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Manchester United fight back to beat Villa after Arsenal and Fulham draw, while there are wins for Everton, West Brom and Stoke.

10 November 2012 Last updated at 19:53 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1952: 

    But that's us done and dusted.

    Make sure you join John Stanton for all the action tomorrow - more of the same please. Cheers.

  2. 1952: 

    Match of the Day is on a bit later tonight. Tune in on BBC One, BBC HD or online to watch this lot from 22:50 GMT:

    Running order:

    Aston Villa 2-3 Man Utd, Arsenal 3-3 Fulham, Everton 2-1 Sunderland, Wigan 1-2 WBA, Stoke 1-0 QPR, Southampton 1-1 Swansea, Reading 0-0 Norwich.

  3. 1948: 

    Box office stuff from Manchester United to bring a cracking day to a close.

    In seven Premier League games we had 20 goals this afternoon. Still no win for QPR or Reading though, and only a point for Southampton.

  4. 1943: 

    Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville tweets: "Best I've seen Aston Villa for an hour but once the first went in you just knew!"

  5. 1943: 

    Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson: "It's a magnificent result, it was a magnificent game.

    "Aston Villa have done fantastic today, they ran their socks off but we never gave in. We hit the bar twice and we never give in.

    "We were careless in the first-half and we had to improve and we did. Javier Hernandez is fantastic in the penalty box and it's got us three goals today. If you score a hat-trick you pick yourself and he will play next week."

  6. 1940: 

    Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert: "I am gutted to lose but I am absolutely proud of them. To play against the calibre of the opposition we are up against and perform as we did was fantastic.

    "Even when they got back into it the game we still had chances to win it. It was great courage to come back, we played some incredible football, I thought we were excellent. We will take a lot of confidence out of that performance, I can't criticise them."

  7. 1939: 

    I don't think Javier Hernandez has any chance of getting that second goal awarded to him. By the letter of the law that's an own goal all day long.

  8. 1937: 

    Wolverhampton Wanderers tweet: "Reporter talking about the dugout incident: 'How is the perspex?' The boss's reply: 'Our prospects are good.....'"

    It seems Stale Solbakken punched a hole through the Wolves dugout in frustration earlier this afternoon...

  9. 1933: 

    Ant O'Connor on Twitter: "Every ruddy time. As soon as they got the first it was over..."

    Matt Harding on Twitter: "Great win as it was, United cannot keep giving teams head starts. It will come back to bite us soon."

    Lew Daney on Twitter: "Chicharito, where do you think you're taking that ball? There was a massive deflection on the second goal."

  10. 1933: 

    Manchester United matchwinner Javier Hernandez:

    "It was not on my mind to change the game. The gaffer told me to do what I do in training, to run in behind and move the defenders. Of course I am claiming the hat-trick. I've seen the replay and it was definitely on target."

  11. 1931: 

    These comebacks are no fluke by now - Manchester United came back to win from two or more goals behind for the seventh time in Premeir League history - more than any other club.

    This is the third time they have achieved this feat in the last two years and first since the 4-2 victory at West Ham in April 2011.

    I recall the 5-3 win at Spurs when they were 3-0 down as well. It's part of the history of the club.

  12. 1927: 

    Andy in Cannock on 81111 on text: "Hernandez, best striker in the Premier League."

    Stuart from Swindon on 81111 on text: "United would walk this league if they could sort out the defence. Hernandez deserves the hat-trick - should try and claim it anyway."

    Will in Fareham on 81111 on text: "All season I have wondered why Darren Bent sits on Villa's bench every week, until now. What a player Benteke is!"

  13. 1925: 

    Manchester United are four points clear at the top of the table now, with Chelsea in second and Manchester City a point further back in third.

    City play Spurs at home tomorrow, while Chelsea host Liverpool.

  14. 1924: 

    Javier Hernandez thinks he's scored a hat-trick by the way. That matchball has been pocketed. Someone will have to pop that later - maybe they could send Ron Vlaar in to do the deed?

  15. 1923: 

    Andreas Weimann looks sick on the bench. Half an hour ago he was ready to celebrate the day of his life, now his brace means nothing.

  16. 1923: 
    FULL-TIME- Aston Villa 2-3 Man Utd
  17. 1922: 

    Paul Lambert is tapping his watch calling for more added time - he's up against the expert in that one. We are into the last minute now though.

  18. 1918: 

    Manchester United have come from behind to win on four occasions already this season - and that's just in the league. Add in a few more European adventures and it's been quite a season.

  19. 1918: 

    Ed Gutteridge on Twitter: "Yes! What a sub! What a player!"

    Paul Lummis on Twitter: "Is there anything that that Hernandez cannot do?"

    Gareth Soye on Twitter: "United play again at 17:30 next Saturday. Expect them to turn up around 6 o'clock..."

  20. 1917: 

    United are on track to go four points clear at the top now. Someone get the Coronas in for the Mexican. We are into five minutes of added time.

  21. 1914: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 2-3 Man Utd - Javier Hernandez (87 mins)

    As we approach Fergie time, Fergie's boys take the lead for the first time. It's not quite a hat-trick, as the second goal has gone down as an own goal, but Javier Hernandez marks a remarkable second-half display with what could be the winner. Robin van Persie whips in a brilliant delivery from a free-kick, Hernandez shows more canny movement to lose his marker and heads home from five yards.

  22. 1912: 

    Everton captain Phil Neville tweets: "Great win today. We persevered, rode our luck at times but kept going. We showed lots of determination - love it when Jelavic scores!"

  23. 1911: 

    Into the last five minutes now...

  24. 1910: 

    Will from Brighton on 81111 on text: "Who's this Javier Solskjaer chap? He looks pretty handy!"

    Alex on the Stansted Express on 81111 on text: "Shades of Russell Crowe about this United team: 'Are you not entertained?'"

    Benjamin in Edinburgh on 81111 on text: "Teams crumble better than Mr Kipling when playing Manchester United. Teams need to harden up like an old scone!"

  25. 1908: 

    Rafael bangs a shot over the top from 30 yards after some good defending from Aston Villa stops United finding a way through.

  26. 1908: 

    Opta tweets: "Manchester United's equalising goal was the 300th strike in the Premier League this season."

  27. 1907: 

    No hat-trick for Andreas Weimann today - he's run his heart out and is replaced by Australian international Brett Holman.

  28. 1906: 

    There are 11 minutes left now, and the storm of United attacks has been weathered a bit by Villa. Those are dangerous words, I know...

  29. 1905: 

    Wayne Rooney is coming off - it's Anderson who comes on. It doesn't look too serious for Rooney but we may see him miss out on the England game in midweek. Stay tuned for new on that one.

  30. 1904: 

    QPR owner Tony Fernandes tweets: "We've got to cut out errors. One error cost us and we've got to take our chances. Team played as planned. Must win next win [sic]. No panic. Table is compressed. Defence was awful, now fairly solid. Midfield strong. Got to score now.

    "Love everything about QPR. Nothing comes easy but the pain will be worth in. We are in for the long run. We live and learn. Doing our best."

  31. 1903: 

    Wayne Rooney has taken a knock and is struggling - while Villa remain a threat on the break. Matt Lowton puts in another gem of a cross from the right but it is a mite too high for Gabby Agbonlahor.

  32. 1901: 

    Arsenal fan Dan on 81111 on text: "I should be devastated but I'm not. If Arteta had have scored it would of papered over the cracks and hidden the fact we conceded three poor goals at home and put in another lacklustre performance. I would also have had to endure Wenger telling the fans about how we deserved the win and dug deep to fight back. We're not good enough and it's as a result of Wenger's poor transfer market and player management."

    Sam in Bedfordshire on 81111 on text: "Tough start for Wenger so far but let's not go overboard. We are not a mid-table club. Remember that the 11 games played includes the traditional big four of Liverpool, United, Man City and Chelsea. It takes time for new players to adapt up front. The worry is more at the back where we are leaking goals. Keep the faith."

  33. 1900: 

    He's playing his own game of crossbar challenge! Robin van Persie smashes in a shot from 30 yards which dips beyond Brad Guzan and hits the crossbar - which was still shaking from his header 40-odd seconds before. This is a matter of time now...

  34. 1859: 

    Close. Very close. Wayne Rooney takes the corner, Robin van Persie gets in front of his man and rattles the bar with a header.

  35. 1858: 

    A mixed bag for Paul Scholes today - he has made one goal and given the ball away cheaply for a Villa goal. He's off now though as Tom Cleverley comes on.

  36. 1857: 

    Chris Watkinson on Twitter: "Hernandez you beast!"

    Slash on Twitter: "How many times has Hernandez got us out of trouble this season?"

    Mirzo on Twitter: "No other team in the Premier League keeps you this entertained..."

  37. 1855: 

    End-to-end stuff now. United at times have five or six men camped in the Villa penalty area. They are living dangerously on the break but they have that confidence that they will just outscore their opponents.

    Chance here for Villa though. Matt Lowton whipping in a cross and Chris Smalling just about holding off Christian Benteke to hook it clear.

  38. 1854: 

    Dan McCartney on Twitter: "Hernandez is ridiculous. He was just born to get the ball in the net by whatever means, nothing else."

    Bob Roberts on Twitter: "One of these days Man Utd's tactic of giving teams a two goal head start is going to backfire."

  39. 1852: 

    Oh but hang on a minute - here come Aston Villa again. Barry Bannan puts in a beautiful cross from the left, Andreas Weimann attacks it with a cracking header but David de Gea is alert to keep it out. Almost a fine hat-trick.

  40. 1852: 

    Team GB hurdler Dai Greene tweets: "Hernandez you beauty!"

  41. 1852:  
    Gary Lineker, Match of the Day host

    "You sort of knew what's coming..."

  42. 1849: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 2-2 Man Utd - Ron Vlaar OG (63 mins)

    I make them favourites now. It was as predictable as it comes, Wayne Rooney releasing Rafael down the right with a lovely pass and when the Brazilian stands up a cross to the back stick, Javier Hernandez volleys in from an angle, the ball hitting Ron Vlaar and cannoning in. Manchester United have gone behind so often this season but come back. It makes them immensely entertaining at times.

  43. 1847: 

    Do you make United favourites now? They are still losing but this has all the hallmarks of a United comeback. Javier Hernandez is in hot form, you never doubted that he would bury that chance.

  44. 1845: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 2-1 Man Utd - Javier Hernandez (58 mins)

    Much of Villa's best work has come by getting tight to Paul Scholes but they give him all the space in the world here and he hurts them, lofting a beauty of a through-ball over the top. Javier Hernandez gets clear of his marker, and after a duff touch has time to steady himself and slide the ball through the legs of Brad Guzan. That's six in six for the Mexican.

  45. 1843: 

    Andreas Weimann is on a hat-trick. He could become only the third player in Premier League history to score one against Manchester United after David Bentley (Blackburn) in 2006 and Dirk Kuyt (Liverpool) in 2011.

  46. 1842: 

    Opta tweets: "Manchester United have gained more points from losing positions than any other Premier League team this season (12)."

  47. 1842: 

    The Aston Villa fans are loving this - understandably. But if they cast their minds a few years they will remember that Villa were 2-0 up on United at Villa Park in November 2010, only for Federico Macheda and Nemanja Vidic to net in the last 10 minutes and earn United a point.

    Could history repeat itself?

  48. 1840: 

    Christian Reilly on Twitter: "Stephen Ireland doing his best Yaya Toure impression. Never doubted his talent but his application has been questionable."

    Ciaran Carragher on Twitter: "De Gea is the worst Man Utd keeper since Taibi. Ha ha!"

    Barry Travis on Twitter: "Sorry fellow Reds ( 1827) but that goal was not a foul by Benteke as it was Smalling who tried to go shoulder to shoulder and lost!"

  49. 1839:  
    Robbie Savage, BBC Final Score

    "Villa 2-0! Are they going down? Ha ha ha!"

  50. 1836: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 2-0 Man Utd - Andreas Weimann (50 mins)

    Another fantastic counter attack puts Aston Villa 2-0 up. Paul Scholes gives the ball away cheaply high up the pitch, and with all their attacking players on United are empty in midfield. Christian Benteke dummies a pass which runs through to Stephen Ireland. He plays in Gabby Agbonlahor on the overlap and when he fires a cross in, Andreas Weimann has lost the attentions of Rio Ferdinand to slam into the net from close range.

  51. 1834: 

    United have a very attacking outlook now. Javier Hernandez and Robin van Persie are right up top with Wayne Rooney in behind. Antonio Valencia is hugging the touchline out on the right. I'm not sure who is meant to be on the left - nobody out there at the moment.

  52. 1832: 
    KICK-OFF- Aston Villa 1-0 Man Utd

    The second half is under way.

  53. 1832: 

    Sir Alex Ferguson makes a change at the break as Ashley Young is hauled off, Javier Hernandez on in his place. That will mean a change in shape up top.

  54. 1827: 

    Alex on 81111 on text: "So Rio going going 50-50 with Benteke is a Villa free kick, but Benteke pushing Smalling out the way is fine? Consistency..."

    Chris from Kent on 81111 on text: "Referees consistency: Foul against Ferdinand for showing strength, yet no foul against Benteke?"

    Dan from Bournemouth on 81111 on text: "Eddie Howe - 16 points from a possible 18 since his return to Bournemouth, that's gotta get a mention surely? What a turnaround..."

  55. 1823: 

    Sheer physicality and persistence from Christian Benteke in the build-up to that goal. Superb strength. You don't see many strikers do that to centre-halves any more. Is there a suggestion of a foul? I think he just wanted it more.


    Norwich and England keeper John Ruddy tweets: "Good point, terrible game. Will take them every week if it means safety. Another clean sheet too."

  57. 1821: 

    James Hunter on Twitter: "Hairdryer: on."

    Phil Vieria on Twitter: "What a goal! De Gea left flapping for the ball! Rocket!"

    Nitin Aggarwal on Twitter: "De Gea should have got a hand to it. What was Smalling doing there? Needed to be a little stronger on his feet..."

  58. 1820: 

    Well that has put the cat amongst the pigeons. Can Villa keep up this graft rate?

  59. 1817:  
    MOTD's Jonathan Pearce at Villa ParkHALF-TIME- Aston Villa 1-0 Man Utd

    "Andreas Weimann's goal has given Manchester United food for thought at half-time. Sir Alex Ferguson has 26 years of experience to call on as he delivers his half-time team talk but maybe he will need to resort to the hairdryer if we are to expect fireworks after the break. Aston Villa lead 1-0 at the break."

  60. 1816: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 1-0 Man Utd - Andreas Weimann (45 mins)

    Take a bow Christian Benteke. The striker is played in down the left wing, but there is no danger. He outruns Chris Smalling, turning him inside out, before outmuscling the defender and leaving him in a heap on the floor. Benteke then looks up and picks out Andreas Weimann who side-foots home high and hard, right into the roof of the net. It was fairly central though - could David de Gea have done better?

  61. 1814: 

    Opta tweets: "Sheffield United's defeat means Manchester City are the only unbeaten team in England's top four divisions this season."

  62. 1814: 

    A shot on target, We've not had many, but Wayne Rooney thumps in an effort from the full 30 yards. Straight at Brad Guzan though.

  63. 1813: 

    Everton defender John Heitinga tweets: "Special thanks to Marouane Fellaini. With his goal and superb assist he was important again for Everton. Great teammate!"

  64. 1812: 

    Stephen Ireland is a new man. Another silky touch and pass sets Matt Lowton away down the right, he then nutmegs Rio Ferdinand and beats Patrice Evra, but his cross is poor. That all stemmed from more hard work in the Villa midfield.

  65. 1808: 

    Sir Alex Ferguson is chewing gum at a frantic rate of knots down there on the bench. His side are bossing the play but Villa have had the better chances and are unsettling United with their work-rate and pressing.

  66. 1806: 

    Swansea goalscorer Nathan Dyer tweets: "Great point from the boys! Dug in today and battled hard! Swansea fans were class as they always are on the road."

  67. 1805: 

    This is the best I've seen from Stephen Ireland in quite some time. He whistles in a low shot from 25 yards after Villa again nick the ball back high up the pitch. He hits it well with his left foot but the ball flies wide.

  68. 1804: 

    Jamie on 81111 on text: "If Villa could cross, they'd be three up by now..."

    Oliver, an Arsenal fan, on 81111 on text: "Arsene got plaudits as the team managed to scrape fourth position from a disastrous start, but you don't get that luxury more than once. The expectation was that after selling that the club would not continue to just sell and replace. Now it's not just transfer policy, but use of the players we have that is coming under fire from us Arsenal fans."

    Tom in London on 81111 on text: "Mark Hughes needs to change the record. At best they've been average. QPR deserve to be where they are."

  69. 1804: 

    Opta tweets: "Manchester United's unbeaten run of 16 Premier League games at Villa Park is the longest unbeaten away run in Premier League history."

  70. 1803: 

    Manchester United still having plenty of the play but Villa remain a threat on the break as we tick past the half hour mark.

  71. 1758: 

    Sam Bull on Twitter: "Stephen Ireland is finally looking like he has found his form again! Always had the talent but not always the desire."

    Lewis Jones on Twitter: "Villa seem to be playing well at the moment, considering this is supposedly an easy three points for United."

    Charlotte Moon on Twitter: "Positive start from Villa. They may not have a lot of possession but what they have had they're making use of."

  72. 1757: 

    Stephen Ireland is all over Paul Scholes like one of my suits. He gives away another free-kick but he is doing his level best to stop Scholes from dictating the play. If he keeps nibbling away there's every chance of Scholes earning a booking for clobbering him as well.

  73. 1756:  
    Robbie Savage, BBC Final Score

    "Brian McDermott has done a great job at Reading, but I just can't see them scoring the goals to keep them in the Premier League."

  74. 1754: 

    Aston Villa are almost in as Stephen Ireland robs Paul Scholes, feeding it through to Christian Benteke. But the referee blows for a foul. Villa are pressing high up the pitch though. It's been a promising opening 25 minutes or so.

  75. 1754:  
    BBC Final Score

    Brian McDermott, Reading boss, on BBC Final Score: "We could have nicked it. First half both sides were a little bit nervous, and we could have done a little bit more with the ball. But we've struggled to keep a clean sheet this season, so psychologically that is important. It's just a shame we couldn't win the game, and we've drawn six in 10. It's a funny time for us."

  76. 1753: 

    It's Manchester United's turn to have a spell of pressure now, with the evergreen Paul Scholes and Wayne Rooney dictating the play. They twice get the ball out to Antonio Valencia but he can't produce a telling final ball from the right.

  77. 1749: 

    BBC Sport's Nabil Hassan at Southampton v Swansea: "Swans boss Michael Laudrup: 'If this was a boxing match then maybe Southampton would have won on points. But it's not boxing, it's football'."

  78. 1748: 

    Credit to Aston Villa, they are having a real go here. Stephen Ireland is rolling back the years as he cuts the defence apart with a great ball in behing Patrice Evra. Gabby Agbonlahor shows his pace to get there but his cross is poor and behind the waiting Christian Benteke.

  79. 1746:  
    BBC Final Score

    QPR boss Mark Hughes on BBC Final Score: "We can't keep on thinking that we're doing OK, because we're not winning Premier League games. I'd rather play poorly and get the win on the board, because that's what we need at this moment in time to settle everyone down. A lot of what we're doing is OK but we need to take that final step."

  80. 1746:  
    Robbie Savage, BBC Final Score

    "I cannot believe that Berbatov didn't go somewhere bigger than Fulham, like an Arsenal or Liverpool. He is just top class."

  81. 1745: 

    Manchester United are a tad rattled here, Christian Benteke is almost in on goal as Rio Ferdinand steps out but again the final touch is lacking. United looking a mess in defence though.

  82. 1744: 

    Oh Andreas Weimann! Villa are in, three on three but he dithers and dallies when a pass to Stephen Ireland is on. Instead of playing his man in United are able to clear it.

  83. 1743: 

    Dimitar Berbatov has indeed still got it. But he's not being missed at Manchester United, who have got Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez both on the bench today. More firepower than the cast of the Expendables.

  84. 1742:  
    BBC Final Score

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger on BBC Final Score: "It is very frustrating, because it's difficult to score goals but we have to continue to score and of course get defensively better. I think Giroud has always been dangerous and he was a positive today. He raised questions and that's good news for us. Berbatov had a good game today, and he has shown when he plays week in, week out he is still a very good player."

  85. 1741: 

    Raj Kotecha on Twitter: "Aston Villa's line up is 24 years old on average. Show the kids how it's done, Scholesy."

    Ben Jamin on Twitter: "Villa v United is a match you could bet your house on. However, it's far too cold to entertain ideas like that..."

    Matteo Squire on Twitter: "Arsenal are making the transition between a top table club to a mid-table club. I'm ashamed to be an Arsenal fan."

  86. 1739: 

    Aston Villa have some pressure. It all begins when Paul Scholes gives away a silly free-kick with a poor tackle. The free-kick is headed away for a corner, and with Patrice Evra off the field getting treatment Villa threaten. The ball is headed down for Christian Benteke but his volley is thwarted by Ashley Young's block. Top work.

  87. 1736:  
    MOTD's Jonathan Pearce at Villa Park

    "In the week that Sir Alex Ferguson celebrates 26 years as manager of Manchester United can they get their 14th win in 16 games?"

  88. 1735: 

    Ashley Young is under fire again from the home support, but it doesn't stop him from cutting inside his man on the left and curling a low shot just wide from 25 yards. Aston Villa chasing shadows here.

  89. 1733: 

    QPR boss Mark Hughes finds himself under even more pressure after the 1-0 defeat at Stoke today, but he insists that he retains the support of the club.

    He said: "We keep on working hard. The players are giving everything and they are devastated in the dressing room because they know they deserved something from the game.

    "Absolutely [I have support from those above]. It is difficult for everybody because we are desperate to get that win everybody feels we deserve."

  90. 1733:  
    Robbie Savage, BBC Final Score

    "That is a strong Manchester United XI, whereas Villa's team is very young. I still think Villa, despite their massive win last week against Sunderland, are going to struggle."

  91. 1732: 

    Ashley Young getting plenty of stick from the Villa fans here on his return to his former club. It's been all United so far as Antonio Valencia wins a corner.

  92. 1731: 

    Wigan manager Roberto Martinez says keeper Ali Al Habsi has a shoulder injury which could make him a doubt for Oman's World Cup qualifier against Japan in Muscat next week: "We're going to assess him after the warm down and take it from there."

  93. 1730: 

    Matt Niman on Twitter: "I love you Arsene, but nothing you have done has shown any sign of forward progress at the club in recent years. You can do no more."

    Richard McLernon on Twitter: "Am I the only one who remembers all those anti-Wenger texts from last year, shortly before they praised him for rest of season?"

    Shane McMenemy on Twitter: "Hoping United destroy Villa tonight. Big opportunity to regain some much needed confidence."

  94. 1730: 
    KICK-OFF- Aston Villa v Man Utd (17:30 GMT)

    We are under way at Villa Park as the home side look for a first win over Manchester United on home turf in 17 years.

  95. 1729:  
    BBC Final Score

    Fulham manager Martin Jol on BBC Final Score: "It could have been 3-5 to us. We broke time after time and created chances, but it was horrible to see us concede. It was good to see Berbatov play so well, and in the second half I thought we played fantastically. Berbatov is certainly our penalty specialist, and today it was cool. He's a quality player."

  96. 1728:  
    Robbie Fowler, BBC Final Score

    "It's a funny Premier League table this year, because beneath United, City and Chelsea anyone can beat anyone, and Arsenal is in that list now."

  97. 1728:  
    Robbie Savage, BBC Final Score

    "Southampton were battering Swansea in that second half, but they made their own bad luck at the end. They were in the ascendancy but they have been poor defensively all season, and it's cost them."

  98. 1728: 

    The players are on the pitch for a minute's silence at Villa Park.

  99. 1728: 

    Adam in Scarborough on text: "People need to get off Wenger's back. That fact the board haven't sacked him like many clubs might have suggests they know they're really restricting his resources. Someone needs to tell them you don't get to the moon riding a bicycle."

    Stew in Herts on text: "Giroud probably didn't take the penalty as you can't head them. Livid!"

    Joshua in Cardiff on text: "Why doesn't anyone speak about West Brom in the same way they do about how brilliant Everton have started? We beat Everton and have a weaker team on paper."

    Sean on text: "Beware, Arsenal fans, what you wish for: you may get a more successful manager, but you will never love the club the way you have loved it during the reign of Arsene Wenger."

  100. 1724:  
    BBC Final Score

    Martin O'Neill, Sunderland manager, on BBC Final Score: "We could have been three up by half-time. Finally we got a goal, which we deserved. In the second half obviously we were put under pressure but we were coping very well indeed, but then they hit us with two goals in something like three minutes. We created many good chances, and we were a bit unlucky.

    "There's a great spirit among my players, and that was epitomised today. We played a side going for a Champions League spot, and I think we were very unlucky.

    "I don't normally criticise referees, but Danny Rose's booking in the final minutes beggars belief. I don't know how he could see that from so far away, and that was the story of the game."

  101. 1723:  
    Robbie Savage, BBC Final Score

    "You have to give Steve Clarke a lot of credit today. he changed the West Brom formation and it worked tremendously well. It was a fantastic first goal with the Chris Brunt cross."

  102. 1721: 

    Paul Scholes started for Manchester United in that 3-1 defeat to Villa in 1995 - and he starts again today, 17 years later. Remarkable longevity. He played alongside Lee Sharpe, Paul Parker and Brian McClair that day, and today he plays with Rafael and Chris Smalling. Talk about briding the years.

  103. 1719:  
    BBC Final Score

    West Brom boss Steve Clarke on BBC Final Score: "Our form at home has been great and away from home our performances have been good, and it's nice to come to a difficult place and get three points.

    "With a little more care and attention in the second half we could have got a third goal, as well as preventing Wigan from bombarding our goal at times."

  104. 1719: 

    Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has a simple explanation for his side's excellent record at Aston Villa: "We've done well here because we've played well. The players enjoy the atmosphere."

  105. 1717: 
    LINE-UPS- Aston Villa v Man Utd (17:30 GMT)

    Aston Villa: Guzan, Lowton, Vlaar, Clark, Stevens, Weimann, Westwood, Ireland, Bannan, Agbonlahor, Benteke. Subs: Given, El Ahmadi, Albrighton, Holman, Delph, Bowery, Williams.

    Man Utd: De Gea, Da Silva, Ferdinand, Smalling, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Scholes, Young, Rooney, van Persie. Subs: Lindegaard, Anderson, Hernandez, Welbeck, Cleverley, Fletcher, Buttner.

    Referee: Kevin Friend (Leicestershire)

  106. 1716: 

    The last time Manchester United lost a league game at Villa Park, David Beckham scored his first Premier League goal. The year was 1995, and it was a defeat which prompted Alan Hansen's infamous "you don't win anything with kids" line. We all know how that one turned out...

  107. 1715:  
    Robbie Fowler, BBC Final Score

    "I'm surprised Giroud didn't take Arsenal's penalty, with a chance to get a hat-trick in the last minute. You need to have a little bottle, and that suggests to me he hasn't got it."

  108. 1714:  
    Robbie Savage, BBC Final Score

    "Was that even a penalty for Arsenal? He tried to get his arm away, and Arshavin smashed it at him from a yard. What constitutes a handball in the box these days? There's inconsistency and there needs to be some clarity."

  109. 1711: 

    You cannot knock Everton's resilience under David Moyes. The 2-1 win at home to Sunderland today saw them come back to pick up points for the sixth consecutive Premier League match after conceding the opening goal - two wins and four draws.

    Mind you, would you want to go into the changing room and face Moyes after a defeat? Me neither.

  110. 1711:  
    BBC Final Score

    Fulham midfielder, and former Arsenal trainee, Steve Sidwell on BBC Final Score: "We're disappointed not to come away with three points, but it's good to get a point away from home at The Emirates. I had a great upbringing and education at Arsenal, and it put me on the path to where I am now.

    "We found ourselves 2-0 down and felt hard done by. Then we got it back to 2-2 and were growing in confidence. We got a third goal but just couldn't hang on. The gameplan was to get into them and don't let them play. We also had to defend well and keep a good shape, and we've done well today. We could maybe even have scored more, but it was hard work out there."

  111. 1708: 

    Paul on 81111 on text: "Arsenal fan but well played Fulham. Nice to see a team have a go rather than sit back. We are bad, but Fulham deserve the point if not more."

    Will, an Arsenal supporter, on 81111 on text: "Thanks Arsene, you've been brilliant, but I think it's time!"

    James, an angry Arsenal fan, on 81111 on text: "Wenger, do the decent thing and resign. You can't take the club anywhere other than backwards with your inept tactics and ridiculous transfer policies."

  112. 1708: 

    BBC Sport's Phil Cartwright at Blackpool v Bolton: "Michael Appleton will be happy to see Blackpool come from behind twice to earn a point. Bolton are still unbeaten under Dougie Freedman."

  113. 1706: 

    So Manchester United can go four points clear at the top of the Premier League uf they win at Villa Park in the evening kick-off. Aston Villa have a wretched record against United at home - but maybe tonight is the night they turn it all around?

  114. 1705: 

    Infostrada Sports tweets: "Arsenal have missed five of their last 10 Premier League penalties for a 50% conversion rate. The average league-wide conversion rate is 75%"

  115. 1705: 

    The Ian Holloway magic has worked again as Crystal Palace go back to the top of the Championship table with two goals in two minutes late on to beat Peterborough 2-1 at London Road, their fourth successive win. Holloway records a second victory at the helm.

  116. 1703: 

    A rare shocker for Mikel Arteta in the Arsenal midfield today then. He gave away a penalty at one end, and missed one in the last seconds at the other. Nightmare.

  117. 1702: 

    Keith Yung on Twitter: "Not a penalty. Justice is done. Poor Arsenal couldn't even win the controversial way."

    Scotty on Twitter: "Are Arsenal seriously going to be 11 points behind United by the end of the day, after only 11 games?"

    David Willis on Twitter: "The worst thing for Arsenal? The goalkeeper we should have bought ages ago saved it, while the keeper at the other end let in another three..."

  118. 1702: 
    Aston Villa v Man Utd (17:30 GMT)

    Sir Alex Ferguson makes six changes from the Manchester United side that beat Braga in the Champions League on Wednesday. Rio Ferdinand, Rafael Da Silva, Paul Scholes, Michael Carrick, Ashley Young and Robin Van Persie all return to the starting line-up, with the injured pair of Jonny Evans and Nani ruled out. Ryan Giggs, Danny Welbeck, Nani, Anderson and Javier Hernandez are all left out.

    Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert makes just the one change from the team that beat Sunderland 1-0 Sunderland last Saturday and it's an enforced one, with Enda Stevens selected in place of the injured Joe Bennett.

  119. 1701: 

    Former tabloid newspaper editor Piers Morgan tweets: "Penalty! Boom! Come on Arsenal... do this.


    "Another dismal capitulation from a comfortable lead. The torment continues."

  120. 1701: 

    Tranmere have gone five points clear at the top of League One. Ronnie Moore's team won 1-0 at Oldham and their nearest challengers Sheffield United and Stevenage have both been beaten.

  121. 1657: 

    Great drama then as ever in the Premier League. Arsenal miss a penalty with the very last kick. Superb stuff.

  122. 1657: 

    West Indies batsman Chris Gayle tweets: "Arsenal better sign me up asap! I score penalties with my eyes closed!"

  123. 1655:  
    Gary Lineker, Match of the Day host

    "Sensational save by Schwarzer from Arteta's penalty!"

  124. 1654: 

    BBC Sport's Nabil Hassan at Southampton v Swansea: "Saints applauded off the pitch, which is a nice touch. But they will know their side have thrown away a vital three points."

  125. 1654:  
    MOTD's Simon Brotherton at the DW StadiumFULL-TIME- Wigan 1-2 West Brom

    "The fourth official indicated five minutes of stoppage time but I don't think Wigan, who started brightly before fading, would have equalised had double that amount of time been shown. West Brom were good value for their first away win under Steve Clarke, who has got them well organised and hard to beat."

  126. 1653:  
    MOTD's Steve Wilson at the Emirates:FULL-TIME- Arsenal 3-3 Fulham

    "What a climax. What a finale. That is two points thrown away by Arsenal and Arsene Wenger's expression tells you everything you need to know."

  127. 1653: 
    FULL-TIME- Everton 2-1 Sunderland
  128. 1652: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Mikel Arteta

    Justice is done as Mikel Arteta sees his low spot-kick well saved by Mark Schwarzer. The Australian gets down to his left and turns it away. Fine save.

  129. 1652:  
    John Motson at St Mary's Stadium for BBC Radio 5 liveFULL-TIME- Southampton 1-1 Swansea

    "Southampton manager Nigel Adkins didn't get the result he needed and the speculation over his position will intensify. Ironically they were robbed by one of their own as Nathan Dyer equalised Morgan Schneiderlin's opener. At this stage of the season, a home draw is not enough, as I'm sure the Southampton hierarchy will agree."

  130. 1651:  
    MOTD's Steve Bower at the Madejski Stadium:FULL-TIME- Reading 0-0 Norwich

    "There is no doubting Reading's effort and endeavour but they missed the quality to break down Norwich. This is a result which will suit Norwich rather than Reading. The Royals have now gone 10 games without a win since the start of the Premier League and only three clubs have managed that in the past and avoided relegation."

  131. 1651: 

    This is harsh. Very harsh. Andrey Arshavin crosses from the left, it hits Sascha Riether on the arm, which is down by his side, Penalty given. He was about a yard away from the Russian.

  132. 1651: 
    FULL-TIME- Stoke 1-0 QPR

    MOTD's Alistair Mann at the Britannia Stadium

    "QPR had a lot of possession and a lot of promising moments but their awful run continues as Charlie Adam's first goal for Stoke gave them victory. QPR lacked self-belief at the crucial times to find what would have been a precious equaliser. For Stoke, the win moves them clear of relegation danger."

  133. 1650: 

    Alex, a QPR supporter, on 81111 on text: "Are you a professional footballer over 30? Want to end your career with a juicy salary? Then come to the Loftus Road Footballers' Retirement Home."

  134. 1649: 

    Sean Dyche could be heading for his first defeat as Burnley boss, DJ Campbell putting bottom club Ipswich 2-1 up in the closing stages at Portman Road.

  135. 1649: 
    Aston Villa v Man Utd (17:30 GMT)

    Jonny Evans is out for Manchester United's trip to Villa Park but Chris Smalling and Rio Ferdinand do take their places at the heart of the defence. Ashley Young is fit and starts alongside Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie against his former club.

    Aston Villa name an attacking line-up with Gabriel Agbonlahor, Christian Benteke and Andreas Weimann leading the line.

  136. 1647: 

    BBC Sport's Nabil Hassan at Southampton v Swansea: "Last few minutes at St Mary's. Suicidal defending appears to have cost Nigel Adkins' side all three points. Will it cost him his job?"

  137. 1647: 

    We are into added time around the country...

  138. 1646: 

    Ian Holloway's Crystal Palace have equalised with 10 remaining at Peterborough, but the Eagles will be a point behind leaders Middlesbrough if things stay the same.

  139. 1645: 

    Neil Allen on Twitter: "Is Marouane Fellaini the most exciting player in the Premier League at the moment? The Belgians are rocking."

    Daniel Howes on Twitter: "Re Sherif (1638): Fulham parking the bus? Are you joking? They are giving Arsenal as many problems as Fulham are them."

    Matt Broadhurst on Twitter: "I've got them moves like Dejagah!"

  140. 1644: 

    Michael Kightly goes to close to wrapping up the win for Stoke, hitting in a low shot which was well saved by QPR keeper Julio Cesar. Looks like another fruitless afternoon for Mark Hughes.

  141. 1643: 

    Sean Dyche has guided Burnley to two wins out of two before today in his short tenure and the Clarets have equalised at bottom club Ipswich in Mick McCarthy's first home match in charge at Portman Road.

  142. 1642: 

    There's been little sign of a QPR fightback at Stoke, with the home side looking comfortable.

  143. 1642: 

    BBC Sport's Phil Cartwright at Blackpool v Bolton: "Two quick goals again, and it's 2-2. Lee for Bolton, then Delfouneso for Blackpool. Get set for a grandstand finish."

  144. 1641: 

    Infostrada Sports tweets: "If Berbatov scores again he will be only the second away player to score a hat-trick at Arsenal in the Premier League era (Mick Quinn, Coventry, Aug 93)"

  145. 1640: 

    Norwich have had their best chance of the game at Reading. Javier Garrido crosses from the left and captain Grant Holt horribly mistimes his header, getting right under the ball. Holt then heads straight at Adam Federici again as Reading leave themselves open at the back as they push for a much-needed winner.

  146. 1640: 

    Infostrada Sports tweets: "Charlie Adam scores his first goal for Stoke, and first Premier League goal in 13 months since netting for Liverpool at West Brom in October 2011."

  147. 1639:  
    Robbie Fowler, BBC Final Score

    "The touch by Fellaini made it, playing it through John O'Shea's legs. There was still a little to do for Jelavic, but the keeper committed and he placed it beyond him and into the corner. Great finish."

  148. 1639: 

    James Beattie has joined Accrington as player-coach but is not involved in the squad today. They could do with him as they trail 4-2 to Northampton, Adebayo Akinfenwa with a hat-trick for the Cobblers. Beastmode.

  149. 1638: 

    Olivier Giroud almost chalks up a treble, banging in a left-footed drive which Mark Schwarzer has to claw out. Such an entertaining game at Arsenal.

  150. 1638: 

    Ben Aitkenhead on Twitter: "Thank goodness for that. Come on Arsenal!"

    Richie Selase Gollo on Twitter: "Performances like this makes fourth place look like a dream finish for Arsenal."

    Sherif on Twitter: "The positive thing, for Arsenal, about Fulham parking the bus is that their bus has no doors..."

  151. 1638: 

    BBC Sport's Nabil Hassan at Southampton v Swansea: "Swansea level through Saints old boy Nathan Dyer. Suicidal defending from Saints and Yoshida in particular, simply awful."

  152. 1635: 
    GOAL- Everton 2-1 Sunderland - Nikica Jelavic (79 mins)

    Outrageous. Outrageous nutmeg here as Everton go ahead. Leon Osman plays it into the feet of Marouane Fellaini, who pulls off a cheecky backheel that goes through John O'Shea's legs and into the path of Nikica Jelavic, who was never going to miss.

  153. 1633: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-1 Sunderland - Marouane Fellaini (76 mins)

    The big man is unplayable at the moment, and Everton make this look easy. Marouane Fellaini collects a pass from Steven Naismith on the edge of the box, turns his man and just smashes it into the corner. Cracking finish.

  154. 1632: 

    QPR are pushing hard for an equaliser at the Britannia Stadium and Stoke have goalkeeper Asmir Begovic to thank for maintaining their one-goal advantage as he parries away Esteban Granero's shot that looked to be heading in at the far corner.

  155. 1632:  
    MOTD's Jonathan Pearce at Villa ParkAston Villa v Man Utd (17:30 GMT)

    "On Remembrance weekend, Villa Park will pay tribute to Britain's armed forces with a minute's silence for those who have fallen. Too often in the past though, Villa have gone AWOL against Manchester United.

    "Their only victory in 33 meetings came at Old Trafford three years ago. They haven't beaten them at home since the first day of the 1995-96 season. Sir Alex Ferguson's team have won seven of their past eight matches, while in contrast Villa have won just three home league matches in 2012. Surely the table-toppers will have too much experience and finishing power for the home side."

  156. 1631:  
    BBC Final Score

    Final Score is now available at the top of this page, on the BBC red button and now on BBC One and BBC One HD.

  157. 1630:  
    Robbie Fowler, BBC Final Score

    "Great header again from Giroud. It was a crowded area and he got a great header away. The ball came in and to be fair he is unmarked, but he put that in the far corner beyond the keeper."

  158. 1629: 
    GOAL- Southampton 1-1 Swansea - Nathan Dyer (73 mins)

    Southampton haven't kept a clean sheet all season and this is more rank bad defending. Goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga tries to pass the ball out to Maya Yoshida but Nathan Dyer is alive to it, winning the ball and running clear to smash in off the far post.

  159. 1628: 

    Reading go close again, this time as substitute Jimmy Kebe floats an attempted cross in from the right and it hits the crossbar.

  160. 1626: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 3-3 Fulham - Olivier Giroud (69 mins)

    What a game at Arsenal, who are instantly back level. Santi Cazorla picks out Olivier Giroud with a great ball from the left, the Frenchman should bury it but drags his shot against the post. Theo Walcott recovers it though and crosses in back from the right and Giroud nods in at the second attempt.

  161. 1626: 

    Reading go close. Centre-back Sean Morrison heads a free-kick narrowly wide of the Norwich goal.

  162. 1624: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 2-3 Fulham - Dimitar Berbatov (67 mins)

    The coolest cat in town, Dimitar Berbatov, never looks at the ball as he waits for Vito Mannone to move before rolling the ball into the corner. Fulham in sight of a massive win.

  163. 1623: 

    Bryan Ruiz hits the deck under a challenge from Mikel Arteta after robbing him of the ball. Soft? I thought so. Phil Dowd has no doubts.

  164. 1621: 
    GOAL- Southampton 1-0 Swansea - Morgan Scheiderlin (64 mins)

    But the Saints won't care now as they take a deserved lead. Spotters' badge for Rickie Lambert, who picks out the run of Morgan Schneiderlin brilliantly. Schneiderlin takes the ball on his chest and then nods it past the onrushing Gerhard Tremmel. Nigel Adkins loves that. Loves it.

  165. 1620: 

    Touch of controversy at Soouthampton. Skipper Adam Lallana hits the deck as Ashley Williams comes across to make the challenge, but the referee instead books Lallana for a dive. Southampton are pushing hard here though.

  166. 1619:  
    Danny Mills at Emirates Stadium for BBC Radio 5 live

    "I think Phil Dowd was about to book Steve Sidwell for a tackle, went to pull out the card but then realised Sidwell had already been booked and thought a sending off would be harsh. So, having gone to his pocket, he booked Aaron Ramsey for a shirt pull earlier in the passage of play instead. Very strange!"

    You can hear 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  167. 1619: 

    Will, a Southampton supporter, on 81111 on text: "Saints are doing brilliantly here! If we converted our chances we could be top of the table!"

    Pete on 81111 on text: "A new form of football needed at the Emirates, getting stuck in. That will only come when Wenger steps down."

    Robbie, a Manchester United fan, on 81111 on text: "West Brom fourth and cruising. Arsenal clinging on to seventh for dear life. Wonderful!"

  168. 1618: 

    A sliding last-ditch challenge from Ki denies Rickie Lambert a clear chance in front of goal as Southampton build some pressure against Swansea at St Mary's.

  169. 1617: 

    The autumn rugby union internationals are under way today, and Reading midfielder Mikele Leigertwood has just put in a decent kick for touch here. Unfortunately, it was supposed to be a shot. He screws his effort from 30 yards high and wide and into the corner for a throw-in.

  170. 1615: 

    Ali Al Habsi makes a belting save to keep West Brom out. Romelu Lukaku latches on to a neat flick, gets his head down and smashes in a shot which is flying in until Al Habsi gets a fingertip to it and turns it over. Really top drawer save.

  171. 1613: 

    The goals have started to come, but let's not forget that there is another game left this afternoon...

  172. 1612: 

    Southampton have started the half well, but it's Swansea who almost open the scoring on the break as Wayne Routledge fires over from the edge of the box.

  173. 1611: 

    QPR almost level straightaway, Adel Taarabt hitting a shot from range which takes a deflection and needs Asmir Begovic to turn it away.

    At Everton, that man John Heitinga has another header wide.

  174. 1611:  
    Robbie Fowler, BBC Final Score

    "West Brom are the biggest surprise this year. They are a joy to watch and have continued to kick on. They are good value for where they are in the league."

  175. 1609: 
    GOAL- Stoke 1-0 QPR - Charlie Adam (52 mins)

    Not a classic, maybe, but Stoke lead. It's a deep free-kick pumped forward, Jon Walters flicks it on, Peter Crouch tries the overhead kick and misses it, QPR defender Armand Traore then also misses the ball and it runs through to Charlie Adam who buries it at the far post. It's his first goal for Stoke.

  176. 1607: 

    Everton go close again, and it's John Heitinga again. He wins a header from a corner, it's flying into the net, but that man Adam Johnson is on the line to smash it clear. He is the thorn in Everton's side today.

  177. 1607: 

    It's not been a classic at Stoke. That's not the first time we've said that this season. Nothing to report there.

  178. 1606:  
    Robbie Fowler, BBC Final Score

    "Arsenal started the game fantastically and they were cruising. But after conceding they were straight on the back foot and Fulham's confidence lifted. They took the game to Arsenal and got back into it, and they've deserved it."

  179. 1605: 

    Everton make a strong start to the second half, with Steven Naismith teeing up John Heitinga on the edge of the area. The Dutch defender rattles in a shot but it's well blocked.

  180. 1603: 

    Opta tweets: "Adam Johnson's goal was the first by a Sunderland player (excluding own goals) in 444 minutes of Premier League football."

  181. 1603: 

    We are under way in all our games.

  182. 1602: 

    Infostrada Sports tweets: "Only twice have Arsenal failed to win a Premier League match at the Emirates after leading by two goals - 4-4 v Spurs (Oct 2008) and 2-3 v Spurs (Nov 2010)."

  183. 1601: 

    Players are reappearing around the grounds...

  184. 1600: 

    Ed Aspen on Twitter: "The boo boys are out in force directed towards Arsene's Arsenal..."

    Tokunbo on Twitter: "Mannone might have been good for Hull but a Premier League goalkeeper he is not."

    Mills on Twitter: "Stop conceding the first goal, Everton!"

  185. 1559: 

    Neither League One leaders Tranmere or second place Sheffield United have scored on their travels in the first half, it's goalless at Oldham and MK Dons. Stevenage could go top if Tranmere lose but they trail 2-1 at home to Preston at the break.

  186. 1559: 

    League Two leaders Gillingham have levelled at Plymouth and it's 1-1 at the break. Port Vale could cut the gap to two points with victory at Southend if the Gills are beaten but there are no goals so far at Roots Hall. Bottom clubs Aldershot and Barnet are both trailing.

  187. 1558: 

    The Olympic legacy lives on - gymnast Beth Tweddle is at Chester FC v Worksop this afternoon. Money can't buy you that.

  188. 1554: 

    Opta tweets: "Wigan are the only Premier League side yet to claim a point having conceded the first goal this term."

  189. 1554: 

    BBC Sport's Nabil Hassan reports: "No goals here at St Mary's but plenty of chances, mainly for Southampton. They may be bottom of the league but Nigel Adkins' side are playing with plenty of heart and they will be disappointed not to be leading at the break. Swansea for what's it's worth are all huff and no puff."

  190. 1554: 

    Paul on 81111 on text: "Re Jason (1532): Sit back, ladies and gentleman, and watch Arsenal implode yet again... and I'm an Arsenal fan."

    Ellis on Brighton on 81111 on text: "Why does everyone assume Fulham will roll over whenever the opposition take an early lead? Take note other clubs - we're actually a decent side."

    Nick, a Stoke supporter, on 81111 on text: "If Stoke don't score soon I won't be getting out of hospital after surgery on Monday as my blood pressure will be too high..."

  191. 1554: 

    BBC Sport's Phil Cartwright at Blackpool v Bolton: "Refreshing to see two teams play with two genuine wide players. Ince, Phillips, Petrov and Eagles all look threatening. More goals in this."

  192. 1549:  
    MOTD's Guy Mowbray at Goodison Park:HALF-TIME- Everton 0-1 Sunderland

    "Adam Johnson has been criticised for some of his performances since joining from Manchester City but this has to be his best yet, because he's scored."

  193. 1549:  
    John Motson at St Mary's Stadium for BBC Radio 5 liveHALF-TIME- Southampton 0-0 Swansea

    "Nothing to show for the first half effort. Some decent football played by the visitors without the penetration. Southampton have had one or two dangerous moments but unable to really test Gerhard Tremmel in the Swansea goal."

  194. 1548:  
    MOTD's Steve Bower at the Madejski Stadium:HALF-TIME- Reading 0-0 Norwich

    "If ever there was a game in need of a goal then this is it. Only one real shot of any note and that was Garath McCleary's effort, which was saved. Reading will need more than that if they are to register their first Premier League win of the season."

  195. 1548:  
    MOTD's Steve Wilson at the Emirates:HALF-TIME- Arsenal 2-2 Fulham

    "Unease has spread like a frost across the Arsenal defence ever since Fulham got themselves back into the game. Arsenal looked like they would be cruising to victory but they might possibly stumble to defeat now."

  196. 1548:  
    MOTD's Simon Brotherton at the DW StadiumHALF-TIME- Wigan 1-2 West Brom

    "This game could still go either way. Wigan have enjoyed plenty of possession but lacked conviction before Arouna Kone's goal. It is all to play for."

  197. 1547: 
    HALF-TIME- Stoke 0-0 QPR

    MOTD's Alistair Mann at the Britannia Stadium

    "It was a decent first half for QPR, who had the better openings, particularly through Adel Taarabt. There were a couple of half chances for Stoke but Tony Pulis will be hoping for great deal more from his side after the break."

  198. 1547: 
    GOAL- Everton 0-1 Sunderland - Adam Johnson (45 mins)

    Adam Johnson finally joins Steven Fletcher in scoring for Sunderland in the Premier League. A corner is cleared out, the ball is helped back in by Craig Gardner and Adam Johnson arrives perfectly to clip a neat half-volley beyond Tim Howard. This is the sixth league game which Everton have gone behind - but they are yet to lose any of them.

  199. 1544: 
    GOAL- Wigan 1-2 West Brom - Arouna Kone (44 mins)

    But Wigan fight back to score straight away. It's a marvellous cross in from the left by Jean Beausejour, cutting out two defenders and the keeper to allow Arouna Kone to tap in from a few yards out. Game on.

  200. 1544: 
    GOAL- Wigan 0-2 West Brom - Gary Caldwell OG (43 mins)

    Two goals in quick succession at Wigan. First, the visitors double their lead as Wigan switch off from a quick throw-in. Billy Jones is able to waltz into the area unchallenged, he looks to flash a cross in and it hits the outstretched leg of Gary Caldwell and flies in.

  201. 1543: 

    Phil Neville from 35 yards? I kid ye not. Neville takes aim for Everton, hitting a rasper which Simon Mignolet beats away.

  202. 1543: 

    Talking Sport on Twitter: "Reading need to make their pressure count whilst they are on top, or it could be another case of so close yet so far."

    Adam Jones on Twitter: "If Everton don't start converting chances in games I'm seriously going to explode. We need to get it in the net!"

    Davey Jay on Twitter: "Walcott has taken a few free kicks lately and they have all been terrible. Cristiano Ronaldo, he is not."

  203. 1542:  
    Danny Mills at Emirates Stadium for BBC Radio 5 live

    "What a bizarre game. We've had about four chances and four goals. I don't know whether Vito Mannone should have done better. People can make up their own mind on Match of the Day."

    You can hear 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  204. 1540: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 2-2 Fulham - Alex Kacaniklic (40 mins)

    And nobody at Arsenal will be happy about this - Fulham are level. Again there are question marks over Vito Mannone in goal. Dimitar Berbatov floats away from a defender and stands up a neat cross from the right, it is met by a powerful header from sub Alex Kacaniklic but skips into the pitch before beating Mannone on the bounce. Maybe he could have done better there...

  205. 1540: 

    Theo Walcott is back in the Arsenal side today, but he is still being forced to play wide out on the right. He won't be too happy about that.

  206. 1539: 

    BBC Sport's Nabil Hassan at Southampton v Swansea: "Both managers now out on the edge of the technical area here at St Mary's. You'd suspect Adkins would be the happier of the two."

  207. 1537: 

    Peter Crouch is so close to an opener for Stoke! Steven Nzonzi powers away down the right and cuts the ball back for the former Liverpool man, he shoots but it takes a nick off a fine saving challenge from Anton Ferdinand and flies wide. Inches in it. Inches.

  208. 1536: 

    Southampton are having a good spell against Swansea, and they almost find a way through with a clever free-kick. Gaston Ramirez shapes to shoot but instead clips a ball to the back post. It is helped back across goal but some fine defending from Swansea sees the ball cleared.

  209. 1535: 

    Opta tweets: "Following Olivier Giroud's goal, Sunderland are now the only Premier League side yet to score a headed goal this season."

  210. 1535: 

    BBC Sport's Stephan Shemilt at Stoke v QPR: "Change of approach for Stoke, getting more support to Crouch. Walters pushed forward, Adam moved right: 4-5-1 to 4-4-2."

  211. 1534: 

    Speaking of great left feet, Everton close to an opener. Leighton Baines whips in a free-kick, Nikica Jelavic loses his marker nicely but mishits his volley and it bounces into the turf and over the bar.

  212. 1534:  
    Robbie Savage, BBC Final Score

    "What a ball from Chris Brunt! James Morrison made a great run to the middle of the goal, and it was a superb finish."

  213. 1534: 

    Bad news for Everton. Kevin Mirallas has been running the game, but he's pulled up with a hamstring injury and is straight off down the tunnel. Up steps Steven Naismith, a scorer in Everton's last home game against Liverpool.

  214. 1532: 

    Crystal Palace have conceded their first goal under new boss Ian Holloway. Looking to go back to the top of the Championship table, the Eagles trail to a Grant McCann effort after six minutes for Peterborough, and could surrender second place tonight if things stay the same with Cardiff leading against Hull.

  215. 1532: 

    Jason Vowles on Twitter: "Sit back, ladies and gentlemen, and watch Arsenal absolutely destroy Fulham!"

    Mike on Twitter: "The apparently disappointing Giroud now has as many league goals as Rooney this season (and fewer cards)."

    Mo Choudry on Twitter: "The Walcott and Giroud partnership has great potential. Just need the pair of 'em to stay away from injuries."

  216. 1532: 
    GOAL- Wigan 0-1 West Brom - James Morrison (31 mins)

    What a cross this is. Wigan stand off Chris Brunt, and you just can't do that with his left foot. The Northern Irishman puts in a beauty of a dipping cross which is begging for a big header at the back stick. James Morrison obliges, thumping in from close range.

  217. 1531:  
    BBC Final Score

    Final Score, as well as being viewable at the top of this page, is now on the BBC Red Button. Enjoy.

  218. 1529: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 2-1 Fulham - Dimitar Berbatov (29 mins)

    Shocking defending from Arsenal gifts Dimitar Berbatov the simplest of goals. Again it comes from a set-piece, with Bryan Ruiz clipping in a corner from the right and Berbatov is somehow able to nod in unchallenged from about three yards out. Tony Adams will be wincing.

  219. 1527: 

    Chance for Everton, who are bossing the game now. The impressive Kevin Mirallas plays Steven Pienaar in on goal, but his shot is beaten clear at the near post by Simon Mignolet.

  220. 1527: 

    BBC Sport's Nabil Hassan at Southampton v Swansea: "Great football from Saints ends with Lallana forcing a fine save from Tremmell. They're slowing asserting themselves on this game..."

  221. 1526: 

    It's not a classic at Wigan, where West Brom have not really threatened. Maybe the Baggies are missing the pace of Peter Odemwingie?

  222. 1526: 

    Liam, a QPR fan, on 81111 on text: "Re Robbie Savage (1503): QPR's "Championship standard" squad had more than twice the amount of points this time last year and played as a team!"

    Tom in Hursley on 81111 on text: "Can't have been many younger starting XI's in the Premier League than this Saints side today?"

    Phil from Poole on 81111 on text: "Southampton, don't sack Adkins. As a Charlton fan it took a relegation and promotion before we became an established Premier League team. Sacking Adkins means freefall."

  223. 1525: 

    Fulham make that change now, as Alex Kacaniklic is on in place of the stricken Kieran Richardson.

  224. 1525:  
    Robbie Savage, BBC Final Score

    "There you see what Podolski's game is all about. He got across his marker to the middle of the goal, and that was very good. There will be nothing for Fulham there today."

  225. 1523: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 2-0 Fulham - Lukas Podolski (23 mins)

    He hasn't scored for a while, but Lukas Podolski has doubled Arsenal's lead. Fulham are down to 10 men momentarily after Kieran Richardson leaves the field injured, and the Gunners punish them. Mikel Arteta strolls into the box, gets his head up and picks out Podolski closing in at the back stick. He just wants it more than Sascha Riether, getting there first and poking in from seven yards.

  226. 1521: 

    Paulo Gazzaniga makes a flying save to keep Swansea out at St Mary's. It's former Celtic man Ki sung-Yeung who has the shot, who shows some neat footwork to jink inside and get his shot off, but Gazzaniga gets across to make the stop.

  227. 1520:  
    Danny Mills at Emirates Stadium for BBC Radio 5 live

    "The game has gone the way we thought it would. Fulham are keeping the ball well but they haven't really got into the Arsenal half. Neither team are much of a threat, apart from the goal from a corner."

    You can hear 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  228. 1518: 

    At Stoke v QPR, the visitors are seeing plenty of the ball but they can not find a way through that stubborn Potters backline at the moment. Junior Hoilett shows some trickery to beat his man but his final shot is poor. QPR have not seen the best of the former Blackburn man yet.

  229. 1517: 

    Fear the Belgians. Kevin Mirallas and Marouane Fellaini are turning it on now and are running the game for Everton. David Moyes's side on top now at Goodison.

  230. 1516: 

    Reading go close to an opener. Garath McCleary drills in a shot from range which John Ruddy does well to turn away.

  231. 1514: 

    Reading are still on top against Norwich, but there's precious little in terms of goal threat at the moment.

    At Southampton, captain Adam Lallana drills in a low shot which Gerhard Tremmel does well to keep out. He pushed it awkwardly away for a corner.

  232. 1513:  
    Robbie Fowler, BBC Final Score

    "It's a good header from Giroud, who ran across his man. A good goal, and you can't blame the defence there."

  233. 1512: 

    Everton have been a bit sluggish but here's a good attack, Kevin Mirallas wriggles away from his man on the left of the area and pulls the ball back, but Sunderland are able to hack it clear.

  234. 1512: 

    Wigan are clearly eager to test stand-in West Brom keeper Boaz Myhill and the Wales keeper has just denied Ben Watson with a fine save. Maynor Figueroa and James McCarthy have also gone close for the hosts in the opening exchanges at the DW Stadium.

  235. 1511: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 1-0 Fulham - Olivier Giroud (11 mins)

    The big man is coming good. Olivier Giroud has Arsenal ahead with a bullet of a near-post header, losing his man well to thump in from Theo Walcott's corner.

  236. 1510: 

    BBC Sport's Stephan Shemilt at Stoke v QPR: "Owen Coyle spotted at the Britannia Stadium. Coyle sat in directors box, a couple of rows behind a blue-and-white-scarf wearing Tony Fernandes."

  237. 1510:  
    Robbie Fowler, BBC Final Score

    "It's a tough game for Southampton against Swansea, who are one of the best footballing sides in the Premier League. But you have to win your home games and it's vitally important they pick up three points today."

  238. 1509: 

    It's been a slow start at Southampton, with the home side holding their own against Swansea. No chances as yet at St Mary's.

  239. 1508: 

    Sunderland have started really well, and they go close again to taking the lead at Everton. Stephane Sessegnon turns provider on this occasion, feeding Steven Fletcher with a neat pass which the Scotland man stretches to slide across goal. It beats Tim Howard but also rolls past the far post.

  240. 1507: 

    Chance at Reading - but Jason Roberts is flagged offside after a flick-on when clean through on goal. Replays suggest the Royals were unlucky there.

  241. 1507: 

    QPR have started brightly at Stoke, with Jose Bosingwa firing an early effort high and wide from 30 yards.

  242. 1506: 

    Greg Marshall on Twitter: "Not surprised to see Walcott finally handed a start. If only he could have a spin up front? He'll pen a new deal pre-Christmas."

    Jamie Atkins on Twitter: "Walcott and Giroud, at their dangerous best when playing together!"

    Alamin van Alaros on Twitter: "Relegation battle starts today. Reading, QPR and Southampton must win if they don't want miss the bus for next season."

  243. 1504: 

    Sunderland are having all manner of issues scoring this season, and they waste a great chance to take the lead at Everton. Steven Fletcher unpicks the Everton defence with a crafty through-ball, Stephane Sessegnon is in on goal but his low shot is well kept out by Tim Howard. A massive chance.

  244. 1504: 

    First chance of the day comes at Arsenal, but it is a chance for Fulham. Bryan Ruiz lines up a shot from the edge of the area, but it cannons off a defender and spins wide.

  245. 1503:  
    Robbie Savage, BBC Final Score

    "The daggers are out for Mark Hughes at QPR because of the money he's spent. But he had to rebuild that squad, who were Championship standard."

  246. 1500: 

    We are away in all of our Premier League games.

  247. 1459: 

    BBC Sport's Nabil Hassan at Southampton v Swansea: "His job may be under threat, but nice to see the Saints fans are still behind Adkins. One banner reads: ''There's only one Nigel Adkins'."

  248. 1459: 

    Opta tweets: "Everton have attempted 200 shots this season (including those blocked), more than any other team in any of Europe's big five leagues."

  249. 1458: 

    There is a minute's silence at grounds around the country as we mark Remembrance weekend.

  250. 1456: 
    Leicester 2-2 Nottingham Forest

    Leicester manager Nigel Pearson: "It wasn't a penalty. It's about time these people were held accountable. I'm not going to waste my time and energy talking to him. We should have three points today but we haven't. They [the officials] have got it wrong today and they haven't got the good grace to admit it."

    Nottingham Forest manager Sean O'Driscoll: "We got lucky. We are thankful for the result and now it's back to the drawing board. I don't think it was a penalty. I can't run on the pitch and say don't give it. He [Anthony Taylor] is a Premier League referee and he'll have to have a look at it and explain why he gave it."

  251. 1456: 

    Infostrada Sports tweets: "For the third time in their last four Premier League matches, Queens Park Rangers' starting lineup consists of 11 different nationalities."

    Infostrada Sports tweets: "QPR are the first Premier League club since Watford in 2006-07 to fail to win in their first 10 Premier League matches of the season."

  252. 1454: 

    Here's a surprising bit of international team news for you.

    Wigan's Franco Di Santo has scored 12 goals in 112 league and cup games since arriving in England almost five years ago, but the former Chelsea and Blackburn striker could appear alongside Lionel Messi for Argentina next week.

    To be fair to the uncapped 23-year-old, he has been in terrific form since helping the Latics avoid relegation last season and has earned his place in the squad, which does not include Manchester City's Carlos Tevez, to face Saudi Arabia on Wednesday.

    But all thoughts of playing with Barcelona superstar Messi will have to wait for Di Santo, who has three Premier League goals this season, as he looks to help Wigan to a third straight league win against West Brom at the DW Stadium.

  253. 1453: 

    So we are less than 10 minutes away from kick-off around the country. Hold on everyone...

  254. 1451:  
    Danny Mills at Emirates Stadium for BBC Radio 5 live

    "The trouble is, since Sol Campbell left Arsenal they have really struggled in the heart of the defence for winners. They have been very, very fragile. Now, with Steve Bould there as assistant, they do look certainly more solid and more organised at the back."

    You can hear 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  255. 1450:  
    BBC Final Score

    Final Score is under way - you can watch it at the top of this screen. Robbie Savage and Robbie Fowler are in the studio.

  256. 1448: 

    BBC Sport's Nabil Hassan at St Mary's Stadium: "Big day for 17-year-old Luke Shaw who is likely to come up against Pablo Hernandez. Shaw meanwhile becomes the youngest Southampton player to ever appear in the Premier League. Just under 20 minutes to go until kick off."

  257. 1447: 

    Oli Page on Twitter: "The referee at Leicester should get relegated to League 2 for next week as he has personally and individually cost us all three points today..."

    Will Styles on Twitter: "Tim Howard is in my fantasy football team today because only Steven Fletcher has scored a Premier League goal for Sunderland in over seven months!"

    Rob Allonby on Twitter: "Is it just me or is the 20 minute wait from the end of the early kick-off to the 3pm games go on for an eternity?"

  258. 1447: 
    LINE-UPS- Arsenal v Fulham (15:00 GMT)

    Arsenal: Mannone, Sagna, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Coquelin, Arteta, Cazorla, Walcott, Podolski, Giroud. Subs: Szczesny, Andre Santos, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Arshavin, Jenkinson, Chamakh.

    Fulham: Schwarzer, Riether, Hughes, Hangeland, Riise, Ruiz, Baird, Sidwell, Richardson, Berbatov, Dejagah. Subs: Stockdale, Senderos, Petric, Karagounis, Duff, Rodallega, Kacaniklic.

    Referee: Phil Dowd (Staffordshire)

  259. 1442: 

    I hope that tasty little morsel from the Championship has whet your appetite? Get ready for the main course, with Aston Villa v Man United to come for dessert.

  260. 1441:  
    David Pleat at King Power Stadium for BBC Radio 5 live

    "The second half lost a little fizz, but it was good, clean game throughout. These are two sides who should finish in the top six on the evidence of this match."

    You can hear the rest of 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  261. 1440: 

    Leicester will feel aggrieved by that penalty which cost them a win, but Simon Cox has just called it "a stonewall penalty." That's confidence...

  262. 1438: 
    FULL-TIME- Leicester 2-2 Nottingham Forest
  263. 1438: 
    Southampton v Swansea (15:00 GMT)

    Southampton make three changes to the side beaten by West Brom. Luke Shaw, 17, becomes the youngest Southampton player to start a Premier League match, while 23-year-old Jack Cork also starts a Premier League match for the first time. Jason Puncheon also comes in, with Daniel Fox, Steven Davis and Jay Rodriguez dropping out.

    Chico Flores has failed to shake off a leg injury so Garry Monk continues to deputise as Swansea City start with the same side that drew with Chelsea. Luke Moore replaces injured striker Danny Graham on the bench.

  264. 1437: 
    LINE-UPS- Southampton v Swansea (15:00 GMT)

    Southampton: Gazzaniga, Clyne, Yoshida, Fonte, Shaw, Puncheon, Cork, Schneiderlin, Lallana, Lambert, Ramirez. Subs: Kelvin Davis, Hooiveld, Steven Davis, Rodriguez, Fox, Ward-Prowse, Mayuka.

    Swansea: Tremmel, Rangel, Williams, Monk, Davies, Ki, Britton, de Guzman, Hernandez, Michu, Routledge. Subs: Cornell, Tate, Dyer, Shechter, Moore, Tiendalli, Agustien.

    Referee: Andre Marriner (W Midlands)

  265. 1436: 

    Into stoppage-time at Leicester...

  266. 1436: 

    Infostrada tweets: "David Moyes' takes charge of his 400th Premier League match today - the fourth manager to reach this milestone after Ferguson, Wenger and Redknapp."

  267. 1434:  
    David Pleat, at King Power Stadium for BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's the Schlupp-Dyer combination down the left flank that has pushed Leicester on in these late stages and has given them the ascendancy."

    You can hear Leicester v Nottingham Forest on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  268. 1433: 
    LINE-UPS- Wigan v West Brom (15:00 GMT)

    Wigan: Al Habsi, Ramis, Caldwell, Figueroa, Boyce, McCarthy, Watson, Beausejour, Kone, Di Santo, Maloney. Subs: Pollitt, Jones, Gomez, McManaman, Boselli, Fyvie, Stam.

    West Brom: Myhill, Jones, McAuley, Olsson, Ridgewell, Mulumbu, Yacob, Lukaku, Morrison, Brunt, Long. Subs: Luke Daniels, Popov, Rosenberg, Dorrans, Gera, Odemwingie, Tamas.

    Referee: Neil Swarbrick (Lancashire)

  269. 1430: 
    LINE-UPS- Everton v Sunderland (15:00 GMT)

    Everton: Howard, Coleman, Jagielka, Heitinga, Baines, Mirallas, Osman, Neville, Pienaar, Fellaini, Jelavic. Subs: Mucha, Oviedo, Naismith, Distin, Hitzlsperger, Gueye, Vellios.

    Sunderland: Mignolet, Gardner, O'Shea, Cuellar, Rose, Johnson, Larsson, Colback, McClean, Fletcher, Sessegnon. Subs: Westwood, Wickham, McFadden, Kilgallon, Vaughan, Bramble, Saha.

    Referee: Lee Mason (Lancashire)

  270. 1429: 

    Will at King Power Stadium on 81111 on text: "How much are officials ruining football at the minute? Every game against Nottingham Forest the officials do us on a poor decision. That could determine whether we get promoted or not."

    Mike on 81111 on text: "Spotted Roy Hodgson at the Saint Mary's. Hope he takes a look at little yet mighty Leon Britton - would be a meteoric rise for him."

    Geoff, a Sunderland fan, on 81111 on text: "Don't worry Andy from Reading (1355), we'll end up below you..."

  271. 1427: 

    Wigan midfielder James McArthur tweets: "Gutted to miss today's game due to a thigh injury. Hope the boys can get a big win."

  272. 1426: 
    LINE-UPS- Stoke v QPR (15:00 GMT)

    Stoke: Begovic, Wilkinson, Huth, Shawcross, Cameron, Nzonzi, Walters, Whelan, Adam, Etherington, Crouch. Subs: Sorensen, Palacios, Jones, Whitehead, Upson, Kightly, Jerome.

    QPR: Julio Cesar, Bosingwa, Ferdinand, Nelsen, Traore, Diakite, Faurlin, Granero, Hoilett, Taarabt, Cisse. Subs: Green, Derry, Hill, Wright-Phillips, Mackie, Onuoha, Zamora.

    Referee: Martin Atkinson (W Yorkshire)

  273. 1424: 

    We are into the last 10 minutes at Leicester. A cracking game we wanted, and a cracking game we have got so far.

  274. 1422: 
    Everton v Sunderland (15:00 GMT)

    Everton pick the same team that were only denied a victory at Fulham by a last-minute Steve Sidwell equaliser.

    Sunderland make two changes to the side that lost 1-0 at Aston Villa, with Danny Rose and James McClean replacing Lee Cattermole and Phil Bardsley. Cattermole is out with a knock, while Craig Gardner switches to right-back.

  275. 1422: 
    Arsenal v Fulham (15:00 GMT)

    Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny is back after an ankle injury but has to settle for a place on the bench. Arsenal make one change from the team which drew 2-2 with Schalke in midweek, with Francis Coquelin coming into midfield for the suspended Jack Wilshere.

    Fulham manager Martin Jol makes three changes following the 2-2 draw against Everton, with Steve Sidwell in for the injured Mahamadou Diarra, winger Ashkan Dejagah replacing Damien Duff and Kieran Richardson coming in for Alex Kacaniklic.

  276. 1420: 
    LINE-UPS- Reading v Norwich (15:00 GMT)

    Reading: Federici, Gunter, Morrison, Gorkss, Shorey, McCleary, Leigertwood, Tabb, McAnuff, Roberts, Hunt. Subs: Stuart Taylor, Mariappa, Pogrebnyak, Le Fondre, Kebe, Robson-Kanu, Cummings.

    Norwich: Ruddy, Whittaker, Turner, Bassong, Garrido, Snodgrass, Tettey, Johnson, Pilkington, Hoolahan, Holt. Subs: Bunn, Howson, Jackson, Morison, Elliott Bennett, Tierney, Ryan Bennett.

    Referee: Chris Foy (Merseyside)

  277. 1418: 

    BBC Sport's Nabil Hassan at St Mary's Stadium: "Southampton manager Nigel Adkins is a man under pressure but you wouldn't know it reading his programme notes today. He's bullish as ever and signs off by writing: 'Carpe diem, together as one'. Nice touch."

  278. 1418: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Southampton v Swansea (15:00 GMT)

    Southampton give first Premier League starts to 17-year-old left-back Luke Shaw and 23-year-old midfielder Jack Cork.

  279. 1416: 

    Leicester are not having the run of the green here as they could have a penalty at the other end. Lloyd Dyer flashes in a volley which appears to hit Simon Gillett on the hand - nothing is given though...

  280. 1416: 

    West Brom keeper Ben Foster tweets: "Gutted I'm out today. Hoping for another three points from the lads and hope Boaz has a worldy! Come on you Baggies!"

  281. 1416: 
    Wigan v West Brom (15:00 GMT)

    West Brom keeper Ben Foster's groin injury paves the way for Boaz Myhill to make his first competitive start since conceding six for Wales in a World Cup qualifier against Serbia in September. Peter Odemwingie, who scored twice against Southampton on Monday night, is dropped. Wigan, unsurprisingly after two straight league wins, are unchanged, midfielder Ben Watson facing the club he signed for on loan as James McArthur recovers from a dead leg.

  282. 1414:  
    David Pleat at King Power Stadium for BBC Radio 5 live

    "That challenge looked slightly innocuous to me, but the referee was very close so I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. But looking at it again, that was not a penalty. The attacker stumbled then lost control of the ball, and then the defender got the ball. Nigel Pearson is shaking his head. With the penalty, it was low to Schmeichel's left and he had no chance. It was a fortuitous penalty to get awarded."

    You can hear Leicester v Nottingham Forest on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  283. 1413: 
    Reading v Norwich (15:00 GMT)

    Reading make one enforced change as keeper Adam Federici replaces the injured Alex McCarthy. Otherewise, it is the same starting line-up which drew with QPR last time out.

    Norwich boss Chris Hughton keeps faith with the same team which beat Stoke last Saturday.

  284. 1412: 
    GOAL- Leicester 2-2 Nottingham Forest - Simon Cox (67 mins)

    Ice cool from Simon Cox, steering the penalty into the bottom corner. No messing, and we are level with just over 20 minutes to go.

  285. 1411: 

    Zak Whitbread brings down Billy Sharp, though it looks like he gets a fair chunk of the ball in the process...

  286. 1410: 

    BBC Sport's Phil Cartwright at Blackpool v Bolton: "In position at a sunny Bloomfield Road for Blackpool v Bolton. New manager Michael Appleton names an unchanged team for his first match in charge of Blackpool."

  287. 1409: 
    Stoke v QPR (15:00 GMT)

    Stoke make two changes to the team that lost to Norwich last time out. Midfielders Glenn Whelan and Matthew Etherington are both handed starts, with Dean Whitehead and Michael Kightly dropping to the bench. Peter Crouch starts as the lone striker.

    One change for QPR as Mark Hughes's side chase an elusive first win of the season, with Alejandro Faurlin coming in for Jamie Mackie.

  288. 1407: 

    Dave Nugent has been struggling with a knock for the last few minutes, but he has to concede defeat and come off. On-loan Manchester United youngster Jesse Lingard is on in his place.

  289. 1405: 

    Opta tweets: "Leicester have conceded just three goals in the second half this season, fewer than any other Championship side."

  290. 1404: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Wigan v West Brom (15:00 GMT)

    West Brom goalkeeper Ben Foster is ruled out through injury, so Boaz Myhill comes in for a rare start.

  291. 1402: 

    What a save! Leicester almost put the game to bed but Lee Camp is able to get across and make a one-handed stop to keep out Martyn Waghorn's header. A fine stop.

  292. 1358: 

    Nottingham Forest goalscorer Adlene Guedioura is coming off, and here comes a familiar face. It's Jermaine Jenas. Can he make the difference?

  293. 1356: 

    Dewi from Perth on 81111 on text: "Going to Goodison Park for the first time in 25 years today. We emigrated to Australia 30 years ago and my wife got me tickets for our anniversary. What a woman!"

    Charlie in Milton Keynes on 81111 on text: "On the way to see Arsenal. We've been unimpressive of late but hopefully a turnaround v Fulham. Three points please Mr Wenger!"

    Andy from Reading on 81111 on text: "2-1 to Reading and our first Premier League win of the season. In Brian we trust..."

  294. 1355: 

    Gillingham could go eight points clear in League Two if they win at lowly Plymouth and Port Vale are beaten at Southend. Only a point separates the bottom five teams, while former England striker James Beattie begins his role as player-coach at Accrington in a mid-table clash with Northampton.

  295. 1353: 

    Is this a goal! Leicester think so. Martyn Waghorn is played in on goal, he steadies himself and drills the ball through Lee Camp's legs but Elliott Ward gets across to make a fantastic clearance off the line. Replays show that the ball did not go in. Great defending.

  296. 1349: 
    KICK-OFF- Leicester 2-1 Nottingham Forest

    The second half is under way in Leicester...

  297. 1348:  
    MOTD's Simon Brotherton at the DW StadiumWigan v West Brom (15:00 GMT)

    "Wigan go into the game showing the kind of form they normally reserve for spring when the spectre of relegation looms, while West Brom are riding high in fifth place after an excellent start under new boss Steve Clarke. A win for Wigan would be their third in a row after recent successes over West Ham and Tottenham, while Albion are still looking for their first away victory of the season after collecting 15 of their 17 points at home. Their indifferent away form stretches into the back end of last season, with a win over Liverpool at Anfield in April their only Premier League away success in the last 10."

  298. 1348: 
    Stoke v QPR (15:00 GMT)

    MOTD's Alistair Mann at the Britannia Stadium

    "QPR head to Stoke looking to register their first win of the season, as well as reverse their awful away form - it's almost a year since they last won away. Intriguingly that win came at the Britannia. Similarly to QPR, Stoke's season is yet to ignite, having won just one of their last 10 games. However, they remain strong at home and it's now over nine months since a visiting side took all three points. Any result seems possible."

  299. 1348:  
    MOTD's John Motson at St Mary'sSouthampton v Swansea (15:00 GMT)

    "It has been a very demanding week for Southampton boss Nigel Adkins but he has remained calm and level headed despite speculation over his future. If he can get three points he will be able to stem the tide for a while. That said, Swansea have started to come back into form after a little dip so this won't be an easy game for Saints. Despite Saints' defensive struggles, I have a feeling this could be a tense, low-scoring encounter because so much is at stake."

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