Aberdeen v Dundee as it happened

Aberdeen beat Dundee in Friday night's Scottish Premier League clash at Pittodrie.

15 February 2013 Last updated at 22:11 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1910: 

    With the Pittodrie pitch doing a fine impression of actor Mickey Rourke's face in the film The Wrestler, here's hoping Aberdeen v Dundee can still serve up a cracker.

    Good evening and welcome to our live text coverage of tonight's Scottish Premier League fixture.

  2. 1911: 

    The pock-marked Pittodrie pitch has been making the wrong kind of headlines. Dons boss Craig Brown blames last November's rugby international between Scotland and Tonga for the churned-up turf. The scrum well and truly collapsed on sections of the pitch.

    Nevertheless, we plough and hope to serve up a decent game tonight...

  3. 1912: 

    Get in touch tonight via text to 80295 with SPL in your message.

    And you can tweet the commentary using the hashtag #bbcsportscot or message me @bbcthomasmcg

  4. 1914: 

    Neither side goes into the game in the best of form. Aberdeen's last league victory? Against Dundee at Dens Park, a 3-1 win on 29 December.

    Basement side Dundee are nursing a bloody nose at the foot of the table. Barry Smith's shell-shocked troops are 15 points behind 11th-placed St Mirren and are in urgent need of wins to avoid the dreaded drop.

    Dundee's last SPL win came way back in November, a 3-1 home win over Hibs. And Steve Lovell scored a last-minute winner the last time Dundee won a league game at Pittodrie: a 2-1 win in May 2004.

  5. 1915: 

    Aberdeen: Langfield, Osbourne, Anderson, Shaughnessy, Robertson, Pawlett, Rae, Hughes, Hayes, McGinn, Vernon. Subs: Twardzik, Jack, Milsom, Fallon, Naysmith, Magennis, Smith.

    Dundee: Douglas, Irvine, Toshney, Gallagher, Easton, Riley, Davidson, Harkins, Conroy, McAlister, John Baird. Subs: Alex Baird, Lockwood, McBride, Benedictus, Morgan, Nish, Milne.

    Referee: Brian Colvin

  6. 1917: 
    Aberdeen boss Craig Brown

    "It's a perfect night for football and the groundstaff have worked tirelessly to get the pitch in shape.

    "Dundee had a marvellous result in the Scottish Cup and they're not to be underestimated..."

    Brown, whose contract at Pittodrie expires at the end of the season, has also reminded BBC Sportsound listeners - and his detractors - that the Dons were bottom of the SPL when he took up the reins at the club.

  7. 1920: 
    BBC Sportsound pundit Willie Miller

    Assess the manager on what he's done: he deserves a bit of respect from the club. Craig Brown, Archie Knox and the fans need clarity."

  8. 1922: 

    Thomas Mackintosh: "Great to see Jack & Naysmith back after their injuries. Hopefully, they play some part in a Dons victory tonight. Prediction 2-0."

  9. 1923: 
    Dundee defender Brian Easton

    "We have had more than our fair share of players out with middle to long-term injuries, which is tough for the whole team and the manager.

    "We have done what we can but obviously find ourselves bottom of the league.

    "It's important we don't get too disheartened. If you look at the table, it's not the best, and we know it's going to be hard, but if we get a few wins on the board before the spilt we will leave ourselves with a wee chance."

  10. 1926: 
    Dundee manager Barry Smith

    "Aberdeen won't enjoy playing on that pitch either. But we have to adapt to surfaces. Consistency is the main thing and we seem to lack that at the moment. However, we do see progress and need to improve as a team.

    "I'll never criticise them for their work ethic; it's individual mistakes that's costing us. We've found ourselves chasing games often and then you've got to push forward.

    "We try to get our players to keep themselves in the game. Unfortunately, that's not been happening. Results haven't worked out for us but this is the game where we have to pick up points."

  11. 1928: 
    BBC Sportsound pundit Billy Dodds

    "Dundee really need a miracle now but they've picked an offensive team that's capable of creating chances. It remains to be seen whether they can keep a clean sheet."

  12. 1929: 

    On the thorny issue of the patchy, pock-marked Pittodrie pitch...

    Ian, Elgin, to 80295: "Thistle are doing much better since they stopped sharing with rugby. It does not work. Pittodrie looked like an allotment after the rugby."

  13. 1931: 

    What do you think Aberdeen fans? Does Craig Brown deserve a new deal at Pittodrie?

    Text 80295 or tweet the commentary using the hashtag #bbcsportscot - and you can message me @bbcthomasmcg

  14. 1933: 

    BBC Scotland's flame-haired reporter Jim Spence has tweeted a picture of the pummelled Pittodrie pitch.

  15. 1935: 

    Always love listening to Sportsound pundit Willie Miller's dulcet tones waxing lyrical about the beautiful game. He sounds uber relaxed; like he's just enjoyed Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon and is replaying Breathe...

  16. 1937: 

    Craig Campbell: "Craig Brown said at the beginning he'd need a few transfer windows, most signings have been superb so far. New deal is deserved."

    Tom Watson: "In spite of the problems with the Pittodrie pitch, Celtic allowed a rugby match 2 b played at Parkhead last Tuesday."

  17. 1940: 

    BBC Sportsound anchor Richard Gordon says the crowd inside Pittodrie is "in need of swelling". There are about 300 Dundee fans in the away end.

    Kick off is at 19:45 GMT.

  18. 1942: 

    Striker Scott Vernon replaces the suspended Mark Reynolds in the only Aberdeen change from the team that played out a goalless draw with St Mirren on Saturday.

    Dundee boss Barry Smith shuffles his pack: midfielder Kevin McBride and striker Colin Nish make way for Nicky Riley and Ryan Conroy.

  19. 1946: 

    We are under way at Pittodrie.

  20. 1947: 

    Andrew Southwick: "If Aberdeen don't win tonight it's goodbye to Europe and, sadly, probably goodbye to Craig & Archie in summer."

  21. 1950: 

    Aberdeen are unsuccessful with a penalty appeal for handball in the box after the hosts launched a lightning counter attack. Jonny Hayes's centre for Scott Vernon appears to strike a blue arm but referee Brian Colvin is having none of it.

  22. 1951: 
    BBC Sportsound pundit Billy Dodds

    "I think it was a penalty."

  23. 1952: 

    Aberdeen's talismanic number 10 Niall McGinn tries to engineer the opening goal for Aberdeen but the Dundee defence are defiant in the face of some early impressive Dons pressure.

  24. 1954: 

    Dundee respond immediately as Gary Harkins rises to meet a deep cross but his looping header fails to seriously trouble Dons keeper Jamie Langfield.

  25. 1956: 
    BBC Sportsound pundit Willie Miller

    "It's been a decent start to the game. There's no doubt that Dundee, when they get the chance, are trying to move forward and take the game to Aberdeen."

  26. 1957: 

    Stewart Duncan: "A decent win will put the Dons into 4th. Hopefully we could restart our season from there and push for 2nd or 3rd. 4-0 Dons #bbcsportscot"

    HarryLTV: "Hey, could I be involved with the live commentary?"

    As Alan Partridge one famously boomed: "Join us!"

  27. 1959: 

    Dundee defender Brian Easton rifles in a 20-yard shot as the visitors grow in confidence. "A great strike and a good save," says BBC Sportsound pundit Willie Miller.

    It remains goalless after 15 minutes on the infamous Pittodrie pitch...

  28. 2001: 

    A J Murison: "Concerned that CB hasn't taken advantage of no RFC this season. Too defensive by far. Should go if no win tonight or no top 6"

  29. 2002: 
    BBC Sportsound commentator Scott Davie

    "Only three home wins in 15 matches for Aberdeen this season..."

  30. 2003: 

    The Dons' answer to Gerd Muller does it again. Niall McGinn, at his razor-sharp best, cuts inside 30 yards from goal and arrows a shot past the despairing Rab Douglas. That's McGinn's 17th of the season and his fifth against Dundee.

    The sight of McGinn will strike fear and alarm into the hearts of those in Dark Blue, akin to spotting Banquo's Ghost in the distance.

  31. 2005: 
    BBC Sportsound pundit Willie Miller

    "He's been phenomenal this season. I thought the goalkeeper was at fault and should've had a hand on it."

  32. 2007: 

    The Sportsound pundits, not dissimilar to the judges on X Factor, are casting a critical eye over tonight's proceedings. In their view, Dundee's veteran shot-stopper Rab Douglas went down in instalments for McGinn's goal.

    You can judge for yourself when we publish the Pittodrie highlights on our website at tomorrow lunchtime.

  33. 2009: 

    Ian Durmoak: "Was really hopeful of a resurgent Aberdeen under Craig Brown. So disappointed with his dismal reign as Aberdeen manager."

  34. 2012: 

    Despite trailing to that Niall McGinn goal, Dundee are proving dangerous up to the final third before their attacking menace fizzles out like a wet firework.

    Manager Barry Smith said beforehand that Dundee had to win tonight. They'll need to start baring their teeth in front of goal to do so.

  35. 2014: 

    Aaron Goodwillie: "Last 2 games on a coupon with 2k of returns. Need Aberdeen and Sevilla! C'mon #bbcsportscot"

    Oooft! If you win I can just about picture you doing the Gangnam Style dance in top hat and spats.

    Paul Philbin: "Clearly having fun working on a Friday night covering Scottish football #banter"

    Jared Anderson: "An Aberdeen goal? Surely not..."

  36. 2016: 
    Niall McGinn fires Aberdeen in front at Pittodrie

    Niall McGinn broke the deadlock with a fizzing drive that whistled past goalkeeper Rab Douglas.

  37. 2018: 

    Kenny in Birmingham: "Regardless of whether Craig Brown gets a new contract, we will continue to struggle until the board wake up and give him funds to strengthen. With Rangers out the picture we have a chance to challenge and become a force in the SPL. But until the board back the manager sadly that will never happen and the fans will remain frustrated and stay away."

  38. 2020: 

    Niall McGinn, chasing his and Aberdeen's second goal, threatens again inside the Dundee penalty area but defender Brian Easton shows Ninja-like reflexes to snuff out the danger.

  39. 2022: 

    Ross Gardner: "Niall McGinn homing in on 20 goals. First Don to hit 20 in 20 odd years?#bbcsportscot"

  40. 2023: 

    Niall McGinn whips in a great cross that Scott Vernon manages to get a head on but he gets under it. The ball flies out to Peter Pawlett but the attack fails to produce a second goal.

  41. 2025: 

    Dundee's veteran keeper Rab Douglas blows the dust off his shoulders and comes ambling out to punch clear an Aberdeen cross. The ball falls to Isaac Osbourne but his effort fails to trouble the goal. Douglas creaks back between the sticks...

  42. 2027: 
    BBC Sportsound pundit Billy Dodds

    "Rab Douglas will know, by his own high standards, that he should've saved the goal."

  43. 2028: 

    Five minutes plus added time remaining in the first half. Dundee boss Barry Smith will require a few well-chosen words amid the half-time oranges to get his troops going.

  44. 2031: 

    Dundee go within a whisker of scoring an equaliser just before the break. Jim McAlister's effort deflects off an Aberdeen defender, strikes the crossbar and bounces to safety. Much better from the visitors, Gary Harkins did brilliantly to set up his team-mate.

  45. 2033: 

    Despite impressing for spells in an entertaining first half, Dundee trail to Niall McGinn's 17th goal of the season.

  46. 2034: 
    BBC Sportsound pundit Billy Dodds

    "Gary Harkins showed quality to see the pass and feed McAlister. His shot hits the bar and it's unlucky for Dundee and the story of their season: not taking their chances. Dundee are still going to have a go and it's a good open game."

  47. 2036: 

    Edinburgh Tom: "Wee boy & his mum away 4 w/e. I could b on the town, but instead I'm tweetin live text. You're like family 2 me young Thomas."

    Glad to hear you've pulled up a pew on our cyber sofa Tom! I'm replenishing energy stocks with a cup of tea and the ubiquitous Star Bar. It's life on the edge for me, I tell you...

  48. 2039: 
    BBC Sportsound anchor Richard Gordon

    "The quality of the game has been better than I thought with the pitch..."

    The Pittodrie pitch continues to be all the rage. Did the Asteroid 2012 DA14 actually pass Earth or did it pummel the pitch before taking off again on another distant course?


    so_cal_dandie from sunny California: "Will Dundee ever win a game again??? #bbcsportscot"

    Now come on! That's hardly blue-sky positive thinking Californi-aaay style is it?

  50. 2049: 

    The second half get under way. Will the Dons hold on or can Dundee muster a Rocky-style comeback with manager Barry Smith whispering Adrian-style: "Win!"


    Calum: "Craig Brown looks very cold how can he motivate young guys? He'll be worried about the Staggies going above them on the 26th."

    Anonymous: "If we can keep some of the crocks fit, no reason why we can't finish 2nd. Also let's appreciate McGinn while we have him."

    When you say "crocks" I hope you mean injury-prone players and not the dangerous aquatic tetrapods! Dread to think about one of the hulking beasts snapping its jaws at Craig Brown's ankles as he delivers tactical instructions from the technical area...

  52. 2054: 

    Jim McAlister tests Aberdeen keeper Jamie Langfield with a 20-yard drive that he does well to save. The danger signs - like the crocs for Craig Brown - are still there for the Dons. Dundee remain very much in this game.

  53. 2055: 

    Sloandog: "What's the crowd like? Decent numbers?"

    We don't have official number yet Sloandog. About 300 Dundee fans inside Pittodre; I'll let you know ASAP.

  54. 2058: 

    Niall McGinn balloons a 25-yard free kick high over the bar - perhaps it knocked that asteroid off course - and fails to trouble Dundee keeper Rab Douglas from a decent position. It remains 1-0 to the Dons and the visitors need to improve if they're to add to their single away league win this season.

  55. 2059: 

    Attention Sloandog: BBC Scotland's Jim Spence, who is at Pittodrie this evening, thinks about 7,000-odd fans are taking in the game.

  56. 2103: 

    Andrew, Shoreham by Sea: "Thomas, re the crocks, Brown would simply drop his bunnet on it."

    I'm hearing you Andrew. But would the veteran boss be able to wrap the aforementioned bunnet around those deadly jaws? Alternatively, he could whisper close to those razor-sharp incisors about the Dons' superior corner count...

  57. 2105: 

    A rugby update for you. Glasgow Warriors have walloped Newport Gwent Dragons by 60 points to 3 in the RaboDirect Pro12 - what a result!

  58. 2107: 

    so_cal_dandie: "Hopefully Clangers does not make an appearance tonight, because a second goal is not looking likely right now? #COYR

    Sloandog: "Not too bad, especially after the St Mirren game which was abysmal!! #COYR"

  59. 2110: 

    Donald Stevenson: "Countdown to end of the New York work week being assisted by#bbcsportscot commentary. Come on the Dons and our 7000 "odd" fans."

    New York Work Week? Wouldn't want to hear Michael Palin's character Pontius Pilate in The Life of Brian saying that!

  60. 2112: 

    Just under 20 minutes to go and Dundee will be feeling they can get something from this game. Aberdeen have been quieter than a church mouse on sponsored silence in this second half (copyright Blackadder) and Barry Smith's side still have a glimmer of hope.

  61. 2114: 
    BBC Sportsound commentator Scott Davie

    "It's been a very insipid second half after the promise of the first half."

  62. 2118: 

    The bold Willie Miller is at it again. Describing Aberdeen's toothless display in the second half, he's sounding like the hypnotic Kaa in the Jungle Book. My eyes are like saucers...

  63. 2122: 

    Dundee boss Barry Smith rolls his dice and... sends on Colin Nish for Ryan Conroy. Can the SPL basement side find an equaliser?

  64. 2124: 

    Harry Butler: "More people bowling at @sunset_aberdeen than are at Pittodrie tonight..... I promise you! #sunsetdj #bbcsportscot"

    Ah, but anything more impressive than Niall McGinn's strike, Harry?

  65. 2126: 

    Edinburgh Tom: "Colin Nish is 10th in the list of all-time SPL goalscorers, & the last person 2 score a hat-trick 4 Hibs. #truefact"

  66. 2127: 

    Ross Gardner: "1-0 at Pittodrie qualifies as a goalfeast #bbcsportscot"

  67. 2130: 

    Iain Brown: "Thomas has a flux capacitor... he's out time back an hour."

    Didn't Marty McFly just nod home the equaliser?

  68. 2131: 

    Baird tries to fashion a late, late chance for the visitors but Aberdeen snuff out the danger and look set to hold on to claim maximum points. It's been a nervy second 45 for the Dons.

  69. 2133: 

    A late chance for Dundee...

  70. 2134: 

    ... Gary Harkins has a free kick 25 yards from goal after being fouled by Gavin Rae. But his effort strikes the wall and that just about sums up Dundee's night and season to date.

  71. 2135: 

    A small ripple of boos inside Pittodrie as frustrated home fans greet the final whistle - and three points - with something less than unbridled joy.

    Nevertheless, it's a fourth home win of the season for the Dons as Niall McGinn's first half strike - his 17th of the season - secures maximum points.

    What now for Dundee?

  72. 2137: 

    Edinburgh Tom: "U did 33mins of commentary (2058-2131) without havin a single incident of football action worthy of mention."

    One of those games...

  73. 2140: 
    BBC Sportsound pundit Willie Miller

    "You'd have to be a blind man not to have noticed that it was going against Aberdeen in the second half. The only reason I didn't feel anxious, from an Aberdeen viewpoint, was that you doubt whether Dundee have that bit of quality. They do have spirit and can take the game to Aberdeen. But..."


    Martin, Edinburgh: "Delighted for Pa Broon to get the 3 points. He's transformed us from relegation fodder to second spot challengers, whilst having to sell £2m worth of players. Keep it up: the support are behind you."


    Mike Elrik: "No disrespect to Dundee but a better team would have taken the Dons tonight. Not good enough Craig Brown."


    Aberdeen climb to fifth courtesy of that narrow win over Dundee. Barry Smith's side remain rooted to the bottom of the table, 15 points behind St Mirren.

    Dundee boss Barry Smith

    "We dominated the second half and had chances in the first. We did extremely well tonight but we switch off for a second and it's a goal. However, we can't criticise them because they've worked very hard; but that bit of quality is missing. The boys are fighting to get us out of this position."

    Aberdeen boss Craig Brown

    "We should have had a penalty when Scott Vernon's shot hit an arm. There's a lack of consistency I'm afraid and I'm saying this having won the game.

    "McGinn did very well. We played poorly in the second half and were bedevilled by injuries. However, we managed to keep a clean sheet."


    I'm going to call it a night. Aberdeen secure their first league win of 2013 against a Dundee side lacking a cutting edge.

    Thanks for your company, texts and tweets tonight. We're back tomorrow for five SPL games including live text coverage of all the game and live radio commentary of Celtic v Dundee United.

    Hope you can join us then. Cheers.

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