Africa Cup of Nations semi-finals as they happened

Burkina Faso beat Ghana on penalties to reach the Africa Cup of Nations final where they will face Nigeria who defeated Mali

6 February 2013 Last updated at 21:31 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 2131: 

    Thanks for all the tweets and texts. I predicted a Nigeria v Ghana final, but it turned out to be a Nigeria v Burkina Faso final. Join me on Sunday to see if there is one more twist left in this year's Africa Cup of Nations.

  2. 2127: 

    Asomani, London via text on 81111: "Born in England to Ghanaian parents. Never experienced penalty joy. Penalty Gods, why do you mock me so?

  3. 2126: 

    Edward Chikumbanje ‏on Twitter: "I think we will need a ref from Europe to take charge of the final. Anyone with Howard Webb's number please?"

    Abdirahman on Twitter: "Disappointment for Ghana whose players are still crying but joy for Burkina Faso's players and fans celebrating."

  4. 2121: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana (3-2 pens)

    As I mentioned earlier, Burkina Faso will be without their star man Jonathan Pitroipa. But with Aristides Bance in the team, they will fancy their chances against Nigeria, who will be hot favourites to win their title since 1994.

    Stallions v Super Eagles on Sunday. Sounds like another Super Bowl.

  5. 2115: 
    BBC's Nick Cavell in NelspruitBurkina Faso 1-1 Ghana (3-2 pens)

    "Burkina Faso will feel that justice was done there after some poor decisions from the referee. Overall, the Stallions probably just about deserved this win.

    "A first ever final for Burkina Faso where they play Nigeria - while we will see Ghana v Mali in Port Elizabeth in the third place play-off on Saturday."

  6. 2114: 
    FULL-TIME- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana (3-2 pens)

    Burkina Faso will play Nigeria in Sunday's final of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.

  7. 2113: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana (3-2 pens)

    Emmanuel Agyemang Badu misses for Ghana. That's it, that's it - Burkina Faso are in the final of the African Cup of Nations.

  8. 2112: 
    GOAL- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana (3-2 pens)

    Aristides Bance nonchalantly scores the third penalty for Burkina Faso. Ghana cannot miss the next.

  9. 2111: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana (2-2 pens)

    Emmanuel Clottey misses for Ghana. That was terrible.

  10. 2110: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana (2-2 pens)

    Paul Koulibaly's penalty is saved by Fatau Dauda. Poor.

  11. 2109: 
    GOAL- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana (2-2 pens)

    Harrison Afful's effort creeps inside the right-hand post.

  12. 2108: 
    GOAL- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana (2-1 pens)

    Henri Traore sneaks it in for Burkina Faso.

  13. 2108: 
    GOAL- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana (1-1 pens)

    Christian Atsu levels matters, but Burkina Faso still have the advantage.

  14. 2107: 
    GOAL- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana (1-0 pens)

    Bakary Kone sends the keeper Fatau Dauda the wrong way.

  15. 2106: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana (0-0 pens)

    Isaac Vorsah misses the first penalty for Ghana. Goes horribly wide.

  16. 2105: 
    BBC's Nick Cavell in NelspruitBurkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    "Unfortunately, I think this semi-final will be remembered more for the poor refereeing of Tunisia's Slim Jdidi rather than the great football that both teams have shown today in Nelspruit."

  17. 2104: 
    BBC's Nick Cavell in NelspruitBurkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    "Burkina Faso coach must feel very justified in bringing Aristide Bance to start this game - he could have won this game on more than one occasion. Playing much better than Moumouni Dagano did in the quarter-final."

  18. 2101: 
    PENALTY SHOOT-OUT- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    Who do you fancy now? Burkina Faso are without Jonathan Pitroipa, who will also miss the final after he was dismissed. They created the better chances, but wouldn't it be typical cruel fortune if they went out to Ghana?

  19. 2059: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    Aristides Bance runs into the area turns and sees his goalbound shot deflect off a Ghana defender's thigh. That would have won it - it's penalties-time.

  20. 2057: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    Ghana nearly rub Burkina Faso's noses in it when Asamoah Gyan's flashing header just misses the far post by no more than an inch.

  21. 2056: 
    RED CARD- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana - Jonathan Pitroipa

    Burkina Faso's Jonathan Pitroipa looks like he's been fouled as he races into the area, but referee Slim Jdidi is adamant it's a dive, shows him a second yellow then brandishes a red.

  22. 2054: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    Burkina Faso's Paul Koulibaly forces a good save from Fatau Dauda who tips behind, rather theatrically, for a corner - it comes to nothing.

  23. 2049: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    Aristides Bance has two more goalmouth moments. His first shot is pushed out for a corner by Nigeria keeper Fatau Dauda and from the set-piece his half-volley is blocked on the line by Harrison Afful.

    BBC's Nick Cavell in Nelspruit

    "I think the neutrals in the crowd are getting behind Burkina Faso here."

  25. 2047: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    Burkina Faso's Aristides Bance is involved again in the next chance. He blazes over from 12 yards out. The forward looked tired making that strike.

  26. 2043: 
    KICK-OFF- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    The second half of extra-time is under way.

  27. 2041: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    Now then. What happened there? Burkina Faso's Prejuce Nakoulma outmuscles Kwadwo Asamoah and pokes the ball past Fatau Dauda. That's a goal isn't it? Not according to referee Slim Jdidi. What was the infringement ref? He blows the whistle for the first half of extra-time.

  28. 2040: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    Aristides Bance had a great chance to score his second for Burkina Faso. He outpaces two Ghana defenders but then fires over from 16 yards.

  29. 2036: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    Bakary Kone comes up from the back and has a great chance to score for Burkina Faso, but heads over from six yards.

  30. 2032: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    Ghana's Harrison Afful forces a tip-over save from Daouda Diakite. He struck it from a tight angle, but it needed Diakite's touch.

  31. 2030: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    Ghana's Asamoah Gyan turns and falls to the floor inside the penalty area with Bakary Kone in close attention. He looks at Tunisian referee Slim Jdidi, but the official is not interested.

  32. 2026: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    More huddles and prayers. We are under way again.

  33. 2020: 
    EXTRA TIME- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    The players will need to find some extra energy from somewhere - we have an extra 30 minutes coming up.

  34. 2017: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    Ghana have a free-kick - on the right and 50 yards from goal. They have to wait before they can take it with Burkina Faso's Mohamed Koffi stretched off having been limping for the last few minutes.

  35. 2016: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    There are two minutes of the 90 remaining. It looks like there will be extra-time.

    GREAT SAVE!- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    Ghana go close. Christian Atsu runs across the edge of the area and fires a lot shot that Daouda Diakite does well to stop from creeping inside his left-hand post.

  37. 2010: 
    BBC's Nick Cavell in Nelspruit

    "Not too bad a crowd in here this evening - we might be half full. There are certainly a lot more than came to see the Togo v Burkina Faso quarter-final on Sunday."

  38. 2009: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    There are 10 minutes remaining, but Burkina Faso do not seem to want to settle for another 30 minutes. Prejuce Nakoulma and Jonathan Pitroipa exchange neat passes in the area, but Nakoulma fails to deliver the killer ball for his team-mate.

  39. 2003: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    A strange period of play. Ghana's Asamoah Gyan thumps a header a couple of feet over the bar from a corner. Then the ex-Sunderland player falls to ground when Paul Koulibaly, already lying on the grass, kicks him. The Burkina Faso star was lucky to get away with a yellow.

  40. 2002: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    There are a fraction more than 15 minutes left. Is everybody set for extra-time and possible penalties?

  41. 2001: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    Bance is now having an ice bag applied to his blonde mop after a collision. He's OK though

  42. 2000: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    Burkina Faso's Aristides Bance has got a taste for it now. He smashes a 20-yard free-kick narrowly wide.

  43. 1955: 

    Just a brief interlude from the action. Here is some reaction from Nigeria and Chelsea's John Mikel Obi:

    "We will go into the game the same as the last two games. We must keep patient and keep playing the way we have been playing.

    We have missed [winning] the trophy quite a lot. We want to go into the final as the underdog team. We want to take this cup back home for the Nigerian people, and for us as well, it's a massive thing. Whichever team we play it won't be easy.

    "I think the victory is for the Nigerians. Hopefully, on Sunday, we can take the cup back for them."

  44. 1954: 
    BBC's Nick Cavell in Nelspruit

    "Burkina Faso are growing in confidence here and so are their fans who have lifted their drumming and dancing on the far side."

  45. 1952: 
    Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana

    Well, well. It looked quite comfortable for Ghana, but then one mistake cost them. Credit to Burkina Faso for making the most of the few chances they have had. They seem look more dangerous than there more illustrious opponents.

  46. 1947: 
    GOAL- Burkina Faso 1-1 Ghana - Aristides Bance (60 mins)

    Seconds ago Ghana hit the woodwork, but now the scores are level. Aristides Bance keeps his composure to slot in after Ghana lose the ball 40 yards from goal.

  47. 1945: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    Ghana's Asamoah Gyan strikes the post with a firm toe-poke in the area.

  48. 1940: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    Didn't that just go in for Burkina Faso? I thought it did, but it didn't. Right decision. Aristides Bance's header is clawed away from under the bar by Fatau Dauda. That was an extraordinary save by the Ghana keeper.

  49. 1940: 
    Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    Burkina Faso break. It's Jonathan Pitroipa who leads the charge again. His cross goes behind for corner.

  50. 1938: 
    Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    The quality in this semi-final has not been as good as that seen in the first of the day, when Nigeria defeated Mali 4-1. The pitch might be partly to blame, but both sides still look a little tentative.

  51. 1935: 
    Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    Burkina Faso keeper Daouda Diakite does a Cruyff-turn near his own area to baffle Ghana's Asamoah Gyan. He knew what he was doing didn't he?

  52. 1932: 
    KICK-OFF- Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    The match is under way.

  53. 1931: 
    Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    The teams are back out. Ghana have a one foot in the Africa Cup of Nations final. Just about.

  54. 1929: 
    Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    So, do you think it's all over for Burkina Faso? Join in the debate at #bbcafcon on Twitter.

  55. 1919: 
    BBC's Nick Cavell in Nelspruit

    "Burkina Faso will feel hard done by at half-time. They had a penalty denied after just six minutes after Jonathan Pitroipa was fouled by John Boye. Minutes later they were harshly penalised as Ghana were awarded a penalty for a soft foul that Mubarak Wakaso converted - his fourth goal of the tournament.

    "But the Stallions were not overawed and pushed for an equaliser, with Prejuce Nakoulma causing the Ghana defence a of problems. He also had the best chance to score for Burkina Faso.

    "Ghana will also feel they could have wrapped up this game with both Asamoah Gyan and Solomon Asante having chances to extend the Black Stars lead. Christian Atsu could be key to Ghana scoring more."

  56. 1917: 
    HALF-TIME- Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    Referee Slim Jdidi might end up stealing the headlines in this one. He awarded a very debatable penalty to Ghana which led to them taking the lead. I didn't see many, if any, of the Burkina Faso players surrounding him at the half-time whistle.

  57. 1916: 
    Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    There are two minutes of stoppage time to be played. Burkina Faso are pressing for an equaliser while Ghana want the whistle.

  58. 1912: 
    Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    There are four minutes until half-time. It's been a nervy first half for both sides. Will Burkina Faso level matters before the break?

  59. 1911: 

    Ronnie Bowerman on Twitter: "Some pretty funky hairstyles and even funkier refereeing decisions."

    Nico Lennon on Twitter: "I feel for Burkina Faso, started the game well, should have had penalty themselves then conceded one unjustly. Terrible pitch mind."

  60. 1908: 
    CLOSE!- Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    Solomon Asante should have made it 2-0. Kwadwo Asamoah pulls the ball back after great work down the left and the Berekum Chelsea player sidefoots his shot two yards over the bar from 10 yards out.

  61. 1904: 
    BBC's Nick Cavell in Nelspruit

    "Nakoulma has shown why he deserved a place in the starting line-up after he impressed as substitute in the 1-0 win over Togo. He has caused problems down the left for Ghana, trying to take on makeshift left-back Kwadwo Asamoah. His shooting can be better though. Nakoulma is wearing black boots, with with pink soles."

  62. 1903: 
    Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    Prejuce Nakoulma, who plays for Gornik Zabrze in Poland, blazes well wide when he should have forced at least a save from Ghana keeper Fatau Dauda. Burkina Faso are creating plenty of opportunities.

  63. 1859: 
    Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    Former Sunderland forward Asamoah Gyan times his run brilliantly on the right. He runs into the area but fires straight at keeper Daouda Diakite, who does well to block the angle. Burkina Faso are now up at the other end...

  64. 1858: 
    Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana
    Mbombela Stadium

    If you can picture a field following a frosty night - that is what the Mbombela Stadium pitch looks like.

  65. 1855: 
    Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    Burkina Faso win a corner. The ball falls to Prejuce Nakoulma, who watches the ball fall to him 20 yards from goal and strikes a volley that misses the Ghana right-hand upright by about five feet. There was good dip on that.

  66. 1852: 
    Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    Ghana's Mubarak Wakaso fires one in from 25 yards which dips in front of Daouda Diakite, who judges the bounce well.

  67. 1851: 
    YELLOW CARD- Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    Rabiu Mohammed's name goes in the book after a foul on Paul Koulibaly.

  68. 1850: 
    Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana

    The Burkinabe do look dangerous in attack, especially Jonathan Pitroipa, who is looking to have a go at the Ghana defence every time he has the ball. Burkina Faso now have a free-kick on the right.

  69. 1846: 
    BBC's Nick Cavell in Nelspruit

    "Ghana are lucky. There didn't seem to be too much of a push or foul on Christian Atsu, but the Black Stars' fans don't care at all - the noise in the stadium has gone up a few decibels down in front of me. Burkina Faso fans must be gutted. Pitroipa's claim for a penalty looked a lot stronger."

  70. 1843: 
    GOAL- Burkina Faso 0-1 Ghana - Mubarak Wakaso pen (13 mins)

    Mubarak Wakaso gives Ghana the lead for the spot. The Black Stars should not have been awarded that penalty. It seemed a quite innocuous challenge by Mady Panandetiguiri on Christian Atsu inside the area. they both went for the ball and Atsu fell over.

  71. 1841: 

    Penalty to Ghana.

  72. 1839: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Burkina Faso 0-0 Ghana

    Solomon Asante comes on for John Pantsil, who looks to be in a bit of pain on the touchline.

  73. 1837: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Ghana

    Bad news for Ghana's ex-West Ham player John Pantsil, who pulls up in mid-stride. It looks like a hamstring injury.

  74. 1836: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Ghana

    That should have been a penalty for Burkina Faso. Jonathan Pitroipa finds himself in the area and is shoved over by John Boye, who is his club-mate at Rennes.

  75. 1835: 
    Burkina Faso 0-0 Ghana

    Four minutes have been played and both sides are trying to get used to the uneven surface of the pitch - I'm being polite by describing it as "uneven".

  76. 1832: 
    BBC's Nick Cavell in Nelspruit

    "One of the key battles here could be between the two blondes - Burkina Faso striker Aristide Bance against Ghana's Isaac Vorsah."

  77. 1830: 
    KICK-OFF- Burkina Faso 0-0 Ghana

    The match is under way. It looks like it's been snowing on the pitch - it hasn't.

  78. 1829: 
    Burkina Faso v Ghana (1830 GMT)

    Thanks for the earlier tweets and texts. If you missed out here's another chance to join in.

    Use the hashtag #bbafcon to message me via Twitter or text on 81111 if you're in the UK or text +4477 86 20 50 75 if you're from outside the UK.

    You can also post your comments on Facebook by going to the new African Football BBC page.

    Will Burkina Faso upset the odds?

  79. 1826: 
    Burkina Faso v Ghana (1830 GMT)

    They are playing the national anthems in the Mbombela Stadium. Ready for round two?

  80. 1824: 
    Burkina Faso v Ghana (1830 GMT)

    We touched on Ghana earlier, but here's a little more on Burkina Faso.

    It's fair to say they haven't got the greatest Africa Cup of Nations records. In fact, only on one another occasion have they reached the last four - that was back in 1998.

    Their coach Paul Put had this to say:

    "I have been giving the players the confidence and belief in themselves. I think it's important to sow a psychological seed so they were prepared.

    "But the target was just to do better that the other Africa Cup of Nations. By achieving one draw against Nigeria and beating Ethiopia it was already party time in Wakaduku. So we did a little more than this so I'm very proud and happy about this."

  81. 1820: 
    Burkina Faso v Ghana (1830 GMT)

    Burkina Faso make three changes with striker Aristide Bance and midfielders Florent Rouamba and Prejuce Nakoulma in the starting line-up. Captain Moumouni Dagano, Issouf Ouattara and Wilfried Sanou drop to the bench.

    Ghana midfielder Mubarak Wakaso starts following a good performance against Cape Verde in the quarter-finals. Anthony Annan is named among the substitutes.

  82. 1815: 
    Burkina Faso v Ghana (1830 GMT)

    There are only 15 minutes until kick off, so time for some team news.

  83. 1807: 
    BBC's Nick Cavell in Nelspruit

    "Once again not too many fans in the Mbombela stadium yet but as always lots of noise and lots of colour. The group of Burkina Faso fans in front of me have a banner saying 'Stallions you are the pride of the Burkinabe people going forward for victory'.

    Ghana fan in Nelspruit

    "The Ghana fans are down in front of us and are making a lot of noise and thankfully, for me, only a few vuvuzelas in the house and lots more of the drums."

  84. 1801: 
    LINE-UPS- Burkina Faso v Ghana (1830 GMT)

    Ghana: Dauda, Pantsil, Afful, Boye, Vorsah, Mohammed, Badu, Atsu, Wakaso, Asamoah, Gyan

    Burkina Faso: Diakite, Koffi, Kone, Koulibaly, Panandetiguiri, Kone, Kabore (capt), Rouamba, Nakoulma, Pitroipa, Bance

    Referee: Slim Jdidi (Tunisia)

  85. 1757: 
    Burkina Faso v Ghana (1830 GMT)

    Now for the full team line-ups...

  86. 1755: 
    Mali 1-4 Nigeria

    Mali coach Patrice Carteron:

    "I'm still proud of this team - we worked hard even though we did not reach the final."

  87. 1747: 
    Mali 1-4 Nigeria

    Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi, following his side's semi-final win over Mali:

    "Mali are a good team with a top player like Seydou Keita, but they are not very fast at the back and we took advantage of this to score our first two goals."

  88. 1740: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Burkina Faso v Ghana (1830 GMT)

    Ghana make just one change from the starting line-up that began the quarter-final with Cape Verde. Mubarak Wakaso, who scored both goals in that game, starts ahead of Bristol City's Albert Adomah.

  89. 1736: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Burkina Faso v Ghana (1830 GMT)

    Florent Rouamba, Aristides Bance and Prejuce Nakoulma come into the Burkina Faso starting XI.

  90. 1733: 
    Burkina Faso v Ghana (1830 GMT)

    Enough tomfoolery, we have some breaking team news from both the Burkina Faso and Ghana camps...

  91. 1729: 
    BBC Sport App

    This made-up email arrived in my inbox a few minutes ago:

    Hello Saj,

    Love the site and all that. I live outside the UK and I hear you guys have created a BBC Sport app. It's a shame there isn't one for us guys and gals who don't in the UK.

    Yours sincerely,

    Fan of BBC Sport and apps

    Thanks for the email. There is now an app for our international users. Follow this link I've posted or go to the front page of the BBC Sport site and scroll down - you will find the link to the instructions on the right-hand side.

  92. 1722: 
    Burkina Faso v Ghana (1830 GMT)

    As mentioned by my colleague John Bennett, the pitch in Nelspruit, which is in the north west of South Africa, has taken a bit of a battering during the tournament. It's not ideal for Brian Clough-style football, so let's see who the conditions favour.

  93. 1719: 

    BBC Sport's John Bennett on Twitter at Mbombela Stadium: "The Ghana players are having a good look at the controversial pitch here in Nelspruit. Very tough conditions..."

    A Togo player on the field of the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit
  94. 1719: 
    Burkina Faso v Ghana (1830 GMT)

    Back to the Africa Cup of Nations. Many expect the second semi-final to produce a similar scoreline to that of the first - in favour of Ghana.

    The Black Stars have won the title of four occasions, although the last of those came in 1982 - sadly, my ability to remember had well and truly kicked in by then, so let's just say it wasn't that long ago.

    They finished fourth last year, losing to Mali in the third/fourth play-off. Surely, they will get to the final this year?

  95. 1708: 

    Dahood on Twitter: "Tell everyone our smile-inducing Eagles are back- with broader wings soaring highest!"

    Olawale Ibraheem on Twitter: "Super Eagles are now reclaiming the old glory as a giant football nation. One last "hurray" boys; let win this cup again."

  96. 1702: 
    Wednesday's internationals

    Do not go away. The BBC Sport website is going football live text crazy in a little less than an hour's time. Apart from the second Africa Cup of Nations semi-final between Burkina Faso and Ghana, we have Malta v Northern Ireland (1830 GMT), England v Brazil (1930 GMT), Scotland v Estonia (1945 GMT) and Wales v Austria (1945 GMT).

    Stay with the BBC Football page.

  97. 1655: 
    Mali 1-4 Nigeria
    Nigeria celebrate reaching the Africa Cup of Nations final

    The Nigeria players, with an average age of 23.5 years, gather around in a huddle to go over how they cruised past Mali. A very mature performance from Stephen Keshi's side. They were rarely troubled and only took the foot off the gas in the last quarter of the match.

    For Patrice Carteron's Mali, it's a third/fourth play-off match on Saturday against either Burkina Faso and Ghana. I'm guessing neither of those teams have Saturday in mind.

  98. 1652:  
    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    BBC Sport commentator Lee James on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra: "This could be a bit of a pyrrhic victory for Nigeria if they lose Emanuel Emenike and Jon Mikel Obi, who is limping, for the final."

    FULL-TIME- Mali 1-4 Nigeria

    That is it. Nigeria reach the final with a convincing 4-1 win over Mali. The Eagles go out at the semi-final stage for the second tournament running.

  100. 1649: 
    Mali 1-4 Nigeria

    Cheick Diarra fires over from 10 yards then strikes one from 18 yards that Nigeria's Vincent Enyeama pushes behind for a corner. The set-piece comes to nothing. The Gambia referee looks at his watch.

  101. 1648: 
    Mali 1-4 Nigeria

    We are into stoppage time. Mali have a free-kick from 40 yards out - it floats over the bar. One of those days for Les Aigles.

  102. 1647: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Mali 1-4 Nigeria

    Nigeria's Vincent Enyeama has produced more saves in the last 15 minutes than he has done in the previous 75. This time he blocks a close-range strike from Cheick Diabate. Good keeping.

  103. 1644: 
    CLOSE!- Mali 1-4 Nigeria

    Nigeria's Emmanuel Emenike spanks a shot from 25 yards that whistles past the Mali upright. He's on the ground after damaging his leg in the process of taking the shot and is helped off the pitch.

  104. 1641: 
    Mali 1-4 Nigeria

    Stats update: Mali have had 13 shots on goal, while Nigeria have had 15. It's that score above that matters.

  105. 1639: 
    Mali 1-4 Nigeria

    Former Everton defender Joseph Yobo comes on for Nigeria team-mate Efe Ambrose. On for the final few minutes and the glory - my sort of man.

  106. 1636:  
    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Former Namibia goalkeeping coach Lutz Pfannenstiel: "The two substitutes made the goal and that reinforces my idea that the team selection was not the right one for this match."

    You can listen to live commentary of this game online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra in the UK and via the World Service in sub-Saharan Africa.

  107. 1632: 
    GOAL- Mali 1-4 Nigeria - Cheick Diarra

    Mali have scored! Two substitutes are involved here. Tidiane Diabbate showboats his way to the byeline on the left before the ball falls to Cheick Diarra, 15 yards out, who places his shot low into the Nigeria net.

  108. 1630: 
    CLOSE!- Mali 0-4 Nigeria

    Nigeria's Vincent Enyeama is caled into action again. This time the keeper makes a one-handed save to deny Mahamadou Samassa.

    SUBSTITUTION- Mali 0-4 Nigeria

    Nigeria take off Brown Ideye and bring on Ejike Uzoenyi.

  110. 1627: 
    Mali 0-4 Nigeria

    Shot by Mali. Cheick Diabate shifts his feet before firing in a low angled strike that Enyeama Vincent saves at the near post. Enyeama really has had little to do.

  111. 1624: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Mali 0-4 Nigeria

    Big chunks of rain coming down in Durban. Mali's Sow Samba comes on for Mahamane Traore.

  112. 1620: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Mali 0-4 Nigeria

    Many thought, including myself, Nigeria had scored their fifth, but this time Musa Ahmed is denied his second by the assistant referee, who thought the CSKA Moscow striker was offside. If he was, it was marginal.

  113. 1620: 

    S Bayero on Twitter: "I really don't want this match to be so one-sided so let's hope Mali comes back strong in the second half, let's see some drama."

    Michael Gagariga on Twitter: "Given how quickly things can change in matches I will only calm down when the final whistle blows #supereagles"

  114. 1617: 
    GOAL- Mali 0-4 Nigeria - Musa Ahmed (60 mins)

    Substitute Musa Ahmed springs the offside trap, runs in on goal and slides his shot under the body of Mali keeper Mamadou Samassa. Game over - I think.

  115. 1616: 
    Mali 0-3 Nigeria

    Mali doing their best to rustle up something upfield, but they're being frustrated by poor final balls and a good Nigeria defence. At the other end, substitute Musa almost breaks free near the area only for his attempts to be thwarted by the Mali defence. But wait a sec...

  116. 1611: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Mali 0-3 Nigeria

    Nigeria's Victor Moses is off and is replaced by Musa Ahmed.

  117. 1609: 
    BBC's Nick Cavell in Nelspruit for Burkina Faso v Ghana

    "At the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations, Mali came from 4-0 down to hosts Angola to earn a draw in the opening game of the tournament. And, to top it all, they scored all four goals in the last 15 minutes of the game and injury time."

  118. 1604: 
    CLOSE!- Mali 0-3 Nigeria

    Hello, hello. Mali's Seydou Keita misses with his right foot from eight yards after latching on to a cross from the right. That would have been the perfect start for the Eagles.

  119. 1603: 
    KICK-OFF- Mali 0-3 Nigeria

    The second half is under way.

  120. 1602: 

    Remember you can comment on this feast of football fun in a variety of ways:

    Use the hashtag #bbafcon to message me via Twitter or text on 81111 if you're in the UK or text +4477 86 20 50 75 if you're from outside the UK.

    You can also post your comments on Facebook by going to the new African Football BBC page.

  121. 1555: 
    Mali 0-3 Nigeria

    It's been easy for Nigeria. Coach Stephen Keshi has been dancing on the touchline after every goal scored - I doubt he can believe the ease in which his team have carved out a 3-0 lead. My colleague Tom Rostance, who will be at helm for the 'Rest of the World' football live text later, said I should mention the 2005 Champions League final between AC Milan and Liverpool. There, I've mentioned it.

    Stephen Keshi
  122. 1549: 

    Howard Johnson on Twitter: "Nigeria playing some top quality football - shades of Okocha and World Cup 94!"

  123. 1548:  
    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Former Namibia goalkeeping coach Lutz Pfannenstiel: "Three nil says a lot. Mali have struggled to deal with the speed of Nigeria and have not created much offensively."

    You can listen to live commentary of this game online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra in the UK and via the World Service in sub-Saharan Africa.

  124. 1548: 
    HALF-TIME- Mali 0-3 Nigeria

    Nigeria on top?

  125. 1543: 
    GOAL- Mali 0-3 Nigeria - Momo Sissoko og (44 mins)

    The second goal appeared to take a small deflection, the third took a huge deflection. Emmanuel Emenike scores what he thinks is his fourth goal of the tournament with a low free-kick from 20 yards that strikes Momo Sissoko in the wall, wrong-foots Mamadou Samassa, and creeps in just inside the left-hand post. The powers-that-be award Sissoko the goal.

    Nigeria celebrate their third goal
  126. 1543: 

    Yusuf Ridwan on Twitter: "Moses has ran this Malian defence ragged. Most important player in this tournament."

    Isaac Ogabu on Twitter: We are making this look easy... Up Nigeria."

  127. 1539: 
    Mali 0-2 Nigeria

    There are five minutes until half-time. So far, so good for my Africa Cup of Nations final line-up prediction. Burkina Faso v Ghana from 1830 GMT - you would fancy Ghana in that one wouldn't you?

  128. 1538: 
    Mali 0-2 Nigeria

    Right then. Mali need their influential leader-on-the-pitch Seydou Keita to provide some words of inspiration, and fast, because as this could be a bit of a rout if they're not careful. Mali's Modibo Maiga goes into the book for handball. Gambia referee Backary Papa Gassama has been quite lenient so far.

  129. 1535:  
    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Former Namibia goalkeeping coach Lutz Pfannenstiel on the first goal: "Mali just can't handle Victor Moses down the right."

    You can listen to live commentary of this game online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra in the UK and via the Word Service in sub-Saharan Africa.

  130. 1533: 
    Mali 0-2 Nigeria

    Nigeria nearly make it three. This time Lazio's Ogenyi Onanzi surges down the right before coming inside and attempting a chip that Mali's keeper Mamadou Samassa stretches to save.

  131. 1533:  
    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Former Namibia goalkeeping coach Lutz Pfannenstiel on the first goal: "It was a brilliant turn and cross from Victor Moses but the Mali defenders looked rooted to the spot, they didn't move to cover the danger at all."

    You can listen to live commentary of this game online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra in the UK and via the Word Service in sub-Saharan Africa.

  132. 1529: 
    GOAL- Mali 0-2 Nigeria - Brown Ideye (30 mins)

    An extraordinary start for Nigeria. It all happens down that right side again. This time Nigeria striker Emmanuel Emenike breaks forward and lays the ball into the path of the fast-arriving Brown Ideye, who bundles in, under pressure, from close range.

    Brown Ideye celebrates
  133. 1524: 
    GOAL- Mali 0-1 Nigeria - Elderson Echiejile (25 mins)

    What wonderful, wonderful play from Chelsea's Victor Moses. He turns his defender inside and out on the right before delivering an inch-perfect cross for Braga left-back Elderson Echiejile, who stoops down to head in.

    Elderson Echiejile
  134. 1524:  
    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Former Namibia goalkeeping coach Lutz Pfannenstiel: "It was a great effort from Jon Mikel Obi and I think that, although he made a great effort to get across, the Mali goalkeeper would have been struggling to get to it if it had been on target."

    You can listen to live commentary of this game online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra in the UK and via the Word Service in sub-Saharan Africa.

  135. 1523: 
    CLOSE!- Mali 0-0 Nigeria

    Chelsea's John Obi Mikel arrows in a brilliant strike from 25 yards that just clears the Mali bar. Excellent technique - plenty of power and dip.

  136. 1522: 
    Mali 0-0 Nigeria

    The match has settled down a little bit after that early flurry of activity. The battle seems to be happening in the middle of the pitch, the only difference is that Nigeria seem to have more pace on the break. Wait, Nigeria are on the attack again...

  137. 1518:  
    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Former Namibia goalkeeping coach Lutz Pfannenstiel: "You can see straight away how tight and compact Mali are with almost 11 men behind the ball. I really think they are one of the hardest teams to play against on the continent."

    You can listen to live commentary of this game online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra in the UK and via the Word Service in sub-Saharan Africa.

  138. 1516: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Mali 0-0 Nigeria

    It was all Mali until Nigeria's Brown Ideye broke free inside the area to fire in an angled striker that keeper Mamadou Samassa did brilliantly to save with his outstretched foot. That was the best piece of play so far from the Super Eagles.

  139. 1513: 

    Theo Harrison on Twitter: "Fully behind Mali for this one, the conflict over the last year is reason enough to get off the fence and back Seydou & the boys!"

    Karl McMichael on Twitter: "It has got Mali all over this competition , especially with what's going on in their country. Freedom and champions to boot."

  140. 1513: 
    Mali 0-0 Nigeria

    Mali have another corner. This time Mahamane Traore glances his header a yard wide of the Nigeria right-hand upright. They're getting closer. Momo Sissoko then has a pop from 25 yards - it's a foot too high. Mali are on top in these early stages.

  141. 1506: 
    Mali 0-0 Nigeria

    Mali have a corner on the right. Molla Wague comes up from the back to head over from 10 yards. He should have done better.

  142. 1506: 
    Mali 0-0 Nigeria
    A Mali fan in the build up to the match against Nigeria

    The vuvuzelas are out in full voice inside the stadium. Would you prefer to stand next to somebody blowing into one of them or the band that plays at England matches? Tweet us at #bbcafcon or text on 81111 if you're in the UK or if you're from somewhere away from these fair isles then text on +44 77 86 20 50 75

  143. 1503: 
    Mali 0-0 Nigeria

    Nigeria and Chelsea forward Victor Moses fires in a shot from 25 yards - it goes about 10 yards wide.

  144. 1501:  
    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Former Gillingham, Sheffield United and Swindon striker and ex Ethiopia boss Iffy Onuora on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra and the World Service: "Mali have got plenty of experience with the like of Seydou and they are strong as a collective. They sound relaxed and they have been punching above their weight."

    You can listen to live commentary of this game online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra in the UK and via the Word Service in sub-Saharan Africa.

  145. 1500: 
    KICK-OFF- Mali 0-0 Nigeria

    Nigeria get the semi-final under way.

  146. 1457:  
    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Former Gillingham, Sheffield United and Swindon striker and ex Ethiopia boss Iffy Onuora on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra and the World Service: "It is a strange dynamic. Against Ivory Coast Nigeria were underdogs and that worked in their favour - they played well as a team. But now they are back as favourites, just as they were in the previous round against Ethiopia. They were nervous in that match and it looked like that mantle weighed heavily on them. It will be interesting to see which Nigeria turn up."

    You can listen to live commentary of this game online on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra in the UK and via the Word Service in sub-Saharan Africa.

  147. 1456: 
    BBC's Sport Matthew Kenyon in Durban

    "It's not full, but it's very far from being empty and there's a great sound as the teams come out on to the pitch. There's still a lot of people making their way in. There are plenty of locals, but also lots of partisan Malians and Nigerians here too."

  148. 1453: 
    Mali v Nigeria (1500 GMT)

    The teams are coming out for the first semi-final of the Africa Cup of Nations. Nervy times lie ahead for both sides.

  149. 1453: 
    Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit

    Apparently, the state of the pitch at the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit for the second semi-final between Ghana and Burkina Faso is not too great. Ghana have not even been able to train or see the pitch first hand yet while the Stallions of Burkina Faso have already play four matches and extra time on the surface. That match kicks off at 1830 GMT.

  150. 1450: 

    Abbey Kun on Twitter: "From history, Nigeria vs Ghana looks sure bet for Sunday's final. But with the trend of the tournament, you never know..."

    Peter Jupp on Twitter: "From a neutral point of view, I'd love to see a Nigeria vs Ghana final as it should show the true quality of the AFCON."

    Chima Tim on Twitter: "Nigeria really need to win this match, I mean Nigerians have forgotten what it is to be a in an AFCON final."

    Get involved on #bbcafcon

  151. 1449:  
    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    To get that 'surround sound and text' experience we all seek for in life, you can also tune commentary of both semis on BBC World Service across sub-Saharan Africa and on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra.

  152. 1444: 
    Mali v Nigeria (1500 GMT)

    Mali coach Patrice Carteron:

    "I think it was more difficult a few months ago and when the country was invaded. Now the players just want to give a present back to the country.

    "The atmosphere in Mali is unbelievable - people are much happier because we are getting close to the end of the war and because the national football team is in the semi-finals. It is a fantastic story."

  153. 1444: 
    Mali v Nigeria (1500 GMT)

    Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi, who was in charge of Mali from 2008 to 2010:

    "Mali is a footballing nation with great talent, I saw it in my two years there. I have a lot of respect for them and a lot of admiration for the Mali team and the players.

    "It will be an even tougher game than against the Ivory Coast. We will use whatever God gave us to play football and we will try and put it all together against Mali."

  154. 1441: 

    You guys might have looked at the live text and wondered "who's the person writing this?" I forgot to my name at the top, but it should magically appear or you can simple click refresh at the top of your browser.

    I won't spoil the surprise by revealing my name in this entry.

    Let us read what the coaches have said in the build-up...

  155. 1437: 

    Dan in London via text: "Re 1415: I'd rather you'd backed Mali for the final: I've got a whopping 50p on them to win. I think my confidence is reflected by the extent of my financial investment."

  156. 1435: 

    We've focused on Nigeria, so now on to Mali. Les Aigles (Eagles) finished second to Ghana in Group B by the skin of their teeth having had to avoid defeat by DR Congo in their final match.

    They faced hosts South Africa in their quarter-final, in what was another tense encounter. With the scores level at 1-1 after the 90 minutes, the match went into extra-time and then penalties.

    Bafana Bafana missed three of their spot-kicks as the Eagles reaching the last four for the second tournament in succession.

    Ex-Barcelona midfielder and captain Seydou Keita has been their talisman. Mali have never won the competition - will this be their year?

  157. 1431: 
    BBC's Sport Matthew Kenyon in Durban

    "Nigeria are unchanged, so Joseph Yobo, who's been injured and came on as a late, late sub in the game against Ivory Coast, remains on the bench. There's no place for Fegor Ogude in the midfield, even though he's back from suspension.

    "Mali have made four changes in total. Mamadou Samassa comes back in goal - despite Soumaila Diakite's heroics in the penalty shoot-out against South Africa. Adama Coulibaly has lost his place in defence, with Mahamadou N'diaye replacing him. And in the midfield, Samba Diakite and Samba Sow are replaced by Kalilou Traore and Mahamane Traore."

  158. 1429: 
    LINE-UPS- Mali v Nigeria (1500 GMT)

    Mali: Mamadou Samassa, Diawara, Tamboura, Kalilou Traore, Wague, Sissoko, Mahamane Traore, N'diaye, Keita, Maiga, Mahamadou Samassa

    Nigeria: Enyeama, Echiejile, Omeruo, Oboabona, Ambrose, Mba, Onanzi, Mikel, Moses, Ideye, Emenike

    Referee: Backary Papa Gassama (Gambia)

  159. 1425: 

    Are you ready for the line-ups? They've just come in.

  160. 1422: 

    Here's a taste of the atmosphere inside the Moses Mabhida from our man in Durban, BBC's Giles Goford:

    "With just over half-an-hour until kick-off, Mali have followed Nigeria out on to the pitch to warm-up. 'You'll Never Walk Alone' is blasting out of the public address system. The loyal band of Malian supporters are right next to the players' tunnel cheering on their heroes."

  161. 1420: 

    Let us focus on the first semi-final. It takes place at the Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban, and features, in the yellow corner, Mali, and in the green corner, (although they might wear white) Nigeria.

    Nigeria are fancied to win today, but they last won the Cup of Nations in 1994 - a bit poor for a side who have been touted as one of the favourites for the title ever since.

    They finished second in Group C to relative minnows Burkina Faso on goal difference, after two unconvincing draws and a 2-0 win over Ethiopia.

    But Stephen Keshi's side found form at the right time with an excellent 2-1 win over Ivory Coast in the quarter-finals.

    This is the Super Eagles's fifth semi-final in seven appearances and they have made it with less of a star-studded squad than they have had in past tournaments. Watch out for Chelsea's Victor Moses, who has been one of the stars of the competition

  162. 1419: 

    Keen followers know that the BBC have been covering every kick of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations on radio, TV, online and mobile. - and will do until the sad conclusion on Sunday.

    BBC World Service will bring commentary on the remaining matches with regular updates from the tournament being broadcast by BBC World News as well as the BBC's TV programmes for Africa. We will have a live text commentary for the games on the BBC Sport website.

    Lee James will present the weekly Sports World live from South Africa throughout the tournament. All the latest news, match reports and reaction will also be covered on the African Football section of the BBC Sport website.

    BBC Africa's social-media teams will be engaging with reporters, fans and footballers via #BBCAFCON (Twitter page @bbclovefootball), the LoveAfricanFootball Facebook page as well as the Google+ community page Love African Football.

    So feel free to chat away with them.

  163. 1415: 

    So, who predicted at the start of the tournament that these nations would make up the final four?

    There is no Ivory Coast, champions Zambia and no north African sides. The teams that have made it are Mali and Nigeria, who play at 1500 GMT, and Burkina Faso and Ghana, with that match starting at 1830 GMT.

    Who do you fancy to make Sunday's final? I'm saying Nigeria v Ghana.

    Use the hashtag #bbafcon to message me via Twitter or text on 81111 if you're in the UK or.... yes, or text +4477 86 20 50 75 if you're from outside the UK. Many are, apparently.

    You can also post your comments on Facebook by going to the new African Football BBC page.

    It's like a communication convenience store.

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