West Ham v Tottenham: Premier League latest updates

Live text commentary as Tottenham beat West Ham 3-2 to go third in the Premier League table.

25 February 2013 Last updated at 22:54 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 2251: 

    Right then - that's it from us for tonight.

    Get yourselves back here tomorrow night when we have the contrasting worlds of Everton v Oldham and Barcelona v Real Madrid. See you there.

  2. 2250: 

    Opta Sports on Twitter: "6 - Lionel Messi & Gareth Bale are the only players in the big five Euro leagues to score six goals from outside the box this season. Peers."

  3. 2242: 
    Gareth Bale

    Matt, London on text: "All the good teams have that one player that stands above the rest. Ronaldo at Real, Messi at Barca, Van Persie at Man Utd. Bale is the one at Spurs presently. Anyone who calls them a one man team is just jealous of what they don't have themselves! Well done Spurs who bought him before anyone else."

  4. 2241: 

    What a weekend of goals it has been. Rafael, Dimitar Berbatov, Papiss Cisse, Yaya Toure, Gareth Bale. The bar has been set very, very high.

  5. 2236: 

    Tonight was Spurs' eighth league win away from home, which is a club record. How high can they finish?

  6. 2231: 
    MANAGER REACTION- West Ham 2-3 Tottenham
    Sam Allardyce

    West Ham boss Sam Allardyce: "We've one man to thank for tonight's result and that's Gareth Bale. He's the difference and his wonder goals are continuing. I can't say I've ever seen anyone score so many in such a short time. He's done it twice tonight.

    "The first was a good goal but the second in injury time is a a wonder goal. It's a hugely disappointing result after getting back in the game and taking the lead. You have to take your chances when they come and Matt Taylor had the chance but he didn't take it."

  7. 2228: 

    Tottenham are five points behind Manchester City now, and four clear of fifth-placed Arsenal. Just the small matter of the north London derby to come on Sunday as well...

  8. 2226:  
    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand

    "Gareth 'scud foot' Bale....what you doing to the Hammers maaaaaaaaan! #NaughtyGoal"

  9. 2223: 

    Tottenham goalscorer Gylfi Sigurdsson: "We were conceding late goals earlier in the season and now we've turned that around now and we are happy to have done that and taken the three points. (Bale's) doing alright for us now! I don't know how many goals he scored now but they're all spectacular."

  10. 2223: 

    Shiv Upadhyay: "Bacary Sagna might as well go on holiday to south of France this weekend."

  11. 2221: 
    MANAGER REACTION- West Ham 2-3 Tottenham
    Sam Allardyce

    West Ham manager Sam Allardyce: "It's one of the worldies that he continues to produce, I think that's the best of the lot, and there's not a lot you can do about it at that stage of the game.

    "We played fantastic but we've really been beaten by Bale. As soon as he hit it I went 'oh no', I knew it was going in. We caused them a lot of problems and I can't blame the lads at all."

  12. 2219: 

    Here's some more from Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas: "Bale was tremendous. He's starting to get a liking for scoring late goals. The player continues to make the difference and he was tremendous once again.

    "He inspires people and he is a direct influence on every single player. Firstly we get the boost of confidence from being third and moving nine points clear of Everton and, hopefully, we'll try to get a chance against Arsenal to increase the distance even further."

  13. 2218: 

    "We've been beaten by Gareth Bale" says West Ham boss Sam Allardyce. He looks rueful - but what can he say? Not a lot you can do about that winner...

  14. 2217: 

    Mark Taylor: "I've not seen a player as good as Bale in a Spurs shirt since Gazza. He could be even better..."

    Ross Parker: "I just can't see Bale going abroad. I think he loves the Premier League and I can see Fergie breaking the bank to get him."

    Daniel Robinson: "Mr Levy will be bracing himself for all kinds of silly offers in the summer. He needs an ace up his sleeve to keep Bale."

  15. 2215: 

    Gareth Bale has also equalled the most Premier League goals by a Welsh player in a single season - he has 15 now, level with Mark Hughes (1992-93), Dean Saunders (1994-95) and John Hartson (1997-98).

  16. 2213: 

    Lee Measures: "Gareth Bale - genuinely Roy of the Rovers stuff again. Name your price Spurs!! "

    Ian H, Clitheroe on text: "Take your pick of nicknames for Gareth Bale; Unstoppa'bale', unplaya'bale', unbelieva'bale'.. I could go on!"

    Ed S on text: "Just over three years ago Bale nearly went to Forest. Imagine the player he might have become...what a shame."

  17. 2212: 
    MANAGER REACTION- West Ham 2-3 Tottenham
    Gareth Bale

    Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas: "Gareth Bale is unbelievable, a super talent. We have seen him at another level this season he makes the difference in every single game. Jussi Jaaskelainen was man of the match. Bale is world class. Players like this assume responsibility at key moments, he is tremendous.

    "He is enjoying his football, when you see him joyful on the pitch he gives you rewards. The gap to second place is not big and we have a chance to put Arsenal away on Sunday.

    "The north London derby is going to be very passionate, and if we can put Arsenal seven points away it will be a big step for us. We know we need a bigger gap than at the moment to keep them away."

  18. 2208: 

    Phil Durrant: "Bale will stay at Spurs, no doubt in my mind. This amazing season is down to the freedom AVB gives him. Fantastic management."

    Toby Swann: "The sooner Bale moves to Real Madrid the better."

  19. 2206: 
    PLAYER REACTION- West Ham 2-3 Tottenham
    Gareth Bale

    Spurs' matchwinner Gareth Bale: "We knew we had a massive chance to get into third spot tonight. We had a lot of chances off corners. Ade missed an easy one, one went off a post.

    "We know what we are capable of and we've scored a lot of last-minute winners in the last month or so, so we kept believing.

    "It's not about me, it's about the team and we played really well. We obviously wanted to get the three points to keep our Champions League hopes alive."

  20. 2202:  
    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport at Upton Park

    "Bale is covering the lack of forward power Spurs have got. They didn't get anyone in January and with Jermain Defoe's injury, Bale has stepped up again to fill in. If they hadn't have won that game Adebayor may have been looking at himself and saying that one was on me."

  21. 2201:  
    MOTD presenter Gary Lineker and former Tottenham striker

    "In the argument as to whether @GarethBale11 is the best current British player, I rest my case. #superstar"

  22. 2200: 

    Alan, Birmingham: "Big Sam said that Spurs were a one man team this week. You might have thought he'd have prepared his players a bit better to stop that one man then!"

    JB on text: "If Bale was English we would be favourites for every tournament for the next 16 years. He's the closest to Ronaldo or Messi a Brit will ever be over the next 10 years."

    Olly in High Wycombe: "I feel sorry for Jaaskelainen..."

  23. 2158:  
    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport at Upton Park

    "I'm still in shock after that goal, he's in such unbelievable form. Spurs just need get him on the ball in central areas. When he started to drop deep in that second half you could see how much more of a threat and a danger he was."

  24. 2156: 

    There were 18 months or so when you fully expected Cristiano Ronaldo to score from 30 yards every single time he took a shot in a Manchester United shirt. Gareth Bale is in that kind of touch right now. Everything he hits goes in. Will he be at White Hart Lane next September? If not, where will he be?

  25. 2156: 

    Gavin Scott: "Bale is quickly becoming a magician. Unbelievable goal fit to win any game."

    Arthur Everett: "Bale is becoming more and more Ronaldo-esque"

    Matt Harrison: "Cantona early 90s, Ronaldo 2008, Gerrard since 2000, but has there ever been more of a one man team than the current Spurs side?"

  26. 2154: 
    FULL-TIME- West Ham 2-3 Tottenham

    That's it, Tottenham go third in the top flight. Or should that be Gareth Bale goes third?

  27. 2153: 
    West Ham 2-3 Tottenham

    Gareth Bale has now scored eight in his last six games, and most of them have been outstanding as well.

  28. 2153: 
    Gareth Bale

    Sham Gallagher: "Bale is doing exactly what Van Persie did for Arsenal, score important goals an get their team into the Champions League."

    Darren: "BALE is definitely footballer of the year... No better player currently in the premier league."

  29. 2151:  
    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport at Upton Park

    "That is unbelievable, it is quite staggering, how can he keep doing it? It's one of those where your mouth just drops."

    You can listen to live commentary from Upton Park on BBC Radio 5 live.

  30. 2149: 


  31. 2149: 
    GOAL- West Ham 2-3 Tottenham - Gareth Bale (90 mins)

    We are witnessing something special at the moment, we really are. Against a goalkeeper who has been in inspired form, Gareth Bale finds a winner of superb quality. The Welshman takes aim from a full 30 yards and just smacks the ball into the top corner. It was Cristiano Ronaldo-esque that one. Such a clean hit.

  32. 2146: 
    SUBSTITUTION- West Ham 2-2 Tottenham

    West Ham striker Andy Carroll lashes in an acrobatic effort over the bar before Jake Livermore comes on to replace Scott Parker in the Spurs midfield. He gets jeered, and then applauded off. A mixed bag.

    We have two minutes left of normal time. Anyone for a winner?

  33. 2145: 

    Did I just say Sylvester Stallone in the Great Escape? There's a remake that doesn't want to be made...

  34. 2143: 
    SUBSTITUTION- West Ham 2-2 Tottenham

    West Ham do just that, as Jack Collison comes on in place of Mo Diame. Spurs are piling men forwards now though as we enter the last five minutes.

  35. 2143:  
    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport at Upton Park

    "West Ham have given everything this game and now they just need to hold on for the draw. They need someone to come on and relieve the pressure in midfield."

    You can listen to live commentary from Upton Park on BBC Radio 5 live.

  36. 2143: 

    Dan D: "Where's Paul Stalteri when you need him?"

  37. 2139: 
    GREAT SAVE!- West Ham 2-2 Tottenham

    Brilliant yet again from Jussi Jaaskelainen! Aaron Lennon scrambles his way down the right, pulls the ball back and when Scott Parker shoots Gylfi Sigurdsson helps it on, only to see Jussi palm it away! Seconds later Jaaskelainen is at it again, tipping away Emmanuel Adebayor's header.

    This is Hollywood stuff. In fact, it's like Sylvester Stallone in Escape To Victory.

  38. 2138:  
    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport at Upton Park

    "It was the quality of the ball from Gareth Bale that unsettled them. When you're facing your own goal you start to panic a bit and that's what happened to West Ham there."

    You can listen to live commentary from Upton Park on BBC Radio 5 live.

  39. 2138: 
    West Ham 2-2 Tottenham

    We have 11 minutes left - this is grandstand finish territory.

  40. 2135: 
    GOAL- West Ham 2-2 Tottenham - Gylfi Sigurdsson (76 mins)

    Gylfi Sigurdsson made his name at Reading, and then Swansea, scoring beautiful, fabulous long-range strikes which showed off his superb technique. This is nothing like that.

    He finally opens his Premier League account for Tottenham with a horrible, scrappy goal but he will not care at all. Gareth Bale's free-kick from the right is headed down by Joey O'Brien, it hits Steven Caulker on the back and bobbles into the path of Sigurdsson, who scrambles the ball in off the post from two yards out. Game on!

  41. 2135:  
    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport at Upton Park

    "That is fantastic goalkeeping from Hugo Lloris, he has been unbelievable for Spurs tonight, it really is a fantastic save."

    You can listen to live commentary from Upton Park on BBC Radio 5 live.

  42. 2133: 

    Matthew Ball: "Credit to Jaaskelainen but Caulker should have buried at least two of those headers. Really poor headers."

    Sam Hollis: "3 x corners, 3 x terrible marking by Carroll, 3 x Caulker headers, 3 x outstanding Jääskeläinen saves."

    Cameron Levy: "Jussi Jääskeläinen or Jussi Yashin?"

  43. 2133: 
    GREAT SAVE!- West Ham 2-1 Tottenham

    Matty Taylor has a chance to wrap this one up as the West Ham man is in, Hugo Lloris comes flying out of his goal though and spreads himself to make the block. Cracking save and it could be pivotal.

  44. 2130: 
    SUBSTITUTION- West Ham 2-1 Tottenham

    ...Gareth Bale's radar is off again though, curling a free-kick wide.

    West Ham make a change with 20 minutes remaining, as Guy Demel is replaced by Emanuel Pogatetz.

  45. 2129: 
    YELLOW CARD- West Ham 2-1 Tottenham

    Nasty one from Gary O'Neil, who is undone by Gareth Bale's turn of pace and resorts to raking his Achilles with his studs - he is booked. Free-kick for Gareth Bale...

  46. 2129: 
    GREAT SAVE!- West Ham 2-1 Tottenham

    Jussi Jaaskelainen again! The veteran is at his brilliant best tonight. This time he somehow gets a fingertip to Gareth Bale's curling effort from 25 yards, and helps the ball on to the crossbar and away.

    Spurs are knocking on the door though.

  47. 2129:  
    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport at Upton Park

    "They are massive misses, and they are getting progressively easier too. I'm not sure quite what his marker Andy Carroll is doing, though, he has lost his man on every occasion."

    You can listen to live commentary from Upton Park on BBC Radio 5 live.

  48. 2126: 
    GREAT SAVE!- West Ham 2-1 Tottenham

    Jussi Jaaskelainen 3-0 Steven Caulker.

    The Spurs defender is again free from a corner, again he should score really, but again Jaaskelainen is agile enough to turn his header away!

  49. 2125: 
    West Ham 2-1 Tottenham

    Tottenham have 25 minutes to respond. There's no use in looking for attacking options on the bench as they don't have any. It's down to the 11 out there I feel. Get the ball to Gareth Bale.

    Gylfi Sigurdsson has another dig from range and it deflects over the top.

  50. 2122: 
    Jussi Jaaskelainen

    Alex Hayes: "If West Ham go on to win this, they owe a great deal to Jaaskelainen. He has been immense tonight."

    Sanj: "This is what happens Mr Levy when you don't spend money...you're stuck with the useless Adebayor...he misses, opposition scores."

    Adam Renshaw: "What on Earth has happened to the Adebayor that scored 17 in 33 for Spurs last year?"

  51. 2122:  
    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport at Upton Park

    "West Ham should never have been given the opportunity to score. It's a scrappy finish but if he had it properly it's one of those that wouldn't have gone in."

    You can listen to live commentary from Upton Park on BBC Radio 5 live.

  52. 2120: 
    West Ham 2-1 Tottenham

    This is a big half hour for Spurs then, a real test of their Champions League credentials. And how important could that miss from Emmanuel Adebayor prove to be?

  53. 2117: 
    GOAL- West Ham 2-1 Tottenham - Joe Cole (58 mins)

    West Ham lead! Joey O'Brien lifts a long ball over the top, Jan Vertonghen steps up but plays Joe Cole onside and the former England man controls it superbly before scuffing a left-footed shot across goal and into the far corner. Not the cleanest of strikes, but a big goal.

  54. 2117:  
    Steve Claridge on Radio 5 live at Upton Park

    "You would struggle to miss that if you tried. I can't imagine their will be a miss like this throughout the rest of the season. He has been poor tonight, all round he has been terrible. You can't have players going missing like that."

    You can listen to live commentary from Upton Park on BBC Radio 5 live.

  55. 2115: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- West Ham 1-1 Tottenham

    There he is! This is more like it from Gylfi Sigurdsson, hitting a curling shot from 25 yards with his first touch, it dips in front of Jussi Jaaskelainen and strikes the post.

    Emmanuel Adebayor should bury the rebound but fails to get enough power on his header and Jaaskelainen makes the save. He has to bury that. Put it away son.

  56. 2115: 
    SUBSTITUTION- West Ham 1-1 Tottenham

    Lewis Holtby is replaced by Tottenham, with Gylfi Sigurdsson sent on in his place. Can the Icelander deliver?

  57. 2114: 

    David on text: "How has Dembele not yet got a second yellow?? Deliberate handball, foul. Lucky to be on."

    Jon. Spurs fan in Eastleigh: "Caulker MUST score that. Free header from six yards out. Golden chance."

  58. 2111: 
    West Ham 1-1 Tottenham

    Spurs see the free-kick out but they are struggling to keep the ball up front. Emmanuel Adebayor is having one of his 'quiet' days. For all the quality and depth in the Tottenham squad they are lacking forwards.

  59. 2108: 
    West Ham 1-1 Tottenham

    Mousa Dembele is teetering on that disciplinary tightrope. The Spurs man was booked early on and has another nibble at a player. conceding a free-kick in a dangerous area.

  60. 2107:  
    Steve Claridge on Radio 5 live at Upton Park

    "It's an absolute free header, he just runs in and is allowed a point-blank header. I think he should score."

    You can listen to live commentary from Upton Park on BBC Radio 5 live.

  61. 2107: 

    Matthew Ward: "Boomerang Bale... he just keeps coming back and scoring game after game"

    Anthony Tas Tasgal: "Anagrammatically, he is The Algebra [hard to follow], and can only be stopped if you Grab at Heel"

    The Algebra is my favourite yet...

  62. 2105: 
    GREAT SAVE!- West Ham 1-1 Tottenham

    Spurs make a smart start to the second half and almost sneak a second goal, Jan Vertonghen's cross from the left taking a wicked deflection and forcing Jussi Jaaskelainen into a diving save at his near post.

    Jaaskelainen is then at it again, flying to his left to palm clear another Steven Caulker header from the corner.

  63. 2104: 
    KICK-OFF- West Ham 1-1 Tottenham

    Back under way...

  64. 2103: 

    Not Telling: "Might as well just ban slide tackles altogether if that's a penalty"

  65. 2057: 

    As it stands Tottenham will stay in fourth spot in the Premier League, moving level on points with Chelsea, who have a superior goal difference.

  66. 2053: 
    Scott Parker fouls Andy Carroll

    The debate rages on over whether that penalty awarded to West Ham was the right call by referee Howard Webb - for my money Webb got it right.

    West Ham responded very well to falling behind and it was a pretty close half.

  67. 2052: 

    Pembo in Leicester: "Gareth Bale nickname has to be "The Postman' - because he always delivers."

    Joe, Cardiff on text: "How about the phantom of the Bernabeu? Oh sorry I was looking into the future then..."

    Gareth Bale
  68. 2050: 
    HALF-TIME- West Ham 1-1 Tottenham
  69. 2049: 
    CLOSE!- West Ham 1-1 Tottenham

    The dip on the ball is unreal as Gareth Bale launches in a free-kick, which looks hopeless as it leaves his boot but ends up swerving just past the top corner. Fine effort to end the half.

  70. 2048: 
    West Ham 1-1 Tottenham

    Lewis Holtby is clattered by James Collins who concedes a free-kick in 'Bale territory'...

  71. 2044: 
    GREAT SAVE!- West Ham 1-1 Tottenham

    Mousa Dembele opens up the West Ham defence with a gem of a through ball but Lewis Holtby runs away from goal before seeing his shot blocked away.

    From the following corner, Jussi Jaaskelainen pulls off a fine one-handed save to turn away Steven Caulker's header. Spurs ending the half on top.

  72. 2043: 

    I asked you for some suggestions for a new nickname for Gareth Bale. Keep them coming...

    Pawel, Spurs fan from London: "How about Scalpel? For his clinical precision."

    Jim in Manchester: "Clinical Bale: The scalpel with Blades? The Spurs Surgeon? The Box Doctor?!"

    Chris: "Re 20:19, it surely has to be Atlas, he has Spurs' world on his shoulders at the moment."

  73. 2040: 
    CLOSE!- West Ham 1-1 Tottenham

    Tremendous block! Matty Jarvis is played in behind the Spurs defence and cracks in a shot on the bounce, but Kyle Walker shows all of his pace and athleticism to somehow close up the gap and block the shot with his back. Brilliant recovery from the Spurs right-back.

  74. 2038: 
    West Ham 1-1 Tottenham

    Great work from Mohamed Diame as he wins the ball back in midfield and scurries forward, Mousa Dembele is then forced to bring him down, and with the Belgian already on a booking he has a nervous look at referee Howard Webb. He needs to be careful.

  75. 2037: 

    Statisticians Opta: "Tonight's goal against Tottenham is the first time Andy Carroll has ever scored a penalty in a league game."

  76. 2036: 
    SUBSTITUTION- West Ham 1-1 Tottenham

    Kevin Nolan's night is over as he succumbs to that early knock, so it's Matty Taylor on in his place. Some sort of reshuffle in the Hammers midfield needed.

  77. 2035:  
    MOTD presenter Gary Lineker and former Tottenham striker

    "Whether it was a penalty is debatable but no need to dive in like that. Stay on your feet, don't give ref chance to give it."

    Scott Parker
  78. 2034: 
    West Ham 1-1 Tottenham

    Gareth Bale is trying all sorts now - he throws himself about 10 feet off the ground to try an audacious overhead kick from Aaron Lennon's cross. He rather tops his effort but still registers an effort on target. Confidence is sky high.

  79. 2033: 

    Statisticians Opta: "West Ham have scored with each of their last nine Premier League penalties."

  80. 2033: 
    West Ham 1-1 Tottenham

    Kevin Nolan appears to be struggling with a knock, and Spurs defender Jan Vertonghen is then caught as he slides in to clear the ball.

  81. 2032: 

    Flemming Jensen: "Parker with a complete brain-freeze..."

    Tom Adams: "Tune in just in time to see Spurs give away a penalty. And a ridiculous one at that, not in a thousand years is that a foul."

    David McGuinness: "Andy Carroll! Mr Hodgson are you watching?"

  82. 2028:  
    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport at Upton Park

    "Nolan turned and could not get his shot off. Carroll got the ball and chipped it above Parker's challenge and he's caught him. I think it was the right decision by Howard Webb. Unfortunately for Parker his momentum carried him through into Carroll, and Webb was only four yards away."

    You can hear live commentary from Upton Park on 5 live Sport right now.

  83. 2026: 
    GOAL- West Ham 1-1 Tottenham - Andy Carroll (25 mins)

    With no Mark Noble in the side, Andy Carroll steps up and confidently batters the ball into the roof of the net. Fine spot kick.

  84. 2026: 
    PENALTY TO WEST HAM- West Ham 0-1 Tottenham

    More good play from West Ham down their left sees a cross find Kevin Nolan, he lays the ball off to Andy Carroll, who is caught by Scott Parker as Parker flung himself to block the shot. Referee Howard Webb takes his time before pointing to the spot.

  85. 2024: 
    West Ham 0-1 Tottenham

    Wingers are certainly to the fore tonight. Matty Jarvis does well for West Ham, turning away from Kyle Walker and putting in a low cross which is dealt with at the near post, and straight away Gareth Bale is running at the West Ham defence. He shoots - obviously - but it's poor this time.

  86. 2022: 
    West Ham 0-1 Tottenham

    West Ham have reacted well to going behind as Mohamed Diame sets off on a mazy run through the middle but he is tracked diligently by Mouse Dembele, who gets a tackle in. Spurs then counter at real pace, with Lewis Holtby leading the charge and winning a corner.

  87. 2022: 

    Jonathan in London: "Went to the team hotel on that great day in 1966 just in time to meet the team arriving after the win. Bobby Moore shook my hand coming off the coach, winked and said: 'Right oh, lad." I was 12 - something I'll never forget. Great guy."

  88. 2019: 
    West Ham 0-1 Tottenham

    Does Gareth Bale need a new nickname? I like 'the pharmaceutical machine' but can't see it catching on. Tweet me any better suggestions...

  89. 2019: 

    Peter S Price: "Gareth Bale - the man is a machine."

    Joshua J Baxendale: "Bale. Clinical, like a pharmacist."

    Waz Jav: "Shoot on sight policy for Bale tonight, and the form he's in I'm not surprised if AVB has said something similar to that to him."

  90. 2018: 

    Premier League on Twitter: "That is Gareth Bale's 14th Premier League goal of the season, putting him level with Demba Ba. Only RVP (19), Luis Suarez (18) & Michu (15) have more."

  91. 2016: 
    West Ham 0-1 Tottenham

    So Gareth Bale has now scored Spurs' last five goals in the Premier League. He's not quite in Lionel Messi territory yet, but he's getting there...

  92. 2016:  
    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport at Upton Park

    "It didn't look like anything was on. He was surrounded by West Ham players and it was made too easy for him. The Hammers defenders didn't do enough, he moved across, got his angle and unleashed his shot. If you give somebody of that quality time and space then that's what happens. Really, really poor defending for me."

    You can hear live commentary from Upton Park on 5 live Sport right now.

    Gareth Bale
  93. 2014: 
    GOAL- West Ham 0-1 Tottenham - Gareth Bale (13 mins)

    Guy Demel what have you done? The West Ham man commits a cardinal sin, miscuing a pass straight to the red-hot Gareth Bale, who breezes past James Collins before planting his shot into the corner from 20 yards. This man is in extraordinary form. He hit the shot so early that it gave Jussi Jaaskelainen no real chance.

  94. 2012: 

    Mark G: "Surprising amount of bubbles being blown in the red half of north London today. Gooners are temporary Hammers tonight."

    Tokunbo: "Every West Ham 'fan' booing Scott Parker is a disgrace. Gave his all in a time when nothing was peachy for the Hammers."

    Sanj: "Booing Scotty Parker. Really? Embarrassing!"

  95. 2012:  
    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport at Upton Park

    "Lloris did brilliantly to save there. He saw it so late and had to get down really, really quickly. A great save."

    You can hear live commentary from Upton Park on 5 live Sport right now.

  96. 2011: 
    GREAT SAVE!- West Ham 0-0 Tottenham

    Emmanuel Adebayor loses out to Kevin Nolan on the edge of the West Ham box and the Hammers launch a brilliant counter attack. Andy Carroll and Joe Cole are involved before Matty Jarvis is sprung away down the left. He backs Kyle Walker up before lashing in a low shot which Hugo Lloris saves well at his near post. Cracking counter.

  97. 2010: 
    West Ham 0-0 Tottenham

    Strong spell for West Ham, as rangy midfielder Mohamed Diame drives in a low shot with his left foot but Hugo Lloris is right behind it and makes the save.

  98. 2008: 
    YELLOW CARD- West Ham 0-0 Tottenham

    More applause rings out around Upton Park as we enter the sixth minute. Mousa Dembele then gets a silly booking for clattering into Kevin Nolan seconds after he thought he was fouled. Every free-kick conceded is a chance for West Ham to put the ball into the box but Tottenham defend this one well.

  99. 2007:  
    Steve Claridge, BBC Sport at Upton Park

    "West Ham are letting Tottenham have it ahead of them, in areas where they can't hurt them. Tottenham have got Gareth Bale in a position where he can pick the ball up and head towards goal. His pace, already, is unbelievable."

    You can hear live commentary from Upton Park on 5 live Sport right now.

  100. 2005: 
    West Ham 0-0 Tottenham

    Scott Parker was West Ham's first footballer of the year since Bobby Moore, but the now Tottenham midfielder gets jeered by some home fans as he plays the ball into midfield.

    Gareth Bale then has his first - and definitely not last - effort on goal, skipping away from James Collins with absolute ease before slicing the ball wide from 20 yards.

  101. 2005: 

    Sam: "Great scenes at the Boleyn Ground. This is the best part of football."

    Michael Blighe: "Well, just about time to sit down and enjoy another episode of The Gareth Bale Show..."

  102. 2003: 
    West Ham 0-0 Tottenham

    Emmanuel Adebayor is caught by a late challenge from Gary O'Neil on the touchline which leaves the striker wincing in pain. With Spurs' lack of attackers that's the last thing they need. The big man is able to carry on so far though.

  103. 2000: 
    KICK-OFF- West Ham 0-0 Tottenham

    A mosaic is created in the Bobby Moore stand by cards held up by supporters. It simply reads 'Moore 6.'

    And we are off.

  104. 1959: 
    West Ham v Tottenham (2000 GMT)

    The players from both sides begin a minute's applause for Bobby Moore as his picture is displayed on the big screens at Upton Park.

  105. 1957: 

    Gareth Bale tweeted yesterday: "Big London derby. Important for us to get the win to keep our good run going and a chance to get into third spot."

    Statisticians Opta: "2.32 - Tottenham have taken 2.32 points per Premier League game with Dembele in the side this season, compared to 0.57 without him."

    Statisticians Infostrada Sports: "No teams in Premier League history have played more matches on a Monday than West Ham (61) and Tottenham (63)."

  106. 1956: 

    Rob in Southend: "Met Bobby Moore when he managed Southend United. I was 13 and he lived in the next road to me. For a dare I knocked at his door one afternoon to ask if my brother could meet the Southend team. 'Tell him to come to Roots Hall before the game on Saturday,' was his answer. Very gracious and a top top man."

  107. 1956:  
    John Motson, BBC Sport commentator at Upton Park

    "We should not forget that, despite the 1966 World Cup win, here at West Ham Bobby Moore won the FA Cup in 1964 as a very young captain, and the Cup Winners Cup the following year. He won three trophies in three years. What would West Ham give for that now? He was an international star, he should have been knighted."

  108. 1954: 
    West Ham v Tottenham (2000 GMT)

    Here come the teams then, led out by Bobby Moore's grandchildren Poppy, 21, Freddie, 16, and 13-year-old Ava.

    West Ham
  109. 1952: 

    Dave: "Met Bobby back in early '90s as a kid on trip to Hamley's. Had to kick a ball three yards through static wooden goalkeeper. Nervous beyond belief and missed all three shots by miles. 'Better not hope for a career in football son,' Moore said. Dropped by the Grimsby Town youth team the following month. Great judge of player."

  110. 1946: 

    I'm not sure what's up with Clint Dempsey tonight, there's no word as yet. Spurs are lacking in attacking options on the bench - maybe tonight is the long-overdue night that Gylfi Sigurdsson produces the goods?

  111. 1945: 

    D Johns: "A win for Spurs and they overtake Chelsea. The battle for third and fourth will go to the wire for the three London teams."

    Jack: "Where's Dempsey tonight? Not even on the bench?"

    Jonty Leibowitz: "From a pessimistic Spurs fan, I fear that tonight might be the night that our season begins to unravel, looking at our bench..."

  112. 1942: 
    WHAT THE MANAGERS SAY- West Ham v Tottenham (2000 GMT)

    Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas: "We always considered the fact West Ham are a very tall team but it's actually the same back four that played against them earlier in the season, and against Newcastle. We have options in most positions and everybody has been having opportunities. At the back we have seen rotation because we have lots of quality.

    "Bobby Moore represents a great player for England - his foundation work is tremendous and I think our players and fans will respect that for sure."

    Allardyce and Villas-Boas
  113. 1941: 

    Injured Tottenham midfielder Sandro: "Good luck guys. Big game. Come on you Spurs."

  114. 1941: 
    Gareth Bale

    Gareth Bale has scored Tottenham's last four Premier League goals. Should he score Tottenham's first goal tonight he would equal the club record of scoring five goals in a row set by Frederic Kanoute in 2003-04 and Teddy Sheringham in 1993-94.

  115. 1936: 

    Chelsea fan: "Wishing the Hammers well tonight. Commemorate Bobby Moore and do him proud - such a great player, we have not seen the like since."

    Steve: "I saw Bobby Moore make his debut and most of his home games. Truly the King."

    Mahir from Oldham: "If Sir Bobby Moore was playing I could bet my mortgage that he would keep Bale as silent as an owl."

  116. 1932: 
    LINE-UPS- West Ham v Tottenham (2000 GMT)

    West Ham: Jaaskelainen, Demel, Reid, Collins, O'Brien, O'Neil, Diame, Nolan, Jarvis, Carroll, Joe Cole. Subs: Spiegel, Carlton Cole, Collison, Vaz Te, Taylor, Pogatetz, Chamakh.

    Tottenham: Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Caulker, Vertonghen, Parker, Dembele, Lennon, Bale, Holtby, Adebayor. Subs: Friedel, Gallas, Naughton, Sigurdsson, Livermore, Assou-Ekotto, Carroll.

    Referee: Howard Webb (S Yorkshire)

  117. 1931: 
    WHAT THE MANAGERS SAY- West Ham v Tottenham (2000 GMT)

    West Ham boss Sam Allardyce: "We've relished every game at home this season - the lads have been really good and we showed that against Swansea in our last game when we won 1-0 but dominated the game. We'll need to be as good as that today against a very good Tottenham side.

    "If we can entertain the public and give the best that we've got that's all we can do. We need to take our chances and be a little bit more clinical in front of goal."

    On the Tottenham team: "I'm quite surprised by Andre Villas-Boas. He's picked a giant side tonight with Caulker and Vertonghen in the team. With Adebayor in as well, we'll have to be at our best defending set-pieces."

  118. 1929: 

    Tom Donaldson: "With most of the emphasis being on stopping Bale, Lennon will be given more space. I can see him running riot against O'Brien."

    Paul Mycroft: "Just made a donation to the Bobby Moore Cancer Fund to thank Bobby and help others. Watching the game from Vancouver, Canada."

    Tom Bradstreet: "Home teams can falter in matches on emotive anniversaries. I tip my hat to the great Bobby Moore, but I'm tipping Spurs to win."

    Andy Weissenberger: "Looking to Bale to continue his gold streak tonight, first goal scorer is surely nailed on!"

  119. 1927: 
    West Ham v Tottenham (2000 GMT)

    West Ham's defence is strengthened by the return of James Collins and Joey O'Brien, who was forced off after 24 minutes of their 2-1 defeat to Aston Villa with a thigh problem. Manager Sam Allardyce makes four changes in all with Collins, Matt Jarvis, Guy Demel and Gary O'Neil all coming in after midfielder Mark Noble was ruled out by an arm injury.

    Spurs make three alterations to the side that sealed Europa League qualification in Lyon on Thursday night. Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris replaces Brad Friedel, Steven Caulker comes in for William Gallas and Michael Dawson for Benoit Assou-Ekotto, with Jan Vertonghen moving to left-back.

  120. 1925: 

    The West Ham players are out on the Upton Park surface now, warming up in red 'Bobby Moore 6' T-shirts. They warm up in front of the Moore stand as well. The great man's name is everywhere tonight.

    West Ham
  121. 1920: 

    Great late season form from Lawro there, who seems to have responded to the performance of Hulk Hogan the other week by having a stormer this weekend.

    Lawro has gone for a 1-1 draw this evening...

  122. 1920: 

    Steve K in Swindon: "If it's a draw tonight Lawro will have correctly predicted the results of all 10 Premier League games this weekend. He hasn't got one correct score, though. And I don't think he's right about tonight. 1-3 to the Spurs, I reckon."

  123. 1918: 

    Lewis Holtby seems to have settled into life at Tottenham very well. The German playmaker has been in fine touch since joining from Schalke, and he keeps his place tonight.

  124. 1915: 

    James Dale: "O'Neil up against Bale? We're going to wish Moore was playing tonight!"

    Christopher Keen: "Where are Noble and Tomkins? Arguably our best two players in recent weeks... Allardyce does pick some strange starting XIs..."

    Jim Booth: "It will be a tough match, especially with the emotion involved re Bobby Moore. But I'm hoping Spurs come out on top."

  125. 1914:  
    John Motson, BBC Sport commentator at Upton ParkWest Ham v Tottenham (2000 GMT)

    "I was privileged enough to see Bobby Moore play and I also met him in later life. He was a very honest and dignified fellow. Here at Upton Park you have a Bobby Moore Stand and the image of Moore is also on the screen because they've retired the number six shirt here."

  126. 1912: 
    WHAT THE MANAGERS SAY- West Ham v Tottenham (2000 GMT)

    West Ham boss Sam Allardyce has claimed Tottenham are over-reliant on in-form winger Gareth Bale, who has scored all of Tottenhams's last four Premier League goals. "Recently they've lost their leading goalscorer, who is Jermain Defoe, and (Emmanuel) Adebayor has been away at the Africa Cup of Nations, so from a goalscoring point of view they've had to rely on one man and one man only to come up with the goods," said Allardyce. "That's Gareth Bale and he's been the major difference between Tottenham and the teams they've played recently."

  127. 1909:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    West Ham United co-chairman David Gold on 5 live Sport: "If Bobby Moore had been alive today we'd all have realised he was a great player, a man who won a World Cup, but also a gentleman and an honest man as well. He'd be a superstar today had he not been taken by cancer."

  128. 1906: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- West Ham v Tottenham (2000 GMT)

    West Ham make four changes from the side which were beaten by Aston Villa last time out as Matty Jarvis, Guy Demel, James Collins and Gary O'Neil come in.

    There are three changes for Spurs from the midweek win in France. Hugo Lloris is back in goal and Steven Caulker and Michael Dawson return at the back.

  129. 1904: 

    Garry from Barnsley: "THAT tackle in the 1970 World Cup springs to mind, but I'll never forget the time Bobby blew the referee's whistle to stop the game after the official had been knocked out."

    Phil from Worthing: "I was lucky enough to see England v Argentina in the '66 World Cup and Moore was outstanding - nothing flash, just great tackling."

    Jon from Bedford: "Would love to have gone to match tonight, particularly to honour Bobby Moore, but last few tickets were £60+. I'd rather donate that to the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research. Anyone watching tonight on the TV or listening to the game who feels some pride for English football and history should donate in his honour."

  130. 1903: 
    Bobby Moore and Michael Caine

    As well as the small matter of winning the World Cup with England in 1966, Bobby Moore also won the FA Cup and Cup Winners' Cup with the Hammers.

    He also played for Fulham, in America with the San Antonio Thunder and the Seattle Sounders, as well as leading the Allies to a 4-4 draw in Escape To Victory.

    There aren't many centre-halves to have played in front of Gordon Banks and Sylvester Stallone...

  131. 1900: 

    Rob Gates: "Jon Pearce's piece about the great Bobby Moore is a fantastic read. Highly recommended."

    Nigel Plumb: "I remember Bobby Moore for his radio commentaries that he did for Capital Gold Sport (London) in the early 90s..."

    Rich B: "To all West Ham fans tonight, best wishes to Robert Frederick Chelsea Moore!"

  132. 1858: 

    Tonight's game may be being played against the backdrop of remembering a great, but matters on the pitch do carry some importance.

    Spurs can go third with a win, and in Gareth Bale they may well possess the key man.

    Bale is in red-hot form, scoring 21 times for club and country this season, including seven in his last six games. Can West Ham shut him out?

  133. 1856: 
    West Ham v Tottenham (2000 GMT)

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham reports: "Chelsea's 2-0 defeat at Manchester City means Tottenham can leapfrog their London rivals into third place in the table with a victory over West Ham. Spurs are unbeaten in their last 10 Premier League games and are targeting a club-record eighth league away win. Despite their recent travails on the road, the Hammers remain a tough nut to crack at Upton Park, where they have earned 22 of their 30 Premier League points and have not lost since 22 December."

  134. 1855: 

    Bowerman in Folkestone on text: "It's getting close to Hammer time - let's see if Spurs manage to avoid bottling it like they normally do at about this time of the season. Holtby must start and Ade just must return to scoring. Come on your Spurs!"

  135. 1853: 
    Bobby Moore tributes

    As you would expect, there is plenty planned at Upton Park in honour of their former skipper, who made more than 500 appearances for the club.

    Bobby Moore's grandchildren will lead the teams out before the game, with Poppy, 21, Freddie, 16, and 13-year-old Ava placing the ball on the spot for kick-off.

    An interview with Moore's daughter Roberta will be shown and a minute's applause is planned ahead of kick-off. Fans have also been handed out cards to raise as the teams come out.

  136. 1850: 

    You should all really read Match of the Day commentator Jonathan Pearce's account of his time on the road with Bobby Moore. Superb.

    Pearce recalls Moore securing him an interview with Pele, hugging Alan Ball in the street after England were knocked out of Euro 92 and tipping Rio Ferdinand for success.

  137. 1846: 

    Any Hammers fans heading to tonight's game? Get in touch.

    Do you have any memories of Bobby Moore you can share? Will tonight be an emotional occasion?

    And Spurs fans, just where do you rank Gareth Bale on the list of Spurs greats?

    Tweet us using the hashtag #bbcfootball, or text in using the number 81111 (UK Only).

  138. 1842: 

    Perhaps the inscription on the statue of Bobby Moore outside the new Wembley sums up what he means to the footballing world best.

    It reads: "Immaculate footballer. Imperial defender. Immortal hero of 1966. First Englishman to raise the World Cup aloft. Favourite son of London's East End. Finest legend of West Ham United. National Treasure. Master of Wembley. Lord of the game. Captain extraordinary. Gentleman of all time."

  139. 1838: 

    Tonight's match marks the 20-year anniversary of Bobby Moore's death.

    The only man to lift the World Cup trophy for England, Moore was 51 when he died of cancer on 24 February 1993.

  140. 1835: 
    Bobby Moore

    Tonight, Tottenham can move into third place in the Premier League table with a win at West Ham.

    Tonight, West Ham can move back into the top half of the table.

    But tonight is not about the 90 minutes of action at Upton Park. Tonight is all about remembering a footballing giant.

    Tonight is about Bobby Moore.

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