Africa Cup of Nations - day seven as it happened

Live text commentary as Burkina Faso thrash Ethiopia after Zambia earn a late draw against Nigeria in the Africa Cup of Nations.

25 January 2013 Last updated at 20:12 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 2010: 

    Finally, if you missed any of Burkina Faso's remarkable 4-0 win against Ethiopia then catch up by reading my colleague Stephen Fottrell's match report.

    Thanks for keeping pace with the coverage and, as ever, for your valuable input. Cheers.

  2. 2008: 

    And that's about everything from me following a breathless day seven of the Africa Cup of Nations. Tomorrow sees Ivory Coast face Tunisia [15:00 GMT], with the winner knowing they will be all but assured of progression after opening-match Group D victories.

    That comes before Algeria v Togo, which also takes place in Rustenburg, who both need three points to keep their dreams alive.

  3. 2006: 

    Indeed, Burkina Faso are firmly in the driving seat of Group C after their remarkable 4-0 victory against Ethiopia. The Burkinabe have four points from their opening two games and need just a point from Tuesday's final group match against defending champions Zambia to progress into the knockout phase.

  4. 2004: 
    Matthew Kenyon, BBC Sport in Nelspruit:

    "Ethiopia haven't been at the Nations Cup for 31 years and this is a lesson in what happens in tournament football. It's not fair - it's presumably not fun - but it's why we love the game so much. Burkina Faso have been superb tonight and thoroughly deserve an awesome victory. Man of the match must be Alain Traore - but Pitroipa and the skipper Kabore run him close. Burkina Faso top the group!"

  5. 2000: 

    As well as their first AFCON triumph in 15 years, it is also the first time the Burkinabe have ever won a game outside of Burkina Faso - at the 23rd time of asking.

  6. 1958: 

    BBC Sport's Steve Vickers in Nelspruit: "Two great games, six goals and a man in a loincloth invading the pitch. What more could you ask for!"

  7. 1956: 

    Kofi Tawiah Quansah on Twitter: "Erm, which team has 10-men? This is UNBELIEVABLE. I doff my hat to the Burkinabe."

    atama felix ‏on Twitter: "I hope the Super Eagles of Nigeria are learning how to play the game from the Burkinababes."

  8. 1954: 

    And that's a wrap. What a night for Burkina Faso - it is there first win at the Africa Cup of Nations in 15 years. Superb stuff.

  9. 1954: 

    The Ethiopians look shell-shocked. I don't blame them - I'm shellshocked just watching.

  10. 1952: 
    GOAL- Burkina Faso 4-0 Ethiopia - Jonathan Pitroipa (90+5 mins)

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the crowning glory for Burkina Faso. They launch another ruthless counter-attack against the demoralised Ethiopians and Jonathan Pitroipa clinically sweeps in a right-wing centre from close range.

  11. 1950: 

    But, wait! Burkina Faso could even grab a fourth as Bakary Kone lines up a free-kick outside the Ethiopia penalty area. He thunders the set-piece towards goal and Zerihun Tadele can only parry out.

  12. 1949: 

    We have entered the first of seven minutes of stoppage time. Burkina Faso will look to slow the game down and see out a comfortable win - the three-goal margin could prove crucial in the qualification stakes.

  13. 1947: 

    Belete Eshetea on Twitter: "Only in Africa Cup of Nations, you have a better chance to win a game if you are one man down."

    Sid Marera on Twitter: "Ethiopia are back to the real world, the unforgiving world...shame the sent off man gave Burkina Faso an incredible resolve."

    Ato Amissah Wilson on Twitter: "The red card to Soulama gave Ethiopia a sense of hope and they threw men forward. The Burkinabes are hitting them on the counter!"

  14. 1945: 
    Matthew Kenyon, BBC Sport in Nelspruit:

    "Wow, what brilliant interplay between Pitroipa and D Kone - to end a move started by the man who got the first two goals, Alain Traore. Fans are leaving the stadium - maybe they're disappointed Ethiopians, but this Burkinabe side have been great to watch and have dealt with the adversity of having their keeper sent off superbly."

  15. 1945: 

    Patrick, via text: "Ethiopia vs Burkina Faso has been far more entertaining than the Zambia/Nigeria match but I'm afraid I still see the latter two going through from this group."

  16. 1944: 

    After a short break for the unwanted interruption - as the spectator is bundled away by red-faced security guards - play resumes. And time is surely running out for Ethiopia?

  17. 1943: 

    Oops, we have an intruder on the pitch. A semi-naked man has climbed the perimeter boards and streaks across the pitch before launching himself into the Burkina Faso net. Closer than Ethiopia have got to beating the opposition goalkeeper to be fair...

  18. 1941: 

    Ethiopia are still looking to salvage some pride as we enter the final 10 minutes. Saladin Said smashes a thumping volley goalwards which Burkina Faso goalkeeper Daouda Diakite deals with, just.

  19. 1939: 

    As you can imagine Ethiopia coach Sewnet Bishaw was not a happy man as Burkina Faso's third goal hit the back of the net. A water bottle took a huge kick.

  20. 1938: 

    SAEEDGOONER on Twitter: "Goal!!!! Alain Traore scores again! Proud of my country boyz."

    Ato Amissah Wilson on Twitter: "Traore, Super hit! On a hat-trick now!"

    Noi Omaboe on Twitter: "Great strike. Traore take a bow."

  21. 1936: 
    GOAL- Burkina Faso 3-0 Ethiopia - Djakaridja Kone (79 mins)

    I did not see this scoreline coming around 15 minutes ago. Wow. Ethiopia were forced to attack by Burkina Faso's second goal and they have been ruthlessly punished on the break as Kone adds the third. Game over. Surely?

  22. 1934: 
    Matthew Kenyon, BBC Sport in Nelspruit:

    "Did we jinx the Ethiopian fans? A marvellous goal from Alain Traore - his third of the tournament already, and that put's 10-man Burkina Faso in the driving seat in this game, and in this group. You wouldn't have expected to say that before the start of this tournament..."

  23. 1932: 

    I can only apologise to Ethiopian fans - the infamous commentator's curse [see 1930] has struck again.

  24. 1931: 
    GOAL- Burkina Faso 2-0 Ethiopia - Alain Traore (74 mins)

    Oh my word. He can certainly strike a ball this lad. A neat flick from Jonathan Pitroipa bounces perfectly for Alain Traore to slam a vicous left-foot half volley crashing into the Ethiopian net. Beautiful.

  25. 1930: 

    What can Ethiopia offer in the final 20 minutes then? They have a man advantage - surely they have got to find an equaliser.

  26. 1929: 
    John Bennett, BBC Sport

    "Spoke to that new keeper Diakite in December at his club Lierse. He's frustrated at being number two there. Good shop window for him now."

  27. 1928: 

    Adeyemi Adisa on Twitter: "It's a red card for Burkina Faso's goalkeeper! Correct decision! Much better than the ref that gave Ghana's keeper yellow card!"

    edmund emiowei on Twitter: "Don't know whether to laugh or cry for the Burkinabe keeper - one stupid decision too many, & now his team will be under the cosh."

    Sid Marer on Twitter: "Strict application of the law and the goalkeeper walks. Rush of blood to the hands???"

  28. 1926: 

    Burkina Faso's Alain Traore lashes in the opening goal against Ethiopia before the half-time break.

    Burkina Faso take the lead
  29. 1924: 

    Abanthubaya via text: "Talk about inconsistency in officiating matches. What's that compared to what the Ghanaian keeper did? What a joke this competition's turning into. As if the condition of the pitch ain't joke enough."

  30. 1923: 

    After a delay of almost six minutes, we finally get back down to business. Ethopia's Behailu Assefa steps to curl a tame effort straight into the palms of the newly-introduced Burkina Faso goalkeeper Daouda Diakite.

  31. 1922: 

    It's a double change for Burkina Faso as Florent Rouamba also enters the fray for Aristide Bance.

  32. 1920: 

    There is a long delay as Burkina Faso look to bring understudy goalkeeper Daouda Diakite on to defend the Ethiopian free-kick. Wilfried Sanou is the player who is sacrificed.

  33. 1919: 

    Abdoulaye Soulama is given warm hugs from his team-mates as he trudges off the pitch. If he was my team-mate I would tearing strips off him...

  34. 1917: 
    RED CARD- Burkina Faso's Abdoulaye Soulama (60 mins)

    Oh dear. Burkina Faso goalkeeper Abdoulaye Soulama looks all sense of his position as he collects a long punt upfield from Ethiopia outside of his penalty area. Definite handball, definite red card.

  35. 1916: 

    Ethiopia do look suspect at the back - especially from set pieces. They have numbers back in their penalty area but leave Keba Paul Koulibaly unmarked as he heads over.

  36. 1913: 

    A statement of intent from Ethiopia as striker Getaneh Kebede is thrown into the mix. They need a goal badly.

  37. 1912: 

    Burkina Faso's Jonathan Pitroipa is the first player to have his name taken by the referee. It was a clumsy challenge close to the touchline inside the Ethiopian half. Booking? Not sure...

  38. 1910: 

    Abdoulaye Soulama is a lucky boy - again. Similar to a moment in the first half, he tries to skip around Ethiopian forward Shimeles Bekele in his own area and is almost dispossessed. You can't do that on this pitch - if I'd tried that on a Sunday League pitch my ears would be burning from a stern telling off.

  39. 1907: 

    Early chance for Ethiopia as Saladin Said lines up a free-kick just outside the Burkina Faso penalty area. He plants a curling effort towards the bottom left corner but it lacks pace as the Burkinabe goalkeeper Abdoulaye Soulama collects.

  40. 1904: 

    BBC Love Football on Twitter: "Half-time music in the stadium - P-Square E No Easy."


  41. 1902: 

    Here we go - the second half. Both teams are back of the field and unchanged from the end of the first half. We're underway...

  42. 1901: 
    Matthew Kenyon, BBC Sport in Nelspruit:

    "Great performance in the first half from Burkina Faso who nearly conceded an opening stunner only to see Shemeles' shot bounce back off the post.

    "They've taken full advantage of that reprieve and have the lead thanks to a super strike from Alain Traore - the man who got their equaliser against Nigeria.

    "His powerful strike came as the Ethiopians were still celebrating clearing a shot off the line from Aristide Bance. Bance and Traore - plus Pitroipa out left and Sanou on the right - have been brilliant for the Burkinabe."

  43. 1859: 

    After a quick scout around on the CAF website, here's what happens in the (unlikely?) event of all six Group C matches ending 1-1.

    After all the group matches, the ranking of the teams shall be established according to the following criteria:

    72.1. Greater number of points obtained in the matches between the teams in question;

    72.2. The best goal difference in the matches between the teams in question;

    72.3. Greater number of goals scored in the group matches between the teams concerned;

    72.4. Goal difference in all group matches;

    72.5. Greatest number of goals scored in all the group matches;

    72.6. Fair Play points system taking into account the number of yellow and red cards;

    72.7. Drawing of lots by CAF Organising Committee.

    So there you go Charles, the qualifiers could be decided by picking out straws from a hat.

  44. 1857: 

    Charles Kahanji ‏on Twitter: "If this game ends 1-1 and the last round of matches in Group C both end 1-1. Who qualifies to next round?"

    Superb point, Charles. I will find out and let you know...

  45. 1855: 
    Matthew Kenyon, BBC Sport in Nelspruit:

    "Zambia captain Chris Katongo admits it's a must win for them in their final game against Burkina Faso, whatever the result of the Burkina Ethiopia game tonight: 'Everybody knows the importance of the last game - we just wait for the other result, but definitely Nigeria and Zambia have to win their last game."

  46. 1853: 

    What have we made of the first-half then people? Ethiopia's hopes have been hampered by injury blows to a tearful Adane Girma and Asrat Megersa. Can they find the spark needed to mount a second-half fightback?

    Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcafcon, by text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international) and on Facebook by using the new African Football BBC page.

  47. 1850: 

    BBC Love Football on Twitter: "It's all Burkina Faso at the moment but the Ethiopian crowd has not given up."

  48. 1849: 
    HALF-TIME- Burkina Faso 1-0 Ethiopia

    And there's no time for the Ethiopians to launch another attack on the Burkina Faso goal as referee Bernard Camille calls time on an enjoyable first-half.

  49. 1847: 

    Late chance for Ethiopia. A lofted ball over the top of the Burkina Faso defence is met by Shimeles Bekele's deep run, but he wastefully lobs harmlessly over the crossbar. Very difficult to execute.

  50. 1845: 

    Heading into injury-time at the end of the first half as Burkina Faso burst down the right flank again. Wilfred Sanou has been a constant menace, but fails to pick out a team-mate on this occasion.

  51. 1844: 

    Another blow for Ethiopia coach Sewnet Bishaw as he forced into his second switch of personal before the break. Yared Zinabu replaces Asrat Megersa, with the latter needing some magic spray on his right knee as he sits down on the bench.

  52. 1842: 

    Ato Amissah Wilson on Twitter: "Traore, take a bow son! What a finish!"

  53. 1842: 

    I'm not a betting man - but if I was then I would have a pound on Burkina Faso doubling their advantage in the final five minutes of the first half. Ethiopia have lost their way big time.

  54. 1841: 

    Burkina Faso are firmly in the ascendancy now. They win another free-kick in a central position around 35 yards, but the ambitious Alain Traore smashes wildly over the Ethiopia crossbar.

  55. 1839: 

    Chance of a second goal for Burkina Faso as they win a free-kick close to the left-sided corner flag. Alain Traore whips in a dangerous inswinger and Bakary Kone finds space to plant a free header just off-target.

  56. 1837: 

    JcsonO2 on Twitter: "Walya boys playing so well but lacking experience."

    Abdirahman on Twitter: "Ethiopia is now one goal down. They have to blame their defensive weakness."

  57. 1834: 
    GOAL- Burkina Faso 1-0 Ethiopia - Alain Traore (34 mins)

    Now that is a finish! Alain Traore blasts in the opener with a thumping strike from 10 yards. No chance for the Ethiopian goalkeeper Zerihun Tadele. I think the net is still shaking....

  58. 1831: 

    Another promising set-piece position - this time for Burkina Faso - and another wasted opportunity. I don't think I've seen a genuinely quality free-kick around the penalty box in this tournament? Anyone?

  59. 1830: 

    George Roberts on Twitter: "Ethiopia knocking it around quite nicely too. Getting plenty of room down the left, where Burkina seem non-existent."

    Carlos Santos on Twitter: "Really impressed with Ethiopia's ball switching so far. Behold the African 'tiki-taka'!"

  60. 1828: 

    I don't think Chris Katongo is far wide of the mark with his assessment of the Nelspruit pitch [see 1824]. It looked dry as a bone during the Zambia v Nigeria match and it appears to have been covered with a few tonnes of sand between the two games.

  61. 1826: 

    Burkina Faso are really growing into this match now, after Ethiopia made most of the running in a lively start for the Walya Antelopes.

  62. 1825: 

    Another opening for Burkina Faso as a swift break ends with Ethiopia defender Aynalem Hailu being called upon to cut out a sweeping ball in from the right flank.

  63. 1824: 
    Matthew Kenyon, BBC Sport in Nelspruit:

    "Zambia captain (and current BBC African Footballer of the Year) Chris Katongo says the pitch in the Mbombela Stadium is 'the worst in South Africa'. 'You can see the pitch - everyone is struggling with the pitch - I think this is the worst pitch South Africa has but there is nothing we can do.'"

  64. 1823: 

    After a promising opening, the match has descended into a cagey affair. Both teams realise the importance of retaining of possession, but Burkina Faso find an opening and do put the ball into the net.

    However, Ethiopia goalkeeper Zerihun Tadele breathes a sigh of relief as he fumbles a long-range shot which is powered into the net by Wilfried Sanou - who is offside.

  65. 1820: 

    Abanthubaya, via text: "If my homies from Zambia fail to defend the trophy then may it go to Ethiopia who are by far head and shoulders above the rest."

  66. 1819: 

    Abdirahman on Twitter: "Ethiopia seems defensively weak but powerful in attack."

    Simon Njuguna on Twitter: "Swanseathiopia at it again. Best team in the tournament so far."

    Feyera Aga Hirpa on Twitter: "Never saw such passion! Adane Girma tears up for being forced out after injury. Unlucky!"

  67. 1817: 

    Ethiopia win a free-kick inside the Burkina Faso half, which is cleared out for a corner. But the set-piece comes to nothing as Burkina Faso survive again.

  68. 1816: 

    Ethiopia have started brightly and see another glimpse of goal as Saladin Said blasts a first time left-foot half-volley over the bar from an acute angle. it's close - but not close enough.

  69. 1814: 

    Africa is a Country on Twitter: "If there's a wilier fox at this Afcon than Ethiopian coach Sewnet Bishaw, we haven't seen him."

    BBC Africa's social-media teams will be engaging with reporters, fans and footballers via #BBCAFCON (Twitter page @bbclovefootball), a new LoveAfricanFootball Facebook page as well as the Google+ community page Love African Football.

  70. 1812: 

    Not the tactical switch Ethiopia would have had in mind at this early stage of the game. But Behailu Assefa is the man plucked from the bench to replace poor old Adane Girma.

  71. 1810: 

    Oh dear, there are floods of tears streaming down the face of Ethiopia's Adane Girma as he trudges off with the aforementioned injury [see 1803].

  72. 1809: 

    Nice composure from Burkina Faso goalkeeper Abdoulaye Soulama as he skips past an on-rushing Ethiopian attacker with a skilful turn, before team-mate Alain Traore forces Ethiopia stopper Zerihun Tadelle into making the first save of the match."

  73. 1808: 
    Matthew Kenyon, BBC Sport in Nelspruit:

    "Group C at the Afcon is there for the taking after Nigeria and Zambia's 1-1 draw earlier - and Burkina Faso and Ethiopia are set for a massively entertaining game in front of raucous crowd. Not full - but the noise is massive. "

  74. 1807: 

    Neil Stone on Twitter: "Ethiopia a joy to watch. Playing the best football in the tournament by a mile."

  75. 1805: 

    Only the woodwork prevents Ethiopia from taking a lead in the opening five minutes. Shimeles Bekele races onto a slick pass from midfield and slides past Burkina Faso goalkeeper Abdoulaye Soulama - but sees his effort cannon back off the post.

  76. 1803: 

    Early concern for Ethiopia as Adane Girma, the goalscorer in their last game against Zambia, goes down in agony. I'll say he's clutching a delicate area and leave it at that...

  77. 1802: 

    Haile Getachew on Twitter: "It's time for Ethiopians to shine! The underdogs are not barking but biting any one who stands in front of them. Eth 2-1 Burkina.

  78. 1800: 

    Ethiopia kick-off Group C's second match of the day and look to keep the ball in the early stages.

  79. 1758: 

    Burkina Faso: Soulama; Koffi, Kone, Koulibaly, Panandetiguiri; Kone, Kabore, Pitroipa, Traore, Sanou; Bance. Subs: Diakite, Dah, Henri Traore, Rouamba, Dagano, Ouattara, Balima, Rabo, Pan-Pierre Koulibaly, Abdou Razak Traore, Nakoulma, Germain Sanou.

    Ethiopia: Tadelle; Debebe, Bogale, Hailu, Tesfaye; Megersa, Teshome, Bekele, Hintsa; Girma, Seid. Subs: Bancha, Zinabu, Bune, Alula Girma, Kebede, Oukri, Elias, Ibrahim, Estifanos, Saleh, Assefa.

    Referee: Bernard Camille (Seychelles).

  80. 1757: 

    I'm very impressed with both national anthems, I must say. But Ethiopia's just edges it for me. Nice little ditty is that.

  81. 1755: 

    The two teams enter to a wall of noise in Nelspruit and there appears to be many more fans inside the stadium now. Both teams line up for their national anthems - and belt out the verses.

  82. 1751: 

    So then African football fans, how do you see tonight's offering going? The relative minnows of Burkina Faso and Ethiopia can really pile the pressure on Nigeria and Zambia with a vital win here.

    Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcafcon, by text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international) and on Facebook by using the new African Football BBC page.

  83. 1749: 

    BBC World Service's Steve Vickers at the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit: "One of the best turn-outs yet ahead of this game, thanks to large numbers of Ethiopian fans. Around 20,000 Ethiopian fans here."

  84. 1748: 

    Goalkeeper Zerihun Tadele starts in goal for Ethiopia - he replaces the suspended Jemal Tassew after his red card during the 1-1 draw with Zambia.

  85. 1743: 

    Marseille midfielder Charles Kabore starts for Burkina Faso against Ethiopia.

  86. 1741: 

    Dan Cleverley on Twitter: "This tournament should change its name to African Cup of Draws."

    Ah Dan, see what you've done there - and I can't argue against it. Eight stalemates from 13 matches support you renaming of the tournament.

  87. 1736: 

    BBC Sport's Farayi Mungazi: "Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi defends Mikel after penalty miss: 'He's our first choice taker. It's not easy scoring a penalty.'"

  88. 1732: 

    Zambia goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene almost nonchalantly strokes in the equaliser for his team against Nigeria.

    Zambia v Nigeria
  89. 1730: 

    Joe, via text: "Re 1641. Nevermind the Germans! Kennedy Mweene is the master of penalties (both scoring and saving)!"

  90. 1727: 

    Ethiopia, known as the Antelopes, returned to Africa Cup of Nations duty after a 31-year absence and performed admirably to gain a point against defending champions Zambia. Their equalising goal in that match, netted by Adane Girma, was the first one they scored at the Nations Cup since 1976.

  91. 1722: 

    With the Zambia v Nigeria match done, there is one other game in Group C today which kicks off at 18:00 GMT as Burkina Faso take on Ethiopia. Both sides got their 2013 Africa Cup of Nations campaigns under way with 1-1 draws.

  92. 1714: 

    Missed all the action from holders Zambia's dramatic late draw against Group C rivals Nigeria? Then catch up by reading my colleague Ian Hughes's match report...

  93. 1708: 

    Nigel on Twitter: "This is becoming a borefest...too many draws in tournament already."

    21-Feb on Twitter: "We always have the officials or the coach to blame for our foes, their is nothing super about this eagle."

    Idowu Lawanson on Twitter: "Referees are killing this beautiful game, that Zambian penalty was no penalty in a mile."

  94. 1702: 

    And the draw between Group C's big hitters is very pleasing for their rivals Burkina Faso and Ethiopia. They meet in just under an hour's time in Nelspruit knowing a vital victory over the other will allow them to take command of the group.

  95. 1659: 

    Right, that's the first installment of today's double header in Nelspruit over. Zambia's equaliser means both the defending champions and two-time winners Nigeria are locked on two points apiece heading into Group C's final round of matches.

  96. 1656: 

    Osagie Reuben O on Twitter: "Certainly not a penalty but if Mikel had scored it would have not counted. Shame on African referees and the Eagles who are no more Super."

    Rare guy on Twitter: "Shame on Mikel. A common goalkeeper is showing him how to score from the spot."

    Chopins on Twitter: "I always knew that a goal lead is not a healthy lead in football. Get the second and then see off the game."

  97. 1653: 

    BBCLoveFootball on Twitter: "Ethiopia fans are arriving for the next match, they are outnumbering Nigeria and Zambia supporters."

  98. 1652: 
    FULL-TIME- Zambia 1-1 Nigeria

    Indeed it is a 1-1 draw - which doesn't really favour either Zambia or Nigeria. But Zambia will certainly be the happier as goalscorer - and goalkeeper - Kennedy Mweene looks up to the sky and says a celebratory prayer.

  99. 1650: 

    A hopeful punt from the Zambian rearguard bounces dangerously in the Nigerian box which Emmanuel Mayuka looks to latch on to. But Nigeria goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama races out to collect and avert the danger. Heading for a draw here...

  100. 1648: 

    Ticking into the four minutes of stoppage time - can either Zambia or Nigeria grab a dramatic winner?

  101. 1647: 

    Jackson Millz ‏on Twitter: "Kennedy Mweene must be Zidane's penalty cousin. Nice kick."

    Sid Marera on Twitter: "Brutally soft penalty, but you know what, Zambia won't care."

    Ben James on Twitter: "Wow! Shouldn't have been a penalty ... but what a penalty! A KEEPER?! Well done Kennedy Mweene."

  102. 1645: 

    Of course, Kennedy Mweene is no stranger to taking spot-kicks during penalty shootouts - remember last year's final?

  103. 1643: 

    Ireqbenu Paul [see 1637] certainly called Nigeria's failure to score a second goal right - they have been punished by the boot of Kennedy Mweene.

  104. 1641: 
    GOAL- Zambia 1-1 Nigeria - Kennedy Mweene (85 mins)

    Up steps Zambia goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene - yes, goalkeeper - and he coolly dispatches into the top right-hand corner of the Nigerian net. Unbelievable scenes.

  105. 1640: 

    Not sure about this one. Zambia's Emmanuel Mayuka goes down in the softest of challenges - but it is given.

  106. 1639: 

    Oh dear. That could have been Zambia's best opportunity. Rainford Kalaba races down the left flank to collect a long ball from the back, but spends far too long in possession before picking out Collins Mbesuma. And he shoots straight at the Nigeria goalkeeper.

  107. 1637: 

    Iregbenu Paul on Twitter: "Now we here in Nigeria need what we call the "insurance" goal for our minds to be at rest."

    Totally agree. It is likely to be a nervy final 10 minutes for Nigeria.

  108. 1635: 

    Mulenga Makuka cuts inside from the Zambian right, but his low daisy-cutter fails to get enough power to trouble Nigerian stopper Vincent Enyeama.

  109. 1633: 

    BBCLoveFootball on Twitter: "Emmanuel Emenike scores for Nigeria on 57 minutes....17 years ago in the final against Zambia it was Emmanuel Amunike!"

    Remember, BBC Africa's social-media teams will be engaging with reporters, fans and footballers via #BBCAFCON (Twitter page @bbclovefootball), a new LoveAfricanFootball Facebook page as well as the Google+ community page Love African Football.

  110. 1632: 

    Another half-chance goes begging for the Zambians. A deep free-kick is headed back across the Nigerian goal at the far post, but Elderson Echiejile is perfectly positioned to hack clear.

  111. 1630: 

    Time is ticking away from Zambia coach Herve Renard, who makes his third and final substitution by bringing Jonas Sakuwaha into the action. Can he provide the spark needed by the defending champions?

  112. 1629: 

    Zambia create a glorious opportunity for the equaliser, but Rainford Kalaba draws a smart stop from the on-rushing Nigeria keeper Vincent Enyeama.

  113. 1627: 

    Bookings are coming thick and fast now. Nigeria's Ahmed Musa is the latest to be shown the yellow card after an aerial clash with Zambia defender Stopilla Sunzu. Little harsh in my opinion - he had every right to challenge for the ball.

  114. 1625: 

    Chopins on Twitter: "Really hope they don't do another Eagles vs Burkina-Faso. Drawn cos Eagles refused to attack after the goal."

  115. 1623: 

    First throw of the dice for Zambia - and it's a double roll. Mulenga Mukuka comes on for Chisamba Lungu, while Collins Mbesuma replaces talisman Christopher Katongo.

  116. 1620: 

    What have you got then Zambia? Plenty of frustration at the moment by the look of it. Nathan Sinkala earns himself a yellow card after raking his studs down the back of Emmanuel Emenike.

  117. 1619: 

    Worth pointing out that Nigeria's opener was all down to the tenacity of John Mikel Obi. The Chelsea midfielder won possession around 25 yards from goal with a strong challenge before feeding Emmanuel Emenike and letting him do the rest.

  118. 1616: 

    Eemeleje Michael ‏on Twitter: "Goaaal! Go eagles! Go super! More goals to come."

    Lanrexie on Twitter: "Let's hold on this boys. We really need to control top our group."

  119. 1613: 
    GOAL- Zambia 0-1 Nigeria - Emmanuel Emenike (57 mins)

    Emmanuel Emenike certainly looks like the sort of striker I wouldn't fancy marking. Moments after almost barging his way through to the Zambian goal, he sniffs out a half-chance and uses his power to hold off the opposing defender. Then shows a clinical edge to fire low into the left-hand corner.

  120. 1612: 

    The match has opened up a little bit - but neither goalkeeper has been stretched since the break. Zambia talisman Chris Katonga fires past the post as his side create a half-chance.

  121. 1610: 

    Nigeria look much more controlled in possession during the opening moments of the second half. Holding midfielder John Obi Mikel is seeing plenty of the ball as the Super Eagles patiently probe for an opening.

  122. 1607: 

    Emeka Ulor on Twitter: "Good players do miss penalties...Drogba, Messi, Rooney et al so why crucify Mikel."

  123. 1605: 

    A blistering burst of electrifying pace from Ahmed Musa almost creates the opening goal for Nigeria. He raced clear of the Zambian backline but his cross-cum-shot just evaded strike partner Emmanuel Emenike at the far post. Good opportunity.

  124. 1604: 

    Cagey start to the second period in a game where both sides really need the three points to take control of Group C.

  125. 1602: 

    Nigeria kick-off the second half as they look to put John Obi Mikel's penalty woe behind them against defending champions Zambia.

  126. 1600: 

    BBC Sport's Steve Vickers in Nelspruit: "Zambia the better team after Mikel's miss. This has the potential for a cracking second half as the two teams will have to go for the win. Still only 5,000 or so in the stadium but a lively atmosphere and Zambia with the bigger support."

  127. 1559: 

    Sheriff Touray on Twitter: "The best first 45 of football in tournament so far. No goals but undoubtedly entertaining. Seeing some football now."

    Do you agree with Sheriff? Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcafcon, by text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international) and on Facebook by using the new African Football BBC page.

  128. 1557: 

    Olafasakin Olatunji on Twitter: "Anyone blaming Mikel should stop because he has always been our penalty taker. Only Yakubu has not missed a spot kick."

    Bernie on Twitter: "There are more critics -than citizens of Nigeria! Even bigger players than Mikel have lost penalties. Quit the blame folks!"

    Sanga Val on Twitter: "It is widely believe in Nigeria that Mikel Obi is the Messi of the team...hope we are all watching the Messi tactics."

  129. 1555: 

    Bayo Adegabi on Twitter: "Re 1540. Wrong!!! Mikel scored in Nigeria's 6-1 drubbing of Liberia in October 2012."

    Hmmm, I'm passing the buck firmly on to the statistical 'experts' who gave me that information. Might need a change of statistical supplier...

  130. 1552: 
    Alex Capstick, BBC Sport

    "Still loads of empty seats in Nelspruit despite sold out signs but fans still coming in. Pitch is truly dreadful."

  131. 1550: 
    HALF-TIME- Zambia 0-0 Nigeria

    So two of the tournaments favourites are deadlocked at the break. It has been a scrappy affair - but Nigeria should be ahead following John Mikel Obi's penalty miss.

    Mikel misses a penalty for Nigeria
  132. 1547: 
    HALF-TIME- Zambia 0-0 Nigeria

    Zambia waste a golden opportunity seconds before the half-time whistle goes. A deep cross from the left finds Rainford Kalaba, but he fails to provide a telling cross with three team-mates screaming for the pass inside the Nigeria area.

  133. 1545: 

    Priyank, via text: "African teams have never lacked energy and hard work in midfield...what they lack is players like Jay Jay Okocha who are true number 10s and have good technique."

  134. 1544: 

    Are we going to see a goal before the break or what? Nigeria push forward looking for one before Zambia's Chisamba Lungu stops the attack with a solid intervention.

  135. 1542: 

    Adeyemi Adisa on Twitter: "If this is the best 11 Keshi can get out of over 170 million people...then there is no future for football in Nigeria!"

    Edward Qantona on Twitter: "Starting to believe Mikel is goal cursed. Can't remember the last time his name is on score sheet. Appalling."

    Akinpelu Kayode on Twitter: "Funny how people reason. Their best player misses a PK and suddenly they turn against him. Naive

  136. 1540: 

    If my calculations are correct, Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel who missed the penalty for Nigeria a few minutes ago, last scored for club or country back in 2008. That was also at the Africa Cup of Nations, when he netted in a 2-0 victory over Benin. Good choice for penalty-duty then - if my calculations are correct...

  137. 1538: 

    Godfrey Oboabona just stopped Zambia's momentum there, but they were nearly punished from the set-piece as Stopilla Sunzu heads wide.

  138. 1537: 

    Godfrey Oboabona is the first man to go into the referee's notepad after he bodychecked Zambia's Christopher Katongo, who was in full-flight. That's what you call a professional foul.

  139. 1535: 

    Zambia goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene careers off his line to claim a Nigeria corner close to the edge of his penalty area before speedily launching a swift counter-attack. Christopher Katongo is marginally offside though with the goal at his mercy.

  140. 1533: 

    Chidi Orizu ‏on Twitter: "Why should Mikel take a penalty when we have better penalty takers."

    Rutherford Ejimonu ‏on Twitter: "Why MIKEL? that was a very very poor penalty kick."

    Raphael Omogbal on Twitter: "If Mikel did not score a goal in EPL for more than four years... Wonder what makes anyone think he can now."

  141. 1531: 

    We all love a good stat don't we? Here's some great stattage from my colleague Piers Edwards: "That is now the fourth game in a row at the Nations Cup where Zambia's opponents have missed a penalty in regulation time."

  142. 1530: 

    Zambia have a decent set-piece opportunity themselves, with a free-kick just outside the Nigeria penalty area. Chisamba Lungu curls a delightful effort towards the bottom corner which Nigeria keeper Vincent Enyeama has to scramble low to his right to push wide.

  143. 1526: 

    Nigeria midfielder John Obi Mikel takes responsibility and steps up to the plate - but he misses!

    I can't say I was ever confident of Mikel scoring - I've certainly never seen him take a penalty for Chelsea. in fact I've hardly seen him score. Big let off for Zambia.

  144. 1525: 

    Nigeria win a penalty after Zambia defender Davies Nkausu dives in recklessly on Ahmed Musa. Had to be given.

  145. 1524: 

    Not a bad ball into the danger zone from Zambia's Rainford Kalaba, who whips in the cross from a promising right-wing position. But none of his team-mates gamble on a run into the six-yard box and Nigeria goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama gratefully collects.

  146. 1522: 

    So Nigeria have settled down after Zambia dominated the opening stages. But it is still very scrappy in the each final third, with neither side showing any real quality to stretch the opposing goalkeeper. Yet...

  147. 1520: 

    Pelumi via text: "Come Nigeria come on , show them we are the Super Eagles of Africa."

  148. 1519: 

    Nigeria's Victor Moses does ever so well to keep his balance as he surges past two Zambian defenders close to the byline. However, he can't create a clearcut chance for a team-mate as Zambia recover.

  149. 1517: 

    Zambia's Rainford Kalaba smashes a fierce effort against the woodwork - but fortunately for Nigeria it's the woodwork supporting the netting behind the goal. Nevertheless, it's the best passage of play we have seen so far as he latches on to a sublime throughball before going for goal.

  150. 1515: 

    Aneke Forster on Twitter: "Come on Nigeria, we can still do it again, just as in '94."

    Hurpy Ham on Twitter: "No tactics, no game plan, no talents... you gotta wonder what happened to Nigerian football."

  151. 1513: 

    Nigeria press for a sustained period for the first time, with Ahmed Musa ambitiously blasting narrowly over the Zambian crossbar. He'll tell you it was a speculative shot. I'm not - I reckon it was a wayward cross...

  152. 1511: 

    BBC Sport's Aliyu Tanko ‏on Twitter: "Ten minutes into the game at Mbombela stadium, Zambia attacking more while Nigeria defends"

  153. 1509: 

    There's plenty of colour in the stands - and it looks like the pitch needs some too. The turf looks very dry and it makes for a very bobbly pitch. A little like the playing fields I used to tear around as a schoolkid during those balmy English summers...

  154. 1507: 

    But it comes to nothing as the sturdy Nigeria defence head the set-piece clear.

  155. 1507: 

    Emmanuel Mayuka, who plys his trade with Southampton in the English Premier League, has made a lively start and wins a free-kick for his side in a promising position around 30 yards from goal.

  156. 1505: 

    Nigeria enjoy the majority of possession in the opening stages, but it is Zambia who carve open the first chance. Striker Emmanuel Mayuka rises highest to meet Joseph Musonda's right-wing cross. But it is never troubling the Nigeria goalkeeper.

  157. 1503: 

    Patrick, via text: "Come on Zambia! Let's do this!!"

  158. 1502: 

    But it is Nigeria who quickly take control of possession with Kenneth Omeruo sticking in a cross from the left in an early sign of danger for Zambia.

  159. 1500: 

    Here we go. The defending champions nudge the ball forward from the centre-circle - and that means the game is underway.

  160. 1459: 

    The pleasantries are exchanged between the respective captains and officials, before referee Grisha Ghead tosses the coin. Zambia elect to kick off proceedings.

  161. 1459: 

    Chidi Orizu on Twitter: "Common Nigeria we need the 3 points today."

  162. 1457: 

    Zambia: Mweene; Nkausu, Mbola, Sunzu, Musonda; Lungu, Chansa, Sinkala, Kalaba, Katongo; Mayuka.

    Subs: Munyao, Kasonde, Himoonda, Jacob Mulenga, Mbesuma, Felix Katongo, Chamanga, Chivuta, Njovu, Sakuwaha, Mukuka Mulenga.

    Nigeria: Enyeama; Echiejile, Omeruo, Oboabona, Onanzi; Ogude, Mikel, Igiebor, Moses; Emenike, Musa.

    Subs: Ejide, Yobo, Obiorah, Egwueke, Ideye, Gabriel, Uche, Uzoenyi, Mba, Oshaniwa, Agbim.

    Referee: Grisha Ghead (Egypt)

  163. 1456: 

    I've got to admit it doesn't look like a sell-out as the teams finish their warm-up paces. There are plenty of empty seats dotted around the stadium - let's hope that changes.

  164. 1454: 

    BBC Sport's Fisayo Dairo in Nelspruit's Mbombela Stadium: "Nigeria/Zambia, apart from being SOLD OUT is also a presidential affair. Nigeria's president called in and Zambia's paid a surprise visit."

  165. 1452: 

    BBC Sport's Farayi Mungazi on Twitter: "Overall, Zambia & Nigeria have met 16 times with five wins apiece and 6 draws. Evenly matched."

  166. 1450: 

    Pope Iwaloye on Twitter: "It's time we to show the world that we not a sleeping giant. Go Eagles go Eagles..."

    Henry Messine on Twitter: "All countries are equal at Afcon but Zambia is more equal than others."

    Let me know your thoughts on Twitter by using the #bbcafcon hashtag.

  167. 1448: 

    As you would expect, the BBC are covering the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations on radio, TV, online and mobile from day one to the final.

    BBC World Service will bring commentary on all the key matches, with regular updates from the tournament being broadcast by BBC World News as well as the BBC's TV programmes for Africa. We will have a live text commentary of every game on the BBC Sport website just like this one.

    Lee James will present the weekly Sports World live from South Africa throughout the tournament. All the latest news, match reports and reaction will also be covered on the African Football section of the BBC Sport website.

    BBC Africa's social-media teams will be engaging with reporters, fans and footballers via #BBCAFCON (Twitter page @bbclovefootball), a new LoveAfricanFootball Facebook page as well as the Google+ community page Love African Football.

  168. 1446: 

    M M Kadiri on Twitter: "Nigeria to disgrace the Champ today. For real!! All attack... goals..."

    My man M M Kadiri knows exactly what I'm after. All attack...goals...yes please.

  169. 1445: 

    As always our live text commentaries just would not be the same without your input. So why don't you do as it says above and get involved?

    What do you think about the respective team news? Are you expecting a cagey match with both sides desperately needing a vital three points?

    Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcafcon, by text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international) and on Facebook by using the new African Football BBC page.

  170. 1443: 

    BBC Sport's Steve Vickers in Nelspruit: "Nigeria make three changes, with Chelsea striker Victor Moses starting. Captain Joseph Yobo has an ankle injury and is on the bench. Two changes for Zambia - scorer in the first game Collins Mbesuma is on the bench, as is defender Hichani Himoonde. Emmanuel Mbola and Emmanuel Mayuka are both in."

  171. 1441: 

    BBC Sport's Steve Vickers in Nelspruit: "The game is supposedly sold out, but with just under 30 minutes to kick-off there are not many people here. Maybe fans will come after work. But there's plenty of noise with the sound system pumping out some big hits."

  172. 1439: 

    We might be almost a whole week into the 29th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, but it may have somehow passed you by. If you've been hiding under a large rock perhaps. Or not been paying attention to the vast range of coverage being brought to you by the BBC.

    Anyway, if you need reminding what this tournament is all about then you will find everything you need to know in our handy guide to the Africa Cup of Nations.

  173. 1437: 

    Experienced Nigerian defender Joseph Yobo fails to retain his spot from the opening draw against Burkina Faso. Boss Stephen Keshi makes two other changes with flamboyant winger Victor Moses recovering from injury to start.

  174. 1435: 

    Zambia coach Herve Renard makes two changes with Emmanuel Mbola and Emmanuel Mayuka starting in place of Hichani Himoonde and Collins Mbesuma.

  175. 1433: 

    So enough of the preamble - here are the details of the feast of football that you can tuck into today.

    The first course is no mere appetiser though as two of the big names go head-to head. Defending champions Zambia face two-time winners Nigeria in Nelspruit's Mbombela Stadium, before two of the less-fancied nations Burkina Faso and Ethiopia provide the second course at the same venue.

  176. 1431: 

    What am I talking about I hear you cry. Well, let me explain. All four teams are level on one point each after Group C's opening matches on Monday. So neither defending champions Zambia, hotly-tipped Nigeria, nor outsiders Ethiopia and Burkina Faso can book their places in the knockout phase today.

  177. 1430: 

    We all love football because there is always a huge element of uncertainty in this sport. But one thing is certain today as the Africa Cup of Nations enters day seven - that nothing is certain in Group C ahead of the second round of matches. That make sense?

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Africa Cup of Nations

Group A

Africa Cup of Nations Group A summary table; it charts each team by position, team name, games played, total goal difference and points
Position Team Played Goal Difference Points
No movement 1 Congo 3 2 7
No movement 2 Equatorial Guinea 3 2 5
No movement 3 Gabon 3 -1 3
No movement 4 Burkina Faso 3 -3 1

Group B

Africa Cup of Nations Group B summary table; it charts each team by position, team name, games played, total goal difference and points
Position Team Played Goal Difference Points
No movement 1 Tunisia 3 1 5
No movement 2 Congo DR 3 0 3
No movement 3 Cape Verde Islands 3 0 3
No movement 4 Zambia 3 -1 2

Group C

Africa Cup of Nations Group C summary table; it charts each team by position, team name, games played, total goal difference and points
Position Team Played Goal Difference Points
No movement 1 Ghana 3 1 6
No movement 2 Algeria 3 3 6
No movement 3 Senegal 3 -1 4
No movement 4 South Africa 3 -3 1

Group D

Africa Cup of Nations Group D summary table; it charts each team by position, team name, games played, total goal difference and points
Position Team Played Goal Difference Points
No movement 1 Ivory Coast 3 1 5
No movement 2 Guinea 3 0 3
No movement 3 Mali 3 0 3
No movement 4 Cameroon 3 -1 2

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Jon Obi Mikel (centre) celebrates scoring for Nigeria Nigeria team profile

A profile of the Nigeria squad at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa.