FA Cup third round - as it happened

Live text and radio commentary as Manchester United are stunned by Swansea in the third round of the FA Cup.

5 January 2014 Last updated at 10:52 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1916: 

    Controversy, drama, late goals, robust challenges and rubbish weather - I make that a full house on your FA Cup third-round weekend bingo card.

    The 11-time winners are gone, but they are still all sorts of chancers and big-timers knocking around in the hunt of the oldest silverware in football. See you next time.

    Manchester United players trudge off the pitch
  2. 1909: 
    Man United 1-2 Swansea

    For all the talk of his slow start as Manchester United boss, it took Sir Alex Ferguson 44 games at Old Trafford to rack up five home defeats. David Moyes has done the same in just 16.

    With this form he is making Twitter-fodder statistics very easy.

  3. 1902: 
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    Daniel Stack: Is Laudrup another Benitez? Far better in the cups than the league?

    Hisham Alkooheji: Moyes's massive change in the whole management team caused players to be uncertain but in time they'll understand the new manager.

    Jerry Elumeze: Losing in the league and FA Cup is not what hurts. Those happened under Fergie too. It's the manner of the losses that hurts.

  4. 1902: 
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    Prince Austin Deko: United have the wrong man in charge. Sack him now before it's too late.

    Sean A Williamson: Say what you like about Fergie, but he knew when to get out on time. He knew United were weak. If Fergie really believed that this United team could win more trophies there's no chance he'd have packed in.

    Kevin Fraser: This reminds me of Hodgson at Liverpool....

  5. 1902: 
    Man United 1-2 Swansea

    Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie contributed 38 Premier League goals last season. Any team is going to miss them. The trouble for United is that neither player's fitness can be relied upon. Rooney seems unable to fully shake off his groin complaint, while Robin van Persie, now 30, has been missing for a month.

  6. 1854: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Man United 1-2 Swansea

    Manchester United manager David Moyes: "We were a bit unlucky to lose. We had some opportunities, not enough, and we were down to 10 men.

    "We played quite well at times, got near the edge of the box quite regular, but didn't make an opportunity to score the goal. I though for long periods we had good control of the game.

    "When you lose games at any club, it's difficult. We've got a big game on Tuesday [in the League Cup semi-final against Sunderland] and we'll get the team ready for that."

    David Moyes
  7. 1854: 

    David Moyes has just faced up to the television cameras. Here are his words...

  8. 1852: 
    Man United 1-2 Swansea
    Swansea celebrate

    Swansea's win was their first ever at Old Trafford after two draws and eight defeats in their previous 10 visits.

    As someone nearby pointed out, David Moyes' United keeps making history at Old Trafford. The only thing is that is for the opposing teams.

  9. 1850:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveMan United 1-2 Swansea

    A lot of criticism of David Moyes on 6-0-6 on 5 live. Perhaps worth remembering what Sir Alex Ferguson said to the Old Trafford faithful in his farewell speech in May of last year.

    "I'd also like to remind you that when we had bad times here, the club stood by me, all my staff stood by me, the players stood by me. Your job now is to stand by our new manager. That is important."

    Sir Alex Ferguson
  10. 1848: 
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    Paul in Manchester: Fans blaming Moyes are so misguided it's untrue. Ferguson left him with a team in need of a complete overhaul and with owners unwilling to spend.

    B in Wales: End of an era. Wake up all United fans. This is the same team that won the league last year. The fear factor has gone now for all teams coming to Old Trafford. The league is a pipe dream now and they have absolutely no chance of Champions League success with this squad. Mind you, you still have the glory of the League Cup to go for...

    Andy from Cleveleys: It's the negative style of play that worries Man Utd fans. It's like watching Moyes's Everton team that won nothing.

  11. 1847: 
    Man United 1-2 Swansea
    Manchester United 1-2 Swansea

    There was nothing streaky about Swansea's win either. Perhaps most worrying was that after an even first half, Michael Laudrup's side emerged stronger after the break. The Dane's substitutions, in particular the introduction of Jose Canas, worked far better than David Moyes's as well.

  12. 1843:  
    Ian Wright, on the 6-0-6 phone-in on BBC Radio 5 live

    "They have selected David Moyes and given him a six-year deal. I cannot see the United hierarchy panicking and making a change halfway through his first season. I just can't see it."

    Listen to the nation's favourite football phone-in on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  13. 1843: 

    Spare a thought for Birmingham, Bristol Rovers and Crawley. Those three were drawn at home against the winner of this teatime clash in the fourth round.

    With due respect to Swansea, they will have spent a couple of hours dreaming of entertaining the biggest guns in the domestic game.

  14. 1837: 
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    Alan Kirkpatrick: Well done Swansea City.

    Rob Cantarero: I know new managers should be given time, but this run of form at Old Trafford is unacceptable. And Moyes even says no January signings!

    Iain Moss: Well done Swansea, but an absolutely disgraceful performance yet again from United - no cutting edge, no creativity without Rooney and no defence.

  15. 1837: 
    Man United 1-2 Swansea

    That is only the second time in their last 29 FA Cup third-round ties that Manchester United have lost. Leeds, with Jermaine Beckford scoring the winner, in 2010 was the other occasion.

    PLAYER REACTION- Man United 1-2 Swansea

    Swansea goalscorer Wilfried Bony: "It's good because we won. We were coming here to not lose and this is perfect for us.

    "I think the key to the game was the red card because we had to do our best to get one more chance. For us, it's very important to take it step by step. We'll focus on Manchester United [in the league] on Saturday."

  17. 1833: 
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    Aaron from London: "Four defeats in his last six home games for Moyes in all competitions. Not good enough. Top four will be a huge ask for Manchester United."

    Tony: "Is it to early to talk of Moyes needing to get to Wembley to save his job?"

    Alex in Colchester: "Davie Moyes, what are you doing to our wonderful football club!? Time to pack your bags..."

  18. 1831:  
    Ian Wright, on the 6-0-6 phone-in on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Manchester United going out against Swansea at home is not going to be an easy one to swallow if you're a fan, but it's happened. And they've got other things to look forward to this season."

    Listen to the nation's favourite football phone-in on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  19. 1829: 
    Man United 1-2 Swansea
    David Moyes

    This transfer window is a huge one for David Moyes and Manchester United. They need some clinical, under-the-radar raids rather than the pantomime pursuits that wasted last summer.

  20. 1828: 
    Man United 1-2 Swansea

    That is four defeats in United's last six home games. Swansea are the next visitors to Old Trafford as well as they return for a league game on 11 January. As they showed today, they have the passing ability to frustrate Manchester United and the defensive ability to keep them at bay.

    Jimmy Armfield, at Old Trafford for 5 live Sport

    "For Manchester United to go out of any competition is big, no question. Swansea frustrated United but United did not, frankly, do themselves justice. From equalising I thought they would go on but they didn't. The dismissal of Fabio added insult to injury.

    "This is a big defeat for United, in my opinion. Sir Alex Ferguson used to say that whatever the competition, Manchester United looked to win it. That is how the fans think. United are expected to do well in the cups. I do believe when they get Rooney and Van Persie back they will get on a charge. Usually it coincides with a cup run, and now the League Cup semi-final on Tuesday becomes very important indeed."

    Listen to reaction to Man Utd 1-2 Swansea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  22. 1824: 
    Man United 1-2 Swansea

    Some of the home fans that remain seem to have stayed just to get some jeers in. David Moyes heads down the tunnel sharpish as the cameras pan to Sir Alex Ferguson in the stands.

  23. 1822: 
    FULL-TIME- Man United 1-2 Swansea
  24. 1822: 
    Man United 1-2 Swansea

    Swansea still hogging possession.

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    Charles Kahanji: Crisis.

    David Barton: A winning goal at Old Trafford in Fergie time. Love it.

    Jerome: Poor Moyes. Looking increasingly grim.

  26. 1822: 
    Man United 1-2 Swansea

    The home fans don't believe. Plenty are heading for the exits.

  27. 1821: 
    Man United 1-2 Swansea

    David Moyes is stalking on the touchline. But it is Swansea who come closest to finding the net. Wilfried Bony slams a shot into the stanchion before Alvaro Vazquez curls over.

    Jimmy Armfield, at Old Trafford for 5 live Sport

    "It was Wayne Routledge who made the goal. You could see Swansea's body-language - they felt they could win this game. And give Michael Laudrup credit too, for taking a defensive midfielder off and putting on a forward. Wilfried Bony powered in his header, and Anders Lindegaard had no chance of saving it."

    Listen to Man Utd v Swansea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  29. 1817: 
    GOAL- Man United 1-2 Swansea - Wilfried Bony (90 mins)

    Manchester United fans looked stunned in the stands, but it had been coming. Wayne Routledge does Darren Fletcher for pace down the left again, stands up a fine cross and Wilfried Bony buries the header. Is there still time for a response? Four minutes of added time.

  30. 1817: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Adnan Januzaj threads a ball past Neil Taylor and it looked dangerous for a moment before it was hoofed clear by Swansea. Januzaj has looked bright since his introduction.

    Jimmy Armfield, at Old Trafford for 5 live Sport

    "Swansea think they might get something out of this. United have cleared the ball long three times in a row, back into Swansea possession. And only Hernandez is up top for the hosts."

    Listen to Man Utd v Swansea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

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    Grhyser: Thanks for coming, Fabio...

    Richard: You put Fabio in. Fabio out. In, out, in, out, make a stupid tackle.

    Ricky Lee Everett: Disgraceful decision - Canas put in a hammy of a performance there. Utter disgrace.

  33. 1815: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Michael Laudrup adds a little more punch up front. Alvaro Vazquez on for Jonathan de Guzman.

  34. 1813: 
    FIVE TO GO- Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Wayne Routledge roasts Jonny Evans for pace and his inviting cross is just a little behind Jonathan de Guzman at the far post. The Dutchman cannot bring it under control. Five to go.

  35. 1811: 
    YELLOW CARD- Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Dwight Tiendalli goes into the book for a bit of back chat. Eight minutes to go.

    Jimmy Armfield, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan United 1-1 Swansea

    "Fabio lunged in there, and you can't do that. But to me it was only a yellow card offence. He's only just come on the field and that is a blow for United, who will have to readjust their play."

    Listen to Man Utd v Swansea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  37. 1808: 
    RED CARD- Manchester United's Fabio

    It is just a five-minute cameo for Fabio which ends in an eyesore of a tackle on Jose Canas. The Swansea man is lucky to get away with out a serious injury as Fabio flings himself into a tackle and catches him on the shin. The ball was long gone.

    Fabio red
  38. 1808: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Manchester United were nearly caught out there. Wilfried Bony was in had it not been for a last-ditch stretching tackle by Alex Buttner.

  39. 1807: 
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    Dave: United fans think they've got it bad? Try being a Villa fan and watching your team get out fought, out passed and generally bullied by a League One side!

    James from Manchester: Most of the time Scholes, Xavi, Iniesta played sideways and back. When they do it, it is called 'keeping things ticking over and keeping possession'. Look at the managers who have selected Cleverley.

    Marlo from London: Speaking of anonymous players; how about Kagawa. He looks a better player when not on the pitch. Like politicians when not in government are made to look good by comparison.

  40. 1806: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    The Manchester United medical staff are earning their keep. Alex Buttner needs a bit of TLC after his arm was caught under the studs of Dwight Tiendalli. Nothing malicious about it and Buttner is good to go after an application of the magic sponge.

  41. 1804:  
    Jimmy Armfield, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan United 1-1 Swansea

    "Swansea might be happy with this scoreline, but with the way they've played they might decide to go for it. They might start to pose a threat down the flanks.

    "But I think David Moyes and United also need to go for it. It's their home match and they will want to give the crowd a lift."

    Listen to Man Utd v Swansea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  42. 1804: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Rio Ferdinand can't continue. Fabio is thrown on to replace him and Chris Smalling will stay at centre-back alongside Jonny Evans.

    Rio Ferdinand
  43. 1803: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Rio Ferdinand is down and getting treatment and you can see why. The former England captain cops a whack on the knee as he runs into the chunkily built Wilfried Bony.

    Ferdinand hobbles to the sidelines and Chris Smalling has dropped into centre-back while he sees if he can run it off.

  44. 1800: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    The first signs of impatience as the Manchester United fans remind their team to attack after a series of sideways passes.

  45. 1800: 
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    Anasewhiz: Tense game at Old Trafford. The next goal should win it, but which way?

    John SBW: So impressed watching Cleverly's movement and passing ability! Only joking...

    Kai Mason: Dwight Tiendalli is a great example of a modern day full-back - up and down the flank, with a good end product.

  46. 1759: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    It is all just a little bit fiddly and over elaborate from Swansea as Jonathan de Guzman over-cooks a ball through the eye of a needle for Wayne Routledge.

  47. 1758: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Derby 0-2 Chelsea

    Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho on Ramires' yellow card for diving: "I maintain (there are no divers at Chelsea). Isolated episodes. The referees' attacking it. The manager supporting the referees. I think we are doing well. Let's see if the others do the same as us.

    "I was happy with the card because the referee, in this case (Martin) Atkinson, did well.

    "This time I didn't speak yet with Ramires, but if the referee was there and he decide well, perfect. Let's do every game, every stadium, every player, let's do that."

    Jose Mourinho
  48. 1757: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    The support for Manchester United and their manager has been pretty loud and consistent from the home fans this afternoon. Their side are having to put up with long periods without the ball as Swansea strut their usual tika-taka stuff.

  49. 1754: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Sunderland 3-1 Carlisle

    Sunderland boss Gus Poyet has questioned the decision to hold the draw for the FA Cup fourth round before several third-round ties had been completed.

    "I'm just saying if the draw was a top, top team from the Premier League at home, I am sure that Carlisle in the second half, maybe it would be a little bit different," said the Sunderland boss.

    "If you are 1-1 at half-time and you get Arsenal at home and you are Carlisle, what a second half they are going to give you, that's for sure."

    How do you know that Graham Kavanagh didn't tell them they had drawn Arsenal anyway?

    Gus Poyet
  50. 1754: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Jonjo Shelvey makes way to be replaced by Jose Canas. Creativity sacrificed for solidity and might that be the sign that Michael Laudrup wants to take this contest back to the Liberty? Twenty-five minutes to go...

  51. 1752: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Nothing comes of the free-kick with Alex Buttner walloping into the wall.

  52. 1751: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Chico Flores gives away a free-kick on the edge of the box as the ball runs into his hand while he is on the floor. David Moyes brings on Adnan Januzaj for Antonio Valencia during the break in play.

  53. 1750: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Changes are afoot on the sidelines. Michael Laudrup is preparing Jonas Canas. Jonjo Shelvey is the likely man to be hooked apparently.

  54. 1749:  
    Jimmy Armfield, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan United 1-1 Swansea

    "I think Darren Fletcher has played well today, he has done the job he's been asked to do. He does his fair share of defending and spreads the ball around. He has decent vision too, and after his illness it's good to see him playing football again and looking well."

    Listen to Man Utd v Swansea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  55. 1749: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Dwight Tiendalli puts his hand up to apologise to Wilfried Bony, who was waiting for a cross and instead saw the ball shanked into the stands. Ugly. It is an even game though, both sides look more than capable of winning.

  56. 1746: 
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    Richard Smith from Fife: You could have given Argyle more credit. The cup is not just about the overpaid prima donnas. Looking forward to Argyle getting the job finished at the theatre of greens.

    Lucyanna from Bangor: The Old Trafford fear factor has now officially gone. Yet another team turns up believing they can win!

    CJ from Kent: (Re: Sean at 1708) Don't kid yourself. Man United have a bigger fan base, bigger revenue, stadium etc. Everton are nowhere near the size of United off the pitch. This season might be different on the pitch but I don't see it lasting beyond this season.

  57. 1746: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Man United 1-1 Swansea

    That is very optimistic from the home fans. Manchester United full-back Chris Smalling skids on his belly as he goes shoulder to shoulder with Wayne Routledge in the box. Up go the shouts but it is no penalty.

  58. 1743: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea
    Manchester United former manager Sit Alex Ferguson

    Former boss Sir Alex Ferguson and chief executive Ed Woodward and in the stands for tonight's game. I wonder if they had a chat about possible January targets over a half-time pie?

  59. 1743: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan at Old Trafford: "Manchester United have a genuine width today with Alex Buttner and Antonio Valencia down either flank but Javier Hernandez has had several chances to add to his equaliser. Swansea don't have too many options from the bench but they are well in this and their supporters have been superb so far. They are noisier than a male voice choir."

  60. 1741: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Alex Buttner warms up that left peg again, sending a low cross arrowing in towards Javier Hernandez which Chico Flores does well to get to first.

  61. 1739: 
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    Shohidur Rahman: Once again, Cleverley has been anonymous.

    Adi Kampli: Why does Moyes keep playing Cleverly in every match? He's always passing it back or sideways.

    Tunde Akere: Why are people castigating Moyes over the turn of events in Old Trafford? He's using what he has - the players too should step up.

  62. 1738: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Alejandro Pozuelo's movement again causes Manchester United problems, opening up space for Wayne Routledge to fire over before the man himself squeezes a shot between Rio Ferdinand and Jonny Evans but wide of goal.

  63. 1736: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Alejandro Pozuelo is picking up some good positions in between Manchester United's defensive lines. He fails to control a sharp pass from Jonathan de Guzman, but would have been in space if he had.

  64. 1734: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Sophie Gayter: Jimmy is right, Buttner has been good so far. But if Buttner is your biggest threat, you need to ask questions about your squad.

    Andrew Tarpey: I have to say, Fletcher has looked excellent today so far. Spraying passes around, pressing, tackling etc - great performance!

    Sam Kier: Always makes me laugh to see stuff like Darren (1719). Would Mourinho be as negative? Of COURSE he would! That's his thing!

  65. 1733: 
    KICK-OFF- Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Back up and running. No changes for either side.

  66. 1733: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    The teams are coming back out. Manchester United boss David Moyes gets a smattering of applause as he makes his way back to his seat in the dugout.

  67. 1732:  
    Ian Wright, on 5 live Sport

    "I feel that Big Sam Allardyce had no choice today but to blood some youngsters. They're two games away from Wembley in the League Cup. Of course, 5-0 today was a nightmare result but in the grand scheme of things his team selection was understandable."

    The 6-0-6 phone-in starts at 18:30 on BBC Radio 5 live.

  68. 1729: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Jonathan Brook: In overlooking Gary Neville's ability to cross a ball to a world class level, you've done a disservice to a national treasure!

    Richard: Woah, that's a bit harsh. Gary Neville was an expert crosser of the ball.

    Fair enough, good shout.

  69. 1725: 
    MATCH STATS- Man United 1-1 Swansea
    Man Utd 1-1 Swansea

    Manchester United edged the possession but there wasn't much to separate the two teams in the first half which suggests the score is a fair reflection of the game.

  70. 1721: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    It has been a bit of a while since Manchester United has a really good crosser of the ball isn't it? Not since the days of David Beckham and Denis Irwin has anyone strafed the opposition box with real quality.

  71. 1719:  
    Jimmy Armfield, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportHALF-TIME- Man United 1-1 Swansea

    "Alex Buttner has been United's biggest threat in this first-half. They have no out-and-out left side threat, so he bombs forward. And Swansea's Dwight Tiendalli, who started brightly, has faded as he's had to concentrate on Buttner.

    "When Swansea scored I could just imagine David Moyes's feelings. But give credit to United - they hit back. But they're lacking a midfield finesse that you're used to at Old Trafford, and Swansea are a tough nut to crack."

    Listen to Man Utd v Swansea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  72. 1719: 
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    Darren from Leighton Buzzard: Moyes is negative, has no idea of his best XI and is out of his depth. Do you think if Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho were managing United they would be this poor?

    Daniel from Leeds: (Re: Tony at 16:23) Please have a bit of perspective. Tight contests are the magic of the cup! Aside from beating Oldham, Liverpool are also flying in the league.

    Rob from Newbury: (Re: Peter at 16:53) Moyes gave both Barkley and Rooney their debuts - and ever heard the name Januzaj?

  73. 1718: 
    HALF-TIME- Man United 1-1 Swansea
    Swansea manager Michael Laudrup
  74. 1718: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Johnny Evans and Javier Hernandez try to recreate Robin van Persie's wonder volley against Aston Villa last season. Evans's lofted pass is perfectly weighted but Hernandez's flying volley is a shank wide.

  75. 1716: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    There is a buzz of expectation every time Alex Buttner gets on the ball down the left. The full-back's latest teasing cross is just a little too high for Antonio Valencia at the far post.

  76. 1714: 
    YELLOW CARD- Man United 1-1 Swansea

    That yellow card for Jordi Amat was in the post for about five minutes. Referee Mike Dean did well, playing advantage before coming back to book the Swansea man for a heavy sliding challenge on Javier Hernandez.

  77. 1713: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan at Old Trafford: "Manchester United have had the better chances but Swansea are continuing to weave pretty patterns in front of their vocal fans, and there is an anxiety in the host's defence every time Wilfried Bony gets on the ball. There is no shrugging him off the ball!"

    Wilfried Bony holds off Rio Ferdinand and Chris Smaling
  78. 1711: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    A scrappy little period of play with both sides failing to join the dots in the final third.

  79. 1708: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Michael Uong: Peter in Liverpool (1653]. Two words. Wayne Rooney.

    Chris Harvey: What a daft statement. Moyes is the guy who gave Rooney, Lescott, Coleman, Osman, Cahill etc their breaks.

    Sean Rothwell: The discussion regarding Barkley to Man Utd is quite frankly laughable. He is already at a better team with better prospects.

  80. 1706: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    A low scudder from Alex Buttner skips off the turf a couple of times on its way through to Gerhard Tremmel. Meat and drink for the Swansea goalkeeper.

  81. 1704: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Manchester United's turn to have a look at a good free-kick position as Chico Flores floors Javier Hernandez as he chases Antonio Valencia's flick. Alex Buttner is eyeing it up....

  82. 1702: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Jonathan de Guzman whips the ball over the wall and back down again, but Anders Lindegaard is well positioned and is able to catch the ball close to his chest.

  83. 1701: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Alejandro Pozuelo is sent sprawling on the edge of the Manchester United box and Swansea have another promising free-kick position...

  84. 1700:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveMan United 1-1 Swansea

    5 live Sport commentator Conor McNamara tweets a picture of himself and today's summariser, Jimmy Armfield, at Old Trafford:


    Looking good fellas. Now back to work...

    Dean Kiely, At Anfield for BBC Radio 5 Live Sports ExtraLiverpool 2-0 Oldham

    "Oldham can leave this fixture with their heads held high. They did very well for long periods of the game.

    "Liverpool's quality came through but Brendan Rodgers might note down maybe one or two of Liverpool's fringe players who did not rise to the occasion.

    "In fairness to Oldham, after the goal, they galvanised themselves and had 10 or 15 minutes where they caused Liverpool some problems."

  86. 1656: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Swansea's Jonjo Shelvey likes the look of a free-kick 25 yards from goal, but he blasts straight into the four-man wall that Anders Lindegaard has ordered into position.

  87. 1656: 
    FULL-TIME- Port Vale 2-2 Plymouth Argyle

    Brighton must wait a wee while longer before finding out who their fourth-round opponents are after an impressive second-half comeback by Plymouth.

  88. 1654: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Alberto: What. A. Goal from Swansea. Brilliant one touch football.

    McDonald Mtonda: Just when, as a fan, you're about to give up on Buttner, he comes up with a gem of a cross.

    Matt Chapman: Alexander Buttner will be a top, top full-back. Would play him in front of Evra already. Brilliant cross.

  89. 1653: 
    Text us on 81111

    Peter in Liverpool: People say that Man United should buy Ross Barkley as they need a player like him in their poor midfield. However, the Wilfred Zaha situation is exactly what would happen to him - Moyes will not take a risk, he never has and never will. He is calculated and cautious and will always stick to what is proven.

    Lewis in Crewe: Why not play Buttner as a left winger? Every time he plays he attacks and his delivery is always great! Better than Young will ever be.

    James in London: (Re: Tony at 16:23) It worries me that fans seem to forget lower league teams always raise their game when they play premier league sides in the cups. It happens year after year after year, and yet they always forget.

  90. 1652: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    Manchester United are not too far off a second as Antonio Valencia slashes over the top from Danny Welbeck's lay-off. Both sides are standing and scrapping in this one.

  91. 1652: 
    FULL-TIME- Liverpool 2-0 Oldham

    Liverpool are through to the fourth round where they will meet Bournemouth or Burton. It wasn't always easy for the hosts and the sight of Daniel Agger leaving the pitch with an injury will be a concern to Brendan Rodgers.

  92. 1651: 
    Liverpool 2-0 Oldham

    Stoppage time is being played at Anfield and Jordan Henderson steps up for a free-kick but Oldham comfortably deal with it. The seconds tick by and it seems unlikely that another goal will be scored.

  93. 1650: 
    Man United 1-1 Swansea

    There was barely a flicker on the face of David Moyes in response to that Manchester United leveller.

    Jimmy Armfield, at Old Trafford for 5 live Sport

    "Buttner was right on the touchline, and he crossed the ball. Swansea had three defenders but they got their wires crossed leaving it to each other. The goalkeeper didn't come either, and it was a good finish by Hernandez. Manchester United needed that desperately. That should settle United down."

    Listen to Man Utd v Swansea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  95. 1647: 
    GOAL- Man United 1-1 Swansea - Javier Hernandez (16 mins)
    javier Hernandez scores for Manchester United

    The response comes quicksmart from Manchester United. Alex Buttner wraps his foot around a superb cross from the left to put the ball on a platter for Javier Hernandez. The Mexican only has to put a gentle side-foot on the ball to level.

    Jimmy Armfield, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan United 0-1 Swansea

    "Manchester United were caught terribly square. It was a ball right down the middle of midfield, there was a gap between the two central defenders, it was lobbed down the middle then Routledge did the job. That was the last thing United's team and fans wanted. They've really got to pick themselves up now."

    Listen to Man Utd v Swansea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  97. 1644: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Liverpool 2-0 Oldham

    Five minutes remaining at Anfield and the hosts are playing with 10 men after Daniel Agger hobbled off injured with manager Brendan Rodgers having already played all his cards. For Oldham, Anton Rodgers comes on to face his father's team.

  98. 1644: 
    GOAL- Man United 0-1 Swansea - Wayne Routledge (12 mins)
    Wayne Routledge

    Uh oh. The pressure just went up a bar in Old Trafford. Manchester United have enjoyed the best of the opening few minutes, but a simple ball from Alejandro Pozuelo splits the defence wide open and Wayne Routledge flips a deft little lob over the advancing Anders Lindegaard to put Swansea ahead.

  99. 1643: 
    Man United 0-0 Swansea

    A swing and a miss from Javier Hernandez as the ball runs to him in the Swansea box. Manchester United enjoying a decent spell of possession.

  100. 1641: 
    Man United 0-0 Swansea

    Chris Smalling is on his bike, hammering up the right wing from full-back, but he is too quick for his own good, straying beyond the back foot of last defender Jordi Amat as Javier Hernandez played the return pass to him.

  101. 1639: 
    GOAL- Liverpool 2-0 Oldham - James Tarkowski OG (82 mins)

    Phillipe Coutinho's effort rebounds to Raheem Sterling and the Liverpool teenager tries his luck and fortune is on his side. Sterling's shot is going wide of the post but James Tarkowski redirects it into his own net.

  102. 1637:  
    Jimmy Armfield, at Old Trafford for 5 live SportMan United 0-0 Swansea

    "I saw Swansea play against Manchester City and I was very impressed with them. They kept the ball and gave City a lot of problems. It's the way they play, and specifically the way they have been coached."

    Listen to Man Utd v Swansea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  103. 1637: 
    Man United 0-0 Swansea

    Manchester United are pressing high and hard. Danny Welbeck and Antonio Valencia double up to win the ball off a Swansea defender. Nothing comes of it, but it has been a high-energy start.

  104. 1635: 
    GOAL- Port Vale 2-2 Plymouth Argyle - Ben Purrington (73 mins)

    Plymouth drag themselves back into contention with just under 20 minutes remaining as Ben Purrington powers a left-footed shot into the bottom corner.

  105. 1634: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Liverpool 1-0 Oldham

    Cowboy-style whoops around Anfield as the number seven flickers on the substitutes' board. Liverpool's top scorer Luis Suarez comes on for Steven Gerrard, though Raheem Sterling started to plod off the pitch thinking his time was up.

  106. 1634: 
    Man United 0-0 Swansea

    Jonjo Shelvey, sent off on this ground when playing for Liverpool, is getting a bit of grief off the home fans. The fact that he gave Sir Alex Ferguson a volley of abuse on his way probably doesn't help.

  107. 1633: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Liverpool 1-0 Oldham

    All around Anfield breathe a sight of relief as Brad Jones comes up with a brilliant save after a lovely bit of play by Michael Petrasso.

  108. 1632: 
    KICK-OFF- Man United 0-0 Swansea

    Swansea get us going at Old Trafford, which has filled out a fair bit in the final minutes before the off.

  109. 1630: 
    Man United v Swansea (1630 GMT)

    A minute's applause for Portuguese legend Eusebio, who passed away earlier today, before kick-off. Manchester United mascot Fred the Red joined in the centre circle which always looks a little odd.

  110. 1630: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Liverpool 1-0 Oldham

    Oldham hands shoot skywards as they appeal for a penalty for a shove on Danny Philliskirk. Nothing doing from the referee Stuart Attwell though.

    At the other end, Steven Gerrard thumps a shot into the side netting.

  111. 1627: 
    Man United v Swansea (1630 GMT)

    Manchester United have lost three of their last five at Old Trafford. They are just on their way out to try and deliver something that will send their fans home happier.

  112. 1624: 
    Man United v Swansea (1630 GMT)
    David Moyes

    Manchester United manager David Moyes on BT Sport: "It's a competition a lot of teams want to win and we'll be doing the same today.

    "He [Wayne Rooney] had a bit of a groin issue, which we have to look after, and we're playing Tuesday. To be playing Sunday-Tuesday was going to put a strain on anybody's squad, let alone Manchester United's."

  113. 1623: 
    Text us on 81111

    Tony in Northampton: It worries me that a Liverpool team with only a few changes from the regular team are struggling to defeat a 'supposedly' inferior team like Oldham. It really proves that the squad lacks depth and a number of signings need to be made in this January transfer window.

    Indy in Solihull: Having seen Man Utd's line-up today, I have to question David Moyes. He has a huge talent in Wilf Zaha on the bench not getting a game. Yes he's still young and raw and probably not as good as Januzaj yet, but he may well be the direct, quick, skilful player United have been missing for so long - give him a go!

    Jack from Carlisle: Very proud of the Carlisle lads today. We matched Sunderland in the first half but their stamina showed in second. Great away following for the Blue Army too!

  114. 1623: 
    Man United v Swansea (1630 GMT)

    It is a sparsely-populated Old Trafford at the moment. Unless the hotdog sellers are doing particularly busy business outside it is going to be well down on a full house.

  115. 1619: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Stoke keeper Thomas Sorensen: Not the easiest draw away to Chelsea in the FA Cup fourth round. Beat them a few weeks ago so we just have to do it again!

  116. 1618: 
    Liverpool 1-0 Oldham

    Oldham are not going to die wondering here. Danny Philliskirk crashes a shot just over from distance as they go looking for a leveller.

  117. 1616: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Manchester United's Portuguese midfielder Nani: You'll be forever in our hearts Eusebio. Rest in peace legend.

  118. 1616: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Liverpool 1-0 Oldham

    That first Liverpool goal has certainly perked up Iago Aspas. He is within a post's width of a second as he glances a header against the woodwork.

  119. 1615:  
    Dean Kiely, BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra summariser at AnfieldLiverpool 1-0 Oldham

    "That'll settle things down here at Anfield. It was looking a little bit precarious for Liverpool this afternoon.

    "Aspas did well to keep it down there. He had good control of the volley and put Liverpool 1-0 up. That's changed the complexion of the game now and the next five minutes will be very important for Oldham"

    Enjoy Liverpool v Oldham on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra right now.

  120. 1613: 
    GOAL- Port Vale 2-1 Plymouth (50 mins)

    There is hope for Plymouth as Reuben Reid halves the deficit, his left foot connecting sweetly with Lewis Alessandra's squared pass.

  121. 1612: 
    GOAL- Liverpool 1-0 Oldham - Iago Aspas (54 mins)
    Iago Aspas

    He has had a rough first few months at Anfield, but Iago Aspas breaks the deadlock with his first goal for Liverpool. The former Celta Vigo man steers in as Oldham allow Raheem Sterling's cross to bounce in the box.

    That might open the game up a little bit.

  122. 1612: 
    CLOSE!- Liverpool 0-0 Oldham

    Steven Gerrard heads just over the top from Philippe Coutinho's corner and that is just about as close as the Reds have come.

  123. 1612:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at iPro Stadium for 5 live SportDerby County 0-2 Chelsea

    "In the end the substitutions changed the game but ultimately the pace and quality of Chelsea was just too much for Derby. But County have massive potential, and Will Hughes has a long way to go but has massive ability."

    Hear reaction to Derby v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  124. 1610: 
    FULL-TIME- Derby County 0-2 Chelsea

    Chelsea through to a home tie against Stoke with a professional second-half display.

  125. 1607: 
    THREE MINUTES OF INJURY TIME- Derby County 0-2 Chelsea

    Derby are pressing forward in search of a crowd-pleasing consolation. They have three minutes of added time to find it.

  126. 1606: 
    Text us on 81111

    Steven in Manchester: If United get through today it will be the first time they have played non-Premier League opposition in the FA cup since playing Crawley in the 2010-11 season.

    Andrew: If the performance of his Chelsea strikers this afternoon doesn't have alarm bells ringing in Jose Mourinho's ears, and convince him that he needs to go out in January and sign a world-class striker, nothing will. Eto'o and Torres are shown up as average yet again.

    Darren in Havant: This issue with players diving needs to be wiped out quickly. The only way I can see this being eradicated is by issuing a red card for cheating - shame on Ramires.

  127. 1605: 
    KICK-OFF- Liverpool 0-0 Oldham

    Back under way at Anfield, where Lucas has come on in place of Luis Alberto for the hosts. Alberto did little for his chances of promotion to the first team according to those on the ground.

    Victor Moses has been sacrificed by Philippe Coutinho as well.

  128. 1603: 
    FIVE TO GO- Derby County 0-2 Chelsea

    Derby are coming on strong with a late rally as Chris Martin forces a good save out of Mark Schwarzer and Mason Bennett sends a grubby shot just wide. It is all too little too late for the Rams though.

  129. 1601: 
    TEAM NEWS- Man United v Swansea (1630 GMT)

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan reports from Old Trafford: "David Moyes makes six changes to the side that lost to Tottenham on New Year's Day and there are starts for Rio Ferdinand and Darren Fletcher. Anders Lindegaard, Alex Buttner, Shinji Kagawa and Javier Hernandez also come in.

    Manchester United starting XI: Lindegaard; Smalling, Evans, Ferdinand, Büttner; Valencia, Fletcher, Cleverley, Kagawa; Welbeck, Hernandez.

    "Pablo Hernandez (hamstring) misses out for Swansea so Alejandro Pozuelo replaces him, with Dwight Tiendalli, Jordi Amat and Neil Taylor coming into the defence. Leon Britton takes the place of Jose Canas and Wilfried Bony starts up front."

    Swansea starting XI: Tremmel, Tiendalli, Amat, Chico Flores, Taylor, Britton (capt), de Guzman, Shelvey, Pozuelo, Routledge, Bony.

  130. 1600:  
    BBC local radioFULL-TIME- Sunderland 3-1 Carlisle

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett on BBC Newcastle: "It was always going to be a tough game for Sunderland, a banana skin. But it is job done, and it got easier for the Black Cats in the second half. The second goal knocked Carlisle. They made a game of it for 60 minutes but after that the quality and stamina of Sunderland showed."

  131. 1559: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball- Derby County 0-2 Chelsea

    Simon Murphy: An undeserved booking for Ramires as he wasn't looking for a penalty. He just went down. Not everyone dives!

    Matt Morgan: Remind me what Mourinho said about Chelsea having no divers in his team? His hypocrisy is never ending...

    Hamsta5: The second Chelsea player booked this week for diving. What did Mourinho say about Suarez again?

  132. 1559: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Derby County 0-2 Chelsea

    Ramires's shot catches a deflection and his effort loops up and bounces behind off the top of the crossbar. Chelsea have grown in threat as the match has gone on.

    Derby swap James Bailey on in place of Simon Dawkins.

  133. 1557: 
    SITTER!- Derby County 0-2 Chelsea

    Can you hear the jeers Fernando? Torres skips past Lee Grant but, a bit like his horror miss against Manchester United in September 2011, he fails to complete the job with a Derby defender nicking the ball off his toe.

    Torres warms Grant's palms with a low effort shortly after, but it will need a goal to erase that miss from the record.

  134. 1553: 
    Join the debate on Facebook

    Adam Mundy: I'm very happy with Coventry being drawn away at Arsenal as it gives me a chance of seeing my team again this season - I refuse to go to Northampton on principle (as do 90% of the fan base).

    Daniel Nyirenda Waku-Katoto: League One teams always come with surprises because the bigger teams are not used to their playing style - so a tough draw for the Gunners.

  135. 1552:  
    Dean Kiely, At Anfield for BBC Radio 5 live sports extraHALF-TIME- Liverpool 0-0 Oldham

    "I think Brendan Rodgers will leave it as it is for 15 minutes or so but if Suarez or Coutinho do find themselves on the pitch then that would be symptomatic of Liverpool's lack of thrust

    "Oldham will be pleased. They've been hard to break down and the onus is now on Liverpool to do that."

    Enjoy Liverpool v Oldham on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra right now.

  136. 1552: 
    FULL-TIME- Sunderland 3-1 Carlisle

    Sunderland can temporarily forget about their Premier League woes and look forward to a fourth-round tie against either Kidderminster or Peterborough.

  137. 1551: 
    Derby County 0-2 Chelsea

    The Chelsea fans are chanting Jose Mourinho's name and you have to admit that like at Southampton last week, his side have looked a lot more dangerous after a couple of substitutional tweaks.

  138. 1551:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at iPro Stadium for 5 live SportDerby County 0-2 Chelsea

    "I thought Lee Grant should have saved it, to be honest. Yes it was well struck, but it was right at him. I think he expected the ball to do more than it did, and in the end took his eye off it. It sliced off his gloves and into the bottom corner."

    Enjoy Derby v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

    BBC local radioSunderland 3-1 Carlisle

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett on BBC Newcastle: "It was good move and a good finish by Ba, and I've been impressed by Ba since he came on. He's got forward and joined Altidore well. It was a good finish, and it's game over."

  140. 1547: 
    GOAL- Derby County 0-2 Chelsea - Oscar

    That just about puts it to bed for Chelsea. Fernando Torres lays the ball off to Oscar on the edge of the box and the Brazilian weaves left and right before slamming a shot goalwards. It was well-hit but Lee Grant should keep it out. Instead it trickles through him and in at the near post.

  141. 1547: 
    YELLOW CARD- Derby County 0-1 Chelsea

    Interesting, very interesting. Ramires flops to the floor under absolutely no contact from Michael Keane. It is all at 100mph so it is a tricky call, but Andre Marriner gets it bang on, booking Ramires for diving. The same referee gave a very controversial penalty late on for a foul on the same player when Chelsea drew with West Brom at Stamford Bridge earlier this season.

    Will Jose Mourinho put the blame on his own player like he did with Oscar last week?

  142. 1547: 
    GOAL- Sunderland 3-1 Carlisle - El Hadji Ba (90 mins)

    Sunderland's progress was never really in doubt as the game neared its conclusion, but El Hadji Ba makes sure of their presence in the fourth round with a goal on his debut. The substitute side-foots in from close range and, in truth, it would have been easier to miss.

  143. 1544:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at iPro Stadium for 5 live SportDerby County 0-1 Chelsea

    "It was a great ball in with lots of pace from Willian, and it was a great leap from Mikel. He helped the pace onto the ball into the back of the net. But he was the only one who moved in the penalty area - Derby were stationary."

    Enjoy Derby v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  144. 1541: 
    GOAL- Derby County 0-1 Chelsea - John Mikel Obi

    This is all about the delivery from Willian. The former Shakhtar Donetsk man sends a set-piece whipping and dipping in from the left and all it needs is a touch from John Mikel Obi to give Chelsea the lead. That is the Nigeria international's fourth goal for Chelsea in 300 appearances. And three of those have come in the FA Cup.

  145. 1541:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at iPro Stadium for 5 live SportDerby County 0-0 Chelsea

    "That was about an hour's play from Eto'o. A pretty standard hour for a Chelsea striker, then. Play for 60 minutes, don't score, get subbed."

    Enjoy Derby v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  146. 1540: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    It is Samuel Eto'o for Fernando Torres as Chelsea make their second change in pursuit of a breakthrough.

  147. 1539: 

    One of the stand-out ties of the fourth round sees Southend United host Hull City, with Shrimpers boss Phil Brown facing the club he took to the Premier League.

    "You couldn't write the script, it really is what the FA Cup is all about," Brown tells the club website.

    "It's a great draw for me personally coming up against Hull, but also for the players to test themselves against a Premier League side.

    "I know Steve Bruce very well, we get on, and he's got a good team together, so it'll be a cracking FA Cup tie.

    Let's hope he has no reason to give his players a half-time talking to on the pitch, a la 26 December 2008:

    Phil Brown
  148. 1539: 
    GOAL- Port Vale 2-0 Plymouth - Tom Pope (36 mins)

    Port Vale take a sturdy step towards the fourth round as Tom Pope nods in Doug Loft's cross to double their lead.

  149. 1539: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    The game is opening up at Pride Park. Willian gallops upfield after David Luiz clears Will Hughes' cross from the visitors' penalty area, but a promising attack comes to an end as the ball rebounds back off Ashley Cole and behind for a goal-kick.

  150. 1537: 
    MAN UTD TEAM NEWS- Man United v Swansea (1630 GMT)

    Rio Ferdinand starts his first game for Manchester United since 10 December.

    Man Utd XI: Lindegaard; Smalling, Evans, Ferdinand, Büttner; Valencia, Fletcher, Cleverley, Kagawa; Welbeck, Hernandez.

  151. 1536: 
    YELLOW CARD- Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Will Hughes has been pretty anonymous for Derby so far. The referee take a note of his name though as he clatters into Oscar to earn a yellow card.

  152. 1536: 
    SWANSEA TEAM NEWS- Man United v Swansea (1630 GMT)

    Five changes for Swansea from the side which lost to Manchester City on New Year's Day, with usual captain Ashley Williams on the bench. Leon Britton returns to midfield.

    Swansea XI: Tremmel, Tiendalli, Amat, Chico Flores, Taylor, Britton (capt), de Guzman, Shelvey, Pozuelo, Routledge, Bony.

  153. 1535: 
    Liverpool 0-0 Oldham

    Oldham are looking safe as houses at Anfield. There are not many teams that have managed to keep the hosts at bay as effectively as they have managed.

  154. 1533: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball- Man United v Swansea (1630 GMT)

    Swansea tweet: Chilly afternoon here at Old Trafford!

  155. 1532: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Top Target Man: Is that a pic [1438] of Gary Cahill twerking Hughes?

    Gary 'Wrecking Ball' Cahill? I couldn't say...

  156. 1532: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea
    Juan Mata and Fernando Torres

    Still these two characters await the call for Jose...

  157. 1531: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Jose Mourinho wants a bit more attacking omphh from his side so introduces Eden Hazard in place of Michael Essien.

  158. 1531: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Jamie Ward thumps a shot thump into a defender from 20 yards out. He has been bright so far.

  159. 1530: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Jamie Ward has got a nice angle to line up a free-kick from, but his effort clears the bar as well as an encroaching wall. Derby have started to come back into it after being forced back into their shell in the first few exchanges of the second half.

  160. 1527: 
    Liverpool 0-0 Oldham

    Luis Alberto catches one sweet from distance, but Oldham goalkeeper Mark Oxley is equal to it. Just under half an hour gone at Anfield.

    Mark Lawrenson, at iPro Stadium for 5 live SportDerby County 0-0 Chelsea

    "I don't know what Jose Mourinho said to Chelsea at half-time, or what he's given them, but they've come out and played really vibrantly."

    Enjoy Derby v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  162. 1524: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea immediately apply pressure on the Derby goal. Jake Buxton is facing his own goal as he clears Oscar's bobbly cross through the Rams' six-yard box.

  163. 1521: 
    KICK-OFF- Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Back under way on Pride Park.

  164. 1518: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball- Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Dan Foye: Only Oscar looks up for this match!

    James Hayman: Chelsea seem a bit lacklustre - they need more width!

    Tor Noppharat: Great organization at the back by Derby. But Chelsea also take too many touches up front...

  165. 1517: 
    GOAL- Port Vale 1-0 Plymouth - Gavin Tomlin (15 mins)

    Jennison Myrie-Williams whizzes a cross into the box and Gavin Tomlin's glancing header does the damage.

  166. 1517: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    West Ham keeper Adrian, who conceded five at Nottingham Forest earlier today: Sorry to all West Ham fans for this regrettable match. Now,change to a positive mentality and think the next game vs Man City!

    'Regrettable'. I like that, very corporate.

  167. 1516: 
    Liverpool 0-0 Oldham

    Speaking of which, two of the players just mentioned combine in Liverpool's best moment so far. Victor Moses controls Aly Cissokho's cross and lays the ball into the path of Luis Alberto who pings a shot a yard wide.

  168. 1514: 
    Liverpool 0-0 Oldham
    Steven Gerrard and Adam Rooney

    Liverpool have looked slick coming forward, but without carving out any clear chances in the opening stages. This is a chance for the likes of Luis Alberto, Iago Aspas and Victor Moses to prove they can match the attacking threat posed by those ahead of them in the Anfield pecking order.

  169. 1512: 
    Man United v Swansea (1630 GMT)

    BBC Sport's Alistair Magowan at Old Trafford: "A 2009 FA Cup final defeat by Chelsea is the closest David Moyes has come to winning the trophy while he was in charge of former club Everton. But the Manchester United manager has used his programme notes to underline his intention to win the club's first FA Cup in 10 years.

    "Swansea have never won the FA Cup - or at Old Trafford - but with their winless run stretching to seven games, they might use this opportunity to go for broke."

  170. 1510: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea
    Match stats

    Chelsea are still yet to register a shot on goal. However organised Derby have been, that is pretty poor.

    BBC local radioSunderland 2-1 Carlisle

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett on BBC Newcastle: "The ball was played in in an attempt to reach Altidore, but unfortunately O'Hanlon slid in and deflected it home. Now Sunderland need a third goal to give them a two-goal cushion."

  172. 1507: 
    GOAL- Sunderland 2-1 Carlisle - Sean O'Hanlon OG (50 mins)

    Deary me. What should have been an easy clearance ends in disaster as a sliding Sean O'Hanlon directs Adam Johnson's cross into his own net.

    Text us on 81111

    James from London: I dream of a Chelsea where Ramires, Hazard and Mata play behind the striker. They play for the team rather than for themselves.

    Gareth from Essex: Southend vs Hull is surely a stand-out tie? Phil Brown going up against his old club after putting four past a Championship team yesterday could be very interesting!

    Paddy Stafford from Vienna: Really enjoying the ever so slight possibility of a Manchester vs Bristol showdown. Rovers vs United & City vs City.

  174. 1507:  
    Mark Lawrenson, at iPro Stadium for 5 live SportDerby County 0-0 Chelsea

    "I think Derby have done extremely well. They are organised, well coached by Steve McLaren. Chelsea look the better team without fashioning a real chance. For Derby, the half-time interval has come at exactly the right time."

    Enjoy Derby v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  175. 1507: 
    HALF-TIME- Derby County 0-0 Chelsea
  176. 1507: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Ramires gets away a snap-shot with a short backlift, it catches a slight deflection off Jeff Hendrick and that may have ensured that it hit the post rather the back of the net.

    As close as anyone has come.

  177. 1505: 
    YELLOW CARD- Liverpool 0-0 Oldham

    Korey Smith goes into the book in the first minute for a heavy challenge on Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard.

  178. 1501: 
    KICK-OFF- Liverpool 0-0 Oldham

    We are under way at Anfield after a minute's applause for Wayne Harrison, who played for both clubs and died in December from pancreatic problems at the age of 46.

    Port Vale are also all systems go against Plymouth.

  179. 1501: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Oscar continues to take pot-shots from distance. But he has yet to trouble Lee Grant. The latest flies over the top.

  180. 1459:  
    Dean Kiely, at Anfield for BBC Radio 5 live sports extraLiverpool v Oldham (1500 GMT)

    "These sorts of games are a welcome distraction for teams like Oldham who are struggling in the league. The players will be looking forward to the occasion.

    "I'm sure some of them hoped that Suarez would be playing so they could swap shirts but it's a great opportunity for these lower league players to show what they're about."

    Enjoy Liverpool v Oldham on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  181. 1459: 
    Liverpool v Oldham (1500 GMT)

    The teams are on their way out to the pitch at Anfield.

  182. 1456: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Dennis Ethan: I smell a cupset in this match. Come on you Rams!

    Akinpelu Kayode A: Is David Luiz a natural defender? No. Natural midfielder? No. Natural disaster? Oh yes!

    Michael Suten: Was so gutted when I heard Mourinho saying we don't a new striker. Just look at how slow Eto'o is! We need Falcao.

  183. 1456: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Oscar is the likeliest source of a breakthrough for Chelsea. He sways a shoulder to accelerate away from Jeff Hendrick, but his well-hit shot thuds narrowly wide.

  184. 1452: 
    YELLOW CARD- Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Oscar gets plenty of bend on his free-kick, but it proves a tad over-cooked, whistling just wide of the exposed left-hand corner of Lee Grant's goal.

    John Eustace was booked for a blatant trip on Michael Essien to give away the set-piece.

    BBC local radioSunderland 1-1 Carlisle

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett on BBC Newcastle: "Sunderland have got to up the tempo in their game. Carlisle will be pleased with the way they've reacted, and you have to say they finished the first half the stronger. Sunderland have had a lot of the ball but Carlisle are catching them on the counter-attack."

  186. 1449: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    David Luiz steps out of defence, but fails to bring the ball with him. Jamie Ward is on to it, but with no white shirts for company, he has no option but to take on Gary Cahill. The former Bolton man blocks his shot as Ward tries to buy a yard.

  187. 1447: 
    HALF-TIME- Sunderland 1-1 Carlisle
    Mark Lawrenson, at iPro Stadium for 5 live SportDerby County 0-0 Chelsea

    "Derby are well-marshalled. They stay on their feet and try to usher play into the middle of the pitch, where the hosts are strongest because of their numbers."

    Enjoy Derby v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  189. 1447: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea are struggling to drill their way through the strata of Derby's rock-solid defence so far. All a little too central from the Blues, without anyone making runs from deep in behind the hosts rearguard.

  190. 1445: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Jamie Ward robs Ashley Cole as the Chelsea defender dawdles on the ball a little too long. Ward's curling low cross is clutched by Mark Schwarzer as Jeff Hendrick arrives at speed into the box, but not quite fast enough to get on the end of the move.

    BBC local radioSunderland 1-1 Carlisle

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett on BBC Newcastle: "Sunderland have only got themselves to blame. Amoo did excellently on the by-line and it was a great cross, and it fell to Robson who hit it hard into the roof of the net. Carlisle put the ball in the box and Ki, who is not a centre-back, did not defend it. And if you're Carlisle boss Graham Kavanagh, you're telling your team to attack Ki."

  192. 1442: 
    CLOSE!- Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Michael Essien wins the ball in midfield and springs Samuel Eto'o down the left-hand channel. Before the Cameroon striker is almost able to see the whites of goalkeeper Lee Grant's eyes though, Andre Wisdom is across to ease him off the ball.

  193. 1442: 
    GOAL- Sunderland 1-1 Carlisle - Matty Robson (43 mins)

    Sunderland's defence should have done better as they fail to deal with David Amoo's cross and Matty Robson punishes the Premier League strugglers by whacking the ball home.

  194. 1440: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Simon Dawkins, once of Tottenham, wallops a half-volley clean and clear over the crossbar from 20 yards. Derby still looking good.

  195. 1438:  
    BBC local radioSunderland 1-0 Carlisle

    Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett on BBC Newcastle: "There's been a good reaction from Carlisle since going a goal down. They've kept the ball well and have enjoyed a number of attacks. And Sunderland are wobbling."

  196. 1438: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea
    Will Hughes and Gary Cahill

    Derby have been the better side over the past five minutes. Chris Martin is holding the ball up well up front while the midfield behind him are putting together some neat triangles.

  197. 1434: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Derby are cranking into life. John Eustace lets fly and his effort would have given Mark Schwarzer something to think about had David Luiz not blocked with his midriff.

  198. 1433: 
    GOAL- Sunderland 1-0 Carlisle - Adam Johnson (34 mins)

    Adam Johnson curls a free-kick beyond the Carlisle wall and leaves goalkeeper Greg Fleming with little option but to pick the ball out of the net.

    Sunderland v Carlisle
  199. 1433: 
    CLOSE!- Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Seats slap upwards all around Pride Park as the home fans are brought to their feet by the best chance of the game so far. Craig Forsyth sends a low cross zipping into the six-yard box and a lunging Jamie Ward is only inches from getting a decisive touch.

  200. 1429: 
    Text us on 81111

    Benji from Surrey: No obvious stand-out ties? True, but the mighty Bristol Rovers of League Two could play Manchester United if we beat Crawley and Birmingham!

    Bret from Sheffield: Let's hope Derby beat Chelsea - that way there won't be a single all-Premier league tie in the next round!

    Anthony from Sussex: West Ham would face financial meltdown if they are relegated - an Olympic stadium to fill and 'stars' on very high wages. Premier League survival is the only priority for the bottom 12 teams.

    Mark Lawrenson, at iPro Stadium for 5 live SportDerby County 0-0 Chelsea

    "I think it's very interesting that Essien and Mikel are playing together. They are duplicating each other's roles, shielding the defence and allowing the attacking players to go and hunt for goals."

    Enjoy Derby v Chelsea on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  202. 1429: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Nothing comes from the corner and Derby have their first sustained spell of possession which the home fans cheer through every completed pass. They also enjoy a roughhouse shove by Andre Wisdom on Willian up near their own cornerflag.

    Andre Marriner saw nothing wrong with it either.

  203. 1427: 
    OLDHAM TEAM NEWS- Liverpool v Oldham (1500 GMT)

    Anton Rodgers, son of Liverpool boss Brendan, is on the bench for Oldham. The League One side make two changes, with Danny Philliskirk and James Wesolowski the fresh faces.

    Oldham XI: Oxley, Grounds, Wesolowski, Kusunga, Tarkowski, Smith, Rooney, Mellor, Clarke-Harris, Petrasso, Philliskirk.

  204. 1426: 

    Michael Essien rolls back the years with a buffalo charge up from midfield. The ball is laid out wide to Oscar and Chelsea have a corner as Samuel Eto'o puts a bit of pressure on Lee Grant, chasing up his Brazilian team-mate's cross.

  205. 1424: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Jon Mikel Obi is on defensive midfield duties for Chelsea today with David Luiz back in the defence after a couple of games in the middle of the park.

  206. 1423: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea have won their last 15 third-round ties. The last time they went out at this stage was a defeat by Manchester United in 1998.

  207. 1422: 

    Captain Steven Gerrard makes a first start for Liverpool since he injured his hamstring at the beginning of December. Brendan Rodgers makes six changes to the team which beat Hull with Lucas, Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho on the substitutes' bench.

    Liverpool XI: Jones, Kelly, Cissokho, Toure, Agger, Gerrard, Henderson, Alberto, Sterling, Moses, Aspas

  208. 1422: 
    Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Oscar, all quick, scurrying feet, dribbles at the heart of the Derby defence and it takes the attentions of a good three or four defenders to keep him from getting through on Lee Grant.

  209. 1419: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Luke: Bristol Rovers only two wins away from a possible visit by Manchester United!

    James McIlroy: Good to see Mark Schwarzer getting a game. Waste of talent on the Chelsea bench all year.

    Sophie Gayter: Looking forward to seeing Will Hughes in action. Curious what all the fuss is about.

  210. 1419: 
    KICK-OFF- Derby County 0-0 Chelsea

    Oscar touches the ball off the centre spot to get us up and running.

  211. 1418: 
    Derby County v Chelsea (1415 GMT)

    Derby manager Steve McClaren on BT Sport: "We are at home, it is a full house and it should be cracking atmosphere. We know playing against Chelsea it is going to be a very tough test but we are all looking forward to it."

  212. 1417: 
    Derby County v Chelsea (1415 GMT)

    It is a sell-out at Pride Park, with almost 34,000 packing the rafters. They have a good team to support as well with plenty of good, young English talent in Will Hughes, Andre Wisdom and Michael Keane, and Patrick Bamford to come in on loan from Chelsea as well.

  213. 1416: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Nottingham Forest 5-0 West Ham

    West Ham manager Sam Allardyce: "What choice (in terms of team selection) did I have? I don't think I had one.

    "I make the decisions for benefit of everyone at the football club. We have a huge amount of problems in terms of available players.

    "We have a League Cup semi-final against Manchester City and the main priority is to get to Wembley. My changes had to be severe today, I didn't want it to be."

    Sam Allardyce (far right) with his coaching staff
  214. 1415: 
    Nottingham Forest 5-0 West Ham

    Sam Allardyce looks downhearted and defensive as he faces up to the television cameras. He is a man under pressure. I imagine that the visitors' dressing room was a rather ugly place to be for a debrief.

  215. 1413: 

    No obvious stand-out ties there for me, but plenty of interesting meetings.

    Stevenage, bottom of League One, get a crack at Premier League Everton, while the possibility of playing Liverpool next will raise the stakes for Bournemouth's meeting with Burton.

  216. 1411: 

    Sheffield United v Norwich or Fulham

  217. 1411: 

    Birmingham or Bristol Rovers or Crawley v Manchester United or Swansea

  218. 1410: 

    Bournemouth or Burton v Liverpool or Oldham

  219. 1410: 

    Blackburn or Manchester City v Bristol City or Watford

  220. 1409: 

    Derby or Chelsea v Stoke

  221. 1409: 

    Wigan or MK Dons v Crystal Palace

  222. 1409: 

    Stevenage v Everton

  223. 1408: 

    Arsenal v Coventry

  224. 1408: 

    Rochdale v Macclesfield or Sheffield Wednesday

  225. 1407: 

    Southend v Hull City

    Upset potential?

  226. 1407: 

    Nottingham Forest v Ipswich or Preston

  227. 1407: 

    Port Vale or Plymouth v Brighton

  228. 1406: 

    Huddersfield v Charlton or Oxford

  229. 1406: 

    Southampton v Yeovil

  230. 1406: 

    Bolton v Cardiff

  231. 1405: 

    Sunderland or Carlisle v Kiddrminister or Peterborough

  232. 1405: 

    Arsenal are number 27, Chelsea/Derby are number 31. They are all in the pot. Let's go...

  233. 1404: 

    Former West Ham man Martin Allen and brother Paul, a two-time FA Cup winner with Tottenham, are on rummaging duties at Football Association headquarters.

  234. 1402:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Derby manager Steve McClaren on playing Jose Mourinho's Chelsea in the Premier League: "It was probably one of his first games in England. We lost 1-0 and when the full-time whistle went I went over to shake his hand but he was running onto the pitch, embracing all his players. I was left on the touchline with no handshake! But we did share a drink after, and now he's learned the English ways."

    Listen to the afternoon's FA Cup action on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  235. 1401:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Carlisle United chairman Andrew Jenkins on 5 live Breakfast earlier today: "It was agonising watching all the games yesterday and waiting for ours. It's funny, our manager Graham Kavanagh played for Sunderland. We got him on loan from them originally, and now he's our manager today. And we also have a number of players who have associations with Sunderland or the North East. We hope that we'll get a result today and the gate money will of course help."

  236. 1401:  
    BBC local radioSunderland 0-0 Carlisle
    Pascal Chimbonda

    Carlisle defender Pascal Chimbonda, formerly of Sunderland, Tottenham and Wigan, on BBC Newcastle: "In this competition anything can happen - a small team can beat a big team. It's up for us to show what we can do, to be competitive against Sunderland. When we play against the big teams we always perform well. We'll perform against Sunderland, and it will be a good day for us and the fans. It's a 90 minute game, 11 men against 11 men. Anything can happen."

    In August the former France international was plying his trade at at non-League Market Drayton. He signed for the Cumbrians in October.

  237. 1401: 
    KICK-OFF- Sunderland 0-0 Carlisle

    Sunderland and Carlisle's players will have to find out at half-time what they are playing for in the last 32. They have just got going at the Stadium of Light.

  238. 1358: 

    The draw for the fourth-round is coming up hard on the heels of West Ham's humbling. There won't be many teams who fancy a trip to the City Ground to see if they could do better.

  239. 1358: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Nottingham Forest 5-0 West Ham

    Nottingham Forest captain Andy Reid on hat trick hero Jamie Paterson: "We have to keep his feet on the ground. He is a lovely lad but can be a bit lairy. We know he has fantastic ability and he knows he still has a lot to learn and if he keeps learning I am sure he will have a fantastic career."

  240. 1357: 
    Text us on 81111

    Tony Coco from London: As a West Ham fan I don't expect miracles but I do expect as a minimum for the club to beat Championship teams. This is pathetic.

    Johnny from London: If people think Big Sam's selection was bad, then it shows that they could never be a manager themselves. A clustered fixture list and many injuries are excuses but they are valid excuses.

    Carl: (re Liam at 13:33) It's true that no lower ranking teams will win the FA Cup but for the diehard fan who gets stick at work all the time, to be able to brag on a Monday morning when their team beats a Premier League team is the magic of the cup.

  241. 1357: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Victor Olorunfemi: The Hammers suffered a heavy hammering today. Is Thor in town?

    George Churchman: West Ham have been disgracefully poor. Surely this is embarrassing enough to show Big Sam the door?

    Tom Miszkowski: Got to feel for the Hammers fans. They've travelled all that way and have been badly let down by the manager and players.

  242. 1356: 
    MATCH STATS- Nottingham Forest 5-0 West Ham
    Match stats

    All the stats from that one are ugly for West Ham, except for that corner count. Maybe when Sam Allardyce brings together Andy Carroll with rumoured and similarly lofty striking targets Lacina Traore and Rickie Lambert, the masterplan will become clear.

    Steve Claridge, at City Ground for 5 live Sport

    "We looked at the sides pre-match and thought it looked like it could be an uneven match up. That was exactly they way it panned out. It was a good Forest side who did that to an average side, but I did expect more from West Ham. They've gone out of this competition with a whimper, never at any stage looking like they were going to give Forest a problem on the day.

    "Big Sam is now under big pressure. Every manager around him in the league has gone. But he's got two-and-a-half years left on a big contract that would cost a lot to pay off. And he's working for people who don't make decisions rashly."

    Listen reaction to Nottingham Forest v West Ham on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  244. 1350: 
    FULL-TIME- Nottingham Forest 5-0 West Ham

    Forest aren't sated - they want more and Simon Cox goes close before referee Martin Atkinson ends West Ham's misery.

    Steve Claridge, at City Ground for 5 live Sport

    "Forest wouldn't have wanted anyone but Reid to hit it in that situation. He hit it high and into the top corner, and he's played a massive part in what Forest have done here. The players around him allow him to do his very best."

    Listen to Nottingham Forest v West Ham on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  246. 1347: 
    GOAL- Nottingham Forest 5-0 West Ham - Andy Reid (90 mins)

    Djamel Abdoun skips down the left and unselfishly passes to the onrushing Andy Reid who aims true into the top corner. Billy Davies applauds his players from the sidelines and rightly so after such a romp.

  247. 1347: 
    Nottingham Forest 4-0 West Ham

    Matt Jarvis, wearing the captain's armband following the substitution of Stewart Downing, earns his team a corner but Jack Hobbs heads it away.

  248. 1343: 
    Nottingham Forest 4-0 West Ham

    Three minutes remaining and Forest retaining possession as if they're on the training ground, practising against the youth team which in some respects they are. Substitute Simon Cox has another chance to put his name on the scoresheet but shoots straight at Adrian.

  249. 1342: 
    Nottingham Forest 4-0 West Ham

    Sam Allardyce is caught rubbing some lip balm on his chafed lips but there might be nothing at his disposal to soothe the damage done to his team at the City Ground this afternoon.

  250. 1340: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Nottingham Forest 4-0 West Ham

    Simon Cox goes close with a header. Hat-trick man Jamie Paterson leaves the field to thunderous applause with former Blackburn striker Matt Derbyshire his replacement.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Rosie Dodds: West Ham just have themselves to blame. They've been so poor.

    Paul Thompson: Forest could genuinely have scored five or six already. Great performance. West Ham fans must be mortified - this is an embarrassment.

    Ed Gutteridge: Big Sam's selection was disrespectful but the joke's on him. They're out of the cup, low on morale and on the way to relegation.

    West Ham bench in the match against Nottingham Forest
    Steve Claridge, at City Ground for 5 live SportNottingham Forest 4-0 West Ham
    Nottingham Forest fans celebrate

    "He worked the space until he was comfortable to take his shot, before smashing it into the bottom corner and leaving the keeper no chance. This is becoming a bit of a rout now..."

    Listen to Nottingham Forest v West Ham on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  253. 1334: 
    GOAL- Nottingham Forest 4-0 West Ham - Jamie Paterson (79 mins)
    Jamie Paterson

    A magnificent hat-trick for Jamie Paterson. A shuffle of the hips, a change of pace... He evades West Ham's tired defenders before finishing with a crisp drive into the bottom corner.

    Text us on 81111

    Graeme from Blackburn: (re Peter at 12:35) The Blackburn Rovers crowd was 25% higher than average. Check your facts before texting please. It was also live on TV and the early kick-off!

    Stuart from Cambridge: To the people having a go about attendances, it's just after Christmas and most teams have played three league games since, so people cannot afford it.

    Liam: Every year the tired old line about FA Cup magic is thrown around when the reality is the bottom half of the Premier League just isn't very good. And how many non-Premier League sides have even made it to a final, let alone won it? Not exactly the 'anyone can win it' cup that people pretend it is.

  255. 1333: 
    Nottingham Forest 3-0 West Ham

    Forest fans are rejoicing but spare a thought for a young West Ham fan who couldn't help but shed a few salty tears after Paterson's second strike went in. The magic of the cup, eh, reducing fans to weeping wrecks.

  256. 1331: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball- Derby County v Chelsea (1415 GMT)

    Derby County tweet: It's fair to say there's plenty of Derby support waiting for the arrival of Chelsea!

    It's fair to say there's plenty of #dcfcfans waiting for the arrival of @chelseafc
  257. 1331: 
    TEAM NEWS- Derby County v Chelsea (1415 GMT)

    Steve McLaren is taking the Cup seriously. His Derby side shows only two changes from the XI that started in the defeat by Wigan, and both are enforced. Jeff Hendrick and Simon Dawkins come in for Johnny Russell and Craig Bryson.

    Andre Wisdom and Michael Keane, on loan from Liverpool and Manchester United respectively, start along with highly-rated midfielder Will Hughes.

    Derby starting XI: Grant, Wisdom, Buxton, Keane, Forsyth, Eustace, Hughes, Hendrick, Dawkins, Ward, Martin

    Chelsea name a strong side with first-choice playmakers Willian and Oscar starting. Juan Mata is on the bench and has fellow Spaniard Fernando Torres for company after Samuel Eto'o gets the nod up front.

    Chelsea starting XI: Schwarzer; Azpilicueta, Cahill, D Luiz, Cole; Essien (c), Mikel; Ramires, Oscar, Willian; Eto'o

    Steve Claridge, at City Ground for 5 live SportNottingham Forest 3-0 West Ham

    "The deflection takes it past the keeper. Forest are showing what a good Championship side can do to a young, fledgling Premier League side. This scoreline doesn't do a disservice to Forest, who should really have been this far ahead a while ago. If that was the best side Big Sam thought he could put out for West ham today, well so be it..."

    Listen to Nottingham Forest v West Ham on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  259. 1327: 
    GOAL- Nottingham Forest 3-0 West Ham - Jamie Paterson (71 mins)
    Jamie Paterson scores a second goal for Nottingham Forest

    West Ham are forced to withstand wave after wave of Forest attacks and eventually they crumble. Henri Lansbury squares a pass to Jamie Paterson and the midfielder finds the bottom corner with a first-time effort.

  260. 1327: 
    Nottingham Forest 2-0 West Ham

    Matt Jarvis sprints down the left in a forlorn attempt to galvanise his team, but the pendulum has swung towards Forest and is not for budging. Andy Reid controlling matters in the middle of the pitch.

    Steve Claridge, at City Ground for 5 live SportNottingham Forest 2-0 West Ham
    Jamie Paterson scores for Nottingham Forest

    "It was coming. You can't deny that and you can't say Forest don't deserve it. Paterson took a touch across the defender and fired it back across goal. The keeper could have done a touch better, as he got a hand to it. He could have got a stronger glove to it and this is probably over now."

    Listen to Nottingham Forest v West Ham on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  262. 1321: 
    GOAL- Nottingham Forest 2-0 West Ham - Jamie Paterson (65 mins)
    Jamie Paterson celebrates for Forest

    Beautiful! Greg Halford causes mischief just outside the box, holding off a West Ham defender as they both chase after a high ball. It falls for Jamie Paterson, however, whose finishing is clinical - a shuffle followed by a low strike across goal and Forest are surely into the fourth round?

  263. 1321: 
    Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    Forest oozing confidence and classy passing on the right releases Henri Lansbury who fires a venomous-looking shot wide.

  264. 1319: 
    Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    We go from one end to another, and Henri Lansbury, unmarked at the far post, should have at least found the target with a header. Although, it would not have counted for much as a couple of his team-mates were offside.

  265. 1317: 
    Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    Momentum is with West Ham and Dan Harding is called into action, though he can do little other than watch Ravel Morrison weave by him from the byline. The West Ham forward lasers a driving shot towards the near post, but it's straight at Karl Darlow.

  266. 1317: 
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball- Sunderland v Carlisle (1400 GMT)

    Carlisle tweet: Our fans will be in the top tier of this stand:

  267. 1316: 
    TEAM NEWS- Sunderland v Carlisle (1400 GMT)

    Sunderland head coach Gus Poyet makes six changes to the side that were beaten 1-0 by Aston Villa. Jozy Altidore replaces Steven Fletcher up top, while the returning Wes Brown captains the side in the absence of Lee Cattermole.

    Carlisle boss Graham Kavanagh makes four changes from the team that lost 2-1 at Crewe, with ex-Black Cats defender Pascal Chimbonda dropping down to the bench. QPR defender Max Ehmer and Manchester United striker Tom Lawrence remain in the starting team after their loan deals were extended on Friday.

    Sunderland: Mannone, Gardner, Dossena, Ki, Brown (C), Celustka, Larsson, Colback, Johnson, Ji, Altidore. Subs: Pickford, Bardsley, Fletcher, Ba, Giaccherini, Borini, Watmore.

    Carlisle: Fleming; Potts, O'Hanlon, Ehmer, Robson; Buaben, Noble, Berrett, Amoo; Guy, Lawrence. Subs: Brass, Townsend, Miller, Beck, Symington, Meppen-Walter, Chimbonda.

  268. 1314: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    Hearty applause for Eric Lichaj who trots off to be replaced by Dan Harding. Lichaj has been lively throughout so the defender has possibly taken a knock.

  269. 1313: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    Sloppy from George Moncur as he squanders possession after a neat one-two with Matt Jarvis on the edge of the box, and forward go Forest - and with some panache, too.

    It's the last we will see of Moncur this afternoon as he is replaced by 19-year-old Matthias Famino, while Alou Diarra makes way for Reece Burke in a double substitution.

    Steve Claridge, at City Ground for 5 live Sport

    "We've had a much better spell from West Ham at the start of this second half. Better play, patient play. Although when they get it it's a bit laborious. They must be patient, rather than trying to force things."

    Listen to Nottingham Forest v West Ham on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  271. 1309: 
    Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    West Ham counter-attack into enemy territory and earn a corner for their endeavour. Forest hold firm, but the buoyed visitors are nicely retaining possession inside the Forest half.

  272. 1307: 
    Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham
    Greg Holford fouled playing for Nottingham Forest against West Ham

    West Ham have put their tin hats on. Such is the pressure on the Hammers defence, Alou Diarra launches the ball long into the Forest half without much thought for possession and composure.

  273. 1303: 
    Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    A bright opening for the hosts and a cross from Andy Reid reminds Adrian that it's going to be a tough afternoon for him in between the sticks.

  274. 1302: 
    KICK-OFF- Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    Nottingham Forest should have extended their advantage in the first half. Will they regret those missed opportunities? There's only one way to find out. The second half is under way.

  275. 1300: 
    MATCH STATS- Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    Nottingham Forest have been second in the corner count, but not a lot else at the City Ground today. Time for a rousing half-time captain's speech from Stewart Downing.... I'm struggling too.

    Join the debate on Facebook

    Andy Brown: Remind me who the Premier League side are again?

    Daniel Stewart: Re Peter in MK (1235): Not everyone can afford to pay for a ticket after the hectic Christmas schedule. Football's becoming too expensive!

    Text us on 81111

    Jack from Carlisle: Nearly 6,000 Carlisle fans off to the Stadium of Light hoping for an upset!

    Andy from Manchester: Big Sam must be under huge pressure. I say this because his brand of football is justified on the basis of football being a 'results game'. When the results dry up, the fans - and the owners - will question exactly what the point is.

    James from London: Has everyone forgotten that West Ham are playing Man City this week in the League Cup? They have lots of injuries and have played lots of league games over Christmas. Allardyce's selection is quite strong considering everything.

  278. 1259:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveNottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham
    Djamel Abdoun scores for Forest

    "This had better go in," said BBC Radio 5 live commentator Alistair Bruce-Ball as a trio of Forest players squabbled over the penalty-taking rights. It did, and with some style.

    Listen to the moment Djamel Abdoun put Forest ahead with a Panenka-style spot-kick.

  279. 1255: 
    Liverpool v Oldham (1500 GMT)

    Mandeep Sanghera reports: "Oldham created some FA Cup magic when they knocked Liverpool out of the competition at the fourth round stage last season.

    "The Latics beat the Reds 3-2 at Boundary Park but the League One strugglers will have their work cut out if they are to repeat the upset when they visit Anfield today.

    "Oldham boss Lee Johnson is the Football League's youngest manager at 32."

  280. 1254: 
    Liverpool v Oldham (1500)

    There are many things we associate with the FA Cup. Romance... upsets... the fulfilment of dreams... This afternoon the competition is a family affair as father comes up against son at Anfield.

    For the first time Brendan Rodgers will be pitted against his 20-year-old son, Anton, who plays for Oldham.

    "I've told him how we were the highest scorers in the Premier League last year and how Anfield is a fortress and I look forward to seeing him!" joked Rodgers this week.

    What other families have gone toe-to-toe in the FA Cup? You can tweet us using the hashtag #bbcfootball or text via 81111.

  281. 1252: 
    Derby County v Chelsea (1415 GMT)
    Will Hughes

    There will be plenty watching to see how Will Hughes gets on against Premier League opposition today. The 18-year-old, educated at £29,280 per year public school Repton, became the second-youngest player ever to represent England under-21s when he made his debut in November 2012. He has since been heavily linked with a move to Liverpool after a series of stellar performances in the Derby midfield.

    Wilfried Zaha? Adel Taarabt? It has been a bit of time since a much-hyped Championship prospect made a big impact in the Premier League. Could Hughes do the top-flight business?

  282. 1250: 
    Sunderland v Carlisle (1400 GMT)

    Matt Monaghan reports: "Sunderland boss Gus Poyet reiterated before the game that he "can't really look beyond" ensuring his club's Premier League safety.

    "This approach is understandable, given Sunderland sit bottom of the Premier League after winning one of their last nine top-flight fixtures.

    "The Black Cats will face a Carlisle side that are struggling themselves, only three points above the League One relegation zone in 16th. Manager Graham Kavanagh knows his opponents well, however, after spending three years at the Stadium of Light as a player."

  283. 1248: 

    It's not all about Nottingham Forest and West Ham today, though. It's time to catch up with the latest from the afternoon's other games.

    Steve Claridge, BBC SportNottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    "This game should be over at this stage, the amount of openings there have been and the chances Nottingham Forest have had. But it's not, and if West Ham play a bit more gung-ho they can get back in this. However, it feels like a 90% chance Forest will score the next goal. West Ham haven't got enough tempo or pace in their game, with little support to the lone man up front. This is all very comfortable for Forest, and they should have scored more."

    Listen to Nottingham Forest v West Ham on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  285. 1247: 
    HALF-TIME- Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    Cheers greet the half-time whistle and rightly so because the hosts outplayed West Ham.

  286. 1246: 
    YELLOW CARD- Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    Desperate defending from Sebastian Lletget as he grabs Djamel Abdoun to prevent the Forest midfielder from racing clear.

    Steve Claridge, at City Ground for 5 live SportNottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    "Lichaj won't get a better chance all season. Forest carved Wet Ham open there, playing between the lines and opening them up. They just need to pick them off. We've seen Forest work the angle three or four times, and that was the best chance. It should have been a goal, and you can see why Lichaj's holding his head in his hands."

    Listen to Nottingham Forest v West Ham on BBC Radio 5 live right now.

  288. 1242: 
    CLOSE!- Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    Could have, would have, should have.... Andy Reid picks out Eric Lichaj and the defender should have done better when one-on-one with the goalkeeper. Credit to Adrian, who comes off his line, sprawls over the turf and stops Lichaj's low shot with his feet.

  289. 1241: 
    Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    Five minutes of the first half remain and Forest are still dominating, with the Championship side showing West Ham's tyros how to keep possession. West Ham are reduced to carrying out a number of shuttle runs in a bid to pressurise the men in red.

  290. 1239: 
    Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    Whoa! Adrian is once again called into action, the West Ham keeper grabbing Greg Halford's booming header from close range.

    Text us on 81111

    Andrew: There's no hunger from the West Ham players on the pitch or from the manager in the stands. I never thought I'd see the day that West Ham United disrespected and downgraded the FA Cup. Shame on you Sam Allardyce.

    Ollie, a West Ham fan: How can people say shame on West Ham or Sam? Just have a look at where we are in the table, the level of injuries and suspensions we have, not to mention a League Cup semi-final coming up. West Ham doesn't have a big enough squad to always put a first team out. Why not try the youngsters?

    Peter from Milton Keynes: Is it me or are attendances dire for the third round? Wigan, Newcastle, Blackburn, Forest?

  292. 1235: 
    Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    "Ole!" sing the Forest crowd as they sit back and admire their team spraying the ball around against Premier League opponents.

    Forest need to be careful, however, because West Ham sprint towards the other end and only a last-ditch tackle from Eric Lichaj prevents Modibo Maiga from testing Karl Darlow.

  293. 1233: 
    Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    The Forest faithful stop growling and are now oohing after Adrian initially fumbles Jamaal Lascelles's effort from distance. The West Ham goalkeeper eventually gets the ball under control, though there was no real danger of conceding.

  294. 1229: 
    Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham
    Andy Reid appeals

    Forest fans are hissing and jeering because they believe their team should have been awarded another penalty. The cause of contention is a slide tackle from Callum Driver when Greg Halford was closing in on goal, but the West Ham defender did seem to get a touch on the ball.

  295. 1227: 
    Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    Forest confident enough to string passes together inside their own half, but the match is rather disjointed at the moment with neither side able to gather momentum.

  296. 1223: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    Ravel Morrison steps up to take a free-kick on the edge of the box, a touch left of goal. The winger curls it above the Forest wall but Karl Darlow is on hand to palm the ball over the crossbar.

  297. 1220: 
    Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    Forest pushing men forward, but after pinging the ball nicely around the box Djamel Abdoun ruins things by overcooking a cross from the left and Adrian calmly gathers.

  298. 1218: 
    Nottingham Forest 1-0 West Ham

    Even before Sam Allardyce named an understrength line-up, many had earmarked this match as having all the ingredients necessary for an upset. West Ham seem to have transferred their league woes to the Cup. Forest controlling the tempo of the match which could be a recipe for disaster for the Hammers.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Yorky Bob: How sad is it to see the Forest ground so empty...

    Nedd Thomas: Shame you Sam Allardyce. The magic of the cup, eh?

    Greg Matthews: Never heard of five of the players in the Hammers starting line-up. Big Sam struggling. Forest to win this one comfortably.

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