Premier League football as it happened

Live text commentary as Liverpool crush QPR in the Premier League after Everton are beaten at home by Chelsea.

31 December 2012 Last updated at 16:52 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1819: 

    That is it for our coverage of the day's football. Don't forget that Match of the Day 2 is on tonight at 22:25 GMT on BBC1. After this weekend, it is well worth a watch. Tom Rostance will be in the chair on New Year's Day to guide you through the day's action. It has been a pleasure. I'll see thee.

  2. 1819: 
    QPR manager Harry Redknapp:

    "It was a disappointing opening half hour. We improved in the second half. It was a tough game. Look at their team, it cost in excess of £150m. It's is full of quality and it was difficult. We worked our socks off.

    "It's damage limitation at half-time. You have to make sure you are not beaten by seven or eight that's the situation I was faced with at half-time.

    "I still believe we will get out of trouble. You mustn't give up. If we can get one or two [new signings] in it could make the difference. It's going to be hard. There's plenty of game left. It is not impossible.

    "We have to believe we can go on a run of winning games. I'm still upbeat, I'm not downbeat about it. Chelsea and Tottenham are flying and they are our next two games but you never know in football. Eight points is not insurmountable."


    Tyson Clarke on Twitter: "We lose every week, we lose every weeeek, you're nothing special, we lose every week."

    Sonnie Y-B on Twitter: "Is Suarez not the most exciting player in the Premier League to watch? He tears defences up like he's on the playground."

    Barry Johnson on Twitter: "Liverpool fans, don't get carried away. It was only QPR. If Suarez wants Champions League football he won't get it at Liverpool this season."


    Opta Joe tweets: "517 - Everton conceded more fouls than any other Premier League team in 2012."

  5. 1808: 
    Liverpool assistant manager Colin Pascoe:

    "That's probably the best we have played for a long time with the display in the first half. The way we took our chances was pleasing.

    "Luis Suarez is superb. He's a maverick. He creates chances for himself, finishes them and is a great lad.

    "It was great result from the lads and the way we performed in the first half secured the win. We were disappointed with the defeat by Stoke on Boxing Day and the response from the players was terrific."


    QPR owner Tony Fernandes tweets: "No excuse. Lost for words. Back to the drawing board. Woeful performance."

  7. 1805: 

    Steven Gerrard after the match: "QPR are having a tough time at the moment, and we knew if we started well we could quieten the crowd then play our football. We played probably our best football of the season in the first half. Harry Redknapp changed things and we found it much harder to get through.

    "Luis Suarez has been brilliant since he's come to the club. He's a magician. These players only have to play against him twice a year - we have to train with him every day!

    "There was a gap today - you can tell when Brendan is not there. He's been great for the players. I'm sure he's getting looked after at home and he'll be happy with the lads."

  8. 1801: 

    Liverpool are up to ninth in the table, with 28 points from 20 games. Off the back of this result they will be hoping to kick on and climb the Premier League table in 2013. A fit and firing Luis Suarez will be key to their fortunes.

  9. 1800:  
    David Pleat, 5 live Sport at Loftus Road

    "There's no use harassing or haranguing the QPR players. He should probably say nothing, give them a couple of days off then go again. harry will need to pull a few tricks out of the box now, but I'm not sure there are enough tricks in that box. But somehow he's got to put a group of genuine players together on the field who will work and fight and hopefully pick up a few scraps between now and the end of the season."

    You can listen to live reaction to today's matches on 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live, right now.

  10. 1758:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Listen to reaction to all today's matches, closely followed by the 606 football phone-in, on 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live, right now.

    Join the nation's biggest football debate by calling Alan Green on 0500 909 693 or texting 85058.


    Liverpool goalkeeper Brad Jones tweets: "Well done boys, great result!"

  12. 1756:  
    MOTD's Jonathan Pearce at Loftus Road:QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    "Luis Suarez was electrifying for Liverpool in the first half. QPR improved belatedly but never really threatened. A massive improvement and miracle is needed if they are to avoid relegation. If they defend like they did in the opening half hour then they will be in the Championship next year."


    Opta Joe on Twitter: "QPR are the 15th top-flight team to have 10 or fewer pts (based on 3pts/win) from 20 games. The previous 14 all went down. Doomed."

  14. 1755:  
    David Pleat, 5 live Sport at Loftus Road

    "Liverpool destroyed QPR early and and Suarez was electric, finishing superbly. The system that Brendan Rodgers players here was quite in evidence today - the full-backs pushed on and Joe Allen dropped back to receive the ball. Liverpool played well, make no mistake about that."

    You can listen to live reaction to today's matches on 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live, right now.

  15. 1754: 

    QPR's horror year comes to an end in woeful fashion. They are bottom of the Premier League with just 10 points from 20 games and eight points from safety. Still, they can put 2012 behind them and look to 2013 as a year to put right what went wrong. Who do they play next? Chelsea away. Oh.

  16. 1752:  
    David Pleat, 5 live Sport at Loftus Road

    "It's been an interesting game. Liverpool started in exhilarating fashion and were really exciting earlier on, and they were always efficient and in control. QPR were better in the second half but the gulf in quality was clear to see. It's going to be very difficult now for QPR. They need quality players and it's going to be hard for Harry Redknapp to attract the players he needs to get them away from where they are."

    You can listen to live reaction to today's matches on 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live, right now.

  17. 1750: 

    More boos from the home crowd for the heavily-beaten QPR players. In contrast, the Liverpool fans in the away end are absolutely delighted. Their team have had a tough year but they have ended it on a huge high.

  18. 1748: 
    FULL-TIME- QPR 0-3 Liverpool
  19. 1747: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    Stephane Mbia has another effort on goal from range but his dipping effort flies past the far post. There will be no consolation here for QPR.

  20. 1746: 

    Fabio cuts across Raheem Sterling for a foul, which also earns the QPR substitute a yellow card. We are into three minutes of stoppage time.

  21. 1744: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    Liverpool are just playing out time now. This game has been won from the 30th minute onwards. There are just a few more minutes for QPR to endure.

  22. 1743:  
    David Pleat, 5 live Sport at Loftus Road

    "You wonder if Liverpool had kept their foot on the gas in the second half they could have had more goals. They have been kindly to QPR. They may reflect at the end of the season that this was an opportunity to get a really big score, because they have been superior."

    You can listen to live commentary from Loftus Road on 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live, right now.

  23. 1742: 

    Jamie Carragher is going to get a late run out for Liverpool. The defender comes on for Joe Allen.


    Thayyab in Gloucester on 81111 on text: "A Champions League winner in Cesar, ex-Real Madrid in Granero, a wonderful prospect in Taarabt. This QPR team showcases how important passion and team work really are."

    Peter from Wainscott on 81111 on text: "Anyone who thinks that Rodgers isn't still calling the shots today needs their head examined! The first half was his footballing philosophy beginning to come to fruition, but it's still a work in progress."

    Mary in Southport on 81111 on text: "Still think Sterling looks like a headless chicken!"


    Swansea defender and Wales captain Ashley Williams tweets: "Liverpool have looked good this afternoon. Sharp."

  26. 1738: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    Stephane Mbia steps up to hit the free-kick that is curling towards the far top corner but offers a comfortable save for Pepe Reina.

  27. 1738: 
    YELLOW CARD- Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    Adel Taarabt is flicked by Lucas on the edge of the box to win QPR a free-kick and hand the Liverpool midfielder a booking.

  28. 1737:  
    David Pleat, 5 live Sport at Loftus Road

    "If QPR don't score goals over the next few weeks they are dead in the water. They have got to go out and attack."

    You can listen to live commentary from Loftus Road on 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live, right now.

  29. 1735: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    QPR make another change as the utterly ineffective Shaun Wright-Phillips departs to a few boos from the home fans and Fabio replaces him.


    Barry Shiel on Twitter: "Mbia and Diakite are terrible. Don't understand why Granero doesn't play more."

    Jake Chandler on Twitter: "Dramatic changes needed in January for QPR. I don't see this team winning another game this season."

    Will Crane on Twitter: "As a QPR fan not sure why I'm going to the Chelsea game on the 2nd. Pretty masochistic..."

  31. 1733: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    We're entering the time when QPR staged that remarkable comeback to beat Liverpool 3-2 last season. Stephane Mbia looks to give the home side some hope but his shot from 20 yards is saved by Pepe Reina.

    Gary Lineker, Match of the Day presenter

    "Harry needs the mother of all 'windows'!"

  33. 1729:  
    David Pleat, 5 live Sport at Loftus Road

    "Shaun Derry's inclusion has stiffened up QPR in the the middle of midfield, there's no doubt about that. But he needs a mobile, creative player alongside him."

    You can listen to live commentary from Loftus Road on 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live, right now.


    Nick in Watford on 81111 on text: "I think this QPR side shows that Mark Hughes signed a lot of sub-par players."

    Andy from Glasgow on 81111 on text: "Might be an idea for Harry Redknapp to nip along to Shepherds Bush Market and see if Steptoe and Son can get rid of some his junk in the January transfer window..."

    Craig in Staines-upon-Thames on 81111 on text: "For the first time in a long while Allen and Henderson are passing forward, creating chances, and Brendan Rogers is absent- coincidence? I think not."

  35. 1728: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    Luis Suarez is released in the box by Steven Gerrard's pass but the QPR defence rally to block his route to goal and eventually clear. These are likely to be a long remaining 18 minutes for QPR.

  36. 1726: 

    Liverpool take no chances and withdraw Jose Enrique and send on Suso to replace him.

  37. 1725: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    Stephane Mbia has another real opportunity to try and give QPR something to cheer but after accepting a pass on the edge of the box he curls his shot wide of the far post. Meanwhile, Jose Enrique is grasping his hamstring. That doesn't look good for Liverpool.


    Everton captain Phil Neville tweets: "Disapointing result but a great performance by the boys. Deserved more. Can't dwell - another big game Wednesday now versus Newcastle!"

  39. 1723:  
    David Pleat, 5 live Sport at Loftus Road

    "Liverpool certainly aren't sparkling now as they were during the first 15 minutes of the game, when I thought they were superb."

    You can listen to live commentary from Loftus Road on 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live, right now.

  40. 1722: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    Stephane Mbia unleashes a shot from range but Pepe Reina is behind it all the way and saves. Liverpool have definitely taken their foot of the gas but at least the home side are showing a bit of fight now.

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer

    "The reign of Mark Hughes looks worse with every passing day... Redknapp said on 1 December he would advise QPR owners not to spend their money if they were still adrift in January. Not sure that will happen."

  42. 1720: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    The newly-introduced Esteban Granero steps up to take the free-kick but pulls his effort low and wide of goal.

  43. 1719: 

    QPR are enjoying their best spell of the game and they win a free-kick on the edge of the box for a handball against a sliding Liverpool player. Before the free-kick is taken, Samba Diakite goes off to be replaced by Esteban Granero and Liverpool's Jordan Henderson departs with Lucas coming on.


    Depressed Vish at Loftus Road on 81111 on text: "Mark Hughes should never be allowed near a football team ever again..."

    Jacob on 81111 on text: "QPR are woeful at the moment. I really feel for Harry - he's got a job on his hands!"

    Mark in Lincoln on 81111 on text: "Harry 'Messiah' Redknapp is not that good - he's only good with ample money to spend. Remember Southampton?"

  45. 1717: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    QPR's first real cohesive attack almost brings them a goal as Armand Traore drives a low cross that flies in front of Jamie Mackie before going past the far post.

  46. 1716: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    QPR force their first corner. There has been almost an hour played. The way they deliver it sums up their day. It is played out to Shaun Wright-Phillips, who slips and miscontrols to allow Liverpool to regain possession.

  47. 1714: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    Great work from Steven Gerrard, who tracks back and slides in to tackle Samba Diakite on the edge of the Liverpool box. Gerrard and his fellow Reds midfielders have utterly dominated their QPR counterparts.

  48. 1713: 

    Stephane Mbia does nothing to help QPR's afternoon by diving under a challenge from Glen Johnson and earning himself a deserved booking.

  49. 1711:  
    David Pleat, 5 live Sport at Loftus Road

    "QPR were so slow and sluggish to get themselves sorted out for that corner kick. That's poor team play, with a lack of awareness and Liverpool work a corner will a little imagination."

    You can listen to live commentary from Loftus Road on 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live, right now.


    Michael Rhodes on Twitter: "Gerrard post-32 is the new Alonso, sitting deep, dictating the play. Henderson's work rate has been Kuyt-esque."

    Gregory Mandapat on Twitter: "At least Villa have youth to explain their struggles. What do QPR have? A bunch of overpaid individuals not playing as a team."

    Billy Williams on Twitter: "Villa beat Liverpool, then Liverpool thrash QPR, and Villa have lost by around six goals a game over Christmas. How bad are QPR?"

  51. 1710: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    Another Liverpool attack and Steven Gerrard is close to getting on the end of a cross from the right but Nedum Onuoha does well to get in and head away.

  52. 1709: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    It is way, way too easy for Liverpool. The Reds players want it more. Jose Enrique muscles his way past a QPR challenge and it is only a heavy touch from Luis Suarez that ends the attack.


    Everton defender Shane Duffy tweets: "Great effort by the lads today. Thought we deserved a lot more. Fans were brilliant today as always! Move on to Newcastle now."

  54. 1706: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    Luis Suarez is close to claiming his hat-trick as he collects a ball from Raheem Sterling on the edge of the box and gets the ball out of his stride before unleashing a shot that Julio Cesar tips on to the bar.

    Gary Lineker, Match of the Day presenter

    "Watching the game with friends. Three women on tactics: 'the black outfits of Liverpool are nice'. 'Yes, and so much more slimming than the red'."

  56. 1703: 

    Apparently, Colin Pascoe (who is in charge of Liverpool today because Brendan Rodgers is ill) did not go in the Reds dressing room at half-time as he also has a virus, which he did not want to spread to the rest of the players. He had to give his notes to fellow coach Mike Marsh to deliver.

  57. 1701: 
    KICK-OFF - SECOND HALF- QPR 0-3 Liverpool
  58. 1700: 

    The players are on their way back out. QPR are making a change. There will be no Djibril Cisse as he is replaced by Shaun Derry. Damage limitation time?

    Gary Lineker, Match of the Day presenter

    "Love watching Suarez..."


    Opta Joe tweets: "QPR have conceded 3+ goals before half time on four occasions since the start of last season, more than any other side."

  61. 1653: 

    Last season Liverpool threw away a two-goal lead in the final 13 minutes to lose 3-2 at Loftus Road. It was a result that helped spur QPR to avoid relegation. I think we can safely say there won't be any comeback today. Rangers have been woeful and look every inch a beaten side.

    Take nothing away from Liverpool, though. Regardless of how poor QPR are, the Reds were excellent in that half.

  62. 1650:  
    MOTD's Jonathan Pearce at Loftus Road:QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    "QPR booed from the field by their fans while Liverpool fans are already celebrating. The Reds have been terrific and QPR very, very poor. Colin Pascoe, who is standing in for Brendan Rodgers is doing a good job. QPR have no chance of staying up if the defend like they did in the first 16 minutes."

  63. 1649:  
    David Pleat, 5 live Sport at Loftus Road

    "It's going to be very difficult for Harry Redknapp at half-time. He's a very sensitive guy and this will be hard to take. QPR are trooping off and shoulders are very hunched, heads down. They are really demoralised after three terrific Liverpool goals."

    You can listen to live commentary from Loftus Road on 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live, right now.

  64. 1647: 

    As you can imagine the home fans were not shy in letting their feelings be known at the half-time whistle. Boos ring around the ground as the QPR players trudge from the field.

  65. 1646: 
    HALF-TIME- QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    Sam in Berkshire on 81111 on text: "Worst Premier League first-half performance ever? Should be a rugby score!"

    Ade on 81111 on text: "Whatever the personnel (and I've seen worse squads) surely Harry the Saviour should at least have made QPR a bit more solid and organised than this?"

    Gary on 81111 on text: "If Clint Hill is a premiership standard centre back then I'm a sausage dog in a frilly hat..."

  67. 1645: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    QPR have had four meaningful shots in the game, all of them from Adel Taarabt. He has a go from the edge of the box but his effort flies past the post.

  68. 1644: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    Stephane Mbia is furious as he falls under a challenge on the edge of the box but does not receive a free-kick. The home crowd have had so much stuffing knocked out of them they barely manage to support their midfielder's ire.


    Ana Romero on Twitter: "So glad Suarez does not have the virus!"

    Olukayode on Twitter: "Harry should've saved his face with the Ukrainian job than keeping up QPR. This must be the toughest job of his entire career."

    Tom Edmunds on Twitter: "Harry needs to tell Joe Jordan to go plug in the hairdryer..."

  70. 1641: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    Steven Gerrard has a pop from range for the visitors but his well-struck effort whistles over the bar. There are roughly three minutes to go this half.

  71. 1640: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    That is more like it from QPR. Adel Taarabt unleashes an effort on goal from 25 yards that at least challenges Pepe Reina, but it is a test the away keeper is equal to.


    Infostrada Sports tweets: "Liverpool score three goals inside the first 30 mins of a Premier League away match for the first time since May 2011, also in West London, in the 5-2 victory at Fulham."

  73. 1639:  
    David Pleat, 5 live Sport at Loftus Road

    "There was some comical, pantomime defending from QPR there. Quite incredible. They have lost their shape completely, and it's a lot to do with the way Liverpool are moving the ball so well."

    You can listen to live commentary from Loftus Road on 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live, right now.

  74. 1638: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    How is this not 4-0? Luis Suarez again somehow manages to wriggle through a host of challenges in the box before feeding the ball to Steven Gerrard near the penalty spot. Gerrard's shot is destined for the goal until a great block from Armand Traore and then a second interception by Ryan Nelsen on the line prevents the ball crossing the line.


    Chelsea defender David Luiz tweets: "This is the spirit lads! Great win today!"

  76. 1635: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    More superb approach play from Liverpool sees Raheem Sterling released down the left. He crosses to Luis Suarez but the striker is denied by a block from Ryan Nelsen. It is like a hot knife through particularly soft butter.

  77. 1633: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    It is almost 4-0 to Liverpool as a short corner eventually sees the ball fed to Jordan Henderson and his shot from 25 yards whistles past the far post. QPR look utterly devoid of ideas and a side who seem to have accepted their fate already.


    Graeme Murphy on Twitter: "Rodgers out - Pascoe in... thought I'd be the first to say it!"

    Max E Chapman on Twitter: "Haven't seen such bad defending in a long time."

    Oliver Jones on Twitter: "Dear QPR players: my Sunday league team won't even have you. Kind regards, a nearly in tears fan."

  79. 1631: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    The first shot Pepe Reina has to save is an easy one, from Adel Taarabt's tame effort with the outside of his boot from an angle on the right.

  80. 1630: 
    Latest: QPR 0-3 Liverpool

    The ball sometimes looks like it is glued to Luis Suarez's feet. He beats one QPR man on the edge of the box and manages to dribble his way past another before finally being denied by a third home defender.

  81. 1629:  
    David Pleat, 5 live Sport at Loftus Road

    "So sharp by Liverpool. We can decry rangers for their sleepiness but Liverpool look so alive and sharp. It was a brilliant header, but I cannot understand why QPR has not one man on the line defending a corner kick. Unbelievable."

    You can listen to live commentary from Loftus Road on 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live, right now.

  82. 1627: 
    GOAL- QPR 0-3 Liverpool - Daniel Agger (28 mins)

    We've not even reached the half-hour mark yet and Liverpool are already out of sight. A corner from the left is taken short and Steven Gerrard whips over a cross that Daniel Agger meets with a powerful header that finds the bottom corner of the goal. It is so easy for Liverpool. Painfully so for Harry Redknapp and the home fans inside Loftus Road.

  83. 1626: 
    Latest: QPR 0-2 Liverpool

    Liverpool look like creating something every time they come forward and it is only last-ditch defending from QPR that is denying them. Martin Skrtel's superb forward pass releases Glen Johnson in the box and it is only a good clearance over his own bar by Ryan Nelsen that prevents Luis Suarez poking in a hat-trick goal. From the resulting corner, the ball is played to Steven Gerrard on the edge of the box and his shot is spilt by Julio Caesar before a Liverpool player pokes the ball wide.


    Opta Joe tweets: "Luis Suarez has now scored eight Premier League goals away from home, more than any other player this season."


    Scotty on Twitter: "Is there a worse team then Villa? Step up, QPR."

    Alex Storey on Twitter: "There are very few defenders in the world who can deal with Suarez at his best. Clint Hill is most certainly not one of those."

    James Jessop on Twitter: "Liverpool look much better without Brendan Rodgers..."

  86. 1622: 
    Latest: QPR 0-2 Liverpool

    No they can't fashion something from a free-kick as Adel Taarabt's effort hits the wall before Liverpool clear. Taarabt appeals for handball and to be fair he has a case as Jordan Henderson used his arm to block the shot. The Liverpool midfielder was in the box.

  87. 1620: 

    QPR have hardly have a sniff in the opening 20 minutes but they can fashion something now from a free-kick 25 yards from goal...

  88. 1618: 
    Latest: QPR 0-2 Liverpool

    Luis Suarez has now scored 13 Premier League goals this season. This is two more than his tally for the whole of the previous campaign.

  89. 1617:  
    David Pleat, 5 live Sport at Loftus Road

    "If Mr Rodgers has a virus and is at home listening - your boys are doing all right, mate. We are see a super exhibition. That was a wonderful goal, but Suarez had acres of space in the right. QPR really do look a forlorn group at the moment. Sterling caused a bit of commotion in the six-yard box and the ball ran free for Suarez to crash home."

    You can listen to live commentary from Loftus Road on 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live, right now.

  90. 1615: 
    GOAL- QPR 0-2 Liverpool - Luis Suarez (16 mins)

    Liverpool are tearing QPR apart. With Luis Suarez the chief tormentor. The striker combines with Stewart Downing down the right to completely open the QPR defence up and when his low cross is poked back to him by the sliding tackle of Nedum Onuoha he makes no mistake with a clinical finish. QPR are staring into the abyss while Liverpool have a field day.


    Jack Bishop on Twitter: "Suarez - what a goal. Magic feet."

    Alex Tuck on Twitter: "Great goal, Suarez. Could be carving through that defence all afternoon I reckon."

    Kris K Danso on Twitter: "That goal couldn't have been easier for Suarez even with his eyes closed. He just walked past Clint Hill."

  92. 1613: 
    Latest: QPR 0-1 Liverpool

    QPR have now conceded the opening goal in 14 of their 20 Premier League matches this season.

  93. 1612:  
    David Pleat, 5 live Sport at Loftus Road

    "Beautifully taken by Suarez but QPR gave him far too much space in which to turn. He nutmegged Clint Hill, who was on the unfortunate end of that bit of brilliance. Suarez looks like he has had a really good night's sleep - he's buzzing up front."

    You can listen to live commentary from Loftus Road on 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live, right now.

  94. 1610: 
    GOAL- QPR 0-1 Liverpool - Luis Suarez (10 mins)

    Within 10 minutes Liverpool lead and it is all down to the class of Luis Suarez. The striker has the ball on the edge of the box and in a flash he darts to his left to drive past the near-static Clint Hill before poking the ball past Julio Cesar into the bottom corner of the goal. Superb.


    Will Downham on Twitter: "Big game for Raheem Sterling against his former club today. I hope he makes QPR wish they never let him go."

    Colin Bundred on Twitter: "Devastated to see Henderson and Downing starting for us. How low has this once great club sunk."

    Donny Christian on Twitter: "I surely can't be the only person who thinks QPR are going to get a result against a temperamental Liverpool side today?"

  96. 1609: 
    Latest: QPR 0-0 Liverpool

    The home crowd call for handball against Steven Gerrard as Jamie Mackie looks to get past him down the right and just outside the box. The referee waves play-on. The ball did strike Gerrard's arm and he would argue it was ball to hand.

  97. 1606:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    You can listen to live commentary from Loftus Road on 5 live Sport on BBC Radio 5 live, right now.

  98. 1606: 
    Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez:

    "We started the game making a couple of big mistakes and they were pushing really hard, but the players reacted and that was good against very strong players who have been playing together for a long time under the same manager for ten years and that is a big advantage.

    "My job is to keep Lampard fit. He is under contract, fully committed and working hard and that is it. My job is to coach the players, and keep winning games and keep my opinion."


    Opta Joe tweets: "Liverpool have lost nine of their last 16 Premier League games in London."

  100. 1605: 
    Latest: QPR 0-0 Liverpool

    QPR's first attack almost produces something as Adel Taarabt steers a pass towards Jamie Mackie in the box but Pepe Reina is out quickly to gather the ball. The flag was up for offside against Mackie anyway.

  101. 1603:  
    David Pleat, 5 live Sport at Loftus Road

    "Ryan Nelsen is so professional, such a leader of men, and so important to Harry Redknapp at this moment. But then that was a terrific drive by Suarez, all power, and Cesar was good, off his line and parrying strongly."

  102. 1603: 
    Latest: QPR 0-0 Liverpool

    First effort on goal is from the visitors as Luis Suarez nutmegs Clint Hill before firing a shot that Julio Cesar blocks. Steven Gerrard has chance to follow-up but cannot react quick enough to get a goalbound effort in.

  103. 1602: 
    Latest: QPR 0-0 Liverpool

    Liverpool settle quickest and Glen Johnson has chance to deliver from the right but his cross is headed clear by Clint Hill.

  104. 1600: 
    KICK-OFF- QPR v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    Femi Longe on Twitter: "Would Chelsea have mustered a win under Di Matteo in these circumstances? No disrespect to the man, but Benitez is better."

    SIT on Twitter: "Big result for Chelsea - not only a great three points away to Everton but also a statement of intent and resilience."

    Benjamin Askins on Twitter: "Ryan Nelsen would struggle to deal with the pace of Emile Heskey. Suarez is going to make mincemeat of him."

  106. 1555: 

    Joey Barton is in the crowd at Loftus Road to watch his parent club. I hope he doesn't plan on spending too long in London or he could end up losing that lovely French accent.

  107. 1554: 
    Everton manager David Moyes:

    "I think we are a little unlucky not to get at least a draw today. The players could not have done any more. They gave everything they could and we played very well, but we came up a little short at the end.

    "We tried to score throughout the game and we made it difficult for Chelsea. Our players put in a great shift, and all teams at this time of the season are suffering from injuries and suspensions. But that shouldn't take anything away from how good we were today - we went very close to beating the European champions."

  108. 1553: 

    QPR have lost 22 league matches in 2012, more than any other Premier League club. Liverpool have lost 17 league matches in 2012, three more than in any other year. Two teams for whom 2012 has been a particularly miserable year have the chance to end it on a high. It is QPR v Liverpool and it will be kicking off in roughly seven minutes.

  109. 1550: 
    Liverpool assistant manager Colin Pascoe:

    "He [Reds boss Brendan Rodgers] woke up this morning and wasn't well. When I went to see him he was whiter than white. Everything was done and prepared [by Brendan]. We know it will be hard fought game and we are looking forward to it."

  110. 1548: 

    Liverpool will be keeping particularly careful watch over Rangers striker Djibril Cisse today. The French striker is one of the home side's potential match-winners and scored 13 goals in 49 league appearances for Liverpool between 2004 and 2006.


    Infostrada Sports tweets: "Everton lose for the first time at home since March in the Premier League. Now only Stoke have an unbeaten record at home in the this Premier League season."

  112. 1544: 

    QPR boss Harry Redknapp is taking charge of his 600th Premier League match today, becoming the third manager to reach the milestone in the division after Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger. He has won 228, drawn 157, and lost 214.

    Under Redknapp, Rangers have taken six points from a possible 18. They had previously accrued just four points out of a possible 39.

  113. 1541: 
    QPR v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    QPR make four changes from the defeat to West Brom. Keeper Julio Cesar, centre-back Ryan Nelsen, defender Nedum Onuoha and midfielder Samba Diakite replace Rob Green, Anton Ferdinand, Fabio Da Silva and Alejandro Faurlin.

    Liverpool lost to Stoke on Boxing Day and they bring in midfielders Joe Allen and Jordan Henderson as well as winger Raheem Sterling as Lucas Leiva, Jonjo Shelvey and Suso make way. Remember they are without manager Brendan Rodgers as he has been sent home from London with a bug. Back up keeper Brad Jones is also ill so Peter Gulacsi is on the bench.


    Vern in Cardiff on 81111 on text: "Rafa the master tactician's stranglehold over Everton continues. That's sure to upset and confuse those Chelsea fans..."

    Francky from north London on 81111 on text: "Drogba gave Chelsea the Champions League and plenty of trophies and that hasn't earned him a new two year contract, so why will Lampard be any different?"

    Shaun from London on 81111 on text: "With the appointment of Benitez and the way Lampard, Cole and Terry will be shown the door, Abramovich is showing us that he controls the club and no-one controls him."


    Opta Joe on Twitter: "Rafael Benitez has taken 19 points from his last seven Premier League games against Everton."

  116. 1538: 
    LINE-UPS- QPR v Liverpool (16:00 GMT)

    QPR: Julio Cesar, Onuoha, Nelsen, Hill, Traore, Mackie, Diakite, Mbia, Wright-Phillips, Taarabt, Cisse. Subs: Green, Derry, Ferdinand, Granero, Da Silva, Hoilett, Faurlin.

    Liverpool: Reina, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Jose Enrique, Allen, Henderson, Downing, Gerrard, Sterling, Suarez. Subs: Gulacsi, Assaidi, Coates, Lucas, Carragher, Fernandez Saez, Shelvey.

    Referee: Anthony Taylor (Cheshire)

  117. 1537: 

    Chelsea move up to third in the table as a result of their win, taking them two points above Tottenham and four behind second-placed Manchester City. Everton stay sixth, level with Arsenal on 33 points.

  118. 1535: 

    Frank Lampard reacts after the game: "It was very hard. This is always one of the most difficult games of the season. We got a tanking here last year and we had to stand up for ourselves. We went 1-0 down but after half an hour we started getting into the game. Once we got a foothold we got a goal at a good time. It was always going to be very close and we did ride our luck at times. We have to keep believing this season - there is a long way to go. We can only win our games then rely on other things.

    "We haven't been talking [about a new contract] in the last couple of weeks and I'm just concentrating on playing. Playing games gives me enough satisfaction, then what will be will be."

  119. 1532:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Everton captain Kevin Ratcliffe at Goodison Park on 5 live Sport: "Frank Lampard today was excellent, not just going forward but defending right to the end. He was exemplary, and Chelsea have quality players. They also have such strength in depth. Mata's timing and weight of passing was majestic.

    "Everton could have been three goals up by half-time but in the second half, aside from Jelavic hitting the bar, they didn't create the chances."

  120. 1529: 

    Chelsea become the first team to win at Everton since Arsenal in March. They may have hit Aston Villa for eight recently, but this is the best win of Rafa Benitez's Stamford Bridge reign so far. It extends the Spaniard's impressive record against the Toffees. He has only lost one of his last eight games against them, stretching back to his Liverpool days.

  121. 1525: 
    FULL-TIME- Everton 1-2 Chelsea
  122. 1524: 
    Latest: Everton 1-2 Chelsea

    What a chance for Nikica Jelavic. Leighton Baines' cross from the left falls perfectly for the striker in the box but he cannot react quickly enough and can only bundle the ball harmlessly towards goal for Ross Turnbull to gather.


    Ben Fussell on Twitter: "Chelsea showing great form at the moment. This league is very much still a three horse race."

    Jon Guck on Twitter: "Playing football against Victor Anichebe is what I imagine playing football against a bear would feel like. He's a monster."

    Alex McMullan on Twitter: "Re 1511, I'm sure I'm not the only one not to understand the majority of Rio's tweet?"

  124. 1522:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Everton captain Kevin Ratcliffe at Goodison Park on 5 live Sport: "What a fantastic game Distin has had! He's showing great pace for someone who is not a youngster. But Everton haven't threatened in a while and it's mainly Chelsea."

  125. 1522: 
    Latest: Everton 1-2 Chelsea

    A superb challenge from Sylvain Distin prevents Chelsea wrapping the game up. The Blues break at speed and it looks like Fernando Torres is going to be able to get a shot away in the box until Distin slides in to deny him. There are going to be four minutes of added time.

  126. 1520: 
    Latest: Everton 1-2 Chelsea

    The home crowd scream for a free-kick as Leon Osman falls under a challenge from Frank Lampard on the edge of the box. There are few appeals from the home players, though.

  127. 1518: 
    Latest: Everton 1-2 Chelsea

    Chelsea have a corner. It could have been more but Fernando Torres was unable to latch on to a ball in the box quick enough to prevent Johnny Heitinga blocking. Chelsea take the corner short, allowing Oscar to cut in from the left and unleash a shot that flies wide of the far post.

  128. 1516: 
    YELLOW CARD- Latest: Everton 1-2 Chelsea

    There is some confusion as to why Ashley Cole is shown yellow. It appears to be for speaking out of turn. Howard Webb has a word with Chelsea captain Frank Lampard to ensure the reasons are clear. Not that it makes Cole any less irate.

  129. 1516: 
    Latest: Everton 1-2 Chelsea

    Ross Barkley looks to try and drag his side level with a wonder strike but his effort from 25 yards is always too high and clears the bar.

  130. 1515: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Latest: Everton 1-2 Chelsea

    Chelsea's Oscar is going to get a run our as he replaces Juan Mata with just over five minutes to go.

  131. 1514: 
    Latest: Everton 1-2 Chelsea

    Everton are pushing hard for an equaliser. Leighton Baines' cross from the left is met by Nikica Jelavic at the back post but the ball is just half a yard too high and he is unable to steer his header at goal.

  132. 1513:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Everton captain Kevin Ratcliffe at Goodison Park on 5 live Sport: "Chelsea are taking control, and Everton haven't really impressed in this second half. It's been a lot of huffing and puffing. In this second half, when Chelsea lose the ball they get quickly right behind it. That didn't happening in the first half."


    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand tweets: "Heard a lot about Ross Barkley. 19 years old with huge potential. Show me some dubs lad! His fade looked sharp though..."

  134. 1511: 

    QPR make four changes for the visit of Liverpool and they include the return of keeper Julio Cesar and centre-back Ryan Nelsen.


    Jack in Norwich on 81111 on text: "You have to take your chances against the top sides or they will punish you. Everton were on top but they didn't make the most of it and now they're behind. Chelsea are ruthless."

    Pat, a Chelsea supporter, on 81111 on text: "Forget Ba, forget Falcao, forget Cavani - get Lampard signed up!"

    Mich on 81111 on text: "A complete and utter smash-and-grab by Chelsea."

  136. 1511: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Latest: Everton 1-2 Chelsea

    Much to the fury of the home crowd, an Everton attack is halted when Steven Pienaar is adjudged to have fouled Ramires. That is Pienaar's last act as he replaced by Bryan Oviedo. The South African does look to be limping slightly.

  137. 1509: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Latest: Everton 1-2 Chelsea

    Another Everton change sees Ross Barkley come on for Thomas Hitzlsperger.

  138. 1508: 
    Latest: Everton 1-2 Chelsea

    Sylvain Distin does superbly to storm across the pitch and deny Victor Moses the chance to provide a cross following a Chelsea break.

  139. 1507:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Everton captain Kevin Ratcliffe at Goodison Park on 5 live Sport: "Everton now do find themselves behind, and will feel a little aggrieved. But Chelsea have shaded it in this second half. And what have Everton done to offend Frank Lampard? He always scores against us!"


    Steven C on Twitter: "Lampard! And they say he's too old for Chelsea. He's been integral to their midfield today, pulling all the strings."

    Mohammed Saqib on Twitter: "Chelsea would be crazy to let Lampard leave."

    Chris Palmer on Twitter: "Someone call the police, Chelsea have stolen this..."

  141. 1506: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Latest: Everton 1-2 Chelsea

    There are 15 minutes to go at Goodison and Everton are making a change to try and salvage something from the game. Apostolos Vellios comes on for Steven Naismith.

  142. 1505: 

    Joe Allen, Jordan Henderson and Raheem Sterling return to the Liverpool starting line-up against QPR.

  143. 1503: 

    Eden Hazard is removed and Victor Moses comes on for Chelsea.

  144. 1502: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-2 Chelsea - Frank Lampard (72 mins)

    Frank Lampard is making a big case for a new Chelsea deal. The Blues charge forward and after Juan Mata's shot from Eden Hazard's header at the back post is saved by Tim Howard, Lampard is on hand to poke the ball into the roof of the net.

  145. 1459: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Latest: Everton 1-1 Chelsea

    This time Turnbull is beaten, but not the crossbar. Nikica Jelavic glances a header from Leighton Baines cross towards goal but the woodwork prevents the striker from putting the home side back in front.

  146. 1459: 
    Latest: Everton 1-1 Chelsea

    Good save Ross Turnbull. Victor Anichebe tees up Leon Osman but his low shot is pushed away by the diving Turnbull.

  147. 1457: 
    Latest: Everton 1-1 Chelsea

    Fernando Torres produces a superb snapshot from the edge of the box but Tim Howard is equal to it to palm the ball behind. Chelsea are enjoying a good spell now. Howard is again called into action to come out and claim a Lampard corner.

  148. 1454: 
    YELLOW CARD- Latest: Everton 1-1 Chelsea

    Everton's Steven Pienaar goes into the book for a foul on David Luiz in the middle of the park.


    Andy in Wigan on 81111 on text: "Luckily Turnbull only has to go half a game without making a mistake."

    Tom from Winchester on 81111 on text: "Re Gavroche Geraud (1429). Yes Falcao is better but is he £40 million better? Besides, Atletico don't want to sell so he will be cheaper next summer."

    Shah on 81111 on text: "I don't see why Liverpool are getting Sturridge for £12m when they could have got Ba for £7m who is a proven goalscorer. Who makes these transfer decisions at Liverpool?"

  150. 1451: 
    Latest: Everton 1-1 Chelsea

    Leighton Baines is felled right on the edge of the box by Ramires. It is wide left and gives Everton a chance to swing in a dangerous cross. Branislav Ivanovic rises at the near post to head the delivery away, though. Soon after, Leon Osman hooks a shot on goal that Ross Turnbull gathers right on the line.

  151. 1449: 
    Latest: Everton 1-1 Chelsea

    Nikica Jelavic thinks he is through to collect Leon Osman's pass into the box but the assistant deems him to be past the last defender and raises his flag, much to the anger of the home striker.


    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand tweets: "Fancy Torres to get the winner here after all the booing... anyone else?"

  153. 1447: 
    Latest: Everton 1-1 Chelsea

    Chelsea pile forward again and Juan Mata and Eden Hazard combine on the edge of the box before the latter's superb flick looks to have released Fernando Torres only for the assistant's flag to end the move.

  154. 1445: 
    Latest: Everton 1-1 Chelsea

    Fernando Torres has a great chance but his control lets him down. Sound familiar? The ball is chipped over for him in the box and had he shown a better touch he would have a clear shot at goal from just eight yards. However, the ball rolls awkwardly off his foot and straight to Tim Howard.

  155. 1443:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Everton captain Kevin Ratcliffe at Goodison Park on 5 live Sport: "Cech has some sort of ankle injury, we believe. That is a significant change for Chelsea. Both sides are a bit cagey in this second half, and both have changed their systems slightly."

  156. 1443: 
    Latest: Everton 1-1 Chelsea

    Everton enjoy a good period of pressure down the left but they are unable to dig out a decent cross with Steven Pienaar the most guilty by hitting the first man after darting into space.

  157. 1440: 
    Latest: Everton 1-1 Chelsea

    Steven Naismith's foul on Fernando Torres gives Chelsea a chance to deliver a free-kick into the box but Nikica Jelavic heads away Juan Mata's swinging cross.


    M Green on Twitter: "Frank Lampard is the heart and soul of Chelsea. They'd be stupid to let him go, especially after everything he's done for them."

    AJHB on Twitter: "Turnbull for Cech? Time to lump on Everton. I can't remember him ever going a full game without at least one howler."

    Oliver Deane on Twitter: "Ross Turnbull has never conceded a penalty in his whole career."

  159. 1439: 
    Frank Lampard

    Chelsea goalscorer Frank Lampard has been reported to be on his way out of Stamford Bridge. Following his goal today, the midfielder has now scored five-plus goals in each of the last 16 Premier League seasons.

  160. 1439:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    QPR assistant manager Joe Jordan on 5 live Sport: "There are changes today, and thought I'd like to inform you I wouldn't like to tell Liverpool! But there will be a couple of changes, and hope we get the same level of commitment that we did against West Brom. "

  161. 1438: 
    YELLOW CARD- Latest: Everton 1-1 Chelsea

    Leighton Baines is taken out by Gary Cahill as he looks to charge forward. The foul earns Cahill a booking and leaves Baines with ripped shirt a nasty looking gash in his back.

  162. 1435: 
    KICK-OFF - SECOND HALF- Everton 1-1 Chelsea
  163. 1434: 

    Looks like we're going to have a change at the break. Petr Cech's 400th Chelsea appearance is ended halfway through, with Ross Turnbull replacing him in goal. Cech apparently has an ankle injury.

  164. 1433: 

    It could be one in, one out at Newcastle as Alan Pardew's side are reported to have agreed a deal to sign France international defender Mathieu Debuchy from Lille.


    David Morris on Twitter: "Demba Ba would be an excellent signing for us. Cheap and full of goals."

    Gavroche Gergaud on Twitter: "I don't know if I really want Demba Ba, good player but I would rather someone like Falcao..."

  166. 1429:  
    MOTD's Guy Mowbray at Goodison Park:Everton 1-1 Chelsea

    "It was a first half you just did not want to end. Everton started at a canter, scoring with just a minute on the clock, but Frank Lampard's header reined in the rampant Toffees. Plenty more to come."

  167. 1427: 

    Sky Sports have just reported that Chelsea are reportedly meeting with representatives of Newcastle to discuss the potential transfer of Demba Ba. Ba, as is widely known, has a release clause in his contract of £7.5m.

  168. 1420:  
    Dion Dublin, BBC Radio 5 live

    After 155 games for Aston Villa, Dublin tells 5 live Sport: "It's so frustrating to see one of my old clubs deteriorating. They have conceded 15 goals in three games. It is disgusting. The players should be embarrassed - I would be totally embarrassed if I was part of a team conceding so many goals.

    "You have to take responsibility as a manager, because you ask them to go out and play a certain way with effort and desire, and they have just not done it. They have not done what he's asked. Are they good enough to do what he's asked? I don't know. Are there any players big enough there? I'm not sure he's got anyone in his squad that can."

  169. 1419: 
    HALF-TIME- Everton 1-1 Chelsea

    Ryan Tuke on Twitter: "Give Lampard a new deal!!!"

    David Farragher on Twitter: "You cannot miss as many chances as Everton have had and not convert them. Punished."

    PJ on Twitter: "Both streaks of Everton continue: scored for 17th straight match, conceded for 15th straight match."

  171. 1418: 
    Latest: Everton 1-1 Chelsea

    Everton look to restore their lead almost immediately but Victor Anichebe cannot get enough purchase on his header from Leighton Baines' free-kick from the left before Johnny Heitinga blazes over from range.

  172. 1416:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Everton captain Kevin Ratcliffe at Goodison Park on 5 live Sport: "That's always your worry when you have a goal lead and you've wasted so many chances. that is the fisrt time Chelsea have had an sustained pressure on Everton, and Lampard was there to guide that in at the far post."

  173. 1414: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-1 Chelsea - Frank Lampard (42 mins)

    Slowly but surely, Chelsea have been grafting their way back into this game and they are rewarded when Frank Lampard rises in the box to meet Ramires' cross and plant a header into the corner of Tim Howard's goal. Questions will be asked of the home defence as Lampard was in acres of space.

  174. 1412: 
    Latest: Everton 1-0 Chelsea

    Frank Lampard has a pop from range but it is never troubling Tim Howard, who gathers with ease. Soon after, at the other end, Steven Naismith rises at the back post to meet a cross but puts his header wide.

  175. 1409: 
    Latest: Everton 1-0 Chelsea

    Petr Cech again comes to Chelsea's rescue as Everton break forward. Steven Pienaar finds Nikica Jelavic in the Chelsea half and his angled shot is tipped behind by the Blues number one, who is impressing on his 400th appearance for the club today.

  176. 1407: 
    Latest: Everton 1-0 Chelsea

    If anyone can get Chelsea back into this it is Juan Mata. The little midfielder drives into the Everton box and beats a man to find space for a low cross that Ashley Cole is inches away from sliding in at the back post.


    Steven Broadbent on Twitter: "Brilliant save by Cech to deny Osman, Shame the shot wasn't a bit more to the left and it was 2-0."

    Carl Edwards on Twitter: "Everton look good. Really good. And that's from a Liverpool fan."

    Christopher Wood on Twitter: "Slowly getting back into this game Chelsea. Steady the ship..."

  178. 1404: 
    Latest: Everton 1-0 Chelsea

    Victor Anichebe does well to win a corner, which Steven Pienaar delivers and Fernando Torres gets a head on at the near post to head away.


    Toby in London on 81111 on text: "For all the pundits laying into our fans for disliking Benitez, remember we have performed badly in all our difficult matches under him so far."

    Ben from Huddersfield on 81111 on text: "I suspect many Liverpool fans - such as myself - will be secretly dreading today's game. This has become exactly the kind of match that on paper they should be winning but have been regularly losing in recent seasons."

    Jack in Newcastle on 81111 on text: "Word is Newcastle have agreed a deal to sign Debuchy from Lille. Delighted is an understatement!"

  180. 1401: 
    Latest: Everton 1-0 Chelsea

    Anything Cech can do, Tim Howard can match. Chelsea charge forward and when Ramires' shot is blocked Juan Mata's follow-up is saved by the Toffees keeper.

  181. 1400: 
    Latest: Everton 1-0 Chelsea

    Petr Cech is the only reason Everton are not 2-0 up here. Ashley Cole's hashed clearance from a cross from the right falls to Leon Osman and his shot is bound for the goal until Cech drops to palm away.

  182. 1357: 
    Latest: Everton 1-0 Chelsea

    Everton's Victor Anichebe makes another aerial nuisance of himself in the box from a throw on the left that is flicked on by Steven Naismith, but his header goes well wide of goal.

  183. 1356: 
    Latest: Everton 1-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea are coming back into the game a little - at least in terms of possession. But they are struggling to create anything. Juan Mata's aimless chip forward falls straight to Tim Howard.


    KC Kely on Twitter: "Torres yet to touch the ball after 20 mins of play. Torrid."

    Jamie Thomas on Twitter: "Everton need to take advantage as Chelsea are all over the place at the moment, but will get back into the game you would think."

    John Friend on Twitter: "Sorry to hear about Brendan Rodgers' virus. I'm sure he's hoping it will pass. And pass. And pass. And pass. And pass. And pass..."


    Tottenham winger Aaron Lennon tweets: "Recovery session and ice baths done, home now for sofa super Sunday..."

  186. 1354: 
    Latest: Everton 1-0 Chelsea

    It is a first Chelsea shot of the afternoon, but it barely deserves the description. Ramires lines one up from 22 yards but slices it horribly high and wide.

  187. 1353: 
    Latest: Everton 1-0 Chelsea

    Juan Mata looks to release Fernando Torres in the box but there is no chance the Spanish striker is going to out-muscle Sylvain Distin, who wins a foul for a frustrated push in his back. At the other end, Petr Cech sparks a moment of panic in the Chelsea defence by flapping at a cross under pressure from Nikica Jelavic. Fortunately for the away side, the ball drifts out of play for a goal-kick.

  188. 1350: 
    Latest: Everton 1-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea's first attack of any note is quickly ended when Ramires is muscled out of possession by Leighton Baines at the byline. The Everton man even wins a goal-kick. Everton are utterly bossing this.

  189. 1348:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Everton captain Kevin Ratcliffe at Goodison Park on 5 live Sport: "Everton are piling on the pressure, and going forward they look very lively. Chelsea have just not started, but Everton are playing a high-tempo game high up the pitch. Chelsea need to sort themselves out."


    Ravi Mani on Twitter: "Chelsea are rattled!"

    Benjamin on Twitter: "What just happened to that defence? Chelsea are in for a thumping..."

    Ben Thapa on Twitter: "Has Leighton Baines come dressed as a member of the 1966 World Cup winning squad?"

  191. 1348: 
    Latest: Everton 1-0 Chelsea

    Again Everton come forward but Leighton Baines' cross from the left is claimed by Petr Cech. The Chelsea keeper looks to start an attack but Steven Pienaar snuffs it out with a tackle on Eden Hazard. The South African has had a superb first 15 minutes.


    Opta Joe tweets: "Everton have now hit the woodwork 16 times in the Premier League this season, more than any other side."

  193. 1345: 
    Latest: Everton 1-0 Chelsea

    It is all Everton. Steven Pienaar's cross from the right is aimed for Nikica Jelavic in the box and only Gary Cahill's sliding interception prevents it reaching the striker for a clear sight of goal. Two resulting corners cause problems for Chelsea, who are grateful for the referee's whistle for a foul on Branislav Ivanovic.

  194. 1344: 

    Infostrada: Steven Pienaar's opening goal - after 63 seconds - is Everton's fastest Premier League goal since Yakubu's after 47 seconds on 2 March 2008 in the 3-1 home win over Portsmouth.

  195. 1342: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Latest: Everton 1-0 Chelsea

    It is not Baines who hits it but Nikica Jelavic, who chips his effort over the wall and flush against the base of the post. So close to being 2-0. The Everton fans are loving this.

  196. 1340: 

    Everton are quicker to the ball. And they win a free-kick as a result for Gary Cahill's challenge on Steven Pienaar. It is 25 yards from goal and Leighton Baines fancies it...

  197. 1339: 
    Latest: Everton 1-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea have barely touched the ball so far. Everton are harrying the away side in midfield to deny them any time. Eden Hazard is the latest Blues player to give the ball away under pressure.

  198. 1337:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Everton captain Kevin Ratcliffe at Goodison Park on 5 live Sport: "It is a great start for Everton. Hazard had done good work down the left for Chelsea but he gave away a really sloppy pass. It was a great cross from Jagielka, a suggestion of a foul on Cahill by Anichebe, but it came back off the post and was a great strike from Pienaar.

  199. 1337: 
    Latest: Everton 1-0 Chelsea

    Everton push forward again looking for a second but Victor Anichebe's flicked header fails to find a team-mate in the box and Chelsea can clear.

  200. 1334: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-0 Chelsea - Steven Pienaar (2 mins)

    On a weekend like this we should probably have expected an early goal. Phil Jagielka gets free down the right and crosses for Victor Anichebe and after his header crashes back off the post, Steven Pienaar is on hand to smash home on the follow-up. What a start!

  201. 1333: 
    KICK-OFF- Everton v Chelsea (13:30 GMT)
  202. 1332: 

    Like many clubs at this time of year, Everton are observing a minute's applause for those associated with the club who passed away this year.

  203. 1328: 

    Here come the teams. Cue Z Cars.


    Lawrence Houldsworth on Twitter: "Everton could have really done with Fellaini today. Chelsea look so strong and are playing well -surely they'll get three points?"

    Hagop Manisajian on Twitter: "Fellaini, Gibson, Colman and Mirallas missing makes Chelsea favourites, but Moyes is playing for three points with 4-4-2. Come on your Blues!"

    Waz Jav on Twitter: "Today at Goodison Park, in my opinion, we'll see the best left-back in league, Baines, while in most people's views it's Cole. Let's see who turns up."

  205. 1327: 
    Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez speaking to Sky Sports:

    "Hopefully the number of away games this month is not catching up on us. I am changing players because we need fresh legs after Japan, but I think we are doing well. Japan was good because we spent time together and you can see how the understanding and the movement is improving."


    Mark, a Chelsea supporter, on 81111 on text: "In recent years Everton have been such a tough fixture for us. I'm glad to see that we have our strongest team possible starting today. There can't be too many midfielders more energetic than Ramires and Luiz and with the added goal threat of Lampard we could edge this one."

    Will on 81111 on text: "I wonder if Everton fans will join in the applause for Roberto Di Matteo on 16 minutes. Will make for interesting viewing..."

    Sanjay in Watford on 81111 on text: "As a Liverpool fan I really hope Harry does not cast his magic spell today on QPR, because if he does then Liverpool can forget the top four. I want Liverpool to end the year on high."

  207. 1324: 

    Regardless of the result against Chelsea this afternoon, Everton will finish 2012 with their biggest points tally in a calendar year since 1987. Manager David Moyes' only regret is that their run of form has not come over a single season. "It is unfortunate that 2012 has been in two pieces," he said. "It has probably been as good a year as we have had." Rafael Benitez believes that Chelsea's greatest improvement has come in defence since he took over at the club in November. "Still you can concede but the team is stronger in defence and we have the balance because we can attack," he said. "Improving things is just a matter of spending hours on the training ground."

  208. 1322: 

    Rafa Benitez has a pretty impressive record against Everton. He is unbeaten in his last seven league matches against the Toffees, all as Liverpool manager in Merseyside derbies. Benitez's current side, however, have had a pretty shocking time of it against David Moyes' side. Chelsea have recorded just one win in their last eight meetings with the Toffees - a 3-1 triumph at Stamford Bridge last season.

  209. 1320: 

    As already mentioned, a win today would see Chelsea record a fourth successive league win for only the second time this season. It represents an impressive turnaround for a club who were dumped out of the Champions League at the same time that their league form was stuttering and the newly-appointed manager was being roundly booed by the Stamford Bridge crowd.


    Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverley tweets: "Couldn't be a better day to be on the sofa all day. Two games and the darts!"

  211. 1319: 

    Both teams have form coming into today's early game. Everton are enjoying a seven-match unbeaten run in the Premier League and have lost only once in their last 16 fixtures, while victory for Chelsea would see them record a fourth successive league win. As already detailed, such an impressive run has become something of the norm for the Toffees of late, but for Chelsea this represents the restoring of order after a pretty torrid month or two.

  212. 1316: 

    A win today will secure for Everton a very clear representation of their progress during 2012. The Toffees are currently sixth in the table but three points at the expense of Chelsea will see them replace Rafa Benitez's side in the top four and take them level on points with third-place Tottenham.

    That it will also land a notable blow on former Liverpool boss Benitez - who once labelled Everton a "small club" - and leave them at least eight points above their Merseyside rivals will just serve to sweeten the situation.

  213. 1314:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Everton captain Kevin Ratcliffe at Goodison Park on 5 live Sport: "From the start of the season David Moyes had his squad together and seemed happy. He didn't lose players in the summer. Everton are usually notable for not starting well but this season they have done.

    "It's very windy here today so it will be difficult conditions, and though Everton are in good from Chelsea have got a quality side. Everton fans do dislike Rafa Benitez, and that will be some extra pressure for him today."


    Ravi Singh on Twitter: "Looks like another good team put out by Rafa - Ramires playing wide should help to combat the big Baines and Pienaar threat."

    Stevie B on Twitter: "The higher up the pitch David Luiz is the less damage he can do defensively and the more goals he'll score."

    Joe Turner on Twitter: "Hope Jags isn't pushed to right-back. He looked uncomfortable there to say the least against West Ham, especially with Mata's form."

  215. 1312: 

    Everton can look back on a very fruitful 2012. Their points tally for the calendar year currently stands at 68, putting them third behind Manchester United and Manchester City. Today's opponents Chelsea can overtake Everton if they beat them as the Blues have 66 points for the year.

    Regardless of the outcome this afternoon, though, Everton will end 2012 with the club's biggest points haul in a calendar year since 1987. Job well done Mr Moyes.

  216. 1310: 

    The Liverpool website has revealed that manager Brendan Rodgers will not be in the dugout for the Reds today at Loftus Road after he was struck down by illness. Colin Pascoe and Mike Marsh will deputise for Rodgers in the technical area. Glen Driscoll, Liverpool's head of performance, and goalkeeper Brad Jones have also been sent home by the club's medical team. So how will that affect Liverpool today? Good news for QPR?


    Dale in Heanor on 81111 on text: "As a Derby fan I hope QPR get no more points for the remainder of the season so they can take our unwanted record of 11 points from 38 games. But as an 'Arry fan I hope they stay up. Today will be interesting to say the least. Either a bore draw or a goalfest!"

  218. 1306: 
    Everton v Chelsea (13:30 GMT)

    Everton midfielder Darron Gibson is replaced in the Everton starting XI by Steven Naismith after picking up a thigh strain in the Boxing Day win over Wigan. Johnny Heitinga comes in for Phil Neville in defence in the only other change as Seamus Coleman is deemed not yet ready for a return and Marouane Fellaini sits out the last of a three-match ban.

    Chelsea welcome back Ramires at the expense of Jon Mikel Obi in midfield. The Brazilian missed the Boxing Day win over Norwich with a knee injury. Frank Lampard and Eden Hazard also start after being named as substitutes at Carrow Road with Oscar and Victor Moses dropping back to the bench. John Terry remains sidelined by a knee injury sustained in 11 November's draw with Liverpool.

  219. 1304: 

    Walcott covered himself in glory yesterday, but another attacking player from a north London club has again been forced to fend off accusations of diving. Tottenham's Gareth Bale was booked yesterday for simulation for the third time this season during his side's 2-1 win at Sunderland, but the winger says he is being unfairly called a diver.

    "That's three times now I've been clipped and booked for no reason," said Bale. "People keep saying I'm diving, but if there's contact it's not diving. Referees need to look more closely."

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer

    "Good selection by Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez to play Frank Lampard at Everton. Has damaged them before."

  221. 1300: 
    Everton v Chelsea (13:30 GMT)

    Everton: Howard, Jagielka, Heitinga, Distin, Baines, Naismith, Osman, Hitzlsperger, Pienaar, Anichebe, Jelavic. Subs: Mucha, Oviedo, Gueye, Barkley, Vellios, Duffy, Browning.

    Chelsea: Cech, Azpilicueta, Ivanovic, Cahill, Cole, Ramires, Luiz, Lampard, Mata, Torres, Hazard. Subs: Turnbull, Oscar, Moses, Ferreira, Marin, Piazon, Ake.

    Referee: Howard Webb (S Yorkshire)

  222. 1256: 

    Theo Walcott certainly knows how to make a point. Arsene Wenger played him where he wanted and was rewarded handsomely with an Henry-like, three-goal attacking display. Question is, will he pay Walcott what he wants to keep him at the club? Personally, I don't think Arsenal have a choice now. Although you guys may feel differently.


    Steve Walker on Twitter: "Torres or Suarez to score more fantasy points today? Decisions, decisions..."

    Jack Bradshaw on Twitter: "With the absence of Fellaini, Everton's best chance is the flourishing partnership of Baines and Pienaar against Azpilicueta."

    Christian Reilly on Twitter: "Cameron Jerome lives next door to my sister in law. Tempted to knock on and shake his hand after that strike yesterday!"

  224. 1252:  
    MOTD's Guy Mowbray at Goodison Park:Everton v Chelsea (13:30 GMT)

    "Three successive league wins, back-to-back clean sheets and the Premier League's second-best goal difference have elevated the Blues to the fringes of the title race. A trip to Everton is always a tough assignment though, and Chelsea's interim boss Benitez can expect a hostile reception after infamously describing Everton as a "small club" during his time in charge of Liverpool. These days, that "small club" are only two points behind Benitez's Chelsea and a fourth successive home league win would ensure they end 2012 above their west London rivals."

  225. 1248: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Everton v Chelsea (13:30 GMT)

    Two changes for Everton as Phil Neville drops out for Johnny Heitinga and Darron Gibson gives way to Steven Naismith. Marouane Fellaini sits out the final game of a three-match ban.

    Eden Hazard and Frank Lampard return to the Chelsea starting XI after being rested for the Boxing Day win over Norwich. David Luiz is deployed in midfield.

  226. 1247: 

    In case you missed it, not much happened in the Premier League yesterday. Just 35 goals, two red cards, a superb Theo Walcott hat-trick in a 7-3 Arsenal win, a last-minute worldy strike from Cameron Jerome to secure a point for Stoke, Manchester City just holding off Norwich in a seven-goal thriller and Aston Villa conceding their 15th answered goal in three matches. And that is just for starters.

    If this sounds like the kind of thing you might be interested in reading about, you might want to have a little surf around our football pages, where you can also find a review of the last 12 months by our chief football writer Phil McNulty.


    Sam Heyes on Twitter: "Rodgers really needs a win today - here's hoping 2013 is better than 2012."

    Himal Makwana on Twitter: "Today is a big test for Rafa. Playing against one of the best teams of 2012 in Everton."

  228. 1243: 

    Plenty to talk about from yesterday. Plenty to talk about today. As always you can contact us via either Twitter, using the hashtag #bbcfootball, or text, using the number 81111 (UK only).

  229. 1240: 

    The clash at Loftus Road is today's second Premier League game. The first sees Everton and Chelsea meet at Goodison Park with a place in the top four of the table at stake. So, only two games but plenty of potential for drama and entertainment. After Saturday's bumper pack of fun, it'd only be fitting that Sunday fronts up with the goods.

  230. 1235: 

    The old football cliche speaks of a game of two halves. Well, if QPR want to remain in the top-flight for a third successive season they are going to need a season of two halves. And they can get the latter part of their campaign off to the best possible start today by claiming something it took them 17 games and four months to manage in the first part.

    They may well fancy their chances against a Liverpool side whose form has been inconsistent at best. The Reds have already lost 17 league matches this year, three more than their previous highest, and are guaranteed to end 2012 with their fewest number of league victories in a 12-month period.

  231. 1230: 

    "Our first-half report has been pretty horrendous. Look at the papers - it's everywhere. You can't be a proud man to look and see you're bottom of the league. If there's any time for action, it's now." - QPR defender Clint Hill.

    With half the season gone, QPR have amassed just one win and 10 points. They are eight points from safety, the squad is overpaid and underperforming. Today they host Liverpool. It is crunch time at Loftus Road.

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