Champions League final: Borussia Dortmund v Bayern Munich

Live text commentary as Bayern Munich defeat Borussia Dortmund in the all-German Champions League final at Wembley.

25 May 2013 Last updated at 23:10 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 2252: 

    "People have climbed Mount Everest and had to turn around 10m from the top, but at least they've tried. And we've tried too."

    So said Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp yesterday evening. They did try, but they stumbled and fell within sight of the summit.

    It's been a great night of German football, but we're signing off now.

    Make sure you join Marc Higginson for coverage of the big fight between Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler right now, and tomorrow make sure you watch Arsenal v Bristol Academy in the Women's FA Cup final on BBC Two.

  2. 2245: 

    In what promises to be as busy as ever a summer of speculation, the future of Jurgen Klopp, Robert Lewandowski and Arjen Robben may well dominate the news headlines across Germany and across Europe for that matter.

  3. 2245: 

    Liam Mullane: Not sure Dortmund will be back so soon, as they stand to lose players this summer with one already strengthening their main rivals...

  4. 2242: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Dortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich
    Jupp Heynckes

    Jupp Heynckes, Bayern coach: "We didn't get into the game in the first half so I corrected a few things at the interval. There was pressure on both teams but we certainly felt the burden of being favourites in the first 20 minutes."

  5. 2239: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Dortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich
    Arjen Robben

    Bayern Munich matchwinner Arjen Robben: "I can't put it into words. I have so many emotions. Last year was such a disappointment and in the last four years we've been to three finals - it needed to happen! But we still had to do it. My whole career went through my mind when I scored, it is such a special feeling you can't describe it.

    "You don't want to be a loser every time, coming always in second place. We deserved to win it. I have dreamt about it many times. Everybody I spoke to before the game said it was our night and I had a great feeling.

    "We knew after last season what needed to be done to improve and that is what we did. We are already going into the history books but now we can win the treble."

  6. 2233: 

    Brent in London: "Classy words from Klopp. They will come again next year."

  7. 2231: 

    It's an hour now since the game finished and Bayern's players remain out on the pitch celebrating with their supporters. half of the bottom tier of Wembley is still totally full. Out in Camden tonight lads?

  8. 2229: 

    Arjen Robben has 'done a Pique' and cut some of the net up as a souvenir. They are all at it now, someone's got hold of some scissors and is shredding the net.

  9. 2224: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Dortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich
    Mats Hummels

    Dortmund defender Mats Hummels: "The game was really close but Bayern deserved it. They were the better team in the second half. In the first 25 minutes we were the better team but could not score the goal we needed. We tired in the last few minutes, they get the cup and we don't. Its the hardest game you can lose."

  10. 2222: 

    Steve Craig: Cracking Champions League Final. Well done to Bayern who just edged it on the night and finished the much stronger team.

  11. 2221: 

    Eyes already turn towards next season, and the draw for the qualifying rounds of next season's Champions League is less than a month away.

  12. 2217: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Dortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich
    Roman Weidenfeller

    Roman Weidenfeller, Dortmund captain: "We're proud to have given Bayern a real game tonight. We played well but it wasn't meant to be."

  13. 2215: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Dortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich
    Jurgen Klopp

    Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp: "First of all congratulations to Bayern, as they won. After the game, you have to respect the result.

    "I did not see the winning goal a second time, it was a free-kick and we were not in the right formation. It was late in the game, it was a really hard season for us and I saw that from 75 minutes on.

    "We deserved to be in the final, we showed this tonight. That is not the most important thing, but it is important."

  14. 2212: 

    David Whalley: Shame about Robben's late goal..... I could have watched another 30 minutes of that.

  15. 2211: 

    Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp congratulates Bayern Munich and says that from 75 minutes on he saw that his side were struggling.

  16. 2210: 

    Tom in Brighton: "Lewandowski looking forlornly up at Bayern lifting that cup - thinking about this match, or his future??"

  17. 2209: 

    A sign of how English teams have fared in Europe this season - Manchester City and Chelsea are just about to play in a friendly in America.

    Both sides will probably hope that they can't book a summer tour which clashes with next season's Champions League final...

  18. 2205: 

    Ishan Islam: Based on the way the match panned out, if Gotze had played, I reckon different result. But congrats Bayern and Heynckes!

  19. 2205: 

    Jupp Heynckes gets 'the bumps' from his team and is instantly furious!

  20. 2201: 

    We've not had a single interview from a player or coach yet - they are all too busy lifting trophies and celebrating and suchlike. But I'll bring you the best quotes as we get them.

  21. 2200:  
    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich

    "Jupp Heynckes has rebuilt this team to compete and move away from Dortmund. Javi Martinez epitomises that as Bayern did not want to buy him for 40m euros, but Heynckes insisted, and he has played a huge part this season.

    "Bayern were not at their best, but they know how to win. Heynckes knew how to beat Barcelona in the semi-finals.

    "Bayern always find the way to win."

    Listen to reaction from the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  22. 2200: 

    BBC World Service's Steve Crossman in Munich: "A roar that will have been heard from the Allianz to the airport and everywhere in between goes up as the full time whistle blows. Tears of joy from the fans surrounding me in the Olympiapark. Heynckes has done it. Still the German cup final to come but well...over to you Pep."

  23. 2158: 

    What a way for Jupp Heynckes to bow out - he's got the German Cup final coming up next weekend where he can secure a treble.

    Tonight he has become the fourth coach to win the trophy with two different clubs. He joins Ernst Happel (Feyenoord 1970, Hamburg 1983), Omar Hitzfeld (Dortmund 1997, Bayern 2001) and Jose Mourinho (Porto 2004, Inter 2010).

  24. 2154: 

    Ash: Was rooting for Dortmund during the match. No doubt Klopp will get his team to bounce back. They've got more Champions League finals in them.

  25. 2153: 
    CHAMPAGNE MOMENT- Dortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich

    Philipp Lahm, who joined Bayern Munich when he was 11 years of age, lifts the club's fifth European Cup trophy. Franz Beckenbauer and Steffen Effenberg were the other two skippers to lift the cup for Bayern.

    Lifting the trophy
  26. 2153:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyDortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich

    "What a dignified figure the elder statesman Heynckes is. Done this before at Real Madrid of course - won this tournament then off."

  27. 2152: 

    All smiles as Jupp Heynckes leads his Bayern side up to collect their medals. Arjen Robben is very emotional - will he be staying next year? Who would get rid of him?

  28. 2151: 

    Lisa via 81111: Cannot wait for Pep v Jose in the Super Cup. Guardiola up against it now - will never match what Heynckes has done this year.

  29. 2150: 

    Can Jurgen Klopp manage a smile as he collects his medal? Course he can! He will be hurting but as he said only this week, Bayern are the best team in the world right now.

  30. 2149: 

    RRM: Most entertaining final for neutrals in a long time... Much unlike the 50 passes before shooting tiki-taka.

  31. 2148: 

    Some very sorry faces as Dortmund's players and staff trudge up the steps to the Royal Box. Where next for Robert Lewandowski, or Jurgen Klopp for that matter?Will they stay and come again?

  32. 2146: 
    Arjen Robben

    Bayern Munich form a guard of honour as Dortmund go up to collect their loser's medals. 'Three Lions' once more rings out around Wembley, but it's Fussball, not Football, which is 'coming home.'

  33. 2144: 

    I would never argue with a man who has lured Shakira, but Gerard Pique is of course right. Bayern Munich have been the best team in the tournament without a doubt.

  34. 2144: 
    Barcelona defender Gerard PiqueDortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich

    "I'm a fan of Jurgen Klopp and his team. It's a joy to watch them play. Great players with a big future.

    "Congratulations to Bayern Munich. Best team in Europe this year. They deserve to win the Champions League."

  35. 2144: 

    Bayern now join Liverpool on five European Cup wins and become the joint-third most successful club in the competition's history behind Real Madrid and AC Milan.

    With the new signings they've got lined up, and Pep Guardiola coming in, how many more could they get?

  36. 2142: 
    Dortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich

    The Dortmund fans hold up their black and yellow scarves as the team line up at the edge of the penalty area to applaud them back. There are some tears in there, but there's a lot of pride as well. Rightly so.

  37. 2141:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Wembley

    "The Champions League has been cruel to Bayern Munich and Arjen Robben in recent times but now the demons are banished. What a way for Jupp Heynckes to hand over to Pep Guardiola - and spare a thought for the charismatic Jurgen Klopp and his Borussia Dortmund team. They have graced this tournament."

  38. 2141: 

    Ed Gutteridge: Cracking Champions League final. Bayern finally managed not to choke. Disappointed in Lewandowski's showing though.

    Shohidur Rahman: Feel sorry for Dortmund. They have the most amazing fans.

    Jon Rowlands: The player that should have won it for Bayern last year has redeemed himself this year. Fitting.

  39. 2139:  
    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich

    "The team was magnificent but the man who should take all the plaudits is Bayern manager Jupp Heynckes. He has changed this team completely, he has gotten them fitter than Dortmund.

    "He has got wingers Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben so fit. He has changed their mentality and he deserves this win.

    "Bayern ran over Dortmund, and had more quality than them as well.

    "Germans have always been efficient, but they have now added to that. They are going to win everything."

    Listen to reaction from the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  40. 2139: 

    Several Dortmund players are out on their feet, devastated after that defeat. I don't think they could have done too much more, they were outstanding in the opening 30 minutes and then rallied to level after going behind. But it was always going to be a monumental task to stop this Bayern side.

  41. 2136: 
    Arjen Robben

    That was Arjen Robben's 25th shot in a Champions League final. A lesson to us all in perseverance.

  42. 2136: 

    Ultric Engelbrecht: Arjen Robben just handed all of us a piece of humble pie...

    Pranab Ranjan: How does Guardiola makes this Bayern side better! Massive challenge!

  43. 2135: 
    Dortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich

    It's all over. Bayern Munich win their fifth European Cup and their first since 2001. Redemption for Arjen Robben!

  44. 2135: 
    FULL-TIME- Dortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich
  45. 2134: 
    Dortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich

    Do or die time for Dortmund...

  46. 2133:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyDortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich

    "Robben has been criticised by a few - but that's made one and now scored one."

  47. 2133: 
    INJURY TIME- Dortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich

    Dortmund sub Julian Schieber has a low shot saved easily by Manuel Neuer with his first touch. There are three minutes of added time and we are into them.

  48. 2132:  
    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich

    "Bayern as a team look fitter than Dortmund, and I never thought I would say that.

    "I was looking at a goal-kick before that and every Bayern player charged back into position, while the Dortmund players slowly walked over. Dortmund have been overrun."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  49. 2132: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Dortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich

    Both sides make a change as we enter stoppage time. Can Dortmund make a late escape again? They did it in the quarters...

  50. 2131:  
    Former England defender Danny Mills at WembleyDortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich

    "What a fantastic run from Arjen Robben. I think Bayern got a little fortunate on the edge of the box with a ricochet, but Robben was so sharp.

    "It was exceptional composure to stand up the goalkeeper."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  51. 2130: 
    GOAL- Dortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich - Arjen Robben (89 mins)

    Categorically not the last big moment of the 90 minutes! Arjen Robben, who missed a penalty to win last year's Champions League final, surely wins this one.

    Franck Ribery backheels a pass into his stride, he keeps his poise and cool to nip in between three defenders, take a touch and then clip the ball home from seven yards.

  52. 2128: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Dortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    The last big moment of the 90?

    Thomas Mueller steps over the ball brilliantly on the edge of the box, allowing the cutback to reach Bastian Schweinsteiger, and he cataches his left-footed drive clean as you like. It is flying toward the corner until Roman Weidenfeller punches it away. Lovely hit.

  53. 2126: 
    FINAL FIVE- Dortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    Into the last five then. Does anyone want a winner?

  54. 2124: 

    James Hallworth: Klopp is like that cool teacher you had at school that didn't care if you messed around. He's a step between a player and a coach.

  55. 2123: 
    Dortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    We haven't had a solitary substitute yet, could someone come on to be a hero?

    There's no contest when it comes to relative strengths on the benches. Bayern are stocked up on internationals, Dortmund haven't got much to write home about. With all due respect...

  56. 2122:  
    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    "It seems in German football that they do not like draws, everybody goes for it in the final stages. I call this a 'gun and run' game, in which Bayern look the most dangerous."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  57. 2121: 
    Dortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    Into the last 10 minutes of normal time now.

    Naughty from Robert Lewandowski as he steps on the heel of a prone Jerome Boateng. It's all getting a bit tetchy out there.

  58. 2120: 
    Dortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich
    Ilkay Gundogan levels for Dortmund

    Mario Gotze very definitely celebrated Dortmund's equaliser by the way. He was not poker faced at all.

  59. 2120:  
    Former England defender Danny Mills at WembleyDortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    "That was the first big decision the referee has gotten wrong. Subotic clearly fouled Mueller, it should have been a free-kick and a red card."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  60. 2119: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Dortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    Thomas Mueller investigates a yard of space behind the Dortmund back four and he is in! He holds off Neven Subotic before freeing Mario Mandzukic to his right - who hits in to the side-netting.

    Mueller does go down as he lays the ball off and he wants a penalty or a free-kick. Nothing given by referee Nicola Rizzoli.

  61. 2118:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at WembleyDortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    "Watching Jurgen Klopp is a game on its own. Great passion - wonderful reaction to Subotic's goalline clearance."

  62. 2117: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Dortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    Into the last 15 minutes - unless we have extra-time.

    David Alaba is next to threaten with a cracking drive which forces Roman Weidenfeller into a flying save. Anyone's game this.

  63. 2117:  
    Former England defender Danny Mills at WembleyDortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    "Franck Ribery was defending in his own penalty box and four seconds later, Bayern are through on goal at the other end through Thomas Mueller.

    "Steve said anything can happen at the end between two German sides, and it is."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  64. 2116: 

    DomPotter: Amazing from Subotic!

  65. 2116: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Dortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    Wow! Robert Lewandowski crashes in a shot on the bounce from 35 yards which has us off our seats - until we realise the whistle had already gone for handball. What a hit though, and we are back to the end-to-end madness of the first 30 minutes.

  66. 2115: 
    Dortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    Jurgen Klopp celebrated that like a goal! He loves a clearance.

  67. 2113: 
    CLOSE!- Dortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    Superb defending! Thomas Mueller skips away from Roman Weidenfeller, he goes around him and looks nailed on to put Bayern ahead again, firing a low cross/shot toward the far corner. It's going to go in or be put in by Arjen Robben until Neven Subotic slides in to somehow hook it clear. Brilliant!

  68. 2113:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyDortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    "Great sub-plot there as Bayern Munich-bound Mario Gotze celebrated with a beaming smile - no doubt he is still a Borussia Dortmund man tonight. As if there would be any doubt."

  69. 2112:  
    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    "Dortmund needed to respond and they have done.

    "We were going to sign Dante when he was at Borussia Monchengladbach and I was at Twente. He is great going forward and great on the ball, but there is always one mistake in him."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  70. 2111: 
    CLOSE!- Dortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    Dante had already been booked in the first half and was a bit lucky not to see red there.

    Anyway, back to the action and what a break from Dortmund as Jakub Blaszczykowski pelts downfield, he is waiting for support and when it comes it is from Mats Hummels, who provides a centre-half's finish. High and wide.

  71. 2111: 
    Dortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    BBC World Service's Steve Crossman in Munich: "Broken dreams last year, busted screens this. The sound has gone on the inflatable giant TV so Bayern fans are adding their own soundtrack. Incessant chants of 'super Bayern' as fans battle the bitter cold of the Olympiapark."

  72. 2110:  
    Former England defender Danny Mills at WembleyDortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich

    "Dante went to kick the ball away with his studs and Reus nicked the ball in front of him. It is a soft one to give away, but it was a blatant penalty.

    "I am not sure what Dante was thinking there.

    "That was a very cool penalty from Gundogan. He waited for Neuer to dive and rolled it in to the other corner, that was very classy."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  73. 2109: 
    GOAL- Dortmund 1-1 Bayern Munich - Ilkay Gundogan (pen 67 mins)

    Robert Lewandowski had a penalty saved against Munich three weeks ago - so 22-year-old midfielder Ilkay Gundogan takes charge, slotting the spot-kick low into the corner. Game on!

  74. 2108: 
    PENALTY FOR DORTMUND- Dortmund 0-1 Bayern Munich

    Dante goes in high and late on Marco Reus! Penalty! Clumsy and a clear penalty.

  75. 2108: 

    Omar Haddad: All about how Dortmund respond now. Next goal is make or break.

  76. 2108: 
    Dortmund 0-1 Bayern Munich

    Dortmund are weathering a Bayern storm now as Franck Ribery almost unlocks their defence again. It's well cleared by Mats Hummels, and Dortmund now counter well for the first time this half.

    Lukasz Piszczek looks to get on the end of a crossfield pass, he wants a foul but there's nothing doing.

  77. 2106:  
    Former England defender Danny Mills at WembleyDortmund 0-1 Bayern Munich

    "Dortmund need their leaders to instil the belief in the team after the goal. They have to remember their comeback against Malaga in the quarter-finals and use that as inspiration."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  78. 2104: 
    Dortmund 0-1 Bayern Munich

    Dortmund have not been anywhere near as effective since half-time, but you did fear that they would pay the price for not scoring in the opening half hour when they were on top. This is a real test of their nerve now.

  79. 2104:  
    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund 0-1 Bayern Munich

    "That was what we feared. We wanted Dortmund to score first and to make a game of it.

    "I think Julian Schieber will come on for Dortmund up front, and Marco Reus will move out wide as they need to get a goal back."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  80. 2104:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyDortmund 0-1 Bayern Munich
    Bayern Munich fans at Wembley

    "Bayern Munich's momentum started to build before half-time and it has produced the goal. How Borussia Dortmund and Jurgen Klopp must regret not being able to convert one of those opportunities."

  81. 2102: 
    Dortmund 0-1 Bayern Munich

    All credit to Arjen Robben, he displayed supreme nerve to find that killer pass at the right time. Juventus couldn't score against Bayern in two games in the quarters, Barcelona couldn't score against Bayern in two games in the semis - Dortmund have half an hour.

  82. 2102:  
    Former England defender Danny Mills at WembleyDortmund 0-1 Bayern Munich

    "Great play to start with from Arjen Robben there. Schmelzer played everybody onside.

    "We talked about that one lapse of concentration from Borussia Dortmund, and that was it."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  83. 2101: 
    GOAL- Dortmund 0-1 Bayern Munich - Mario Mandzukic (60 mins)

    There's the goal the game needs! It's terrific play from Arjen Robben, who is played in by a cute pass from Franck Ribery, he goes around Roman Weidenfeller before having the presence of mind to pick out Mario Mandzukic square for a tap-in.

    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "One big feature of this game is how quick the teams get the ball forward. However, it is also about how quickly the players get back when they lose it.

    "Dortmund get behind the ball so quickly, and that is killing Bayern."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  85. 2100: 
    CLOSE!- Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Great chance! Bayern force a corner which Javi Martinez attacks at the near post, his flick on finds Mario Mandzukic but the ball is just behind him and he can't get enough power in it.

  86. 2059: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich
    Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp

    Mario Mandzukic and Jerome Boateng both go down holding their heads after tussles in the midfield. We need a goal now, it's getting all edgy. We are straying into 'we don't want to lose' territory.

  87. 2057: 

    James Blackwell: Considering my mum has seen nine seasons of MK Dons, I am not sure how she has managed to fall asleep during this game.

  88. 2056: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    He's just finding space Danny, you wait and see. This game is not at the same level as the first half, as we expected to be honest. Still 35 minutes remaining though.

  89. 2055:  
    Former England defender Danny Mills at WembleyDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "Bayern's Thomas Mueller seems a little bit off colour. He is normally so influential, bossing people around, driving the team forward.

    "He has not quite been at it tonight."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  90. 2053: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Good pressing from Dortmund again as they continue to see more of the ball in an advanced area but there's no clear openings as yet. A cagey opening seven minutes of the half.

  91. 2053:  
    MOTD presenter Gary LinekerDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "More chance of spelling Blaszczykowski correctly than this game finishing goalless."

  92. 2051:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at WembleyDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "Arjen Robben has had a few demons in these big games - but Bayern will be encouraged by his ability to keep getting chances."

  93. 2050: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich
    Dortmund fans at Wembley

    It's been a slightly calmer start to the second period, no great saves needed as yet. First signs of tension creeping in?

  94. 2050: 

    Andy in Manchester via 81111: This match is an absolutely glorious display of direct attacking football - and not in the dirty Stoke sense of the word.

    Can we not get through a single live text without slating Stoke...?

  95. 2048: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    That is an incredible stat. There can't be many players who have had that many shots in Champions League finals - if any! You have to be there to miss 'em.

  96. 2048: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Statisticians Opta: Arjen Robben in Champions League finals - 24 shots, 0 goal.

  97. 2047: 

    We have a photo gallery up and running with all the best big pictures from tonight's game. Keep an eye on it, it will be continually updated.

  98. 2047:  
    Former England defender Danny Mills at WembleyDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "For me, Bayern have four or five players who could go on and score. For Dortmund, realistically, there is just Reus and Lewandowski.

    "It has reminded me of a top class Premier League game from four or five years ago.

    "The difference between Reus and Gotze is that Reus is happy to run with it."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  99. 2046: 
    KICK-OFF- Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Dortmund get us back in action.

  100. 2044: 

    Nine of Bayern Munich's last 10 goals in the Champions League have been scored in the second half, while Dortmund famously got those two late goals to see off Malaga in the quarters. We could be on for a late one...

  101. 2043:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at WembleyDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "One of the better goalless first 45 minutes you might see."

  102. 2042: 

    What do we reckon Messrs Klopp and Heynckes are saying to their troops right now?I'd be tempted to just get Paul Breitner in there in his full military gear.

  103. 2040: 

    Scott in Maghull via 81111: Can we just watch that first half again?!?!

  104. 2038: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Arjen Robben has arguably missed the two best chances of that first half, but he has also looked the biggest single threat. Can he do it on the big occasion?

  105. 2037: 

    Ollie Smith: Robben is so frustrating to watch! How many chances wasted there?

    Mayowa Olubowale: I didn't even realise we were approaching half time!! What a game!! Absolutely flown by!!

    Fergie Time: Robben's old ghost continues to haunt him in finals.

  106. 2034:  
    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "Dortmund are doing what Dortmund do best. They are trying to dominate in the middle third.

    "The only chances Bayern had came when they have got in behind them.

    "For Dortmund, I think Reus has been absolutely magnificent, and Bender and Gundogan have been superb.

    "Bayern are growing into the game, and that is because the game is being stretched. It is not about possession, it is not about playing 24 passes, it is about penetration."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  107. 2032: 

    A brilliant 45 minutes of open, counter-attacking football, with more great saves than a last-minute dash to the supermarket.

    Who is going to come out on top though?

    Text us (with your names now) on 81111 (UK Only), or tweet us using the hashtag #bbcfootball.

    Start your message with 'TeamKlopp' if you see Dortmund taking the trophy; and 'TeamJupp' if you're buying a Bayern win.

  108. 2032: 

    Chris Weatherall: And Robben misses yet again...

  109. 2031:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyHALF-TIME- Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "Thrilling first half - but you have to feel Borussia Dortmund had to make that early pressure and chances pay against a team of Bayern Munich's calibre."

  110. 2031: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Thomas Mueller - in space, naturally - almost sends Arjen Robben in again as Bayern end the half well on top.

  111. 2030: 

    Nathan in Berkhamsted via 81111: With all this great attacking play and talk of strikers it can only mean one thing. Bayern full-back Philipp Lahm to score first. Come on - someone tell me the odds!

  112. 2028: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Oh another great chance! Arjen Robben drifts into the middle and gets the better of Mats Hummels, the ball drops down and Robben fires in a shot which the excellent Roman Weidenfeller repels - this time with his face. The good, the bad and the unorthodox, we've seen it all so far!

  113. 2028: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    I don't know about the two sides Ben (2027) - I doubt I can keep this pace up...

  114. 2027:  
    Mark Pougatch, BBC Radio 5 live

    "No wonder the Bundesliga is so popular. Game getting stretched after hectic start. Two excellent German goalkeepers."

  115. 2027: 

    Ben Aitkenhead: Can either team sustain this pace?

  116. 2027:  
    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "This is what the Bundesliga is all about. It is not about possession, it is about being compact and then counter-attacking.

    "What a game."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  117. 2025: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Bayern centre-back Jerome Boateng has done himself a mischief somehow, he's still on but not moving too well. Bayern put together a move down their right though, not for the first time, but Thomas Mueller's cross doesn't quite pick out Franck Ribery.

    Bayern are starting to overload Dortmund down that flank.

    We have five minutes of a cracking first half to go.

  118. 2024:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "This is a wonderfully open Champions League Final - as illustrated by both Borussia Dortmund keeper Roman Weidenfeller and opposite number Manuel Neuer excelling. The Bayern keeper has made five important saves inside the first 35 minutes."

  119. 2023:  
    Former England defender Danny Mills at WembleyDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "That must have been Dortmund's seventh decent chance in this half. Lewandowski just ran out of space, he wanted to dink it over the goalkeeper, but Neuer was too quick for him.

    "At the other end, Mueller's ball was sublime for Robben. He then got caught in two minds trying to do the Cruyff turn and the space was denied."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  120. 2022: 
    CLOSE!- Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Ooohhh! Thomas Mueller flicks on a header from a corner which floats just past Mario Mandzukic, and just past the far corner.

  121. 2021: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    My GREAT SAVE! graphic is already getting worn out.

    Dortmund with a great chance once more as Robert Lewandowski shrugs off Jerome Boateng to power into the penalty area, but again full marks to the goalkeeper as Manuel Neuer flies out to shut down the angle. Lewandowski goes for a low shot but it's well stopped.

    Arjen Robben then gets clear inside the penalty area at the other end but his cross is cleared. Someone must score soon...

  122. 2020: 

    Richard Powell: Brilliant display of technical ability and athleticism from both sides. Starting to believe the hype about German football.

    Bayern fans inside Wembley stadium
  123. 2020: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    We have finally had a breather for a few minutes. What an electric opening half an hour. The best 0-0 I've seen in ages.

  124. 2019:  
    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "The danger Dortmund have got is that they press in the central area. If they do not get it right, there is lots of space around the back-four.

    "There, they got done by Bayern's quick football. Arjen Robben should have scored."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  125. 2016: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    The first golden chance of the night and it falls for Bayern Munich!Arjen Robben is played in by a stabbed pass from midfield, he is in acres of space but goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller comes off his line at double-quick speed to close down the angle and make a big, smothering save. Superb stop.

  126. 2015: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich
    Dortmund's Jakub Blaszczykowski shows his frustration after his shot is saved

    Both sides are struggling to deal with set-pieces and Dortmund strangle a half-hearted penalty shout as Thomas Mueller almost pulled a shirt back. Not quite.

  127. 2015: 
    West Brom striker Peter OdemwingieDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "In full support of my ex team-mate Dante. Wish you to win the Champions League trophy."

    Odemwingie and Dante played together at French side Lille in the mid 00s.

  128. 2014: 
    YELLOW CARD- Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    The first booking of the night goes to Bayern defender Dante for a cynical check on Marco Reus. Reus doesn't half cover some ground. He flies across the turf.

  129. 2014: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Solid advice there from Danny Mills. What a start to this game. Goals are in the air...

  130. 2013:  
    Former England defender Danny Mills at WembleyDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "Franck Ribery definitely threw an arm out. How much contact was made, I am not sure?

    "It is a straight arm, it is not a blatant elbow. You look at the hand, he throws it with an open palm.

    "You would close your fist if you wanted to smash someone in the face."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  131. 2013: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Bayern wake from the early slumber! That man Franck Ribery beats his man to float in a lovely cross on the left wing, Mario Mandzukic - who has barely touched the ball - rises to power in a header which Roman Weidenfeller brilliantly diverts on to the crossbar. A superb save.

    Javi Martinez then wins the header from the corner but can't keep it on target.

  132. 2011: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Robert 'The Body' Lewandowski causes Franck Ribery problems as they tussle in the middle, Ribery then swings an arm and fells the Pole. Nothing is given - and that is a touch of luck for the Frenchman.

  133. 2011:  
    Former England defender Danny Mills at WembleyDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "It is very, very hard for Dortmund to keep this pace up. Bayern have the quality to punish even the slightest mistake, and they will be waiting for that."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  134. 2010: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Bayern look flustered at times, as Thomas Mueller's touch lets him down under intense pressure. It's been as good an opening 25 minutes as Jurgen Klopp could have hoped for. But they don't lead.

  135. 2009:  
    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "Dortmund smother their opponents, they are forcing Bayern to play long balls, which is not their game."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  136. 2009: 

    Lydia Ngoma: Best match in ages, 10 minutes in and the pressure is high already! Dortmund putting pressure on Bayern.

    Muh'd Mustafa Raji: Is there any plausible reason why Dortmund players never seem to tuck in their jerseys? I'm curious.

    Liam Crawford: Is this going to be like the Europa League and last year's Champions League final? One team dominates, the other wins.

  137. 2007: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich
    Ilkay Gundogan of Borussia Dortmund (left) tries to elude Bayern Munich's Franck Ribery

    Dortmund continue to harry and hassle Bayern, as Jakub Blaszczykowski forces an error from Dante to start another attack. Kevin Grosskreutz retrieves the ball out wide and finds Sven Bender, who ironically can't find enough bend on his low shot to beat that man Manuel Neuer. Another good save from the German number one.

  138. 2006:  
    Former England defender Danny Mills at Wembley

    "That should have been a comfortable save for Manuel Neuer. It was a good run from Marco Reus, and his shot on the angle was straight at the Bayern goalkeeper.

    "At the moment, Dortmund are very compact. Bayern are finding it difficult to find those pockets of space to drop the ball into."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  139. 2006: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Ah, superb stuff from Dortmund again. Kevin Grosskreutz starts another incisive attack in the centre circle before freeing Marco Reus down the left-hand channel. Reus covers the ground so fast, getting clear of Dante before hitting an early rising shot which again forces Manuel Neuer into a flying save. Twenty minutes have flown by.

  140. 2005: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Much has been made of Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben's apparently improved tracking back in recent months. Ribery will be wishing he was still a luxury player now though, as he chases down a long ball only to have Lukasz Piszczek smash the clearance into his midriff. He is winded but will be alright...

  141. 2003: 

    Ed Woodhouse: I bet Manchester City feel a bit foolish for getting rid of Jerome Boateng now.

    Tom Keating: Always thought Franck Ribery was over rated from what I've seen of him.

    Gideon Leibowitz: You almost gave me a heart attack Lewandowski!

  142. 2002: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    It's been a superb opening 15 minutes from Borussia Dortmund.

    Bayern have been kept at arm's length but they do then fashion an opening on the right, as Javi Martinez gallops forwards and fires in a low cross which keeper Roman Weidenfeller has to be alert to keep out.

  143. 2001:  
    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "Dortmund are making it very difficult for Bayern to play through them. As soon as Dortmund win it back, they are playing it straight to Robert Lewandowski, causing Bayern problems."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  144. 2000: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Dortmund keep Bayern penned in, and what a save this is!

    Marco Reus gets clear down the right, gets his head up to pick out Jakub Blaszczykowski arriving at the near post and his low shot is brilliantly saved by Manuel Neuer! Top save by the Bayern man.

  145. 2000: 

    Bryan via 81111: Dortmund are more direct without Gotze. Time for the Bumblebees to sting, ouch.

  146. 1959: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Robert Lewandowski rolls Jerome Boateng on the sidelines and gets away but his touch lets him down.

    Seconds later though he takes aim from 25 yards, whipping in a lovely effort which forces Manuel Neuer into action, and he tips it over the top.

  147. 1957:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "Borussia Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp likes what he is seeing from his team so far. Lots of applause and encouragement from the technical area for their early enterprise."

  148. 1957: 

    Brent in East London via 81111: Dortmund even have cool supporters buses. Few of them went past me today, bright yellow with the BVB crest on them. Hope they win, seems a well run local club.

  149. 1956: 
    CLOSE!- Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Dortmund instantly attack down the other end as Jakub Blaszczykowski gets a yard of space on the right. He thinks about the early cross toward fellow Pole Robert Lewnadowski but instead goes for a shot, hitting it hard, high and not too handsome. This pace cannot continue. Surely?

  150. 1956: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Arjen Robben closes down Dortmund keeper Roman Weidenfeller - and very nearly gets there as well! Bayern growing in stature now as Thomas Mueller and Robben get on the ball earlier.

    Robben is allowed on to that left foot - WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN TOLD? - but the move breaks down as Franck Ribery's flick is read.

  151. 1953: 

    Ethu Corrie: Schmelzer is the weakest link in this Dortmund team. Will need help.

  152. 1953: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    ...Marcel Schmelzer whips in the corner but it's a great take from Manuel Neuer. Instant counter through Arjen Robben which breaks down. This tempo is absurd.

  153. 1952: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Bastian Schweinsteiger tests out that ankle knock with an early challenge on Jakub Blaszczykowski. It's a free-kick, which Jerome Boateng rather nervously heads behind for a corner...

  154. 1951:  
    Former England defender Danny Mills at WembleyDortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    "I think the game will take 10 minutes or so to settle down. There will be a lot of anxiety coursing through the players right now."

    Listen to commentary of the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  155. 1951: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Bayern Munich have not settled yet - they've not been allowed to. Dortmund are pressing them hard, with Sven Bender a monster in the midfield so far.

  156. 1949: 

    Rachel T: If the football matches the luxuriant quality of the opposing managers' hair dos, then we are in for a veritable feast.

  157. 1949: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Dortmund's midfield lose out as Bayern look to counter. But Franck Ribery is then closed down by Lukasz Piszczek and he starts another Dortmund attack. Robert Lewandowski has his first touch inside the area but his shot is well blocked. Breathless opening few minutes, Jurgen Klopp already out in his technical area.

  158. 1947: 
    Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Thomas Mueller has an early investigation of some space in the Dortmund area but Neven Subotic shuts him out. It's very, very loud inside Wembley.

  159. 1947: 

    Arthur Moore: Champions League final night is like being a kid in a sweet shop.

    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at Wembley

    "Never thought the great Paul Breitner would end up as Bayern Munich's man in ridiculously overblown Champions League Final opening ceremony."

    Former Bayern player Paul Breitner
  161. 1946: 
    KICK-OFF- Dortmund 0-0 Bayern Munich

    Bayern Munich get us under way.

  162. 1945: 

    Here we go then...

  163. 1944:  
    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    "Bayern are the favourites as they have learnt from Dortmund. Bayern can keep possession and play short passes like Barcelona, which is something Dortmund cannot do as well.

    "Bayern can now also charge around the pitch, win back possession and press like Dortmund.

    "Jupp Heynckes has progressed the work of predecessor Louis van Gaal, who instilled Dutch technique into the team. Under Van Gaal, however, Bayern sat back and let you have the ball.

    "Now they press you and try to win the ball back in transitions as quickly as possible."

    Listen to the build-up to the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  164. 1942: 
    Dortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    It's the Champions League anthem then. Familiar, evocative, pivotal.

    Bastian Schweinsteiger takes his place at the end of the Bayern line-up for the third time in four years. Will he be a winner this time?

  165. 1941: 

    Paul Breitner and Lars Ricken - dressed in full armour - carry the trophy out on to the pitch! Bizarre.

  166. 1940: 
    Dortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    Franck Ribery looks a bit tense to me as both sides line up in the tunnel. Cracking tracksuit tops from Bayern.

    Jurgen Klopp and Jupp Heynckes share a hearty embrace. Almost kick-off o'clock.

  167. 1938: 

    It's opening ceremony time - as usual I haven't the foggiest what is going on. There are over 500 extras involved though in some sort of medieval knight battle .

    Danny Boyle's job is safe.

  168. 1937: 

    Mohit Pasricha: Klopp's philosophy on football is both inspiring, as well as refreshingly charismatic.

    Josh Land: German fans, German playing style, German youth system and German league makes Premier League look poor.

    Bhanu Prasad: Ready for Klopp's Kids Vs Bad Luck Bayern.

  169. 1935: 

    The consensus out there seems to be that Dortmund cannot afford to sit back in this one. Get out at Bayern early on and attack from the off.

    Don't forget that Bayern dismantled Barcelona home and away in the semi-final though.

  170. 1934:  
    Former England midfielder Phil Neville

    "Excited about watching this game, the biggest game in club football. Hope they entertain!!!"

  171. 1933:  
    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    "You talk about the Kop at Liverpool, but it has nothing on the Sudtribune stand at Borussia Dortmund.

    "Dortmund are workmanlike, and that is what the fans want to see. Dortmund can do this."

    Listen to the build-up to the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  172. 1933: 

    This is your 15-minute warning. Just under 15 minutes until kick-off. Get your kettle on, get the beers out and settle in for what will hopefully be a classic.

  173. 1932:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at Wembley

    "Nuri Sahin on the bench for Borussia Dortmund - not a bad end to his season after that unhappy spell at Liverpool."

  174. 1931:  
    German football expert Raphael Honigstein at Wembley

    "What is interesting is that players who leave Dortmund do not tend to look as good elsewhere. That is because Dortmund are such a good functioning team under Jurgen Klopp."

    Listen to the build-up to the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  175. 1928: 

    Mario Gotze, in a dodgy backwards baseball cap and bomber jacket, is stood with the Bayern camp on the sidelines as Jurgen Klopp wonders over for a hug and a chat.

    Great line from Klopp in the pre-match press conference.

    "If we win at Wembley we will not be the best team in the world," he said. "But we will have beaten the best team in the world."

  176. 1927: 

    Shaun in Harrogate via 81111: All about the first goal tonight, if Dortmund get it they have a chance, if Bayern get it... Game over.

  177. 1926: 

    Phil McNulty tells us that Bastian Schweinsteiger is now up and running gingerly after that injury scare in the warm-up. If I was a cynical man I would suggest that the Dortmund midfield will be targeting that ankle early doors...

  178. 1923: 

    Darren Hollett: Defence will be the deciding factor. Bayern have better attacking options, but Dortmund have the superior defence. Intriguing.

    Jordan Poulos: All this praise for German football, yet Bayern's tactic of winning trophies is to buy the best player off their closest rival.

    Ranjeesh: This is not an invincible Bayern side. Their defending from set pieces is bad and their centre backs aren't as good either.

    Bayern Munich fans at Wembley
  179. 1922: 
    Dortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    Now then! Bastian Schweinsteiger is down getting some treatment after a tackle on Mario Mandzukic in the warm-up. This could be a major blow for Bayern Munich.

  180. 1917:  
    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    "I read that as soon as Bayern lost last year's final to Chelsea, Jupp Heynckes cancelled his summer holiday and was straight back to work.

    "That work ethic comes from on top. It reminds me of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United."

    Listen to the build-up to the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  181. 1916: 
    Dortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)
    Bayern fans watching their team in Munich

    BBC Sport World Service's Steve Crossman in an overcast Munich: "Not every Bayern Munich fan is in London. Bayern fans have gathered on the banks of the lake in the Olympic Park and are watching the match on a big screen, sitting in deck chairs."

  182. 1914: 

    Michael Ballack says that Bayern winger Franck Ribery 'can decide this game on his own.' I'm not sure about that but the Frenchman is a brilliant player and will test this Dortmund defence to the limit.

    It's hard to pick a match-winner for Bayern to be honest. Is there a weakness in their XI?

  183. 1914: 

    Sophie Gayter: You have to feel it's now or never for Dortmund. Can't imagine the core of this team will still be around in a few years time.

  184. 1912:  
    German football expert Raphael Honigstein at WembleyDortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    "The rivalry between these sides over the last four years is so large. Mario Gotze was seen as someone Dortmund could build around for years to come, they did not expect him to leave for Bayern.

    "They thought a few of the foreigners could be susceptible to a move. The fact Gotze has moved to Bayern has broken their hearts."

    Listen to the build-up to the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  185. 1909: 
    Borussia Dortmund fans at Wembley

    Both sets of players are out warming up in front of their own fans. The fluorescent yellow and black strips of Dortmund's fans appear to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. It's borderline deafening already.

  186. 1905: 

    I was in Manchester with the Dortmund fans when they played City at the start of the season. I can confirm that they make a lot - a lot - of noise. Wembley will go off tonight.

  187. 1904:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyDortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    "Battle is finally joined here as Bayern Munich's fans finally respond to the constant chanting - and bouncing - of Borussia Dortmund's fans. A magnificent, colourful atmosphere in store at Wembley."

  188. 1904: 

    Peter B: Re 1851 - Interesting from McClaren on running. Have always suspected Premier League players' fitness is poor by professional sport standards.

  189. 1903: 

    Kick off is 45 minutes away. Half of Wembley is a yellow and black wall, half a red and white swarm. Despite the terrible weather which has afflicted England for most of the last six months it looks a cracking night at Wembley.

    Barbeque weather.

  190. 1900: 

    Fahim Uddin: Heart wants Dortmund, brain says Bayern - but come on Klopp et al and prove my grey matter wrong!

    Abhinav Reddy: TeamJupp... Bayern deserve to win this final. Not just for the way they have played this year, but for the last three-four years.

    Jack Green: 1.45am here in Perth, Australia. An Englishman watching with two Americans and a German, expecting all kind of references.

  191. 1858:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Wembley

    "Calm has descended over Wembley for a few moments. Both sets of supporters perhaps sensing the tension of this Champions League Final - or perhaps fearing what surreal pre-match ceremony Uefa will lay before them."

  192. 1857: 
    LINE-UPS- Dortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller, Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer, Bender, Gundogan, Blaszczykowski, Reus, Grosskreutz, Lewandowski. Subs: Langerak, Kehl, Leitner, Sahin, Kirch, Schieber, Felipe Santana.

    Bayern Munich: Neuer, Lahm, Boateng, Dante, Alaba, Javi Martinez, Schweinsteiger, Robben, Muller, Ribery, Mandzukic. Subs: Starke, Van Buyten, Shaqiri, Pizarro, Gustavo, Gomez, Tymoschuk.

    Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (Italy)

  193. 1856:  
    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    "I have been saying it for a few years since I came back from Germany, we have to change. German players were always fit and organised, now over 10 years they have developed game intelligence and technical ability.

    "To get a German coaching licence is very difficult, over here it is easy. In Germany, it is a three or four-year process."

    Listen to the build-up to the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  194. 1855: 

    Please, no penalties tonight!

    There are 12 Germans in the starting line-ups - we may be here all night.

  195. 1855: 

    Vishal: More pressure is on Bayern, but from a neutral this will be a great game. 2-2 and penalties!

  196. 1851:  
    Former England and Wolfsburg manager Steve McClarenDortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    "Anything can happen - that is what Bayern will be afraid of today.

    "What we expect is a Bundesliga game - this a game where everyone is lauding the German game and what you will see is a snapshot of German football. It is about organisation, discipline, doing your job for 95 minutes and it is about workrate - this is what they do incredibly well.

    "This final is between the two fittest teams in the competition and Dortmund are probably the fittest, they believe in running. The final will be duels, one against one, but also lots trying to run over each other."

    Listen to the build-up to the Champions League final on BBC Radio 5 live now.

  197. 1851: 
    Dortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    So as expected both sides make just one change from their semi-final second leg wins.

    Borussia Dortmund replace injured playmaker Mario Gotze with winger Kevin Grosskreutz, who will play on the left, with Marco Reus moving inside to take Gotze's role behind the prolific lone striker Robert Lewandowski. The text commentator's friend Jakub Blaszczykowski is in.

    Bayern Munich have Dante back in defence after suspension, with former Manchester City man Jerome Boateng playing alongside him.

  198. 1846: 

    Statisticians Opta: 3 - Borussia Dortmund have kept just three clean sheets in their last 12 European matches. Hole.

  199. 1845: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Dortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    The Dortmund team is in then, and it's as we expected. The one change from the second leg of the semi-final win against Real Madrid sees the injured Mario Gotze replaced by Kevin Grosskreutz.

  200. 1844: 

    Will Christophers: Team Klopp! Dortmund play great football, and will hopefully show Gotze he's made the wrong move! Love the kit too!!!

    Michael Bennett: El Clasico is dead. Long live Der Klassiker!

    Aidan Williams: Could be awkward for Bayern if they win tonight. A man who's won, or going to win, the treble getting replaced. Embarrassing.

  201. 1843: 

    Ollie, Buckinghamshire on text: "Has the Malaga Dortmund quarter-final drama been mentioned yet? 3 minutes left, 2 goals needed to progress... and now tonight Dortmund stand on the brink of CL glory."

    What a game Ollie. An incredible finale, plenty of controversy about a few of the goals, and then the greatest post-match interview of all time from Jurgen Klopp.

    "Ha ha ha! What?..."

  202. 1842: 

    Spurs fans - can you keep hold of Gareth Bale this summer?

  203. 1838: 

    Tottenham assistant coach Steffen Freund was live on Sportsworld on BBC World Service in the last hour, and he says the club are hopeful of keeping Gareth Bale at the club for at least another year having just returned from their post season tour of the Bahamas.

    "Yes we came back from the Bahamas a few hours ago and he played the last thirty minutes against Jamaica and he's really positive," Freund says.

    "He's enjoying playing for Spurs, he's enjoying being with his teammates and hopefully he understands it would be great for him to play another year, or maybe all three years of on his contract, for Spurs to grow and maybe we can go all the way to the Champions League next season, maybe we can win some silverware.

    "We are really close to the top four and that's why maybe with him as a leader in the future that would be great."

  204. 1834: 

    Boris Becker at Wembley. All we need is Jurgen Klinsmann for a clean sweep of the nation's 'favourite Germans'.

  205. 1831: 

    This is the seventh European Cup final to be held at Wembley. We are still waiting on the Dortmund team but we should have it very soon.

  206. 1829: 

    Mark Press: I neither love nor hate Jurgen Klopp, but he looks like a big wasp.

  207. 1827: 

    He's saved the world from an alien invasion. He's portrayed Muhammad Ali. He's been the last human alive in a dystopian future.

    But can Will Smith take a penalty? Find out in the clip at the top of this page and elsewhere on the BBC Sport website.

  208. 1825: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Dortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    Bayern Munich are at full strength, with just one change from the second leg of their semi-final win over Barcelona. Dante is back in defence in place of Daniel van Buyten.

  209. 1823: 

    Pep v Jose again? Get your red cards at the ready...

  210. 1823: 

    Quabena Kwarteng: Potential Pep Guardiola vs Jose Mourinho clash in the Super Cup if Bayern wins tonight. Rivalry reunited.

  211. 1820: 
    Roy Hodgson & Sir Alex Ferguson

    After a long, long career, I wonder how Sir Alex Ferguson is relaxing on a first non-football Bank Holiday in half a century or so?

    Oh wait, he's at the game. Silly me. Football comes first, even in retirement.

  212. 1816: 
    Thomas Mueller finds space

    Bayern forward Thomas Mueller can join an exclusive club of players to score in two Champions League finals if he nets tonight

    Mueller headed Bayern ahead in last year's defeat to Chelsea and will join Lionel Messi, Raul and Samuel Eto'o on the list of double scorers with another tonight.

    It's been another fine season for the man dubbed the 'Raumdeuter.' As with all the finest German phrases, the exact translation to English is lost a bit but it basically means 'the space investigator.' He is always in space. Even at the karaoke he can find a yard.

    What a nickname...

  213. 1814: 

    ASAP Nev: Team Klopp - Big pitch, fast tempo attacking football. Wembley was made with this Dortmund team in mind! Reus to win it, 2-1!

  214. 1814:  
    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at Wembley

    "Jurgen Klopp steps off the Borussia Dortmund team coach & walks into Wembley wearing that familiar beaming smile. Looks so relaxed."

  215. 1814: 

    I asked you lot earlier if there is anyone out there who dislikes Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp.

    Even Bayern hero Franz Beckenbauer is a fan. He tells Sky Sports: "He is fantastic! I like him very very much. He is a fanatic, you can see his face when something happens on the pitch.

    "He is the future of coaching, not just in Germany but in the world."

  216. 1812: 

    Mark in Dorset via 81111: TeamKlopp. Dortmund are incredibly dangerous underdogs. If they can score first, Bayern will be rattled.

  217. 1812: 
    WHAT THE LEGENDS SAY- Dortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)
    Zinedine Zidane

    Our very own Saj Chowdhury caught up with Real Madrid legend Zinedine Zidane and former Bayern Munich midfielder Michael Ballack in London this week and asked for their predictions for tonight's Champions League final.

    "If I have to make a bet then I reckon Bayern are the favourites. They are strong mentally while it's the first time in a while for Dortmund. I reckon 3-0," said Ballack.

    "I do think the same as Michael. Bayern are favourites. Dortmund is very new in recent years but doesn't mean they're not good. I reckon there will be a one-goal difference in favour of Bayern," added Zidane.

    Zidane also said he has been unable to reproduce his wonder-strike which handed Real Madrid victory over Bayer Leverkusen in the 2002 final.

    "This is a kind of goal difficult to repeat. I tried to reproduce the goal since, for advertising etc, but to no avail," Zidane said.

  218. 1806: 
    Lars Ricken

    Dortmund have won the trophy once before - with Lars Ricken's sublime chip 16 seconds after coming off the bench securing a 3-1 win over Juventus.

    The nearest they had come to another final before this year was a run to semi-final in 1998 - when they lost to a Real Madrid side managed by now Bayern boss Jupp Heynckes...

  219. 1800:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Wembley

    "Borussia Dortmund's fans cheering wildly as Wembley's big screens show Bayern Munich's Champions League Final defeats against Manchester United, Inter Milan and Chelsea - not so well received at the other end of the stadium."

  220. 1759: 

    We hope to have team news with you before 1830 BST - Uefa are very sharp at this sort of thing.

    But Marcel Schmelzer is likely to play at left-back for Borussia Dortmund today - and he is likely to come up against the only man on either side to have played a competitive game at the 'new' Wembley.

    Former Chelsea man Arjen Robben is in the form of his life, and scored in both legs of the semi-final win against Barcelona.

    If there's one message Schmelzer will have had drummed into his head over the last week or so it's this: DO NOT LET ROBBEN COME INSIDE ON TO HIS LEFT FOOT!

    It's the most predictable - and one of the most deadly - moves in football...

  221. 1756: 
    Former Borussia Dortmund midfielder Steffen Freund on BBC World Service

    "Nothing is bigger than having two German sides in the final. Bayern Munich are definitely the favourites, that is nothing new.

    "If Borussia Dortmund win today, it will be a massive surprise. My heart tells me it was the same against Juventus in 1997, when we beat them 3-1.

    "Marco Reus and Robert Lewandowski can make the difference for Borussia."

  222. 1755: 

    German paper Die Welt calls today a "magical day for German football" which it says has suffered a dip since the 1990s. "In the 80s the foundation stone of the German football myth was laid which states that a carrier of the jersey with the eagles crest never gives up, and wins in the end - is that not right, Mr Lineker?" it says.

    The paper describes tonight's finalists as "two teams that are so different and yet mutually dependent" - both spurring the other onto new heights in a decades-long rivalry which has intensified considerably in the last few years.

    Der Spiegel takes issue with German Chancellor Angela Merkel's assertion that she will watch tonight's game as a neutral, having previously stated a fondness for both teams. "Anyone who supports both Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund must be capable of cheering while mourning and hating while loving -- schizophrenic, in short. Or, perhaps the world champion of indecisiveness," it says.

    The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung carries a lengthy tribute to Jurgen Klopp, who joined Borussia Dortmund in 2008 with the team having just slumped to 13th place in the league and playing a brand of football which "drove the crowd out of the stadium, rather than to it". Today, the club inspires a fanatical following from residents of Dortmund - a city which turns "black and yellow" on home match days. All the while, the coach has been able to cultivate an image for Dortmund "not as a club of money, but of ordinary people", the paper says.

  223. 1751: 

    Matthew Ryan: TeamFootball - As long as tonight's match is exciting, I'm happy!

  224. 1750: 
    Mario Gotze

    I was expecting to spend a large chunk of the build-up tonight talking about Mario Gotze, the Dortmund wunderkind who has penned a deal to join Bayern in the summer for a hefty fee of £31m.

    Playing against your future employers in a massive final would certainly have been unsettling for Gotze - but as luck would have it he pinged his hamstring a few weeks ago and he has been ruled out.

    He'll be a big loss for Dortmund tonight. And the prospect of Bayern adding him and maybe Robert Lewandowski as well to their already superb squad is frankly ridiculous...

  225. 1745: 

    Today is also - nearly - the final game of Jupp Heynckes' managerial career with Bayern Munich. He hasn't 100% confirmed that he is retiring from coaching altogether, but that is what we expect.

    The 68-year-old is being replaced by former Barcelona genius Pep Guardiola in the summer and bows out after winning three Bundesliga crowns and the 1998 Champions League - with Real Madrid.

    He has of course got the German Cup final to come at the weekend. I forgot that one...

  226. 1742: 

    YoungBoy: TeamKlopp - Lewandowski to be the difference today.

    Jonathan Gallagher: TeamJupp - Lived in Munich for a year, love the city, the people, the ground, the team, the beer! Let's go Bayern!!

    Callum Sharman: TeamKlopp- underdogs, fantastic club who have overachieved in relation to their expenditure. Klopp. Great fans too.

  227. 1742: 

    Thomas Mueller and Robert Lewandowski have been banging in the goals for their respective sides in Europe this season. Polish forward Lewandowski has got 10 in 12 games for Dortmund, while Mueller has helped himself to eight for Bayern.

  228. 1739: 

    Bayern start as favourites tonight - but they also start under pressure.

    Former Bayern midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger says the Bavarians "need" to win the Champions League after losing two of the last three finals.

    Everton's Hitzlsperger, 31, spent 11 years in Bayern's youth ranks and knows the importance of tonight.

    "It is massive. It is a huge game for them," he told BBC World Service.

    "They are due a title, they need to win. Dortmund are going there with less pressure."

  229. 1737: 
    BREAKING NEWS- New contract for Aguero

    Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero is one man who has been linked with a move this summer. He won't be the last, but he has now quietened that chat by signing a one-year extension to his contract, which now runs until 2017.

  230. 1736: 

    Dortmund could have sold half a million tickets for this game. Wow! Just wow.

  231. 1736:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at WembleyDortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    "One end of Wembley is already a splash of yellow as Borussia Dortmund supporters move in early to make their presence felt. Word is that the club received 500,000 applications for 24,000 tickets for this Champions League Final. Bayern Munich fans are not as prominent yet - how desperate will they be to make up for last year's final loss to Chelsea in their own Allianz Arena?"

  232. 1733: 

    Wembley Calling: TeamKlopp. Dortmund are true fighters and they won't leave this tournament without the trophy. 2-1 for BVB.

    Chris Calver: TeamPenalties. Finals contested between two teams from the same country are always tight. It'll be no different here.

    Harveer Bhogal: TeamJupp. Bayern to comfortably win 2-0!

  233. 1731: 
    Robert Lewandowski

    Robert Lewandowski put in one of the centre-forward performances in Dortmund's 4-1 win over Real Madrid last month. He has got the lot - he's big, strong, good in the air, quick, has a great first touch, powerful shot - you name it.

    He's been christened 'the body' by team-mate and ex-Liverpool midfielder Nuri Sahin. I prefer Elle Macpherson's claim to that one to be honest, but would she have bagged four in a Champions League semi?

    The big talking point for Lewandowski is not his nickname of course, it's his future. The Pole is out of contract at the end of next season and has refused to sign a new one. So far.

    It looks like he's off. But will he be at Bayern next? Manchester United and Chelsea are just two of the sides also linked with him.

  234. 1729:  
    MOTD presenter Gary Lineker

    "Lots of Germans in London asking for my prediction. To those in yellow I say Dortmund, and those in red, Munich. What's German for fence?"

  235. 1726: 
    Jurgen Klopp

    Does anybody out there dislike Jurgen Klopp? If you do, tweet in with your reasons...

  236. 1725: 

    Adnan Riaz: TeamKlopp - Dortmund to win! Key players will be: Reus, Lewandowski, Mueller and Robben. Hopefully it will be a goal fest, 3-2 Dortmund!

    Tom Lewsley: TeamJupp - I expect and want Bayern to win because of their supreme dominance this year, the key players will be Lahm and Mueller.

  237. 1720: 

    Bayern may start as favourites this evening but they have lost two finals in the last four years.

    In 2010, Bayern were beaten 2-0 by Jose Mourinho's Inter Milan side; while last year Chelsea famously wrecked their final on home soil in Munich.

    Will Munich fare better this time as they look for a fifth European Cup trophy?

  238. 1718: 

    Didi Hamann has obviously forgotten just how good Barcelona were at Wembley two years ago...

  239. 1715:  
    Former Bayern Munich midfielder Dietmar Hamann on BBC Radio WalesDortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    "I'll be there and I am looking forward to a good game. I think they've been by far the best two teams in the competition this season and probably the best two teams we've seen in the Champions League final for the last 10 years.

    "They are two outstanding teams and should make for an entertaining game. I'm just looking forward to a good game of football because you don't often see two teams as good as they are in a big game like this, at Wembley as well, so the stage is set and I'm looking forward to it."

  240. 1715: 

    Wembley is set for a cracker then. Two German giants going toe-to-toe, with plenty of attacking football on display.

    Who do you expect to win? Who do you want to win? Who are the key players? I want to know your thoughts.

    Text us on 81111 (UK Only), or tweet us using the hashtag #bbcfootball.

    Start your message with 'TeamKlopp' if you demand Dortmund domination; and 'TeamJupp' if you're baying for Bayern.

  241. 1709: 
    Jurgen Klopp & Jupp Heynckes

    You can have nothing but admiration for the way Bayern Munich have gone about their business this season. This is their third Champions League final in four years and nobody can say that they don't deserve to be here.

    But the neutrals' vote is likely to be swinging heavily towards Borussia Dortmund tonight. Jurgen Klopp has certainly won me over with his brilliant post-match interviews, manic laugh and spectacular spectacles.

  242. 1705: 
    ALL-GERMAN AFFAIR- Dortmund v Bayern Munich (1945 BST)

    Tonight is the first all-German final in the Champions League. Both sides have shown their pedigree throughout the tournament, with Dortmund seeing off Manchester City, Ajax, Malaga, Shakhtar and Real Madrid on their way to Wembley.

    They thrashed Real 4-1 in the first leg of the semi-final but still enter the final as underdogs, such has been Bayern's dominance this year.

    Jupp Heynckes's side have been on fire. They have waltzed to the Bundesliga title, losing just once and ending with a goal difference of +80, and trounced Barcelona 7-0 on aggregate in the semi-final.


  243. 1700: 
    Jurgen Klopp

    "People have climbed Mount Everest and had to turn around 10m from the top, but at least they've tried. And we've tried too."

    So said Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp yesterday evening. His side face a formidable feat tonight in conquering Bayern Munich in the Champions League final at Wembley.

    It's not an Everest-sized task. But it's certainly Snowdon. Maybe Ben Nevis.

    Can Klopp and Dortmund scale the heights?

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