Africa Cup of Nations 2013 - day six as it happened

Live text commentary as Niger draw with DR Congo in Group B of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations after Ghana defeat Mali.

24 January 2013 Last updated at 20:21 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 2020: 

    My colleague Jonathan Jurejko will be the man guiding you through all the action on day seven.

    Thanks for your time today, it has been my pleasure.

  2. 2018: 

    The 2013 Africa Cup of Nations continues tomorrow as Group C whirls into action again with all the teams joined on one point.

    The first game at 1500 GMT could be one of the standout matches of the tournament as holders Zambia play Nigeria.

    The Super Eagles would have been stung by the concession of an equaliser deep into injury-time in their first game, while Herve Renard's champion side failed to impress in their outing.

    At 1800 GMT, un-fancied duo Burkina Faso and Ethiopia meet. Both nations have one point on the board that they would not have expected to hold beforehand.

    Can either of them get the win that would really shake things up and leave qualification for the next round wide open?

  3. 2005: 

    Wilfred Kofi Bruku on Twitter: "I'm quite disappointed. Was expecting to see the African version of the 'Gangnam Style' today too; The 'Kidiaba Style'."

    I feel your pain Wilfred.

  4. 2003: 

    Only two teams will progress from Group B and the deciding set of fixtures sees Ghana play Niger and DR Congo face Mali on Monday.

    It will be a major shock if Ghana do not make it through, but it is impossible to predict who will get the result they need in the other match.

  5. 2000: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium:

    "An historic first point for Niger - which is what coach Gernot Rohr set as his goal at the beginning of the tournament. They didn't just sit back and defend either, they created a good number of chances mainly for Moussa Maazou.

    "DR Congo also had chances and tried to attack as much as possible but Tresor Mputu Mabi did not have the effect he did against Ghana. Niger's keeper Daouada Kassaly made some crucial saves.

    "So again, no one is guaranteed to go through from Group B and no one is out yet."

  6. 1958: 

    Mac-Robert Nyaaba on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "Very good result for Ghana and Mali."

    Well noted Mac-Robert. After today's results, Ghana sit top of Group B with four points. Mali remain in second with three points and will have been thrilled to see DR Congo stay in third on two points.

    Niger's hopes of qualification are also not dead now they have one point, although they will require victory over heavyweights Ghana in their final game to stand any chance of progression.

  7. 1955: 

    While DR Congo walk away frustrated after the 0-0 draw, Niger can celebrate a historic first Africa Cup of Nations point.

    The outstanding Menas goalkeeper Daouda Kassaly says a silent prayer in his net at the end as he contemplates a job well done.

  8. 1953: 
    FULL-TIME- Niger 0-0 DR Congo
  9. 1952: 

    Boubacar Talatou has his moment to shine for Niger as he bears down on goal but elects to go for glory himself rather than play in his better-positioned team-mates.

    That has happened too much tonight.

  10. 1950: 
  11. 1949: 

    There are more than three minutes left of injury time. Will there be a winning goal?

  12. 1948: 

    This could be a running down the clock exercise as Niger withdraw the hardworking Modibo Sidibe for Alhassane Issoufou.

  13. 1946: 

    Dreadlocked defender Mohamed Chicoto has really impressed me tonight for Niger. He has stood Dieumerci Mbokani up and snapped in for any loose ball.

    Great centre-back play.

  14. 1945: 

    It is not all good news for Dieumerci Mbokani as he has just gone into the referee's notebook for dissent.

  15. 1944: 

    BBC Love Football on Twitter: "DR Congo's Dieumerci Mbokani was named Belgium's Player of the Year last night."

  16. 1942: 

    Actor-Charles K Kwashie on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "I am very impressed by the DR Congo players therefore, I exceedingly wish them a success of 1-0 against Niger."

    The Leopards currently have five minutes plus injury time to make the breakthrough.

  17. 1940: 

    Niger's William N'Gounou is booked for a cynical shirt pull to end a DR Congo counter-attack.

  18. 1939: 

    I am sure Niger will remember that they were 0-0 with Mali at this stage before Seydou Keita popped up with the winning goal...

  19. 1938: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium:

    "Stadium announcer tells us today's attendance is 21,628 - not so sure about that - but then admittedly I haven't tried counting everyone in the stadium! Also assume that's for both games combined with some people coming and going so maybe not all of them were in here at the same time."

  20. 1937: 

    Slateroof6 on Twitter: "DR Congo should get Peterborough United's centre back on, Gabriel Zakuani! Solid at the back."

  21. 1937: 

    To be fair, the snail's pace this game is being played at suits Niger. They know if they lose, then they cannot proceed in the competition.

    DR Congo's lack of fight is much harder to explain... You would have thought that Mali's loss would have given them the urge to get three points.

    As it stands, they will sit third in Group B, one point and one place behind final opponents Mali.

  22. 1934: 
    DR Congo fan

    There is currently an unforgiveable lack of tempo to this game. Neither side seems to have the desire to go for the win.

    The only signs of enthusiasm are coming from the supporters.

  23. 1930: 

    The disappointing Tresor Mputu is replaced by Zola Matumona for DR Congo.

    There is less than 20 minutes to go, can the substitute get the goal The Leopards need to go level on four points with Ghana?

  24. 1928:  
    BBC Sport Lee James in Port Elizabeth on Twitter:

    "More fans arrived for the DR Congo v Niger match but I'm guessing still less than 10000 in the ground. Port Elizabeth, what's happening?"

  25. 1926: 

    Njabulo 'Bra' Khumalo on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "Niger has got to be the Stoke City of Africa!!! Strong defending, no talent in their attacking players and boring... But they get there and grind out the result."

  26. 1925: 

    Tresor Mputu is trying to feed off the knockdowns from DR Congo strike partner Dieumerci Mbokani but his finishing so far has not been up to standard as another effort fizzes wide.

  27. 1924: 

    Akatakyie_Myles on Twitter: "Wow, African tackles are hard."

  28. 1923: 

    I am not going to lie, this game really is a hard-sell. Both sides have sunk rather than soared as the game has gone on.

  29. 1921: 
    Dieudonne Mbokani

    At the other end, Dieumerci Mbokani is becoming an increasingly marginalised figure as DR Congo struggle to feed the Anderlecht hit man inside the penalty box.

    His best work in the second half has been when he has drifted out wide, and Niger will be be content with that turn of events.

  30. 1919: 

    TJR on Twitter: "Couldn't see any team in AFCON beating a Premier League club, or come to that many Championship teams."

  31. 1918: 

    Moussa Maazou is becoming a real menace for Niger. The giant striker springs off his feet to put in a solid header that is saved at full stretch by DR Congo's Robert Kidiaba.

  32. 1914: 

    DR Congo midfielder Patou Kabangu is withdrawn for striker Dioko Kaluyituka. Head coach Claude Le Roy is desperate for the breakthrough goal.

  33. 1911: 

    Niger cannot be discounted, however, and at the other end Moussa Maazou stings Robert Kidiaba's fingertips with a powerful drive from the edge of the area.

  34. 1911: 

    Youssouf Mulumbu is inches away from a great chance after Dieumerci Mbokani fed in a smart pass from out wide that the onrushing midfielder was not quite able to reach.

    If he had, he would have been through on goal. However, judging by his finishing thus far, that would have been no guarantee of a goal!

  35. 1907: 

    DR Congo undoubtedly have the better players, but this scrappy, error-strewn game will suit Niger.

  36. 1906: 

    Scottyn1988 on Twitter: "Despite that miss, DR Congo's Dieumerci Mbokani looks like the best player on the pitch by a long way!"

  37. 1904: 

    Both teams make a change at the start of the second half.

    DR Congo swap striker Lomana LuaLua for Deo Kanda, while Niger midfielder Issoufou Boubacar makes way for Boubacar Talatou.

  38. 1902: 
    KICK-OFF- Niger 0-0 DR Congo

    The second half is under way.

  39. 1902: 

    BBC Love Football on Twitter: "Ghana's Mubarak Wakaso limped to the bus with the help of a team-mate with ice strapped to his knee but he is suspended for the Niger game anyway."

  40. 1858: 

    King Richard Makasi Lungile on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "After 45 minutes I cannot believe the score is still 0-0, end to end stuff, I like it."

  41. 1856: 

    Goalkeeper Daouda Kassaly cost Niger badly in the 1-0 defeat to Mali on Sunday as he critically misjudged a high cross for the only goal but he has played like a man possessed today.

    There seems no way past him on this form.

  42. 1852: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium:

    "Niger have not looked overawed by their opponents today and have played some nice football and should really have taken the lead when Modibo Sidibe was clear and he hit the post.

    "DR Congo got back into the game after that and their potent attacking line-up forced several great chances with Daouda Kassaly making some good stops. The pick of the bunch was probably at the feet of Dieumerci Mbokani after a neat one-two with Tresor Mputu Mabi.

    "Niger will have to be at their very best if they are to continue holding the Congolese - who must feel sooner or later one of their strikers will get in behind the Niger defence."

  43. 1848: 

    Stevie_Bokese on Twitter: "Dieumerci Mbokani should have scored for DR Congo. The keeper made a great save."

  44. 1847: 
    HALF-TIME- Niger 0-0 DR Congo

    And that is that for the first half. Can anyone make the breakthrough in the second half?

  45. 1846: 

    SNjugz on Twitter: "The Niger goalkeeper is denying us the Robert Kidiaba dance!"

    That is a very good point Simon, although he might be hopping on the floor in frustration if the DR Congo strikers keep wasting their chances...

  46. 1845: 

    We are into two minutes of added time with the game still poised at 0-0.

  47. 1844: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium:

    "Not too bad a crowd in after all - nowhere near full but maybe 10,000 or so trying to do a Mexican wave... Really doesn't work with the crowd so spread out but they are trying their best!"

  48. 1844: 

    The chance came after Niger played a risky game passing it around the back. A sloppy pass was intercepted on the way to the midfield and it looked like DR Congo were certainties to score before Daouda Kassaly sprung to deny them.

  49. 1843: 

    That is another top class save from Niger goalkeeper Daouda Kassaly. Again, he rushes out and makes himself big when DR Congo danger man Dieumerci Mbokani had the goal at his mercy.

  50. 1841: 

    Niger'sMoussa Maazou is lucky to escape with a yellow card after he appears to put in a late two-footed tackle on Koffi Dan Kowa.

    The striker was probably only spared a red card as Kowa was aware enough to escape the brunt of his reckless challenge.

  51. 1839: 

    Ras Omna Tadele Gebru on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "RE 1834 - Moussa Maazou is the heart beat of Niger. A quality player."

  52. 1836: 

    Another DR Congo chance goes begging as Lomana LuaLua's shot luckily falls to Youssouf Mulumbu in acres of space in the penalty area.

    Without a Niger defender anywhere near him, the midfielder then sloppily side-foots his effort well wide of the target. That was just begging to be slotted in.

  53. 1834: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett on Twitter:

    "Niger's Moussa Maazou is only 24 but he's already played for eight clubs... Has talent (& frightening pace) but often wastes chances."

  54. 1833: 

    That's embarrassing. Mohamed Chicoto, under absolutely no pressure from DR Congo, has just put in an air-shot on the ball and nearly stumbled off the pitch in the process.

    There is hope for all of us yet if an international footballer can do that!

  55. 1831: 
    Niger fan

    Although Niger have never won a game in the Africa Cup of Nations, it has not dampened the enthusiasm of their supporters in Port Elizabeth tonight. They are looking pretty impressive.

  56. 1827: 

    We are nearly 30 minutes in and the game is just starting to show signs of calming down. Niger are now happy to sit deep on the edge of their box every time DR Congo have the ball.

    Even the skilful Lomana LuaLua is struggling to find space among the disciplined Menas defenders.

  57. 1825: 

    BBC Love Football on Twitter: "Niger's final touches are letting them down."

  58. 1823: 
    LINE-UPS- Niger 0-0 DR Congo

    Apologies for it being late, but here are the teams:

    Niger: Daouda, Bachard, Chicoto, Dankwa, Kourouma, Maazou, Koudize, Lancina, Soumaila, Boubacar, Sidibe. Subs: Alzouma, Kader, James, Laouali, Kamilou, Talatou, Dante, Sakou, Alassane, William, Moutari, Saminou.

    DR Congo: Kidiaba, Issama, Mabiala, Mongongu, Kasusula, Makiadi, Mulumbu, Kabangu, Mputu, Mbokani, LuaLua. Subs: Mandanda, Manzia, Zola, Kanda, Ilunga, Kaluyituka, Mbemba, Luvumbu, Zakuani, Kisombe, Bakala.

    Referee: Bouchaib El-Moubarki (Morocco).

  59. 1822: 

    Another gift from DR Congo has been turned down by Niger as Mohamed Soumaila blazes his shot over the crossbar after he latched onto a terrible pass forwards from The Leopards backline.

    Soumaila had well-placed runners either side of him who he should have played in.

  60. 1818: 
  61. 1817: 

    Pepperandstew on Twitter: "Great save Niger goalie!"

  62. 1815: 

    Dieumerci Mbokani has scored 17 goals so far this season for Belgian club side Anderlecht, and with that pedigree you would have expected him to score.

  63. 1814: 

    Daouda Kassaly cost Niger in their opening game but has just made a tremendous save from DR Congo's Dieumerci Mbokani.

    The striker expertly pulled behind the Niger defence while remaining onside and hit a shot bound for the bottom corner with his instep before Kassaly got involved.

  64. 1812: 

    KennySim93 on Twitter: "RE 1805 - How did Sidibe miss for Niger!?!?"

  65. 1811: 

    This game is ridiculously open so far. Dieumerci Mbokani has just wasted another opportunity for DR Congo after he held up the ball for too long after he had broken through.

    Both midfields are getting bypassed at will and there are also plenty of holes in each defence.

  66. 1810: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium:

    "Just spoken to Mali coach Patrice Carteron who felt the Ghana keeper should have been red carded for the deliberate handball in the opening five minutes - but refused to blame the incident for his side losing."

  67. 1807: 

    Danny3Walker on Twitter: "DR Congo have a great line-up, should go far in this competition."

  68. 1806: 

    That would have been a historic moment for Niger, who have never led an Africa Cup of Nations game before.

    Indeed, that would have been only their second all-time goal in the tournament.

  69. 1805: 

    Oh dear, that is a stunning miss. Modibo Sidibe is through on goal for Niger with all the time in the world after he robbed a DR Congo midfielder of the ball but can only place his measured shot onto the base of the post.

    He should have done a lot better with that.

  70. 1803: 

    Watch out behind the goals! Lomana LuaLua volleys Dieumerci Mbokani deep cross well over the crossbar.

  71. 1800: 

    We are underway in Port Elizabeth. If Niger lose, they cannot qualify for the knockout stages.

  72. 1757: 

    Not much singing going on from the DR Congo players either. We can call the anthems a draw, I think.

    Will DR Congo and Niger be separated when the game begins in a few minutes? Stay here to find out.

  73. 1755: 

    James_Scrivener on Twitter: "RE 1729 - Niger's 'star man' Moussa Maazou also won the award for the worst player in Ligue 1 in 2010/11, the Ballon de Plomb!"

  74. 1754: 

    Much more emotion from a Niger fan in the crowd who appeared to have fashioned her own glasses frame into the style of a bicycle, as you do...

  75. 1753: 

    Stoic faces dominate the Niger line-up. They either seriously mean business or are too laidback for their own good!

  76. 1752: 

    The two teams are out on the pitch and it is anthem time.

  77. 1751: 

    This game is being billed as a clash between a clear favourite (DR Congo) and a massive long shot (Niger).

    However, the Fifa world rankings have Niger in 97th place and DR Congo four spots behind in 101st...

    England are sixth in the latest standings, so what do they know?

  78. 1749: 

    Maziko Kumbani on Twitter: "My money is on DR Congo and I can't wait to see those crazy celebrations by their goalkeeper."

  79. 1748: 

    How do you see this game going? Will DR Congo get the win or will Niger spring a surprise? Is goalkeeper Robert Kidiaba's celebration the best in world football? Have any of you tried to replicate his human pogo-stick? (I feel that request should have a 'don't try this at home' warning attached... So, yeah, be careful)

    Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcafcon, by text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international) and on Facebook by using the new African Football BBC page.

  80. 1745: 
  81. 1743: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett on Twitter:

    "Disappointed my friend William Tonji Ngounou is on the bench. Only Niger player to ever score an AFCON goal. Get him on!"

  82. 1738: 

    One thing to definitely look out for is DR Congo goalkeeper Robert Kidiaba's celebration. His trademark human pogo-stick action is a real sight to behold.

    There should be plenty of scope to see it tonight...

  83. 1732: 

    Original_Gunner on Twitter: "The games so far is in this AFCON have been quite difficult to predict. The form of each team changes every game."

  84. 1729: 

    Opponents Niger have much more modest ambitions. They are looking for their first win at the finals, having lost all three of their group matches when they made their tournament debut last year.

    Striker Moussa Maazou was the star of Niger's 2012 Nations Cup run, sparkling with his terrific strength and running ability, and Niger will be again be looking to him to provide the spark that can help them compete this time.

  85. 1722: 

    DR Congo have a lot to play for against Niger. A win will put them in a strong position of making it to the quarter-finals, a stage they last reached in 2006.

    The coach seven years ago was Claude Le Roy, but the returning Frenchman has endured a troubled last few weeks after rumours emerged that he had quit over a row about bonus money.

  86. 1718: 
    TEAM NEWS- DR Congo v Niger (1800 GMT)

    DR Congo make just one change from the team that came back from two goals down against Ghana to draw 2-2 as defender Larrys Mabiala makes way for Landry Mulemo.

    Niger stick with the same team that was defeated 1-0 by Mali on Sunday.

  87. 1708: 

    Arsenal and Ghana midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong on Twitter: "The Ghana keeper wanted to come for every ball, he is obviously looking for a new club."

  88. 1706: 

    Let's have a quick look at Group B then. Ghana are top with four points from two games, while Mali are second with three points from their two matches.

    DR Congo - who are third with one point from one game - and Niger play their next fixture at 1800 GMT. Niger will be desperate for a win to kick-start their campaign as they currently sit bottom with no points.

  89. 1703: 

    Felixwise on Twitter: "If the Ghana keeper was given a red card in the first half, the result will have been different."

  90. 1702: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium:
    Mubarak Wakaso

    "Ghana are back in this Africa Cup of Nations thanks to this 1-0 win and it will give them a huge boost against Niger in their final game, they will fancy their chances of winning that game and advancing to the quarter-finals. But the loss of the injured Mubarak Wakaso for that final game is a blow.

    "Mali have a tough task against DR Congo in their final group game to make sure they advance."

  91. 1701: 

    MiguelCrazie on Twitter: "Mali 0 Ghana 1, Ghana with one step forward into the quarter-finals. All credit to Ghana for holding their composure."

  92. 1659: 

    Ghana are now in a tremendous position on top of the table, with potential whipping boys Niger to follow in their final game.

    Group B is now set up beautifully for a deciding game for the final qualification place between Mali and DR Congo on Monday.

    Should be winner takes all. No pressure boys.

  93. 1657: 

    The big talking point will be the decision not to red card Ghana goalkeeper Fatau Dauda in the fifth minute after he handled the ball outside his area.

    Should the referee have sent him off?

    Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcafcon, by text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international) and on Facebook by using the new African Football BBC page.

  94. 1656: 

    And that's that. Ghana go top of Group B ahead of DR Congo's match versus Niger at 1800 GMT thanks to Mubarak Wakaso's first half penalty.

  95. 1654: 
    FULL-TIME- Ghana 1-0 Mali
  96. 1654: 

    Mali are pumping balls into the Ghana box but Isaac Vorsah is standing tall to nod them away. Mali have lacked imagination throughout.

  97. 1652: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium:

    "Despite all their attacking play I can't remember Mali actually having a shot on target..."

  98. 1652: 

    Ghana's succession of back-heels and lovely flicks is ended in agricultural fashion by the already booked Mahamadou Ndiaye. How the defender did not pick up a second booking I will never know.

  99. 1649: 

    The board has just gone up and we are going to play five extra minutes. Any late shocks in store?

  100. 1646: 

    Ghana goalkeeper Fatau Dauda has raced off his line for every crossed ball like a wild man and he has just wiped out several of his defenders in his latest bid to catch a cross.

    Luckily for him, the ball goes flying over all concerned rather than landing squarely on the foot of a grateful Mali player.

  101. 1645: 

    Inuaddict on Twitter: "This referee is yellow-card happy. Seven? Really? But... #hana was being a little foolish though, so..."

  102. 1643: 

    Ghana's Albert Adomah has been one of the few players to impress and he is taken off for Solomon Asante...

    ....who with his first touch hits a 25-yard shot narrowly wide of the Mali goal. What an entrance that would have been!

  103. 1642: 

    This second half has been a big disappointment. Too many players concentrating on making fouls rather than crafting chances.

    Poor show.

  104. 1640: 

    I wonder if the Ghana players will start getting nervous now as memories of the two-goal collapse against DR Congo on Sunday come flooding back?

  105. 1639: 

    There is now less than 10 minutes left, can Mali fashion a late leveller?

  106. 1639: 

    There is a bit of a come-together in the Mali penalty area as Emmanuel Agyemang Badu seems to put in a high foot on goalkeeper Mamadou Samassa which Mali team-mate Mahamadou Samassa does not appreciate.

    Despite the argument, referee Noumandiez Doue does not brandish any yellow cards for once.

  107. 1637: 

    After my big pre-match billing, a slightly underwhelming Kwadwo Asamoah is replaced by more defensive-minded Ghana midfielder Derek Boateng.

  108. 1636: 

    Alimu Jalloh Fbi on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "I'm sure Ghana is going win against Mali."

  109. 1635: 

    Mahamane Traore comes off for striker Mahamadou Samassa as Mali hunt an equaliser.

  110. 1634: 

    The stop-and-start nature of this half is really suiting Ghana. Mali have not been able to play any fluid football, and every time they push forward, Ghana are moving the ball quickly to the wing and are inviting fouls on them.

    There is plenty of fight from Mali in this half, but a distinct lack of smart play.

  111. 1632: 

    Wow, referee Noumandiez Doue is going to be running out of cards soon as Mali's Mahamane Traore is the latest to go into the book for a wild lunge on Rabiu Mohammed.

  112. 1631: 

    Dasiyanbi on Twitter: "This match is not been played at a good enough pace. Mali not pressing Ghana, are they happy with just 1-0? Funny African football."

  113. 1630: 

    Ghana goalscorer Mubarak Wakaso looks in real pain as he is stretchered off the pitch. Flying winger Christian Atsu comes on in his place.

    It looked like Wakaso hurt his leg in an earlier challenge.

  114. 1629: 

    And that makes it six, as Ghana defender John Pantsil is booked for time-wasting.

  115. 1628: 

    While that was going on, attacking midfielder Samba Sow comes on for the more defensively-minded Momo Sissoko. The Paris St-Germain player has been carrying an injury and was blowing hard as he made his way to the bench.

  116. 1627: 

    Mali defender Adama Coulibaly goes into the book for dissent. That is the fifth yellow card of an increasingly tetchy game.

  117. 1625: 

    Winger Albert Adomah is impressing in the early stages of the second half due to Ghana's expansive play, and it looks like his form in club football has also caught the eye of some other teams as Bristol City reject a bid for him.

    Interested clubs, I think Adomah might be busy for the next 30 minutes, however...

  118. 1622: 

    Ghana's Rabiu Mohammed boots Mali substitute Modibo Maiga up into the air and is booked for his reckless challenge.

  119. 1621: 

    I was complaining that Mali striker Cheick Tidiane Diabate had not received enough support in the first half but his awful touch in the box there when well placed might be a clue to why his team-mates are not playing him in...

  120. 1619: 
    Mubarak Wakaso celebrates scoring for Ghana

    Goalscorer Mubarak Wakaso is having a tough time with his club side Espanyol who are languishing near the bottom of La Liga, but the midfielder has looked very lively in the Africa Cup of Nations so far.

  121. 1615: 

    MUFC_Barfoot on Twitter: "Ghana are my favourites to come out champions, still think Ghana and Ivory Coast will make an amazing final."

  122. 1615: 

    Although, if Asamoah Gyan can shoot like that from the edge of the box, maybe he is fine staying there. The Al Ain player has just narrowly curled a great shot wide from 25-yards.

    Mali goalkeeper Mamadou Samassa would have had no chance if it had been on target.

  123. 1613: 

    After just praising Asamoah Gyan, the Ghana striker really should have attacked the cross there rather than hang back on the edge of the box.

  124. 1612: 

    Straightaway, Ghana break at pace down the right and no-one is there to get on the end of winger Albert Adomah's inviting low centre.

  125. 1610: 

    Ghana are finally starting to play with a bit of width at the start of this second half through the selfless runs of striker Asamoah Gyan into the channels. One to watch going ahead to see if it leads to a few more chances.

  126. 1609: 

    Nana Kwasi Wenger on Twitter: "RE 1503 - I hope Ghana's Isaac Vorsah doesn't play as bad as his hair style..."

  127. 1608: 

    Mali's Mahamadou Ndiaye puts his arm across the onrushing Rabiu Mohammed and receives a yellow card.

  128. 1606: 

    Mali look in no mood to accept the status quo and they have brought on striker Modibo Maiga for midfielder Sigamary Diarra.

    Lone striker Cheick Tidiane Diabate will certainly appreciate the extra support.

  129. 1604: 
    KICK-OFF- Ghana 1-0 Mali

    Huddle again for Ghana at the start of the second half, which is now under way.

  130. 1603: 

    Yednekachew Mekonnen on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "It looks like the Black Stars are determined this time!"

  131. 1601: 

    If the score stays as it is, Ghana will move one point ahead of Mali at the top of the Group B table ahead of DR Congo v Niger at 1800 GMT.

  132. 1559: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium:

    "A bit of midfield battle here in Port Elizabeth - both sides with strong players across the centre and seeming to cancel each other out for large parts of the game. Neither side really able to create chances except from range or from set pieces. Both sides went close from free-kicks, first Seydou Keita went just past the post and then Emmanuel Ageymany-Badu hit the post with a header from a Mubarak Wakaso set piece. Little wonder the goal was from the penalty spot.

    "I'm expecting more of the same in the second half as Ghana try and protect their lead."

  133. 1556: 

    Islander151 on Twitter: "I'm not a fan of Adam Larsen Kwarasey but current Ghana goalkeeper Fatau Dauda isn't any better and lucky to still be on the pitch. Bring him back for the Niger game."

  134. 1553: 

    There was a great show of unity at the end of that half from Ghana who came together for a huddle in the middle of the pitch while the Mali players trudged off.

    Do you think that attitude will ensure they will not collapse like they did in the 2-2 draw with DR Congo, or is there still hope for Mali? Should Ghana be down to 10-men after goalkeeper Fatau Dauda's early handball?

    Let us know what you think on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcafcon, by text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international) and on Facebook by using the new African Football BBC page.

  135. 1549: 
    HALF-TIME- Ghana 1-0 Mali
  136. 1544: 

    We are fast approaching injury time in the first half. Ghana have certainly done enough in the last few minutes to deserve their lead.

    Mali midfielders Seydou Keita and Samba Diakite must start working harder to support lone striker Cheick Tidiane Diabate who is cutting a very isolated figure at present.

  137. 1542: 
    Asamoah Gyan

    You may be wondering why Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan did not step up to take the penalty, but after a few high profile misses, he promised his late mother he would not fulfil the duty again.

    He said: "I said some months back that I wouldn't take another penalty. Before my Mum died [in November] she told me not to take penalties any more."

  138. 1542: 

    Otumoneng Eko on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "I just wonder why we have so many empty seats in the stadium? Just poor organisation."

  139. 1539: 

    Mubarak Wakaso put the ball into the right hand side of the Mali goal but picks up a booking for his exuberant celebrations.

  140. 1537: 
    GOAL- Ghana 1-0 Mali - Mubarak Wakaso (38 mins)

    Mubarak Wakaso has put in a number of wild shots from distance so far but he makes no mistake from 12 yards to give Ghana the lead.

  141. 1535: 
    PENALTY- Ghana 0-0 Mali

    Emmanuel Agyemang Badu races into the box for Ghana and is felled by a clumsy challenge from Adama Tamboura. No doubt at all about that decision.

  142. 1534: 

    Emmanuel Agyemang Badu scored against DR Congo and is continuing to look a real goal threat.

  143. 1533: 

    That was a phenomenal header from Ghana's Emmanuel Agyemang Badu who, despite his lack of size, manages to spring up and power his effort onto the base of Fatau Dauda's post.

  144. 1530: 

    Hany on Twitter: "RE 1519 - Seydou Keita or Kwadwo Asamoah in my team? Of course the Ghanaian Asamoah! He plays in different areas of the pitch, and is still young!"

  145. 1526: 

    Still goalless in Port Elizabeth after 25 minutes. Mubarak Wakaso is the latest Ghana player to try his luck from distance, maybe the Black Stars think that is the best way forward?

  146. 1524: 

    That is a decent dig from distance by Ghana left-back Harrison Afful but his effort sails narrowly over the Mali crossbar.

  147. 1522: 

    The game has a good tempo about it at the moment but neither Ghana or Mali have yet been able to gain some serious possession. There is a real battle in midfield going on at the moment, whoever wins that will take the three points.

  148. 1519: 

    Who would you rather have in your team, Ghana's Kwadwo Asamoah or Mali's Seydou Keita?

    Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcafcon, by text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international) and on Facebook by using the new African Football BBC page.

  149. 1518: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium:

    "Just spotted two Ghana fans parading a mocked up coffin with Mali on it around the stadium."

  150. 1515: 

    You just sense this game is starting to warm up. Ghana's powerful midfield are beginning to run at pace at the Mali defence, who are sitting deep on the edge of their penalty box.

    Mali must be happy to invite their opponents on, is that a dangerous game?

  151. 1514: 

    Could that have been a penalty for Ghana? Asamoah Gyan uses his pace to break clear and his shot is blocked by a Mali defender who had a big piece of the striker's shirt in his hand.

    Some big early decisions for the referee.

  152. 1514: 
    A Ghana supporter

    Ghana fans have been waiting since 1982 to see their team win the Cup of Nations - they have been defeated in the final twice since then.

  153. 1510: 

    Tim Leverett on Twitter: "How is that NOT a red card for the Ghana keeper????"

  154. 1509: 

    Gahana's Fatau Dauda had gotten into a right muddle with his centre-back, and he tried to let the ball run under his body into the penalty area but it did not have enough pace on it, which I am sure was a bit of a shock!

    He really should have just booted that clear. Nothing wrong with a bit of route one football!

  155. 1508: 

    That man Seydou Keita steps up for Mali and he curls his free-kick from the edge of the box just under a foot outside Fatau Dauda's right-hand post.

  156. 1507: 

    It is a big decision for referee Noumandiez Doue and he produces a yellow card much to the frustration of Seydou Keita who looked like he was denied a golden opportunity to slot into an open net. Can Mali profit from the free-kick?

  157. 1506: 

    Big mistake from Ghana goalkeeper Fatau Dauda as he races up and picks the ball up outside the box...

  158. 1503: 

    Isaac Vorsah has been drafted in at centre-back for Ghana after the collapse against DR Congo. Let's say Vorsah doesn't exactly cut the most inconspicuous figure; he's the giant man with thick peroxide dreadlocks.

  159. 1459: 

    And we are under way.

    Can Ghana repeat the 2-0 group stage victory against Mali from last year, or will it be the Eagles who get the last laugh like they did in the third-place playoff at the same tournament?

  160. 1458: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium:

    "There is one large group of Ghana fans in and they are once again under the camera positions so probably looks even emptier than it is - a shame because on Sunday there were a lot more fans here."

  161. 1457: 

    Ghana: Dauda, Pantsil, Vorsah, Boye, Afful, Agyemang-Badu,Adomah, Rabiu, Asamoah, Wakaso, Gyan. Subs: Agyei, Richard Boateng, Awal, Annan, Atsu, Derek Boateng, Akaminko, Asante, Clottey, Boakye, Mensah, Kwarasey.

    Mali: Mamadou Samassa, Diawara, Tamboura, Adama Coulibaly, N'Diaye, Sissoko, Samba Diakite, Keita, Mahamane Traore, Sigamary Diarra, Diabate. Subs: Soumaila Diakite, Idrissa Coulibaly, Cheick Diarra, Kalilou Traore, Maiga, Wague, Yatabare, Mahamadou Samassa, Sow, Salif Coulibaly, Yirango.

    Referee: Noumandiez Doue (Ivory Coast)

  162. 1456: 

    Ghana's Kwadwo Asamoah will be pitting his wits against wily veteran Seydou Keita and judging by his emotions during the anthem, it should be a great midfield scrap between the pair.

  163. 1454: 

    Earlier on I mentioned some of the big names that are missing for Ghana, but emerging star Kwadwo Asamoah has just put his heart and soul into the Black Stars anthem.

    The 24-year-old has been in sensational form for Juventus this season and he is back in his usual midfield spot today after starting the draw with DR Congo at left-back. What a player.

  164. 1452: 

    The teams are out on the pitch and it is national anthem time in Port Elizabeth.

  165. 1450: 

    Ahead of this game, for the unacquainted of you out there, let's just say Mali midfielder Seydou Keita got a taste for silverware when he was at Barcelona.

    The 33-year-old won 14 trophies, including three La Liga titles and two Uefa Champions league crowns, before he made the switch to Chinese side Dalian Aerbin this summer.

    Not bad...

  166. 1445: 
    BBC Sport's Gary Keown at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on Twitter:

    "A small but noisy crowd in Port Elizabeth with just 20 mins to go before Ghana take on Mali. Players now leaving pitch after warm up."

  167. 1443: 

    Where are the star names for Ghana such as Andre Ayew, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Sulley Muntari and Michael Essien I hear you ask? Well, injuries, disagreements with the coach and a general air of apathy are just some of the reasons for their absences.

    It was a similar story of a team in transition last year, and the disappointment surrounding their semi-final exit just shows the potential the young Black Stars possess.

  168. 1440: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium:

    "New Senegal coach and former France international Alain Giresse is here in the media area to watch this game involving his former side Mali."

  169. 1439: 

    Ghana may be one of the traditional powerhouses of African football, but the failure to win the Africa Cup of Nations for more than 30 years is one that weighs heavily on the current players.

    They have finished as runners-up as recently as 2010, and will be desperate to improve on last year's semi-final exit to eventual winners Zambia.

  170. 1433: 

    Mali are an ambitious bunch after last year's achievement and Lens midfielder Samba Sow has told BBC Sport that he hopes his nation can go one step further at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations and reach the final.

    He said: "To go far or to win the Cup of Nations is something massive in your career. When you taste what it feels like to win a medal in the semi-finals you want to play in the final."

  171. 1430: 

    Macpride Macpee Pride Murinye on BBC Love African Football Facebook page: "I hope Mali win today because they are better than Ghana."

  172. 1428: 

    Mali surprised many - including Ghana - to finish third in 2012 and the Eagles will hope to improve on that historic position in South Africa.

    They continue to look strong, with their captain, former Barcelona midfielder Seydou Keita, cutting an inspirational figure in midfield. Up front, strikers Cheikh Tidiane Diabate and Modibo Maiga should provide plenty of goals.

  173. 1425: 
    BBC Sport's Nick Cavell at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium:

    "Both teams are out on the pitch warming up. A few hundred fans are here - a lot less than for the games on Sunday at this stage."

  174. 1423: 

    To make the upcoming game even tastier, the two sides have recent history after Mali surprisingly beat Ghana in last year's competition to finish in third place for the first time.

    That match turned on a red card given to Black Stars defender Isaac Vorsah. I am sure head coach James Kwesi Appiah will be telling his Ghana players to be on their best behaviour this afternoon.

  175. 1421: 

    Kofi-Dan on Twitter: "Ghana 4-0 Mali."

    No lack of confidence there Kofi...

  176. 1417: 

    As you would expect, the BBC are covering the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations on radio, TV, online and mobile from day one to the final.

    BBC World Service will bring commentary on all the key matches, with regular updates from the tournament being broadcast by BBC World News as well as the BBC's TV programmes for Africa. We will have a live text commentary of every game on the BBC Sport website just like this one.

    Lee James will present the weekly Sports World live from South Africa throughout the tournament. All the latest news, match reports and reaction will also be covered on the African Football section of the BBC Sport website.

    BBC Africa's social-media teams will be engaging with reporters, fans and footballers via #BBCAFCON (Twitter page @bbclovefootball), a new LoveAfricanFootball Facebook page as well as the Google+ community page Love African Football.

  177. 1413: 

    Now, we want you to have your say on the Africa Cup of Nations. Will Ghana be affected by their two-goal collapse on Sunday? Is Mali's Seydou Keita the best midfielder in the competition? Can Niger shock DR Congo later? More generally than that, who do you think will win the tournament? Can any of the three heavyweights in Group B challenge tournament favourites Ivory Coast?

    Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcafcon, by text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international) and on Facebook by using the new African Football BBC page.

  178. 1411: 

    We're in day six now but in case you need reminding what this tournament is all about - the Africa Cup of Nations features 16 of the continent's finest international sides.

    Johannesburg, Durban, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth and Rustenburg are the host cities in South Africa for the event which is being played 12 months after the previous finals because of a change in the event's timing from even to odd years.

    The teams are split into four groups containing four countries, of which two teams from each pool qualify through to the quarter-finals. The tournament then concludes on 10 February with the final.

    Ivory Coast are the favourites again as they have been for each of the five tournaments since 2006, but long-shots Zambia proved last year that the trophy is truly up for grabs.

  179. 1405: 

    Ghana make three changes for their Africa Cup of Nations Group B clash with Mali, with Mohammed Rabiu, Isaac Vorsah and Harrison Afful drafted in for Christian Atsu, Derek Boateng and Jerry Akiminko.

    For Mali, Cheick Fantamady Diarra, Kalilou Traore and Molla Wague are all on the bench with Momo Sissoko, Adama Coulibaly and Samba Diakite in the starting side.

  180. 1401: 

    Ghana and Mali kick-off at 1500 GMT, and both sides enjoyed contrasting fortunes on Sunday. While the Black Stars were brought crashing down to earth by DR Congo's stunning late surge, in a game that finished 2-2, Mali midfielder Seydou Keita was at his inspirational best as he struck the only goal against Niger.

    The Leopards of DR Congo will then want to sink their teeth into Niger to try and gain a goal-difference boosting victory at 1800 GMT before the final round of group games, but the Menas proved at the weekend they will be no easy meat.

    As you can see, it is perfectly set-up for a brilliant day's action so why would you possibly want to leave this page?

  181. 1400: 

    Hello and welcome to day six of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations. Today sees the second round of games in group B and what a tantalising pair of matches we have on our hands.

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