FA Cup fifth round: Latest scores and updates

Live text commentary from the FA Cup, with Oldham drawing against Everton after wins for Millwall, Barnsley and Blackburn.

16 February 2013 Last updated at 20:13 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 2012: 

    A brilliant day of FA Cup football. Oldham is now known for more than the tubular bandage - it's the home of the 2013 Cupset.

    Join us back here tomorrow for more of the same.

  2. 2012: 

    Charlie, Liverpool on text: "Fantastic from Oldham, bet they wish they'd get that kind of luck in the league. Both their goals could (and should) have been disallowed for offside and a foul on Howard respectively. Money-spinning replay at Goodison now!"

  3. 2011: 

    Steven Broadbent: "Credit to Tony Philliskirk, left Furman and Smith off and gave Oldham a massive boost when they arrived. Out-mastered Moyes."

    Matt Smith scores
  4. 2007: 

    Lionel Messi has scored by the way. For the 14th game in a row. His 300th goal for Barcelona. The man is ridiculous.

  5. 2007:  
    Manchester City skipper Vincent Kompany

    "Oldham-Everton. What a great cup game this turned out to be! Credit to the referee allowing the teams to have a fair battle with each other."

  6. 2004: 

    Jake Dearsley: "Moyes put a defender on for the last two minutes. His only job was to stop Matt Smith and he failed miserably."

    Andy Malcolm: "How that isn't a foul on Howard is beyond belief. Embarrassing end to a great game."

    The Real ChaseKross: "From part time player to university graduate to FA Cup hero...Smith, take a bow son."

  7. 2004: 
    Oldham 2-2 Everton
    Matt Smith scores

    Oldham goal hero Matt Smith: "Credit to the team, it was an unbelievable performance from the keeper to the substitutes. We have been working on inswinging crosses all week. It was a tremendous cross and I managed to get my head on it. Of course we deserved a replay, especially for our second half display. We left it to the death but they all count. It was up there and we gave hard work and endeavour from start to finish. We'll go to Everton for the replay full of confidence."

  8. 2001: 

    Karl Cobane: "Get in Oldham! Deserved replay."

    Josh Bond: "Merseyside must hate Matt Smith."

    Ashley David Marks: "Okay...where's the TARDIS?"

  9. 2001: 

    The replay will be at Goodison Park on 27 February at 1945. Oldham fans, get the night booked off...

  10. 2000: 

    Former Oldham loanee Reece Wabara: "Yessssssssssssssss!!!!! Buzzinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn get in Smudge! I'm so happy. Thought Lee Croft, Jonathan Grounds and the big man were excellent!"

  11. 1959:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Oldham played great football in the second half and they never gave up. And the manager, Tony Philliskirk, made one or two changes, big decisions, he made them and it turned out all right. And Matt Smith won every single header and, at the end, it was a force of nature. Nothing was going to stop them.

    "For long periods of the game Oldham not only stayed with Everton but outmuscled and bullied them. The players will be delighted, and the accountants will be too!"

  12. 1959: 

    Dave, Uxbridge on text: "I love the FA Cup!"

    Tom, Newcastle on text: "Matt Smith equalising in the dying seconds? Dalek-table news for Oldham!"

  13. 1959:  
    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand

    "Matt Smith take a bow fella!! Huge header 2-2! Replay time!"

  14. 1957: 

    The Latics are in the League One relegation zone, two points short of Colchester and safety. Incredible really.

  15. 1957:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Boundary Park

    "You look at Oldham's performances against Liverpool and now Everton and you wonder why on Earth they are struggling in League One. They played a lot of good football and never gave up."

  16. 1956: 

    Dean Bouzanis didn't handle the ball by the way. He nearly did. But he didn't.

  17. 1956:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Boundary Park

    "It was building. Matt Smith has won just about everything that has come into his area. There will be complaints from Everton because Bouzanis went to punch the ball when the corner came in. But it was a deserved equaliser."

  18. 1954: 
    FULL-TIME- Oldham 2-2 Everton

    What a game!

  19. 1953: 
    GOAL- Oldham 2-2 Everton - Matt Smith (90 mins)

    Incredible! The former shelf stacker is at it again! Oldham force another corner, all 22 players are in there, Dean Bouzanis has his hands up and almost handballs it, it's a crowd scene and a half. Matt Smith rises highest of everyone though and heads in at the back post! Oldham will have a replay.

  20. 1952: 
    Oldham 1-2 Everton

    Slyvain Distin wins two big headers for Everton but Oldham have a corner - the keeper is up there...

  21. 1950: 
    INJURY TIME- Oldham 1-2 Everton

    There are four minutes of time to be added on. Shane Duffy comes on for Everton.

  22. 1949:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Boundary Park

    "Remember that chance I told you about? That was it. Tim Howard stood up and made a brilliant save. But Robbie Simpson will go to bed tonight and that will be the last thing he thinks about."

  23. 1947: 
    CLOSE!- Oldham 1-2 Everton

    No - this is the chance!

    Robbie Simpson gets in behind the defence, takes the ball on his chest but Tim Howard makes a sprawling save. Simpson gets the loose ball but fires into the side-netting!

    Massive, massive chance.

  24. 1946: 
    CLOSE!- Oldham 1-2 Everton

    Is this the chance? Lee Barnard gets his shot away from 18 yards, Phil Jagielka throws himself at the ball and it deflects off his heel before spinning wide.

  25. 1945: 

    Ian McCormack: "Managers often talk about the benefit of getting a home draw in the FA Cup...doesn't seem such a good idea today!"

  26. 1944: 
    FINAL FIVE- Oldham 1-2 Everton

    Into the last five minutes of normal time and it's end-to-end stuff now. Darron Gibson drives at the defence but overhits his pass for Kevin Mirallas before Lee Croft attacks for Oldham. Can the League One side find a goal?

  27. 1941:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Boundary Park

    "What a difference Robbie Simpson has made since coming on for Oldham - he's running at Everton. In the last 10 minutes, I would suggest Oldham have played their best football. They are just praying they can get one more good chance."

  28. 1941: 
    CLOSE!- Oldham 1-2 Everton

    He's just not on it is he? Darron Gibson releases Nikica Jelavic with an incisive pass, the striker's first touch is great, he does everything right but his left-footed effort ends up a foot too high. This time last season that was flying into the roof of the net.

  29. 1940: 

    Into the last 10 minutes...

  30. 1940: 

    Bunchy on text: "Has anyone mentioned the Anichebe record? Every time he scores Everton have never lost!"

    Jack, Norwich on text: "Distin goes down every time he's touched!"

  31. 1938: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Oldham 1-2 Everton

    Oh and here's Matt Smith! Robbie Simpson finds him inside the area and his low shot is turned away by Tim Howard. That was a real chance for the Latics.

  32. 1937: 
    Oldham 1-2 Everton

    Matt Smith has been kept quiet by Everton since he came on but he is found by an excellent pass from Jose Baxter, but the target man can't steer his header on target.

    Everton replace Steven Pienaar with Bryan Oviedo.

  33. 1935: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Oldham 1-2 Everton

    Oldham goalscorer Jordan Obita has been down with cramp and he is now replaced, as Robbie Simpson comes on in his place. We are inside the last quarter of an hour.

  34. 1932:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Boundary Park

    "You can hear the Oldham fans around us getting louder. Oldham are getting better and better but they haven't created any chances yet. They are beginning to believe they can get this back."

  35. 1932: 

    Tim Dugdale: "Croft has put in an outstanding shift. His work rate has been immense. My man of the match."

  36. 1931: 
    Oldham 1-2 Everton

    Steven Pienaar finds a cracking pass over the top to release Nikica Jelavic, the Croatian flashes in a left-footed cross and Kevin Mirallas is just behind the ball otherwise he would surely increase the lead.

  37. 1928: 
    Oldham 1-2 Everton

    Oldham have improved since Dean Furman's introduction, but they haven't really been able to put Everton under any sustained pressure. There are 20 minutes remaining.

  38. 1925: 

    Matt the Toffee: "Performance of the game so far? The Oldham fans, absolutely brilliant."

  39. 1924: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Oldham 1-2 Everton

    Oldham captain Dean Furman is coming on, he's been away with South Africa at the Africa Cup of Nations. He replaces James Wesolowski in the Latics' midfield and will need to find something to stop Everton, who look slick.

  40. 1923: 

    On-loan Blackpool defender Reece Wabara: "Most I've seen Lee Croft run all year! Wish he did this when I was playing #doublerunning! He's playing very good though."

    The Manchester City youngster played an instrumental part in the Latics' 3-2 giantkilling win against Liverpool, providing the second goal and scoring the matchwinner, before switching to Blackpool when his loan spell at Boundary Park ended.

  41. 1921:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Boundary Park

    "Mirallas's corner is horrific for a defender to deal with. There is nothing you can do about that. The pace and swerve he gets - it just dive-bombs into the box. But Osman just can't get on the end of it to finish the game off."

  42. 1919: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Oldham 1-2 Everton

    Matt Smith - who scored twice against Liverpool - is on for Oldham as he replaces Chris Iwelumo. The former shelf-stacker has been injured since that game but has half an hour to throw his weight around.

  43. 1919: 

    Isaac, Manchester on text: "In 2004 Arsenal's Invincibles finished as league champions. Everton finished 17th. In the 8 years since.."

    Paul, London on text: "I'm sorry, but what exactly has Moyes ever won? Show me any manager who wouldn't do better with more funds. Get real."

    Joe, Oxford on text: "Nasty feeling that come the end of the season this loss will influence Wenger's future. Still, in Arsene we trust things will turn round."

  44. 1918: 
    CLOSE!- Oldham 1-2 Everton

    Kevin Mirallas can certainly take a corner. He puts in another dream delivery which Leon Osman narrowly fails to convert. David Moyes is furious again. Fuming.

    Everton boss David Moyes
  45. 1916:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Boundary ParkOldham 1-2 Everton

    "The tie is not over yet. I suspect there will be opportunities at some stage for Oldham."

  46. 1913: 
    YELLOW CARD- Oldham 1-2 Everton

    Everton captain Phil Neville snubbed the handshake of referee Phil Dowd before kick-off, but Dowd has got his own back now with a booking for Neville. Jordan Obita will fancy running at the veteran now.

  47. 1912: 

    Jamies Domain: "Sack Arsene Wenger and appoint David Moyes in June after his contract expires…Arsenal's problem solved!"

  48. 1910: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Oldham 1-2 Everton

    Everton have found their A-game. Kevin Mirallas has added some vim and vigour to their attack and after he almost gets in, Steven Pienaar retrieves the loose ball, beats two men with some neat dribbling and then plays a one-two with Marouane Fellaini before shooting at Dean Bouzanis. Fine football.

  49. 1910:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Boundary Park

    "Even though the header was inside the six-yard box, and central, I still don't think the goalkeeper had a chance of getting that. That was a vicious ball - almost undefendable."

  50. 1909: 
    Oldham 1-2 Everton

    That early goal may have taken the wind out of Oldham's sails. The Everton fans behind Dean Bouzanis's goal are very loud at the moment as they sing Nikica Jelavic's name. Matt Smith, Oldham's two-goal hero against Liverpool, is warming up.

  51. 1906: 
    GOAL- Oldham 1-2 Everton - Phil Jagielka (48 mins)

    Everton lead. What a delivery from Kevin Mirallas, who whips in a corner at real pace and Phil Jagielka heads it home without even jumping. He stands in front of the Oldham goalkeeper Dean Bouzanis and just flicks the ball home. Tony Hibbert is getting mobbed right now I bet.

    Phil Jagielka scores
  52. 1904: 
    Oldham 1-1 Everton

    Kevin Mirallas has gone out to the right wing with Marouane Fellaini now operating higher up the pitch. Mirallas was looking in superb nick before he got injured, maybe now is the time for him to find his feet again.

  53. 1903: 
    KICK-OFF- Oldham 1-1 Everton

    And we are back on...

  54. 1902: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Oldham 1-1 Everton

    Kevin Mirallas is coming on for Everton at the break - he's replacing goalscorer Victor Anichebe, who looked to be struggling with a knock during that first-half.

  55. 1900: 

    Are Oldham able to pull this off? They have 45 minutes to get another huge FA Cup win.

  56. 1859: 

    Shiv on text: "Re T 1847. Arsenal - no money? Sold RVP, Cesc, Song, Nasri, Clichy in last 2 seasons for circa £100 mil and reinvested in Gervinho, Santos, Park Chu-Young and the like. At least Everton haven't wasted money."

  57. 1855:  
    BBC Sport's Chris Bevan at Boundary Park:Oldham 1-1 Everton

    "Oldham fans rise to applaud their side off at the break. They've had to work hard to contain Everton but are deservedly level."

  58. 1852: 
    Paul Ince

    Paul Ince is set to be unveiled as Blackpool manager on Monday after he watched the Tangerines slip to a 1-0 defeat at Ipswich this afternoon.

    The former England international sat in the directors' box at Portman Road as Michael Chopra's 50th-minute strike settled the contest.

    Caretaker boss Steve Thompson said: "There's going to be an announcement on Monday. It's going to be Paul Ince.

    "The deal is very close to being done."

  59. 1850:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Boundary ParkOldham 1-1 Everton

    "The vast majority of the game has been played in the Oldham half, but they have looked very dangerous on the break. Obita, particularly, looks like he can get something else to add the the goal he has already scored. But as the games creeps on, Everton are getting stronger."

  60. 1849: 

    A fine 45 minutes of FA Cup action. The League One side are still very much in with a shout of making the last eight here, but Everton did get better as the match wore on.

  61. 1847: 
    HALF-TIME- Oldham 1-1 Everton
  62. 1847: 

    T on text: "In 1996 Everton and Arsenal finished 5th and 6th. Similar situations - a great history, a few league wins in the 80s, little money and no great prospects. 17 years later, Everton, with no trophies and no Champions League appearances in that time, are seen as a success story, their manager a genius. Arsenal, with 3 leagues, 4 cups, 16 CL appearances and a 1 final, are seen as a failures, their manager a joke. Victims of success."

    Jamie on text: "Who would win in a race: Chris Iwelumo or the erosion of the UK coastline?"

    Stephen on text: "If Leighton Baines gets tired of kicking a ball around he could play Keith Moon in The Who biopic."

  63. 1846:  
    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport chief football writer

    "Thought that was Vladimir Putin in among Everton's away support. Turned out to be Tony Hibbert."

  64. 1842: 
    Oldham 1-1 Everton
    Tony Hibbert

    Great spot in the away end - it's only Toffees defender Tony Hibbert watching on among the fans.

    He is almost on his feet as Nikica Jelavic latches on to a smart pass forward but the Croatian's touch deserts him.

  65. 1840: 
    CLOSE!- Oldham 1-1 Everton

    Phil Neville floats in a cross from deep on the right-hand flank, Marouane Fellaini hangs up and smacks a header on to the roof of the net.

  66. 1840:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Boundary ParkOldham 1-1 Everton

    "I'm loving this battle between Leighton Baines and Lee Croft down Oldham's right. It's been fantastic. Croft has held his own but he is starting to get pushed further back by Baines."

  67. 1839: 
    Oldham 1-1 Everton

    Into the last seven minutes or so of a decent first half. Everton playing more of the football still but Nikica Jelavic is the latest to not quite make the most of a good cross.

  68. 1837: 

    Blackburn fan Ryan Walmsley: "Arsenal v Blackburn was best game I've ever been to. The atmosphere was amazing and we are now one game away from Wembley!"

  69. 1836: 
    Oldham 1-1 Everton

    Everton have settled into a rhythm now, pinging the ball around as well as they can on a sticky surface. Steven Pienaar wastes a passing move though by crossing straight at Latics keeper Dean Bouzanis. David Moyes looks volcanic with rage.

  70. 1835:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Boundary ParkOldham 1-1 Everton

    "Jelavic was on-side when Pienaar should have played the pass. But he held on to the ball three or four seconds too long. It wasn't Jelavic's fault - he made the right run."

  71. 1831: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Oldham 1-1 Everton

    Victor Anichebe has been a force up front so far but he is off the field changing his boots at the minute. Lee Barnard is a pest at the other end for Oldham, forcing Sylvain Distin into a tidy clearance.

    Nikica Jelavic has the ball in the net for Everton - but he is offside. Good finish though.

  72. 1830: 

    David Carr: "A lot of fans have been waiting a long time for Anichebe to mature and blossom, perhaps his time is now?"

  73. 1829: 
    Oldham 1-1 Everton

    Marouane Fellaini gives the ball away sloppily in midfield but then tracks back well to win it in a tackle. Lee Croft then puts the hard yards in down the right to stay with Leighton Baines and win a free-kick for Oldham. Compelling stuff.

  74. 1827:  
    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand

    "Baines is old school to the full....the Beatles-type hair and the spray-on shorts. Is he wearing tie-ups just to cap the look off?!"

  75. 1827:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Boundary ParkOldham 1-1 Everton

    "It was an emphatic finish by Anichebe. Pure power. It was all about the physique of Anichebe. He held the ball up, turned the defender and he leathered it past the goalkeeper.

    "Everton are level and you've got to feel sorry for Oldham."

  76. 1827: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Oldham 1-1 Everton

    Wonderful response from Oldham as Jordan Obita hits the post with a deflected shot from 20 yards. Almost an instant goal!

  77. 1824: 
    GOAL- Oldham 1-1 Everton - Victor Anichebe (24 mins)

    For all the talk of Oldham being a handful up front, it is Everton's front two who manhandle their way to goal. Nikica Jelavic gets up well to flick the ball on, Victor Anichebe is too strong for Jean-Yves M'voto and swivels to hammer the ball into the corner. Fantastic finish and game on.

  78. 1822: 
    Oldham 1-0 Everton

    With 20 minutes gone it's all going to plan for Oldham. The lively Jordan Obita skips past Phil Neville and crosses but it is well cleared by Sylvain Distin.

  79. 1822: 

    Statisticians Opta Sports: "Oldham have scored at least once in 17 of their last 19 FA Cup ties against top-flight opposition."

  80. 1821:  
    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand

    "What a ball from Croft for the first goal. Oldham 1-0 Everton. Scholesy must have hit the roof when Obita put that in!!"

  81. 1819: 
    Oldham 1-0 Everton

    Everton win another free-kick in a dangerous area - this time it's Steven Pienaar who whips it in and it is headed away from inside the goalmouth. Fine start to the game.

  82. 1819:  
    BBC Sport's Chris Bevan at Boundary Park

    "Crazy scenes at Boundary Park. Time stood still as fans saw Croft shot trundling wide... place exploded when Obita stuck it in."

  83. 1819: 

    Sean Sonnekus: "That Oldham goal was of Premier League quality. Great counter-attacking goal from an Everton corner. Cat amongst pigeons."

    Shyamil Tanna: "Giant-killing season!"

  84. 1818: 

    Alex, Birmingham on text: "It will be interesting to see if Oldham take both Merseyside scalps here!"

  85. 1818: 
    Oldham 1-0 Everton

    Was that a cross or a shot by Lee Croft? The debate will rage on you feel. Great start for the Latics though.

  86. 1817:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Boundary Park

    "What a fabulous break by Oldham. They were under so much pressure in their own area, having to defend successive corners. But they broke quickly down the right.

    "I suspect it was a slightly mishit shot by Croft, but Obita was there at the far post to tap in. Oldham have got a cause and something to fight for now."

  87. 1813: 
    GOAL- Oldham 1-0 Everton - Jordan Obita (13 mins)

    Stunning counter attack from Oldham! Everton have a corner, it is headed away and Lee Croft gallops clear down the right wing. They have two-on-two and Croft hits a cross-shot across the face of goal for Reading loanee Jordan Obita to tap into the net. What a start!

    Was he offside though? It is borderline.

  88. 1812: 
    CLOSE!- Oldham 0-0 Everton

    Here comes Leighton Baines, he's going to flick one, he's going to flick one...

    The Everton left-back hits it well but it nicks off the head of Jose Baxter and flies just past the top corner.

  89. 1810: 
    Oldham 0-0 Everton

    I was expecting Victor Anichebe to line up on the right for Everton but he's been pretty much through the middle with Nikica Jelavic so far.

    Leon Osman dances through a number of challenges neatly before he is fouled in Leighton Baines range...

  90. 1808: 
    Oldham 0-0 Everton

    But Nikica Jelavic does then get the ball played into his feet around the penalty spot, his first touch is a fine one to turn his marker but he then miskicks into the turf. The turf is not in the finest of condition at Boundary Park it has to be said. Looks to be a fair amount of sand in the middle of it.

  91. 1806: 
    Oldham 0-0 Everton

    Nikica Jelavic has only scored against Cheltenham for Everton since the start of December. He has a chance to prove that old adage about form being temporary tonight.

    He's not seen any of the ball yet.

  92. 1805:  
    BBC Sport's Chris Bevan at Boundary Park

    "Oldham fans singing 'Jose Baxter, baby' to the tune of 'Don't you want me, baby' as this tie gets started."

  93. 1804: 
    MK Dons 1-3 Barnsley
    David Flitcroft

    Barnsley manager David Flitcroft tells BBC Sport: "We spent a lot of time and dedication preparing for this tie. We locked the players in a hotel for two days and took them to Doncaster on Tuesday to watch MK Dons play. I think teams have underestimated MK Dons in the past and that's something we didn't want to do. Our first half performance was a masterclass.

    "We're in the last eight of a competition I absolutely love. I have been really inspired by how Bradford have done their business and their cup run been very inspirational for this group.

    "I'm trying to make new heroes at the club."

    On Kelvin Etuhu's injury, Flitcroft added: "He wasn't responding and the medical staff at MK Dons were impeccable. It looked quite bad initially. But we have got himself settled and in a better place. He's gone to hospital for a check over but he will be ok."

  94. 1802: 
    Oldham 0-0 Everton

    It's a very loud and lively start at Boundary Park, with Everton having to be strong at the back to see off an early ball aimed in at Chris Iwelumo.

  95. 1801: 
    Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger on BBC Radio 5 live: "I couldn't see how we could lose the game because we had a lot of the ball and they had one shot on goal but they defended well and it's the kind of game you can lose if you make a mistake at the back like we did.

    "We have just lost a game today and we don't need to think too much about the eight season [drought], the players who played today didn't play eight seasons ago and we must focus on the next game."

    On the booing at the end of the game, Wenger added: "What do you expect, people to applaud when you lose a game like that? It's absolutely normal."

    Arsene Wenger
  96. 1800: 
    KICK-OFF- Oldham 0-0 Everton

    Game on at Oldham...

  97. 1759: 

    Phil Neville has just left referee Phil Dowd hanging for a handshake...

  98. 1756: 
    Oldham v Everton (1800 GMT)

    Oldham caretaker boss Tony Philliskirk on ITV1: "Matt Smith was injured in the Liverpool game and he only trained full-time for the first time since that game on Thursday. So he's had no match time and very little training time, so he will start on the bench.

    "We need to show effort and determination - which should be a given. We need a lot of luck, we have to play at our max and Everton have to be below par. You never know with the romance of the FA Cup what might happen."

  99. 1754: 
    Oldham v Everton (1800 GMT)

    Everton skipper Phil Neville leads his side out to the pitch at a packed Boundary Park. Everton are all in white today.

  100. 1753:  
    MOTD presenter Gary Lineker

    "Do not understand this resting players, rotation policy. Messi and Ronaldo play every game and never seem to get tired."

  101. 1752: 

    Arsene Wenger has just emerged to speak to the media. I'll bring you all the best quotes as we get them.

  102. 1751: 
    Oldham v Everton (1800 GMT)

    Everton boss David Moyes: "If you don't get it right on the day you can get knocked out. We have done everything we can to prepare. I nearly signed Chris Iwelumo at Preston so I know him well. I watched Oldham play last week, and they pass it as well.

    "I hope Jose Baxter has not got it in his play to shock us today. He is an intelligent player and he uses the ball well. It has been shown what can happen if you don't come up to standard."

  103. 1749: 

    On-loan Blackpool defender Reece Wabara: "Come on Oldham!! Wish I was there."

    The Manchester City youngster played an instrumental part in the Latics' 3-2 giantkilling win against Liverpool, providing the second goal and scoring the matchwinner, before switching to Blackpool when his loan spell at Boundary Park ended.

  104. 1745: 
    Oldham v Everton (1800 GMT)

    We are 15 minutes away from kick-off at Boundary Park. Can Everton continue the trend of away wins in the FA Cup fiifth round or will Oldham pull off another upset?

    Chris Iwelumo vs Marouane Fellaini could be a duel to watch as well...

  105. 1745: 

    Mike Lawson: "Before the game, I'd like to say I have always trusted Moyes. Always will. I really hope he stays but I understand his stance."

  106. 1740: 

    The home dressing room is still firmly shut at the Emirates. The inquest could be a long one.

  107. 1738: 

    Rohan Passey: "People need to realise that the reason Arsenal are still an attractive destination for good players is Arsene Wenger."

    Mark Roberts: "As a Rovers fan haven't had much to cheer in past couple of years but going to enjoy this tonight!"

    Chris Brown: "In Arsene we trusted."

  108. 1736: 
    LINE-UPS- Oldham v Everton (1800 GMT)

    Oldham: Bouzanis, Brown, Mvoto, Tarkowski, Grounds, Croft, Wesolowski, Baxter, Obita, Iwelumo, Barnard. Subs: Cisak, Furman, Simpson, Smith, Byrne, Millar, Winchester.

    Everton: Howard, Neville, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Osman, Gibson, Fellaini, Pienaar, Anichebe, Jelavic. Subs: Mucha, Heitinga, Oviedo, Mirallas, Naismith, Hitzlsperger, Duffy.

    Referee: Phil Dowd (Staffordshire)

  109. 1735:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveArsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    More from Blackburn defender Scott Dann after his side's shock win at Arsenal: "When you come here and look at the team-sheet they've always got 11 top players on it. So we didn't look at their team-sheet before the match and gain confidence from their side.

    "But with 25 minutes to go and they're bringing on the three substitutes they did - Wilshere, Cazorla and Walcott - we knew we had an uphill task. But we hung on."

  110. 1729: 
    Oldham v Everton (1800 GMT)

    Oldham are unchanged from the side that beat MK Dons last week in caretaker manager Tony Philliskirk's first game in charge. That means giant striker Matt Smith, who scored twice against Liverpool in the last round, is only on the bench as he returns to the squad for the first time after sustaining a shoulder injury in that game. Former Everton forward Jose Baxter starts, as do all three of the Latics' recent loan signings - Chris Iwelumo, Lee Barnard and Jordan Obita.

    Everton boss David Moyes fields a strong side, with two changes from the side that lost to Manchester United last weekend. Sylvain Distin returns to the Toffees defence after recovering from the illness that saw him ruled out in the warm-up at Old Trafford. Nikica Jelavic comes in up front.

  111. 1728:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveArsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    Blackburn defender Scott Dann after his side's shock win at Arsenal: "It's obviously a great achievement to get the win, get through to the next round and also get the clean sheet.

    "We were on a high from the previous results we've had in the league. But we knew it would be a tough a task coming here. We knew we had to dig in and cut down the space we gave them. We did that very well."

  112. 1726:  
    Pat Nevin, BBC Radio 5 live at Boundary ParkOldham v Everton (1800 GMT)

    "I've thought David Moyes might leave Everton at the end of the season for the last three or four years. There have been offers for him - mainly from abroad.

    "You wonder how much more he can do at Everton. His departure will be heartbreaking for almost every Evertonian - they know what a great job he has done with limited funds."

  113. 1725: 
    Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    Blackburn defender Scott Dann: "It's been up and down in the last two years but under the new manager things have started to change. We are not far away from the play-off spots now."

  114. 1723: 
    Crystal Palace 4-1 Middlesbrough

    Palace boss Ian Holloway: "I told them at half-time "you're boring me." They've been doing it all week and you have to go for it in this league

    "Wilfried Zaha today with the England manager watching him - Gracious me. His decision making, his weight of pass was as good as he's played for me.

    "He is as good as any chef I've seen. He can roast people."

  115. 1717: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Oldham v Everton (1800 GMT)

    Former Everton man Jose Baxter starts for Oldham, but Matt Smith - who scored twice against Liverpool - is on the bench.

  116. 1717: 

    Sho: "Frankly I've had enough. Wake me up when Wenger, the board and the deadwood players they bought are shipped out."

    Jack Elliot: "The sound of those boos will ring long in Wenger's ears. Quite frankly I am slightly amazed that he is still in his job."

    Eric Yung: "Two cup upsets from Blackburn and Bradford. how about a third upset in our favour beating Bayern? Funny game football."

  117. 1717: 

    BBC Radio 5 live presenter, and Millwall supporter, Danny Baker: "Most Millwall supporters disappointed Arsenal are out. Not because we fancied a 'glamour' tie but because Blackburn will be harder to beat."

  118. 1716: 

    James Salsbury: "So because Appleton has one decent game against a poor under-strength Arsenal, he has turned it around? He needs consistency."

    Colin Kazim-Richards
  119. 1714:  
    Martin Keown, BBC SportArsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    "Arsene Wenger trusts every single member of his squad, but his players did not get into the speed of the past quick enough. The game just drifted past and they missed chance after chance. There was a lack of ruthlessness in front of goal. Blackburn were allowed to wriggle free and in the end they got the luck. That's what can happen in football.

    "There will be a serious examination now. The manager always looks at himself first. He is fiercely demanding and if his players are not good enough he will make some changes."

  120. 1713: 

    Alex, Bangor on text: "We could never beat Arsenal in the Premier League now we do it from the Championship! The magic of the cup.."

    Ajay, London on text: "Blessing in disguise that Arsenal are out. Have not got the squad to compete. FA Cup is a distraction. Concentrate on top 4 now."

  121. 1710:  
    Martin Keown, BBC SportArsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    "Blackburn just kept believing they could get something out of this game. The amount of pressure Arsenal were putting on them at the end was relentless. Grant Hanley and Scott Dann will not have played a better game this season, even in their entire careers. An outstanding performance from Blackburn today."

  122. 1710:  
    Steve Claridge at Stadium:MK on BBC Radio 5 live sports extraMK Dons 1-3 Barnsley

    "On the evidence of what we have seen Barnsley will be staying up. They were very good. They pressured MK Dons and were fantastic in possession. For 50-55 minutes they were different class. Ok, they rode their luck a little bit after losing Kelvin Etuhu to injury but in Chris Dagnall they have a terrific finisher."

  123. 1709:  
    BBC Sport's Chris Bevan at Boundary Park:Oldham v Everton (1800 GMT)

    "I texted Oldham's former Everton forward Jose Baxter earlier to ask him how he felt about facing his former club tonight. "Brilliant!" was his response. Baxter, 21, joined the Toffees aged six and is still the youngest first-team player in their history but turned down a new deal with them last summer because he wanted first-team football.

    "He has had quite a season already, starting it without a club and on his mum and dad's settee in Bootle, before signing for the Latics in September. Now, after beating his boyhood favourites Liverpool in the fourth round of the Cup, he faces his old team-mates and friends like Leighton Baines and Phil Jagielka for a place in the quarter-finals. Who writes these scripts?"

  124. 1708: 

    Gillingham return to the summit of League Two after beating Dagenham & Redbridge 2-1, Deon Burton's 68th-minute penalty proving the winner.

    That, coupled with a surprise 1-0 defeat for Port Vale at home to Morecambe, means they are two points clear.

    Bradford, perhaps with their mind in the upcoming League Cup final, saw their play-off hopes dealt a blow with a 2-1 defeat at AFC Wimbledon while Northampton sneak into the top seven with a last-gasp 2-1 win at 10-man Southend.

  125. 1708: 

    Dale Hickman: "Wasn't Wenger's fault the team lost. Complete domination. Wenger can't put that ball in the net, 30 shots to six, 60% possession."

    Lyndon Gower-Qian: "Couldn't get past the Blackburn defence. Let's see how we do against Badstuber, Lahm and Neuer."

    Paul Blackthorne: "Perfect! No FA Cup distraction as Arsenal embark on a glorious Champions League run - bring on Bayern Munich! Hmmmm."

  126. 1707: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Oldham v Everton (1800 GMT)

    David Moyes names a full-strength Everton side as Marouane Fellaini, Nikica Jelavic and Steven Pienaar all start.

  127. 1705:  
    BBC Sport's Chris Bevan at Boundary Park:Oldham v Everton (1800 GMT)

    "There is uncertainty over the future of the men in both dug-outs at Boundary Park this evening. For Oldham, Tony Philliskirk is in temporary charge following the departure of Paul Dickov - the man who masterminded that famous victory over Liverpool in the fourth round - and has distanced himself from taking the job permanently.

    "Everton boss David Moyes, meanwhile, is approaching his 11th anniversary in the Goodison Park hot-seat but is out of contract in the summer and has postponed talks on a new deal until the end of the season. Moyes says his future depends on how his side fare in the Cup and their bid for a top-four Premier League place, so today's result takes on extra significance."

  128. 1705: 

    Craig, Maidenhead on text: "I remember last year reading the 'Wenger out' comments on BBC sport live text commentary. I didn't agree. Now I do. Wenger Out."

    Jon, Bristol on text: "RE 1657: The reason for the Wenger hate is it's his job to get the message across to his players that only a win is ever good enough at Arsenal. This kind of trophy draught would NEVER be allowed to happen at Man Utd."

    Steve, Woodville on text: "At one time Arsenal used the kids in cup matches and won. Now first teamers lose. Decline?"

  129. 1704: 

    Cardiff striker Fraizer Campbell: "Great to play in front of our home crowd today! Great support and another win under our belts! Lets keep it going Bluebirds!"

    Campbell netted a match-winning brace on his home debut for the Championship leaders against Bristol City.

  130. 1703: 

    Full-time at Deepdale and Preston, with only one league win in three months prior to today, against the league leaders and without a permanent manager, have beaten Bournemouth 2-0.

    A remarkable turnaround in Hartlepool as goals in the 88th and 91st minutes seal the win for Pools against Leyton Orient. First an inswinging Evan Horwood corner was met by the head of Peter Hartley, and then Luke James finishes from inside the area. The home win moves the club off the foot of the table, leapfrogging Portsmouth who could only salvage a draw at home to Carlisle.

  131. 1703: 

    It has been a good day for the sides at the top of the Championship. Leaders Cardiff defeated Bristol City earlier in the day before second-place Hull City picked up a 1-0 win against Charlton.

    England boss Roy Hodgson was sure to have been entertained on his visit to Selhurst Park with Crystal Palace running riot against Middlesbrough, winning 4-1. There was also a big win for in-form Watford as they swept aside Birmingham 4-0.

    Meanwhile, Billy Davies' homecoming at the City Ground fell a little short as Nottingham Forest drew 1-1 with Bolton.

  132. 1703: 
    FULL-TIME- MK Dons 1-3 Barnsley

    Barnsley confirm their place in the quarter-finals with a comfortable win.

  133. 1702: 
    Theo Walcott

    Blackburn and Millwall are into the last eight of the FA Cup then - with Barnsley all but there as well. It's a Championship fest,

  134. 1700:  
    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport chief football writer

    "Arsenal 0 Blackburn 1. Result that is nothing short of catastrophic for Wenger - and some long overdue joy for Blackburn's supporters."

  135. 1700:  
    BBC Sport's Chris Bevan at Boundary Park:Oldham v Everton (1800 GMT)

    "Former Oldham and Everton boss Joe Royle dubbed Boundary Park 'Ice Station Zebra' during his stint as Latics boss but the ground has been basking in February sunshine this afternoon, a far cry from the wet, windy and wild day when the struggling League One side shocked Liverpool in round four. It is still on the chilly side but not ideal conditions for another upset, and the Toffees will hope the omens are with them too - no team has played both Merseyside clubs in successive rounds in the FA Cup since Tottenham in 1995, the year when an Everton team led by Royle beat Spurs and went on to lift the famous old trophy to secure what remains the club's last piece of silverware."

  136. 1659: 

    I get the feeling we'll be discussing that win for Blackburn at Arsenal for some time yet but there's another game on the horizon...

  137. 1659: 

    Statisticians Opta Sports: "Arsenal have lost their last three cup ties when Mike Dean has been the referee and have won one of the last 17 Premier League games under him."

  138. 1657:  
    Mark Bright, BBC Sport

    "Michael Appleton has turned the club around since arriving at Blackburn. He has gone to the Emirates with a game plan and it has worked. Let's give some credit to Blackburn instead of simply slagging off Arsenal."

    You can watch Final Score in the video at the top of this page.

  139. 1657: 

    Matt, York on text: "Wenger said his key players needed a rest, didn't think he meant getting knocked out of the cup to get it though!"

    Matt, London on text: "What is with the Wenger hate today? His starting line up was good enough, the subs were the best we could make, some players just didn't perform today, that's it. Not the end of the world."

    Will, Southport on text: "Re John from Eastleigh 1652, us Everton fans thank you for that curse.."

  140. 1657: 

    Celtic move 18 points clear at the top of the SPL after crushing Dundee United 6-2, with Kris Commons and Anthony Stokes each claiming a brace of goals. Motherwell are the best of the rest now after leapfrogging Inverness with a 3-0 win at Fir Park, while Paul Heffernan knocked in a hat-trick as Kilmarnock continued their great recent record against Hearts. Hibs were 1-0 winners at St Mirren and Ross County held on for the same result against St Johnstone. Three points separate third from eighth in a congested table.

  141. 1657:  
    Martin Keown, BBC SportArsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    "This is turning into a very disappointing season for Arsenal. The questions are starting to be asked. I won an FA Cup with Arsenal, and the Gunners have taken a real smack in the face today."

  142. 1656:  
    Kevin Kilbane, BBC Final Score

    "You play your best players, get through and then take them off. The FA Cup was the only realistic chance Arsenal had of winning a trophy. They had to produce - and they haven't done it."

    You can watch Final Score in the video at the top of this page.

  143. 1656: 
    RED CARD- Alan Smith - MK Dons

    It goes from bad to worse for MK Dons as Alan Smith is sent off for leading with an arm.

  144. 1655: 
    Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    Arsenal have been knocked out of the FA Cup by lower-league opposition for the first time under Arsene Wenger.

    Don't forget that they play Bayern Munich this week as well - who warmed up by winning to go 18 points clear of the Bundesliga last night.

  145. 1654: 

    A big upset at Arsenal then - let me know your reaction. You can text in on 81111 or Tweet us using the hashtag #bbcfootball.

  146. 1652: 
    GOAL- MK Dons 1-3 Barnsley - Chris Dagnall (90 mins)
    Barnsley striker Chris Dagnall

    As MK Dons pile men forwards in search of an equaliser, Chris Dagnall is played in on the break and he rounds the goalkeeper to slot home.

  147. 1652: 

    Jon, Eastleigh on text: "Has there ever been a day in 5th round history where ALL the home sides go out on the day? Looks pretty likely right now."

  148. 1651: 
    FULL-TIME- Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    And that's it - Arsenal are out of the FA Cup.

  149. 1651: 
    INJURY TIME- MK Dons 1-2 Barnsley

    There are 12 minutes of added time at MK Dons after that injury to Kelvin Etuhu...

  150. 1651: 

    Kevin Phillips showing age is nothing more than a number by scoring Crystal Palace's fourth against Middlesbrough. The 39-year-old, on as a substitute, races onto Wilfried Zaha's through ball before finishing. Phillips gives his thoughts on postponing retirement in the Crystal Palace programme, and he shows once again there is plenty of life still in those old legs...

  151. 1650: 

    Timo Burbidge: "Wenger has got his tactics horribly wrong. Chance of winning the CL? No. Chance of winning the FA Cup? Maybe. Poor selection."

    Paul Clarkson: "Is this the beginning of the end for Wenger!? So many fans I know have had enough. Done a good job but time to move on."

  152. 1649: 
    Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn
    Colin Kazim-Richards scores Blackburn

    Colni Kazim-Richards' goal looks like enough to send Blackburn through as we enter the final minute of added time.

  153. 1649: 
    Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    Jack Wilshere's cross is headed away by Scott Dann, Arsenal are going nowhere - except out...

  154. 1647: 

    Two goals in three minutes for Yeovil all but claim the three points against visiting Scunthorpe. First a foul by Callum Kennedy on Sam Foley results in a converted James Hayter penalty, then Paddy Madden nets from close range to make it 3-0.

    Another penalty means Portsmouth have drawn level against Carlisle. Liam Walker slots home after an unfair challenge by Mark Gillespie on former Bristol City and Crawley forward John Akinde, a free agent who joined the club a week ago.

  155. 1647: 

    Simon on text: "Just like against Bradford, Gervinho wastes so many opportunities in the first half and we pay for it. I don't mind Wenger making bad buys, all managers do, the fact that he sticks by them to the clubs detriment is the problem. So stubborn."

    Alex, Loughborough on text: "Fed up of Wenger bashing! Everyone agreed at the KO the Arsenal team put out a should beat Blackburn. Now the players have under-performed, Wenger gets blamed?"

    Doug on text: "Classic Arsenal. Enough chances to win by 3 goals, but pathetic finishing means we leave disappointed again."

  156. 1647: 

    Statisticians Opta Sports: "Arsenal have not lost an FA Cup tie at home since February 1997 against Leeds (W25 D9 since then)."

  157. 1647: 
    INJURY TIME- Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    Into added time...

  158. 1646: 
    CLOSE!- MK Dons 1-2 Barnsley

    Jason Scotland has the chance to wrap up the win for Barnsley when he is played in on goal but he drags his shot wide.

  159. 1645: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    Jack Wilshere crosses for Theo Walcott - Jake Kean saves his header though! Blackburn clinging on.

  160. 1644: 

    Danny on text: "Re: Mark G. There is nothing of Arsenal to fall apart. They've not been together for any of this season."

    Michael, Bradford on text: "People say Arsenal should have started their strongest team, but does nobody remember what happened when they did that against Bradford?"

    Monty on text: "Cupset, anyone?"

  161. 1644: 

    Middlesbrough pull a goal back at Crystal Palace but you sense it will be nothing more than a consolation. Lovely goal, though, as George Friend finds Ishmael Miller, who flicks the ball for Faris Haroun and he finishes coolly.

  162. 1643: 

    Iwan Williams: "Why are no Premier League clubs looking at signing Glenn Murray? He's smashing the goals in!"

  163. 1642: 
    FINAL FIVE- Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    Into the last five minutes. Arsenal need to find something and find it fast. Blackburn have 10 men behind the ball and are defending stoutly.

  164. 1642:  
    Mark Bright, BBC Sport

    "Arsenal have got plenty of time left. There's only eight minutes left - but that's plenty of time to win it, never mind draw."

    You can watch Final Score through the video at the top of this page.

  165. 1642: 

    Might not be quite the perfect homecoming for Nottingham Forest manager Billy Davies after all as his namesake equalises for Bolton. Craig Davies, fast developing himself a reputation as a super-sub, climbs off the bench and scores for the second successive game.

    Hope for Nottingham Forest, though, as Marcos Alonso is sent off.

  166. 1641: 

    Fred Collman: "Nothing wrong with Wenger's team selection today - the players that started should be able to beat Blackburn. Even Gervinho."

  167. 1640: 
    CLOSE!- Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    Theo Walcott has injected some urgency into the Arsenal attack. He gets to the byline and cuts the ball back for new signing Nacho Monreal, but his shot is sliced wide of the post.

  168. 1639: 

    "Come on your 'Pies!" cry the away support as Notts County equalise at Walsall. After a period of sustained pressure Jamal Campbell-Ryce crosses and Yoann Arquin is able to fire one in, low and into the corner.

    French forward Arquin is the club's joint top scorer for the season. County defender Dean Leacock once likened him to Nicolas Anelka, saying: "A lot of us call him Anelka because he's got so much skill - and he's quite stroppy too!".

  169. 1638: 
    Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    Theo Walcott goes down inside the area - there's a huge penalty shout but the flag is up for offside! That was a close call.

  170. 1638: 
    GREAT SAVE!- MK Dons 1-2 Barnsley

    MK Dons almost level! Alan Smith cranes his neck to bullet in a header but Luke Steele turns it over the top. The Dons are well on top.

  171. 1637: 

    We are into the final 10 minutes. Are Arsenal going out?

  172. 1636: 

    Xavier Edmonds-Allen: "Why wouldn't Wenger pick his strongest team? What on earth else does he think we could win this year?

    Mark G: "This is the traditional 'week where it all falls apart' for Arsenal. Hurts every year."

    Martin Jones: "Wow, go on the Rovers!!! Cupset!!"

  173. 1634: 
    Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    Under Arsene Wenger it appears that Arsenal have never been knocked out of the FA Cup by lower-league opposition. Are they on for an unwanted double after Bradford accounted for them in the League Cup?

  174. 1633: 

    Will, Woking on text: "Not surprising in the slightest. Arsenal dominate these kind of games and end up losing. Appalling."

    James on text: "How Arsenal can be so useless from corners I don't understand. We need to spend some time on the training ground."

  175. 1633:  
    Robbie Savage, BBC Sport

    "Arsenal fans should let their manager know how unhappy they are with him today. He should have played his strongest team then brought those players off.

    "Even with Bayern Munich on Tuesday? Yes, they're not going to win the Champions League. They have got more chance of winning the FA Cup than the Champions League."

  176. 1633: 

    Celtic are cruising, now 5-1 up against Dundee United thanks to second-half goals from Kris Commons and Anthony Stokes. Michael Higdon has scored a double, with Motherwell 3-0 up and on course to leapfrog Inverness into second place. Paul Heffernan also has a brace as Kilmarnock continue their excellent record at Hearts and Leigh Griffiths has smashed in a penalty for Hibs at St Mirren. Ross County are holding on to their 1-0 lead at home to St Johnstone.

    Follow the Scottish live text here.

  177. 1632: 

    A potentially big goal at Vale Park in terms of the League Two promotion picture. Lewis Alessandra's strike has given Morecambe the lead at table toppers Port Vale.

    A win for Gillingham will put them top as things stand but they are drawing 1-1 at home to Dagenham & Redbridge, Femi Ilesanmi equalising for the visitors.

    Southend may be down to 10 men, but they have just equalised against Northampton thanks to Matthew Lund.

  178. 1632:  
    Martin Keown at the EmiratesArsenal 0-1 Blackburn

    "We talked about Colin Kazim-Richards being a decent player. It was a scruffy finish, but he keeps himself solid and tucks in at the back post. It is a stunning goal because Arsenal have dominated but Wojciech Szczesny should have done better, he palmed the Martin Olsson shot straight to Kazim-Richards."

  179. 1631:  
    Steve Claridge at Stadium:MK on BBC Radio 5 live sports extraMK Dons 1-2 Barnsley

    "You would never believe the tie could change like this, but MK Dons are right back in this. The break in play after Kelvin Etuhu was injured has upset Barnsley. Dean Bowditch produced an excellent finish. He was one on one with the keeper but stuck it in the near post."

  180. 1630:  
    Former Crystal Palace striker Mark Bright, BBC Sport

    "Manchester United have done very well with their handling of Wilfried Zaha, in that there have been no interviews with him about his move and no pictures with a Manchester United shirt. They are leaving everything until the end of the season and then they will take control when he joins them."

    You can watch Final Score in the video at the top of this page.

  181. 1628: 
    GOAL- Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn - Colin Kazim-Richards (72 mins)

    Not the impact Arsenal were expecting after that triple change - as Blackburn lead! Wojciech Szczesny can't hang on to Martin Olsson's shot and Colin Kazim Richards reacts first to stab in off the post.

  182. 1627: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    It's a triple change for Arsenal as Tomas Rosicky, Gervinho and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are all replaced, Theo Walcott, Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere come on. The big guns are on.

  183. 1627: 

    Watford are really unstoppable at the moment and they have just put their game at Birmingham well and truly to bed with Troy Deeney scoring his second of the game and the visitors' third. Deeney finished off a lovely, flowing move by Watford.

  184. 1627: 

    Darren, Milton Keynes on text: "With Harewood off the pitch, Barnsley's long ball tactics are not so effective now!"

    Harold on text: "We need Wilshere, bring him on now!"

  185. 1626: 

    In front of 516 travelling supporters, Carlisle take the lead away at lowly Portsmouth - an assist from Lee Miller and Rory Loy converts from close range.

    Cumbrians manager Greg Abbott told supporters earlier this week: "Very few games can be described as 'just round the corner' for us. What we do is make sure the players have prepared properly so that the journey becomes part of the build-up to the game." That 350-mile journey home will be all the sweeter if Carlisle can claim all three points.

  186. 1624: 

    It could well be the ideal homecoming for Nottingham Forest boss Billy Davies as Andy Reid puts his side ahead against Bolton, volleying home to the delight of the City Ground faithful. The goal is a real blow for Bolton, who will be glancing nervously over their shoulder if they fail to score. They sit just three points above the relegation zone.

  187. 1623: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    So close! Tomas Rosicky hammers in a cracking strike from the left-hand-side of the area which smashes off the underside of the crossbar and bounces away. Arsenal almost ahead.

  188. 1623:  
    BBC Sport's Jacqui Oatley at Emirates StadiumArsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    "David Bentley coming on to boos, ex Arsenal. His only goal for them came in the FA Cup nine years ago, Mike Dean was ref, as he is today!"

  189. 1623:  
    Steve Claridge at Stadium:MK on BBC Radio 5 live sports extraMK Dons 1-2 Barnsley

    "There's real sportsmanship in the stadium as Barnsley's Kelvin Etuhu is applauded by both sets of fans as he is carried off on a stretcher following a lengthy delay. You hope he is not too badly injured but Barnsley have to carry on and see this through."

  190. 1622: 
    GOAL- MK Dons 1-2 Barnsley - Dean Bowditch (61 mins)

    That came out of nowhere. MK Dons are back in the tie after an error allows Dean Bowditch to finish from 18 yards with only the keeper to beat. Suddenly the Stadium MK is alive. Game on.

  191. 1622:  
    BBC Sport's Chris Bevan at Boundary ParkOldham v Everton (1800 GMT)

    "It WAS a sunny afternoon at Boundary Park. Cold setting in now, though. It's going to be a chilly old evening."

  192. 1622: 

    You would think England manager Roy Hodgson has come to see Wilfried Zaha but it is all about Glenn Murray at Selhurst Park. The Crystal Palace striker, 29, makes it 3-0 against Middlesbrough with a fine long-range finish. That, incidentally, is his 27th goal of the season and makes him the top scorer in English league football at the moment...

  193. 1621:  
    Martin Keown at the EmiratesArsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    "Michael Appleton's teams are organised but I'm not sure they are encouraged to play. Colin Kazim-Richards looks like he is strong, but Blackburn are not getting the ball into his feet. Their best chance looks like it will come from a set-piece."

  194. 1621: 

    Hishaam Habib: "Would like to see David Bentley come on and score a cracker against Arsenal!!"

  195. 1621: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    David Bentley comes on for his second Blackburn debut and the former Gunner gets a torrid welcome from the home fans. Not a popular man at all...

  196. 1619: 

    BBC Sport's Ivan Gaskell at Forest v Bolton: "24,409 at the City Ground, so Billy Davies's return has added around 4,000 to the gate. There were 20,732 here for last home game against Watford."

  197. 1618: 
    SUBSTITUTION- MK Dons 0-2 Barnsley

    After a very long delay, Kelvin Etuhu is carried off. The Barnsley man needed a lot of medical attention and this game will now be running late.

  198. 1616: 
    Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    Gervinho carries the ball forwards, his cross evades Olivier Giroud and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain fires the ball over the top from 25 yards. It may be time for a change or two for the Gunners.

  199. 1615: 

    Blackpool opted to name top scorer Tom Ince on the bench and it looks like that decision could haunt them as struggling Ipswich take the lead. Michael Chopra ran from about 40-yards into the area before despatching a sweetly-struck left foot effort into the back of the net.

    Crystal Palace increase their lead against Middlesbrough with Peter Ramage poking in for his second goal in as many games. The watching England boss Roy Hodgson will struggle not to be impressed by Palace's attacking prowess so far.

  200. 1614: 

    Burt on text: "Gervinho: Incisive for the Ivory Coast, lousy for us. Poor decision making, poor finishing, poor everything. Nobody frustrates me more."

    Zuni, Preston on text: "I think it's time for Thierry Henry to quit his football career and become Arsenal's striker coach."

  201. 1614: 

    A tactical re-jig from Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe has his side playing three at the back, but Preston nearly add to their two-goal advantage as a stinging Stuart Beavon drive is just palmed over by keeper Shwan Jalal.

    An effort from Coventry midfielder James Bailey stings the palms of Bury's Trevor Carson, and it remains 1-0 to the Sky Blues.

  202. 1613: 
    MK Dons 0-2 Barnsley

    There's a delay in play as Barnsley winger Kelvin Etuhu is down with what looks like it may be a serious injury.

  203. 1609: 
    CLOSE!- Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn
    Arsenal's Vassiriki Diaby (right) and Blackburn Rovers' Colin Kazim-Richards

    Martin Olsson makes a cracking block to deny Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as Arsenal sweep forwards. Still no breakthrough for the Gunners.

  204. 1608:  
    Martin Keown at the EmiratesArsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    "Tomas Rosicky is starting to pull the strings for Arsenal. It's certainly a better game now and Blackburn have started the second half well. There is a bit more purpose in their play, they have got use to their surroundings so maybe they can add a little more threat."

  205. 1606:  
    Mark Bright on Final Score

    "I hope Wilfried Zaha will get enough games for Manchester United so that his confidence doesn't drop. It is important to be playing games and playing in the Championship is better than being at a Premier League club and coming off the bench all the time."

  206. 1605: 
    KICK-OFF- MK Dons 0-2 Barnsley

    Jason Scotland is coming on for Barnsley at the break to replace Marlon Harewood - and we are back under way.

  207. 1605:  
    Former Huddersfield and Coventry midfielder Kevin Kilbane, BBC Final Score

    "For Birmingham boss Lee Clark to say he was dropping Nikola Zigic for his lack of effort in training, something must have gone on behind the scenes. I know Lee Clark and he is someone who protects his players."

  208. 1603: 
    CLOSE!- Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    But it is Blackburn who almost strike an early goal. A cross is heading towards Jordan Rhodes at the back post until Thomas Vermaelen gets a slight touch to guide it wide of his own post. Jason Lowe then heads goalwards from the corner and it is cleared away.

  209. 1602: 

    Statisticians Opta Sports: "Glenn Murray has now matched Tom Pope on 25 league goals this season, no player in the top four divisions has more."

  210. 1602: 
    KICK-OFF- Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    Back under way at the Emirates. No changes for Arsenal at the break, can they find a breakthrough?

  211. 1559: 

    Celtic have shrugged off their Champions League blues to lead Dundee United 3-1 at the interval. Motherwell are 1-0 up on Inverness thanks to Michel Higdon and Paul Heffernan has scored for Kilmarnock at Tynecastle. Ivan Sproule shot Ross County in front against St Johnstone, while St Mirren and Hibs are still locked in a goalless stalemate.

    Follow the Scottish live text here.

  212. 1559: 

    Carter, London on text: Arsenal really missing the drive and desire of Wilshere in midfield, Arteta is not that sort of player."

    Anthony on text: "A word for Yeovil on an outstanding run of form."

  213. 1557: 

    Gillingham are back at the top of League Two as things stand with Leon Legge's close-range finish giving them a 1-0 lead over Dagenham & Redbridge at half time.

    Elsewhere, fourth-place Cheltenham are a goal down at home to Aldershot, with Danny Rose's strike the difference, while Northampton still have that one-goal lead at 10-man Southend, which is enough to put them into the play-offs at the moment.

  214. 1557: 

    BBC Sport's Steve Wyeth at Deepdale: "Very impressive from Preston. Maybe they should've sacked the manager sooner. Leading leaders Bournemouth 2-0 HT."

  215. 1555: 

    Not going to plan for Arsenal so far then. Poults is not happy.

  216. 1555: 

    Ryder Cup golfer, and Arsenal fan, Ian Poulter: "Need to get Rosicky off he has given the ball away too much for my liking. Game missing Walcott. Come on sort it out."

  217. 1553: 

    Tom on text: "Gervinho and Walcott are perhaps the two clearest examples of confidence players in the Premier League. We Arsenal fans are the clearest examples of negativity. No surprise they're inconsistent and uncertain, they get no support when they do something wrong!"

    Ollie, Portsmouth on text: "Second half coming up, lately that is when Arsenal start playing. Hopefully we see something more than the first half!"

    Ollie, Coventry on text: "Re: 1448, being proved right so far.."

  218. 1553:  
    Steve Claridge at Stadium:MK on BBC Radio 5 live sports extraMK Dons 0-2 Barnsley

    "It has been an anti-climax for MK Dons so far. Barnsley have knocked the ball around and they've been excellent in possession. They are the team who have looked comfortable when we thought it would be the other way round. Barnsley have been completely dominant."

  219. 1550: 
    HALF-TIME- MK Dons 0-2 Barnsley
  220. 1550: 
    Oldham v Everton (1800 GMT)

    It appears there will not be any shirt-swapping at Boundary Park later this afternoon. Oldham have stuck a notice on the home changing room's door instructing their players not to "give away their kit" at the end of their FA Cup tie against Everton. The message adds there is a "severe shortage of first team home shirts" at the League One club. Times are hard...

  221. 1549: 

    Four straight defeats early in the season must feel like a lifetime ago for Watford fans, with Gianfranco Zola's side having really stepped up a gear in recent months.

    They have won four of their last six games and they are firmly on target for another win at Birmingham with Troy Deeney heading home the opener for the Hornets, before Ikechi Anya added a second soon after.

    Only Port Vale (64) have scored more English league goals than Watford this season.

  222. 1548: 
    Oldham v Everton (1800 GMT)

    Oldham produced one of the Cupsets of the round last time out, beating Liverpool 3-2, and they have city rivals Everton to deal with today.

    Caretaker boss Tony Philliskirk will take charge of the Latics and Joe Royle, who managed both sides, believes they will struggle to make lightning strike twice.

    "For Oldham to win, they will have to be at their very best and Everton will have to have a real off-day," he said. But the same could be said of last time...

  223. 1547: 
    HALF-TIME- Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn
  224. 1546:  
    Martin Keown at the EmiratesArsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    "Tomas Rosicky played a lovely little ball into Gervinho's path and that's where he has to do his job. That's where the likes of Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry hit the net. He hit the advertising boards."

  225. 1546:  
    Steve Claridge at Stadium:MK on BBC Radio 5 live sports extraMK Dons 0-2 Barnsley

    "MK Dons have given the ball away more times in the opening 45 minutes than the last four or five games I have seen them. I can't remember the Barnsley keeper having a save to make, I can't remember a serious chance. It looks like a bridge too far for the League One club. This is fantastic for Barnsley. Their season is bubbling and I've got no doubt they will climb away from trouble in the Championship if they carry on like this."

  226. 1545: 

    Rupert, Milton Keynes on text: "Re 1529, I didn't realise long balls to target man was a Barcelona tactic."

  227. 1545: 

    Out-of-form Preston, who parted ways with manager Graham Westley in midweek, are now two goals to the good at home to league leaders Bournemouth as Australian centre-back Bailey Wright pokes home.

    An early Leon Clarke piledriver from the edge of the area has Coventry ahead away at Bury, while bottom club Hartlepool are behind against Leyton Orient after an eighth minute Martin Rowlands penalty.

  228. 1545: 

    Hull City are currently on their way to strengthening their grip on second place in the Championship as they lead Charlton 1-0. The visitors failed to deal with Robbie Brady's corner, allowing Mohamed Gedo to bundle home from close range.

  229. 1543: 
    CLOSE!- Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    Gervino drops to his knees and holds his head in his hands. Twitter is about to go into meltdown as the Arsenal forward misses a sitter. He runs on to Tomas Rosicky's fine pass and is in on goal but drags his shot wide. Poor finish.

  230. 1542: 

    Interesting fixture in League Two between York and Barnet with the respective clubs' managers both European Cup winners. Gary Mills, the York manager, was part of the triumphant Nottingham Forest team of 1980 while Edgar Davids, the Barnet boss, won the Champions League with Ajax in 1995.

    It is honours even at Bootham Crescent at the moment, with Michael Rankine having put the hosts ahead before Andrew Yiadom equalised.

  231. 1540: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    Francis Coquelin goes down in the penalty area and wants a spot-kick but there's nothing doing - Mikel Arteta is pulling the strings in midfield but it's been a frustrating afternoon in front of goal so far for the Gunners.

  232. 1540: 

    Billy: "Gervinho thrives with the Ivory Coast because he plays up front and uses instinct, on the wing requires his decision making."

    Timo Burbidge: "Coquelin has remained fairly quiet this season for Arsenal but I'm expecting big things to come. Great vision and technique."

    Rare guy: "Is the Ox out of form or has he just been blatantly over-rated?"

  233. 1539: 
    CLOSE!- MK Dons 0-2 Barnsley

    Jon Otsemobor has just drilled a rare MK Dons effort over the Barnsley bar. That has provoked an angry response from Tykes keeper Luke Steele who is berating his players for allowing the opportunity. Barnsley still in cruise control at Stadium MK.

  234. 1536:  
    Steve Claridge at Stadium:MK on BBC Radio 5 live sports extraMK Dons 0-2 Barnsley

    "There's nothing so far to suggest we are going to see anything other than a Barnsley win. In some games you know at 2-0 it's not over. But we've seen nothing from MK Dons. If anything Barnsley have got stronger. Somebody needs to be getting into the penalty area and taking a chance."

  235. 1535: 

    BBC Sport's Steve Wyeth at Deepdale: "Shackles off for Preston North End after sacking Graham Westley. Bossing League One leaders Bournemouth and worth 2-0 lead."

  236. 1535: 

    David on text: "Harewood showing his experience and dominating the Dons backline so far.."

    Arun, Milton Keynes on text: "Harewood rolling back the years this afternoon."

    Barry, Southampton on text: "Performance of the day already: Southampton u18 beating Man Utd 4-2! Shows why the Saints academy setup continues to produce great players."

  237. 1534: 
    Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    Arsenal are still dominating at the Emirates but Francis Coquelin's final pass is poor and he wastes a good attack.

  238. 1534: 

    BBC Sport's Mike Sewell ‏at Selhurst Park: "My first experience of seeing Wilfried Zaha in the flesh. Already evident why Man Utd have signed him! Impressive!"

  239. 1534: 

    Rochdale have not won a game in 2013 but they have given themselves a chance of ending that run by taking the lead at home to out-of-form Torquay, with Rhys Bennett sliding in the opener.

    Roy O'Donovan has given Northampton the lead at Southend, and it has just gone from bad to worse for the Shrimpers, who are down to 10 men after Bilel Mohsni got himself sent off.

  240. 1529: 
    CLOSE!- Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    Arsenal have their 11th corner already - and they almost score from it as Thomas Vermaelen heads into the side-netting. Jake Kean was flapping at that one. Blackburn hanging on a bit here.

  241. 1529: 

    Aaron Campbell: "Great football at Stadium MK. Is it too early to start calling the Tykes 'Barnselona'?"

  242. 1528:  
    Steve Claridge at Stadium:MK on BBC Radio 5 live sports extraMK Dons 0-2 Barnsley

    "Barnsley are doing to MK Dons what MK Dons have done to Blackburn and Queens Park Rangers in the cups this season. That was great play by Scott Wiseman to set up Marlon Harewood who could not fail to make it 2-0. MK Dons need to respond quickly because Barnsley are just knocking the ball around and not letting them play."

  243. 1528:  
    Former Huddersfield and Coventry midfielder Kevin Kilbane, BBC Final Score

    "I'm not surprised by Mark Robins leaving Coventry for Huddersfield because when you are in demand and a club comes calling you usually go.

    "Huddersfield have got more financial power behind them and will probably spend more in the summer. I think Mark Robins sees it is an attractive option to go to a club who, I believe, is going places."

  244. 1527:  
    Juliette Ferrington, BBC Sport

    "Mild and bright at Oldham. Pitch being watered."

  245. 1526: 

    Stuart Armstrong fired Dundee United into an early lead at Celtic Park but Efe Ambrose and Kris Commons have since replied for the hosts. Jon Daly has just had a penalty saved as well.

    The only other goal has come at Victoria Park, with a lovely strike from Ivan Sproule giving Ross County the lead against St Johnstone.

    Keep across the latest in our Scottish live text.

  246. 1526: 

    Edmund Emiowei: "Gervinho - back from the Nations Cup and hesitant as ever in the box. Here we go again.."

    Scotty: "Gervinho's logic. Run into the box, mind goes blank, stand still...so awful in the final third."

  247. 1526: 

    Jason, Folkestone on text: "Can we get a stat from Opta on number of goal scoring chances squandered as I'm sure that's one league Gervinho would top? Hoping he doesn't miss a sitter, but sure he will."

    Jason, Norfolk on text: "Gervinho is maddenly frustrating to watch. Technically, he's very good - pacy, likes to take on his man, but as soon as he crosses the line into the penalty area he goes to pieces. If he can sort that out, he'll be an excellent player, but it's a big if."

  248. 1526: 

    Bournemouth can go four points clear at the top of League One with victory at Preston today, but it is not going to plan for the Cherries at the moment. Stuart Beavon has put Preston ahead, latching onto John Welsh's ball before firing home.

    That scoreline is good news for Sheffield United, who are currently up to second having taken the lead against Colchester courtesy of Barry Robson's 20th minute penalty.

  249. 1524: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    Lovely feet from Mikel Arteta as he weaves into the penalty area but his cross is headed away at the back post. The Gunners are already racking up the corner count.

    And Jake Kean is called into serious action from the dead ball, making a flying save to keep out Abou Diaby's header. Blinding save!

  250. 1522:  
    Martin Keown at the EmiratesArsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    "It's been quite comfortable for Blackburn so far, Arsenal are not really moving that ball that quickly and Blackburn look a better team than they were here last year."

  251. 1521: 

    The return of Billy Davies at Nottingham Forest was greeted by much applause from the home fans at the City Ground, and there seems a genuine sense of excitement by his return. Davies was relieved of his duties back in 2011 under the club's old regime but returns tasked with reigniting the club's floundering play-off campaign.

    Forest host Bolton and though it is goalless at the moment, the home side have had the better of the opening exchanges.

  252. 1521: 
    GOAL- MK Dons 0-2 Barnsley - Marlon Harewood (19 mins)

    Marlon Harewood had not scored an FA Cup goal since leaving West Ham in 2007, but the 33-year-old could not miss. The hard work was done by Scott Wiseman, on the overlap, who teed-up Harewood for a simple finish with a beautifully weighted pass.

  253. 1518: 

    Steve, Leeds on text: "Everyone seems to be conveniently missing the fact Ade called Alan smith an 'ex striker'."

    Jon on text: "Re Patrick 14:57 Podolski has been terrific for Arsenal this season so I think he's being saved for Tuesday's game."

    Harry, Milton Keynes on text: "Stadium mk feels like a Barnsley home game right now.."

  254. 1518: 

    England manager Roy Hodgson is at Selhurst Park this afternoon and he has been treated to a goal already with the in-form Glenn Murray putting Crystal Palace ahead against Middlesbrough.

    It is likely that the provider of that goal who will interest Hodgson, however, as Wilfried Zaha's smart footwork saw him get the better of a defender before the Manchester United forward crossed for Murray, who tapped in his 25th goal of the season.

  255. 1517:  
    Martin Keown at the EmiratesArsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    "You have to hand it to Blackburn, they are getting bodies behind the ball, but Gervinho's pace is causing them concern."

  256. 1517: 
    CLOSE!- MK Dons 0-1 Barnsley

    MK Dons have responded well since falling behind and Dean Bowditch has forced keeper Luke Steele into a decent save with a curling attempt from 18 yards. But Barnsley could - and should - have doubled the lead with goalscorer Chris Dagnall spurning a chance to add a second after missing the target from a good position. It's a lively start at Stadium MK.

  257. 1515: 
    Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    Gervinho is the main threat at the moment, the Ivory Coast man skins two men to break into the area but then hesitates and Morten Gamst Pedersen is able to make a tackle on him. Gervinho's decision making lets him down - not for the first time.

  258. 1513: 
    YELLOW CARD- Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    Blackburn right-back Bradley Orr brings down Gervinho, and referee Mike Dean shows him a yellow card. He is in for a tricky afternoon now as Gervinho looks in the mood.

  259. 1512:  
    Steve Claridge at Stadium:MK on BBC Radio 5 live sports extraMK Dons 0-1 Barnsley

    "That's a quality finish by Chris Dagnall. He took it with his left foot, a sudden half turn, before smacking the ball across goal. Keeper David Martin wasn't expecting it. What a super finish."

  260. 1510: 

    Millwall club captain Paul Robinson: "Good performance and excellent result, one good draw from Wembley!!"

  261. 1510: 
    CLOSE!- Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    Abou Diaby flicks a header wide from a left-wing cross from Mikel Arteta as Arsenal look for an early goal.

  262. 1510: 

    Roy Steven, Luton fan on text: "Poor. Manager needs to go. Two goals in the last seven games."

  263. 1508:  
    Martin Keown at the EmiratesArsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    "Arsenal have a big game here in the Champions League on Tuesday, but they can't take their eye off it today, the FA Cup is a trophy Arsenal need to win."

  264. 1506: 

    Sy, Ely on text: "I know we all like to talk about the magic of the FA Cup, but let's face it, five of the quarter-finalists will be from the top six in the Premiership."

    Dan, Malvern on text: "May I remind everyone that, whilst facing Blackburn is not an easy game, the last time they visited the Emirates, Arsenal put 7 past them. Only 2 of which were from RVP."

    Simon on text: "Have to defend Alan Smith. Never prolific as a striker (though not the worst record for Leeds) but has played as defensive midfielder for almost his whole career post Man Utd. Perhaps never international class but always fully committed to the cause. He'll put himself about today no doubt!"

  265. 1505: 
    GOAL- MK Dons 0-1 Barnsley - Chris Dagnall (3 mins)

    In-form Barnsley are not hanging about at Stadium MK. Less than three minutes are on the clock and the Championship club are 1-0 ahead after Chris Dagnall's fifth goal in seven games. The former Rochdale and Scunthorpe player showed his class with a left-foot finish which surprised keeper David Martin.

  266. 1504: 
    CLOSE!- Arsenal 0-0 Blackburn

    Blackburn have an early chance at the Emirates as Marcus Olsson shoots across the face of goal after a free-kick is not dealt with. Decent effort from the Swede.

  267. 1502: 

    Andrew Deegan: "Re 1443. Alan Smith fully deserving of those caps. Before he had the leg break versus Liverpool he was a talented, energetic player."

  268. 1502:  
    Steve Claridge at Stadium:MK on BBC Radio 5 live sports extraMK Dons 0-0 Barnsley

    "This tie is what the FA Cup is all about. It's the lower league team at home, chance of an upset. Barnsley are in great form, there's a chance to progress and a chance to get one of the big boys in the next round. Mk Dons are really struggling for people up front. Ryan Lowe is suspended and you wouldn't class Alan Smith as an out and out striker."

  269. 1501: 

    We are away at Arsenal and at MK Dons.

  270. 1457: 

    Henry, Cardiff on text: "Is Kayil Khan looking at the same Arsenal line up I am? Lots of quality."

    Patrick, Winchester on text: "Disappointed that Podolski is again on the bench, scored the winner against Stoke from the bench and his reward is zero game time since."

    T on text: "Re: Ade, 1443 - Alan Smith played as a holding midfielder for Newcastle, and was extremely promising at Leeds, enough to be signed by Manchester United. His decline has been due to injuries, above all."

  271. 1457: 

    Full time in the early Championship kick-off and it ends Cardiff 2-1 Bristol City. A Fraizer Campbell double makes it three in three games since the striker joined from Sunderland in January, while a Ben Nugent own goal in stoppage time is not enough to salvage a point for the visitors. The Bluebirds now top the division by 11 points with the Robins still firmly rooted in the relegation zone.

  272. 1456: 

    Statisticians Opta Sports: "Barnsley have won six and lost none of their last seven games in all competitions."

  273. 1455: 

    It's a busy day of top flight action north of the border, with runaway leaders Celtic hosting Dundee United. Neil Lennon's side are still smarting from their 3-0 midweek loss to Juventus. Will they vent their frustration against today's visitors or will we it be a case of the dreaded "Euro hangover"?

    Motherwell and Inverness CT meet at Fir Park, with the teams neck-and-neck in the race for second place. St Johnstone travel to Ross County, Hearts host Kilmarnock and St Mirren take on out-of-sorts Hibernian.

    You can follow all the SPL latest in our Scottish live text.

  274. 1455: 

    Alex, Cornwall on text: "Re Ade 14:43 Alan Smith actually changed position to a defensive midfielder, hence the lack of goals. Nonetheless, he was still quite average.."

    Jason, Folkestone on text: "Re Ade 14:43 Couldn't agree more, and didn't Darius Vassell used to be a regular? Michael Ricketts even got a cap (I was there in Amsterdam)!"

    Adam, Bristol on text: "Reductivist nonsense. Alan Smith was an extremely good young player until he suffered a horrible leg break that he never really recovered from."

  275. 1451: 

    We are 10 minutes from kick-off at Arsenal and at MK Dons. Arsene Wenger needs a trophy, is this his best chance? Or will Blackburn chalk up a Cupset?

  276. 1448: 

    Ollie, Coventry on text: "Everyone expecting a convincing Arsenal win which most likely means we'll be frustrated for 90 minutes."

    Alex, Wallasey on text: "Everton should beat Oldham today, then 90 mins away from Wembley! Follow the Jelavic road!"

    Tom on text: "Good luck to my school town team Gainsborough Trinity in the FA Trophy semi-finals at Wrexham today. Taken a few higher league scalps on the way!"

    Sorry Tom - Wrexham have already wrapped that one up - a 3-1 win for Andy Morrell's side.

  277. 1447: 
    LINE-UPS- Arsenal v Blackburn (1500 GMT)

    Arsenal: Szczesny, Coquelin, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Monreal, Diaby, Rosicky, Arteta, Gervinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Giroud. Subs: Mannone, Sagna, Podolski, Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey, Cazorla.

    Blackburn: Kean, Orr, Dann, Grant Hanley, Martin Olsson, Pedersen, Williamson, Lowe, Markus Olsson, Kazim-Richards, Rhodes. Subs: Usai, Givet, Nunes, Nuno Gomes, Rekik, Goodwillie, Bentley.

    Referee: Mike Dean (Wirral)


    Colin Whittle: "Jordan Rhodes to score. Rovers to win 2-1. Arsenal don't stand a chance."

    Kayil Khan: "Arsenal fans think they're gonna turn us over. Starting line-ups suggest they're they for the taking."

    Steve: "Got my seat in the Emirates, disappointed Bentley's only on the bench!"

  279. 1443: 
    Luton 0-3 Millwall

    BBC Sport's Chris Osborne at Kenilworth Road: "Full-time sees a hoard of police line the outside of one half of the pitch. But there seems little sign of trouble as Millwall fans applaud their quarter-final-bound side and Luton supporters show their appreciation for the Hatters' remarkable Cup run this season."

  280. 1443: 

    Ade on text: "Whenever people watch and moan about an England performance in the future, they should look back and remember that in the not too distant past, Alan Smith got 19 caps. The ex striker who in 85 games for Newcastle scored ZERO goals. Truly dark days."

  281. 1441:  
    BBC Final Score

    So Millwall are in the hat. A very professional display from the Championship side. Who will join them? We have two games about to kick-off and you can now also watch Final Score at the top of the screen.

  282. 1441: 

    Alexander Mulhern: "Dany just keeps us all N'Guessan. Unpredictable."

  283. 1441: 
    FULL-TIME- Luton 0-3 Millwall
  284. 1440: 

    BBC Radio 5 live presenter, and Millwall fan, Danny Baker: "3-0 Millwall. Using football logic Norwich should have to give up their Premier League place to us now."

  285. 1439: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Luton 0-3 Millwall

    Luton are denied a stoppage-time consolation as Jon Shaw's low shot from a corner is well saved by the feet of David Forde. Top save.

  286. 1439: 
    LINE-UPS- MK Dons v Barnsley (1500 GMT)

    Milton Keynes Dons: Martin, Otsemobor, MacKenzie, Williams, Lewington, Potter, Harley, Bowditch, Chadwick, Powell, Smith. Subs: Doumbe, Chicksen, Flanagan, Ali, Alli, Lines, Rasulo.

    Barnsley: Steele, Wiseman, Cranie, Kennedy, Hassell, Etuhu, Perkins, Mellis, Golbourne, Dagnall, Harewood. Subs: Alnwick, Foster, Delap, Scotland, Cywka, Rose, O'Brien.

    Referee: Mike Jones (Cheshire)

  287. 1435:  
    Former Luton manager David Pleat on BBC Radio 5 live

    "N'Guessan has been effective since he has come on. When the ball came back off the goalkeeper he was the quickest player to react and shuffle the ball over the line. It makes sure Millwall will be in the hat. The extra quality of Millwall has shone through."

  288. 1434: 

    Belete Eshetea: "Great team selection by Wenger. He is giving a break to players in good form. We are coming for you, Bayern."

    Richard Edi: "Arsenal got a strong squad. Winning 4-1."

    Anuj Gangwal: "Lot of Arsenal players playing with a point to prove. Expect an Arsenal thumping, 5-0."

    James Kennealy: "Should Arsenal prioritise the FA Cup over Champions League as they have more chance of winning the FA Cup?"

  289. 1432: 
    GOAL- Luton 0-3 Millwall - Dany N'Guessan (86 mins)

    The best move of the match as Millwall sign, seal and deliver a place in the FA Cup quarter-final. A lovely passing move ends with Andy Keogh dummying the ball on the edge of the box, John Marquis's low shot is too hot for Mark Tyler to handle and Dany N'Guessan has the simple task of slotting home.

  290. 1431: 

    Brent, London on text: "On my way to the Emirates, hoping for a four-nil win, no injuries and couple of goals for the much maligned Gervinho."

  291. 1427: 
    Luton 0-2 Millwall

    We are into the final 10 minutes at Luton. Despondent faces a plenty on the Hatters bench as Millwall clear their lines.

  292. 1426: 
    MK Dons v Barnsley (1500 GMT)

    Former Manchester United and Leeds striker Alan Smith, veteran of 19 England caps, returns to the MK Dons line-up in place of Izale McLeod, who is cup-tied after appearing for Portsmouth earlier in the competition. Shaun Williams, who has scored three times in this season's competition, also starts for the League One club.

    Barnsley include two players who started the FA Cup semi-final against Cardiff at Wembley five years ago - keeper Luke Steele and defender Bobby Hassell. Former West Ham striker Marlon Harewood also appears for the visitors.

  293. 1424: 
    Arsenal v Blackburn (1500 GMT)

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger makes seven changes to the team that beat Sunderland last week in the Premier League. Thomas Vermaelen, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Gervinho are among those that come in with Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott on the bench.

    Blackburn make two alterations with Morten Gamst Pedersen and Lee Williamson replacing DJ Campbell and Danny Murphy. Former Gunner David Bentley is among the substitutes.

  294. 1421: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Luton 0-2 Millwall

    Millwall have gone up a gear here and Luton look beaten. Mark Tyler has to make a flying save to keep out Andy Keogh's header, and former Wolves man Keogh then wastes a great chance seconds later when he heads wide from another beautiful James Henry cross.

  295. 1421: 

    A cool and composed side-foot finish from Fraizer Campbell means it is Cardiff two goals to the good against Bristol City with half an hour left. The Bluebirds will go 11 points clear at the top of the Championship.

  296. 1419:  
    Former Luton manager David Pleat on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Re 1415. Great play by Millwall. It was a good break by the substitute who then dinked the ball towards Henry. But Millwall probably missed the best opportunity they have had since they scored the second goal."

  297. 1418: 
    Luton 0-2 Millwall
    Torquay boss Paul Buckle

    We are into the final 20 minutes at Kenilworth Road. The dream appears to be over for Luton and manager Paul Buckle. Unless they score soon that is...

  298. 1418: 

    Still 1-0 at Cardiff City Stadium. Goalscorer Fraizer Campbell appeals for a penalty as he goes down under a challenge while reaching for a cross. The officials give nothing, then an improvised Liam Kelly effort for visitors Bristol City lands on top of Cardiff keeper David Marshall's net. The status quo remains.

  299. 1415: 
    Luton 0-2 Millwall

    Millwall have a chance to rubber-stamp their victory as the two goalscorers combine. James Henry dinks in a lovely cross from the corner of the penalty area, Rob Hulse ghosts on to it but doesn' t know whether to stick or twist and ends up planting a cross at the goalkeeper.

  300. 1414: 
    MK Dons v Barnsley (1500 GMT)

    What a great start to David Flitcroft's managerial career. Having steered Barnsley to two wins in three games as caretaker following Keith Hill's dismissal on 29 December, the 39-year-old former Bury and Rochdale defender has led the Tykes to four wins and one draw in five matches since taking charge full-time on 13 January.

    Keeping Barnsley in the Championship is Flitcroft's main aim and there is still much work to be done to ensure that happens. But Barnsley fans will be dreaming of a Wembley return should they overcome MK Dons - five years after losing 1-0 to Cardiff in the semi-final at the national stadium.

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