Chelsea v Arsenal and Tottenham v Manchester United as it happened

Live text commentary as Manchester United draw at Tottenham in the Premier League after Chelsea defeat Arsenal.

20 January 2013 Last updated at 18:45 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1844: 

    That's all from the crazy world of the Premier League for today - I'll be back tomorrow for yet more football as Everton face new Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino on his debut.

    If you need more action tonight though, it's approaching half-time at the Africa Cup of Nations, where Mali are playing Niger.

    Saj Chowdhury is all over it. Go and say hello.

  2. 1843: 
    Tottenham 1-1 Man Utd

    Rio Ferdinand on BBC Sport: "Before the game we would have taken a point. We have a good record here over the years, but Spurs have improved so we would have taken a point, but we are disappointed.

    "We defended well as a team. You have to do that as you have to stand up and be counted and we did that today until the last 30 seconds.

    "When you play against a team with Gareth Bale in it you have to set yourself up right. We didn't do that at Old Trafford, we were not going to make the same mistake again.

    "They are a team who are improving under a new manager, so we leave here not too down."

  3. 1838: 

    Chelsea striker Demba Ba after the 2-1 victory against Arsenal on Twitter: "Great and solid performance. Now lets get ready for Swansea in the League Cup. A must win game..."

  4. 1838: 

    It only seems right to have a look at Manchester City's run of games heading in to the derby, so here we go:

    QPR, Liverpool, Southampton, Chelsea, Aston Villa, Everton, Wigan, Newcastle.

    City do not have European football to worry about either, whereas United have to play Real Madrid. Twice.

  5. 1833: 

    Southampton, Fulham, Everton, QPR, Norwich, West Ham, Reading, Sunderland.

    That's Manchester United's run of Premier League games before they come up against Manchester City. What will that current five-point gap at the top of the table be come 6 April?

  6. 1829: 

    BBC Sport's Adrian Hobart on Twitter: "At last some goals at AFCON 2013. Brilliant celebration from the DR Congo keeper. Like a sitting down Gangnam Style."

  7. 1827: 

    You may wish to stick a big red circle around the 6th April in your diary - that's currently the date for the next Manchester derby at Old Trafford. It looks like being a key fixture in the title race once again.

  8. 1822: 
    Tottenham 1-1 Man Utd

    Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson tells BBC Sport: "We did so well at everything and we kept heading it out, the disappointment is not finishing them off. We had a lot of opportunities on the counter attack but our final ball let us down.

    "It was a clear penalty-kick on Wayne Rooney but in no way was the the linesman going to give that. He gave them everything else. We have not had a good record with this linesman, against Chelsea a few years ago he gave onside to Didier Drogba who was three yards offside, you remember those things.

    "They pumped the ball forward, maybe David De Gea could have got a better punch on it, but I will have to see it again.

    "Tottenham were very committed and aggressive. I think they have a decent squad and a good team.

    "If you look at our away programme we have been to Everton, been to Liverpool, been to Manchester City, been to Chelsea, been to Tottenham... We have been to all the top teams away from home."

  9. 1819: 

    Titus of Glevum on text: "I trust Mr. Mancini will be sending at least a case of the finest vino rosso to Mr. Villas-Boas!"

  10. 1814: 
    Tottenham 1-1 Man Utd

    Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has bemoaned his side's final ball - and also says the officials missed 'a clear penalty kick' for the foul on Wayne Rooney. Not a happy man.

  11. 1814: 

    Nabeel in London on text via 81111: "All the stick David De Gea is getting is undeserved, Tottenham could have potentially already been 3-1 up at the time of the Clint Dempsey goal if it wasn't for him."

  12. 1810: 

    Injured Spurs midfielder Sandro on Twitter: "Yesss.... Great guys. I always believed you could do it. Come on you Spurs."

  13. 1809: 
    Clint Dempsey scores

    Clint Dempsey has only scored seven goals for Spurs since he joined from Fulham - but two of them have come against Manchester United and earned four points in the process.

  14. 1807: 

    Andre Villas-Boas also said that he has played "in much worse" conditions than today's snow storm. Rapid Vienna apparently.

  15. 1807: 
    Tottenham 1-1 Man Utd

    Tottenham manager Andre Villas-boas on BBC Sport: "It was a big relief. I thought we dominated the complete game.

    "We could not get in behind them a lot but had 15 opportunities. We have talented players and we gave them different problems, the team came out very strong in the second half.

    "I think the boys have embraced the spirit that we want to be in the Champions League next year, and you need to amass as many points as possible.

    "We wanted to win, but it was an important point in the end due to the form United are in. A point can give us a lot of confidence."

  16. 1807: 

    Dave from Manchester on text: "Ok, it was a relatively weak punch by David de Gea but it was a difficult ball to deal with and Man Utd could have conceded another three or four without him."

    Chris from Marlow on text: "How nice to see Man Utd concede a last gasp goal instead of the other way round! Well done Spurs, that was for all of us who have been on the end of Fergie time!"

    Ben, Luton on text: "All this talk of the United penalty, but there's no guarantee it would have gone in anyway. Rooney and RVP both guilty of misses this season."

  17. 1803: 
    Tottenham 1-1 Man Utd

    Tottenham are now four points clear in fourth place, ahead of Everton. The Toffees have a game in hand though, which comes tomorrow night against Southampton.

  18. 1803: 
    Tottenham 1-1 Man Utd

    Returning Tottenham midfielder Scott Parker on Sky: "I was pleased to be back out there, so it was very pleasing. It was a tough game and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    "We need to push on and keep it as tight as we can. Our objective is fourth but we want to push on as far as we can."

  19. 1759: 

    Alex_Humphries on Twitter: "Yet again David de Gea costs United the points. His mistakes will cost United the league if he continues."

    Steff Morgan on Twitter: "De Gea may make miraculous saves during the entirety of a match, but he always makes that one mistake to gift an opposition."

    Richard_Neal on Twitter: "So avoidable... So so avoidable. I don't blame De Gea, Rafael ran off too obsessed with the counter before the ball was even won."

  20. 1759: 
    Tottenham 1-1 Man Utd

    Tottenham goalscorer Clint Dempsey: "It looked like it was going to be one of those days but I am happy we got a point."

  21. 1758: 

    That decision not to award Manchester United a penalty for a foul on Wayne Rooney is now a huge talking point. Sir Alex Ferguson should be with us soon, he cannot be happy after that...

  22. 1758: 

    Matt from Skegness on text: "Good point to Spurs but United might point to the stonewall penalty foul on Rooney that could have put the game beyond doubt."

    James in Manchester: "Although Spurs were good value for the point, that non-penalty decision turned out to be quite important after all... "

    Andy, Manchester: "Will there be uproar about our penalty denial like there would be if United had got away with it? I doubt it."

  23. 1754:  
    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane at White Hart Lane on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Going back to the Wayne Rooney incident, it was a penalty and I think it will be the talking point as if Manchester United had gone 2-0 up, that would have been it.

    "Spurs put United under pressure at the end, Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand were superb at the back for the visitors, but they kept on going and got their reward."

  24. 1753: 
    Tottenham 1-1 Man Utd

    That last-gasp goal means that Manchester United's lead at the top of the Premier League table is now down to five points. That could be crucial come May.

  25. 1751: 

    It's all over then. Proof, if it were needed, that the diagonal ball to the big man at the back stick remains a potent weapon.

  26. 1751: 

    Beck723 on Twitter: "Yesssssssss!!!!!!!! Dempseyyyyyyy!!!"

  27. 1751: 
    FULL-TIME- Tottenham 1-1 Man Utd
  28. 1751:  
    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane at White Hart Lane on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "I think it was a poor punch from David De Gea, it was a difficult one for him to deal with, but I thought he should have done a lot better."

    Listen to commentary of Tottenham v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  29. 1749: 
    GOAL- Tottenham 1-1 Man Utd - Clint Dempsey (90 mins)

    I've been screaming at my monitor for Spurs to put the ball in the mixer - and when they finally do it's goal time. Benoit Assou-Ekotto crosses in, Steven Caulker goes up for the header with David de Gea and when the keeper can only punch it away, Aaron Lennon crosses for Clint Dempsey to scramble in at the near post.

  30. 1747: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Aaron Lennon is shown inside on to his left foot, that's not where he wants to be, and his shot is blocked by Nemanja Vidic. He and Rio Ferdinand have been excellent in the second half.

  31. 1746: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Sublime reference there. He was certainly first in the queue when God was giving out, er, left feet.

  32. 1745: 

    TheGravyGuru on Twitter: "If Man Utd win the Premiership, RvP's medal should be the size of Alan Partridge's infamous buffet plate."

  33. 1743:  
    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane at White Hart Lane on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Phil Jones has covered the ground really well for Manchester United and has made some great tackles. He is doing the job in midfield that Michael Carrick was doing well earlier."

    Listen to commentary of Tottenham v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  34. 1742: 
    CLOSE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Rio Ferdinand again! Rolling back the years. Gareth Bale comes inside on to his right foot, he hammers in a shot which flicks off the head of Ferdinand and spins w yard wide of the top corner. So close for Spurs.

  35. 1741: 
    FINAL FIVE- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Five minutes left. Five minutes for Tottenham to force a goal.

  36. 1741: 

    Jon a Spurs fan on text via 81111: "If there was ever any proof for chairman Daniel Levy that we need to invest in a striker AND an attacking midfielder in the next week. Clint Dempsey just not getting it done."

  37. 1740: 

    GavinV72 on Twitter: "Spurs have been humping the ball long for the entire second half with a small striker to fight for it."

  38. 1738: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    We are into the last 10 minutes. It looks like that Jermain Defoe opening was the chance for Spurs. The chance.

  39. 1737: 

    Kembob81 on Twitter: "Are Liverpool going to steal fourth from under everyone's nose?"

  40. 1737: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Tom Huddlestone is on for Scott Parker in the Spurs midfield.

  41. 1736: 
    YELLOW CARD- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Wayne Rooney is in the book for fouling Aaron Lennon as he tries another burst clear. He is the danger man.

  42. 1734: 
    CLOSE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    It has to be...but no! Aaron Lennon gets clear for the first time all afternoon, spinning away from his marker and running at the defence. He plays in Jermain Defoe who hesitates slightly, and Rio Ferdinand gets across to make a wonderful challenge. That was brilliant from Ferdinand.

  43. 1733: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Hugo Lloris reacts brilliantly to keep out a close-range volley from Robin van Persie - but the Dutchman was offside. Can Spurs do anything about this?

  44. 1733: 
    Robin van Persie

    Robin van Persie has scored in the club's last five Premier League matches, equalling his best scoring run, which he set twice with Arsenal in 2009 and 2011.

  45. 1731: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Antonio Valencia is on for Manchester United in place of Tom Cleverley - we have got 15 minutes left.

  46. 1728: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Transfer updates from Killer Kilbane. Lovely.

    Gareth Bale hasn't really got going today and his latest effort sees him fire over the top from 35 yards.

  47. 1728:  
    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane at White Hart Lane on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "I was speaking to my former Republic of Ireland team-mate Robbie Keane recently and he told me that he has no plans to go on a short-term loan to the Premier League this January from the Los Angeles Galaxy."

    Listen to commentary of Tottenham v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  48. 1727: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Danny Welbeck takes a stray arm to the unmentionables, before Gareth Bale falls over the advertising boards. It's turned into a Nick Hancock video.

  49. 1724: 
    CLOSE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    It's all opened up now - and United go close to a second as Danny Welbeck stretches to stab wide from Rafael's low cross.

  50. 1724: 

    Chris24Simmonds on Twitter: "No real plan B for Spurs? That rings a few bells for when AVB was in charge of Chelsea!

  51. 1723: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Clint Dempsey almost finds a way through for Spurs, collecting a loose ball and firing in with his left foot but David de Gea makes another brilliant save.

  52. 1722: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Having seen that again, Manchester United were really unlucky not to get a penalty there - Steven Caulker definitely caught Wayne Rooney after the ball was gone. Big moment.

  53. 1722:  
    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane at White Hart Lane on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "I think Steven Caulker has clipped Wayne Rooney's heels once he has got the ball across him, he is a lucky man there.

    "This game is tailor-made for Rooney, he should be able to pick up some great positions in the hole. You would expect him to be the first name on the team-sheet but it is not that way anymore."

    Listen to commentary of Tottenham v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  54. 1721: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Not the most attacking of subs as Benoit Assou-Ekotto replaces Kyle Naughton for Tottenham.

  55. 1721: 

    Former Manchester United striker Michael Owen on Twitter: "Always thought the stick De Gea got at the start of his United career was harsh. He is top class and will only get better."

  56. 1720: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Wayne Rooney involved instantly as he clashes with Steven Caulker on the corner of the penalty area. Chris Foy is unmoved, Rooney is livid.

  57. 1719: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Manchester Unted make a chance, as Wayne Rooney replaces Shinji Kagawa.

  58. 1717: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Patrice Evra is pelted by snowballs as he prepares to take a throw. To his credit the left-back laughs it off. After a shaky season or so, Evra has been back to his best in recent months.

    Gareth Bale then puts in a beauty of a cross but there's no centre-forward to attack it.

  59. 1716: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Tottenham work the ball from left to right in a series of neat passes but there's no end product. Aaron Lennon eventually takes on Michael Carrick but his cross is cut out by the former Spurs man. No real Plan B for Spurs.

  60. 1714: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    As we approach the hour mark both sides are looking at making changes - Wayne Rooney is available for United of course.

  61. 1714: 

    Ade on text via 81111: "RE 1704 - Haven't people been saying that about United since Ronaldo left? It's painful, this IS United's best. It's top of the table stuff but they're not suddenly going to become Brazil 1970."

  62. 1711: 

    WazJav on Twitter: "I'm sure De Gea has made more saves with his legs/ feet then his hands this season."

  63. 1710: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Scott Parker goes down on the edge of the area after Shinji Kagawa has a hand on his shoulder but Chris Foy tells him to get on with it. Parker has been solid on his return to the side today but he is maybe flagging a bit. Changes could be key for Spurs.

  64. 1709: 

    VladimirPazdinov on Twitter: "RE: Aetesam - Please buy Cavani and blood him into the PL so he can move to Manchester with experience."

  65. 1709:  
    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane at White Hart Lane on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "It was brilliant play from Mousa Dembele to play in Clint Dempsey, who seemed certain to score there.

    "I just do not think Dempsey could get the ball out of his feet quickly enough."

    Listen to commentary of Tottenham v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  66. 1707: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    How has this not gone in? Almost a goal made in Fulham as Mousa Dembele hurdles a tackle or two to find Clint Dempsey surging into the area, he is one on one with David de Gea but the goalkeeper saves with his ankles. Unconventional goalkeeping, but that's two very important saves now.

  67. 1706: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Gareth Bale needs to be more involved if Tottenham are to turn this one around and seems to be hugging the touchline a bit more after the break. Bale picks up the ball out wide and tries a speculative shot with the outside of his foot, but it is always clearing the crossbar.

  68. 1704: 

    Simon from Greenock on text via 81111: "God help the rest of the Premier League if Man Utd start playing well in each match. Right now they are no more than averagely efficient and are seven points clear."

  69. 1702: 
    CLOSE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Shoot on sight for Jermain Defoe and he hammers a shot into the side netting after a neat pass into his path. Defoe isn't firing at the moment but he remains Spurs' best hope of a goal.

    Manchester United then put together a class move, Robin van Persie and Patrice Evra link up well but Danny Welbeck's shot is blocked by Mousa Dembele.

  70. 1701: 
    KICK-OFF- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    The snow continues to fall at White Hart Lane as the players return to the field. No changes for either side. Game on.

  71. 1659: 

    Robbie Keane is out on the pitch at half-time - but no, he's not signing for his boyhood club this time, he's just popping by. He's training with Spurs to keep fit during the MLS post season.

  72. 1658: 

    You have to admire Aetesam's positivity. You really do.

  73. 1657: 

    V-man in London on text via 81111: "As an Arsenal fan I have no grudges over RVP. He deserves to challenge for the title instead of carrying a team to make it into the top four."

    Luke from Watford on text via 81111: "United's bench would probably be third in the league with a few additions to make up the XI."

    Aetesam from London on text via 81111: "Wenger to sign Edison Cavani after today and Arsenal to win the league. You heard it here for the first and last time!"

  74. 1652: 

    Dan in Bath on text via 81111: "Man Utd keep a clean sheet and its three points in the bag... Better score another one then, knowing this defence!"

  75. 1650: 

    Damian McGrath on Twitter: "Welbeck is more incisive on that wing than Nani. He's got a touch of the Wanchope about him."

  76. 1648: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    So Manchester United are 45 minutes away from going seven points clear at the top of the Premier League. They've not been at their best, but it's been professional.

  77. 1647: 

    Edward Loftus in Radley on text via 81111: "I can't describe how painful it is as an Arsenal fan to watch Robin van Persie tearing up the Prem. At least Bendtner is back at the end of the season!"

  78. 1647: 
    HALF-TIME- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd
  79. 1644: 
    CLOSE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Danny Welbeck is causing havoc down the left. He runs on to Robin van Persie's pass and almost sneaks a shot past Hugo Lloris at his near post. Good star jump from the French keeper blocks it out though.

  80. 1643: 
    YELLOW CARD- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Danny Welbeck carries the ball down the left but his cut-back is poor, Aaron Lennon then counters and Patrice Evra cynically checks him. Booking for Evra, and Aaron Lennon now has 40-odd minutes to run at him.

  81. 1642: 

    Ram G on Twitter: "How Manchester United assistant manager Mike Phelan is surviving on that bench without a hat, or hair, is beyond me."

    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane at White Hart Lane on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Gareth Bale often goes searching for the ball to try and get involved as teams often double-mark on him. Manchester United will not do that so I think he needs to stay wide and go one-on-one at Rafael."

    Listen to commentary of Tottenham v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  83. 1640: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    The closest Tottenham have come! Aaron Lennon's cross is well hooked clear and Gareth Bale drills in a shot on the bounce. He really catches hold of the shot and David de Gea somehow keeps it out with his knees!

  84. 1638: 

    Statisticians Opta on Twitter: "2 - Robin van Persie has scored more than one headed goal for the first time in a single Premier League season. Frontman."

  85. 1637: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    We are into the last 10 minutes of the first half at White Hart Lane. There's not been much action to keep the supporters warm - and Sir Alex Ferguson looks like he's feeling the chill as well.

  86. 1636: 

    Chris in Reading on text via 81111: "We see your Sergio Aguero, and raise you Robin van Persie, your move Man City boss Mancini."

  87. 1633: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    I agree with you Tim (below), Hugo Lloris did seem to be beaten easily by that header - but it was a cracking connection from the Dutchman. The game has gone niggly.

  88. 1633: 

    Tim Collingwood on Twitter: "I have to say that I'm not impressed with Lloris for the goal. Could and should have got more on it. Tottenham looked static."

  89. 1633: 

    One of the great celebrations of our time as DR Congo goalkeeper Robert Kidiaba performs his trademark celebration with what looks like someone riding a horse on the ground. Amazing. Puts Gangnam Style in its place. Afcon style.

    It's 2-2, and the tournament has caught fire. Read the live text.

  90. 1630: 

    Lukmaan from Aylesbury on text via 81111: "You'd think that the most potent finisher in the league would be marked tighter than that. Aaaggghh!!!"

  91. 1629: 
    YELLOW CARD- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Michael Dawson takes the ball, Patrice Evra and Aaron Lennon out with a thundering challenge - the defender is booked. That was a man's tackle.

  92. 1629: 

    Despite a hairy last 10 minutes for Motherwell, they held on to win 3-2 against St Johnstone. They've got Michael Higdon's hat-trick to thank for those three points, which puts them level on points with second-placed Inverness CT

  93. 1628: 

    Neddthomas on Twitter: "Robin van Persie is incredible. Man City boss Mancini must be kicking himself."

  94. 1628:  
    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane at White Hart Lane on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Manchester United have looked to counter throughout. It was a wonderful ball from Tom Cleverley.

    "Aaron Lennon did a great job of tracking back on Danny Welbeck and he had to play it wide to Cleverley. That was United's first chance and it was typical van Persie that it found the back of the net."

    Listen to commentary of Tottenham v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  95. 1627: 
    CLOSE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd

    Jermain Defoe has a shot on the turn brilliantly saved by David de Gea as Spurs look for an instant response.

  96. 1624: 
    GOAL- Tottenham 0-1 Man Utd - Robin van Persie (25 mins)

    This man cannot stop scoring. With practically his first touch of the match, Robin van Persie opens the scoring. Danny Welbeck gets the ball on the left, he cuts inside and appears to be running down a blind alley until he picks out Tom Cleverley on the right. He stands up a cross and Van Persie powers in a header past Hugo Lloris. Unstoppable.

  97. 1623: 
    Tottenham 0-0 Man Utd

    Spurs are settling into a rhythm now of keeping the ball nicely, but it is matched by Manchester United's workrate. They are shutting down Spurs players all over the park. AVB huddles under a towel on the dugout. Quite sensible too.

  98. 1621: 
    YELLOW CARD- Tottenham 0-0 Man Utd

    First booking of the day as Michael Carrick nips the heels of Clint Dempsey and sees yellow for it. His first reaction is to point downfield at an earlier indiscretion.

  99. 1620: 

    Tokunbo on Twitter: "Even though De Gea is young, there is always something to his game that is flawed? Last year crosses, this year rebounds."

    W_Davies1 on Twitter: "Tottenham and United seem to be both chasing down. Cancelling each other out at the moment."

    RMCrooksy on Twitter: "This game is like Stoke vs Stoke so far ."

  100. 1619: 
    Tottenham 0-0 Man Utd

    This is what Scott Parker is all about, tracking the run of Danny Welbeck and then getting his body between man and ball. Parker goes down under minimal contact and wins a free-kick for his side.

  101. 1617: 
    Tottenham 0-0 Man Utd

    I don't think Gareth Bale has had a meaningful touch as yet. Aaron Lennon is more involved though, and he tracks back very well to win the ball from Patrice Evra.

  102. 1616: 

    Walto on Twitter: "Mr. De Gea, stop pushing the ball to oncoming strikers!"

  103. 1616:  
    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane at White Hart Lane on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea took a huge step to his left and Aaron Lennon should have steered his shot the other way."

    Listen to commentary of Tottenham v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  104. 1614: 

    Drewgen on Twitter: "After Spurs's pace tore through them at OT it's no surprise United keep it tight in midfield. Kagawa needs to exploit Parker."

  105. 1612: 
    CLOSE!- Tottenham 0-0 Man Utd

    First real chance. Phil Jones, who has had an energetic opening spell, pops up on the right and floats in a cross which is headed towards goal by Robin van Persie.

    Spurs then threaten at the other end as Aaron Lennon surges in field and tests David de Gea with a low left-footed shot. Jermain Defoe is sniffing for the rebound but he is flagged offside.

  106. 1612: 

    Former Manchester United striker Michael Owen on Twitter: "Sir Alex Ferguson showing Spurs plenty of respect playing with an extra man in midfield. Normally gains you more possession. Key move away from home."

  107. 1610: 
    Tottenham 0-0 Man Utd

    Scott Parker drives through the middle for Spurs, he tries to find Clint Dempsey to his right but the pass is covered. Parker shoots instead but his curler is well off target. Not caught fire yet this one...

  108. 1608: 
    Tottenham 0-0 Man Utd

    Pretty bitty stuff so far, neither side are at their fluent best it's fair to say. Spurs are hoping to get Aaron Lennon and Gareth Bale on the ball as much as they can.

  109. 1607: 

    Rob in Newbury on text via 81111: "RE - 1558 So now Torres' value to the team is that he sometimes keeps an opposition defender occupied while the others get on with the game. Worth every penny."


    PEvans27 on Twitter: "In the battle of the gloves it's three for Spurs (Lennon, Bale, Naughton) and two for United (Evra, Welbeck)."

  111. 1605: 
    Tottenham 0-0 Man Utd

    Spurs have a free-kick which is half cleared, and Clint Dempsey then catches a volley superbly. It flies straight into the temple of Nemanja Vidic. The big man barely flinches, but on a cold day like this that must have stung. One in the ear was always the worst...

  112. 1604:  
    Former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane at White Hart Lane on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "You cannot imagine the pressure that was on Robin van Persie's shoulders due to the size of the transfer fee and interest in him from both Manchester clubs, but he has performed superbly, regardless."

    Listen to commentary of Tottenham v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  113. 1603: 

    Thom Vickers on Twitter: " I just worry that we're going to miss Sandro, really need another striker too, look at the Spurs bench..."

  114. 1602: 
    Tottenham 0-0 Man Utd

    Scott Parker and Phil Jones clash in midfield - not for the last time today I wager. That could be a key battle.

  115. 1600: 
    Tottenham 0-0 Man Utd

    Phil Jones starts in the centre of midfield for Manchester United - who apparently are flying out to Qatar tomorrow for some warm weather training. Danny Welbeck is wide on the right - to help out against Gareth Bale?

  116. 1600: 
    KICK-OFF- Tottenham 0-0 Man Utd

    Game on at White Hart Lane.

  117. 1559: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Both managers look absolutely freezing. Sir Alex Ferguson has lost that old Welsh rugby hat he normally wears on days like this. Ready then?

  118. 1558: 
    Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez: "Today Torres was a key player for us. Every run he was always there and ready and pushing the defenders. And he makes space for Mata, a good winger. He and Demba Ba did well.

    "We have been doing well, creating chances in all our games. In the games we didn't win we deserved to win. It was just a matter of time until we had a performance like this."

  119. 1557: 

    Tom Hateley's corner from the right is headed towards goal by the impressive Shaun Hutchinson, the ball is deflected by a Well team-mate and Higdon pounces to side-foot the ball firmly into the corner of the net. Hat-trick and it is Motherwell 3-0 St Johnstone. Then, Nigel Hasselbaink pulls one back for St Johnstone, firing past substitute keeper Lee Hollis from the edge of the box. And then, immediately after, Liam Craig drills a superb effort from 20 yards to make it 'game on' with 10 minutes to go!

    Follow the SPL latest on the Scottish live text.

  120. 1556: 

    Tony Scopes on Twitter: "Parker, Dembele, Bale & Lennon is a fantastic midfield, Spurs could do it today!"

  121. 1556: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    We are in a yellow ball situation - not the orange 'snow special.' The players are out on the pitch.

  122. 1555: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson: "The referee has every right to at least start the game. We don't want a backlog of games. Both teams are in the cups."

  123. 1554: 
    Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger: "The first half we didn't play at our usual pace and couldn't be sure whether to attack or defend. We gave them too much room in which to play.

    "We had the first chance, a fantastic, chance, but did miss it.

    "I thought Francis Coquelin was injured for the first, and I'm not convinced at all that it was a penalty on the second goal. From what I've heard it wasn't at all. From the bench I did not see it well, but I've been told from people who have seen it on television that it was not a penalty.

    "We made some changes at half-time and came out with a different attitude with much more initiative. We had Chelsea on the back foot but could not get it back to 2-2.

    " We didn't make enough of our corners and free-kicks. Jack Wilshere can play that final ball and make a real difference - he has it all in his locker."

  124. 1551: 

    Sam Pearson on Twitter: "Feel really sorry for Hernandez, whenever he plays he gives defenders a torrid time yet Welbeck is preferred. I just don't get it."

  125. 1549: 

    Dan in Putney on text via 81111: "Not really sure why Vertonghen is on the bench, especially as he scored in the reverse fixture!"

  126. 1548: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    We had five goals in the meeting of the sides at Old Trafford, and these two have bagged 85 Premier League goals between them so far this season. Goals galore?

  127. 1547: 

    Mikey_Yu on Twitter: "Just don't know why Vertonghen is on the bench, he is Spurs' best centre back at the moment!"

  128. 1543: 

    We have a goal in Africa! Two-and-a-half games in, someone has netted. Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu has put Ghana 1-0 up against DR Congo.

    Follow the latest in our Africa live text.

  129. 1542: 

    From Dan Hedge on text via 81111: "I'll name my cat AVB if we complete the double over United today, Come on you Spurs!!"

  130. 1541: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    You wouldn't know it had been snowing at Tottenham now. The pitch is totally clear. All a lot of fuss about nothing.

  131. 1540: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Tottenham midfielder Scott Parker on BBC Radio 5 live: "Manchester United are still well advanced of us, but we are bridging the gap.

    "There is no doubting it will be a tough game for Manchester United."

    Listen to commentary of Tottenham v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live at 1600 GMT.

  132. 1537: 
    LINE-UPS- Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Tottenham: Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Caulker, Naughton, Lennon, Parker, Dembele, Bale, Dempsey, Defoe. Subs: Friedel, Vertonghen, Huddlestone, Sigurdsson, Livermore, Townsend, Assou-Ekotto.

    Man Utd: De Gea, Da Silva, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Jones, Carrick, Cleverley, Kagawa, Welbeck, van Persie. Subs: Lindegaard, Valencia, Anderson, Rooney, Giggs, Smalling, Hernandez.

    Referee: Chris Foy (Merseyside)

  133. 1535: 
    Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Chelsea goalscorer Juan Mata: "It was very hard, the second 45 minutes. We were defending until the last minute. We knew that Arsenal never give up and even winning 2-0 might not have been enough. But in the end it was.

    "There is a big difference between the top of the table and us, but we are trying. We will try to get as many points as we can between now and the end of the season - that's Chelsea."

  134. 1534: 

    Statisticians Opta on Twitter: "64%/65% - Chelsea had 64% of possession in the first half, while Arsenal had 65% in the second half. Turnaround."

  135. 1532: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Spurs are looking to complete a first league double over Manchester United since 1989-1990 this afternoon.

    You may recall a cracking match at Old Trafford earlier this season, when Tottenham won 3-2 thanks to goals from Gareth Bale, Clint Dempsey and a Jonny Evans OG.

    Spurs ran through the United midfield at will on that afternoon. There's no Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes on show today though...

  136. 1530: 
    Fernando Torres

    ALewin7 on Twitter: "Pleased that Phil Jones is starting this afternoon, we need someone to mix it up in the midfield. I'm a Welbeck fan too..."

    RobinBanks15 on Twitter: "Not sure how Rafa can justify playing Torres over Ba. Ba did more in 10 minutes than Torres did in 80."

    Anuj_Gooner on Twitter: "Thank you Arsenal for ruining my Sunday!"

  137. 1528: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    The groundstaff have done a fabulous job at White Hart Lane, where the playing surface has been transformed from an hour ago. The snow looks to have calmed down as well.

  138. 1528:  
    Former England manager Graham Taylor at Stamford Bridge on BBC Radio 5 live:Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    "This game lived up to the old saying that 'it was a game of two halves.' Chelsea were sensational in the first half and Arsenal really came back into it after the break.

    "I am a big believer in Theo Walcott playing in the middle. There, everything is instant, out wide it is where you have to think, his decision making is not very good for me.

    "If there is no trophy or Champions League qualification this season, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger will be under huge pressure.

    "The two centre-backs for Arsenal do not talk, and one of those is the captain. Where is the leader?"

  139. 1526:  
    Former Manchester United manager Ron Atkinson on BBC Radio 5 live:Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    "I think the last thing Sir Alex Ferguson wanted was another fixture added to their list.

    "I call them 'Manchester United Win'. They have a way of winning, the plus for them has been Robin van Persie, they are capable of scoring at any time.

    "I do not think they will be found out domestically. They might have a bigger problem in Europe, where I can see them having problems in midfield."

    Listen to commentary of Tottenham v Manchester United on BBC Radio 5 live at 1600 GMT.

  140. 1524: 
    Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    There's a big smile on the face of Roman Abramovich as Chelsea hang on for that win. It lifts them to within six points of Manchester City.

  141. 1524: 

    Statisticians Opta on Twitter: "10 - Robin van Persie has scored five goals and produced five assists in his last 10 PL games against Tottenham. Menace."

  142. 1524: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Spurs make three changes from the side that were held 0-0 by QPR, with Scott Parker fit to make his first Premier League start of the season and Steven Caulker and Clint Dempsey recalled to the side in place of Jan Vertonghen, who drops to the bench, Emmanuel Adebayor, who is away on Africa Cup of Nations duty, and the injured Sandro.

    Sir Alex Ferguson makes just one change from last Sunday's Premier League victory over Liverpool, with Phil Jones coming into the Manchester United side in place of Ashley Young.

    Robin van Persie and Danny Welbeck are partnered in attack, with Shinji Kagawa lurking in behind. Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic continue at the heart of the defence.

  143. 1523: 

    SHomes11 on Twitter: "Cech's handling has been awesome today, all saves have gone wide or he's clutched on to them not give any chance for the rebound!"

  144. 1523: 
    FULL-TIME- Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal
  145. 1521: 
    CLOSE!- Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Jack Wilshere crosses in, Olivier Giroud flicks the header - onto the roof of the net! You cannot fault Arsenal's effort since the break.

  146. 1520: 
    CLOSE!- Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    And Theo Walcott is almost in after a great flick by Olivier Giroud but Gary Cahill makes a fine saving challenge! All Arsenal now.

  147. 1520: 

    QPR striker Djibril Cisse taking about his loan move to Al Gharafa on Twitter: "Thanks to all the QPR fans and sorry I didn't do as good as last season. Thanks for all the support and no doubt we are staying up."

  148. 1520: 
    Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Arsenal are forcing a few late corners...

  149. 1518: 

    Richard Parfitt on Twitter: "A foul that shows every bit of Ashley Cole's experience... I think..."

  150. 1517: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Chelsea want a penalty as Ryan Bertrand's shot hits Bacary Sagna on the chest, Arsenal then mount a superb counter-attack but Olivier Giroud shoots from miles out for some reason instead of finding Theo Walcott.

  151. 1516: 
    Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson (right)

    Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson had his say during the pitch inspection at White Hart Lane. He was probably thinking about possible fixture congestion.

  152. 1515: 

    Tokunbo on Twitter: "Torres is not even worth 10p at the moment."

  153. 1514: 
    CLOSE!- Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Thomas Vermaelen steps up to take the free-kick - and he blasts it wide of the far corner!

  154. 1513: 
    YELLOW CARD- Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Bacary Sagna almost nips in on the blind side but Ashley Cole produces a brilliant foul to bring him down. It's a booking for Cole, but one he will take all day long. Free-kick on the edge of the area though.

  155. 1512: 
    FINAL FIVE- Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Into the last five minutes at Stamford Bridge then. Chelsea have been second best since the break but are they going to hang on for the points?

  156. 1510: 
    CLOSE!- Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Chelsea almost wrap this one up!

    Demba Ba is released, he's clean through on goal as he beats the offside trap. Wojciech Szczesny comes charging out of his goal and Ba goes round him, but his shot is brilliantly blocked by Thomas Vermaelen on the line. That was match point right there.

  157. 1509: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Scott Parker makes his first Premier League start of the season for Tottenham, as Wayne Rooney drops to the bench for Manchester United.

  158. 1509: 

    Some great finishing from Michael Higdon gives Motherwell a two goal half-time lead over St Johnstone at Fir Park.

    Follow the SPL latest on the Scottish live text.

  159. 1507: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Demba Ba is on, Fernando Torres off for Chelsea. Applause all round.

  160. 1506: 

    Nick Bruzon on Twitter: "Torres has about as much cutting edge as a pair of children's plastic safety scissors. Surely his time must be up now?"

  161. 1505: 
    Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Chelsea break away in a two on two situation, Ramires has Fernando Torres up with him but decides to keep the ball, but he pulls off a lollipop too much and loses the ball. Just over 10 minutes remain. Jack Wilshere claims he was caught in the face by an elbow from Ramires but there's nothing given.

  162. 1502: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Andrey Arshavin - remember him? - is on for Arsenal. Can he do a Kanu and rescue this one? He should be good in snow, surely?

  163. 1501:  
    Former England manager Graham Taylor at Stamford Bridge on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "The lack of confidence from Chelsea's Torres is so obvious. You can see the tension in him when he attempted an earlier strike.

    "He is lacking the confidence he had earlier in his career, there is no doubt about that."

    Listen to updates from Chelsea v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  164. 1500: 

    Gareth in Chelmsford on text via 81111: "Hope the Spurs game lives up to the text drama of the pitch inspection..."

  165. 1459: 

    Chelsea bring on Ryan Bertrand for Oscar, a defensive move if ever there was one. We have 20 minutes left.

  166. 1458: 

    As the anthems ring out ahead of DR Congo v Ghana, it may be time for you to pop open another window and join Saj Chowdhury for the Africa Cup of Nations live text.

  167. 1457: 

    So we are going to have a match in the snow at White Hart Lane. I'm thoroughly excited about that prospect. Sliding challenges galore please lads.

  168. 1456: 
    Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Oh Fernando Torres! The Spaniard bursts clear on a rare breakaway for Chelsea, he bursts past Thomas Vermaelen but then a heavy touch ruins it all. Demba Ba is warming up.

  169. 1455: 

    LuceFen on Twitter: "Chelsea need Terry and Ba now. Sure up the defence and actually have a striker who poses a threat!"

    GAME ON- Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    The match has passed a pitch inspection and the game IS ON.

  171. 1454: 
    Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Santi Cazorla hits the free-kick but it deflects away off the wall. Can the Gunners force an equaliser here? This is Deja Vu all over again for Chelsea fans after the Southampton game.

  172. 1453: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Some serious groundwork going on - snow being cleared. Join the dots.

  173. 1453: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Everyone leaving the pitch - Steffen Freund running.

  174. 1453: 

    Statisticians Opta on Twitter: "11 - Theo Walcott has now scored 11 goals in his last 15 appearances for Arsenal (in all competitions). Contracted."

  175. 1452: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Decision imminent................

  176. 1451: 
    Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Theo Walcott is causing plenty of problems for Chelsea from that space wide on the right - and he is tripped right on the edge of the area by Ashley Cole. It's a tense atmosphere...

  177. 1451: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Oh, the officials leave the centre circle, off on a walkabout.

  178. 1450: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Still in the centre circle, still talking.

  179. 1450: 

    W_J_Taylor on Twitter: "That Arsenal goal was bound to happen eventually as long as Walcott stayed onside, get Ba on now please for Chelsea."

  180. 1449: 
    Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    The confidence has drained out of that Chelsea midfield. They look a different team!

  181. 1449:  
    Former England manager Graham Taylor at Stamford Bridge on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "I do not know what has happened in the dressing rooms at half-time but you know Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger will make his point forcefully. Chelsea have gone off the boil, there is no quick passing, no interchanging of positions; it is quite amazing.

    "The first half performance was excellent, but now the Chelsea fans are turning."

    Listen to updates from Chelsea v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  182. 1449: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Spurs groundsman Darren Baldwin is having his say. Some earnest faces now. Hand gestures, the lot.

  183. 1447: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

    Aaron Ramsey is on for Arsenal now - who are flying. Theo Walcott runs in on goal again and his left-footed shot flies wide.

  184. 1447: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Sir Alex has a woolly hat on and it appears to be all smiles so far. What that means I'm not sure.

  185. 1447: 

    Alex Lea on Twitter: "Weird how the referee has to consider 'the match as a spectacle' when inspecting a pitch. Might as well postpone all Stoke games..."

  186. 1446: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Pitch inspection taking place at White Hart Lane. Sir Alex Ferguson and Tottenham coach Steffen Freund are discussing matters with the officials.

  187. 1445: 
    GOAL- Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal - Theo Walcott (58 mins)

    ...and there it is! Brilliant goal as well as Santi Cazorla plays a through pass to Theo Walcott, he sprints clear of Branislav Ivanovic and buries the ball brilliantly. Game on.

  188. 1444: 
    CLOSE!- Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    Olivier Giroud is on the end of a cross but he mistimes his leap and the header is tame. Arsenal need a goal now if they are going to get anything out of this...

  189. 1443: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Referee Chris Foy is out on the pitch at White Hart Lane. Inspection is under way...

  190. 1443: 

    It's Michael Higdon again who doubles the home side's lead. This time he rifles right-footed into the bottom corner after his initial effort was blocked by St Johnstone defender Frazer Wright.

    Follow the SPL latest on the Scottish live text.

  191. 1442: 
    Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    It's still all Arsenal. Chelsea are quite comfortable to soak it all up though it seems. The snow is getting heavier here now as well.

  192. 1439: 
    Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    Back at lush and green lands of Stamford Bridge, we've had a few hold-ups for injury worries and that's taken the sting out of Arsenal's fine start.

  193. 1438: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    I'm looking at a live feed from White Hart Lane and there is a lot of snow on the pitch now. Conditions seem to be getting worse.

  194. 1436: 
    PITCH INSPECTION- Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Mike Riley, the general manager of the Professional Game Match Officials, told "There are two main considerations to make when conducting a pitch inspection: player safety and the match as a spectacle.

    "A referee has to consider whether the playing conditions threaten the well-being of the players and whether they compromise the match as a spectacle for the fans."

  195. 1435: 
    Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    More good work from the Gunners, as Jack Wilshere plays in Theo Walcott to sting the palms of Petr Cech with a low drive. The away side are much improved in the opening stages here.

  196. 1435: 

    Premier League on Twitter: "Referee Chris Foy will be considering many factors when he inspects the White Hart Lane surface."

  197. 1434: 
    CLOSE!- Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal need to start well, and they do. They win a free-kick and when it is not dealt with the ball falls at the feet of Per Mertesacker, who fires in a left-footed shot. It's straight at Petr Cech, but it's a clear sign of intent.

  198. 1432: 
    KICK-OFF- Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    No changes to either side and we are under way.

  199. 1432: 

    Jon, an Arsenal fan, on text via 81111: "You want to know why Sagna is having a nightmare? Look no further than Walcott. He is not fulfilling his duties as a winger and Sagna is exposed as a consequence."

  200. 1431: 
    Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    Arsenal's players are out a good minute or so ahead of Chelsea. They must do better. Must do better.

  201. 1430: 

    White Hart Lane is about 20 miles from Stamford Bridge - and the snow is much heavier in Tottenham. That pitch inspection is coming up at 1450 and I reckon it will be touch and go. Will Sir Alex Ferguson want to play the game?

  202. 1429: 

    Roo686 on Twitter: "Arsenal are shocking. They are about as good as a cold shower in winter. How can a top team have such poor motivation?"

    DanielPStack on Twitter: "The Arsenal players now have 15 minutes to call their mums and complain about how cold it is."

  203. 1427: 

    Eight minutes gone and Michael Higdon sweeps home his 14th goal of the season to give Motherwell the lead against St Johnstone, converting Chris Humphrey's low cross from the right.

    Follow the SPL latest on the Scottish live text.

  204. 1425: 

    It's easy to criticise Bacary Sagna from here - it really is. That was a torrid first-half display from the Arsenal full-back.

  205. 1425: 

    Statisticians Opta on Twitter: "Bacary Sagna currently on course to set the lowest pass completion he's ever recorded in a Premier League game."

  206. 1422: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    The groundstaff are working hard at White Hart Lane to clear the pitch of the falling snow - The surface doesn't need to be free of snow of course, but if it is frozen over we will have real problems.

  207. 1418: 

    I've no idea if Tim Taylor (below) is correct about that, but if so what a bizarre club policy to have. They do look smart though, I'll give Arsenal that.

  208. 1418: 

    Tim Taylor, a frustrated Arsenal fan, on text via 81111: "In response to Matt's text, the Arsenal captain chooses whether the team wear long or short sleeves. It means that all the players wear the same sleeve length so the team looks smart."

  209. 1417: 
    Clearing the pitch at White Hart Lane

    If Tottenham v Manchester United is called off it will be the first Premier League fixture postponed for weather reasons since Sunderland v Reading way back in August. Remember that one? Heavy rain.

  210. 1416:  
    MOTD's Guy Mowbray at Stamford Bridge:HALF-TIME- Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    "Arsenal have been pretty poor in the first half but let's not take anything away from Chelsea, who set about their rivals from the start. Chelsea are well worth their lead."

  211. 1415: 

    James Dixon on Twitter: "Surely it's time for a change at Arsenal? Some fresh ideas from a younger manager, Nigel Adkins maybe?"

  212. 1414: 
    Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    We are close to half-time here - Arsenal fans should take heart though, Southampton were 2-0 down at Stamford Bridge in midweek and got a point.

  213. 1413: 

    Matt from London on text via 81111: "All Arsenal players wearing long sleeve shirts, most wearing gloves, all look like they'd rather be indoors. Five Chelsea players wearing short sleeve shirts & are well up for it. Arsenal don't have the fight for unfavourable conditions."

  214. 1412: 
    Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    So our late game at White Hart Lane may not go ahead after all then. I'll keep you informed as and when we hear any more.

  215. 1412:  
    Former England manager Graham Taylor at Stamford Bridge on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Chelsea have been absolutely first class. They are interchanging positions, led by Juan Mata, who is having an absolutely superb game."

    Listen to updates from Chelsea v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live now.

    PITCH INSPECTION- Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    Tottenham on Twitter: "There will be a pitch inspection by the referee at 1450 GMT. We will have a further update for you as soon as possible after that time."

  217. 1409: 
    Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    Bacary Sagna is back up and running. Well, jogging. It's fair to say that he hasn't had his finest 40 minutes in an Arsenal shirt.

  218. 1408: 

    Tone Woody on Twitter: "Can Arsenal get Kanu on at half time?"

  219. 1406: 
    CLOSE!- Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    Another great chance for Chelsea! Bacary Sagna is gone, I'm afraid. Gone.

    He puts in a weak cross which is cut out, and then he just can't get back to cover the Chelsea counter. Eden Hazard profits by carrying the ball forward and switches the ball to the opposite flank, Ramires bursts into the area but shoots over. Sagna is now down with an injury. Just take him off.

  220. 1404: 
    Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    For all the pre-match talk of Fernando Torres' new look, he's been fairly anonymous so far. His movement off the ball is causing some problems, but it's the Oscar-Juan Mata-Eden Hazard show so far.

  221. 1403: 

    Fran Sandaza's first-half goal proves to be the difference for Rangers, who move 19 points clear at the top of SFL Division Three with a 1-0 win at Peterhead.

    Next up is Motherwell v St Johnstone in the SPL, kicking off at 1415 GMT.

    Follow it on the Scottish live.

  222. 1402: 
    Frank Lampard

    Frank Lampard's goal for Chelsea was his 195th goal for the club and he is now only seven behind the Stamford Bridge outfit's all-time record goalscorer Bobby Tambling.

  223. 1400: 

    Shaun from London on text via 81111: "Lampard's 16th minute penalty, the same time as the usual Di Matteo applause. Could see the end of that and more positivity."

  224. 1400: 
    Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    The Chelsea fans sing "Arsene Wenger - we want you to stay" as the hosts pop the ball about at will.

  225. 1357: 

    Chelsea fans and players are enjoying this - and why not? Again Arsenal look a mess at right-back, as Ashley Cole runs off the back of Bacary Sagna to get in on to a pass, but his header back towards Fernando Torres is just off target. Arsene Wenger must be hoping half-time hurries up and arrives.

  226. 1357: 

    Alistair Shaw on Twitter: "Wenger out, Adkins in... At half-time?"

  227. 1353: 

    Alee Rafi on Twitter: "Seeing a spirited Chelsea performance at The Bridge after ages. Let's turn this into a rout!"

  228. 1352: 
    Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    Juan Mata and Eden Hazard are running riot for Chelsea here. Mata almost gets in again but the ball just runs away from him. Hazard by name, Hazard by nature so far.

  229. 1351: 

    Hull City boss Steve Bruce says his club has opened transfer talks with Queens Park Rangers about DJ Campbell.

    The 31-year-old forward has started just four games for QPR since joining in July 2011 and has spent much of this season on loan at Ipswich Town.

    "We're talking to QPR. that's all we are at the moment, talking to them," Bruce told BBC Radio Humberside.

    "We hope that we can try and resolve something next week if we possibly can and we'll see what develops."

  230. 1350: 

    Shaqzinho on Twitter: "Chelsea look on it today, Arsenal woeful."

  231. 1349: 
    Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

    What a start this has been from Chelsea. They are moving the ball so sharply. Arsenal have no answer.

  232. 1349: 

    Statisticians Opta on Twitter: "1 - Arsenal have kept only one clean sheet in their last 14 Premier League games at Stamford Bridge. Expected."

  233. 1348:  
    Former England manager Graham Taylor at Stamford Bridge on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Wojciech Szczesny was lucky not to be sent-off as it was a goalscoring opportunity that was denied to Ramires by the foul."

    Listen to updates from Chelsea v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  234. 1347: 

    Wojciech Szczesny was booked for bringing down Ramires by the way. There were men back, and that was probably the right call. Bacary Sagna was absent without leave again in that right-back spot...

  235. 1346: 
    GOAL- Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal - Frank Lampard (16 mins)

    Frank Lampard, from the spot - you know the drill. He side-foots this one into the bottom corner.

  236. 1345: 

    Another flowing move, Juan Mata plays in Ramires, who faffs about when he should shoot and is eventually upended by Wojciech Szczesny. Penalty.

  237. 1344: 
    Chelsea 1-0 Arsenal

    Some of this play from Chelsea is very, very nice indeed. Eden Hazard runs at the defence and again they back off, he then back-heels nicely into the path of Cesar Azpilicueta and when his low cross is hacked away, Oscar thumps a volley rising over the crossbar. The hosts look dangerous.

  238. 1343: 

    Will Rider on text via 81111: "Robin van Persie scores that Olivier Giroud chance 11 times out of 10. Massive turning point."

  239. 1343: 

    To confirm - that was a foul in the build-up to Chelsea's goal. I've just seen another replay and Ramires was late on Francis Coquelin. A foul in anyone's book.

  240. 1341: 

    Matt Holford on Twitter: "Consistency, consistency, consistency. When will the refereeing standard in the Premier League be the same every week?!?"

    Prof_Amusa on Twitter: "Sagna caused the goal, he wasn't marking Mata."

    Will Styles on Twitter: "If Arsenal play well don't concede early and catch Chelsea on the counter they just might win this. Oh..."

  241. 1340: 

    Ramires appeared to catch Francis Coquelin on his foot in that challenge, and Arsene Wenger is not a happy man.

    But it's gone - and Chelsea almost have another. Superb play from Eden Hazard as he cuts through the defence with a mazy run, but his near-post shot is turned away by Wojciech Szczesny.

  242. 1340:  
    Former England manager Graham Taylor at Stamford Bridge on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Whether the referee is right or wrong you have to keep playing. Arsenal just stopped playing and it cost them."

    Listen to updates from Chelsea v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  243. 1339: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Chelsea 1-0 Arsenal

    Superb start to this match as Arsenal almost reply. Santi Cazorla takes aim from 25 yards and his swerving strike is tipped away by Petr Cech. End-to-end stuff so far.

  244. 1338: 

    Tony Brown on Twitter: "Hoping Chelsea are short on top today, especially with Fernando Torres's new haircut."

    Daniel Hesse on Twitter: "Very narrow Arsenal line-up; Cazorla's never a wide-man and Walcott's delivery's dodgy. Room for Cole & Azpilicueta."

    Aman_Sheth on Twitter: "Mertesacker is one of the worst players to don an Arsenal shirt."

  245. 1336: 
    GOAL- Chelsea 1-0 Arsenal - Juan Mata (6 mins)

    What a goal! Chelsea lead thanks to two superb touches from Juan Mata. Arsenal are not happy though as Ramires and Francis Coquelin clash in midfield - no foul is given and Cesar Azpilicueta is able to loft the ball over the top for Mata in space, he takes one touch to kill the ball and smashes home with another. Great start for the hosts.

  246. 1335: 
    CLOSE!- Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    It's been all Chelsea - but Arsenal should be ahead! Theo Walcott shows he can be a threat from that position on the right, turning and releasing Olivier Giroud with a perfectly-weighted pass, but the Frenchman drags his shot just wide.

  247. 1334: 
    Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    It's all Chelsea so far. Theo Walcott - fresh from signing that new deal - is very much in a wide right position.

  248. 1332: 
    Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    The freshly-shorn Fernando Torres shows some speed, sprinting away from (admittedly) Per Mertesacker, and he is tripped by the German. That could have been a yellow card but referee Martin Atkinson just awards a free-kick.

  249. 1332: 

    Peterhead striker Rory McAllister is sent off by referee Mike Tumilty for his second bookable offence. The first was clear, a late challenge on Rangers' Lee Wallace. However, the second, for handball, looked extremely innocuous and not intentional. Twenty minutes remaining.

    Rangers lead - and you can follow the action in a Scottish live text.

  250. 1332: 

    If you're out and about, don't forget you can keep across all the action, including a cracking match at the tennis in Australia, by downloading BBC Sport's new smartphone app.

  251. 1331: 
    Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    Frank Lampard - short sleeves, no gloves - sets the tone in a frantic opening minute by shooting over from range.

  252. 1331: 
    Snow at Chelsea

    The snow was fairly heavy in the hours before kick-off at Stamford Bridge, but was less of a factor when the match started.

  253. 1330: 
    KICK-OFF- Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    And we're off...

  254. 1326: 
    Chelsea v Arsenal (1330 GMT)

    Here come the teams out on to the Stamford Bridge pitch. The snow is falling but it's not sticking - no concerns on that front. David Luiz has wondered past the screen as well - he must be ill or injured, surely? Not in the squad today.

  255. 1326: 

    Kanu's hat-trick! That is a memory. Acute angle, curling in...

  256. 1326: 

    Statisticians Opta on Twitter: "506 - It is 506 games since Chelsea lost after being two goals ahead in the Premier League - 1999 v Arsenal & Kanu's hat-trick. Memory."

  257. 1325: 

    Nick Duly on Twitter: "Arsenal's depth of squad? The bench consists of an unknown keeper, three defenders, Frimpong, ineffectual Ramsey and old Arshavin!"

  258. 1322: 
    Chelsea v Arsenal (1330 GMT)

    So less than 10 minutes until kick-off then, and all the chat is still about Fernando Torres starting up front. Where is this game going to be won and lost though? Arsenal's central midfield pair of Francis Coquelin and Abou Diaby are going to have to put in a shift and a half I reckon.

  259. 1321: 

    Ben at The Bridge on text via 81111: "Benitez is getting revenge on the Chelsea fans by playing Torres! Touche Rafa, touche."

  260. 1315: 

    That's a valid point from Mark - if Demba Ba bangs in the winning goals against Swansea and sends Chelsea to Wembley, would that make the decision to leave him out today the right one?

  261. 1313: 

    Mark on text via 81111: "It's obvious why Torres is starting. Rafa has conceded the league and Ba is being saved for the mid-week trip to Swansea. There's no point starting Torres when you are 2-0 down and desperately need a goal."

  262. 1313: 

    Ideljit on Twitter: "Remember Chelsea fans chanted 'you don't know what you're doing' to Avram Grant against Arsenal and we won. Just let the game play out!"

  263. 1312: 

    Chelsea's last opponents sacked their manager after the 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge of course, and Southampton legend Matthew Le Tissier has been speaking out at the decision to ditch Nigel Adkins on BBC Radio Five Live's Sportsweek programme this morning.

    Le Tissier said: "I don't know if Nigel was becoming too popular and the chairman didn't like it - he does appear to have a bit of an ego problem.

    "It is a little bit bizarre, but some of the decisions that have been made have been a little bit bizarre since the current chairman took over. In a way it wasn't a surprise because I think he's been looking to get rid of him for a while now."

  264. 1310: 
    LINE-UPS- Chelsea v Arsenal (1330 GMT)

    Chelsea: Cech, Azpilicueta, Cahill, Ivanovic, Cole, Ramires, Lampard, Oscar, Hazard, Mata, Torres. Subs: Turnbull, Ferreira, Marin, Terry, Ba, Bertrand, Ake.

    Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Coquelin, Diaby, Walcott, Wilshere, Cazorla, Giroud. Subs: Mannone, Koscielny, Andre Santos, Ramsey, Arshavin, Jenkinson, Frimpong.

    Referee: Martin Atkinson (W Yorkshire)

  265. 1306: 

    Fernando Torres has gone military. It's a buzz-cut alright. I can see Spanish scalp. It's taken years off him.

  266. 1305: 

    Statisticians Opta on Twitter: "7 - Arsenal have won away at Stamford Bridge more often than any other Premier League side (seven times) & scored more goals (27). Inspiration."

  267. 1305: 

    The players are out warming up at Stamford Bridge. It looks decidedly chilly, I don't think Santi Cazorla will be up for this.

    I'm on the lookout for Fernando Torres's bonce, but we've not been given a glimpse yet...

  268. 1259: 

    Simon_Crisp on Twitter: "Perhaps Torres has been better in training, some fans are unbelievably fickle. He'll score a hat-trick and they'll love him!"

    GeorgeCFCfan on Twitter: "The sooner Chelsea get rid of Torres the better. Time Abramovich accepts signing an out-of-form striker was a huge mistake."

  269. 1255: 

    Hallam in Uppingham on text via 81111: "Can someone please explain the rationale behind playing the striker who has been off form for two years over Demba Ba?"

  270. 1254: 

    Francisco Sandaza's goal separates the two sides at Peterhead. It's the Spaniard's second goal of the season - a campaign which has seen him side-lined for three months with a fractured cheekbone.

    Rangers lead - and you can follow the action in a Scottish live text.

  271. 1251: 

    West Brom striker Peter Odemwingie on Twitter: "Baby Noah was born 0530 GMT this morning and he says hi to everyone! Couldn't wait any longer because he wanted to celebrate his daddy's goal!"

    Odemwingie Snr scored West Brom's equaliser in the 2-2 draw with Aston Villa last night.

  272. 1250: 
    Chelsea v Arsenal (1330 GMT)

    Chelsea interim manager Rafael Benitez resists the temptation to promote centre-back John Terry from the bench. The Spaniard does make two changes with centre-back Branislav Ivanovic replacing the absent David Luiz and striker Fernando Torres coming in for Demba Ba.

    Arsenal are unchanged from their midweek FA Cup win over Swansea. Midfielder Francis Coquelin retains his place, while Lukas Podolski and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain do not make the squad because of illness.

  273. 1250: 

    Lucas Barnbrook on Twitter: "Ba on the bench. **sighs and nods head**"

    Conor White-Andrews on Twitter: "WHY IS TORRES STARTING!? Officially lost my sympathy for Benitez. Outrageous decision."

    Alfie Jones on Twitter: "What has Torres done to justify starting?! Totally crazy. He's been out of form for three years and Ba is scoring. Fed up."

  274. 1244:  
    Former England manager Graham Taylor at Stamford Bridge on BBC Radio 5 live:Chelsea v Arsenal (1330 GMT)

    "People say players should handle booing, but when it is happening to the extent it is at Stamford Bridge it is not doing anyone any favours. The players lose confidence when there is booing in their own ground.

    "The fans will probably be getting under owner Roman Abramovich's skin, but he does things his own way regardless."

    Listen to updates on Chelsea v Arsenal on BBC Radio 5 live at 1330 GMT.

  275. 1243: 
    MATCH UPDATE- Tottenham v Man Utd (1600 GMT)

    This just in from Tottenham:

    "Today's match against Manchester United remains on at this point in time. However the situation is being monitored and much will depend on whether or not there is any substantial snow before kick off at 1600."

  276. 1241: 

    What do we think of that team selection then Chelsea fans? I can guess - but let me know. You can text or Tweet...

  277. 1239: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Chelsea v Arsenal (1330 GMT)

    Fernando Torres and Frank Lampard start for Chelsea, with Demba Ba and John Terry on the bench. There's no David Luiz in the squad.

  278. 1239: 

    PB in south Wales on text via 81111: "Torres best have a skinhead!"

  279. 1237: 

    Djeff61 on Twitter: "Hoping all at the Bridge can get behind the team. I'm not a Rafa Benitez fan but if the chants are affecting the team it's time to stop!"

    Louis Gray on Twitter: "Re 1229 - Demba Ba may be in trouble if hair length suggests the number of goals he will get this season."

  280. 1236: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Chelsea v Arsenal (1330 GMT)

    Lukas Podolski and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are both ruled out of Arsenal's matchday squad through illness. Arsenal's starting XI is unchanged from the 1-0 win over Swansea.

  281. 1235: 

    Francisco Sandaza gives Rangers the lead on the half-hour mark. Lee Wallace plays a neat one-two with David Templeton and fires in a low shot from just outside the box. Peterhead keeper Graeme Smith saves but can't hold on and Sandaza nets from close-range.

    Follow the live text here.

  282. 1231: 
    Chelsea v Arsenal (1330 GMT)

    Interim Chelsea boss Rafael Benitez might be trying to relieve the pressure on his side by ruling out the title this season. He says: "In terms of the league I don't think we can do it.

    "But the Capital One Cup is there, the FA Cup is still open and the Europa League is still open. I just have to give the team the confidence that we can win against anyone."

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is keen for his side to add some bite to their play. The Frenchman says: "Maybe we have to go back a little bit, not less technical but a bit more physical and aggressive."

  283. 1229: 

    Paul Mason in London on text via 81111: "RE - Torres haircut. Apparently Abramovich has insisted players must have hair length to match the goals he expects from them for rest of season."

  284. 1229: 

    We should have some team news for you from Stamford Bridge in the next few minutes.

  285. 1227: 

    Saeid Ali on Twitter: "Torres and Ba partnership, if Suarez and Sturridge can partner, why not?"

  286. 1226: 

    Tottenham's transfer business this month has come under scrutiny, thanks partly to the injury to Sandro.

    There has been some chat that the club would attempt to bring Lewis Holtby to London early - and there are reports that Schalke have rejected an "unacceptable" offer.

    According to AFP, Schalke manager Horst Heldt said: "Tottenham have made an offer, which was not acceptable, therefore it was rejected.

    "The transfer window is still open and Lewis has not become any cheaper."

  287. 1221:  
    MOTD's Guy Mowbray at Stamford Bridge:Chelsea v Arsenal (1330 GMT)

    "Since destroying Aston Villa before Christmas, Chelsea have failed to win any of three home games, with Wednesday's two goals and two points throwaway against struggling Southampton generating the loudest booing for interim manager Rafael Benitez yet.

    "Whilst the Blues were surrendering to Saints, the Gunners beat Swansea in the FA Cup to register their first win of 2013. With that, the news of Theo Walcott's new contract, AND the hint from Arsene Wenger that he's keen to spend in the next fortnight, it's been a positive week for Arsenal fans. Can they continue that at the Bridge?"

  288. 1221: 

    Tottenham on Twitter: "Our match vs MUFC is still on at the moment (12:18). We are monitoring the situation and we will keep you informed of any changes."

  289. 1220: 

    How many times down the years have we said 'if Abou Diaby can stay fit, then...'

    There is a man who undoubtedly has all the clubs in the bag, but he just can't get around the course.

  290. 1220: 

    Stephen Graham on Twitter: "If Diaby is picked and is on his game, he can add much needed physicality to Arsenal's midfield. We have missed his strength."

    James Anthony Quinn on Twitter: "Can't see anyone catching Man Utd now to be honest, 16 games to go, can't see us dropping that many points!"

  291. 1216: 

    Murry Ren on Twitter: "Rafael Benitez won't win the Premier League. Benitez won't win over the Chelsea fans."

  292. 1216: 

    And on the haircut front, I've just seen the Chelsea players enter the dressing rooms but unfortunately I didn't clock Fernando Torres so I can't help there...

  293. 1215: 

    The Frank Lampard question - that is the million-dollar question. Will Chelsea really let him go?

  294. 1213: 

    Joe in London on text: "Spurs could do with another striker, but only if he's the "right" guy. A creative midfielder to replace that Modric ingenuity wouldn't be bad business either. Not struggling at the moment though, so there isn't a real pressing need to bring these players in, but who's to say we won't need them in a months time?"

    Peter on text: "Rumours flying that Torres has had a 'number 1' hair cut?? Is this true?"

    Kabir, a hopeful Chelsea fan on text: "Now with the Ashley Cole contract deal is there hope that Frank Lampard can stay? And start Ba instead of Torres?"

  295. 1211: 

    The pitch at Stamford Bridge is immaculate as it stands. I'm predicting a high glove count today though - maybe 14+?

  296. 1207: 

    The snow is coming down pretty heavily at Stamford Bridge, but the conditions around the stadium look fine to me. Apparently it is going to come down heavily between 1400 and 1600 though. Get the orange ball out...

  297. 1205: 

    Jasonpriorrr on Twitter: "Theo Walcott's definitely worth that 100k a week he's a quality player and has massive potential as a front man."

    Daniel Thomas on Twitter: "With Lord Robin of Persie in charge of ballistics and Sir Alex of Ferguson at the helm, the good ship Utd will sail to victory."

    Steven Levett on Twitter: "Arsenal need the right Theo Walcott to show up today, all he needs is some composure in front of goal. He could scare Chelsea today."

  298. 1205: 

    Speaking of bumper contracts, Chelsea have reportedly agreed terms on a new deal for left-back Ashley Cole.

    While the deal has not yet been officially signed, the formalities, of what is understood to be a one-year extension to his contract, are expected to be completed early next week.

    That has to be good news, right?

  299. 1201:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    BBC Radio 5 live will be bringing you updates from the London derby between Arsenal and Chelsea from 1330 GMT. Alistair Bruce-Ball and former England manager Graham Taylor will be in position at Stamford Bridge to give you the news when the goals go in.

    The action remains in the capital as Tottenham face Premier League leaders Manchester United. Mike Ingham, John Murray and ex-Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane are the commentary team.

  300. 1201: 

    First up north of the border at 1200 GMT is Peterhead v Rangers in SFL Division Three. Ally McCoist's side could go 19 points clear at the top of the table with a victory, while fourth-placed Peterhead are trying to consolidate their place in the play-off positions. Rangers' last visit to Balmoor was on the first day of the season, when they came away with a point in a 2-2 draw.

    Then at 1415 GMT it's SPL action as Motherwell host St Johnstone. A win for the home side will see them go level on points with second-placed Inverness CT. Steve Lomas' St Johnstone are aiming to overtake Aberdeen and jump into fifth position.

    You can stay across all the action in our Scottish live text.

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