowling change, Chris Woakes on for Stuart Broad. Mahendra Dhoni is flashing, edging the ball high towards Chris Jordan at fourth slip. Like a man with lead in his boots, Jordan is slow to leap, tipping the ball over the bar. Just as in Southampton, Woakes's good work goes unrewarded.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk- Strangest scorelines

    Michael Nee: England were 4-3 in New Zealand in 2007-08 and still went on to win the match. Strauss made a career saving century.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "James Anderson has now bowled more balls than any other Englishman in Test cricket, overtaking Derek Underwood."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  204. 12:35: 
    Scorecard update

    India 24-4 (13 overs)

    Batsmen: Rahane 7*, Dhoni 9*

    Fall of wickets: 8-1 (Gambhir 4), 8-2 (Vijay 0), 8-3 (Kohli 0), 8-4 (Pujara 0)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 7-3-12-2, Broad 6-4-8-2


    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "My position in the Old Trafford press box is directly behind James Anderson and offers a great view of a master at work. Every delivery has a wonderful arc, with balls that are aimed at leg stump threatening off and those that appear destined for middle and off moving away to endanger the outside edge. With the odd inswinger thrown in for good measure - delivered with no discernable change in grip - on a pitch offering alarming bounce, it all adds up to a batsman's nightmare."

  206. 12:34: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Ind 24-4

    Still Anderson, responding to Dhoni's meanders down the wicket with a short ball that pins the skipper on the arm. An appeal, Dhoni saved by an inside edge, with a pull shot then giving the right-hander the single that takes him to the other end. Anderson and Dhoni next to each other, close enough for a word, but nothing said. When one team is 24-4, what is there to say? "We're doing better than you." "Yeah, you're right." After an unbelievable first hour (is that all it's been?), we'll have a drink.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket- Strangest scorelines

    Christian Reilly: England being 21-5 at Lord's in 2005 versus a certain Glenn Donald McGrath (and some other Aussies) springs to mind.

    Andrew Maidstone: I remember West Indies being 22-5 in a Test match in England in 1976 and just look at how that match and series finished!

  208. 12:29: 
    Ind 23-4 (Broad 6-4-8-2)

    In fairness to Ajinkya Rahane, the organised right-hander has dealt with this England barrage better than any of his colleagues (it's not saying much, but you know what I mean). He looked good at Southampton, one Test after making that wonderful hundred in tricky conditions at Lord's. Still Broad, dropping short when length fails to ruffle the right-hander. A maiden.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It will be interesting to see if Alastair Cook goes for broke and keeps both James Anderson and Stuart Broad on. You can't really think about taking off Anderson at the moment. Perhaps he'll bring Chris Woakes on to swing it, in place of Broad?"

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  210. 12:26: 
    Ind 23-4 (Rahane 7, Dhoni 8)
    James Anderson and Mahendra Dhoni

    Mahendra Dhoni is getting fruity in his bid to negate Anderson's swingers. A walk down the wicket, a shuffle, bat and pad together. Jimmy asks the question, but that's hit Dhoni outside the line. When the skipper goes back to standing still, he's groping at another perfect outswinger like a man feeling for his car keys in the dark. Alastair Cook will soon have to think about a change, England haven't taken a wicket for six overs. Poor.

    How's stat?!

    Opta Jim: This is the second time three members of an Indian top four have fallen for ducks in a Test innings.

  212. 12:17: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 19-4
    Ajinkya Rahane falls over

    My word, what is wrong with this? Full and straight from Stuart Broad, one delivery after sitting Ajinkya Rahane on his backside with a rising bumper. Looks a very, very good shout, but Marais Erasmus is moved only to shake his head. He's right too, as it's heading down the leg side. Old Trafford, so quiet earlier, has turned up the noise, buzzing with anticipation of more carnage.

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "According to the stats men at Opta, Dhoni has the highest play and miss percentage - 13.9% - of any player in this series."

  214. 12:16: 
    Ind 19-4 (Anderson 5-3-7-2)

    Is 8-4 one of the most ridiculous scores you can remember seeing in a Test match? England were 2-4 in South Africa in 1999. They also racked up 517-1 in Brisbane in 2010. Anderson's battle with Dhoni once more, the India skipper shuffling, playing and missing like a man batting with a snooker cue. Edged, squeezed between slips and gully for four. Such has been the drama, every wicketless over seems a bore.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Caught Cook bowled Anderson is now an England record, with 24 occurrences, overtaking 'caught Botham bowled Willis'. James Anderson now has 373 wickets, taking him to 16th on the all-time list in the world alongside Waqar Younis."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  216. 12:11: 
    Ind 15-4 (Rahane 7, Dhoni 0)

    Just turning on? Rubbing your eyes and wondering what on Earth is going on? Well, to put it mildly, this ball is doing a bit. Under grey clouds and floodlights at Old Trafford, James Anderson and Stuart Broad are not only making this ball sing, they are asking it to perform the complete works of Gilbert and Sullivan. Four wickets, four edges, four catches behind. An over survived is a triumph for India, a Rahane drive for four is enough for a party. And they won the toss!

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Rick James: This is the cricket version of the first half hour of Brazil v Germany. Virat Kohli is David Luiz.

    Rafi Max Dover: Having batted first, I'm not sure MSD would've expected to bat in the sixth over with eight on the board! India will struggle to get 50...

    Ryan Knight: Shocking decision to bat first by Dhoni. Hard to see how they get out of this even if the sunshine is on its way. Damage done.

  218. 12:07: 
    Ind 11-4 (Anderson 4-3-3-2)

    The top four India batsmen have registered 0,4,0,0. Less a scorecard, more a premium rate phone line. Four wickets have fallen for no runs before Ajinkya Rahane finally gets India moving again with a thick edge for three. Anderson to Dhoni, some feeling here. Forget the swinging ball, a vicious bumper that pins some part of the skipper's anatomy. A stare, but more than that. Some feeling.

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "Ooh la, la. Old Trafford is only about half full, but the fans are loving this England onslaught. The loudest cheers are emanating from what Lancashire are calling the "party stand", which includes a posse of men dressed head to toe in green, perhaps in tribute to the Incredible Hulk. Sorry fellas, the only super heroes out there at the moment are in whites and go by the names of Jimmy and Stu."

  220. 12:03: 
    Scorecard update

    India 8-4 (6 overs)

    Batsmen: Rahane 0*, Dhoni 0*

    Fall of wickets: 8-1 (Gambhir 4), 8-2 (Vijay 0), 8-3 (Kohli 0), 8-4 (Pujara 0)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 3-3-0-2, Broad 3-2-4-2


  221. 12:03: 
    Ind 8-4

    Do not take your eyes of this Test match. Every ball sent down by these rampaging England pacers is a swinging missile, fraught with danger for the tentative India batsmen. Shiny red conker, reflecting the floodlights, hooping around at impossible angles. Somehow, MS Dhoni gets through the rest of the Broad over.

    Sunil Gavaskar, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special
    Scoreboard shows 8-4

    "You have to compliment Alastair Cook for that fourth slip. It was a fine catch taken by Chris Jordan, because Che Pujara pushed very, very hard at the ball. India are feeling for that ball outside off stump and that is why they are losing wickets in a heap."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  223. 11:56: 
    WICKET- Pujara c Jordan b Broad 0 (Ind 8-4)
    England's Stuart Broad

    Do not adjust your screen, India really are 8-4 inside six overs of this Test match. The formula does not change, but the batsmen are like Lemmings off a cliff. Full, swing, edge to slip. This time it's Cheteshwar Pujara, poking at a Stuart Broad outswinger, getting a thick edge to Chris Jordan at fourth slip. MS Dhoni, whose decision at the toss put India in the firing line, is the next man down the stairs.


    Sunil Gavaskar, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    "Virat Kohli could have left that one alone - he was playing away from his body, which is an old weakness of his."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Another outswinger and another wicket from the best of his generation. What a sensational start. England are making the most of it."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  226. 11:52: 
    WICKET- Kohli c Cook b Anderson 0 (Ind 8-3)
    Virat Kohli walks off

    Can you believe this? England have a third wicket, this time with Virat Kohli falling in exactly the same way as Murali Vijay before him. James Anderson is making the ball sing, full on off stump, late swing, edge to the bread basket of Alastair Cook at first slip. India have lost three wicket inside the first five overs, England are all over them. Is MS Dhoni regretting that decision to bat first?


    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "James Anderson won't have bowled many better balls than that in his career. From a batting perspective, you are lured into playing it. You can't just leave it. It felt like a good morning to bowl today, with the cloud, moisture and cool breeze. How long will it last though? There are already some clear skies on the horizon."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  228. 11:50: 
    WICKET- Vijay c Cook b Anderson 0 (Ind 8-2)
    India's Murali Vijay

    And another! England have two wickets in the first five overs of the Test, with James Anderson producing an absolute beauty to do for Murali Vijay. Full, swinging away, batsman drawn into a tentative poke, a thick edge to Alastair Cook at first slip. You sense that England are not bothered about having lost the toss...


    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician
    Alastair Cook and Stuart Broad celebrate a wicket

    "Stuart Broad is now sixth on the all-time England Test wicket-takers list, overtaking Graeme Swann. He has 256, and is behind fifth-placed Derek Underwood who has 297."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  230. 11:49: 
    Ind 8-1 (Broad 2-1-4-1)

    Looking again, it was a good adjustment from Broad. Twice in his first over, he swung the ball in to the pads of left-hander Gambhir and was picked off on the leg side. This time, it was a straighter delivery over off stump. Was Gambhir playing for non-existent swing? In failing to present the full face of the bat, Gambhir edged to gully. New man Cheteshwar Pujara in immediate peril, prodding forward in defence and getting nowhere near. How did that miss the stumps? A wicket maiden.

    Sunil Gavaskar, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    "Early overs are difficult for the opening batsman. Gambhir tried to play with a loose bottom hand but wasn't able to keep the ball off the ground and it was an easy catch for Joe Root."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  232. 11:43: 
    WICKET- Gambhir c Root b Broad 4 (Ind 8-1)
    Stuart Broad

    Gone! England have the early breakthrough and the India change at the top of the order fails at the first time of asking. Stuart Broad is the man to strike, getting a leading edge off Gautam Gambhir that flies, chest-high, to Joe Root at gully. Gambhir was trying to turn the ball on to the leg side but it was too straight. His return to Test cricket begins with a failure.


    Sunil Gavaskar, Ex-India captain on Test Match Special

    "These are different conditions for India to deal with - they are used to playing in sunshine. It's a bold decision by MS Dhoni to bat first."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  234. 11:43: 
    Ind 8-0

    Every ball an event when James Anderson gets the conker in hand on the first morning of a Test. Big movement both ways, though the radar isn't quite on yet. Inswingers arrowing down the leg side, outswingers too wide to tempt Vijay into playing. Another maiden under the burning floodlights.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Joe Granger: Shame on the doubters! Keep the side off the back of a well deserved win, I'm fine with that! Get behind England!

    Somya Gupta: Vijay means victory & Gambhir means serious in Hindi. Perfect combo. We need a serious victory guys!

  236. 11:39: 
    Ind 8-0

    Stuart Broad to share the new ball, bowling to Gautam Gambhir, playing his first Test since December 2012. Broad is leggy, allowing Gambhir to get off the mark in front of a very subdued, almost silent, Old Trafford. No first-morning hum here, the ooohs and aaahs of the players are clearly audible. As the sun pokes through for the first time, Jos Buttler makes his first mistake as a Test keeper, parrying a lifter for four byes.

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "That's James Anderson's 52nd maiden over of the series. He's been the most economical bowler on both sides, and he has also taken the most wickets."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  238. 11:34: 
    Ind 0-0

    Three slips and a gully, immediate hoop for Anderson, who is given a rousing round of applause by his home crowd. Murali Vijay, India's top runscorer in the series, is comfortable in defence, then shoulders arms when Anderson gets a touch wide. A quiet maiden to begin. Anderson, by the way, has taken just 12 wickets at 35.33 in four previous Tests at Old Trafford. His best single return? 4-118.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Harisankar Parameswaran: Old Trafford has a special place in the heart of us Indians. It was the venue where a certain Sachin Tendulkar scored the first of his many Test centuries.

  240. 11:30: 
    Murali Vijay and Gautam Gambhir walk out

    As ever, Jerusalem plays, the backdrop for England's group cuddle on the outfield. (Why do teams huddle, what is being said there that can't be said in the dressing room?) The returning Gautam Gambhir is in the middle with opening partner Murali Vijay. James Anderson, the freed Burnley One, has the ball. Play.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "England will want to keep the ball as dry as possible. Right now, they have tractors dragging a rope around the ground. I'm never convinced how much difference that makes."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  242. 11:27: 

    Old Trafford is just about ready, the boundary rope is being dragged around the outfield to take the last few drops of water from the lush, green turf. Decentish crowd in, but OT quite far from full.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Kirk McCarthy: England obsessed with bowlers/keepers who can bat. Why else play Jordan and not Finn?

    Stuart Jubb: Jordan deserves another chance. Last time we made game by game changes was the 90s and that didn't work so well.

    Kevin McNulty: Varun Aaron will be told to bowl short stuff as this remains a weakness in the England batting line up. Time we dealt with it.

  244. 11:20: 

    The late start means you may have to adjust your day slightly. To make up time, the scheduled finish is now pushed back until 18:30. If we haven't got all 90 overs in by then, we can keep playing until 19:00. If it rains again, that may even be pushed back until 19:30. Best call home to say you won't be back in time for tea.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Chris Woakes and Chris Jordan just need a wicket - they need somebody to carve them straight to point, then they'll be fine."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Barney: Why would you not play Finn? Quickest bowler, confidence high and on a quick wicket. Woakes and Jordan out of form and wicket less in the last game; terrible decision.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jamie Fewery: England unchanged. What on earth? Jordan is clearly not a Test standard player. What are they playing at?

    Morwenna Roche: I agree with Harmy, why have Finn in the squad and then not pick him?

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I've just seen Chris Jordan bowling on the outfield. He was fizzing it down and getting it in the right areas. If he can transfer that to the middle, he'll be fine."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  249. 11:12: 

    A few eyebrows may be raised at the England side, many thought that Steven Finn would come in on what is usually a quick pitch at Old Trafford. As it is, Chris Jordan, below his best in Southampton, keeps his place. Though Alastair Cook wanted a bat, he may not be too disappointed at bowling first. Grey overhead, bit of moisture in the pitch. A bowling morning?

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Old TraffordWho is Varun Aaron?

    "India are not famous for producing fast bowlers, but by all accounts Varun Aaron has serious pace. In fact the 24-year-old was clocked at 95mph playing for Jharkhand against Gujarat in the Vijay Hazare Trophy final in 2011. Since then, he's had a few back problems, but he has the raw potential to cause England some problems on what looks set to be a bouncy track."

  251. 11:09: 
    Team line-ups

    England: Alastair Cook (capt), Sam Robson, Gary Ballance, Ian Bell, Joe Root, Moeen Ali, Jos Buttler (wk), Chris Woakes, Chris Jordan, Stuart Broad, James Anderson.

    India: Murali Vijay, Gautam Gambhir, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Mahendra Dhoni (capt & wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Varun Aaron, Pankaj Singh.

    Umpires: Marais Erasmus (SA) & Rod Tucker (Aus).

  252. 11:08: 
    India's players on the balcony

    As well as the spin of R Ashwin, opener Gautam Gambhir and pace bowler Varun Aaron come in to the India side. Shikhar Dhawan, who has been struggling at the top of the order, pacer Mohammed Shami and batsman Rohit Sharma all miss out. That's a slightly altered balance to the India side, with MS Dhoni moving to number six and a five-man attack made up of three seamers and two spinners.

  253. 11:06: 

    England captain Alastair Cook, speaking at the toss: "It's great to have Steven Finn back in the squad. It was a tough call, but we felt the 11 who won at Southampton deserve another chance."

  254. 11:04: 

    India captain MS Dhoni, speaking at the toss: "I think the wicket looks good. The weather is overcast but I think it's the right decision. We felt we had to change the bowling after the last Test. It's good to have a fifth bowler."

  255. 11:02: 
    India win the toss and bat

    MS Dhoni calls heads and peers down to see a head looking back at him. Despite the overhead conditions, India want a bat. The tourists have made three changes too, including a recall for the off-spin of R Ashwin. More on that soon. Alastair Cook says he wanted a bat.

  256. 11:01: 

    Right then, here we go. Alastair Cook has his blazer on, ready for a flick. What we know already is that England are unchanged. No place for Steven Finn.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "The last 15 tosses here, the captain has batted first. It would be quite a surprise if somebody elected to field first. With weather around later in the match, today might be the best day to bat - although it is muggy, so it wouldn't be a bad toss to lose."

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Old Trafford
    Alastair Cook plays rugby

    "England are gearing up for the match by playing tag rugby on a damp outfield. What could possibly go wrong?"

    Steve Harmison, Ex-England pace bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "Steven Finn has missed one England Lions game, possibly two. I really hope he plays today because it does nobody any good if they aren't playing. It's hard to keep any sort of rhythm."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  260. 10:55: 

    So, an 11:30 start is a 30-minute delay, but at least the toss is imminent. The skippers will be heading down the steps shortly. In the middle, England team press boss Rhian Evans clutches a white piece of paper. Does that contain the teams?

  261. 10:52: 
    Play to start at 11:30

    Something I've learned today? Umpire Rod Tucker's nickname is 'Budgie'. How do we find this out? On TMS, Jonathan Agnew shouts: "What time are we starting, Budgie?". Budgie tells him it will be 11:30.

  262. 10:50: 
    The hover cover

    Now then, the hovercover, a long, thin, inflated white duvet, is being pushed away to allow umpires Rod Tucker and Marais Erasmus to have a look at the cut strip. At one end, a man in a bright orange tabard opens a small black coffin to reveal the six wooden poles that will be placed in the ground.

    Steve Harmison, Ex-England pace bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "To be fair to us big, fast bowlers - most of us were grumpy from having to field at fine leg for six hours. James Anderson and Chris Jordan are unique in that they field in the slips."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Steve Harmison, Ex-England pace bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "I never felt that I needed to say too much to other players to be imposing. Others, like Glenn McGrath, would often talk to themselves to gee themselves up. It would just look as though they were talking to the batsmen."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  266. 10:45: 

    The last of the sheets has been removed from the square and the umpires are inspecting. Umpire Rod Tucker tells TMS he hasn't seen the pitch yet, so no start time confirmed. The hovercover is still on.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Simon Betteridge, Hampshire: I found this quote from Geoffrey Boycott on the BBC website: "Nobody is certain what went on in the corridor at Trent Bridge between Jimmy and Ravindra Jadeja."

    Is this the corridor of uncertainty to which Geoffrey constantly refers?

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "Encouraging signs here at Old Trafford as the ground staff begin to peel off the outer covers and the motor-mop sets about soaking up the outfield. England bowling coach David Saker is lurking with intent, no doubt ready to inspect the pitch and inform captain Alastair Cook's decision as to whether to bat or bowl first. Oh, here comes Cook himself, bouncing cheerily across the outfield and pausing to make a quip about Michael Vaughan's ice white shoes. At a guess, we'll be underway within the hour."

  269. 10:40:  
    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    As you might be able to guess from the appearances of Messrs Vaughan, Marks and Harmison, Test Match Special is on the air from Old Trafford.

    Just as ever, you can listen on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra, Radio 4 longwave, here online, on digital TVs and via the BBC Sport and BBC iPlayer Radio apps.

    Steve Harmison, Ex-England pace bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't think Ben Stokes is playing - he didn't know this morning, but I suspect he might be on his way to Glamorgan to play for Durham."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "In a three-man seam attack, I think Chris Woakes may struggle. I don't see him as a 100-Test player but I do think he will become a reliable player, one who is more than useful in a four-man seam attack."

    If you're looking to listen to TMS overseas, follow this link - it's not available in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Chris Woakes deserved a wicket or two in the last Test. If he can get one or two soon, he will feel much better. England look like they want to invest in him."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  273. 10:36: 
    Get involved

    Which gives us a little more time to discuss the upcoming fourth part of our five-part summer blockbuster. A look back and a look forward, if you will.

    Are you fed up of hearing of hearings, appeals, and appeal of appeals surrounding James Anderson and Ravindra Jadeja? Do you expect to see Steven Finn play his first Test since last summer? Should India recall R Ashwin? And who has the upper hand in this level series? Text 81111, tweet using the hashtag #bbccricket or email tms@bbc.co.uk.

  274. 10:34: 

    BBC Weather's John Hammond: "We have to be optimistic about today. The bigger picture suggests we will see a lot of play today. It will brighten up. I would bat - the cloud will break up and there will be a lot of sunshine. Beyond that, we are keeping an eye on tropical storm Bertha, who should arrive on Sunday. Between now and then, we should get more play than not."

  275. 10:32: 
    Rain delays toss

    Right about now, my waffling would be interrupted by the toss. But, it's raining. Welcome To Manchester. The covers are on and it's grey overhead, showers have been turned on and off all morning. There will be an inspection at 10:45 BST.

    The covers are on at Old Trafford
  276. 10:30: 

    Alastair Cook clinging on to his job, England winning a Test match for the first time in living memory, India looking for an away series victory for the first time in even longer.

    The mysterious disappearance of R Ashwin, the re-appearance of Steven Finn, the musical chairs played between England's fast bowlers, the greying of MS Dhoni's stubble.

    A Test series with more layers than a trifle.

  277. 10:29: 

    So, if this England-India tussle is a suspense novel entering its fourth chapter, then the he said/she said Anderson-Jadeja handbags has provided the conflict.

    But, we know there's many more layers than that.

  278. 10:27: 

    You see, it's all about the subplots.

    A five-match series level at 1-1 with two matches to play is the headline, but it's the subplots that make it all the more delicious.

  279. 10:25: 

    "In suspense novels even subplots about relationships have to have conflict."

    That is, at least, the opinion of the American author Jeffery Deaver. I wonder if Deaver is familiar with James Anderson and Ravindra Jadeja.

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Live Scores - England v India


  • England beat India by an innings and 54 runs
  • England: 367-9 (105.3 overs)
  • India: 152 & 161 (43.0 overs)
  • Venue: Old Trafford

India 2nd Innings

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Vijay lbw b Woakes 18
Gambhir c Buttler b Anderson 18
Pujara lbw b Moeen 17
Kohli c Bell b Anderson 7
Rahane c and b Moeen 1
Dhoni c Ballance b Moeen 27
Jadeja c Jordan b Moeen 4
Ashwin not out 46
B Kumar run out (Moeen) 10
Aaron c Buttler b Jordan 9
Pankaj Singh b Jordan 0
Extras 1nb 1w 1b 1lb 4
Total all out 161

India in England

India celebrate after winning the one-day series

Reports and scorecards from India's 2014 tour of England, which includes five Tests, five ODIs and a Twenty20 international.