Arsenal need Theo Walcott to stay - Sol Campbell


Arsenal cannot afford to let Theo Walcott leave the club, according to ex-Gunners defender Sol Campbell.

The 23-year-old England forward has yet to agree a new contract, with his current deal set to expire next summer.

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It is a critical moment because if you don't get it right in January then you can just forget the rest of the season

Sol Campbell

"Theo is a big player," Campbell told BBC Sport. "You don't want to lose him for the best years of his football.

"For the next five years, I'd pay to keep him. He's a young lad, a good lad who scores goals, and you need to keep those types of players."

With Walcott entering the final six months of his deal and the transfer window about to open, Campbell added: "January is very critical. It is a critical moment because if you don't get it right in January you can just forget the rest of the season."

Following the departures of Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri and Robin van Persie in recent years, Walcott could become the latest high-profile exit.

"People love him, people hate him - but Theo is a good player, a great player, and he's growing every year," said Campbell.

"You can't lose him because his contract is running out or he wants a little bit more money. You've got to keep those type of players. We've lost too many over time.

"It used to be losing these players at 30 years old - now they're losing these players at mid-20s and that's crazy. You can't be losing players at mid-20s because of contract situations - it's crazy now."

Campbell made 211 appearances in two spells at Arsenal, winning two league titles and two FA Cups, and scoring in the 2006 Champions League final.

Walcott at Arsenal

  • Joined: January 2006 from Southampton
  • Debut: v Aston Villa, August 2006
  • Appearances: 238
  • Goals: 53
  • This season: 11 goals in 18 games

But his former club have not won a trophy since the 2005 FA Cup, were stunned by League Two Bradford City in the Capital One Cup this month and are 15 points behind Premier League leaders Manchester United.

Arsene Wenger's side returned to form with victory at Reading on Monday and are in the last 16 of the Champions League for a 13th consecutive season, but Campbell feels it is vital they bolster their squad in January.

"I think they should find some money somewhere and get some top players in and just go for it," said the 38-year-old.

"They have some top players, but I just don't think there's enough. Jack Wilshere epitomises what Arsenal are all about. He's got drive, a great football head, he wants to win. Arsenal need a few more like that."

The money available to Wenger for signings and salaries was restricted by Arsenal's move from Highbury to Emirates Stadium in 2006.

But they posted another impressive set of financial results in 2012 and will be boosted by a new £150m sponsorship deal with Emirates Airline.

Wenger on Walcott

26 September

"We want him to stay, I always said exactly the same. We are all professional and let's hope we can extend his deal. I speak to Theo of course, we are always in touch with [his agent] and you have to give us some time to try to sort that out."

1 November

"There is urgency - how much I don't know, but there is urgency. We want to sort it out before Christmas, one way or the other. I would not like to [sell Walcott]. I have not even thought about that, because at the moment I think we will still manage to make a deal with him."

8 November

"My desire is to keep Theo. We do what is needed to keep him and hopefully we can sort this situation out very soon. Very soon is before the end of December one way or another, that is for sure."

"Arsenal are not in a situation where they are going to go out of business," Campbell explained. "They can actually hedge their bets and go for it.

"It's about gambling at the right time and I think now it's a critical moment to gamble, to buy players, to invest in them.

"We can't keep on losing top players because you're never going to build anything. If top players are going to invest in you, you've got to invest in them. They won't take half [the money] to come to Arsenal. Arsenal are not at that level.

"They've got a wage structure they don't want to break. I think that's a big problem with attracting the real top players."

Arsenal's mixed start to the season has seen Wenger face intense criticism, but Campbell says the Frenchman should remain in charge.

"He is the right man for the job, but he has to realise that the playing landscape has changed and the market has changed," he added.

"You've got to sometimes take a risk. Taking a punt on a player 10 years ago for £500,000 might now be £7m. You can't always get these £500,000 players, turn them into great players and sell them for £20m.

"Seven years plus without a trophy for Arsenal is too long. Arsene would be the first to say that. Why not wait until January and just go for it?"