Africa Cup of Nations - day eight as it happened

Live text commentary as Ivory Coast beat Tunisia and Togo defeat Algeria in Group D

26 January 2013 Last updated at 20:20 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 2019: 

    Thank you for joining me today and feel free to come back tomorrow when I will be talking you through the final round of Group A games as Cape Verde face Angola and Morocco play hosts South Africa - all four teams could still go through or go out so everything to play for.

  2. 2017: 

    The main upshot of this result is that Algeria are out of the tournament and Ivory Coast are into the quarter-finals. Their meeting next week is effectively a dead rubber.

    However Togo will meet Tunisia in a winner-takes-all clash on the final day.

  3. 2016: 
    FULL-TIME- Algeria 0-2 Togo

    Algeria dominated in Rustenburg for large periods of the game but that 15-minute stoppage to fix the goal really winded them and has ultimately cost them.

    Vahid Halilhodzic will also point to two rejected penalty appeals in the second half.

  4. 2013: 

    Less than three minutes to go now - Algeria know the game has gone.

  5. 2012: 

    This result will be a shock as Algeria, winners in 1990, were the second highest ranked African team in the Fifa world rankings going into the tournament.

    They have been the better team in both their games, defeats by Tunisia and seemingly Togo.

  6. 2009: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "Every single member of the playing and coaching staff went to celebrate that goal for Togo... Lucky 13 for Didier Six. Algeria OUT"

  7. 2008: 

    The main consequence of that is that, unless Algeria score twice, they are out of this tournament. And Ivory Coast, who beat Tunisia 3-0 earlier on, will be through to the quarter-finals.

  8. 2007: 

    Hard to believe that would have happened had there not been the delay. Still nine minutes to go of course...

  9. 2005: 
    GOAL- Algeria 0-2 Togo (Dove Wome 90 mins)

    The delay to fix the goal has killed Algeria. The momentum wasn't quite there after the delay. Substitute Dove Wome charges towards goal from the halfway line and slots past Rais Mbolhi.

  10. 2003: 

    I'm not going to lie - I thought I'd be eating my dinner by now.

  11. 2002: 

    Thirteen minutes of injury time in Rustenburg. Plenty of time for an Algeria equaliser.

  12. 2000: 

    Serge Akakpo goes into the book for kicking the ball away. Togo just killing time now.

  13. 1959: 

    I cannot tell you how long is left. The clock has said 90 minutes for some time now, no word from fourth official yet. I think it'll be around 15 minutes.

  14. 1958: 

    Togo enforcer Vincent Bossou was ready to come on 15 minutes ago, he finally gets his chance. Jonathan Ayite is the man replaced.

  15. 1956: 

    The goal is fixed. We are ready to go now. Will this have taken the wind of Algeria's sails? That was a 15-minute delay.

  16. 1956: 

    Dan Takyi ‏on Twitter: "Why don't they just swap it for the Algeria goal? I don't see Togo having another shot at this rate"

  17. 1953: 

    One consolation of this delay is that we will see the game go over 100 minutes. Only me that finds that a consolation? OK then.

  18. 1951: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "The men who went to get the new goal have come back empty handed. This is turning into a comedy sketch."

  19. 1951: 

    They've taken the goals down altogether now. I hope they are going to bring out a new set. This is utterly bizarre.

  20. 1949: 

    I'm running out of things to say here. My colleague, John Bennett, in Rustenburg has suggested using jumpers.

  21. 1946: 

    We've now gone beyond the 90 minutes - no idea how long is left to play because the goal is not fixed yet.

  22. 1945: 

    There's a whole host of people trying to fix the goal now. Farcical scenes in Rustenburg. Algeria won't enjoy this delay at all. A valuable lesson for Guedioura, don't knock goals over.

  23. 1944: 

    Algeria midfielder Adlene Guedioura is the man that knocked the goal by running into the back of the net.

  24. 1942: 

    A man in a suit has been called on to fix the Togo goal, the goalpost appears to be leaning. He's called a second man in a suit.

  25. 1941: 

    Incredible, Togo probably should have wrapped it up against the run of play but Sapol Mani fails to find either Emmanuel Adebayor or Dove Wome in the box.

  26. 1939: 

    Algeria make an attack-minded substitution, Hamer Bouzza coming on for captain Komlan Amewou.

  27. 1936: 

    Togo have their first attack in what seems like 20 years and Dove Wome charges forward from his own half but shoots wildly over the bar. Ten minutes to go.

  28. 1934: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "I hope people who have said that #afcon2013 has been boring have watched today's action - two enthralling matches."

    This tournament has definitely come to life in the last two days.

  29. 1932: 

    Algeria make a change up front. Mohamed Aoudia coming on for Islam Slimani, who was lively throughout but wasted several chances for the Desert Foxes. Can Aoudia of ES Setif do better?

  30. 1930: 

    Another change for Togo, Sapol Mani coming on for Serge Gakpe in midfield. It's the second game in a row where Gakpe has impressed earlier on but ended up being substituted.

  31. 1927: 

    Algeria midfielder Adlene Guedioura runs forward, jinks past a challenge and fires wide from distance, they are having pretty much all the possession at the moment.

  32. 1926: 

    Twenty minutes to go - Islam Slimani heading over Algeria's latest chance.

  33. 1925: 

    Sofiane Feghouli finds Islam Slimani in the box but the Algeria striker loses his balance and goes crashing to the turf - chance gone. They need to take one of these.

  34. 1923: 

    It's all Algeria at the moment, I can't remember the last time Emmanuel Adebayor had the ball up front for Togo.

  35. 1922: 

    Algeria make their first chance of the day - Yassine Bezzaz coming on for Foued Kadir in a switch up front.

  36. 1919: 

    Anyi Okpara on BBC Love African Football page on Facebook: "Group D is by far the most exciting! No boring draws yet."

  37. 1918: 

    Mamah Gaffaris is booked for Togo for a foul from behind on Hilal Soudani.

  38. 1916: 

    Dan Takyi on Twitter: "That looked like a stonewall penalty! The manager was on the pitch he was so annoyed!"

  39. 1915: 

    Algeria are angry again - it's the same two players involved - Dakonam Djene bringing down Sofiane Feghouli. Yet again, the referee's not interested. I can imagine Vahid Halilhodzic having some thoughts on these decisions if his team lose.

  40. 1914: 

    Togo bring off midfielder Moustapha Salifou and bring on left-back Dove Wome.

    Here's one for namesake fans - Wome has the same surname as my favourite footballer of all time, Pierre Wome, a former Africa Cup of Nations left-back with Cameroon.

  41. 1913: 

    Algeria's Nottingham Forest midfielder Adlene Guedioura tries a ludicrous overhead kick but fails to even make contact with the ball.

  42. 1911: 

    Desperate defending there from Togo, Foued Kadir goes in for a header but Dakonam Djene gets the ball clear for a corner. You feel a Desert Foxes goal might be coming.

  43. 1908: 

    Algeria starting to create more chances in Rustenburg, Hilal Soudani heading wide from Foued Kadir's cross.

  44. 1906: 

    Ali Mokrane ‏on Twitter: "Absolutely unfair, the referee just stole our penalty!"

  45. 1904: 

    Big penalty shout for Algeria, Sofiane Feghouli is nicked in the box by Dakonam Djene and goes down. Could he have stayed up? Yes. Should it have been a penalty? Probably.

    Desert Foxes captain Medhi Lacen is booked for his anger at the decision.

  46. 1902: 

    Just a reminder that Algeria need a goal or else they are going home and their final group game against Ivory Coast is effectively a dead rubber.

  47. 1900: 

    Togo start the second half in Rustenburg - one of the few games in this tournament with no half-time substitutions.

  48. 1855: 

    Chima Tim on BBC Love African Football page on Facebook: "This goal is the product of having a good player on your team play badly but you can win if you have a match winner."

  49. 1852: 

    Linda Ariemu Yotamu on BBC Love African Football page on Facebook: "Now Adebayor's head will swell even more."

  50. 1850: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "Only about 100 Togo fans here but they are a joy to watch and listen to. Constant singing and dancing, all dressed in yellow, green and red."

  51. 1849: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "The Algerian journalists sitting around me at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium can't believe their team is trailing. They dominated but their finishing was poor and Emmanuel Adebayor only needed one chance to punish them.

    "Adebayor can't now be regretting his decision to come to the AFCON. His coach Didier Six must be delighted that he was over ruled by his federation when he left the Tottenham striker out of his squad. Algeria have 45 minutes to keep their hopes alive. Pressure on their coach Vahid Halilhodzic."

  52. 1847: 

    Samuel Amanor ‏on Twitter: "I miss Egypt and Cameroon."

    Neither of the multiple-times former winners qualified for South Africa.

  53. 1846: 
    HALF-TIME- Algeria 0-1 Togo

    It's half-time and Togo lead 1-0 thanks to Emmanuel Adebayor's goal. As things stand Algeria are out of the tournament, while Ivory Coast are through.

  54. 1845: 

    One minute of stoppage time added in Rustenburg.

  55. 1841: 

    Five minutes until half-time and Algeria have a free-kick. Togo's Jonathan Ayite booked for a foul on Djamel Mesbah.

  56. 1839: 

    Ball breaks to Algeria captain Medhi Lacen from a corner and he lashes over the bar from 25 yards.

  57. 1838: 

    It's booking town for Adlene Guedioura for bringing down Serge Gakpe. The pacy Nantes man must be a nighmare to play against, he's so fast.

  58. 1837: 

    Ali Mokrane ‏on Twitter: "Great! we sort of dominate for 30 minutes then we are rewarded with a goal in our tent! so frustrating for Algeria."

  59. 1836: 

    It's worth pointing out that Emmanuel Adebayor was almost not at the Africa Cup of Nations. Following a dispute with the country's football federation, he was left out of Didier Six's initial squad and the head of the federation had to overrule his manager to include the Tottenham striker.

  60. 1835: 

    Algeria are almost level - Islam Slimani is on on goal and Kossi Agassa makes himself big in the Togo goal and denies the striker. Slimani probably should have scored there.

  61. 1834: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "The definition of smash and grab... Algeria dominate but the classy Emmanuel Adebayor scores on the break."

  62. 1833: 

    As things stand, Algeria are out and Ivory Coast are through to the quarter-finals. Togo v Tunisia in the final game will effectively be winner-takes-all.

    As things stand...

  63. 1831: 
    GOAL- Algeria 0-1 Togo - Emmanuel Adebayor (32 mins)

    Togo lead in Rustenburg - captain Emmanuel Adebayor controls Moustapha Salifou's headed ball forward and slots home past Rais Mbolhi from the edge of the area.

  64. 1830: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "Algeria coach Vahid Halilhodzic just proved he has still got it by powering a pass to the keeper from the dugout. Get him on."

  65. 1823: 

    Chance for Algeria and needless to say yet again, Sofiane Feghouli is involved. The Valencia man's corner is met by Adlene Guedioura's head but it's a good save by Kossi Agassa to deny him.

    Moments later, Medhi Lacen forces Agassa into another save.

  66. 1821: 

    Djamel Nesbah is played in by Sofiane Feghouli's wand of a right foot but he is flagged offside - he wasn't.

  67. 1819: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "Alg v Togo very enjoyable so far. Interesting change in tactics from Didier Six. 5-2-3 v Ivory Coast to 4-3-3 v Algeria"

  68. 1818: 

    Great tackle by Komlan Amewou to deny Algeria's star man Sofiane Feghouli, who made a fool of Dakonam Djene on the wing

  69. 1817: 

    Both teams starting to create chances, Emmanuel Adebayor heading wide under pressure for the Sparrow Hawks.

  70. 1816: 

    Togo waste a good chance there - Alaixys Romao totally over-hits a pass in the penalty area when captain Emmanuel Adebayor is ready to pounce.

  71. 1815: 

    Algeria playmaker Sofiane Feghouli is an impressive player and he sets up Islam Slimani, who skews his shot wide - disappointing finish from a striker.

  72. 1814: 

    Togo midfielder Moustapha Salifou places a great cross-field ball to Serge Gakpe, who is caught offside. No excuse there from the Nantes speed-mercheant, he should have timed that run better.

  73. 1809: 

    Togo striker Emmanuel Adebayor is almost in but the ball for him is just over-hit and Algeria keeper Rais Mbolhi comes out to claim the ball.

  74. 1808: 

    Foued Kadir fires the ball well wide with a Sofiane Feghouli cross that came in at an awkward height for him.

  75. 1807: 

    Not much to report from the opening few minutes at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium.

  76. 1801: 

    A booking in the first two minutes, Serge Gakpe is outpacing Mehdi Mostefa, who pulls him back and is shown a yellow card. Nantes attacker Gakpe was impressive in the early stages against Ivory Coast on Tuesday.

  77. 1759: 
    KICK-OFF- Algeria v Togo

    Algeria get us under way in Rustenburg.

  78. 1759: 

    Here are the teams.

    Algeria: M'Bolhi, Mostefa, Halliche, Belkalem, Mesbah, Guedioura, Lacen, Feghouli, Soudani, Kadir, Slimani. Subs: Doukha, Cadamuro, Boudebouz, Bouazza, Medjani, Aoudia, Lemmouchia, Bezzaz, Tedjar, Ghoulam, Rial, Si Mohamed.

    Togo: Agassa, Akakpo, Salifou, Nibombe, Djene, Romao, Jonathan Ayite, Mamah, Amewou, Gakpe, Adebayor. Subs: Atsu, Wome, Bossou, Floyd Ayite, Mani, Ouro-Akoriko, Segbefia, Placca, Ametepe, Donou, Damessi, Tchagouni.

    Referee: Hamada Nampiandraza (Madagascar)

  79. 1755: 

    It's national anthems time here, still awaiting official line-ups for each team.

  80. 1743: 

    Togo vice-captain Serge Akakpo, who was shot in the back during the attack, says he never expected to play at the Africa Cup of Nations again.

    "After what happened in 2010, I almost stopped playing for the national team," Akakpo told the BBC's World Football programme.

    "We play for them [the dead]. We pray every day before and after training and we are thinking all the time of them. We will fight for them.

    "We can never forget. It was really difficult for us to move on. Me especially, I took maybe a year and a half to move on and now I feel good and happy to play in this Africa Cup of Nations and show the world that we can play good football."

  81. 1741: 

    Togo were initially banned from this tournament after they pulled out of the 2010 event when three people were killed following a gun attack on the squad's bus days before the opening game.

    They were suspended for two tournaments, but that was overturned on appeal.

  82. 1739: 

    Kanayo Umeogu on Twitter: "My prediction is Adebayor getting on the scoresheet twice and Togo winning. But I just can't predict the referees."

  83. 1738: 

    His opposite number, Didier Six, is also feeling hopeful: "After the match against Ivory Coast we had a meeting, right afterwards because we had to recover quickly. The players now don't think about Ivory Coast, they're only thinking about the game against Algeria.

    "In this group we are maybe the little team but I know my team, we have good players. It's a difficult group but against Ivory Coast we proved that we can play good football and are good enough to go to the quarter-finals."

  84. 1736: 

    Algeria coach Vahid Halilhodzic thinks his side are still in contention: "I've seen the determination in my players' eyes. They have an inner force. There's still a good spirit in the squad. I know our backs are against the wall.

    "We have to look for two victories. We're going to do everything to win because the only solution is victory."

  85. 1734: 

    After their defeat by Ivory Coast, Togo coach Didier Six revealed he is concerned that referees are biased towards the so called "bigger" sides at the Africa Cup of Nations.

    He said: "Maybe we are a small land but we are here, we are a team in the Nations Cup so we must be in the same position.

    "If we play we play to win and in this game we had one opportunity to win the game and he refused the goal. I can't accept that."

  86. 1732: 

    My brain has taken a hit from trying to recall all my Leaving Cert maths but I'm fairly sure I'm right when I say only an Algeria win will stop Ivory Coast from guaranteeing their place in the knockout stages.

    Algeria will be out if they lose in Rustenburg, but Togo would still have a slim chance if they were to lose. It's all to do with mini-leagues within the league if several teams end up on the same points.

  87. 1728: 

    And now to our 18:00 GMT kick-off between Algeria and Togo.

    Who do you fancy to win this game? Can either of these two reach the quarter-finals?

    Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcafcon, by text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international) and on Facebook by using the new African Football BBC page.

  88. 1727: 

    Zambia captain (and current BBC African Footballer of the Year) Chris Katongo says the pitch in the Mbombela Stadium is "the worst in South Africa".

    "You can see the pitch - everyone is struggling with the pitch - I think this is the worst pitch South Africa has but there is nothing we can do," he said.

  89. 1726: 

    Burkina Faso midfielder Djakaridja Kone has warned his team-mates to "concentrate" and "continue working" if they want to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations.

    They lead Group C thanks to a 4-0 win over Ethiopia over on Friday and Kone told BBC Sport's Matthew Kenyon: "I believe in our team - we have great players and now we have confidence.

    "[But] we have to concentrate - we have to prepare well for the game against Zambia."

  90. 1723: 

    Two-time Cup of Nations winner Osei Kofi feels the Ghana Football Association's "obsession" with foreign coaches has cost them.

    "There is no consistency, coaches get two years and then they are sacked, that has killed us along with some of the coaches that have come to Ghana," he told BBC Sport's Seth Bennett.

    "Most of the coaches that we have had have not been up to the required standard. Ratomir Dujkovic left for China immediately after the World Cup in 2006, but he was sacked by the club after only three months.

    "Then Milovan Rajevac took us to the World Cup in 2010, but then he got an offer in Saudi Arabia with Al-Ahli and he was also sacked after only three months."

  91. 1722: 
    BBC Sport's Lee James in Port Elizabeth

    "I have been to the Ghana team hotel to speak to captain Asamoah Gyan. He seemed very relaxed ahead of their final group B match against Niger here on Monday.

    "Gyan took a break from international football after last year's Cup of Nations and says he's 'someone who's mentally strong, but I missed a penalty, a crucial one which I was really down, so it really affected me. I asked for time off to come back stronger'."

  92. 1714: 
    BBC Sport's Lee James in Port Elizabeth

    "Asamoah Gyan has told me why he decided to come back and play for Ghana at the Africa Cup of Nations.

    "'I like the coach, he came to me at my club to speak to me,' Gyan said. 'I would like to thank him for what he told me, words of encouragement. I'm a new man now, it's like I'm starting afresh.'

    "You can hear my full interview with Asamoah Gyan on Sportsworld on the BBC World Service from 15:00 GMT."

  93. 1711: 
    BBC Sport's Lee James in Port Elizabeth

    "Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan is yet to find the target at the Africa Cup of Nations but has been in good form and scoring goals for his club Al Ain in the UAE. But he hasn't ruled out a return to the English Premier League after his short spell with Sunderland.

    "'I really enjoy the Premiership," he said. 'I only played one season but I really enjoy it. The fans, everyone love me, but it really unfortunate I left. It's one of those things, in life things happen. Who knows?'"

  94. 1711: 

    Between our games, we will briefly look at some of the other goings-on out in South Africa.

  95. 1709: 

    The BBC Love African Football page on Facebook has asked whether Ivory Coast have been the best team in the tournament so far. Here are some of the responses.

    Chimwemwe Msiska said: "Absolutely the best second to none so far."

    Martin Mukonje said: "Absolutely, they are the favourites to win the competition!"

    Cee Aitch said: "No, I don't agree; I have been very pleasantly surprised at how evenly matched most teams have been. Cote d'Ivoire were irresistible in this match, though."

    Joe Ejiofor said: "They were the best team at last year tournament...yet they didn't win!"

  96. 1700: 

    Tola on Twitter: "Harsh for #Tunisia, especially given their second half performance. But it makes all the difference when your players can finish."

  97. 1659: 

    Almost as importantly as winning, this was a proper marker by the Ivory Coast after the poor display in the win over Togo.

    Being the bookmakers' favourites is one thing, but performing and winning well is another - and they did both in Rustenburg today. They are real contenders for this tournament if they keep performing like that.

  98. 1655: 

    Tunisia still have every chance of qualifying for the last eight following their opening win over Algeria. We will know more after Algeria face Togo at 18:00 GMT.

  99. 1654: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "The real Ivory Coast have arrived. After a poor opening match, they have shown their class today. Watch out #afcon2013"

  100. 1652: 

    The result means that Ivory Coast are now on the verge of a place in the Africa Cup of Nations quarter-finals.

    The only way they could go out now is if Tunisia and Algeria end up on six points, causing a three-way mini-table to come into effect - and even then they would need to lose badly to Algeria on the final day for there to be a chance of them finishing bottom of that.

    I hope my maths here are right!

  101. 1651: 
    FULL-TIME- Ivory Coast 3-0 Tunisia

    Ivory Coast fully deserved their victory but the win was not as comfortable as the scoreline suggests. They needed two goals in the last three minutes to kill off Tunisia.

  102. 1650: 

    We're almost three minutes into the four allocated for stoppage time in Rustenburg,

  103. 1649: 

    Tunisia almost pull one back but Ivory Coast keeper Boubacar Barry keeps out a header and just about manages to not fall over his own goalline.

  104. 1646: 
    GOAL- Ivory Coast 3-0 Tunisia - Didier Ya Konan (90 mins)

    Seconds after coming off the bench Didier Ya Konan controls the ball on the edge of the box and just rolls the ball past the Tunisia keeper. They might have been his first touches.

  105. 1645: 

    Ivory Coast bring on Didier Ya Konan for Romaric - this game is over as a contest.

  106. 1645: 

    The Ivorian scorers are the same as in the 2-1 win over Togo, albeit the other way around.

  107. 1643: 
    GOAL- Ivory Coast 2-0 Tunisia - Yaya Toure (87 mins)

    Ivory Coast have wrapped up the points now and are on the verge of the quarter-finals, ball lands to Yaya Toure outside the box and the Manchester City midfielder gives Moez Ben Cherifia no chance.

  108. 1643: 

    Tunisia make one final change, Zouheir Dhaouadi coming on for Mejdi Traoui.

  109. 1641: 

    That was Tunisia's big chance, ball lands to Saber Khlifa but his acrobatic volley is straight at Boubacar Barry. Anywhere either side of the keeper and that's 1-1.

  110. 1639: 

    Youssef Msakni is writhing around in agony after a tackle by Ivory Coast midfielder Cheick Tiote.

    Maybe I gave you the Ouch graphic too soon, seconds later he's back on his feet and playing.

  111. 1638: 

    Seconds after coming on Gradel almost has an impact, taking a shot from outside the box but it goes left of Moez Ben Cherifia's ball.

  112. 1637: 

    Ivory Coast make a chance on the wing, Max Gradel comes on for Salomon Kalou. They could do with shaking things up, the spark seems to have gone.

  113. 1635: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "You get a sense that Tunisia are gaining in belief here... Going to be a nerve wracking last 15 mins for Ivory Coast fans"

  114. 1631: 

    Tunisia are starting to press and Sol Bamba does well to tackle Hamdi Harbaoui, This game is far from won for the Ivory Coast.

  115. 1627: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "The drums in the Ivorian section of the crowd have gone a decibel louder since the entrance of a certain Mr Drogba"

  116. 1626: 

    The ball lands to the big man just outside the six-yard box, but Didier Drogba cannot control Gervinho's ball and Tunisia clear the ball.

  117. 1624: 

    Here comes Ivory Coast talisman Didier Drogba - on for Lacina Traore up front.

  118. 1622: 

    Tola ‏on Twitter: "Credit to #tunisia, they've got back into this game and equalising doesn't seem so far-fetched!"

    Ivory Coast still deserve to be ahead but there certainly isn't as much between the teams as there was in the first half.

  119. 1621: 

    Great counter-attack from Ivory Coast from that Tunisia corner and Yaya Toure runs most of the length of the pitch before getting his final ball to Romaric wrong.

  120. 1620: 

    Saber Khlifa has a go from outside the box and he wins a corner for Tunisia after his shot takes a nick.

  121. 1618: 

    Eric Clinton Adjei on the BBC Love African Football page on Facebook: "Best team in the tournament by far - all teams should watch and learn. Fantastic football!"

  122. 1617: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "Assistant ref below me having an absolute shocker!

    "Gervinho has had enough of running at Boussaidi - he's now attacking left back Chamman... The Ivorians deserve a second."

  123. 1616: 

    Tunisia make another change, striker Hamadi Harbaoui coming on for the more defensively minded Anis Boussaïdi.

  124. 1615: 

    Disallowed goal might be a slight exaggeration but Salomon Kalou has the ball in the net and it doesn't count. Gervinho is ruled offside, even though replays have indicated he was on, and he pulls the ball back to Kalou who fires home.

    The defence had stopped once the whistle went so I can't say Kalou would have scored for sure - but he might have.

  125. 1611: 

    Youssef Msakni tries a first-time volley there from Chadi Hammami's cross but fails to make proper contact. The Tunisia midfielder, known as 'Little Mozart, did score a great goal in the opening win over Algeria.

  126. 1605: 

    Traore could have been made to pay moments later as Tunisia have a rare chance but Saber Khlifa pokes the ball wide under pressure from Sol Bamba.

  127. 1605: 

    Lacina Traore should do better there. He's totally unmarked eight yards out from Romaric's free-kick and he tries to head the ball with the back of his head and the chance is gone. He must have been caught by surprise, he could have tried to take the ball down - bizarre play there.

  128. 1603: 

    Olatubosun Oderinde on the BBC Love African Football page on Facebook: "Tunisia can pull a surprise because the Ivorians are full of confidence now and will underestimate the Tunisian team."

  129. 1602: 

    Ivory Coast get us going in the second half.

  130. 1602: 

    Tunisia needed to change something and here it is, Oussama Darragi comes on for Fakhreddine Ben Youssef as coach Sami Trabelsi shakes up their forward line.

  131. 1558: 

    Nyangi Masiya on the BBC Love African Football page on Facebook: "Gervinho, I think Arsenal is missing you now."

    The Gunners are drawing 1-1 with Championship side Brighton at half-time in the FA Cup fourth round.

  132. 1557: 

    Anon via text: "Very comfortable for Ivory Coast so far. I think we're looking at Ivory Coast vs Nigeria in the quarter finals considering Zambia will top group C after Tuesday's matches."

  133. 1556: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "That Ivory Coast performance was a pleasure to watch. Some bold decisions by Sabri Lamouchi have paid off. Lacina Traore's physical presence has overwhelmed Tunisia, while Yaya Toure, in a more attacking role looks far more dangerous.

    "With players like Youssef Msakni around though, one goal is not enough. For all their possession, Ivory Coast should be out of sight by now but Tunisia are still in this game."

  134. 1553: 

    Gervinho is having a great tournament so far. He has scored two goals in two games and has been really impressive in the opening half against Tunisia.

  135. 1551: 

    Kyankaaga Rodney on the BBC Love African Football page on Facebook: "Great game so far by the Elephants. I think it was wise to drop Drogba and Kolo to the bench."

    Malawi Flames on the BBC Love African Football page on Facebook: "This AFCON is Cote d' Ivoire's to lose"

  136. 1549: 

    What did you think of that half? Will Ivory Coast win comfortably or will Tunisia rally after the break?

    Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcafcon, by text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international) and on Facebook by using the new African Football BBC page.

  137. 1548: 

    Tunisia were very poor to watch in the opening 1-0 win over Algeria and there's not been much to boost their supporters here. The only positive for them is that they're still in this game.

  138. 1547: 
    HALF-TIME- Ivory Coast 1-0 Tunisia

    It's half-time and Ivory Coast lead by that Gervinho goal. A victory would put them on the verge of a quarter-final berth. They should probably be out of sight by now.

  139. 1545: 

    Ivory Coast call for a penalty as Khalil Chammam handles the ball in the box. But referee Rajindraparsad Seechurn (I copy and pasted that) isn't interested. It's the whole 'deliberate or not' debate again. He'll argue he didn't mean it but it stopped a cross coming in.

    In my eyes not a penalty, but a lot of people don't agree.

  140. 1541: 

    Dean in London via text: "Ivory Coast are playing like a team who want to win this tournament, but we've previously seen that Tunisia can punish late on."

    Tunisia were poor in their opener against Algeria but scored a 90th-minute winner.

  141. 1536: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "Didier Drogba takes the opportunity to pass on advice to Didier Zokora from the bench at the drinks break... DD still involved."

  142. 1535: 

    The Carthage Eagles make nothing of their opportunity and Ivory Coast clear their lines.

  143. 1534: 

    Tunisia have a corner, Cheick Tiote doing well to intercept Saber Khlifa's cross.

  144. 1532: 

    The Elephants could do with getting a second goal here - they have dominated but a one-goal lead means one slip and all their good work would be cancelled out.

  145. 1531: 

    Ivory Coast centre-back Sol Bamba is booked for a foul on Fakhreddine Ben Youssef. It wasn't the worst foul you'll ever seen.

  146. 1528: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "If Gervinho keeps performing like this he'll be player of the tournament. Dangerous every time he gets the ball..."

  147. 1528: 

    Emmanuel Etim on Twitter: "Great build-up & finish!! Gervinho defines quality in the Orange colours of Les Elephants; Mediocrity in Arsenal's Red and White."

  148. 1527: 

    Lloyd Feelfree Owusu-Asante on the BBC Love African Football page on Facebook: "Cote D'Ívoire are playing like favourites."

    Cote D'Ivoire is the official name for Ivory Coast and yes, they are. They did not look like potential champions on Tuesday - they do today.

  149. 1525: 

    Tunisia keeper Moez Ben Cherifia comes out of his goal to deny Salomon Kalou - Ivory Coast are playing really well. They were disappointing against Togo but no such problems here so far.

  150. 1523: 

    Moments before that goal, Moez Ben Cherifia pulled off a fine save to deny Traore after Gervinho had played him in with a great pass.

  151. 1521: 
    GOAL- Ivory Coast 1-0 Tunisia - Gervinho (21 mins)

    It's been coming - Ivory Coast have been totally dominating and Gervinho plays a great one-two with Lacina Traore and fires home from close range - that's two goals in two games for the Arsenal man.

  152. 1519: 

    Salomon Kalou thumps the ball over the crossbar but he really should be doing better from 10 yards out. Lacina Traore heads the ball down to the Lille player but he panics under little pressure and chance wasted for Ivory Coast.

  153. 1515: 

    Lacina Traore heads over from Romaric's corner. Tunisia coach Sami Trabelsi will be slightly concerned with how this game is panning out so far.

  154. 1513: 

    Ivory Coast have another sniff at goal and Salomon Kalou heads wide from Romaric's lofted ball. The Elephants starting to get on top in this game.

  155. 1512: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "Anis Boussaidi at right-back keeps looking to go forward... Dangerous when he is marking the pacy and in-form Gervinho."

  156. 1512: 

    Ivory Coast break and Gervinho tries to play in Lacina Traore but the Anzhi Makhachkala striker cannot get on the end of it.

  157. 1508: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "Yaya Toure playing as a very attacking midfielder today - tucked in just behind Lacina Traore.

    "Hate to talk low crowds again but attendance is very poor... Ivorian and Tunisian fans making a lot of noise though."

  158. 1506: 

    Ivory Coast midfielder Cheick Tiote has a go from distance but it's a regulation save from Moez Ben Cherifia. The Newcastle man will need to do better if he is to beat the Tunisian keeper.

  159. 1503: 

    Acrobatic catch from Ivory Coast goalkeeper Boubacar Barry when there was no need for it. First touch for either keeper in the opening three minutes.

  160. 1500: 
    KICK-OFF- Ivory Coast v Tunisia

    Tunisia get this show on the road.

  161. 1459: 

    Almost ready to go. Tunisia just going through their pre-match cuddle, I mean huddle.

  162. 1454: 

    Both teams coming out now onto the pitch at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg. But before we start, time for national anthems, pennants and handshakes.

  163. 1451: 

    Paul Kasweka ‏on Twitter: "Nice squad for Ivory Cost, perhaps a lesson to Zambia to show that a captain can be on the bench.."

  164. 1449: 

    Want to know more about the tournament's mascot, a hippopotamus called Takuma?

    It was designed by a 13-year-old orphan, Tumelo Nkoana, and BBC Africa's Nomsa Maseko went out to meet him.

  165. 1446: 

    Tola ‏on Twitter: "I hope yesterday's match will be the start of some rather exciting #afcon games. looking forward to #CIV vs #TUN"

  166. 1443: 

    Both teams and benches have now been confirmed.

    Ivory Coast: Barry, Eboue, Bamba, Tiene, Zokora, Tiote, Toure, Romaric, Gervinho, Kalou, Lacina Traore. Subs: Yeboah, Kone, Boka, Toure, Razak, Drogba, Bony, Konan, Ismael Traore, Gradel, Lolo, Ali Sangare.

    Tunisia: Ben Cherifia, Ifa, Abdennour, Chammam, Ben Yahia, Traoui, Mouelhi, Hammami, M'Sakni, Ben Youssef, Khelifa. Subs: Ben Mustapha, Hichri, Baratli, Gharbi, Dhaouadi, Harbaoui, Darragi, Dhaouadi, Jemaa, Boussaidi, Khazri, Mathlouthi.

    Referee: Rajin Seechurn (Mauritius)

  167. 1443: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "So 'Maestro' Didier Zokora will play at centre-back with Sol Bamba... Sabri Lamouchi has certainly surprised a few people today."

    Midfielder Zokora and defender Bamba both play together for Turkish side Trabzonspor. Zokora is wearing Maestro on the back of his jersey during the tournament - just in case you think John Bennett is a really big fan!

  168. 1440: 

    Ivory Coast centre-back Sol Bamba has told BBC Sport's John Bennett that he is confident they can cope with being favourites to win the Africa Cup of Nations.

    "We are confident because we've been there before," the Trabzonspor defender said. "We always have pressure on us and we want to perform, for us and for everyone.

    "We're going to take it step by step. We got three points against Togo, now we have to be ready for Tunisia."

  169. 1435: 

    Some of you having your say on the BBC Love African Football page on Facebook about Sabri Lamouchi's decision to leave out Dider Drogba.

    Ngosa Pande: "A very bold step but desperate."

    Pharah Chilekwa Mubanga: "Didier Drogba is long gone, just a name now."

  170. 1433: 

    We are covering the tournament on radio, TV, online and mobile from day one to the final.

    BBC World Service will bring commentary on all the key matches, with regular updates from the tournament being broadcast by BBC World News as well as the BBC's TV programmes for Africa. There will be a live text commentary of every game on the BBC Sport website - this one being a prime example.

    Lee James will present the weekly Sports World live from South Africa throughout the tournament. All the latest news, match reports and reaction will also be covered on the African Football section of the BBC Sport website.

    BBC Africa's social-media teams will be engaging with reporters, fans and footballers via #BBCAFCON (Twitter page @bbclovefootball), a new LoveAfricanFootball Facebook page as well as the Google+ community page Love African Football.

    Now that I've told you that, we can get on with this live text.

  171. 1432: 

    Now it's that time that we ask you to get involved - the capital letters above this entry might have given that away to be honest.

    Who do you think will win today's games? Can this be Ivory Coast's year? What do you think of the decision to drop Didier Drogba? Do you think Tunisia can progress to the quarter-finals or beyond?

    Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcafcon, by text on 81111 (UK users only) or +44 77 86 20 50 75 (international) and on Facebook by using the new African Football BBC page.

  172. 1428: 

    So what's this all about? No, I don't mean life - I'm talking about the Africa Cup of Nations.

    Well, it features 16 of the continent's finest international sides.

    Johannesburg, Durban, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth and Rustenburg are the host cities in South Africa for the event which is being played 12 months after the previous finals because of a change in the event's timing from even to odd years.

    It was meant to be in Libya, but they swapped the tournament with South Africa's 2017 event because of violence in the North African country.

    The teams are split into four groups containing four countries, of which two teams from each pool qualify through to the quarter-finals. The tournament then concludes on 10 February with the final.

    Ivory Coast are the favourites again as they have been for each of the five tournaments since 2006, but Zambia are the holders following their shock win over 'Les Elephants' in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea last year.

  173. 1426: 

    Tunisia coach Sami Trabelsi hopes his side can take advantage of the Elephants' underperformances in the tournament over the past several years: "Ivory Coast are a very good team but they're not unbeatable.

    "Certainly they have some of, if not the best players in Africa. I don't understand why this generation of Ivorian players haven't won the Cup of Nations.

    "But that proves that they must have some vulnerabilities."

  174. 1426: 

    Ivory Coast coach Sabri Lamouchi admitted he was surprised by how poor the Elephants played in the opening game and said: "We're going to try not to commit the same mistakes we did against Togo [on Tuesday].

    "I'm expecting a very difficult game and a better performance from my team.

    "Our last performance wasn't representative of Ivorian football."

  175. 1426: 
    BBC Sport's John Bennett in Rustenburg

    "Brave move to leave out Drogba if there's no injury. On the other hand Sabri Lamouchi could be rotating the squad."

  176. 1425: 

    Tunisia have also won the tournament once, in 2004, and are considered somewhat of an outside shot for the tournament.

    Their opening game was a last-gasp 1-0 win over North African rivals Algeria in a dour game in Rustenburg and, unless they up their performance, will be lucky to pick up a point from this game.

  177. 1425: 

    Ivory Coast came into the Africa Cup of Nations as favourites to win it for the fifth time in a row but they have only won the tournament once - back in 1992.

    They are full of big names from European football - including Yaya and Kolo Toure, Didier Zokora, Gervinho, Tiote and Drogba.

    The Ivorians won their opening game, 2-1 against Togo, however it was far a convincing performance and they will have to improve a lot if they are to challenge for the continental crown.

  178. 1424: 

    After a relatively slow start to the tournament, you feel it's started cooking with gas over the last day or so - yesterday's action including 10-man Burkina Faso's 4-0 rout of Ethiopia and Zambia goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene scoring a late equaliser from the spot in their 1-1 draw with Nigeria.

  179. 1423: 

    Tunisia make two changes with Anis Boussaidi and Fakhreddine Ben Youssef coming in for Jemaaand Walid Hichri.

    TUNISIA: Ben Cherifa, Ifa, Chammam, Abdennour, Hammami, Traoui, Mouelhi, Msakni, Khelifa, Boussaidi, Ben Youssef

  180. 1421: 

    Tunisia will be without striker Issam Jemaa.

    The 28-year-old, who is Tunisia's all-time top goalscorer with 34 strikes, had to be replaced after 18 minutes of the game against Algeria and is out for six weeks with a knee injury.

    The injury leaves Tunisia with 22 players for the tournament as they are not allowed to replace an injured player.

  181. 1421: 

    The four men to come in for the Ivory Coast are Lacina Traore, Salomon Kalou, Romaric and Cheick Tiote. Kolo Toure has also been dropped - he struggled in the opening game against Togo.

    IVORY COAST: Barry, Romaric, Tiene, Eboue, Bamba, Zokora, Tiote, Kalou, Y Toure, Gervinho, Lacina Traore

  182. 1418: 

    Back to the Africa Cup of Nations and some early team news to bring you - Ivory Coast have dropped captain Didier Drogba in one of four changes.

    The 34-year-old was out of sorts in the win over Togo and was substituted after 74 minutes.

    He has not played competitive football since November as he plays in Chinese for Shanghai Shenhua, and an attempt to move to Europe outside the transfer window was rejected by Fifa.

    It is likely to be his last international tournament - and quite possibly his last action for club or country in the worldwide spotlight.

  183. 1416: 

    Some sad news to bring you from the world of African football - at least 22 people have died in the Egyptian city of Port Said, in clashes sparked by the sentencing to death of 21 people over football riots.

    The 21 were sentenced over riots which killed 74 people after a football game last February.

  184. 1415: 

    Hello and welcome to day eight of the Africa Cup of Nations. This is the second round of fixtures in Group D - by 20:00 GMT this evening we could know some of the quarter-finalists, while some teams could be packing their bags for home.

    First up we have Ivory Coast v Tunisia at 15:00 - both teams won their opening games of the tournament and know a win could put them into the knockout stages - depending on the result of the 18:00 game, which is between...

    Algeria and Togo - they both suffered defeats on Tuesday and could be heading home if they lose - depending on the score of the first game.

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