Premier League: Spurs v Man City & Liverpool v Chelsea

Live text commentary as Luis Suarez rescues a point for Liverpool against Chelsea after Tottenham stun Manchester City.

21 April 2013 Last updated at 18:29 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1904: 

    Two engaging games, plenty of late goals, and Luis Suarez.

    That's all from us for today. Be sure to keep up to speed with the latest developments on the BBC Sport website, and join Aimee Lewis tomorrow as Manchester United look to seal the title against Aston Villa. Adios.

  2. 1858:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty

    "Waited to actually see Luis Suarez bite before making any comment. Now seen it. An absolute disgrace. What goes through his head?"

  3. 1855: 

    Lydia Ngoma: "Luis Suarez is a good player, but football is more than skill... Attitude also matters. Liverpool losing my respect because of him."

    Jarra Elvis: "Literally cannot understand anyone who can try and defend Suarez, gifted footballer yes, but flawed by his lack of discipline."

  4. 1850: 
    Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    Daily Mirror journalist David Anderson at Anfield: "Rodgers has just told us 'no player is irreplaceable no matter how good they think they are'."

  5. 1849:  
    MOTD's Guy Mowbray at AnfieldLiverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    "Luis Suarez went from hero, villain to hero in one half of football. You just cannot keep him out of any game for a second. Rafael Benitez is left frustrated on his first return to Anfield as a manager. But it is another game that, for all sorts of reason, is about Luis Suarez."

  6. 1846: 
    SUAREZ REACTION- Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea
    Petr Cech

    Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech: "I didn't see it at the time but people have told me which is surprising. Suarez always does little fouls and pushes. I saw Branislav's reaction and he was not happy at all."

  7. 1836: 

    Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech says "every time Luis Suarez is close he pushes defenders around, I was complaining to the referee about it" - but he also says that he didn't see the incident between Suarez and Branislav Ivanovic.

  8. 1834:  
    BBC Sport's Ben SmithLiverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    "Worth remembering Liverpool appointed a new director of communications on Thursday. Easy first week in the job..."

  9. 1833: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea
    Steven Gerrard

    Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard to BBC Sport: "On chances created, we deserved three points.

    "I think it would be an injustice to Luis Suarez to talk about 45 minutes, he has been the best player in the league this season. I think he is the third best player in the world behind Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

    "You have two good teams, there is a lot at stake. These games will get spicy."

  10. 1830: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers on Sky Sports: "The only comment at this stage is that we'll review the video of that then I'll make a comment after. I have just come in from the game. Once I've looked at that and reviewed it we'll make a comment then. Until I review it I can't speak totally on it. I've no thought on it as of now, I've just come in after a great performance. So I've no comment on anything other than the football."

  11. 1829: 
    Luis Suarez

    Liam, Brummie in Cornwall: "I'm bored of managers claiming that they saw nothing. We're in the 21st century, put a monitor in the interview area, and get some proper comment on these controversial incidents!"

  12. 1826: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez to BBC Sport: "It is one point, but when you are winning in the last second, it is incredible to play six minute and 45 seconds of injury time. You do not see that.

    "It does not matter, you cannot change things. They can give you 20 explanations. You have to give credit to Liverpool as they were pushing.

    "It was quite emotional to return with the things outside the pitch and the fans. I am really pleased with the reception."

  13. 1823: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea
    Rafael Benitez

    Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez to BBC Sport: "I have not seen the incident, the players told me about it. We are not talking about that, we are so disappointed about the late goal."

  14. 1819: 

    Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez says that "he didn't see the incident" between Luis Suarez and Branislav Ivanovic. He also says his return to Anfield was an emotional one.

  15. 1818: 

    Danielle Jade: "How many more chances are Liverpool going to give Luis Suarez? Great footballer but he makes mockery of them at times! Shame really."

  16. 1817: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers tells BBC Sport: "It was a terrific game, and once again the team showed their personality to keep on going until the end.

    "In the first half we had no intensity to our game, with too many loose passes. Daniel Sturridge changed it when he came on at the start of the second half, the minute he came on he was incredible.

    "His passing, movement, goal and pressing were phenomenal. We made two mistakes for the goals, it was a poor first goal to give away as a header should not go in from that angle and the second was a penalty.

    "We kept going, created chances and eventually we made the breakthrough. We score a lot of our goals late on, we talk about keeping going on into injury time."

  17. 1817: 

    Former Liverpool captain Jamie Redknapp on Sky Sports: "He obviously has a big problem. He has that madness gene in him, and what he did today was indefensible.

    "What is he doing? Why would you want to take a chunk out of someone's arm on a football field? That is an incredible act of brutality, it's madness. It is beyond belief, and it's such a shame because he plays for such a great football club.

    "I'll be surprised if he plays again this season. What message will that send if he doesn't get a two or three-game ban? You can't defend that, and anybody who tries to is completely wrong."

  18. 1816: 
    Brendan Rodgers

    Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers to BBC Sport: "I have been made aware of the incident but I cannot say anything until I have reviewed it. We will review it after the game.

    "There will be something to be said if so, but it is not now."

  19. 1813: 
    Luis Suarez

    Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers tells BBC Sport "I can't say anything on it until I review the incident."

  20. 1809: 

    Former Liverpool manager Graeme Souness on Sky Sports: "I'm not sure what to make of it. Embarrassing. He's making it very difficult for himself to stay at Liverpool, that puts him in the last chance saloon.

    "Most important is safeguarding the good name of the football club. Liverpool are world renowned. People will be talking about this for a long, long time, and it will show Liverpool in a very bad light. This is not the first time he has bitten someone in the football match.

    "He is risking everything this great club stands for. I've never seen something like that in a football match before. There are lines you just can't cross, and he has crossed it today. Those pictures will be beamed across the world. It's very difficult for Brendan Rodgers to defend him. We will get politicians involved in this and everything."

  21. 1809:  
    BBC Sport's Ben Smith

    "Always felt Liverpool might struggle to keep Luis Suarez this summer. Not inconceivable that he has now played his last game for club."

  22. 1807: 

    Former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp has told Sky Sports that Luis Suarez's apparent bite on Branislav Ivanovic was "indefensible" and "an incredible act of brutality."

  23. 1806: 

    Will Rider via 81111: "Subbing off Eden Hazard and Juan Mata invited the onslaught, but how many games do Chelsea need to throw away before John Terry is allowed to lead and organise the back four week in week out?"

  24. 1806:  
    Match of the Day presenter and former Tottenham striker Gary LinekerLiverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    "Luis Suarez is a wonderfully gifted player who I love to watch play, but boy does he let himself down. What on earth goes through his head?"

  25. 1803: 

    Stand by for all the post-match reaction from Anfield. It could be a very interesting hour or so.

  26. 1803: 

    James Dickson: "Another game thrown away by Chelsea. Can't seem to play a full 90 minutes well anymore, seems to be one half or the other."

  27. 1801:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    On Luis Suarez's alleged bite on Branislav Ivanovic: "If it goes to retrospective action and it's clear cut then he will be in big trouble. He's a world-class player but he gives you world-class trouble."

    On whether the incident will affect his chances of winning the PFA Player of the Year award: "I don't think he will win that anyway because a lot of people can't differentiate between Suarez the player and Suarez the man."

  28. 1759: 

    That late Luis Suarez equaliser for Liverpool has repercussions in the race for Champions League qualification as Chelsea stay in fourth place, now one point behind Arsenal, albeit with a game in hand.

    Chelsea are only one point above Tottenham who are in the Europa League qualifying fifth placed after their earlier victory against Manchester City, having played the same number of games.

    For Liverpool, they are five points behind Merseyside rivals Everton, who are a place above them in sixth. The teams meet at Anfield on 5 May.

  29. 1756: 
    Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    That Luis Suarez header came after 96 minutes and 34 seconds. Late, great drama.

  30. 1755: 

    We will be talking about Luis Suarez a lot for the next 48 hours or so. For a few different reasons.

  31. 1755:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    "What an absolutely brilliant cross, it was hit like a bullet. Luis Suarez got round the back of Branislav Ivanovic.

    "When Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez play together, they are much improved as a team."

  32. 1755: 
    FULL-TIME- Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea
  33. 1753: 
    GOAL- Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea - Luis Suarez (90 mins)

    You couldn't make it up! Luis Suarez gets away from Branislav Ivanovic this time to head home Daniel Sturridge's cross, with Petr Cech getting a hand to it but not keeping it out.


  34. 1753:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    "Chelsea have had the edge, they have had a bit more quality. That has been the difference."

    Listen to commentary of Liverpool v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  35. 1749: 
    CLOSE!- Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Luis Suarez at it again in the penalty area, drifting in to space brilliantly between defenders before picking out the arriving Jordan Henderson. He gets a shot away but it slashes wide of the far post. Not long left now...

  36. 1749: 

    Chris Parker: "Shame Luis Suarez is going to take the headlines from two very good games."

    Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic and Liverpool's Luis Suarez
  37. 1747: 

    Tim Seeds: "I think it's time for Liverpool take the money they get for Luis Suarez in the summer and get a decent replacement. Too controversial."

  38. 1747: 
    INJURY TIME- Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    There will be six minutes added on.

  39. 1746: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Jordan Henderson flicks a cross on but the ball drifts wide.

    Frank Lampard is on for Juan Mata in stoppage time.

  40. 1744: 

    Matt Harding: "Luis Suarez sure knows how to play the pantomime villain doesn't he?"

  41. 1743: 
    Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    This is in danger of boiling over now. Daniel Sturridge is the latest to kick off an incident as he catches Ryan Bertrand late and high. David Luiz clears the ball and then runs over to protest, pushing and jostling with Jamie Carragher who is equally angry.

  42. 1742:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    "Jonjo Shelvey wanted it on his right foot. Petr Cech was really clever as he narrowly the possibility of a right-footed shot."

    Listen to commentary of Liverpool v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  43. 1741: 
    CLOSE!- Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Massive chance! Daniel Sturridge flicks the ball on, Jordan Henderson squares the ball perfectly in to Jonjo Shelvey's path, Brendan Rodgers is already celebrating the goal - but Shelvey drags his shot in to the side-netting. He has to score!

  44. 1739: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Oscar can't continue after that challenge from Jonjo Shelvey. He'll be replaced by Victor Moses.

  45. 1739: 

    Sajin KS: "Looks like a brain freeze... Benayoun for Hazard??? Need Lampard on field now for Chelsea."

  46. 1738: 
    YELLOW CARD- Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Like Daniel Sturridge, Liverpool's latest sub Jonjo Shelvey makes an instant impact. Unfortunately it's not a positive one, as the midfielder is booked for a desperate lunge to fell Oscar.

  47. 1736: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Brendan Rodgers makes another change, replacing Stewart Downing with Jonjo Shelvey. They have 10 minutes to find an equaliser.

  48. 1734: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    The Chelsea fans don't like this one, as Eden Hazard is replaced by Yossi Benayoun. Benayoun is another man playing against a former club today.

  49. 1731: 
    CLOSE!- Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Luis Suarez is hogging the ball as well as the headlines now, picking up the ball on halfway and beating three men on a mazy run before hammering in a left-footed shot which is straight at Petr Cech.

  50. 1730: 

    Nick Clohessy: "Speaking as an impartial spectator, Luis Suarez is ridiculously entertaining to watch. You never know what he'll do next!"

  51. 1730: 
    Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Luis Suarez was given a seven-match ban for biting PSV Eindhoven midfielder Otman Bakkal's shoulder when he was at Ajax in 2010.

  52. 1726: 
    CLOSE!- Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Chelsea win a corner, and when it is half cleared Eden Hazard thumps in a shot which deflects over the crossbar. A third goal for Chelsea would finish this one off as we enter the final 20 minutes.

  53. 1725: 
    Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Luis Suarez, what are you doing? Replays suggest that Suarez appeared to bite the arm of Branislav Ivanovic at the end of a tussle. Remarkable.

  54. 1724: 
    CLOSE!- Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Luis Suarez takes the free-kick, and drags it low and wide of the corner!

  55. 1724:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    "That was a very good decision from the officials, Jamie Carragher was sandwiched outside the penalty area."

    Listen to commentary of Liverpool v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  56. 1722: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Luis Suarez leads a rapid attack from Liverpool, running at the Chelsea backline before finding Steven Gerrard. He tees up Daniel Sturridge to send in a low shot which is eventually scuffed away.

    Jamie Carragher is then fouled a yard outside the penalty area. A free-kick is correctly given, but Carragher wants a penalty. He runs over to the linesman, who is not persuaded.

  57. 1721: 

    Abou Cyril Kigua: "That was an intentional hand ball. Suarez deserved a red card."

    Mark Gillespie: "Luis Suarez may have ruined Liverpool's chance for three points! Needless handball from an often genius, often buffoon."

    Val Mink: "For all his footballing skill, Suarez puts Liverpool in many compromising situations with poor decision making. Is he worth it?"

  58. 1721:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    "Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina should be asking the bench for a cap to block out the sun. It is in his eyes, and he has spent the second half covering his face with his gloves."

    Listen to commentary of Liverpool v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  59. 1719: 
    YELLOW CARD- Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Pepe Reina is the latest to struggle with the sun in his eyes at the Anfield Road end, he fluffs a clearance before Jamie Carragher is booked for a clash with Fernando Torres. Carragher then has angry words with his ex team-mate as he walks away. Not a happy man. At all.

  60. 1718:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    "Chelsea midfielder Oscar is so fresh-faced, he looks like he should be going to school in the morning!"

    Listen to commentary of Liverpool v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  61. 1718: 

    Rich Canton: "Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is a great goalkeeper."

  62. 1716: 

    That Eden Hazard penalty means Chelsea are on course to move up to third place, one point above Arsenal, with a game in hand.

    They will also reassert their three-point lead over fifth-placed Tottenham, who beat Manchester City 3-1 earlier on.

  63. 1715: 
    Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    I think Luis Suarez was saying to the referee that the sun was in his eyes and he couldn't see what he was doing, but it was a very clear handball. His left hand was above his head and he stopped the ball from reaching a Chelsea man. Can Liverpool react again?

  64. 1715:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    "Good penalty there from Eden Hazard, who just waited and waited. He was watching goalkeeper Pepe Reina the whole time.

    "It was such a stupid penalty to give away for Liverpool. What was Luis Suarez doing?"

    Listen to commentary of Liverpool v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  65. 1713: 
    GOAL- Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea - Eden Hazard (pen 57 mins)

    Eden Hazard is kept waiting for an age as referee Kevin Friend talks to plenty of players, booking Luis Suarez in the process. The Belgian keeps his cool though, eventually rolling the spot-kick into the corner as Pepe Reina goes the wrong way.

  66. 1711: 
    PENALTY TO CHELSEA- Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea

    Luis Suarez handles from a corner. A clear handball.


    That Daniel Sturridge equaliser for Liverpool has repercussions in the race for the Champions League, as Chelsea are now on course to end the day in fourth place, one point behind Arsenal, albeit with a game in hand.

    If the score stays the same, they will also be only one point above fifth-placed Tottenham, who are in the Europa League qualifying spot, having played the same number of games.

  68. 1710:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 1-1 Chelsea

    "The ball from Luis Suarez was sensational. He caressed it on the volley as if he knew where Daniel Sturridge was, who only had to pass it into the net.

    "What a difference Sturridge has made since he has come on."

    Listen to commentary of Liverpool v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  69. 1708: 
    GOAL- Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea - Daniel Sturridge (52 mins)

    I think Daniel Sturridge should probably have started this one...

    Liverpool are deservedly level with a cracking goal. Jose Enrique looks up and plays a long ball into the channel, Stewart Downing hooks it back with a touch to Luis Suarez, and the Uruguayan floats an inch-perfect cross over for Sturridge to bury with the side of his foot.

  70. 1706: 
    CLOSE!- Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    Chelsea then fashion an opening of their own but a cross is well blocked. The following corner then ends up with Petr Cech punching the ball clear, and Fernando Torres thumps a volley high into the Anfield Road end.

  71. 1706: 

    Lew Daney: "Sturridge has done in two minutes more than Liverpool managed in the entire first half."

  72. 1705: 
    Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    What an impact from Daniel Sturridge. He has made a real difference.

  73. 1704: 

    A thoroughly entertaining first-half comes to a close with fourth-placed St Johnstone 2-1 up against fifth-placed Ross County. If the score stays the same, St Johnstone will move two points behind third-placed Inverness, who occupy the final European qualifying position.

  74. 1703: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    This is what you call staking a claim! Daniel Sturridge spins away from a defender 30 yards out before unleashing a left-footed shot which beats Petr Cech and smashes against the post. Good grief he hit that!

  75. 1702: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    What a start to the half for the home side! Daniel Sturridge immediately has an impact, running clear down the right before picking out Steven Gerrard, who is only denied an equaliser by the feet of Petr Cech. Great save indeed.

  76. 1702: 
    KICK-OFF- Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    Liverpool get us under way.

  77. 1700: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    Here come the players back out on the pitch, and Daniel Sturridge is coming on. He replaces Philippe Coutinho.

  78. 1656: 

    If Chelsea can hold onto their lead in the second half against Liverpool, they will move up to third place, one point above Arsenal with a game in hand.

    They will also reassert their three-point lead over fifth-placed Tottenham, who beat Manchester City 3-1 earlier on.

  79. 1654: 

    Freddie Drapkin in Oxford via 81111: "Now would be one of the few times I think Joe Allen would be useful. Liverpool without possession or composure in the middle, Jordan Henderson being completely dominated by Ramires. Chelsea's defence looks a little shaky and Liverpool have the attacking quality to score goals, but they need the ball."

  80. 1652: 

    Daniel Sturridge is already out warming up on his own on the Anfield pitch. I'd guess that means that his arrival is imminent.

    Daniel Sturridge
  81. 1650: 

    Nathan Blackman: "Liverpool are so sloppy today, looks like a local Sunday League. Poor effort."

    SJC961: "Chelsea striker Fernando Torres just isn't up for this at all. Get Demba Ba on at half-time - at least with him you're guaranteed some hunger and desire."

    Sanj: "Poor game but quite frankly that's probably because Chelsea know staying in second gear is more than enough to get three points today."

  82. 1649: 

    If I were wearing a hat, I would eat it if Daniel Sturridge doesn't come on in the first 15 minutes of the second half. Liverpool's approach play has been all mouth and no trousers. Sturridge can maybe open some doors.

  83. 1649:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    "Chelsea shaded it due to the likes of Eden Hazard, Oscar and Juan Mata who get in between the lines. They have not created too much, but have superior quality to Liverpool.

    "Liverpool should bring on striker Daniel Sturridge right away. Luis Suarez needs someone to play with, there is a real distance between himself and Steven Gerrard.

    "Jordan Henderson is trying to play off him. Sorry, he is a talented footballer, but he is no Suarez or Gerrard."

    Listen to commentary of Liverpool v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  84. 1647:  
    MOTD's Guy Mowbray at AnfieldHALF-TIME- Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    "A very satisfactory first half for Rafael Benitez. Oscar has scored the only goal of the game. Chelsea are good value for having the lead. They have kept the ball better, used it better and created more chances."

  85. 1646: 

    Phil Robins: "I'll be honest, I think Luis Suarez is wasting his career at Liverpool. He could be playing in a team so much better than this."

    Danny Marshall: "Henderson & Downing back to their usual best for Liverpool I see."

    Bhavin Manish Shah: "Can clearly see why one team is a Champions League contender and one isn't."

  86. 1646: 
    HALF-TIME- Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea
    Oscar celebrates scoring for Chelsea
  87. 1645: 
    Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    Four seasons in one half at Anfield as the sun is now burning down on to the pitch. Jordan Henderson pops up on the left flank and tees up Luis Suarez who gets a shot away but it's an easy save for Petr Cech.

  88. 1642:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    "Jordan Henderson is having one of those days for Liverpool, he keeps giving the ball away."

    Listen to commentary of Liverpool v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  89. 1642: 
    Former Liverpool manager Kenny DalglishLiverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    "Liverpool will win."

  90. 1641: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    Instead it is Liverpool who almost score. Luis Suarez is played in behind David Luiz and he hammers in a full-blooded strike which nearly lifts Petr Cech off his feet as the keeper makes a fumbling stop.

  91. 1640: 
    Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea
    A Liverpool supporter at Anfield

    Juan Mata and Fernando Torres both nearly get in behind the Liverpool backline but twice Pepe Reina sweeps up smartly. Chelsea looking for a second before the break.

  92. 1639: 

    Barry Thain: "Manchester City were 0-1 up against Spurs. Concentrate, Chelsea. Concentrate."

  93. 1639:  
    Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand

    "Gareth Bale & Jermain Defoe, aka 'The Game Changers', brightened up my day no end! Chelsea have started brightly."

  94. 1636: 
    Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    Fernando Torres is booked after an aerial clash with former team-mate Jamie Carragher. No love lost there,

  95. 1635:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    "Liverpool winger Stewart Downing is a total enigma as a player. You see him sometimes and he looks to have real quality, but those performances are too few for me.

    "Chelsea look much better in the final third. Their passing is so slick."

    Listen to commentary of Liverpool v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  96. 1633: 
    Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    Ramires starts a wonderful attacking move by Chelsea, with the front five all involved with some neat, slick interplay and one-touch passing. Ramires ends up on the ball breaking into the penalty area but his backheel is read by a Liverpool shirt and he clears it away.

    Liverpool supporters at Anfield
  97. 1632: 

    Substitute Kirsty Linnett marks her home debut with a late equaliser to earn Birmingham City a 1-1 Women's Super League draw against Lincoln.

    England winger Jess Clarke gave the visitors a 63rd-minute lead, but striker Linnett levelled the scores five minutes from time.

    The result meant that both Birmingham and Lincoln are yet to register their first win of the new WSL season.

  98. 1630: 

    Jack Garwood: "How can the shortest player on the pitch score a free header? Shocking defending."

  99. 1630:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    "David Luiz's shot was quite slow when it reached him, Pepe Reina must have taken his eye off it."

    Listen to commentary of Liverpool v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  100. 1629: 
    CLOSE!- Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    David Luiz lines up the free-kick 35 yards out, he hits it well enough - and Pepe Reina has a shocker! The ball wriggles through his grip and almost goes over the line, but Reina just about hauls it back. Dear oh dear.

  101. 1628: 
    YELLOW CARD- Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    Chelsea have a spring in their steps now, with Oscar driving at goal until Jordan Henderson chops him down. Free-kick.

  102. 1627:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 0-1 Chelsea

    "Oscar was level with the near post and ran out. Nobody followed him to put any pressure on.

    "If Liverpool had anyone on the post, it would have hit them in the face and gone clear. It is such an important goal for Chelsea, who were slowly getting themselves into the game prior to the goal."

    Listen to commentary of Liverpool v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  103. 1626: 
    GOAL- Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea - Oscar (26 mins)

    Oscar is a man of many talents. He has scored some belters this season, from 20 yards, from 30 yards. But he shouldn't be scoring a header from a corner.

    He does though, peeling away to the near post, beating Jamie Carragher to the ball and heading in past Pepe Reina. A soft, soft goal.

  104. 1624: 
    Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

    Philippe Coutinho has been quiet so far but he suddenly comes alive, skipping in from the left wing, beating two men before getting his head up and picking out the run from right to left of Jordan Henderson. Henderson tries to lay the ball off for Jose Enrique, but he just overhits the touch and it runs away.

  105. 1623: 
    Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

    Lucas nips in to steal a pass in midfield but the move then breaks down. Neither side are making the most of good possession just yet, as we tick past the halfway mark of the first period.

  106. 1623: 

    Sal in Woodville, a delighted Spurs fan, via 81111: "Re: 1616 Arshi_Chelsea. Don't worry, you may be able to watch them play each other in the Europa League next season."

  107. 1620:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 0-0 Chelsea

    "It came back out with more power than it came in after that double-fisted punch from Pepe Reina."

    Listen to commentary of Liverpool v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  108. 1619: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea register the first shot on target as Oscar finds Eden Hazard, who then tees up Ramires to strike one from 25 yards. He gets hold of it well enough, but it is gun-barrel straight and Pepe Reina elects to punch it away to safety.

  109. 1619:  
    Manchester City captain Vincent KompanyTottenham 3-1 Man City

    "Bad day at the office. Big thanks to the travelling fans. Got a week to prepare. We'll show what we are really made of in our next game."

    City's next game is at home to West Ham next weekend.

  110. 1616: 
    Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

    Both sides are playing some very neat, very nice football. The home side are the latest to fashion an opening after a patient passing move, with Luis Suarez and Jordan Henderson again combining, but the England man's cross is blocked out.

  111. 1616: 

    Arshi_Chelsea: "Miss playing Liverpool in the Champions League. Nerve-wracking but was always absolutely thrilling. Will never forget the 4-4."

  112. 1614:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 0-0 Chelsea

    "Down this right-hand side, Liverpool may have a lot of joy against Chelsea. You cannot see Oscar chasing back Glen Johnson all day.

    "This game is yet to get going. Chelsea are not quite at it, they keep giving the ball away."

    Listen to commentary of Liverpool v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  113. 1613: 
    Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea are growing in stature as they fashion another neat move in and around the penalty area. Eden Hazard, Juan Mata and Oscar combine swiftly with Oscar ending the move with a toe-poked effort straight at Pepe Reina.

  114. 1610: 
    Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

    Juan Mata and Fernando Torres link up well inside the penalty area, but Jose Enrique gets across sharply to block Torres's cross/shot. The wet conditions at Anfield are causing a few players troubles underfoot.

  115. 1609: 

    Conor McMeekin: "John Mikel Obi gives me hope every time I see him that I could play in that Chelsea team. He's an awful player."

  116. 1608: 
    Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

    Jordan Henderson is playing further forwards in midfield today, looking to link up with Luis Suarez at every opportunity. It's a bright start from the home side.

  117. 1604: 
    CLOSE!- Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

    Liverpool put together a wonderful move. Jordan Henderson finds the feet of Luis Suarez on the corner of the D, Suarez is able to swivel away from his marker and then find the run of Glen Johnson haring into the box. Johnson is in but Petr Cech is out quickly and the right-back ends up toeing his shot wide. Good opening.

  118. 1603: 

    Kanayo Umeogu: "Never seen Rafa Benitez smile this much as Chelsea boss. He's home indeed."

  119. 1602: 
    Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

    Rafael Benitez gives a wave to the Liverpool fans who are singing his name. Benitez has already made some notes as well.

    Fernando Torres on the other hand gets booed as he chases down a long ball forwards. Torres is still wearing his mask.

  120. 1600: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Tottenham 3-1 Man City
    Jermain Defoe

    Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas: "I have to thank their team for their fighting spirit, they never give up. Hopefully this gives us a push for the rest of the season.

    "It's very competitive and will probably go down to the wire. But you never know. It was important for us to win today as Arsenal play Manchester United next week.

    "It was a great game and the players did ever so well to come back into it. In the first half we didn't play with confidence, but we always had the desire to come back into the game. In the second half everything changed and we played with more confidence. We found more spaces and we found the back of the net, deservedly.

    "Gareth [Bale] gave us to green light - he was fully prepared. Physically he's a monster and played 90 minutes, a great, great performance. Credit to him."

  121. 1600: 
    KICK-OFF- Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

    Fernando Torres and Juan Mata get us under way.

  122. 1559:  
    Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool v Chelsea (1600 BST)

    "For Liverpool's owners, everything has got to be young, be developed relatively cheaply and be built upon. Manager Brendan Rodgers fits into that very well.

    "However, you can have all the young players in the world, but if you have no experienced players, you win nothing."

    Listen to commentary of Liverpool v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live at 1600 BST.

  123. 1559: 
    Liverpool v Chelsea (1600 BST)

    We have a minute's applause before kick-off for Anne Williams and those affected by the Boston marathon attacks.

    Williams lost her 15-year-old son Kevin during the Hillsborough tragedy on April 15, 1989 and was one of the leading campaigners in the fight for justice over the disaster.

    She attended the Hillsborough Memorial Service on Monday on the 24th anniversary of the tragedy before passing away on Thursday following a six-month battle with cancer.

  124. 1557: 

    Richard Spencer: "If Chelsea win both their games in hand they will be one point behind Manchester City, second places could be ours."

  125. 1556: 
    Liverpool v Chelsea (1600 BST)

    It's a warm welcome for Rafael Benitez, plenty of applause from the main stand at Anfield, and Benitez seems to know many of the stewards very well. Plenty of back-slapping and hugging going on during 'You'll Never Walk Alone.'

  126. 1554: 
    Liverpool v Chelsea (1600 BST)

    The players are lined up in the Anfield tunnel. I've not seen Rafael Benitez yet though. Here they come...

  127. 1552: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Tottenham 3-1 Man City

    Roberto Mancini on BBC Sport: "I cannot believe we lost this game. We had it under control and played very well for 80 minutes.

    "This was our problem this year. When we had a chance we did not score, it is the mirror of our season.

    "Instead, we did not score, and after, we did two mistakes."

  128. 1552: 

    Chris Muzonzini, a Manchester United fan, via 81111: "Thank you Spurs. We shall return the favour against Arsenal and Chelsea."

  129. 1551: 
    Liverpool v Chelsea (1600 BST)

    Liverpool fans are also holding up a banner on the Kop in tribute to Hillsborough campaigner Anne Williams that reads: 'R.I.P. Anne You'll Never Walk Alone'.

  130. 1549: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Tottenham 3-1 Man City

    Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini on Sky Sports: "We had everything in order, it is strange. It is not a correct result, but congratulations to Tottenham for the win.

    "We needed to win as we want to get the second position. We would have had a better life in the next week if we had won.

    "We did not deserve to lose, we deserved to win. That is football.

    "The championship was finished three or four weeks ago. Manchester United deserved to win it.

    "I think it is important to win as many of our five remaining games, and win the FA Cup final."

  131. 1549:  
    Match of the Day presenter and former Tottenham striker Gary LinekerTottenham 3-1 Man City

    "Superb win for Spurs! Game changing substitutions from manager AVB."

  132. 1548:  
    Manchester United defender Rio FerdinandTottenham 3-1 Man City

    "Good day so far!"

  133. 1547: 
    Liverpool v Chelsea (1600 BST)

    There's a banner on the Kop for Rafael Benitez - a new one I mean - which says "It's been 1,085 days but welcome back." The former Reds boss is ready for a good reception I reckon.

  134. 1545: 
    Former Bolton midifelder Fabrice Muamba:

    "Kompany and Lescott's centre-back partnership won Manchester City the league last year. You reckon Lescott has changed that much as a player in a season?"

  135. 1543: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Tottenham 3-1 Man City
    Roberto mancini

    Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini on BBC Sport: "We did two big mistakes, that was strange.

    "The first and the second goals were so simple. It is impossible to concede goals like this.

    "The reason is we scored less goals than last year. It is mathematics, as goals we concede we are the same.

    "You can do a mistake like today, but not two goals like that. We took the decision to sell Mario Balotelli in January as it was correct for Mario and ourselves. That does not change our situation as we had a lot of chances to score in games which we did not take.

    "Manchester Untied deserved to win this title. It is important now that we win all our five remaining games."

  136. 1542: 

    James, ecstatic Man Utd fan: "We love you Tottenham, we do, we love you Tottenham we do, oooooooh, Tottenham we love you!"

    Lisa: "Big call picking Torres - if he gets injured we have no striker for Thursday in the Europa League."

    Will Rider: "To say that Lampard or Terry cannot play 3 times within seven days and produce the same level of performance is understandable, but to limit them to just one is ludicrous."

  137. 1540: 
    Liverpool v Chelsea (1600 BST)

    A win for Chelsea today will now have big ramifications at the top of the table. A win takes them back above Arsenal and in to third spot, but a win for Liverpool would now leave Chelsea level on points with Spurs - although the Blues have a much better goal difference.

  138. 1535: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Tottenham 3-1 Man City
    Gareth Bale

    Jermain Defoe on Sky Sports: "Before the game we knew it would be difficult against a great team, but we showed great character at the end. Everyone dug in

    "As a forward, you want to score goals. The most important thing is to get the three points, and if you can score a goal as well, as a striker that is fantastic."

    Gareth Bale on Sky Sports: "We spoke at half-time about our tactics. Manchester City do not play with wingers, so it was very compact out there.

    "The gaffer told me to move out wide and it worked out well. Our opening goal gave us and the crowd belief.

    "We showed our character. The club is moving forward every year. The players want to play in the Champions League, and we showed that today."

  139. 1535: 

    Mike: "Arsenal still to play United, Spurs still to play Chelsea. But Chelsea still to play Manchester United, Spurs and Everton. Blues to miss out on the Champions League?"

    Dave Jones: "With Chelsea and Spurs still to play each other, Arsenal just have to beat Man Utd. Simple!"

    Fintolini: "Wonder if Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini will try to argue its not a true table now. Manchester United have simply been the better team."

  140. 1529: 
    Liverpool v Chelsea (1600 BST)

    Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez will aim to put sentiment to one side as he takes his side to his former club. The Spaniard says: "My commitment is with Chelsea and I will use common sense and do what I have to do, concentrate on games, try to get three points."

  141. 1528: 
    Liverpool v Chelsea (1600 BST)

    There will be a minute's applause before kick-off at Anfield today for Anne Williams and those affected by the Boston marathon attacks.

    Williams lost her 15-year-old son Kevin during the Hillsborough tragedy on April 15, 1989 and was one of the leading campaigners in the fight for justice over the disaster.

    She attended the Hillsborough Memorial Service on Monday on the 24th anniversary of the tragedy before passing away on Thursday following a six-month battle with cancer.

  142. 1528: 

    Ose Ashikeni: "Manchester City surrendered the league title in style."

    Kelvin Yip: "Race for fourth looking very tasty indeed."

    Karthik K: "Robin van Persie's two-point agenda for next week: 1) Beat Villa on Monday 2) Get guard of honour on return to the Emirates on Sunday."

  143. 1528:  
    BBC chief football writer Phil McNulty

    "Man Utd will be Premier League champions if they beat Aston Villa at Old Trafford tomorrow night. And will be worthy winners."

  144. 1524: 
    Liverpool v Chelsea (1600 BST)

    Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers expects Chelsea counterpart and ex-Reds boss Rafael Benitez to get a warm welcome from the Anfield club's fans. Rodgers says: "He obviously had a real good time here, won the Champions League and FA Cup in his six years here, so I am sure he will get a fantastic reception."

  145. 1523:  
    Former Tottenham manager David Pleat at White Hart LaneTottenham 3-1 Man City

    "It was vitally important Tottenham won this afternoon. They needed the win to keep in the Champions League hunt.

    "They did not look like doing it, City looked comfortable.

    "City will get some criticism for not winning a game they should have won."

  146. 1523: 
    LINE-UPS- Liverpool v Chelsea (1600 BST)

    Liverpool: Reina, Johnson, Carragher, Agger, Jose Enrique, Gerrard, Lucas, Downing, Henderson, Coutinho, Suarez. Subs: Jones, Assaidi, Sturridge, Coates, Shelvey, Coady, Skrtel.

    Chelsea: Cech, Azpilicueta, Ivanovic, Luiz, Bertrand, Ramires, Mikel, Mata, Oscar, Hazard, Torres. Subs: Turnbull, Lampard, Moses, Ferreira, Terry, Ba, Benayoun.

    Referee: Kevin Friend (Leicestershire)

  147. 1522: 
    Liverpool v Chelsea (1600 BST)

    Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge misses out on starting against his ex-club as he is replaced by Stewart Downing in the one Reds change from the goalless draw against Reading.

    Chelsea forward Fernando Torres keeps his place as he starts against his former club. But the Blues make three changes from the midweek win at Fulham, with right-back Cesar Azpilicueta, defensive midfielder John Mikel Obi and attacking midfielder Oscar replacing John Terry, Frank Lampard and Victor Moses.

  148. 1521: 

    Tottenham's stunning seven-minute turnaround has put them back in the race for Champions League qualification and placed Manchester United on the verge of the Premier League title.

    While Spurs remain in the Europa League qualifying fifth spot, the win means they can go one-point ahead of Arsenal if they win their game in hand. Currently, Spurs are level on points with fourth-placed Chelsea, who play their game in hand at Anfield at 1600 BST when they face Liverpool.

    Meanwhile, City will be dethroned as champions by Manchester United on Monday night if United beat relegation threatened Aston Villa.

    Villa can in turn send Reading and QPR down if they win.

  149. 1520: 
    FULL-TIME- Tottenham 3-1 Man City
  150. 1517: 
    CLOSE!- Tottenham 3-1 Man City

    City win a free-kick on the edge of the area, he whips it well over the wall but it skims the crossbar on its way over. Close, but no cigar.

  151. 1515: 

    Jahid: "What a difference taking off Adebayor made. Says it all!!!"

    Noah Style: "Credit where it's due. Brilliant substitutions from AVB. Showing the tactical nous that a certain Mr Redknapp didn't have."

    Paul Moore: "Now I get it: 1. Start Adebayor & lull City into false sense of security. 2. Bring on the big guns Huddlestone & Defoe. Destroy em'

  152. 1514: 
    FINAL FIVE- Tottenham 3-1 Man City

    Yaya Toure smashes a shot over the top from 25 yards which prompts some City fans to leave. You've rarely seen a game turn around so comprehensively in a few minutes. City were in total control.

  153. 1512: 
    Tottenham 3-1 Man City

    Spurs hit three goals in six minutes and 20 seconds. Stunning stuff.

  154. 1512: 

    Sheriff Nasser: "It's THREE! LEAGUE OVER!"

  155. 1511:  
    Former Tottenham manager David Pleat at White Hart LaneTottenham 3-1 Man City

    "Terrific run and finish from Gareth Bale there. That was a forward run, which they lacked for the first hour.

    "If they hold on to the win, they have half a chance of catching Arsenal."

    You can hear updates from Tottenham v Manchester City on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  156. 1511: 
    BREAKING CHELSEA TEAM NEWS- Liverpool v Chelsea (1600 BST)

    Chelsea striker Fernando Torres starts against his old club.

  157. 1510: 

    Hmm, now looking very likely that Manchester United can clinch the title on Monday.

  158. 1509: 
    GOAL- Tottenham 3-1 Man City - Gareth Bale (82 mins)

    This gets better and better for Spurs! Gareth Bale puts Manchester United in party mode with a sublime third goal, running on to a great ball from Tom Huddlestone, holding off Gael Clichy and then clipping over the head of Joe Hart. Jubilant scenes at White Hart Lane and Old Trafford.

  159. 1508: 
    Tottenham 2-1 Man City

    Tomorrow night's plans just got a lot more hectic. Who saw that coming? Spurs had barely threatened but find two goals in a few minutes. Incredible.

  160. 1508:  
    Former Tottenham manager David Pleat at White Hart LaneTottenham 2-1 Man City

    "It is quite incredible. I had some notes saying football is a funny old game, and I was going to dispute that - not anymore.

    "Manchester City have sat on the back foot after an excellent start."

    You can hear updates from Tottenham v Manchester City on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  161. 1507: 

    So as things stand at White Hart Lane, Manchester United will win the title if they defeat Aston Villa at Old Trafford on Monday.

  162. 1506: 
    GOAL- Tottenham 2-1 Man City - Jermain Defoe (79 mins)

    And Spurs have turned it around! Substitute Jermain Defoe gets away from Vincent Kompany on the left of the penalty area, twists back on to his right foot and hammers the shot into the corner. Stunning finish.

  163. 1505: 
    Tottenham 1-1 Man City

    Manchester City have been cruising through this second half, and now they are in shellshock. What was Vincent Kompany up to leaving that cross? Communication issues.

  164. 1505: 

    With the scores level at White Hart Lane, another goal for Spurs now means that Manchester United will win the title on Monday if they defeat Aston Villa.

  165. 1502: 
    GOAL- Tottenham 1-1 Man City - Clint Dempsey (75 mins)

    Tottenham have offered precious little attacking threat but they draw level as Gareth Bale feeds a low cross across the six-yard box with the outside of his right foot, Vincent Kompany and Joe Hart leave it to each other and Clint Dempsey prods in from close range.

    Hart is adamant that the American was offside. He wasn't.

  166. 1502: 

    Usama_Official: "Emmanuel Adebayor should be booked for wasting 70 minutes."

  167. 1501: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Liverpool v Chelsea (1600 BST)

    Stewart Downing replaces Daniel Sturridge in Liverpool's only change from the side held at Reading.

  168. 1459: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    For Manchester United to be able to wrap up the Premier League title on Monday night, Spurs need to find two goals in the next 18 minutes. Clint Dempsey does at least get a shot away but it's right at Joe Hart.

  169. 1459:  
    Match of the Day presenter and former Tottenham striker Gary LinekerTottenham 0-1 Man City

    "Goes against the grain praising defenders but Manchester City's Matija Nastasic is going to be a great player!"

  170. 1458: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Tottenham 0-1 Man City
    Vincent Kompany (left) and Emmanuel Adebayor

    The biggest cheer of the day as Jermain Defoe comes on in place of Emmanuel Adebayor. Adebayor sees the funny side.

  171. 1458: 

    Theo Delay: "Spurs grinding to a halt at the wrong time of the season again. Letting an average Arsenal team hold onto Champions League football."

    Connaire Clarke: "I'm sorry but don't go comparing Adebayor and Dzeko for doing nothing all season. Adebayor is streaks ahead at being the worst."

    Sean Reeve: "Time for Tom Huddlestone to prove he is more than a big lump with a decent pass and an afro!!!"

  172. 1455: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Some Tottenham fans want a penalty as Clint Dempsey tumbles under the challenge of Matija Nastasic, but referee Lee Mason is having none of it and tells him to get up. Spurs are 20 minutes away from defeat.

  173. 1454: 

    Neil Lennon's 15-minute wait to celebrate is over, and the Celtic manager is now in the thick of it.

  174. 1454: 

    Birmingham are playing Lincoln in the only Women's Super League match today, and the game is currently goalless at the break.

  175. 1454: 
    YELLOW CARD- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Yaya Toure muscles the ball off Tom Huddlestone in midfield, Huddlestone then kicks out at Toure and is shown a yellow card.

  176. 1453: 

    Sam Bull: "Adebayor and Dzeko attempting to outdo each other for the title of worst striking performance of the season."

  177. 1451: 
    CLOSE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Manchester City get the ball into the feet of Carlos Tevez, and lo and behold a chance follows. Tevez sends substitute Aleksandar Kolarov scampering away down the left, he then picks out Tevez in space 20 yards out and the Argentine hammers in a rising drive which clears the bar.

  178. 1450: 

    Dominic O'Caollai: "Enough about Adebayor, Dzeko is showing why he should forever be a super-sub. Does nothing for huge periods!"

  179. 1449: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Manchester City have a chance now as Yaya Toure smashes in a shot on the ride but it's always straight at Hugo Lloris. There is less than half an hour left.

  180. 1448: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    AVB has obviously been reading Tyrone Lewis's tweet (see 1444) as Glyfi Sigurdsson and Scott Parker are replaced by Lewis Holtby and Tom Huddlestone.

  181. 1447:  
    Former Tottenham manager David Pleat at White Hart LaneTottenham 0-1 Man City

    "Gareth Bale does not look quite right playing in that position behind Emmanuel Adebayor. I am surprised he has not been moved out wide to give Spurs some thrust, with Jermain Defoe brought on to partner Emmanuel Adebayor up front."

    You can hear updates from Tottenham v Manchester City on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  182. 1446: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Gareth Bale takes the free-kick, but it's horrendous! He is not yet back at the races is he? Shanked high and horribly wide.

  183. 1445: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Gareth Bale's eyes light up as Gael Clichy fouls Scott Parker on the corner of the penalty area. Free-kick. Danger...

  184. 1444: 

    James Watson: "Assou-Ekotto, no red card? Two-footed lunge!"

    David Cartmell: "I don't know if I will cheer louder for a goal, or when Adebayor gets subbed? Hmm..."

    Tyrone Lewis: "What we need is a good passer on the pitch. If only Spurs had one on the bench like Huddlestone or Holtby... Wait a minute."

  185. 1443: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    It's been a low key start to the second half at White Hart Lane. Edin Dzeko almost ran in on goal as Carlos Tevez played him in, but he was well shut down in the end. A slow opening 10 minutes though.

  186. 1439: 

    Scott Sinclair has started one more Premier League game for Manchester City than Nigel de Jong this season - and De Jong left in August. It's not gone too well his move so far...

  187. 1439: 

    George Goldhawk: "Kolarov coming on for Milner says a lot about Scott Sinclair's Man City career."

  188. 1438: 
    Celtic 4-1 Inverness

    The vaguaries of this touchline ban for Celtic manager Neil Lennon means that he is not allowed on the pitch to celebrate for 15 minutes. I have no idea why.

    Anyway, Celtic have put up a countdown on one of their scoreboards. So they may be waiting for Lennon before the celebrations begin...

  189. 1437: 
    FULL-TIME- Celtic 4-1 Inverness

    Celtic have won the SPL title.

  190. 1436: 
    GOAL- Celtic 4-1 Inverness - Aaron Doran (90 mins)

    A consolation with a neat finish into the bottom corner by Aaron Doran. It won't halt the imminent celebrations though.

  191. 1437: 

    Statisticians Opta: "15 - No team has conceded fewer second half goals this season in the Premier League than Manchester City (equal with Arsenal). Tight."

  192. 1435: 
    YELLOW CARD- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Benoit Assou-Ekotto launches into a full-blooded challenge, catching Pablo Zabaleta with both feet and he is promptly booked.

  193. 1435: 

    Shane Gavin: "Adebayor isn't a target man. He's a deep-lying forward. Wants the ball to feet, not to run on to 'cause he lost a yard of pace."

  194. 1433: 
    KICK-OFF- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Manchester City get us back under way.

  195. 1432: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    James Milner was playing well in that half but he has a tight hamstring, and is replaced by Aleksandar Kolarov at the break.

  196. 1432: 
    GOAL- Celtic 4-0 Inverness - Georgios Samaras (88 mins)

    What a hit! Greek striker Georgios Samaras ambles out on to the left wing, cuts into the box, jigs past his defender before smashing in a shot which goes in off the underside of the crossbar.

  197. 1431: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Manchester City's players are back out on the pitch. They are ready.

  198. 1430: 

    Don Limani: "For some reason there's no passion from a lot of the Spurs players and staff bar one or two. I think their fans sense that too."

  199. 1427:  
    MOTD's Guy Mowbray at AnfieldLiverpool v Chelsea (1600 BST)

    "However professional Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez is, the game against former club Liverpool will surely test and confuse his emotions.

    "The fans of the team he's trying to beat will sing his name, whilst those of his current club will likely continue with their familiar chant of 'We don't care about Rafa. He don't care about us'. It all seems a bit upside down and back to front.

    "Unbeaten in the last five Premier League clashes, Liverpool have lately had the upper hand in a rivalry that's intensified with so many meetings over the last few seasons."

  200. 1426: 

    Time to cast a glance towards our second Premier League game of the day...

  201. 1424: 

    There are 10 minutes left before Celtic clinch the SPL title.

  202. 1424: 

    Belete Eshetea: "Why is Emmanuel Adebayor giggling? Can't he see his team losing out the top four spot?"

    Sam Hart: "All Adebayor has done today is chase. Any mug can do that. Get Defoe on now!"

    Mustafa Alkhaddar: "For an alleged target man, Adebayor doesn't seem to want to jump or challenge for any headers!"

  203. 1422: 
    Emmanuel Adebayor

    Emmanuel Adebayor is coming in for plenty of grief from you guys out there. I would offer some sort of defence to the Togo striker, but he has scored the same amount of league goals this season as Arsenal centre-half Per Mertesacker...

  204. 1421: 

    Samir Nasri's early goal looks to be delaying Manchester United's Premier League title coronation and damaging Tottenham's hopes of making the Champions League.

    If Manchester City do not fall behind in the second half, Manchester United cannot win the title with victory against relegation-threatened Aston Villa on Monday.

    For Spurs, they could remain in the Europa League qualification spot, five points behind third-placed Arsenal with one game in hand. Fourth-placed Chelsea play Liverpool at 1600 BST, and if they win, they will usurp Arsenal in the table and be six points ahead of Spurs.

  205. 1420:  
    MOTD's Steve Wilson at White Hart LaneHALF-TIME- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    "The first half could have ended with a Tottenham goal as Gylfi Sigurdsson's shot hit Pablo Zabaleta before Emmanuel Adebayor was flagged offside. That was a real chance. But Manchester City took control of the game with an early goal scored by Samir Nasri. Dempsey and Walker have had Spurs' best chances but they are trailing at the break with City looking assured."

  206. 1419: 

    What can Tottenham do to turn this one around? They ended the half on top but lack the cutting edge up front. Time for Jermain Defoe?

  207. 1419: 
    GOAL- Celtic 3-0 Inverness - Gary Hooper (73 mins)

    Gary Hooper's second of the game and a quality finish, the striker's deft flick at the near post diverting the low and firmly struck cross from Kris Commons into the net. Get the party started.

  208. 1418: 
    HALF-TIME- Tottenham 0-1 Man City
  209. 1417: 
    CLOSE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Spurs are ending the half on top now, with Kyle Walker firing in a cross from the right, Emmanuel Adebayor helps it on and Gylfi Sigurdsson's shot is well blocked by Pablo Zabaleta.

  210. 1416: 

    Ashley Hall: "How Spurs could do with Townsend on the wing. Revelation at QPR while on loan."

    Harry White: "Carlos Tevez showing why on his day he can be one of the best strikers in the league."

    Louis Baker-Stroud: "You'd think Adebayor would want to prove a point to City but apparently not..."

  211. 1414: 
    CLOSE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    A corner the causes trouble at the other end, as Clint Dempsey heads over the top after beating his man to the ball. Good sight of goal for the American but he never had it under control.

  212. 1412: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Hugo Lloris keeps Spurs in it, as Matija Nastasic wins a header from a corner to nod down, and Carlos Tevez is completely free six yards out. The ball is behind him so he has to readjust but gets a header in, and Lloris makes a flying stop.

  213. 1412:  
    Former Tottenham manager David Pleat at White Hart LaneTottenham 0-1 Man City

    "Manchester City look a bit more dangerous when they get near the goal than Tottenham."

    You can hear updates from Tottenham v Manchester City on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  214. 1410: 
    GOAL- Celtic 2-0 Inverness - Joe Ledley (66 mins)

    Celtic cruising to another title now, as Joe Ledley collects a cut-back from the right, takes a touch before sweeping ni a low shot from 15 yards. Immaculate finishing from the former Cardiff midfielder.

  215. 1409: 
    CLOSE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Carlos Tevez is enjoying himself. The Argentine again picks up the ball deep and threads a ball into Edin Dzeko, the Bosnian's first touch is a good one to shift it on to his left foot, but his low shot is well kept out by Hugo Lloris.

  216. 1409: 

    Conor Murphy: "Spurs have absolutely no width without Lennon, and with Bale playing through the middle. So easy for City to defend against."

    Glen Sykes: "Adebayor! Has the worst first touch of any footballer I have seen in my 34 years!!!"

  217. 1408: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Gareth Bale is still being kept very quiet, and as a result Spurs are pretty quiet. Bale does line up a free-kick from 40-odd yards but he cannons it into the unfortunate man on the end of the wall.

  218. 1405: 
    GOAL- Celtic 1-0 Inverness - Gary Hooper (61 mins)

    Breakthrough for the Hoops as Kris Commons threads a pass into the stride of Gary Hooper, and the striker is composure personified as he waits, waits, and waits for the perfect time to slip a left-footed shot through the legs of a defender and into the corner. Party time.

  219. 1405: 

    Chris Macfie: "How that Nastasic has not been nominated for young player of the year award is shocking, superb player & absolute steal at £12m."

  220. 1404: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Mousa Dembele earns some serious man points for actually tackling a Yaya Toure in full flight, and Spurs then win a free-kick in midfield. They take it short before pumping a cross to the back post, and the fans in the far corner want a penalty as the ball bounces down and strikes Gareth Barry on the hand. Nothing given.

  221. 1401: 
    CLOSE!- Celtic 0-0 Inverness

    Celtic should be ahead - Efe Ambrose has a free header from six yards out but smashes it way over the crossbar. Neil Lennon looks disgusted in the stands.

    Half an hour left in Glasgow.

  222. 1358:  
    Former Tottenham manager David Pleat at White Hart LaneTottenham 0-1 Man City

    "Manchester City look very dangerous when they break.

    "The injured Aaron Lennon is a big loss for Spurs on the right wing, though the pace of Kyle Walker from full-back is starting to make up for that."

    You can hear updates from Tottenham v Manchester City on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  223. 1357: 
    CLOSE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Almost a brilliant second! Carlos Tevez again is the key, taking a pass from James Milner and feeding it in to the run of Samir Nasri with a sublime touch, Nasri then nutmegs a defender before toeing the ball past Hugo Lloris - and just wide of the far corner!

    City's attacks are so fluid at times.

  224. 1356: 
    CLOSE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Manchester City come to life every time they get Carlos Teez on the ball. He seems to be drifting in between the Spurs defence and midfield, and picks the ball up again to find Edin Dzeko, whose shot hits Michael Dawson and loops over the top.

  225. 1354: 

    Josh Hood: "What is the point of Adebayor? I haven't seen him do anything of use for years now. Get Defoe on."

  226. 1353: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Spurs fans are back making noise as their players are back playing football. Gylfi Sigurdsson and Scott Parker both get into good positions but can't find the killer pass. Better from the home side though.

  227. 1350: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Tottenham 0-1 Man City
    Samir Nasri celebrates

    James Milner is the man to take the City free-kick but it's poor, tame and into the wall. Spurs then get the ball in to a decent position on the right as Clint Dempsey picks out Kyle Walker with a cracking pass, but Joe Hart smothers his show well.

  228. 1349: 

    Fqiren: "Steve Sidwell yesterday & Samir Nasir today both doing their former employers a favour. They still love Arsenal don't they?"

  229. 1348: 
    YELLOW CARD- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Another early booking as Edin Dzeko holds the ball up well with his back to goal and Michael Dawson clatters into the back of him. The Spurs captain immediately holds his hands up in apology but it's a booking regardless. Dzeko is unhurt.

  230. 1347: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Spurs look a bit disheartened by the early goal. Gareth Bale has barely had a touch since that very early shot, and City look firmly in control at this early stage.

  231. 1346: 
    Celtic manager Neil Lennon

    Don't expect too many words of inspiration from Celtic boss Neil Lennon at the break. His team are currently drawing 0-0 with Inverness but he cannot do too much about it because he is serving a touchline ban.

  232. 1346: 

    Richard Daniels: "So, Yaya Toure gets more of a punishment for kicking the ball away than Samir Nasri does for a high, studs first challenge?"

  233. 1344:  
    Former Tottenham manager David Pleat at White Hart LaneTottenham 0-1 Man City

    "Tottenham's early start has been diluted by that goal. The game has now gone into a slight lull after Samir Nasri's goal for Manchester City."

    You can hear updates from Tottenham v Manchester City on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  234. 1343: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Jan Vertonghen is the latest Spurs defender in the wars as he has some treatment on a cut lip, after he was caught by Carlos Tevez as the pair went up for a header. He'll be fine and is back on now.

  235. 1342: 

    Benjamin Downey: "Kyle Walker very lucky there wasn't a stronger connection from nasri. Could have been much worse."

    Shohidur Rahman: "Samir Nasri lucky not to get a red there. Very bad challenge."

    Jay: "That challenge from Nasri was worse than the two which got red cards yesterday in the Fulham v Arsenal game."

  236. 1340: 
    YELLOW CARD- Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Manchester City are purring along. James Milner again gets clear down the right but this time he can't find a final ball and his cross is cleared.

    Yaya Toure then picks up a brainless booking for kicking the ball away in midfield.

  237. 1339: 
    Tottenham 0-1 Man City

    Samir Nasri has had a lively few minutes. The City goalscorer goes to charge down Kyle Walker but only succeeds in catching Walker on the shin with a high challenge. That was a naughty one, no action taken by the officials.

  238. 1339: 

    Jack in Pompey via 81111: "Shocking marking from Spurs for the opener, they were lining up to score it."

  239. 1337: 

    Luke Johnston: "Time for Spurs to show what they're made of, if they want to get in the top-four!"

  240. 1337:  
    Former Tottenham manager David Pleat at White Hart LaneTottenham 0-1 Man City

    "Tottenham had started the brighter but it was a quick break that included some superb individual skill from Carlos Tevez.

    "There is a mountain to climb for Spurs now."

    You can hear updates from Tottenham v Manchester City on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  241. 1337: 

    As things stand, Manchester United will be unable to win the title against Aston Villa on Monday. Of course, if Villa win then QPR and Reading will both be relegated.

  242. 1334: 
    GOAL- Tottenham 0-1 Man City - Samir Nasri (5 mins)

    I said earlier that Manchester City were at their very best in stages against Chelsea last weekend, and they reach the heights again to craft a wonderful opener at White Hart Lane.

    Carlos Tevez holds the ball up well, running in to the right-hand corner before feeding the overlapping run of James Milner. Milner fires in a low cross to Samir Nasri, and the Frenchman does really well to steer his volley into the corner, past the despairing lunge of Kyle Walker on the line. What a start.

  243. 1333: 
    Tottenham 0-0 Man City

    Yaya Toure loses possession in midfield and that man Gareth Bale wastes no time in getting a shot away, hitting a swerving effort from 35 yards or so which Joe Hart has to watch carefully and palm down. Bale has lost none of his confidence.

  244. 1333: 
    HALF-TIME- Celtic 0-0 Inverness

    It's goalless at half-time in Glasgow, with Celtic 45 minutes away from sealing the title.

  245. 1331: 
    Tottenham 0-0 Man City

    Gareth Bale is instantly involved, hounding Vincent Kompany into giving the ball away but the Belgian recovers well to put the ball out for a throw.

  246. 1330: 
    KICK-OFF- Tottenham 0-0 Man City

    Spurs get us under way at a sun-kissed White Hart Lane.

  247. 1325: 

    Crombytown Writer: "It'll be odd for Rafa Benitez having the opposition supporters cheer more for you in an afternoon than your own fans ever did."

  248. 1324: 
    Tottenham v Man City (1330 BST)

    We are five minutes away from kick-off at the Lane. Can City keep the title race going for a bit longer?

    Gareth Bale is all smiles in the tunnel, sharing a hearty handshake with City keeper Joe Hart. Here they come...

  249. 1322: 
    Marc Vivien Foe

    On this day in 2003, Marc Vivien Foe scored Manchester City's last ever goal at Maine Road during a 3-0 win over Sunderland. Foe scored twice in the win.

    Tragically he collapsed and died while playing for Cameroon in a Confederations Cup semi-final against Colombia in June of that year.

    City retired the number 23 shirt in Foe's honour.

  250. 1319: 
    Tottenham v Man City (1330 BST)

    Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas on Sky Sports: "We have managed to recover two players for this game from injury (Gareth Bale and Jermain Defoe), we are still missing a couple but it's excellent to have them back.

    "Champions League qualification still depends on us - if we do our job properly then we can achieve what we want. Chelsea and Arsenal have tough games and I think it will go down to the last fixtures of the season. Victory today could send a message to our rivals and think we can get a win."

  251. 1317: 

    Lawrence Houldsworth: "A gulf between the quality of City's strike force and Tottenham's. Aguero on the bench compared to Adebayor leading the line."

    Sean Whittall: "If Manchester City lose today their title hopes are over. Manchester United will seal it, not tomorrow, but next weekend. Aston Villa to win 2-1 on Monday."

    AFC Ben: "Gareth Bale starting, but will he be the same as before the injury? I doubt it."

  252. 1317: 

    Celtic are just about to hit the half-hour mark at home to Inverness, and it remains goalless in Glasgow.

    Don't forget that you can read all the latest in a Scottish live text commentary.

  253. 1314: 

    Rugginz from Haslemere via 81111: "Really nervous about today's game. I'm a big Rafa Benitez fan and would love to see him continue next season, but fear Liverpool may want it more today and a loss will seal his departure!"

  254. 1313: 
    Tottenham v Man City (1330 BST)

    Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany on Sky Sports: "This is one of those matches you want to win because it is one of the big games of the season. It is a hard place to come and if we can get away from here with three points then it will be incredible."

  255. 1310:  
    Match of the Day presenter and former Tottenham striker Gary LinekerTottenham v Man City (1330 BST)

    "Tough one to call. Gareth Bale is back, but how fit? Wouldn't surprise me if it's a draw, but my head says Manchester City."

  256. 1309: 
    Tottenham v Man City (1330 BST)

    Tottenham skipper Michael Dawson on Sky Sports: "We're still confident of finishing in the top four. We know what a win today will do, we're chasing again but we're feeling good."

  257. 1309: 

    Williams Babatunde: "Man United fans hoping for Tottenham to win today while Arsenal fans hoping Manchester City wins."

  258. 1305: 
    Tottenham v Man City (1330 BST)

    I wonder if Sir Alex Ferguson is watching on today? If Tottenham beat Manchester City, then Ferguson and co can seal their 20th league title with a win at home to Aston Villa.

    Should Villa win that game meanwhile, then Reading and QPR will be relegated.

  259. 1302: 
    LINE-UPS- Tottenham v Man City (1330 BST)

    Tottenham: Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Assou-Ekotto, Sigurdsson, Dembele, Parker, Bale, Dempsey, Adebayor. Subs: Friedel, Huddlestone, Naughton, Defoe, Holtby, Livermore, Caulker.

    Man City: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Nastasic, Clichy, Toure, Barry, Milner, Tevez, Nasri, Dzeko. Subs: Pantilimon, Lescott, Sinclair, Kolarov, Javi Garcia, Aguero, Kolo Toure.

    Referee: Lee Mason (Lancashire)

  260. 1301: 

    Arsenal Ladies were unable to mount an unlikely comeback, and have exited the Champions League at the semi-final stage.

    Shelley Kerr's side lost the second leg of their semi-final at Bundesliga leaders Wolfsburg 2-1, to finish 4-1 down on aggregate.

    Full details of the tie will be on the BBC Sport website later.

  261. 1300: 
    Tottenham v Man City (1330 BST)

    After a hectic week, Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini rings the changes as his team aim to close the gap on leaders Manchester United to 10 points.

    Pablo Zabaleta, Matija Nastasic and Gael Clichy return alongside skipper Vincent Kompany, who plays his 150th league appearance for City, in a familiar-looking back four. England midfielder James Milner and Bosnian striker Edin Dzeko also start.

    Sergio Aguero, withdrawn at half-time of the midweek Premier League win against Wigan through injury, is only fit enough to start on the substitutes' bench.

  262. 1258: 
    Tottenham v Man City (1330 BST)

    As expected, Spurs' main man Gareth Bale returns to Andre Villas-Boas's starting XI after a two-match absence with an ankle injury. The Wales star replaces Lewis Holtby in one of three changes made by the Portuguese boss from the Europa League defeat in Basel. France number one Hugo Lloris returns in goal, while left-back Benoit Assou-Ekotto starts ahead of Kyle Naughton.

  263. 1257:  
    Former Tottenham manager David Pleat at White Hart LaneTottenham v Man City (1330 BST)

    "If Gareth Bale considers himself fit, it would have been a waste of time starting him on the bench. Tottenham need a spur at the moment, and he will inspire them.

    "I think manager Andre Villas-Boas did not want to start with two players coming back from injury, so that is why Jermain Defoe is on the bench."

    You can hear updates from Tottenham v Manchester City on BBC Radio 5 live from 1330 BST.

  264. 1255: 

    Joleon Lescott is back on the bench for Manchester City this afternoon, and could he be heading out of the club this summer?

    He said this week that "I can't afford to go into a World Cup year being uncertain of whether I'm going to play regularly here."

    Matija Nastasic has made that centre-back spot his own this season.

  265. 1252: 

    Statisticians Opta: "56% - Tottenham have won 56% of their Premier League games with Gareth Bale this season, and just 40% without him. Return."

  266. 1251: 
    Tottenham v Man City (1330 BST)

    Manchester City coach Brian Kidd reckons Premier League leaders Manchester United will suffer "some jittery moments" in the Premier League title run-in. United are 13 points ahead of City, who overturned an eight-point deficit with six games left last season to clinch the title.

    "What happened last year - it was a bad experience for them," said Kidd, who helped United win four titles as Sir Alex Ferguson's assistant. "They will have been shocked by it."

  267. 1249: 

    Dave Gillett: "City have only conceded 27 in the league. In no short measure down to Matija Nastasic. Amazed he didn't make the young PFA list."

    Sam Robson: "Come on Spurs! Need them to beat City. The longer this title race goes on the more nervous I am that Manchester United will chuck it away again."

    The Reds: "Man City to win. No doubt. Liverpool to win. No doubt. Arsenal to laugh all the way....."

  268. 1248: 

    It looks like the all-conquering Arsenal Ladies will not be making it to the Champions League final this year.

    They are currently losing the second leg of their semi-final against Bundesliga leaders Wolfsburg 2-1, to sit 4-1 behind on aggregate with less than 10 minutes left.

  269. 1244: 

    Celtic are just about to kick-off as they go in search of the point they need to seal the SPL title.

    Colin Moffat is the man to keep you up to speed in the Scottish live text commentary.

  270. 1242: 

    Will Moores: "Dzeko could be to Spurs what Drogba was to Arsenal."

  271. 1241: 

    Away from the football, there is plenty of other sport being covered on BBC One, BBC Radio 5 live, Red Button and the BBC Sport website. There is continuing coverage of the London Marathon, the Formula 1 grand prix from Bahrain, Snooker World Championship,World Triathlon Series and European Gymnastics Championships.

  272. 1240: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Tottenham v Man City (1330 BST)

    Manchester City make five changes from the side which beat Wigan in midweek. There's no Sergio Aguero or David Silva, but Spurs specialist Edin Dzeko does start.

  273. 1238: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Tottenham v Man City (1330 BST)

    Gareth Bale starts for Tottenham, with Jermain Defoe on the bench.

  274. 1236: 

    Paddy in Derry: "Rafa is a hero at Anfield, brought us great success, despite the in-fighting between the owners which eventually drove him out. Expect cheers for him today,"

  275. 1234:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    You can hear live commentary of Rafael Benitez's return to Anfield at 1600 BST as Liverpool host Champions League chasing Chelsea. Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson, Alan Green and John Murray will keep you informed with events.

    You can also hear updates as Tottenham host Chelsea from 1330 BST, with former Spurs manager David Pleat and Simon Brotherton the men at White Hart Lane.

  276. 1233: 

    Alex Callaghan: "I still honestly think City can give United a run for their money. Complacency looms for The Red Devils."

    Peter Barfoot: "Suarez to show his class today in Liverpool win and to prove to all why he is the cert for PFA Player of the Year."

    Fahad Khan: "Rafa will be basking in all the Anfield applause he can. Don't see him returning as a top flight manager after leaving Chelsea."

  277. 1229: 
    Tottenham v Man City (1330 BST)

    Tottenham forward Clint Dempsey has urged his team-mates not to let Champions League qualification slip through their grasp. Fifth-placed Spurs are three points behind Chelsea, who currently occupy the final qualifying spot, ahead of today's home clash against Manchester City. "It's in our hands and you can't ask for more than that," said the American. "It's great that we have everything left to play for. We have our destiny in our own hands in terms of trying to achieve our target and now it's just about making sure we get the job done. We have to make sure the opportunity doesn't pass us by."

  278. 1226:  
    MOTD's Steve Wilson at White Hart LaneTottenham v Man City (1330 BST)

    "So Manchester City can narrow the gap to 10 points for 24 hours or so. Nobody at City is holding out any real hope, but they are perhaps the Premier League's form team at the moment. As City have found some form, Spurs have stuttered.

    "One win in seven games has put them out of the top four. Tottenham have found many and varied ways of failing to qualify for the Champions League over the last few years and yet again their entry into that competition looks about as cut and dried as an Emmanuel Adebayor penalty kick."

  279. 1221: 
    Tottenham v Man City (1330 BST)

    Tottenham go into the match on the back of a 10-day break following their Europa League exit at the hands of Basel. So will Spurs, possibly with the return of Gareth Bale and Jermain Defoe from injury, be suitably refreshed? You would think so - especially as they entertain a City team who may feel the effects, both mentally and physically, of a hectic week.

    The Blues enjoyed the high of reaching the FA Cup final against beating last-four opponents Chelsea at Wembley - Tottenham enjoying a free weekend as their league game at their London rivals consequently had to be postponed - before having to grind out a vital 1-0 Premier League against Wigan on Wednesday.

  280. 1220: 
    Edin Dzeko

    Tottenham will be hoping that Edin Dzeko is not in the City squad this afternoon.

    The Bosnian came off the bench to score an 88th-minute winner when the sides met at Eastlands back in November, and bagged four on City's last visit to White Hart Lane - a 5-1 thrashing in August 2011.

    He hasn't scored on his last six City appearances mind...

  281. 1214: 

    So can Gareth Bale find his form after a lay-off? Can Manchester City continue their recent impressive touch? What sort of reception is Rafa in for at Anfield? Who should win PFA player of the year?

    Let me know your thoughts on all of the above, plus any other issues you wish to bring up.

    Text in on 81111 (UK Only) - with your names on there please - or send us a tweet using the hashtag #bbcfootball.

  282. 1213: 
    Liverpool v Chelsea (1600 BST)

    Our second Premier League match of the afternoon sees former Liverpool manager - and current Chelsea boss - Rafael Benitez head back to Anfield for the first time since he left the club in the summer of 2010.

    He could guide his current side back above Arsenal and in to third spot with a win today - but a defeat coupled with a win for Spurs could leave them in trouble chasing a top-four finish.

  283. 1213: 

    Celtic aim to wrap up a second successive Scottish Premier League title, which will be a 44th top-flight success for the club. Neil Lennon's side are at home to Inverness Caledonian Thistle in a 1245 kick-off and need to avoid defeat to get the party started.

    "Whenever it comes it is just a memorable occasion and I want the players to take it all in," said Lennon. "They may never get the chance to win the championship again. People will say it's been easier this year without Rangers but it's never easy."

    Later on, St Johnstone host Ross County as the jostling for European places hots up.

    You can follow all the action in our Scottish live text commentary.

  284. 1209: 

    On the other hand, Manchester City come into today's game in high spirits, having beaten rivals Manchester United at Old Trafford and booking a place in the FA Cup final in recent weeks.

    Their first-half display at Wembley last Sunday - when they pummelled Chelsea - was arguably as well as they have played all season.

    A win today would close the gap on Champions elect United to 10 points with 15 to play for.

  285. 1207: 

    When Spurs beat arch rivals Arsenal 2-1 on Sunday 3 March, they went seven points clear of the Gunners and were looking nailed on for a Champions League place.

    Spurs were sitting pretty in third place, just two points behind today's opponents Manchester City. But an implosion of form means that they go into today's game in fifth place, three points behind fourth-placed Chelsea.

    It's still possible to book a place back in the big time. Just not probable.

  286. 1200: 
    Gareth Bale

    Thirteen goals in 15 games for club and country.

    Spurs winger Gareth Bale has been in stunning form since the turn of the year, and today he is expected to return after missing two games with an ankle injury.

    Andre Villas-Boas's side have stuttered of late, winning just one of their last seven games in all competitions. Can the Welsh Wizard conjure up a win against Manchester City?

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